Just a Couple of Things…

standing down a mob - Gregory Peck
Scene from “To Kill a Mocking Bird”

By Charlie Johnston

Over a decade ago I was running two Congressional campaigns at opposite ends of the state. I would bounce back and forth. On a Monday morning when I was opening a weekly meeting at the western one, I was furious at some things that had been bobbled over the weekend – several significant unforced errors. I don’t mind hollering a little, but when I am seriously angry, I tend to be quiet and understated. So I began the meeting by saying that I had just a couple of things I wanted to discuss. Almost everyone visibly stiffened and sat up straighter. I asked what was wrong – and one brave fellow volunteered that whenever I gently said I had “a couple of things” to discuss, people got their heads ripped off. I was startled, a little shaken that they were on to me – and a little amused that they were on to me. I later asked some friends and family – and both my daughter and sister said that scariest words they knew were when I said I had “…just a couple of things” to discuss. I was a little disappointed, but for those in the know, when I am really mad, saying “just a couple of things” is, itself, often enough these days without expanding on what those things are. I love efficiency.

So…just a couple of things…

The global shutdown arising from the Wuhan Virus scare has sparked a flood of people stating with prophetic certainty what it means and what God is going to do next. On a slow day I get 20 such missives in my in-box. More than a few people are wondering why I am not getting in on the action. Well, noting that the horses are not properly secured after they have already fled the barn is not my cup of tea, period. Whatever my flaws, I am pretty consistent. I said from the beginning of speaking publicly that I spoke in order to prepare people for what was to come, but that once events began seriously, what would count would be how we actually behave before God and our neighbors. I speak not here of those who seek to encourage you on how to live well your duty to God, only of those who think they have divined the mind of God and can tell you exactly how everything will play out from here. God will not let anyone know how it will all play out: His purpose in those who He authentically sends to speak for Him is to encourage the habits of heart, mind and spirit needful for these times. I once likened what this would be like to being in a canoe in a swift-moving rocky rapids. It is not the time to try to learn how to paddle, but the time to be aware and ready to act quickly, decisively and prudently to the many unexpected twists and obstacles you will encounter. That remains the case. When the world was relatively calm a couple of years ago, critics accused me of being an alarmist. Now that the world is in turmoil, critics accuse me of being in denial. It is not I who have changed. In fairness, I would have to seek the formal indulgence of my Archbishop to speak prophetically about future events, as I am under discipline to him. In actuality, I have no desire to do so for the very reasons I stated above AND stated consistently when I was so speaking. Now is the time to live the prayer of doing.

Many knowledgeable people are very concerned about the potential of this virus. Many other knowledgeable people think fears are vastly overblown and that we have fostered unnecessary panic. When people whose knowledge and character I respect find themselves on opposite ends of the spectrum, while I may take a position, I try to be respectful of all positions – as more than ever I am aware I may be wrong. In such a rare situation, I reserve my anger for those on either side who seek to ridicule and shame those on the other – and I can get pretty testy with these. Michael Brendan Dougherty , whose take on the virus, itself, is different than mine, writes compellingly on how we should engage with each other in these times.

It has been wisely said that a big economy rarely collapses without significant other consequences down the line. We will take a hard look at those going forward. Whatever propaganda China is pushing, it has lost heavily in all of this. Instead of hegemony, it has made itself a pariah among nations. (Yes, I know, the invincibly partisan still parrot its line – but responsible leaders will be deeply cautious with it going forward.) This has set its dreams for world domination back at least a couple of decades. It may even be toppled from within. The old Soviet Union was only able to sustain its huge internal contradictions and brutal repression for 72 years before collapsing. Chinese Communism will be 72 years old in 2021. Iran may see an internal revolt. Though not fully clear yet, you better bet this will re-shuffle the global deck.

Patriotic nationalism (not to be confused with dangerous triumphal nationalism) is already making a comeback. As you know, I count St. Joan of Arc my great patron. Her whole story is an object lesson on how God values nationalism. He raised her up to save France from becoming an English province. Why? That is a question I long contemplated. My final take was that each nation is a flower in God’s garden – and it pleases Him to have a variety of blooms in that divine garden.

We have calmed some fears in this crisis by making an already bloated government even more bloated and saturated with power. Our biggest economic issue has been a massive and unsustainable debt. Our main approach has been to make that debt even more massive. Fears are rising that what we have accomplished is to summon a global depression of unprecedented proportions. I value steps to calm panic, even if they are substantively ineffective. You have got to get the drowning swimmer to stop thrashing in order to rescue him. Yet I fear our economic illiteracy has persuaded us that currency has real, intrinsic value – and simply printing more of it adds value to an economy. The only things that have real economic value are productivity – the creation of goods and services. Currency is merely the encryption key that decodes the value of that production for easy liquidity. Back in 2009, the government of Zimbabwe thought it could conquer its ruinous inflation by printing 50 and 100 trillion dollar banknotes. It couldn’t – just as governments the world over have found throughout history.

We have not developed the habits of heart, mind and soul to weather crises. I hear people say, “If it saves just one life, it is worth it.” If that is the standard, then we had best banish cars, sporting events, recreation – and just about everything else. We might just as well all give up and die. There is no such thing as risk elimination – never has been and never will be. Living is inherently risky. What we are called to is to make rational decisions on risk management as adults. Similarly, some very well-meaning people have said that statistics are meaningless when you, personally, are affected. Seriously?! You mean you are not concerned with whether what you have is as deadly as pancreatic cancer or as mild as a summer cold? Does knowing that make any difference in what treatment regimen you will adopt? Such knowledge is gained, in large measure, from statistics – and the more serious the matter, the more you need good information to make prudent decisions. No matter how mild a virus is, some are going to be infected. Should those infected have the coercive power to decide how everyone else should behave? I know that we are not getting good information here – partly because of legitimate unknown factors inherent to Wuhan Virus and partly because some sectors are vested in creating panic. That is no excuse to abandon rigor and prudence in deciding rationally how to deal with serious crises.

Finally, why a panic shutting down the world over this virus rather than other recent ones? Ebola was, even under the best of projections, far more lethal (though, thankfully, not as easily transmitted). The Swine Flu was at least as easily transmitted – and we didn’t even pay any attention to it until after a thousand in America had already died. I realize some of the mysterious characteristics of this new virus have spooked a lot of people, but its ease of transmission is in line with previous variants – and its lethality is within the normal range – if near the top (but nowhere even close to Ebola). The fact is that ALL viruses are more dangerous to the elderly and to those with compromised immune systems. That is not new. This underscores that we have probably not taken prudent means to protect those who are particularly vulnerable in normal flu seasons. Anecdotal stories appearing in the media make this seem like a wholly new and unnatural scourge. The fact is, though, that every flu season some young people and other outliers mysteriously succumb to normal flus. So why have we shut everything down over this when we did not over Swine Flu or Ebola scares recently? Is this that radically different?

One major problem is a serious decline in public confidence in public health entities, scientists and governmental authorities. The fact is that the confident pronouncements of supposed experts over the last 60 years have often not just been wrong, but dramatically and absurdly wrong. The World Health Organization (WHO) has long been the puppet of the totalitarian regime of the day. It has been so consistently wrong I largely quit paying attention to it a decade ago. The American Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has been better, but has become so bureaucratically driven that it is almost useless in combating a fast-moving crisis. It slowed down the effort to build new masks and respirators and is now slow-walking the approval of chloroquine, which has proved extremely effective in every trial it has had in its early, limited testing.

Some entities have never acknowledged or dealt with the massive errors in previous projections – just insisting that we trust them this time even though their performance record would embarrass a bookie. With some entities busily trying to protect their turf rather than deal with a public crisis and others trying to leverage the crisis for political advantage, it is no wonder people do not know who to believe or, more importantly, who to trust. We deeply need to restore credibility to institutions – and that means acknowledging previous failures candidly and explaining what steps have been taken to refine methods. Institutes and authorities must no longer merely assert that they are experts, but demonstrate both expertise and humility. Ben Weingarten wrote the single best column I have yet read on how to start restoring confidence so that we can make good decisions in crisis. Former Congressman Thaddeus McCotter also foreshadowed some serious decisions we will have to make after this is over. These are the sorts of things we will explore here as this crisis plays out. I fear much of what we are doing is lighting a fuse for a much greater crisis yet to come. I don’t know whether that can be prevented, but it can be seriously mitigated if we start acting like serious adults and making prudent decisions before God.

So the only prophetic messages I have are the same fundamental ones I have always expressed: Acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around you. Live that well and with rigor, and all will be well.


One of the Bishops who has most impressed me during these troubles is Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas. From the start, he has been focused on bringing the Eucharist to and comforting his people. He encouraged his Priests to have public Eucharistic Processions in their Church parking lots. He has, himself, taken the Eucharist in a Monstrance and walked the streets with it, blessing the people and cars he encountered.

Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas

The man is amazing – and his great heart for his people is right there on his sleeve for all to see.

I have said numerous times here that I think the Texas Conference of Catholic Bishops (TCCB) is the most faithless, degraded bunch as a group in the country. It is they who gave the support to make Texas’ forced euthanasia law a reality.

At a meeting of the TCCB last week, Bp. Strickland refused to sign a statement that would strip hospital patients in Texas of their most basic rights. He is the only active Catholic Bishop in Texas to do so. (Corpus Christi Bishop Emeritus Rene Gracida has also been an outspoken opponent of this ugly law and a consistent supporter of Catholic doctrine on the right to life. Would that he were still an active Ordinary!). Quite apart from the Church Militant (CM) article I linked to, I have independent knowledge of this meeting – some from sources one might expect, a couple from sources I doubt anyone would expect. In the past, I have sometimes chided CM for overstating their case. In this instance, they have been remarkably restrained. As ugly as they portray the meeting, it was uglier than that. I suspect that Bp. Strickland is already showing himself to be the sort of leading shepherd we need in these times – and the influence peddlers who cloaked their ambition by calling them religious orders are snarling and hissing at him. Be prepared to stand with him.


During these times, I very much appreciate the work some people I know are doing – and want to give them a little shout-out.

First is David Daleiden. This is an interview he did with NTD at CPAC about a month ago. It is a marvelous interview that really covers a lot of ground. Some of you may be amused at his striking new hairstyle. I joke with him that the way he looks now, he would have fit right in with me on a beach with a campfire, taking night swims with hippie girls back in the ’70s. Ah, those were good times! Ironically, David has some heavy work to be done for some big public initiatives this summer – so the quarantines have given him an excuse to buckle down.

A young songwriter and singer from Canada, Kay Clarity, has been spending a lot of time in Los Angeles working to hone her trade. She wrote and recorded this song about Venezuela recently – and will soon have a piece published that is geared to young people about that subject. Over the last year, she has become a good friend. I am very excited about a song she is working on (at my request), entitled “Stella Maris”. I heard an initial draft of it while I was in LA last fall. I can’t wait until it is finished and I can share it with all of you. In person, she radiates warmth and kindness that cameras don’t do justice to. 

Though it has been eclipsed by recent events, Dr. Peter Howard, President of the Fulton Sheen Institute, continues to advocate for Sheen’s canonization and goes around the country doing Parish Missions and events sharing the wisdom of the late Archbishop Sheen. It is wisdom that is much needed in these times. The troubles we are in will not last forever. You might want to go to the Sheen website and book an event or Parish Mission for this summer. Consider it an expression of hope.

Meantime, Dan Lynch continues to work steadfastly promoting devotion to Jesus King of All Nations and Our Lady of Guadalupe. All the devotions he promotes are worthy, but I think an extremely important and underestimated devotion is that to Our Lady of America. The messages from OL of America genuinely foreshadowed the times we are in and offer us a way forward. I encourage you to familiarize yourself with this devotion and, if you can, send Lynch a donation. He works tirelessly and has kept the focus on heaven in these devotions for more than two decades.


I’ll end it with this little song from a couple of years ago.


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  1. Wow, Charlie. This piece is loaded with food for thought. Thanks, especially, for the links. Dougherty really gets to the heart of how far we have fallen in civil discourse from the ability to exchange divergent opinions and ideas with language that focuses on points made rather than personally ripping on an opponent.

    Go, Bishop Strickland! He, and any other Bishop like him who’s willing to step out in holy boldness, surely does deserve our prayers and penances as well as any other support we can give.

    Thanks for the introduction to Kay Clarity with her lyrical voice and compelling lyrics. Thanks, too, for the grand finale: The Song of Thanksgiving. SO looking forward to singing it at the end of the long road ahead.

    The repetitive lines to ole Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are A Changin'” keeps rolling through my head. With just a few lyric adaptations, it’d be a song to fit these days as well.

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  2. Charlie, Thanks for this review, accurate and brilliant.

    This comment by you on why we have different countries must be true, “… each nation is a flower in God’s garden – and it pleases Him to have a variety of blooms in that divine garden. ” The reports from those who say the have seen Heaven tell of the varieties of flowers there not found here on Earth, so God must surely create variety by intent, not accident.

    The mass media allied with the Democrats have surely blown up the dangers of Covid-19 as a means for damaging the economy and hurting Pres Trump’s reelection potential. The combination of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine has proven to be extremely effective in several trial tests now, with US pharma ramping up mass production, and even Dr. Fauci has said he would take it ( https://townhall.com/columnists/kevinmccullough/2020/03/29/hydroxychloroquine-help-is-on-the-way-n2565926?utm_source=thdailypm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl_pm&newsletterad=&bcid=f7cf4f4a762ce89b97a7c468778c624f&recip=19282906 ) . Yet three Dem state governors have threatened doctors not to use this medicine, because it’s not yet approved by the FDA (op cit). Once the FDA certifies this medicine, hopefully in only a few weeks, as the treatment period is about six days, we can get the country back to work.

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    1. It is truly a sad commentary on our Congress that they must insert riders into a bill that is supposed to help the American citizen. Of course, the stubborn Pelosi cannot let go of her much desired money for abortions and deaths of innocents. It seems to me that this (abortion) and hatred of Trump, and so many things that are Judeo-Christian are really the core of the D’s platform. This is not to say that there is not corruption in both parties, but it seems the the D’s really have no inclination to seek to please God in any way. In fact, they challenge his creation at ever possible opportunity.

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  3. Charlie: These are strange times indeed. Thanks for the reminder to keep our focus.

    Yesterday I came across a video done by Matt Fradd. he and his wife have been ill and have been tested as they have a number of systems of the virus. He spoke of his experience by ended with a prayer he called his “Night Prayer” He was following some book but did not say what it was. He chanted the entire prayer, which was amazing. I was so taken by the words I thought I would share it here:

    Pinned by Matt Fradd

    Matt’s night prayer (transcribed) –

    + In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen. O God, be merciful to me a sinner.

    O God, be merciful to me a sinner.
    O God, be merciful to me a sinner.

    In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever, Amen.

    Glory to you our God, glory to you. O Heavenly King, console us. O Spirit of Truth, present in all places and filling all things, the treasury of blessing and the giver of life, come and dwell within us; cleanse us of all stain and save our souls O Gracious One.

    Holy God,
    Holy and mighty,
    Holy and immortal have mercy on us.

    Holy God,
    Holy and mighty,
    Holy and immortal, have mercy on us.

    Holy God,
    Holy and mighty,
    Holy and immortal, have mercy on us.

    Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, now and always and forever and ever, Amen.

    O Holy Trinity, have mercy on us. Lord forgive us our sins. Master pardon our transgressions. Holy One, look upon us and heal our infirmities for Your Name’s sake.

    Lord have mercy,
    Lord have mercy,
    Lord have mercy.

    Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, now and always and forever and ever, Amen.

    Our Father who art in heaven,
    Hallowed be thy name,
    Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done,
    On Earth, as it is in Heaven.
    Give us this day our daily bread, and Forgive us our trespasses,
    As we forgive those who trespass against us.
    And lead us not into temptation,
    But deliver us from evil,
    For thine is the kingdom and the power,
    and the glory of the Father
    and of the Son
    and of the Holy Spirit,
    now and always and forever and ever, Amen.

    Lord have mercy,
    Lord have mercy,
    Lord have mercy.

    Lord have mercy,
    Lord have mercy,
    Lord have mercy.

    Lord have mercy,
    Lord have mercy,
    Lord have mercy.

    Lord have mercy,
    Lord have mercy,
    Lord have mercy.

    Glory be to the Father and to the Son
    and to the Holy Spirit, now
    and always and forever and ever, Amen.

    Come let us worship God our King and bow down before him.
    Come let us worship Christ God our King and bow down before him.
    Come let us worship Christ our King and our God and bow down before him.

    O Lord, Heavenly King, Consoler, Spirit of Truth,
    have compassion and mercy on your sinful servant,
    and pardon my unworthiness,
    and forgive me all the sins I humanly committed today,
    and not only humanly, but even worse than a beast,
    my voluntary sins known and unknown from my youth,
    and from evil suggestions and from my brazenness, and from boredom.
    If I’ve sworn by your name or blasphemed it in thought,
    blamed or reproached anyone,
    or in my anger have detracted anyone,
    or slandered anyone, or grieved anyone,
    or if I’ve gotten angry about anything,
    or have told a lie, if I have slept unnecessarily,
    or if a beggar has come to me and I have despised or neglected him,
    or if I have troubled my brother or quarreled with him,
    or if I have condemned anyone,
    or if I have boasted,
    or have been proud or have lost my temper with anyone,
    or if when standing in prayer, my mind has been distracted by the glamour of this world,
    or if I have had depraved thoughts,
    or have over-eaten, or have drunk excessively,
    or have laughed frivolously, or have thought evil,
    or have seen the attraction of someone and have been wounded in my heart,
    or said indecent things,
    or made fun of my brother’s sin when my own faults are countless,
    or have been neglectful of prayer,
    or have done some other wrong that I cannot remember for I have done all this and much more, have mercy, my Lord and Creator,
    on me, your wretched and unworthy servant,
    and absolve and forgive and deliver me in your goodness
    and love for men so that lustful and sinful and wretched as I am,
    I might lie down and sleep and rest in peace, and
    I shall worship, praise and glorify your most honourable name
    with the Father and His only begotten Son,
    now and always and forever and ever, Amen.

    It is truly proper to glorify you, O Theotokos,
    the ever-blessed and immaculate and the mother of our God.
    More honourable than the cherubim, and beyond compare,
    more glorious than the seraphim,
    although being a virgin, gave birth to God the Word,
    you, truly the Theotokos, we magnify.
    All my hope I place in you, O Theotokos,
    keep me under the wings of your protection.

    Into your hands O Lord Jesus Christ my God,
    I surrender my spirit, soul, and body.

    + Bless me, save me, and grant me eternal life, Amen.

    If anyone knows where this prayer comes from I would love to know. If I can remember to start it before I am so tired that I fall asleep, I intend to make it part of my nightly prayers.

    Praying for you, for us, all, especially for those who have voiced their needs here.


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    1. JTBrannigan,
      I haven’t listened to that episode of Matt Fradd’s podcast yet— with my children at home 24/7 I have gained so much, but lost listening to podcasts!

      But Matt Fradd and his wife attend a Byzantine Catholic Church. So I suspect that beautiful prayer is from the Byzantine tradition.

      As Crewdog says, “God bless all here!” ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

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  4. Speaking of being tired. I noticed two errors in my writing as soon as I posted the comment. Nothing that effects the meaning, just God showing me it is time to rest.

    Praying for a restful night in the midst of the storm.


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  5. For a moment I thought the picture was of Colonel Sherburn from Chapter 22 of Huckleberry Finn.

    Another personage who brooked no nonsense from a lynch mob.

    I am still trying to puzzle out what is God’s “next right step” for me.

    Thanks for the posts that you write, Charlie.

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  6. Charlie!!! Michael wants to know who you sang that song with at the end??? He thought maybe your grandkids but I told him no I think Chas n Christines r younger then them??? Maybe friends of Chas or fellow parishioners? Then he said, “Wow!!! Charlie can write!!!”

    Great piece per usual Charlie!!! God bless n keep you always!

    Thank you for this piece!


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  7. France has now officially approved the use of the anti-malarial drugs for treatment of Covid-19 after a new study in which 78 of 80 patients were cured ( https://www.dailywire.com/news/france-officially-sanctions-drug-after-78-of-80-patients-recover-from-covid-19-within-five-days?itm_source=parsely-api%3Futm_content%3Dnews&utm_campaign=daily_shapiro&utm_medium=email&utm_source=housefile&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-9pwZNkaUJg4qptbVhjCBb7Q-3Y4JGuYrDigZQ33Jju-Pl7ekfS_6Uy92X1-ifkF63qjpJTUERhWq9TrkCqiMHyyecjIA&_hsmi=85428474 ), This news report also states that treatment time was 5 days, as compared to 14-28 days for those not so treated.

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  8. When my friend Nancy and I would get together for prayer, I knew it was going to be an important session if she began with, “I’ve been thinking…”
    Charlie, your “Just a couple of things” is akin to Nancy’s “ I’ve been thinking”. Both indicated something important was about to be said. You have our attention.

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  9. Dear Charlie, thankyou so much for your wise words. They fill me with peace. Your ‘ song ‘ was going through my mind today. It is nice to hear it again.

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  10. Been a while since I last commented…

    -As someone with less than ruly hair, I find my David Daleiden’s new haircut awesome. He now excels as a person of both substance and style.

    -My confirmation class was able to get confirmed before everything was indefinitely shut down. I don’t know much about Bishop Konzen, but his homily was excellent and his speaking voice akin to Peter Kreeft’s. He was also much shorter than I expected. The tip of his miter barely reached my earlobe.

    -I used to be a news junkie, salivating over every headline and downturn of the Dow Jones, but now I find it all banal. An economic/stock market collapse is much less interesting than I thought it would be. Googling the Dow and seeing “-1,870” is just disheartening, a reminder that life as I used to know it “(flaws and all- I miss you March Madness) ain’t coming back. Better to pray or read a good spiritual book (“The Imitation of Christ,” by Thomas A Kempis), or a good book of fiction (“Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell ” by Sussana Clarke).

    -I went to confession yesterday and was the only person there. The priest seemed surprised (yet pleased) to see me. Everything in the parish is shut down but he told me that he will still say Mass at the usual time on Sundays, and that if I were to show up, he wouldn’t bar the doors for fear of his health. So I went this morning with my eight year old daughter and a Hispanic couple. We were the only four people there besides the priest and deacon. The deacon noted his his brief homily that the readings today were not a coincidence (they were about Lazarus rising from the dead, and how the Church right now was a lot like the Jews at the scene then- wondering where God was when Lazarus passed and then later amazed at having all their expectations usurped). He also said he would never again complain about the noise in the Narthex.

    -My wife and I are expecting our 6th child (a boy, the 5th in a row for my household) in the next few weeks.

    -My grandmother died early Wednesday morning (March 25th) at 87 years old. She had converted a few years before and passed away in her sleep from what I understand to be lung failure. Basically she died of what the Covid-19 gets you with minus the pain. She didn’t have Covid-19 but was in a hospital and that basically locked down and keeping her in case things went south.

    -My twin brother, CHADPRO123, coincidentally (read: non-coincidentally) prayed a whole rosary for her like 12 hours before she died, both of us half-expecting she would might be released from the hospital in the next few days, which I believe helped her passing from this world to the next.

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    1. Praying for a safe delivery! Sorry for the loss of your grandmother. May The rosary I said on that day benefit your grandmother as she transitions to eternal life!

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    1. Hi Charlie,
      Thank you so much for this “Just a Couple of Things …” I loved the whole post. Balanced and insightful, as usual. The song was a wonderful ending. When you mentioned the link, I was hoping that was what you had for us. It reminded me of what this is all about.

      I also want to thank Jack Hiller for the Reply Comment link to the article about France approving the use of Chloroquine for treatment of this Wuhan Coronavirus. It seems like our government bureaucracies have really stumbled between the testing, PPE and medical equipment, and now the delays with approving this treatment. I am so glad to read in this article, “Due to President Donald Trump fast-tracking Food and Drug Administration approval, New York state is testing hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine and azithromycin.” I pray this may be the treatment that will help people around the world.

      I think we are all having a chance to look at the things that are really important to us through the “Shelter in Place” orders we are under. Family, Church, Mass, Eucharist, Sacraments, and friends. We are watching Mass on TV. It isn’t the same, but it makes us hunger for Our Lord in the Eucharist even more. We are practicing lots of Spiritual Communions. I am grateful for the technological resources we have available that are helping things. We have also had several online meetings for Formation and with others. I am grateful for this gift of face to face connections at this time. It isn’t the same as being there, but it is good to see a familiar face and hear their voice, when it’s been weeks since you’ve seen them. We are learning to be grateful for little things, like time together.

      God’s graces, blessings, and gifts to all here and your families,

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  11. Hi TNRS Family. God’s grace and peace to you all.

    it dawned on me the other day that St John Henry Newman’s Lead Kindly Light and Charlie’s mission align well.
    Particularly this line of the prayer: “I do not ask to see the distant scene; one step is enough for me.”

    Sorry if this is old news to the team. I
    do drift in and out as life demands or weakness prevails. In case this is a new insight here is his prayer…

    Lead Kindly Light

    Lead, Kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom, Lead me Thou on! The night is dark, and I am far from home, Lead Thou me on! Keep Thou my feet; I do not ask to see the distant scene; one step is enough for me. I was not ever thus, nor pray’d that Thou shouldst lead me on; I loved to choose and see my path, but now lead Thou me on! I loved the garish day, and, spite of fears, pride ruled my will: remember not past years. So long Your power hath blest me, sure it still will lead me on, o’er moor and fen, o’er crag and torrent, till the night is gone; and with the morn those angel faces smile which I have loved long since, and lost awhile.

    Saint John Henry Newman

    With love and affection, yours in Christ…Rich

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  12. Sounds like your ” just a couple of things”, is Columbo’s catchphrase on steroids 🙂 And I highly doubt anyone has dared to say , “No, Charlie, there is no more just a couple of things.”

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    1. So you know, Maggie, this is standard operating procedure during an emergency of more than a week or two – and does NOT mean that all these retired soldiers are being called to active duty. It is basically an enabling order that allows them to be called up immediately if it was suddenly necessary. It eliminates a piece of red tape – kind of like cocking a gun but not firing it – it is a matter of readiness.

      I have had people send me alarming links from Natural News repeatedly over the years. It astonishes me that they never bother to see what the context of any of these things are…that is, what is normally done during a crisis. Instead, they go with the most panicked interpretation they can without any background knowledge. After being consistently wrong for so many years in their panics, one would think, just as a matter of curiosity if not a sudden sense of responsibility, they would decide to try to find out why their interpretations of normal procedures are never right.

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      1. Thanks for explaining and setting the record straight, Charlie.I had ceased reading his site for awhile but curiosity got…
        Oh, and btw, yesterday on the way home from Adoration, we were listening to proverbs on y.t. and when thought this line from Proverbs 3:6-‘in all your ways to submit to him and he will make your paths straight’ somewhat echoes your advice of ‘acknowledge God and take the next right step’. 🙂

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  13. I like this part…actually I like the whole piece…but this one part here really makes sense to me:

    “I speak not here of those who seek to encourage you on how to live well your duty to God, only of those who think they have divined the mind of God and can tell you exactly how everything will play out from here. God will not let anyone know how it will all play out: His purpose in those who He authentically sends to speak for Him is to encourage the habits of heart, mind and spirit needful for these times. I once likened what this would be like to being in a canoe in a swift-moving rocky rapids. It is not the time to try to learn how to paddle, but the time to be aware and ready to act quickly, decisively and prudently to the many unexpected twists and obstacles you will encounter. That remains the case. “

    The reason I really zeroed in on that € is that that is EXACTLY what it feels like these days!

    Most of the time we are afraid to just do little things because the overwhelming fear of this virus is putting people at bay of one another. It’s tricky! Lol

    A few days ago Mike and I were out for a friendly neighborhood walk and alas we encountered 2 other human beings!!! One happily exclaimed, “A human!!! Yay!” Her hands were high in the sky! Then another neighborhood fellow, Gary, came out and walked to our 6 foot separated triangle to make us a perfect square! It was wonderful to see Gary outside again as we all hadn’t spoken in years!!! How happy we were all just to stand there in a bit of …,misty rain ☔️ – by the way -just to talk about the birds 🦅 around lately and Gary’s Arsenal of guns and ammo that could protect the whole neighborhood. We have a few hunters in our little countryside lane! 😂

    We talked about you, Charlie, as I have done for years and how you said this thing would be against China and us and we would have to “endure” together as God sees fit!

    Then the closest neighbor opened up his back door and screamed at us jokingly that we were too close together for governmental guidelines!!! Oh we all got a real great laugh at that!!!😅😂🤣😁

    Anyhow, I expect it’s gonna be a long road to tow till Mayberry USA 🇺🇸 Hits and I can’t wait (whatever side of the veil we end up) what America’s bloom will look like to God!

    What exciting times! What trying times! What purifying times in which we were all chosen to live!

    So once again, We thank you, Charlie for this piece in helping us all to STAY FOCUSED on all the twists and turns in this turbulent time of sea 🌊 and space!!!

    I personally am so excited to hear the beautiful voice of Kay Clarity sing 🎤 🎸 “Stella Maris!!!” She is just wonderful and seems to even pray while singing!

    Ha!!! Just was about to hit the send button and my daughter just texted she was freaked because now social distancing it going to be until April 30th😫. 🛶 🌊 yikes!!! Turbulence and twists ahead!!!🤗

    So let us go forward now together into the stormy 🌊 sea!! Acknowledging God, taking the next right step and being a sign of hope to those whom God puts in our path!

    Love and blessings to you all! Will take all your intentions with me to church today when I go sit near Jesus and pray my rosary 📿!!!

    Stella Maris!!!

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  14. nYc Mayor Deblasio calls on citizens to report any religious gathering and notify the authorities. (immediate suspension of USA Constitution First Amendment)

    He further states, the religious community will be fined, shut down and if repeated, closed permanently. Video below is .28 seconds


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  15. Just wanted to pass on a sign of Hope that is from God for me: My daughter told me she loves me and without my saying it first. 🙂
    Since I am in the high risk category, she and I have had a lot more contact than we had in the past.
    Also, I love the pic at the top of Charlie’s post from To Kill a Mockingbird. (need to watch that again).

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  16. Charlie, if this is how long it takes to tell us about “just a couple of things,” I gotta hope you never come to us and say you have “several things” or a “laundry list of things” to tell us, ’cause I’ll be up all night reading it and checking the HTML. Whooeee! 😀 😀 😀

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    1. That right there is some classic SBC humor. ATTABOY!

      I only had to glance at the “just a couple of things” to know what was coming. There even mighta’ been a low peel of thunder out over the range in the distance, so I instantly ducked with catlike reflexes… or at least with the reflexes of an old cat.

      I did eventually read through the whole thing, but was a little disappointed he didn’t mention being at least a little miffed at missing out on Cubbies opening day.

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      1. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


  17. Eeeewwhhhhm! I just got back from a walk and it just occurred to me…”I wonder who Charlie was talking about in his…”just a couple things…” who he was agitated with???? Lol🤔😬🙄🤫🤭😎🤓🧐🤪🥰🙂😉😇

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  18. On a more serious note than my previous comment, I would like to say that there is far more going on here than just an escaped bat virus. I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but the main voices of craziness *tend* to be people who are unhappy with Trump. Yes, there is a lot of politics about this.

    Fortunately, Trump is using the momentum of these people to accomplish other things (other than to push the health system in a healthier direction, which he is doing). I don’t know if anyone else noticed this, but when he signed the Stimulus Bill, he told the Congress he would not notify them if he wanted to reallocate any of the funds in the bill, claiming such a restriction of requiring him to get Congress’s permission first was unconstitutional. He also called up to 1,000,000 Ready Reserve and other retired military to active duty. And – and – he required the Federal Reserve to fund US Treasury-controlled Special Purpose Vehicles to provide loans directly to operating companies. This returned the Federal Reserve to its originally defined mission set in 1913 to provide liquidity *directly* to banks and operating companies to help them get through a short-term liquidity event. (During WW1 Congress passed a law that required the Fed to buy only US Treasury bonds and bills, which resulted in all sorts of mischief.) In effect and reality, Trump has apparently nationalized the Fed and almost nobody but a reporter on Bloomberg and a bunch of Anons on Twitter noticed it. Today I checked, and if you do a search online for “federal reserve” you will find the Fed’s website address has changed from its original “.org” to “.gov” which is a telling change. I believe that could not be done without the Fed having become a part of the US Government system.

    All of this happened last Friday when the Stimulus bill was passed and signed into law. Did you miss all that? It’s always hard to be certain of what is going on these days, so you should check all that I have said, but my belief is that a lot of good stuff is going on under the surface and that the Covid-19 panic is being used by *both* sides to try to accomplish their intents. Trump has better “throws” in my opinion. 🙂

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    1. SteveBC, I did notice some of those things. What really caught my attention on Friday was the matter relating to the Federal Reserve. This could be a very big deal, yet it’s not being covered at all so far except, as you noted, by Anons and by one Bloomberg reporter who presented it in a not-too-positive way.

      It’s amazing how many people think the Federal Reserve is actually some kind of agency of the US government, kinda like the US Treasury. It is not. It is a private banking consortium that has had very little actual accountability over the past century, although it does have a seven-member board of governors who are nominated by the President and approved by the Senate. Since President Trump has been in office, he has nominated and/or succeeded in getting confirmed people that seem to support his approach to a restructured Federal Reserve ~ whatever that means.

      I’m waiting for something clear that ordinary people can understand. The whole century-long arrangement has been, in my view, deliberately murky and complicated.

      From a spiritual standpoint, we American taxpayers have been unwittingly and involuntarily serving mammon for a very long time.

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        YEP! .. The Federal Reserve “System” was a Deep State Op (1913) before that term was invented. Under their “care”, inflation (https://www.aier.org/cost-of-living-calculator/) equals $1-1913 = $26-2020 today and NO Gold/Silver backing of our USA Currency.
        Gold Certificates were eliminated by FDR around 1933 and Silver Certs by LBJ in 1968.
        When I was a teen, I could walk in to any bank and slap down a Dollar Bill and get a Silver $ ….. & Pennies were made of Copper, Nickels Nickel and Dimes, Quarters, 1/2$ were 90% Silver. Today our paper/coin currency has ZERO Intrinsic Value! I’d bet that the Gold Vaults at Ft Knox and the Federal “Reserve” Banks are near empty ;-(
        Trump has , essentially, been forced to add 10% to our already unacceptable TWENTY TRILLION $$$ National Debt. Trump is doing a terrific job … but with 90% malicious opposition from The Usual Domestic/Foreign Suspects ……… PRAYER NEED!!! … BIG TIME!!!



        This is where WE are then …. especially in Deep Blue (State/Urban) USA ;-(






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      2. John F. Kennedy messed with the Federal Reserve. And wanted to do so with the CIA. As we all know, he was assassinated very early in his presidential term. These agencies have held and used tremendous power, certainly not all for good…..I have read a lot about that assassination. I totally believe that it was an inside job….I spoke with Sondra Abrahams just a few days ago. When she answered the phone, she was watching a news conference with Trump and his aids speaking about the virus. She said that “most people do not realize what a good man Donald Trump is” and that “we are very lucky to have him as President”….. It seems to me that Trump is totally fearless. Late in his life he has come to know God. His love for the United State is astounding. He has to know that he is making many moves that will be seriously opposed by powerful people. He is a fearless, determined warrior.
        ….Of course, Sondra and I talked some personal things as well. Her words….which she makes clear are those of Jesus….are always very powerful revelations. She also said that Jesus told her about a year ago that there would be an illness and that many people would die…….In his latest writing Mark Mallet seems to believe we have arrived at a critical point. He seems to think that the economies of the world are going to fall apart, things will be very expensive, and people will begin fighting over the necessities…..Prayer for our president, our country, our loves ones, and those who are very blind is greatly needed. God bless all reading this board!

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        1. Mark Mallet speaks on numerous people relating the same feeling of an approach to the new Era.

          I wrote this email to a friend regarding the Pope’s Urbi et Orbi blessing.
          I participated in this blessing and had tears in my eyes when he blessed me via the Monstrance. For what it is worth, Pope Francis is the Pope of Mercy. First the Holy Doors of Mercy, world wide and now a Papal Plenary Indulgence, worldwide.

          I have told you of certain illuminations of sacred objects notably in OLA and OLH.This morning while praying the rosary f/o the image of Divine Mercy seated on my living room chair. The chair illuminated along with the image of DV. My tv set also illuminated (i had my GEOCHRON) on. the geochron is a visual map world – time table.

          in order: chair illuminates, then image followed by tv. illuminated Divine Mercy Image stops, chair remains illuminated. I didn’t notice the tv.

          (The illumination of objects are vividly, clear gold color. Radiant, with crystal clear lines.)

          I feel God is telling me His time of Mercy is over and He remains. Further, I thought of the judgement seat. Then about an hour later, a morning pigeon tried to gain access to my sliding door. It kept flying left to right, over and over again trying to get a good look in. Several times.

          Yesterday, I was struggling with carnal temptations and I opened the Bible to this verse, if you will.

          1 Thessalonians 4:3; 7-8

          3 For this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you abstain from unchastity;

          7 For God has not called us for uncleanness, but in holiness.

          8 Therefore whoever disregards this, disregards not man but God, who gives his Holy Spirit to you.

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          1. This is awesome, Sean. May Holy Spirit descend into all hearts – however He chooses best – and illumine each of us, inspiring souls to return to the Lord or embrace Him for the first time or enter more deeply into the conversion process.

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        2. Stjudithwantobe I’m sure you did…but did you see the story about President Trump in YouTube entitled “The hermit of Loretta” I think that’s the correct title??? I’ll double check. But it is a wild prophecy about the then young Donald Trump…he’s like a King David kinda guy…a guy after Gods own ❤️

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                1. Thanks jlynnbyrd!!! Someday I’d like a published book of our TNRS ASOH journey!!! But that might be awhile seeing there’s a lot of wood to chop first🐿➕🇺🇸👏🙏😇😬😄😙😋🤪🌳🌹

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      3. Sister Bear, I have often heard people calling for the Fed to be audited. Of course, that could never be allowed because it would show massive amounts of money being siphoned off to the Dark Elite. When I saw this news, I thought to myself, I’ll bet Trump and crew have *already* audited the Fed and know everything. I’m waiting to see if we will be given confirmation of that someday. The top white hat prosecutors are all quite skilled at investigating and prosecuting white collar crime.

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        1. I concur, SteveBC.

          Back on the old TNRS site, Charlie wrote a piece talking about the national debt ~ ever-increasing trillions of dollars. I could find that piece (since I downloaded all of the TNRS blogs when you made them available), but for now I’ll just mention it.

          For decades (I don’t know how many), we taxpayers have been paying the Fed, via the IRS, to pay the INTEREST we owe, not the principal of the debt. It’s never-ending. Who benefits? Certainly not the United States and her tax-paying citizens who also have to deal with consistent inflation. Nice scam, if you can arrange it ~ with the cooperation or inaction of elected and nominated-confirmed officials.

          I view many of these things through the lens of Pope Leo XIII’s vision, which led him to compose the prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel; and also the lens of the messages at Fatima. While Pope Leo’s vision had to do with destroying the Church (and the Church has been battered during the past century), a strong Church is a bulwark to defend all other legitimate institutions, in my view. Hence, many of the troubles of the past century are interconnected.

          Then we have September 23, 2017. This is a time of revealing and, we pray, of setting things right.

          Can Mayberry be far behind?

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          1. Who & how does a Country fund a war? an expansion? Get money for projects? They borrow money. From whom? Bankers. Specifically… Morgan.

            “During Morgan’s era, the United States had no central bank so he used his influence to help save the nation from disaster during several economic crises. In 1895, Morgan assisted in rescuing America’s gold standard when he headed a banking syndicate that loaned the federal government more than $60 million. In another instance, the financial panic of 1907, Morgan held a meeting of the country’s top financiers at his New York City home and convinced them to bail out various faltering financial institutions in order to stabilize the markets.”


            “Morgan initially was widely commended for leading Wall Street out of the 1907 financial crisis; however, in the ensuing years the portly banker with the handlebar mustache and gruff manner faced increasing criticism from muckraking journalists, progressive politicians and others that he had too much power and could manipulate the financial system for his own gain.

            In 1912, Morgan was called to testify before a congressional committee chaired by U.S. Representative Arsene Pujo (1861-1939) of Louisiana that was investigating the existence of a “money trust,” a small cabal of elite Wall Street financiers, including Morgan, who allegedly colluded to control American banking and industry.

            The Pujo Committee hearings helped bring about the creation of the Federal Reserve System in December 1913 and spurred passage of the Clayton Antitrust Act of 1914.”


      1. Well, Linda, I’m not smart enough to boil it down into a few sentences.

        I’m really going to have to leave this as an exercise for the Reader (ie, you, in this case). Here’s something to help you. *Everything* that Trump does has *at least* one purpose and usually more than one. He is always strategic. From his constant trolling of bad reporters and his “meany” tweets to his unexpected move to tame the Fed or sending USNS Comfort and Mercy to NY and LA, he points the *surface* of the move at his enemies (our enemies) while opening to us the deeper meanings of the move. First, think like a bad reporter or a well-known politician like Pelosi and see from their perspective. Second, watch how they react. For the most part, they see and react to only the surface of his act. The truly informed corruptocrats have to react to the surface of what he does, and that often traps them into saying something *we* see as crazy or crooked or anti-American, and we wake up a little each time. Meanwhile, the truly major operations or changes pass almost without a sound, partly because all those who would protest are too busy reacting to the surface stuff his left hand is doing and completely miss what his right hand is doing.

        Altering the status of the Fed is a R9 earthquake. To do it almost silently is astonishing. Think about all the steps that needed to be taken over *decades* by Trump and those working with him to take down one of the central pillars of the Deep State, done as an afterthought on a Friday afternoon, with barely a ripple in the surface matters of our current lives. Masterful. The world changed *radically* on Friday, and almost nobody noticed.

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          1. Power is always a temptation. We need to help in any way we can, but we also need to pray that God will help all the white hats (including Trump – and us!) to get on and stay on God’s path.

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            1. Yes, this does give Trump power…. the power needed to save the economy of this country and, maybe,the world. It also puts him in great danger. The sociopaths seeking more and more power thought they had things all sewn up! The must be raging and writhing like demons. And their rage will be directed at Pres. Trump. But he knows this. Truly audacious and valient…..You know, even if Trump saves the economy, with the extremely high debt, it will not be the same.

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              1. Tonight President Trump said he spoke with Franklin Graham for a long time and said that Franklin really really loves Jesus!!! Good to hear the name of Jesus from our President!!! I believe he was telling us he too loves Jesus❤️


            2. Amen Stevebc at our church now with my bestie Char!!! We both showed up at same time with no text!!! We prayed and I prayed flame 🔥 of love ❤️ rosary for us all here at TNRS ASOH🤗🙏🔥🌎

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        1. Stevebc I’m going to study all this today. Thank you so very much for explaining it all to me!!! You are a brilliant God send to us all here. Thank you again! Hope moms doing well

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          1. My mother is now living at an independent living facility just down the road from me and doing fairly well. Fascinated by events, as I am. 🙂

            The facility staff have been wonderful to their residents. They’ve instituted reasonable guidelines to keep the residents safe, and so far, those are working.

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            1. Oh that’s wonderful to hear Stevebc!!! I’m sure she’s a living Saint and is wide eyed as we all are in these times! God bless her always! Met this lovely older (than me) lady at Smith’s meats… even though we were supposed to stay 6 feet apart and they had blue tape on the cement floor she kept shadowing me and apologized for stalking! Lol!!! God bless her she just wanted to talk about “what de heck is going on!!!” Her face was lined but her eyes were young and inquiisitive! 👀
              She said, “Ya know… I just can’t wrap my head around all this going on…” So I began telling her that I had just come from prayer at St Paul’s… she replied, “oh I go to St Paul too is it open?” “Yes!” I said. “No Mass but open from prayer 🙏 10 – 7 pm and Jesus is there and it’s very comforting!” I proceeded to tell her about Fatima, Charlie, Desmond (the ages of the church etc…etc…etc.,,. “Oh…oh…oh!!! I remember Fatima!!! Yes!” She was so excited and I think the fellow standing behind us who was looking straight ahead was cheesing in on our talk too! 😂😂😂

              Anyhow that’s my TNRS ASOH MOMENT of today…she said I might see her at St Paul’s in the days ahead!!!

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        2. The Fed was one of the biggest tools of the Deep State. There are many others. Listen to quotes from Rockefeller:

          “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.” (David Rockefeller, Statement to the United Nations Business Council, September 23, 1994.)

          “For more than a century, ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as “internationalists” and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure — one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” (David Rockefeller, Memoirs, p. 405. 2002.)

          “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national determination practiced in past centuries.” (David Rockefeller, speaking at the June 1991, Bilderberg meeting in Baden-Baden, Germany June 1991.)

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          1. If you have not read the book, The Bilderberg Group, then maybe you might consider it. I think many of you may have seen this interview with Aaron Russo, where he was invited to join them. I do not think that he had any reason to lie.

            It is clear from this interview that Rockefeller has no use for the average Joe, except to ensIave, I always found it so hard to believe that Americans had funded the attacks on the Towers. However, I do believe the Bilderberg cabal was capable. It fit in their plans for one world order….and to attain that, they had to destroy the last (largely Christian) superpower. Endless (impossible-to-win) wars would push us greatly toward that end.

            Here is the interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSGZ4Hkdyg4

            I know that Charlie does not greatly believe in conspiracy theories. But this interview does give food for thought.

            So many presidents have talked about a new world order. It does not seem like coincidence. Trump, on the other hand, has defied the call for a new world order. Thus, the totally vicious and evil attacks You will recall the comedian with the chopped head of Trump in her had. She now has corona virus and, of course, blames Trump. This is real hatred. It is a symbol for all the other attacks.

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          2. Yes, St.J!! I wonder how many people have ever seen these quotes?! Sometimes I’ll send myself an email with quotes copied in, so I’ll have them as a reference. That’s why I’m familiar with this and similar quotes. You can’t get much clearer than someone’s own words! Re your comment below – I’ll never forget hearing Bush senior say the words “new world order”. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. 😦

            Steve, I appreciate your research and explanations included here. We have heard none of this in the news. Our President needs our prayers for sure!!

            This site is a wealth of information from all sides, Charlie!!

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      2. Linda, you and I are kindred spirits! Thanks for asking and SteveBC appreciate your time in responding with further detail/explanation. So nice this site allows minds of all caliber to co-exist in harmony 🙂

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  19. Thanks for the update Charlie. I don’t have much to say about the Coronavirus itself, I haven’t seen it firsthand, but it is one hell of societal disruption. My observations is the WHO and governments around the world did 180 degree change in recommendations that infect to isolate the populations, are they softening up everyone for a globalist takeover? How much of all this isolation, economic panic, emergency powers involving police & military is really necessary?

    It feels like I’m walking a tightrope these days, I don’t want to endanger my family by downplaying the risks of the illness nor add fuel to the globalists’ plots…

    These days I try to teach my kids the studies they should be learning (school is cancelled for the rest of the school year), I made a little greenhouse by one upstairs windows (I like to go there because, there’s still a depressing amount of snow outside, the green helps to cheer me up). I try to cheer up my family, but it’s hard with extreme changes happening on a daily basis, and of course I’ve been encouraging a Lent theme to try and lighten the situation. I pray I can keep our spirits up after Lent, 6 months, & a year from now, as It’s all a unknown quantity and I worry I won’t know what todo tomorrow…

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    1. I too an indoor greenhouse and have planted seeds during Lent. I do this yearly as new life always brings me joy and I keep an eye on the hummingbird migration, too.


      I set up a feeder in my front porch garden for these winged wee fascinating creatures. From where I am, I am expecting them any day now. The chipmunks and squirrels have been visiting daily for months now, and are plump and well fed, too! Al, I am keeping you and yours in prayer in our early spring thaw that will usher in sun, warmth and natures splendor. ❤

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      1. I see some chipmunks & birds out and about, but there won’t be any hummingbirds when it warms up, as my area is a little too urban for them. My little indoor greenhouse I find is also a relaxing place to pray.

        I wonder if God has a Easter surprise for this year? Probably not, but my heart is hopeful…

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    1. Can’t thank you enough for this reasonable, accurate, instructive video from an actual doctor in a NY hospital, Arwen. A true gem in the midst of the media , and others, cranking up panic. Not only does he give sound advice concerning health care for all, no matter your risk – high or low – he gives an accurate picture of what goes on in the hospital with actual statistics of what is being seen. Real evidence.

      Advice such as don’t go to the hospital unless you’re short of breath… The fact that only about 10% of the population who get covid will become short of breath to the extent that hospitalization will be needed… Of that 10%, about 1% need the ventilator and the VAST majority of those folks come off the ventilator about 10 days later.

      The salient words in his 57 minute presentation: covid is a wimp. It dies when you disinfect it. So, develop the ever prudent habits that have been encouraged in regards to preventing the spread of any illness.

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  20. “We have not developed the habits of heart, mind and soul to weather crises.”

    When Jesus gave his warning to the “rich” in Matthew 19:25 it confused his disciples, and still confuses us today. Who was he speaking to? How rich is rich? I believe that his definition could be expressed as “rich enough that feel like you don’t need to rely on God’s providence”. That covers me and just about everybody I know.

    I have had discussions with people who imagine that Covid-19 is a chastisement from God. Perhaps, but I can’t help but point out to them that last year about 500k people died, mostly children, from malaria, a preventable disease. Was that a chastisement? My point is that, wealthy and spoiled as we are, we are unprepared spiritually and psychologically, as a society, do deal with an event like this that makes us feel like we’re out of control.

    I’m in the camp that feels that the response to this crisis was not proportional to the threat. We constantly hear the word “unprecedented”, but Covid-19 is in no way unprecedented. The world has seen it’s like, and far worse, many times. What is unprecedented is the government response. We are told we must not go out, may not attend mass (God help us), may not gather privately, our travel is restricted. There is no mention as to how long this will continue, and little effort made to clarify what the conditions are that need to be met for the restrictions to be lifted. To my knowledge this has never been done, particularly on this scale for this amount of time. One could fairly ask if anybody knows what they are doing. It is striking how comfortable our governments, and we the governed, are with their authoritarianism. We will allow just about any restriction if they assure us it’s for our own protection, because we are afraid.

    I believe the long term effects of the “cure” will far outweigh those of the disease. I suspect that this is a watershed event that may well lead to a deep financial crisis and a radical change of the political landscape. God didn’t tell me this, of course, so I could very well be wrong. Regardless, now, more than ever, it’s time to put on the armor of Christ and not be afraid. Now, more than ever, it’s time to be poor in spirit and trust in God’s providence.

    Thanks for your work, Charlie. God bless us, every one.

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    1. I concur with Charlie, an excellant presentation of current events. We, the USA, have observed a ‘soft’ coup occur within and ‘all of a suddan’ this virus surfaces. China lost a lot of face economically and I would not put it past them to willingly release a virus in an area non productive.

      This thought is pure evil to my mind (and most) yet in a Country which has a policy of one child, preferably male, killing all others through abortion, human life is not sacred. Militarily China is full of testerone with a shortage of females. Where (what) would find a release? War. Conquest. Pillage.

      (USA) This is also a ‘soft’ Martial Law (I believe) to test the American resolve (resistance) toward the same and we whofully have responded… half heartedly. I belive many think the same and are waiting to see what happens. Rhode Island has taken an approach. Door to door interviews inquiring the whereabouts of NY’ers who fled. A photo exists of two authority figures approaching a residence: one military and one police. Innocent? perhaps. However, I suggest they will report observations beyond the initial questions.

      Stimulus package. wow. The earmarks, pork and money in the trillion of $ going to…?

      As stated here:
      Acknowledge God, take the next, right step and be a sign of hope to others.

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  21. Charlie, Linda mentioned Mayberry USA and it caused me to barely remember that you had said something about Mayberry way back when. Would you, if you can remember, refresh our memories? Thanks.
    My sister and I took my 90 year old parents to southwest Florida for three weeks while their caretaker was to be away. Luckily, we still have their condo in a golf community. Well, we are now starting our fifth week here with no end in sight. We are beginning to feel like we are characters in the book “Winds of War” where expatriate Jewish author, Aaron Jastrow, refused to leave Europe when it was clear the war was coming. We could have flown home within days of arriving but it did not look as though this was going to be long term and it appeared to be the better place for my parents. Hopefully, we will get home to our husbands and families prior to the end of spring. Aaron never made it home. I too believe, like Steve BC, that something else is going on besides the virus. It gets more interesting each day. On a final note, I find that my friends who do not have God in their lives are the ones who are the most frighten. We live in interesting times and I am glad to know that God is in charge

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  22. The biggest stressor about this current crisis is people… We can try to be signs of hope for those around us, after a while people loose patience and/or loose faith thinking “What does crazy Al know? Recent history has no noticeable hand of God at work.” Most of us know that God tests with hardships & uses those hardships to help us grow, a tough sell & teaching to impart on those who grown accustomed to a life of “easy street”…

    Some days, I just don’t know how to deal with the irrational & faithless.

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  23. Jesse Romero’s Blog
    Filling up the quota

    St. Paul, in his letter to the Colossians, a letter which he wrote from prison, said: ‘It is now my happiness to suffer for you. This is my way of helping to complete in my poor human nature the full tale of Christ’s affliction still to be endured for the sake of his body, which is the church.’ Our Lord says, ‘It is finished.’ Paul says, ‘It is not finished.’ Certainly the sufferings of our Blessed Lord were finished in him as the head of the Church, but they are not finished in his body. The quota of the physical Christ is finished. The quota of the mystical Christ is not. So St. Paul says: I am helping to fill up that quota. And so Christ’s wounds are eternally fresh. They’re all over the world. They’re in those who have the faith, and they’re in those who do not have the faith. This vision will come to us as we live close to the cross and meditate on the Passion of our Lord. Nothing gives us so much understanding of the love of God, the sacrificial love, as God coming down to this world from heavenly headquarters and saying, I will take the pain as my own. This vicarious love is the agape love of Christianity. No wonder, then, St. John tells us about the Lamb, the Lamb with the marks of slaughter upon him. If Christ is in agony until the end of the world, and he is, then our vision changes. The Passion is not a past history like the battle of Waterloo. So maybe we had better change our lives to be more closely linked with the Lamb who has the marks of slaughter upon him.

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  24. I just received word from the Mater Spei group which is promoting the newest Garabandal movie:

    “Even so, we have found a solution that both respects the contracts and at the same time allows us to make the film available free of charge during Holy Week 2020. We are proud to announce that from April 3-12, 2020; that is, from the Friday before Holy Week through Easter Sunday, ‘Garabandal, Only God Knows’ will be available for viewing online free of charge both in Spanish and English on the film’s official webpage: https://www.garabandalthemovie.com

    The film was so well produced with ordinary people who are believers in Our Lady’s appearances in Garabandal who volunteered their time and energy to create the movie. Enjoy!

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  25. Many commenters here have probably seen Susan Skinner’s post relating the coronavirus to the crowning of thorns. Has anyone else thought about the similarities between the agonies of those suffering from serious cases of the virus and what Jesus may have experienced on the cross? I’d have to defer to scientists and medical experts, of course, but the loneliness, isolation, gasping for breath, fatigue, coughing, pain, infection, etc. seem eerily similar.

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    1. As ever, Goldensun, Susan writes so beautifully and her meditations are rich with contemplation possibilities. I love and have prayed the prayer which she and her friend have written. I do know we’re all living the Paschal mystery in many and varied ways with many of the sorrows you have listed being part of various types of suffering in each one’s life. We know our call to take up our crosses and follow after him and as St. Paul says: “Now I rejoice in what I am suffering for you, and I fill up in my flesh what is still lacking in regard to Christ’s afflictions, for the sake of his body, which is the church.”

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    2. I’ve thought of this too…read beautiful version of stations of Crosd today at our church!!!! Whoa!!! How our Lord suffered and still does for us all!!!😩 the pamphlet is called…”An act of love ➕ Stations of the Cross for Priests & Laity by http://www.foundationforpriests.com. Just beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time these prayers are🤗😩

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  26. So….what am I supposed to do when the County I work for shorts my second monthly paycheck by about $3,000? The CEO even tried to force me to sign a paper switching me from time-and-a-half to straight-time.

    Well, I will be contacting a lawyer today.

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      1. Thanks, Beckita. Actually, my work load just lightened considerably! I’ve been informally on-call pretty much 24-7, been seeing patients at the nursing home as needed, and am handling some minor emergency situations. Well guess what? The only thing my contract explicitly describes is work at the medical clinic.

        I just became MUCH less available. If they want more from me, they can ask nicely and negotiate to amend the contract.

        Even the North Dakota physician said he got similarly screwed when he started working here in 2012. As he said, “No good deed goes unpunished!”

        He also said, “Small towns eat idealists for lunch.”

        Well, it’s hardball time…..this gives me more time to pray and relax.

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    1. well, we now know why the other employees resigned and an opening was available.

      If you can, suck it up and get thru this crisis. You can always litigate later. After all is said n done, quit and get far removed from this organization, asap.

      People in Medical organizations are the most important assets.

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      1. Better yet, contact NYC and volunteer to work at the Jacob Javits center assisting in this crisis. The General in the video is spot on, mission driven and has responded to the crisis proportionally. Medical professions in NYC will probably be overwhelmed in a week or so.

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        1. Yes, whether you’re in NYC or ‘Mayberry’, it’s a good news/bad news thing depending on your priorities and how you look at it. “Buck up” comes to mind, but only because i wish I had a buck for every time we’ve been exhorted to “gird your loins” for these times.

          I can hear my lil’ but intense wife working downstairs (mandatory work from home for her too) at a 12 hr/day clip placing traveling nurses into tough spots like WA and NY. Good news is they’re contracting at $5K/week take home in NY. Bad news (or however you look at it), they’re heading into some very exhausting work and challenges. I hear quite a bit of the conversations in the background between her and the nurses, and I have to say I’m proud of them overall. I particularly love it that my wife not only continues to maintain all those personal relationships with genuine care for each, but she’s really found a new gear, laying it down on that gritty track with a surprisingly strong and no-nonsense approach in her communications and work. And here I’ve been mildly concerned for some time about whether she was getting serious about girding her loins.

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        2. Bruce Fife, C.N, N.D., has said for years that coconut oil fights infection, both bacterial and viral. Coconut oil and palm oil contain many ingredients in mother’s milk that are meant to protect the newborn. These substances are largely absent in other plant and animal products. He advises taking 3 tablespoons in warm orange juice, tea or coffee at every meal if you feel like you are becoming ill……The Wahl Protocol diet ( developed by a doctor for those with neurodegenerative diseases) also promotes a wide use of coconut oil and many less carbohydrates in the American diet….Since I have been home, I have been doing a lot of reading. Of course, extra vitamin C is great, but I cannot take that in a big way. It is an acid and high doses make me very itchy…..I offer this tidbit because it certainly cannot hurt!

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          1. SJWTB, I have to be careful what kind of Vitamin C I use. Most C is made from corn, and I’m allergic to corn. It sounds like you might also be allergic to C made from corn and possibly because of its source. I use C powder made by Nutribiotic (at Amazon) because it is not made from corn. I don’t know what it is made from, but it doesn’t bother me. Also, I use ascorbic acid only in small amounts. Most of what I take is either sodium ascorbate powder made by Nutribiotic or liposomal C made by Mercola, both of which are non-acidic. I have no problem with either. People with high blood pressure would need to test the sodium ascorbate form to see if it causes issues with their BP, but my understanding is that it usually does *not* disturb BP control.

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            1. Thanks, Steve,for the information. I can take vitamin C in small amounts as well. I will have to check to see if what I use is made from corn. However, I have very, very sensitive skin. I imagine that high amounts of anything acidic may bother me, especially in the spring. I cannot eat oranges or grapefruit often, but most especially in the spring. I have added unsweetened coconut cream to my diet and will move on to coconut oil eventually. I am trying to follow the Wahl Protocol. However, I am very impressed with what I am reading about coconut oil itself (regardless of diet). I do not think hurts to try it,though I am sure it is not a cure for everything. As far as the virus goes, we all rest in God’s will. We can be sensible, but then we must trust in His plan. I am sure we all know that. 😉

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              1. SJWTB, just to be clear, sodium ascorbate is not acidic. It has a neutral pH. If acidity is your issue rather than corn, try ascorbates. And coconut oil is a wonderful substance. It helps raise HDL cholesterol (one of the few foods that will do that significantly), boosts and controls the immune system, brings energy to body and brain in elderly folks. Lots more, and nothing bad.

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                1. Hi, Steve. I have no idea why I become very itchy when I take high doses of Vitamin C. I just know I cannot take it like so many other people.
                  I am using lots of coconut oil and nonsweetened coconut creme these days.

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  27. I am very perplexed by the continues usage of “We” by the Body of Christ when referring to the heathen scum that a hefty percentage of the population of America has become.

    “They” hate Him and want no part of “Us” , the Body of Christ.

    There is a saying that the doors of Hell are locked from the inside. This is true of New York, San Fransisco, and the a large portion of the people of Texas and Florida.

    It is as plain as day to me that the Great Divide has happened and that they plan to kill us.

    “God, I want the bastards dead” is something I pray. Am I the only man on Earth who thinks and prays like this?

    God bless.

    p.s. post or not at your discretion, I don’t want to upset the community here.

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    1. Timothy, thanks for your candor. First, here’s a link with a well expressed teaching from Fr. John Hardin concerning “The Mystical Body of Christ.” As for the feeling of anger concerning the works of those who choose to live, think and act in darkness, I get it. How could we not be? Still, we must guard our own thinking and acting as we manage the anger, for our hearts can easily become hardened, bitter, and resentful in the face of the evil around us. Harnessing the anger to become a drive to bring about the opposing good is a more life-giving choice for ourselves and for those around us. The distinction is the age old: “hate the sin, love the sinner” – and not a warm feeling kind of love but a choice made by an act of the will to do the Lord’s bidding: But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.

      For inspiration, here’s a link to some of the story of Fr. Jerzy Popieluzsko who will soon be an officially canonized saint due to his choices, his simple ordinary step by blessed step choices, made in the face of evil as ugly as that which we are experiencing today. In the article you will see an image showing the horrific death that this beloved priest underwent at the hands of seeming monsters. And an excerpt from the article reveals how Fr. Jerzy’s flock chose to act in response. Fr. Jerzy taught his spiritual children well. This is not to say, we lie down and let the thugs get away with crimes. Not at all. We continue to strive to judge with righteous judgement, holding criminals to account even as we forgive and pray for our enemies.

      An excerpt from the article:
      The first witness to the priest’s life that Pawel met told him a story that a million Poles turned out for the murdered cleric’s funeral there at St. Stanislaus Kostka parish. (Official estimates are 250,000, but many Poles say that’s an official number released by the Communist regime, which vastly underestimated the number for political reasons; the museum maintains that the number is between 250,000 and one million.) The Communist regime sent soldiers to Warsaw to ensure that the funeral wouldn’t turn into a revolutionary insurrection. Cardinal Jozef Glemp, the nation’s primate, said the funeral mass, and Solidarity trade union leader Lech Walesa was one of the eulogists.

      “The witness told me in that massive crowd he saw a police car,” said Pawel. “People were slamming their hands down on the car, shouting, ‘We forgive! We forgive!’” In that is an answer for the situation that our world is in now.”

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        1. It IS bewildering and aggravating and it does give rise to anger in me as well, Timothy. I imagine most Christians share in the anger. Still, our feelings are just that: our feelings. What we do because of those feelings is what matters to God. And He did say to pray for our enemies. My maternal grandmother taught me from childhood the St. Augustine saying which had come to be expressed like this in common usage: Hate the sin; love the sinner.

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          1. Hi Becks,

            The sinners do not bewilder me; I am one and I know , to a degree, the depths of human depravity.

            What bewilders me is the Christians!

            Yes, I do pray for sinners. I consider Hillary Clinton to be a demonically posessed evil woman totally given over to evil, and I prayed and pray for her. I will NOT let her rule over me and mine just because Christianity is always playing defense.

            God’s response bewilders me too, and I am very frank with Him (surprising myself sometimes at my outbursts to Him….example…God says “I have stopped them” or “I will stop them” and I respond, “WHEN???? ”

            Granted, all this prophet stuff may be wrong. We have been shown tidal waves wiping out the East Coast, Fire in the Sky, etc…all well and good.

            WHEN???? I. am. done. with. this. evil. and. want. it. gone.

            My outlook is joy and happiness. God brings life abundant. We willingly take on suffering not because suffering is great, it sucks!, rather, we take on suffering in the knowledge that it will lead to good.

            There seems to be a trend in Christianity that enjoys suffering for sufferings sake.
            I see a strain of Christianity that rolls over and dies because…tradition!

            Look at the Vendee.

            From what I read, the “officials” in the church left them to die for expediency of some sort. Barnhardt wanted to use their “flag” or some such as the flag of Christian resistance in the U.S.

            “Ok” i thought, then I read up on them and said, “Screw that noise” I am shooting back and if/when Authority say’s “roll over and die” I will say, “NO!”.



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            1. Timothy,

              The wicked in the church will be removed by God’s hand.

              In the video of Mother Angelica from the 90’s… she mentions the corruption within the Church.

              We will be forever changed/affected when we witness this cleansing. We will see if this pandemic is the flame that touches off that cleansing.

              Ask God for a strong Christian leader. He will raise up great saints for these times. Who knows it could very well be you! 😀

              We are with you Timothy.

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              1. Amen, Little One. The very saints being raised up are all the ordinary little ones such as every reader and commenter here living TNRS as a way of life. Charlie’s Ballad of the Ordinary Man proclaims this to be so and I see this happening all around us.

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        2. JESUS = GOOD NEWS 😉

          Timothy certainly has a right/reason to be concerned These Days.
          Evil Exists! It always has & is still a Great Mystery that Believers must deal with.
          We are in dire times. Yes! We pray for all Humanity! We pray for our enemies! We Turn the Other Cheek to family, friends, neighbors. We DO NOT Turn the Other Cheek to Evil! Nor do we fail in our absolute obligation to defend ourselves, our families, our neighbors, our communities and our Country from EVIL. Be it demon possessed, violent MethHeads, common criminals, ANTIFA Thugs, Islamic Jihad or any that would do US harm.
          The author of the below quote is uncertain but, one day, YOU may have to be the man/woman who must Stand Ready in the Night!

          “We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.”

          GOD SAVE ALL HERE!!

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    2. Timothy, Let me first agree that the “heathen scum” are deplorable, and frustrate me by their Godless, mindless, and often mean spirited behavior (the ardent Democrat leadership in particular). However, I like to calm my own irritation about “them” by contemplating that we all are God created and blessed souls. So, their waywardness provides the rest of us, even with our own imperfections and sins, with an opportunity to work at their education as a truly worthwhile goal. In the text that I wrote about the implications of what we learn from the Near-Death Experience, my goal shifted as I wrote from explaining what I found to sharing what I was learning about God’s Creation, to softly educating the Godless– going so far as to even script a code of moral conduct. So, methinks it’s better to turn from despising the fools to educating them best we can.

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      1. Hi Jack

        God bless you. My reaction towards glimpsing the abyss different from yours, like you, it changed me.

        During a dream last night I was asking God the name of the particular spirit that was causing people in a technical forum I participate in to celebrate Bert coming out as Vanessa.

        The speed at which the subverters in Academia began pushing this geNder fluid crap to it acceptance has been only about a decade. Fr. Ripperberger spoke that Christendom is demonically oppressed (? correct word?) by the downstream effects of demonic influence..posession, obsession, …something else…within the broader society.

        It is these effects which I am over and done with.

        Per Fr. Ripperberger, demons are to be named by what they do (correct?). So, asked God, for the word of the cause this filth. “Lies” was the answer. This demon is named Liar and it hates me. So, I said a binding prayer within the circle of my authority over me and mine then asked God to bind the son of a bitch and throw his ass out of Christendom as it is that demon that has the heathen in Christendom by the throat.

        This tempered my rquest to God about bringing the hammer down on this age. Instead, I asked God to leave these peopke naked in their lies. And, bereft of any support from Liar , to see the stupidity of their clever ways and recognize their sin.

        This shifted my focus from the men to the Liar.

        Perhaps the war can be avoided.I certainly hope so.

        Grace and peace

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          1. Thanks.

            Be always truthful with God and He will guide. Try to finesse it with Him and you get in deep doo-doo.

            The linked Mark Mallet piece has a vignet on the prodigal son’s brother. I saw my actions/thoughts in that light and changed course as I do not want to be “that guy” (:

            Thanks for letting me air this stuff out.
            The time for kicking heathen butt is not now.

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    3. Hi Timothy– I get angry at the people who seem to be possessed by evil and I get angry thinking about their manipulations that seem to be motivated by a desire to control us as and destroy our freedoms. But I would die in order to save anyone from going to hell. I don’t hate anyone, I just stand in awe at what seems to me to be horrific ignorance or absolute evil. Don’t be discouraged, Timothy. BTW, I really enjoy your posts and I hope you’re not offended by my response to you! God bless!

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    4. Timothy,

      You do not upset the community, at least I hope not! Listening to the video below of Mother Angelica is very soothing and amazing how it applies to today so very well.

      By the awesome grace of God I have had to learn to forgive an abusive father in this life, a brother who molested me ( who is now confirmed in to the church), a former spouse who was involved with another woman even as we said our vows at the altar… And yet for all that pain I know I have caused others suffering as well with my own sins. We are all sinners. When I get angry at the injustice I remember that God will bring justice and I’ve read enough about hell, and have seen a type of hell here on Earth, that I am moved to pity poor sinners.

      This is a time of choosing. It isn’t easy. Life isn’t easy. But there can be the peace only God can give and the joy of doing God’s Will.

      So glad you feel comfortable enough to truly express yourself. Mother Angelica speaks about saints and their human frailties. She makes me laugh. You are real enough to be a saint… we are all called to be saints. Peace be with you!
      Carpe Diem!

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    5. No, some of us have varying levels of thoughts & feelings on this, just remember:
      Romans 12:19 Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”

      Look at these troubled times as a liberation from evil and our just anger & frustrations, as God deweeds his garden with his justice. Stand back, let the unrepentant wicked get their due, as they will defiantly not change their ways from any of out efforts.

      Remember the Beatitudes, and help our faithful brethren who are in hard times & suffering. Be merciful & help those who do not anger God & hate him, and leave the unrepentant rest to God’s just judgment.

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      1. In my own reflections of Mary meeting Jesus on the road to Calvary during the Stations of the Cross and the Seven Sorrows of our Blessed Mother, my mind recently began to focus on a momentary exchange of the *great love* and not the intense pain. Despite the darkness that surrounded this moment, Mary’s heart was fixed on love and not on anger or hate. I am not sure why my focus was changed, yet it seemed so right and proper considering what we are being called to do at this this time.

        Subsequently, I found this meditation that gave me even more depth of understanding and appreciation:

        Except from https://www.ourcatholicprayers.com/the-fourth-sorrow.html

        “…The 19th century German nun and mystic Anne Catherine Emmerich provides further details concerning this Fourth Sorrow from her visions of Our Lord’s Passion, published in book form as The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. (Mel Gibson used this work as source material for his movie The Passion of the Christ.)

        Sister Emmerich relates how Mary and John stood at an entranceway along the street where Jesus was to pass by. They saw Him “almost sinking under the heavy weight of his cross…his head, still crowned with thorns, was drooping in agony on his shoulder. He cast a look of compassion and sorrow upon his Mother, staggered, and fell for the second time upon his hands and knees. Mary was perfectly agonized at this sight; she forgot all else; she saw neither soldiers nor executioners; she saw nothing but her dearly-loved Son; and, springing from the doorway into the midst of the group who were insulting and abusing him, she threw herself on her knees by his side and embraced him…”

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        1. God knows people’s hearts, Saul who persecuted the early Christians was struck blind by God on his way Damascus, he converted & became Paul. Until God does something with all those Sauls out there (there’s no guarantee they will all repent & convert), it’s best to do like early Christians did and avoid them, and focus on those crying out to God for help.

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    6. There was a period coming fresh off of college where I felt a bit like this, probably because I had spent some serious years sewing my wild oats. For a battered Catholic (self-inflicted) on the mend, shakily invigorated, it felt a bit like finding that imagined Catholic Card long since lost and thinking it an automatic lifetime membership. Thought mine was even the platinum upgrade, complete with the Sons of Thunder spending limit. Darned if I didn’t use it vengeance.

      I think it was an old, dogeared copy of “Imitation of Christ” that finally snapped me out of it. Reminded me quite clearly just where things stood and how very, very much I owed Him.

      I still get angry in my head sometimes (mostly at myself). What am I really but a servant just doing what he ought with nothing to boast about at the end of the day!? It’s all Him. All His Grace.

      What a shame it would be if we let the devil talk us out of following Him into that great morass of wayward souls.

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    1. Not enough time to listen right now, Little One, but knowing Mother Angelica, I’ll bet this feature on the topic of fear is filled with her usual wisdom and humor. Good timing, Little One.

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  28. Just a note regarding “Veilofveronica.blog” “crown of thorns” at that time the apostles were in hiding. Interestingly in this time the Church doors are closed . . . .

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    1. So far I’ve been pretty lucky… they did cancel all confessions for today but so far our churches are open for private prayer 10 – 7!!! What a beautiful hour!!! Folksies are coming in and bending knees!!!➕🤗

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    1. Stupendous, MP! Refreshing. I can smell the flowers. Thanks so much for this glorious view of springtime from your corner of the world.

      Crazily enough, it’s snowing in the beauty of these northern Rockies this day and, last evening, I was literally gently swaying – not by my own volition – due to the 6.5 earthquake about 200 miles west of Missoula in Challis, Idaho.

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    2. Thank you so much for sharing God’s beauty of creation, deserving of classical music.
      What a wonderful gift to also have been given a special wee one as a tireless compadre.
      I bet she is still worn out with keeping up with you,
      … or is it the other way around. Ha!

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      1. Definitely can’t judge her by appearances. No bigger than my boot, she covers three times the distance I cover, zigzagging and looping and darting to and fro –– all on six inch legs! What person in their right mind sees a wee chihuahua and says, “oh, she’ll make a great trail dog.”

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    3. Oh MP!!!! Just watched your wonderful video !!! I smiled the WHOLE time!!! Thank you so much for that!!! You are a true cowboy 🤠 How cool is that!!! Loved the orange golden poppies and squirrel 🐿 Island your cute little 🐶 !!! Thanks again for the smile 😃 Stuff of Mayberry 🇺🇸 USA!!! Hey to MP!!! 👏

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      1. Ha! This ‘cowboy’ was just trying to rustle up some Fat Boy ice cream sandwiches at the grocery store… had to settle for the last box of downsized Fat Boy Jr.’s which are little more than ice cream nuggets. Couldn’t help but notice some of the off brands as a fallback, such as Helados Mexico Coco-Coconutty bars. Go, Mexico! Was also completely amused at how the supermarkets have reorganized the layout so it appears as if the paper products aisles never even existed! Not fooled!!

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          1. Good to know. I think I’ll break up those long strands with the blender and credit you with 50% of the inspiration for the all new Helados Mexico Coco-Cocnutty Malt. Lockdown challenge #152 overcome!

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    4. MP!! Thank you for sharing your Lockdown Trek! It brought so much joy to me. I’m going to share it with my friends, if that’s alright. Liked the George Carlin quote at the end too. 🙂 God bless you. Hope to see more.


      1. If your friends can stand my dry sense of humor, have at it Audie. I was actually thinking about adding some outtakes/bloopers after the Carlin quote, but it really was too much.

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  29. What a knot we’ve gotten into. At this point I’m much more troubled by our response than Covid. I am seeing things like people not being able to get food, enough food, out of work…and it’s like all that must be ignored to virtue signal how concerned you are about Covid, and acting as if every death is the most awful thing in the world instead of something that happens every day. And believe me, I’m not casual about it, but people have lost all perspective. It’s like they equate their level of hysteria with virtue.

    An awful little microscopic virus has done what so many countries wished they could have done to us, and hopefully God will bring reprieve with an old drug, Hydroxychloroquine, which I happen to have for my Lupus. But wouldn’t it be just like God to use something that you almost have to dust off to help us out of this mess?

    I’m in NJ, so things are a major panic here – I was reading a thread today where there were boys out playing basketball and the general consensus of 84 commenters were that the police AND CPS should be called. Sickening. And that’s not the first thread I’ve read like that.

    I went food shopping at Costco Friday last week, then to Target and there was a hush over both stores. People were afraid to talk to you. People didn’t want to smile. You got angry eyes if you talked. People are afraid of each other.

    I didn’t understand before, Charlie when you said panic would be the biggest problem. I didn’t understand what would happen when so many people bought into hysteria. I guess I didn’t realize how fragile people were.

    I also didn’t understand how angry people would be when you were a sign of hope. They love their panic.

    Lord, redeem your people.

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    1. Happy April to all! I saw a meme that said April Fool’s Day has been cancelled this year as no prank could match the unbelievable stuff happening in the real world now.

      I’ve seen this in small numbers too, Briana. Today, I hugged a neighbor after chatting and smiled and greeted several walkers while in the front yard tending to the gardens. My mind takes me back to when we were told true to obey legitimate civil authority and God. The line has been even more blurred in light of the new and universal pandemic panic as to what is and isn’t legit, what is true and what is flat out propaganda.

      Sadly moral versus immoral is not an indicator anymore of what should be considered legal. Many are not well versed with civil state laws and federal laws, especially in a national emergency, and then there is the anything goes PC crowd. States are setting convicted prisoners free, threatening and arresting well meaning do-gooders. Abortion is essential, and churches are closed. The abuse of power is a temptation in all seasons, and ripe for the picking when fear, boredom, and ignorance are factors.

      I wholeheartedly concur and echo your sentiment, Lord, redeem your people. Maranatha. ❤

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      1. Hugs to you being a friend in your corner of the world!

        The hospitals are rocking it here, in NJ, but I guess I meant that the people were in a panic. There are some rebels, like me, but so many have just bought this hook, line, and sinker! Sad. Just really sad.

        “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Franklin.

        They are handing over their liberty and tying it all up in a bow.

        Prayers for all!


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  30. My sister Cindy sent me this video from Veritas Project about how things in New York and New Jersey are not as bad as media says!!! X22??? Also, I spoke with globetrotting Tom & Liz yesterday(today is Liz’s 35th bday!!!🎂) and they said er and Hospital in Fort Myers is dead as a doorbell!!! No business thanks be to God… but they are a bit confused???

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  31. Yes! Bishop Strickland! ♥️✝️💙 I have been one of his admirers since I made a short pilgrimage to Tyler a couple of years ago to honor the Relics of Padre Pio he had allowed at the Cathedral. I learned then that he sent a letter to all the priests in his Diocese asking them to start setting up kneelers in their churches at communion for those who desire to kneel when they accept the King in His Most Holy Sacrament. I wish I lived in Tyler.

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