The American Spirit Bubbles Up

Freedom of Speech – Norman Rockwell

By Charlie Johnston

A colleague reported this delightful story to me:

A small town. The Mayor (who is a medical professional) decides that continued lockdown orders are unconstitutional, given what we now know about the Coronavirus and its actual dangers. The Mayor decides the citizens of the town are responsible and smart enough to take proper precautions without being quarantined. So the Mayor decrees that businesses in town, including the restaurants, can open up again. They do. Ah, but the county health department is not pleased that mere citizens dare defy their orders. So they call the restaurants telling them they will have them shut down later in the day. The Health Dept. calls the County Sheriff – who tells them it is not their jurisdiction. So the Health Dept. calls the local police, ordering them to defy the Mayor and go in and shut the restaurants down. The local police refuse. Later in the day, local cops are found cheerfully eating in one of the restaurants…though their banter is a little loud because they are practicing social distancing.

Across America, the nannies and nags are losing the narrative. In Michigan, a judge ruled against their insane governor‘s assertion of plenipotentiary power to shut down a poor man’s barber shop. The local sheriff has refused to carry out Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s order to shut it down (joining six other sheriff’s departments in refusing, generally, to enforce the governor’s arbitrary orders). In Seattle, Officer Greg Anderson was fired for refusing to take down a post he put up which protests illegal arbitrary orders – even as the governor was threatening to starve people who refuse to cooperate with “contact tracing.” We do seem to be turning a corner. Those police officers who were willing to be eager little brownshirts, enforcing whatever absurd orders their masters (like the red queen) came up with before breakfast, are getting a lot more pushback from their more sober colleagues. The steady hands in law enforcement understand that if they alienate ordinary people, whatever support they get from the shrieking harpies will be temporary and ephemeral.

Meantime, as people increasingly ignore the nonsense coming from blue state officials and local nannies, those officials increasingly resemble Cartman from South Park demanding that people respect their “authoritay” even as those people laugh him to scorn.  Americans willingly give authorities the benefit of the doubt when real emergencies develop, but also have a pretty good schiff detector. The loons who are making up arbitrary authoritarian rules are undercutting, not enhancing, their own authority. And I, for one, am proud to see Americans rejecting nonsense as nonsense.

On the other hand, some folks who put a premium on liberty and common sense risk losing the narrative, themselves. Some are demanding that those who are legitimately concerned for the health of themselves or their family dismiss those concerns entirely. For the same reasons that I object strenuously to officials arbitrarily trying to starve and destroy their own populations against their will, I object equally strenuously to people who agree with me on that point demanding that others, who are concerned for their health, put themselves at what they believe to be at risk. I am not willing to be bossed around by the Karens, but I am not interested in imposing my will on anyone, either. I am glad to see the spirit of American independence reasserting itself, but let us remember that that spirit was largely animated by the idea that I don’t have to agree with you to support your right to do what you think is best, so long as it does not infringe on my liberty. Thus, you have full freedom to swing your arm without comment from me. But your freedom to swing your arm stops at the tip of my nose – and my liberty.


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    1. That is a fun idiom, isn’t it, Beckita? Charlie, you’re saying we should do like Sweden–if you feel you are at risk, by all means, shelter in place! We are big boys and girls. We can decide for ourselves what is best for us.

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    2. Well said Charlie. In this regard, I just got a video from my son of a chief of police disobeying the mayor’s orders to ticket,fine or arrest American citizens for making their own decisions on what is best for them. He gave an impassioned talk about the First Amendment and that his Police Department and other law enforcement organization’s do not have the right to carry out illegal orders. From what I’m told his video has inspired other law enforcement officers to see the light and follow his lead.

      In many cases it just takes one person to stand up for something to give others the courage to follow the truth and /or what is the right thing to do.
      It encouraged me and made me proud that there are still people out there that are setting the example.

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  1. I am in one of the 2 counties that went against Governor/Dictator Newsom’s orders and opened up some businesses early starting this week. I have been hearing stories, though, that salons are getting phone calls from people asking if they are open for business. If they affirm that they are, then the caller reveals that he/she is with the State Dept of Cosmetology and threats are given that all manicurists and cosmetologists in the that salon will lose their licenses if they persist in being open. Salon owners, in trying to protect their workers, back down and don’t open. There was even an article in the local paper about this.

    Yesterday I was talking with a friend who had planned to go in to the salon she has patronized for years. The owner called her and asked her to come to her home instead. The owner had received one of the phone calls described above. However, she kept the number, and called it back. It did NOT belong to the State Dept of Cosmetology. It had been a fraudulent call that she received.

    Disturbing, to say the least.

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  2. This was really good stuff Charlie and really heartening too!!! I was actually at the local grocery store today- Schields IGA-and I have to say I did notice a difference in our fellows there today! Still some were sort of distant and spooked but more than any time before lock down I noticed more people NOT wearing masks and NOT giving a HOOT if you stepped into their sacred 6 feet!!! Unfortunately there is not enough meat these days!!! And if there is some meat only buy one!!! Oh well!!! God will teach us His ways!!!

    TNRS ASOH!!!🤗❤️🙏📿💐

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    1. Are you guys mandated to have to continue to wear masks as part of the reopening?

      We are. So when we reopen, we have to wear masks inside restaurants when going to the bathroom, or anywhere except when eating at the table. We have really crazy rules like that. I mean, if you are scared, why on earth would you go eat in a restaurant? To Charlie’s point, if you are legitimately concerned, no one has any problem with you wearing a mask and ordering take out.

      Here people were wearing masks voluntarily before it was mandated by Gov. I’d say about 80% were. I had absolutely no problem with that at all. No problem until the Gov’s fist contacted with our noses to get 100% compliance.

      It’s very hard to explain to those in less restrictive states the lunacy we are living and the twisted logic being used to take away our basic freedoms—like whether to choose to wear a mask or not. It’s being twisted that you are against all that is holy if you don’t comply. Like the 22 genders argument.

      It’s equally hard to describe to you all that there is almost no rational push back—actually, just the opposite!! We have citizens asking our Gov for more restrictions. You can’t make this stuff up!!

      I read about the resistance given from other areas–CA even—and can only dream of such displays of independence here. It’s very concerning.

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      1. I live in Ohio. I have yet to wear a mask. I figure if that’s the way God wants me to go so be it! Our governer first mandated EVERYONE MUST wear a mask once lockdown eased up but then did a turn around saying he went too far and if you WANT to wear a mask you may! Of course everyone knows if you’re sick …stay home! Dah! Not sure what Toledo Masses are going to require us to do with daily Masses resuming this coming Monday??? Should be interesting! I’m so over the virtual Mass!!! 😩

        Incidentally I heard Patrick Madrid say yesterday that South Dakota never did lock down and they faired very well!!!

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        1. Hi Linda. I live in Ohio and invite you to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet with my husband Dave and myself on Annunciation Radio. We are live everyday at 3:00 to recite the Divine Mercy Chaplet prayer, St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta’s “Flying Novena” and Mass from our own Holy Rosary Cathedral! I love Toledo and can’t wait for Mass at our Church! By the way… I must get in contact with Charlie and say “hello” and all is well.

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          1. Good to hear from you, Eileen. I tried to phone you a couple of times but never got through. I look forward to hearing from – and am delighted that you and Dave are doing well. If you ever get a chance to meet Linda and Mike, they are a hoot!

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            1. Awwww!!!! First smile of the day Charlie!!!! You’re are favorite hoot too!!!! Mike was just reminiscing our time with you two days ago! (Do we ever discuss anything but Charlie!). But to continue…he was laughing real hard and repeating what you said to him…”Mike! Level with me…you’re just here because you love your wife!!!” 😂😂😂 then he laughed again real hard and continued…”but it wasn’t all that bad and ya might have even had a little fun!!!!” You really made an impression on him and of course.,,you did so with me from the moment I heard your name on Catholic radio from Fr Mitch!!! Sort of cool!


          2. Great to see you here, Eileen. I continue to use the special rosary you sent – wow, it’s been 4 years ago now. Today it will be offered for you, your family and all your intentions.

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          3. Well all be!!! I’d be soooo happy to recite divine mercy with fellow TNRS’s and fellow Ohioans!!! Thank you sooooo much!!! Do you know what station I would tune into for that in Norwalk? So glad you reached out to me for this…..thank you thank you!!!🤗❤️🌹🙏🐿📿

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          4. Sort of cool… I’m actually at work (first day in 2 months) and am currently at house where I heard Fr Mitch talking about Charlie!!! And JUST NOW this nice young freckled boy came in to let out dogs (hate that darn dog hair) and told him my name was Linds.,,he said, “Hi! I’m Charlie!” Ha!!! Godinsidences!!!

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      2. Littlelight,

        What state?

        We have been conditioned to be pliant. I’d say 80% or more are compliant and don’t resist.

        They (Left) have fought hard against patriotism. Students barely stand for the pledge, let alone say it. At least in public schools (middle school).

        My biggest gripe is the Harrisburg Diocese so compliant to the state about opening up! And fellow parishioners calling me selfish for asking the Bishop to open the churches.

        People don’t know where to go for accurate info. About the virus. Because we’ve been taught to be politically correct people don’t want to rock the boat and speak up.

        It seems some folks trust the government and believe they have our best interest at heart..

        I know we are to live in the moment and it took many years to get to this point but I hope it doesn’t take as many years to rectify. 4 years? 7 years?

        I definitely see that God has to intervene. It’s the only way out of this mess.

        Come Triumph of the Immaculate Heart!

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        1. CT, Land of steady habit of mediocrity/handouts/greed/corruption/sell-out/capitulation 😦

          The only reason euthanasia isn’t legal here is because a small rag-tag group fought it every single year The Evils brought it to committee. Like a bad penny. I don’t know if we have organized leadership there anymore.

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        2. “And fellow parishioners calling me selfish for asking the Bishop to open the churches.”

          My fellow Sista Little, eh, our allies are never who we think they are. I’d pass to you Fr. Marx’s thick skin spray, but I need to regularly dunk myself in it., LOL

          I think their innocence has not yet been shattered. They are lucky, if naive.

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      3. I dearly wish decision makers, reporters and commentators about mandatory mask usage, nationwide—could/would read this stuff before they publish their views on mask use. Notice the Promise that masks/gloves are The New Way of Life

        To clarify, I read ?somewhere? about the masks inside restaurants. No matter that I can’t find that exact quote, those below will do.

        In phase 1, only outdoor dining is allowed. The article below highlights that mandatory mask use is not about safety, but a raw power grab that they are making up as they go

        Gov. Ned Lamont said Thursday that June 20 could mark a second new phase of reopening, but the details of what that phase — and any phase thereafter — could look like may never become crystal clear.

        “It’s going to take a while for people to get comfortable,” said Indra Nooyi, co-chair of the advisory committee. “To see the face masks, to see how the tables are set, the fact that waiters are going to have gloves. It’s going to take some getting used to. It’s a new way of life. But our hope is that two, three, four weeks after May 20 people will start to get a little more comfortable and life will start getting to normal.”


      4. More evidence that a mandatory mask mandate is Diabolical—-from Sen. Murphy himself, (cross myself for protection)–who gets National Press recognition, one of the rising totalitarian controllers of the left. NO, Sen. Murphy, that is NOT why we are seeing a downward hospitalization trend!

        The senator also wants Connecticut residents to know just because the state is starting to reopen on Wednesday, he says this is no time to let our guard down.

        “I think one of the big reasons we’ve seen a downward trajectory in some of our (hospital) rates has been because everyone’s wearing masks and we can’t give up on that just because we’re starting to reopen,” he said.

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  3. My favorites are the surfer dudes and dude-ettes, although tha new york tailor with the amazing eyebrows who appeared on Tucker’s show was very cool .

    I agree that tenderness to the innocent frightened is our duty.

    I am curious whar the Lord will ask of us next. I am VERY comforted that we are not nuts! A decade ago when we first started to srnse this evil spirit in our lands, questioning our/my sanity was a frequent thing.. Heck, that landmark essay, “The Flight 92 Election” , ridiculed at the time by the bowtie set, gave voice to the political ramifications ofthe underlying spiritual reality.

    Yes! Times are a bit dire and will probably gow worse, BUT freedom is fun and worth fighting for and I am incredibly pleased to see the Kingdom if the Lord rising up, dudes! (:

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  4. We went to the Rockwell museum on our honeymoon.

    If anyone wants some encouragement, see the tweets to Gov. Inslee.

    In my blue state, I’m not seeing any common sense push-back. The mask less people at the grocery stores are decreasing in number. MA will fine people $300 for not wearing a mask in public at all times, though they do have a medical exemption.

    But there is this from our Sen Majority leader. I think a financial argument is the only one constituents will hear. I am so grateful.

    “There’s a reason why there are three branches of government. The legislature represents the voices of the people across our state. We talk to constituents every day about the real-world problems they are facing, how they are struggling to put food on the table, and the questions and concerns they have about getting back to work. We bring checks and balances to the executive branch. But instead of working with lawmakers to develop Connecticut’s strategy to get people back to work safely, the governor is contracting out our legislative authority with little transparency,” said Fasano.

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  5. So much to love. Norman Rockwell is my favorite American contemporary artist. Love the story and the image of the squirrel with a flame thrower.

    Ultimately, I am sad for my brothers and sisters who seem to be caught deeply in fear. The continuing terrible predictions seem to have them paralyzed, and they don’t even seem to question that the predictions have been outlandish, overblown, and inaccurate. We need to pray for our family, friends, and enemies (I’m thinking blue leaders in government and public health).

    God’s blessings to all here,

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  6. “Schiff detector,” I love it!
    Alas, I have been frustrated with the tyrannical response of our Governor, (Newsome). I have been running around taking care of things for various family members this entire time. Now, I find myself seeing face masks everywhere, when they haven’t been required earlier, (and we have next to zero active cases of Covid in our area.) I think masks are fairly useless, especially the way the non-trained wear them. It feels like another way to divide, or add fear to the mix.
    I was the only one at a big box store last week that didn’t have one on. 🙄 I believe some people need them. I have a brother in law with cancer, and has been wearing one for two and a half years every time he goes out. But he wears an N95, and wears it properly.
    I am so over this! I just saw a commercial for fancy designer masks on TV, I am not a fan of this “new normal,” Enough whining! God bless you and your loved ones!

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    1. We are living the same pain and I hear you We are also in a very low outbreak area.

      I wonder why the Gov mandated masks when people where willingly complying to all he requested—and then some? No one is asking this question. No one is questioning the timing or the madness.

      This is how it evolved:

      At the beginning, in addition to safe hours for the most vulnerable, they put up plexiglass at all registers. Also, they made the 6 ft rule so stores had tape everywhere inside—and at Walmart—outside, too. Fine! All this seemed a good idea—safety without impinging on too many rights.

      Then Gov. mandated only 50% occupancy inside the few businesses that were allowed to be open. Again, that seemed to make sense. In the spirit of either The Gov. Always Knows Best or Fear, some store owners went further—mandating only 25% occupancy.

      I remember thinking how all these measures seemed prudent—–as no one was near each other, everyone was taking measures for safety.

      Into this come the mask mandate. AFTER the curve was flattened and our hospital system is safe.

      Truly, in my state it is too late. It’s getting so you will have a confrontation if you don’t have one on. This madness as hospitalizations go down. I wonder when the hospitals are empty, will the citizenry then wake up? We are at 1,103 per all the hospitals in my state. They are not saying critical care here—just general hospitalizations.

      Meanwhile there is no end in sight to the mandate to cover our faces. It is evil and wrong—and people are just going along to their destruction in droves.

      I wonder, do the people saying wearing masks are “a charity” actually see how mask use is being weaponized beyond all legitimacy or reason in some of the states?

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    1. A silly association . . . .

      One of the above headlines, CD, states: “john-brennan-goes-berserk-role-unmasking-general-mike-flynn-revealed”

      . . . while the whole world is talking about whether or not to mask themselves, voluntarily or involuntarily!

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  7. Holy Smoly!! Little Light are your state’s pensions fully funded? Putting aside the farming out of legislative duties, what a waste of the people’s money. Is the governor counting on Pelosi’s bill to use federal funds?

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    1. No–not fully funded!!! Not funded for years!!! The labor unions own this state. That is one reason why we have no pushback. My husband says the heavy number of union jobs are also, conveniently the “essential workforce” So everyone is on the dole, and not going to bite the hand that feeds them. The corruption flows on.

      Yes, Gov wants red states to bail us out. Blumenthal et al. will screetch for this. I remember 10 years ago our local town leadership said our state was one breath away from total financial destruction

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      1. Yep, that’s what Nuisance/Newsom wants! Our city couldn’t fight the pension fund debacle, much less the state. So what does Nuisance want? A bailout, as he says he’s cutting salaries, Oh, right!!! when **** freezes over. I agree with Trump. Don’t bail out states that have been run badly.

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      1. Who can even wrap their mind around that!? I wonder what the total unfunded liabilties are for all the blue states—lemme guess–a Google (gallows humor)

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  8. The Schiff idiom rubbed off after the last great effort to impeach Trump. Now his name will go down in history as the false flag fool of flagrancy.
    Makes sense that this has happened to authority in this country and beyond as they have lost almost all respect due to the ridiculous power grabs they have been making. Obama set the precedent in my opinion. Seemed no matter what he did or people did in his name there was no accountability. Then when the deep state started trying to push their agenda, people be like; “what you gonna do to me, there’s no accountability in this country anymore, look at the politicians, experts, actors, etc that you put in front of us to believe/listen too and then you want us to take you seriously?” Now that everyone is tired of being sick and tired, they’ve had enough of this malarkey. Enough with the agenda driven cutie-pies!

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    1. Phillip, I love the important points that you make here. But I can’t help giggling my head off over this: “[P]eople be like, ‘what you gonna do to me….'” Ha! Spoken like a true kid from the ‘hood! Hahaha! 🙂

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  9. FWIW, I have a little different take on the situation.

    Both the health crisis and now the economic crisis are nothing short of staggering to me.

    As of tonight we are about to blow through 1.4 million confirmed cases and 84,000 deaths.

    I know about the quibbles on counting everything including the kitchen sink into the mortality figures and what the heck it is just a small percentage of the population that is going to die from Covid. Point taken. But I think that view shades the immense suffering of many of those who survive the virus. There is a range of symptoms from asymptomatic (virus what virus?) to weeks in the hospital perhaps in an induced coma on a respirator.

    We had a 47 year old security guard in a homeless shelter in DC give a witness on TV
    about his bout with Covid. He was in the hospital for 3 weeks. He said with every breath he took it felt like he was breathing in broken glass. Just sayin’ listen to the testimony of the survivors urging everybody to not get this thing.

    Turning to the economic impact the effects are just appalling after only about 6 short weeks. Decades of economic progress wiped out in the month of April. Staggering unemployment. Loss of income. Loss of security. Growing fear and perhaps panic in the not too distant future. A sign of the amazing unexpected fragility of our social system.

    Many seem to feel there is a simple answer to the twin problems we face. Reopen the country and reopen it fast. Trump is pushing the idea that the incredible damage done to the economy can be righted fast in an amazing return to normalcy in the third quarter of this year. July-August-September. Just turn the American public loose and we will be roaring again in about 12 weeks or so.

    We are hearing a lot about that Good Old American Get Up and Go spirit on TV these days. We are here for you. We are all in this together. And we will get through it. We’ll just get up and dust off our pants and be good as new before you know it.

    I am very leery of that kind of thinking. We have had a huge hole blown in the ship.

    If everybody agreed to “re-open” (whatever that means at this point) it does not mean economic activity is going to snap back overnight as some seem to think. Much of the unemployment is going to be permanent especially from the small business sector. Global trade is going to be a mess for some time to come. Bankruptcies and credit defaults are now virtually baked into the cake. Lot of disruption. Immense disruption and destruction is now unavoidable.

    Trump and the “re-openers”??? should be a little more restrained about the short term immediate prospects for the economy. Because it is going to come back to bite them politically speaking in November.

    I think many Americans will not go back to normal as we have known it for a long time. Myself included. I will not be mixing elbows with a lot of happy go lucky asymptomatic Covid carriers for a long, long time.

    For many businesses it is going to be a question of Effective Demand. Is there an empowered customer out there with the jingle in the pocket to buy the goods on sale? Not for a long time and not before the election.

    I am still trying to wrap my mind around the Stimulus Program of solving this problem by dropping $1,200 helicopter money checks on everybody in America. Trillions. I believe we are up to $5 trillion already. 6 weeks and $5 Trillion of printed money. Problem nowhere near being “solved”.

    Folks, we only have a $19 Trillion economy. We are going to put half of that into that huge hole in the ship by the 4th of July. With printed money. Locked down or re-opened.

    Meanwhile the Democrats have left town. Not coming back any time soon it appears. And everybody is passing the buck.

    The American Spirit may bubble like crazy but it is going to take more than a lot of rah-rah hip hooray bubbles to get us out of this mess.

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    1. Our fore bears came here with no vaccines, no economy, no houses abd a pretty high motality rate (? True).

      The hell with making “the economy” a First Thing; it is not and it never will be.

      Throwing trillions of paper script at a problem is what the bastards of both parties in D.C. do. They will not stop until they are stopped. If its going to burn, then I applaud Trump for bringing gasoline to the swamp fire.

      Trump is working, subtly, Sundance at CTH covers it, to return to gold backed money, or money pre the satanic federal reserve by positioning main street banks as distinct from the paper finance banks, and by appointments.

      The world of last year is not coming back.

      God has been showing us for a long time that we are going to HAVE TO go through this purification.

      Rejoice! We get to be pilgrims, but this time, with surfboards!

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      1. “This is going to get real, quick……”
        Alex Gray

        Pilgrim surfing looks like fun … but I’ll pass.

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        1. In my dreams I want to DO that! Also run a fast marathon. Ditto be a ninja, fire-throwing squirrel. None are a physically reality, LOL

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    2. One problem is that we are dealing with real human lives. So every death is a tragedy. The question we have to ask is what is the risk and who are the objects of that risk. We just had a flu season in the USA that killed about the same number of people. That is with a vaccination program.

      The other side of the coin is what are the risks of shutting down the economy. Economic activity is nothing more than human activity. We measure and study it, which also involves quantifying. The more jobs that are lost, the power people become, the more lives will be lost. How many people right now are there who might have developed cancer, but don’t know because they couldn’t get tested? Will people die of ailments because the medical office they needed to visit was closed? Will people who are now broke chose not to spend money on healthcare because they will spend more on food?

      Some of our governments forced nursing homes to accept Covid 19 patients and this resulted in a large number of deaths. This morning I read that 40% of the virus deaths in California and 65% in Pennsylvania were from nursing homes. If true, then we locked down the wrong risk groups.

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      1. William Wallace: Governor Cuomo led the way on the Covid19 response for states in the Northeast. He “colluded” with New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Delaware. Cuomo at the onset of the virus decided to place Covid positive elderly back into their nursing homes. He would not allow them to be in hospitals. In fact on May 11 he realizing his horrendous “mistake” reversed his order and is now “allowing” these patients hospital care. Keep in mind he begged President Trump to build him hospitals in NYC. President Trump sent the Mercy ship and outfitted the Javits center. Neither of these facilities were ever filled to capacity. So much so that the Javits center was closed down. Samaritians Purse was also there. As this rule became protocol, Elderly covid19 positive patients were not even taken out of their nursing and “care” homes for treatment. I recently had an Aunt in a nursing facility, and they are not hospitals. Doctors there were visiting doctors. One nurse was assigned an entire floor for medicine delivery. Nursing homes certainly are not ICU trained. They rely on hospitals for extraordinary treatment. So why would Cuomo send infected patients into facilities not prepared to treat patients with the same care as hospitals? or not move them to a hospital setting?

        I suspect Cuomo was reading reports from Italy. Italy’s socialist medical system was not prepared for the numbers. (We could have been prepared if supplies were replaced after the last viral epidemic under Obama.) Italy decided NOT to treat any patients over 60.
        Nothing makes me laugh more in absolute contempt than a progressive like Cuomo announcing how concerned he is for my life. The same life he would crush out of existence if I were preborn or almost born or what the heck just born. Progressives/socialists have been targeting the “aged” for decades. And look what they did. They sent covid19 patients back to their home facilities to infect others as well as staff. They were not given the status of PATIENT. They were not allowed hospital ICU attention. They were not given an equal access to quality care. Eventually, those elderly were not even moved. They were ordered to stay in place.

        In PA the statistics for the state as a whole is 68% but in individual counties with huge nursing home populations the percentage of covid19 deaths is 81-85%. In my county alone of 373 deaths, 303 died in nursing homes. BTW we have huge teaching hospitals in the Philadelphia area i.e. PennMedicine, JeffersonHealth, St. Marys, Dupont, Mercy Catholic, Temple, Einstein and CapitalHealth, etc. They emptied their elective surgery beds. There were plenty of beds.
        This harkens back to Obama’s policy of not allowing patient status to babies born alive from abortion, to his philosophy that they should not be conferred with equal rights. Maybe if those progressive Governors valued life, all life, the idea that all sick persons should be treated like equal citizens would have saved lives.

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          1. The stats from CT support what you are reporting on Joanne.

            As of today, 3,339 deaths. As of 5/15 2,361 of those deaths were from Assisted Living facilities and nursing homes. That means as of today, the 2,361 number is probably even higher. Subtracting the 2, we have 978 deaths (probably lower) from the general population.



            The state released COVID-19 statistics from nursing homes and assisted living facilities across the state, up through May 13:

            At 75 assisted living facilities across the state, 874 residents have tested positive with COVID-19. The state said there have been 207 deaths at those facilities connected to a positive COVID-19 test, and 69 patient deaths are considered “probable” to have been positive with COVID-19. Click here for the full breakdown.
            At 163 nursing homes across the state, 6,947 residents have tested positive with COVID-19. The state said there have been 1,487 deaths at those facilities connected to a positive COVID-19 test, and 440 patient deaths are considered “probable” to have been positive with COVID-19. Click here for the full breakdown.


            1. Correction–Me bad, my math was wrong. Only 1694 deaths—about half. So it’s 3339 – 1694 or 1645. I still don’t trust them 😦


        1. Excellent, excellent post. Thank you for clearly explaining that. The reality you’ve described is fairly well hidden.

          Quietly, in CT, our Gov fired the DPH Commissioner, citing nursing home problems and unhappiness that she didn’t get mandatory vax done already. We have a religious exemption, but last I heard, it is hanging by a thread.

          The Cuomo led group and all his ideological buddies in blue states throughout the land need to be fully exposed and stripped of any power.

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  10. Being part of the elderly population I have to say that I understand those souls who are too terrified to venture back out. Yet I am not one of the fearful. I want to get out of jail, pass go and collect my $200. That being said I am willing to give the timid their due: just not forever. There has to be some sort of cutoff date for the “free lunches” because grown-ups need to pull themselves up by those bootstraps and grow up. If you are ill or older then I give you a forever pass but these stimulus checks are whipping up frog soup across the land and Karen is a lousy cook.

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  11. This T. quote is a little disconcerting..”Our military is now being mobilized so at the end of the year, we’re going to be able to give it to a lot of people very, very rapidly.” Why does the military have to be involved if it’s voluntary; wonder if the left will still be saying ‘my body my choice’, if it’s mandatory for ‘at risk’ population.

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      1. Maggie and LittleL, one of the beautiful things about this site and the comments, is how much we learn from each other/all the information and resources posted. References to using the military and National Guard are creepy! Sounds like a scary movie. “1984” anyone?
        God bless you all!!!

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  12. Our leftist governor and attorney general continue to double down on the heroic barber who has more common sense in his pinkie finger than those two women have in their entire bodies:

    Regarding the Seattle cop who has been fired for encouraging his fellow LEOs to stand against tyranny, his wife’s best friend started a Go Fund Me for the family. For anybody who might like to donate (he has five mouths to feed and a lawyer to hire), here’s the link:

    On the Hurray-That-Our-Bishops-Are-Showing-Some-Guts front, four of Michigan’s seven dioceses have announced this week that public Masses will resume in time for Pentecost Sunday. They are the Archdiocese of Detroit and the Dioceses of Lansing, Kalamazoo, and Gaylord. It should be interesting to see what kind of hissy-fit the governor and attorney general throw over this.

    I am particularly grateful to our bishop because just last Friday, he announced that public Masses wouldn’t open up until at least June 1. But when the Archbishop of Detroit announced early this week that the archdiocese would be opening up Masses for Pentecost, our bishop and the two other bishops jumped on the bandwagon. I especially relish this delicious dig at the governor’s ludicrous “essential business/non-essential business” policy, which dig can be found on our diocesan website: “‘The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the most “essential service” ever gifted to humanity,’ said Jeremy Priest, Director of Worship for the Diocese of Lansing, May 13, Feast of Our Lady of Fatima.”

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    1. ❤️❤️❤️ Mick!!

      I am sending to my Bishop Gainer here in the Harrisburg Diocese!!!

      I copy my emails to my priest, Father Oniwe so he can be emboldened too!

      Thank you!!!

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  13. They are all true American Heros, Mick. God keep them!

    If/when this is over, if our rights are restored, these need some federal and state recognition for preserving our freedoms in the face of tyranny.

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    1. I remember Charlie saying it would be “people of good will” uniting, across all religious or secular ideologies, that would stop this. I believe it.

      It is vitally important we rally any way we can to get Veritas Liberabit Vos into decision-makers hands at all levels. Also, that everyone of good will joins the efforts already out there to stop this: lifesites petitions against mandatory vax, HR6666 and this one:

      I sent it to my elected officials, HSLDA (we’ve been members for 20 years). I have contacted a few of the legal help orgs, pretty much anyone I think who could help/shown concern, asking them to join in a visible, united effort. Join. Speak out.

      I have low expectations 😉 but do continue to Hope.

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    2. Mick, I think there’s something going on here below the facade of mobilizing for vaccines. Trump may well be positioning troops to protect rather than vaccinate.

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        1. Beckita is correct on this one, Irish7. Trump is always 5 steps ahead of everyone else. I believe the worst of the political storm will be happening over the next 12 months. Lots going on.

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    3. Mick:
      I kind of get your objection. But even if we assume that the vaccine is voluntary, it is probable that a significant majority of Americans will want it. So how would you propose vaccinating 200 million people (roughly 60% of the US population) in a way that is swift and efficient?

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      1. I am not sure there is really an effective vaccine against a flu virus. They all mutate. All the flu vaccines I ever took made me feel ill (even though everyone said this was not possible with a dead virus). I stopped taking them. I doubt that I will take this one, should it appear. ….. I still think there is more to this virus than we know.

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        1. Right there with you, Judith, on refraining from flu vaccines… for nearly 20 years now. Spot on with the mutating of flu viruses and, as Charlie has noted, it’s the nature of all viruses to mutate.

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      2. Matthew, for a variety of reasons, I’m not sure that a significant majority of Americans would in fact want a vaccine (a significant plurality or a slim majority, perhaps). And in any event, the idea of the US Armed Forces’ distributing the vaccine to locales throughout the nation does not seem, to me, to be a great way to inspire people to even want to voluntarily get a vaccination. “Trust us; we’re here to help” is not what comes to my mind when I envision the scenario of camouflaged, combat-booted, rifle-carrying, professional fighting-men as drug-delivery personnel. It would strike me, and I think many people, as an attempt to intimidate and to coerce; and given that a significant portion of the American population is getting rightly tired of being intimidated and coerced, I don’t see how that would end well.

        I could be wrong, though (it wouldn’t be the first time).

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    4. I have often wondered if we are going from one deep state control to another.

      Is Trump friend or foe?

      I just walked with a friend who says she won’t vote for him again because he left it up to the states to open.

      I didn’t debate her in anything. I just wanted to listen ( which is typically hard for me).

      I said something about opening churches….. the thing is, Protestant churches don’t have the Eucharist so online services are great for them.

      I am so despondent today. Please Lord save us from ourselves!

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      1. Trump is a mighty friend to Americans. He has worked tirelessly for good. And it is amazing how hard he has fought for the American people all the while evil forces have been doing everything they could think of, including committing crimes, to bring him down in a soft coup. Trump bears no responsibility for the governors who have been over-reaching with their power. Just imagine the more intense mess we’d be in had Hilary been elected.

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        1. I agree, Beckita. I do not know what he is thinking now, but I am sure that he is still trying to do right by the American people. He is now juggling huge, real world serious problems and there are those want him to fail, and I think, at any cost. I truly doubt that he would require all citizens to take a vaccine. He did not require hospitals to use the hydroxychloroquine. (nor sure of spelling) He simply suggested he thought it could be very helpful.

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                1. Oh, no, Beckita, it is a wonderful thought! A truly biblical outcome where the Evils go down in flames.

                  I truly wonder if the ticket will be Hillary-Michelle. An early Christmas present.

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      2. LittleOne, isn’t that the way it’s supposed to work, with the governors making the decisions for their individual states? I believe President Trump is following the Constitution? We want a smaller, not bigger, government, right? I don’t like to debate myself (or anyone else…) because I’m not usually cool-headed about it and get flustered. 🙂

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      3. Little One. I would ask your friend if she withholds her vote for Trump, then does she want Biden who represents all socialist thought to be elected? (For me, Biden is their Manchurian candidate. He is a compliant fool who will be manipulated to do and say whatever, probably Obama, wants. In actuality, Trump’s relenting to States Rights to go there own way has once again uncovered their contempt for citizens. So many of the rules are arbitrary and not logical. Michigan is case in point. A shining light has uncovered the socialist thinking of many governors. It has uncovered their contempt for Constitutional rights so much so that they are issuing threats in stead of logical rules for businesses to open. Once again I look at Christ and say Thank You for exposing them. WAKE UP EVERYONE.

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        1. Trump is re-establishing Constitutional government. In this case he is holding himself to the letter and spirit of the 10th Amendment. Trump does *everything* by the book.

          You know the famous phrase, you cannot get to a good end with bad means? Trump is using good means to get to a good end. And his ultimate goal is to goad us into taking back our sovereignty so that we can govern ourselves in a fully moral manner after he has retired from the fray. If we cannot step up to that, then the evil he has fought will come back.

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  14. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    I have NO DOUBT that The DNC, LeftMedia and Blue State Govenors are colluding to not only inflict carnage on their State Economies but on their enemies …. Conservatives &/or Christians. All in hopes that they can turn the voters Left &/or enact Voter Fraud.
    The Real Scary Aspect is …… Where are The Whistle Blowers? …. Just like the eight years of BO’s Reign … No Whistle Blowers! ….. well entrenched and powerful EVIL is the only reasonable explanation …. likewise in our never ending Church Scandals ;-(


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    1. “The Real Scary Aspect is …… Where are The Whistle Blowers? …. Just like the eight years of BO’s Reign … No Whistle Blowers! ….. well entrenched and powerful EVIL is the only reasonable explanation …. likewise in our never ending Church Scandals ;-(”

      We be right here! ?maybe elsewhere?

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  15. Charlie (or Beckita):
    Back in the old days of the former website, you published a piece about what I call “threading the needle”. IIRC, you talked about trying to balance raising your kids with other demands in your life. That writing has come back to mind and I find myself needing to do a balancing act in various ways as well. I was wondering if you could re-post that (or perhaps an edited version of it).

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    1. Matthew, I remember a few discussions back at TNRS on this topic you mention. However, I don’t recall an entire piece written. If you can recall the title of that post, I could perhaps find it. As I’ve waited to reply, I just cannot come up with a title for the material you are seeking.


      1. Sorry, I don’t remember the title but it contained the illustrative story of how he had to balance work and raising his kids and how the choice was impossible. To step in either direction was to short-change the other option. This lead to a reflection on relying on the Spirit to direct our next right step since we are incapable of threading that needle. The link that Linda provides below is on the right track – but the one she points out is a little more abstract. The post I remember used some personal examples.
        Thanks for looking.


        1. I remember the story you’re referencing, Matthew, yet, as you note, it was a story within a piece. Sorry, Matthew, still drawing a blank on just where in a major post that story could be.


        2. I can’t remember what piece I wrote about it in, either, but I remember the moment very well. I had been a single Dad for about a year – and it was driving me crazy that, if I spent as much time as I needed at work I was not spending enough time with the kids. If I spent enough time with the kids, I was not working enough. I was sitting in my front room/office when I decided there was no answer – that I would just do the best I could, trust the God of the gaps to cover my deficiencies and quit worrying about it. Very quickly, grace took up residence in our little house. We became the center of the neighborhood for kids. We often took fun (and inexpensive) little day trips – and I made up cool games – and all the kids wanted to hang around with mine. It got so intense that all the kids in the neighborhood wanted to go to Mass with us. I had to limit it to two a week on a rotating schedule – and it was so cool…whichever kids were chosen for the week celebrated like they had won the lottery. After a few weeks of me bringing four kids instead of two – and a different two each week, my Pastor asked me if there was something I needed to talk to him about. I laughed and said all was well – and I would explain another time. He loved the subtle evangelization when he found out what was going on. It has touched me that both my own kids, while preferring to make more money, aspire to give their own kids as fun a childhood as I gave them.

          This experience helped refine and develop a belief I already had. I think we commonly make one of two errors – at either end of a pole. Some folks think they should do nothing, but trust God to do everything for them. Wrong. God expects us to serve Him with our whole heart, mind, body and soul. We are His hands and feet on earth, so if we don’t act, how are we to participate in accomplishing His will? On the other hand, people too easily beguile themselves that whatever they accomplish is the fruit of their own prowess – and this breeds the sort of hubris that leads to sudden catastrophe. We have very little competence at all, even if we are the greatest genius in history. My solution? Routinely take on projects that are a little too big for you, that are beyond your competence, projects that have no chance of success without a little Divine Intervention. Then work your butt off, trusting that God will intervene when it is necessary – and that if He doesn’t, you were going in the wrong direction…so pick yourself up and try again. This keeps God at the forefront without adopting the presumption that you do not need to act and act vigorously.

          In my first statewide race, my old friend Al Salvi scored a huge upset victory to take the Republican nomination for Senate – and he remains a dear friend. At one point chatting at his house, he told me it was nerve-wracking to campaign in tandem with me. He said my primary go-to move was to lure opponents into surrounding us. When we were completely surrounded and the situation looked hopeless, I’d break out my grin and assure him that now I had them right where I wanted them. He chuckled that, amazingly, I was usually right – but it was a nerve-wracking method and, on those occasions when I was wrong, quite dramatically painful. But hey, it makes for an exciting ride!

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          1. Oh boy that really hit the spot for me today! 🙂 I am so very thankful that through God’s grace the decisions my wife Vickie and I have made through our 31 years of marriage have always been for the sake of our family, even if it meant going through some real hard times. The Lord notices everything, and he granted the objectives we were intending in those decisions: all four kids are 110% all in with our Catholic faith, as we welcome grandchild #3 this week into a new little family who are making all of the same ‘good’ choices for the sake of the formation of the minds and souls of the children. I again find myself having gotten into a project that is “a little too big” for me to say the least. I guess Vickie and I like to go out into barren places (according to God’s permission), stand in faith and hope, and wait and watch to see Him make water flow out of rocks. We’ve seen it enough that we can’t un-forget what He has done, and always look forward to see what He will do. Yes sometimes we have had to make the long walk back from a barren place where nothing happened, only to rejoice that we know we did everything our little minds could think of, and we learned something, and grew in our ability to hear our shepherds voice more clearly. Being without a ‘home address’ for the sake of the Gospel (knowing the we have an eternal ‘home address’) is rough on our minds, hearts, and bodies; but it’s nothing compared to getting the best seat to see Him when He walks by. Here’s to everyone realizing that if the eyes of your spirit are ‘up’ in search for Him, you are in the best seat for your life to be right there when He walks by. And to hear Him say “Be not afraid! Get up! and follow Me!” We offer prayers for all in this beautiful community!

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  16. “Meantime, as people increasingly ignore the nonsense coming from blue state officials and local nannies, those officials increasingly resemble Cartman from South Park demanding that people respect their ‘authoritay’ even as those people laugh him to scorn.”

    South Park contains brilliant moments of social commentary, but I find it very difficult to watch because of all the disrespect towards Jesus, God, and even the Blessed Mother. There is some God-given golden humor in the show, and I wish the creators would repent and take out all of the blasphemy from every episode, and from every future episode as well. But they can keep all the other dirty stuff.

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    1. This morning, I posted the link here as well as the link to sign the petition, Linda. Thing is, we have such a weakened and divided hierarchy, there haven’t been many prelate-takers on addressing this topic.

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        1. Thank God for the squirrels! The way they were behaving this morning, I think they are in serious training. And the chipmunks seem to be getting in the act.

          Oh wait, I think it was a food fight! Lolo

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  17. COVID. Certification Of Vaccination ID. I’m sure that’s just coincidental.

    I do not fear dying, if I’m to be honest. I’m only 60 but something is going to kill me and why not a virus? I have a strong distrust of the WHO, the CDC and most health “officials”. I find Dr. Fauci’s association/affiliation with an Agenda 21 billionaire working together on this vaccine to be highly suspect. I do not get flu shots, ever. I am not interested in this vaccine. Military or no military.

    I still say there are worse things on this earth than dying.

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  18. So funny! My first laugh out loud today. I spent some time yesterday collecting quarantine memes into one place; they all crack me up. Guess you could say I had too much time on my hands! 😂 😎

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    1. PS This was supposed to be under/reference to flamethrower squirrels, just fyi. I messed up trying to include one of my funny memes for you 🙂 I thought I could click and drag; didn’t work.

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  19. Spot on, Charlie. Here’s my basic take on this. The virus is a serious illness. You do *not* want to get it, particularly if you are a member of a vulnerable part of our population. For us to have essentially self-quarantined during the first two months of the virus’s time with us made sense, because we did not have clear methods to prevent or cure the infection. That gave people time to figure things out.

    However, after a few months of watching this virus work, we now have several ways to prevent infection from occurring in the first place and to readily and quickly treat all those who do get infected. That some politicians and organizations are working against these methods says much about them. One aspect of Americans standing up has to be to vote those politicians out of office and/or fire the petty tyrants seeking to get us to succumb to fear when the existence of methods and substances to prevent or cure the virus should in fact set us free.

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    1. Hi Steve BC please read my comment above at William Wallace about nursing home covid19 infections and deaths. It might just skew your thoughts on the so called epidemic. You are correct about not wanting to get it like so many other diseases that I don’t want to get. Ditto on your last paragraph. TY.

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      1. Joanne, that doesn’t skew my take at all, except to be willing to consider whether Cuomo’s decision was put in place knowingly. The implications of “knowingly” are profound, are they not?

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        1. Cuomo did knowingly put the nursing home decision in place. I think it was based on what Italy initially did. However the US moved quickly to establish open hospital beds through eliminating elective surgeries, establish beds at the Javits center and provided the Mercy ship. Cuomo’s orders sent covid+ elderly back to their nursing homes and eventually kept them there rather than sending them to hospitals to be treated as patients. This insured infecting more nursing home residents and staff. They did this in the UK too either out of ignorance or stupidity or because that’s what Italy did. Both Italy and UK have socialized healthcare. Look up the British NHS’s Liverpool protocol. Several years ago they were denying care to elderly patients in hospitals essentially letting them die. Families in the UK had a fit and I am under the impression that the policy was stopped. I mention this because when the covid+ elderly were again placed in the situation of not being treated in the UK the policy was reassessed and it was reversed. This was done in the middle of March. Cuomo didn’t reverse NY’s policy until May 11, and then qualified his original decision in a sarcastic way. The link to Cuomo’s reversal is at an additional reply located right under my original statement to William Wallace.
          In PA this policy still has not been reversed. Nursing home and care home residents are not allowed to be treated as patients and thereby sent to hospitals for treatment. Our Secretary of Health who is not an infectious disease expert or even a physician and director of the covid19 policy for our state removed her 95 year old mother from her care home at the beginning of the epidemic. A friend called me yesterday and her friend’s 80 year old mother in a local home was eventually tested positive for clovid19 after the family begged for weeks that something was wrong. She was given only Tylenol for her positive diagnosis. Nursing homes are not ICU units. They are not hospitals. Their visiting doctors are not infectious disease experts. Those patients were denied expert treatment because of age. It is a scandal. Plus the panic and the economic close down was based on numbers and those high numbers were orchestrated by policies by at least 6 states in concert with one another that denied patients hospitalization.Those policies insured that patients would die. Florida treated nursing home residents much differently. It has a much lower elderly death rate. I am off to research how that policy was different what was done in the Northeast states.

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  20. Was REALLY happy today to meet with my local priest at the rectory which is his home. I inquired earlier in the week as far as getting my beeswax candles blessed. He met me at his door today and he, as he pulled his door open for me to enter, asked if I was okay with entering in. I laughed and told him ABSOLUTELY! “i don’t have a mask on Father” as I looked at him without a mask also. Well, we both entered his dwelling maskless! Heheheh.. The reason for me visiting is that I wanted my 12 beeswax candles blessed by him, also my Fatima statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary and I asked him for a small portion of Blessed Salts from him. He gave me a 1/2 full salt container of blessed salts that was just recently blessed and exorcized! Awesome both for him and for me. We proceeded to have great conversation. He asked me why I wanted the candles blessed and I told him because of the 3 Days of Darkness that may or may not happen in MY lifetime and that the only light that will give light during the 3 days would be from the blessed candles in the 3 Days of Darkness. He was not knowing any of this…so I proceeded to tell him about it and I inquired if he’d want to skim thru the book called The Warning, he agreed so I left him with the book, The Warning by Christine Watkins, which I brought along as a just in case type of thing….. Anyway, now I have a Fatima statue of Mother Mary,, 12 blessed and excorcized (I don’t know how to spell that word) candles and a book that is now no longer in my possession but in the hands of an unknowledgable priest, The Warning book in his hands. I also brought him a pint of my homemade Greek Yogurt and left him a with a nice check to help with money lost during this time of uncertainty. What a Glorious Day for me!! Thank you God for all of your Blessings!

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    1. 4 years ago I had a set of beeswax candles blessed for the same purpose. I also have a large container of blessed salt. They stand at the ready should they ever be needed:)

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  21. Charlie, Thank you so much for this website. It’s a blessing, a support and a release of pent up frustration with the stupidity of the world. I blow off steam and reconfirm my love of Jesus, the Blessed Mother and that He is in control.

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  22. In the name of safety. Is this what we all want?! The mask mandate is diabolical. Wake up, everyone.

    “Those that can give up essential liberty to gain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
    Benjamin Franklin

    “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”
    Patrick Henry



    and from January, 2020, Oh, the irony!

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  23. This is one of the most brilliant pieces of writing I have read on the subject. It is helping me understand what I’m seeing and living in my state—the demanding of citizenry for MORE restrictions:

    My response: It’s much worse than a conspiracy; it’s a consensus. We live in a technocratic social order. Its “sole aim” is not to control people. That’s a mistaken view. But it is a regime in which material goods are supreme. The present public health challenges reinforce this technocratic social order, and for the expert class it makes complete sense to impose draconian measures of restriction and control in order to protect a material good such as physical health. In truth, most of New York welcomes these restrictions, even demands them. The technocrats do not “impose.” The “experts” minister to our fears and promise to deliver us. That’s why it’s a consensus, not a conspiracy.

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    1. Hey, that is my pastor who does hear confessions outside seven days a week, 5 pm weekday, 3:30 Saturday, 1-4 Sunday during parking lot adoration. He also preached on “organic sex” ……I.e. without artificial contraception.

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  24. “Famous for her visions & mourned for her death by judges, who as Pope Benedict said, “were theologians who lacked charity & humility to see God’s action in this young woman & were radically incapable of perceiving the beauty of her soul..” (ncregister).

    “Act, and God will act, work and He will work.” St. Joan of Arc canonized 100 yrs. ago today.

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  25. Medjugorje, May 16, 2020

    My dear friends, Christ is risen, alleluia!
    Message of April 25th, 2020, entrusted to Marija
    “Dear children! May this time be an incentive for personal conversion for you. Pray, little children, in solitude, to the Holy Spirit to strengthen you in faith and trust in God, that you may be worthy witnesses of the love which God bestows upon you through my presence. Little children, do not permit trials to harden your heart and for prayer to be like a desert. Be a reflection of God’s love and witness the Risen Jesus by your lives. I am with you and I love all of you with my motherly love. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

    Some news from Medjugorje…
    It seems that the coronavirus has disappeared from Medjugorje, let’s hope it does not come back!

    Great news! Father Marinko, the parish priest of Medjugorje, has announced that the Youth Festival will take place (during the 1st week of August), if the borders are open. Already Slovenia has opened its borders.

    Evening mass is once again being celebrated at St James’s Parish, while complying with mandatory social distancing. Thanks to live streaming, this mass is always very well attended. The hours of adoration have also been restored, to everyone’s joy, as well as morning masses in Croatian, English and Italian. Confessions will resume next week, with adequate protection between the priest and penitent. Everything has become almost “normal” again, except that our dear pilgrims are still absent. Let us pray for a swift reopening of the borders!

    The villagers have gone back to doing some farming, something they had partially abandoned in favor of working in the hotels, restaurants and shops. We are seeing many small shoots popping up in the fields around the houses. The pomegranate trees are in bloom, and the vines are giving forth their fragrance. Walnut trees are forming their baby leaves, with the promise of a good harvest.

    Has the Blue Cross disappeared? Yes, for the time being. It will be back, but work is being done at this location in order to facilitate a better prayer space for the pilgrims.

    The young people from the Cenacolo Community are actively working to make this space beautiful and better utilized. The work being done here does not prevent people from going there to pray faithfully. You are always in our prayers, and it seems that Mary, during this long silence, is sharing with us her eagerness to see you come back to see her, back to your Mother!

    Our old shoes? I would like to share with you a thought that came to me in the face of certain pitfalls that may tarnish the joy of a newfound freedom, since confinement will soon be coming to an end. The media is showering us with information of all kinds, often contradictory, sometimes terrifying, some of it unfounded, some well-crafted but not necessarily enlightening. There is a great temptation to be distracted and scattered. It would be a shame to lose the values we were able to acquire during this confinement, and to just put our old shoes back on to walk as we did before.

    What are these values? Many of us have understood that storms like these are a sign of the times, able as they are to rattle all of humanity with a tiny virus that is invisible to the naked eye. A sign that has roused awareness and challenged people’s landmarks, which have now become obsolete. Some of the Blessed Mother’s messages, which we had not read or had misread, have become illuminated with a prophetic light, and we see in them a salutary common thread. She is a Mother who loves her children too much to let them go adrift.

    This pandemic, so costly to human lives, suffering and tragedy – not to mention the economic turmoil – is not part of Medjugorje’s secrets. These secrets have not yet been revealed, and are still yet to be realized. According to Mirjana, the events they mention will happen after being revealed by the visionaries through a priest of their choice. Please note, however, that a secret does not necessarily mean a disaster!

    A CT scan? This pandemic has caught us off guard, and we can see it as a kind of CT scan of our society. A CT scan is revealing. It can reveal both deep trouble in one organ and an absence of problems in another. In her maternal tenderness, Mary is warning us of these troubles, but always gives hope for the future! I will first mention some of the troubles mentioned in her messages, then her positive messages of hope:

    “Dear children, I am with you all these years to lead you on the way of salvation. Return to my Son; return to prayer and fasting. Little children, permit for God to speak to your heart, because Satan is reigning and wants to destroy your lives and the earth on which you walk.” (3/25/2020)

    “Dear children, Satan deviates you through materialism, selfishness and modernism.”
    “Dear children, I invite you to reflect on your future. You are creating a new world without God, only through your own strength, which is why you are not satisfied, and you do not have joy in your heart.” (1/25/97)

    “In families there must be holiness because, little children, without love and without holiness, there is no future for the world,for it is in holiness and joy that you give yourself to God the Creator who loves you with immeasurable love. That is why he sends me to you.” (1/25/2020)

    Saint John Mary Vianney, the Cure of Ars, had a true heart of a shepherd and lived in constant prayer and sacrifice, to the point of heroism. In doing so, he snatched many souls from Satan’s hands and brought them back to the path of salvation. But in his fury against the Saint, the enemy let slip this words: “If there were only three like you in France, I would not be able to set foot there!” That makes things perfectly clear… What reduces the enemy to impotence are neither the weapons of the world, nor endless political discussions, nor petitions born of anger, nor violence, nor the plans for control devised by the powerful leaders in our nations, nor even indifference… What saves us from the dangers of death that threaten us today more than ever before, is the man who prays, fasts and above all does everything for the love of Love. For Love bears the name of the living God, Love is God!

    In other words, let us be clear: what will save us is the holiness of all who have understood what an extraordinary destiny awaits us, already here on earth with divine peace in our hearts, and then with God in eternity. The “elite” and the “powerful” are like everyone else, they will die one day, perhaps even tomorrow, and their plans will die with them; so why be afraid of them? If two more saints like the Cure of Ars would have been enough to kick Satan out of my country, then here is the true power, the immense power of holiness!

    Then Mary, who sees everything in the light of God, warns us maternally:

    “Dear children, you are ready to sin and to put yourself in the hands of Satan without thinking. I call upon you: let everyone decide in conscience for God and against Satan! (4/25/87)
    “Without Jesus, you have no joy, no peace, no future, no eternal life.”
    “I cannot help you if you do not live the commandments of God, if you do not live the Mass, if you do not abandon sin.” (10/25/93)
    “Many seek happiness where it gets lost.”
    “Trials are coming, and you will not be strong. Sin will reign…” (7/25/2019)

    That is why, with all the strength of her tenderness towards us, Mary is calling us:
    “Dear children, I invite you to radically change the direction of your life (Let us not take back our old shoes, because everything has changed!)

    “Dear children, as of today, live a new life. Understand that God has chosen each of you to be used in a great plan of human salvation. You cannot understand the importance of your role in God’s plans. Therefore, dear children, pray so that you may understand God’s plan through you. I am with you to enable you to achieve it in its fullness.” (1/25/87) (Who among us trusts her enough to believe that she will succeed in guiding us, since she is with us to carry out God’s plan for us?)

    “Know, dear children, that God is testing you because He loves you. Always give up your burdens to God and do not worry. (8/11/84) (What peace flows to us when we abandon our burdens to God! Why carry burdens that are too heavy for us?)

    “Dear children, through love you can obtain everything, even what you find impossible. (2/28/85) (Getting it all? Then I want to love! Why miss such a promise from Heaven?)

    “Dear children, this is MY time! [1/25/97) (Since it is HER time, she has tons of graces in store for us. I do not want to disappoint her love for me nor miss the showering of graces!)

    “I ask you to open your hearts to the Lord of all hearts. Give me your feelings and your problems. I want to comfort you in your trials. I want to fill you with peace, joy and divine love. (6/20/85) (Consoling me in my trials? That is very timely, for my trials are many and I am so very thirsty for this divine love that does not disappoint!)

    “Do not be afraid! He who prays is not afraid of the future and the one who fasts is not afraid of evil.”

    “Dear children, today I call you to holiness. Without holiness, you cannot live. Therefore, through love, be victorious over all sin. Through love overcome all the difficulties that come to you. Dear children, please live love in you! (7/10/86) (I am going to have to really start loving God and my neighbor. If Mary asks me, for sure, she will help me!)

    “If you are mine, you will win, for your refuge will be the Heart of my Son Jesus.” (7/2/2019) (She points me to a safe haven, so I want to seize it, especially since there are no more shelters in this world!)

    “Dear children, I wish to share my joy with you. In my Immaculate Heart, I feel that there are many who have come closer to me and who, in a particular way, carry in their hearts the victory of my Immaculate Heart by praying and converting. I want to thank you and motivate you to work more for God and His Kingdom, with love and the strength of the Holy Spirit. (8/25/2000) (When I arrive in heaven and stand before my Savior, what a joy if He tells me that I am one of them! One of those who carried in their hearts the victory of His Mother’s heart… I will not have failed to glorify Him and make Him happy!)

    Today, before we leave our confinement, we can choose our main direction: To belong to Mary as fully as possible and to carry in our hearts the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart.

    Let us turn off our electronic devices for a while if they do not bring us peace. Let us leave aside any agitation that causes us to lose our inner serenity. Of course, the actions of a believer are always a kind of struggle, but this struggle consists first and foremost in letting God act, in listening to him: “Listen, Israel!” Only His plan will succeed! Let us enter the silence of our hearts and listen to God cry out. He cries out His rejected love, He cries out His desire to see us happy at last, He dreams of helping us and fulfilling us, He cries from our tears and suffers from our illnesses, He is in us more intimately than we ourselves are! He is our DNA in a way. Let us not let His Heart be despised and rejected any longer for the sake of some fleeting false happiness!

    “Dear children, the love of my Son is great. If you knew the greatness of his love, you would never cease to adore and thank Him. He is still alive with you in the Eucharist, for the Eucharist is His Heart. The Eucharist is the heart of faith. He never abandoned you, even when you tried to get away from Him.” (2/8/2019)

    Dearest Gospa, with you we are not afraid! You exceed all our expectations and we love you immensely!

    Your sister, Emmanuel +
    (Community of the Beatitudes)

    P.s. This was so good, I had to share…….I know its long, but important. SanSan

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    1. Beckita,
      I have a question regarding a possible double standard. A few posts ago you offered some criticism of Fr. Michel Rodrigue and “Countdown to the Kingdom” after the local bishop said he did not agree with some of the concepts that Fr. Michel was promoting. The local bishop of Mostar (Medj. is in his territory) has been very critical of the alleged apparitions in that town. Now it can be said that the issue of Medj. has been moved to a higher authority (Rome). On the other hand, Fr. Michel’s bishop has not actually censured or silenced him. The bishop of Mostar has been FAR more critical of Medj than Fr. Michel’s bishop has been of him. Yet you ban mention of Fr. Michel but have no problem promoting Medj – I say “promote” since the above post does not even use the fig leaf of calling the alleged apparitions “alleged”. I know that Charlie considers Medj to be authentic but “encrusted with the barnacles of our time”. After visiting the site and doing my own research I happen to believe that they are not. These views are neither here nor there. I guess I’m asking why are you treating two similar situations very differently?
      PS: For the record I am not a particular fan of Fr. Michel.
      PPS: Obviously this is your blog and you can do what you want.

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      1. Matthew, there are major differences in the Medjugorje and Fr. Michel situations. One of the biggest is the fact that the Medjugorje apparitions have had multiple official Church investigations, including studies conducted by the world renown Mariologist, Fr. René Laurentin. The Pope has assigned a Vatican envoy to Medjugorje… another significant difference. In addition to this, on May 12, 2019, the Holy See officially authorized Medjugorje to be a place of pilgrimage… another notable step of favor.

        Charlie wrote well in clarifying that we have a difference of judgement concerning Fr. Michel’s messages. What ensues with those alleged messages is in God’s Hands. As I mentioned in the announcement: “Therefore, I think it is the greater wisdom to rest from the alleged messages and trust that God will open new doors if the messages are of Him.” Time will tell. God bless, Matthew.

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      2. Matthew,
        An answer to your question is: make a pilgrimage to Medjugorje. The feeling of Peace, love, fellowship is awesome. So thick, you can cut it with a knife. The Fruits are in the visual testimony of confessional booths. Rows and rows of penitent people waiting in line for their confession to be heard.

        Our Lady of Fatima asked for a few things, notably sacrafice in reparation to her Immaculate Heart. What is repartion than to repair the wrong we have done. We do so thru Confessing our sins and penance. How can we wipe the slate clean? Gain a Plenary Indulgence, for yourself and for a Holy Soul in Purgatory.

        The Fruits of Medjugorje are widely known. Upon my trips return, my goal is to live ‘that’ Medjugore lifestyle here in the USA. Center God First and foremost, with work and social surrounding.

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      3. It’s a fair question, Matthew. From my own standpoint, I readily agreed with Beckita for other reasons – reasons I had been contemplating for several weeks on my own. AS I have mentioned, I pay far less attention to any prophecy than most people seem to assume. For most of it, so long as it is not incompatible with my fundamental message, I am content to leave it lay and let people think what they want without myself entering the fray to any great extent. I looked back and I have been clear from the beginning that even the most straightforward and fully authentic prophecy is a LOT more subtle and hard to interpret accurately than people think. I regard it as largely twofold; a call to holiness and a call to action.

        Though the only parts of Medjugorje that I regularly pay attention to are those that come from Mirijana, even given this limited exposure, nothing there is incompatible with my message. I have invited Dan Lynch, the foremost exponent of Our Lady of America – which was recently approved as a private devotion but rejected as a supernatural manifestation, to give me an article on his take on the matter. Again, there is nothing incompatible with my message there – and much that is entirely consonant with it. The situation is different with the messages of Fr. Michel. Some have said his message on refuges is obviously metaphorical. I hope so – and wish he would say so. On this, I have looked back and have ALSO been entirely consistent since the beginning. The only physical refuges we get are the ones we create, we staff and we stock – and they will be command centers for action…an entirely natural response to hard times. I have been disturbed by the many people I have encountered who are enthused by Fr. Michel’s messages precisely BECAUSE they take them literally – that angels are going to come and transport the blessed to safe refuges where the enemy won’t even be able to see us and we will be kept in complete safety while the storm rages. That is diametrically opposed to my message that the storm comes to all and that our calling is fundamentally missionary, rather than merely contemplative, as things get darker. Moreover, I think it dangerous. Forget the physical danger such an idea might engender, and only think of the despair some will fall into when things go completely crazy and they discover they are NOT one of the chosen when no angel comes to lead them to their place of safety – not knowing that it is not going to happen that way at all because that is NOT what God calls us to for these times.

        For a while, some very nice people have been saying, “Let’s all go east,” and the faithful cheered. I have been saying, “Let’s all go west,” and the faithful cheered. I pointed out that east and west are different, incompatible directions. While acknowledging the benefits of the ‘eastern’ approach, I stated firmly that we would continue west at this site. Whoo-ee…a lot of folks got angry about that. I have no grudge against anyone who wants to go east and wish them well. But we will go west here – and making that clear is something I have been willing to lose readers and friends over. However subtle the difference may seem right now, I think it could be a matter of life and death and I’ll stick to the approach I have had since I began.

        So for my part, I am willing to hear from folks who want to cite prophecy that is not incompatible with my fundamental message, but I won’t use this site to undercut the very purpose of the site. I am a practical man and wish all people of good will well. But my work is missionary, I call people who have a similar commitment, and we are headed west.

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        1. Charlie:
          Thanks for the thoughtful response. For the record, I tend to agree with your approach (not that that matters). :^) I too am skeptical of Fr. Michel for the reasons that you enumerate. What he says may be true – IF understood metaphorically or as an image. Interpreting prophecy, like interpreting poetry, requires an imaginative (perhaps even a sacramental) mind.
          I really like your description of refuges: “The only physical refuges we get are the ones we create, we staff and we stock – and they will be command centers for action…an entirely natural response to hard times.” I sincerely feel that this captures how I fell about my present living situation and circumstances.

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  26. I highly recommend Mallett’s piece today, the “Pandemic of Control”. Talk about vaccines! He puts together some info we’ve heard, some we haven’t heard about, and it’s mind blowing. I have previously saved some of these quotes, including one from Rockefeller speaking of work on the one world government. No one can call us conspiracy theorists when all this is documented. Relationship between vaccines, climate change, insecticides (believe it or not). Just read to explain what is too detailed to explain here.

    Thank you Jesus and Mother Mary! We trust you to stop this evil in time, to expose evil everywhere.

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  27. After reading too many articles to list there is a consensus of reliable facts on the virus and it’s political effect.
    The virus is a flu. It acts like a flu in its death rates and herd immunity. Everyone will eventually catch it just like everyone eventually catches the flu so social shaming people to “isolate” is a moot point. If you don’t get it from me this time around you will eventually get it from somebody next time around. If we were so worried about other diseases that we would normally shut down the economy, this would make sense- but we don’t and it doesn’t.
    The “shut down” agenda is Trump mania driven. Trump was changing the whole structure of the world in its economic, military, and oil sourcing. The New World Order Gang was loosing the ploy to make us a one world government and Trump was moving things powerfully in a different direction. This flu was the “crises” they did not want to let go to waste, no matter what. All one has to do is see how little respect communist countries have for their citizens to understand why these folks will destroy all to get what they want. There is no logic in it because we “wrestle not against flesh and blood” and the enemy has only the tools to “steal, kill and destroy”.
    Thank God He intervenes on our behalf otherwise things would be much worse!

    Jeremiah 22:6
    You are like Gilead to me, like the summit of Lebanon, yet surely I will make you a desert, an uninhabited city.”

    Amos 2:9
    “Yet it was I who destroyed the Amorite before them, whose height was like the height of the cedars and who was as strong as the oaks; I destroyed his fruit above and his roots beneath.”

    Isaiah 14:32
    “How the oppressor has ceased, the insolent fury ceased! The Lord has broken the staff of the wicked, the scepter of rulers, …

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    1. Philip Frank, you have much of this correct, but I must take issue with you on a couple things.

      First, this is not a flu. It is a coronavirus. Nobody has ever successfully made a vaccine for a coronavirus. (I certainly hope Trump has one under development with his recently announced vaccine program.)

      Second, this virus is not natural. It has been developed in a lab. At best it is the result of an effort to enhance a virus for vaccine research purposes. At worst it has been cleverly engineered or forced-evolution-selected to create havoc in an unprepared, hidebound, and poorly supplied medical system run by people who are very swampy and which was designed to break down. Death rates from this illness can soar once the medical system is saturated and breaks down. Are you aware that there are reports that Anthony Fauci funded the Wuhan Lab from which this virus has come, to the tune of almost $3M?

      Third, where a flu has one or two ways to kill you, largely due to sepsis from a secondary infection and not itself, Covid-19 has at least four separate ways to kill you itself, and if they light up in you, they are vicious. The healing protocols for treating this illness are far more complex than those for treating a nasty case of the flu.

      You do not want to get this illness if you are part of a vulnerable population.

      Fortunately, there has been much work done to break up our hidebound medical system and bring in new and unexpected ways to prevent or cure this virus. It is that fact alone that has spared us a nightmare. It can be hard to visualize what “could have been” with this virus if Trump had not been our president. 2M dead would have been a minimum.

      Trump literally saved this country from that nightmare, while all of us think, “well, that really wasn’t too bad, was it – what was all the fuss about?” Trump took this virus very seriously for a very good reason, and he used it as a massive lever to move several mountains worth of sludge out of our way.

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      1. Steve,
        My useage of “flu” was only as in the way it spreads/infects and not as a actual species nomenclature as what we call the “flu and cold season” as aposed to naming the 600+ types of flu and colds pathogens that are out there.
        As far as its lethality, we have seen a natural herd immunity from the get-go on this as so many have tested positive who have had little to no symptoms but again, some tests are unreliable at best or contaminated at worst and those having received a flu shot were also testing positive so the accuracy of this information is a mystery like everything about this pandemic
        I made an earlier post here about a renowned virologist who had seen this virus mutating back to a more “natural state”. He concluded it is typical for a virus to “do no harm” in natural populations and to coexist more as a symbiote which assures a host organism to flourish in.
        Granted, there are multiple mutations going on out there and this may be why we are seeing different symptoms popping up in some areas with some strains more lethal than others. Social distancing has reduced the spread, but normal social distancing practices occure by those who are sick. I practice this myself when I am too sick to leave the house or I take precautions not to visit those in my family when I or they are sick. I didn’t have to shut down my whole life in order to avoid them though!
        As far as the numbers of those actually dieing, that is still up for descernment as it keeps being changed/manipulated for one reason or another. We’ve all heard the stories about how someone dies from a heart attack but the hospital writes it down as a death by covid. This not only inflates the fear of this virus but draws a false narrative to why we are locking down the whole WORLD over something which statistically (and again, it’s a ‘statistic’ produced by some agenda) is not that deadly as a whole.
        Many doctors suggest normal protocols to avoid infection would suffice to reduce the spread of Covid19. The common cold/flu spreads easily because we DO NOT use these precautions and many deaths occur every year because of this.
        I believe the original narrative was we do not practice good hygiene and as there was already a large number of humans dieing every year, this virus would overwhelm our medical system if the nanny state did not scare us into practicing ridiculous avoidance measures as a way to wake us up.
        Now they have hijacked the pandemic narrative to benefit the deep state by
        inacting draconian laws, allocating monies to mysterious causes and to destroying President Trump and his agenda.

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        1. PF, when we all look back on this, we’ll see how many things we could have done better. Since we now have workable protocols for prevention, first-symptom treatment, first emergency room treatment, and even treatment for those who go hypoxic (hyperbaric oxygen therapy in a chamber, *not* onto a ventilator), nobody should die of this disease going forward. I certainly can hope that your cited doctor is right and that it will evolve away from being so nasty, but its conformation to some degree will prevent that, and there are indications that the current dominant strain is capable of infecting and damaging/killing young children who were previously pretty much immune. Theory is not necessarily an accurate reflection of reality.

          Unfortunately, the System is so hidebound that the solutions we now have are being ignored and even actively resisted, so people are still dying when there is no need for them to die. I totally agree with you that further lockdowns are not needed, but serious efforts need to be exerted on the System to become more responsive in spreading solutions that actually cure the disease as early in the infection chain as possible and that can prevent it (best of all).

          I do beg to differ on your “flu” comment, as you said, “The virus is a flu.” Precision is needed, and a lack of precision can actually kill people in this case if it causes someone to misunderstand something important. Although Covid-19 does *mirror* in some respects a standard flu, it is altogether its own entity and has impacts on the human body that flus do not have and needs treatments flus do not require. I believe the best docs working on protocols for this illness can be found here, with discussions of their recommendations:

          but even these are not taking their learning and going “up” the infection chain to teach *family* doctors what protocol they should use when one family member shows symptoms and makes that first call for help. A similar but simpler protocol should be *immediately* instituted by the family doctor, and he or she should also put every other member of the family on an even simpler protocol so that no family member has to go to the emergency room in the first place. But the System is so hidebound that even the colleagues of these emergency room docs are not paying attention to their very good work.

          I sincerely hope you are wrong that we will all get it. I want nothing to do with it. As our moms always told us, “Don’t touch that. You don’t know where it’s been!” 😀

          In this case it’s been in *bats* and enhanced in a lab – thank you, no thank you!

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            1. “I do beg to differ on your “flu” comment, as you said, “The virus is a flu.” Precision is needed, and a lack of precision can actually kill people.”
              Good point Steve.
              This disease is actually called SARS-CoV-2, which, in part, is an acronym for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, which is a generalised symptom for the more severly infected but not for the majority of those infected who may show little to no symptoms. It can be particularly misleading in that some symptoms do not involve the lungs at all and as you have mentioned there are 4 types of lethal mechanisms the virus can kill you by (so far) and several different symptoms so diligence on the part of us who get sick is prudent.
              Case in point:
              In the last 10 days my family had a stomach virus. My wife and I, my brother, 2 of my daughters, a son-in-law and his brother and two of his 5 children had it.
              The symptoms were as follows:
              Me; one evening with stomach cramps.
              My wife; 4 days stomach and intestinal cramps and some diarrhea.
              My brother; one day of diarrhea and some nausea.
              My daughter, 2 days nausea and cramping.
              Her husband and his brother; 4+ days of nausea, throwing up and diarrhea.
              The two children felt “sick” but neither had diarrhea or threw up.
              There are 11 of us here in my house and 4 in my brothers home (next door) and my daughter who lives with him with her 3 children was the only one who got it from him. She had a few days of nausea and diarrhea.
              My point is, dispite the fact we have been “social distancing” for two months now, we somehow caught and spread a virus among ourselves. As unlikely as it is, it is even possible this could have been covid19 and this version was mostly a mild intestinal form.
              Who knows.
              I guess once universal testing becomes available we will know for sure but in the mean time dispite our “quarantining” we all got sick. I suspect if covid19 is as contagious as it seems to be dispite our quarantining, the whole world will eventually have some contact with it.
              Everyone is now over it and it is just a faded memory.
              Lots of outdoor sunshine and fresh air here in Florida helps us to diminish and forget sickness.
              Thank you Jesus!

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              1. PF, one of the reasons total deaths were so high is because everyone was locked down and told to stay at home. Some families lost multiple members to Covid-19 because one person got it and gave it to everyone else in the family, because everyone was closed up together for many days and nobody knew how to treat the sick or possibly sick.. If anyone in a family gets Covid-19 – or really any symptoms – *all* members of the family should be treated. Homes are a hotbed of transmission. We now know how to cure people, so there is no reason not to treat an entire family right away as soon as any member gets symptoms.

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            2. LM, what was that word again? I can’t remember. It’s gone clean out of my mind. I guess we could say that it seems bound and determined to hide from us.

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    1. Hi CrewDog, I just want to thank you for your well-researched list of articles that you provide for us in this community on a regular basis. I check out the articles as often as I can, and there are always new nuggets here. Thank you for the effort you make to help us all stay informed in these increasingly challenging times. It’s like a foggy, cloudy day, where the real facts are in a great deal of subterfuge. Thank you for being a shining beacon of sunlight.

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  28. Charlie…Beckita??? Can either/both of you help me to understand examples of this??? “

    AND you will be held to account for EVERY case where you could have defended the faithful from an assault but did not out of false tolerance.”

    I’m not sure at all what this means. 😂 😩🤦🏽‍♀️

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      1. I love Australian accents!!! I wish we all spoke like that! I love Brits too!! So cool!!! Actually I love African accents too!!! Hahahaha I guess I love everything but ours!!! Typical human!!!😂😂😂

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    1. here in upstate nYs, about 80% of the people are walking outside, alone, with masks on… probably thinking they are millionaires from buying the Brooklyn Bridge… after have jumped off.

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      1. Say it isn’t so! Re. Town hall article and no justice for Obamagate!

        This is why God has to intervene!

        Are we sure Earth isn’t a form of purgatory, or a level of Purgatory?

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        1. Little One, God is intervening because people all over the world have spurned the Covenant He made with us and we have wandered far from Him at every level of life. He’s calling us back as we navigate the waters of this stinky stew we have concocted. We surely do need His intervention and we get to be part of setting things right with Him and one another.

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        2. purgatory for sure.

          Hail Holy Queen
          (Salve Regina)

          Hail, holy Queen, Mother of mercy, our life, our sweetness and our hope. To thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve. To thee do we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping in this valley of tears. Turn, then, most gracious advocate, thine eyes of mercy toward us, and after this, our exile, show unto us the blessed fruit of thy womb, Jesus. O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary.

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