The Barricades Won’t Hold Much Longer


By Charlie Johnston

I am working on a big piece that deals directly with the intense controversy that keeps growing within the Church. Meantime, events keep coming in flood waves. Rather than wait to post anything until I have the complex piece, I survey the ongoing scene.

IG Report

With the release of the Inspector General’s (IG) Report on FISA Court abuse, I am now convinced that some high-ranking people will be held to account and will be going to jail. Yes, I know the establishment media is crowing that the IG found no political bias, while James Comey and Christopher Wray are claiming this report exonerates the FBI. If this is what Comey and Wray think is exoneration, I wonder what they would consider to be an actual indictment.

The IG, Michael Horowitz, was tasked with identifying any problems with the procedures involved, while exercising restraint on the matter of motive. He did NOT say there was no political bias. He said there was not documentary or testimonial evidence which would prove political bias. Then he goes on to list over 400 pages of offenses. The translation of what he actually said is, “They weren’t stupid enough to leave a paper trail overtly admitting to their political bias.”

Horowitz goes on to show that the Steele Dossier, besides being solicited and paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee (DNC), was based on bar gossip from a single source – a source who repudiated it as just that when he was interviewed. Steele, himself, repudiated it when asked to vouch for it. The entire Steele Dossier was merely Democratic fan-fiction and the FBI knew that early on. Yet they lied to the FISA Court repeatedly about it. When it was confirmed that target Carter Page was actually an asset of the CIA who was giving American intelligence information from Russian contacts, an FBI attorney falsified the email confirming that to say just the opposite, that Page was not an American asset. The coup plotters knowingly lied repeatedly both in formal hearings and in public media forums.

An investigator’s job is not to determine guilt or innocence, but to amass facts that a prosecutor can use to indict. I can see why Comey would not be clear on that distinction. But in this case, Horowitz produced a boatload of evidence for the Attorney General and his prosecutors.

Ominously (for the coup plotters) the IG report follows up its statement that it did not find documentary or testimonial evidence that would prove political bias by adding, “We also did not receive satisfactory explanations for the errors or problems we identified.” I now think it very likely that before next year is out, a bunch of former high officials will be in prison, including (at the least) Comey, John Brennan, and Andrew McCabe. Right now their cries of exoneration are so much whistling past the graveyard.


The only hard, first-hand evidence garnered in the impeachment hearings so far is that Donald Trump did NOT seek a quid pro quo from Ukraine. That came from our Ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland. He said that on two occasions he asked Trump what the President wanted in exchange for releasing military aid to Ukraine and that, on both occasions, Trump said he wanted nothing. Ah, but Sondland joined all the rest of his Deep State colleagues who testified that he still felt that Trump was an icky guy and, whatever he said, they just know he had something nefarious in mind. That’s all they have. Seriously.

So far, they have largely proven there was NO quid pro quo. Frankly, I don’t like that formulation at all. For all the quid we dole out to foreign nations, we better be getting some quo back. Quid pro quo is the coin of the realm in any agreement, whether involving real estate deals or foreign affairs. A quid pro quo is not, prima facie, unethical. To the contrary, it is the necessary linchpin of any reasonable agreement. If it is solely, or even primarily, for the personal gain of an official, it is unethical.

Trump released the transcript of the call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky that started all this. It is pretty straight-forward. Trump asked Zelensky to look into CrowdStrike and Ukranian interference on behalf of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. He mentioned, late in the call, how funky Hunter Biden’s sweetheart deal with Burisma – and the circumstances surrounding Joe Biden bragging, on videotape, about getting the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma and his son fired, seemed. In short, Trump asked Zelensky to look into it all and, if he found anything untoward, to let us know. This is a far cry from making things up – as the Democrats used British, Russian and Ukranian agents (that we can prove) to do against Trump. Trump asked Zelensky to sing; the Democrats asked foreign agents to compose.

To mount this, Democrats perverted the whistle-blower statute. The leaker who accused Trump, Eric Ciaramella, is a former National Security Council (NSC) employee and protege of John Brennan, who was fired for leaking false information and classified calls when he was at the NSC. He is still at CIA. Clearly, Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff worked with Ciaramella to find a way where he could still smear Trump while being protected from the consequences for lying. That is why they perverted the whistle-blower statute. We all have something that Ciaramella didn’t have when he made the accusations: actual knowledge of what was said. Turns out that Ciaramella was wrong on almost everything he alleged.

I suspect Ciaramella may ultimately go to prison, as well. I hope so, because this perversion of the statute will weaken the protections of actual whistle-blowers by bringing the whole idea into disrepute as just another partisan tool.

Facts and evidence are destroying the narrative of Democratic partisans and of the establishment media. And we are just at the beginning of the consequences they will face for their malicious and shameless assault on the rule of law and simple fairness.

Pierce Bush

The grandson of former Pres George H.W. Bush and nephew of former Pres. George W. Bush is planning to run for Congress in Texas 22nd Congressional District, just south of Houston. He is catching some flak for his participation in an anti-Trump rally in January of 2017. I could live with that. A lot of people who have become admirers of what Trump has accomplished were initially very skeptical of him. I was one of them.

What jumped out at me is at the bottom of the linked article. Bush was the CEO of the Texas branch of Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS). For his work with this charitable organization, public statistics for 2017 (the most recent year available) show that he made $241,000. For crying out loud. I know my view is somewhat skewed…I have largely lived poverty for a decade. I cringe when I see someone making $60,000 per year described as scrimping by. I haven’t seen that much in the last decade. I don’t resent people making money, including significant sums. I am, in fact, all for it, particularly in the private sector with real skills.

But what is with this bi-partisan cabal of the connected making exorbitant sums of money because of their connections? I am getting sick of it all. For crying out loud, when people donate to BBBS I am betting they are not doing so because they want to make sure Pierce Bush gets his quarter million dollars this year. Of course, that is less than half of what Hunter Biden was making from Burisma – and a small fraction of what Biden will take from his Chinese windfall.

I would not mind a serious salary, as young Bush was doing it as his full-time job. But if a man can’t head a charitable organization for around, say, $90-125,000, I think he should probably find another job. I will give Bush credit that he actually did serious work for the organization, which is more than Biden can say of his tenure at Burisma or Chelsea Clinton for the $600,000 she made from NBC. But when I see these sweetheart deals being doled out to all the politically connected, it makes me want to toss ‘em all out. It feels like a nasty form of looting of the public trust.

I was once offered $200,000 to head up a minor agency in Illinois. One of the selling points pitched to me was that I would only have to attend four meetings a year. It was an area in which I had no experience whatsoever. It was clearly an effort to buy some of my (then substantial) political influence. It was an absolute affront to my sense of honor. I was embarrassed but declined graciously. Do none of the elite classes have any sense of honor left at all?


A lot of people have asked me how David Daleiden is doing these days. I understand that, given the coverage, many people would think he is in a funk over setbacks. Quite frankly, he is about as enthused and ebullient as I have ever seen him – and we have been friends for almost five years now. He would occasionally get into a funk when not much was happening and it seemed that all that would ever happen is a mountain of paper being filed over and over again. Keep in mind that one of his primary goals, from the start, was to force abortion doctors and Planned Parenthood (PP) officials to testify under oath. These last few months he has gotten a lot of that – and however much California swamp dwellers try to spin it, it is not good for PP. From my perspective, what much of the media even on our side is framing as setbacks is actually PP contributing to its own catastrophic demise.

Daleiden is battle-hardened and happy. The one thing that upsets him a bit when we talk is how down some of his friends are about all this. He knew…and I knew…that this would be a long, hard battle fought mostly on hostile terrain. Some PP employees have admitted under oath that the illegal sale of dissected baby body parts for profit was real – the evidence so clear that Judge William Orrick in the civil case instructed the jury that the criminality of PP was “irrelevant.” There have been admissions under oath that when babies scheduled for abortion are born alive, it is not uncommon for them to be killed by dissection. Employees of partners admitted that, like the ancient Aztecs, they sometimes cut the beating heart out of a living child. However much the California establishment tries to spin these revelations, they are going to become decisive – and the “setbacks” give Daleiden the opportunity to get more. There is an old saying that people who love sausage should avoid finding out how it is made. From my perspective – and from David’s – this is what winning looks like.

On another front, baby Tinslee Lewis is conscious and often sedated. A lot of legal maneuvering is going on this week, so I will give you updates as they come available.

Consecration to St. Joseph

Fr. Donald Calloway has finished his important book, “Consecration to St. Joseph,” just in time for Christmas. I have long thought that St. Joseph is critical to the times we are in.

It was, after all, to St. Joseph that the Father gave responsibility for the protection of the Holy Family when the child, Jesus, was just a babe. How appropriate that, at a time when all of us who seek to be children of the Living God are surrounded by hostile forces and great perils, that we should entrust ourselves to him who God entrusted the child, Jesus, and Our Lady. Less than a month ago, Fr. Calloway gave a brief interview to ChurchPop, explaining what he intends to begin with this book. I heartily endorse and pray for his intentions – and think the book will make a great Christmas gift.


116 thoughts on “The Barricades Won’t Hold Much Longer

  1. Thank you, Charlie. I often think, these days, of something you said some time ago: “These things must come.” And I know that the only way out of all of this is through it.

    Looking forward to consecrating myself and my family – including what we do in this family – to St. Joseph in the new year.

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    1. Beckita, Charlie was right, “These things must come.” In the mean time I’m sending my resume to that Burisma company. I hear they pay real well… 😉

      PS FWIW, Joseph is my middle name.

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    2. We make our Consecration to Mary. Then the prayers at First Friday in a consecration to the Sacred Heart; Holy Love prauyers ask for consecration to the United Hearts. I do all these things, and now will make my consecration to St. Joseph (who has been my best friend for many years) BUT, I really do not think how I can be all in all to each. Beckita, or someone, please help me to understand.

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      1. I, too, have enjoyed a friendship with St. Joseph, Nance. For me, preparing to make the consecration to him is a natural next right step. And it is so, particularly in these times, because St. Joseph lived through incredible storms. I expect to meditate on his fortitude and trust as I prepare. I’m grateful for the opportunities to open myself up to the graces each consecration infuses in my life, for each time I do, I feel encouraged that these holy ones are with me, interceding for me and ready to assist me in knowing what God is asking of me and in completing the tasks to which I’m called. I feel a sisterhood with St. Thérèse who, when her sister Leonie was giving away her doll dressmaking kit, invited her two younger sisters, Celine and Thérèse to choose something from the basket where the objects were kept. Celine chose a ball of yarn while Thérèse said: “I choose all.” 🙂

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  2. I just want to thank you so much for your emails. I get so easily confused by everything going on but your emails I can actually comprehend so thank you so much. I pray for you almost every day when I pray my rosaries. May God continue to do amazing things through you and your ministry.

    Yvette Korbelik

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  3. The left is desperate & dangerous right now. How far will the left go to stop BREXIT in 2 days from now, and how far will the left go to stop Trump in 2020? Creating mass hoaxes for climate & impeachment being on the agenda…

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  4. Hello Charlie
    I posted a comment on the article before this new one Bulletin – Pro-Life Movements
    Looks like Beckita would not let it pass, the test.
    To bad, you would have found it interesting.
    Just to complement the door keepers 🙂 here it is again
    on You Tube cut and paste:
    Why the Senate Will NOT Hear Vital Testimony & Why Most Perps Will Walk – Doug Hagmann – 12/9/19 ; about the FISA Report.

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    1. Ah gosh, Robert, I didn’t let it pass. You seemed a tad over-heated. Doug Hagmann is a former private eye who, on rare occasions, has had a hit on something, but mostly gives gloom and doom analyses that don’t pan out, makes truly bizarre counter-factual historical claims, and often seems rather paranoid. But whatever….

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  5. I watched the Ingraham Angle last night. Laura and guests were almost giddy with the IG report. Finally! John Solomon reported it would be about two months before any indictments will be issued. It feels like I am living in a parallel universe. The other channels seem to be saying the exact opposite. How can it be? How is it they are so blinded from the truth. It boggles the mind.
    St. Joseph pray for us. Will there be a link to Father’s book so we can purchase it?

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    1. It is truly bizarre, HttP. But they tried to spin Robt. Mueller’s testimony, which ended the Russia narrative, as a success. At every major turning point that has set the left’s narrative back, the idiot media initially reports it as a triumph. It IS bizarre. I suspect they understand that they have so tanked their own credibility that they are desperate to make it so, otherwise an historic housecleaning is coming both to the Dems and the media. GaslightingGaslightingGaslighting is their last hope. If they actually believe their own counter-factuals, they are truly delusional – and an historic housecleaning is still coming.

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  6. Thank you for the updates, Charlie! My husband and I have been following your posts for several years now. You’re in our prayers. God bless you and your family!

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  7. This is probably a dumb question but by barricades….do you mean those protecting the deep state and other nefarious actors or those protecting the rest of us? Are we bracing for justice and truth (yes please!) or the fullness of the Storm? I vote for the former, but suspect you’ll say both??

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    1. Yes, I do mean both BUT it is unexpectedly worse for the nefarious actors. Very soon, seditious violence is the only hope the nefarious characters will have. The hard and extensive evidence that has been developed will help to make that sedition more short-lived and impotent…but once the left realizes the gaslighting isn’t working, they must choose to either surrender or go into violent revolt.

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      1. Thank you Charlie. The expectation that all will come to light and justice is such a balm to the soul (and if I’m honest a practical aid in fighting temptation to rage, hatred etc). The rest…well…like St Joan we ought to pray for surrender, but given the obvious trajectory expect battle. I get it. Thank you.

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      2. Given the global nature of this on-going coup, in both governments and church, violent revolt is a very real possibility. They don’t seem like the surrendering types, but I pray I am very wrong.

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  8. Charlie,

    “[B]i-partisan cabal of the connected making exorbitant sums of money because of their connections [] [allowing them to] head [] charitable organization[s as a result of] sweetheart deals being doled out to all the politically connected [] .”

    Ok, I collapsed your language, Charlie, to make the point – this is one of the most corrupt things going on in America. I remember a judge, appointed by LBJ, telling me what he could not stand about all too many political appointees – that they were not competent to hold the positions they have been appointed to. For example, a family law judge who never practiced family law. I am sure you, I, and everyone else here, Charlie, could go on about this – in fact, I had a talk with a gentleman today about this very thing, i.e., how pubic tax money was now enriching the few and all too many charitable organizations seemed to be the dumping ground for children of the connected. Meanwhile, the staffs and field workers in these charitable organizations are often underpaid and overworked. It is hard to take such people as credible, especially when they go to all expense paid conferences at fancy resorts and retreats paid for by the organization.

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  9. Glad to know that David Daleiden is holding up well. He’s a real sign of divine sustenance in the face of evil.

    Regarding our politics, I’d be curious to know what the political mavens here think of the “soft base” theory held by Larry Nichols (people might remember him from the “Clinton Chronicles” back in the 90’s during Clinton’s presidency). Larry thinks that the 2020 presidential election will not follow the 40/40/20 model (I.e., 40% are for a candidate, 40% are against, and 20% are undecided). He thinks it will be a 50/50 election (voters already feel strongly for or against Trump, undecideds are vanishingly small) with a “soft base” on each side that will determine the outcome. There’s a hard core on each side that will show up to vote come Hell or high water, but the soft base won’t bother to vote if it’s in any way inconvenient (it’s raining, there was heavy traffic, forgetting, etc). Nichols says the impeachment fiasco is all about motivating the soft base on the democratic side, and demoralizing the soft base on the republican side. The Dems know the Senate almost certainly won’t convict, and also know the charges are ridiculous; they think, however, that the “soft base” on the democratic side will be motivated by the constant impeachment chum in the public forum. Our job is to encourage our side’s soft base. Is this theory plausible?

    Nichols explains his theory here:
    (He lays it out starting at the 3:30 mark through the 10 minute mark).

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  10. I am wondering why it’s legal to sell embryonic stem cells which I think come from aborted babies. I’m concerned that the abortion lobby will get legislation allowing the sale of baby parts under the “halo” of the greater good of helping medical research or similar nonsense. I’m concerned that if the case against PP and “big abortion” is so good, they will just get the laws changed to permit their evil. Case closed.

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      1. Call me a cynic but it wouldn’t suprise me in the least if this is where PP et al is heading. I’m beginning to think that the evil in this world is like the progression of alcholism – as a culture we have to hit rock botton in depravity and evil in order to feel the pain intensely enough to change. Bad as things are, I don’t think we’re quite there yet. Even when we do hit rock bottom it will be hard to recover. I just keep praying, one day at a time.

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  11. Hey Stevebc
    Siobán Carmel has contacted me from ukraine and can’t seem to get back on our tnrs site. She’s been a follower from the beginning. can you help me to explain to her how to get back on? I will convey the message to her. what an outstanding lady she is. thanks Stevebc… she said she can’t access wordpress??? any advice? God bless us all and esp our charlie! xoxoxoxox tnrs ash

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    1. I’m sure you’ll get an answer, Linda, but fwiw, I get the emails just by following the blog and I don’t even use wordpress. I can’t do “likes”, but I think that’s the only downside. There’s always a link to “follow”.

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    2. Linda, I’m not sure where to go with this. It seems she is not even able to go to I suppose the Ukraine authorities could be censoring WP. If that’s the issue, she should subscribe to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, install their software, and connect through the VPN to a server in a neighboring country, and then try accessing WP.

      If that isn’t the problem, you will need to give me more specific information about her problem.

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      1. Thanks stevebc…I’ll give her ur message are u guys fb friends? She private messaged me…she’s such a sweet person…maybe Beckita can link u too??? II try to friend all Charlies frI ends on fb


            1. I love fb…I use it only to evangelize or family memories or beautiful sunsets or feast day or soon the “O” antiohons, or talking with friends like desmond, bob, dawn etc.. or putting up pro-baby clips or wishing peoole happy birtday and to put good things up about Pres Trump…I heard an interview not whole interview, but part of interview between mark Zuckerberg and Leste r holt. Leste wanted Zuckerberg to not let political adds on fb..Zuckerberg said he would not comply to that, as the vote is about the peoples choice…not censorship. I believe Zuckerberg is good.???

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    1. Wray is the person in the current administration who most needs to be fired…and as soon as possible. Instead of reforming the FBI, he works to cover for it in hopes of preserving its reputation – a reputation he does not understand is already in tatters.

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  12. Charlie, pardon my cynicism, but it seems as if the rule of law does not apply to leftists. Evidence of lawbreaking doesn’t seem to matter for them. It appears that, so long as you are prominent enough in government, business, academia, etc, and stand on the “correct side” of the ideological cultural divide, you may do whatever you wish, without legal consequence. Furthermore, it seems as if much, or most, of the populace is compliant in the effort to shield leftism from justice. Perhaps no one has the courage to cry out that the Emperor has no clothes. I’d love to agree with you that the barricades cannot hold, but I don’t see any force strong enough to topple the barricades. My hope, at this point, does not rest in any justice on this side of the grave. Please convince me I’m wrong.

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    1. The two-tiered justice system (or system of injustice) has been a subject of serious and growing controversy in intellectual circles and journals for at least five years now. I think the virtue of all the public controversies now is that it raises the issue into the consciousness of the average person.

      I don’t know that this is going to be solved, but I now have confidence that those who speak for the rule of law are gathering themselves to a real fight to preserve it. I also think ordinary people are quietly girding their loins. The situation is incredibly volatile, but more are recognizing the danger.

      I suspect you are in a cycle where pessimism has momentarily taken sway in you. Ultimately, I do not believe all these things will be resolved without divine intervention – but the more people do to right it before that intervention comes, the more it will be mitigated and the quicker the intervention comes. Thus, however things look at a given moment, I press forward with vigor and fortitude.

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    2. Hi, Victura98 ~

      The corruption does, indeed, run broad and deep, It has taken decades to entrench itself. Nevertheless, it is being addressed. Righting wrongs takes time and careful following of the rule of law.

      These two interviews yesterday, with Attorney General William Barr, are instructive and, in my mind, positive:

      NBC News interview, December 10, 2019 (more confrontational):

      WSJ CEO Council interview, December 10, 2019 (friendlier):

      Saint Thomas More, pray for us.

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    3. Father,

      You are correct that the system is corrupt and rotten. As we have more and more godless people running things, the greater the corruption, incompetencies and inefficiencies in society and government due to a lack of grace and increased sin.

      That being said, there are good people everywhere and often times we are the visible sign of hope to these people.

      What many are afraid of are despairing leftist zealots reacting with violence to the situation. As Charlie has oft pointed out, this would inevitably result in many ordinary people eventually exploding (think of a rubber band snapping back) and hitting back, thus escalating the violence.

      Assessing everything made me unduly pessimistic. Since that is spiritually and psychologically toxic to other members of the mystical body of Christ. I realized that I needed to pray more, go to confession more, say positive or kind things about everything, everybody, and trust in God more deeply by placing myself in Jesus’s side next to His most sacred heart. Thus, I am more of a sign of hope than I was before.

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    1. Thank you for asking! It went well, and so far so good. I saw more clearly right away with that eye, but have to be careful about a lot of things, like even bending over putting pressure on the eye. I’m a little concerned right now about a line I see and will call tomorrow if it doesn’t improve. You’re sweet to ask! And it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be, but sedation helps!! 🙂 God bless you!!

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  13. Off topic I just heard that Father Martin is going to become the next bishop of Philadelphia by multiple people and McElroy is going to be bishop in Atlanta ,my diocese : (
    What does this indicate to people? How do we process this? Seems like satan is having a field day in our church….I am very disturbed……how do we support a church who is having these men in authority?

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        1. Better your third Kit Kat than your third gin and tonic. 😉

          I hear you, though. Praying along with you that God deliver us from such a catastrophe.

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    1. GK Let us all pray that the Good Lord takes charge and does not allow either of these
      men to be installed as Bishop of Philadelphia.
      We see what a disaster Cupich is in Chicago. Is this something we must go through.
      I know the Lord is allowing this, to show people just how corrupt the church and the government is.

      Lord save your people..

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  14. I was in and north of Denver early this week for my uncle’s funeral. He led a good life and died at age 94 and was an FBI agent when the agency still had some integrity. Charlie, I thought of you and was hoping to get a good view of Meeker in your honor but it was too clouded for me to get a good view. Hopefully in the future!!

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    1. Thanks, my uncle led a good life, minus a few flaws, like most of us, and was in much pain at the end, so I am sure he was ready to die. So pray for his final purification so he can see God fully.

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      1. I recommend you offer Masses for him Bob.  My understanding is this is very efficacious towards moving from purgatory to heaven if he is there.  Worse case (really best case) is he is already in heaven and your Mass offering will be applied to a different soul.  I am learning, unless the church declares you a saint, we generally do not know if a soul is in purgatory or heaven.  Put another way, we should not take it for granted that he is in heaven because if he is in purgatory, he needs someone to pray for him to be released to heaven.   May God grant him peace!Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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  15. Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the Americas and the unborn, please pray for us!
    (in this 2min clip, expert says there is a message about families in her eyes)

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  16. Stevebc Sioban is friends with Charlie on fb…not sure of etiquette here so won’t disclose last name…but if u r on fb with charlie…wish u were btw so I can friend you…then friend sioban and see if u can pm her to guide her along??? Thanks stevebc..our community genius 🤗😇


    1. @CD: Thanks for the heads up on this Brietbart headline: German Bishops Pronounce Homosexuality Normal and Unchangeable; sooooo…is there a connection with Amoris Laetitia and this pronouncement?

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  17. Guadalupe!!
    The graceful bridge over and out ( of Synodal Indiginous issues).

    She is over but not “trampling, but uniting” ( FrCarbahol sp) other religions as due and possible.

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  18. BREXIT in a pear tree…

    It was a pleasant surprise to only see BREXIT survive, but get enough support to possibly happen on Jan 31, 2020. The EU Globalists are going to be a little more aggressive now that they’ve been backed into a corner.
    If Trump can turn the tables around for the impeachment witch hunt, we could have a really merry Christmas…

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  19. Some good news for the Church. My former Pastor, Father Don DeGrood, will be the next Bishop of the Diocese of Souix Falls, South Dakota. He, more than anyone I know, is not only surrendered to the Will of God, but lives for it. He is a truly holy Priest, and man and Priest of prayer. I ask your prayers for him. Thank you.

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      1. He is a sign of hope. I’m not able to link his Introduction to the Diocese video on here. Computer problems in my end. The Diocese of Sioux Falls website has it, as does YouTube. Wherever he has gone, the people’s holiness, and desire for it, has grown.

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  20. “I also think ordinary people are quietly girding their loins. The situation is incredibly volatile, but more are recognizing the danger. ”
    Fantastic quote here from Charlie…girding over here…yikes!!🤓😲😤

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  21. Since you mentioned the establishment media, Charlie, you might want to know that, according to one report 😉 in The Babylon Bee, “Superman Criticized As Unrealistic For Portraying A Journalist As Heroic.”

    True journalism can be truly heroic.

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    1. Hey, Superman was long my hero – and I was once a journalist (though almost as snarky about the profession then as I am now. Several decades ago, the Illinois legislature tightened the rules on jury duty. One of the few job classifications they left which were exempt was “working journalist.” Many of my colleagues were basking in the glory of how important we were. On my radio show, I noted that they had misunderstood the exemption. “The legislature,” I said, “did not exempt us because we are so important. They just wanted to insure that the accused gets a fair trial.”)

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  22. I may be a polliana here but I see a small glimmer of hope as more and more of us Americans are sick and tired of the farcical witch hunt, endless talking about it all, and deterioration of our moral fiber. I pray that we all stand up and make our votes count to elect people of honesty, integrity and God -fearing actions. Yes, God save us all!

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  23. Just a reminder. The Christmas Novena is beginning, and for those parishes with an active Filipino-American community, there is a novena of masses that begins on Sunday. It’s called Simbang Gabi, which I believe means ‘mass in the evening’. The masses are both festive and reverent and most of the mass is prayed in English (so you’ll still understand the readings). It’s very nice AND there’s usually a social gathering afterwards with lots of good homemade food. Each parish usually hosts one night of the masses, since it’s a substantial undertaking. In any case, I thought I’d pass this along, in case anyone had heard about Simbang Gabi, but was unsure. It’s a very nice way to participate in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

    God bless.

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  24. Hi Everyone,

    While the lefties are busy plotting against people who have faith and they cannot see the signs of the changes in weather all over the world or civil unrest spreading now to HK, France, UK, Australia besides US and as they proclaim their new God as Greta Thunberg Meanwhile God keeps exposing the evils be it abortion, selling of baby parts or sex trafficking and despite the minor setbacks we are moving closer to the era of peace.

    Today early dawn I had a very joyous vision early in the morning before the little birdies woke me up for prayer.

    In this vision I saw we were dressed in white shirts with frills and black pants and holding hands and walking in the streets with so much joy and at the same time in wonder as we were preparing for the advent of Emmanuel. Everyone was singing this song with Joy waiting to have a glimpse of The Saviour. Our hearts was beating fast in excitement and it was like this is it we are finally going to meet Him! End of dream.

    I have been away strengthening my faith and The Lord is showing me how to go past the temporary setbacks and be strong in faith. It makes such a big difference to have this attitude as everything is possible via faith despite the many curveballs life inadvertently throws at you.

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  25. Christmas is a coming and the Goose is getting fat …………………………

    I can’t help but wonder who the Catholic Big is, “waiting in the wings” to undo the Progressive Agenda of “Catholic” Church 2013-2020?

    Shades of what’s coming in our USA next year.


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    1. I wonder also, CD. Sorry that it doesn’t appear to be our current Pope, It was so disappointing to read about his comments regarding Mother Mary and the hoped for dogma. I’m convinced that it’s the dogma that will bring the Triumph, Mama’s rescue, and all the graces pouring from Heaven!

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      1. It appears that I cannot reply to any Prayer Requests made lately. Kris, please know that am praying for Jerry and your family to get your Christmas Miracle. I will be praying for you all. Know that I am praying even if I have not replied. ❤

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  26. Regarding Charlie’s belief that sometime during the next year people will be going to prison:

    Maybe wishful thinking is skewing my perception but it seems to me that Comey and Adam Schiff are al LOT less arrogant in their latest public comments. Just throwing it out there.

    Anybody else seeing this?

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  27. I was watching the story of Lourdes with the kids last night and I noticed how the villains called themselves “Liberals” and began to wonder how far back did the Liberal oppression of The Church go.

    The term Liberal began popping up around the 1600’s & 1700’s, and began it’s concepts of equality & tolerance, which when you deeply analyze the ideas were rooted in “entitlement” & “I will not serve”… It’s a bit ironic in that populations feeling oppression from those who ruled over them, eventually overthrown the Holy Catholic Roman Empire with Napoleon.

    We wouldn’t have the freedoms & Liberties we have today if wasn’t for the rise of Liberalism, but it’s also what gave rise to Pride as Humility, service, & obedience were crushed by a seeded ideology of of “I will not serve” and people demanded the things that attacked Faith in God, limited the good works of The Church, and denied God his glory, service, & obedience. It’s no wonder why Our Lady began appearing often in those days to oppose Liberalism.

    The world made much progress over the past 400 years but at what cost? Food for thought as I look back at the origins of our current Liberal harvest that’s reaping a harvest of Pride & rebellion against God…

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  28. I have heard news reports that many people are upset about political issues and that some of them are using poor ways to cope with this. I suggest that any stress we feel about these times should lead us first to pray more and to, as Cardinal Robert Sarah suggests, take more time for silent reflection in our lives. Assuming we are doing the active duties that our state in life requires, most of us could use more prayer time.

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