Catch Your Breath

By Charlie Johnston

I have a piece I was holding for today. I’m going to hold it for another day. 

I have spoken to many people today – and many more since the weekend. Most I have spoken to are grieving; some are angry, some are scared, others just plain despondent. I’ve even had a few suggest they are questioning their faith in God. 

A few days ago I had to laugh at a rather insulting post from a preacher – because it had a powerful germ of truth to it. He said that he was tired of people complaining that they did not get a million dollar answer to a ten-cent prayer. Many people have, indeed, turned back to God in a fundamental way these last few years. But can we really expect that to change six or seven decades of neglect as both the faith and the very foundation of freedom were systematically assaulted?

I started signaling just before the election that I fearfully expected something like this – even though I was convinced Donald Trump could not lose an honest election (and he didn’t.) I have mentioned before that I think Judas’ great sin was to try to substitute his plan for God’s. After three years of traipsing around the desert somewhat aimlessly doing good, he thought it was time for the revolution to begin – so he hoped to force Jesus to reveal His kingship and supremacy. Actually, Judas succeeded, but not in the way he expected – and he allowed despair to carry him away before he could see the victory. This is the time of the hobbits, the ordinary man, and God is not going to lift us up until we each make our choice and take full responsibility for our part in this. No more false dawns where we think we have gotten things back under control. 

I will start a series of consequential pieces tomorrow. Things are going to go bad quickly. For those of you who are angry at how gloating and ugly the pagan left is, know that it is going to go bad for them. The same people who begin the year in haughty triumph will end it in baffled bewilderment at how it could have all gone so bad so quickly. I hope to push things so that we are a credible people who can invite and welcome them into the fold of God’s flock. Many people – both with us and against us are frantically seeking and advocating for a particular plan. Well, a lot of us have had bitter experience with that. I chuckle sometimes. I have told you that all will be wrong about something important. This is not because I know very much – but because I beat the rush of being wrong about some important things and got mine out of the way early. 

We are in the midst of frantic efforts to build competing towers of Babel. The pagan left uses terms such as white privilege, social justice, systemic racism to describe their tower. We have used terms such as insurrection act, military tribunals and such to describe our tower. God is going to topple all the towers. Perhaps the clearest allegory out there to what we have entered is the 1973 movie, “The Exorcist.” I will have an article soon elaborating on that – and we are only about 20 minutes into the film in real life.

I do have some tactical priorities as we enter this year to help us endure and even thrive as we battle the long, dark winter Mr. Biden has promised us – and in a way that will make ultimate reconciliation with those who think they now own us easier when things go bad. Always remember that we are heralds of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, called to boldly proclaim the eternal Kingdom with power, conviction and clarity that inspires billions to new hope and new resolve. 

But for today, grieve, mourn, shout – whatever you have to do to get your sea legs back and humbly get to a serious commitment to taking the next right step under God.

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    1. I think if we focus on God and pray for discernment of action we will take the next right step. I think it is time to move in a direction opposite of comfort and ease. I am good friends with an Amish family who I love to watch and admire because they display beauty in a hard days work and completely reliable on God for their existence. Politics do not affect them because they have chosen not to be political. As Americans we must be political to stand up for our Republic but I think we need to take a closer look at their subsidiary lifestyle because that will insulate us from attacks of losing our jobs and also provide for close communities to look after one another. God bless and keep you,

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  1. Apparently there was rioting and destruction on Inauguration Day in Portland and Seattle by people dressed in black with black masks. The rioters yelled that they were ungovernable and that black lives must be protected. There are obviously malcontents that will continue to destroy property…..until what? Just as Charlie said, what Pelosi and others encouraged and unleashed will not likely end any time soon.

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    1. In Portland, Judith, they broke into the Dems headquarters and spray-painted anti-Biden slogans according to the news…
      Antifa is a gathering of knuckleheads who say they hate government and may have watched too many dystopian films where the gangs take over… They need to get out of their parents’ basements and get a life.
      Seriously, praying for the conversion of all our enemies 🙏🏽 Even the knuckleheads.
      God bless, katey🙏🏽✝️

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        1. Judith, local news reported there were about 150 demonstrators, 8 arrested and 4 eventually charged. The mayor does very little in the way of stopping them. The local police circled the area, but the federal agents did the arresting. They damaged the Democratic offices and the ICE building. It’s always the same: cannot find who started it. 🤷🏼‍♀️
          I call it “appeasement” and “foolish,” on both sides, but then who am I? Just a quiet little gramma with opinions and lots of prayers. 😉
          I did not follow the demonstrations in Seattle, but expect they were similar?
          God bless us all!
          Katey 👵🏼 🙏🏽

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          1. There is a lot of coddling of leftist groups and I expect that Biden will continue this travesty. I wonder if the city (whose business district probably now looks like a war zone) realizes that they will probably face tax shortfalls. Who will want to rebuild and risk capital on a business if there is no law and order and no safe zones for people who want to shop or seek services ? The city is cutting its law abiding citizens’ throats. No common sense at all. All madness.

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  2. I want to share an email that my priest sent out to his parishioners today. I thought that readers of ASOH would appreciate it…


    Tomorrow is the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion in the United States. That was the day that this ceased to be a Christian country. We have many Christians in this country, but we are not Christian. The worship of Satan, the worship that we find in pagan cultures throughout history, has become a “right” in this country and his temples are everywhere, as our children are sacrificed on the altar of sexual license and false “freedom”. God will never bless America so long as this abhomination perdures.

    Tomorrow is designated by the United States Bishops as a Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children. This is too weak (as is par for the course). I encourage all of you to pray very hard tomorrow not only for legal protection, but for the conversion of the hearts that have accepted this diabolical ideology, for the conversion of mothers who make this choice (on their own or pressured by others), for fathers who make this choice, for bishops and priests who do not fight against this evil, and in reparation for the blood of millions which cries to Heaven for vengeance. Pray the Rosary (5-20 Mysteries), the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and the Stations of the Cross. Most importantly, pray in the presence of our Eucharistic Lord – make a visit to the Church, if you can. Spend an hour if you can. Spend more than an hour if you can.

    As our Lord tells us (in a better translation of the Gospels than we use at Mass in the United States): “This kind [of demon] can go out by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.” (St. Mark 9: 28, DRA) Please add, therefore, fasting and physical mortifications to your prayers tomorrow.

    We are beyond human remedy in this country. This recent election has proven this. Let the faithful in Christ be the priestly people that we are meant to be and intercede for this nation so that God’s graces may flow into the hearts of all Americans and that we may turn from our evil ways to the life and love of our Lord Jesus Christ, to Whom be honor and glory for ever and ever. Amen”

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    1. Texas, that’s a courageous priest! The pastor at my parish was not so decent. He said in a sermon, he was asked by a parishioner who to vote for. And he compared himself, as if persecuted,to Jesus being tested with the question whether or not to pay taxes… I couldn’t help emailing him about this ridiculous comparison, adding bishop Paprocki’s example to look upon in this regard.

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    2. Wow, Texas, what an awesome, truthful and brave priest! If I had a priest like that, we would probably be going to daily Mass, but not in good ‘ole SoCal. 😦

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  3. Charlie, these words of yours have remained with me today: “Things are going to go bad quickly. For those of you who are angry at how gloating and ugly the pagan left is, know that it is going to go bad for them. The same people who begin the year in haughty triumph will end it in baffled bewilderment at how it could have all gone so bad so quickly. I hope to push things so that we are a credible people who can invite and welcome them into the fold of God’s flock.”

    Sighhh. According to independent journalist Andy Ngo (on Twitter as MrAndyNgo), Antifa in Portland is already showing its true colors, “smashing up the Democratic Party of Oregon headquarters.” Our Patricia noted similar activities in Seattle. Placating these thugs last summer didn’t help the Democrats.

    My next right step after reading these words of yours: I ordered two extra DVD sets and five Bible study guides to “The Chosen,” Season 1. I live and minister in beautiful mission territory and am very fond of my neighbors and friends, regardless of their religious and political beliefs. Introducing them to the Catechism of the Catholic Church might not be the first right step. However, if, as you say, many end the year “in baffled bewilderment at how it could have gone so bad so quickly,” introducing them to a compelling portrayal of Jesus, along with a Bible study to apply meaningful principles to themselves, could lead them to a milestone in their faith journeys ~ and me to a milestone in my own faith journey!

    I look forward to your next post. God bless and keep you and all here.

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    1. That is a great idea Sr. Bear!  Both Lambzie and I loved watching the chosen.  We now have chosen shirts (long and short sleeve) and we also have chosen masks for Covid (go figure on that one).  Lambzie ordered it all.  I will ask her if she can order multiple copies of season 1.  Can’t wait to see season 2.  We already ordered extra Catechisms for when the opportunity arrives.  I have been reading the Catechism for the past few months for my devotion.  It is a treasure trove.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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      1. Sr. Bear I apologize for my comment… doesn’t say what I want it to say….which is that you have a great idea in sharing the beauty of The Chosen with others and that I am doing the same thing. The # doesn’t matter. I knew as soon as I wrote my comment, that it wasn’t what I wanted to say and there was no way I could retract it or edit it here. I really am not a person who talks about things that I do and my comment above was ridiculous. Please forgive my stupidity in that comment. Thank you and everyone else who shares The Chosen with others, for all that you do. God Bless You.

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        1. God bless you both. It is ok to shout from the mountain top about works of mercy and to shine your light of hope. My household was able to watch, Season 1 of “The Chosen,” as you and others paid–it-forward last year when we could not spare that expense. You are “feeding the hungry”. ❤

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            1. You’re welcome, Diane! 😉

              An aside – On January 21, 2021 my main Twitter account was permanently suspended. It was a politically based advocacy account one with over 25,000 followers that was over ten years established. I am down to the one that is more religiously based and I know it’s days are numbered too. C’est la vie.

              On the working account, I have been mesmerized by this shared tweet for several minutes and wanted to share it along with a shout out to our CORAC international family. Snow and music from Ireland today! ❤

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      2. How cool, DianeBelvs, that you’ve sent out 50 DVDs! I’m doing a little thing.

        Today I investigated the voting statistics for my county in Oregon. The county voted as follows:
        DJT 7189
        SJB 4393 (Sleepy Joe Biden)

        My beloved community within the county:
        DJT 83
        SJB 156

        I’m actually pleased to know that 83 voted for DJT. I can identify several from personal conversations, but who are the others? My community is interesting in that many people who have property here, and might register to vote here, have homes in large cities in Oregon and elsewhere.

        The divisions are painful for me, and yet part of the ethos of the community is to remain civil. We’ll see how it plays out.

        God bless and keep you,
        Sister Bear

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        1. Dear Sister Bear, you are so..brave? Evangelizing Oregonians! Heavens, you are beyond brave. Of course, I’m thinking of relatives…and they have a more loose concept of God who gives them the beautiful scenery and yes they’re so happy about that and thanks for the prayers and no, I don’t go to church, but thanks for inviting me. 🙄 Many are still of the mindset that Catholics are “ruled” by the Pope. Still, they are happy with my prayers. 🙏🏽 God bless all you do! 🙏🏽

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          1. Hi, Katey. 🙂 In my situation, bravery isn’t exactly required, thank God. Situations arise in people’s lives, whether or not they are believers, and Catholic-Christian friends and I have responded.

            For ten years after I entered the Catholic Church, I served on the RCIA team at my parish in California. It was always inspiring to see who showed up for the first meeting and how they found their way to the Catholic Church.

            “I planted, Apollos watered, but God caused the growth. Therefore, neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who causes the growth. The one who plants and the one who waters are equal, and each will receive wages in proportion to his labor. For we are God’s co-workers; you are God’s field, God’s building.” 1 Corinthians 3:6-9

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  4. Hah! The Democrats created a monster with Antifa and like all monsters they turn on their creators. God works in mysterious ways. I think using the Chosen is an awesome idea. When I saw the first episode where Mary Magdalen met Jesus I was transfixed and emotionally affected. As a cradle Catholic who was away for many years and then returned it had such a profound impression on me that I watched it multiple times and each time, it gave me chills. It is one of my favorite episodes. It’s interesting that the characters help me to identify more with the people in the Bible. When I read Matthew I know who he was and how he got to follow Jesus from the Chosen. It really helped me to understand the Bible and visualize more. I look forward to season 2. It is a very well done series and I hope it has the same effect on others as well.

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  5. It could be that some of us who read this blog are discouraged by the events of 2020 and early 2021. If that’s the situation that you find yourself in, then this touching video may well speak to you. Our God truly is a God of miracles – video runs for 7 minutes;


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  6. Remember the saying about a frog that wouldn’t recognize it was in boiling water if the temperature was slowly increased?
    We (left and right) are the frog.
    God sent Trump to turn up the heat rapidly
    Lets see if the frog leaps.

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  7. I was always confused why the Republicans never seemed to get very far on the issues most important to the right.
    Oh they threw us a bone now and then, only for it to be removed shortly afterwards by a new law or a Democrate administration.
    Then Trump came along.
    Seemed like the whole lot of them panicked during the 2016 election and made fools out of themselves, particularly the Republicans. That’s when I realized that they all wore the same stripes, just different colors.
    Trump said it himself in his farwell speech that he was NOT a politician but a builder with a far seeing vision.
    Charlie claimed this but didn’t fully understand what it ment way back before Trump got elected. But now Trump himself admits this.
    (Prophecy is a tricky thing.)
    If you read the commentary on any conservative site, people say Obama is shadow governing. I think he is involved, but not in control. His face is on the movement, but he’s just a poster boy, nothing else. I believe NO politician is in control anymore but are run by special interests and vetted by the swamp people’s “handlers”before their names are even listed on a ticket.
    Trump bypassed all this vetting and they paniced. This is why they exposed themselves so badly. They weren’t what they claimed to be and their actions against him, so flagrant and obvious, showed this reality to the american people.
    This is Trumps biggest accomplishment and one he set out to do but I think even he was surprised how deep it all goes. That is why he is out of the Whitehouse. Hard to deal with full out corruption when there is nowhere to turn. Lots of talk about secession or a new political party.
    But now WE know what we are up against thanks to TDS in the political order.
    Heaven help us and;
    Jesus, I Trust In You.

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  8. JESUS = GOOD NEWS.. .. 😉

    Pastor Coverstone on the state of USA Economy & Wisdom.
    Of course, he can’t be as candid as he might like due to godless Big Tech &/or their useful idiots.
    So I’ll say what he can’t. China Plague Shutdowns is a Satanic Op to destroy middle class citizens and force them into serfdom dependent upon Gubermint Hand-Outs and voting The Agenda ;-(

    The Usual suspects know they have only two years to make it happen. Do we have enough Good-Guys in Red States willing to say: We in My State are Resisting and NOT Gonna Do That!??

    Support The Agenda or be demonized or worse:


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    1. In Montana we voted in Matt Rosendale as our State Rep. He is a devout Catholic as he came to my parish in Hamilton during the previous election and I got to speak with him. He said he never misses weekly Mass and goes to church wherever he is. I admired that and am glad he is now my Representative. I hope he will stand strong for us here in Montana.

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    2. Yes, pray for our government. However, until they REPENT, God will not hear their prayers.
      Pray, pray, pray that the hearts of the faithful will repent and beg for mercy. A change of heart and mind and then actions…hear us, oh Lord! 🙏🏽✝️💕 katey

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  9. First Rasmussen job approval report for Biden: 48%
    Trump’s job approval on his last day: 51%

    It is also an indication that not only did Trump win in a landslide as far as electoral votes are concerned, but most likely Trump also won decisively the popular vote.

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  10. Biden shutting down the Keystone XL oil pipeline project… Now after robbing Trump, it is time to rob all the citizens. I just don’t want my Democrat colleagues hear complain now about increasing gas prices.

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    1. I believe we have sung the wrong tune, the tune of no notes, BI words… blaring silence, long years of silence; watching with haunted eyes as we see the land we once loved, still love so deeply, transformed into a vile, soulless land, sold out to the highest bidder. Satan roars, his time to roar is now nigh. But God SHALL redeem his land, his holy soil washed in the blood of the innocents, who cry out for justice. For the sake of his sorrowful passion, have mercy on us, and on the whole world.

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  11. JESUS = GOOD NEWS.. PM .. 😉


    YUP! You can expect a total purge of people who take their Oath of Office seriously …… it will not end well! ;-(

    The below from a e-mail from Maj Jeff Prather:
    National Sanctity of Human Life Day
    The Biden-Harris statement stands in stark contrast to the policies of the previous administration. Donald Trump, in one of his last acts as president, for the fourth time proclaimed Jan. 22 to be National Sanctity of Human Life Day, declaring “every human life is a gift to the world.”
    “This month, we mark nearly 50 years since the United States Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision. This constitutionally flawed ruling overturned State laws that banned abortion, and has resulted in the loss of more than 50 million innocent lives,” Trump said in a statement.
    “I call on the Congress to join me in protecting and defending the dignity of every human life, including those not yet born. I call on the American people to continue to care for women in unexpected pregnancies and to support adoption and foster care in a more meaningful way, so every child can have a loving home. And finally, I ask every citizen of this great Nation to listen to the sound of silence caused by a generation lost to us, and then to raise their voices for all affected by abortion, both seen and unseen,” the president said.
    Since President Biden took office, the Trump statement announcing National Sanctity of Life Day was removed from the White House website.


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  12. Today Father Joseph here in Dayton texted my Orthodox friend a story about another Orthodox Priest from Lima Ohio. He made the dreadful decision to attend the stop the steal rally and for that… he has been suspended for 3 months and faces possible defrockment..the reason? Guilty by association.. How interesting ..attending a rally for the President of our country ..a Christian pro life President. How utterly evil this is and how sickening this action is by the Archbishop Paul Gassios from the Diocese of the Midwest Orthodox Church in America.. One of the first actions of this diabolical man (Biden) was to allow “ transgender “men” back into the women’s bathrooms ,which little girls also use.. I noticed one comment made on this blog which stated they were happy he was referred to as Mr Biden .. The democrat party has given themselves over to the demonic and the Republican? Despicable sellouts that have no backbone..neither have a moral compass,they are a uniparty and we have been led down a path of empty promises and pure lies. And yes I do still pray for their repentance and conversion of heart and any second they can turn back to GOD. That is their choice one we must all make .I have recovered from my intense sadness eyes are upon GOD as I pray unceasingly and am comforted to know HE will never abandon us. It is also amusing to see what fools they think we are..2 days after the false “inauguration “ schools are reopening and restaurants allowed to have indoor dining.What they have done to this man President Trump and how quickly they are destroying our country is nothing short of demonic.. As my friends grand daughter would say “ this will not end well..Brennan has just come out against these extremists Christians and me a fool I don’t think GOD is done with his servant least I hope not.

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    1. Indeed it is really difficult to sit on the bus and pray for the bus driver knowing he is heading and accelerating towards the cliff.

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      1. I agree that it may be difficult, Pawel to pray for the bus driver… But essential… Perhaps he will gain better eyesight and clarity of thought. Lord have mercy on our country.

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        1. This carjacked or rather busjacked bus on its way to the cliff is hitting a lot of innocent people, especially the little ones and the American patriots. We need to pray to God to stop this madness and actually get us the next generation brand new bus powered by the Holy Spirit.

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  13. I just don’t know what to believe or who to trust. I have to accept the fact that I am a hobbit. And by hobbit, I don’t mean Frodo or Bilbo. They knew something of beyond the Shire. I am at best a Merry or Pippin (or maybe a Sackville-Baggins?). I am not meant to discuss strategy with Elrond and Gandalf. I shouldn’t be messing in the affairs of my betters, as The Gaffer would say. The most I should aspire to be is Samwise. To be loyal, to be practical (and remember to pack a rope!), to be stouthearted.

    The four hobbits didn’t know who to trust as they struck out and left the Shire. They had placed all their trust in Gandalf. Gandalf would know what to do. But Gandalf was nowhere to be found. I feel the same way. I think we are just leaving the Shire. Who to trust? Where are we going? How are we going to get there? Dread hanging over our heads. At least we can look forward to a pint at the Prancing Pony!

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  14. It’s like standing in front of a firehose isn’t it?

    Case in point: Impeachment of a Former President

    So the rabid, slavering Left is determined to impeach Donald Trump after he has left office. Trial begins shortly. A good guess as to why they are committed to this course is that it will provide a distraction and a smokescreen to keep the public entertained while they jam their social agenda through Congress and onto Biden’s desk.

    So let’s suppose that after a few days of a show trial they in fact impeach Donald Trump, vindictive scared to death Republicans included. Does that mean everything that President Trump signed into law or every Executive Order or any appointment is now null and void? In particular, would those 300 Federal Judges that Mitch worked so hard to get confirmed now be forced to turn in their Black Robes? And how about Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett? Do they need to be polishing up their resumes? Would they have to recuse themselves from any SC review of the farce? Would they sit by and watch helplessly while THEIR jobs are stolen?

    And, of course, if Trump’s appointments are not simply null and void then there’s always Impeachment of the 300 is there not? Maybe in one Great Show Trial of the Judiciary in the Senate wherein all the judges are jointly put in the dock and tried at the same time? Like all those judges at Nuremberg? 3 days of show. 1 hour of voting. 303 ex-judges. And all their decisions are reversed. QED. Amazingly QED.

    And why not Impeach Nixon? Just to finish the job. To clean it up. And while they’re at it why not Reagan and the Two Bushes? Why not take another crack at Andrew Johnson? And that bum Hoover. He deserves what’s coming to him.

    It does get complicated.

    The mind boggles. Rabbit holes. Just because we don’t know where they lead doesn’t mean the Left won’t go charging down them. In fact, they just did. And they are dragging the rest of us with them.

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    1. According to Alan Dershowitz,
      “Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz said that a post-presidential impeachment wouldn’t work and goes against the Constitution, after House Democrats voted to impeach the president last week.

      “It will be unconstitutional, but that probably won’t bother the senators,” Dershowitz told Fox News on Sunday. “The Constitution is very clear. The subject, the object, the purpose of impeachment is to remove a sitting president. And there are two precedents. One is very obvious. When President Nixon resigned in anticipation of being impeached and removed, there was no effort to impeach him after he left office.” Former President Richard Nixon opted to resign instead of facing the possibility of a Senate trial in the early 1970s.”

      “There is no jurisdiction. You cannot put citizen Trump on trial. If you could do that, it would be a bill of attainder, number one, putting somebody on trial who was not a sitting president,” Dershowitz said, adding that the “implications would be horrendous.”

      Of course, the Democrats never let the Constitution stand in their way of doing what they want. They are tearing this country apart bit by bit.

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  15. I wanted to mention something very good that happened to me at my work this week. I was working on a project that (a certain part of it) was very difficult for me to do on my own. I was starting to get frustrated, and when I prayed for help, I was inspired to go ask a coworker for help, which he very gladly did. This helped me to get the project done late yesterday morning. 🙂 God also told me that I need to focus on what’s right in front of me at each present moment (especially at work), instead of focusing on the “what ifs” (especially all the frightening, horrible, scary thoughts and scenarios that one can think of). So that’s what I’ll keep striving to do, and encouraging others to do the same. 🙂 And believe me, I know it’s (all too often, especially now) easier said than done, but the more we turn to God and Mama Mary, the more help, comfort, strength, etc. we’ll get to do our own “next right steps” and help others at the same time, however God calls us to do that. 🙂 God Bless all, and praying much for everyone here! 🙂

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    1. This is beautiful, Brian: “God also told me that I need to focus on what’s right in front of me at each present moment (especially at work), instead of focusing on the “what ifs” (especially all the frightening, horrible, scary thoughts and scenarios that one can think of). So that’s what I’ll keep striving to do, and encouraging others to do the same.” It’s exactly the wisdom Charlie has reiterated in so many ways, starting at TNRS and continuing to this day at ASOH… things would become so difficult that all we’d be able to do is the little right before us, every blessed next right step at a time. Further, when we err in our next right steps, yet, have relied on God and done our best, He will write straight with our crooked lines. And I’ll add, so He has done throughout the ages. 🙂

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  16. *Also, we got to go to Mass, and Confession this morning, then stayed after to pray the rosary for Priests. After that, we went with a good friend of ours out to breakfast. 🙂 So God has blessed us abundantly already today! 🙂 May we all strive to appreciate the “everyday” blessings, help, etc. that God gives us each day! 🙂

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  17. God does know what He is doing but gosh it is so confusing. My wife and I were talking today about why the leaders got it so wrong when the Messiah came. Reading the Magnificat and the prayer of Zacheriah, which were God given annointed and prophetic prayers and Mary never got anything wrong, in her praying. It seems like they were being set up to believe in a Savior who would “Cast the mighty from their Thrones” and “Lift up the lowly” but had no indication that the Lord would come as a helpless babe, grow in hiddenness for 30 years and only after that begin to show HImself, but not in the show of Power the people expected. The change would take generations, and the simple trusted somehow while the leaders and the Judases got it all wrong. So how will God allow Mary’s heart to triumph? And how long in God’s time vs. our own understanding will it take. And can we all trus that God has this under control and continue to do our own little baby steps to help and to trust Him and Mary while we wait?

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    1. I love this, Bob. People are beginning to look in Scriptures and see the reality of the frightening choices those very real people had to make – and the ambiguity of even the most simple absolutely prophetic utterances – and how easily we go off on tangents thinking we have “figured it out.” This reaching out of the mind and heart is what will truly prepare us to be open to the real and lasting Triumph. I have had people these last few weeks ask me, “How much does God demand of us.” My response has been blunt – a LOT more than this. They tend to get it when I ask them, if God rescued us completely and miraculously right now, where do you think we would be two years from now? The answer is obvious – in much the same swamp we are in right now. Our prayers right now are too much seeking to avoid the chatisement for what we have done – and not enough of repenting of the things we have done or casually permitted that brought on this chastisement. When we are once more a people fit for freedom and to protect it, God will reclaim us. Until then, let us forge on and endure.

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  18. Wow The Gospel reflection is good today (saturday 1/23/21)
    Saturday, January 23, 2021

    MARK 3:20-21

    Friends, in today’s Gospel, relatives of Jesus claim that he is mad. In cases like this, the basic problem is always the fearful ego. Ego-addicts know that sometimes the best defense is a good offense. If you want to protect the ego and its prerogatives, you must oppress and demoralize those around you.

    There is a very unsubtle version of this method: you attack, put down, insult, and undermine those around you. This is the method of the bully. But the religious version is much subtler and thus more insidious and dangerous. It takes the law itself—especially the moral law—and uses it to accuse and oppress. “I know what’s right and wrong; I know what the Church expects of us; and I know that you are not living up to it.”

    And so I accuse you; I gossip about you; I remind you of your inadequacy. Mind you, this is not to condemn the legitimate exercise of fraternal correction or the office of preaching. But it’s a reminder not to be sucked into the slavery of ego addiction. We must stay alert to this and avoid it at all costs.

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  19. That very Baby who came to say that only God can satisfy, to remind us that we weren’t made for this world, and to be The Way to our real Home. The angst here on planet earth is mild to severe in proportion to how we look for compromises on that. How close is Heaven? Close as we each desire it, I think.

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  20. I was wondering about today’s gospel. It says that Jesus’s relatives “thought he was out of his mind.” A few verses later it said that his mother was among those relatives. I wonder if Mary really thought that or if she was lumped in with the rest? I have a hard time believing she did.

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  21. On January 22, 2021 Biden and Harris announced that they intend to codify abortion laws. Who can explain exactly what this would do the the abortion industry?


    1. So far Mr. Biden instead of turning into a God’s Commandments following Catholic, he is turning into something else. Looks like he is turning into a perfect puppet for evil. After blatantly trampling “Thou shall not steal”, it is time to further violate “Thou shall not kill” commandment. It is so sad what God-less Democrats are doing. Looks like it’s a matter of time that marches for life will be criminalized, and participating in such events will be some sort of felony.

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      1. So true, Pawel. Monica M Miller captured the significance of what’s at stake in this piece:

        The Catholic Church in America has been thrust into a new and unprecedented crisis—namely the election of Joseph Biden to the presidency. If not dealt with properly, Biden’s presidency will cause serious damage to the very truth of what it means to be Catholic. Of course, I am referring to the fact that while Biden professes the Catholic faith, he fully supports legalized abortion, same-sex “marriage” and transgenderism, and vowed that he will do all he can to advance these causes during his administration. Nonetheless, Biden’s practice of Catholicism will be on display for the whole world to observe—as he attends Mass and receives Holy Communion.

        This one as well by Austin Ruse:

        Yesterday morning at the grand Cathedral of St. Matthew in Washington D.C., Joe Biden ate and drank his own spiritual death. That he received the Holy Eucharist from the hands of a Cardinal of the Church adds scandal upon scandal. One radio wag called it a mass for Planned Parenthood. And so, it was.

        We know these things must come. The silver lining is knowing that this Storm is needed, yet, it won’t last forever. God IS merciful AND God will NOT be mocked. In the words of Cardinal Sarah:

        “Don’t deceive people with the word, ‘mercy.’ God forgives sins only if we repent of them.”

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      2. Of course, this was expected. However, the speed and breath of the proposal produces shock and awe to those of us who are Pro-Life. Looks like things will speed up greatly for all of the leftist agenda. They will also fund it internationally, I am sure.

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    2. Whether or not it is true: Pro-abortion folk say, “Codifying Roe would make it harder for state abortion restrictions to pass legal muster, abortion rights advocates argue.” The full piece is here.

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  22. Michigan Congressman Bill Huizenga posted a video because he was not allowed to debate against the trillions of dollars that the House of Representatives wanted to send to countries around the world through the IMF (this would include all of our enemies as recipients). What in the heck is the goal? Must be the Great Reset. There is no other reason to do this. It will further weaken the U.S. at a time when many Americans are hurting. Why is the money not being spent here? I am going to try and post his facebook video link:

    The House wants to jam this through with no debate and no transparency.

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      1. Yes. And on his first day, Biden provoked anger from the unions who supported him:

        “Joe Biden has already made labor unions regret their support for him… During his first day in office, the newly-inaugurated president revoked the construction permit for the Keystone XL oil pipeline, thus destroying thousands of jobs. And not just any jobs — but union jobs.”

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    1. My stomach sank on listening to this video until I looked up when it was posted because I remember hearing of massive spending being attached to bills last summer. Sure enough, that video was posted on July 32, 2020 at 8:34am on Facebook.
      All that said, our prayers are still much needed as money will be going to foreign countries to fund abortions if the controlling party has their way. God help us!

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      1. Sorry! July 31, 2020… not July 32! That’s my old fingers trying to add another day to the month of July! 🤦🏻‍♀️

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        1. Ha, Phyllis. We have a tradition here that whenever a typo shows up, it’s a “bing!” Early on in the tradition, we said it was a sign that a soul was being released from purgatory. As we carried on, it has become a great moment to actually pray: “May all the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen.” As for the observation in your comment of what may be coming, sadly, I don’t think it’s a matter of “if” the controlling party has its way. Rather, that party is in power and is wielding it to turn back all of President Donald Trump’s accomplishments in honoring the value of human life. Maranatha!

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    2. By hook and by crook, Biden & Company will find ways to peddle abortion all over the world again. Sadly and disgustingly, that plan is expressed in articles that abound on the internet, Judith. When I searched for a written article on this topic, I found another Facebook posting of the same video on the congressman’s own FB page and it was time stamped with July 31st of last year. I also found Bill’s own site with a video and transcription of his remarks delivered to Congress on May 15, 2020 here. Deliver us, O Lord.

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      1. Yes, Beckita, that is how I was able to determine the date of the video posting. I researched it and noticed the good congressman had posted it on his FB page.
        I do agree with you about it not being a question of “if, but when”. Thank God for the brave remnants in Congress and the Senate who are making known their disagreement of yet more massive spending. The controlling party loves printing money.

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        1. Amen, Phyllis, to thanking God for the sane legislators. However, I think Charlie’s assessment that the Dems will reduce things to ashes is spot on. In all these circumstances as they are, I know God’s end game is to reclaim his wayward children and, through the process of this Storm, we must stand for truth and speak truth.

          Phyllis, I’m grateful, you’re joining in our discussions. 🙂

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  23. It is as if *they* were given a *get out of jail free* card and a blank check. Thanks be to God for the representatives who are in fact representing their constituents. For those who are not, we need to use our voices.

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    1. Truly, San San. Saw this when it came out. From the greatest to the least, who love the Lord and the Church He founded, we need to hold one another up in prayer to banish temptations to despair and dejected attitudes.

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  24. Toledo Ohio last week!! Last night Columbus Ohio…warning!!! Has strong language

    From my best church friend char who used to live in Cbus!! Now goes to St. Paul her son David forest is 15! Her hubby Ron retired from teaching at osu tech guy! Now works for St. Paul! These are her friends who were there telling about it:::

    From my friend Mary: Andy Wells was there. About 15 women came in yelling. Possibly carrying signs. Profanities. Bishop stopped mass til over. Bishop from Cleveland there too. Ushers and a police officer got them out of the church. Shoving match with officer. He won. Restarted mass. Heard numerous sirens outside. Police cars around the Cathedral. Pro life people were followed to the State House. They continued to disrupt so he could not hear the speakers. Held prolife signs in front of them to block their signs. Police backed them upon the grass. God have mercy. All happened during Adoration at Miraculous Medal. When we heard of it prayed rosary and divine mercy Chaplet.
    Lord have mercy. Blessings

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    1. There will be more of this to come, so we can only let any fear we may feel, pass on by. The childish, inane lie in the chant discloses the evil one at work: “2,4,6,8, your church teaches hate” = evil is good; good is evil. The enemy of our souls is raging, for at some level, he knows She Who is Full of Grace is coming to Rescue Her children. Time for us all to invoke the Saints and Angels as we rise up in CORAC and BE the counter-revolution to what we see in this video.

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      1. My friend John on zoom Michigan group said he would stand up and start singing very loudly, “Holy God we praise thy name!!!”

        Should we begin a discussion on what the next right step might be here??? I think I would probably start some stuff knowing my temper…yikes!!! We need to protect our priests and tabernacles at all costs too!!!

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  25. JESUS = GOOD NEWS.. .. 😉

    Smoke, Mirrors and Disinformation plus smothering of alternate news and social media sites will continue in earnest!

    Joebama In-Action!
    Ain’t this nice? Not to Worry! Joebama’s “handlers” plan to defund the police and take your guns too.

    … and Bail-Out corrupt Blue States in order that they can totally destroy themselves and impoverish the rest of US.
    We be back to Obama’s disastrous Domestic/Foreign Policies x 2.
    30+ Trillion in National Debt and Spend & Tax till DoomsDay.
    China Plague Lock Down till the 4th of July so most of Mom & Pop America become wards of de Gubermint … Voting Democrat for the crumbs…. we’ll “Celebrate” 4 July Dependence Day this year ;-(
    The Economy will collapse, hyperinflation, societal breakdown and LeftWing Masters looking for scapegoats …. Trump, White Supremacists, Christians and as usual … The Jews? Yep! Satan, Demons & Useful Idiots are unfolding their Evil Op ;-(

    What, EXACTLY, are Our LeftWing Masters afraid of? … Eh!??
    What, EXACTLY, are the perceived threats? .. Eh!!?

    I wrote my Guv & Fed Reps demanding that my Guard Troops be pulled out of DC. You may want to do same!
    Contact Our “Public Servants”:


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  26. Friends,

    Is it true both Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Pope BenedictXVI got the COVID vaccine? Pfizer or moderno?

    I can’t believe it! Especially since aborted babies are involved.

    Is it true?

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    1. Why did my response to Phyllis end up way down here, when I hit “reply” under her second comment above? Sigh… I will never understand WordPress….


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