Orwell’s Nightmare Drones On

The Media’s View of Reality

By Charlie Johnston

I’m laboring over two rather meaty pieces right now. I thought, in the meantime, you might enjoy this brief glossary of establishment media terms in popular usage on the left. It might help you clear up some confusion. Note that these are not actually proper definitions, but how your betters in the media define the terms. It is, by no means, comprehensive – but if we are going to be subjected to Newspeak every day on television, best we understand what the terms mean so we can translate it back into English.

Conspiracy Theory: Any damaging allegation against a Democrat, no matter how compelling the evidence and how abundant the facts supporting it. As in, the growing body of evidence of the Biden family corruption is, to the media, a ‘conspiracy theory.’

Serious Allegations: This phrase is never used in reference to Democrats. It is only used to characterize media conspiracy theory attacks launched against Republicans – such as the Russian Collusion Hoax.

Debunked: How the media describes accusations against a Democrat for which there is solid evidence – and which have never been formally investigated.

Bombshell: A media attack on Republicans or Christians or teenage Trump supporters. Also known as bunk.

Freedom Fighter: Any murderous, terrorist thug who also hates America and plots to kill Americans (especially Christians or Republicans). People like Osama bin-Laden, Qasem Soleimani, Al Quaeda, Hezbollah, and that guy who shot up the Republican Congressional softball practice a couple of years back.

Terrorist: American military veterans, pro-life advocates, 2nd Amendment supporters, Orthodox Catholics, serious Evangelicals, and any other ordinary person who loves their country and supports their family.

War Hero: Any military desk jockey who publicly spouts left-wing cant. See Alexander Vindman or Bowe Bergdahl.

White Supremacist: Anyone who does not submit to leftist dogma. In the interest of equal opportunity, the media no longer requires one actually be white to be a ‘white supremacist.’ Black folks such as Kanye West and Candace Owens have been publicly described as ‘white supremacists’ along with Jews such as Ben Shapiro and Jared Kushner. Anyone who is seriously Christian, Jewish, or politically conservative can now be a white supremacist, regardless of race, creed or color.

Statesman: People such as Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Al Green Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and any other official who is sufficiently committed to the progressive project that they will lie, cheat, and steal to advance it without hesitation or pause.

Political Hacks: People such as George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln and any other saps who believed in faith, family and freedom or truth, justice and the American Way – or actually accomplished anything of lasting worth.

Science: A tricky body of work that is to be tarted up and trotted out when it can be perverted to support a leftist priority – and completely ignored when it cannot. Thus, the often conflicting data on climate dynamics are to be cited when they can be used to bolster the left’s desire to use a weird weather cult to take supreme power over everything and ignored when it contradicts the weird weather cult. Though science says that a child is fully human from the moment of conception and that there are two genders which cannot be switched just by wishing it so, the media will NEVER tell you these scientific facts.

Baby: A mythical creature similar to unicorns and centaurs that religious folk and conservatives insist are real. Neither leftists nor the media have ever actually spotted one, though.

We’re all gonna die: A phrase the media uses every time a Republican (and particularly Donald Trump) accomplishes what was previously considered impossible by all the “experts.” The phrase was used to describe Trump’s tax cuts, his economic revival, his bringing back abundant manufacturing jobs, his renegotiation of more favorable trade deals with Mexico, Canada and China particularly, his moving America’s embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and his de-fanging of North Korea, Iran, and ISIS. Apparently ‘we’re all gonna die’ is a leftist variant of the old Vulcan blessing, “Live long and prosper.”

Compassion: Using the poor and marginalized as props to forcibly take ordinary people’s money to give the left supreme power. Leaving the poor to erect tents in city streets, giving them needles to shoot up drugs with, and registering them to vote for Democrats.

Man: Woman

Woman: Man

Racist: Anyone who wins an argument with a leftist. Variants of this term include, but are not limited to, sexist, homophobe, and white supremacist (see above).

Fairness: The doctrine that when a coin turns up heads, the left wins – and when it turns up tails, the right loses. The left also refers to this sometimes as “due process,” – not to be confused with actual legal concept of due process.

No one is above the law: The left must always win – and this phrase is used to pretend there is some moral dimension to that will to power.

Light: Darkness.

Darkness: Light.

Reality: Something reporters talk about frequently, but are entirely unfamiliar with. It is how and where normal people live. Strangely, reporters never doubt their grasp of reality no matter how many times their delusions blow up in their faces.

Meep-Meep: Donald Trump’s strategy for dealing with leftist media delusions.




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  2. Had I kept scanning and not retraced my steps to the disclaimer, I’d have thought you were being serious. Upon sober reflection, I think your definitions are right on. Wish I could laugh more about it, but I’m fed up with the left and their tentacles.

    Is it possible for them to perfect their hypocrisy any more than they already have? Take lying, cheating, and stealing to all new lows? Which Commandment, if any, aren’t they flouting with impunity?

    God will judge each of us, but I think the Bible has something to say about nations, cities, peoples, families and such being judged too. Does that extend to any group? How about the Democrat party?

    Gosh, I can’t even gather any comfort in that at the moment. I feel a Job rant coming on.

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      1. Or “tweet-tweet”… same result, as they yet again head over the cliff/have the giant anvil dropped on their heads/clutch the “Acme” TNT as it explodes in their faces… and just like the coyote they come back for more😁

        It’s exactly the same over here on this side of the big puddle, where TDS also festers. He lives in the heads of all lefties rent-free. Bigly.
        So great to see him addressing the March in Washington, and that the turnout was so massive.

        Meanwhile, here in this once-faithful isle we’re having a general election. Things are looking bad for the main Government party, the one that brought in abortion and whose leader openly lied about his intentions in that regard. And he a qualified medical doctor. It is time for payback, and it will be delivered. However, since both main parties are equally untrustworthy on Pro-Life (well, on pretty much everything decent, really), the alternative is not much better so it looks like some sort of messy coalition, which our system allows given we have proportional representation. Since the smaller parties are mostly bolshie to one degree or another and/or eco-loonies, coalition arrangements will be inherently dangerous for Decency, because they’ll insist on getting their lefty, anti-Life nonsense included as their price for support. The only saving grace is a new party which does support Pro-Life and which is organised on a national basis, but which struggles against lack of resources and, needless to remark, hostility from the “objective” media. However, if they even get a foot in the door in terms of a few reps. elected it could make a difference, together with those few independents who stand for Right – one of whom is in my constituency and broke from the main Government party over the abortion vote in 2018. So thank God I have a clear choice for whom to vote. I dislike abstaining, but sometimes you just have to if all the available choices support evil. Thankfully, not this time around.

        Anyway, whatever about what happens in this small corner here next month, events in your great country come November will have global significance. We wait in hope…

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    1. Think about how many times false witness has been committed. I concluded a long time ago that “progressivism” is code for incremental communism. An acquaintance who lives in the DC area and whose wife worked in a past Republican WH commented to me when I puzzled how AOCortez with a college degree could be so ignorant of economics said, “Joanne, she’s a communist!” So there it is, Do Not Doubt. And, yes, Animal Farm is playing out before us all in real time.

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      1. Yes, “Animal Farm.” There are at least 3 worn copies floating around this house as it was required reading for our children early on.

        Nice to see Pope Francis recently extolling the virtues of “good storytelling” as there are so many confused, and worse, malicious voices spreading their pap.

        I remember the day I decided to ween myself off of childish reading and onto something meaty. I was 12. Had absolutely no idea who C.S. Lewis was but a title, “Screwtape Letters,” caught my eye. Just then my dad came into the den and said, “you’re not quite ready for that.” He ran his hands over the volumes, plucked out “Watership Down,” and handed it to me without preamble. One of those simple moments between us… but an important one. Prescient with regard to my development, I would say, but still playing out. Even so, I confess to sneaking back later that day to retrieve and devour “Screwtape Letters.”

        Of course my dad was aware and never said a word about it. I always appreciated that he let me run and was never patronizing.

        “I thirst.”

        The world is parched for good storytellers… and many of them don’t even know it.

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        1. And for those with wee ones not quite ready for “Watership Down,” I recommend “Poppy,” the first in the “Tales From Dimwood Forest” series. I read it to my youngest when she was 5-years-old. To this day, if she ever happens to spy or hear a great horned owl in the desert nearby, she’ll always take a quick inventory of our wee animals to make sure they’re safe.

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  3. What a fun and unexpected read. I’m looking forward to those meaty pieces, as always. “To be tarted up and trotted out”…that was a memorable phrase!

    May I add the definition of “illegitimate”? A suggestion: Any instrument of power, action, or branch of government that fails to work to the advantage of the Democrat party at the moment. For example, the Supreme Court, the electoral college, the Senate, the 2016 election, and probably the 2020 election.

    Perhaps also, “If true, BIG!”: Totally unsubstantiated claims of malfeasance on the part of Trump or Republicans which inevitably fail to materialize and always embarrass the media. (I sort of stole that from Charles Cooke).

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  4. Oh yes, I’m many of those too! Right on!

    I have been praying a certain request during this so-called “trial”. I am asking Mother Mary to cover the Congress and all of D.C. for that matter, with her mantle and to “crush the serpent”, all the evil and lies.

    Along those lines, Spiritdaily had a very good article yesterday, “Cities where Satan lives”. It is a good reminder about praying for not only our homes, but every diocese, city, state, etc. because they all have an angel that has been put in charge there. My own state of CA is sadly a great example of the way evil entities take over. It has radically changed for the worse in recent decades, but if enough people pray it can be turned around. Maybe we can get bishops who will stand up for holiness and not have a parish devoted to ministering to homosexuals unless there’s a Church-approved program such as Courage. The problem is that the door is opened to evil and the demons come in!

    We need all that power that Beckita just wrote about in the last blog entry!!! Come Lord Jesus!!!

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      1. Ha!  You know Sr. Bear, I did not look at the picture.  I went straight for the article.  I did just notice the 18th century drone in the back ground.  They were un mistakable back then.  I almost hate to say it, but it looks like back pack guy just finished relieving himself.  Ok.  Move past that……  Has anyone seen the Jumanji movie with Dwayne Johnson?  The first of two came out about two years ago.  If you saw it, you would know about “back pack guy”.  Funny movie with a good story line.  You see 4 narcissistic teens mature in their adventure.  Lambzie and I saw it about 1/2 dozen times.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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      2. By the way, its not me.  Could be a long lost cousin or MP coming back from a hike.  Speaking of long lost cousin, I just learned I might be a decendent of a 9th century Scottish prince as a MacAlpine from my maternal grand mother.  So Lambzie got to marry her prince after all.  Really cool, but not as cool as being a beloved child of God.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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  5. Old NH Yankee saying:

    ‘You’ll know your ball has hit the mark when you see the feathers fly.”

    Feathers flying all over the place with this piece. Right on target. Bullseye. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad.

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  6. Just got back from my first March for Life❤️❤️❤️

    So awesome! Peaceful, hopeful! So many youth!!!!!!

    Very first time in the history of the March for Life that a President spoke at the rally!!!!!

    Praise God!!!

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    1. Always loved the meep, meep Steve.

      “…. Defend us in battle…. be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil …. ”

      Here is a compendium of the Wile E Coyote Left’s wickedness and snares designed to devour us. But like the Roadrunner divine protection foils all the traps like Impeachment designed to make us a meal for Old Scratch.

      Wait for it. Wait for it. All the way to the end. My thoughts exactly expressed:


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  7. I get that your post is somewhat tongue in cheek. The fact is our parents “Walter Cronkite” news – just the facts, is dead. We are a polarized nation because we have a polarized media, and we have a polarized media because liberals don’t like to listen to conservatives and conservatives don’t like to listen to liberals. So we each have media formed in our image and likeness and talk to ourselves all day long. And then we wonder why this country is in an ideological civil war.

    It started in the 80’s with CNN, then the Republicans established C-Span and then one thing led to the other and we now have red and blue parallel universes. When these two universes collide there is a black hole formed and everyone gets sucked in.

    We need to be willing to listen to the other side – not just to formulate an argument against them, but to consider what they say, and think about what you might agree with or support.

    For Lent, I’m going to try to listen to liberals and consider what they have to say with an open mind. Then I’m going to smile and go home and play spider solitaire. 

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    1. Madkat, I do not see any compromise between the two.  It is plain.-abortion:  evil-homsexuality:  evil-transgender:  evilIn these cases, one cannot compromise and the only remedy is to take a very hard stance.  We can pray for their souls, not hold a grudge, try to reach out, but publicly, these evils cannot be reconciled.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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    2. That all sounds reasonable, MKM, but if the contrast is becoming increasingly sharper, I say it’s because God has simply spit the lukewarm out of His mouth, Cronkite’s retiring and network machinations notwithstanding.

      Of course we can listen and dialog with any individual as an authentic Catholic should, but we are also talking about the polarization of the masses here, and who really doesn’t understand what they are saying as Doug has pointed out.

      I can say that God has seen fit to reassign my small platoon in the field to lapsed Catholics, particularly those who now speak in terms of my truth/power, universal energy, religion bad, just be nice… blah, blah… embracing all manner of new age shams. You know: sinful, hurt and restless.

      On the one hand, it’s a bit like standing at the foot of immense mountain with a person, sizing up the terrible challenge that needs to be surmounted (Oh, how far off that peak looks. Get thee behind me, satan!)

      On the other hand, these wounded people are spiritually starving, so how difficult is it to spread balm on their wounds and feed them? I like St. Theresa of Calcutta’s basic style in this, modified to suit the circumstances we find ourselves in.

      I’d be tempted to think the mission was failing, but for ‘listening’ on a regular basis. Appears these wounded folks are increasingly inviting me into their space/circles and think I’m a calming influence. Good thing they don’t ever hear my occasional rant, but that’s not directed at them. It’s directed at the enemy of souls.

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    3. I don’t think that CJ’s post is tongue in cheek. They are real redefinitions by the Dems. Some examples as case in point. Babies are no longer persons even after birth. They have embraced infanticide with no moral bump stop in their heads. They abandoned the ownership of a person by another aka slavery at the same time embracing ownership of a person by another in abortion with the right to dispose of that person as they see fit. Progressivism is incremental communism. Sex is no longer defined as male and female. Look up the definition of the “binary” sex designation. They have redefined falsehoods as truth and truth as falsehood. All of CJ’s list is real and true except perhaps the last one, meek,meek! And the comic relief is much appreciated.

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      1. Ding! Ding! Ding!

        While presented humorously, I am dead serious about these definitions. The left is not just assaulting the right or Christians or God…they are assaulting reality, itself, and have become completely lost in their own feverishly malicious delusions.

        I love it when people get me – and you get me on this one, Joanne.

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        1. Charlie, Joanne et al. I’m not disagreeing with the seriousness of the issues. My point is to listen to others respectfully. If you want to change the media and politics start locally. National media is a hot mess. The hometown print newspaper is dead because it isn’t financially sustainable. They focus on “click bait” not real news. If you can’t keep track of local government you’ll never get a decent state or federal government.

          Look for local online news that covers your city hall fairly and support them. Check out http://www.inn.org for more than 200 nonprofit local news agencies. As tip O’Neill said. All politics is local. City councils, school boards, war we districts, state legislatures are the training grounds for congress senate and president.

          Make sure you know the people you elect locally and hold their feet to the fire. Insist on transparency and accountability in your hometown. It will trickle up.

          If you don’t live in Nancy Pelosi’s district you can’t do much about her but you can send someone to Congress who can. To do this you need to get a good.”farm team” of honorable politicians in your own community. And instead of name calling try to understand what is motivating the ideology you don’t like. It’s never what you see on the surface. Usually it’s a version of fear, name calling makes it worse. Start with something that everyone can agree on and work upwards on increasingly difficult problems with love and respect. Peace out.

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        2. Oh I get that you were being real. It is #DiabolicalDisorientation on display. All I can do is pray for those poor souls and try my best to give good example and teach my children and those around me what Truth is 🙂

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      2. joanne1950, I almost had a sex change on Friday. I went to the DMV for my drivers license and the nice lady said can you please review the screen to make sure the information is accurate? To my surprise she made an error and it listed me as a female. I pointed out the error and I said no thanks, I won’t be having a sex change today. 😉

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    1. Roman–thanks for sharing Dave Barry’s article. Years ago I lived in Boca Raton, and back then, I read a newspaper, which was the Miami Herald. Dave’s column was one of my favorites. Glad to see he’s still writing! He’s hilarious.

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  8. When the brilliant orchestral conductor Arturo Toscanini lowered his baton ending a symphony, the audience typically jumped to their feet shouting BRAVO!. Charlie, BRAVO! Indeed, the media does warp the uninformed with their devilish use of language.

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      1. Joyfulhope20, Thank you for this apt reference. As a matter of fact, last yer I corresponded with a long term member of the Shroud of Turin research team, photographer Barry Schwortz, who is also Editor for their web site ( https://www.shroud.com/ ). I had contacted him to communicate about my book, and its findings, specifically to include that Jesus was real. We both were non-practicing Jews, so I wanted to inform him about what I had learned about Jesus thru study of the NDE reports, and included this following NDE report as an example.
        ” …Then I reached then end of the tunnel. What I saw was amazing, it was Jesus. I asked him why. He replied if want to enter here you have to change. I said but I don’t want to go, it’s so peaceful here. Jesus said you have to go back it’s not your time yet. I again said I don’t want to go. Jesus said, tell them about me. I said I’ll give them hell. Jesus grimaced as if he didn’t care for that comment. My last words to him was, you know what I mean. This was said as I was going back to earth. ” ( https://www.nderf.org/Experiences/1douglas_t_nde_8845.html ).

        Re Dr. Silverman’s new book, my study of shroud findings also led me to infer that the image on the shroud must have been created by an intense burst of light, so I’m pleased to see that idea formalized. I have also argued with some of my former colleagues about AI, because my research shows that our thinking is the result of non-material consciousness, not a mechanical brain process, and so any computer would in principle function differently from mind, however well it might be able to process input data. I see from the book description that he has not linked the NDE to Relativity Theory, as I have been able to do, and he appears not to have realized that non-local quantum entanglement is itself explained as a function of a universal field of consciousness. I will be curious to see if he has realized, as an MD, that perception is not achieved by the brain, but by its attached soul as my findings demonstrate.

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          1. SeanSullivan17, Thank you for this video. Like many, this morning I have been sad over the shocking death of Kobe (who had redeemed himself), his daughter, the coach, wife, and daughter, and the others, so It was good to see the Lord made tangible to assure that all is ultimately well.

            There is also this wonderful, amazing portrait of Christ by Akiane Kramarick painted as a child of 8 ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akiane ): ( https://www.google.com/search?sxsrf=ACYBGNT9xTDai9TLCpjdfUg6QbVAM1kiHg%3A1580149109755&source=hp&ei=dSkvXuv3K9zD0PEP2uOfqAQ&q=akiane+jesus&oq=akian&gs_l=psy-ab.1.2.0l4j0i10l2j0l4.2901.4308..8428…0.0..0.86.385.5……0….1..gws-wiz…….0i131.YQmHCK3F41k )

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            1. Both Kobe and his daughter Gianna attended the sacrafice of the mass (7am) prior to boarding the helicopter. A sad and joyous day… In the Catholic faith, we believe they died in a state of grace and are in heaven. This morning I oferred a Plenary Indulgence for Kobe. Tomorrow for Gigi.

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        1. “I will be curious to see if he has realized, as an MD, that perception is not achieved by the brain, but by its attached soul as my findings demonstrate.”
          My father taught neurophysiology. Back in the 80’s, I remember him trying to explain to me something about how the brain integrates sense input to solve a problem. I really did not have any understanding about what he was trying to tell me. What I do remember about that conversation was his definitions of what I now understand as activities of the soul: memory, intellect and will. It is sad that life got in the way–he having retired and me busy with five kids. His research grail was finding a cure for spinal cord injuries using neuroglial stimulation. He died in 2004.
          Anyway, the understanding I have from thinking about this topic (and I am lost when it comes to some things you mention) is that Jesus had a human soul–human memory, intellect and will. That being true, then I can understand “And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.” Luke 2:52

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          1. joyfulhope20, many year ago I was teaching one of those huge galleries of undergrads a basic psych class, and in a particular class I was explaining sense-perception. For vision, I traced the path from light on the retina being converted to electrochemical responses and signals sent along the optic nerve to the visual cortex, and then on to the frontal lobes where we were sure signals had to go to achieve visual perception, because war injuries showed that when the frontal lobes were damaged, visual perception was damaged or destroyed. However, when I got to the frontal lobes, I realized my explanation was fundamentally incomplete, because neither the neurological structure or its functions were able to differentiate different colors; likewise, there was no apparent way to explain how we could smell vs see, and how we could sense different fragrances. Researching this issue, I discovered this was a well known issue for neurology, psychology, and philosophy that had been termed the issue of qualia (qualities); conventional science and philosophy still lack an explanation. However, while researching the NDE, I found one.

            A common initial reaction to the trauma that induces the NDE is the Out of Body Experience (OBE) in which the individual’s consciousness suddenly leaves the body as the reaction to the trauma, such as from a heart attack or a violent vehicle collision. What I discovered is that when the OBE occurs, and the individual is now perceiving the world, not thru their eyes, but from a location typically above their body, they are confused over what has just happened, and a good part of that confusion is because their consciousness was uninterrupted when the OBE happened– their consciousness was not interrupted, so, lacking any transition from normal consciousness and normal perception to suddenly seeing the world from outside of their body, they were confused about what has just happened. After a while, seeing they had separated from their body, they then realized they had been severely injured. The fact that consciousness was uninterrupted implies that it was not itself being produced by the brain, although it is normally supplied sense-perception from the body and brain.

            But how to explain qualia? In Eben Alexander’s account of his OBE ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eben_Alexander_(author) ) he described that perception by his spirit was not achieved by looking at something or listening to it, but instead that he was a part of what he was experiencing. My conclusion is that our perception is achieved by our individual consciousness functioning in a field of consciousness (what I describe as a universal field of consciousness) that supports qualia. So, our ability to perceive different colors, sounds, and fragrances is not achieved in the brain, but in the soul attached to the brain, or as spirit when freed of its attachment to the body.

            Extensive research for years (mainly by Lashley and Pribram, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holonomic_brain_theory ) attempting to locate where memories are stored, based on earlier research by Wilder Penfield, who could stimulate memories by probing spots on the cortex, had been unsuccessful in locating where and how memories were locally stored in the cortex, so it was concluded that memory must be stored somehow across the cortex, and not simply located in isolated spots (so called Holonomic memory, ). However, my discovery that consciousness is not produced by the brain itself implies that memories are also stored in it, and that’s why it could not be isolated to brain storage sites.

            I have sketched here what I explain in greater detail in my little book about the nature of consciousness.

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            1. I think my father would have liked to converse with you. Besides all his medical books (he taught medical students), his personal library contained Aquinas, Augustine, Sheen and Chesterton. I pray God answered all his questions. He had a hard life. Then again, maybe you two will yet meet.

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            2. Hi, Jack. My theory about the brain is not just mine. Others have proposed it. Here it goes.

              The brain is not where our life takes place. It is a *filter* designed to build and retain the limits of our experience to the small amount we can actually tolerate without becoming overwhelmed.

              Our souls *know* far more than we know. Two things dumb us down so that we can live in a human body in 4D spacetime. One is the physical or electromagnetic/biochemical actions of our physical brains. The other limiting factor is our beliefs in their current structure. They are deeply related, of course.

              Those who go through meditative disciplines become larger in their perceptions of this world not by training their brains to be better processors but by unlearning various limiting beliefs.

              The physical (body) gets dropped when a person dies but the experience of the person does not immediately explode. Instead, their perceptions gradually expand. Eben Alexander’s book is an example of this process where he did not believe in an afterlife and so spent a considerable “amount of time” very closed in and only slowly “woke” to the fact that he was still alive and conscious.

              The interaction of the physical filter with the belief structure we all develop in early childhood also explains why children younger than 7 years old are often obviously more aware of spiritual reality. It takes several years of programming from experience, programming from surrounding people who are already very limited in their beliefs about reality, and the limits and enthusiasms and focusing elements that come down from the soul to set your tasks in life to create the very limited perceptions we have that we live in 3 dimensions of space and 1 dimension of time.

              Why would we do that? Well, it serves to give us the possibility of experiencing a reality where we actually do have free will. Less importantly yet still critical is that it lets us believe in the four dimensions, and the purpose of *that* perception is so that we can believe and act within the idea that everything is separate and events take place separated by time. If we were to perceive the larger reality, it is (probably) one where everything takes place all at once and all in the same place yet also does not. If we see everything as separated by space and by time, we can learn more comfortably. One lesson can build into the next lesson, the first next right step can lead to the next right step. I am separate from you. And so on.

              We can handle that personal development because we believe that belief in 4 D spacetime. It isn’t ultimately real, however, in areas above and behind this physical “reality.” Rather it is created by the interaction of a set of severe filters that develop due to the mutually reinforcing filters of physical brain structures and operations and the spiritual and cultural and experiential beliefs we choose to hold early in life.

              I’m sure I don’t see it all clearly. Nobody does. At risk of being foolish, I have endeavored to describe my thesis anyway! 😀

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              1. Deep Steve.  Not sure my backpack has enough room for this.  Let me see if I can jump up on one point.  Our brain, no matter how smart, limits our soul in understanding because it ties is to this dimension.  Almost seems like a contradiction that the brain can be limiting.  —- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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                1. Doug, Consider that your spirit is eternal with its home in Heaven. When you are born, your spirit attaches to your brain and body, and for language simplicity let’s now term the spirit when attached to the material body to be called “soul.” By this theory, the spirit is uninhibited in its ability to perceive the heavenly world, and to acquire and hold knowledge. The soul has memory of it’s existence as spirit in Heaven blocked to avoid that knowledge from interfering with life’s lessons and learning. While the soul does come equipped here in the material world with a conscience that retains key moral values, its knowledge here is acquired thru sense-perception.

                  Now, our senses are highly selective in what they respond to; for example, our retinas are sensitive to a very small range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Not only do we have limited sensory range, but our perception suffers a variety of distortions as the brain works to analyze the sensory signals, in part by referring to memory for interpretation. In other words, normal sense-perception is not at all like a good camera, but instead like a low quality radio or tv receiver, and it also relies on memories that may be highly distorted. My little book explains these ideas about the nature of sense-perception and knowledge, the mundane knowledge we acquire here, and the transcendental knowledge we have access to as spirit. Steve’s account is shorter, but good as well.

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                  1. Jack, you mean when conceived,  not born?I see it as the body and soul are created together.  There is no separation and who we are is body and soul.  Put another way, we do not have a body.  We are a body.  This is the heart of Theology of the Body and is of highest importance.  If the body were separate, then it would be a disposable entity or just an object which would infer you could do anything with it because it is a thing.  This means things like fornication, homosexuality, drugs, etc are ok.  However, since body and soul are inextricably linked by God, the body (and soul) is made Holy and therefore must be treated with utmost dignity and respect.  Separation occurs at death, but there will be a reunification at the resurrection.  We will be incomplete until the resurrection of which then we will truly be made whole.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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                    1. Doug, Thanks for the question. I have no personal revelation about when exactly the soul attaches to the body. I’ll try to respond from scripture (aided by googling), and from my recall of the many NDE and reincarnation accounts.

                      Re scripture: ” According to Genesis 2:7 God did not make a body and put a soul into it like a letter into an envelope of dust; rather he formed man’s body from the dust, then, by breathing divine breath into it, he made the body of dust live, i.e. the dust did not embody a soul, but it became a soul—a whole creature. ” So, here the procedure is first the body as such is formed, then after that, the soul is introduced.

                      “Born of the flesh and born of the Spirit: “Jesus answered, ‘Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit. Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit. You should not be surprised at my saying, ‘You must be born again.’ The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” (John 3:5-8) ” [So, here we are told that spirit and body have intrinsically different existences, which means that the soul need not instantly attach to the infant at any particular time before birth].

                      “Through the Latin translations of Averroes’s (1126–1198) work, beginning in the 12th century, the legacy of Aristotle was recovered in the West. Christian philosophers such as Thomas Aquinas (1224–1274) adapted largely to his views[1][5][24][25][26] and because they believed that the early embryo did not have a human soul, they did not necessarily see early abortion as murder, although they condemned it nonetheless.[5][21][19][20]:150 Aquinas, in his main work, the Summa Theologica, states (Question 118 article 2 ad 2)”…that the intellectual soul is created by God at the end of human generation”.[27] Although Jesus may have been exceptional, Aquinas did believe that the embryo first possessed a vegetative soul, later acquired sensitive (animal) soul, and after 40 days of development, God gave humans a rational soul.[28] ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ensoulment )

                      Some of the past life remembrance reports and NDEs also address this question on timing.

                      Here are a few responses posted on a forum by Carol Bowman who has studied past life remembranbces by children ( http://reincarnationforum.com/threads/when-does-the-soul-enter-the-body.3908/ ):

                      “So my question is, when does the soul actually enter the body or permanently enter the body? Does a fetus form before a soul is assigned, and enters when the soul is ready or has made a decision?
                      I had a ‘near-death experience’ at the age of six. My lifeless body was rushed to the ER and my spirit was outside my body following along trying to get back within my physical body.
                      After I recovered – I spoke about a little ‘red-haired’ sister that was about to be born. My parents were shocked that I knew my Mom was expecting because they hadn’t shared the news. I told them I had spoken to her while I was outside my body. Her spirit was with the body – but not attached. Her spirit told me it was ‘preparing’ to incarnate into the world and join me once again in life here. (We had lived a previous life together in the world.) This led me to have many questions about ‘birth’ and death. I found myself ‘leaving’ my body at night during sleep for out of body experiences to get answers at the local hospital. I witnessed ‘births’ and ‘deaths’ and ‘spirits’ coming and going while I was a spirit outside my own body. (This was 46 years ago.) The ‘silver cord’ was attached to me during ‘out of body’ experiences. The memories I have of it is – the ‘spirit’ didn’t fully enter the body until the body started breathing. This lead me to call the ‘spirit’ the ‘breath’ because without it – the spirit wasn’t attached in a permanent way. (I do recall that the spirit of my sister had a silver cord attached and at some point in my childhood I starting calling the ‘silver cord’ the umbilical cord.)”

                      The English word spirit comes from the Latin spiritus, meaning “breath”, but also “spirit, soul, courage, vigor”. Wikipedia.

                      “When I was four years old – I spoke to my Dad about the ‘night’ I was born. I described to him – what he was doing in the waiting room and even told him some of the ‘remarks’ he made to a friend that was with him. Of course, my Dad felt that this friend was pulling a joke on him by telling me what was said and done in the waiting room that night. I forgot about the memory and my Dad continued to try and get to the bottom of the story for many years. I only recalled it recently. I have a vague memory of the event itself – but can recall the many times my Dad quizzed me on the subject. I told him I was there with him – and that I was invisible like ‘Casper.’

                      In 1988 – I had a relapse and once again found myself being rushed to the ER for a medical emergency. This ‘NDE’ was in front of 10 witnesses who saw me ‘die’ in front of their eyes. There was a discrepancy in our testimony afterwards. My ‘spirit’ departed the dying body several minutes prior to actual death. The ‘body’ was still talking when my spirit left. I had a memory of witnessing my own body ‘talking’ and saying things. I referred to it as ‘residual’ energy. The body was talking about a past incident related to the medical condition I grew up with. It was ‘reliving’ an episode from my past due to the ‘memory bank’ in the physical brain. The witnesses felt I was still alive because my body was talking – but I was trying to avoid the physical pain and departed before the actual body had shut down. You have heard of ‘dead man walking’? I was a ‘dead man talking’ and this freaked out my friends when I spoke about my memory of it.”
                      “I did talk to Ocean, who is now my grandson, about a week before he was born. He was quite hurried and said he was busy getting ready. He said he wanted to say goodbye to Pappy.
                      I was blessed to be in the room when he was born and both my daughter and I agreed it was the same soul looking deep into his eyes. It was the essence of him as we had never actually known him alive, just as a spirit.”
                      “…from my pre-birth memory – connection is made in the second trimester or about the 5th – 6th month. The soul makes the connection with the brain, and the brain is not very well developed until the second trimester, so it is not the energy powerhouse that it needs to be until that time, for an energy to energy connection…”


                      Note this interesting mention of the body behaving even after the soul has detached: ” The witnesses felt I was still alive because my body was talking – but I was trying to avoid the physical pain and departed before the actual body had shut down. You have heard of ‘dead man walking’? I was a ‘dead man talking’ and this freaked out my friends when I spoke about my memory of it. ”

                      I reported one of these cases in my book in chapter 1 on Frozen Time Theory:

                      ” * All entities perceived [during the NDE](e.g., trees, grass, water, rocks, and animals) are experienced to exude consciousness, consistent with the philosophy of panpsychism attributing “mind” to everything as made by and of God.

                      One of the strange consequences of the theory about consciousness to be proposed in Chapter 2 follows from its agreement with panpsychism. When the soul detaches from a body at the instant of trauma, given that the body, while injured, is not yet completely dead, then its body’s cells, including the brain cells, the nervous system, and muscles, would yet possess consciousness, and that consciousness might produce activity, unlike otherwise inanimate matter (a rock would have consciousness but no mechanism for activity, which a body does have). This NDE report clearly describes the body to be acting even after the soul has detached at the instant of trauma from a violent collision ( https://www.nderf.org/Experiences/1jeffrey_c_nde_8890.html ):

                      “When the motorcycle wreck happened I was knocked out of my body and that’s when the NDE happened, right away on impact. I was outside my body watching everything happen in slow motion to me, the bike and Frank. All I could think was ‘Poor Frank.’ I saw the guy hop out of his truck and run over to me kneeling down over me when I saw myself grab his hair and start punching him in the face. I wasn’t even in my body and I was still kicking some ass! I remember seeing people and the ambulance pull up and a couple of paramedics running over to where my body laid in the road motionless. I was again back in my body in tremendous pain everywhere in my body. “

                      Having read around 5000 NDE reports, I have a blurred impression only where I did not copy specific reports. My general recollection is that the soul was never reported to have attached at the instant of fertilization, but attached at variable times before birth, and as quoted above may attach, detach, and attach again before birth. I’m sorry that I cannot give a crisp answer, as my prior research did not directly address the question of when spirit attaches to the infant during gestation as soul.

                      Hope this short review helps.

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                    2. Interesting stories.  I would like to posit when out of body and seeing the body talk as in “dead man talking” that maybe the person was in the transcendent world and that, being outside time and space, actually looked back in time which only gave the appearance of conscieness while having an OBE.  Very interesting details, but I have to agree to magisterial teaching and scripture on all of this in that some of these observations are beyond full comprehension.  In other words, a person was shown something beyond time and space such that it may give the appearance that someone’s spirit was alive before birth, but this may not be the actual case.  I am very cautious about drawing distinctions or conclusions from these experiences.  Reality may not be what it appears.  Although, individuals are allowed to see transcendent things, it may be done in a unique way for that person’s circumstances and salvation.  If any experience reflects or apparently reflects a contradiction of church teaching, I must stick with the church teaching.  Reincarnation is one of those things that tends to come out of these experiences and the church and scripture teaches it is appointed for man once to die and after that, judgement.  I cannot contradict this.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack


                    3. Jack, I suggest you read about Theology of the body that Saint John Paul II has eloquently written about.  With your caliper of intellect, you may find it very challenging.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack


                    4. Doug, on this I will have to disagree. I have personal experience that my consciousness is not my body. The NDE literature is filled with people who report they are away from their bodies for a period of “time” or perhaps better, a period of “experience”. When they come back to their body, they do not necessarily find any “body-level” memories waiting for them. In other words, our consciousness exists separately from our bodies but is enormously affected by our bodies in ways that allow and enable us to rise toward God as humans with human experiences, beliefs and learnings.

                      That does *not* mean that I disagree that your body and soul are created at the moment of conception, but I like Jack’s view of soul and spirit, a hypothesis or experiential reality that is discussed in many religious traditions over thousands of years. I have absolutely no disagreement with that idea. I like the idea that my spirit is large and has worked with God to create me as a soul experiencing the limited reality of the Earth in order to have free will and learn how to return to God under difficulties that cannot be experienced outside of this created reality.

                      I realize that I’m not being completely clear here, but I hope you get the picture. I want to be clear that what I’m saying absolutely does not mean that I view my body or any person’s body as expendable. Recall that who you are depends on your body and its limitations. Your body helps make you who you are and is provided by God to help you *be* who you are. Like free will, bodies are gifts from God to those who have them, gifts from God that shape and develop the person. That is entirely consistent with bodies being personal temples to be cherished and taken care of, as a way of being grateful to God for one’s life and lessons.

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                    5. Hi Steve, I am not sure we are in disagreement, but let’s see.  If I may clarify,  the complete essence of who we are includes our body.  Again, they are inextricably linked.  This means they are not separate in essence of who we are as a whole person.  Our bodies are currently limiting us in the fact that we are in a fallen state.  When the spirit does separate from the body after death, we are then an incomplete person even though our spirit gains an expansive view of the transcendent “world” if I may use the term world loosely.  What is left out is the resurrection of the dead.  Jesus ascended into heaven and thus has body and soul United.  His essence is fully human and fully divine.  This did not change when he ascended.  The blessed mother is a first fruit and has already experienced the resurrection of the dead as she was assumed into heaven, both body and soul.  Again, body and soul are united and both Jesus and she are whole persons.  They do not exist as mere spirits.  This is what shows us, as per church teaching, that at the resurrection of the dead, we will be reunited with our physical bodies.  How that occurs, I think, is still a great mystery, but when it does occur, our resurrected bodies will be like those of Jesus and the blessed Mother.  We will have a glorified body and we will then be a whole person.  We will still be fully human, but share in Christs divinity.Why is this important?  If the body was a completely separate entity and, after death was cast off, not to be reunited at the resurrection,  then it would be an object simply for use and would allow for using in less than Holy ways.  Christ is both body and soul in heaven and this shows us how you cannot have one without the other and not be whole.  We will be separated at death, but only for a time until the great and glorious day of the resurrection.  I imagine our glorified bodies will have great understanding and be able to walk through walls and things like that.  I imagine there are many, many other great mysteries to this that are not yet understood.What speaks against this is probably the Albigensian heresy where the body was considered evil and the only thing that counted was the spirit.  The church came down hard on this and was a mission of St.  Dominic to reach those caught in this heresy.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack


                    6. OK, Doug, I’m willing to go with your restatement of the need for the body *and* the soul. That appeals to me. I would like to support Jack’s statement that the baby’s soul does not attach fully to the body until birth but instead visits often during pregnancy. I had a girlfriend once who was a doula, and she was sensitive to the arrival and departure of the souls of the babies she was helping with and adding that she could feel the full entrance of the soul into the baby’s body at birth. I’m not sensitive to such experiences so I cannot validate what she said. However, what she said agrees pretty much exactly with what Jack found in his research as detailed here in his comment. That doesn’t make it true, of course.

                      There was a researcher who measured the weight of the soul once. He would ask dying patients if they would allow themselves to be placed on a table that was completely sealed around them, and he would weigh them just before and just after death. I don’t know how he kept air in the chamber without messing up the measurement. His conclusion was that the soul – on average – weighs 1/4 of a pound. (I think it was in terms of pounds.) I wonder now if we could measure a pregnant woman’s weight in the same way and see if it fluctuated up or down by 1/4 pound increments over hours or days, as the soul came in and out. Yes, I am kinda strange, but it might be interesting!

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                    7. Steve, I sent my research note on this question about timing to Kevin Williams, who created and manages the most extensive NDE information website ( https://www.near-death.com/about.html ), and he replied, in part,
                      ” Very interesting question and answers. Yes, the Bible suggests
                      that the soul/spirit enters the baby at its first “breath”. According
                      to Edgar Cayce, the soul/spirit enters the baby sometime either
                      sometime shortly before birth or shortly after birth. But Cayce also
                      states that, once the soul/spirit inhabits the body, it doesn’t inhabit
                      the body fully. Cayce says the sou/spirit enters partially at birth,
                      even further at age 7, even further during the teen years, and finally
                      fully inhabited around age 30. Cayce was so correct about so many
                      things that it seems logical that he would be correct on this also. ”

                      Now, it also turns out that in Carol Bowman’s research on the past life remembrances of children, she found that approximately 40% recall the other side until around age 6 when those memories begin fading, corresponding to Cayce’s mention of seven as a time of shift in soul domination of body. I also recall that the text I had for child development nearly forty yeas ago mentioned that most adults have trouble recalling much before the age of six, so 6-7 appears to be a shifting point. My personal assessment of Cayce is that so much of what he said has been found accurate, that he has to be taken seriously, and Bowman’s own research is also credible.


                    8. Jack, about your NDE buddy talking about how the soul comes in, that matches but exceeds my own research. Age 2 and Age 7 seem to be big moments. I didn’t know about the teen and Age 30 ideas, but it gives me yet more reason to advocate for raising the voting age. I gather that the last part of the brain to mature is the part that helps people decide moral questions independently from others, which occurs around ages 23-25. I also know that many people experience a difficult transition around Age 27 or so. I think we should raise the voting age to 28 at least. Won’t that put the fox among some of the chickens! 😀

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                    9. Steve, Applying what this line of research appears to be revealing about stages of maturity provides for grounded practical utility. As you suggest, the implications for voting are really profound, and not even novel to Western culture, just ignored. For example, there is that cute but yet important observation, with versions attributed to several British and French politicians over the past two centuries, that if a person were not a liberal (Socialist) by age 20, then they had no heart, but if they remained one by 25, they had no brains.

                      Another application pertains to the issue of early medical intervention for children who are experiencing gender confusion or conflict.

                      A recent article on transgender confusion sparked my interest (The Transgender Explosion Is Wounding More And More People, Walt Heyer, https://sexchangeregret.com/in-the-past-5-years-the-transgender-explosion-has-wounded-more-and-more-people/ ). Here are key observations by the author,
                      ” Five years ago, I started writing about gender identity and the harm of gender change not because I was a psychiatrist, college professor, or some extraordinarily brilliant guy, but because of living it. I underwent the full physical surgery from male to female at age 42, lived as “Laura Jensen” for eight years, then came to realize my unresolved childhood trauma drove the overwhelming desire to escape into another gender.

                      Through hard work and effective psychological counseling, I resolved the wounds of the past and my desire to be a woman dissipated. I re-identified as Walt Heyer legally and socially, removed the breast implants, and with the support of an amazing group of friends, built my life anew, this time on psychological wholeness. I’ve been happily married to a biological woman for more than 22 years now. “
                      This reflective note about medical mistakes made provides a new perspective on a therapeutic approach for sex identity issues keyed to age– just as found in the NDE and reincarnation research literature.

                      First, the anecdotal evidence from NDE research and from the line of research by Ian Stevenson on biological (visible birth) anomalies is that reincarnation is real, although how much is done is not clear. Edgar Cayce said in one of his readings that the average number or reincarnations was 36.
                      Second, according to NDE reports, our deepest spiritual structure is not sexed, but we do incarnate typically with a sex preference.
                      Third, the sex for different incarnations may change, as reported by NDE and reincarnation research.
                      Fourth, Carol Bowman’s child NDE research showed that upwards of 40% of children before the age of six recall the other “side,” and therefore surely recall their previous sex, and if it has changed, there is ample cause for confusion. So, consider that a person has changed sex in their current incarnation, and, as a child, they somewhat retain that earlier identification with their former sex; there surely would then be a situation for gender confusion, even before any hormones have developed to create a sex orientation one way or the other.

                      The practical result of this analysis is that children younger than six cannot reliably resolve any sex identity crisis, because they may be caught between their past life and the present.
                      Once the hormones start dominating a teen or pre-teen, then it would be time to take seriously sex identity confusion or conflict for possible intervention, and the first medical resource should be past life regression therapy to inquire about past life effects, and to resolve the confusion thru counseling therapy, before consideration of any medical procedure for sex change would be warranted.

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                  2. Thanks, Jack. I appreciate the compliment. I do have your book but have had some very busy and crazy times recently. I know I need to focus hard to read your book properly. I hope to get to it fairly soon, but I keep saying that and the world keeps bringing me stuff to do and people to help. Reading has become an occasional hobby when it used to be a consuming one. 😀


                2. Doug, here are a couple things to consider.

                  First, I have heard that there are people who, because of hydrocephaly from birth, literally do not have a brain yet they are functional people and some graduate from college. I don’t know how to fit that particular fact into this whole discussion, other than to say that other people’s expectations appear to help children develop as they grow up, and the beliefs they adopt form their perceptions create the human limitations that they operate with. If they have no visual cortex, how do they see? Yet they do. MP talks about the brain versus the heart, but really it seems to be the entire “vehicle” of the body that links to the cultural expectations they are subjected to. Miracles are possible when people expect food to be available even when it isn’t. So really the reason we are human is partly structure and the surrounding physical world and a lot more about beliefs. Unlearn a limiting belief and your world will change.

                  Second, everything physical has to be limiting to the much larger spirit or soul that we actually are. Anything processed inside a physical system will be limited. Anything that uses a brain to happen, or that uses the *belief* that a brain exists and will act in a certain way (see above), must by its nature be limiting to our much larger spirit.

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                  1. Hi Steve, I get it.  I was tired and lazy with my response (shows my human limitations 🙂) and was trying to inject a little pithy humor.  I believe the limitations come from us, as humans, being in a fallen state in general.  It is “our curse” if I may.  It is like work, God calls us toiling and working the soil a curse, but man finds fulfillment in working the ground.  How can this be?  Many a great mystery here.  Our current limitations are a curse and a gift.  I hear that the angels have a special place in their heart for us humans as they cannot suffer like we can as humans and there is a longing for this from them.  In a way, jealous,  but not in the true sense of jealousy.  Our humanness and ability to suffer is a great gift.  God came to earth and became human and suffered and therefore elevated the dignity of suffering in our lives.  He also elevated all the good things about being human too.  Oh what joy it brings!—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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              2. SteveBC, By nature, training, and experience I am highly critical. Throughout my regular scientific career, colleagues kidded me (and I learned said behind my back) that I ought to be a lawyer. In the 80’s when I was promoted to be a federal super-grade to run a laboratory near WDC, I sold my house in Monterey to an auto dealer in Sacramento who previously was in Monterey as a lease with option to buy, per his request. Toward the end of a second year after the contract had been extended once, instead of buying, leasing, or walking, he had his firm’s lawyer sue for refunds and damages (I later learned he was in financial difficulty, was suing to get funding from me, and later went bankrupt). After we spent two years in discovery at a cost to me of $30K, which for me as a federal gov employee tapped me out. As my lawyer started to prepare for trial, he asked for another $30K upfront, which I did not have, and would not borrow. So, he reluctantly turned over the discovery files and I went to trail alone.

                After four days at trial, the judge ended it by saying there were no issues at law, and the facts were so clear that he would not risk any possible jury error, so he declared in my favor. The jury was permitted to linger, and they agreed with the judge, The judge told me privately in his chambers I gave the best opening statement in his 20 years on the bench. So, I decided that was fun and went to law school (George Mason) which was a short drive from where I was working in the Pentagon.

                All of this history was background for my stating that your statement here is one that has my complete agreement in all of its particulars. When you get to reading my book, you will be pleased to see a similar, if expanded, version of what you wrote.

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                1. Hi Jack, I never gave it a thought because I have read many of these types of books already.  So what you describe in many instances is not foreign to me.  However, I think I will order one for my back pack.  It will be interesting.  Is it published yet?  If so, what is the title and where do you recommend I purchase it?  I just ordered Desmond’s book.  This will be a good TNRS companion book.  Thanks,  Doug —- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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                  1. Doug, “Near Death Experience of Space, Time, and Consciousness,” a $4.95 Ebook ( https://www.amazon.com/dp/B081T7D7LQ/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Jack+Hiller&qid=1574353884&s=books&sr=1-1 ). Also available as a paperback at three toimes the Ebook price (charged by the Journal of Consciousness Exploration and Research ( https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1698062621/ref=as_li_qf_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=quainc0f-20&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=1698062621&linkId=dc55a74bbc282a0acf4b1ca61363199b ).

                    Chapter 6 breaks new ground for metaphysics and physics by defining a postulate that identifies limits to scientific observation relating to Creation and Consciousness. Here is the overview of chap 6:

                    Chapter 6. An Absolute Limitation to the Rational Analysis of Experience, Consciousness, and World Origin: the Principle of Interior Unknowability

                    After working for approximately a decade to produce a defensible theory for how the world came to be, I realized that I had made zero progress. I questioned why that effort was entirely futile, and came to an interesting conclusion—the question itself implied an observational framework external to a Creation event, but scientists could never in principle locate externally as “privileged observers” to be able to see what happened. Thus, a new postulate for the metaphysics of creation was defined. This postulate was termed the Principle of Interior Unknowability (PIU). It was argued that the PIU stands on two legs of support. The first leg is an analogy posed about fishes born in a fish tank having no opportunity ever to locate outside of their tank. From their interior location in the tank, they (or scientists in the material world) would never be able to learn where it came from or how it was made; the same argument applies if the world were instead conceptualized to be infinite with no boundaries. The second leg is a conjectured analogy with Godel’s Theorem of Undecidability, developed while he was working on his Incompleteness Theorems. This leg of the argument for the PIU reasons that postulates, axioms or assumptions based on internal observations of our world, applied to mathematically model its creation, are susceptible to creating a paradox (historically known as the Liars Paradox) by self-reference. To escape the potential for producing a valueless or misleading paradox, information would have to be gathered external to a system to be used for modeling its creation.

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              3. Interesting, Steve. Had me pondering Scripture in light of mind, but also heart and soul. The Bible does indeed talk about mind (thinking) considerably, but how much more ‘heart.’ That momentarily distracted me (because I have an unusual way of thinking too) with an image of upcoming Valentine’s Day. Can you imagine how silly that imagery would look if all the red hearts were replaced with gray brains? I chuckled thinking about it, but maybe that’s the reality for some folks… and again, my way of ‘thinking’ can seem unusual to some. What do you say, is humor more of the mind or heart?

                At any rate, Biblical pondering usual starts at the beginning with me, then fans out from there. Take Genesis, for example. I’m at once struck that everything comes into existence at the Word of God (e.g. – “let there be light.”) and the Word encompasses all those things including His Thought and Love (Heart), though no explicit mention of those distinct components. Interesting enough, ‘heart’ and ‘thoughts’ are coupled in Genesis 6 where God sees “that every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time.” Wha? The heart ‘thinks’ too, apparently. As a result, we see that God’s “heart was deeply troubled.”

                Now if we back up to just before the fall, we see the serpent opening with a seemingly innocuous question: Did God say to you, you shall not eat from any tree in the garden?, to which Eve replied with her brain. I say “brain,” because surely it must have gotten in the way of her heart and soul at that moment. Soul screaming the warning and heart defending God the Father who was being called a liar by the liar. And on it proceeded to desire and such, then the fall.

                All I’m really noting/contemplating here, is the apparent entry point of the mind, to get at heart and the corruption that ensued. Once that happened, it only follows that our thinking would become corrupt too. Any thoughts?

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                1. MP, Your semantic analysis is keen, although I learned accidentally many years ago while engaging in pioneering work on computer-based content analysis and essay grading ( https://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/ED084281.pdf ), that any such verbal analysis cannot in principle encompass any form of “reality” with any precision.

                  Let’s consider that we have an apple before us, and wish to verbalize about what it is to be able to communicate about it to some interested audience.

                  If the audience were painters, we would include mention of its gross shape, size, and coloration, including textures, and possibly shading if it were embedded a scene. Our verbal description would of course provide only a rough approximation of the apple’s appearance, and communication about it would require the audience of painters to have a vocabulary common with ours to avoid ambiguity and vagueness.

                  If the audience were physicists, we might again describe its size, only instead of measuring in inches and fractions, we might measure more precisely in millimeters. Likewise, we might measure its weight precisely. Describing its shape and contours would be extremely difficult. For color description, we might apply a light register and convey readings.

                  Let’s say we were communicating with chemists. Well, we would convey descriptions of its chemistry, at least to the molecular level.

                  But let’s say we were communicating to a child about either its beauty as an object, or its taste and aroma as food. Truly, our words about it would fail miserably to convey what the apple is to a child in his innocence of the world.

                  In other words, effective communication depends on the prior knowledge and common vocabulary of the communicator and his audience. Exact common knowledge and vocabulary matching do not exist as an ideal, only as a rough approximation. Language is no substitute for the real thing and our perception of the real thing– and in fact the philosopher Kant explained well that we can never directly even know the real thing, only partial aspects about it.

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                  1. Thanks for the solid perspective, Jack. I have an appreciation for some of the disciplines of which you speak, so can easily accept your assessment that “any such verbal analysis cannot in principle encompass any form of reality…” That said, there are certain other disciplines that have shown me quite clearly that, in practice, they most certainly can.

                    Our friend Charlie, and others, also make the good case for a certain discipline, deliberation, precision of words in communication, etc., to help get at the truth. All good, unless there aren’t any hearers on the other end practiced at being nimble. Seems to me that time is of the essence in a world long on words and short on everything else that is truly important. Then again, time is both long and short at the same time, isn’t it, Steve?

                    I’m convinced Jesus could give us the parable right now. A parable mind you… chock full of the kind of reality that would cut to the heart of the matter. ‘Course we’d probably have to find the wee child in the group to simply explain it to us for clarity sake.

                    I’ll continue to ponder your words, and those of all here, as we journey on. In the meantime, here’s a pic I snapped a couple of nights ago. Not an apple, but a pretty decent sunset:

                    Most evenings I walk out front to take in some legendary sunsets from a wonderful vantage. Just about the time I think I’ve seen it all, another brief window reveals something entirely new. Snap, snap on the iPhone, and some eventually get posted on the timeline. With or without a brief comment. The comment on this one was: “Subtle. And not.”

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                  2. Hmmm.  That’s what experience is about.  With experience, you would not have to use many words to describe it.  You would just say it looks like a red apple and the person would get it.  That is the quantum leap we have to make with our faith.  Those outside would not understand easily because it has not been experienced.  Those inside the faith would need much fewer words if they had a true encounter with the Holy Spirit.  I imagine it would be the same for one who has visited the transcendent.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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                2. MP, your comment about humor brings up something I’ve often wondered about. My overall conclusion is that humor is more of an indicator of a person’s growth and how “integrated” their hearts and minds and bodies are in terms of lessons learned and limitations unlearned.

                  People I consider to be advanced spirits or advanced souls experience joy and that spills out as humor that is simply about laughter. Less advanced people or souls use humor less exquisitely, more crudely or to hurt.

                  I once read about two buddhist friends who had “awakened.” They walked away from normal life into the forest to live. They would walk through the forest each day, see a leaf fall, and laugh and laugh and laugh. Everything gave them laughter because they were so filled with joy that they couldn’t contain.

                  I do think male and female types of humor are different. The Virgin Mary and Jesus are excellent examples of this from Medjugorje and other sources or Charlie’s stories. Mary’s joy comes out as love or care, but Jesus sounds like a guy who likes to joke and laugh. Perhaps I’m limited, but I cannot imagine Mary coming to Charlie and throwing a stick for a goofy little dog and saying t Charlie, “He’s an eager little fellow” but Jesus did that with Charlie.

                  Humor or its parent Joy are different even for them. Which is pretty amazing when you think of it.

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                  1. “Limitations unlearned” is a nice turn of phrase. Free will, choice… how many squander time bemoaning the times, their circumstances, challenges to be overcome… maybe rightly pointing out that it wasn’t their choice to have to deal with such things, but completely missing this vitally important thing: that they can choose how they look at it and how it can be leveraged/transformed into something good. As tough as it is, we have ample examples and testimony here of the blessings therein. We ought to appreciate and cultivate good humour, rather than resign ourselves to dreariness.
                    And I totally agree that joy is the lofty expression of it.

                    Humour has so many interesting facets that I really hate to dissect it. Not sure what to make of the “stick and game little fella,” but I’m convinced Charlie is a fella who can genuinely laugh at himself. I can imagine Jesus, who delivered the “sons of thunder” line, saying that. I can also imagine a Bob Hope or Don Rickles saying it too.

                    Jack mentioned hyperbole –– and I happen to like good hyperbole (funny hyperbole is a bonus) –– but think “L.O.L.” is probably ones of those bits that is entirely overused. Considering how much time folks spend with their face buried in devices and how often we see that acronym, we ought to be able to walk into any public space and hear the din of uproarious laughter. Such is not the case… unless we happened to be at a Rickles event, and his comedic style was our cup of tea.

                    Some of my favorite Rickles gigs were when he was hosting/roasting at elite Washington events. One in particular during the Reagan years is enjoyable. Reagan was truly a guy who could laugh at himself too. You could see it most especially in his eyes. Obama, not so much. Again, just look at the eyes to gauge the truth behind the laughter.

                    We all don’t have to be laughing out loud about everything all the time, but it would be nice to see that authentic joy in the eyes of all God’s children. That’s the sort of sign I’m looking for that indicates things are really on the road to recovery.

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                  2. Ah!  But humor is in the Bible.  When Jesus was arrested and one of the disciples fled naked, I think that was designed to be humorous in the scripture.  Not sure which disciple, but I bet he had some good homilies after that.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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            3. Jack, I would like to read your book. I have been studying the shroud, especially because of my love for the Holy Face of Jesus. I am now also interested in looking at your book because I think it may bring me to a better understanding of my dad. (We didn’t always have a good relationship–father- wounds go back generations.)


              1. joyfulhope20, I will be completely available for any questions you may have while reading (jh7138@gmail.com). The book does a reasonable job of explaining that the seemingly strange experiences reported from the NDE/OBE are consistent with Relativity Theory and quantum mechanics. It turned out that my analyses and conclusions also agree with the Biblical account of Creation, which was not a goal, but a result.

                And now I will mention something about how I wrote –it was something of a mystery, as the important ideas came to me. Ordinarily, when I write professionally, I start out knowing where I am going, and prepare an outline to make sure that I keep on track, and do not forget any of the ideas I intend at the outset to cover. The papers that formed the book were not written that way. Instead, I simply started out to write about a generalized topic hoping that ideas would come, and then the ideas came; often after writing as if manic; I would then wonder where it came from. I am not saying that I was channeling, but the writing effort was unique for me. For example, although I had considerable background knowledge that went into chapter 10 about the nature of knowledge and its means of acquisition, it was written without any outline and done without stopping across one day and night. Hope you find it interesting.

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                1. Jack, now you know what it is like to be inspired, I suspect, by the Holy Spirit. Of course you were not channeling. I think you have been given a gift by the One who cannot be outdone in His generosity.
                  I was happy to see “High Flight” at the beginning of chapter two. That was the first of several literary pieces that spoke to me of God over the past decades. The phrase “put out my hand and touched the face of God” was an incredible thought. I could never get tired of contemplating doing just that.
                  I have not studied Relativity Theory and quantum mechanics, but I will do my best. I thank you for your offer to help me with questions I probably will have.

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                  1. joyfulope20, Thank you for saying that–I was deliberately avoiding a claim for being inspired as I wrote, but indeed that is what I concluded.

                    Physics, according to Einstein is meant to be humanly understood with the mathematics a formalization to make precise what is understood. That is why he was troubled by the development of quantum mechanics, because its math model (Schrodinger’s equation for it), predicted a result that made no sense for human understanding, what he derided as “spooky action at a distance,” as I explain in the book. There was no need for me to include math models or formulae, as I stuck with the semantic meanings involved without any loss of clarity.

                    I included High Flight mainly for that phrase about God, as the chapter attempts to contemplate what God may be, and the poem this line are so beautiful. I first heard it as we were all crying about the Challenger explosion when President Reagan read it, and it was comforting.

                    There is another epigraph I was delighted to include, and that was for the chapter about the nature of consciousness:
                    ” There are these two young fish swimming along, and they happen to meet an older fish swimming the other way, who nods at them and says, “Morning, boys, how’s the water?” And the two young fish swim on for a bit, and then eventually one of them looks over at the other and goes, “What the hell is water?””
                    —David Foster Wallace, This Is Water

                    Do not hesitate to ask any questions, as I am yet a professor, but frustrated for not having students to engage.

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  9. Hey Charlie-

    Well done!

    I’ve thought for a long time that what happened in countries like Germany, Russia, China, Venezuela, etc., could happen here. The people that promulgated those horrific cultural flip flops are present in every country. All that’s needed are circumstances favorable to their corrupt ideology. And it sure seems like half the country is lending itself to that sort of thing right now. A Bolshevik, Bernie Sanders, is now considered a serious candidate for President of the United States.

    The left keeps getting whackier and whackier, and those on the left continue to hang in there…nobody seems to be getting off the bus. I keep thinking at some point my loved ones and friends on the left are going to wake up, realize what their side has become, and declare they can no longer abide it. But it’s not happening. They just accept the latest inanity and keep on truckin. Flipping elections, slaughtering babies, changing genders, etc.,…all of it is now acceptable. Not just acceptable…celebrated!

    Isn’t that how the horrible atrocities in those other countries came about? Slowly but surely?

    It really is scary. Sooner or later we’re going to get another Democrat in the White House, and the table will be set for revolution. God save us then!

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    1. I think the revolution has been in process for some time, Paul, with continual attempts by the Left to achieve breakthrough for all out control. I’m sensing the revolution will come to head BEFORE there is a Democrat elected. Instead, it will ramp to the heights with all out chaos when Trump is-re-elected.

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  10. I keep reading this over and over and posting and re-posting….hey wasn’t there a part in the bible where someone talks about just these times??? Good will be evil, evil good…etc…etc…etc…

    I pray ya’ll got to see President Trump’s historical prolife speech at the March for Life…

    I was watching it from home cheering, crying and being heartened!!!

    Later that evening I put it up for Michael (my hubby) to see and he got emotional too (which usually only food and ice cream do that to him) 😆 jj.

    Afterwards he said, “Linda, I think President Trump is having a conversion!!!” Just like you said, Charlie, in Jackson!

    Well thanks be to God. Isn’t it wonderful to have Charlie who is a voice for truth and a president who is a voice for truth…then at the same time Vice-president Pence and his wife were with Pope Francis!!!

    Btw ya’ll probably know this: President Trump has put in 187 prolife judges thus far!!! Meep meep (Beckita, what does meep meep mean?)

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    1. Well, as one who gave up cartoons for Lent in third grade and pretty much stopped watching most TV at that point, this is not my area of expertise, Linda. 🙂 But I do see quite a disagreement online concerning whether Road Runner actually says “meep meep” or “beep beep.” Some say the sound of “meep meep” is the only way the Road Runner can harm the Coyote but I think we should defer to those here with greater knowledge and insight to answer your question.

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        1. “Only in the minor tribulation” is plenty awful AND exhilarating enough for me, Linda. 🙂 Really, it WILL include suffering AND we will have the grace needed to live it while being a sign of hope. Who can fathom the major chastisement?! But we’ll be busy then too… from our Heavenly place.

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          1. Yes…and even now, we can call upon the Heavenly court for help…Anne to Jesus just said to me the other day (I picked up one of her books and read the message from Jesus to Anne, the lay apostle ) that when you find a holy card, see a certain Saints statue or a Saint’s book…it could be the Saint who wants to help you and is giving you signs….hmmmm…wonder who’s peering over my shoulder now, wanting to help🤔🤗😇

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        2. Linda, I agree with Desmond.  I use the term end times loosely as we have been in the end times since the crucifixion.  I do think we are culminating in what could be described as the end of an era which will usher in the triumph of the immaculate heart of Mary as per Fatima. This could also take the form of some form of coming of Jesus as he and the Blessed Mother are inextricably linked.  Maybe a Eucharistic reign?  I don’t know.  It can be labeled as end times and there will be much tribulation coming along with natural upheavals, but also a new spring time of the Holy Spirit as Saint John Paul has alluded to.  I do not see it as the end of the world, but a great renewal.  We are somewhere in the thick of revelation.  What keeps coming to me is Revelation 12.  Part of the fulfillment of this culmination is good will be evil and evil will be good.  Surgery is always painful, but we have to go through it to heal.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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          1. I have some good news to share as well as what you just said. Desmond’s book is never far from my side. He goes into time span but alas, I’ll have to wait a bit to look it up & get back to you…Jesus awaits and I am a snail this morning…lol..2 days of fever and tummy turned inside out…strange bugs these days…like swarzenegger says…I’ll be back😆 all better today though folks..🤗

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              1. Doug, I couldn’t find it, but Desmond is going to talk (write) about the 7 ages of the church Tuesday on his fb page. He’s super tired after giving a retreat last weekend, and needed a day to rest up. He’s just the nicest man, ever! So if ur not friends with him on fb, hop on the train good buddy…you & Lambsie. Should be very interesting. He’s so exact. I with the whole world had his book, “Trial, Tribulation and triumph before during and after Antichrist!” It’s just chock full of info🤗😇

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                  1. Linda, you will find the prophecy of Ven. Holzhauser about the “5th PERIOD” of the Church immediately below. As you may recall, he wrote these prophecies in the 17th century. He speaks in a slightly earlier prophecy about rampant heresies “in the Latin Church” – and how God will intervene.

                    12. Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser (17th Century)

                    “The fifth period of the Church, which began circa 1520, will end with the arrival of the Holy Pope and of the power-ful Monarch who is called “Help From God” because he will restore everything [in Christ].”

                    “The fifth period is one of affliction, desolation, humiliation, and poverty for the Church. Jesus Christ will purify His people through cruel wars, famines, plague, epidemics, and other horrible calamities. He will also afflict and weaken the Latin Church with many heresies. It is a period of defections, calamities and extermination. Those Christians who survive the sword, plague and famines, will be few on earth. Nations will fight against nations, and will be desolated by internecine dissensions.”
                    There are many more – for instance.

                    “During the 5th period, we saw only calamities and devastation; oppression of Catholics by tyrants and heretics; executions of Kings, and conspiracies to set up republics. But, by the Hand of God Almighty, there occurs so wondrous a change during the sixth period that no one can humanly visualize it.”

                    Holzhauser lays out many other specifics about this period. Frankly, they are spread out over numerous chapters in TTT. For those who wish to know more, I recommend reading TTT.

                    And of course, numerous other prophecies from Canonized Saints, Blessed and Venerable prophesying about the same chain of events – and more are found in numerous different chapters of TTT.


                    All my love in Christ


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                  2. Per Desmond’s post regarding beginning of minor tribulation which will last 4 yrs until 3 days of darkness according to TTT

                    Linda Boissoneault Graziani i think we are close to it. It won’t FORMALLY begin till civil war breaks out at almost the same tome in Italy and France.

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                  1. Doug you’re not gon a believe this…I just covered my copy with brown paper bag cover. Ya know, how we all uses to cover our books when kids??? I read mine so much I need to protect it.. just a treasure. ..I’ll try to post what he says today here though

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          2. Hi Doug, Before I had my ostomy surgery, I felt like I could be prepared to meet whatever challenge God brings to us in the days ahead. Since my surgery….and being tied to a zillion ostomy supplies weekly, I think….What would happen if the world blows up? When the world blows up? What do I do about my ostomy situation? What about the other people out there with similar or different situations? It’s pretty frightening to think about, compared to how my life was before my surgery. God knows my situation and I know He loves me and all of us in these kinds of situations. I need to put my trust totally in Him. For me, it’s much scarier than it was, say, a year, two years ago. If you have any words of wisdom, friend, I could use a few. (Sorry I can’t respond to the little bell up in the corner…WordPress won’t let me.) God Bless You and all here. You’re all dear to me.

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            1. DianeBelvs: Raising a son with Juvenile Diabetes (diagnosed age 11), I have had the same fears. JD is even 25 years later not curable and totally dependent on an insulin supply. I have always feared a disruption to the supply of it. Worse I never anticipated the price of a bottle it skyrocket from @$15 a btl. to @$250 a btl. which is another form of supply interruption. This happened directly because of Obamacare. My son has seen 2 acquaintances die from rationing their insulin because of cost. Stories of the same hit the news ever so often. Pres Trump has a bill/plan to address the costs but it has not gotten any play b/c of Nancy Pelosi. BTW his insulin needs are 2 1/2 btls. a month but with an Obamacare deductible of $8500. the original yearly outlay is staggering. His father and I have to kick in to keep him from rationing too.

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              1. Oh Joanne, I so wish it wasn’t so for your dear son. And the costs are incredible and ridiculous. It breaks my heart to hear your story and I pray for your son and all those dealing with problems like this. May we all trust in God for what will be His will in our lives. Lord have mercy.

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            2. Diane, I think you already have the words of wisdom as you aptly stated putting your whole trust in God.  God does not want to pull the rug out from under you(us).  He is in the saving business.  Our life is but an eye blink in eternity.  This is an opportunity for you.  Lambzie has similar feelings too.  This is only natural.  As we are able to afford it, we have been buying extra supplies for her in the event that there is some sort of disruption.  Even then, there is no guarantee, but we do our best to remain faithful and take prudent steps within reason.  In the event of a disruption, I believe you will see miracles in these situations.  God is not lost on his children.  The scripture verse I like to lean on most is Roman’s 8:28 “all things work for good who love him and are called according to his purpose”.  We struggle every day and often, I(we) wish we did not have to deal with it, but in hind sight, it has been a great blessing and witness.  There is great dignity in suffering when especially aligned with Christ’s suffering.  It is our cross.  Think of your ostomy as one of Christ’s wounds.  Souls will be saved as such.  Be faithful.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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              1. Thank you Doug….your words always bring me peace and I know you and Lambsie are close to my situation. I have thought about extra supplies and then I think….what if we had to leave our homes and were separated from supplies, etc. Who can imagine all the possibilities? So it just comes back to trust and believing that our lives will go as God wills them to. I offer it all up for the good of souls.

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                1. You got it Diane. I suggest to read the Epistle of Hebrews. There it speaks of Jesus humanity in identifying with our humanness and also that hardships can be a form of discipline to train us or make us grow. That does not necessarily make it easy for us, but it is one of the signs of love which beckons us deeper into the divine mystery. Also, if you may, Lambzie and I could use a few prayers. Some times our trials can get us during weak moments and knock us down a bit. It is usually in these desert moments that growth occurs.

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  11. Egads it’s come to this, file it under The radical right’s urban dictionary?

    Segueing to the Feast of the St. Paul’s Conversion, For those who may never have a chance to see his tomb in person…

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    1. Maggie this is truly a message for our times. We have to pray for our enemies and persecutors. Pray that they experience conversion. We need to meditate on that word CONVERSION. This is, of course, Mary’s path out of the hapless mess mankind has drifted into. She keeps urging us to pray, sacrifice and make reparations as the means of CONVERSION of the world.

      Some people might know that Basilicas were quite common in Rome. Kind of like country clubs of a sort. Where different groups gathered for socialization, gossip and something to do with baths and casual pleasure on hot summer days. Most were roofless. Open areas with colonnades.

      Every group had a basilica … except the Christians. The Emperor Constantine upon his CONVERSION decided that the Christians ought to have their own basilica. In fact they ought to have two. So he built two. One to honor St Peter and one to honor St Paul. Both were monumental in size and impressive construction. Open to the sky. Hard to believe but St Peter’s was open to the weather right up until Michelangelo was commissioned by Pope Paul III in 1546. The dome was not completed until 1626.

      We all know and marvel at St Peter’s basilica. But what about St Paul’s basilica?

      True story: I visited the Basilica of St Paul Outside The Walls in Rome many years ago. 40 some odd years ago. Like St. Peter’s it is a massive beautiful place. Thing is the day I visited there was not a soul in the place. Completely empty. Just me. And an entire symphony orchestra that was playing sacred music all arrayed around the altar. I thought at the time it must be some kind of dress rehearsal as they were all in their regalia. Stood at the spot depicted in your picture all by myself contemplating St Paul with this entire symphony orchestra giving me musical accompaniment to my thoughts. True story. Kind of weird but true.

      Also true story: On the same trip I stumbled over the Mamertine Prison where St Peter was held at about the noon hour. There was a turnstile and a ticket office just off the street entrance. But nobody there. No line. No attendants. No tour guides. No tourists. No nothing. Just walk in. Just me. I figured everybody must be out to lunch or something. Being that I never thought I would visit again I just pushed though the turnstile and went on in and took my own lonely tour of the prison. I went down and saw the stone pillar that St Peter was chained to. And I knelt down and put my fist into the spring that St Peter baptized his jailers in. Still there. You can swish your fist around in it. That experience, too, was kind of spooky.

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      1. I’m not sure what you are talking about that Basilicas were ‘roofless’ structures. Pre-Christian basilicas were imperial audience halls. The name “basilica” derives from the Greek word ‘basileus’ meaning ‘king’. They were “king’s halls”, royal throne rooms for public political meetings. They were distinct from the Roman public baths. You can look up any of the illustrations or works of art that pre-date the present St. Peter’s and see that these were NOT open air structures but rather enclosed buildings. It is true that many basilicas had colonnades at the front of them. These provided an open air forecourt. There was often a fountain at the center of these so that people could wash up before entering. These forecourts continue to exist at both the present day basilicas of St. Peter and St Paul.
        For a reconstruction of Old St. Peter’s you can checkout the following image.

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  12. Orwell’s & Our Founders Nightmares
    I didn’t watch any of the Democrat Impeachment Show, except for “clips” but I did watch the 1st two hours (Saturday’s) of Trump’s defense team In-Action. They destroyed the Dem’s Articles, biased Sham Show and displayed their strategy to Out Shifty Schiff and the Rest with facts, video clips and statements of The Usual Suspects these past four years … of Witch Hunting. The Prez will, no doubt, be found Not Guilty along mainly Party Lines with the possibility of a couple vulnerable Dems and/or RINO NeverTrumpers jumping sides.
    Not much in the DC Swamp will change. Until November, NeverTrumpers on both sides will continue their intrigues and the Congress, DOJ/DOS/FBI & Intel Branches will continue to play the Three Wise Monkey Routine to insure that The Deep State is held accountable for NOTHING!!
    The Blue State & RINO Senators will continue as usual and the Urban House Slaves will continue to do, say & vote as Mistress SanFran Nanny and Massa Denny Hoyer tells them.
    I’m guessing that the Super Virus from China will be The Distraction that ABCNNBCBS-PBS/BBC/NYT/DNC uses to deflect from their inability to destroy Trump with The Shiffty/Schumer Sham Show.
    However! The above Usual Suspects will continue their attacks on Trump with their usual selective editing, unflattering photos, disinformation and outright fabrications ’cause they are totally uninterested in changing minds but only hoping to hold on to the usual 43% of BoobLand USA that votes the Democrat Ticket whatever may come. Ya know! Unions, Welfare Slaves, Yellow Dogs from birth & Abortion/Rainbow/Environmental/Socialist Radicals.
    What about that 7.1% that The Left needs to Overcome!? That’s where “Things” may indeed get Scary! The Left and their Media Masters have been unable to budge Trump Deplorables and, in fact may well be doing the opposite. They are outta ammo! What to do? Unless you have been asleep since Billary’s Reign, you must know that The Democrat’s are not above colluding with China and accepting Mega $$$….. and just where were The Chinamen in Election 16/18? .. Eh!??
    Who else might they be willing to collude with to “remove” The Hated Trump? …. and what about Trump’s awful Deplorables? The Left has already played the Race, Class Envy and White Privilege … Oh! ….and we Hate Cops … Cards to the Max. I’m thinking that The Global Left is beyond frantic now and Evil Frantic People with means can …. ? ;-(
    Keep Your Powder Dry!


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      1. Irish7 & Gang,
        Could the “stuff” of Sci-Fi writers & nightmares of military/civil defense types be Happenin’ NOW!!??
        We will know in 10 days if “Something is Up” with this Coronavirus or no. We, of course, will NOT have “The Big Picture” ’cause China ain’t gonna provide “The Truth and Nothing but The Truth” … nor is anybody else in “Authority” ;-(
        We have been Warned for Years that Super Bugs are Out-There and have outpaced our current capabilities (drugs) to combat them ;-(
        It was/is just a matter of time when ……… ;-( ….. The Biblical/Revelation Beasts of the Fields might well be Nasty Microbes …. & not Lions-n-Tigers!!


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  13. Crewdog your analysis of the Impeachment Farce proceedings thus far is right over the target.

    I have not watched any of the Democrat “3 days of delusion”. I did watch some of the clips of this morning’s initial Republican defense of Donald Trump. Seems to me they have blasted the basis of the Impeachment right out of the water in the first two hours.

    My spidey sense is this is all part of an ongoing unveiling of the Truth. Light out of darkness. At the end of which we, at least in America, will be left stunned wondering how we got here and what now?

    One expects that after the Acquittal, Donald Trump who is a master counter puncher, will make them pay with a furious fusillade of counter blows and drive them to the ropes just in time for the election in November.

    Kinda like Floyd “Money” Mayweather Shoulder Roll Philly Shell Defense. Watch Mayweather slipping punches with his shoulder in the link below. This is how Trump fights his opponents. His offense explodes out of his defense. You will hit him but the blows you hit him with are muted. Trying to land a knock out punch your punch slides off harmlessly. Then the offense comes blasting out of his defense.

    Tump’s opponents are throwing their best shot at him and it is going to roll off his shoulder just like in this link. They will hit a few punches but they will not knock him out. Fighting with defense. Then they better watch out.

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      1. Patrick Philbin is amazing. So too Dershowitz and the others. It was reassuring that there are some in DC that have read the Constitution and know the history of law in this country. It is obvious that the left in the house are squarely uneducated in it. (Of course their are those there too that do know it and the law and work against purposely). A few months ago I concluded that the Dems and the left would turn our constitutional republic into a parliamentary system if they could. I was astounded to hear two of the Trump lawyers say as much and then say that the founders specifically did not want a parliament system of government and then laid out why 3 equal branches were chosen instead. Boiled down parliament systems are run by the legislature exclusively and have all the power with no checks and balance on that exclusive power.

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  14. The media bias is not just in words but in what the leftist media choose to cover or alternately choose to not mention. As an aside, how many heard media reports on President Trump and the March for life Mentioned. I didn’t have time or the stomach to watch too much of the so called main stream media.
    My usual response to this stuff is to remind myself that “Pravda has spoken”.

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  15. Here is a question for the class:

    Can one man’s Conspiracy Theory be another man’s Bombshell and Are We All Gonna Die?

    Check out the link below and discuss. Address the question: what was a delegation of Ukrainians doing in the White House described as “Prosecutor Training” in January 2016?

    Whose Conspiracy Theory is this? Whose Bombshell is this?

    Are we all gonna die now?

    The mind boggles.


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  16. Yes, that is exactly the point of the Ingraham “bombshell”.

    January 19, 2016 to be precise. 10 months before the election.

    A delegation of Ukrainian prosecutors and diplomats were called to Obama’s White House for “Prosecutor Training.”

    The subject of the meeting was Burisma and the Bidens. It was the NSC staff present who were Bidens people who brought up Burisma. It was not the Ukrainians.

    How do we know this? Ingraham obtained an ” E:mail chain between State Department staffers and NYT reporter Ken Vogel”. Hmmm. Also, Ingraham has testimony from one of the attendees of that meeting a diplomat from the Ukrainian Embassy named Andrii Telizhenko.

    One can imagine that Ingraham’s staff called each and every attendee of that meeting for comment before we go on air with it. Telizhenko saw the handwriting on the wall. Came clean. Following what he learned of American political tactics …. get out in front of bad news. See the First 48 TV show. “I didn’t do nothing …. my cousin done it.”

    This is big stuff. Sara Carter the investigative reporter observed in this panel that what is of interest is how deep this stuff was embedded in the State Department. What stuff? Intimidating foreign countries over foreign aid including military aid. Ukraine was not the only country. Democrats are fond of using the term Quid Pro Quo. Well, that was the point of the Obama State Department extortion racket. Quid Pro Quo …. This for That.

    Don’t forget Vice President Biden was the point man for Obama Administration policy on Ukraine at the time. Want U.S. Foreign and Military aid money from the Obama Administration? Tell those prosecutors sitting right there on January 19 2016 to lay off Burisma and its corrupt CEO Nikolai Zlochevsky. In return give Hunter Biden a no work job at $50,000 per month. Everything is going to be ok. Mafia tactics.

    The Ukrainian diplomat at the meeting Andrii Telizhenko adds another damning bit of testimony: Subsequent to that meeting the Ukrainian Ambassador to the U.S. tells him to work with the DNC operative named Alexandra Chalupa to “dig up dirt on Trump” to be used against him in the campaign.

    But he didn’t do it because …. well …. that would have been wrong.

    My guess is that this is being leaked now to buck up the “Moderate Republicans” in the Senate by giving them an off ramp for supporting the Trump defense. Were you not surprised by Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski’s reaction to Adam Schiff’s threat that if they didn’t vote for him Trump was going to put their heads on a pike? Can just hear them now back home. “I have never submitted to threats and I won’t start now!”

    This is the counter punch after the shoulder roll in Trump’s Money Mayweather fighting style. Expect more offensive fighting from Trump from here to the election.

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  17. If they do pressure for witnesses, let’s pray that Trump’s folks will use the opportunity to take the lid off the deep pit of corruption for all to see. I have this image if the Dems really want it out they may get more than they had hoped, for, let’s pray anyway.

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  18. The Democrats are getting pretty desperate and are beginning to throw wild punches at Trump.

    In the last 24 hours they have pulled out their hoped for Ace card …. John Bolton.

    There is a mysterious leak of Bolton’s book a transcript of which went to the National Security Council where Col Alexander Vindman’s brother Yevgeny Vindman still works and, incredibly, is in charge of reviewing Bolton’s book.


    So, as the Impeachment Farce is going up in smoke we have this leak courtesy of the New York Times: Bolton claims Trump told him to withhold military aid until and unless the Ukrainians dug up dirt on the Bidens and Democrats. For use in the 2020 election. Funny how the NYT is always in the middle of leaks by Democrat operatives to destroy Trump such as James Comey’s famous leaks.

    This is a wild punch designed by the Democrats to GET BOLTON’S STORY IN THE PUBLIC’S EYE WITHOUT HAVING TO CALL HIM AS A WITNESS. Brilliant. They get their witness and Biden and Hunter and the whistleblower don’t get called if the Impeachment is closed down as all suspect it will be.

    This all in the last 24 hours.

    Shocking allegation! But wait….

    Trump takes the punch and lets it roll off and comes back with an instantaneous counter punch a la Floyd Mayweather Philly Shell Defense.


    ” …. The Times did not quote the manuscript (of Bolton’s book) itself, but rather people who claimed to have seen it …”

    We have seen this media and Democrat MO before. In fact, this is the whole basis of the Impeachment Farce. I heard from a guy, who heard from a guy who shook Trump’s hand.

    Trump counter punched in a few tweets you can view in their entirety for yourselves in the link above.

    “I NEVER told John Bolton that the aid to Ukraine was tied to investigations into Democrats, including the Bidens. In fact, he never complained about this at the time of his very public termination. If John Bolton said this, it was only to sell a book. With that being said, the… ”


    There are two people who have got to be thoroughly po’ed this Monday morning … John Bolton and the Publisher of his book. Why? Because with this revelation from a guy in the New York Times who heard about it from a guy in the National Security Council and a second source (probably the guy’s brother if you ask me) …. who has to buy the book? Why buy the freakin’ book now?

    That book is dead. And so is the Impeachment Farce.

    I’m beginning to think the Trump team is trying to draw the Democrats into the corner with him to open up the whole thing to a whole lot of witnesses. It’s what an innocent man contending with a frame job would do.

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    1. Did you catch the news where Flynn has withdrawn his guilty plea and the (corrupt) DOJ is trying to save the illusion of moral authority by recommending 30 days parole.

      Sydney Powell is a wonderful role model for America’s daughters (assuming she is Christian).

      What the heck is Bill Bar smoking in his bag pipes? Corruotion everywhere and no action, shameful!

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  19. I’m just sick about Bolton (and the timely leak of his book 🙄) and not feeling very confident in weak kneed R’s to ignore it. I know Charlie says everything will be revealed. I see that happening, but feel so alarmed by the the 50 percent who can’t/won’t see. I keep thinking well this revelation or that or SURELY ’xyz’ coming into the light of day at exponential rates will cause their scales to drop. Are we sure this is happening because it sure feels in the trenches like they’re holding ground and even gaining steam. I guess my primal scream boils down to wanting truth and vindication without a Storm. And that ain’t happening is it? Deep breaths. Holding onto the promise that truth WILL come and prevail (as Obama calls Trump a fascist) …Lord help us…and please harness my anger for your good and not my own destruction.

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    1. I understand the feelings, Irish, yet throughout salvation history it’s been a Storm, with its inherent suffering, that has prompted people to make a return to God. I believe that without a Storm we’d destroy ourselves. I also think, more and more as each day passes, that an Illumination of Conscience would be a mighty fine intervention. Ever deferring to the Master for the best way through this stuff: HIS Plan.

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      1. Each new generation forgets or disregards the lessons learned from previous generations. In a way, the mainstream attitudes regards past knowledge as foolish or inferior. I wonder how many generations will influence before future generations reguard us inferior and throw away the lessons we learned…

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      2. Beckita: been reading The Warning -Testimonies and Prophecies of the Illumination of Conscience by C. Watkins. While the witnesses report that their experience was worthwhile for their change of behavior and their personal conversion to truth and real acts of love, it is not for the faint of heart. My husband often chides me not to answer my own questions. Doing this often doesn’t provide much insight or contrary information. Examination of conscience before confession is something like ask and answering your own questions no matter how sincerely you ask those questions of your sins. I think we often miss insight into those failures. Anyway not much chance of that when Jesus is asking those questions of our behavior. Conclusion: holy moly, I’m a mess. Jesus, forgive me my sins, save me from the fires of hell, lead all soul to heaven, especially those most in need of thy mercy.

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    2. Irish: I think more and more are waking to the hypocrisy of the Dems. I say this because 175,000 voters tried to get tickets to the South Jersey Wildwood Trump appearance. The venue holds @8000. While NJ leans Democrat and they are in the majority in Trenton, NJ is like two states: one operates like NY, the southern part is rural and farmland. Wildwood is the Jersey shore close to Cape May. There are year rounders living there but the southern jersey shore is literally empty during the winter. My husband has walked Wildwood’s 2 1/2 mile boardwalk in December and has said it’s the spookiest experience ever. So for 175,000 people to ask for tickets is remarkable.

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  20. Some good news:

    “EXCLUSIVE: Kobe Bryant and daughter Gigi attended Catholic mass in Newport Beach early Sunday morning and received Communion just hours before they both died in tragic crash.”

    The basketball legend and 13-year-old Gigi went to the 7am service at the Our Lady Queen of Angels in Newport Beach on Sunday

    The service was conducted by Father Anthony Vu, a Vietnamese parochial vicar at the church

    The father and daughter left the church and then boarded the S-76 Sikorsky helicopter to Mamba Academy in Thousand Oaks for Gigi’s basketball practice.

    A spokesman for Our Lady of Angels confirmed to DailyMail.com that Kobe was at the early morning service Sunday.”


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  21. I have a couple of questions to ask John Bolton.

    1. In August of 2019 when President Trump allegedly told you he wanted to put the screws on the Ukrainians until and unless they investigated Burisma and the Bidens and other Democrats to be used against them in the 2020 election …. what was your advice to President Trump about that?

    2. Did you advise President Trump that it definitely was not a good idea to withhold military aid and/or pressure the Ukrainians to pursue the Democrats for political purposes as he proposed? If not, why not?

    3. If you advised President Trump that such a course of action was inappropriate and wrong and reprehensible and he ought not pursue that course did he not follow your advice completely ?

    He provided the aid and he refrained from pressuring the Ukrainians for any quid pro quo did he not? Is President Zelensky lying about not being pressured by the Trump administration? Did the Ukrainians receive military aid including lethal javelin missiles?

    4. Why did President Trump terminate you on Sept 9, 2019 mere weeks after your advice on what to do in Ukraine? Why did he terminate you if he followed your advice?

    5. If President Trump, as it would appear, followed your wise and prudent counsel to knock off the political pressure stuff on the Ukrainians ( which they deny occurred) …. what is your problem with President Trump’s actions with respect to Ukraine?

    This Bolton rah-rah does not compute.

    It is unclear as yet what the rules are going to be for any further witnesses in the Impeachment Farce. The administrative details on how that would work in practice are murky at this point. It’s never been done before. Would the witnesses stand in the well of the Senate and just read a statement and go home? Would there be some kind of cross-examination procedure? How would that work? Would 100 Senators get their crack at each witness? If the Bidens and Adam Schiff are called and there is a cross examination process would they be able to plead the 5th?

    Things could get pretty messy. On the other hand it would be a part of the process of unveiling that we have been talking about for some time here at ASOH. Maybe, just maybe, the Truth will be revealed and America will realize that we have a huge problem in our midst that threatens our continued existence as a nation unless addressed pretty darn quickly. Part of the illumination? Light shown on the darkness?

    Prayers. We need a lot of prayers around this. St Patrick’s Lorica might be a good place to start for President Trump and our country.

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    1. Bolton is fake news.  It will come out eventually.  This is all timed by the left and aligns to one of Charlie’s defininitions:  “bomb shell”.  I am paying no attention to details on this.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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      1. from Rush Limbaugh today

        “That prolongs the time, and during the prolonging of the trial, guess what window opens? “Let’s dirty Trump up some more! Let’s bring up…” What’s gonna be behind Bolton? What’s the next leak when the Bolton thing bombs, when it doesn’t work? What’s next? There’s always gonna be something next the Democrats are gonna do. There’s always gonna be the next Christine Blasey Ford.

        There’s always gonna be the next Comey, and now there’s always gonna be the next Bolton. What is it gonna be? The objective is to keep this going is that more dirt can be thrown so that some of it might stick to Trump so that it might eventually harm his reelection chances in 2020. So that it might lead to some of these weak-kneed Republicans actually voting to convict. If they can keep this going for more months, they’ve got a 2020 campaign issue: “The president’s unfitness to serve in office.”


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  22. Up here in Canada, there’s growing pannick over the Chinese Coronovirus, people have been pannick buying masks & other supplies. I know people in the medical sector, and they say the spread of this virus is a lot worse than what is being reported on the news, you’d think that our fake news media & government actually WANT this virus to spread & infect as many people as possible…

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    1. Well, I believe that is what the left wants regardless.  Less people in the world to reduce global warming.  Now I am being cynical.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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    The Battleground Of The Church Today

    The world in which we live is the battleground of the church. I believe that we are now living at the end of Christendom. It is the end of Christendom, but not the end of Christianity. What is Christendom? Christendom is the political, economic, moral, social, legal life of a nation as inspired by the gospel ethic. That is finished. Abortion, the breakdown of family life, dishonesty, even the natural virtues upon which the supernatural virtues were based, are being discredited. Christianity is not at the end. But we are at the end of Christendom. And I believe that the sooner we face up to this fact, the sooner we will be able to solve many of our problems.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. I disagree with the good Bishop.

      We are seeing throughout Christendom the reassertion , a most confident and determined reassertion , in the hearty roar of Leonidus that THIS IS CHRISTENDOM!

      Hungary, Poland lead the way, Russia close behind. France with her Yellow Vests, America with her Deplorables, England with the brexiteers…**

      We are seeing the boundaries of a global civil war between Christendom and the demonic neo babylonians form.

      **I am not familiar with other Continents and I welcome our bretheren there to the fight.

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  24. The deep state and the uber Left Establishment are plagiarizing here. 🙂 All of this was more clearly stated by Comrad Lenin, founder of the Communist Revolution in Russia in 1917. Lenin redefined truth as, ‘Whatever advances the interests of the Communist Party’. The Uber Left consistently demonstrated with their actions that, they adhere to the philosophy of Marx and Lenin.

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  25. Charlie,

    Didn’t you once write that you had concern that those who are overthrowing corruption may replace them instead. The lure of power?

    My memory is poor. Though that is definitely a concern of mine. Trading one slave owner for another.

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  26. Jesus = Good-News 😉




    Whilst we have been distracted by The Shiffty & Chucky Clown Show, this China Flu “situation” has been percolating … and I’m guessing that The Powers know a lot more than they are letting on ;-(




    Program with anti-gay schools loses Wells Fargo support






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