POPE FRANCIS, THE JESUITS and SYNCRETISM (repost with missing text added)

Fr. Pedro Arrupe SJ, Father General of the Jesuit Order

(Unfortunately, the last two paragraphs of Desmond’s article were inadvertently omitted. Thus, I’m re-posting his piece and have added and italicized the formerly missing text. ~BH)

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Does the Catholic Church believe that one “religion” is as good as another? OR, can the faith that comes to us from the Apostles accept the belief that the basic dogmatic beliefs of all the religions in the world are essentially the same? What do you believe or think about those two questions?

How you as a Christian answer those questions essentially determines your most visceral reaction to several recent events in Rome surrounding the Amazon Synod. What are they? They are:

1. The allowance into the Gardens of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome – in solemn procession – statues that Pope Francis himself described as “pagan idols.” He is even reported to have blessed one of them. The idol was brought there for pagans in the garden to fall down and worship – in the presence of the pope and several cardinals.

Have you read the Old Testament histories lately about God’s reaction to Jews allowing worship of statues of the pagan gods, Baal and Moloch, in Jewish sacred precincts? Read up on the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem and the Babylonian Captivity of the Jews, etc., as a very basic primer on God’s reaction to the same. He lifted His protective hand over the Chosen People – due to their willful allowance and practice of idolatry.

2. The Church of St. Mary in Traspontina near the Vatican in which the carved wooden statues of a naked pregnant woman representing “Mother Earth” were part of exhibits on the Amazon region during the Oct. 18, 2019 Synod of Bishops for the Amazon in Rome.

Frankly, all of this sounds distressingly familiar to the errors called syncretism and idolatry. What are they? Their following definitions come from Fr. John A. Hardon S.J.’s 1980 “Modern Catholic Dictionary.” Fr. Hardon, who was a theological advisor to Pope Paul VI, composed this dictionary with the full approval of now St. Paul VI.

Definition of syncretism

“The effort to unite different doctrines and practices, especially in religion. Such unions or amalgams are part of cultural history and are typical of what has occurred in every segment of the non-Christian world. SYNCRETISM is also applied to the ecumenical efforts among separated Christian churches and within Catholicism to the attempts made of combining the best elements of different theological schools. BUT in recent years, the term mainly refers to misguided claims that religious unity can be achieved by ignoring the differences between faiths on the assumption that all creeds are essentially one and the same. (Etym. Greek synkrētizo, to unite disunited elements into a harmonious whole; from synkrētizmos, federation of Cretan cities.)”

Now, let us look at Fr. Hardon’s definition of idolatry. It is comprehensive and I encourage all to go through it prayerfully.

Definition of idolatry

“It is literally “the worship of idols”; it is giving divine honors to a creature. In the Decalogue, it is part of the First Commandment of God in which Yahweh tells the people, ‘You shall have no gods except me. You shall not make yourself a carved image (Greek eidolon, idol] or any likeness of anything in heaven or on earth or in the waters under the earth; you shall not bow down to them or serve them.’ (Exodus 20:4-5)

The early Christians were martyred for refusing to worship idols, even externally, but practical idolatry is a perennial threat to the worship of the one true God. Modern secularism is a form of practical idolatry which claims to give man ‘freedom to be an end unto himself, the sole artisan and creator of his own history.’ Such freedom, it is said, ‘cannot be reconciled with the affirmation of a Lord who is author and purpose of all things,’ or at least that this freedom ‘makes such an affirmation altogether superfluous.’ (Second Vatican Council, Constitution on the Church, 51)

Idolatry is always gravely sinful. Even under threat of death and without interiorly believing in the idol, a Christian may not give divine honors to a creature, thereby violating the duty of professing faith in God.”

Thus ends Fr. Hardon’s definition of Idolatry. It must be recognized that Pope Francis stated that in allowing the inclusion of pagan idols in the presence of pagan worshippers of such idols, there was “no idolatrous intent”. But the resultant open scandal to what Pope Benedict XVI used to call “the little ones in faith” was palpable worldwide. So many Catholics were scandalized by the act in the Garden. So many Protestants, who are not themselves anti-Catholic were predictably horrified, scandalized towards the Church. Yet, one might initially consider Pope Francis’ disclaimer as a satisfactory answer. You might, were it not for the fact that he subsequently allowed the same thing to reoccur within St. Peter’s Basilica itself. It must also be recognized that in formally allowing such pagan idol worship to be performed within said precincts of St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, there is no reasonable way to view that allowance as anything other than accommodating such actual idolatry by those pagans present who fell down and worshipped those pagan idols. The old expression comes to mind, “A rose by any other name is still a rose.” And the level of scandal grew.

Why would a Pope accommodate such things to occur – either in the precincts of St. Peter’s Basilica or close by in a Catholic parish church which was housing and displaying for public view such pagan images? That is the parish Church from which the two young Catholic men seized several carved wooden pagan statues and threw them into the Tiber River. As a number of bishops and Catholic theologians have opined, theirs was a 21st century simile of the opposition of the seven Maccabees brothers in the Old Testament. All seven of them were martyred for their refusal to worship or in any way accommodate such worship.

With that question, we have now set the stage for a discussion of the comparison of how a Jesuit pope, Francis, and a legendary faithful Jesuit theologian who was a papal theological advisor, Fr. John Hardon, and some other Jesuits I personally knew and know could be so diametrically opposed as to what constitutes syncretism or idolatry. They also see the danger of scandal to the Church in different ways. Why? How?

I was Jesuit trained, both by dissident Jesuits and by some wonderfully faithful ones. Therefore, I will not be merely guessing in my answers to the questions posed above. When it has all been presented, you will understand as to why – even though I am so personally opposed to those events which accommodated worship of pagan carved images by pagans in precincts of the Catholic Church during the Amazon Synod – I was not in the least bit shocked when I saw that a Jesuit, even a Jesuit pope might do so. Why? Because in the normal course of events, one must be surprised in order to be shocked. I wasn’t surprised – because I became completely familiar over the last 55 or so years with the mainstream of contemporary Jesuit thought as present in their seminaries and universities.

One final caveat: According to God’s Revelation, I am not allowed to judge the heart of another. I may find his or her act to be gravely flawed. But I may not presume to know whether or not they fully understood it was so flawed. In other words, while I may judge their act or acts by God’s revealed moral law, I may not judge their heart, their intention. Every properly trained seminarian learns these things in basic courses in moral theology – which training is necessary for a priest to assess what is told to him in the Sacrament of Penance/Reconciliation – told to him by the penitent. The only exception for judging someone’s motives is if that someone has actually clearly revealed to the other that he or she understood something was gravely flawed when they did it.

In the next part of this discussion, we will look at the history of Jesuit theological training and trends in the last 70 years and more. Therein we can discover how any Jesuit priest could be confused as to what constitutes grave moral matter, of various kinds.

All my love in Christ,

Desmond A. Birch

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  1. Thank you very much Beckita, One of the slickest ways Satan has of leading down the garden path, is to whisper in our ear the idea that: the person we believe broke part of God’s moral code, or who merely did something we didn’t like is, unlike us, without possible excuse.

    This is one of the times and issues in which Satan tries to whisper the loudest to us. He whispers, “After all, anyone should know better than that what so and so did” [whatever it is].

    This is one of those times which Jesus foresees in salvation history – where we will be tempted to break His rule of “Judge not lest you be judged.” He is speaking in that place of what will happen if we even subtly try to get away with judging the heart of the other – or to think we are ’better’ than they are. How soon in such situations Satan can get us to forget our own character flaws.

    All my love in Christ


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    1. I have to say there was a time in my life I thought that way… then ya fall and soon realize “there go I but by the grace of God” Out job I found out is to pray pray pray for all… it’s a battle for souls and we are all walking wounded and broken. Jesus please let me always know this as you’ve helped me to see for today 🙏🤗

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  2. “To avoid rash judgment, everyone should be careful to interpret insofar as possible his neighbor’s thoughts, words, and deeds in a favorable way: Every good Christian ought to be more ready to give a favorable interpretation to another’s statement than to condemn it. But if he cannot do so, let him ask how the other understands it. And if the latter understands it badly, let the former correct him with love.” —Catechism of the Catholic Church, n. 2478

    “He becomes guilty: of rash judgment who, even tacitly, assumes as true, without sufficient foundation, the moral fault of a neighbor… of calumny who, by remarks contrary to the truth, harms the reputation of others and gives occasion for false judgments concerning them.” —Catechism of the Catholic Church, n. 2477

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    1. Hmmm…. I guess, Liberals are pretty clear on their contempt God & Christianity, I wouldn’t be condemning them if they were only guilty of small things or technicalities, it wouldn’t be worth the time, energy, nor negative attention.

      It’s always a challenge to stand up for what is right rather than taking the easy route of pretending nothing’s wrong. Finding the balance of making a moral stand vs. assuming the best case scenario in people…

      Certainly we are all capable of terrible sins & evils if we would be without God’s light, words, and graces…

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      1. “Finding the balance of making a moral stand…” We are surely being put to test. Let’s keep our Armor of God polished. Remember to keep our chins up, chests out and stomachs in (a few words of wisdom form dear ole mom). 😀

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  3. JESUS = Good-News! 😉






    “The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it.”
    H.L. Mencken








    ……….. another ingrediant to add to the Perfect Storm:



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  4. Very timely Old Testament reading today about Jeroboam setting up idols in the high places of Israel.
    For me the Amazon Synod was very disheartening but the reaffirmation of priestly celibacy was a great solace.

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  5. I finished sending angels for Mitt Romney last week and this week I am sending angels for Mike Bloomberg. Watch and pray, pray and watch, TRUST in the Lord. Our salvation is near at hand once we pass through the purifying Storm.

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        1. Ha!  Hi LM.  Lambzie and I went to Medjugorje last fall and we brought prayer petitions from many.  I placed them in a back pack and brought them wherever I went and offered prayers for them.  I took pictures of my back pack and gave periodic updates with pictures of the back pack (just the back pack) at the various locations.  I basically personified my back pack as it carried all the prayers.  After a while, I changed the email auto signature on my smart phone email to reflect this, but never changed it back.  I went skiing with my older brother this past Monday and he thought it was a type of smart phone.  Anyway, at the end of the Medjugorje trip, the petitions were brought to an apparition and then burned after.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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  6. JESUS = The Good-News for Today! 😉

    I would like to think that there is a host of Catholic clergy &/or activists that would “Bless” President Trump, the most Pro Life/Religious Freedom Prez …ever?… but … apparently … the RC Lavender, Marxist Mafia is so powerful that ….. ;-(



    I would still like to know, precisely, which “Pack(s) of Wolves” Pope B16 was afraid of when he assumed the Papacy?!?












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    1. @Crew Dog: Thank you for the links to the articles about fixing the DOJ. I am just now reading Sydney Powell’s Licensed to Lie. She is the attorney now defending Michael Flynn–thank God!

      This book covers the early 2000-2011 Enron Task Force’s brutal thuggery of innocent American Citizens (and similar tactics and people used to convict an innocent sitting US Senator–Ted Stevens of Alaska) and the uncovering of the same exact dirty-cop tricks used over and over and over today.

      The book was published in 2014, but Ms. Powell’s observations that were made regarding Judge Emmett Sullivan’s decision and recommendations about the DOJ in 2009 during Sen Stevens’ acquittal still hold today: “The [Department of Justice] was way too political, incestuous, self-serving, and self-institutionalized…Some lawyers opined that it really needed to be cleaned out from top to bottom with bleach and fire hoses. Too many people had been there too long. A select few merely moved in and out of the upper echelon of the department depending on the political party in power. ‘Main Justice,’ as insiders called it, had descended to inbreed arrogance and political abuse of power, and the narcissists who wielded it produced disregard for the rule of law.” (p 210-211)

      I think that to truly have an understanding of the rot and filth, lies and brute force brought to bear on ANYONE (innocent or guilty) being prosecuted by the DOJ today, it is important to read this book. In my opinion, like with the Establishment Church, it needs to be razed to the ground. Perhaps Divine Providence through the agency of deplorables everywhere saying, “Enough is ENOUGH!” will be the start.

      Anyway, thanks again for your consistent and faithful news aggregating.


    2. Thank you again, CD, for the links. The townhall.com article on “burning down the DOJ” is really right on. He holds no punches. There is more coming out every day, yet most people are so blind or brainwashed. It’s just too much! How I long for the coming of the Holy Spirit to light up the whole world and dispel the darkness!

      This is all too big to be coincidence. On the duplicate of this article (the one before this repost) there was a discussion of Freemasonry. Knowing what I know from years of reading, I can’t help but wonder how many of these people/men are Masons. Before anyone scoffs at the idea, I’ll give you an anecdote about how real it is. Certain people are targeted to become Masons, including in the military. My father was a career senior officer in the military, and (before he became a Catholic) told my mother he was invited to become a Mason. Thank God my mother knew it was forbidden. I learned about this later. I see bumper stickers on the base for Masons (as retired military, my husband and I are on base at times). What’s sad is that these bumper stickers are frequently on the Filipino cars, as they are often Catholics and targeted for that reason IMO.

      (edit: link removed-BH )

      This article was a link on Spiritdaily this morning; very interesting! I’m sure many of us feel the elevated intensity around us in the Church as well as in the government and society. The evil one is getting desperate! Pray, pray, pray! Keep remembering who wins!

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      1. Annie, I removed the link because it would take us to a site which is filled with calumnies about previous Popes. Freemasonry’s agenda is a serious problem but websites absolutely loaded with nonsense such as:” The drawing on the previous page shows the existence of the blasphemous and satanic Masonic Triple Trinity in the Coat of Arms of Pope Benedict XVI.” and titles of articles such as: “Karol Wojtyla Beatified? Never!” are flat out wrong. Pope St. John Paul II is a well loved and revered patron of this site. I often think it will be a glory when we look back and tell the tales of these times and discover how Pope Emeritus Benedict’s prayers and sacrifices positively mitigated the damage of the goings on at the Vatican.

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        1. Wow, Beckita, I didn’t know that or see any of that “junk”. Thanks for the heads up. Now I don’t know if Padre Pio’s quote was true or not. (I love those 2 popes!)

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          1. I know you meant well, Annie. I’m not sure about the Padre Pio quote either. I know it takes some extra time, yet, I do think it good for all of us to do some added research to be sure we’re linking to solid stuff.

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  7. Michael and I are at the “relax “ side of work/play sitting by the beautiful Atlantic ocean.., it just just dawned on me…Jesus and all didn’t have sunglasses 🕶 did they?!?!!!😭 that must’ve been difficult on shore and out at sea😩

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    1. In my view, the most salient point made by Michael Warren Davis in the article is this: “Let me end by saying (though I hope it need not be said) that none of the above is meant to shield Francis from legitimate and constructive criticism. It is certainly to defend him from flippant or destructive criticism…” As I read them, the content of the major posts at this site have been written with this very principle at the core of the writings. I’ve not observed any jumping the gun concerning the Holy Father. Legitimate and constructive criticisms have been made and, most frequently, they are accompanied by the message to pray for Pope Francis and the whole Church. Speaking for myself, even while noting and then feeling crushing disappointment by some of Pope Francis’ actions, I have never stopped praying for him and for us all. And so we continue, both day and night.

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  8. I for one am not giving up on the Pope. I simply know what the mainstream Jesuit position has been on mixing pagan practices with Christianity has been since before even the days of Pedro Arrupe. I also know that he called the two young courageous Catholic men who removed the pagan idols from the Catholic parish a short way from the Vatican – and threw them into the Tiber River. He called them thieves. Cardinals and Bishops and priests and many laymen have called it similar to the Maccabees brothers who stood up to King Antiochus Epiphanes IV, who brought pagan idols into the Holy Land and even forced them into Jerusalem. They died rather than put up with those pagan idols and practices in the Holy Land.

    So would I. The Pope simply has been absorbed by faulty Jesuit practices which go back well over half a century,

    I pray for Francis. This Lent I intend to add fasting for him – even though my doctor would have a fit if he knew.

    All my love in Christ


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    1. MP initiated a challenge for us in these times. “Forgive, then burn every last vestige of idolatry in myself.”
      Desmond has offered one up for the Holy Father during Lent. “This Lent I intend to add fasting for him – even though my doctor would have a fit if he knew.”
      Desmond, I guess your doctor might say your fasting could cause you to die- a sacrifice not unlike your Maccabeen brothers endured for their time of faith.
      “They died rather than put up with those pagan idols and practices in the Holy Land.”

      “So would I.” (Desmond).

      I pray that I too may follow their lead.

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      1. No, I’m not kidding. The act of taking those idols and throwing them into the Tiber River – that took great courge – whether someone recognizes that or not. They could have been arrested, tried, and convicted of theft [which would have been a tragic disgrace and miscarriage of DIVINE justice]. But it was a real possibility. If I had been even 20 years younger and been there, and seen what they were doing, I would probably have asked them if an old man could join them. But things like that are much easier when you are old, much easier than it is for young men who have their full life before them. No, I wasn’t kidding? They may not have been facing death if caught, but a life ruined by being a ‘convicted felon’ is not bowl of cherries or a walk in the park.

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        1. Well, I didn’t say that the pachamama incident didn’t take some courage, but I think comparing it to the Maccabees is an absurd stretch. I have the same reaction when I hear people comparing business to war. Folks can read the two books of Maccabees for themselves and judge.

          Meanwhile across town in Rome a statue of the false god Moloch was put on display through March 29. Just another symbol on the very tip of the iceberg. As CJ likes to say, we’ve got a lotta wood to chop.

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          1. Quite likely they refered to it being similar – rather than identical – a form of comparison I continued with the word ‘simile’, which refers to something which in some ways resembles but is not identical to something else.

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            1. I appreciate a good simile, Des, and do understand the word “similar.” Sorry, but as simile goes, I still think it’s an absurd overstatement, because it belittles the Maccabees and anyone else who really put it ALL on the line in a painfully meaningful way.

              I know. Challenging one another –– like athletes in the field –– has become wildly unpopular around here. Still, I feel invigorated.

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              1. Then we agree to disagree. There are many men who would rather die than be sentenced to years in an Italian prison. ‘What you eat doesn’t make me fat’ – as the saying goes.

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                1. History will likely comment in a footnote somewhere that there was virtually zero chance of him being thrown into prison. Of course the real troublemakers were cognizant of the risk of prosecution, Ergo the feigned outrage and whatnot, but no charges. Had they actually pressed charges on the matter, surely the Maccabean gesture would have been repeated in some form or another.

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                  1. And yet the consequences are similar.
                    Here we have two “famous” teams- the Maccabean one and the “Tiber Run” one.
                    Just goes to show how God instills His ways in every grain of sand, that “dynamic tension” Charlie brings to light in words- they brought to light in actions.
                    The greatest and the least among us have a say in destiny due to this tension. These mustard seeds are used by He who is infinite for His purpose, also infinite.
                    Our thoughts, our actions- His power, His purpose.
                    In eternity, everything we did or didn’t do will have meaning.
                    God, take this little seed and help it grow.

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                  2. History? OK, you don’t want to believe it was dangerous. I’ve spent significant amounts of time in Italy and Rome. There was great danger of being arrested – as long as they were in the city of Rome. When Francis called them thieves – they provided the perfect excuse to place them under arrest and try them for theft. but then. Perhaps they had sufficient presence of mind to be aware of this – and that is why they left the confines of Rome so quickly afterwards. 🙂

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                    1. Yes, history… and it’s already little more than a footnote to the real issues in my mind.

                      The danger of refusing to comply with the orders of the oppressive authorities, slaughtering an apostate Jew out of zeal, killing the messenger of the king (thus instantly becoming outlaws and leaving everything behind) pursuing the wicked in bloody battles, defending themselves in further bloody battles, etc… unto death… That, relative to slipping into a nearly empty Church in the wee hours, making off with an armload of wooden idols down empty streets to the bridge, tossing them into the water (from which they were subsequently recovered), hastening out of Rome, a couple of follow up videos, etc. Appears he’s now on a tour of the U.S., so maybe I’ll have the opportunity to cross paths with him and get a firsthand perspective.

                      No, I won’t concede that point, because I still think the similarities are an absurd stretch. We agree to disagree. Have the last word if you want.

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    2. @Desmond: You say, “The Pope simply has been absorbed by faulty Jesuit practices which go back well over half a century.” Very well. That’s one way to look at it, and many here would argue the more charitable way to look at it.

      In truth, however, with seven years of examples to look at (as well as black-and-white evidence going back to his bishop and cardinal days in Argentina), does rash judgement (as Phillip Frank brings to light) really enter into the other way of looking at this unprecedented situation in the Vatican? What is the other way? Fool me once/fool me twice; good fruits/bad fruits–neither mantra, I will add, involves judgement of heart or intent, just simple examination of words and actions in light of Scripture and Tradition: Unanswered dubia, petitions, filial corrections, etc. etc. etc. and all the while what happens to the sheep?

      I will add my own fasting this Lent so that you may remain in good health yourself and not be reprimanded by your doctor.

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      1. Here I was simply speaking from over half a century of observation of, and experience with the effects of latter 20th century formation (or) misinformation of young Jesuit trainees. If I had not come to it myself with a premonition about extreme higher ctiticism —- they might have ‘turned’ me.

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        1. @Praise God that with divine protection and your cooperation with grace you were not turned, Desmond!!!!! You can be like Bp Gracida: an Athanasian-type warrior in this Arian-like time of apostasy. Praise God!


  9. Desmond, it is better to give for a longer time than to overdo the fasting so it hurts your body; remember the ones who went before you and advised the above!

    Please pray that Floyd McLendon [15 year navy seal] wins Cong. 32 in Dallas Tx.; it is mainly between Genevieve Collins whose father is ceo of the company where she works and him. Charlie, I think you would say he would be your choice too!

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  10. Truth is like is LIKE “mathematics”, there’s usually only one correct answer and a infinite amount of wrong answers. Religions are like collections of life’s “math problems”, some religions do a better a better job of answering life’s problems than others, but from my own point of view, no religion nor non-Catholic denominations did or understood life’s problems as well as the Catholic church used to do. I pray and hope the Catholic church once again becomes the great beacon of light in the world…

    Like in mathematics, there’s often more than one way of analysing & solving life’s problems, but usually one method is usually better than the rest. All religions are definitely NOT equal, and all Christian denominations are NOT equal either, which is Liberalism is so dangerous & soul damning.

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    1. But I still think the Catholic Church still is that great beacon of light in the world.  Men are choosing to ignore it and/or tear it down.  God will purify it.  He has to.  I am counting on his promises.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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  11. Wow, you guys did some awesome praying for me. I posted the news on Feb. 4th, and within one week I found a surgeon, got an appointment, scheduled surgery, had all my pre-op tests and scans, and surgery was on the 11th, only ONE week after finding out. That’s pretty unheard of, and to me it was pretty miraculous. Surgery went awesome, no ostomys, just 5 tubes coming out of me, and the next day I was pretty much up and about. Was home by this Monday. Tired and slow, but healing well. So I can’t thank you all enough for all the prayers said for me, What else can I think that such fast and awesome results had to be because of all of the heartfelt prayers said. God bless you all.

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  12. Truth? What is Truth?

    I attended a Jesuit university in the mid 1960’s. I will say this for the Jesuits: There are no dumb Jesuits. If I am anywhere where somebody says he is a Jesuit no matter how normal or simple that man may be outwardly I immediately tune in more closely to what that guy is saying. I think they are trained to debate the Devil — and win. Or, in some Jesuits’ minds to debate God — and win.

    Is a little Syncretism a good thing or a bad thing? A little Syncretism — the Celtic Cross. A good thing?

    Pachamama Wooden Idols? Syncretism gone from a little bit of a good thing to waaaay over the top bad thing?

    When does Syncretism morph from a good thing into Idolatry?

    Moreover, doesn’t it appear more and more these days that Syncretism is a two way street?

    Or, put another way …. who is Syncretizing who?

    Are we Syncretizing the Pagan world or is the Pagan world Syncretizing us?

    These are important but difficult issues to wrap our minds around. It is hard to understand what is happening to our world including our own culture in the political world and in our Catholic church.

    I am beginning to suspect what is happening to us in many areas of life is something akin to a demonic Stockholm Syndrome A kind of unwanted captivity by hostile forces leading leading to an undue and unwarranted sympathy with the captors.


    Why do we believe something is true when it is demonstrably false? How can we swallow a bunch of baloney and call it prime steak?

    I read an article a few months ago about how public education has changed over the years. Used to be students were taught to examine the FACTS to establish what is Truth. Today students are encouraged to examine their FEELINGS and their emotions to establish what is Truth. This is Common Core education in America today. Facts are objective things. Facts are facts. Feelings are entirely subjective. Everybody experiences or feels things differently. So Truth is not an objective thing in a world encouraged to rely on feelings for the Truth. Your Truth is your Truth and my Truth is my Truth. And I will not pass judgement on your Truth. Or, as Pope Francis once famously observed: Who am I to judge?

    Are all religions the same? Who am I to judge? How do you feel about it? Your true religion is your true religion and my true religion is your true religion. Truth or untruth? Depends on how and when you were educated on how to interpret reality.

    When you stand for nothing
    You’ll fall for anything

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  13. Today my diocese, the Diocese of Harrisburg filed for bankruptcy due in part by the grand jury report.

    Please pray for us as we adapt to these days. We have already lost a great amount of people. Pray for perseverance for those who still remain. Thank you!

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    1. Ed,
      In Genesis God separated darkness from Light. This is said to have been when God separated the bad angels from the good angels.
      Interestingly, Mary of Agreda, a mystic, was shown that ALL the angels failed the test in that it showed each one the “flaws” within themselves. It was St Michael who, like St Peter (who said:”where are we to go” after Jesus fed the 5000) said: “Who is like God?” and rejected any temptation to leave the service of God thus leading the other two-thirds to remain in God’s company. The apostles did not understand the mystery of the Eucharist but chose to stay while the majority of the crowd “returned to their former way of life”. The fallen angels refused the mystery of the incarnation and chose to “stay” in their condition as a rebellion to the “change” they would have had to make in themselves to serve the Incarnate Son of God and His mother Mary.
      Presently, mankind and the church is going through a similar all- encompassing test in that we are being openly shown all the evil in every nook and cranny within ourselves and are given the “politically correct” choice to make the decision to embrace this evil (or to reject it). To continue to live like we have been now that the moral “restrainer” has been lifted to reveal all of our iniquities and the free choice to remain in this rebellion or to reject the evil within us and redeem ourselves. To seperate the “goats from the sheep” by the choice to be either a goat or a sheep in this open book society that exteriorly desires to be one or the other. Even the difficulty to remain faithful in a society where “good becomes evil and evil good” steels our fidelity to who we are for in adversity our mettle is tested to reveal whether we are for Him or against Him.

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      1. Phillip I appreciate your thoughtful feedback. Lot to think about in your observations.

        I have been thinking lately about the Unpardonable Sins. Sins against the Holy Spirit. Here is a description that summarizes the Unpardonable Sins pretty succinctly:

        “In Christian hamartiology, eternal sins, unforgivable sins, or unpardonable sins are sins which will not be forgiven by God. One eternal or unforgivable sin (blasphemy against the Holy Spirit) is specified in several passages of the Synoptic Gospels, including Mark 3:28-29, Matthew 12:31-32, and Luke 12:10.

        In Roman Catholic teaching there are six sins that blaspheme against the Holy Spirit. They are: 1. Despair (believing that one’s evil is beyond God’s forgiveness); 2. Presumption (glory without merit, that is, hope of salvation without keeping the Commandments, or expectation of pardon for sin without repentance); 3. Envying the goodness of another (sadness or repining at another’s growth in virtue and perfection); 4. Obstinacy in sin (willful persisting in wickedness, and running on from sin to sin, after sufficient instructions and admonition); 5. Final impenitence (to die without either confession or contrition for our sins), and 6. Impugning the known truth (to argue against known points of faith, and this includes misrepresenting parts or all of the Christian faith to make it seem undesirable). (1), (2), (3) – Eternal sin”

        Seems to me these six sins cut awfully close to the state of play in America today including among the Pagans and the Nones but also among the Christians. Incorporating any or all of these six sins as a part of one’s lifestyle is a very dangerous course to follow if one has any care at all about one’s eternal fate. Yet, to me, it seems gobs and gobs of my family and friends and countrymen are up to their elbows in this approach.

        Obstinacy. Yikes. We have politicians at every level that persist year after year in wickedness and running on from sin to sin and Impugning the known points of Christian faith. No need to name them. They are all around us. They are LEADING us in obstinacy as a society. So are the thought leaders in academia, the arts, the media including and perhaps especially the social media. We are being pied pipered down the path toward an eternity without God by our own choice.

        The Church? Well, i will leave that thought for another time perhaps although I don’t really want to go there at all.

        Here is a pretty good discussion of what Obstinacy is all about:


        As you point out —-

        ” ….. Interestingly, Mary of Agreda, a mystic, was shown that ALL the angels failed the test in that it showed each one the “flaws” within themselves …..

        …. The fallen angels refused the mystery of the incarnation and chose to “stay” in their condition as a rebellion to the “change” they would have had to make in themselves to serve the Incarnate Son of God and His mother Mary ….

        …. Presently, mankind and the church is going through a similar all- encompassing test in that we are being openly shown all the evil in every nook and cranny within ourselves and are given the “politically correct” choice to make the decision to embrace this evil (or to reject it) ….

        …. To continue to live like we have been now that the moral “restrainer” has been lifted to reveal all of our iniquities and the free choice to remain in this rebellion or to reject the evil within us and redeem ourselves …. ”

        All this calls for a pretty good self -examine of every nook and cranny within ourselves and where each of us stands today. Time to choose. The stakes are enormous and yet so many fail to see or understand.

        Doesn’t that last video link in my post above give you the willies? Got to pray for those nice kids because they are not just whistling but dancing past the graveyard and don’t even know it.


        1. ST-ED,

          thanks! I always struggle with naming the sins against the Holy Spirit. Thank you for enumerating them!


  14. Plz just scroll down if you don’t want to read this…just needed to share our day…sorry lol

    “Linda, we’re going to get hit!!!” Were the words I heard today around 115 pm near Mount Airy on I 77!!!

    I was looking down at my phone rosary in hand which I’d been praying for hours, and had JUST accepted vlodymer (sp) beezwaxcandlecompany.

    I looked up and it was clear…we were gonna get hit by this light blue suv both of us going approximately 75 miles an hour!

    Mike wanted to brace me for the hit and that’s why he yelled out…”Linda, we’re gonna get hit!” He said he wanted to cover me, but knew there was a slight hope to moving as close to left hand guard rail as he could…so that’s what he did!

    I looked up and just started screaming and held both my arms up shaking my rosary at whoever it was that so out of the blue split second invaded our lane!!! I don’t know if he/she saw my rosary shaking or heard me screaming but the poor lad or lassie saw what he/she had done…overreacted….overcompensated for the near blind spot hit and could not regain control of his/her vehicle.

    As I said..,I 77 very high speed and the poor las or laddie fishtailed did a 180 and slammed really really hard into the guardrail on the right vehicle going in wrong direction. There was plenty of traffic behind him/her but thanks be to God everyone else was paying attention and some good soul stopped to help. Mike n I had no place to go but to keep traffic moving so we didn’t have huge pileup behind us.

    I thank today Our Beautiful Mother Mary for saving us and hopefully them/him/her??? We’ll prob never know. We were so traumatized by it we are yet again stopped at Hampton in Marietta Ohio…going to basilica of assumption here tomorrow to thank Blessed Mother and pray for other car who hit guard rail at 75 mph…can one survive that??? I dunno… where there children in the car? We don’t know!!!Sorry ..just had to talk to you all about this. What a difference a split second can make.

    Pls pray for that other light blue suv. Lord have mercy.

    Mike was so shook up he had to have me drive a few hrs and I don’t do that but I did all the while praying to my guardian 😇

    People are very radical out there these days! No more driving to Florida I’d rather fly n get coronavirus 😩 thanks for listening…traumatized…plz pray for others…God is good and has lots of plans I’m sure…

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    1. Oh, my goodness, Linda! Thanking God that you and Mike are OK. I will pray for the two of you, that you get over the shock of your experience. And I will pray for the person/people in the vehicle that hit the guard rail.

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      1. Thanks mick it was shocking..we saw soooooo many accidents whole journey… just crazy out there if we make it through I will be very happy to stay put and live off the land as expected someday 🤗🥾🐂🐖🐓🐇🦨🐀🐣🐤🐥🐔🦋🐛🐞🕷🕸🦗🐢🐠🌲🌳🐿🍄🍁🍂🍃🌱🌿🍂🍀🌾💐🌷🌹🌻🌼🌸🌺🥀🌞🌎🌤🌧☔️🍏🥦🥑🌽🥕🌶🍠🥔🧅🧄🥐🍆🍅🥝🍒🍑🥭🍇🍓🍉🍌🍏🍋🍳🥩🥗

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      1. Thanks so much Beckita mostly we just fear for results of that other driver??? Hitting guard rail at 75 mph it was like slow motion .., last thing he/she saw was rattling wooden rosary beads from medjugorjie May Our Lady Queen of Peace have protected them/her/him from harm🙏🙏🙏

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        1. A PMT for those in the other vehicle, Linda. Actually, I’ve had a few near accidents on the interstate as you’ve described where you just have to keep driving for safety and can only stop in the nearest town to report what had happened. These occurred before the days of cell phones which now provide a swifter way to alert authorities.

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          1. Thanks so much Beckita! Yes I suppose that is what we should have done but could see fellows stopping behind him. Scary out there. Very crazy drivers.. we saw many more accidents that was first close one for us. I always worry when Charlie goes en route 🙏


            1. I understand, Linda. When Charlie’s on the road, I like to remember Padre Pio’s counsel: pray, hope and don’t worry. Then again, there’s Mother Angelica’s acknowledgement: I DO trust You, Lord; my stomach just doesn’t know it yet. 😉

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              1. HaHAHHAHAH Beckita you have me a big big 😂 laugh!!! I agree with Mother Angelica and she traveled a lot!!! Padre Pio what did He do?!!!!! Bilocate big whoopy!!!😂 He wasn’t out there with all those “idiots” pardon me Lord you know my heart…who road rage, are on their darn cell phones while driving and racing past you doing 90 or 90+.., there are many good folk in the world but they are not on the highways these days!!! lol… when globetrotting Tom n Liz are out there I can barely sleep but my nature is to worry. Tommy told me I should work for the government as the “worst possible case scenario” expert 😂😂😂 just a homebuddy… I would have done well in the horse n buggy days!!! Someday I hope to ask Jesus how he did the Mediterranean without sunglasses THough…I think He’ll get a good chuckle and probably already did. So much immodest dressing on the beach oh my goodness… even old ladies like myself..,yikes!!! Lord have mercy🙏

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