Les Jeux Sont Faits

Gate of Mordor

By Charlie Johnston

The title to this piece is a shout-out to our French readers. It means the same thing as the English idiom, “The die is cast,” though I think the literal translation of the French provides a more vivid and clear picture than the English idiom. Literally, the French idiom says “The bets are made” and means, “Betting is now closed.” (It is said after gamblers have had their chance to choose an option – and closes out betting before beginning action). It is not entirely analogous to where we are right now, but I think it is very close. All that needs to be revealed has been revealed. Oh, sure, we have indictments yet to come in this country, more clericalese obfuscations to come justifying the top Church hierarchy’s abandonment of Scripture and the Magisterium, more pained explanations from European ‘sophisticates’ about why freedom is slavery and slavery is freedom. Yet for anyone who examines the evidence already available and does it as an honest inquirer rather than as a partisan hack, reality is already to be found.

Once all has been revealed, then comes the time of choosing. We can now see clearly where we are and what we have become. We have to choose before, well, les jeux sont fait. As in Joshua 24:15, we must openly choose and publicly declare whom we will serve. If we think by keeping silent we can avoid the choice, the Lord will judge our silence – that at the critical moment, we would not publicly stand with Him. “There is no gloom or deep darkness where evildoers may hide themselves.” (Job 34:22). When the time of division closes, then comes the time of judgment. As it is written, the great day of the Lord is near, and it hastens with incredible swiftness (see Zephaniah 1:14).

Decide well and decide quickly whom you will serve, for if the wagers are not yet closed, they soon will be. Woe to those who squander the remaining time of mercy!


Regular readers know I am dismissive of conspiracy theories. They are usually false, torture facts to support a skewed narrative, and undermine social stability by undergirding it with reflexive cynicism. Reflexive cynics think they are smarter than everyone else. The truth is, reflexive cynicism is every bit as ignorant as reflexive credulity: both are excuses not to seriously examine facts and evidence. While reflexive credulity, the belief that everything is on the level, is the province of fools, reflexive cynicism is the devil’s own outlook – the belief that there is no good and nothing is as it seems. We are called neither to be fools nor to adopt the satan’s way of looking at the world. We are called to follow Christ and judge righteous judgment (John 7:24). That is, we are to examine the evidence, vet the facts, and judge according to how things are rather than how they appear to be or what our personal prejudices want them to be.

Unfortunately, the left, in both the media and among activists, has mutilated several more perfectly useful phrases for partisan benefit. When I was a kid, “gay” meant happy and light-hearted. No more. Just a few years ago, “conspiracy theory” meant an improbable, overheated theory that was only loosely (if at all) tied to carefully vetted facts and evidence to match up with a tendentious ideological preference. Now, it means any narrative, however carefully vetted and closely reasoned, that the left does not like. Thus, to the media, despite the publication of the full transcript of Donald Trump’s innocuous call to Ukranian President Zelensky in July, it is a “credible” accusation that Trump used the call to bully Ukraine for personal gain. To the same media, despite having video evidence of Joe Biden bragging about strong-arming Ukraine to fire the prosecutor who was investigating his son’s company and, despite email evidence that a month earlier that that company had asked the state department to intervene against calling the company corrupt, allegations of this sort are “conspiracy theories.”

“De-bunked” used to mean carefully investigated and found to be false. For the media, it now means facts, however compelling and obvious, that contradict a preferred leftist narrative or are critical of a Democrat. Thus, for the media and the rest of the left, having no evidence at all (or even hard evidence refuting its narrative) is sufficient for a “credible” allegation against a Republican. Catching a Democrat with a literal smoking gun in his hand and video of him committing a crime is a “conspiracy theory” and “unfounded.”

As a former journalist, it pains me enormously to see the modern variety so prostitute themselves and make a mockery of what I once considered an honorable and rewarding profession. But the media sold their collective soul to the devil 11 years ago, going all in for the Democrats, facts and evidence be damned. The gulf between reality and the media narrative has become so vast it can no longer be bridged, so their only hope is to try to make the gaslighting of America work – even as they look more and more like Baghdad Bob, who once announced to the press that there were NO Americans in Baghdad even as American tanks were approaching in the background of the TV camera shot. Once the gaslighting fails catastrophically, a lot of media companies will go bankrupt and those that survive will have cleaned house entirely. For better or worse, the current establishment media has tied its fortunes entirely to the Democrat Party.

A couple of reality checks…

Times of great turmoil and instability are times when the most conspiracy theories abound. Paradoxically, they are also the times when the most conspiracies happen, as well. Here are a couple of what the media calls conspiracy theories that are no such thing:

  1. A massive governmental conspiracy involving high officials from the intelligence and justice communities and the state department (and others) to overthrow an elected president through false and manufactured allegations. As even John Brennan, James Clapper and James Comey now freely admit, there IS a “deep state” that is determined to impose its will on honestly elected officials who do not submit to it. The three conspirators, rather than denying it exists at all, now maintain it is a good thing.
  2. Jeffrey Epstein very likely did NOT kill himself. He was one of the most prominent prisoners in the country. All observation cameras failed in the area he was held at the critical moment, both guards fell asleep, and he had not been checked on for hours. Given those facts and more, it is possible he killed himself, but extremely unlikely and certainly no conspiracy theory.

There are a host more such examples. The point is that we will continue to endeavor to judge righteous judgment here. If credible evidence and hard facts lead to a reasonable conclusion, we will talk about it openly, regardless of whether the caterwauling media dismiss it as a conspiracy theory. We will not, however, engage in extravagant flights of fancy that have little factual or logical basis. Given the times we are in, I will tend to be more permissive on the subject than I would in more stable times.


The more I have thought about Pope Francis apology for the original theft of the idolatrous Pachamama statues, the angrier I have gotten. In his apology, the Pope both confirms that the statue is of a pagan goddess and that there was no “idolatrous intent” in their veneration at opening ceremonies and presence in the Church where ceremonies were held.

People prostrated themselves before that statue at the opening ceremonies. That is a universal sign of worship, worship that we Catholics give only to God. Yes, we venerate saints and ask them to pray for us, but we do not prostrate ourselves even before Mary. That is reserved for God. Some people think that when a Priest or seminarian prostrates himself on the altar, he is worshipping a fellow Priest or Bishop. That is just a misunderstanding of the Real Presence. We believe that Christ is truly present in the Eucharistic Host. Such prostration is to Christ in the Host. This episode supports those who smear Catholics as idolators. We aren’t – but some of our highest officials have become such.

The Pope seems to think his statement about the lack of “idolatrous intent” is important. It is repulsively disgusting to me that he did not stop the ceremony as soon as he saw what was happening – and then had the idolatrous statues installed in the Sacred Church space where the Amazon Synod played out.

If your spouse catches you with a hooker, telling her you had no “adulterous intent” is irrelevant – and a lie to boot.

A mafia hit man arguing that he had no “murderous intent” when he shot his target would be laughed out of court.

A bank robber caught in the act would not be released by police by claiming he had no “larcenous intent.”

There are some things that you either did, or did not, do – and your intent can, at best, mitigate your culpability. It cannot absolve you. What we know is that the Pope stood by approvingly as a pagan idol worship ceremony was used to open a Catholic Christian Synod. If he had argued he was caught off guard and did not know what was coming, that could have mitigated his culpability. Instead, he defended the pagan idol, the pagan ceremony and actually integrated the pagan idol into Christian ceremonies after he had certain knowledge of what it was. This was clearly a desolating abomination.

The Pope now argues that St. Paul announced Christ to pagans without attacking them. So he did. But what he did not do was actually participate in their idol worship. Some are excited that the Pope has asked Cdl. Robert Sarah to comment on the Amazonian rite, as if that will make it all good. If you were telling me Cdl Sarah would make the decision, my heart would be calmed – but I suspect this is just another orthodox voice the Pope often likes to include in his little basket before ignoring it and making an offensive and scandalous decision.

All the Pope’s rancor was reserved for those who tried to remove the idol – not for those (including himself) who participated in the idolatrous worship. If I sound furiously inflamed, it is because I am. I will brook no cutesy Vatican excuses or Jesuitical mutilations of plain facts on this. On this matter, the Pope does not need to explain; he needs to repent and convert. If he does not, the implicit schism we have been in for a while will soon be explicit – and no amount of happy, chirpy talk will change that.

Who will defend Our Lord’s house as He defended His Father’s temple?

There will be more said here about Pachamama and the upper hierarchy’s descent into idol worship, but I am intolerant of glibness, sophistry, or mental gymnastics on the subject. Christ is asking us right now, “Do you love Me more than these?” (John 21:15) My answer is yes with no qualifications or explanations. If yours is not the same, this may not be the place for you going forward.


I have a bit of an enthusiasm for finding the literal translation of various idioms from other languages, sometimes turning up a gem of clarity like that in the title of this article. Another I like a lot is Russian. Josef Stalin is often reported to have said that, in order to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs. That, of course, is the Anglicized version of the idiom he actually used. The Russian phrase Stalin literally said is, “If you want to clear a forest, you have to make the chips fly.”

We have a lot of wood to chop.

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    1. Nice picture Beckita. I’ve bought several old axe heads and fixed them up including a new hickory handle. Not much use for them in Florida however. 😉

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        1. Ha ha Ted. Thank God they’re not near my location yet, I live in the Space Coast area on a barrier island. I think my tool of choice would be my trusty Remington 870 pump. Of course I could bring one of my Hults Bruk axes for backup. 😉

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      1. My favorite scene in the whole movie: Battle at the Black Gate. Aragorn’s speech to the troops is quite applicable to these times.

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          1. I watched that scene again today and it reminded me of Charlie. Heartening the troops–that is what he does. Fear changing to determination and resolve.

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  1. Thanks for the insight Charlie, but I do not know what to tell you or the church leaders. Until you experience evil it is hard to warn someone against it, if it means they have to bear the cross to oppose it. Wisdom is not just knowledge, but knowledge tied to experience. What was it that Solomon said, ” Much knowledge much sorrow, much wisdom much grief. Good luck to all, the mad river trip is now beginning.

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    1. I’m forever grateful, Arthur, that Charlie was called and gave his fiat and began writing to hearten us that we would cling to hope and BE hope as we faced the wildest rapids in this Storm. It is so clear to me that we don’t need to know what all to do; we simply need to remain deeply connected to God (acknowledge Him) as we listen for His directives to us and take the next right step… one blessed step at a time as we focus on the little we can do in each moment.

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  2. Nicely said, Charlie.
    I prayed for the Popes repentance today.

    “reflexive cynicism”. This is the answer to a prayer to Mary for the name of the spirit that I have been wrestling with mentally for decades. Its usually reliving conversations I had with reflexive cynics where I was arguing for hope , good things, moral progress, stuff like that and being belittled for it. No matter how careful and precise the dialectic, the result was always the same; frustration on my part and smug ‘satisfaction’ on theirs. Thank you!

    Christendom cannot live with this evil in our midst. I pray they repent.

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  3. YES! Fire up Charlie! You are absolutely right! I am starting to feel lately the black and white of it all – if I believe Jesus died for us, rose from the dead, Mother Mary absolutely wants us all to focus on her Son and the salvation he brings us, and He is present in every mass I am at – then it is time to live it! Thank you so much for being a clear and stable voice in all of this – and so many others on here! Thank you! Totus Tuus!!!

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  4. Fr. Pacwa spoke about pachamama and explained in no uncertain terms how evil it was to have that idol at the synod. Praise God for those who bravely speak truth. Thanks, Charlie– not speaking out is a terrible scandal that is enormously damaging.

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      1. Thanks for posting these joyful…I’ve been sick all week n have been out of the loop..lol..better now, so I need to catch up today….sort of cool…I was SUPER sick at my Holy hour..this past thursday…don’t even know how I made it, id been bedridden for 2 days…after my 3 o’clock hour was over, I opened up the bible to acts 3…Jesus heals the begged at the 3 o’clock hr..at that very second, my nose began to breathe easily….what a good and glorious God we have…batten down the hatches folks…I think He needs our little sufferings…I was out of bed from that point on…I so love Jesus…🤗😇😘

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    1. I agree! It was idolatrous and the touch of the lasciviousness was like an extra turning of the knife. It seemed a bit like mockery.

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  5. I remember the old site piece almost entirely devoted to chopping wood, I think a few heads need to be figuratively chopped. I know fear is not from the Lord, but, Lord, I’m scared. What is evil is good and what is good is now evil. We all need to Joan Up and put on the armor and axes of God!!

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    1. Side note-Some on the left are coining climate-activist teen, Greta Thunberg as the Joan of Arc of the environment. At the very least, it might cause curious millennials to google the Saint.

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  6. Very good, Charlie. When all I done, if we are around, we should celebrate God’s victory with some real Chicago hot dogs. May be because it is close to dinner for me, or, may be it is because the picture of Mount Doom made me think of a hot dog roast.

    I just remember you reminded us that when things got real bad, to remember to look forward to a big feast at Mount Meeker where we would all sing the song of thanksgiving and eat a thanksgiving meal.. Becks was gonna brings stuff, too. I might be confusing things, but I remember Pat of S.D. offering to bring food, too, as well as Mick and Jlynn and so on.

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      1. Yes, we all need to hear the Song of Thanksgiving, again. Thank you, Beckita!

        Then Society, in gratitude, will build the church Charlie foresaw, because it will be a Church of Gratitude for Divine Mercy.

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        1. A great Shrine it shall be, Jim. I sense it will be a holy place where unending Prayers of Thanksgiving will rise to Our God and His Mother for all they have done for us.

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          1. Luz de Maria on Our Lady of Guadalupe:

            After reading click on the home link to read the latest message October 5th. She speaks of our times and the causes.

            “Our King and Lord of Heaven and Earth established His Communion with men and called them to be fishers of men in order that they would convey the GOOD NEWS. They have not been able to undermine the Church of OUR KING AND LORD JESUS ​​CHRIST, they have not succeeded, neither have the sects through the centuries, nor Satan himself through his emissaries. THE CHURCH OF GOD WILL NOT BE TORN DOWN; She will be shaken because of not knowing Her King, but not defeated.”


      1. I am gla you remember, Jlynn! Perhaps I am like Pippin, in the movie version, where, right before the Nazgul come up to attack Weathertop, he is concerned with “nice, crispy bacon.” But, when you know things are gonna hit the fan, it is good to look forward to what comes after!

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        1. Nice bacon is always and ever its own reward. AT brunch in San Francisco last Sunday, I had what a place called “Millionaire’s Bacon.” It was delicious. David Daleiden had recommended it to me and we shared a platter.

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          1. That menu item sounds delicious!

            I’ve been following and sharing David’s and The Center for Medical Progress’ SM timelines court updates daily. Please let David know that I am praying for him and his team. I am encouraged by what I am reading and look forward to a more detailed update from you Charlie.

            Enjoy your time in San Francisco. ❤

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          2. David is in my prayers. His legal battle is like Grant’s overland campaign. Hard slogging and tactical defeat after tactical defeat, but strategic victory will come in the end. The enemy is trying to shake him with their own Jubal Early valley campaign, but that will inevitably come to defeat, too.

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      1. Mick,

        it will be a true agape feast! There will be a lot of people there. We will have Mass (EF and OF, Byzantine too), the Office, the rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet in the day. There will be games for the kids. How it will all come together – I do not know, but, being renewed by the Holy Spirit, we will think a lot more clearly about how to do things and to cooperate with each other.

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  7. “why freedom is slavery and slavery is freedom.” Love the comment and I can totally relate to it as evil has been called good and God’s goodness has be called evil by this Godless society. Those promoting freedom from God are actually promoting slavery to sin & the devil. Perhaps the concept of freedom is merely an illusion, we as humans must choose one master either grace in God or sin in the devil, there are no other choices, as not choosing God defaults to siding with evil.

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    1. Romans 6 has a interesting explanation:

      16Don’t you know that when you offer yourselves to someone as obedient slaves, you are slaves of the one you obey—whether you are slaves to sin, which leads to death, or to obedience, which leads to righteousness? 17But thanks be to God that, though you used to be slaves to sin, you have come to obey from your heart the pattern of teaching that has now claimed your allegiance. 18You have been set free from sin and have become slaves to righteousness.

      19I am using an example from everyday life because of your human limitations. Just as you used to offer yourselves as slaves to impurity and to ever-increasing wickedness, so now offer yourselves as slaves to righteousness leading to holiness. 20When you were slaves to sin, you were free from the control of righteousness. 21What benefit did you reap at that time from the things you are now ashamed of? Those things result in death! 22But now that you have been set free from sin and have become slaves of God, the benefit you reap leads to holiness, and the result is eternal life. 23For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in b Christ Jesus our Lord.

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  8. Shoot, having come such a long way –– to the Gates of Mordor no less –– who has the least interest in revisiting the fever swamps (Dead Marshes)? Been there, done that. Let’s stay focused.

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  9. Whoa! Great piece, Charlie!!! Will be reading and re-reading, posting and re-posting this sobering piece.

    I like that it is time to choose. I think we all need a good wake up call. Myself included.

    The darkness of this world is horrifyingly visible.

    As Crew Dog says, God save all here!

    Ave Maria, Stella Maris 😄

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  10. One disturbing quote from Pope Francis was “changing bread into rocks to throw at people…”
    1) It was the devil tempting Jesus to turn stones into bread so he could eat, so technically Pope Francis is quoting the devil.
    2) Bread is a lot rarer than stones, you have grow the wheat, grind the flour, make & rise the dough, then bake the bread. If you want a stone, just go outside and pick one off the ground.

    What was he thinking when he said that?

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    1. He may have been – kinda, sorta – thinking about Luke 11:11 “And which of you, if he ask his father bread, will he give him a stone?”

      Or maybe not. Who knows anymore? The dear man is no slouch himself when it comes to casting aspersions. Oremus pro Papa.


      1. I’d be willing to accept that explanation if Pope Francis didn’t mention the part about changing the bread into stones, which would be the reverse of the miracle that the devil tempted Jesus to do during his 40 days in the desert.

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  11. My daughter and granddaughter are in need of urgent prayers. My daughter had a placental abruption this morning and had an emergency csection. My granddaughter was deprived of oxygen and has been taken to Sick Kids Hospital. Pray for baby Serenity Joan that she recovers well. Also, pray for my teenaged daughter that she recovers well too. She has mental health concerns. We gave the name Joan to Serenity because we wanted a fighter saint praying her. We will not know till she has an MRI in 72 hrs how much brain damage she suffered. Thank you for praying. 🙏😀

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        1. Thank you Audie. I am two weeks out of surgery, which was deemed a success and now have six months of healing to do. Thank you for caring, I am struggling right now but with God’s help, things will get better.

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            1. Thank you Audie. I need more patience. I am struggling mightily with my new way of life and sobbing uncontrollably at times. Please pray for me, that things will get better and I can combine my suffering with the Lord’s. Thank you so much.

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                1. Dear Diane,

                  Thinking of you and praying! I am having computer difficulties so can only see part of your response but will be praying for you as you carry a cross that will bring much fruit.

                  Love and blessings,

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    1. Cdn, I will pray for your dear daughter and granddaughter. If it’s any comfort, I had a placental abruption with our third child, who is now 17 and is as fit as a fiddle.

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      1. Prayers here too, cdn. I too had an abruption and the harrowing 72 hour MRI wait. My spiritual director recommended baptism and confirmation for our baby so that she would have as much grace from the Church as possible. I didn’t know it was possible to confirm a newborn so thought I would mention it. Britta (means strength) had a perfect MRI and is now a strong (and sometimes surly) 5 year old. Praying for you all.

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    2. I said a prayer for your family, asking the intercession of Saint Riccardo Pampuri, Saint Gianna Beretta Molla and Saint Giuseppe Moscati, all of them doctors during their life on earth.
      I hope Serenity Joan recovers completely.

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  12. Here’s the website of the organization founded by Alexander Tschugguel et al. He and a couple of buddies were the ones who lifted the pagan idols from Santa Maria.


    Watch the video(s) if you can but PLEASE click the ‘Our Mission’ link and see if it rings familiar to what has been written in the very pages for the last several years.
    They now have a Donate button for US Dollars. [Tip: If you’re inclined to throw them a few bucks and the big ‘donate via paypal’ button doesn’t work, use the Donation link at the top-right of the page, choose Donate In USD. A field will appear that shows 0,00 USD (comma used where we would put the decimal point) The initial paypal screen will be in German but the blue button is the one you’ll want. You’ll be redirected to the usual English login page. After that you can review and submit your donation.] Whew! 🙂

    As always, this appeal will be posted at the discretion of the moderators here. I hope it clears because I love this guy.

    All my best to everyone here.

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    1. I choose not to support this for the following reasons:

      Like this weeks Divine Office/ Liturgy of the Hours readings of Maccabees; this organization traveled to Rome for the purpose of throwing the idols into the Tiber. It was not spontaneous and they have an agenda of rooting our the evil in the Catholic Church and getting back to its traditions.

      This guy Alexander entered a building, removed property not his, without permission and threw said property into a river hindering the owners their property. It does not seem too Catholic to me. More along the lines of Burglary. Alex and his organization may believe they are acting for the Church but clearly (Pope Francis does not condone) the action.

      Posting a link to an international organization and asking for donations… hymm…

      Obedience is to Catholicism as Submission is to Islam.
      Islam Submits thru Force. Catholics surrender to God’s will.

      Unlike the Zealots in Maccabees, Jesus surrendered to the will of God. This may be prayed upon in the Stations of the Cross.

      …just my two cents…


      1. Did Moses have permission from the ‘owners’ of the golden calf before he trashed it?

        “It was not spontaneous and they have an agenda of rooting our [sic] the evil in the Catholic Church and getting back to its traditions.”

        You’re right, Sean. It was not spontaneous. They contemplated it for days and discerned pagan idols have no place in a Catholic church. Furthermore, what does Pope Francis condoning or not condoning something have to do with it? What he condones and doesn’t condone has reached the point of confusing absurdity lately.

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        1. Moses had Authority and responsibility. Alexander and friends do not.

          Pope Francis: When has Pope Francis not elicited a controversy ? Bishops & Priests around the world have spoken against the use and display of idols. They have authority and responsibility as does the laity. Had this occasion not occurred within the Vatican, would anyone have known of the disparte lack of Catholicism in South America, no less in Rome?

          I belive this will cause a Vocation movement to respond as the North American Martyrs from the old world to the new.


          1. A fair point Sean. I just wonder if the laity had more frequently spoken and acted out to errant priests and bishops against liturgical abuses post Vatican 2, would the Mass norms have been so adulterated and would we have gotten to this point where a young lay man has to visually remind the Pope about the first commandment? Alexander did something in action that reinforced what other heirarchy (Viganò, Mueller, Schneider) spoke out against concerning the scandal of idols at the Vatican; what’s more, these men condoned the action of removing the idols. If Moses gave the commandments to the people, are the people not supposed to keep them and enforce them as well? With all due respect to their authority, I think the laity have responsibilities and duties to uphold the laws of our Church and to correct clerics when they have obviously strayed from the path. That’s what a brother in the Lord does for another brother and even more to one in authority because they can mislead so many others. Hear the guy out; did you listen first hand to his interviews or get an account from a secondary source?

            What’s more, this idol incident was a sin against the Church (essentially the lay people in part) and a scandal to the nations. Many fundamentalists/Protestant were up in arms about it. Bishop Fulton Sheen said reform in the Church would have to come from the laity. I so wish I could him ask him what he thought about this Alexander guy. And I’m not meaning to be rhetorical here.

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            1. St. Catherine of Sienna stepped forth as a lay woman – albeit as a member of the third order of Dominicans – to set things right in the Church at the very highest level. Due to her intervention, the Pope moved from Avignon to Rome. We are living the Ballad of the Ordinary Man. Since the clerics were derelict in their authoritative right and responsibility, the action of lay men accomplished the deed. Further, their action brought the idolatry to the attention of the entire Church. I stand with Cardinal Sarah in his points made here: https://cruxnow.com/vatican/2019/10/09/cardinal-sarah-to-oppose-the-pope-is-to-be-outside-the-church/ And this does not preclude fraternal correction when apropos.

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              1. My ultimate takeaway from the whole “idol” affair is this: this generation needs to get serious about eliminating idolatry of all sorts from our lives and becoming Holy. I’d think we’re on the path, if not for the confused, tepid response to the aberration of pachamama, to say nothing of that demonic tribute to moloch (purely for cultural reasons…) currently on display at the Colosseum in Rome… these things as some symbolic evidence of what really ails us.

                Where’s the hero with the bulldozer, carting that monstrosity off to the smelte?! Nope, just a couple guys sneaking in under cover of darkness, tossing some wooden effigies into the river (where they were subsequently fished out and returned), followed by great fanfare online, and more confused apologies/berating from leadership, depending on where you stand.

                As far as I’m concerned, it’s just more nipping around the edges with no firm resolve. Too much talk and diagnosing leadership, not enough self diagnosis and leadership when it’s asked of us.

                Holiness would strengthen our resolve. Might even have us making a truly bold and meaningful gesture every once in a while.

                Or, we could just keep discussing it.

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                1. Truly fruitful discussion of these things can lead to pondering – from various perspectives – the issues at hand, release of deep emotion, a clearer realization that all are needed to set things right in the Church, and in the world, with the commensurate motivation to follow where Christ leads us in addressing the issues one step at a time. It really can be a challenge to speak difficult truths. IF discussion leads to sowing poisonous seeds of bitterness turned to resentment, harsh accusations which block the road to forgiveness while developing a closed, hard heart to anyone – be s/he friend or perceived foe – we ferment in our own sins, allowing our salt to grow stale and our light to become dim. May holiness born of prayer – including the prayer of doing – penance and fasting fuel the flame of faith in each heart that forgiveness, mercy and justice will flourish in all lands. 🙏❤️🔥

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                  1. I seriously hope you’re not suggesting there was any sowing of poisonous seeds, bitterness, etc. in my comment. I’m as calm and lighthearted as ever. In fact, it’s the kind of comment intended to lead to some serious pondering and discussion.


                2. @MP: You are in good company, PPBXVI agreed with you wholeheartedly in 2008 about the elimination of idolatry of all sorts. http://w2.vatican.va/content/benedict-xvi/en/homilies/2008/documents/hf_ben-xvi_hom_20080913_parigi-esplanade.html

                  ” This appeal to shun idols, dear brothers and sisters, is also pertinent today. Has not our modern world created its own idols? Has it not imitated, perhaps inadvertently, the pagans of antiquity, by diverting man from his true end, from the joy of living eternally with God? This is a question that all people, if they are honest with themselves, cannot help but ask. What is important in my life? What is my first priority? The word “idol” comes from the Greek and means “image”, “figure”, “representation”, but also “ghost”, “phantom”, “vain appearance”. An idol is a delusion, for it turns its worshipper away from reality and places him in the kingdom of mere appearances. Now, is this not a temptation in our own day – the only one we can act upon effectively? The temptation to idolize a past that no longer exists, forgetting its shortcomings; the temptation to idolize a future which does not yet exist, in the belief that, by his efforts alone, man can bring about the kingdom of eternal joy on earth! Saint Paul explains to the Colossians that insatiable greed is a form of idolatry (cf. 3:5), and he reminds his disciple Timothy that love of money is the root of all evil. By yielding to it, he explains, “some have wandered away from the faith and pierced their hearts with many pangs” (1 Tim 6:10). Have not money, the thirst for possessions, for power and even for knowledge, diverted man from his true Destiny, from the truth about himself?”

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      1. Get a good axe. I had a Fiskars, and when you find that “sweet spot” with your swing, it’s like cutting butter, Mick. And trust me, I wasn’t the least bit cold there from living in that environment 24/7…plus the exercise warmed me up.
        I look pretty thin in that video. I’ve beefed up since then.

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        1. I was wondering what kind of axe you were using, Patrick. I bought a Fiskars spitting axe, but I haven’t used it yet. Maybe one day this winter before it gets too cold. Should probably get some steel-toed boots, too.

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          1. Bingo. You could see a couple of slips when the axe hit a knot and the head was deflected to the side. The technique I used was bending down slightly with the stroke to keep the handle as parallel to the ground as possible, sending the axe straight down. If I stayed erect and missed, the higher hand position could allow the blade to arc right for my toes.

            Splitting wedges are also useful too. Sometimes a stubborn log requires a couple of them which you hit with a sledge hammer. But sometimes those wedges get irretrievably stuck in the wood. It’s an art!


            1. My favorite splitting tools are pipe slide hammers with a wedge welded to a shaft slide hammer consisting of a pipe with a solid iron top which by repeated slams will split most any log without the need for sometimes inaccurate swings of an axe. Using two slide hammers will split the larger and more difficult logs. I graduated to those as better than wedges, even using two because the pipe hammer will go all the way through when needed. Full of knots ones sometimes need wedges and slide hammers. I also have a splitting axe with a 1 1/4 diameter solid iron shaft and solid ten pound triangular head. It is really heavy but you don’t have swing it hard, just be able to lift it over your head and it is easier to aim. The momentum does the work plus the weight. I like to be well prepared and at 79 I need all the help I can get. Happy chopping/splitting. jas

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                1. A slide hammer is a pipe with a heavy solid piece of iron welded at the top that when raised by grasping the pipe and slamming it down on the iron rod, drives it into whatever it is resting on. I also have a 3 inch diameter 3 foot long iron post driver that slips over the iron 6 foot long post and drives it into the ground by repeatedly raising the pipe and slamming it down like a hammer on the post. You don’t have to be higher than the post in order to use a sledge hammer to drive the post in. Same principle. Hope that helps. jas

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              1. Oh, wow. It’s the same concept as a fence post driver. That would have been useful…
                ….but I must say, much less MANLY looking for the video. Remember JAS:

                “I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK, I sleep all night and I work all day!”

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                  1. Heck, JaS, I hope that at 79 I can WALK, let alone split wood! You’re Superman, as far as I’m concerned. 🙂


                    1. I’ve had both hips and knees replaced (both knees at once.) I can still kneel and genuflect. The Lord has been good to me. I can’t run any more and have less energy but I hope to work until the day I die. We are all in God’s hands. May God continue to guide and bless all here. jas

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                  1. I was raised by farm folks to be self sufficient. As the ninth of fourteen children, I learned to be self sufficient and a contributor to the group. We were responsible for those younger and for listening to those older. All while growing up in the German culture, a sense of duty was instilled. I learned a variety of skills in helping my brothers and self taught. I started cooking at eight and later taught myself to sew on my mother’s trettle sewing machine in order to repair my own clothes, and, in high school, washed, starched and ironed my own shirts for school. I did some remodeling on every house I owned or rented. In my forties I drew up and got a building permit and built my own house from the foundation up. I did all the work by myself and passed the construction, wiring, plumbing and sheet rocking interior finishing inspections resulting in passing the final OK to move in inspection.. I did all the interior work including installing doors and trim, painting, carpeting, and cabinet installation. The only thing I hired out was the installation of the septic tank which I hooked up the drains to.
                    When I was a teenager, I worked in my dad’s service station/garage during my senior year and my first two years in Junior College. My dad did the day shift and I covered the 3 to 9 PM shift by myself while my dad worked the night shift at a poultry processing plant. My older brother before and my younger brother after me did the same. Fortunately, I was able to study and do homework between customers and maintain a high grade point. I’ve overhauled engines, did body work and painted cars You could say I became a jack-of-all trades and master of some. With my declining physical abilities, at 79, I don’t know how much I will be able to do in the rebuilding after the completion of the Rescue and the Triumph, if I should survive that long, but I should at least be able to help in directing and instructing others. I hope the Triumph comes soon.
                    May God continue to bless and guide all here. jas

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                    1. I love that, jas. My godparents, Aunt JoAnne and Uncle Joe lived and worked on a farm with livestock, corn and wheat fields, orchards, and sustaining fruit/vegetable gardens. Uncle Joes parents, Katherine and Mike, lived close by in town, Kiel near Sheboygan, and were the closest thing I had to grandparents growing up. They migrated from Germany and Uncle Joe is about your age. They were the hardest working people I knew and it appeared that they loved every minute of it. Both the farm and the modest home in town of grandma and grandpa Walter were filled with the great aroma of meals and desserts made from scratch with great love!

                      God does bless us all, all of the time. 😉

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        1. I know, right? I’m naturally clumsy (I blame it on being left-handed, but the other southpaws in my family aren’t clumsy), so that gives me pause. Wish I had a live human (rather than a video) who could show me how to spit wood!

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          1. Ok Mick, try not to laugh but I’ve gained much enjoyment from reading and re-reading this book. Link below. 🙂


            1. I’m not laughing, BD; in fact, I’m intrigued. I already have the book “To Fell a Tree: A Complete Guide to Successful Tree Felling and Woodcutting Methods” (for if we ever have to fell some of the trees in our woods); but the book you mention would be a great addition to my library. I think I’m gonna have to buy it. Thanks for the heads-up. 🙂

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            1. Well, look who’s talking: the lady who looks like a kid herself! When I met you, I seriously couldn’t believe that you were old enough to have a globetrotting Tommy. 🙂

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              1. Awwwww bless you…make up..lol…u should see me now..yikes..sickness takes it all away..lol..almost all better now..love to u and ur beautiful family Mick🤗😇😘🤗😇😘🤗😇😘🤗😇😘🤗😇😘🤗😇😘🤗😇😘


  13. I LOVE what President Trump is doing to clean out the Deep State and our Government, but I have niggling questions. The kind that just sit in the back of your head and don’t go away.
    If the deep state is so powerful:
    – How did he get elected?
    – Did the deep state really lose control?
    – How is he remaining alive when by all rights Epstein was in a more secure place than any one of President Trumps rallies? It seems to me if evil powerful people want you out of office you wouldn’t make it to the end of the parade…
    – Why has President Trump met with Henry Kissinger multiple times?
    I have no theories. I want to see the day when Hillary/Obama Et al are frog marched off to Gitmo. I just don’t want to blindly run down this path with my eyes closed. I’m hoping this isn’t just a show to keep us deplorables satisfied while the elite finish sacking our country.

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    1. Hi Mark. I’m exhausted from studying all day, but let me lay this one down:

      1. Trump got elected because he promised to secure the border, put the country back to work, cut taxes and government regulations, end foreign wars, end giving our money away to other countries, end being used by NATO, UN, and China, and end political corruption. He appeared on the stage after eight long, anti-American, anti-Free-religion, pro-socialist, divisive, anti-law enforcement, globalist, unconstitutional years of Obama. Trump’s slogan to Make America Great Again was truly a stroke of genius and exactly what the REAL PATRIOTS of this country wanted to hear after decades of growing weaker and being attacked by our own leaders. He awakened us from slumber, complacency, depression, and mediocrity — he got the right ALL FIRED UP!

      2. Hillary Clinton was a truly terrible candidate in every possible way, crowned without deserving a crown, an ugly, two-faced, greedy, corrupt, vengeful, and devilish individual. She literally has dozens of skeletons in her closet. And for a party with absolutely no message but tax the rich and save the trees, and no tactic but segregating Americans into groups to fight against each other — divide and conquer — this decrepit, sickly, pathetic, shady, awkward, haggard hippy was best the democrats had to offer.

      3. The leftists were arrogant and cocky, and severely underestimated the enthusiasm for Trump, listening to polls rather than looking with their eyes at the crowds at Trump rallies. Not only did they think the wind was at their backs, they had an UNDERHANDED insurance policy with the FBI, State Dept, and other organizations in the deep state plus the entire news media supporting them. They had little to no doubt that Former Secretary “4-dead-Americans” Clinton’s victory was assured.

      So, 1 >> 2 + 3. SUMMARY: They underestimated how great Trump was, how weak Hillary was, how powerful the Deep State was, how influential the MSMedia was, but most importantly….


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      1. Ha! I’ve got some subtle BINGS in this post! But look at this one:

        I called Hillary “hippy” instead of “hippie”! The former means a woman with large hips. Hee hee. As Rush would say, “Hillary Rotten Clinton, her Thighness!” The latter refers to those of the 60’s counter-culture who did hallucinogenics and didn’t shave. They both work, so I’ll allow it. Crackin myself up, here. 😀

        Needless to say, the U.S. thankfully dodged the satan’s bullet there in 2016.

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        1. My brother in law received a WH nod back in the day when the Mr was President for a teacher’s recruitment program in Florida his organization assisted. He received the nod at the WH. When I asked what the event was like his only comment was similar to yours. And your comment cracked me up and reminded me of his. Thanks, I’ll take humor wherever I can find it in these trying times.

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    2. Mark, let me throw in what I have heard, on the understanding that it could be wrong.

      – How did he get elected? /// I have heard that the Good Guys unhacked the already hacked voting machines in the five battleground states Trump had to win. This was done so quietly that the Dems and Hillary campaign had no idea that the votes would be properly counted in those five states. All the other pre-arranged vote frauds in the other states (I’ve heard around 10M fraudulent votes) were allowed to proceed. There were attempts after the vote to get a recount and to get a surge of “faithless electors” but the military apparently said they would not support that. So Trump came to office.

      – Did the deep state really lose control? /// When the most powerful position in the world gets taken over by someone capable and desirous of destroying the Deep State, then yes. That does not at all mean that the DS had no more weapons and was toothless.

      – How is he remaining alive when by all rights Epstein was in a more secure place than any one of President Trumps rallies? It seems to me if evil powerful people want you out of office you wouldn’t make it to the end of the parade… /// Altogether different situations. Trump has excellent security while I believe Epstein was bait in a trap. Is Epstein dead? Maybe. Was he killed or did he commit suicide? Maybe.

      – Why has President Trump met with Henry Kissinger multiple times? /// I have no idea. If I had to speculate, I would think that K knows a *huge* amount about how the world works and might very well have a real incentive to help Trump. Keep in mind that K worked for Nixon, who was impeached, some would say, at the behest of the DS.

      Keep in mind these are things I have heard but have no personal knowledge of. I tend to think they have some credence, or I would not have placed them here, but “judge righteous judgment.”

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  14. The Pachamama idolatrous worship boiled my blood. And to have the Pope even suggest that the idol might be used in the closing of the synod furthered the insult. Fr. Pablo Straub once said (I paraphrase) In matters of personal insult, sit down and shut up. In matters of Eternal Truth being insulted, stand up and shout. We should all be shouting from the rooftops.

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    1. @KristenReh: Some research has indicated that the black bowl with the dirt, plants, and red flowers encased in a glass bowl that was presented at the offertory and (by direction to the Master of Ceremonies) placed on the altar for the whole of the Canon of Mass is indeed a representation of the idol itself. My point: Although one of those idols itself did not appear at the closing Mass, a representation of it did for those who know about pachamama worship, that is.

      Fr. Mitch Pacwa had an enlightening rant on EWTN yesterday that resembles in tone Charlie’s own tone.

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        1. Yeah, that’s the dark road that we already know the answer to: Christ and His grace transcend men’s “good intentions”. While Abp Vigano states plainly that the grounds and altars need to be reconsecrated, it seems to me that we are on solid ground trusting that Jesus’ grace transcends even the Judas-like betrayals daily revealed to us ‘little ones’.

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  15. Prayers to your daughter and her child, CDN. Life is so very fragile, but the Lord is our strength.
    I used to enjoy a good back and forth political debate. But now, I avoid it even when goaded by my left friends and family. It is like discussing with a drunk. There is no logic or reason – it dissolves into bitter name-calling, and all I hear are sound bites repeated from the liberal media talking heads. There is no original thought expressed.
    My husband has been in multiple medical waiting rooms in the last few months and the TV is blaring with daytime talk shows on CNN or ABC-NBC-CBS. It is painful to see the propaganda played out over and over – a little Purgatory. On the good side, no one is watching the TVs. Patients are just looking at their phones. I think waiting room TVs should just play live-streams of puppies. I’d even settle for wood-choppers – like your video, Patrick!

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    1. Ha, Marianne! When I read your comment, at first I thought you said wood CHIPPERS. Come to think of it, a live stream of somebody feeding branches into a wood chipper would be preferable to anything from the mainstream media.

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    2. Break out a Rosary and pray. I’ve had more ‘medical’ issues this past year than all of my life. Diagnosis… I’m getting old and I was lucky for the past fifty years or ao.

      I got into the habit of openly praying the rosary while sitting in the patient lounge or waiting for an appointment. It is wonderful.

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      1. My mom was once called Sister Eileen because she was praying it in a waiting room. We loved it.
        Thank you for reminding me of a beautiful moment with my mom.

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      2. I love that, Sean. ❤

        I prayed the Seven Sorrows Devotion in rehab during my 10 minutes on the stationary bike and The Divine Mercy Chaplet while having my cyro therapies at the end of most sessions. Fortunately my waiting room times were short and sweet. I sat with my back to the TV and watched and prayed over my fellow patients as they nodded in affirmation, whispered, pointed and just ate up what was being fed to them. On occasion, I made no qualms about suggesting the something, anything besides the MSM news be broadcast on site to the reception staff and some of my therapists too. Every once in a while they would have on The Better Homes and Gardens channel. Then I'd pray the Rosary on the drive home! 😉

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    3. Marianne: I find waiting rooms showing those MSM shows so agitating aka not peaceful especially when in a doctor’s office, too. I now ask for the office manager and complain. I explains that to many those shows are divisive, irritating, and annoying and that I don’t need to be experiencing those feeling especially when I’m sick. The View is the worse. I ask them to use some common sense and use home improvement or cooking channels. They have changed them.

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  16. I think that the pachamama has become for the Pope “la PapaMancha”

    On the good news front, there are a couple of ladies who are fighting the pro-life fight. Each of these ladies, Sara Winter and Amparo Medina, were well trained radical feminists – pro-abortionists, anti-god. Each of them had a Saul of Tarsus -Damascus moment and now are pro-life and pro-family.

    What is amazing that Sara Winter only a couple of years ago was spouting the crazy nonsense of feminists. You can find youtube videos of her when she was a radical feminist. The grace and mercy of God in changing the minds and lives of these women and giving them courage to boldly proclaim the truth shows that there is hope for this world.

    This link is both of them talking about the lies of feminism. For those who speak Spanish it could be interesting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ejC6C1oFRY

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  17. Archbishop Vigano gave a great response to the Pachamama sacrilege from his hiding place. He’s calling for the re-consecration of St. Peter’s Basilica as well as the other sacred Catholic Churches where this idol worshipping took place…

    Plus it must be noted that even though the Pachamama idol was not present in her wooden form as seen in all the photos, this “mother earth” false fertility goddess was represented by the Amazonian bowl of dirt with plants in it that was ceremoniously processed in, brought up to Pope Francis, and place on the Altar of Holy Sacrifice where it stayed during the Holy Mass. It was the same bowl that was used during the pagan ceremony that took place in the Vatican Gardens at the beginning of the Synod.
    Just google, Pachamama, New Age Worship that describes how the bowl of dirt represents Pachamama, mother earth. And how plants are put in it for the fake goddess.
    Words can’t describe how horrifying it is to me that this fake idol was surreptitiously placed on Our Lord’s Altar of Holy Sacrifice. And placed there by instruction from the Vicar of Christ. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

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  18. Mark Levin on Hannity regarding rhe whistleblower and impeachment. The video is at times shaky but makes the point. Minute mark 5:00 or so speaks on the lack of transition in the Presidency. I remember someone saying this would happen… lol. 🙂

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  19. On a happy note: We had our first snowfall for the season… it didn’t stick as the ground is still too warm but the snowflake news has everyone worried.

    “Beluga Whale playing some catch somewhere close to the South Pole”

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  20. Sort of cool…I share all of Charlie’s posts with my church friends around norwalk…one in particular I am close to, for he was my french teacher back in 80 & 81…lol…his name is Mr Schumm. .(happily retired)he now serves Mass for Fr Francis (awesome Indian priest) but I love he wears the white surplus and black cassock. He’s our alter Man!!! Quite holy…told him he reminds me of the cure of auers…(sp?) he will certainly love this french piece!!!😆

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  21. Charlie- on a much lighter note, you were in my dream last night! I dreamt that I was on vacation in a foreign country and I had brought my car with me. I was driving in a residential neighborhood when a young woman was in the street taking selfies of herself 🤷‍♀️. I tried to get around her and then my car wouldn’t work. I had to leave my car where it was ( in the middle of the road) and try to find help. I didn’t know anyone to call and I didn’t speak the language. I walked to a nearby pharmacy that was full of people. I saw a phone book and wanted to find a towing company and repair shop but I couldn’t read the words. I scanned all the people in the place looking for someone who could help me. In the very back of the pharmacy, I saw you having a friendly conversation with someone. I recognized you right away and was going to ask you where you would recommend I take my car to be repaired but then I realized you only walked everywhere and would not be able to help me! 😂. I hardly ever remember my dreams but this was so vivid.

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    1. Love it! If I may, I see an interpretation, Lynne.

      When all seems lost, including ourselves, don’t lose hope. Rather, remember the core message Charlie has promoted, again and again, and you WILL find your way out of every difficulty in God’s Ways and Perfect Timing.

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  22. I, personally, find great comfort in St Faustina and The Devine Mercy Message.


    For some years I’ve considered death as this life’s last great adventure.

    I have a good friend, Billy Davis, who just turned 84. He is in hospital now after a series of health problems. I’ve decided that when it comes to the aged it’s better that we ask God to do what’s best for friends and their families. Please join me in prayers for Billy D.
    Now that I’m in “The Twilight Years”, I’d rather not have people praying to keep me around when it’s my time to go.


    A couple of Headlines from “Pay to Read” sites:
    “Mike Pence defends federal aid funneling to Christian groups”
    “Radical feminists, conservative women unite to fight transgender agenda”







    USA Colleges/Universities have been Hotbeds of Communism since the late 20s. You would think that “Entities of Learning” would have figured out that Communism (Socialism) is and has always been a Horrid Failure ……. but no ;-(


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  23. “The LORD is our God; the LORD is one” or “The LORD is our God, the LORD alone.”

    But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”

    For many years we had a door knocker which bore the saying from Joshua “But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” I can no longer remember with certainty, but I believe it may have been a wedding present. In the course of numerous paintings and renovations it disappeared. In the years of my lukewarmness and sloth concerning my faith, I never really thought much about its disappearance.
    Last year, I ended up in the hospital for six days. (I am not certain but either today or yesterday are the one year anniversary of my discharge.) I was blessed to have be taken by the rescue to a hospital in our city which was founded by a Jewish charitable organization. The hospital, while open to all and serving a largely non-Jewish population, has remained faithful to its Jewish beginnings. My room, and every room in the building has a mezuzah, hanging on the door posts. I always thought that the small symbols on the doors of my Jewish friends and neighbors had something to do with Exodus and the spreading of the lamb’s blood on the door posts and lintels to tell the angel of the plague to avoid the houses of the Hebrews. I have since learned that these objects are containers for small scrolls on which are written a number of verses from the Old Testament. One of them is the line above which in Hebrew is called the Shema. “The LORD is our GOD, and the LORD is one.”
    I found it very comforting in my recovery to look at the door to my room and to see that sign of God’s protection. I felt like Miriam was watching out for me, just as she had watch over the baby Moses when his mother was forced to put him in the basked in the Nile to save his life.
    I shared my feelings about this with my wife. For my birthday she ordered two Mezuzahs for me. One for our city house and one for our cabin. In addition to these she also ordered two plaques with the words from Joshua. I quickly put up a Mezuzah on our home’s main door but I got distracted and the other items never made it out of the box. Last weekend I was doing some fall cleaning and came upon the box.
    I do not really believe in co-incidences. I believe that God, through the Holy Spirit, is constantly speaking to us and using the things and people around is in a never-ending call to bring us back to the Lord Jesus. Sometimes we hear, or are aware of this movement, other times we are quite able to ignore and avoid it.
    My sudden onset pneumonia last year was a big wakeup call from God. He had to put me in the hospital for six days to make me understand in a profound way that I do not have “forever” to get things done. I can no longer get away with dismissing things by saying “Oh well, tomorrow.” Last week, the finding of the box with the Mezuzah and the plaques was another knock on the head from the Lord. It showed me how short is my attention span to the important things and it revealed how easily I can get distracted.
    Charlie’s words about “the die is cast” are part of this awareness that God is calling me, and us, to. Things have developed rapidly in the past year. The sides are absolutely drawn and are out in the open. We are called, and we will continually be called, to choose. To choose God, to choose Jesus, to choose life. It is time to shake ourselves awake and to be ready to be true to our choice.
    Thank you, Charlie for the words.

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  24. Linda if you are currently in Norwalk, we are neighbors! I’m in Long Beach…any storm dinners in our area? Things are definitely heating up – I would love to connect and fortify…is this OK to ask Beckita?

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  25. Charlie, I wholeheartedly agree with your comments on the abhorrent behavior of pope Francis and his idolatrous pagan worship!! I saw through him years ago! As we know, the Devil comes in many forms. In this case, most likely, a wolf in sheep’s clothing !! I am glad to be joined by you and your acknowledgement of this pope’s repulsive and disgusting acceptance of a pagan god. I have always been suspicious of this man in the Vatican. Especially, when over the years he has nothing to say about the mutilation and murder of hundreds of thousands of Christians by middle eastern terrorists. But he willingly condemns the USA and our President every chance he gets. He needs to be removed from the Holiest of positions in our Catholic Church.

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    1. Just saw it last night.

      I have only been in two movies the past 30 years where the audience applauded at the end, one was “The Passion of the Christ.”

      Last night, Midway, deservedly, got an applause.

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        1. Yeah, I didn’t discover that till I sat down and the opening production credits were shown: Chinese characters.

          I have a strong and justified fear for what the Chinese are about to do to Japan during the Storm in retribution for WW2. I’ve lost count of the Chinese movies in the past 20 years that attack propaganda-style the Japanese. For that reason, Midway will probably do quite well in China.

          I can’t believe its come to this how the Chinese control Disney and Hollywood, Tom Cruise’s bomber jacket in the new Top Gun preview, Africa, the North Korea nuclear weapons program, the UN, internet traffic, the global economy….their political and propaganda arm is powerful indeed.

          That’s OK, though….China will taste soon enough what America is capable of.

          Thank God we have Donald Trump. Not saying we’ll win in the upcoming conflict, but we ain’t gonna be steamrolled and forced to surrender had a Leftist made it to the Whitehouse.

          Our Lady of Akita, pray for us.
          Our Lady of All Nations, pray for us.

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          1. Mike n I are noticing that movies are starting to show Chinese speaking in Chinese with no captions…strange…why would this be??? Escape plan 3… we wathen because Mike loves sylvester stallone n the movie was made here in ohio at old Mansfield prison..spooky place

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            1. When at the China Luck buffet, I usually give my fortune cookie to the waitress as a tip. Sometimes if I feel like something sweet I’ll munch one down, but I won’t read the fortune and I WILL NEVER LEARN CHINESE. Why on God’s green earth do they think I want or need to learn it? Not sure who “they” is, but I find it a slightly intimidating statement. That would be like learning German in 1936. Heck, I’d much rather become fluent in Japanese, Vietnamese, and Tagalog.

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          1. Didn’t get to see it; we got a snowstorm on Monday, and the roads were so bad that my husband didn’t want my daughter and me to go out. Hoping to go see it on Saturday. Thanks for the heads-up… I’m probably going to need a whole box of tissues (I know me).


            1. Maybe that’s OK, Mick. I saw it a second time on Vet’s day, and I didn’t realize how much the phrase G.D. was used. I DO remember the hearing the first one and I whispered a prayer asking pardon for the use of the Lord’s name like that, but then I just tuned out every one after that. But seeing it the second time, I was thinking about you seeing it with your daughter and heard every. single. one.

              Same thing happened with the movie Patriot’s Day with Mark Walberg about the Boston Marathon Bombing and the Tzarnaev @$$h0lz. I lived in Boston for a couple years, and we quite liberally sprinkle the F-bomb every other sentence. It’s just how we talk out there. So when I watched the movie alone, I didn’t here the word AT ALL. But when I watched it with my friend Pam (the older Catholic lady with M.S.) I couldn’t believe it…I apologized after we were just 10 minutes in and said that that was just how they talk out there. It was probably spoken 100 times. Hee! Whoops.

              But if you know up front that it’s coming it wont be as annoying, just know that it is said maybe 10 times, mostly early on.

              Still a very good movie. Wow!


              1. Thanks, Patrick, for another great heads-up. Forewarned is forearmed, so I’ll let my daughter know also. Guess we’ll be saying a bunch of “Blessed be God, Blessed be His holy name” repetitions for the first part of the movie.

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    2. This is worth a look in light of the new movie about Midway.

      The Battle from the Japanese Perspective.

      A miracle. The Americans just kept coming.

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  26. At the risk of being infected with reflexive cynicism (which is all too easy to give into these days), it sure seems to me like the Vatican has read the manual on Gaslighting (as linked to in Charlie’s post). One would expect it from secular sources but those at the helm of Mother Church? (and yes, our Mother is the Church, not the earth; the Vatican insiders must have deleted that memo).

    It seems our choosing entails standing up for Truth where we see it adulterated in our circle of influence. I find the most poignant example of this is the case of Alexander Tschugguel (who chucked the pachamamas into the Tiber). It should not be attempted, however, without a sincere recourse to the will of God in deep prayer. He prayed about this action first for a few days and didn’t do the job until the morning rosary was finished. (I hope and pray that I can be so bold and precise when my time of choosing comes.)

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  27. Reading Lynne’s post above about her dream, nudges me to go with what I was sensing in my prayer time this morning. Much of the time I’ve been “here” with Charlie and all of you, I have thought of a dream I had almost 30 yrs. ago, and that I should share it. There was a period of having dreams that I absolutely knew were from the Lord, and to this day they remain vivid, unlike other dreams that one forgets. There were dreams that have materialized for me and others, and some that have not come to pass. I’ll go out on a limb and share what might be a dream for these times.

    It was a brief scene, as I came upon a small room that had the door closed. i opened the door and it was totally dark inside. My hand found a light switch on the wall, so I turned on the light. What I saw horrified me – hundreds, if not thousands, of those horrific bugs (I hate to even name them, roaches) completely covering the walls. There was a shelf up high that I could just reach, and it had a white paper bag on it. I opened the bag and saw a scorpion. Then I woke up! I’ve never told anyone about this except for one, best friend. I believed that the white bag all by itself on a shelf was some future pope. I have NO idea if it’s a false pope, or there’s some other explanation, but I was sure that it represented some pope. Just writing this down causes my heart to beat so hard. For your discernment, as Michael Brown says.
    God bless us all!

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    1. I still think Pope Francis is good but stuck between a rock (hahaha) and hard place (liberals) I have seen his pics on fb and lately he looks very unhealthy. ..swollen, tired, maybe even scared. Let us pray all the harder for him. What troubleshooting he must be undergoing…scary

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  28. Thank you for your honesty, and speaking truth in these times, Charlie! Thank you for everyone here praying, commenting, reading everyone’s posts. Deeply appreciate you all. Still struggling to have my computer let me “like” comments. Yes, these are times when we need to pray for courage and the grace to do God’s will no matter where that takes us! Please pray for our local diocese and one of the Catholic schools there. There is a very young boy who is starting to come to school in girl’s clothing. Please pray for the teacher, the principal, and the priest to speak God’s truth into the situation, as well as for the mother and her son. And please pray for our Bishop to be there to back up the school in doing what is right if there is an agenda behind this, and if the LGBTQ movement decides to make things very difficult for all involved.

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  29. On my response to the John 21:15 “Do you love me more than these”, my answer is an unqualified “Yes”! I have tried as hard as I could to give the Holy Father the benefit of the doubt in the Vatican Garden ceremony that kicked off the synod. I heard explanations about he might have been uncomfortable with the heat, etc. But his reaction, words and sentiments since then leave little doubt in my mind that he was aware. Hence my yes to the question above. Since, as Catholics, we have the five precepts (Mass attendance, confession, etc), is it assumed that if things get really ugly that we may have to travel some distance to find a faithful church? How will we know? Thoughts?

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    1. A reply to this question resides in another post concerning the Marian Movement of Priests. Please read the letter. Stick with the Pope and pray for him and all our Priests. I viewed EWTN’s Fr. Clifford series “the Mass” and it is a wonderful testament to our life’s journey.

      The Mass is the source and summitt of our Catholic Faith. Each Priest holds the authority to reconcile us with God, offer our prayers, works, deeds in the Holy Sacrifice and merge our life’s work eternally into Jesus gift to the Father.

      Understand this, no matter how devout a Catholic Priest may or may not be, the sacrafice of the Mass is the same. I have been praying for Peace to reign within our hearts me.

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      1. Hi Sean– you say we should stick to the Pope. I feel like the Pope has not stuck to us. It seems he has left Catholics who strive to be aligned with authentic Church teachings. I asked one of my spiritual advisors, an incredibly holy canon lawyer priest, if he felt there was a worse Pope in history in terms of straying from the magisterium. He said no– there were some horrifically flawed popes in the past– but none who spoke and wrote and acted contrary to church teaching like Francis.

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  30. Not sure what to make of it but Scalfari has just released further statements that have Pope Francis denying the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ. Who knew that we would be living in an age where the question “Is the pope Catholic?” would no longer be rhetorical.

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    1. I hear ya, Matthew. Just the other day, my daughter asked me a question. I started to respond, “Is the Pope Catholic?” But I stopped myself before I finished the word “Catholic.”

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    1. Yes..ditto..and if Pope Francis is not good, God will remove him. “The gates of hell will never destroy the church of Christ🤗”


  31. I just completed my first ever Novena. Not sure why I avoid jumping into novenas….guess I’m afraid of commitment. I started on All Hallows’ Eve and finished yesterday (and today begins my 33-days to December 12, my consecration day first made in 2009). I do whole-heartedly recommend this book to those who were raised by an abusive or troubled mother and who may still suffer the ill-effects from it:

    “FORGIVING MOTHER: A Marian Novena of Healing and Peace” by Marge Steinhage Fenelon.

    I now have two prayers I say, one to Jesus and one to Mary: To Our Blessed Lord I say,
    “Jesus, I trust in you.”

    And to Mary, I say,
    ❤️ “Mother, I entrust myself to you.” ❤️

    “In dangers, in doubts, in difficulties, think of Mary, call upon Mary.
    Let not her name depart from your lips, never suffer it to leave your heart.
    And that you may obtain the assistance of her prayer, neglect not to walk in her footsteps.
    With her for guide, you shall never go astray;
    while invoking her, you shall never lose heart;
    so long as she is in your mind, you are safe from deception;
    while she holds your hand, you cannot fall;
    under her protection you have nothing to fear;
    if she walks before you, you shall not grow weary;
    if she shows you favor, you shall reach the goal.”
    —St. Bernard of Clairvaux

    Thank you, Jesus.

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    1. With all due respect, wonder if St. Bernard would say the above if he was alive now. Pope Francis seems to have a sincere devotion to the BVM, (inc. Undoer of Knots), and is adding the feast of Our Lady of Loreto to the church calendar Dec. 10. Maybe my simple mind is taking it too literally: ‘you are safe from deception’, etc…..any thoughts anyone.

      In the meantime,
      An interesting excerpt from TIME magazine. 12-23-1940:

      Albert Einstein, “Being a lover of freedom, when the revolution came in Germany, I looked to the universities to defend it,knowing that they had always boasted of their devotion to the cause of truth; but, no, the universities immediately were silenced. Then I looked to the great editors of the newspapers whose flaming editorials in days gone by had proclaimed their love of freedom; but they, like the universities were silenced in a few short weeks…

      Only the Church stood squarely across the path of Hitler’s campaign for suppressing truth. I never had any special interest in the Church before, but now I feel a great affection and admiration because the Church alone has had the courage and persistence to stand for intellectual truth and moral freedom. I am forced thus to confess that what I once despised I now praise unreservedly.”


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  32. Hey, everybody, I just posted this over in the Prayer Request section; but I’m also including it here for wider exposure. I am attaching a portion of an e-mail that I received from Texas Right to Life this evening. Please pray for this baby girl and her mother; and please contact the person listed. It is truly a matter of life and death for this little girl. Thanks:

    “Baby Tinslee Lewis is scheduled to die SUNDAY as Cook Children’s Fort Worth will pull the plug on the 9-month-old against her mother’s will.

    Contact Cook Children’s now, ask to speak to Stan Davis, then tell him to save Tinslee! 682-885-4000 or stan.davis@cookchildrens.org

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    1. regarding the “we are not stupid, this is an idol” link….

      That is a marker. Christians are now awake and alive to Christ who is our authority. They are true to Christ.

      This is wonderful news.

      God bless.

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  33. It does not take a genius to see that Francis violated the first commandment, the greatest commandment. It is pain and simple. This is truly THE defining moment of his papal term.. A horrific moment. In his attempt to be inclusive, as all the Left is prone to do, he showed us who he really is. He has offended God and he has offended all who honor and love Him. He is much more a politician than a leader of a Christian faith. Now there is absolutely no doubt.

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  34. Les jeux sont faits

    The hoax impeachment “process” moves into pubic spectacle this week.

    To tell you the truth my view is that most average Americans are completely tuned out of this impeachment thing. If they think anything at all about it they view it as a farce and a political gimmick.

    A waste of time and energy with the outcome already known. Boys being boys. Cafeteria food fight.
    Juvenile and an appalling dereliction to the duty of attending to the country’s real business.

    Fait accompli

    A political process. A coup d’etat by other means. Designed merely to distract from real corruption. Smoke, mirrors and look at the bear! Purely a smear job to dirty up President Trump. To sew doubts in voters minds. To Distract from the Democrats complicity with the Deep State and the media to illegally remove a duly elected President the public be damned. With no real hope of actually succeeding and that is the problem with this thing:

    “But this is not all that is needed to remove a sitting President. They would then need 2/3 majority of the Senate’s 100 members to vote to for the President to be removed from office. That means a total of 67 Senators would need to vote to convict and remove the President.

    There are 45 Democrat Senators and 53 Republican Senators, plus two Independents who typically vote Democrat. So to reach the 67 total needed to remove Trump, they would need at least 20 Republicans to join with Democrats in voting to remove Trump (plus the two Independents)”

    It’s not gonna happen. This process does not have a prayer of getting more than 2 or 3 RINO Never Trumper Hate Trump Burn Down The Party senators.

    Such a vote would be the literal end of the Republican Party. The stampede out would put an end to the game.

    The political effect? Can we see beyond the futile and hopeless torture of the American public with this thing to its aftermath and consequences on those who perpetrated this ridiculous circus? Qui bono?

    Step 1. Party line impeachment with a few oddball RINOs voting aye in the House.

    Step 2. Party line vote to not convict in the Senate with a few oddball RINOs voting aye. See
    Mitt Romney and maybe that lady from Maine.

    Step 3. Growing anger of the electorate at having been put through this nonsense. Timing. The
    timing will be critical.

    Election Day consequences? The whole thing will be over by the end of Spring. Long before Election Day. Will it all be in the rear view mirror of the American Electorate busy getting the kids to the soccer game? Will the Democrats successfully play the “Revenge and payback for the Impeachment failure” card as Trump unleashes Barr and the IG and the prosecutors on Deep State criminality?

    Or, Is all this a prelude to the violence anticipated by Charlie and others as a last gasp tactic of the Left to secure power? A hot Summer and a hotter Fall? The post-electoral America where power is obtained not at the ballot box but in the streets by means of riot and intrigue?

    We are walking along the precipice at this very moment.

    Faits vos jeux! Faits vos jeux! Madames et Messieurs! Faits vos jeux!

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    1. Ed;
      The word “coup” moved to a new level of meaning last week when members of the resistance showed up to remove President Trump wearing military uniforms (To wit: Alexander Vindman). If the whole Durham/Horowitz thing ends with the issuance of a few written warnings and Double Secret Probations, it’s over and the republic is toast. If, however, people are actually prosecuted and imprisoned, there’s hope.

      Great post btw. If I ‘like’ a post I show up as a weirdo login name so consider this my +1

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  35. Thank you to all veterans this weekend . Here is an awesome tribute to one such veteran that I just happened to come across . If it is ok to share it , thank you

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  36. Beckita, I really enjoyed your Nov.10 2:46pm information for us!

    Henry Kissinger has been close to so many leaders and has so much knowledge; I am glad President Trump has spoken with him.

    Some have said Pope Francis wrote his decision on the Synod even before it was held since it was partially written by a leftist friend who left the priesthood; the Pope had given him the reassurance to present it as Pope Benedict had kept him quiet because of his leftist views; how long will we have to wait for the Pope’s response? It is like the Pope wants to change way too much of what GOOD the prior Popes have written.

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    1. Was the 3rd Secret of Fatima correctly interpreted? God may have a special surprise for a mischievous Pope along
      the line of Fatima’s 3rd secret, only time will tell, but I’m sure something dramatic will happen to end his rule.


  37. I finished sending angels to Texas Governor last week. This week I am sending angels to the new Seattle Archbishop Paul Etienne. He is already showing good signs by refusing to live in the 9,000 square foot mansion and he has already directed that my parish shall install kneelers where now we only have linked chairs on carpeted floors so we can more easily kneel during the Consecration. I have always knelt since the building of our church at our new parish some 26 years ago. Our first pastor had even given a homily early on that in modern times, we stand to honor and kneeling was not required. Even at that mass, I knelt. I told him later that If he would not allow me to kneel, I would have to leave the parish. He replied he hadn’t said I couldn’t kneel to which I replied that I just wanted him to know where I stand. My wife and I always kneel along with a very few others. My prayers have been answered. I’m still praying for perpetual adoration to happen. About 23 years ago, our parish started an Eucharistic adoration program that had daily hourly volunteers from 5 AM until 8 PM, who volunteered for one day a week. I volunteered for the 5 AM hour but right away started going every day of the week. I had been accustomed to getting up every day at 4 AM every day before retiring from my job a couple years before so that was not a problem The program slowly diminished over the year and only a few kept up their one day a week commitment. The parish still carried a goal of Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration for several years but eventually dropped it. Being a creature of habit, I have persisted these many years. When I first got married 15 years ago, I just quietly got up at 4 AM and let my wife sleep and went to adoration. After a few days, my wife asked me if she could go with me (Thank you Lord.) I did give her a concession though that we sleep in until 4:30. I still end Adoration with a private prayer for Perpetual Adoration.
    May God bless and guide all here. jas

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  38. To Hell with the expression LGBTQ…

    It is called HOMOSEXUALITY. Yes, I include in this lot heterosexual men who dress as women so they can win Olympic events and enter women’s johns. No point splitting hairs.

    I was first exposed to this transsexual BS first in Tucson in 2000. It was a masculine-appearing female, short hair, no make-up, and dressed like a dude. She wore a sports bra to flatten her chest. She admitted being sexually attracted to women. But I was corrected by her and her friends that she was not a “lesbian” (a homosexual female). She was a transsexual man, basically a man because she believed she was supposed to be a man, that she really was a man.

    Using a modern acronym, the thought WTF popped in my head. I also immediately thought that all of those people standing around me trying to explain this were complete idiots. But I nodded politely and said, “Huh. Hmm.”

    No, sweetheart, you are not a man and you were not supposed to be a man. You are a woman. And I can prove this scientifically if need be.

    As a healthcare provider, I do not intend to play the pretend game that a man standing in front of me is a woman because he is wearing makeup and a skirt and has gynecomastia because of taking birth control pills. Sure, I won’t be rude (per Jordan Peterson) and if he wants me to call him Susan, fine: You are Susan. Nice to meet you. But the rest of us are doing a cruel disservice to these mentally-ill and demon-influenced individuals by acknowledging a preposterous delusion.

    Please, call a spade a spade.
    Stop using that acronym LGBTQZYWX. It’s called homosexuality.

    And just a personal opinion, homosexuals are some of the saddest and angriest people I’ve met. As a musician, I’ve met MANY. Just learned my neighbor and his friend are “partners.” Fine…they are very discrete and one of them only just yesterday gave that hint after 2 years here. I was hoping my suspicions were wrong, but that’s ok. Also, in the Air Force Base, homosexual female couples were everywhere. 2-3 times a week it seemed I had 2 women in the examination room, or one would make reference to her wife. I can’t believe that our military actually acknowledges homosexual unions and partners receive full compensation and benefits as married couples!! What a sham. Of course, I was gracious, but inside I was revolted.

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    1. I hear you Patrick, and I often feel the same way. Here in CA this issue is hammered like a civil rights campaign without a hint of opposition. No one dare say a word about the abnormalcy of it. Over the years, I have tried to understand the drastic rise in this phenomenon; I have begged the Lord for answers and for Him to please give us solutions to this scourge on humanity. Slowly, I have been given some insights. Perhaps these can be of help to all of us who deal with these afflicted people, who are in much need of compassion, probably therapy (though this is forbidden here in the land of fruit and nuts) and yes, love, but real love, the revelation of AGAPE.

      1) In my studies of reproductive physiology, rabbits have been induced to homosexual behavior when exposed to phthalates (namely, plastic softeners) during gestation. (These act like disruptors of the endocrine system and affect the way the brain is “wired” so to speak. The brain, through genetic disposition must develop as male or female and this pathway can be interrupted with these kinds of disruptors. Also, studies demonstrate that homosexual men do not respond the same hormonally (luteinizing hormone release) when compared to heterosexual men, indicating a feminization of their brain. The science community apparently admits there is no “gay” gene and I don’t believe they will find it as I don’t believe God would have engineered that into the DNA, and yes, there can be other mutations that would affect the normalcy of the biological system, for example predisposition to alcoholism or congenital defects, so I am not privy to the extent of that biological revelation.) It could be, however, that there are environmental contaminants that are, in part, causing this in utero and would be the case in sexes that don’t have those typical characteristics. Can we focus research to find the root causes of this and prevent it? Not as long as this cloud of toxic homosexual oppression exists in society. Even to mention the idea would get you ostracized from the community.

      2) I think some people act on these curiosities in the basest way, as a form of experimentation and convince themselves this is their lot in life. You see this in the case of many families that have no sense of morality, no direction and no consequences. In some cases, and in some cultures, there is a pathway that leads here when all other sexual avenues have been traveled and it can be similar to seeking this as a means of another high, as with drug abuse. Many times young people are doing it for attention or to escape some reality, either benign or threatening. If they can be convinced of the gravity of their actions, perhaps they can be disuaded or argued out of it but that can be tough since they often have no moral navigation skills nor logical operating basis. Can we have a discussion with these people that will bear fruit? Not as long as this cloud of toxic homosexual oppression exists in society. Even to mention the idea would get you ostracized from the community.

      3) As you say, these people are sad and angry (interesting that women who have had abortions also suffer these dispositions), and often that stems from some root cause, which can be a source of pain. I once read somewhere that homosexual men’s desire is at the root a desire simply to have a man figure that shows them attention that isn’t sexual at all (the attention they missed perhaps in childhood). With the incidence of absentee fathers it is no wonder. I was recently most enlightened by this idea through a caller on the Patrick Madrid show who lovingly discussed that if you just take the time to get to know them and find out what may have happened in their past that they’re still hurting from or need healing for, the origin becomes clear. So many times it is a case of sexual abuse, pornographic exposure peri-pubertally or a damaged relationship with a parent, even divorce that leads them down this false path, which in their mind somehow medicates them (like drugs are taken to numb the mental pain) but maintains the unhealthy and self-destructive mindset. This is why it is such a spiritual poverty–that therapy is being denied these people and is completely out of the question in an attempt for society to totally normalize this behavior. They may be very damaged, hurting and in need of healing that perhaps can be addressed on a psychological level but only completely by the Divine Physician. Can we implement programs that can include gender dysphoria as well as abuse and parental issues? Not as long as this cloud of toxic homosexual oppression exists in society. Even to mention the idea would get you ostracized from the community. But in our own subtle way, we can listen to these people and find out the origin of their sadness and anger and perhaps find a window to open to the Way, the Truth and the Life.
      I would soon just shut the door on this issue and avoid the exposure all together but that is after all, what has been done to lepers, beggers and the like for eons.
      Perhaps these are a kind of Lazarus, suffering from a leprosy, some willingly and others not. We can all be deprived somehow, whether it be from food or the light of Christ. Society is doing its best to keep us in the dark….Even in the darkest night, there are the brightest stars.

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      1. What a post, CJ. I totally agree with you. I don’t have time to get to a lot of stuff you brought up because I’m studying sun-up to past sun-down. I want to talk about all the estrogens in the drinking water to due nearly every woman taking OCP’s — they get flushed by each woman several times a day and don’t get filtered out by wastewater treatment plants, ultimately finding their way into the fresh water supply. (Entire frog and fish species are turned into females in small ecosystems exposed to estrogen- and progestin-rich water). How girls the past few decades seem to be reaching puberty sooner. How marijuana has both mind-altering and estrogen-like effects — gynecomastia is a side effect of heavy pot use. As is adipose tissue, and we have a serious obesity problem that I believe is far worse than the CDC estimates. Boys and men who need bras, wonder why their suffering from hypogonadism. Then on the psych side, we are indeed encouraged to experiment sexually. How language manipulation is influencing how we think – CIS, trans, genetic….blah, blah, blah. Relentless over-sexualized images everywhere, unfiltered, uncensored, unchecked….being broadcast (broadly cast) into the minds of adolescent boys and girls, now adults. Also I feel too that many homosexuals have a history of abuse.

        You nailed it. Lots to talk about. Sigh, but Can’t change the sea we are swimming in. Can only trust in God.

        Gotta run.
        Great post!!

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        1. Not to mention the affect that birth control pills may be having on mate selection and “maleness” from the female influence. Studies have shown that women on birth control pills have different preference for mens’ smells involved in opposite sexual attractions which are associated with lack of MHC compatibility (perhaps increasing subfertility?) and perhaps adding to couples separations owing to lack of attraction if the woman was not on birth control at the time of their initial relationship’s start. Secondly, a study with monkeys looked at how males testosterone and libido dropped after being exposed to females on essentially birth control hormones. Seriously, who in their right mind would consider exogenous hormone therapy (some with levels labeled as carcinogenic by the WHO) would be a good idea for humankind? Breast cancer and subfertility seem to be well represented in the population right now although most studies don’t implicate birth control pills (go figure). And then people are up in arms about hormone implants in steers at the same time the majority of its female population is ingesting daily hormones and flushing the metabolites into the planet’s water systems. But who is voicing this concern? All they apparently care about is CO2 and methane.

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          1. Wow wow wow! I know MHC from studying immunology, but wouldn’t have connected it with mating preference. Wow.

            Yeah, why would anyone give a perfectly healthy woman high-doses of exogenous estrogen and progestin? That ain’t health care, and that certainly is not women’s or reproductive health. I refuse to play that foolish game….(Let me rephrase that: Why would a perfectly healthy woman consciously take these drugs?) As we touched on here, the repercussion are far reaching: risks to the woman, risks to a conceived human (either birth defects or failed implantation/abortion), now apparently effects on the men, effects on the environment, effects on the culture….

            CJ, will you lay down a couple links or just titles of the research you have related to the topics you “touched on” in this thread? Everything you are presenting is striking a chord with me. When I have time, I’ve got some reading to do on these subjects. I have done some digging on the possible correlations between both contraceptives and abortion on women’s health, but always welcome more supporting evidence to educate patients and other providers….it’s a possible opportunity to evangelize.

            And, yeah, go figure, most of these types of studies never see the light of day….


  39. Received this from Texas Right to Life:

    “Thank you for asking Cook Children’s hospital to save Baby Tinslee Lewis!

    A court temporarily granted more time for Tinslee before her hospital could legally pull the plug on the 9-month-old against her mother’s will. Lawyers provided by Texas Right to Life filed a temporary restraining order on Sunday, which will allow our patient advocacy team to work with the hospital and family until a court hearing on November 22. Tinslee’s mother, Trinity, is grateful for this reprieve, but the countdown under the Texas 10-Day Rule still forces everyday Texans like the Lewis family to race against the clock to save their loved ones.

    Now, Pro-Life Texans must call on Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas Legislature to convene a special session to end the deadly 10-Day Rule.”

    I have been praying for intercession using the phrase “Texas and every soul within it” in various prayers, chaplets, etc.
    This great state seems to be a flashpoint for the satan’s attack on the sacredness of life:
    May they be strengthened in this battle and become an example for the rest of our country.

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