To Everything, A Time

By Charlie Johnston

More than a few people have asked me about this story of my Archdiocese considering disciplinary action against a Priest who publicly urged people to openly disobey the Archbishop on the matter of masking at religious services. I am glad, for it gives me an opportunity to reiterate some points that are important to me.

I almost always make clear the difference between a prelate’s lawful authority – and illegitimate efforts at overreach. No prelate has the authority to contradict plain teaching of Scripture and the Magisterium. No prelate has binding authority on political and temporal matters outside of their own property and holdings. I always say that whether or not I agree with a Bishop’s judgment is irrelevant to whether I obey a lawful order. This is the perfect example to illustrate that.

Regular readers know that I apparently objectively disagree with the Archbishop’s judgment on Covid. (I say apparently, because there may be other good factors I am unaware of affecting that judgment – including wanting to avoid direct confrontation with secular authorities at this time). Even so, I believe the Priest involved should be disciplined. Routine matters of safety and protocol within Church property are clearly within the legitimate administrative purview of the Archbishop – and subject to his judgment and responsibility, not mine or anyone else’s. Now certainly, I reserve the right to disagree with such judgments. Frankly, if I am part of an organization to which another has the responsibility of leading, I keep such disagreements private, even though I may dispute the judgment vigorously internally. Publicly, I accept and obey the judgment of the one who is responsible for making such judgments.

Yes, I want reform – and a lot of it. But I want my reform such that it does not burn down the structure I am trying to reform. You could exterminate your house by burning it down, but the problem you end with is bigger than the problem you were trying to solve. The Priest who urged this public disobedience does not have responsibility for the whole Archdiocese or for the consequences that would follow the course he urges. I give a wide latitude to those who accept the responsibility for the authority they exercise – and it has little to do with whether I agree or disagree with their judgment on a matter. If things degenerate into a mere contest of whose judgment is best, that is a formula for anarchy. I won’t abide such a thing. It is even more egregious because the Archbishop has given a lot of latitude to individual Parishes on how to interpret and enforce his directive.

Allowing such disputes to degenerate into a contest of will destroys the very concept of legitimate authority and makes it impossible to form coherent organizations. This is a time to challenge authority in many things – but it is not a time to burn the house down.


Some have taken me to task for my gloomy short-term outlook on the state of the culture, society, government, and the hierarchy. Let me ask you, what institutions do you still have confidence in? I honestly cannot think of a single public institution I have confidence in, anymore. My disgust with some is not as bad as with others, but my confidence in all is just about shot.  Yeah, big government is horrible…but in this awful year, little governments have shown they are every bit as degenerate and corrupt as the big variety. I love this video of a woman in Palm Beach County reading the riot act to county commissioners and then formally serving them with papers that they are being sued for treason.  Government, media, entertainment. sports, the legal system…tell me where there is an entity that is dedicated to the welfare of the people they supposedly serve rather than the dreams of self-actualization of the hollow men who run these entities?

If you have an old wooden structure that you intend to put into use, you must first find whether there is enough good wood left where it can be rehabilitated or whether you need to let it fall and start with fresh, strong lumber to rebuild.

There is a time to rehab – but I think the wood of our culture is now so rotted that we must clear it away and build anew. Like Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn felt about the Soviet Union, I love my country, but absolutely hate the governments that have taken it hostage.


Finally, many have made suggestions to me on how to enhance security in these times where the government, at least under Barack Obama, promiscuously spied on ordinary people, newsmen, and opponents – including an incoming president.

I am normally prudent and I certainly treat some things with confidentiality. But my basic attitude about the battle before us is that I intend to do everything right in front of God and everybody. I know that will likely make me a target at some point. I have no illusions that I am invulnerable to the depredations of a vast segment of our population who will lie, cheat, steal, riot, frame the innocent and murder in order to get their way and augment their power. I am haunted by the story of young Agnes Chow, a woman who has demonstrated peacefully, but forcefully, for the freedom of her native Hong Kong. I see lowlife professional athletes screaming that they don’t get enough respect in between cashing their millions, but punish or fire any employees who dare to criticize China. China routinely commits real atrocities against innocent people who dissent from the government line, often murdering them and sometimes harvesting their organs for sale. The great nation of China has an old and honorable culture, one that was hijacked by Communist barbarians in 1949 – and that culture has been held hostage by these barbarians ever since. But China is a cash cow for many sports empires – and all these ignorant “idealists” in athletic uniforms are not so idealistic that they would risk a few dollars from their bottom line to stand up against real atrocities. They disgust me. I would rather imitate and keep faith with young Agnes Chow – and speak openly for the values I cherish; faith, family and freedom. If the “idealists” who are looting, rioting, maiming and killing want to take me, let it be public – and another entry in the indictment they are forming against themselves before God.

There is a time for the catacombs, but I don’t think we are there yet. The quality and openness of our defiance will have much to do with whether we get there. So, for now, I will keep doing what I do before God and everybody. I understand the potential consequences and am willing to risk them. If they come for us and their attacks fall impotently by the wayside, that will be a sign, itself. But I don’t leave room for that potential sign if I act fearfully from the shadows.

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  1. Oh My Goodness! The woman from Palm Beach is fantastic. And Agnes Chow is one of my heroines. Prayers for her safety and miraculous release as well as prayers for us all to be so brave.

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  2. Charlie, I love your logic:

    ” Yes, I want reform – and a lot of it. But I want my reform such that it does not burn down the structure I am trying to reform. You could exterminate your house by burning it down, but the problem you end with is bigger than the problem you were trying to solve. ”

    You would have made a great attorney.

    Re the state of our politics, I agree with your harsh assessment of what’s in the air and our weakened institutions, such as the FBI and CIA, spoiled rotten by corrupt leaders. Tonight while watching Laura Ingraham review the Democrat-city rioting going on, and how the media doggedly labels bloody anarchists as peaceful protestors for racial justice, I got viscerally angry, instead of merely disappointed or disgusted. At a minimum, Trump needs to win over the Dem ticket, but there will be much more to do to regain civility.

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      1. You are exactly right, and that was what I did, turned it off and turned on a radio music station. The birds loved that. Goldie, who does not speak like Shaky bird, came out of her hutch and started grunting and swaying in rhythm with the music, and Shaky joined in singing and whistling.

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        1. Okay, that is one heckuva bing. I presume you meant scaring the dog – unless you are the type who goes out and mains small woodland creatures when you are mad. (Sorry Suze, I couldn’t resist.)

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          1. Hahaha! Yes, Charlie! I meant scaring the dog, not scarring. A well-deserved bing. And I’ll blame my nemesis auto-correct. As well as you should, too…unless you meant “mains” and not “maims.” 😄

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      1. That runty little Antifa dude is lucky that the Army guy and that hulk of a Marine didn’t beat the living snot out of him. In their place, I don’t think I’d have had their self-restraint. Good on them for not leveling the guy.

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      1. Mick, I’ve been looking for an opportunity to heartily ty for your kind email to me.

        I just wanted to say that Anne, A Lay Apostle talks about St. Dymphna in one of her volumes. Apparently, St. Dymphna says her charism is Courage and if one shouts-out to her: “Courage! Dymphna!,” that good Saint promises to respond lightening-quick with that grace. Somewhere I read that Saints choose us. We may think we developed devotion to one or another out of chance or other reasons, but truly it is our good God who allows it for our good.

        As a young college student I asked this Saint to be my friend. I had forgotten about her for awhile in the business of life, but she did not forget me. After LiamXOXO died, a priest gave me St. Dymphna’s holy card lined in gold. I keep her and Our Lady Tears of Joy on my laptop. I shout out to her many, many times, lol.

        All this to say I realize she is one of the Saints God is allowing to help me. How wonderful. +Ty, Jesus!+ Ty for your continued prayers for me and mine. They are much needed and so appreciated.

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  3. Amen, Beckita!
    I have prayed for Christian courage: the courage to do what is right even though I feel afraid at times. To simply stand in the daylight and do the right thing, whatever it may be.
    God bless all our endeavors, katey in Oregon.

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  4. Charlie, I very much understand your statement that our society is a house so rotted that we need to tear it down and rebuild it. Over the past couple years, as I have seen Trump make his moves, I’ve come to understand that there are two ways to tear a house down and start over.

    One is what you appear to be talking of here – tear the whole house down while living in a tent next to the hole where the house was and the piles of debris. Not comfortable, but it is quick and sure.

    Trump appears to be taking a different tack, tearing the house down sequentially. Go to the second floor and attic on one side of the building, gut it, rebuild it, then go to the other side of the second floor and attic and gut it and rebuild it. This process goes even faster if you pre-build off-site the piece of the second floor and attic to be gutted and rebuilt next, so you can simply tear out the old material and then just drop the new piece into place on the house in one day. First, you live on the other side of the second floor while the first section is being worked on, and during phase 2 you live in the renewed first side of the second floor and attic.

    It’s not all that nice living in a house under serious construction, but if you can schedule it correctly, you can replace most of the house and all the bad parts of that house sequentially while living there relatively more comfortably than in a makeshift tent on the ground and mud of a construction site. However, it takes longer and may not be able to get the very last bit of rot unless you’re very careful.

    I’m of the opinion that going the sequential route is the better way, and it may be that God has granted us Donald Trump because he actually knows how to do that. If so, I expect individual sectors of the economy and culture to fall apart and rebuild in a long series of sequential sector-sized crashes rather than in one big crash that leaves us all out in the rain and the mud. And I believe Trump has prebuilt many of the systems he will slot into place when a sector ripens to the point of easiest (although not easy) replacement.

    I suspect a lot of that prebuilt stuff is ready to be slotted in during 2021. If so, it will be *very* disconcerting to many people, but less rain will fall on the righteous than will fall on the evil ones. Indeed, I think many good efforts (like CORAC) and many good people will feel the wind at their backs at times and begin to thrive, even as the Old System of the World disintegrates and those still committed to it realize that the sky really is falling on them.

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    1. Unfortunately, people are continuously sabotaging the project including some workers hired to help. Some are stealing hammers and nails, some are setting small fires in the basement, while others are releasing termites in the attic, or taking sledge hammers to support beams, or “accidentally” dropping sheets of drywall and windows, or creating water leaks after backing up the sewage drain, or harassing workers at their homes and puncturing their tires, or cutting the power lines to the house, or taking jackhammers to the foundation, etc.

      Whichever way Trump approaches this problem — and he is certainly the best man for this renovation project — and no matter how hard his team works to accomplish the goal, it’s difficult to imagine that the house will once again be livable when all is said and done. I think the decades-old damage from the “rot” is simply too extensive.

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      1. I have the same sense that you do, Patrick, and I like the analogies you’ve used. I, too, think the rot is too far gone. I know God cares very much how we partner with Him to co-create a civilization of love in our culture and Church while His greatest priority is saving as many souls as will respond and repent to rise and be renewed. Is it possible that allowing everything to crumble will create a worldwide fox hole? The kind of fox hole of which it is said that in it you cannot find any atheists? Charlie’s writing at TNRS on a Regency Period are echoing in my head and heart.

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          1. Sorry, no links available, HttP. The old site shut down when this site was launched. Those with the Blogger Books which SteveBC put together might have the old writing on hand. Charlie did share he was ordered to contemplate a world in which our institutions had collapsed. He told us he worked for many years, daily, on contemplation and the commensurate writing about how to get a bewildered people back on their feet. He actually shared but a sketchy overview of all he had contemplated. It really covered every aspect of living… in areas like religion, human rights, accountability, subsidiarity, justice, education, etc.

            It will be our duty to let God lead us through whatever He allows – partial or total collapse – as well as our duty to next right step in the ways He nudges each one. This is why I continue to advocate for the idea that we hold all purported and approved heavenly messages ever so loosely in our hands lest we become disappointed that things are not going as this message or that message said they would. This is a MEGA Plan God is unfolding and it affects every man, woman and child on earth. Honestly, whether everything totally collapses and we must build from scratch, so to speak, or we find ourselves doing repairs, in a manner like the possibility SteveBC suggested, matters not to me. I want what God wants because He, and He Alone, has the Master Plan for our welfare and the welfare of every person. I think He’ll delight in calling us to our part in the Plan when we remain humble and truly Trust Him. But aren’t we famous for attempting to snatch the Plan from God’s Hands and help Him out by jumping ahead and telling Him the best way to get er done? Oi. Look at the mess Sarah created by rushing ahead of God to demand that her servant deliver Abraham’s child. Oh the heartache that could have been avoided! I’ve already done my share of mucking things up in my life with Sarah-like behavior. I pray I’ve truly learned my lesson and do not fall prey to the enemy who always walks about like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour and it seems, in these days, he’s ramped up his nasty game.

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            1. I agree Beckita! I feel so traumatized even now in the beginnings of this storm/purification that I simply can’t fathom how we will go on to a new era laddy dah…lol… oh Jesus I trust in you. Surrender is a def must!🤗May we all become childlike❤️🙏🐿🌪⛄️ ⛄️ snowmen for Charlie and Desmond!!!

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            2. Beckita do you remember the title of the article. I downloaded the blogger book but I may not have copied it all.

              If I had the title I could find it faster. Thanks if you can remember☺️

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            3. Also, no prophecy is written in stone.
              As Pope Benedict wrote, they are for the present not the future and are fulfilled either way as they are negated by our responce or carried out by our lack of responce, sometimes partially and sometimes worse!
              Even if our personal responce isn’t enough, we gain merit for ourselves and the Church and some negation takes place which we will only understand how when we enter paradise.

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        1. I imagined all the foxholes in WWI that were created by mortar and bombs that left craters in the ground in no-man’s land.

          That phrase “Burn it all down, man” echoes and we are even smelling the smoke in the air. Anarchists and Marxists may subscribe to this idea to create chaos, undermine capitalism, and whatever else they hope to achieve. But for our part, we see our institutions largely lost to those same atheists and Leftists and globalists already. While we don’t subscribe to indiscriminately burning everything down, so many institutions may very well need to be deliberately pulled down and rebuilt from the ground up (as opposed to being renovated).

          Charlie asked, “What institutions do you still have confidence in?” His “Rules of Regency” groups things far better, but I’ll try to name some major institutions:

          The EDUCATION system. That would be K through 12 and all vocational schools, colleges and universities; let’s toss in teachers unions. Modern education includes distortion or omission of historical facts, sex education for kindergarteners, gender ambiguity and choice, demonstrations with condoms on cucumbers, lowered academic standards to non-competitive levels, to name a few problems. Peachy.

          The HEALTHCARE system. HMOs, CMS, Healthcare corporations including Catholic hospital systems and the Department of Veterans Affairs, and let’s throw in the CDC and WHO for good measure. Let’s not forget Pharma, insurance companies, and the abortion industry. Just marvelous.

          The FINANCIAL system. The IMF, the Federal Reserve, Currency exchanges, banking corporations, credit card companies, and let’s throw in Wall Street for good measure. Smoke and mirrors.

          GOVERNMENT. Local, State, and Federal; Legislators, Houses, Judiciary, and let’s throw in Lobbyist and the UN too. Covid has given them power, and look how many have abused it. Our Constitution is being buried under a mountain. Orwell.

          The MILITARY. Consider the military-industrial complex, Eisenhower’s prophesy, weapons systems and hardware contractors, NATO, and all our foreign wars. Think of all the spilt American blood. Let’s add police forces who follow unlawful orders of certain governments.

          The FOOD chain. Farmers and ranchers, government subsidies, a handful of corporations controlling most of it. All the food processed with chemicals, hormones, and toxins packaged for mass consumption, corn grown to dump into gas tanks (down goes the water table), Roundup and run-off.

          The CHURCH. Not looking so hot. Smoke is now pouring in through the crack.

          The MEDIA. Both news, social, and entertainment. Vile, deceitful, hateful, antiChristian, antifreedom, oppressive (of free speech), and pornographic (delivered to children’s eyes and ears). Goebbels.

          My lists are full of apples and oranges and a couple kiwis, and most of this above stuff I truly know nothing about, but to answer Charlie’s question: I have little to no confidence in any of them.

          So what other institutions did I miss?

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          1. Patrick, I’ll try to add to your list. However, your list is very impressive as it is. And I’m going to be copying it and sharing it if you don’t mind. But, two additional institutions came to mind…
            MEDICAL RESEARCH (which could be a subset of HEATHCARE or FOOD). Corporations like big pharma, big food, etc. giving grant monies to universities for research studies on their drugs, food, etc., which guarantees favorable results on their products. Therefore creating biased studies. Examples: statins for the drug industry and sugar as healthy for the food industry. And, as we saw this past summer, a formerly respected medical journal, The Lancet, publishing a completely false study of hydroxychloroquine which damaged the drug’s reputation on being a worthy treatment for Covid. Thereby, causing the deaths of many patients who could not get HCQ because doctors were too scared to prescribe it for liability reasons. HCQ protocol is still being suppressed to this day. That’s criminal.
            The second institution is SPORTS. All sports. University, Olympic, Professional, Etc. You’ve got BLM marxists dictating kneeling for the flag at professional games. And, as Charlie mentioned, the NBA is a puppet of China in how it defends China no matter what human rights violations China commits. At the university level, we have the Oklahoma State coach apologizing to a student football player and agreeing to take a cut in pay just for wearing a One American News T-shirt! Then you’ve got the Olympic committee as well as other sports entities allowing men who say they identify as women to compete against real women in their respective sports!

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            1. Oh yes, Texas! Nice.

              Don’t get me started on statins! Where’s the original research? Hidden. What are the real benefits of that class of drug? Minimal, insignificant. The stats on the benefits of statins are manipulated and deceptive. What are the side effects? At least one we know of is muscle pain particularly to the legs or large muscle groups. 25% of people on statins experience this s/e unnecessarily.

              I’m hesitant to start a patient on a statin and I’ve taken numerous patients OFF them. One was a 90 yo man who’d been on a statin for 30+ years, and it was the ONLY medication he was taking; He was in excellent health given his age and had essentially won the “genetic lottery”. His cholesterol numbers were perfect across the board as was everything else, and he denied history of stroke or other significant factors. Most docs might assume his cholesterol numbers were good BECAUSE of the statin. Poppy-cock! I told him to stop taking it today. He said, “Thank you. I didn’t think I needed it anyway.”

              I also tell older people to stop their multivitamins. It’s an utter waste of money. I tell them all they have is the most expensive urine in town. If someone is deficient in a vitamin or anemic or wants a baby, etc, then we target just that one. Americans eat too much anyway, and our over-processed food are enriched artificially anyway — we are generally not deficient in anything. On the contrary…..🙂

              Our foods are also packed with chemical substances that are BANNED in other countries.

              Ah yes, Texas….SPORTS. I love sports, playing and watching. But intercollegiate and professional sports has morphed into garbage. Athletes are roll-models whether they like it or not. Remember in the 1990’s and the NBA? These wealthy filthy rich players were dressing in gaudy gold chains and hip-hop/gangster style clothes, pants falling down showing their underwear, when in public. Keeping it classy. But the NBA came down and said if you players are attending another basketball game or sportIng event, since you are representatives of our sport and you are watched by kids and young adults, you WILL dress appropriately, professionally. My oh my, how far they’ve fallen away from that standard. To hell with these sports, the whole lot.

              I also just thought of one evil corporation that could almost be considered its own stand-alone institution:


              Final note: In these days, who has surplus time to spend watching the spoiled rich playing their sports or Godless Hollywood actors for entertainment? The second hand of the clock doesn’t stop moving. We pray, pray for the conversion of sinner, pray in reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Many people go to hell because there is no one to pray for them.

              Around the world, 107 people die every minute, 6,500 people every hour, 155,000 souls pass into eternal life…. every. single. day.


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          2. I must defend farmers here.

            A very large percentage of farmers in America are small farmers, not corporations. Almost all of these small farms are family owned. I am one of them. State and Federal governments are pounding us with regulations, making it very difficult to farm, and to hand the farm on to the next generation. At this time there are high numbers of suicides among small farmers. I am a small farmer in a western state. We do not get rich farming, but we love working the land and producing good food for our fellow Americans. We are the best stewards of the land, as well, conserving water and taking care of the soils. I do not set the price for what I grow; my buyer pays me what he wants to pay me. I have control over what I apply to my crop, but none over what the processor puts on the finished product. Fortunately, my crop doesn’t need anything added to it. I don’t need to use pesticides except in extreme cases. Most of the time the good bugs out there outweigh the bad bugs. I do apply nutrients to my trees that grow my crop, to keep them strong. If I don’t kill the weeds, they will take over the land and the trees in my orchard, so I use as little chemicals to deal with them as I can as well as mowing them down. Out of about every 5 crop years I usually have only one very good year. But I love what I do, even though the weather or a natural disaster can wipe out a crop in a matter of hours, and even though a country in South America can somehow grow and ship my same crop up to the U.S. cheaper than I can grow it here, where I am subject to wage laws and numerous restrictions and regulations.

            Farming is a lot of hard work and expense, and most of the press given to it is unfavorable and slanted by extremists. If you don’t want all your food imported, I suggest that you read about real farmers, not corporations. Perhaps you know farmers, or ranchers, that are greedy and don’t care for their employees. I don’t know any like that. The real farmers that I know are down to earth, sensible, politically conservative, and praying that we can keep doing what we’re doing.

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            1. Amen, Picket Fence. In my youth my godparents took on farming in Kiel, Wisconsin for a time. I had a hand in it on my summer vacations there. My children’s paternal great uncle Ernie, an off the boat Romanian, had a lovely farm and made wine in Knox, Indiana. I am blessed to be a short drive away in any direction from vast farmland. Honest farms and farming families will always hold a special place in my heart for being the caretakers of God’s creation and bountiful blessings. ❤

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            2. Oh, forgive me, Picket Fence! I’m so embarrassed. Yes, Farmers and ranchers are part of the food chain, but they are absolutely not part of the problem!! They should not be in that list at all! That was a very serious mistake on my part, and I frankly have no idea why I put those words there.

              Please accept my apologies.

              If we didn’t have farmers or ranchers, everybody in America would starve to death. I come from a small farm town in western New York where we grew corn and cabbage and had many small dairy farms. Every year we had the Eden corn festival. And we were very proud of our crops with enormous ears of corn. Unfortunately our entire town smelled like cabbage 😕

              I live in Montana currently. This is a proud ranching community, and these good folks are the hardest working people I have ever met in my entire life, hands-down. I’m almost embarrassed having a job as a nurse practitioner when I look at how hard these people work. They provide meat for people all across the United States of America. They suffer through asthma and allergies, ORF and other infections;mcalving, sheering, and branding; wounds and broken bones… Just to keep the ranch afloat. Getting up every two hours 24 hours a day to check on the heifers, helping the new moms deliver calves at 3am. I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere else.

              The problem is the federal government’s handling of our produce and livestock. I guess I meant to single out the USDA: For example, Why does the US import beef from South America?! Large corporations are also gobbling up farms and ranches, making it difficult for the smaller family-run business is to compete and survive.

              Thank you for calling me out on this screwup.

              God bless our farmers and ranchers. We owe these families nothing but thanks.

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              1. Thank you PD for your correction on farmers/ranchers. I come from that stock and always wanted to be a farmer. Alas, 2 dogs, 2 rabbits and a garden will have to do. My soul is refreshed whenever I look out across fields of wheat, corn or whatever crop is growing, or even a fallow field. I can almost hear the soil rejoice when a gentle rain is falling. I mourn when I see McMansions being build on what used to be a beautiful field of sugar beets with there stinking pesticides/herbicides manicured lawns. There is plenty of scrub land they could build on, leave the fertile land alone! Of course there will always be the conglomerates that are in it just for the money, as there are slumlords. Real farmers/ranchers are stewards of the land/animals. Its their vocation. One has to know a lot to manage animal husbandry and growing crops. I hope there are farm animals in heaven. (I loved having farm kids when I was a teacher. They know hard work. Not all USDA is bad either-4H is a wonderful program.)
                Nothing beats getting a seed catalog in the dead of winter, dreams begin. The smell of rich soil in the spring is heaven. I have more dirt in my veins than blood.

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                  1. My dear husband has to put up with a lot. I would rather have a truck load of dirt/compost, bales of straw/hay, bungee cords, a truck load of firewood, trees/bushes/perennial plants any day over diamonds, perfume, make-up or clothes. Anybody can pick those things up but when you get a truck load of dirt you know what that means!😊🏋️‍♂️

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      2. I am very amazed that Trump just does not throw up his hands and walk away. He has been hit with so many false scandals and lies. I certainly do not believe he had a lily white life in the business world, but I think he may be trying to make up for that now. Is he coarse? Yes, we all know that. However, I see no way he is benefiting from the Presidency except by accumulating graces. Imagine how many just graces for saving so many from infanticide by cutting funding and for proclaiming truth as no other president has ever done. I pray that he and his family may also receive God’s protection.

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          1. Oops, sorry, I hit the “post comment” button too soon…what I want to say, St.Judith, is that I’m amazed also at Trump’s fortitude. His energy. His tenacity. He must really love his country and citizens to put up with all he has had to put up with these last four years.

            I truly feel in my heart that God places men in our human history precisely in the moment in history that they are needed. And they all seemed to be flawed, but apparently worthy in God’s eyes. And given unique personalities or characteristics to handle the tasks needed to accomplish God’s will. King David, St. Peter, St. Paul, Winston Churchill, Gen. George Patton, and now, President Donald Trump, to name a few.

            In addition, I really feel we have witnessed the spiritual conversion of President Trump these last four years. I feel his statements are more dynamic and richer when he talks about the sanctity of life and about God’s protection for our nation. The images of him holding the Bible in front of the Washinton DC burned-out church or the First Lady and him kneeling at St. John Paul II National Shrine causes me to think the Holy Spirit is at work here.

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        1. The same hour was the thing fulfilled upon Nebuchadnezzar: and he was driven from men, and did eat grass as oxen, and his body was wet with the dew of heaven, till his hairs were grown like eagles’ feathers, and his nails like birds’ claws.

          And at the end of the days I Nebuchadnezzar lifted up mine eyes unto heaven, and mine understanding returned unto me, and I blessed the most High, and I praised and honoured him that liveth for ever, whose dominion is an everlasting dominion, and his kingdom is from generation to generation:

          And all the inhabitants of the earth are reputed as nothing: and he doeth according to his will in the army of heaven, and among the inhabitants of the earth: and none can stay his hand, or say unto him, What doest thou?

          At the same time my reason returned unto me; and for the glory of my kingdom, mine honour and brightness returned unto me; and my counsellors and my lords sought unto me; and I was established in my kingdom, and excellent majesty was added unto me.

          Now I Nebuchadnezzar praise and extol and honour the King of heaven, all whose works are truth, and his ways judgment: and those that walk in pride he is able to abase.

          Daniel 4:33-37

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    2. SteveBC,

      Thank you! For giving me hope for the future. For explaining your perspective in easy to understand terms. It truly gives me hope. I had not even imagined such a scenario.

      Thanks again!

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    3. Nice analogy. I’ve seen a fair share of renovations, gutting & rebuilding in sections makes sense if the foundation is level, square, & solid. Results & milahe will vary depending on the status of the foundation.

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      1. Is Trump’s purpose to rebuild? God’s ways are not our ways, God isn’t limited in resources & options like human society is.

        Perhaps God intends to do both options, as his body (The Church) needs some serious house patching to survive until the time God is ready to tear down the house for a total rebuild.

        Does Trump have a tactical purpose? Or is Trump just a distraction to buy time (a gambit) while God is working his will through other meek & humble channels?

        Whatever happens this November and into 2021, don’t lose heart & hope.

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  5. Oooooh I LOVE that fiery lady from Palm Beach!!! Good for her!!! I hope she gets results and quickly!!!

    Great piece per usual, Charlie!!! Everything around us seems to be crumbling and hopefully God is about to renew the earth. I asked you once, Charlie, how is God going to change so many hearts? Your 3 words to me put everything into great perspective!

    “You’re watching it!”

    And ohhhhhh how we need this storm!!! (Right Beckita?😉)

    What Mike & I are trying to do over here is trying to ride on the outskirts of the storm without getting sucked into its angry vertex 🌪!!!

    Today I resolve to acknowledge God, take the next right step and try to be a sign of hope for all those whom God puts in our path! Amen!

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  6. No, the holy priest, who I do know, should not be disciplined! The remarks were made not for public consumption to begin with but before a catechism class with a ‘hot mike’. The mask of subjugation which is useless is not a matter of faith or morals; it is for control and to weaken the immune system. We should NOT be wearing them. Father is correct. And the upshot of all of this is that Fr will no longer upload to the internet. Stop adding to the damage of his reputation. Flynn ran with it and publicized this for what purpose? How dare he! He did not even wait for the pastor to get back to him. The first publicity said Fr. Nolan was to be sacked and that was and is not true. Shame on those who think snitching is a good idea.

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    1. Madgalene, it seems you’re new here and haven’t actually been reading Charlie’s writing and the comments that ensue. If you do, you’ll see that most, if not all, here agree with Fr. Nolan’s and your opinion about masks. There’s no damage done to Fr. Nolan’s reputation by acknowledging that his Bishop has ecclesiastical authority to investigate and apply disciplinary action if Archbishop Aquila decides it’s appropriate given the advice which Fr. Nolan ministered to the class. And we’re Catholic; we obey legitimate Church authority… even when we disagree.

      Charlie addresses the ongoing developments with Fr. Nolan in this public forum to answer his readers. You say Father’s remarks were not for public consumption. Well, they most certainly were as they were uploaded for the public to see and hear. No snitching whatsoever under these circumstances. Furthermore, if Father is disciplined, it will be published on the diocesan website. It’s not defamation of character; it’s how the Church works. When a cleric has publicly erred, he is publicly corrected. In viewing the recorded footage it was apparent to me that Father was very angry when he spoke. He has a lot of company in that anger. Most Americans are sick and tired of the draconian measures forced upon them while being fed misinformation and disinformation. However, a priest who has great influence on his flock and whose talk is uploaded for public viewing must take care to harness that anger and remain temperate in his remarks as he tends to his people.

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      1. For me, the problem continues to be the hypocrisy of the bishops. There are multiple priests that have been publicly spreading outright heresy for years and scandalizing the flock, but they are never disciplined. I had to deal with one in particular who was put in charge of the formation of my child during Confirmation preparation. When I confronted the heresy, the result was my family was told to leave the parish. I think the lowly lay Catholics are tired of the public hypocrisy of the bishops and who they will discipline and ignore.

        If a parent tried that in their own household, ignore certain children when they are disobedient, while coming down swiftly on others, a household would have outright anarchy, which is what the Catholic Church is facing. Easy to discipline are child who wants to do the right thing, impossible to discipline a spoiled child who parents are secretly fearful of the reprisal of that child.

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      2. I can’t but help to hope that Fr.’s wonderful Bishop will find a (new) way via God’s grace to cut to the heart of the matter with this wonderful (but human) priest and that this whole episode will give rise to a new and powerful testimony of God’s love and mercy for all! I pray it’s not the same old tired discipline that cuts the heart out of righteous anger and the will to Hope in God’s mercy/justice for all.

        IOW, +Please God, let your Love prevail. Ave Maria, Stella Maris!+

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      3. Thank you for your response as well as Charlie’s, Beckita. When I first saw this story, my immediate reaction was **WHOA…Where did this priest attend seminary since he seems to be missing basic knowledge regarding the authority structure of the Church?** I recently watched a talk given by Fr. Ripperger where he explained how *sensitive* demons are to the authority structure and that when we go inappropriately against that structure, it can open us up to serious demonic interference in our lives. Fr. Ripperger gave some good examples of cases where a wife did not honor her husband with the appropriate submission (and,yes, explained what the husband should be doing or not doing too), of lay people going against their pastor, of a priest going against his bishop…etc…etc. It’s something else to consider in many situations taking place these days…and especially since demons are VERY active right now.

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        1. Yes, Kati. The enemy seems to be working at fever pitch, attempting to damage as much as possible before Our Lady’s Heart Triumphs completely. I do appreciate the distinctions which Charlie expressed.

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    2. Hi Madgalene. I do not personally know the Priest involved, so I will take your word for his usual, general character.

      Even so, a catechism class is a public event – and a videotaped catechism class even more so. Strange catechism that says disobey your Bishop. You are right that the Bishop’s legitimate spiritual authority here is not involved. But the Bishop has legitimate temporal administrative authority in the property, holdings, and authorized Catholic events in his purview – and this is part of that. It may very well be that all that is ultimately called for is an apology and better restraint. The Priest could have said he disagreed with the Bishop’s assessment on the matter while noting that the Bishop is of good will and has the authority in the matter, most likely without incident.

      The thing is, he violated rules that he freely agreed to. A Priest has a more comprehensive duty of obedience to his Bishop than a layman does. It is important to us that we do not start deciding that the rules only apply to those we disagree with or that we don’t like. Otherwise, how do we differ from the barbaric left? God willing, the discipline and correction on our side is not as toxic and vicious as that on the left, but we must insist that all follow those rules.

      Even so, it must be a comfort to the Priest to receive such a spirited defense from a friend. I respect your loyalty even if I think it eclipses your judgment here.

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      1. “God willing, the discipline and correction on our side is not as toxic and vicious as that on the left, but we must insist that all follow those rules. ”

        +Please, Dear Lord, show us Your way! These two consecrated men are both on Your team! Let Your Love and Mercy here be a shining light for us all. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, I Trust in You. Ave Maria! Stella Maris!+

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  7. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! – 😉

    Dinesh is no prophet but is stating what historically happens when Gubermint, Laws & Society breaks down. People good [ & bad ;-( ] form-up in groups to defend themselves, friends & property …. and beliefs. The TNRS/CORAC is a perfect example.
    Sadly, history also demonstrates that the Good People wait too long to protest corruption, incompetence &/or Evil. When they do organize Dark Times are well advanced which leads to angry/bloody/destructive outcomes. I’m afraid we are in such a time … On a National Scale!

    I’ve watched & read about this guy over the years and he has been “On the Same Page” as I have been over the past five years …. as many here have been I expect?
    I notice that no Catholic Bigs seem to be speaking at the 26 Sep “The Return” Event. I would never figure the DC Bishop would show nor would I expect people like Mike Voris to show as he refuses to believe in the usefulness of non-Catholics but!! ……. “These-Days” it’s TIME for People of ALL Faiths to take/make a Stand!
    …. and if this Event is God Driven, I expect particularly Nasty Blowback from The Usual Suspects! ;-(

    CreepyJoe “Gets Religion”? NOPE!! SleeyJoes puppetmasters are reading internal polls that show Democrat Mobs is not resonating well with USA Voters!


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  8. Charlie! Someone sent this to me, and I want you to know I AGREE… 100% with your comment! So… 1) Could you put me on your email list, and… 2) Below you will find one of my last RED NECK REVIEW articles which go out now for over 5 years to around 300 by email and 900 by weekly newspapers! I am 83, the father of 10, grandfather of 57, a hard nosed Catholic with 16 fortunate years of solid Catholic education ending with my last three at then very conservative Carroll College in Montana, 1959! THE REDNECK title is meant to show my dissatisfaction for what has happened to our country the past decades, AND OUR CHURCH! God Bless, and thanks for the comment in the email I have read, and my RNR 279 last week!

    No. 279 RED NECK REVIEW! 8/31/2020

    Please pardon me for venting today! I MUST! To use an old saying, “If it is a spade, call it a spade!” So here is my latest gripe! INSANITY IS RULING IN THE U.S.! I dare say it, because only in America can one feel free to express an opinion that offends someone, and get away with it! Even that might be questionable today if not “politically correct!”

    Well, the following is definitely not politically correct, but I vent my opinion anyway! And my personal challenge to readers out there: Tell me where my opinion has gone wrong! That is your right in this great land as it is mine to pour forth my gripes today! Here goes!

    No.1) The abortion issue! Can anyone explain to me why there is literally no outcry about the number of innocent babes in the womb ripped unmercifully from their quiet habitat, to the tune of one in every 5.5 births since Roe vs. Wade in 1973, as documented last RNR? Even though our percentages have gone down almost 10% in the last couple of decades, we are still told that some 80% of our current citizens claim to be Christian! REALLY!! I thought that category required at least lip service to the Commandment: “Thou shalt not kill!” And killing is what is going on of the most innocent, the most helpless of all life! Meanwhile we allow mobs to rally and even burn, destroy, and in some cases kill, because one individual of a particular color, dies at the hand of a peace officer in the middle or late at night in some big city where rioting is going on, putting pressure on our men in blue to defend life and property as they pledged to do! And are we Christians not urged to “Love God…and your neighbor as yourself?” Are we phony Christians who really do not care, or are we allowing the lower 20% of our citizenry to rule the roost and call the shots, and dominate the press! Are we asleep or do we even care?

    No.2) The news media! Unbelievable! The hatred, and I say, venomous HATRED, that boils from most media sources, TV and news papers primarily. Just reading the editorial page of our local Tribune the last few days, especially the cartoons printed virtually every day, makes this old proud American fear for our country! The HATRED of Trump exceeds by far that endured by any other president in our history. True, others have even been assassinated, and during the Civil War, hatred ran red hot between the two combatants. But essentially it was because of Lincoln’s desire to a) Preserve the Union, and b) Free the slaves! Now today, unbelievable, the HATRED is aimed at the party which freed slaves originally, and our president who has been responsible for one of the lowest unemployed stats among blacks in our time, and who has been endorsed by many outstanding leaders of that race! Please help me understand why so much publicity is given to the smaller percentage of our citizenry who is filled with this hate! And I cannot overlook the recent professional athletes who are refusing to play, or refuse to salute our flag, because of the widely screamed RACIAL INJUSTICE found in our country! B.S.!!! The record shows that we not only freed slaves from a century’s long tradition around the world, and still going on today EVEN IN AFRICA, but we white Americans twice helped put Obama into his presidential seat! Looking at the number of minority races who are very successful in business and politics, and leaders on the payrolls of major sports, plus hold very high positions in the hated Trump administration, my reaction to the “race charge” against us is so much pure BUNK!

    Finally No.3) The recent continued over reaction to the CORONA threat! REALLY! Vandal and Cougar football put off until SPRING! No fans allowed in professional games? All distant and electronic education for all in some states? Reinforced lock downs! Despite a falling death to confirmed case ratios? Something else is going on here! (And oh yes, a continued discussion of MV = PO and its impact on our economy as mentioned last RNR? Next week, maybe!)

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    1. Welcome, Jake! Nice to meet you. I’m Beckita, the managing editor at Charlie’s site. So happy to have you aboard and commenting. As you have time to read more of Charlie’s writing and the comments which are made in response to his pieces, you’ll find a lot of thinking and opinions consonant with yours. First of all, I did remove your personal data from your comment, Jake, only to protect it on this public forum. Please, do write to Charlie at and give him all your personal contact info as well as your skills which you believe you can contribute to the cause. You’ll want to be sure to catch MP’s wonderful video which embeds Charlie’s writing in the explanation of what we’re about in CORAC (Corps of Renewal and Charity). The video can be found here. You might like to know that this site, A Sign of Hope, and CORAC (The site is being developed now.) are two separate places which are deeply connected. Charlie has written here since 2018. Before A Sign of Hope (ASOH)was launched, he had been writing for more than four years at his site named TNRS (Take the Next Right Step.) Both places have been a home to foster the core message which Charlie developed for these times: Acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope to those around you. Too, he has been preparing us with many an exhortation and lesson in how to comport ourselves when the worst of this Storm, which many call God’s purification, is upon us. Please, when you have time, do scroll down and read more of Charlie and the comments so you can get a feel for how we’ve been developing ourselves in these days. (There’s lots of background info in the writing concerning CORAC as well.) No rush. Just as you can. To start, I suggest you scroll down and keep loading the older articles until you reach the one entitled, “The Time for Choosing Is at Hand.” It was posted on June 6th. If you work your way up through the archives from that date, you’ll be well apprised of the things that concern us. Here’s a link to that first piece:

      As an aside, we’re neighbors, Jake, and I occasionally drive over to Helena from Missoula for various Church-related reasons. God bless you.

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        1. Up in Maine, especially from Acadia National Park on upward to Canada is affectionately called: “Down East.” From the summit of Cadillac Mountain one can see the sunrise. It is the first place to see the sunrise in the whole USA. It is a wonder not to missed if you ever happen there. 🙂

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  9. Hi there dear ones ~ we are under level two evacuation order.
    Please pray for us! Some fires…MOST fires seem very suspicious to me. Suddenly little fires all over? And they are all needing investigation and someone to put them out.
    Life can be hard sometimes, however, God is always good.
    Whatever happens is for our salvation.
    Blessed be God forever!
    Praying for all here.
    katey in Oregon

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      1. Beckita, we have not been evacuated and I pray for the firefighters all over the west. As you know the whole of the west has fires. Oh, I hope and pray for the fires to be contained. It has been somewhat frightening as the wind has not only spread the fires, but has knocked down trees which blocked roads and brought down power lines. We are so very grateful for the prayers!
        That’s all the update I have for now.
        Thank you all so much.
        God bless, katey in Oregon

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        1. Dear Katey ~ I’ve been following the fire in your area; our fires are closely connected to similar wind patterns, etc. (I’m speaking now of the Lionshead Fire, which we’re watching where I live since it’s quite close to us, prompting evacuation of some areas.) We are all saddened by the losses experienced by people on the other side of the Cascades. ❤ Prayers going up.

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          1. Sr. Bear, we are dreadfully close to the Santiam Canyon! Just north of Hwy 22 in Silverton. We continue on level 2 and the air quality is awful – in the 500’s – and the sky has a an orangey tinge. We are cautiously optimistic, however, as the winds have died down and the firefighters can get back to what they do best. Sadly, one of their jobs is checking the burned areas for survivors or non-survivors.😢 A hard job.
            Yes, prayers for all who are affected by these fires, Oregon, Washington, California, Montana, Colorado (I was there!) and now Idaho. 🙏🏼💟📿💙✝️
            And thank-you, thank-you everyone of you for praying for us!

            And God bless us, every one, katey sitting it out in Oregon 💟🏡

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  10. (Thumbs up!) I heartily agree Charlie! Let’s not give the secular governments the excuse & ammunition to shut down the Churches again. Some religious denominations & groups called “bluff” with Covid19 and some their most vulnerable members got paid the price.

    Patience, prudence, and obedience to what is reasonable for now.

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    1. The new CDC report on actual Covid deaths is proving that the tyrannical edicts are not reasonable nor prudent. This is not about health, but about conformity conditioning for something bigger.

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      1. I agree the tyrannical edicts are heavy handed, but like Charlie explained, the Church isn’t ready nor willing to go into open confrontation at this time.
        We have to be smarter than those trying control & condition us as said in: Matthew 10:16 “Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.”

        It’s a good time to turn the tables on those wolves, and pay off contracted debts faster (like mortgages & loans if you’re able to), who can argue with “My loved one won’t be able to make payments if I die of Covid 19.”

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          1. Covid 19 offers the Church & Christianity an opportunity to outshine the left, by reaching out to those who are isolated & suffering by following the isolation measures, we showcase Christian charity & love towards neighbor which the left is incapable of doing. When the left realizes their control measures have backfired they’ll drop the control measures, the left wants Christianity to rise up & rebel, so they can crush it, we can all rise above this situation and turn it to our advantage by not falling into the enemy’s trap.


  11. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! – PM 😉

    The “Gift” that keeps “Giving” .. & .. Never Ending Pervert Scandal ;-(

    I truly believe Soros goes way beyond being just a useful idiot of satan.
    He has been on a 40+ year mission to destroy Christendom & the USA!
    Bill O’Reilly on Geo Soros’ 90th B-Day

    Soooo …. when is this travesty going to become a Scolding with BIG Sharp Teeth?
    I’m talking about numerous DOJ/FBI/DOS Criminals indicted, tried and jailed!! …. and victims being able to sue in Civil Court for Civil Rights Violations and seeing the Criminal Perps losing jobs, homes, wealth ….. just like Trump Supporters!
    WHEN!? …. Eh!!???

    I be thinking that it’s past for the DOJ to pull off their Checking Under Republican Beds for Russians Squads and re-name/assign them to Checking Under Democrat Beds for Chinamen Squads … & do SOMETHING about all the Scam Robo Calls .. Eh!!

    Cherry-picking COVID stats


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    1. He says ” you can’t create a utopia with imperfect people” which to me is what the youth expect socialism to be, then he continues “but you can create a place where people are free to be imperfect” Amen

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  12. I just finished watching a documentary on Netflix. The corruption from the Catholic church in Baltimore, the police, the politicians, the FBI and so many was just awful and the predatory actions of priests destroyed so very many lives. Not only that, but they corrupted teachings of the Church to lure young very innocent young people. In between there was a murder of a young nun who realized what was going on and claimed she was going to do something about it only a day or two before she was murdered. The documentary was recently made and actions to hide everything by everyone were taken as late as 2017 and 2018. No, I no longer trust any institutions. They are all corrupt.

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  13. I’ve told my kids that there are rough times ahead but when we get through it, a new era will be theirs. Since it took the better part of a century to build the mess we have today, “burn it down” is the only way my kids have the chance to be around for the rebuild.
    As I’ve watched you build the group here, see men’s groups (particularly here in WI) starting similar groups, and see how everything in is being played in DC, especially around this election, I’m half expecting to see a call here for a million man march to DC in the next few months. Is that still a consideration?

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    1. Joseph, there are dozens of contingency possibilities in my head. That is still one of them, but I have a suspicion that the center of political and cultural gravity in this country may swing suddenly and decisively away from D.C. – so other contingencies occupy more of my time these days. Now is a great time to pay a visit to the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help in Champion, Wisconsin. We need all the good help we can get.

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      1. This is so cool. Years ago when my husband had to travel around Wisconsin for his job I got to travel with him. We went to the Shrine and I have my Our Lady of Good Help rosary right here with me. It has been a favorite of mine. I have been asking for her intercession.
        I was born in Racine and have many relatives in Wisconsin.We moved away when i was eleven months old so don’t have any memories of it.

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      2. Hey Charlie, I’m making a road trip in a couple weeks from SD to KY (Our Lady of Snows by St. Louis is en route), then on to Cincinnati, Fort Wayne, and then to see a dear friend and her family in MI 😉 (our very own).

        I figure since I’m up there, I’ll take the ferry to Milwaukee and then straight on up to Champion. I’m pretty excited — I’ve wanted to visit this particular Shrine for a long time. Wonder how long to stay.

        Is there any other place you think I should try to visit? This trip is fixin’ to be over 10 days long.

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        1. Hi Patrick…
          Another place to visit, as long as you land in the Milwaukee area, is “Holy Hill”, Shrine of Mary Help of Christians. It is a beautiful place, very peaceful. Per the website, it looks like there are no daily masses currently and Sunday Masses require registration (sigh!). The grounds close at 4:00 pm, but open for prayer before then. It is about 45 minutes north west (ish) of Milwaukee. About 30 minutes from my home.
          When I last was at Our Lady of Good Help, I was able to visit, attend mass (which looks like it has daily public mass) and walk the grounds in prayer in 2-3 hours.
          I hope you have a blessed visit to our state of WI.

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        2. The Shrine of St. Joseph in DePere is very nice. They joke in Green Bay that they have three shrines there; Our Lady of Good Hope, St. Joseph, and Lambeau Field. If you were ever a football fan, Lambeau does have a great gift shop and a nice restaurant. It is an amazing NFL City – a major team in what is, essentially, a small town. And by the way, Our Lady of the Snows is my favorite shrine. I sometimes spent entire days there – wondering the grounds. I had to pray at the replica of the Lourdes Grotto at least three times a week when I lived nearby – and sometimes hidden on the hillside above it, where there is a lovely statue of the Archangel Gabriel (not the one in the Rose Garden above it, but one almost hidden in the hillside above it).

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  14. Rosa Mystica Chapel in Edmeston, NY is one of my favorite places for prayer as well as the National Shrine of Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, MA. I am sure there are many wonderful prayer sites across the USA and the world!

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    1. Linda, it’s about an 8-hour drive from your house. And it’s an amazing place to visit; my clan was able to go in August 2012. I’d love to go back. Road trip? 🙂

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      1. 😩 ugh. It’s 8 hrs??? I thought it was 5!!! Ya never know Mick?!?! It won’t happen anytime soon for us mike is amazingly swamped with foundry work these days!!! People want 🚣‍♀️ boat stuff And 🏊‍♀️ pools!!! Mikes in the boating part end. But it is for sure one of my bucket list goals and We’d be so honored to do it with y’all someday!!! Then there’s Mount meeker!!! 🤔

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  15. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! – Noon 😉

    I figured it wouldn’t take long for this Admiral to get a fire built under his butt!

    My Sis sent me this clip. Griffin, 51 years ago, is describing what we see unfolding in Our USA …. NOW!! ;-(
    The Left hates this guy but he sure sounds like a prophet in this old clip.
    He describes what we now call Marxist BLM/ANTIFA, Radicalized Academia, Media and Democrat Party. Fulton Sheen, 50/60 years ago, was also a prophet along these lines.
    We are seeing a Red Op-Plan, implemented long, ago coming to fruition.
    “G. Edward Griffin – April 3rd 1969 – Communist revolution in America”


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    1. A beautiful video, Linda. Looking forward to more such as this with the CORAC stamp on them… not to outshine, but to be in communion with all apostolates in this nation and the world as we rise up to proclaim Jesus as the Truth, the Life and the Way out of this mess.

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      1. Gave me goosies Beckita!!! Look at the passion of love in Fr Heilman in his walk with Eucharistic Jesus!!! Made me cry to see this love for Christ! How inspirational!❤️❤️❤️

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          1. I can’t wait until ours with Fr Francis October 10th!!! I’ve actually never been to one!!! I can only imagine! Eucharistic Adoration is/was pretty new for me too (6 or 7 years??? 🤔) Just all so unbelievable to be in His presence! Imagine heaven Beckita!!! Wow

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            1. I do, Linda. It’s heaven on earth with Eucharistic Jesus. Brings to mind the two photos I took while at an out of state conference a couple of years ago. We were adoring Jesus in the tabernacle at a side altar. The first shot of the tabernacle and altar was this:

              The second taken immediately after the first was this:

              The radiation power of Christ! Everything changes in His presence… if we’re open. Heaven on earth.

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              1. Oh my gosh Beckita!!! That is AMAZING!!! It’s like the whole room turned brilliant gold! Thank you thank you thank you for sharing that miracle with us all!!! How I miss my hour with Christ in the monstrance. But I tell you, some of my fondest memories were going to St Paul’s during the shutdown and just sitting in that cold dark lonely church most of the time, just me and Him for an hour. We couldn’t go during the Masses but what a great comfort to just sit and be near the tabernacle! I sort of miss those days! Life has gotten too busy once again!😩🐿🙏❤️⛄️🌪⛸😇🕯🌹🌹🌹😘

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    2. Such a beautiful video, Linda! We heard about this procession last month, but this video amplifies. The music, message, and beauty, the 2 wonderful bishops, all gave me goosebumps! May there be many more such demonstrations of holiness around our nation, and even the world!

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    1. Diocese of La Crosse
      Office for communications / public relations
      September 9, 2020
      Statement From Bishop Callahan Regarding Father James Altman
      Fr. James Altman has become a social media phenomenon and is now a main stream media story. The amount of calls and emails we are receiving at the Diocesan offices show how divisive he is. I am being pressured by both sides for a comment; one side holds him up as a hero or a prophet, the other side condemns him and vilifies him and demands I silence him.
      As I review Fr. Altman’s latest video statement of 30 August 2020, I understand the undeniable truth that motivates his message. When we approach issues that are contradictory to the Faith and teachings of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church, particularly on abortion and other life issues, we should invite dialogue and heart-felt conversion to the truth. Our approach must never seek to divide, isolate and condemn.
      That being said it is not only the underlying truth that needs to be evaluated but also the manner of delivery and the tone of his message. Unfortunately, the tone Fr. Altman offers comes off as angry and judgmental, lacking any charity and in a way that causes scandal both in the Church and in society. His generalization and condemnation of entire groups of people is completely inappropriate and not in keeping with our values or the life of virtue.
      I am applying Gospel principles to the correction of Fr. Altman. “If your brother does something wrong to you, go to him. Talk alone to him and tell him what he has done. If he listens to you, you have kept your brother as a friend. But if he does not listen to you, take one or two others with you to talk to him.” (Mt 18:15-16). I have begun this process, not in the bright light of the public arena, but as the Gospel dictates, in private. Canon law indicates that before penalties are imposed, we need to ensure that fraternal correction, rebuke or other means of pastoral solicitude will not be sufficient to repair the scandal (can. 1341).
      Most people expect a decisive move from me, one way or another. Many suggest immediate penalties that will utterly silence him; others call for complete and unwavering support of his views. Canonical penalties are not far away if my attempts at fraternal correction do not work. I pray that Fr. Altman’s heart and eyes might be open to the error of his ways and that he might take steps to correct his behavior and heal the wound he has inflicted on the Body of Christ.
      Pray for me as I address this issue, and pray for Fr. Altman that he might hear and respond to my fraternal correction. Finally, please pray for the Church that we might seek the truth in charity and apply it in our daily actions.
      Jack Felsheim
      Director of Communications and Public Relations

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        1. It is a catch-all like the term “legal penalties.” As legal penalties can range from a parking ticket to the death penalty, so can canonical penalties range from a strong talking to to excommunication.

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  16. In Fr. Altman’s video of August 30, the first 3 minutes is followed, at about 3:08, by a change in tempo in the music. The music that follows is completely different from what came before. I think it comes from The Passion of the Christ. I could be wrong, of course. The piece sounds like the “Crucifixion”.
    If that is the case, it seems significant. Other possible clues: at 8:51, Cassius, the roman soldier, looks up at Jesus on the cross in a scene from the Crucifixion in the Passion. At 9:35, the instruments of the Crucifixion, as seen in the Passion, are shown. As I said, there seems to be significance to Fr. Altman’s words, the music and a sort of vision of the Crucifixion of the Church. (Just my thoughts)

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  17. Does anyone else find BLM using digital media to practice & promote necromancy disturbing? I seen a article on, then looked it up, very disturbing…

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  18. The mystery of spiritual warfare.

    When trying to comprehend what “spiritual warfare” is and where it takes place there’s lots confusion on the subject. I remember Sunday morning masses with the priest drilling into the parishioners heads something like this: “the devil made me do it is unacceptable, the devil doesn’t exist, as all the dark thoughts are yours.” What was the result of denying personified evil’s existence and it’s ability to tempt people? Mass attendance dropped, people accepted & embraced their dark thoughts as their own, and indulged in every kind lustful, impure, self-centerred, occultic, & rebellious act they could find.

    One of the great battlegrounds of “spiritual warfare” is the mind, just like the saints warned us about. If thoughts aren’t passed through the quality control of a well formed conscience, then there’s a danger of accepting the thought and doing it. The content from popular media like movies, tv shows, music, and literature seem to complicate matters as it makes evil thoughts harder to dismiss, as the eyes & ears are the doorway to the soul… Praying & reading Catholic materials do help some.

    Any other thoughts on the subject?


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