Lurching Towards Gomorrah

nierman, volcanic fury
Volcanic Fury – Leonardo Nierman

By Charlie Johnston

Monday, Sept. 23, marked the second anniversary of what I consider the most important sign in the skies of my lifetime: The Revelation 12 sign. Earlier that year, a total solar eclipse moved diagonally across North America from the northwest to the southeast. It caught my attention both because of the unusual sweeping nature of it (going across America like the first bar of a giant “X”) and because it occurred on August 21, 2017, the fifth anniversary of the date I had concluded my pilgrimage across the country. The second bar of the “X” will come in just a few years, on April 8, 2024, sweeping from southwest Texas to northeastern Maine. The center of the X formed by these two eclipse paths separated by seven years will be near Belleville, Illinois, where I lived when revelations of the sexual abuse scandals in the Church first broke out in 2001.

I have always regarded great, visible heavenly signs less as road maps showing us what God is going to do and more as road signs, signaling us to watch for the divine hand in seemingly ordinary events. I regarded the eclipse as something of a prelude to the Revelation 12 sign to come a month later.

Within a couple of weeks after the appearance of the Revelation 12 sign in 2017, the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke, opening a floodgate of revelations of sexual misconduct and abuse by the false moralists in Hollywood, the media and (largely) left-wing politics. Last year, in the month and a half both before and after the anniversary of the appearance of the sign, Archbishop Vigano revealed his damning allegations of the enabling of sexual abuse at the very highest levels of the Church hierarchy; the attempted coup through the Russian collusion hoax was in full melt-down; and the hysterical left had weaponized fallout from the verified accusations of sexual abuse by its heroes to target Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a veritable boy scout, with demonstrably false smears of the same nature.

This year, we are on the cusp of seeing whether any of the Russian collusion coup plotters will be held to official account for their treasonous crimes, while Democrats (in an impeachment frenzy) are frantically trying to sentence Donald Trump first and find a crime later. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood and the Culture of Death are shuddering, rocked by revelations of the hideous and plain infanticide common to their standard operating procedures.

Most ominously, perhaps, the Catholic Church may be hurtling towards the third major schism in its history with the run-up to the Amazon Synod scheduled for late October at the Vatican. The invited Bishops are heavily stocked with those who wage increasingly open warfare against defined doctrine (defined doctrine includes Scripture and the Universal Magisterium – that which is formally infallible). The Amazon Synod seems primed to replace ancient Christian faith with a formal resurgence of pagan tribalism. Some Bishops leading the charge against defined doctrine seem to visualize themselves as all-powerful witch doctors in the new paganism they seek to impose on the faithful.

Pope Francis says that, while he does not want it, he is not afraid of schism in the Church. Archbishop Carlo Vigano, along with some other key thinkers, believe that, in fact, Pope Francis is trying to provoke a schism. I agree with them. I suspect the Amazon Synod is designed to be the catalyst for that schism – and now the battle is an effort to declare those who are orthodox to be the aggressors.

That means we must walk very carefully, being very deliberate in all we do as this perilous October reveals the contours of a great battle inside the hierarchy. A few things to keep in mind so we do not degenerate into shrieking harpies, more desperate that our own ideas prevail than that God’s will be accomplished:

  • Do not confuse doctrine with discipline. For example, however firmly you may believe that unmarried Priests are the right thing, that is a matter of discipline, not doctrine. The Pope has the right to declare that Priests may marry. If you call him a heretic because of such an exercise of his legitimate authority, you reveal your own ignorance and discredit your own public discernment. Take pains to know what you are talking about before speaking – especially at top volume.
  • Wait to see what happens. This could be a head fake. Cunning politicians sometimes signal that they are about to do something they have no intention of doing in order that they may lure their opponents into jumping into disqualifying and erroneous histrionics. React to what happens, not what you think is going to happen (though you may safely analyze the options that are coming into view).
  • Do not allow your despair to lead you into setting up shop for yourself. Some, such as sedevacantists, have already done this. They are not faithful; merely an exotic and dishonest variety of Protestant. Remember, Martin Luther began as a genuine reformer. It was vanity that led him to set up shop for himself rather than to give thanks and come home when the legitimate reforms he championed were adopted.
  • Do not be deceived by sophistry on any side. Some defenders of the Pope maintain that he is accountable to none but God for his sins, so the Church has no jurisdiction over him. To the contrary, according to the Decretum of Gratian, Canon 6, that the Pope can be judged by no one, except for straying from the faith. (The Decretum was the basis for canon law). This was confirmed by Pope Innocent III, who said that, “God was his (the Pope’s) sole judge for other sins, and that he could be judged by the Church only for sins committed against the faith.” The Pope is liable to judgment by the Bishops for external heresy. Their only remedy is to declare him no longer Catholic or Pope. The equal and opposite error is to assert that the Pope automatically ceases to be Pope upon public promotion of a heresy. If that were the case, there would be no hierarchical structure and each man would judge for himself. It is Jesus Christ who set up the hierarchical structure – and if we overthrow it, we disobey Christ. Though it has not yet been used against a Pope while he lived (Pope Honorius was only posthumously declared a heretic) the Bishops must formally adjure the Pope to reject any heresies he has embraced – and most think it must be done more than once. My fundamental point here is, do not leap ahead of yourself in grasping at means to disqualify a Pope who dismays you. Take the time to learn something about Church law and tradition before jumping – and then take time to examine those that undermine the position you are emotionally drawn to. Any other method makes you a rank partisan, not an analyst. Take the next right step with deep deliberation – fear and trembling, you might say.
  • Remember that Christ, Himself, set up the hierarchy and gave it governing authority over His Church and the faithful in matters of faith and morals. If crisis is provoked, if we are to enter into a battle between Church and anti-Church, I will carefully watch those Bishops who are orthodox – and largely follow their lead. Whatever opinions I may express I will hold subordinate to the leads of such men as Cdls. Burke, Mueller, Sarah and Brandmuller; Bishops Schneider and Gracida; my own Archbishop Aquila and others who are publicly faithful to Scripture and the Magisterium.
  • Remember that no person, cleric or lay, can prevent you from living the faith with fidelity – and that the infidelity of even the most powerful cleric does not relieve you of your duty to live fidelity to Christ, His Gospel, and His Church’s Magisterium.
Benedict Saturno
One of those rigid fellows in the “Saturn” hats that so offend Pope Francis

Consider the ecosystem of the Church and the hierarchy as we go barreling into the Amazon Synod this Sunday.

  1. 1. German Bishops are going off into their own synod, openly considering matters that are contrary to faith and morals. Though they have been warned by the Vatican against this, they are going ahead anyway. The Vatican has taken no action to enforce its warning. Sadly, this is typical of corrupt officials – to warn offenders against provocative illegal acts while giving them a wink and a nod to go ahead without fear of any real consequences. I am deeply pleased to see that my own Archbishop, Samuel Aquila, called the German Bishops to task for their provocation. I was most pleased with a brilliantly subtle, but lesser noted comment he made in the same remarks: “One only need look at the history of those Protestant communities that are constantly splitting from each other over doctrine to see the impact of replacing the faith with societally acceptable beliefs.” The central assumption underlying this statement is that adherence to Magisterial teaching, by definition, cannot be schismatic. Only attacks on defined doctrine can be properly defined as schismatic.
  2. A month ago, Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, called for a redefinition of life, itself. He said that the Pope, “warns us that it is risky to look at human life in a way that detaches it from experience and reduces it to biology or to an abstract universal, separated from relationships and history. Rather, the term ‘life’ must be redefined, moving from an abstract conception to a ‘personal’ dimension: life is people, men and women, both in the individuality of each person and in the unity of the human family.” In short, Paglia and the Pope think we must move away from objective standards defining life and substitute subjective feelings. Not only could this phrase be used to ‘baptize’ abortion on demand, it could have been used to justify the mass child sacrifice of the Incas and of Molech.
  3. The Vatican just over-ruled Indianapolis Archbishop Charles C. Thompson’s decision to revoke Catholic recognition of Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School over its refusal to fire a teacher in a same-sex ‘marriage.’ These sorts of reversals of an effort to enforce the orthodox law of the Church have been common under Pope Francis. The most famous case was the lifting of restrictions placed by Pope Benedict on then Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, a credibly accused serial sexual predator shortly after Pope Francis took office. Restrictions placed on another prominent heterodox Cardinal Archbishop by his successor were removed by the Vatican after Francis was seated. Many times, when something your Bishop did to uphold the faith is reversed, it is by the often silent, but brutal, hand of the Vatican.
  4. Pope Francis does not just disagree with those orthodox faithful who think Scripture and the Magisterium are binding; he drips with venomous contempt for them. Just over a week ago he denounced the rigidity of young Priests, “all stiff in black cassocks and hats in the shape of the planet Saturn on their heads.” He has little mercy for those who believe Christ’s commands are true and binding.

I have long been convinced that the primary means God is using to bring us back to Him is to reveal all things and then make us declare openly who we will serve. I think we will

John Paul Saturno
Another “rigid” fellow in a “Saturn” hat

erupt into schism because it is the one thing that will force all Bishops to declare themselves. That is what I believe God intends.

I have said that great historical moments are not decided by technicalities. That is true, but there is a codicil. Sometimes a technicality is trotted out as the fig leaf covering a larger issue that is inconvenient to discuss overtly. In the split between the Catholic Church and the Orthodox at the beginning of the second millennium, deep political disputes had come to a head. Rather than acknowledge that this was a political dispute, the fig leaf of the “filioque” controversy was adopted to give theological weight to the political split. Basically, Catholics believe the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son. Orthodox believe the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father or, at best, from the Father through the Son. It is more than a technicality – but not by much.

Bishop Rene Gracida has taken the leading role in trying to get the Bishops of the world to declare Pope Francis’ election invalid because of technical deficiencies in Pope Emeritus Benedict’s resignation. I link to his latest piece on the subject here. If we lurch into schism, I expect his efforts to get a lot more attention. I admire Bishop Gracida and have been blessed to count him among my friends. I appreciate that he has kept narrowly focused and precise in his efforts (unlike many of his enthusiasts). He does not just throw anything anti-Francis against the wall and hope it will stick. While I respect the discipline of his effort, I still disagree on the substance. I fear if it were successful, it would expose every Pope who follows Francis to an unending search for technical deficiencies by which they could be suddenly deposed. I don’t like the instability I am convinced it would introduce into the Church. Beyond that, I just don’t like fig leafs. I like to get to the heart, the central issue, otherwise I feel a bit cheated. Does anyone think that this issue would have even come up had Pope Francis been a faithfully orthodox Pope who was notable for his defense of Scripture and the Magisterium? I don’t.

If we get to crisis. I think the more telling effort will be that led by Fr. Aidan Nichols charging Pope Francis with heresy. Fr. Nichols is one of the most heavy-weight theologians in the Church today. The fact is that Pope Francis has not, himself, openly expressed heretical views. The closest he came was when Bishops in Buenos Aires adopted an heretical interpretation of Amoris Laetitia and the Pope told them, in a private letter, that their interpretation was correct. Fr. Nichols and his fellow signatories maintain that it is not just words that determine heretical beliefs, but actions as well. They document his promotion of heresy through his appointments and promotions of Bishops and Priests who are openly opposed to the Magisterium. The letter makes a compelling case. I encourage you to read it fully and deeply. Some orthodox high authorities have disagreed with some or much of it. Well-known Catholic apologist Jimmy Akin wrote a piece completely dismissing it. I normally respect Akin’s work, but I was startled at how superficial his arguments were, how he deployed straw men to avoid the heart of the signatories’ efforts, and was downright offended at how dismissive he was of the qualifications of the signatories. I respect Akin’s work, but on matters of theology, he is not in the same league (or anywhere near it) of Fr. Aidan Nichols. Heaven knows I have disagreed with people who are more knowledgeable than me in certain areas, but when I do, I take great pains to make a clear and precise argument. Above all, I do not condescend to such thinkers.

I suspect that, in the aftermath of the Amazon Synod, November will begin a period of prolonged and intense controversy in the Church. I would like us here to stay focused on broad principles that we hold. I know there will be much commentary – and that is how we reason things out together. But if you pretend to a mastery of subjects that you do not have, you will be called up short or your comment not published. I am very interested in the broad outlook of both mechanics and heart surgeons. We all have something to contribute. But if a mechanic starts authoritatively opining on how my heart surgery should be performed, I will cut him off. If a heart surgeon starts authoritatively opining on how my car’s engine should be rebuilt, I will cut him off, too. Express honestly your concerns and opinions without pretending to expertise you don’t have, and we will be fine.

I am deeply concerned about those who think the Church is in danger of foundering. To me, it betrays a failure of faith. We have dead serious problems and issues headed our way – and that is scary. Remember Pope Emeritus Benedict’s conviction, “…that the Lord does not abandon His Church, even when the boat has taken on so much water as to be on the verge of capsizing.” When the unknown, the unprecedented, overtakes me, I do not panic that God has abandoned me. Rather, I think God has challenged me to prove that I will stay steady, solid, and follow all His commands, rather than just pick among those that seem convenient to the controversy at hand. In fact, when God casts us out into the deep unknown, it forces us to rely on him all the more. If we do not, we will sink regardless of how clever we think ourselves to be. The Church will not capsize. Jesus is asking you, as He did Peter, “Do you love me?” As St. Peter writes in his first Epistle, “Do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal which comes upon you to prove you, as though something strange were happening to you.”

In the early Church, many of the controversies that roiled the Church for a time were unprecedented. Now we will likely live such a division. We are not the first. Remember, also, that each such pitched controversy ended in a genuine refinement of doctrine. (Again noting that doctrine can and should be refined, but can never be contradicted).

The image of Our Lady of Tepeyac (or Guadalupe) on the tilma of St. Juan Diego is a miraculous image representing the “woman cloaked with the sun” from Revelation 12. After she appeared to St. Juan in 1531, incredible and miraculous consequences followed. St. Juan DiegoWithin a decade, over 10 million Mexicans converted to Christianity – and the murderous cult of Quetzalcoatl, which featured human and child sacrifice, was ended. They did not go without a fight – but they went. The religious, cultural and political life of Mexico was almost completely transformed and renewed in the space of a mere decade. If this miraculous renewal of a portion of the world followed the appearance of the image on earth of the woman cloaked with the sun, how much greater the renewal following the appearance of her image in the heavens? Gird your loins, stay steady, and I encourage you to keep in mind one of my favorite prayers over these next few years: Lord, lead me in a plain path. Let me veer neither to the right out of fear or to the left out of anger. Lead me in a plain path.

Then war broke out in heaven…

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    1. It probably means little or nothing, MU.
      Probably just a revision of a Directive that has been around for years. ….. and Tin Foil Hats on the Internet got all worked-up. Nobody at the, mostly JarHeads, MILINET Site seem excited about it.
      A couple of weeks ago, we had a report that the Navy had a big exercise of it’s Reserve Sea Lift Fleet.
      I’m hoping it’s a SIGN that our Military is recovering from the Clinton/Bush/Obama neglect.


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      1. Many of us who are attentive to the posts of Q are not “Tin Foil Hats,” and the fact that the Public Message Boards that he/she utilized were taken down only seems to show that an active suppression of the truth is ocurring. As Charlie once told us that he couldn’t sleep after he heard what abotionists were doing to babies who survived abortion, I lost quite a bit of sleep when I heard of the crimes of Hillary against children, some taking place on Epstein Island. She is worse than a demon and I get chills whenever I hear her mocking laughter. Believe me, I take no joy in conveying this at all.

        The scuttlebutt I heard regarding the activiation of the USMC Reserves (and I take it as that, only water-cooler gossip) is that there have been active threats against our President and against his supporters because that is the only card left to the soul-less Democrats who wish to use violence to achieve the survival of their decrepit and corrupt hold on power.

        Nevertheless, I think this is an act of prudence, to have trained men and women at the ready in case another False-flag is attempted. It is not right for the innocent to suffer just to drag Democrat failures out of the spotlight and onto something else. The Clinton/Bush/Obama neglect that you mentioned is true enough but it was not simply “neglect.” It was a willful and obstinate act of subversion to leave our great nation unprotected and its great military off in other foreign lands fighting other endless wars.

        I am a follower of Jesus Christ and I’m all in for Him. When He allows human leaders the ability and power to cooperate in His plans, I pay attention especially when the Evil One has been unmasked we cannot turn away because it is unpleasant or shocking. The only way to know for sure if this is simply a rebuilding of military might or an actual response to active threats is through hindsight.

        I pray for all who have to make such decisions but I know – beyond a shadow of a doubt – that their cause is just. God wins. We are in stand-by mode until we are called up.

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  1. Padre Pio had a way of talking people off a ledge and slapping people out of sin. Asking his intercession for your husband, LouiseYvette and for Alberto and his family, Lilia. When we are in despair over someone or hope heaven for someone who seems not interested in getting there, there is a prayer of immense proportion—with all your heart, place them in the Sacred Heart of Jesus, through the invocation of His Mother for their safekeeping.

    I second Doug’s motion to refer to scripture for a guiding lamp. How poignant the daily readings have been! The first and second reading from today, Sunday 10/6/19 seem a ready admonition to us and especially the hierarchy in the Church to uphold the truths of the faith, most specifically now as this foreboding synod begins. Pray those in strategic positions can do battle where the Holy Spirit calls them and that we can remain steadfast in the aftermath.

    Perhaps many of us have had an illusion that God was going to deploy a heavenly army and make everything all right. Maybe we were going to see things turn around in a grand rescue of a runaway culture and boy, would some people be surprised! God was really going to show them! And there was going to be a great cheer among His people and reckoning for all those who were not. How I wish still for an Elijah vs. the priests of Baal moment, but for some time now, with all the whirling black clouds around us and no clear blue sky in sight, I have had this image in my mind of John Wayne wryly informing me, “Pilgrim, the cavalry ain’t comin’.” If you look through the Biblical stories, there rarely is a sudden salvage from disaster—at least it never looks quite that way, not without much distress and it generally takes a very long time even to realize it. Even the Israelites were freed from slavery, they were complaining when they saw the Egyptians bearing down upon them and they were complaining after the sea parted for them when they were suffering in the desert. The fact is we don’t know what’s good for us and sometimes that good is only at hand when fear threatens us and great discomforts afflict us.

    We are the cavalry, in the sense that we can’t depend on external forces to make everything “ok” again; the battle is the Lord’s but we still have to fight it out, being after all, the Church Militant. I believe it means fighting temptations to despair, to think God has abandoned us. It is times like this, when I look around and see all the evil, the ugliness of humanity, even in the heart of the very bride of Christ, I say, “Where are you Lord? You said You would be with us always; has the age already ended? Lord, you say the gates of hell won’t prevail against Your Church but it seems as though hell has released a wrecking ball in an inside job no less.” It may have been here or somewhere (a Medjugorje message?) that we were reminded to read Hosea. What a writing, so ridden with scandal but so blatant the love God for His people that He would seek them out even after their adulterous ways. “So I will allure her; I will lead her into the desert and speak to her heart.” Hos2:16. But she had to be stripped of her finery and all her comforts and be shown the misery of her choice. And it was her choice to abandon her true love. Just as it is the wayward culture, even the vast portion of Jesus’ bride who has forsaken Him, who do not even recognize Him in His most intimate gifts, the sacraments. Then I realize, it isn’t He who has left us orphans, but we who have run away from home and like the prodigal son, must wallow around in pig filth until we see the error of our ways. The Israelites wanted to be delivered out of the grip of Egypt, smoothly and safely, and whammo! into the land of milk and honey…”but what!? We have to go looking for it and not be able to eat a decent meal for 40 years!?” (And I sometimes wonder if that time would have been shortened if the people hadn’t complained so much, not to mention turn to other gods for their comforts and affections. Don’t get me wrong, I would be right at home along with the winers; and probably on board with the golden calf thing. We are a fickle people with a short memory.) The fact is, like in the book of Hosea, we’ve all played the harlot somehow, at least I have, and we all have to suffer something to get right with God. And then we have to be content to suffer more with Jesus to bring about good, like Mary and John did at the foot of the cross, even when others were decrying the failure, the loss, the despair.

    Most of His followers probably had grand illusions of Him leading a sweeping victory over the impostor Romans and restoring the glory of their former existence. It didn’t happen that way. Here He was nailed to a cross, bowing His head, saying, “It is finished.” And so it was accomplished. The Romans kept their oppressive reign, the temple even was destroyed. His followers were afraid to go outside even after the Resurrection. And not everyone saw Jesus alive again, not everyone converted and even those closest to Him, St. Thomas, doubted He lived, even after witnessing all Jesus did. And when they did go out, they were beaten, stoned or beheaded. The continuation of Christianity is a proof of its authenticity. There are so many parallels to our current situation. Like the Roman occupation, there is an oppressive secular force, that has its own gods. This brutal reality of the denial of God’s truth and goodness spreads over all of us, seemingly putting our Lord to death, even overtaking His closest followers, testing their faith and fidelity, turning some of them into deniers and traitors. It would seem as heaven has lost its power. And yet Jesus is saving us, like he saved Longinus. If we doubt the power of heaven, we need only to find those conversions. Those who remained with Him, did not fall away but received grace all the more. Just like John, Peter, all of the others and Judas–there are those who will remain with Him, those who will run away, those will come back around, and devastatingly, those who will refuse to recognize their Savior, in place of some other way to a pretended power. Let us pray that we have the fortitude to remain at the foot of the cross, looking up to Him, believing beyond unbelief, hoping against hope, finding love in wretchedness, that we not be confounded in our time of trial.

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    1. Amen. Joy. I continue to draw inspiration and strength from all Charlie has written to prepare us for this juncture in salvation history, so similar to the challenges in places and times which our ancestors in the faith have traveled. Too, it is a gift and mercy to be here with a community of people who have chosen to remain ALL IN for this adventure. Psalm 90 comes to mind.

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    2. Contemplativejoy that was simply amazing! !!! What you wrote here just oozed of the Holy Spirit. Oh my goodness you people here are so fabulously holy friends of God. I hope u don’t mind, I’m putting part of this on my fb page…too good not to share

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    3. A big, hearty “yes” to Holy Scripture.

      I do believe those things are happening (as you mention them in the opening of your third paragraph), though indeed, not to our way of reckoning. God can accomplish something momentous instantly without us, as well as over the span of generations with us. The key is to unburden ourselves of debilitating expectations. Detach.

      Jesus said, “I have not come to do my own will, but the will of Him who sent me.” And we do well to be right there with him, in the lowest place as servant. Where else would we want to be? Further, He goes on to frame it for us… that we are unworthy and unprofitable servants, just doing what we were asked to do. A put down? Oh, He wants us with Him, not among the high and mighty that by their words and actions ruffle so many feathers around here on a daily basis. Let them ruffle feathers, but don’t let them knock you off the work. Fact is, even those are accomplishing His will, whether their motivation is evil, or simply selfish and short sighted.

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  2. ;-(
    I read somewhere else that PF ditched his Prepared Remarks and opted for The Our Father instead. He had to know that the optics of this was terrible. The Vatican Insiders act more like Democrats every day. Say & Do as they please and if Ya object Ya will be demonized as/with … the Left’s Favorite Derogatory of the Day.

    Does anyone here NOT think that the Democrat Left is composed of elements that would gladly exterminate Christians if given the chance? It might be time to point out that Obama’s Terrorist (WX Underground) Pals Ayers & Dohrn were musing 50 years ago about having to exterminate 25 million people to further The Agenda. There fellow travelers have already more than doubled that number if one, rightly, considers Abortion as nothing less than genocide.


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  3. Hail Star of the Sea

    Hail, O Star of the ocean, God’s own Mother blest, ever sinless Virgin, gate of heav’nly rest.
    Taking that sweet Ave, which from Gabriel came, peace confirm within us, changing Eve’s name.
    Break the sinners’ fetters, make our blindness day, Chase all evils from us, for all blessings pray. 
    Show thyself a Mother, may the Word divine born for us thine Infant hear our prayers through thine.
    Virgin all excelling, mildest of the mild, free from guilt preserve us meek and undefiled. 
    Keep our life all spotless, make our way secure till we find in Jesus, joy for evermore. 
    Praise to God the Father, honor to the Son, in the Holy Spirit, be the glory one.

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  4. I was recently forwarded this link to explain what the Amazon Synod is really up to.

    The reading of it is not for the faint hearted. Here is a sample:

    “According to the Synod’s promoters, the Indians do not need the dogmatic definitions and established rituals of Christianity. Instead, they retain the living memory of a primitive Revelation inherent in nature and accessible through “communion with nature and with the various spiritual forces.” Moreover, the Indians are the ones supposed to teach the Church about the “good living” that should replace today’s industrial and consumerist civilization. They call this an “ecological conversion.”

    The Synod’s promoters are thus upending two thousand years of the pastoral work of the Church by abandoning the Magisterium of so many Popes who supported and blessed the evangelizing work in the Americas. They are also despising the work of numerous saints who spent their lives and sometimes even shed their blood to bring the Light of Christ to the most remote places. The radical promoters show no “mercy” to these workers of the harvest accusing them of “cultural imperialism.”

    Goes downhill from there.

    Seems that the Synodalists led by the Vatican are determined to bring about a church of feather waving, rattle swinging, hoodoo chanters howling at the sun and the moon and the wind and the rain ecumenism wherein all religions are about the same.

    They are apparently promoting a form of evangelism, a proposed model for the conversion of the indigenous people of the Amazon, that has not yet AFTER A HALF CENTURY OF TRYING produced a single, solitary baptism.

    But it will be jiggy with the ecology.

    That model is a mission station in the jungle called Catrimani. The mission serves the Yanonami people.

    As described in the link:

    “Fr. Corrado Dalmonego has been living in Catrimani for 11 years. Thus, he knows the Yanomami well. He sums up his attitude toward their religious beliefs as a culture that lives out “the experience of their own religiosity and spirituality.” Fr. Dalmonego believes that they can “even help the Church to cleanse herself perhaps from schemes, mental structures that may have become obsolete or inadequate.”

    Secondly, the Yanomami can help the Church to improve her structures and exercise of authority so that the Church should “pay attention to how indigenous peoples live their community experience, social relations and leadership structures. For us, Yanomamis are witnesses that enable us to appreciate this value of community life,” the missionary says.

    Finally, the Church is enriched “by research done on shamanism, mythologies, different knowledge, visions of the world, and visions of God.” This is because strong moments of dialogue help missionaries “discover the essence of our faith, often disguised by ornaments and cultural traditions.”

    One form of spiritual enrichment is the Yanomami’s ability to “tend to put things together,” that is, they can invoke the God of the whites without giving up their own beliefs. “They do not give up but simply appropriate something else. Why should you not do this also as a Church?” the Consolata missionary asks. “On the one hand, this can be branded as syncretism or relativism,” he concedes. However, he concludes that “We do not own the truth.”

    This new conception of the Church’s evangelizing action is thus reduced to a mere exercise in inter-religious dialogue. Fr. Corrado Dalmonego brags about an astonishing fact that any traditional missionary would consider a most bitter failure. He celebrates the fact that he is the director of “a mission of presence and dialogue,” in which no one has been baptized for 53 years!”

    Yes, it seems that as far as the Synodalists and the Vatican is concerned the Yanonami People of the Amazon apparently have found a better way which the Roman Catholic Church must embrace and emulate

    The Yanonamis are cannibals who practice infanticide. Warriors. Bad teeth.

    Or, as described:

    “Their clothes are worn only as ornaments on their wrists and ankles, or as a ribbon around their waists. Upon entering puberty, the men of the tribe usually have several women, including teenagers. Men regularly consume the “Epená” plant or ferrule, which is a hallucinogenic substance. Shamans also use it in healing rituals as a means of identifying a disease by communicating with spirits.

    Health is the biggest problem, especially infectious and parasitic diseases such as malaria. The leading cause of death among the Yanomami is malaria followed by hepatitis, diarrhea and tuberculosis. Respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia and bronchitis, are common; often suffered repeatedly every year. The almost nonexistent habit of cleaning and caring for their teeth (they do not brush) makes dental care a chronic problem.”

    These poor people have a lot to teach the Church of Christ or so they say. Conversion is not part of the plan.

    The Storm is on the way. Looks like this is going to get downright ugly.

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    1. Yes, Ed. And I think it IS downright ugly right now. I’m with Charlie in this decision: “I will hold subordinate to the leads of such men as Cdls. Burke, Mueller, Sarah and Brandmuller; Bishops Schneider and Gracida; my own Archbishop Aquila and others who are publicly faithful to Scripture and the Magisterium.” And there are others such as Cardinal Müller, Archbishop Chaput and Bishop Strickland.

      In February, Cardinal Müller released his “Manifesto of Faith” to counter the too many prelates’ statements of doctrinal confusion. Sadly, in the most recent interview with Pope Francis on the flight to Africa, he said about Cardinal Müller: “He has good intentions, he is a good man, the pope likes him, but he is like a child.” Oi. Insulting to the max.

      Recently, Cardinal Burke has proclaimed that the document for this synod is a direct attack on the Lordship of Jesus. Too, I’m beginning to see the enemy’s ploy in this synod as an attack on the Blessed Mother, Mother of the Church, Mother of the Clergy and Mother of us all. If, at the synod, “Mother Earth” is upheld and “preached” with the ecological conversion – constantly presented in this pontificate – held high, will they even mention or invoke the intercession of Mary Mother of the Church?

      All of this is to say, we have much to continue praying for. Even as we take our ordinary next right steps, we continue to fervently pray. I belong to an online intercessory prayer group which prays together each morning together via webcams. Each day we are sending angels into the chambers of the meeting place for the synod. Angels led by St. Michael to battle our Mother’s adversary and also sending angels bearing virtues, gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit. “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” (Eph 6:12)

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      1. I am so grateful for the good and holy priests in my area, as well as the very few wonderful Bishops and Cardinals who heroically speak the truth. They are our beacons and provide hope and consolation. As long as we stay aligned with the truths of our Church we will be fine!

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        1. Yes, Kim. Knowing and remaining aligned with what the Magisterium has taught throughout the ages will be our anchor should massive confusion and a schism ensue, be it a straight split or a multi-factional free for all. We shall see how all develops. I just know the grace we need to get through whatever the future holds will be there for the asking.

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      2. Dear Beckita, I couldn’t help but think that when Pope Francis said Cardinal Müller was “like a child” he was unknowingly paying him a compliment since it was Our Lord Jesus himself who said in order to enter into the kingdom of heaven…ahhh the irony of it all these days….

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      1. Deliver us, O Lord. And we’re all in the fight for Truth in so much as we pray, fast, sacrifice, and speak, upholding Christ’s Teachings wherever we may live. All accomplished with and in Charity.

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        1. Beckita as I look over the list of the “objectives” of the promoters of the Synod it occurs to me that
          the married priesthood and female priesthood thing is a kind of red herring throw away issue for the Synodalists. A bone they can throw at the orthodox opposition and especially the public and the media.

          No married priests and no female priests in return for ………..

          Watcha might call a COMPROMISE that leaves neither side completely happy but with some kind of WIN to take home to the folks.

          The quid pro quo seems to be a surrender of the Church Militant in the world. The birth of a new form of tame Catholicism. An end to an emphasis on the Christ’s Great Commission:

          Matthew 28: 19-20

          19 Go, therefore,* and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the holy Spirit,

          20 teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.* And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age.”

          You don’t need bread and wine …. a papaya or mango will do. After all what difference, at this point, does it make? My Truth is my Truth and your Truth is your Truth. Let’s all be FREE to pursue our own Truth without any nasty disagreements. Your sacraments are just as good as my sacraments and your Mass is just as good as my Mass. It’s all ONE.

          This will appear to be a perfectly reasonable and rational “way” to a whole swath of the public. The Nones. The disaffiliated. The poorly catechized. They will view this as the way to go. Wherever go is.

          Seems to me we are revisiting the dissolution of the Garden of Eden. A seemingly perfectly rational and sound way to go.

          Genesis 3

          4 But the snake said to the woman: “You certainly will not die!

          5 God knows well that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods, who
          know good and evil.”

          6 The woman saw that the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eyes, and the tree was desirable
          for gaining wisdom. So she took some of its fruit and ate it; and she also gave some to her husband,
          who was with her, and he ate it.

          13 The LORD God then asked the woman: What is this you have done? The woman answered, “The
          snake tricked me, so I ate it.”

          The world is about to be presented with a sound, rational, reasonable apple of ecologically correct wisdom and knowledge which will be viewed as good for moral and spiritual food and very pleasing to the eye and tickling to the ear.

          And what of God? God will surely ask the question of us : What is this you have done?

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          1. IMHO, this seems to have potential to be the biggest doozy of a mess in this whole Storm, Ed. Once even one Truth is watered down, distorted, mangled, every component of the fullness of Truth would be up for grabs. Still, I do not feel afraid. God IS at work in what He is allowing and what must come to pass to achieve His Purpose(s). I only fear – and not in trepidation, but in sincerity of heart – that I miss any whisperings of the Lord and thereby fail to take the next right step which He asks of me. If I hear well while acknowledging Him and fall flat on my face in attempting to do what I think He’s asking, well so it sometimes goes… He knows we’re made of dust. We certainly don’t scold our babies who are learning to walk when they stumble and fall. All the more will the Dad of dads delight in our trying to stay the course with whatever He asks us to do.

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  5. If you’re checking in Hans, praying for you as the Super Typhoon Hagibis seems headed for Japan. Ave Maria Stella Maris, protect Hans and all people in the path of this weather system.

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  6. Almost the exact same thing happened in my first parish work with youth about 25 years ago.

    Two youth groups, both consisted of Hispanic youth, divided over language preference. Then the priest assigned to help with youth took sides.

    I did a lot of self-searching, saw many areas where I could improve (I was very young and impetuous) and then prayed so much with the youth. The second group did not last long but there was so much pain and hurt feelings and grudges. I once heard the priest say (in Spanish) to the 2nd group, “We may have lost the battle but we will not lose the war.” Such awful language belied his true intentions. He was finally re-assigned but only after those of us who remained were left to try and pick up the pieces of our shattered unity. He called it a war and maybe it was because many of us were left to treat the casualties.

    Confirmation preparation is so subjective. I wish the US Bishops would get on one page already. The ambiguity really doesn’t help us catechists at all. They may not LIKE your observations but they also cannot ignore them either.

    It is good that you are humble and self-effacing. I wish I had been more but I think, at times, my bull-in-a-china-shop approach helped the youth see who was on their side. I think I was in the right place at the right time, of course, all will be revealed when I stand before the Just Judge and He reveals ALL hearts. He can use my human failings and personality characteristics to His good advantage. I finally found my own inner peace when I started to live out what St. John the Baptist said, “He must increase while I must decrease.” All your so-called failures and humiliations will work out for your good.

    Hang tough. The youth will see your perseverance and come to know who to trust. Accept the changes, adjust, and pray that God blesses all your efforts. The results are His so they will be hidden. Here is where faith is tested into shining gold.

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    1. Here’s a little something. I was working my way through some treacherous thicket to a fishin’ hole last Sunday, pondering the Good News and whatnot, when I stumbled upon this ole’ bull. Been trying to get a good look at him for years, and there he was. Good thing too, since I’ve struggled to find a suitable mustang for you, so I’m figuring this fella is perfect (‘less I happen to stumble upon a Tasmanian Devil at some point).

      Towards the end there, I think he was ready to charge because he didn’t like my hat. Not the usual Stetson, but a camo version with an old Yosemite Sam pin. Either that, or the cigar. OK… maybe because I was grinnin’ at him.

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        1. I was wearing brother backpack, though a poor substitute for THE backpack. Little more in mine Sunday but a couple of bologna sandwiches, so a fella had to be nimble.


          1. My backpack sends its greetings back.  It is rather missing all his petition friends left in Medjugorje.  Here is a link from a Michael Brown article on Spirit Daily that has pictures of exactly what it was like over there last week.  I was scanning the pictures to see if I recognized anyone. was a piece of heaven on earth.  Many wanted to stay, but I have been enough times to know the importance of going back home and working to be a light to others.  I heard a homily once on why Jesus ascended to heaven.  One might ask, “why didn’t he stick around through the ages and continue to teach us?”.  If he did not go, then the promised Holy Spirit would not come.  Now the Holy Spirit is with us and can minister to all of us all at the same time.  We have also been given the great mystery of the Eucharist.  Now God can be omnipresent to all of us.  It is a great mystery as long as we live in time.  He had to leave so that he could come more fully to each of us individually.Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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      1. One of the most troubling aspects of frog collecting here in Florida was my nocturnal encounters with cattle. It is a bit unnerving to be crunching through the pond edge and have a eight hundred pound cow standing a few feet away wondering what that bright light is! As you can tell, I survived these encounters. It seems even bulls are unsure of what threat a flashlight is and choose to run away. I guess it’s instinctive for them to “stay away from the light”!
        Being one of the main states that produce cattle they are everywhere here. One form is “free range beef” which basically means turn them loose in the woods and then round em up and sell them. Produces quite a gamie flavor but at least you can be assured of a lack of hormones and antibiotics in the meat.
        Same with deer as long as you harvest them in the swamps and not by GMO/ Roundup/ insecticide sprayed farmlands. With all the chemical finagling these days it isn’t just a nocturnal encounter with beef that can be life threatening anymore.

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    2. All paths lead to the same ultimate destination of the “Triumph of the Immaculate Heart”; the quality of the journey is determined by which path was taken.

      Trust requires patience & a open mind to the opportunities present.

      These are all I can come up with on all this chaos…

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      1. To be vigilant and sober is good advice, though what that looks like in different creatures is determined in large part by temperament I think.

        Interesting thing about that bull, or any bull, the eyes look menacing when viewed head on due to a natural shape to the sockets and a deep brow. Swing around to the side for another perspective and it’s an entirely different look. A kind and docile expression, I would say, with a mix of other stuff… maybe a little fear, wariness, confusion, seeking of an outlet of escape, etc. Wasn’t the first time that bull saw me so there’s some familiarity, but the rest is understandable owing to the fact that he’s a bull.

        It does take patience to get close to most creatures. Got to within about 8 foot of Gran Perro. Yes, because I wanted a better look, but mostly because I wanted him to see what my eyes had to say. Nothing but sheer delight there from the chance encounter, because anger and fear really don’t serve the Kingdom.

        I am curious how that fella managed to maneuver so easily through the most treacherous part of the thicket, what with roughly 1800 lbs and a 6 foot horn span. After leading me on a merry chase, I came out of there covered with burrs and thorns, bloodied and filthy. Still grinnin’ though.

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    1. Wow, LittleOne! This story rocks! I read it to my nine-year-old, and he was amazed. When I told him that I was going to print it for my “important stories to remember” file, he asked me to print a copy for him, too. Thanks for linking to this. 🙂

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      1. Hi Mick,

        I had tea after school with my 11 year old boy and read it to him. He loved it too. Now, we are both learning the “Michael, Michael of the Morning” Prayer:

        Michael, Michael fo the morning,
        Fresh corps of Heaven adorning,
        Keep me safe today
        And in time of temptation
        Drive the devil away

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      2. Mick and Littleone, thought your young sons might like seeing a short video clip of the archangel war story…(it’s good that they heard it first sans pics to form their own visuals.)

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      1. I love it Kim!  Lambzie and I just bought a St. Michael statue in Medjugorje and we pray the St. Michael protection prayer daily.  We will need divine protection when things ramp up.Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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        1. Me too, Doug! He’s the true super hero! We say the prayer to St. Michael after every Mass in our diocese and of course say it at the end of our daily Rosary. Doesn’t he feel like a BFF?!

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  7. Charlie I don’t know where u r…but there are going to be massive electric outages in northern and central ca tomorrow and no petro…buknee down good buddy with ur survival book…they say no electricity from pg & e due to high winds and fire hazard. .I’m just not buying it…what’s up..anyone know???? Just wierd..could go on for 5 days😣

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        1. I really had to do some digging on this, Linda. Turns out buc’nee is deep south slang for buccaneer. Buc’nees being a daring, adventurous and sometimes reckless lot, they were usually loathe to hunker down. Seems buc’nee down saw some very limited use during the buccaneer wars (mid 1600’s to early 1700’s), but maybe it’s time for a comeback now that you dropped that phrase above.

          Knowing what I know about CJ, I think of the daring of a fella that age hitting the open road with a 75 lb. pack and $50 bucks in the pocket… the latter bordering on recklessness. Quite the adventure. Can’t imagine he’s inclined to buc’nee down often, but when he does I’m told it’s more of a wallow.

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  8. YUP!

    I’ll agree with Bill that The Double Standard of Laws and application of Law is an abomination ….. along with The Double Standard of just about anything, These Days, as it relates to politics, Left v Right or Favored Victim Groups v White Privileged or ….
    Bill/Catholic League has been a defender of The Church ….. but Bill has also been part-n-parcel of The Scandal Cover-Up Op too .. Double Standards?….. ;-(

    The Global Left is using their LGBTQ Cog to destroy Christianity and silence People of Faith…. just like they wrecked The Boy Scouts ….. and are causing turmoil in the Military. Sinister Forces On Parade! Abortion is another destructive Cog of The Left. Just about any Squeaky Cog in 21st Century Left Machine is destructive of Humanity and Western Civilization.


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