Into the Desert


By Charlie Johnston

Yesterday, an idea popped into my head for a short story about the Wujan Virus. I will call it The Year of the Plague. The central thesis is that those who thought that this virus was the catalyst for global civilizational collapse were correct – and those who thought this virus was a mild iteration of a normal flu were also correct. I will write the story from the perspective of an essayist in 2050 looking back on the 30-year anniversary of the crisis. I’m having fun with it in my head, but it will take a little while to get it down on paper properly.

This whole mess offers me some insight. I have long wondered how we could have a complete global collapse while still maintaining access to raw materials and communications technology for those with the grit to go after them.

Whoa…about a half an hour ago, a source alerted me that it was about to be announced that all public Masses are being suspended in Colorado effective today. I did not want to believe it was true, but sure enough, just about five minutes ago the formal notice came online that all public Masses in Colorado have been suspended until further notice. My source said, before the announcement was made, that this is envisioned to last only until the end of the month. Now I just read that the Archdiocese of Chicago will do the same beginning tomorrow. We will see how many dominoes fall before all is told.

A dear friend, the gentleman who opened his home to me when I came to Denver, remarked that we are being called to spend the bulk of Lent in a genuinely spiritual desert. That is a very canny, insightful comment. I would that it were otherwise.

I can’t help but think of all the people, through the years, who have asked me what they can do if they should not be able to receive communion. I reiterate that you should do what I did for a big chunk of my pilgrimage: make a spiritual communion until such time as you are joyfully able to receive physically again. Do not let despair overwhelm you. We are in Christ’s winnowing fan now for a time – and how appropriate that it should come during the Lenten season. Do not get overly upset at the Bishops involved. They, too, have suddenly been hit from all sides – from panicked parishioners, government pressure, public health officials. “Dear friends, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal that has come on you to prove you…” -1 Peter 4:12. Over the course of this Lenten season, many Bishops will have to choose who they serve and how they will best serve Him. Accept the trial with them for the time being – and know that we WILL have a glorious Easter. When it comes, we will know much better which Bishops serve the Lord and which are merely temporal princes. Know that during this time, some will be figuring out how to curry temporal favor while others will regroup and figure out how to serve the Master and His people – and they WILL boldly proclaim the Kingdom with power, conviction and clarity that inspires millions to new hope and new resolve. “Wait on the Lord; be of good courage and He will strengthen thine heart. Wait, I say, on the Lord.”-closing lines of Psalm 27.

There are two clerics who have proposed measures to respond to this that resonate deeply with me. I am convinced that this crisis is designed, ultimately, to show Christ’s sovereign power on earth. I reprint below the approach favored by Fr. Bill Bowling, Pastor at Holy Trinity and Holy Name Parishes in Louisville, Kentucky and of Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas. I also append some material from Dan Lynch, where he corrected me with hard facts on the right to receive on the tongue. (I always appreciate that, when examining an issue, Dan always gives me hard data to back up his point. I admire both his fidelity and intellectual rigor.)

As you know, since early childhood, I have foreseen a great crisis coming on the world – what I call a great storm. I never sought to beguile people that the storm would dissipate or that we could go around it. As I have understood my calling, it has always been to assure you, as it comes upon us, that we can do this. So batten down the hatches and go into the breach with confidence. This is not the end, but the beginning of great renewal and demonstration that the Lord is nigh, even next to us. Rejoice and be glad and set yourself to the work of lifting your neighbors up and recalling many to the only secure port in every storm, the Lord of Hosts.

Now the reprints I promised:

First, from Fr. Bill Bowling of Louisville:

“What is the Christian response when illness becomes widespread in a community?

Pope St. Gregory the Great had a spiritual response as he sought to care for his flock in the diocese of Rome. As we prudently take ordinary precautions to avoid the spread of flu, infections, and the new covid-19 virus, what is the spiritual response today?

As a first step let everyone who claims the Christian faith make a deep examination of conscience and sincere act of repentance this Lent. Next, let every person who claims Jesus as Savior spend time with him in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. Let’s see what the Lord leads us to do for the wellbeing of our communities, and of the whole world.

Peace and much love,
Fr. Bill Bowling

Plague in Rome

February 24: Plague in Rome ends after Pope St. Gregory the Great leads a procession with a painting of Our Lady by Saint Luke (591)

The Abbot Orsini wrote: “On this day, in the year 591, St. Gergory the Great, having had the picture of Our Lady, which was painted by St. Luke, carried in procession, the plague ceased at Rome.”

The miseries that afflicted Rome in the year 591 were substantial. The Gothic War between the Byzantine Empire and the Goths had substantially depopulated Italy, so much so that a Germanic tribe of Lombards had entered the peninsula and established their own kingdom. They were pagans and Arians who did not respect Catholics, burning the famous Benedictine monastery of Monte Cassino and pillaging the land at will.

The instability and warfare caused famine in large regions, though Rome was still able to obtain grain by sea. Then came earthquakes and flooding to further the suffering, and from this plague Rome was not immune. The banks of the Tiber overflowed, and when the waters did not recede, all of the low-lying lands became swamps that brought death and plague. The disease struck with such rapidity that the victim would often die shortly after realizing he had contracted the disease, although there were some who sickened but recovered. Our custom of saying, “God Bless you,” to someone who sneezes came about at this time, for sneezing was one of the signs that someone had contracted the disease.

Even the Roman Pontiff died of the plague on February 7th, 590. His successor was Pope Saint Gregory the Great, who was both a humble and pious man. It would be an understatement to say he did not want the honor of being the next pope, but he did do everything in his power to try to save his people. He understood that the plague was a chastisement from God, and encouraged the faithful to repent of their sins and pray for deliverance while he and the religious cared for the people of Rome.

Finally, Saint Gregory called for a procession to take place at dawn on April 25th. On that day the faithful first assembled in their groups throughout Rome and then walked through the streets of the city praying and singing as they approached the church of Saint Mary Major. The plague was so potent at that time that eighty people collapsed and died as they walked toward the meeting place.

Pope Saint Gregory met them upon their arrival, joining them in prayer as he took his place with them holding aloft the miraculous image of Our Lady painted by Saint Luke the Evangelist. As the procession neared the Vatican the participants all saw Saint Michael the archangel standing upon the cupola of Hadrian’s mausoleum as he sheathed his flaming sword. It was a sign that the chastisement had come to an end, and at once the heaviness in the air abated and the air itself seemed to freshen and clear. Indeed, at that moment the plague ended as the faithful rejoiced and lifted up their voices to thank the Mother of God.

“Regina Coeli laetare, Alleluia! (Queen of heaven, rejoice, Alleluia!)

Quia quem meruisti portare, Alleluia! (Son whom you merited to bear, Alleluia!)

Resurrexit sicut dixit, Alleluia! (He has risen as He said, Alleluia!)”


Now we go to Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas in a letter to the Priests of his Diocese:


“Dear Brothers and Sons in the Diocese of Tyler,

As we continue to deal with the many issues which impact our families, parishes and missions in the Diocese of Tyler and as we continue this journey of the Year of the Eucharist I am directing every priest to conduct a Eucharistic Procession in the communities that they serve sometime before the Solemnity of St. Joseph Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary on March 19, 2020. The intentions of this Eucharistic Procession including asking Our Lord’s protection from the Coronavirus and healing for those who have already been infected; mercy and eternal rest for those who have died. Also petitioning Our Lord for strength for our families and the fortitude to be guided by the truths of the Deposit of Faith and the ethical and moral truths they represent.  May the model of faith that St. Joseph provides as Patron of the Church inspire these efforts.

I ask that priests plan a simple procession using the following basic guidelines.  

  1. After a Sunday or weekday Holy Mass invite a small group to participate in a simple procession with the Blessed Sacrament lead by the priests, assisted by deacons if available, and servers.
  2. The path of the procession should be on the property of the Church with no civil permits being necessary.
  3. Proper reverence for the Blessed Sacrament is paramount but the procession does not need to be elaborate, the priest in alb and cope with two servers is all that would be required.  If a Deacon is involved, an alb and stole. If a parish is able to have a more elaborate procession that is acceptable but not necessary.
  4. Safety for all involved is essential thus the numbers should be limited to a representative group of the parish.  Other faithful who want to participate should be encouraged to remain in the Church and pray as the procession leaves the Church, remaining there to welcome the return of Our Lord after the procession.

The primary purpose of this procession is prayer and raising our awareness that the Lord is truly with us.  Let us turn to Him as Lord of Lords and as always ask His Blessed Mother to join us in prayer interceding on our behalf at the throne of Our Heavenly Father.

God bless you and God bless the Diocese of Tyler.

In Christ’s Name,

Bishop Joseph E. Strickland”


And finally, some email correspondence between Dan Lynch and me the other day:

“Dear Charlie,

I read your post this morning in which you wrote, “restricting communion to the hand, allowing it only under the species of the bread, and removing holy water. I, personally, do not agree with these steps, but they are not unreasonable – and may even comfort the more timid among the flock.”

The step of restricting Holy Communion to the hand may not be unreasonable, however it is illicit and there is no legitimate authority for imposing that restriction. Below is a letter that I wrote to my pastor. Perhaps you could post my emails to him and to you on your blog for your readers so that they may inform their pastors. Keep up your great work for the glory of God and hope for his people.

Sincerely in Christ,



The Faithful “Always” Have The Right To Receive Holy Communion On The Tongue

Dear Father,

I heard you inform the congregation at yesterday’s Vigil Mass that if they wanted to exercise their option to receive Holy Communion on the tongue, they could not receive it from a Eucharistic minister, but only from a priest or deacon.

A letter from the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, dated July 24, 2009, the year of the “Swine Flu” pandemic states that the faithful “always” have the right to receive Holy Communion on the tongue.

As such, no Eucharistic minister, priest or deacon can refuse that right.

Please read below the Church law that I could find on this subject and please instruct your priests, deacons and Eucharistic ministers that the faithful always have the right to receive Holy Communion on the tongue. Thank you for consideration.

Sincerely in Christ,

Dan Lynch


This Dicastery observes that its instruction Redemptionis Sacramentum (25 March 2004) clearly stipulates that “each of the faithful always has the right to receive Holy Communion on the tongue” (n.92), nor is it licit to deny Holy Communion to any of Christ’s faithful who are not impeded by law from receiving the Holy Eucharist (cf. n. 91).

There are also four pertinent texts, all explaining that Catholic faithful should not be obliged to receive Communion on the hand rather than the tongue.

Letter of April 3, 1985, from the Congregation for Divine Worship to the National Conference of Catholic Bishops (Prot. 720/85):

The Holy See, since 1969, while maintaining the traditional manner of distributing communion, has granted to those Episcopal Conferences that have requested it, the faculty of distributing communion by placing the host in the hands of the faithful[.] … The faithful are not to be obliged to adopt the practice of communion in the hand. Each one is free to communicate in one way or the other.

Response by the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, Notitiae (April 1999):

Query: Whether in dioceses where it is allowed to distribute Communion in the hands of the faithful, a priest or extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion may restrict communicants to receive Communion only in their hands, not on the tongue.

Response: Certainly it is clear from the very documents of the Holy See that in dioceses where the Eucharistic bread is put in the hands of the faithful, the right to receive the Eucharistic bread on the tongue still remains intact to the faithful. Therefore, those who restrict communicants to receive Holy Communion only on in the hands are acting against the norms, as are those who refuse to Christ’s faithful [the right] to receive Communion in the hand in dioceses that enjoy this indult.

General Instruction of the Roman Missal. Issued by the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, November 12, 2002; U.S. edition 2011, n. 161:

If Communion is given only under the species of bread, the Priest raises the host slightly and shows it to each, saying, The Body of Christ. The communicant replies, Amen, and receives the Sacrament either on the tongue or, where this is allowed, in the hand, the choice lying with the communicant.

Redemptionis Sacramentum — Instruction on Certain Matters to Be Observed or to Be Avoided Regarding the Most Holy Eucharist, the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, March 25, 2004, art. 92:

Although each of the faithful always has the right to receive Holy Communion on the tongue, at his choice, if any communicant should wish to receive the Sacrament in the hand, in areas where the Bishops’ Conference with the recognition of the Apostolic See has given permission, the sacred host is to be administered to him or her. 

For more information please visit this website:


Dan Lynch Apostolates promoting devotion to

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Jesus King of All Nations,

Our Lady of America and Saint John Paul II “




These men are all heroes of the faith as we enter into this unprecedented period, but make no mistake: they are not the only heroes. They are the first fruits of what will become a bountiful harvest of heroes in God’s service.











279 thoughts on “Into the Desert

  1. Last Sunday, Father reminded us that Lent is a time for adoration: Just sit in front of Him, look up to Him and say. “Speak, Lord, your servant is listening.” And then LISTEN. If your mind wanders, bring it back to Him and repeat, “Speak, Lord, your servant is listening.” If you aren’t used to listening instead of doing the talking with your fears and worries, start with five minutes and work up to an hour. It brings amazing peace. He loves you so much. He wants you to rest in Him like a little child.
    Father mentioned, also, that the church is open and anyone can come in to adore. And if a church is locked and you can’t get in, you can adore even from outside the door, or on the steps outside. (what a message that would send!)
    God is stronger than a virus.
    The Power of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection is released in every Eucharistic celebration. This Power destroys the powers of darkness, sin and evil. The Mass is what saves the world–and the satan knows this.

    Christ in me arise and dispel all the darkness. Christ in me arise with your power and your strength. Christ in me pour out your blessing and healing…
    (lyrics there–sing along 🙂 )

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    1. Amen, Joyful. And for those who cannot make it to the Church, Jesus can be seen via various websites which have a webcam beaming Jesus in His Eucharistic Presence to all who would visit with Him by this means.

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  2. People up here have defiantly thick skulls. The attitude by most, is the coronavirus is just anomaly, and everything will return to pre-virus normal.

    It would seem we need to hit bottom harder & further before people wake up…

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  3. I have been thinking about this for a couple of weeks and have been trying to formulate my thoughts into writing. Ed’s posting about generational conflict finally help me clarify my thinking and to get this down on digital paper. These are my own thoughts. They may not have any particular value to anyone else so take or leave them as you may.

    Having been a lecturer at a junior college for many years I have had continuous contact with several generations of young adults. Aside from the Covid-19 virus there has been growing frustration with the way the world is structured and with the conditions we “old folks” have consistently imposed upon the younger members of society. I have long joked with my students that I do not expect to live to be ninety, even though that is very common on both sides of my family. I tell them that once they realize the mess we have made of things, they are not going to be quite as generous to provide the pensions, health care, senior housing and nursing homes that exist today.

    In my class last Wednesday, after Biden won so many primaries, the discussion was not on the virus. The nearly universal complaint was: How can our system result in three rich, white, nearly octogenarians as the only viable candidates for president? There was no particular love for either political party. For the past couple of years, we have had discussions on the economics of the present system. The students have a constant sense that they are faced with what seems like unpayable student loans, little career opportunity and no platform for owning a home, or starting a financially stable family.

    I am a boomer. Born in 1954. By most reckonings the exact middle the boomer generation. From the sexual revolution, to the financial greed, to political corruption, to decadent, materialistic lives, we have participated in, or watched from the sidelines, as much of what is truly important in life has been cast aside. We have been self-centered and egotistical to a fault and we have hollowed out and left an empty shell of the spirituality and culture that was handed down to us.

    Do not think that I am excusing myself, here. I made deliberate choices in life to not enter the public sphere, to not work in a big corporation, to not take open stands on issues. I let the sociopaths and criminals take control while I attempted to live my quiet life, raising my children in a quiet backwater. In my imagination I was safe from all the nonsense of the greater society. As friends, family, co-workers, neighbors gave themselves over to the deconstruction of the day, I quietly stood by and watched. I have much of which to repent. I do not think I am alone in this.

    The thought has long been on my spirit and mind that the blood of over sixty million aborted children cries out for justice. For choice, for convenience, we killed our own children. What generation could trust parents who have freely and easily killed off their brothers and sisters just because they were not convenient? Could the children of such parents ever have complete trust in their elders? Subconsciously, do they wonder if it was mere luck that they made it out of the womb?

    God will not continence such an abomination forever. In recent years the evil has come out of the shadows and is openly challenging the good. David Daleiden is prosecuted for telling the truth while the ghouls illegally selling baby parts for profit act freely in the open. In January, my spiritual senses were put on alarm when New York and a number of other states, including my own Rhode Island, rushed to change the abortion laws to allow what can only be defined by people with any sense or morality as infanticide. In the New York state legislature, they had a party, with cheering, champagne and balloons. Celebrities now openly brag about their abortions. My God! M-l-ch (I will not put its name in print.) must be smiling from Hell.

    Some time after January I heard of the ongoing persecution of Christians and Catholics in China. There were credible reports of images of Jesus and Mary being forcibly removed from churches to be replaced with photos of President Xi Jinping.

    God will only be mocked for so long. He has put up with decades of our self-willed, spiritual and moral corruption. My sense is that the legislating of infanticide in the United States and the attempt to replace worship of God with political power in China both crossed spiritual red lines.

    God wants to save us all. I do not believe that God sends epidemics, or anything evil. However, I do believe that He honors our free will. Our right to choose, so to speak. By our actions we have chosen to take ourselves out from under His protection. His rules are not a test for us to pass. They are guidelines for a safe and holy existence. When you openly, knowingly, even mockingly disobey the rules, there are consequences. We have long refused His protection and so here we are.

    From some reports, the Covid-19 virus is a man-made thing. Just like Adam and Eve. We have chosen to partake of things which are not good for us. We are now reaping the results. One of these results may be that the next generations will take control of this world quite a bit earlier than we, or they, believed.

    I love your analysis Ed. As you can see it got my thoughts moving.
    Even though we vote in large numbers, it may not help us this time.

    May God have mercy on us all. May our sins be covered and blotted out by the Blood of Jesus.


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    1. Amen, JT. The grievous sins you name have had grievously affected all humanity and, it seems to me, seriously affected all over which God has given us dominion. In this vein, I wonder about the impact of idol worship.

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    2. JT, many years ago I read a book called “The Fourth Turning” by William Strauss and Neil Howe. Really interesting. I also read their first book, “Generations” which was one of the most boring books imaginable, not because it was bad but because their analysis of every four-generation cycle was so repetitive. My observation is that their book The Fourth Turning is truly prescient.

      Here’s the connection to your comment. Our generation, the Boomer generation (1944-1960 and which includes Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as opposite exemplars), is the most split of the four generations in our cycle. One half is a bunch of self-serving jerks and criminals, while the second half is filled with goodness and (late in life) some true wisdom.

      The first half has risen first because they are driven by the desire for power and control. They strive and reach for it, so the early years are filled with their rise into positions of power. They want it. They think they are entitled to it. They reach for it. And they will deal with the devil to take it.

      The second half is filled with the good, those who do not seek power or fame, who do not rise until they are called, who listen for the voice of God. But when they are finally called, they put the interests of our country and world and of our following generations before their own. They bring the Storm, and they mete out Justice. And finally, as they pass from the scene, they leave a world renewed for those who follow.

      We are at the cusp of the greatest, most profoundly important and world-changing four-generation cycle the world has seen or will ever see again.

      It’s time, JT, and we are (finally!) as ready as we need to be to play our part. At the most basic level, it’s actually pretty simple:

      Bring the Storm. Reap the Whirlwind. Renew the World.

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      1. Steve: I have also read the Fourth Turning. I was a history major, undergrad and it is still one of my passions. They have a very interesting take on the cyclical aspect of history, which is quite contrary to the lineal view of history I was taught.

        It is quite remarkable how, twenty years ago, they were able to use their theories to described much of what is happening presently.

        Please give my regards to you mother. It was an absolute joy to spend time with her last spring.


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            1. Bring the QuaDRATic Equations. Reap the QuaDRATic Equations. Renew the QuaDRATic Equations.

              Nope, just doesn’t have the same je ne sais quoi. That bag is empty. Drat!

              Fortunately, though, the Humor bag seems still to have a few small crumbs left in it. 😀


              1. Aaaah, the bag is not empty with you to me Steve.  You and I can talk the same techy language which can be poetry.  There is nothing like solving a technical problem and then gracefully articulating the solution at a peer conference.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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  4. Al we have got it big time in my family. They think I am nuts.

    What is Normalcy Bias?

    Normalcy bias is a psychological state of denial people enter in the event of a disaster, as a result of which they underestimate the possibility of the disaster actually happening, and its effects on their life and property. Their denial is based on the assumption that if the disaster has not occurred until now, it will never occur.

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    1. Yes, indeed, and normalcy bias – which I have always warned against – is compensated by hysteria bias, which inflates normal things into big disasters. The best way to avoid either extreme is to demand real hard data, establish a baseline for similar events, and determine how an ongoing event differs from similar events.

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    2. People think I’m nuts too…

      What is even “normal” anymore? Our life’s have become so unstable, that most people have become desensitized to worldly events.

      The defiance & denial is even worse for those thinking their Liberal ideas makes them good & sinless, therefore there’s no need to repent…

      I don’t even want to talk to people anymore, most are hopelessly stupid beyond any hope of being reasoned with…

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  5. As for Lent, with most sports and many other activities cancelled folks should have more time for silence. Let’s pray they use it to seek God in their lives.

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  6. Just had our first report of the virus in my county. Not reported if they were traveling of caught it here. Our schools are shut down now for a week. Our Bishop gave a dispensation for those at high risk to not have to attend mass. As a result, the Church was only about 1/3 full today being FL is a large retirement community it’s not surprising. Won’t be surprised if this week the county starts a full scale shutdown. It’s mostly a rural community with only a few communal spots for shopping and such so most people are limited where they can go. TP is scarce here too. We are on a well so water is NP so far as long as we have power.
    JTBRANNIGAN made some interesting points about accountability. But aren’t we still reeling from the Fall of Adam and Eve? Seems the divisions the Samaritan woman at the well had with the Jews was still going on several thousand years after the Fall. And today, several thousand years more, we are still seeing the “blame game”. Truth be told, it will never end since we “don’t get heaven until we get to heaven”. (The Era of Peace not withstanding -?-). I suspect the next generation will fail too.
    Come, Lord Jesus, come.

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    1. Ah well. Of course we all fall short; and such as this is rooted in our inheritance from the Fall. What we’re now living is but the era of the minor chastisement with the major chastisement yet to come at the end of time. There are some things particular to our times as expressed in the Great Pope St. John Paul II’s words, spoken when he was Cardinal Wojtyla:
      We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has ever experienced.

      Also particular to our era is the vision to Pope Leo XIII which prompted him to compose the St. Michael the Archangel Prayer. The vision is described by Joe Tremblay here: “On October 13, 1884 Pope Leo XIII, just after celebrating Mass, turned pale and collapsed as though dead. Those standing nearby rushed to his side. They found him alive but the pontiff looked frightened. He then recounted having a vision of Satan approaching the throne of God, boasting that he could destroy the Church. According to Pope Leo XIII the Lord reminded him that his Church was imperishable. Satan then replied, ‘Grant me one century and more power of those who will serve me, and I will destroy it.’ Our Lord granted him 100 years.”

      And these two examples integrate into the picture laid out by an erudite scholar of great stature – who we are blessed to call, “our friend,” Desmond A. Birch, who wrote a seminal and very long book on Catholic prophecy published in 1996, Trial, Tribulation and Triumph. As mentioned here in the assessment of Thomas L. Mulcahy: “Birch generally agrees that there will be a minor chastisement (meaning not the final chastisement at the end of the world), a period of peace, a major chastisement (Antichrist), and then the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.”

      These are, indeed, special times. Echoing your call, Phil: Come, Lord Jesus, come!

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    2. Phill: I agree this is all a result of the great fall of Adam and Eve. I also agree that all generations fail and fall short of what God is calling them to. I just think that some fall short more spectacularly than others.


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  7. With an estimated total number of individual animals on the earth adding up to approximately 20,000,121,091,000,000,000. (This can be written as 20 quintillion, or 20 billion billion.)
    It’s interesting that humans are the only animals to use/need toilet paper!

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    1. Thank God we have (no flexibility) Toilet Paper, I would thoroughly dislike to cleanse ‘groome’ myself like a rabbit or dog. Then again, I always chuckle at the human waiting for the dog to defecate… then pick it up and discard in a trash can.

      No recycling? lol. My cousin out west does recycle.. yuck. He has a nice back yard, but don’t travel near the plastic bag containing assortments hanging on the fence. People are crazy.

      If it weren’t for the mechanical age, nYc would be a few feet under sugar honey ice tea.

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    2. That’s because we are the only animals wearing clothes that we need to keep clean and dry! When I lived in rural Mexico half a century ago we used catalogues and newspaper. No TP.

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  8. Well, the Montana governor called off all schools in the state until March 27.
    What a relief! I had already submitted a leave request for tomorrow. I am in 2 of the categories for high risk. I was sweating bullets.

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  9. Sorry I am late but I was very touched and grateful to Fr. Wang for offering Mass for those of us who could not attend. I continue to pray for him every day. Love and prayers from Japan. No Masses here either, at least not in the Tokyo or Yokohama diocese. God bless all of you!

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  10. from the newsletter:
    …”Do you realize this is more about an expected lack of capacity to treat the ill, in our healthcare system, if we don’t flatten the curve, than it is about how bad the virus is?
    If we slow the spread and “flatten the curve” we won’t have a HUGE and sudden surge in the # of people seeking medical care to survive the virus.
    We simply don’t currently have the capacity in our healthcare system for a sudden surge of 10,000’s of ICU patients, needing ventilators. We don’t have the ICU beds, the vents or the Respiratory Therapists needed to handle that huge influx”

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    China Virus has indeed become The Wild Card of 2020. Political, Social & Moral!
    My rural small town WallyWorld was cleaned out of ALL paper products, hand cleaner, Lysol type cleaners, Flu Meds, bottled H2O & etc. Dog & canned food in short supply. Still plenty of fresh & junk foods.
    Arkansas schools shut down tomorrow and, no doubt, “more” to follow.
    The Usual Suspects (Media & Pols) are and will continue to use China Virus as a weapon against Trump & Supporters. The Big Cities, before long, will ……. ;-(
    Trump will be blamed and Red State & Rural America will, for some reason, have to have their guns confiscated.
    Evil Humanoids are working overtime to insure that this “Crisis” be used to push ALL of their Agendas and Rig Election 20.


    Now! … back to filling out my Tax Forms …. Death & Taxes … Ya Know!! ;-(


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  12. Last week i finished sending angels for Biden. This week I am beginning to send angels for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. I prayed for guidance and his name came to me. It will take longer than a week due to being limited to Prayer and Communion Services. May we be protected from the virus and open our hearts to the repentance and conversion we are being called to. jas

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  13. Thank you PF, my first real laugh today! We need humor now more than ever. I’m grateful my hubby loves to collect jokes and keeps me smiling.

    Tried to insert a joke (picture) but I don’t think it’s working.

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  14. I am just inconsolable currently. No Masses now in Ohio period through Easter not sure about adoration yet😢😢😢Lord have mercy Christ have mercy Lord have mercy

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  15. HARRISBURG, Pa. – Today and effective immediately until further notice, Bishop Ronald W. Gainer, out of great concern for the health of the faithful and in union with the Bishops of Pennsylvania, has temporarily suspended all daily and weekend Masses in the Diocese of Harrisburg. Additionally, Bishop Gainer has suspended all public liturgies and devotions, and has asked that all churches and chapels be closed, including all perpetual adoration chapels.


  16. Hi NRS family.

    i very much appreciate your recent posts and the comments here as well.

    God’s love, strength, and peace to you all!

    Yours in Christ… Rich

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