Notes From the Plague Journal – What is Truth?


By Charlie Johnston

I have been struggling to get a handle on this business, writing a long, fairly complex piece. It finally dawned on me this morning that I would do well to divide it into at least three small pieces, covering different aspects. Also, I have been overwhelmed with email traffic and ‘messenger’ requests. I am wading along, but forgive me if I am delayed in responding – and it is nothing personal, but I don’t do messenger. And so, the first installment…

What is Truth?

This Wuhan Virus is a tricky one to get a handle on. It affects different populations in different regions in vastly different ways.

Italy, Iran and Spain are the hardest hit, with it seeming like a true pandemic in Italy and Spain. In Iran, it seems to have targeted the leadership class. Weird. The major things these three countries have in common is that they have socialized medicine and have hosted an unusually large Chinese population by participating heavily in Silk Road initiatives. This is not immediately useful information, though, because there are many countries that have similar commonalities that have not been so harshly affected. In fact, of three countries that have been badly infected and quickly recovered, two also have fully socialized medical systems – Taiwan and South Korea. The third, Japan, has a hybrid socialized system with private elements. It is hard to pinpoint what the difference is between those countries that are genuinely ravaged and those that have little more than a sneeze.

Top medical people are all over the board on this. Some are claiming fear of it is ridiculously overblown, while others treat it as the greatest potential scourge since Genghis Khan. The World Health Organization (WHO) has mainly been running political interference for China, so everything it says is suspect. That has been no great loss to me. Ever since it assured us years ago that at least a million people would die in Africa alone of Ebola I have largely ignored the WHO as a useless – and uselessly alarmist – organization. The actual number who died of Ebola in Africa was 30,000.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is credibly charged with giving officials bad information and assurances that could not be kept. At least in this case, the motive seems to be good, old-fashioned CYA incompetence rather than politically driven. Still, it does not inspire much confidence that the “experts” can give us the information we need to make good decisions.

Meantime, the scientific advisor to Italy’s Minister of Health is bluntly stating that the numbers of death in his country from this coronavirus have been badly overstated – that only 12 percent of the death certificates show a direct correlation to the coronavirus. It seems doctors in Italy are just attributing almost all deaths to coronavirus these days, regardless of the actual cause. Italian hospitals are jammed, but the information being given is not very useful and is probably downright deceptive.

The establishment media has been an utter disgrace. While people are looking for good information, it is busy trying to find ways to “own” Trump when it is not engaged in identity politics “gotcha” moments. It is guided not by any consistent standards or helping people through what has become a crisis, just by being against whatever Trump is for, even if it has to contort itself to attack what it championed just days ago in order to stay consistently anti-Trump. Worst of all, it scarcely bothers to hide how eagerly it hopes for full economic collapse or a deadly pandemic in order to hurt Trump. Some of the conservative media is not exempt from this either, with some sites obsessively trying to discredit Dr. Anthony Fauci over his connections to some liberal Democrats. When dealing with hard facts, I always look to see whether the assertions an official makes pan out when I drill down into hard data. Dr. Fauci has been consistently accurate and measured. Yes, the left-wing establishment media has been all political, all the time – but shame on those conservative writers and sites which have tried to make this just another political food-fight, too. When this is over (and it will be) I think the media may be in for a true and extensive blood-letting. Most are completely un-serious people and would have to study for months to rise to the level of half-wits.

When you politicize everything, nobody serious believes anything anymore. It can enhance partisan power for a time – but only at the cost of exponentially rising cynicism which can become prelude to a political collapse.

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  1. I can drive myself crazy wanting to know what the truth is in all of this. I’m suspicious about motives. Is it legitimate that we be in lockdown? Maybe I’ll never know, and I just need to get over not knowing. I’m not afraid and I’m not stressed. I’m just perplexed. It would be so aggravating to think that this is all for nothing. I always want everything to make sense and be logical. Oh well! Get over it, Kim!

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    1. Oh Kim, I hear you! My middle name is logic 🙂 You echo my own thoughts in wondering whether it’s all true or blown out of proportion. Some day………. In the midst of it all, thank God for His peace and Mama’s mantle!

      This morning during my prayer time, I had the computer to myself, so I logged on to my daughter’s church in KY, me here across country, and sat before the Lord in Exposition, wow! Awesome gift!

      Charlie, one line cracks me up: …they “would have to study for months to rise to the level of half-wits”.

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      1. Annie W and Kim: The problem lies in the MSM (CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, public radio and TV, Bloomberg) doing its best to blame President Trump for the Wuhan virus. China is disseminating propaganda through the UN. I have read recently, China controls most of the UN agencies including the World Health Organization. We even have American lobbyists who support China and relay their propaganda. I found this article on which every American should read.
        It’s long so read it through to the end because it explains the China connection. It is also about the abortion lobby overturning language in UN documents that was never the meaning of them. It explains too (for me at least) why Nancy Pelosi so hates Donald Trump. It goes way beyond Democrat vs. Republican. The heart of it all, as I see it, is abortion. I continue to have more and more admiration for President Trump. He has has a howling storm swirling about him for years and yet he survives. Mike Pompeo has had DJT’s back every step of the way. Both have backs of steel. Pray every day for the Father’s continued intervention. The battle is enormous.

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    2. Just my little input here and a prayer at the end. I believe this is all orchestrated by the horrible deep state. Sadly for them, they are losing and will lose in the end. Happily we love it, just like a farmer pulling weeds out of his bean fields, get rid of them! Pelosi has a mindset to more abortions on demand, solar power etc etc etc. blah blah and nothing to do with the Chinese Virus. They ( Deep State) are being over run right now by the silent Deep Thinker Patriots of the Trump Administration who are 3 steps ahead of every scheme Pelosi and her cohorts think up. Divine Providence has a hand in this, after all Trump was elected and won right?. Many jaws dropped with disbelief that night! However, I think we are all in for a Shaking from God come near or on Easter, the day of our beloved Jesus’ crucifixion. Just my thoughts, not a prediction as God has not allowed me that. May God guide and help us along with the choirs of angels and all of the saints along with those of ours who have gone before us. May God Bless all of those who have died of the Corona, may God guide the families left behind from those who have died, may God guide all of us through this, we never know when it is our time! We beg the intercession of all the saints and angels to assist us in this great time of need.God help us! Amen

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      1. Edit::::,that I know Easter (rose from the dead) was not the day of His Crucifixion, but that Good Friday was. Sorry folks got carried away which is why I don’t normally post long posts here! Brain in wannabe right place but does not always go hand in hand to the keyboard….

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  2. Pandemic is acting strangely – no one really knows enough about its symptoms, numbers are skewed for a reason, media is acting very wicked and taking delight in the fall of America, almost breathless when speaking of the doom and gloom – my take on all of those that are not reminded of Our Creator in these times is sorrow for their souls. Abortion is number one priority for the left, easy access, free and no consequences –
    We continue to pray, pray and pray.
    Reminded that, All manner of things are well and all will be well – Julian of Norwich
    Working in a funeral home requires me to continue to work, I am in Miami and we do not have a spike in death calls – maybe we will, maybe not.
    Be at peace, be joyful, be kind – our presence in this little snippet of time has great meaning to our creator, are we up to the task?
    Love, I do, Diane

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  3. Good Charlie! I just posted on a forum, the amazing polly you tube videos “We are being Plagued” and yesterdays video on “Qester’s” words. Both a play on words and names. Well worth watching, both of them. As well, I ran into an interesting point, that putting down the 5G map in the world, and the template for the C-Virus…they matched up perfectly, and the fact that countries that have very or none of the 5 G stuff, do not have C-V. That was the update as of 6 days ago. Of course, it is going to prob hit most countries but possibly not with the same vengence or M-O. Being in Texas, with a great governor and low occurrences so far, our community takes this one day at a time, and no panic. The biggest sadness is NO MASS and NO CONFESSIONS, OR ADORATIONS. I have a view personally, but no one believes it. So Iam just watching and praying. I pray particularly hard for our President, Time and history continues on, and seems we are just pawns in the hands of some very very evil people. However, I see God’s Hand in all this, and I believe He will shock many many people! (Or me if I am wrong.) There is a comet coming very soon. I had a dream about it. Atlas. Look up, everyone. Look Up.

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    1. Be careful and get independent data, Robill. I suspect someone dummied up a map to scare you. First of all, Russia, Japan and South Korea are heavily into 5G technology – and have amont the lightest exposures to the Wuhan virus in the world. Africa lags far behind on 5G, but has a growing number of Wuhan Virus cases. I am well aware that a few months back, some folks were desperately trying to create a panic that 5G was going to kill us all. The data does NOT match up, at least on the Wuhan virus.

      Beyond that, remember that we are focused on the next right step here. I’ve been hearing about the “comet” for six years now. With respect, who cares? Whatever comes, we are called to be signs of hope. It is good to keep our focus on that in calm times; it is imperative to keep our focus on that in more difficult times.

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        1. I’ve been thinking the same thing, Linda. Unless I’m reading in the wrong places, I’ve seen little to nothing about Russia!!

          God Bless,


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  4. Charlie, With but one minor exception I will explain, this was a brilliantly accurate description of our immoral media and Democrats doing their mischief, only on a grand scale this time.

    My exception concerns Dr. Fauci’s behavior in his initially waving off the initial Chinese test of the antimalarial drugs, with a French replication already published, as merely “anecdotal” evidence. When science has a well developed understanding of a mechanism, here the drug effects on the body, viruses, and bacteria from many years of use and study, then rigorously designed testing, with properly sampled control patients, with a large sample to ensure reliability with a test of statistical significance assuring a non-chance result is a luxury, not a requirement for immediate further trial testing. The two drugs are well understood for their action, and were already approved for human use for decades. What was not well established was the effectiveness of a combination of the two drugs, and a proper dosage that would be effective with minimal risk of injury. To President Trump’s credit, with his solid common sense at work, there was no time lost in scheduling further medical testing.

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  5. Arguing over statistics doesn’t mean much when a loved one has the virus. Please pray for my daughter who has been very sick with Covid-19 for 10 days. She has a compromised immune system to start with so although she is young she has been hit hard. Luckily so far she hasn’t needed a respirator. I know you are all champion pray-ers so I’m thanking you in advance! Peace, and take the next right step mkm

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    1. MKM, Praying for your daughter, and the rest of your family. Ask Bld Solanus Casey for his assistance. I know he will be glad to help. So many saints to call on. Makes us all feel covered in our Lord’s Love.

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    2. For your dear daughter, MKMomma: St. Bernardine of Siena, you were healed of respiratory illness and preached the love and mercy of God and the Holy Name of Jesus everywhere you went. I come to you now seeking your prayers for this daughter. Plead her case in unison with Mary, the Mother of God, and seek healing for her an all who have respiratory illness if that is God’s holy will. Pray, dear saint, that they suffer with joy, persevere with hope, and that they join their afflictions with Jesus’ for the salvation of souls. I ask your intercession on their behalf in Jesus’ Holy Name.   Amen
      God bless,
      Katey in OR

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  6. Thoughts on where we are.

    When Notre Dame Cathedral burned last spring, I was haunted for many days by the sense that God, or more accurately, Mary herself, was saying to the world, “You don’t honor me, or my Son, or the Spirit or the Father. You have no regard for motherhood, or the life of the unborn. Therefore, you no longer have the right to be custodians of my magnificent house, built by your faithful and loving ancestors. You have forfeited your heritage.”

    Since that time, I have felt a connection to the Christian Jews of the year 70 AD. They watched the Romans destroy the Temple in Jerusalem while remembering Jesus’ words that not a stone would be left upon a stone. There was a message in the destruction of the Temple. There is also a message in the burning of Notre Dame.

    The present crisis has given me much the same sense that in its midst there is a profound message from God. Not that God wishes, or institutes plagues. The world has removed itself far from God. The awful consequences of that move are now rearing their ugly reality. Our worldwide civilization has been living the great lie:

    “There is no God. We are the creators or our own reality. Neither religion, nor philosophy, reason or logic, can be allowed to stand in the way of our corrupt wills and desires. We can kill our children in the womb. We can pretend that sex is the most fundamental and important thing in life. We can allow corruption and evil to flourish while we pretend everything is just fine. Men can be women. Women can be men. No action is too depraved or too far beyond bounds.”

    The present situation is totally chaotic. The more information we have, the less sense it seems to make. Commentators I have followed for years, whose thoughts and opinions I have trusted, are taking radically different views of what is happening. Nor are the differences merely one side against the other. There are multiple positions, multiple views, about what to do. In the present confusion each position seems just as reasonable as any of the others.

    I read a comment today that said more people around the world are now locked down in their houses than there were people in existence at the time of World War II. I have been totally astounded at how quickly trade, commerce, and social connectedness have ground to a halt. It is almost as if the world society has decided that we were not really having a good time anyway. So yeah, let’s just shut it all down. A plague is as good a reason as any other. The fabric of civilization appears very thin at the moment, as if the push of a hand, or a gust of wind, is all that it would take to bring the whole edifice down. No stone upon stone.

    It appears to me to be a mental and intellectual babel of reason and thought processes. A babel of the experts. All this expertise, with no one having any sense of where we are going or what will happen next, of what will work.

    I have this image of God watching in anguish as we reap the consequences of pretending that we could live by truths of our own making, while ignoring the reality of the universe created by God.

    Re-reading the above made me want to add one more thing. Even in the midst of this mess, God is working. He is present and he is pouring out powerful graces. Our role is to seek His truth and to share those graces with whoever we can. This is not the end. If we turn to God the situation is not hopeless.

    Mary, intercede for our protection.


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    1. Amen, JT. This, particularly, resonates with me: “I have this image of God watching in anguish as we reap the consequences of pretending that we could live by truths of our own making, while ignoring the reality of the universe created by God.” And in today’s slang: How’s that workin’ out for ya’?

      As we pray that hearts soften and make a return to the One Who loves them with love beyond all telling, my own heart is drawn the more to the wisdom and heartening of Francis-Xavier Nguyễn Văn Thuận, a prisoner for thirteen years, nine of them spent in solitary confinement. Words such as:

      “All prisoners, myself included, constantly wait to be let go. I decided then and there that my captivity would not be merely a time of resignation but a turning point in my life. I decided I would not wait. I would live the present moment and fill it with love. For if I wait, the things I wait for will never happen. The only thing that I can be sure of is that I am going to die.”

      “Alone in my prison cell, I continued to be tormented by the fact that I was forty-eight years old, in the prime of my life, that I had worked for eight years as a bishop and gained so much pastoral experience and there I was isolated, inactive and far from my people.

      One night, from the depths of my heart I could hear a voice advising me: “Why torment yourself? You must discern between God and the works of God – everything you have done and desire to continue to do, pastoral visits, training seminarians, sisters and members of religious orders, building schools, evangelising non-Christians. All of that is excellent work, the work of God but it is not God! If God wants you to give it all up and put the work into his hands, do it and trust him. God will do the work infinitely better than you; he will entrust the work to others who are more able than you. You have only to choose God and not the works of God!”

      More found here, from a speech this Servant of God gave prior to his death in 2002. I love him so much!
      Oh Francis-Xavier Nguyễn Văn Thuận, remain by our side through this Storm, praying and guiding us along the way.

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        1. JT’s fantastic reflection tugged my memory for the Servant of God Cardinal Van Thuan. If you want to read more of the Cardinal’s heart-piercing thoughts, Kim, look for his book, Testimony of Hope: The Spiritual Exercises of Pope John Paul II. These spiritual exercises were written at St. PJ2’s request one year for the Papal Household’s Lenten Season. I was cycling – back in the day when gyms were open 🙂 – and while reading the Cardinal words tears were streaming. So poignant. So real So true. So inspiring.

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      1. I have to say Beckita, that the “I have that image of God”… statement by JT also resonates with me as a parent. How many times have I thought the same while watching my children……

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    2. Powerful stuff, J.T. I was particularly struck by the lines, “No action is too depraved or too far beyond bounds.” and “The fabric of civilization appears very thin at the moment.”

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    3. Well said!

      Perhaps this is the reset that we need.

      It seems more than just the corona virus going on…

      Jesus I Trust in You!

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      1. I would upvote you 10 times on this. Christendom is getting more Christian and the secular West is unclean, vile, chaotic, demonic and thrashing.

        There is a St. George among us who will rally us to kill that dragon. I sense it.

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    4. Yes, God is pouring out His graces. If all could only see them, especially me and all of us who seem blind but are hopefully opened eyed enough to receive them.

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  7. So, here we are, in eastern upstate NY, roughly 40 miles from Albany. The ‘stay at home’ isn’t so much different from how I usually live, except for Mass and eating out. I was striving to make sacrifices this Lent, but hadn’t expected the state to impose it on me. [I am doing just fine] As a nurse -retired- I take the quarantine instructions seriously. I can’t physically help now but spread the common sense message to family and friends, especially immune support – by phone.

    Anxiety and/or frustration is high, especially among those who have never experience much inconvenience in their lives. The c-virus is a puzzle, as Charlie noted, Very serious, but maybe not.
    It seem to be reported in more younger people lately. As you will have noticed, the epidemic has exploded in the NYC area, NJ, and the heavily populated East Coast region. I am gravely concerned that there will be a high death rate here because of life styles, poor health, civil disobedience, fear with hopelessness.
    I pray I am wrong.

    Despite all that, I believe this is a time of great grace, a time of Mercy, a time of “be still and know that I am God”. A time to come away [from the world] and repent and be healed. What a Great God we have that He does this for His sinful, broken children, many who do not even know that they are His children.

    Yes, I am praying earnestly, as I know you all must be, for the salvation of souls – and for so much more. Uniting my suffering and trials to our Lord’s

    Love you all. Stay healthy, Judy
    Please pray for spiritual and physical healing for my sister, Maureen, who suffered a stroke a few days ago. Progress is hopeful.
    [Goodness, if it’s not one thing, it,s ten!]

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      1. ” The state of New York began trials Tuesday on the treatment of coronavirus using hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, often used in the treatment of malaria. ” This medicine, administered in proper dosage, with medical support if there is an over-reaction to the drug (as happened to the individual in Florida who was cured) is now available.

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        1. Great news, Jack. For what it’s worth, I took a low dose of chloroquine as protection in a heavily infested area with malaria when I was in the Peace Corps in West Africa 45 years ago. Upped the dose whenever there seemed to be a breakthrough attack coming. No side effects either. That said, it’s always smart to work with one’s HCP who knows the health history and current conditions.

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          1. Yes, and some doctors say they are taking it as a prophylactic to safely work with infected patients. I have also heard (not checked) that regions where the drug is routinely administered, because of malarial infestation, have low coronavirus infection rates.

            Because the mass testing is now underway here, with good results most likely (a six day period for cure), President Trump may be able to move ahead swiftly to get the country back to work.

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            1. This NY Dr. used it with zinc and had 100% success rate in 350 patients. His treatment resulted in the shortness of breath issue being resolved in 4 to 6 hours. Dr. Zelenko in his study had zero deaths, zero hospitalizations and zero intubations.

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          2. I remember recieving a few inoculations before going to Mexico for a month collecting snakes in the early 80’s. Not sure what I was given but we did get inoculated for malaria and polio at that time.
            I had no side effects that I noticed and I didn’t get sick there either accept once for about 8 hrs, then it was over.
            Growing up on a farm gives you a tough immune system being around all those animals and their excrements.
            Hunting brings one in contact with several types of game and thier pathogens too.
            Add handling frogs, turtles, snakes, lizards, rodents, invertebrates, and crocodilians to that list only enhances that exposure/immunity.
            It’s probable I’ll die by snake bite or falling out if a tree before any virus gets me!

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    1. Judith, Your first two sentences had me laughing and saying to myself, ‘Me,too! I would add missing going to JoAnn Fabrics. My two adult children are driving my husband and I crazy over their concern for us. When the governor of PA two days ago told us to shelter in place and it would be enforced by the police, I thought that’s a little late because we had been doing that already for @ 8 days. But we love teasing our kids so I threatened to get in my car and drive around. We were immediately by texting admonished by them both. I said, “Don’t worry if the cops stop me I’ll just claim Joe Biden disease”. My husband and I got texted back this GUYS PLEASE TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY and POLICE ARE ENFORCING THE ORDERS. We both learned the old saying Cooperate and Graduate long ago. And I can’t even count how many times they didn’t listen to our rules. Irony abounds. I wonder if they hear themselves and remember. My husband wrote back, LIGHTEN UP YOU’RE ALLOWED TO LAUGH.

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      1. I have talked to several people in law enforcement, who chuckle at the notion of “enforcing” stay at home orders. They uniformly tell me that they are not even making routine traffic stops – and their superiors do not want them to. They are only dealing with flagrant and dangerous stuff. So, yes, you should get that broken tail-light fixed…but you probably have some time.

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    CTTO From: Dr. Julian Urban.
    A 38 year-old doctor serving
    in a hospital in Lombardy, Italy.

    “Never in my darkest nightmares did I imagine that I would see and experience what has been going on in Italy in our hospital the past three weeks.

    The nightmare flows, and the river gets bigger and bigger.

    At first, a few patients came, then dozens, and then hundreds.

    Now, we are no longer doctors, but sorters who decide who should live and who should be sent home to die, though all these patients paid Italian health taxes throughout their lives.

    Until two weeks ago, my colleagues and I were atheists.

    It was normal because we are doctors. We learned that science excludes the presence of God.

    I laughed at my parents going to church.

    Nine days ago, a 75-year-old pastor was admitted into the hospital. He was a kind man. He had serious breathing problems.

    He had a Bible with him and impressed us by how he read it to the dying as he held their hand.

    We doctors were all tired, discouraged, psychologically and physically finished.

    When we had time, we listened to him. We have reached our limits. We can do no more.

    People are dying every day. We are exhausted. We have two colleagues who have died, and others that have been infected.

    We realized that we needed to start asking God for help. We do this when we have a few free minutes.

    When we talk to each other, we cannot believe that, though we were once fierce atheists, we are now daily in search of peace, asking the Lord to help us continue so that we can take care of the sick.

    Yesterday, the 75-year-old pastor died.

    Despite having had over 120 deaths here in 3 weeks, we were not destroyed.

    He had managed, despite his condition and our difficulties, to bring us a PEACE that we no longer had hoped to find.

    The pastor went to the Lord, and soon we will follow him if matters continue like this.

    I haven’t been home for 6 days. I don’t know when I ate last.

    I realize my worthlessness on this earth and I want to use my last breath to help others.

    I am happy to have RETURNED to God while I am surrounded by the suffering and death of my fellow men.”

    “In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

    Kindly PRAY for our FRONTLINERS all over the world.

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    1. This account by a doctor in the middle of it is what might be called an ” Illumination”. The hard way.

      “Until two weeks ago, my colleagues and I were atheists.”

      He and some of his friends needed a sherpa to get them there. Somebody who was Acknowledging God with Bible in hand, taking the Next Right Step of wading into that hospital to minister to patients, and being a Sign of Hope by dying well.

      There are Illuminations and then there are Illuminations.

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    2. StClairseeds: TY, it brought me to tears. If this darned virus brings Italy back to the church it would be a miracle. I wonder if this is what He had in mind for the whole world. Pope St Gregory had a plague too in his time. It was so bad that in one procession of faith to Santa Maria Maggiore 80 people died. Saint Pope Gregory had a vision of Saint Michael just above the castle Sant’Angelo wiping a bloody sword and sheathing it to signal the end of the plaque. A replica of that vision tops Castle Sant’Angelo. I am also reminded of the priest who jumped back into the burning hull of the Arizona at Pearl Harbor to minister to the sailors who had no chance of escape. For God so loved the world ….

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    3. John/Sarah, thank you for sharing this powerful testimony. God bless all the medical personnel of the front lines. And God bless you and your family; you are in my prayers, and I am very sorry for your loss.

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  9. So it’s not completely perplexing, one needs to ‘look’ at this thing using both sides of the brain, CJ. But I suspect you’ve already figured that out.

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  10. Great piece per usual Charlie!

    Gosh it’s just been crazy! I admit I had “Jesus” withdrawals and didn’t quite know what to do with myself after no more Mass…then alas… no more adoration!!! Now I’m starting to get Into my groove!!! Jesus is STILL with us albeit in a quiet and mysterious way.

    Anyhow, Charlie has prepared us well for just these times! Currently daily walks are good and speaking with fellows about Fatima and x22 gets a lot of agreement!

    Spoke with Jim tonight from across the street! He used to be an alter boy 50 years ago! Mea culpa… I began and oh how beautifully he finished it!!! Wow ! The beautiful sparkle in his 👀 was like a beautiful sunset of remembrance!!! Please pray for him and his wife Chris! They’ve been sick and coughing for 3 weeks! I tried to stay my 6 foot distance but honestly I really don’t care!

    I always tell Jesus, “Whatever you want, Lord!” He is in charge of this storm!

    Jesus I trust in you!

    Btw! Happy solemnity of Our Lady of annunciation!!! Used to be Our Lady of Lords! Used to be feast of St Gabriel! 😇

    Gods love and blessings to you all!!! TNRS ASOH 🤗🙏😘

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    1. God bless you, Linda. When I was in P.T. for my foot, I would stop by the Hospital Chapel often to be with Jesus in the tabernacle there. I plan to drive the 25 mile round trip today and sit and just be with His in this familiar way. I will bring all of our ASOH family with me to Adoration. ❤

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        1. I was stopped at a make shift station at the entrance of the hospital by the rubber glove gestapo and the face mask militia and forbidden to enter the premises without a guest to visit or a medical appointment. When I asked if I could visit the chapel, after a short awkward silent moment, I was refused. Still I got to take a scenic drive and pray the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet on the road. In our state, currently, we can drive to visit family, keep appointments, buy groceries and/or gas too. I was technically visiting my brother, but the rebel in me was not feeling like waging that battle at the moment. 😉

          So instead, I chose plan B and made a pit stop on the way home at our parish cemetery’s grotto, where we offer Mass each Memorial Day if the weather permits, to pray!

          There is always a way and we are never alone. Prayers and love to all! ❤

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          1. Yes, beautiful. And I think we should be invoking the help of our brothers and sisters in Purgatory, the Church Suffering, who are so immensely grateful for our prayers and in return will do all they can for us (not being able to pray for themselves).

            My own dear Isle is in lockdown, albeit not quite as strictly as in the UK. And there isn’t a t.p. shortage either! 😎

            Bless all here. J.

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            1. J, you’re absolutely right! In my prayer time each day, for many years I have asked the Holy Souls in Purgatory and all the Saints (and angels) in Heaven to pray with me for my loved ones. We need them more than ever! I’m using my St. Philomena blessed oil often for myself and hubby. That oil gave me a miracle against melanoma over 20 years ago! St. Philomena is awesome and my dear friend! 💖

              Another note, I watched the Pope live this morning (6pm Rome time). It was very emotional to see the Adoration and Benediction after he spoke. Beautiful! Wow, Jesus was so powerful!

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                  1. Yay! I’m a member of the ULRA, too. I credit St. Philomena’s prayers for helping me along the path to becoming a Lay Dominican (formerly called a Third Order Dominican)..

                    Love you, too, Annie! 🙂


          2. Jlynnbyrd OH MY GOSH!!!! I can’t believe it! I’m so so so sorry that had to break your ❤️!!! I did say a pmt for you…deep sigh for you but I’m sure you made Jesus smile very big on you today!🤗

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            1. Thank you, Linda for your sweetness and for the PMT for me. I wasn’t sure what to expect. In rare instances, I rather like seeing for myself versus speculating when/if possible. I did set out with some reservation and left the scene somewhat perplexed. Not in my decades of working in the healthcare industry had I ever seen such security measure taken. I just shook my head and chuckled and carried on.

              Hugs back at you! ❤

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          1. Yikes, my typing is atrocious! That’s what happens when I type without my glasses on (it’s hard to proofread when you can’t see so good!). “)


  11. Also this was the day Frodo threw “the ring” Into the Fire of doom!!! 🔥

    I reminded my two sons of this today as as homeschooled kids they were thick into TLOR but I about laughed me head off as my oldest son texted me back and said, “Mom…you know that was a make believe story, right?!?!” Oh my gosh!!!

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      1. Your so welcome Charlie!!! From both Michael and I!!! Oh how he was so excited to see Haagen daaz in Miami!!! He said , Linda… Charlie’s Haagen Daaz!!! “ 🤗 What a great day for you to have received it! I was hoping it would be this day but again sorry so late with being in Florida and all…did you already have Jesus of Nazareth?

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      2. The U.S. Department of Justice announced criminal drug trafficking charges Thursday against Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro.

        I’m starting to believe these x22 reports more and more🤔

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  12. Hi all,
    Praying for you and your family MKM.
    I need prayers too. I am barely keeping my head above water and at times going under. I as well as my fellow teachers are swamped. There are so many new technology platforms we are having to learn at breakneck speed that it is overwhelming.
    My middle son and his wife live in Seattle and the city is going into quarantine tonight. They have a shop in Pike Market that is now closed down. No idea when it will open again. My oldest son and his fiancé live in Park City, Utah. Their county is compared to New York City because of the number of cases compared to the population. They have been told to stay home until May 1st. Both of their jobs are dependent upon tourism.

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    1. Praying for your good health and endurance HTTP. God bless you and your families and send His angels to watch over you and them.

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    2. Of course, prayers for you HTTP and all your family – I know Seattle has been a hotspot for a long time. It’s so difficult when your loved ones aren’t close by


  13. China is behind all this. They want Trump out…..Anything to discredit him. China wants to control the WORLD. Watch them. Elisabeth

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  14. Just a few days ago, I was busting out spreadsheets trying to run numbers, which is honestly laughable since I’m a SAHM with some work on the side. Now I’d rather listen to the birds chirping in my backyard than the news media. It’s a big mess and it was probably wise to post in small doses! Thanks Charlie.

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  15. So far all is well in Ft Myers where my globetrotting Tommy & Liz are! I believe my Lizzy comes out of quarantine tomorrow and she will be back on the battlefield the day after which fightens her very much!

    Tommy of course is fearless…of course! He was a Legionnaires of Christ discernment kid! Lol but what Tommy has conveyed to me is this: the Fort Myers hospital they are at is dead quiet! No one is coming in! No one is there! Hmmmm. 🤔 no pandemic affect at all in Fort Myers beach! They had 2 but that was it🤔

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  16. I am contemplating… God (Jesus) says not to judge.

    Abput a year ago Catholics in NYS were declaring nYs Gov. Cuomo not to receive Communion at mass {myself included}

    Now, the world [archdiocese in NYS at least] can’t receive public communion.

    I am thankful I am able to participate in the Holy Sacrafice inside of my Home via media EWTN. Thank God! I am also thankful of the Plenary Indulgence available through Pope Francis.

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  17. Where it is normally cold it shall become hot & where hot it shall be cold. Where dry
    – moist, where humid -arid so on and so forth. This chastisement along with its dominoe effect comes from the earth from man himself, the next will be from the heavens above. As the pandemic goes forward, all that is held secure by humanity is made into dust to be taken away by the wind. A hellish spirit of fear envelops the earth as Faith waned long ago. Did not Abraham plead for Sodom & Gomorrah, yet God chose rather to have Lot leave. When the houses of worship are closed & the holy sacraments withdrawn from the people it is a warning from above. This happened before in Jerusalem as well as in Constantinople & the whole of the middle east, yet all have forgotten. Was not a certain man of Arabia a precursor to the antichrist, we still have no governance over those lands. These times had to come lest the mercy of God become an injustice. Does not God at times chastise those whom He loves. In the days of Noah the world was was rich & affluent, comfortable & luxurious, intellectually arrogant and morally degenerate saturated in the deepest of sin & full of all depravity. It all has got to go with no exceptions lest humanity be truly given over to damnation as was fate to a third of the angels. An antichrist will now begin to rise from within the depths of the collapsed order. Board the Ark when the clouds begin to appear or the door will close until the new deluge is made complete. For a time the waters shall be greatly disordered & the rains unbearably torrential, but the ship will survive this voyage through the Sea of Purification all the way back to the holy place from where all had began.

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  18. One factor for South Korea might be it’s growing Christian influence. It skyrocketed during the late 80s until about 2008; when it started nosediving a bit.
    They had a Catholic President in the earlier time, then corruption snuck in again. But the Christian, especially Catholic influence might have beneficially influenced it’s brand of Socialism.
    (I lived there locally 1988-1991; and several times in both city and rural settings was approached by Koreans who, in sign language, conveyed delight at my crucifix and even pulled out medals on a chain around their own necks, saying “ Church, too!”)

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  19. Thanks for the information Charlie, looking forward to the updates.

    Up here in Ontario we’re on a 2 week lockdown. Additional quarantine legislation been enacted today for those who don’t self isolate after being exposed.

    Do you guys think the economy is going to collapse from this exaggerated or real pandemic?

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  20. Los Angeles is getting its first shipment if masks and ventilators in these special shipping containers. I am 10 miles east of this location.

    (edit: This video promotes a conspiracy theory and, therefore, the link has been removed. ~BH)

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    1. Welcome to commenting, Kobe Fan. In these days of plenitude of fake news and false information, we’re encouraging one another to carefully check resources before posting links. There’s not one thing about the video which supports what you’ve asserted.

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    1. PS:

      The Usual Suspects will use The China Plague Scare to stretch-out the Criminal Probe of the DC Deep State Criminals to past Statute of Limitations, or into Election Season where “They” will Hoot-n-Holler about Trumpian Revenge and Dirty Politics …. and when all else fails phony trials overseen by Obama Judges with Deep Blue Jury Pools that will ensure acquittals?

      Oh! Get a load of this:
      I have no doubt that the DNC will quietly use this to remove Ol’ Joe as they must know the former Senate Class Clown is now beyond senile:

      Will The China Plague Wild Card be enough to damage Trump, along with massive Dem Voter Fraud & the usual Democrat Election Shenanigans to allow the likes of Bolshevik Bernie or Liz Lieawatha to ………. ;-(


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      1. Re Liz or Bernie: Nothing personal, but me thinks, au contraire; the scuttlebut lately is for a ‘draft Cuomo’ movement.
        Nobody here needs a reminder, but nonetheless…

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  21. What is truth? That’s what we’re all trying to figure out here…

    Up here in Canada, the Trudeau Liberals tried to grab more power (in the emergency relief package) voted on in parliament, the opposition parties objected loudly saying something to the effect “It’s a minority government, you still have inform & negotiate with us! We’re not handing over unsupervised & total spending power to you!”

    Thank God our opposition MP’s are doing their job, or we’d be in bigger trouble right now.

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  22. Jesus said “ you will know them by their works “. This media’s reputation proceeds itself and the liberal left political wing in our country along with them. They have shown their colors because of the abortion horror in our country. That s my test on this . I know they do not honestly care if people die because of this virus , or they would care about the babies killed every day .
    So why the overblown hysteria over this .
    They were aware of this virus when they had all guns blazing at our President trying to impeach him . But they were not worried about it then . Only when that had failed and it was actually beginnning to backfire . Right on schedule came this crisis , so well orchestrated world wide .
    Reminds me of the orchestrated panic alarmist rhetoric for the last decade about global warming or climate change . Whatever name they thought worked the best .
    Remember according to them Miami and New York City should have been under water by now .
    If you want the truth do not listen to CNN ,MSNBC ,NBC,CBS.ABC , NPR , even Fox
    They are all except maybe Fox committed to destroying our country as we have always known it .
    And even Fox although maybe not as blatant about it. They don’t tell us what we need to know .
    Just my opinion

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    1. Agree, Soda– I am so skeptical of everything. Logic, logic logic! Why would the dems care about saving lives? They glory in the slaughter of babies. It’s all so ridiculous. MSM tries to constantly manipulate us. I don’t believe anything they say, but I do appreciate Trump’s fiscal and prolife policies.

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      1. True, the media for the most part is horrendous at their job. I was laughing with my brother the other night at the meteorologists on the news in Arizona. For years they’ve had a cakewalk of a job. “Sunny today…” Now, I’ve seen more clouds and rain in the past year than I’ve seen in the past 40 here. And they’re still mostly talking about sunny days, looking uncomfortably confused, or for the gritty few, actually trying to put in an honest days work to get it right!

        I also agree that his prolife policies are good, but many (including any economist worth their salt) would make a solid case (virtually air tight) that his fiscal policies are reckless and will ultimately prove disastrous. I’ll give you that he didn’t initiate these practices, but he surely has exacerbated them ten fold. His foreign trade policies are good, but at home, you simply can’t set us up for recovery and economic prosperity on a mountain of fake money creation and debt. Do you think there are not debilitating strings attached to $trillions of stimulus? I would say let the chips fall where they may… but the fact is the chips are going to fall where they may with or without me saying that. And sadly, I think it will be the repercussions from decades of fiscal nonsense that finally hits folks where it counts (to them) and starts to wake them up.

        Otherwise I share CJ’s posture (i.e. – don’t much care what things hit us and why, just how I’m doing my job as God wants it). Time for repercussions later. And frankly, I don’t see the value of the least grain of cynicism weighing us down.

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        1. Actually I mean to parrot “recriminations” at the end there, not “repercussions.” Just one of the repercussions of haste.

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        2. I think the stimulus package is unwise, but I appreciated the rise in the stockmarket before the covid 19 craziness.


          1. Yes, that bull run benefited some, but I doubt it would have happened without all the pre-Covid Q.E., artificially low interest rates and other market manipulations. I just look at it all as the typical reluctance and foot dragging that happens with some before they have to do the hard work that’s been put off for far too long. To say nothing of the many who are in outright denial.

            In speaking with many folks in my community the same common thread keeps coming up. Mostly they just want things “back to normal.” So I get them talking about those back-to-normal things that they value and wouldn’t you know –– virtually none of those things have to do with the economy, consumerism, and the underlying addiction to credit/debt. And of course they’ll offer up a slew of things they don’t value and can gripe about ad nauseam, at which point I’ll typically ask, “so you really don’t want things back to normal?”… then let the silence just hang in the air.


        3. “….debilitating strings attached…” For sure!!!! We’ve had a house of cards for years! As someone said today, they’re just printing paper money. But…’s all part of what must come; just awful to watch though. Oh Lord, give us the strength needed!


      2. It is so blatant now . Their hypocrisy , and I believe the evil behind their actions . It makes it easier to make the stand we must make . No matter the cost I want nothing to do with their agenda

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  23. I just got done texting with my best church friend Char! I’ve been so busy as a 🐝 cleaning out basement drawers filing things that have accrued for 14 years and it’s beyond daunting but feel so weepy today I asked char if our church is still open she said she thinks so….but I told her I remember Charlie saying once when things felt hopeless he was gonna fake “hopeful!” Something tells me we’re not there yet and I remember too Charlie said he worries about us getting mad at God which I assure you I would never do but I just really need to go sit with Him for awhile!!! Like a desert 🐫 🌵 lately without Him!!! 😫lol but I’m still gonna be smiley and cheerful! Girl Scouts honor! 😬

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    1. Thank you for the reminder Becky. I picked a picture up at Church on Ash Wednesday and it been on a kitchen window sill facing the table. I did see Fr. Chris’ video and have not responded, until now! I have officially placed my Divine Mercy Jesus image on the front door.

      Oddly a few days ago, I saw this icon hanging on the garage door of a non-Catholic neighbor, Kevin. While he was at work on the upper lever of his newly constructed garage, I told him that I loved the Divine Mercy Jesus picture on the door below. He stopped and told me that he found it among the belongings of a newly deceased and estranged brother, named Mark. He said that Mark was fighting demons in his life and the family initially thought suicide, but the autopsy showed that he died of natural causes in his sleep. Our neighbor did not have the heart to throw it out and instead hung it on the new garage door for protection. How wonderful is Our Almighty Father? ❤

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    2. Becky, thank you! Do you know what page in the Diary we can find what Father quoted about the promise of honoring the image?


      1. Annie,

        Looking in the Diary: paragraph 48 on page 24. Also, look in the index under “Image of the Divine Mercy”; pages 695-696.

        Hope that helps.

        God Bless,


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      1. Awwww thank you Father_Wang so very much!!! Can u answer me a question? I watch our own parishes Mass daily via cyberweb,,,to gain a plenary indulgeance is that all we need to do in these times or do we need to pray for the Pope along with that???

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          1. Wow did everyone get to see the 🌎 wide blessing from Holy Father Francis at the Vatican 🤗🤗🤗 plenary indulgence I’m sure only Living Saints got!!! But for sure God is purifying the dross in us a little more each day! 😫 very painful stuff

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      2. I love Father… he’s so awesome! He’s a rock star, and I want his autograph. Think you can pull any strings for me, Beckita? 🙂

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  24. Charlie, I actually have “Plague Journal ~ A Novel,” by Michael D. O’Brien. I it bought several years ago at the retirement sale of a favorite little Catholic bookstore in the region.

    According to the publisher (Ignatius Press)’s description, “Plague Journal’s central character is Nathaniel Delaney, the editor of a small-town newspaper, who is about to face the greatest crisis of his life. As the novel begins, ominous events are taking place throughout North America, but little of it surfaces before the public eye. Set in the not-too-distant future, the story describes a nation that is quietly shifting from a democratic form of government to a form of totalitarianism. Delaney is one of the few voices left in the media who is willing to speak the whole truth about what is happening, and as a result the full force of the government is brought against him.”

    Were you, perhaps, thinking of this when you titled this blog?

    Must read it again.

    God bless and keep you, friends ~
    Sister Bear

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    1. Fascinating.

      The rub is that we are a nation of small town news editors and publishers.
      The totalitarians are having to scramble to dcieve, remove, discredit and silence us.

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    2. Oops. I bought IT ~ not vice versa. 😉

      Responding to Charlie’s comment below. I appreciate your evocative titles in any case.

      “La Peste” (“The Plague”) by Albert Camus is what I’ve been thinking about more lately, especially in regard to people who must go back to work in the hospitals and in law enforcement, leaving their worried families at home. God bless and protect them.

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    1. Here is another excellent reference from the Veil of Veronica (fromjoyfulhope20
      March 25, 2020 at 4:49 pm above) The reference that just keeps on giving.

      “I read an article the other day by Sonja Corbitt called Redemption Happens in the Dark. It was probably the best thing I have read to date about this storm we are in. In it she outlines how God has worked in the dark using Scripture. It is a thing of beauty. If you have been keeping up with the daily readings, they are speaking to us for these times we live in right now. God is calling you back to Him. God is calling you to repentance.”
      “Now that public Masses have been canceled throughout the country it is more important than ever that we receive His word on a daily basis. He is there, waiting to encourage each of us with His mercies, new every morning. Like the Israelites in the plague of darkness, we cannot go see each other or move about, but we have light every day in the Scriptures.”

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  25. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    I was sent the below from a Protestant friend of mine. This is a video made by a young preacher/pastor with a message for Pres. Trump and the rest of US.
    I think it would be great-n-good if Trump (US) takes his advice.
    It definitely fits well into what we Catholics believe in the Lenten Repentance theme. We live in “Strange Times” and should be looking for His Message… wherever!

    2 Chronicles 7:14
    “And my people, upon whom my name is called, being converted, shall make supplication to me, and seek out my face, and do penance for their most wicked ways: then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins and will heal their land.”

    1 Thessalonians 5-16-22
    “Always rejoice. Pray without ceasing. In all things give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you all. Extinguish not the spirit. Despise not prophecies. But prove all things: hold fast that which is good. From all appearance of evil refrain yourselves.”


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    1. God bless this young man! He is so right. Many years ago there was a day of prayer begun (each year, I believe) by Dr. Dobson of Focus on the Family. I’m sure many of you remember him. The theme was that 2 Chronicles verse! How much more it is needed today. Thank you CD/

      A day of prayer was called for by the President recently and no news outlets even mentioned it. But this young pastor is correct, it needs to be a time of repentance. I do believe that God has allowed this evil to get our attention. Will anyone respond? I know some of us take it seriously, especially here in this “family”. Love you all.

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    2. prayer to follow the preacher’s instructions
      The Lord said: “Let them repent before Me with these words:”

      Lord, you have endured me all these years with my sins,
      but nonetheless You pitied me;

      I was led astray in every way,
      but now I will sin no more;
      I have wronged You and I have been unjust;
      I will be so, no more;
      I renounce sin,
      I renounce the Devil,
      I renounce iniquity that stains my soul;
      free my soul from all that is against Your holiness;

      I entreat You, Lord, to rescue me from all evil;
      Come Jesus now, come now and abide in my heart;

      Forgive me, Lord, and allow me to rest in You,
      For You are my Shield, my Redeemer and my Light
      and in You do I trust;

      From today I will bless You Lord at all times;

      I repudiate evil and all other gods and idols,
      for You are the Most High over the world,
      far transcending all other gods;

      By Your mighty arm, rescue me from ill health,
      rescue me from being a captive,
      rescue me from trouble and defeat my enemy the Devil;
      come quickly to my help O Saviour!


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  26. I knew you were all great pray-ers. My daughter is doing better, not out of the woods yet but better. She’s getting onery which is a sign things are going back to normal. She is a self-described athiest but I think this whole episode has got her thinking maybe there is something to this prayer thing…blessings are hidden everywhere, even in the darkest corners. THank you all from the bottom of my heart!

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  27. (edited out link due to the 2 hour length of the video. ~BH)
    watch this…..Alex Tschuggle (sp)


    1. Just as we have a policy for sending only a link to a news item along with posting a few passages from the article, let’s also send but a title to such a long You Tube presentations. So, those who wish to view what SanSan is offering can search in You Tube with these words and view it: He Had Corona Virus and Recovered: Alexander Tschugguel talks to Dr. Taylor Marshall.

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  28. China buying up and taking over the world’s stock markets? When this crisis ends, everyone will find almost everything owned by China?

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    1. It was an amazing prayerful event. Relevant Radio live streamed it too and Father Rocky did a wonderful narrative throughout.

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  29. What a glorious day today!!! Spent most of the day in 🙏… then Pope Francis world blessing then I went To our local parish from 2:30 – 3:30 just to sit with “Him!” In the tabernacle!!! I almost cried our parish has big huge poster boards and when I peeked behind there were so many 8 x 10s of parishioners!!! (I just now sent ours in)

    I prayed for you all!!!

    Then to my total amazement I was thinking about my Best church buddy Char!!! Next thing I knew she walked in!!! Just me, Char and Jesus in that big ole abandoned church!!! I told her I thought her guardian angel must have alerted me to her presence!!! What are the chances!!! That girl is a powerhouse prayer warrior!!! We finished off the last 2 sorrowful mysteries as she asked which one I was on and said a real heartfelt Divine Mercy chapter!!! Now I’m on cloud 9!!! ☁️

    What a beautiful God we have folks!!!

    Next I went to our local grocery store and our poor owner there (who goes to our parish) is really really struggling and can’t get any 🧻!!! He is really struggling and his wife too so please keep Dave and Mariam in your prayers. Shelves are pretty low.

    MP I did the gentle eye and smile think to many folksies in the isles and I think their spirit felt Comforted!!!👍

    God bless you all and thank y’all for listening to my 💭 thoughts 🤗😷🥰😘🙏❤️


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      1. Thanks jlynnbyrd!!! So often I go about my day BUt when really wonderful things happen I can’t wait to share with y’all….we are a unique family with the same mindset and it’s just beautiful!!😀pmt for u too😘

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  30. Thanks Charlie…I’m on Twitter reading the Twits too much and you bring me back to baseline.. prayers for everyone…God Speed

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    1. Pam: “Reading the Twits”?! Hahahaha! 🙂

      Speaking of Twitter, I saw this on Twitter and it had me in stitches (yeah, it’s silly; but a giggle a day keeps depression away, or something…. 🙂 ):

      Now from the non-sequitur department… yesterday was a beautiful day here in Michigan: Sunny, about 50 degrees. All my older kids are home from work or college. The younger ones love having the older ones home. The 20-year-old played catch with the 10-year-old in the yard, and then she took him on a nature walk in the woods. We’re all home for the daily family rosary now, and the “baby” (age 6) usually sits on the 23-year-old’s lap while we’re praying. He’ll flip through a children’s rosary book so that she’ll sit (relatively) still for the prayers. It’s super cute.

      My husband works from home, so (so far) his job hasn’t been impacted by current events. In fact, he has been crazy busy with his job; but he’s making time to do things like set up the chick brooder (we bought 25 chicks last week, and I’m hoping to talk him into getting some ducklings) and cut up a couple of trees that came down in storms last fall. I love the sound of a chain saw prepping our next winter’s firewood supply!

      I got a little bit of garden work done: I weeded part of my perennial herb bed, and the 17-year-old and I planted onion sets after the 20-year-old weeded and worked up a little corner of the garden for me. The 10-year-old helped with the weeding while the 20-year-old played with the baby. The 23-year-old offered to come out and help once he finished work (remotely) for the day, but we were all finished by then.

      Being outside in the fresh air after having been cooped up all winter, working in the garden with my kids, getting my hands dirty, praying the rosary with the whole family at the end of the workday… it all filled me with joy in the midst of the Covid-19/no Mass/state lockdown debacle. Praying that everybody here also be able to find joy in the midst of the extraordinary hardships being forced upon us. 🙂

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      1. I know what you mean Mick…..finding silly posts on twitter had me in stitches… was good to have a good belly laugh!

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            1. Yep, Maggie. I was struck by how much they not only love playing their violins, but also by how much they clearly love each other… you can see it in their faces when they look at each other.

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      2. Mick, thank you for this picture of normalcy, simplicity and holiness. I have a feeling that God allowed this so that all His children will yearn for it again. Perhaps “Mayberry” should look like this. God bless you.

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  31. God IS drawing good from the situation in Lombady, Italy. Mary Healy shared this story yesterday. It’s both very sad and very hopeful. THE CRY OF A DOCTOR IN LOMBARDY. ABOUT THE VIRUS, DEATH AND GOD.

    “Up until two weeks ago, my colleagues and I were atheists; this was normal because we are doctors and we have learned that science proves that God does not exist. I always laughed at my parents when they went to church…

    Now we must admit: as human beings we have reached our limits, there is nothing more we can do, and more people are dying every single day. And we are exhausted. Two of our colleagues have died and others are infected…

    Yesterday the 75-year old pastor died. Despite the fact that in the last three weeks we have had over 120 people die in our unit and we are all exhausted and feel destroyed, he succeeded, despite his own condition and our own difficulties, to bring us a PEACE that we no longer hoped to find…

    I have not been home for six days; I don’t know the last time I ate something; I realize my own worthlessness on this earth, and I want to dedicate my last breath to helping others. I am happy to return to God while I am surrounded by the suffering and death of my fellow men.”

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  32. My wife and I have been living a semi-monastic life for some years now and the lock down has just made it more monastic, not a great difference being experienced by some who are suffering cabin fever. God has marvelous ways of preparing those open to His will as He leads us through this growing Storm into the renewed heaven and earth in which mankind is called to a restored closeness of the garden of Eden. All He asks of us is abandonment to His Holy Will. Let us learn to be open to His call. May the Holy Spirit continue to bless, guide and protect us as we acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a source of hope to those around us. jas

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      1. What is there in human nature that we tend to take for granted all that we have and focus mostly on what more we think we need. Why is it so hard to daily be thankful for all our blessings, to resist letting our impulses rule and guide us as opposed to taking charge and focusing on who we should ascribe to be, rise above our fallen nature and learn to be more focused on where God is leading us toward heaven our true home. Let us us continue to uplift each other and strive to make this a better world as God wills. May God continue to bless and guide all here. jas

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  33. What a beautiful day, Mick. I have enjoyed checking in on this website and have learned a great deal from so many here. Yesterday I spent a good deal of time reading the posts on the newly launched website, Countdown to the Kingdom. I would never have known about it if not for this site. I also wouldn’t have known about “The Chosen” series. I’ve never been to Arizona but MP has enriched my knowledge of the desert and it’s tremendous beauty by his wonderful pictures but also commentary. I’ve witnessed Patrick go from practically nothing to earning a degree in nursing, I believe, and working in rural medicine where there is a huge need for care. In his darkest times he believed God had a plan for him. I think this community’s prayers and support helped him realize that plan.
    I feel like I know people from all over the country as well as Ireland and Italy.
    The wealth of scientific and theological knowledge that is shared on this site is amazing. Also the sincerity of prayers for each other is inspiring.

    Years ago when I was in college, I got hooked on a few Soap Operas. After awhile, I realized the hook was character development. I became personally involved in their lives, the more I got to know them through their daily appearances on the show. I knew it was all make believe which is why I eventually was able to disconnect. Plus my life got too busy as a wife and mother to care about Soap Operas.

    I’m finding myself once again being drawn to the cares and concerns of those I’ve never met except through their comments on this site. Only this time it’s not make believe. There is real interaction, real care and concern and real faith in God expressed with sincerity. There are people from all walks of life supporting each other in acknowledging God, taking the next right step and being a sign of hope for others. Thank you ALL. You have become important to me.

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    1. Aww, Main, that is so sweet. I too think of everyone here often. I will have a thought and imagine sharing it here with all of you! There’s really no other place I can do that. Yes, so many informative and helpful items are shared here!

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    2. Welcome to commenting, 1005Main. I love your insight: The best thing about good fiction is that it makes us care about the characters. And I love your point about those of us here: we really have become important to each other… because we’re a family. And I’m so glad that you’re part of the family. 🙂

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  34. “An Argentinian doctor has been sentenced to a 14-month suspended jail term, plus 28 months of disqualification from holding public office because he refused to commit an abortion on a woman who was 23 weeks pregnant. The ruling will be appealed.”

    “Rodríguez Lastra found the woman had an infection and was in danger of going into septic shock. She was at risk of losing her uterus and her life. An expert testified during the trial that Rodríquez Lastra had saved the woman’s life. Rodríquez Lastra, the patient’s mother, hospital management, neonatologists, psychologists, and social workers agreed to not have the woman undergo an abortion, and a C-section was performed at 35 weeks to give both mother and child a chance at life. Even the Ministry of Health and the Family Judge agreed with this. After the baby was born, he or she was placed for adoption.”

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  35. Been thinking a lot about plenary indulgences and how you can get so many now in these times BUT THE CATCH IS NOT BEING ATTACHED TO EVEN VENIAL SIN!!!???!!!??? Can anybody tell me exactly what this means??? How do we know is we are venially “attached???” Merci ! 🤗


  36. Not having an attachment to any sin, however slight is tough.

    For me, I ask God to place me in a state of grace so I may receive a Plenary Indulgence. Fortunately, I pray the Indulgence prayer (stations of the cross) prior to receiving Holy Communion, the Eucharist voids/ cancels all venial sin.

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  37. Hi guys and gals. We haven’t had any diagnosed cases in our small town here in Montana. I have very little useful guidance to help me, and I am “winging it” like everybody else with the help of a doctor in North Dakota, the State of Montana, and the CDC. Right now our objective is to flatten the curve of the spread of this disease to our local population through these stay-at-home orders. In other words, the goal is to prevent a spike in the number of infections that could overwhelm a healthcare system as opposed to a more gradual increase in cases that can be managed easier.

    This Monday, I will be at the clinic with staff as usual, but we are keeping the doors locked and triaging by phone, handling patients on a case-by-case basis. A local EMT will be visiting people at home as the need arises, taking vitals and gathering other info, and then communicating with me by phone or video call. I will also be seeing patients by video. (This is kick-starting our telehealth program – something I am very passionate about and something we currently do not have.)

    I don’t have any more advice for you beyond what you’ve already heard. I would caution you, however, about taking too seriously rumors that are swirling around, such as the ibuprofen story. Also, please don’t disseminate stories that are not confirmed. Right now, we have little solid data (obtained through scientific research, which is ongoing) to support any of the many claims out there. We are in the data gathering phase right now.

    ✝️ Prayers for you all!
    Patrick of Montana 😀

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    1. Great to hear from you, Fellow Montanan. Thanks for the sound medical advice and this line fits reports on every dimension of life – both temporal and spiritual: “Also, please don’t disseminate stories that are not confirmed.” Prayers anew for you as you tend to your patients, Patrick.

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    2. Hey Patrick,

      Thank you for the update. I think you make a valid point (actually many :)): “I would caution you, however, about taking too seriously rumors that are swirling around, such as the ibuprofen story. Also, please don’t disseminate stories that are not confirmed. Right now, we have little solid data (obtained through scientific research, which is ongoing) to support any of the many claims out there. We are in the data gathering phase right now.” I have taken the advise of SteveBC and up’d my and hubby’s Vit C intake and am taking D3. I find myself not knowing what to think or who to trust…except God, I hope.

      The other day my husband showed us a meme that said “Excuse me, I’m from Louisiana, is this virus a Category 4 or 5”? We laughed (being born and raised in Louisiana and totally getting the reference to a hurricane). But this morning, I woke thinking more about it. My husband and his colleagues, as ER docs, are just waiting for the Cat 5 to hit. And so far, it hasn’t (Praise God). I began thinking of this virus and wondering, is it (or will it) hit like a hurricane. Some areas are getting tropical storm winds and rain, others Cat 1/2 winds/rain, while others are getting the full force of that eastern side. Just got me thinking.

      God Bless and stay safe,


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      1. Hi Becky. The ER docs and nurses really are on the front lines of this battle. They are placing themselves at great risk — because that’s just what they do, every day. Prayers from me for your husband and colleagues, and all critical care and emergency providers.

        My risk day to day is pretty low. We virtually stopped all not-critical appointments, though I am in close contact with people routinely as duty demands.

        Shane, our local EMT, is one of the kindest, most selfless individuals in this town. He is on call for this community 24/7. Every time I see him he looks like he desperately needs sleep, working as dispatcher for the sheriff department and as EMT for the private ambulance service here. A very kind, compassionate, generous soul. And as is his way, he saw a need and volunteered to physically visit people at home to do assessments and relay information back to me. I joked with him that he’d be the one bearing the brunt of the risk of infection…and actually he and his wife Kesa, (also an EMT) are people we really can’t afford to lose.

        I spoke with the ND doc Friday in person specifically about Vit D and Vit C dosing, which I’ve been taking myself. He was skeptical of any significant protection taking these substances will have, and we did discuss risks of too much as well. Risk vs benefit analysis. Use your best judgement. 🙂

        something of interest, this same physician conducted a computer projection at the university in Bismarck about when the infection rate would peak in their area. The model came up with May 23rd. I balked at this and bank that this will not be the case – call me an optimist! I pray that warmer weather will help taper this bug off quicker…

        ….but who knows except God alone! 🙏

        God bless you and your family, Becky!

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        1. Thank you, Patrick! Be optimistic – we need more optimists in this world!

          If I might add a prayer request for my son. He is a 1st year resident in pediatrics in DC. So far, he’s been pretty protected while working a rotation in the NICU these past several weeks. He starts a new rotation tomorrow caring for the COVID-19 diagnosed kids. Please pray for him and his team. Also, pray for him…they lost a patient last week, born at 24 weeks. He took it hard.

          Praying for everyone here.

          God Bless,


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      1. Hey Sean, I almost posted this article in it’s entirety yesterday. I did send it to the doc in ND. It is anecdotal but a solid first-hand perspective. I’m especially glad to finally have SOME diagnostic information I was able to glean from it about what to look for with this bug… (caveat: …in some patients in certain situations 🙂).

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  38. Happy blessed Sunday…the Lords day! Know we all lift each in prayer as a community whether posting or silently but prayers abounding… with ask the extra time many may have seen these…but definitely a sign of hope 😇✝️ Peace be with you all!

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    1. Peace and prayers be with you, ECO. I loved seeing the glorious double rainbow last week and it’s even more beautiful to hear the bells ringing as we view it. (The 2nd link doesn’t work. If you send a new one, I’ll replace the old with the new.)

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    2. Aww Thanks Beckita…yes for some reason now the link doesn’t work was a helium balloon rosary released over a vacant Medjugorje with Ave Maria playing. So beautiful 💝. Loving the uplifting (and some hilarious) memes and vids Hope you all get your spring early. We are due to hit mid 90s today in central Fl and no rain in over a month. Maybe it’ll kill the virus 🦠 off 🙏🏼

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