Bear Fruit That Will Last

Fruit the will last
Photo by Kseniya Tsvok

By Charlie Johnston

A friend who is a very effective activist said to me the other day that he was worried that we were going to go around kicking every barking dog so much that we miss the central point and come unprepared to the critical moment. I was delighted, for that concern has been at the heart of my approach, as well.

A reader pressed, with real passion, for action right now. Well, the truth is that when I said I decided early on that I would give our religious readers a mulligan for just about everything they would do this spring, I had a lot of reasons for that. Prepare to get a few mixed metaphors ahead – in hopes that one or more of them register in a vivid way for you.

Start off by getting a curtain rod. Balance it on your fingers at either end, so that your left hand is at the far left end of the rod and your right is at the far right end. Then move your right hand slowly left until both your fingers are at the far left end of the rod. No matter how slowly or carefully you try, you will quickly discover it can’t be done. When things get far enough out of equilibrium, the rod will slide over your left finger until a broad equilibrium is reestablished. This is an elementary form of demonstrating the feedback principle or that every action has a reaction. People often envision life as a still photo, but it is not. It is an ever-changing kaleidoscope. We make a LOT of mistakes because we assume that a current trajectory is the permanent trajectory of events, when it NEVER is. How many articles have you seen that start off by saying, “If current trends continue…”? Current trends never continue for very long. The authors of such pieces might as well start by saying, “If something happens that has never happened in the history of the world before, then…”

Human events are dynamic, not static. If you put together the best predictive model you can that takes into account the dynamic rhythms of life and of human behavior, you will rarely be entirely right but you will usually be in the vicinity of accuracy. If you use a static model that limits itself to current trends (as most of the self-acclaimed “smart” set almost always do), you will routinely be wildly wrong. People being people, such benighted researchers almost always wildly exaggerate the impact that our poor species has on events. Right now, many folks panic over the variance in average earth temperatures by as little as two degrees over a century – and are convinced that it is we who are causing it. If a sea rises at the rate of three inches per decade, it portends disaster that we have caused. Everyone knows that eons ago, glaciers receded, continents shifted and such. But it was a mere 30,000 years ago that the land bridge between what is now Alaska and Russia sunk beneath the sea. A mere 15,000 years ago, the Timor Sea in Australia was rising so fast that it moved the coast inland by three miles every year. The great shifts and cataclysms happened before man was on the scene at all and the more recent events I have mentioned occurred when man had about the same global footprint as any other medium-sized animal. We are not the Titans. The earth is not some fragile flower ready to crack if we use too many SUVs. It has all the feedback loops that God designed in nature and has a pulsing rhythm of its very own where it harmonizes with the acts of man and the many animals that make up its eco-system. At best, we are janitors here – not architects.

A lot of bad models predicted that millions of people were going to die from the Wuhan Virus. The models almost all assumed that whatever was the current rate of infection at the time they were set up would be the permanent rate. It was as idiotic as assuming that you will be operating in permanent darkness if you do your calculations at night. It was the modern equivalent of the ancient practice of making sacrifices so that the sun would return and you would not have permanent winter. Idiocy, idiocy and more idiocy – all masquerading as knowledge and in which we play the starring role. New viruses come into the world every few years – usually with an initial high rate of infection which, over many years, recede until they winkle out after immunity has become broad enough – only to be replaced by other batches of new viruses. The course is common and predictable. Within that constant set of changes, some are particularly virulent, some particularly weak. It makes perfect sense to study the effects and characteristics of such things, that we may best determine who is most vulnerable and how best to defend them. But it should be done with the humility that thus it has ever been – and we have survived and thrived anyway.

With the Wuhan Virus, I agreed that it was worthy of extra precaution – but primarily for reasons that much of the establishment and media are trying to bury right now. I was convinced from early on that this virus was bio-engineered by man. If that were the case, it could bear some startling new characteristics and nasty surprises. A couple of weeks of shutdown early on to flatten the curve seemed reasonable, even if a bit of an overreaction. It doesn’t bother me that some people take more (or on occasion less) dramatic actions than I would – so long as they are not wildly unreasonable. A shutdown until a “cure” is found – something that has never been accomplished with a virus in human history? That is not a precaution, it is civilizational suicide. Who needs a giant meteor of death when the idiots who call themselves the smart set are eager to destroy us all for our own good? (Though smallpox was eradicated, it was NOT cured. It was eradicated by creating such a comprehensive herd immunity that it could no longer survive. The “precautions” we are taking now are designed to impede the development of herd immunity…so not only are we trying for a cure that has never been achieved with any virus; we are actively repudiating the one thing that has previously eradicated a virus.) Aren’t we the clever ones!

I have been forlornly astonished that it seems many people are discovering, for the first time, that viruses are primarily transmitted by personal contact and that those who have the most vulnerability because of other factors such as age, health and existing conditions are most vulnerable to any virus – new or old, and that, ultimately,  death is not a preventable condition. Like a lion in pursuit of a herd of antelope, the virus culls the herd of the most vulnerable. This situation has laid bare that there is much more we could do in a targeted way to protect the most vulnerable from these viruses, both new and old – and that we should do everything we reasonably can to do so. We should also do so knowing that if we do our very best, tens of thousands of the most vulnerable are going to die every year from viral complications. It has absolutely astonished me to see that so many advocate that the herd of antelope should be forced into a cave where it must starve many of its healthiest, most vigorous members in hopes that none of the most vulnerable will be ever culled from the herd again. Civilizational suicide.

Beyond this, I know very well that one of the satan’s signature moves is to isolate those he targets for destruction. That he has succeeded in getting much of the whole world to isolate itself sparks a primal dread in me. The devil uses all our worst qualities and our most extreme emotions to herd us into the vulnerable positions he prefers to attack us from. It unnerves me that we have been so willing, even if it turns out it was justified for a time to make ourselves so vulnerable to him.

So why, given all this, am I not screaming at the top of my lungs for it to stop right now and everybody do things my way?

First, the smartest, most honorable, and shrewdest men are sometimes wrong. That includes me. I have three friends I deeply respect who are much more alarmist about this virus than I am. One was decidedly right on an issue on which I was decidedly wrong a few years back – and the hedging of my bets borne of my respect for him spared me some embarrassment. I do not think I am the end-all in these things – and do trust that, under God, time will usually sort them out. That is not to say I dither when action must be taken; rather, that while candidly espousing my views, I don’t usually act until it is absolutely necessary or clear.

Second, having been the actual final word in several major organizations, I know it is a LOT tougher than it looks. I respect those in authority who accept actual responsibility for the actions they take, even when I think they are misguided for a time. Most of those who shout the loudest from the sidelines about acting with “courage,” are the quickest to run like scalded dogs when they actually have to take responsibility for anything controversial. So it is my default setting to give any in authority the benefit of the doubt for as long as I reasonably can.

Third, on the major issues, hectoring or strong-arming someone into conceding to my point of view accomplishes very little. If they are not actually convinced, as soon as they see an opening, they will reassert themselves. It turns out that convincing someone to shut up or to concede to your will is NOT the same thing as convincing them. If you want a permanent victory, you can’t just prevail on a particular topic, you have to change the very mindset that made dangerous error possible. I believe that most people want to be just (while understanding that a substantial segment just wants power). If I strong-arm those people who want to be just but disagree with me, I have not convinced them – and usually drive them further into the opposition camp. But if I calculate my comments to force the opposition to respond with both words and action, we both reveal ourselves. If I am wrong, I will come to see it. If they are honorable and just, I will come to see it. And if I am right, those who are honorable and just among my opponents will come to see it and embrace it. A person who has become amenable to my position because of what they have seen with their own eyes becomes a steadfast ally – all the more steadfast because I made no effort to strong-arm them. A person I have browbeat to accede to my position is no ally at all – but an opponent suppressed for a time who will restlessly look for a way overthrow my transient victory.

This is the method I almost always use for the big issues. You have to have faith that most people will ultimately want to do what is most right and just. If they don’t, then there will be no alternative to serious strife anyway, so what have you got to lose by taking the most positive construction of others motives? In addition, I try to determine and focus on the key central points. Many causes are lost because the advocates are so easily led to chase restlessly after points that are extraneous to the larger resolution. I know. I have defeated opponents by luring them into chasing after shiny objects or confusing their missiles with chaff – and so missing the main point entirely. I am VERY sensitive about not being so distracted, myself.

In Minnesota, the Catholic Bishops decided to open the Mass back up regardless of what the state says. Frankly, I didn’t expect that. They won’t be the last. We have allies we don’t know – and we have allies who, themselves, do not yet know they are our allies. I do trust in the decency, honor and good will of most folks, even those I disagree with. Right now, most all of the strong-arming is being done by the anti-God left. That can win battles – at the cost of driving many of those they strong-arm into my camp. That is why battles won by such means almost always ultimately translate into lost wars. I am disturbed that some who agree with me on principle agree with the left on strong-arm tactics.

I take all of this very seriously. This crisis is receding even now. By the end of June, we will be largely back to normal whatever power-mad governors and mayors command. Hopefully, it will be a normal that takes seriously the need for targeted precautions without isolating the vulnerable or bankrupting the robust. Yet I am convinced we will see a full-scale renewed assault by the anti-God left – and sooner rather than later. It will be the decisive battle between the Church and the anti-Church, the Gospel versus the anti-Gospel. It is for the very future of humanity. It is not sufficient to win the day. We must comport ourselves in a way that will bear fruit that will last. That is my commitment – and why I will not panic. If the only way I can win is by strong-arming those who disagree with me, than I cannot win at all – and neither can you.

“For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord,

Plans for welfare and not for evil,

To give you a future and a hope.”

-Jeremiah 29:11

Now go forth with sure confidence and steadfast resolve. Bear fruit that will last.

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  1. Oh how I love this, Charlie! It rings true, through and through, and it brings to mind a previous piece which catches the spirit and reality of what we’re now living. ONLY God could be the Master of the Storm and the Master of e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. good. My Stars! Working, simultaneously, with the free will of 7.8 billion human beings is a jaw dropper. That alone is a magnum opus beyond compare. Add in the beau coup intricacies of everything else that comprises life and this Storm: Kowa-Bunga! O Lord, my God, when I in awesome wonder, consider all the worlds Thy Hands have made… and everything else, Lord: How Great Thou Art!

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    1. Here’s the segment from Through a Glass Darkly which I thought of as I read this fruitful piece. When he wrote about prophecy, Charlie gave a glimpse into the incredible intricacies of this Storm.

      “Imagine that God showed Job our world, sparkling blue and green like some impossibly rare and precious gem, glittering with life and light. Then God shows Job the entire universe. Think of Job’s wonder at the billions of stars, comets, quarks and planets all pulsing and whirring, a symphony of light and rhythm…” (From CJ’s piece: Into the Whirlwind)

      When you are shown, when you get a glimpse into eternity, it is like that. Trillions of parts all pulsing and whirling, traveling at different speeds and directions, often changing speeds and directions. It is like a three-year-old trying to make sense of the working of a nuclear reactor. At the most elementary level, you try to discern the convergence point of several different elements. It is a game that appeals to your vanity – kind of like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube writ large. Except it is impossible. Things change speeds and direction regularly. After a while, if you are wise, you largely drop that effort and focus on patterns that emerge. While you can’t discern all – or even many – of the details, you can see the larger trends they form.

      There are several complications even in this. First, some things are symbolic and some are literal – and it can be difficult to recognize the difference. Some things can’t be changed; others are changed dramatically by our response. It is similar to a cruise liner sinking in the open ocean. Once it reaches a certain point in its distress it is certain to sink. It is almost certain that some people will die. How many will die, though, depends on the behavior of those caught in the catastrophe. If everyone is in panic and acting in an “every man for himself” way, many will die. If many are steady and resolute, they can help others do the same and many lives will be saved.

      Meantime, there is a huge disconnect between how things appear here and how they appear there. We come up with clever schemes we think will solve problems – and most don’t even make a dent in the heavens. The sincere and humble prayer of a single person can change multitudes. When you get a cohort of people praying – and living the prayer of doing, of denying their own appetites and caring for those around them tenderly, it can change the trajectories of entire realms of those moving parts. If you knew the power of sincere, humble prayer and doing the little right in front of you, you would eagerly live it well. The machinations of those in power are mere sparklers in comparison to the majestic, tidal power of a single sincere and humble prayer.

      Obviously, I explain this allegorically to you. I do it to give you some sense of what it is like, not what it is. Applied to current times, the Storm is something that is set, it must be fulfilled. But the intensity and duration of it can change based on our response. Some things about it have already changed. The intensity was increased by our determination to persist in rebellion; the duration of its fullness has been decreased because of the rise, often quietly, of renewed faith and fidelity among many who have already despaired of hope in human devices. There are far more troops out there ready to answer the call. Even in the midst of the Storm, we have entered into a great Christian revival. What God intends is that you live it and bring the hope that is in Him to those around you. If you do that well, it will spread like wildfire. It is not sufficient that you be right, but that you be effective, which means you must bury your ego. If you simply browbeat those around you, so they run away from the faith, you have utterly failed. If you never defend the faith when it is assaulted, you have utterly failed.

      I am very careful in dealing with my critics. If they seem animated by a restless malice – or a vanity to prove themselves right – I largely ignore them. If they are serious, perhaps pointed, but showing no signs of malice or vanity, I try to answer them well – sometimes provocatively, sometimes gently. Many of my honorable critics have helped refine my thinking. But the key reason is that I am not sent primarily to say, but to do: to give heart to people, assurance that God is right at hand to them, in the midst of a great crisis in world and salvation history that they may endure until rescue. I am responsible for doing that for my critics, as well, insofar as it can be done, as for everyone else. So I largely refrain that their malice or vanity does not fossilize around them – and when they see God act, they may take firm hold of Him, whatever they think of me.

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      1. Beckita thanks so much for posting this!!! I’m going to print this out!!! I personally am understanding (maybe not perfectly doing yet) these pieces so much better these days we are in the rapids!!! 🙏 thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You MUST have a photographic memory to remember these timely pieces!!!🤗

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          1. It’s just amazingly spot on for our times!!! I remember when I heard about Charlie from Fr Mitch!!! It was almost like a 9/11 moment because I just KNEW something was brewing (I think most did and do now) but couldn’t put my finger on it and when I listened to his first recording I was like…ya! Ya! That’s it!!! And we learn a little more every day! Just fascinating!!!

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      1. Ah, TMNT, yes,fond memories. When my boys were little tykes, and life was gentle, I dressed them as Michaelangelo and Raphelo for Halloween. I still have those costumes—I haven’t been able to give them away. Agh, be still my heart 🙂

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  2. Hey Charlie

    Great advice as usual

    Reading a biography of Catherine of Siena…what a nightmare life was in her time, mid to late 14th century

    Constant wars…weak and sometimes bad popes living in Avignon, not Rome…at least 2 outbreaks of a REAL KILLER plague within just a few years of each other.

    I think part of the reason I’m so bothered by current events is that it appeared things had been good for so long. But I’ve come to understand that everything we’re dealing with now has been developing for a long time. Problems in the church, weak pastors, leftist politicians, a culture heading in the wrong direction.

    The only real solution to all of this is conversion. Anymore, that’s what I pray for. For my own continuing conversion, and for the conversion of my loved ones, relatives and friends, I.e., that Jesus will do for them what he’s done for me. It wasn’t that long ago that I was out there as a lost soul too.

    I went to confession last week just to confess how ticked off I was all the time by the never ending lockdowns (NJ & PA)

    But you’re right. We need to do what we can but nature will take its course and much of this will eventually be self correcting (hopefully). I need to be reminded of that on a regular basis these days.

    The book on Catherine of Siena was written by Sigrid Undset by the way, and it’s fantastic! A page turner. Highly recommend it for anyone looking for something

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    1. Paul, just wondering if you can expand on : “that Jesus will do for them what he’s done for me. It wasn’t that long ago that I was out there as a lost soul too.” What changed for you to alter your spiritual trajectory; was it your own personal quest of prayer and researching, or a St. Paul type transformation from someone else’s prayer for your conversion? But if it’s too personal and/or you’d rather not share at this time-no problem. Just curious b/c I, like several other parents here have family members heading in the wrong direction. (Will check out the book.)

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      1. Morning Maggie

        I went thru a slow motion reversion to the faith beginning in 2005. I had left the Church as a teen due to a weak faith life, weakened further by mortal sin (substance abuse and impurity). I was raised Catholic and attended Catholic grammar school.

        I spent the next roughly 35 years away from the faith, living in mortal sin the whole time. I stopped the substance abuse in my mid 20’s via the help of a 12 step program, but the impurity continued. Didn’t even realize I had a problem with it. I never married, and now understand that was due to the problems with impurity.

        I’d fooled around a little with psychics, and on my 49th birthday, gave myself a present of visiting a new one I noticed in the area. Not practicing the faith, I had no idea how dangerous this is, and that the Church strictly forbids it. I believe, however, that Our Lord used even this to bring me back.

        Anyway, the psychic turned out to be a gorgeous young woman who was also Greek Orthodox. Every time I went to see her, every week or so, I had to bring her 3 random readings from the Bible. This went on for about 2 years. I was reading the Bible a lot! About 18 mos. into it, I started going back to church, protestant churches at first. Several months into this I started wondering what was happening at the Catholic Church across town where I grew up. I started attending Mass on Sundays.

        Shortly thereafter, I made an appointment, went to confession, and have been back ever since. That was May 15, 2007 at 1PM. A Catholic friend at work gave me a book about Medjugorje, and the following September I was in Medjugorje. Been praying the Rosary daily ever since, and faithfully practicing the Faith. It took a long time, and MANY, MANY confessions, to shake the “impurity” thing, and I still have to watch myself very carefully in this area.

        I believe Jesus met me where I was, and used the circumstances in my life, even the psychic, to bring me back to the faith. I was one lost sheep, and he came and got me. The thing about being lost, at least for me, is that when your lost, you don’t even KNOW your lost!

        I figure, If he could do it for me, he can do it for anybody. I pray that he’ll do it for my loved ones, relatives and friends, most of whom are out there like I was.

        I’d also warn anybody to be careful about spending too much time reading scripture. It’s POWERFUL stuff!

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        1. Paul R this quote!

          I was one lost sheep, and he came and got me. The thing about being lost, at least for me, is that when your lost, you don’t even KNOW your lost!

          This is soooooo true!!!! Your history is soooooooo amazing!!!! No wonder your mom/dad named you Paul!!! Ha!!! Thanks for sharing! I can relate!! God is sooooo good!!!

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    2. Hey Paul R. I was out there MOST of my life then that conversion moment then fell and came back again!!! Ha!!! I think I’m these times that is pretty much the norm unless you have very unusually holy parents and marry an unusually holy spouse! Just wow!!! What we’ve all been through in this poor bleeding 🩸 world!! No wonder God’s Mercy is so necessary in these times!!! Like crew dog says, God save all here (and all everywhere!!!) Kowabunga!!!

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      1. Once, when I was visiting a city, a woman in her early 40’s had been given the job of driving me around while I was there. She was an Australian ex-pat, having moved to the states in her late 20’s I think. We had some great conversations. On the third day, she started too mournfully tell me of the disordered lifestyle she had lived for while. I told her that, gosh, I thought it was the law in Australia that anyone under 25 was required to live a disordered lifestyle. She giggled…and said that was almost the size of it…and we had a cheerier chat.

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        1. Funny you write this Charlie for I had JUST a few days ago revisited your recording in Iowa last year!!! It is SOOOOO CHOCK FULL OF GOOD NUTS 🥜 FOR US SQUIRRELS 🐿!!! But in it you talk about this nice young Australian lady and I really appreciated it! Actually all my life experiences have helped me quite a bit (def NOT even close to perfect) to be compassionate to other fellows who are currently in that tide or have been so. In Jackson, you told me that, “God can draw great good out of evils.” That too meant a lot to me.

          Sort of cool…I was talking to Globetrotting Tommy’s wife Liz yesterday and Tommy grew out his hair (because of lockdown) and now looks like an auburn haired Jesus from, “The Chosen!” She did a Lol back at me and said, “Oh Linda! I don’t see it! But you see Jesus in EVERYTHING!!!” She sort of threw me off a bit by by saying that for truly it was a very GREAT compliment! Then I responded with this, “Well Liz, it’s like this…when ya have screwed up MOST of your life, when ya discover the Jesus of Mercy it changes EVERYTHING! I need a Saviour! He’s all I got. She responded, “Idk.” I responded, “I DO KNOW! It’s really soooo simple… we repent of our sins, Jesus forgives
          us. And it’s really quite as simple as that!🤗❤️🙏🌹🐿📿🥜🐶🍞🐜🐻👑😂

          So it is true. Praise God he has room for all sorts!!! Thank you Jesus! I will praise you forever wherever you put me!!!

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  3. Just read this to Michael!!! We both confessed ourselves this night!!! He said, “Wow!!! Bear fruit that will last!!! We should have bought Haagen Daaz tonight!”

    I am not making that up!!! 😂

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  4. He just said now, “Doesn’t Charlie like that 🍒 cherry one!” Lol. What an impression you made on Mike, Charlie!!! God bless you, good man!!! You are bearing 🐻 much fruit 🍉 That will last!!!! 🤗❤️🙏🌹🐜🍞🐿🐻🍉😷😫📿🐕🐶😆

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  5. Love the message(s) here, Charlie. I do have to point out that herd immunity is not as simple as you imply it is. We don’t gain herd immunity unless our immune systems can develop long-term immunity to a specific virus and it does not mutate. We don’t develop herd immunity to colds (which are coronaviruses) nor to influenza viruses, because they constantly mutate. Yes, we do develop immunity to a specific flu virus once we get that particular version of it but not to later mutations of it, so herd immunity in effect does us no good. Further, according to RFK Jr in an article on on Friday, coronaviruses, unlike other viruses, can cause the body to produce “neutralizing antibodies” that actually do fight the disease and/or “non neutralizing” (binding) antibodies that don’t provide immunity. Developing vaccines for coronavirus illnesses is thus much more fraught with difficulties than otherwise. Get the infection – which antibodies are produced? Give the vaccine – which antibodies are produced? Those people who produce binding antibodies to the vaccine usually react *very* badly when later exposed to the wild virus.

    Also, we didn’t really have any sure ways to cure – or at least fight off – a Covid-19 infection when it hit us and threatened to overwhelm our medical system..

    To me, that meant a general lockdown for a while was the best alternative of a set of bad ones. Letting the virus propagate in an attempt to gain herd immunity under the then-existing circumstances would have been far more risky. When you don’t have a way to prevent or ameliorate the disease and you have no real knowledge as to whether those getting the disease would actually develop immunity that would be effective enough and long-lasting enough to make a real difference, social distancing and when sick, the use of a mask to catch saliva, become in my opinion a much better way to handle things.

    But that is all in the past now. We now know at least four different ways to prevent or cure Covid-19 infections. We know that anyone with serum Vitamin D3 levels greater than 40 either doesn’t get the disease in the first place or if infected, has no or few symptoms. Two separate surveys of people who go to the hospital for Covid infections showed the same thing – none of those arriving at hospital had serum Vitamin D3 levels over 40. All were less than 40 and some who had the worst outcomes had readings of 20 or less. By the way, if you were to blood-test the residents of pretty much every nursing home and assisted living facility in the country, I’ll bet you would find at least 95% of the residents have Vitamin D3 levels well below 40. Are they vulnerable to Covid because they are old, or because they have low Vitamin D3 levels? Remember, no people of *any* age showed up in hospital unless their D3 level was below 40. Even older people can ward off disease with high D3 levels, it seems. Hmmm.

    And there is the rub. There are people and organizations who are deliberately placing vulnerable people at risk, who are actively suppressing simple solutions and curatives, actively misleading us about the safety and effectiveness of these curatives, and are deliberately refusing to lift lockdowns that are no longer needed but are increasingly damaging and even fatal in other ways.

    I truly believe that looking for herd immunity to develop in relation to Covid-19 is to seek a mirage. However, once everyone knows how to “cure” it with curatives, we *can* pretty much eliminate it by making ourselves immune-strong and ready to hit any case as soon as symptoms show up. After a while, the vulnerable population gets strong enough or separated enough that the virus cannot propagate further and is essentially gone from circulation.

    When you know how to harden your body or fight off the illness if it shows up, herd immunity isn’t needed. So LOOK for how to harden your body and to expunge the virus if it gets into you, and not only do you no longer need to fear the Covid-19 bogey-man but you can also keep yourself from getting flus and colds without having to take largely ineffective and even damaging vaccines.

    Which brings me to my final and most revolutionary comment. Simple and effective curative protocols already exist for most of the diseases we currently suffer from. If those protocols were generally available and used, not only would human suffering take a huge plunge, but also our healthcare sector would properly decline to about 5% of our GDP. Now you know why there is such a concerted effort to obfuscate good, cheap, simple curative protocols – literally a few trillion dollars of current healthcare business would evaporate.

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    1. SteveBC, I need to thank you heartily for all the great research you have shared.

      My husband, my daughter and ?any else of my kiddos have/may have PCKD type 2. So yes, he is in a high risk group. We both have our eyes wide open and take prudent precautions even as we both believe there are things worse than death.

      Anyways, his doctor did D3 blood work at the onset and he was D3 deficient. We have been supplementing ever since. We do other things, too, to boost immunity, but I admit it is very challenging to maintain these. I was able to download the EVMS links you provided and it did give me much peace to prepare the recommendations.

      Thank you!

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      1. That is good news littlelight.

        I am finding so many opportunities to share more notes for the HFS. 🙂

        What Health Really is and How to Improve It By Dr. Eric Nepute
        Our society as a whole has reactive health care. There is more to health than simply feeling and looking good. We have a complex system and anything out of alignment can cause poor health.
        Highlights of Health Summit Session:

        Good health is not looking good and feeling good – it is about how you function 1. Balance of physical body – body needs to be aligned peak performance – Chiropractor – Physical Medicine 2. Nerve function – measure nerve function 3. Heart rate variability test – think of a car gas pedal – go, go, go your flight or flight this is known as your sympathetic nervous system and the brake pedal is known parasympathetic nervous system that helps us rest, relax, grow, develop, digest foods, heal, make hormones.
         Studies show that most people are stuck in sympathetic overload, gas pedal is stuck leading to sleeping and digestion problems, immunity shuts down, endocrine system goes down and hormonal imbalances all due to the dysfunctions of the right and left firing of the brain.
        The goal of health is to get in balance – homeostasis so heart rate variability is one of the most important tests you can have done
        Chemical stress/health – the nutrients that come in, the vitamins that are absorbed and food that you eat and the waste that comes out of your body – if you are not balanced you are deficient or toxic or not eating a good and healthy diet, you are not going to be healthy it is physiologically impossible if you are not eating well, green leafy veggies, clean and lean meats, 60-80 oz. of water daily. If you eat fried, processed, junk foods you will be and stay sick.
        We are not taking care of ourselves which puts us at higher risk for succumbing to other illnesses – heart issues, cancer, stroke, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and being immuno-compromised are high risk factors
        We aspire to educate, motivate and inspire people to get out of those high risk camps and over to the camp of health and wellness
        Take the knowledge and make it wisdom by putting it into action in your lives
        Empower ourselves and get rid of fear with faith and facts
         Balance is known as ease homeostasis – centered – good! Stress is physical, chemical, emotional, and neurological, you name it. Stress pushes us out of balance, called dis-ease. If we experience long-term stress it becomes disease, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc.
        Physically out of alignment – What to do – exercise, stretching, massage work, physical therapy, chiropractic physical medicine – keys to health
        Neurologically out of balance – What to do – exercise, meditation, mindfulness, grounding, chiropractic, biofeedback, acupuncture, etc. – keys to health
        Chemically off center – How do you find our – run a blood test, do a urinalysis, DNA swab test to find out what vitamins, minerals, nutrients, hormones are unbalanced and add the lack back
        Physically move our body daily 30 continuous minutes esp. outside in fresh air and getting oxygen and sunlight on our bare skin to reduce risks of diseases – lifestyle change
        Eat well, fast 4-6 oz. of good health lean clean protein, 4-6 oz. of dark green veggies and 4-6 of healthy carbs (non grain, sugar and dairy) good healthy fats are fine too (eggs, avocados, nuts) water and hydration
        Dehydration is one of the leading causes of fatigue, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, blood pressure issues, cholesterol issues, it affects our blood sugar – “the whole nine yards…”
        What gets measured gets managed, don’t guess – test. Work with your healthcare professionals.
        Most common deficient nutrients Vitamin D3 – 10,000 IU daily is recommended needed for bone, muscle and immune health affects people who do not go outside, chronic disease and lung conditions, obese people, stuck inside their homes
        Zinc- 20-30 mg per day recommended – inhibits viruses
        Vitamin C take 500-1000 mg several times a day to bowel tolerance
        Probiotics – 75% of our immune system is in our gut
        Info is suppressed – we should not listen to fake news MSM and fake headlines – You can go to Eric Nepute website that is updated daily Take care of yourselves. Protect your mind, look at resources, ask questions, dig deep. We need more people less sick.
        Request to JOIN HERE:

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        1. JLynn, I so appreciate your encouragement and the great info you share! Thank you!

          10,000 IU of D3 is a high dose! I would be very worried about that dose. D3 is a fat soluble vitamin and dangerous at high dosages. The little I know is dangerous—as my memory seems to be proding me into there are different forms of the vitamin, different chemical configurations, etc. So perhaps there is something I’m missing? Still, the normal dose for supplementation is 1,000IU for an adult, hmmmm……

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          1. Thank you, littlelight. I take a 1000IU supplemental dose daily.

            The 10000IU was recommended for specific populations…people who do not go outside, chronic disease and lung conditions, obese people, stuck inside their homes.

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            1. Ah—I understand, that makes sense, ty.

              I bet they are also getting routine blood levels checked during the process of correction and maintenance doses and all. Wow, this makes me think my husband should see a ND who is open to this and would do it.

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              1. Absolutely, LittleLight. People who are out in the sun, and Paleolithic peoples range from serum levels of D3 of 70 to somewhat over 100. Optimal range, as far as I can tell, is 60-80. At the beginning of an illness, I will take 100,000 units of D3 the first day of symptoms and possibly an additional 50K the second day. The *intake* amount is essentially irrelevant within this broad range. What matters is what your blood level is. I get my D3 level tested every 3 months. For a while I had trouble getting my level up, even with taking 10K a day. It turns out that there is a rate-limiting factor in the liver which depends on how much N-acetyl-cysteine you have in your body. I have other genetic issues (MTHFR) which cause me to need more NAC than normal, so if I don’t supplement with NAC, I don’t create enough D3. When I added 600mg of NAC twice a day, my D3 level finally rose toward optimal.

                Be aware that arbitrary restriction of cholesterol production in your body with statins can significantly reduce your body’s ability to make D3. As I understand it, cholesterol is the base molecule for internally made D3. If your cholesterol is restricted by a statin to below 200 and you have a lot of inflammation in your body from high blood sugar and so on, your body will sacrifice D3 production for other more serious needs. For most people cholesterol goes high because their body is very inflamed by high blood sugar and so on. Cholesterol is an anti-inflammatory molecule. Your body will create more of it if your body is inflamed. Reduce inflammation and cholesterol will decline, or it will be shunted to the other uses (like D3 production) that previously had been sacrificed. By the way, optimal range for cholesterol is 190-260. Levels below that cause increased death rate and levels above that cause increased death rate. The critical thing isn’t cholesterol per se but rather to get your HDL above 65 and make sure your LDLs are not heavily oxidized.

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                1. Hey SteveBC,

                  Just read your reply, and I have to say, it concerned me…about me. I know you are not a doctor, but I respect your knowledge and research. I have low cholesterol…my lab results last year was HDL at 61; LDL at 61; triglycerides at 84 and total cholesterol at 139. Vitamin D was 39ng/ml. I am taking 2000IU of D3 due to being diagnosed low vitD 3 years ago. My multi vitamin already has 2000IU, so a total of 4000IU every day. Hoping you’re giving me permission to research and ask my MD to eat a lot more butter and upping my D3 more? ;

                  God Bless,


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                  1. Becky, you’re right, I am not doctor, just an unusually informed layman, but I often end up challenging my doctors to look outside the box.

                    The dose of D3 that anyone takes *has* to be as a result of testing of that person’s serum D3 level. Your 4K dose could be too low for you, or it could be too high. How would you ever know if you don’t test your serum D3 regularly? I test my serum D3 level every 3-6 months and adjust my dosage of D3 supplement according to changes in my serum D3 readings. There’s no other way to do it that I know of. So get tested regularly.

                    I don’t know why your cholesterol is so low. What do you eat? Do you take a statin drug (switch to Berberine). Do you eat eggs? Have you always had low cholesterol or is it recent? Do you have a tendency toward depression, accidents, suicidal thoughts? It’s pretty complex to straighten all that out on the basis of a few comments on this site! 😀

                    HDL of 61 is actually quite good. Few people with HDL over 65 ever have heart attacks. The other stuff is too low, though. Unfortunately, I can’t give you advice here. I actually have cholesterol around 180 sometimes, but it’s usually at the low end of the optimal range of 190-260. Partly, the “Optimal range” is determined without regard to what people are doing. I take a lot of anti-inflammatories, so my body has less need for cholesterol than most do. I recommend you just keep at it and learn what will help.

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                    1. SteveBC the neurobiochemistry absolutely Fascinates me. All of it. I’m organically drawn to it, and deeply aware of a need for better medicine to treat body AND brain with the death of my son, and my exposure to traditional medicine as an RN. I dearly wish I had the resouces (education) and time to pursue it full time.I dearly wish I could have helped my son by this approach.

                      But The Lord has shown me, the challenge was So Vast, and our personal resources so limited(knowledge, time, money, access to those who can help, etc). It was all soo beyond all our ability. He Himself has assured me He has my baby, and there is no better place for my son to be. He has promised “to make All things new again” I just pray my family won’t crack-up from the severity of the test between now and then, eh.

                      Anyways, I understand that the best our medical doctors can offer those who struggle with depression and suicidial thoughts is positively primeval. Our understanding of death by suicide as a society is finally beginning to emerge from the Stone Age into the beginning of “it’s a Brain-Disease Death—Duh!”

                      This article below speaks to the complete inadequacy of therapy. ( not the DNA /biochemical work you are studying. ) I know you understand the pharmaceutical drugs given to treat these things used in conjunction with therapy are so very flawed, that their side effects often cause the very condition they are supposed to treat.

                      That is why I’m a huge proponent of the work you are doing. There HAS to be a better answer.

                      The following quote should be a big wake-up call to ALL. So many learned disciplines, so much we don’t understand. But light is beginning to dawn here, on this great darkness. +Thank you, Jesus+

                      Thanks for letting me get on my soap box.


                      “Research shows emergency room visits and involuntary hospitalizations – triggered when a mental health professional believes someone is at imminent risk of killing themselves – can increase a person’s risk of suicide.
                      Susan Stefan, a scholar and litigator on behalf of people with psychiatric disabilities, says that in many cases, an emergency room can be the worst place for a suicidal person. ”


                      “Back in the 90s, Quinnett was the clinical director at a mental health center in Spokane, Washington. One year, they lost 13 patients to suicide. When Quinnett reviewed the death records, he realized his clinicians didn’t know how to treat suicidal patients.

                      “They were good people. They were goodhearted. They were crushed when their patients died, but they didn’t even know how to ask the question, let alone how to assess and manage the risk,” he said.”

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                    2. Hey Steve,

                      No, I am not prone to depression, suicidal thoughts, etc. No, I do not take statins. Other than a multivitamin, Vit C and D3, I do take the occasional Pepcid as I do have LPR (silent reflux). It is much better since I have been able to control it with diet/nutrition, though there are some foods that are not my friends. I do eat eggs, but not everyday. Maybe 1-2 times per week.

                      Cholesterol has always been “good”. My parents had what was considered great cholesterol numbers. When I went dairy free/grain free for several months, my cholesterol numbers were the ones I posted. That was at the height of my LPR being out of control. At that time any dairy that entered my mouth caused my entire mouth to burn. Now that my LPR is under control, I can eat homemade yogurt, but regular milk and ice cream are not my friends. I can eat high fat (store bought) yogurt, but low fat yogurt causes my mouth to burn and causes horrible stomach cramps. I drink almond milk. I can’t eat anything canned with ascorbic acid…so no tomato sauce made with canned tomatoes. I can eat fresh tomatoes. High acid fruits, unfortunately, are not my friends either.

                      I am due for a checkup next month. My blood work will be taken then. I will do some research. I respect the medical community. I am married to a doctor. But I do believe people should use and look into lots of different ways to take care of their health outside the established medical communities views. Shhhh…don’t tell my husband I said that. 🙂

                      Thanks again, Steve!

                      God Bless,


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                    3. Becky, I’m glad to hear you are not dealing with anything but something like GERD. Some people just have lower than average lipid numbers and that’s all there is to it.

                      I might be able to help your stomach issue, though. If you’ve already heard of this information, of course, you can simply ignore the following information.

                      Many people have GERD when they get older. the vast majority of doctors and advertisements and people think GERD comes from having too much acid. For 99% of older people who have it, it’s because they have too *little* stomach acid. It’s a near-inevitable part of aging that the stomach produces less and less acid as we age.

                      If you eat food, particularly foods like tomatoes and similar foods, or even just regular foods, and your stomach does not produce enough acid, your esophageal sphincter that is supposed to seal off the stomach from the esophagus when the stomach is digesting food does not get stimulated to shut.

                      The sphincter requires a certain minimum level of acid in the stomach before it slams shut and stays shut while digesting food. If your stomach isn’t producing that minimum amount of acid during a meal, the sphincter will stay open, and the mildly acidified food and liquid will spill upward into the esophagus, injuring it more and more badly, causing coughing and asthma and Barrett’s.

                      If this is your problem (or at least part of it), then the solution is two-fold. First, take one or more capsules of hydrochloric acid when you eat. Second, take a few droppersful of liquid Gotu Kola extract whenever you cough or feel discomfort in your mouth or esophagus, because Gotu Kola is a powerful healer for damaged skin. Over a period of a few years, the esophagus heals from even extensive damage. I know this because I put my mother on this program and she is now fine at 95, without GERD and without cough or significant esophageal damage.

                      A few older people do have too much acid in their stomachs but that is exceedingly rare, I believe. I also know of one man whose sphincter became so damaged that it won’t close no matter what, but this is also a rare condition. Of course, in neither case would extra acid be helpful.

                      You can test your stomach acid production using a radio capsule sensor you swallow and then eat a calibrated meal. Some doctors know how to do it. The following book talks about all this stuff.

                      If you are interested, you can try reading a book called “Why Stomach Acid Is Good For You” by Dr. Jonathan Wright at Amazon here:

                      I hope this is helpful and that I haven’t simply been clueless. 😀

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                    4. Hey Steve,

                      Thank you again for your advise and help.

                      When all of my issues with LPR started, I did A LOT of research. Through different approaches: drinking diluted apple cider vinegar, alkaline diet, Manuka honey, etc… I was able to get my LPR under control after about 3 months. I had been taking a PPI for almost a year when I had horrible breakthrough heartburn during a strange virus. I did a lot of research and learned that PPI’s aren’t great…leaching several important vitamins and minerals from the body. I began slowly weaning myself off of it since I didn’t want acid rebound (which I think did happen briefly). I ended up loosing a lot of weight within a very short period of time since almost everything I ate gave me reflux. It got to a point that I had to force myself to eat in order to get to 800 calories/day.

                      The test you suggested on stomach acid I was actually scheduled to have done during my out of control LPR. My husband took me to a gastroenterologist friend. Super nice guy. Within a few days of that appt. and 2 weeks out from the procedure, I woke up with terrible jaw pain and ear aches. It happened for several days. I took it upon myself to go and see an ENT. After telling him all my symptoms and the dietary changes, he performed a Trans-Nasal Esophagoscopy. From there he agreed with the LPR diagnosis. With LPR the issue isn’t acid, it’s pepsin. Sometimes the pepsin fumes can travel all the way up past the throat. He agreed for me to NEVER take the PPI again unless there was no other choice. He suggested I continue my dietary changes and asked me to take Zantac once in the am and once at night. It took a few months, but finally things evened out and I was able to eat better and my weigh stabilized. I also found great results using information I learned about via Dr. Jamie Koufman. Between diet, eating smaller meals, not eating after 6p, avoiding trigger foods, drinking Evamor water and taking Manuka honey, I was able to get my LPR under control. I rarely take the Pepsid since Zantac was recalled.

                      Thanks again or your help! God Bless!

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                    5. Very interesting Stevebc! It seems no matter what I eat (save Granny Smith 🍏 apples, maybe all foods given by God, go down pretty well… but most foods cooked and condimented with whatever (save mustard) puts me in asthmatic mode! Most of the time eating for me is a chore because I know I’ll probably end up wheezing next morning! 🥴 Any ideas Stevebc? Dr. Stevebc!🤗


                    6. Brilliant work, Becky! I have never heard of a problem with pepsin. Wow, learn something new every day!

                      I think a lot of HCl capsules include pepsin, so you couldn’t use them. One thing that always helped my brother, mother and (once) for me to get our sphincter to close is apple cider vinegar. I don’t know if that has pepsin in it or not, but it seems that your symptoms might abate if you could find some way to acidify your stomach enough to close your sphincter, which would reduce the upwelling of pepsin from the stomach. I had asthma as a child, and now researchers think that some cases of childhood asthma could be GERD due to low stomach acid. I don’t have asthma any more.

                      I’m really impressed, Becky. You are quite the investigator and willing to think outside the box, too! I leave you with the above thought and hope all remains under control. 🙂

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                    7. Steve, Lambzie developed asthma 3 years ago and I learned that there is such a thing as acid reflux asthma.  She was tested for it.  Doctors surgically placed a capsule half way down her esophagus and clamped it.  They monitored her acid for close to a week.  She also manually recorded her routine.  After time is up, the clamp lets go and then the capsule goes through her system normally until it is excreted.  It turns out she does not have acid reflux asthma.  We are at a complete loss as to what has caused her asthma.  She goes into daily coughing fits and they are usually triggered by a change in position (sitting down versus standing up, lying down versus standing up, etc.).  She is now reading that breast implants can cause the immune system to hyper react.  She got an implant when she had breast cancer surgery 11 years ago.  Have you read anything about this?—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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                    8. Doug, my first reaction is “Huh.” Second is have you checked for a hiatal hernia? The third is something I’m coping with some myself. An old injury around the third vertebra below the vertebra prominens has apparently gotten to the point that the spine is starting to pinch the nerve that runs to my bronchial tubes, causing me to feel like I have asthma. It is also involving my left shoulder blade and shoulder area. If she has pain in one shoulder or the other, she might have something similar. The reason I’m asking is your comment that she coughs when changing position – the spine moves a lot when changing positions and a pinched nerve might spasm a bit. Long shot, though.

                      I’ve had loads of allergies. I must say off-hand that this doesn’t sound like an allergy to something like that and then have no other symptoms.

                      Perhaps we should talk things over by phone. Please call If you wish.


                    9. Doug, I checked with a healer friend of mine, and he suggested that Jacki may be experiencing something called “Positional blood pressure” issues. In that, when she moves up or down, the blood pressure in her chest can move in a few seconds by up to 20 points, either 20 points up or 20 points down. This causes thoracic stress which gets relieved by coughing. If that is what is going on, I doubt there is any damage being done, but it would be good to fix it.

                      I don’t know what might be causing the onset of this, but perhaps her adrenals are low in energy or from stress. I also don’t know what to do to solve the issue, unless perhaps herbal support for her adrenals. One way to test for weak adrenals has always been to have the person lie down and relax for a while and then stand up suddenly. If they have weak adrenals, their BP will drop 10-20 pounds immediately after they stand up, and they will feel weak and woozy or may faint.

                      There is another way to check for adrenal weakness. Put the person in a dark room for several minutes so their pupils will expand and stabilize. Then take a properly tuned flashlight (not too bright for a dark-adjusted vision but enough to stress the eye) and expose one eye to the flashlight’s beam. If the pupil shrinks down in size and stays down for at least 30 seconds, the adrenals are OK. If the pupil doesn’t shrink or shrinks for several seconds and then expands, or flutters between expanded and shrunk, the adrenals are weak and need to be supported.

                      Hope that helps. Say hello to Jacki for me. 🙂

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                2. It is all fascinating, I really appreciate you sharing this. I knew there was more to it, because just supplementing with a regular D3 1000u did give much of an overall improvement in D3 serum blood levels. So complicated, wow. I also appreciate finding a supplement without contamination. It can all be quite a challenge! Thanks again!

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      2. LittleLight, I’m so happy to hear my material gave you some peace of mind. I was dismayed to hear about PCKD running in your family. Sounds difficult. I know nothing about it, but I do have a few thoughts you might be interested in, related to gene issues in general. I realize you have probably been through this with doctors and geneticists, but in my experience, regular doctors don’t think much about nutraceuticals or vitamins targeted in this way, via the understanding of pathways in the body. They just think of drugs.

        Given that you apparently don’t have the gene for this PCKD2 condition, I would guess it is a “single nucleotide polymorphism” or SNP passed from your husband to some of your children. I have a few different SNPs related to MTHFR genes. Several years ago I found online a diagram of the pathways related to my SNPs and showing what was being down regulated and upregulated improperly by these flawed genes. I found I have to take an above-normal amount of a specific form of folate, for example. I also was able to see from the pathways that N-Acetyl-Cysteine was likely to be important, but I couldn’t tell if supplemental NAC would help or hurt. I got some NAC and tested it, and I found I do much better with the supplement than without it. Further work has enabled me to develop a group of 4-5 nutrients that I take every day that reverse the effects of those MTHFR gene flaws, and I feel much better because of those nutrients.

        My point isn’t to talk about my gene flaws but to ask if you folks have done anything similar. Genes code for proteins. “Faulty” genes affect the biochemical pathways they are a part of. Either they need more input of a specific molecule where food does not supply sufficient amounts, or the gene fails to provide an endogenous molecule to complete the downstream pathway, or perhaps the pathway gets overstimulated by a molecule best avoided.

        Have you ever looked at pathway diagrams for the gene SNP involved with PCKD2? If you haven’t, I suggest you might be able to find one or more such diagrams and can look upstream and downstream to see if there is one particular nutrient (or several) that your family members might try to take more of or steer clear of in order to reverse the inefficiencies involved in their pathways.

        The best doctor I know for looking into these things is Dr. Ben Lynch who runs I don’t know if he’s done any work on PCKD. He started his gene work a number of years ago when he found out he had MTHFR gene flaws, so he has helped me understand that stuff. His Stratagene work gave me some excellent pathway diagrams and up- and down-regulation information for my MTHFR SNPs. His approach is the one I have found to be helpful for me – understand the pathways and adjust food and supplements to correct the effects of the flaws.

        I don’t *know* that the PCKD people in your family can benefit in the same way, but if you haven’t used this approach to SNPs, you might call Lynch and ask if he could help you figure out if any nutrients or foods could help your family members correct the tendencies and imbalances their gene flaw is causing them.

        I’m an engineer. I like to get into the nuts and bolts of things. However, most people and most doctors(!) actually don’t know that gene flaw influences can be corrected in many cases by studying the pathways and using targeted natural substances to adjust those pathways. Lynch is someone with that same attitude and skillset. If that’s of interest to you, I suggest you contact him. If he doesn’t know enough to help you, he may very well know a few others with the same attitude and skillset who *have* done work in PCKD and have developed a protocol of natural substances that help reduce symptoms and improve outcomes over time. Sometimes, simple things can provide much better outcomes than expected.

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        1. Wow, SteveBC, another hearty thanks! Yes!! I am very interested in all that! Thank you!

          I just looked up MTHFR genes and was blown away. Part of our ongoing healing from the death of our son is the ongoing realization that his death was not his or our fault but rather the tragic perfect storm of many complicated factors outside of our control. God keeps bringing this on my heart, keeps pointing me to this from many learned disciplines. It is a challenge to actually believe Him. Self blame is a universal hurdle among those like myself left behind to put pieces back together.

          Back a couple of lifetimes ago,my undergrad background was in lab sciences—but I was at best an average student, lacking in maturity and a bit overwhelmed. LOL. Sadly, this has not changed much, except for the overwhelmed part, that has only exponentially increased, aaargh.

          Anyways, I felt the old rusty gears in my brain try to move at the technicals you’ve discussed. When I was an undergrad, the DNA code was still almost a complete mystery, HIV was The Feared-Thing, and universal precautions were just being implemented. I have memories of running lab tests with no gloves—–hard to imagine, Haha.

          I have adult engr kids whose natural ability for all things math/logic/reason far, far, surpasses my own. It’s quite humbling. As you might imagine, I am a wonderful source of frustration to them, LOL, but they do love me, if not tolerate my lack of logic and emotion-based approach.

          To answer your question we have not done much other than surface level research and my husband’s doctor is not very interested, though he and his family are interested in nutritional health approaches. The number one thing in pckd is hydration. Water, water and more water. Then a healthy diet. This is harder than it sounds! There was a vit b3 phase 2/phase 3 pckd clinical trial in 2017, I don’t know what came of it. We asked dr about that and tumeric supplements and he seemed to think neither would help much, but wouldn’t hurt either. This year due to a family emergency and the dr’s computer system being hacked, 2 appts were cancelled. My husband has yet to reschedule to go over last year’s labs.

          My husband likes to juice and tries hard to stay away from refined carbs, those have a noticable bad effect on him. He also like the gombs diet (greens, onions, mushrooms, beans) and fish oil. He likes steel cut oats, wild rice, quinoa, salmon, fish, avocado, ginger. We’ve found some mushroom teas and Reishi makes a wonderful tumeric ginger tea. Alchohol is a bad no-no, but he so enjoys craft beers and an occasional scotch in moderation.

          However, it is extremely difficult to maintain all that and afford it. My kids won’t eat this stuff, and even if they could, it would be a mortgage payment to do it for all. So the temptation of the normal kinds of food is always present. Also, we’ve found when life jumps into any kind of over-stress, pretty much the constant these days, it becomes exhausting. All that being said, I am proud to say we still log weekly running miles and still juice—by the hair on our chinny-chins. The temptation to just roll-over and call it all too hard is ever present, must ever be defeated. Some months are better than others.

          I will look into Dr. Ben Lynch and The covid disaster has given me way too much time on my hands to no good end. This is an answer to my prayer. Ty!

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          1. Sounds good, LL. If you can find a way to target the gene flaw’s effect, some of your need for the other stuff may go away or become easier to handle. I hope your efforts prove helpful.

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        2. SteveBC, Yes, I’ll add my voice to those asking you what vit D3 supplement do you think is best? The doctor my husband sees just said 1000mg/day.

          They do not fool around–they are the there @ seekinghealth. It seems the ND’s have better answers to disease than MD’s. It is all Fascinating to me—the future of medicine, I believe.

          Gulp, but aren’t ya scared about your dna being catalogued and all? How did you overcome that?That’s the sticking part for us—lack of trust with the big data.

          But like you said, there still is much to be gleaned from studying and asking about generalized pathophysiological pathways. I do know the micronutrients in juicing are a Godsend to overall energy and helping with junk food cravings. Ditto alpha omegas in fish oil, Weston Price, etc. Fascinating.

          I have a kid who through trial and error found A1 beta casein caused debilitating misery. This kid will either have brown cow milk or almond milk. So when our youngest started having tummy cramps with milk, I trialed Jersey cow milk. She tolerates that with zero problems. It’s like night/day, for both of them. I’m sure this is also part of some pathway.

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          1. LL, Jersey cows are different. I found out a while back that different breeds of cows are categorized as Type A or Type B. One of those types produce a molecule that can harm people, but I think they produce more milk. Jersey cows don’t produce that molecule. Look up Type A and Type B for cows and you should find interesting information and possibly other cows that are like the Jersey. I can’t tolerate any kind of milk, be it cow or goat. I do very well with coconut milk. I suggest that you check the almond milk to see how many carbs are in it. Taking a can of pure coconut milk and mixing it with pure water is probably a better alternative, no carbs, just energy and immune boosting.

            I take 20,000 IUs of Vitamin D3 a week – four gelcaps of 5K each. My mother was low and takes 5K a day until she gets back up to a better range. I like Healthy Origins UPC 603573153373. I’m always very careful to get supplement formulas that are as clean as possible with as few extra ingredients as possible. This D3 supplement is clean enough for me to tolerate.

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                1. Charlie had a “dream” when the Wuhan virus 🦠 first reared it’s nasty ole head…to eat 3 teaspoons of coconut 🥥 oil per day…wasn’t that it Charlie??? Or maybe just eat coconut 🥥 ev day and Stevebc said that made sense because coconut is a natural virus killer…right Stevebc??? Charlie was eating lots of outshine coconut bars??? If my memory serves me right!😫


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                  1. I have read a lot about coconut oil lately. Yes, it is supposed to inhibit viruses and even bacteria. I have been using it a lot lately. Thanks, Linda.

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                    1. No, today I mixed blueberries and coconut cream with a little stevia/monk fruit sweetener. Sometimes I add strawberries and a banana.

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                    2. Oh, Beckita, I almost forgot! I add frozen spinach as well. About the raitio is 4 to one, or 3 to one. (fruits more than spinach). I try to buy organic frozen spinach. Although I like spinach warm, I prefer broccoli, cauliflower, salad, or mixed vegetables on the dinner plate. 🙂

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                  1. I do not like it in coffee. However, I do like it mixed with cocoa powder…. I have been using a lot more than a teaspoon. Maybe 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup in a very large blender for several smoothies When I put it in smoothies, it really makes a hearty drink. My appetite is quenched for hours.

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                    1. Amen stjudithwanttobe!!! Actually that’s why I put it in my ☕️ coffee!!! It’s sooooo hearty I can live on it for hours!!! 🥥 🌴


            1. I have autoimmune disease. I read a lot of books and one of the few things that all could agree upon was the value vitamin D. Since I cannot spend tine in the sun and have to avoid heat, I though it was a good idea and have been taking Vitamin D 3 for years. Once, when ordering a blood test, I asked my neurologist to test my levels of Vitamin D. I wanted to see how well the supplements were working. When he got back the blood tests, he exclaimed: Wow! How much of that stuff are you taking!? Your vitamin D level is at an incredible 70….. I guess the supplements work. …… I also love milk products, but they do not love me. I am going to try a2 milk.

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      1. I love it. ❤ My answer to docs when they began to ask if we had guns in the house was yes so very many. We have glue guns, nail guns, paint ball guns, water guns, air cannons….

        Here are my notes from another talk at the HFS.

        Aborted Fetal Cell Use & Religious Exemption
        Independent Research Scientist and mother of a vaccine injured child speaks to the Vaxxed team about Religious Exemptions regarding vaccines and the use of aborted fetal cells in their production. Is it possible that our epidemic in gender-identity disorder has something to do with injecting DNA from opposite sex fetuses into our healthy newborns? Interview by Polly Tommey.
        Highlights of Health Summit Session:

        Religious exemptions to vaccinations
        Bible tells us that we are created in God’s image – we are created perfectly and our immune systems are created to work in a certain way/perfectly – artificial manipulation of that is against God’s creation
        Our Body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit and we do not want to poison it with byproducts, human, animal DNA, aborted fetal cell, eggs, etc…
        1960’st he initial abortions were done to culture viruses – need live human tissue to grow on. The rubella vaccine – scientists told woman during the outbreak that their babies would be born deformed – after 26 aborted babies (not infected) the 27th baby was
        With that virus from #27 they had to find another cell line for that virus to replicate in – overall there were 80 babies aborted – the two lines are WI38 (female) MRC5 (male) = fetal cells lines replicate over and over again – they used to be referred to as immortal – this is untrue – they can only replicate a certain number of times – the more time they replicate and more dangerous they become because they are highly tumorigenic/prone to cancer – as a result there is a need now to develop new fetal cell lines for new vaccines since the old ones are reaching the end of their viability
        There is a new fetal cell line developed Walvax 2 that had nine abortion used to develop that fetal cell line – babies were delivered by water bag delivers intake and had tissue dissected while still living and without anesthesia, vivisection
        The manipulation, greed and coercion in the abortions was deceiving
         Children of God for Life had a lot of information on the abortion and it is reported that 50% of the babies were often alive and the organs dissected alive without anesthesia
        It is important for our religious leaders to be aware of what is going on – AND ACT (my addition and emphasis)
        For people who are not strongly pro-life and have no problem with abortion and that the good in vaccine outweighs the aborted baby issue – on another level the fragments of DNA from the fetal tissue in all vaccines that comingles as insertional mutagenesis and leads to childhood cancers, autoimmunity, autism, infertility and gender identity disorders which is the leading cause of suicides in our children. This is just not about abortion; it is about what happens to our children and how it affects their lives!
        She will make this vital information available in PDF’s and power point presentations to anyone who wants to use it for legislators, churches, etc.

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        1. “My answer to docs when they began to ask if we had guns in the house was yes so very many. We have glue guns, nail guns, paint ball guns, water guns, air cannons…” JLynn, that is hysterical! 😀 😀 😀

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    2. I appreciate the new information you bring here, Steve. But I am going to take a little bit of issue with your opening statement. Knowing how much I would be writing on this, I did contact a doctor who has a specialty in immunology a few weeks back. He doesn’t see a lot of patients because he is connected to a university and is involved mostly in research and some teaching – but I think that enhances him on the theoretical side, anyway. I questioned him closely on several areas to make sure I got it right – and he did tell me he was using large simplifications in many areas, so perhaps my understanding is deficient.

      I have had several people tell me that herd immunity is useless in viruses that mutate. He told me that, in a sense, that is literally correct – but is deeply misleading. The way he explained it, there are broad categories of viruses. All mutate, but some mutate frequently and others very infrequently – and that the latter are the easiest to form a perfect immunity to. He said that there are two broad types of mutation – antigen drift where it remains fundamentally the same virus with some changes on the surface proteins and antigen shift, where two or more viruses combine to form a new virus entirely. We are not fully immune to the former; it’s changes on the surface fool our system so we will get sick. But we ARE resistant and usually just get some level of sniffles, because after it has already invaded, our system recognizes it and fairly easily fights it off. He said that in this case, it might be better to call it herd resistance than herd immunity, but that it is seriously mistaken to think that our previous exposure to that broad type of virus does us no good. As far as where there has been an antigen shift, we start off with zero immunity and have to develop it from the ground up – but it will be very helpful to us even after an antigen drift has occurred in the virus.

      Now obviously you have a lot more depth of knowledge on this subject than I do – and your advice on certain elements of nutrition has been the best and most effective I have ever had. But I did question him closely on the points I mentioned. In any case, the details on this can get very complicated, so I try to stick to broad principles.

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      1. Charlie, you are correct that my original statement was too broad. I thank you for the additional information. In particular, I like the idea of herd resistance rather than herd immunity. Individuals can get immunity but groups as a whole are better thought of as gaining resistance. In that light, let me try again to make the point I was attempting.

        For stable viruses like measles, and when you can handle the disease without long-term injury, then I believe society should have the goal of gaining lifetime *individual* immunity. Expose every child to the wild virus, and when they show symptoms, give them 100,000 units of Vitamin A. There will be far fewer injuries and deaths this way than if you give every child a vaccine that does not provide lifetime immunity and can cause lots of injuries and deaths among a large population. If someone gets through childhood without apparent infection, then test for antibodies at age 25 after the brain has matured, and if no antibodies, then that person can take the vaccine.

        For unstable viruses, the issue is much more complex. I think that actual experience of the virus in question and its vaccine should be evaluated on a specific virus basis. By that I mean, if the best preventive method plus the best fighting method results in less injury and death compared to giving everyone a childhood vaccine, then the vaccine should not be widely used. Since Vitamin C and a few other techniques can eliminate viruses completely, some so quickly that you don’t have time to develop immunity, most vaccines given today are causing more injury and death than would occur if the population were not mass-vaccinated but simply treated when they get sick. I know this to be true, having used this approach on shingles. I call it Klenner vaccination. You allow yourself to have the disease for a few days to give the immune system time to develop antibodies and then use your healing method to shut the illness down. If the symptoms get too severe during the illness, you can use the healing method to tamp down the reaction enough to keep going until the time of shutdown arrives.

        This is also true for non-viral vaccines like tetanus. I have studied this one, and I found that tetanus cases in the US had fallen to only 400 deaths a year just before the tetanus vaccine was introduced. That vaccine drops the deaths down to 40 deaths a year in the US, but at the extreme cost of vaccinating hundreds of millions of people with a damaging vaccine entirely unnecessarily. We are also told to take a booster shot whenever injured, yet the box warning clearly states that the shot is to be given *only* to healthy people. The shot causes the power of the immune system to drop 50% for several days afterward, just at the time when you are injured and need your immune system operating at full level. And tetanus can be treated successfully by taking Vitamin C to limit the damage caused by the toxin while local or systemic wound treatment is given to kill the Clostridium tetani bacteria in the wound. So for tetanus here in the US, with excellent wound care available and clean standards, vaccinating for tetanus is not simply a waste of time and money but also severely damaging overall for the entire population, the vast majority of whom will never get tetanus in the first place.

        Then you get to coronaviruses, which are unique in that vaccines for such viruses can produce two types of antibodies. Now I do not know if wild coronaviruses can develop binding antibodies. I do know that all past coronavirus vaccines have caused many animals and humans to develop “binding” antibodies instead of the desired neutralizing antibodies. If we vaccinate everyone with a vaccine that causes everyone to develop binding antibodies to the vaccine as opposed to neutralizing antibodies, then we risk causing literals millions of deaths if that population is later exposed to the wild virus.

        And finally, I get to my main point. 🙂 When this Covid-19 virus began to spread, very little was known about it. There were good reports that it was an escaped bioweapon and that it was designed to cause the body to produce ineffective antibodies and possibly binding antibodies. If that were true, and if you are Donald Trump, and if you don’t yet know whether the virus has been engineered to cause the immune system of its victims to produce binding antibodies or not, there is absolutely no possible way you can justify going for herd immunity during the first wave. You *must* go to limiting the spread of the virus so that as few people get the virus as possible, or you are taking an enormous risk. Once you know that the Covid-19 virus causes the immune system to produce either ineffective or effective neutralizing antibodies only, *then* you can shift away from lockdown to allowing the virus to spread without risking the binding antibody problem. That Trump is now shifting to lifting the lockdown as quickly as possible tells me that folks know that the virus is not causing people’s immune system to produce binding antibodies.

        Now let me be clear on some numbers here. If Trump had decided to go for herd resistance and allowed the virus to spread unchecked (and it spreads quite fast), then by now in May we could have, what, say, 25M cases, by far the most of them being very mild. If that first wave of the virus was causing immune systems to develop binding antibodies 40% of the time (and it could have been 100% of the time), and then those 10M cases with binding antibodies were to be re-infected by the ‘wild’ virus in a second wave through Oct-Dec of this year, statistics of case outcomes related to animals and humans tested in the past with coronavirus vaccines indicate that as many as half those 10M people could be killed in that second wave. (Don’t hold me to exact numbers, but it would be very bad). This is why there have been no successful coronavirus vaccines developed – nobody knows how to deal with the binding antibody problem they cause.

        I find many topics interesting. One of those topics is vaccines and their development and production (the biological side of the topic) and then the public policy side of it where you develop vaccines on the one hand and effective healing protocols on the other to find out whether to use a vaccine or not. There is huge money involved and lots of evidence that our current vaccines are far more damaging and far less useful in the body than we think, and that there are many ways to treat and cure these illnesses so effectively that current vaccines aren’t useful and in fact are a net loss to individuals who use them and to society at large. I’m not saying that *all* current vaccines are a net loss, but most are, in my opinion. On the second part of the topic, nobody currently does relatively accurate cost-benefit analyses for any vaccine compared to healing methods available. It is a *huge* and very damaging lack of good sense in our government and in our medical and academic communities. If such analyses were done (properly), I believe most current vaccines would be dropped from use.

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        1. Thank you so much, Steve. I get nervous on those rare occasions when a bonafide scientific authority tells me something that is at serious variance with what you (another bonafide scientific authority) have told me on a subject. This clarifies and expands it AND gives a lot more very useful information. I have thought for a long time that we were over-vaccinating – treating vaccines like the medieval Church treated indulgences. What you have written makes sense and correlates with what else I actually know about these subjects.

          And I completely concur with you with how Trump had to act at the beginning of this. There was far too much unknown – and with the likelihood (however much the left tried to downplay it) that this was a bio-engineered virus, the first few weeks of shutdown were necessary – both to flatten the curve AND to gain enough experience to know how to effectively target it. I just got home so I don’t have the link handy, but I read that almost 40 percent of people had a partial immunity to Covid already in part because of their previous exposure to other coronaviruses.

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          1. Good, Charlie, I always like to find us coming to agreement on issues. I think it gets us to a good place in getting facts right and theories clarified. I had not heard that 40% figure. SARS-CoV from the 2000s and this new one, SARS-CoV-2 are fairly similar, so I wonder if more people got the original SARS than we all thought. But perhaps it comes from more general exposure to coronaviruses.

            For people interested, I can now clarify that SARS-CoV-2 is the name for the virus itself. Covid-19 is the disease that manifests when you get infected by SARS-CoV-2. Frankly, I wasn’t clear on that myself until today. 🙂

            I also want everyone to know that Covid-19, the disease, has as part of its symptom picture an infection of the nervous system, especially the brain stem, and it can create pockets of hidden infection that the immune system doesn’t see, allowing the virus to remain in the body even if symptoms recede and even if you are later vaccinated.

            The big takeaway to this is that even if you get the disease and feel entirely better, it may come back from those hidden pockets if something happens to you and your immune system strength declines.

            It is therefore imperative that *everyone* who gets symptoms and is treated for Covid-19 find a hyperbaric oxygen therapy clinic and arrange for at least 3 sessions. HBOT kills every virus in a person’s body, and HBOT is one of the very few therapies I know that will eradicate this virus from the body. Eradication of the virus is definitely possible because it is not a retrovirus and does not inject itself into your DNA. If you get an antibody test and find yourself with antibodies to the virus, you should consider getting HBOT sessions anyway, even if you never had symptoms. Believe it or not, this is good to do even if a vaccine is successfully developed and you later get vaccinated.

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            1. The problem is finding Health Care Professionals who have an understanding like you do, AND who have access to the HBOT treatments. This is a big hurdle :/

              However when faced with this kind of conundrum (i.e. there IS an effective treatment to disease/misery BUT real obstacle will cause unnecessary suffering and death), and therefore temptation to despair, my mind does this pivot:

              What PhilipFrank said!

              (insert post about Jesus makin’ all new again, in the next life, but here makin’ suffering Holy and useful)

              IOW, tnrs—do what little I can (very little) and carry on! 🙂 I feel I just went in a circle, LOL.

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            2. This is sort of interesting too: we had globetrotting Tommy and Liz over day b4 Memorial Day and if you all may recall they are both er nurses…anyhoo Liz told us the test for covid19 is only 60% accurate! She said you “could” have all the symptoms of the vid…get tested…and it could come up negative even if you had it! 🤔

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              1. Linda, every test has to be checked for its potential to throw a false positive as well as a false negative. Some tests can be tuned to have different ratios of false readings. In our current cultural situation, I worry much more about getting a false positive than a false negative. A person with symptoms can still treat themselves or seek care until a later test proves the case, but someone who gets a false positive is ostracized for no good reason. If in a nursing home, it can result in denial of family access for weeks and major expenses. As far as I can tell. most tests for Covid-19 are tuned to give as few false positives as possible, which means they are likely to give more false negatives than otherwise. If I ever test positive, I’m going to insist on at least two more tests just to be sure.

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                1. That’s a very good idea Stevebc!!! I can see what you mean! Goodness…these days if you have allergies (which we all do) and sneeze or clear your throat…God help you if other fellows are around you!!!😫

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        2. All very fascinating, Steve! What I have been reading in the last couple of months convinces me that what you say is true about vaccines. Their harm probably outweighs the good, considering the mistakes hidden from the public, the additives, etc., etc. I thank God than my children show no signs of harm from all those childhood vaccines AFAIK!

          I had a shingles vaccine months ago on rec. from my dr. Will not have the second one; I felt horrible! There’s way too much for the average person to know about all this, and most don’t do research.
          God help us and keep us safe!

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    3. Thank you SteveBC and Charlie for your reasoned and researched exchange. Such valuable information. Can we put you two up on the podium with Trump?

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        1. What America needs more than anything is some truth, hope and faith. You and Charlie are the men for the job. Trump just needs a couple of guys up there who aren’t trying to coup d’etat him while wearing giant masks.

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    4. Steve, first time I have read about D3 levels and the virus. What is your source of the effectiveness of D3? Being osteopenia, I learned a few years ago the calcium supplements are not effective without vitamin D being taken in concert. Are the other protocols 1) hydrochloroquine, zinc and z pack, 2)Remdisivir, then 3) D3? but what is the fourth?

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        1. I love the technical terms you use Timothy.  My level of understanding of biology is very similar to yours.  😎—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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      1. Joanne, most people take too much calcium and not enough Vitamin K2 or strontium. Just taking calcium will possibly calcify your soft tissues, which is not what you want. You want the calcium to go into your bones. K2 tells your body to put the calcium into your bones. You might also consider adding Strontium at a ratio of 2 calcium to 1 strontium (in milligrams). Also you could add boron and silica. Boron you can buy in 3mg caps. Silica you can get by taking Horsetail herb. And if you like onions, eat a lot of them! 🙂

        Finally, don’t use the calcium carbonate form of calcium. It will actually leach calcium out of your bones. And check your body for its overall level of acidity. If your saliva or urine have too low a pH, then you can leach calcium out of your bones to neutralize the acid in your blood and tissues. You’ll have to look online for measuring pH. I can’t tell you here.

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          1. Linda and LittleLight, thank you for the compliments. Very nice of you. I am not a doctor, but sometimes an informed layman can do some good – carefully. You’ve made me laugh! Just be sure to check everything for yourself. Of course, that’s good for working with doctors, too! 😀

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            1. SteveBC, there are a lot of very good doctors out there. There are also a lot of doctors that a just going through the motions and who are not what I refer to as a “doctor’s doctor”. I found out that you must be well informed and question everything. Sometimes you must insist things be done in order to protect oneself and one’s loved ones. I found this out while taking care of my Mom and, also, most recently with the totally shocking death of my grandson. The hospital was egregiously negligent…..even though the ER was not busy (2 patients there). ….. I regret so much that I did not go down there that night. I am taking a drug that eats B cells and T cells and I was told I should go no where right now. But I am not afraid of death. My mission was to support my grandson, my son and his wife. I know if I had gone down there….even thought they were supposed to only let one person in with the patient…..I would have found a way to get in and insisted that they keep my grandson overnight, do blood tests (simple protocol that they did not do), put him on an IV with nutrients (because he had a stomach virus and had not eaten for 3 days) and monitor him all night long.
              …..I would have risked arrest to do that. There were many signs that they missed….. I think I would have insisted on seeing the doctor (instead of the PA and nurse). My son was so tired from being up with him 3 nights that I think he did not see things clearly and just accepted what they told him……Unlike my mother, he has had good experiences with doctors and medical care, whereas I know that they make many, many mistakes. My regret will stay with me forever, I think. My grandson died of sepsis due to a tear in the esophagus as a result of lots of vomiting (which they should have detected due to likely signs…as I researched the subject later….but they were blind, inept and incompetent) ….. I know that I have mentioned his death here before (happened 4/11/20), Holy Saturday……I used to think they made stupid mistakes because they were so very busy sometimes, but they were not at all busy in the ER that night. TWO patients! And since my grandson was at risk, a doctor should have seen him. One must be proactive and almost act like a doctor, do the research, ask questions, insist on tests and proper care, etc. I am appalled at the state of medical care in the USA…..As for me, if I retire I will likely not get my meds. None of mine are on the Medicare formulary. I would have to be a millionaired to afford them because I would be catastrophic in the first month….even with the best Medicare supplement. …… I laugh when some candidates want to offer Medicare for all. I consider it to be less and less usefulmevery year. It is only a good supplement that will serve the ill when one becomes very ill.

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              1. Judith, I remeber praying for you and your family and I’m so sorry to hear about the way your grandson died. So heartbreaking.

                I have to say that the model of medicine which many doctors follow is to treat symptoms without taking the time to go to the root of the problem. I’ve lived it with the autoimmune diagnosis I received last year. The gastroenterologist who did my scoping just smiled politely as I recounted for him the numerous insults throughout a lifetime which my gastro system had incurred. Before I was released, he merrily told me I had no cancer but tissue samples were taken for biopsy and there’d be a followup appointment with his PA. The PA said I would just have to live with taking the very expensive drugs. When I asked about food and its impact, she looked befuddled and said something about simply paying attention. After all this was, as most diagnoses like mine, of unknown origin. After three months on meds, my leg muscles and joints were aching constantly. It mostly hurt to simply stand… even for short spells like at Mass. That’s when I turned from researching the usual medical resources and started reading functional medicine literature because those medical folks ask the question: Why is this happening? I found my way to keto eating and experienced incredibly positive results by following a subset of keto known as carnivore. Yet, it’s hard to maintain. While listening to a Keto Summit series a month ago, I discovered Dr. Tom O’Bryan and his Betrayal docu-series. It’s loaded with pearls of wisdom from a wide range of functional medicine experts. One of them spoke of her success with the Specific Carbohydrate way of eating as described in the book, Breaking the Vicious Cycle. It’s been an incredible journey and I don’t have it all worked out as I continue to tweak things, shaping it into what works for me.

                Back to you and your family, Judith. I’m keeping you all in prayer.

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                1. I have read the Wahl Protocol and did it for 2-1/2 weeks until the death of my grandson. Then I just stopped. I just ate what people brought for us. I did not have the will to continue. ….. But I have changed my diet and it is more Keto. I use a lot of coconut cream. I bought some coconut flour and almond flour. I am experimenting with breakfast food. No sugar….. I used to eat a lot of energy bars filled with whole grain oatmeal, chocolate and peanut butter. I also ate a lot of whole wheat and yogurt. I had to expend so much energy at school that I simply burned off the calories!…….. I have stopped that and have changed to more green vegetables and lower carb fruits or else nutrient dense fruits and vegetables (though I always ate them because I like them). I buy frozen fruits and vegetables a lot because then they will not got bad regardless of when I eat them. Now I am going to change to a2 milk, at least in my coffee. I used coconut cream for smoothies and coconut oil for browning chicken and other meats. ……This is expensive. I am not sure everyone can do it. However, the author of the Miracle of Coconut says that even processed coconut oil is good for you, so use that, too,and it is not expensive and lasts a very long time……I use the non-processed and expensive coconut cream in the smoothies. So I have improved my diet while my body is replenishing my B cells and T cells. I wonder if it is possible that they will heal and not attack me anymore. I have begun to think that this is all caused by some type of virus that that not been discovered. If coconut oil suppresses viral activity, maybe there will be some long term improvement. One can hope.

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                  1. Terry Wahl’s story is phenomenal, isn’t it? I totally get dropping the protocol with the jolt of how life changed for all your family with Gabriel’s death. My Goodness. Praying you’ll be able to settle well into your keto lifestyle, Judith.

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                2. I’m so sorry to hear about that terrible experience! How sad is it that is the best medicine can offer, goodness, so corrupt–it makes me weep.

                  Very good for you that you questioned and found a better path. I wholeheartedly endorse taking the good trad. medicine can offer, leaving the very bad, and searching for nutritional, other holistic answers. I wish we all had better access to the tremendous stuff SteveBC has learned—especially for mental health, eh. There is so much to learn! So much work to do!

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                3. Thank you so much for your prayers, Beckita. I think that my Gabriel’s Mom and Dad need them the most. They will be forever changed by the unnecessary, tragic loss of their son. It is very hard to forget seeing his lifeless, discolored and cold body in his bedroom Jessica still does not sleep well and has nightmares. Jeff is just keeping very busy so as not to think all the time. Jess feels great anxiety and sometimes I see her hands shake. Jeff tries real hard to get her out and keep her busy with hikes, trips to the supermarket, and having friends over to play board or card games. Sometimes she really does not want to join but Jeff encourages her. The healing process will take quite a while. I am praying as well.

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                  1. SJWTB, both my husband and myself have ptsd from finding our son’s body. I can identify with everything you’ve written. While it has gotten a bit better, it is an ongoing battle 2.5 years later.
                    I am so so sorry! No parent should bury their child! This kind of grief compounded by trauma, the pain, is the bottom of hell. The very bottom. Please know He Himself is walking with you all. A priest told us that—I believe it. I pray The Lord will console and heal them/you, and put in their/your paths those who can help. God bless you all! P

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                    1. Thank you for responding, Little Light. Yes, I do believe that Jesus is very close to those who suffer. We are all going though it, but his parents, Jeff and Jessica, are the worst. There is additional bitter salt in the wounds because the hospital was totally negligent and acted incompetently. My grandson did no have to die at age 6 in his own bed, after his loving parents took him to the hospital for care. The signs of sepsis were there for a trained professional. But they made an excuse for every symptom without doing tests….Yes, I am sure there are others out there who can relate to this……I never ever imagined that my family would bring a law suit against anyone. But this cannot happen to another child. We are pursuing it. I think hospitals in this area are making many, many mistakes. All they had to do was follow normal protocol. I still cannot wrap my head around the lack of care….Yes, I do think that Jess and Jeff have PTSD. I try to focus on him in God’s Kingdom, running, playing, singing and happy. I imagine the day when he will hug and kiss me again…..It is we who are still in the Valley of Tears. Some days I wish I could just stop the world and find the off ramp. There is too much evil and pain here. Thank you for speaking to me, Littlelight. I will keep you in my prayers as well.


                    2. Littlelight, I had PTSD for at least 3 or 4 years. I will spare you the details of what lead up to it…..This is very hard for other people to understand. They think you can just snap out of it. Only God and time can heal these wounds, A good therapist can help. You must find one who is a Christian so they understand your faith issues. May God lead you to a peaceful place.


              2. SJWTB, my heart cries for your loss—I’m so sorry. As you probably know, we lost our 18 yo son to suicide late 2017. We had no idea. While our losses are unique and very different, I understand something of asking/blaming and the endless why? that can never be satisfied.

                Two of my favorite grief books are by Tom Zuba. In one he talks about the need a grief-shattered person has to question everything they know, and not to be afraid of that normal process. He talked about how we all tell ourselves lies and those lies that make our grief much harder to bear than it needs to be. For instance, someone might say: “She died so young! So tragic!” Tom questions this: “Is it true? Is it really true, she died so young? If I believe this what does this say about my image of God? Do I really believe that an all-powerful, omnipotent God allowed someone to die “so young”? Or is true that such a God can only allow everyone to die at the perfect time *regardless* of the circumstances of their death?”

                When I read that I felt God touch my heart. It was an epiphany. I knew it had to be true. It was a pivotal moment for me.

                Again, I’m so sorry for your loss! If you’d like, I have read a few grief books, some have spoken to me more than other. Tom Zuba is remarkable. Gary Roe (also outstanding) and David Kessler (ditto) have some free online grief resources that have greatly helped me cope. Fr. Ron Rolheiser is a gift to those who have lost love ones to suicide.

                God bless you!

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                1. Gabriel’s Mom is getting grief counseling by phone, but I will check out your books as well. It is good to have one or two on hand. The “whys” are very hard. ….The story of Job shows us that terrible events can happen to us all. We are really not supposed to understand. We are supposed to trust in God. But, then one asks, How can this awful and tragic event work for the good of those who love Him? And I go back to imagining him in the Kingdom. He is not suffering any more. We are left to suffer in this Valley of Tears……This, combined with other events in my life, makes this the year from hell for me……. I think all Christians are being honed in the fire recently. All in different ways……If one is cooperating with the dark plan for man, then I suppose there is less sadness. But, if one is part of the Good Fight, then that person will carry many crosses. … May God save all here. Prayers for all.

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                  1. Yes! True all dat. I believe! I sure hope Our Dear Lord gives you all some serious consolations. I hope you get visions/hugs/dreams of Gabriel radiantly happy. My husband had one such dream of our son, I am so, so grateful to God. I had been ceaselessly begging Him for that favor. 🙂

                    Ty for your prayers! So glad Jess has someone to help her process her grief. Very, very, very grateful they are suing! I wanted to ask about that, as the malepractice and negligence is ergregious—–but didn’t want to cause you more pain. This needs to be done. +Jesus, Mercy+

                    Also, have you heard about EMDR therapy? Research this. I want to try this…there have been studies saying it helps soilders, etc.

                    If I may be so bold, one thing that has been helpful to my family is to anticipate trigger-anniversary dates will be terrible days, and therefore plan ahead to turn them into days of celebration of God’s gift of the life of our loved one. So we go away on my son’s birthday and the anniversary of his death. I also have masses offered on those days (So many masses, and candles, candles too!– LOL—It’s one way how I continue to mother him). We go camping and mountain climbing. We summited Mt. Washington on his birthday. The physical exertion and being surrounding with breathtaking beauty and sense of accomplishment helped carry the pain. Even so, it is very difficult. But we are doing the heavy work of choosing life, hope, etc. I already see the fruit of this.

                    God Bless you!

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                    1. Jessica’s birthday will now be forever a sad day because he died on her birthday, the day before Easter. I imagine that they will always find a way to keep busy on that day. Right now they go hiking often……It is very uncanny that my father, my mother and now my grandson died during Easter week. This unusual circumstance makes me think that perhaps I may die during Easter week as well one day. But only God knows.


              3. Indeed, SJWTB, there are a growing number of doctors out there who do increasingly good work. Since shifting to alternative in 1983, I’ve seen many new things and rediscovered old things. Just in the past year or two, I’ve watched as all the work on diets and foods and so on are really starting to come together.

                I am so sorry to hear of your grandson’s death. That must be incredibly difficult.

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        1. Hi to all. My head is spinning with all of this info on Vitamins and vaccines… Recently diagnosed with cancer, it was stage 1 and the operation did get the cancer, but need some radiation. Also have nodules on my lungs and I will need cat scans to check for growth. Steve BC, you are so knowledgeable, can you give me some advice.

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          1. Theresa, actually, yes. If I am ever diagnosed with cancer, the first thing I will do is take a substance called FenBen, short for the official name. Believe it or not, it is a dog-dewormer that used to cost $8 a month from vets, but when the manufacturer(s) found out people were using it to cure cancer, they jacked the price up to $400 a month or something. Oh, well.

            FenBen kills worms by shutting down their means of creating energy in their cells. It turns out that most cancers (not all) use the exact same pathway. Take it and if your cancer is sensitive to it, the cancer simply melts away over a few months. Non-toxic at regular dose levels. There’s a guy online named Joe (if I remember correctly) who has a website that contains his story and what he did and still does. The only place I disagree with him is that most cancers grow slowly enough that constant use for prophylaxis probably isn’t necessary. Even though I don’t have cancer, I know I might have it undiagnosed now or at some point so that it pops up on the screen later. I am seriously considering using it for three months every 2-3 years just to eliminate that risk. Not all cancers are sensitive, but I do believe the percent that are sensitive runs about 70% of all cancers.

            We’ve heard a lot about hydroxychloroquine recently for Covid-19 cases, but it is an anti parasite drug, as are other antimalarials like Artemisinin. Quite a few cancers are apparently caused by parasites. HCQ is known to help clean out cancers that are caused by parasites. I would certainly try that with or after the FenBen. If you’re worried about the heart impact of either of these, buy a KardiaMobile 6L and learn to measure your QT/QTc interval so you can tell if you are one of the rare people who have that interval extended by an antimalarial drug like these.

            One thing to remember is that cancers generally use only glucose for energy. Starve the body of carbs a la a strict Keto diet for a couple weeks before a dose of chemo or radiation would make the cancer much more sensitive, allowing a reduction in the amount of chemo needed (not sure about radiation reductions but probably). There’s a doctor in Turkey who uses this technique, low carb diet and then chemo dose at 10% of the normal dose. I gather he has great success even with Stage Four patients. Cancers love sugar and other carbs, which is why people with Type 2 diabetes and generally high blood sugar are more prone to get cancers.

            If a person has a long history of bad diet or other reasons to believe their mitochondria are in poor shape, adopting lifestyle changes and supplements that help rebuild one’s mitochondria and do rounds of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, which helps mitochondria among many other things.

            There are a lot of innovative techniques out there that are not considered here in the States but are very good. I know a lot of doctors prescribe chemo and or radiation (for their patients but not for themselves or their families, in many cases) – they have to in order to continue practicing, since those two treatments are the standard of care. However, I know so many other ways to deal with cancer that I would be highly unlikely to use either unless for some reason they are minimized as in Turkey guy’s practice or easily and very precisely targeted by radiation. Keep looking for alternatives that make sense and are easy to apply. I’ve not read any of Suzanne Somers’ books on cancer, but I have heard she puts out good stuff.

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            1. Hi Steve, Just getting back to you. I have type 2 diabetes, controlled with diet, but it looks as if I am in need of the keto diet.. Do you have a book with this information. Since I have Windows 10, I never did figure out how to highlight and send to my email to print. I probably have cancer because of my diet.
              I will look up the Keto diet, unless you can refer me to one online.. I will be going for radiation, but i know Steve, you are correct, a doctor would not send his family member. So how would I obtain Fen Ben and HCQ. i doubt a doctor would prescribe it.. I am surrendering this to the Lord, not my will but His will be done.. We do need to take better care of our bodies, because the soul lives within.

              God Bless all,

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              1. Theresa323, if you look up Wendy Cukierski on Facebook (the Healthy Catholic group) or her website. She promotes a keto diet and even has a cookbook with recipes she’s developed and uses.

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                1. Barb, that’s a great idea for Theresa.

                  Theresa, Dr Mercola has published a couple books on Keto which look good. I bought one a while ago but between you folks here and my mother and an occasional need to sleep a bit, I haven’t had a chance to read it! 😀


              2. Theresa, you can find lots of information about FenBen (fenbendazole) by doing an online search using this link, which should work:


                Joe Tippens is a guy who used it successfully and has a website with useful information, including dosing, but you can find all sorts of info out there about it. I would assume you would buy it online from an online pet supply store as if you had a pet, but your online searching should turn up ways to buy it.

                HCQ is a prescription drug, so you would have to talk with your doctor or find an alternative doctor somewhere to help you. I would think your doctor might be willing to give some to you because you are in a vulnerable group for a Covid-19 infection. He doesn’t need to know you actually want it for its potential anti-cancer effect. A number of doctors have appeared online recently because they do a lot of work with HCQ for their patients and know how to handle that. You’ll have to search online to find them and then see if they will take you on as a patient. I just put up a post that points to my book, which Charlie graciously allows me to publish on the site. Artemisinin is available over the counter, so you might look into online information that discusses whether Artemisinin also has anti-cancer effects. After all, it is a recognized anti-malarial (anti-parasite), so it should possibly have a similar effect on cancer as does HCQ. I don’t know this to be true – I’m theorizing that it should/could be true. However, you must check it out.

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          2. Theresa, not to make your head spin too much but there is a nephrologist in Toronto , Dr Jason Fung, who became an expert on fasting after becoming frustrated about his patients who were developing kidney disease due to Type2 DM . He’s written a few books about it including The Obesity Code which explains all his work in a clear and understandable way. You can eliminate your T2DM by fasting and it goes well with a strong prayer life. Also check out Dr Valter Longo from USC who treats cancer patients with fasting. He’s a PhD who works with oncologists at that school. It turns out when you fast your body thinks it’s starving so it starts to break down your senescent cells, your damaged mitochondria and DNA and rebuilds new healthy ones. It’s particularly helpful if you’ve had chemotherapy or other treatments which cause a lot of damage! Special prayers for you!

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                  1. Puffball syndrome?  When I was a kid, my cat’s name was Puffball.  She was a nice kitty.  Our current cat’s name is Meatball.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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                    1. Well there you have it: a triple play with the Fung-guy’s name.
                      Puffball: Doug’s childhood cat, I presume named Puffball for her fur.
                      Puffball: Any of various fungi (see fungus) in the phylum Basidiomycota, found in soil or on decaying wood in grassy areas and woods. Puffballs are named for the fact that puffs of spores are released when the dry and powdery tissues of the mature spherical fruiting body (basidiocarp) are disturbed
                      Puffball: Any human trying to reduce the puffiness of inflammation – including, both invisibly present in the body and visible via excess weight – by adhering to the practices suggested by Jason Fung, MD, such as eating keto and regularly engaging inintermittent fasting

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                    2. That’s funny.  Shows how fasting has more benefit than just spiritual growth.  Thanks Becks.  —- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack


            1. Thanks Beckita. Ya know it’s Stevebc book or article or mini book and it’s long and quit fascinating!!! Maybe we should ask him to link it up here if he wishes to??? Prob not my call… but I think he would like to?

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      1. Hey, Paul! It has taken me several days to answer your request here. Check my recent post here titled “On Viruses and Covid19”. Please let me know that you can download a PDF of my book and give me a little feedback. 🙂


    5. Steve, could you please share any links to the D3 studies? We are all about keeping our levels up in our house, but I haven’t seen anything about the 40+ levels regarding CV19 infection. Docs in the US use much lower levels than in EU for what is adequate.

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      1. Unfortunately, I can’t give you the links, but you can certainly investigate the Vit D3 situation yourself. Keep in mind that standard doctors and blood testers say the “normal range” for D3 in the blood is 30-100, but “normal range” is not the same as “optimal range” which is 60-80. Vit D3 is a major player in strengthening the immune system. It doesn’t cure Covid-19 itself, but it does strengthen the immune system. That’s a big step. Even if the 40 unit level news is found to be broken occasionally, the incidence or severity of a Covid-19 infection is highly likely to be inversely correlated with a person’s Vit D3 level. Someone with a level of 60-80 is highly unlikely to get *any* viral infection.

        I pay no attention to standard doctors who think 30 or 35 for D3 is perfectly fine. They simply don’t know what they are talking about. Find a different doctor. And if you have relatives in a nursing home, get their D3 level tested right away and get their levels up asap. If their levels won’t come up quickly, add 2 600mg caps of N-acetyl-cysteine to their D3 caps – that should help. I take 20,000 IUs a week plus the two daily caps of NAC, and my mother takes 5,000 IUs a day. These are non-toxic doses, but if you decide to supplement, you need to get your doctor to give you a D3 blood test every three months to keep track of the level and help you figure out how to adjust your weekly dose as your level changes.If it’s below 60, raise the weekly dose. If it’s above 90, reduce the dose. If it’s above 100, stop until your next test shows your level has come down below 90 and then just top things up occasionally.

        Monitoring your D3 level is critical to good health, and it gets more important to monitor your level the older you get.

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      2. Mel H, The European measurement *unit* is different, so all their levels are 2.5 our levels. Here is a very good summary of what optimal levels of D3 in serum/plasma means in numbers and how to figure out what dose you might need to take per day to achieve your goal for plasma level quickly.

        Most people, particularly older people, will need to take several thousand IUs of D3 in supplement form to get their levels up. Most importantly, if you are darker-skinned, you cannot get anywhere near enough sun to make Vitamin D3 in your skin and absolutely must supplement. Everyone needs to test their D3 plasma levels regularly and supplement enough to get into the optimal range as quickly as possible.


      1. As I have said a number of times here, SJWTB, I am an informed layman. I once had a guy ask me if I were a lawyer. I just seem to be a generalist who likes to learn new things. At my age of 69, there’s a lot of stuff lying around inside my head. I hope that you are not offended by my willingness to provide the occasional bit of advice if asked.

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        1. SteveBC, it doesn’t surprise me in the least that somebody once mistook you for a lawyer. You are a lot like my brother: both of you are engineers, geniuses, excellent and eager researchers, and men skilled in the use of both spoken and written language. I’ve often told people that if my brother had studied law rather than engineering, he would have been a formidable litigator. I think the same thing about you.

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          1. Mick, I would have been a terrible litigator. I don’t like confrontation. However, if I actually had been a lawyer, put me in as second in command to a great litigator, as the researcher and organizer of the case, and all I can say is we be smokin’. 😀

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            1. “We be smokin'”: hahahaha, SteveBC! My brother isn’t fazed by confrontation; in fact, he sometimes seems to relish it! The two of you would have made an unbeatable litigation team. Alas, woulda-coulda-shoulda. 🙂

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  6. Charlie, thank you, heartily. I will re-read the above and pray I can too bear good fruit, for many look to me for steadiness and comfort.

    I would also be remiss for not thanking you for the opportunity to formulate ideas and flesh them out.

    Once, many lifetimes ago, when we were expecting our firstborn and not yet reverts, I had a memorable experience of hearing the voice of what I believe to be my guardian angel. I had taken a moment to pray, asking that there would be way for us forward. A pray of a penitent, recognizing the need to attempt to align my life with the faith of my fathers–as I said we were not yet reverts. I clearly heard with much authority and peace; “Yes, there will be a way.”

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  7. Charlie, you are a patient man. Thank you for this column.

    I tell God that I am suprised at how long this awakening is taking.
    Not troubling, per se, but kinda like a Southerner and a New Yorker attempting to communicate; abd I am a Southerner, and God makes me feel like a New Yorker.

    Graxe and peace

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    1. Ha Timothy! When I was around 20, a couple of buddies of mine who had never been south came with me to Alabama. While there, we visited with a cousin of mine who I don’t think had ever been more than 30 miles from home. Now I learned to talk in Alabama – and the summer between 1st and 2nd grade up north I learned to “talk Yankee” so the other kids couldn’t keep teasing me about my accent. But this was the first time I realized that I spoke two very different dialects. My buddies could not understand a word my cousin said – and my cousin couldn’t understand them. So I had to translate back and forth. It was both kind of funny and kind of bizarre. My cousin knew I was a Yankee, so he wasn’t surprised. My friends were startled to find I spoke “deep south” fluently.

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      1. Being from Jersey, I remember as a young lad traveling down south and stopping off at a McDonalds. I gave the kid at the register my food order and he just stared at me blankly. Then he asked me for me order. That’s when I realized that I needed to slow down as it was like I had spoken Greek to him.

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  8. Part of the topic seems over my head, but I understand the Wuhan virus was used and still is being used as political weapon to destroy us & the free society we live in.

    I’m with you Charlie, I’m at a loss for how to effectively deal with this crisis, but I take it one day at time just dealing with the present as it develops…

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  9. Just want to say that at age 70 and 74, my husband and I have not sheltered in place, nor wore a mask unless forced ( we only wear a mask to enter the store and then pull it down). We have visited family and friends for the past 3 months. We did get the Hong Kong flu back in the 60’s and so many other virus’s over the years and we are still here. God willing we will succumb or continue to live. FEAR is our enemy. Stop listening to the “experts”. Live your life the best that you can while you still have the chance. God be with you.

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    1. SanSan, my 96 year old dad scoffs at wearing a mask, not seeing or hugging his grand and great grand babies etc. He says, “I’ve been waiting to go, why should I be afraid?”

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      1. You are right, Sr. Bear. There are some very good ones out there…Sharyl Atkinson, Catherine Herridge, Lara Logan, John Solomon, Sara Carter, Brit Hume, the marvelously quirky Salena Zito. But they are rare – and often have to leave establishment media sites because they won’t follow the narrative. Kudos to CBS for hiring the estimable Herridge as its token conservative. Zito mostly works for the Washington Examiner and the New York post, but she does do some work with CNN. It is a strange world – but these are among the few modern journalists actually worthy of the title.

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        1. I agree with your list, Charlie ~ except that I’m not familiar with Salena Zito. I’ll look her up.

          Both of my parents, and others in my life, were/are old-school journalists, the kinds that the First Amendment is designed to protect. Over the past few years, I’ve often prayed: “For the integrity, courage, and protection of ethical journalists.”

          I was surprised that CBS (the station that Sharyl left because they started “stonewall[ing]” her investigative reports) later hired Catherine Herridge and actually seem to be letting her report. May that continue!

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        2. Do you watch Tucker Carlson, Charlie? He seems pretty logical…I think!? I read somewhere that there is some kind of “Tucker Carlson conservative movement.”

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          1. Occasionally. I like Carlson – and he has certainly been the go-to Fox host for issues involving David Daleiden. When I watch Fox, it is usually Laura Ingraham I watch. Sean Hannity breaks some important news – but it just got so I have a hard time stomaching his constant talking over of guests. Tooo often it seems he just uses them as a launching pad for his next comment rather than actually listening to them.

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            1. Charlie: Re: Hannity – so true. But others do the interrupting too. And it seems to happen just as the guest is about to reveal something important and then the guest is distracted from what was going to be said, time on the interview runs out and the point is never made. It drives me crazy.

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  10. What can I say Charlie, but thank you. I commented at the beginning of the pandemic news and you responded with kindness. I find your blog writing so helpful in my own life, full of needed wisdom and insight. Though I knew something was coming for us years ago through Medjugorge and other prophecies I was unprepared for how everything is transpiring. Thank you Beckita for reprinting part of Into the Whirlwind which felt like I was reading it for the first time and thank you Steve for the info on Vitamin D3. Very helpful.

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  11. I wonder if they finish the official testing of Hydroxychloroquine, if we will all be able to take it as a
    prophylactic. If it’s good enough for Trump, it’s good enough for me.

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      1. My wife has autoimmune disease and was on Plaquenil for over 20 years. She just stopped taking it around Christmas because it was beginning to affect her retinas. Eye trouble is one of the possible side effects from long term use and it’s important to have your eyes checked on a regular basis. Though 2 years is probably not that long in the grand scheme of things. Over all it is a very safe drug. I was surprised at the people who came out against it and claiming it was dangerous. If you go on the medical sites, such as the Mayo Clinic, and look under treatments for say, Lupus, it will say that it’s a safe medication and an upset stomach is about the worst side effect.

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  12. We have perhaps forgotten this “out of the world” part of the Christian life. We found some measure of security and prosperity in the world, so we grew comfortable and sought to make a home here. Science, money, and government-provided, much-desired stability and security. We gave science a mystic authority, like a primitive people believing in the medicine man. We trusted in the power of money and of the state to keep us from all ills. We made gods out of them, willingly sacrificing for the security they could provide. Predictably, they came to act like false gods, demanding more and more.

    If we forgot, the pandemic has made it painfully clear that we’re not of this world. Both the illness and its economic and political wreckage have revealed the fragility of this world’s powers. Those false gods have failed us spectacularly. Indeed, at times, they have exacerbated the problem. In a sense, it’s not their fault. We never should have expected what they cannot deliver.
    ~Fr. Paul Scalia for The Catholic Thing

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    1. I think a majority of people are afraid because they don’t have faith. Without belief of the afterlife or by believing that this life is all there is, this would cause a lot of fear in folks. This is a logical reaction because to them, this life is all there is. Guess its our job to show them faith hope and charity so that maybe they believe.

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      1. Here is an interesting and different perspective I have come to appreciate through my grief.

        I believe God can use terrible grief to bind people to Him. On the Alliance of Hope site, there are so many people enduring the Unimaginable. All different walks of life and religious or not religious, etc.,etc. So many in this world are living catastrophic, complicated grief!

        At the end of the day, I see (not sure they do!)God has them all very close to Himself.

        All this to say I am hopeful your statement is incorrect. I am hopeful it is not a majority but rather a minority. I am hopeful that things aren’t always as they seem–that maybe, just maybe, the fear and misery can be the result of great loss, and therefore possibly salvific.

        I once read: “if one can die from grief cannot one also be healed by happiness?” It is a wonderfully awesome thought to think that maybe God is doing this.

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        1. Little light,  The context of what I am saying is based on our culture has turned away from God in general and embraced atheism and innovations of other religions.  The amount of loss due to covid is so miniscule, that only a small segment of population is affected by grief from this.  I’m saying there is a significant over reaction due to fear coming from lack of faith.  Of course God sees the human condition.  I imagine he allows this event to occur to get our attention.  It is not a punishment per se, but it shows us how weak and vulnerable we are as humans.  Atheism sets oneself up as God and puts oneself in control and leads us to spiritual destruction.  This pandemic brings us back to reality and shows how little control we have.  God allows this because without it, more souls will be lost.  Fear of loss can be healthy if it turns oneself back to God.  Matthew 10:28  Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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          1. Very good, Doug, Ty. I understand. We are speaking of separate things.

            I read on A of H site that 5 million people per year are affected by a suicide death, and therefore 5 million people per year maybe living catastrophic grief. Then there are other violent crime deaths that could contribute to the catastrophic grief number. The world’s population is in billions, so even though that seems like a big number, it really isn’t. It was a stretch. Thanks again. 🙂

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            1. Thanks little light.  You make valid points by the way.  It’s just that I think our context is different.  God bless.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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        2. Little light.
          I’ve pondered the mystery of why God chose to not only become man but to take on and share in our misery. One answer is when He said: “when I am lifted up between heaven and earth, I will draw all things to myself”. (John 12:32). Another is from Revelations; “I make all things new”. Jesus, through his life, death and resurrection, set about making all things new. Through His Church, He has satisfied more of this desire but more is yet to be accomplished.
          In the end, He will defeat suffering and death and it will be no more. But for now, He made these things Holy by drawing all things to Himself and thus destroyed the sin in them if one chooses to follow His example. This is why no one comes to the Father except through Him because He, by drawing everything to Himself, becomes it’s possessor.
          Even though we still suffer the consequences of original sin, Jesus made Holy a life fraught with these consequences by living them Himself, just as He made the waters of baptism Holy by being baptised Himself.
          By living a life transformed by this, the saints have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, Jesus and God-The Trinity, promised by Jesus for those that love Him and follow His commandments. This transformation makes them a new creation, but doesn’t stop them from being in the world or suffering the consequences of the Fall. What changes is the EFFECT of this by their suffering becomming Holy if they so choose this and they then transform the world around them like a spring in the desert.
          One of the things Our Lady asked the Children at Fatima and St Bernadette at Lourdes was to offer up sacrifices for sinners. Some of their suffering was from persecutions and doubts instilled by others but they also gave up things and immolated themselves in other ways.
          This doesn’t make suffering any less real or gives us understanding to the mystery of how it plays out, but there is a kind of special joy one feels because of the great effect one is having on the world by the graces being poured out through our intercessions.
          One insight into the effectiveness of intercessory prayer by those who suffer was given to Sr Faustina by Jesus.
          In the prayers of the nine day novena of Divine Mercy on the seventh day’s prayer this part stuck out particularly for me;
          “Most Compassionate Heart, the souls of those who particularly extol and venerate the greatness of Your mercy are mighty with the very power of God Himself. In the midst of all afflictions and adversities they go forward, confident of Your mercy; and united to You, O Jesus, they carry all mankind on their shoulders.”
          So, Littlelight, carry on….
          Jesus, I Trust in You.

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          1. That is just sublimly beautiful PF, and I thank you heartily for all that. Yes, +Jesus, Jesus, Jesus I Trust in You—I’ll add “please be gentle to me” + I have a question I’d like to ask.

            I went to a parochial Catholic K-8 grade school as a kid. We were taught by the Srs. Fillipini. At that time (1970’s) much was made of a not exactly a vengeful, but more a stern God. Also offering sufferings up. Mercy was very much a revolutionary idea. Suffering was something I think no kid in that school thought was great, more like a thing to be avoided at all costs. Haha, not much has changed, there

            Fast-forward to a few months after my son died. Are you familiar with The Marians of the Immaculate’s founder, St. Stanislaw Papczynzki? If so, I apologize for the redundancy, but I have a point to make.

            Anyways, these are the priests that care for The National Shrine of Divine Mercy, as you may well know. We live within driving distance so I called them one day. God Bless Brother Alex, who spent much time just listening then praying and consoling me. He told me about their St. and founder. Apparently, St. Stanislaw preached about God’s Mercy in a time when it was all Hell-fire. He was revolutionary! He also had a great devotion to the Holy Souls. Funny how Fr. Joseph aka Fr. Chris Alar, has taken suicide on as his ministry, along with Holy souls.

            You speak of a special joy the Saints had when suffering. Through my primary education, I know this truth well. However, I’ll admit real life examples of this are lacking. And I think all of us kids there at St.Peter’s didn’t really believe this, either. I will run from suffering, the coward I am. Nope, you can keep it, thank you very much. I’d be very happy not to have any of it 🙂

            Question: Is it possible that ordinary people struggling with suffering who are trying to do good with all their heart, can that still count? Even when they ain’t joyful? Perhaps they are angry/numb/exhausted/jealous/scared/—-insert ugly human emotions here,etc Does it still count if they don’t know God, or don’t have a close relationship? I’m thinking of C.S, Lewis’ character Emeth in The Last Battle. Because I see that at Alliance of Hope. So much of Emeth, as everyone tr with everything in them just to survive one.more.minute of

            I am so hopeful, here. Because I’d like to believe, that maybe that is just one way The Lord can turn incomprehensible evil into something beautiful. By using all that collective suffering, especially from soilders who know not His name, or even the whys? for this bleeding needful world.

            Also, it is becoming more real, and thus more a consolation to me, that God may not remove the effects of our sin, and it’s wages of death—-in this world, only in the next.—-I think that’s what you said in your first paragraphs, If I understood you correctly.

            Could it be true? That is my question. It’s probably not a fair one, LOL. Aaah, who can answer this, truly? Anyways, thank you.

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            1. Littlelight, here are some scriptures that speak to your question at the end.Acts 10:34 Then Peter began to speak to them: “I truly understand that God shows no partiality,35 but in every nation anyone who fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him.Roman’s 2:13 For it is not the hearers of the law who are righteous in God’s sight, but the doers of the law who will be justified.14 When Gentiles, who do not possess the law, do instinctively what the law requires, these, though not having the law, are a law to themselves.15 They show that what the law requires is written on their hearts, to which their own conscience also bears witness; and their conflicting thoughts will accuse or perhaps excuse them16 on the day when, according to my gospel, God, through Jesus Christ, will judge the secret thoughts of all.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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            2. The Divine Mercy revelations are not new, they are just missunderstood/overlooked truths that have been revealed by Jesus Himself through Sr Faustia.
              Faustina was told how, even though it is not obvious to an onlooker, when a person is dying Jesus suspends time and calls to the soul and gives it a superabundance of grace at the moment of death. If there is the slightest movement on the part of that soul, He saves it! Likewise, suffering, although not “observable” has sanctifying characteristics that are not attached to emotions. Jesus said that we show our love for Him by following His commandments…no emotions in that statement. With the seven gifts of the Holy spirit, not one is an emotion.
              A phsycologist priest once said to me “emotions are neither right nore wrong- they just are.” Those that depend on them for either faith or reasoning are capturing a fleeting moment to base a life choice upon.
              Scripture says there is a time and purpose for everything under heaven.
              Grief comes and goes, wanes and ebbs just like our age, health, relationships, appetites, etc. If we hold too much importance on the things that happen “under heaven” we are missing the point of being a being ment for heaven.
              Today is St Philip Neri’s feast day. He was known for his humor and as the
              Reformer of the Eternal City. He was eager to show us as christians, that this life is not our goal nore true home. His ridiculous behavior was not politically correct and he did this as a sign of this reality. His joy was a detachment from the “norms” of this life to an attachment to the joys of the next and to the hope that brings us this joy.
              “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”(John 16:33).

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            3. Some years ago I received a word of wisdom which very clearly said, “Suffering not offered up to heaven falls back on earth like so much litter, a word I would not have used.” With it came an infusion of knowledge that the degree to which suffering is accepted and cooperated with increases its value and the degree to which it is resisted and fought against decreases its value. Ever since, I am careful to offer up in my morning prayers all the prayers, joys and sufferings of the day. jas

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    2. God bless Fr. Scalia; he’s so amazing. (By the way, when my family was living in the DC area many years go, a friend invited me to attend the Mass during which, as it turned out, Fr. Scalia was ordained. It was an awesome experience.)

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        1. I’ve mentioned that before? Yikes… you know you’re starting to lose it when you start telling the same stories over and over. I’m turning into my grandmother, God rest her soul. 🙂

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              1. Yah, I do remember details that even surprise me. But I surely do forget some things. I bumped into my high school year book not long ago (Last year the 50th reunion was celebrated.) and in rereading it, I noticed the guy with whom I went to senior prom noted he’d never met anyone who had a memory for so many little things.

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  13. It occurs to me that the true strength of our country is its true diversity. Being of mainly German extraction and having been raised primarily in the German culture by first generation German/Americans I am acutely aware of the prime German characteristics of a sense of duty and dedication to duty. I see that the strength of our nation stems from the gifts and strengths that each group brings to the table when it unites in a balanced nation. It is the current fragmenting and oppositions that began in earnest during the Obama administration, was accentuated by his leadership and continues to grow in our times (evidence grows that he continues to aid and abet it from the sidelines) that weakens and is tearing our country apart and strongly affects the shutdown of our economy in response to the Corona Virus, weakens any attempt to return to normal or hopefully an even better new normal. May the Holy Spirit guide each of us in working through this Storm to the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. May God bless and guide all here.

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    1. Sojourner: Traced my fraternal family roots to 1699 Wurttemberg and Baden. Found a Blasius Zeiser,
      an Augustian priest, 1878-1951, which makes him a contemporary of my grandfather Frederick, 1876. Father Z. was buried at Villanova University. The irony is that I attended Villanova and walked by his grave at least weekly and never knew he was there. Why the heck my family, my father, my grandmother never mentioned it is beyond me. Other family members (arrived U.S. 1852) were founding members of a church in upstate PA. My sister and I are having a whole lot of fun exploring our ancestry. Pope Benedict’s parents and his life gives so much insight into Christian/Catholics in Germany during WWII. So often all Germans are characterized the same as the Nazi regime. Then I read this and
      I learned to sew at the side of my German grandmother. She had a business sewing wedding dresses which were made on a very old Singer machine. At least it was very old when she taught me in 1962. She also taught me not to waste and prepared the most glorious fresh cotton with Battenberg lace trim linens on the bed I used when I stayed with her every summer for weeks. Does anyone remember how much lovelier linens smell when they are hung outside to dry? Brother, am I lost in reminiscing….

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      1. Joanne, long ago Mother Angelica had programs and authors about the true story of Pius XII hiding Jews in the Vatican and in convents. The true stories are fascinating and heroic. The attacks on the Church about not helping the Jews began with an anti-Catholic, anti-Pius XII play. Can’t remember the name of the man who wrote/lied about all this. You can probably find out searching EWTN’s website. Yes, our beloved Pope Benedict is a heroic German (still miss him!).

        I hang sheets outside to dry always! Reminiscing right along with you! I have been doing that a LOT lately; our kids, grandkids, my late parents. Anyone else notice this?

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      2. I love your story, Joanne. I have a very old Singer treadle machine (built about 1910); but I never learned to sew, so it is currently being used as an end table for framed pictures. I wish I lived near you… maybe I could beg some sewing lessons?

        And, yes, I remember how lovely line-dried linens smell, because we line dry ours (and our clothes, too). It’s one of the many perks of living in the country! 🙂

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        1. Mick, I live in a “rules” community. No clothes lines allowed. But every once in a while I hang large items like bed spreads, quilts and pillowcases after washing on the back porch rails. Haven’t gotten a notice to stop it yet. And as a real throw back, I still iron all my pillowcases!

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  14. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    This Flynn Persecution Scandal is beyond belief! This, I’m sure, is just part of The Take-Out Trump Coup. Every day The Usual Suspects attempt to goad The Prez into doing something or saying something that will be turned into another Impeachment Schiff Show!

    YUP! …. a Big Club & We ain’t in it;-(
    Be advised that there is a (late) Geo Carlin video full of truth but also Geo’s typical salty talk.

    Keep It Up Lefty God Haters & REALLY PO the Christian/Conservative Producer Class.


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    1. CrewDog, thanks for all the links. I loved the one about the angels/St. George/ancient archers who saved the British troops during WWI. Definitely gonna print that one out for future reference.

      Here’s an article I ran across this morning; I thought you’d like it (be sure and watch the 30-second video). It made me ball like a baby:

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        1. Kim, I honestly wept as I watched that clip over and over. God bless that Amazon driver and everybody that she cares about. And God bless the little boy that she took the time to pray for before hustling back to her vehicle.

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  15. found among the new instructions for attending mass, that we are to sit when we would normally
    kneel (in order to keep the church disinfected)

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  16. Masses are supposed to resume in the Philadelphia archdiocese on June 6th or 7th. Woo hoo! My son’s first Holy Communion was postponed and hopefully we’ll hear about the new date soon. Governor Wolf is playing games with funds available for Catholic schools, surprise surprise. That’s going to be another big battle.

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  17. There’s a new buzz terminology being associated with Covid-19 “contact tracing” a cellphone app, any more and the government could just take a next step to simplify it by inserting a gps & id chip in everyone, so they can know where you’ve been, & are, what you did, and how much money you spent. Contact tracing is potentially a really dangerous path to a technology that should never be used, a technology to enslave & eliminate people’s rights & freedoms…

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  18. A traditional Catholic is running for Congress in Missouri. Unfortunately she is not in my district so I can’t vote for her but she is a Sign of Hope for those of us who are tired of the typical sell-out politicians.

    In the link Dr. Winnie Heartstrong is talking about her faith and her campaign. She talks about what motivated her to become involved in politics.

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  19. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    The Democrat Left’s continious attack on White People will not end well ;-(

    We closed down the USA Economy, destroyed thousands of small businesses, caused millions to lose their jobs, bankrupted the Treasury and gave The Usual Suspects an excuse to launch the greatest Voter Fraud Scheme in history…. for .23% that will undoubtedly be factored down when all the fraudulent Blue State DOA Stats are uncovered. The Deep State Coup Enterprise is more extensive then even I imagined a couple of months ago. ;-(


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  20. The first Memorial Day
    …”When Charleston fell and Confederate troops evacuated the badly damaged city, freed slaves remained. One of the first things those emancipated men and women did was to give the fallen Union prisoners a proper burial. They exhumed the mass grave and reinterred the bodies in a new cemetery with a tall whitewashed fence inscribed with the words: “Martyrs of the Race Course.”

    And then on May 1, 1865, something even more extraordinary happened. According to two reports that Blight found in The New York Tribune and The Charleston Courier, a crowd of 10,000 people, mostly freed slaves with some white missionaries, staged a parade around the race track. Three thousand black schoolchildren carried bouquets of flowers and sang “John Brown’s Body.” Members of the famed 54th Massachusetts and other black Union regiments were in attendance and performed double-time marches. Black ministers recited verses from the Bible. …”

    John Brown’s Body song:

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  21. I know it’s just a dream and probably just my own imagination because I pray to him allll day long but I dreamt of St Michael this morning before I woke up..,or at least I THINK it was st Michael??? He was up in the air upside down in a shap of a “J” then he turned ride side up gave a beautiful smile and began to blow a beautiful big horn!!! Beautiful wings!!! Just beautiful! Maybe St Gabriel? Who blows horns?

    Just a dream but really Wow!!!

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  22. Here is a link that I find most compelling that Covid 19 was engineered.

    Basically, it does not have a close relative to any known naturally occurring virus in any animal. It has an unexplainable RNA insert that just came out of the blue. A completely separate question is, “did it escape accidentally or deliberately.” Regardless of how it got there, now that the cat is out of the bag and the powers that be see how effective the virus is in causing panic and fear, next time, the powers that be may actually release a virus intentionally. Big election coming this fall and the globalists want desperately to take Trump out. Just saying……

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      1. Since we have been discussing the herd immunity angle here, I came across this article on several studies indicating that Americans have already developed herd immunity for Covid19 by having been exposed to other coronovirus’ and this is why there are those that exhibit little or no symptoms when they catch covid19. This is actually quite obvious and I have mentioned it in past posts here but it is now officially revealed by a scientific study-.
        “A study, written by researchers in California, New York and North Carolina and soon to be published in the journal Cell, discovered that certain types of cells in blood samples taken from donors in 2015-2018—well before COVID-19 arose—were reactive against the COVID-19 virus. In other words, those blood samples were at least partially immune from the coronavirus even though they had never been exposed to it.”

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        1. Oops, you had already beat me to it, Phillip. On the administrator’s page, it list newest comments first – so I often am going backwards in time, as it were when I peruse them – as I was this time. And you do have a link. Good on you.

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          1. So true Charlie.
            The fact that a new comment can land anywhere in the timeline on this blog does make for a difficult-to-catch-up scenario. I’m sure people miss good points because of this, especially when the comments become great in number. I know I’ve missed a caboodle of em!

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                1. Thank you. Since I started 1st grade when I was 5 that is a whopping 55 years of schools, schooling, learning and sometimes not learning. Time to call it quits. I wrote an obituary for my professional life. Such a sense of peace now. The virus sure put a great big exclamation point on it.

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    1. Doug,
      Im with you there.
      Trump has China backed against the wall in their desire to become the dominant world power. The deep state was in their back pocket until Trump came along and he started reversing the agenda.
      Not only has he stopped the abuse, but he unofficially exposed them and possibly stopped them for generations.
      God is a powerful allie and, like Ronald Reagan did, Trump asks for God’s will and protection as president.
      God will not be outdone and as powerful as the POTUS is, He is even more powerful with God on his side!

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    2. Doug,

      Agreed. I don’t want to negative forecast…. why wouldn’t they unleash another one more harmful closer to the election? Say when school is suppose to start?

      It can be under the guise of “the second wave” We told you to stay inside!

      This’ll learn ya!

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        1. Doug,
          I read Professor Luc Montagnier’s take on this virus awhile ago. One off the things he said that is NOT in this article was that the virus would mutate back towards its original form and therefore become LESS deadly. Of course, there are strains which apparently are doing different things but the hope is once “herd immunity” has spread, these deadlier forms may still be defeated because of the immunities developed from catching the less deadly forms. This is why we are seeing some outbreaks being deadlier than others.
          We have definitely opened Pandora’s box this time!
          Jesus, save us!

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  23. Regarding this virus, while I have posted data showing low rates of death, I know that in some circles the death and serious illness have been worse, so I am understanding of differing responses to this. In addition, in our parish, I know some parishioners have gotten really sick and 4 older priests have died in our diocese. And while the precautions our diocese is taking may seem overly cautious to some, these same precautions can be seen as an act of charity to help some older folks or those who are fearful or cautious to feel more comfortable in returning to mass. So we need to wait and see over time as Charlie has said.

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  24. So what do you guys make of the current abysmal polls favoring Biden? Aggregate of polls is Biden plus 6. Florida plus 3.5. PA plus 6. These numbers are seriously alarming to me! Trump was far more competitive with Hillary at this point no? I know there are caveats, but polls were pretty darn accurate in 18 when we lost the House. NC in play?! Yikes. What do you all make of this? Mick? Hoping you see something I’m missing. 🙏🏻 And this despite the unmasking (pun intended) of the Democrat party (Obamagate, Biden/Ukraine, fake impeachment, Covid abuse of power…on and on). Ugh.

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    1. Irish, the Polls were NOT more favorable to Trump in his election against Hillary. They showed him losing in a complete and, perhaps, historic blowout. Look at the internals of these polls. Almost all sample at least eight points more self-identified Democrats than Republicans – and I have seen it as high as 15 points. They are using polls as a tool to try to shape opinion rather than one to show a snapshot of opinion. Every time I see such a poll, I try to see if I can get to the internals – and then I correct the sample size – and then Trump is leading handily every time. These Potemkin Polls are what gives the left surprises like the Democrat Los Angeles Congressional district that suddenly went Republican by a landslide a few weeks back and the Democratic Virginia City where Republicans swept the city council entirely last week – and where Republicans were not given a chance by Democrat observers.

      In 2018, yes, the polls were largely right – though not quite. They did not predict, at all, the size of the turnout. Dems are still turning out in the special elections I mentioned – but Republicans turned out in HUGE numbers. In any case, why worry? If people do not continue to react to the abuses of Democrat leaders, we will ultimately have to fight to keep our freedom. If people do continue to react, we will still probably have to fight after the election to keep our freedom – for this lockdown has shown that Democrats are eager to make war on their own citizens.

      Years ago, I had a candidate who was a bit obsessed with polls. It was an uphill battle (which we won), so the polls were never kind to us. He knew I got frustrated with him on this, but could not help himself. One day I looked at him solemnly and said, “In those days there will be polls and rumors of polls.” He started vigorously laughing and it became a catch-phrase between us. Still is today.

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      1. I would also think that the polls are skewed not just by the oversampling you can see happening but also the fact that more conservative either lie when called or simply hang up. Charlie, do you have any way to gauge the impact of that on these polls> I don’t know how to do that but believe the phenomenon is happening at levels that shouldn’t be ignored.

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    2. I’ve been hoping that everyone in desperate need of a haircut will vote for the Republicans.

      The talk around here in Pennsylvania is that the Democrats plan on using mail-in ballots for voter fraud.

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          1. Yep, Goldensun, she has earned several nicknames for herself in the past couple of months. This is a family site, though, so we won’t go into details. 😉

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      1. Speaking of haircuts, Goldensun: Here in Michigan, our illustrious governor has recently deigned to allow them… for pooches. We her subjects–um, constituents–are still forbidden, because a haircut can kill you with Covid or something:

        I need a haircut in the worst way. I’m starting to look like Don King. I wonder if I go to the dog groomer’s, get on all fours and bark, and maybe drool a bit on the floor….

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        1. Good grief, Mick!

          This Florida pediatrician, from last report has not has one patient test positive for *the virus* posted this picture that she took of the .gov *Phase I* reopening rules/guidelines.

          Lord have mercy on us, and on the whole world. ❤

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          1. Oh goodness. Where we live, we have crime scene caution tape around outdoor playground equipment and basketball courts. It’s silly.


              1. Glad you’re getting coiffed, Diane. At the rate we’re going, we’re going to be locked down until the governor leaves office. The lady who shears our sheep will be here in October… maybe I’ll just have her shave my head, too.

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                  1. Ha, HttP! I may be desperate, but I’m not crazy. Trying to clip my own hair, or allowing my husband or one of my older kids to do it, would certainly result in my looking much goofier than I do now. 🙂

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                    1. It’ll be one rockin’ party, eh, HttP? See you there, “God willing, and the creek don’t rise” (as my dear grandfather used to say). 🙂

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                1. Mick, a timely saint of the day: renowned hairdresser, Venerable Pierre Toussaint. Pierre donated to various charities, generously assisting blacks and whites in need. He and his wife opened their home to orphans and educated them. The couple also nursed abandoned people who were suffering from yellow fever. Urged to retire and enjoy the wealth he had accumulated, Pierre responded, “I have enough for myself, but if I stop working I have not enough for others.”(
                  Perhaps he can intercede to find a clandestine beautician who will barter for some of your forthcoming garden produce 🙂

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                  1. Ooh, Maggie… I like the way you think! Venerable Pierre, please find someone to cut my hair!

                    I am a huge fan of Pierre Toussaint. I love his story, and I hope and pray that he be beatified and canonized someday.

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        2. So funny, Mick. You should know that dogs are more important than people.

          My husband buzzed my sons, but that’s probably not the look you’re going for.

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              1. Ha, HttP! My hair grows so slowly that I only get it cut twice per year. So there’s no way I’m chancing a home haircut… I’d look like a dork for at least 6 months. 🙂

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          1. I am so blessed in so many ways. My wife was a beautician so the only time my hair gets too shaggy is when she is too busy working in the yard to take care of such less important trivial matters. May God continue to bless and guide all here. jas

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  25. Wonderful! Thanks Charlie. You have managed both to hearten me and use the word Potemkin! I figured the samples were skewed, but not THAT skewed. Why then are more conservative pollsters (Rasmussen/Fox – Biden + 5/8) also oversampling Democrats? Charlie Cook’s analysis had Trump is in a deeper hole now vs Biden than at this same time with Hillary, but was more based on comparing unfavorables. I always thought of Cook as relatively solid, hence my initial discouragement. Great points on turnout in 18 and the harbinger of the LA seat. I always get so much out of your political analysis – thanks for indulging me. My husband and I laughed out loud at “rumors of polls”. I know ultimately our hope isn’t in Trump — but people voting for their own demise in the face of OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE that their choice plans to destroy them just gets our inevitable fight off to such a depressing start.

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  26. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    I remember, as a little boy, watching Fulton Sheen with my folks on our new B&W TV. It’s hard to believe now but Bishop Sheen’s TV Program was a big hit on National TV in the 50s.

    We got to get Trump @ ALL costs. I’m praying that evidence/whistleblowers emerge that demonstrates that the DNC & Blue Guvs & Mayors have colluded using China Plague as an excuse for these disastrous shutdowns!
    ….. &, sadly, you can add “Judges” to the list of the Nefarious ;-(


    PS: We are in the last week of Eastertide & I’m still looking for………………………..

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    1. You and me both, CrewDog. 😦

      I just came across this clever post from Gretchen Smith/Code of Vets online that is witty, sad, and true. If only our dear bishops would be so bold!

      An aside – Shout out to MP and Patrick Daniel. You, and all here, are in my thoughts and prayers. ❤

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  27. All my talk about suicide scourge is (horrifically) relevant. +Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Mercy, Mercy on me, Mina, my family, and All—Sinners. Mercy, My Jesus!+

    Everyone should understand the difference between theological despair ( a sin) and physiological/neuro-biochemical despair ( a pathological disease process and not sin) that causes Brain Diseases which lead to death by suicide.

    Also, most misunderstood—-is researchers and scientist know, that those who die by suicide don’t want to die—-they just want the pain to stop. Their abilty to cope has been defeated/crushed and spirals rapidly out-of control (neuro bio-chemical pathological processes here).

    How do they know, you ask? Every suicidal person who was saved attests to this. It’s like100%, folks.

    Physicians in Northern California attest that they have seen more deaths from suicide than from COVID-19 during the pandemic lockdown. “The numbers are unprecedented,” said Dr. Michael deBoisblanc of John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, California, saying that he’s seen a “year’s worth of suicides” in the last four weeks alone.
    Dr. Michael deBoisblanc

    DeBoisblanc attributes this spike in suicide to the length of the lockdowns. “Personally, I think it’s time,” he said. “I think, originally, this was put in place to flatten the curve and to make sure hospitals have the resources to take care of COVID patients. We have the current resources to do that, and our other community health is suffering.”

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    1. Littlelight, thank you for shedding a little light on the subject matter – pun intended. My DH’s bio dad died by suicide when my DH was a very young adult.

      I’ve taken several accredited psych courses for my role in vocational education as a student representative. Many dear students served in the military and struggled with PTSD, others students with OCD, cutting, anorexia, some were victims of child molestation and/or rape, alcohol, drug and/or heroin abusers, and there was a student who had manic depression. I once told him that he was a trail blazer, as he, with my help, was the one and only student in all my years in that position that applied for and completed a research scholarship/practical clinical assessment. He chose to study and highlight the subjective and objective health benefits of massage therapy for people who suffer with varying degrees of mental illness. He had serious neurological issues that had him absent for days in a row and sustaining frequent injuries from night terrors and falling out of bed. He did not earn a placement in the top three spots earning a monetary scholarship, however the judges did give him an honorable mention and suggested that he have his findings published. He is a same-sex attracted young man and a Catholic who truly wants to *be right* with God. We grew fond of each other and years after he graduated, he never let me forget how important the words, “You are a trail blazer” were to inspire him at many crossroads.

      In the several years that I was in adult academic administration, every one of our students graduated and passed their national boards. So many of our dysfunctions are chemically induced and misunderstood. I value learning more and agree wholeheartedly with your statement, “Everyone should understand the difference between theological despair ( a sin) and physiological/neuro-biochemical despair ( a pathological disease process and not sin) that causes Brain Diseases which lead to death by suicide.”

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      1. LOL, LOVE the pun 😉

        Wow—it’s so wonderful to have your powerful testimony here, too!

        I believe we are going through a period of rapid change wrt suicide understanding, I’m hopeful we will see in our lifetimes better understanding overall leading to efficacious protocols and true help.

        God Bless you for your lifeline to that gentleman. The picture M Voris posted with his article tore at my heart. I dearly wish I could help that person—and All like them. The pain, the level of pain—-it’s the bottom of Hell, really. The Lord knows, and He is moving here. TYG.

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      2. Wow Jen.  Amazing how much impact little things can have on ones life.  It is a good reminder to be cognizant of even the little things we say to others.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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        1. So true, Doug. We should also keep in mind that rarely is something what it appears to be on the surface. This young man made me so proud and I am proud to call him a friend, despite all of his outwardly visible challenges that may cause others to turn a blind eye. ❤

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  28. There is one guy that is not going to be surprised by this report about Covid 19 and that is Charlie Johnston.

    This is really quite disturbing. It seems that we got it all wrong. All wrong.

    Jesus and the angels say it best. Simply put: “Be Not Afraid!”

    Fear seems to have been the main object of the Covid 19 experience at least in the U.S.

    But all the data is not in yet as they say. 20-20 in hindsight. A lot less clear looking forward from a position of fear.

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      1. They are attempting to railroad the American people into Patriot Act 2 ; it is fascinating watching the willing participants , mostly urban, upper middle class jump in the boxcars. Also great to see the deploravles outright refusing.

        Something broke in the spirtual realm as their plans are are fracturing around them.

        Ts like when the elves show up at the Battle of Helms Deep; light has entered the darkness.

        What a blessing The Inklings turned out to be for these times!

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    1. I’ve come to the conclusion that this Election Rigging 2016-Present, Treasonous Coup and China Plague Fiasco (Let NO Crisis Go to Waste – to destroy Trump) is not just the Biggest Scandal in USA History but the biggest Worldwide Scandal to shore-up the Socialist New World Order that Trump/Deplorables want to thwart.
      It has now with Flynn Fall-Out become a Take-Out Trump … Plus Cover-Up Obama, his thugs, Left Media & multi-national/domestic “agents” …….. and their manifest personal, political, criminal conspiracy malfeasance ….. and with China Plague Fiasco negligent homicide?
      Rich & Powerful EVIL = No Whistle Blowers.


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    2. Amazing article and statistics, Ed. This is the kind of material that I wish could be read all over the country. I’m sure it is all stifled. These people so in love with their power will answer to God. (I know, we all will, but some of us are trying to be worthy.)

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  29. Oh my gosh!!! Holy communion first time this am in soooo long!!! It was WONDERFUL!!! There were 10 of us plus Father!!! I have to tell you Father was just as happy to see us return!!! God is good!!! And my friend Char gave me blessed exorcised salt!!! Ha!!! I love our Holy Catholic and apostolic Church!!!

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  30. This one seems like a TNRS ASOH one!!! Ha!!!

    May 25, 2020 Message for the World



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  31. It’s surprising to me how we (the American people) have so easily succumbed to orders from above. Not from the good type of “above” either. Arriving in the States from the UK in the mid-70’s, one of the most attractive aspects of living in the US was the sense of social freedom. No-one else seemed to care how you dressed, people were encouraged to make whatever they wanted of their career. Moving to another city and state, albeit 3,000 miles away, was no big deal. Then, on top of all that, President Reagan was elected at least partially due to his promise to give us all back some of our hard earned money. We were living in the Home of the Free!

    Yet, here we are, 40 years later, passively accepting orders from the government to stay confined in our homes! How on earth were we dumbed down enough to passively accept such a concept? I’m afraid of the answer. We’ve sat back on our rear ends, waiting for the next latest greatest entertainment to appear on our giant screens at home. We’ve allowed massive intrusions into our privacy, all due to a fear of losing our comfortable standard of living.

    It seems to me that we’ve all allowed comfort and money to become our Gods. Our country is no longer the Home of the Free – the USA has become the Home of the Comfortable.

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  32. To all my fellow tnrs’s, if you haven’t already seen this, I highly recommend Nickoledeon’s The Last Airbender. Not the live action, rather the anime:

    It is on Netflix. A classic battle of good vs. evil. Very family friendly. A worthy, encouraging watch right now.

    It will hearten you.

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  33. Wow. Video footage from depositions?

    “An explosive new video from the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) contradicts past claims from Planned Parenthood that the corporation never participated in the sale of aborted baby body parts but merely donated them and was compensated for expenses. Featuring testimony from Planned Parenthood officials under oath in 2019, as well as documents from those officials’ admissions, the video shows these executives and directors admitting to actually selling body parts, which is illegal.”

    Here’s the link from Lila Rose and LiveAction:

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          1. Thanks Beckita!!! My sister Cindy just told me tropical storm Bertha just hit Carolinas but I’m sure they are much wearied by now… they’ve been out at sea since last Thursday 😫

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      1. Mick Beckita and Jlynnbyrd!!! Just got text from my bro and Polly!!! They are safe in Charleston and asked me to convey gratitude for all prayers! Thank you & thanks be to God! 🙏

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  34. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    Meanwhile .. in The People’s Democrat Socialist City of Chicago:
    Not to Worry though ……. ALL Churches are under Lock & Key;-(


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    1. Beautiful! I love it! I got to take my kids and one doggo to a park, rarely used, pretty isolated, that is nearby. They just put in a hugh new playscape! Now I know why there was yellow police tape around it, from reading the comment here, haha. At the time we thought it was an oversight–and all agreed it was stupid. Since I’m raisin’ a bunch of civil disobedient peeps, they had a blast with it anyway—even carrying poor Keppie (doggo) up to the top tier to slide down the windy tunnel slide. We even got to play frisbee in a shallow river. We so needed the boost. TYG!

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  35. Hey, everybody, I just got the following link from my parish’s prayer chain, who got it from our diocese’s Director of Evangelization:

    Starting today, there’s a 50-hour worldwide prayer chain ending on Pentecost. Sounds like a worthy endeavor, if anybody may be interested.

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