Orwell’s Nightmare Drones On

The Media’s View of Reality

By Charlie Johnston

I’m laboring over two rather meaty pieces right now. I thought, in the meantime, you might enjoy this brief glossary of establishment media terms in popular usage on the left. It might help you clear up some confusion. Note that these are not actually proper definitions, but how your betters in the media define the terms. It is, by no means, comprehensive – but if we are going to be subjected to Newspeak every day on television, best we understand what the terms mean so we can translate it back into English.

Conspiracy Theory: Any damaging allegation against a Democrat, no matter how compelling the evidence and how abundant the facts supporting it. As in, the growing body of evidence of the Biden family corruption is, to the media, a ‘conspiracy theory.’

Serious Allegations: This phrase is never used in reference to Democrats. It is only used to characterize media conspiracy theory attacks launched against Republicans – such as the Russian Collusion Hoax.

Debunked: How the media describes accusations against a Democrat for which there is solid evidence – and which have never been formally investigated.

Bombshell: A media attack on Republicans or Christians or teenage Trump supporters. Also known as bunk.

Freedom Fighter: Any murderous, terrorist thug who also hates America and plots to kill Americans (especially Christians or Republicans). People like Osama bin-Laden, Qasem Soleimani, Al Quaeda, Hezbollah, and that guy who shot up the Republican Congressional softball practice a couple of years back.

Terrorist: American military veterans, pro-life advocates, 2nd Amendment supporters, Orthodox Catholics, serious Evangelicals, and any other ordinary person who loves their country and supports their family.

War Hero: Any military desk jockey who publicly spouts left-wing cant. See Alexander Vindman or Bowe Bergdahl.

White Supremacist: Anyone who does not submit to leftist dogma. In the interest of equal opportunity, the media no longer requires one actually be white to be a ‘white supremacist.’ Black folks such as Kanye West and Candace Owens have been publicly described as ‘white supremacists’ along with Jews such as Ben Shapiro and Jared Kushner. Anyone who is seriously Christian, Jewish, or politically conservative can now be a white supremacist, regardless of race, creed or color.

Statesman: People such as Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Al Green Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and any other official who is sufficiently committed to the progressive project that they will lie, cheat, and steal to advance it without hesitation or pause.

Political Hacks: People such as George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln and any other saps who believed in faith, family and freedom or truth, justice and the American Way – or actually accomplished anything of lasting worth.

Science: A tricky body of work that is to be tarted up and trotted out when it can be perverted to support a leftist priority – and completely ignored when it cannot. Thus, the often conflicting data on climate dynamics are to be cited when they can be used to bolster the left’s desire to use a weird weather cult to take supreme power over everything and ignored when it contradicts the weird weather cult. Though science says that a child is fully human from the moment of conception and that there are two genders which cannot be switched just by wishing it so, the media will NEVER tell you these scientific facts.

Baby: A mythical creature similar to unicorns and centaurs that religious folk and conservatives insist are real. Neither leftists nor the media have ever actually spotted one, though.

We’re all gonna die: A phrase the media uses every time a Republican (and particularly Donald Trump) accomplishes what was previously considered impossible by all the “experts.” The phrase was used to describe Trump’s tax cuts, his economic revival, his bringing back abundant manufacturing jobs, his renegotiation of more favorable trade deals with Mexico, Canada and China particularly, his moving America’s embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and his de-fanging of North Korea, Iran, and ISIS. Apparently ‘we’re all gonna die’ is a leftist variant of the old Vulcan blessing, “Live long and prosper.”

Compassion: Using the poor and marginalized as props to forcibly take ordinary people’s money to give the left supreme power. Leaving the poor to erect tents in city streets, giving them needles to shoot up drugs with, and registering them to vote for Democrats.

Man: Woman

Woman: Man

Racist: Anyone who wins an argument with a leftist. Variants of this term include, but are not limited to, sexist, homophobe, and white supremacist (see above).

Fairness: The doctrine that when a coin turns up heads, the left wins – and when it turns up tails, the right loses. The left also refers to this sometimes as “due process,” – not to be confused with actual legal concept of due process.

No one is above the law: The left must always win – and this phrase is used to pretend there is some moral dimension to that will to power.

Light: Darkness.

Darkness: Light.

Reality: Something reporters talk about frequently, but are entirely unfamiliar with. It is how and where normal people live. Strangely, reporters never doubt their grasp of reality no matter how many times their delusions blow up in their faces.

Meep-Meep: Donald Trump’s strategy for dealing with leftist media delusions.




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  1. I had to wear a mask Wednesday to clean for a friend. They have an Alaskan huskie that sheds like 10 pipes per day. It’s insane. Makes me sick and eyes itch real bad🙈


    1. Linda, I was actually considering getting a Husky, but now I don’t think so. What’s a “pipe”?

      After finally cancelling my subscription to the New York Times, take a look at the newspaper I found in my Broadus PO box yesterday:
      (there’s no mail delivery, so everyone gets a box)

      Now this is more my pace. I’m definitely not in Kansas anymore!

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      1. Patrick Daniel, unless you want to breathe freely without a coronavirus style mask and have eye drops for allergic reactions to your eyes and other none nice things to say…e.g. not appropriate DO NOT GET A HUSKY!!! You will fall in love with your furry fellow, but your home will be certainly trashed lol

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            1. I think I agree, Doug. My first week in Broadus, the CEO who helped hire me asked me to watch his German something-or-other bird dog for the weekend. The result?

              Yup. First time ever bitten by a dog. Nice welcome to Montana!


                    1. Once a week is the other option, or about 15 minutes of sun should get us to healthy levels. My blood labs across the board are in normal range but one that sometimes strays, vitamin D. So now I just take D regularly. Sometimes I supplement with a calcium blend and a little C, too, but D is my must-have during the winter months.

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                    2. The eastern part of Montana where you are, Patrick, is gorgeous with wide open spaces and the Big Sky above you. You’ll also love the western parts with the Northern Rockies setting.


                      Flathead Lake, largest inland lake west of the Mississippi

                      There’s even a Great Wall in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area

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            2. Sigh. You, me and Patrick are due for a sit down. I’ll bring the “Pupperoni.” It’s the equivalent of “tasty hay” for sheep, and a real icebreaker.

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                1. Impeach! Impeach! You are obviously guilty of bribery of this poor dog. 😀

                  Or are you (at)tempting him to become a socialist by giving him lots of free stuff???

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                    1. Interestingly, Steve, I have stepped into a position here that requires I possess and exhibit a certain level of political savvy with everyone i interact with, ever mindful of my presentation and the perceptions of others. I can no longer behave socially as I have in the past, and must maintain a professional distance in most cases, unfortunately —something I’m not accustomed to. Got to retool things a bit. I’m currently seeking advice about leadership from friends and will soon make a request for advice from the ASOH folks.

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    2. @Linda: like this? https://dogbreedsfaq.com/wp-content/uploads/huskys-fur-being-combed-by-a-boy-wearing-red-shirt.jpg

      and more from Archbishop Sheen
      The Challenge From Our Lord

      Thirty or forty years ago it was easy to be a Christian. The very air we breathed was Christian. Bicycles could be left on front lawns; doors could be left unlocked. Suddenly all this has changed; now we have to affirm our faith. We live in a world that challenges us. And many fall away. Dead bodies float downstream; it takes live bodies to resist the current. And this is our summons. We will have to begin to be a different church. We are for a moment on the trapeze. We are in between the death of an old civilization and culture and the swing to the beginning of the new. These are the times in which we live. They are therefore wonderful days, marvelous, we should thank God that we live in times like this.

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      1. I think I said it was an Alaskan huskie… this pup was Siberian I think…eeeh ghads… I’ve never seen that amount of long white hair…ever…lol… what the heck are people thinking??? I’m sorry… I’m on a rant..my friend actually has 3 dogs but the huskie hair is the WORST EVER! Lol oh well.. God created ghost, God allowed it,so so be it! But I’m still wearing my mask😩


      1. “Pipe” of dog hair (as a unit of measure) made perfect sense to me. You could have said “barrel” and I would have gotten your meaning, though some might have wanted a more clarity. Hogshead? That’s the equivalent of two pipes. Mariera Drum? Sherry Butt? Quarter Cask? Kildekun? Firkin? Puncheon?

        Auto correct can be maddening and unpredictable, but sometimes playful. Not lol’ing at you but finding comfort in how seemingly difficult it is for anything to break your stride. And I’m grinning.

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        1. Auto correct strikes again as “Madiera” Drum is changed to “Mariera” Drum. The third-person singular future of the French “marier” is obviously just ridiculous there, unless you want to credit an attempt to ‘wed’ a bit of humour to the often frustrating auto-correct situation. Only one thing for it now… LOL!

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        2. 🐶🐶🐶MP I’ve never seen so much dog hair EVER!!! Wish I could share pic at end of vacuum deal! I’ll be wearing masks there until that dog is gone I just hope my friend doesn’t come home and see me with mask on😷 she’ll think I have Corona virus or at least Dos Equis virus😂

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          1. Behold, the mighty and fearless trail dog. Pointer. Retriever. Blood hound. Distance runner. Sprinter. Horsepup. Cattle chaser. Stealth huntress. Mouse bane. Terror of crickets and other wee insects. Sock chewer… and I’ll skip the remainder of the quite lengthy litany of honorifics. Oh, you might have to zoom in to find her, but don’t let her size fool you. She sheds like a woolly mammoth. Doug, you’re missing out.

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            1. Nope.  I’m not missing out.  No room in my back pack for that pipe stuff.  Two cats at home (mama and son aka Tudy and Meatball respectively) and that is enough.  Yup.  Cat’s have that independent streak, but very self maintaining.  I don’t have to walk them in the morning when it’s 20 below zero in NH.  Although,  it has been pretty mild this January.  —- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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            2. MP haha haha I love all ur descriptions of your mighty and fearless trail 🐕 😆Did you put pic up of him? I want to see him…


              1. Yes, you can see her in the pic right below the comment. She’s so imposing it’s a wonder you missed her. Actually, she’s smaller than my boot.

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                1. I’ve had a bunch of great trail dogs, DP, but none with her heart and courage. Often in the wilderness, I just laugh out loud at the outrageous rightness of it all.

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                2. I couldn’t find him either. ..back to using my Samsung for Charlies’s site..yikes that darn iPhone. ..bit it was free with at & t for dropping old line and getting new one. .go Kansas city…woo woot


  2. Hi everyone, I’ve been monitoring the developing situation with the Coronavirus. There are important developments, and we are learning new things every day. I’ve seen several good short videos on YouTube. If you go there and search for “Dr John Campbell” there are 3 videos I would recommend. He seems to be a sweet, gentle doctor from England who explains things clearly. His presentation skills are pre-PowerPoint, but he does a great job explaining things clearly and in a calm way. I find his style encourages hope, and also provides information to base it on. I offer this information with prayer and encouragement to all of my brothers and sisters in the ASOH and TNRS community.

    First, Dr. Campbell has one video from Jan 30th on how the disease spreads, called Disease Evolution. A very good explanation of the different medical terms and phases in a public health scenario. Explains “asymptomatic” transfer and other concepts well. Clear, easy to follow, and fact based. Second, one from earlier this week on how to protect yourself and family, good practical suggestions, for now and every flu season. There were good facts in this video, including a great demonstration of PROPER hand-washing, also why hand sanitizer is not the answer for this virus. Third, a video from today, Jan 31st, analyzing some of the data coming out of Wuhan, China. This is called “Coronavirus is now an international public health emergency”. The latter video is based on articles in the Lancet and New England Journals of Medicine most recent reports with updated data from the last few days. It seems an honest analysis of the spread of the disease in China, with implications for elsewhere. Again these videos do not inspire fear, but give us information to understand what is happening. I found them informative and encouraging.

    The last video I would recommend is from a U.S. doctor who has a channel on YouTube called MedCram, Dr Robert Seheult. The video is from today, Jan 31st, and is called “Coronavirus Epidemic Update 7: Global Health Emergency Declared, Viral Shedding”. The doctor looks at at the medical articles from the Lancet and New England journals about the spread of the disease in Germany from one woman who came from China (not Wuhan) for a business meeting with no symptoms, and then 2 German people who were in the meeting got the disease after she returned to China, then 2 more German people got the disease who were not at the meeting and did not contact the woman from China. This is interesting, because after the patients in Germany were identified with the illness they have been under quarantine and observed medically. The time to symptom onset after exposure was only a few days, and the symptoms for them were relatively mild and only lasted a few days. They continued checking these patients for the amount of output of virus in their breaths after all of the symptoms went away, and the really interesting result was these German patients showed very high numbers of viral cells AFTER their symptoms went away. Again, this video was not inflammatory or fear inspiring, but fact-based and honest.

    I find the facts and honest communication helps me to be calm and prayerful. Neither a “hair-on-fire, we’re all gonna die” NOR the stonewalling from some government and public health officials who seem to say, “we don’t have evidence of this, so it isn’t true” kind of attitude are helpful to me.

    I found these videos helpful in understanding how epidemics happen, and what we can do, and the facts about this novel Coronavirus, specifically. There is still much to be learned. I think the most important thing is to keep praying for Our Lord and Our Lady to guide our governments and public health officials to make wise and discerned decisions about our care and health. Also, I pray for all who have the illness and their families and friends, and the health care workers in Wuhan who are dealing with 15,000 patients a day at one hospital, where the normal load is 3,000 per day. They are the heroes on the front line to me.

    God’s blessings to all of you.

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