Daleiden Targets Planned Parenthood, Kamala Harris, Xavier Becerra in Civil Rights Conspiracy Lawsuit

Daleiden - Harris
David Daleiden – Kamala Harris (photo from The Federalist)

By Charlie Johnston

In the wee morning hours of this Feast Day of Our Lady of Fatima, David Daleiden and his lawyers filed suit in the Federal Court in Los Angeles, charging Planned Parenthood (PP), Kamala Harris, and California Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra with conspiring to deprive Daleiden of his 1st and 14th Amendment rights because he promoted speech that was officially disfavored by California authorities. Following is the Center for Medical Progress (Daleiden’s organization) press release:

“The Center for Medical Progress and its founder David Daleiden, responsible for the undercover video series exposing top Planned Parenthood leadership negotiating the harvesting and sale of aborted fetal body parts, are suing Planned Parenthood, Kamala Harris, and California Attorney General Xavier Becerra in Los Angeles federal court for conspiracy to violate First and Fourteenth Amendment civil rights.

The lawsuit states:

“This complaint seeks justice for a brazen, unprecedented, and ongoing conspiracy to selectively use California’s video recording laws as a political weapon to silence disfavored speech. David Daleiden became the first journalist ever to be criminally prosecuted under California’s recording law, not because of the method of video recording he utilized in his investigation—which is common in investigative journalism in this state—but because his investigation revealed and he published “shock[ing]” content that California’s Attorney General and the private party co-conspirators wanted to cover up.”

California’s recording law bans secret videotaping of “confidential” conversations where third parties cannot be expected to overhear the conversation. The lawsuit documents many recent examples of undercover video recording by California news outlets, even recording conversations that could not be overheard by others, that the Attorney General never prosecuted.

The California Attorney General admitted in a filing that Daleiden alone among other undercover recorders was being charged for his videos because “those recordings were edited to enhance their shock value” and thus Daleiden was “culpable to a greater extent” than other journalists.

And then during questioning about the elements of the video recording law used for prosecution at the preliminary hearing last year, the California Attorney General declared in open court, “There is no definition of ‘confidential’ in the statute” on video recording. The California recording law in fact defines “confidential communication” at 632(c).

“The California Attorney General first admitted that they are enforcing the video recording law solely based on how they feel about the message being published, and then further admitted they are not even trying to follow the text of the law as written,” Daleiden notes. “CMP’s undercover reporting has been corroborated by the successful prosecution of fetal body parts sales we reported in southern California, multiple Congressional investigations, and forensic video analysis. It is every reporter’s First Amendment right to underscore the gravity of their findings, especially when the politically powerful disagree with them.”

Harmeet K. Dhillon, lead counsel on the complaint, states: “Our federal civil rights statutes were enacted in the wake of the darkest periods in our nation’s history. They are well-suited for the current civil rights crisis we face, a time when powerful politicians allow their special interest patrons to custom-order prosecutions that violate fundamental constitutional rights, and do so even with the knowledge that their actions are ultra vires.”

Beginning under the leadership of now-U.S. Senator Kamala Harris, the California Attorney General’s office targeted Daleiden’s speech under the video recording law at the urging of Planned Parenthood, the National Abortion Federation, and StemExpress, a fetal tissue procurement company with deep ties to the professional abortion industry. While running for U.S. Senate, Harris had a secret in-person meeting with Planned Parenthood executives in Los Angeles, including witnesses in her investigation, to discuss issues in the investigation as part of Planned Parenthood’s political agenda in California. Two weeks later, Daleiden’s home was raided by the California Department of Justice.

California DOJ reports reveal that they were instructed by Planned Parenthood’s attorney Beth Parker, a defendant in the lawsuit, to seize “the computers used to produce the videos.” Last year, Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation attempted to intervene in the Attorney General’s prosecution of Daleiden to dictate how he would be allowed to present his defense. The California recording law includes an absolute protection for recordings made for the purpose of gathering evidence of violent crimes, and Planned Parenthood and NAF wanted to block off any evidence or testimony that would reveal criminality in their fetal tissue programs.

The publication of CMP’s undercover videos led to two comprehensive Congressional investigations, one in the Senate Judiciary Committee and one in the House Energy & Commerce Committee’s Select Investigative Panel. The two investigations issued dozens of criminal referrals for Planned Parenthood and its business partners for transferring aborted fetal organs and tissues for valuable consideration against the law. In December 2017, the U.S. Department of Justice announced it had opened a federal investigation of Planned Parenthood, StemExpress, and others based on the referrals from Congress. Two of Planned Parenthood’s business partners in Orange County, CA then admitted guilt for selling aborted fetal organs and tissues from Planned Parenthood against the law in a $7.8 million settlement, and the Orange County District Attorney credited CMP’s undercover reporting with prompting the successful case.

The case is 8:20-cv-00891, The Center for Medical Progress and David Daleiden v. Xavier Becerra, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California, National Abortion Federation, StemExpress, Kamala Harris, Jill Habig, Beth Parker, et al. in the Central District of California.”

For those legal eagles among our readers who want to see the full complaint, go here.

In the last month, some pro-lifers have been dismayed that San Francisco Federal Judge William Orrick gave a final ruling on the civil case that was tried last fall between Daleiden and PP, which awarded over $2 million to PP and barred Daleiden and colleagues from ever attending a PP conference again. Actually, it is a semi-final ruling, as motions and counter-motions on the final disposition can be filed through next month. It will probably stand as it is now, for Orrick is transparently beholden to PP. The rules he set up for the trial, if applied at Nuremberg, would have freed all the Nazi war criminals and fined the Allies for exposing their crimes. Though the trial was held before a jury, Orrick directed substantial parts of the verdict and gave instructions that forced the jury to either lynch Daleiden or go into open revolt against the judge. In his final ruling, Orrick criticized Daleiden for presenting no evidence during trial of criminal behavior between PP and a stem cell procurement company. Unmentioned in that final ruling is that Daleiden and company WANTED to present such evidence, but Orrick barred them from doing so.

I know many get depressed when they see such outcomes. Understand, though, that while Daleiden certainly hopes for the best while litigation goes on in California, he was never so naive as to expect the best. Much of what is done is done knowing full well that the only real attainable goal is to build the record of appealable issues and shady ethical conduct so as to attain justice AFTER the case gets outside of California.

In the meantime, Daleiden steadily uses PP’s over-aggression to draw it in deeper. When Napoleon invaded Russia in 1812, General Mikhail Kutuzov kept luring Napoleon deeper and deeper into the heartland. It looked as if the unconquerable Napoleon was sweeping everything before him. But Kutuzov was using the little general’s hyper-aggression against him. Napoleon entered Russia with 685,000 troops and conquered all until he took Moscow – and then everything fell apart. In his catastrophic retreat, only 10,000 French soldiers survived to return to France. While PP and its allies have piled legal victories up in California, it has been revealed that PP turns over babies who are born alive to “procurement” specialists from companies which buy baby body parts – who then kill those babies by dissecting them alive. That has been admitted under oath. While PP claimed that it only accepted reimbursement for costs involved in procuring baby body parts, documents that were unsealed last month proved that PP has been selling them for profit – which is illegal.

Abortion is the largest long running intentional holocaust in human history. In his second inaugural address, Abraham Lincoln pondered whether God intended that every drop of blood drawn by the slave-owners lash must be repaid by one drawn by the sword in the great civil war America was engulfed in. God help us all if the Lord gives us a similarly devised invoice for every drop of blood drawn by the abortionist’s knife! At the time of Roe V Wade, a person could make an honest case that a fetus was just a “blob of tissue” and not a human being at all. It required a stretch, but it could be done. That collapsed entirely in the early 80’s – which is why PP so frantically adopted the mantra of the “right to choose.” It was necessary to give justification to their business – though the right of any person to choose to arbitrarily execute an innocent human being has only been embraced by the most brutal, murderous regimes.

After four decades of knowing, with scientific certainty, that the fetus is fully human from the moment of conception (though that is a bit of science the left never cites), I have three conflicting emotions when confronted with someone who supports abortion. The first is contempt for them. Though it is so widespread that I do not give public vent to it, anyone who supports abortion now supports the arbitrary murder of innocent human beings for their own convenience. That is contemptible and, in a just world, criminal. The second is sorrow. How could otherwise pleasant persons so deaden their consciences that they, at best, think it a matter of moral indifference whether an innocent is arbitrarily murdered? The final emotion is pity. I am convinced that those who support abortion without repenting of it will be judged by the same judgment they have adopted for the unborn. They will feel, for all eternity, the same agony the baby does in its dying moments. And the real horror of it is that I am also convinced that will be the least of their agonies. So, with all the contempt and sorrow I feel, I pray for them often and passionately, for I do not want anyone to suffer what they casually want little children to suffer.

Daleiden always knew this would be a long, hard road – and is in it for the long haul. Every time PP gets a “victory” more of its depredations are exposed. Even now, the Justice Dept. is actively pursuing them – and these “victories” provide more grist for the prosecutors’ mill. I hear rumblings about women preparing a class-action suit against abortionists lies to them in furtherance of the body parts for profits schemes.

I pray fervently for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. I know, when it comes, abortion will be an inexplicable memory in our collective rearview mirror. In the meantime, I give thanks to God that my friend, David Daleiden, is neither a sunshine soldier nor a reed shaken by the wind.

76 thoughts on “Daleiden Targets Planned Parenthood, Kamala Harris, Xavier Becerra in Civil Rights Conspiracy Lawsuit

  1. My heart pounded as I read this piece.

    Thank you, David. Thank you. Thank you for never giving up and for paying the cost of what it has taken to get to this moment.

    Thank you, Charlie, for your loyalty and fervor in working, speaking and writing for this cause, your expressions of how agonizing this has been for the babies, the mothers, fathers and families and your words of inspiration to continue praying for all souls so unfathomably wounded by these crimes.

    Oh Immaculate Heart of Mary, pour forth, we beseech you, every grace needed to see that those who judge with righteous judgement are selected to be involved in every aspect of this case.
    Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for David and his team.
    Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for David and his team.
    Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for David and his team.

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    1. This is a victory for Our Lady of Fatima on this 103rd Anniversary of her First Apparition.
      Thank you, David, for continuing to fight this Goliath. Thank you, Charlie, for tirelessly reporting this. Thank you Jesus and Mary for this step toward the Triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart, the Reign of the Sacred and Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, and the Coming (soon, please Lord) Era of Peace.

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  2. My heart too beat real hard when I read this!!! How appra po that it should be done on the Great anniversary date of May 13!!!

    If God demands one soul per baby killed it would not be good for humanity! Would we have anybody left?!?!?! Oh the horror of our times! Everything is intensifying!

    Good job David Daleiden!!! What a hero for our times God has raised up!

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  3. Thank you, Charlie. Thank you, David, and may the Era of Peace come quickly following a correction of the world’s conscience. May hypocritical law be subsumed into history.

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  4. Just one thought in regards to the lie we were told about the “blob of tissue”. We have known all along that it wasn’t a “blob of tissue”. It did not take ultrasound technology to prove it. Women have miscarried their pregnancies for thousands of years at all stages of the pregnancy. An examination of the remains of the fetus told us everything we needed to know.

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      1. I like the way you structured this, Charlie! It shows so much compassion for our fellows: “Yet I prefer to make the most innocent construction I reasonably can of my opponent’s assertions.” Cj

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  5. todays psalm
    “I rejoiced when they said to me Let us go into the House of the Lord”

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  6. Thank you!! This is the best news I’ve heard in years! Pray pray pray for the best outcome – and I wish the ladies considering the class-action suit God’s speed!

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  7. You know, the intentional murder of innocents we see occurring around us – that gives us a tiny peek through the window which normal Christians and Jews had lived large and personal during the Nazi holocaust preceding and during WW II. Sts. & martyrs Maximilian Kolbe and Edith Stein lived it to full measure. We should not kid ourselves – the Nazis, who started with abortion, slowly graduated to full scale slaughter of all opposition. We should not kid ourselves that our Age’s crop of such cold-blooded murderers will not do the same thing here if they are not stopped.

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    1. I definitely see it happening in hospices in Ohio to be sure… thanks be to God if you have God fearing and educated children which I’m sure you do… the rest of us???? We are next😩

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      1. I saw it start as a staff RN 20 years ago in a small community hospital. I was there when the sea changed. I testified to it on a townhall forum for Obamacare. I was kindly discredited as misinformed, haha. I take that as a compliment. Aaaargh.

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  8. God bless David vs. Goliath! Thank you for the update, Charlie. May Mother Mary, St. Michael the Archangel and all of Heaven bring victory. What a remarkable, strong man to continue this horrendous battle for so long, facing such evil and lies!!

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  9. and I was going to write the good news that a Muslim friend of mine, Muhammed Isa, is thanking my wife and I for praying for his recovery from the Covid19 virus.

    He is named after two of the greatest prophets in Islam, Mohammed and Jesus. Muslims consider Jesus to be a man only. And there isn’t intercessory prayer like we have in Cristianity. He now can consider the power of Christ (God) and the intercession of Miriam, His Mother, (the Blessed Virgen Mary) as he continues his recovery.

    I was surprised that he wasn’t upset when I told him that as he is a fairly religious Muslim.

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  10. Thank you Charlie for keeping us updated on David and his fight with PP. I hope his slingshot gets them right between the Ps. May God use this to convert many from this tragic murder of innocent children. Dear little ones now in heaven who suffered so much, please pray for us all and that the abortionists may be defeated, through Mary our Mother, in Jesus name. Amen

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    1. I hope David D.’s mom has nerves of steel to wait out and endure all these chess- like moves of legal strategies.
      And some reports show K.H is a leading contender for Biden’s VP slot?!

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  11. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉
    When you see the enormity of EVENTS that are unfolding Daily this year that includes Daleiden vs PP & The Usual Suspects, China Plague/ Democrat Blue State Lock-Downs, Russia Hoax exposed, Gen. Flynn Persecution & ……………….. Sadly .. ;-( … I’m thinking that Civil War II needs to ….. proceed … to Save The Republic!
    I’ll bet Sidney the Tigress & Team have lots of Lawsuits, Motions & Legal Complaints ready to file within the hour of Gen Flynn’s release ……. and chapters already written for her next Outing of The Manifestly Corrupt Judicial System and it’s biased, politicized and felonious judges/staffs.












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    1. I can now envision how Civil War II might erupt having read the civil disobedience article you posted, CD. The Michigan Militia defending that barber– my friend’s son in law was approached to join that group.

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  12. God bless David and team!

    “Just the News” picked up the story. (It’s a fairly new news organization started by John Solomon et al. One of my journalist heroes, Sharyl Attkisson, is also on staff.)


    I think David and his team realize that part of their mission is to allow the corrupt elements within the justice system to expose themselves by their own documented actions. That takes time.

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    1. Not a peep so far from the likes of huffpost, etc.
      On a sidenote, a recent pointed tweet from David: “Like Goethe’s Faust contracting to sell his soul to Mephistopheles, @PPFA@PPMarMonteand @StemExpress tried to sell the pieces of a humanity they did not own and had no valid right to do so.”

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      1. Maggie,

        Did you go vote? Results in yet?

        Praying 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

        Odd how Faust is so close to Fauci…

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    2. Yes, Sr. Bear, I admire Sharyl A. greatly! Fox online news had David’s lawsuit yesterday also. May new people read about all the atrocities and change their minds about abortion. Lara Logan is on Fox now too. Maybe more journalists will be awakened to the evil their networks do.

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  13. I share your feelings of contempt for a person who supports the torture and murder of a baby Charlie. I learned many years ago at my first walk for life in SFO (as I looked into the hateful faces of the protesters along the route) that abortion is the left’s golden calf.

    I will never understand this “choice” by humans.

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  14. Hey Charlie-

    GREAT prayer intention!…“I pray fervently for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart”. I love simplifying and getting to the nut of a problem.

    As you and Beckita so wisely recently advised, the real, primary cause of abortion is lack of conversion. If we can assist through our prayers in bringing about conversion, problem solved

    In addition to now praying for conversions when praying in front of abortion mills, as opposed to just “ending abortion”, I will add your intention “for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart“

    And Steve BC…GREAT catch!…

    “David is appropriately named. 🙂“

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  15. Hats off to people like Daleiden and Sydney Powell who continue to play by the rules. They say that God gives us different charisms (?right word) and I tell you that I do not have theirs.

    As a ‘nukebem from orbit, its the only way to be sure’ kind of guy, I sense that restoring legitimate authority and wresting authority from the scum who infest it using the established rules of legitimate authority will probably make the scum wail louder and be the better example for posterity in the long run.

    God bless and protect them both.

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      1. Oh gosh!!!! I’m in the thickets with the bunny rabbit 🐇 like Tootie!!! Lol St Laura aka St Tootie aka st Tootie bug!!! Pray for me!!!😂 I did sign it already 😫

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        1. It was still good to remind us about the petition, Linda. There’s a controversy that’s arisen because of it. Here‘s one article about it. And just 10 minutes ago, this was published.

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          1. If these brave few had not spoken out, I would be truly disheartened. But then they did, AND David is slaying PP. PP, the Evil Empire with roots so dark and deep, AND on Our Lady’s feast day. Hah. TYG.

            Haha if they think the conspiracy label will stop us from speaking out to any who have ears to listen.

            Beckita, do you know, or does anyone here know how many lawsuits against religious persecution have been made nationwide during this lockdown? I ask because it occurred to me, that answer will tell the truth strength of the resistance. I’m guessing it is a small number. That’s okay, Jericho and all, greater glory to God.

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          2. Beckita there’s so much new and breaking and heartbreaking news it’s just hard to keep it all straight. Yikes! For some reason In my mind’s eye I keep seeing Pope Francis’s agonizingly slow and sole accent to his seat in urbi er orbi that rainy cold day when this whole mess began!😥

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              1. Yep!!! Lol!!! I printed out that saying of Charlie’s about being in the rapids and how we need to be in good habits and I read it first thing with my morning prayers!!!

                It’s just amazing how timely just taking that next right step (and a few boo boos) along the way just fits in about now!!!! No wonder Charlie’s been educating us on that catchy phrase !!!

                Btw I can’t remember…did Charlie come up with that phrase on his own or is that what heaven told Charlie to tell us or a little of both? Just curious 🤔

                Acknowledge God, take the next right step and try to be a sign of hope to others along the way!!!

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                1. When CJ first shared that phrase of being in the rapids in his piece, What the Next Right Step Really Means.
                  When you are sitting on a placid lake in a canoe with a paddle, you can use the paddle to steer, to choose where you want to go. When you are in that canoe in a fast-moving, frothy, rapid river, you do not choose where to go. In fact, if you try to steer, you capsize. Rather, the paddle can only be used to react to the current and the rapids…and every bit of skill you have must be used to keep from capsizing as the river takes you where it will. We are in the rapids. We are not in control. But if we are humble and skillful, we can dramatically reduce our odds of capsizing.

                  I can only begin to fathom what it must be like to have lived a life, since early childhood, of receiving mystical lights of knowledge and understanding. Mix that in with a brain that’s chock full of life experiences and years of voraciously reading a wide variety of genres and, perhaps, all those elements come into a gorgeous and elegant synergy when Charlie’s writing for us.

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                  1. Aren’t we blessed, Beckita, to have been somehow “chosen” to know all this, know Charlie, and also “to believe!” Thank you Jesus for the heads up on this one!!! We’re all gonna take a shellacking- right Mick?!?!- 😂 but ain’t it grand to take a shellacking all together!!!🤗❤️🙏🐿🌹😇😬🥴🤦🏽‍♀️🐶🌝🔥🌍🌊

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                    1. Dang straight, Linda! If we’ve all gotta get shellacked, I can’t imagine any group of people that I’d rather get shellacked with. 🙂

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                  2. Ya know, Beckita, I think I printed that piece of Charlie’s out…what the next right step really means…I think I’m gonna go and revisit it this weekend! Thanks so much for the reminder. I think you are a pretty sharp gal!!! Charlie was wise to pull you in!!! And a big thank you to you too dearest Beckita!!! You are so helpful!!!🤗❤️🌹

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                  3. Beckita or Charlie or both…I awoke this morning with this agonizing question I’ve had on my mind for some time now but just formulated it in my tiny little brain 🧠 this day!!! Ha!!!

                    I 🤔 think I’m handling my own rapids as well as I can by just following the guidelines Charlie has set for us personally but I’m watching friends, family and loved ones going off the rail as I’m sure we all are! I’m still healing from hives over one bit of bad news! My guess is it’s gonna get a whole lot worse watching others capsizing all around us.

                    I do realize that these are really just little (not so little any more) souls God has given us for a time, but how do we help them in these times? My guess is to just pray for them and entrust them to Gods providence? Did I just answer my own question?😂😂😂

                    Yet I believe Beckita May have some good advice for us all….😉

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                    1. Praying for a person is powerful, Linda. That was a beautiful answer and is one aspect of acknowledging God. Too, there is, as Charlie often has said, the prayer of doing… and, really, it is as many of us were trained to do as young children when we learned to make a morning offering to God of all that our day would hold – in thoughts, words and deeds. In my acknowledging God each day, I ask Holy Spirit to open my eyes to whomever is around me and nudge me, alert me to whatever the other may be need. And when we keep the faith with unfailing trust God while expressing joy, I think we kindle a lot of faith, hope and joy as we love those around us.

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                    2. You are my spiritual director…you and Charlie if y’all don’t mind!!! Here here everyone??? I’m going to print this out and add to my prayer book B!!!! Thank you so much!!!🤗❤️🙏🌹🐿😇💐🔥🐶🐇

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      2. Beckita I’m glad I visited this again for I signed it “again” but it said I needed to confirm with my email which of course I rarely check my emails!!! Right Mick!!😂😂😂

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  16. I don’t see an alleged comment attached to awaiting moderation above. I am innocent of any attempt at comment. My computer seems to have a mind of its own lately. Is it possessed? jas

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  17. This part I keep meditating on and feel so weepy!!! Why must we all be so horrible to our fellows!!! God must surely have a great big plan to call us all Back!!!

    “Abortion is the largest long running intentional holocaust in human history. In his second inaugural address, Abraham Lincoln pondered whether God intended that every drop of blood drawn by the slave-owners lash must be repaid by one drawn by the sword in the great civil war America was engulfed in. God help us all if the Lord gives us a similarly devised invoice for every drop of blood drawn by the abortionist’s knife! At the time of Roe V Wade, a person could make an honest case that a fetus was just a “blob of tissue” and not a human being at all. It required a stretch, but it could be done. That collapsed entirely in the early 80’s – which is why PP so frantically adopted the mantra of the “right to choose.” It was necessary to give justification to their business – though the right of any person to choose to arbitrarily execute an innocent human being has only been embraced by the most brutal, murderous regimes.” CJ

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  18. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉








    Obammy & Gang were afraid of Flynn as The INTEL Man Who Knew Too Much .. soooo they decided to destroy him. … and still are.
    Chief Justice Roberts quipped last year that there was no such thing as a Trump or Obama or Clinton Judge. Time for Trump, publicly, to ask Roberts if he still stands by his statement …. with a simple Yes/No answer. I’m sure most Folks here have figured out that all Three Branches of the Fed Gubermint is corrupted …. as is our Church ;-(
    I’ve given up thinking that It Can’t, possibly, Get Worse …….. ;-(



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  19. We need another David to rise up specifically against the endless-virus-dread solved by new world order contact tracing. That is, contact tracing the likes of which we’ve only seen in dystopian novels.

    It’s becoming more clear to me that the end game now is the full-steam implementation of such a system. So no matter what the data shows about this virus, we are being groomed to accept this.

    This is what we got today from youth soccer. I offer this as evidence to support my above theory:
    “Identify strategies for working with public health officials to notify adult leaders, youth
    and their families if the organization becomes aware of a participant or adult leader has
    developed COVID-19 and may have been infectious to others while at a youth activity.”

    And we are accepting it—in every area, to go to mass, to get our hair done, to go shopping, to have our kids attend sporting events—- without much dissent or questioning.

    I truly believe this is a dangerous/naive mistake.

    It foolish to believe once we surrender this kind of power, we will easily get it back.

    The problem is that EVERY science/medicine person lauds “contract tracing” as the gold standard. So therefore the infrastucture is being rolled out.

    If a coherent argument could be made and circulated that another 100 year episode of a bad flu does not require totalitarian-style contact tracing, but contact tracing is needed only for stds and tuberculosis, so therefore no big data mining infrastructure/organization is needed—-maybe this could be stopped.

    A valid question I think: why do we need a vax—-don’t viruses mutate so rapidly that once a vax is in distribution, it is already less effective? Do we need to continually vaxing against the Spanish Flu? Why not?

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