Where Two or Three are Gathered…

Gathered In My Name

(About a year ago, on a Church rack, I discovered a little pamphlet of prayers for the “Little Office of The Immaculate Conception.”  I do not say it all the time, but at certain times, I find it very soothing and helpful with my focus. As we go forward, some little groups may find this useful in many ways. For each of us, it can settle our resolve. In the clans that we hope to ignite in times of trial, those who can’t participate in normal security may help enhance the spiritual security of the community by committing to the League of the Divine Office, as our friend and commenter, James McAuley, explains below-CJ)

By James I McAuley, Esq.

Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

We have all heard this scripture throughout our lives. This scripture is the basis behind prayer groups, faith based groups, and Christian fellowships. But how do we effectuate, bring into being such groups?

The League Of The Divine Office

One tried and true approach to the creation of such groups is to have a group of Christians together recite the Divine Office, also known as the Breviary, the Liturgy of the Hours. Of the layman’s right to recite the Divine Office there is no doubt. The practice was ardently advocated by the primitive Christian Church. With the revival of interest shown in both clerical and lay circles for a reintroduction of the laity to the recitation of the community prayer in faith groups, the League of the Divine Office is being promoted.


It is entirely a voluntary organization of lay men and women who agree to recite some part of the Divine Office every day. There is no high-powered form of organization, nor any centralized authority for the League. The responsibility for fulfilling the obligations of membership, which are not binding in conscience, rests only with the individual members and groups.


The purpose of the League of the Divine Office is to encourage the layfolk to pray with the Church. The Divine Office consists of eight parts: Matins, a prayer for the night or early morning, and seven Day Hours called Lauds, Prime, Terce, Sext, None, Vespers and Compline. These Hour Prayers of the Church developed gradually, in the first centuries of Christianity, and they contain the best holy thoughts and aspirations of Christian tradition. They express the mind of Christ as the Church officially expresses this mind in their daily prayer. They derive their inspiration from the Sacrifice of the Mass and carry on, through the whole day, that sacrifice of praise which we as the adopted sons of God by reason of our supernatural destiny are to offer to our heavenly Father. In this way, we are already in a very real sense, living the life of the angels and saints in heaven whose sublime office it is to contemplate, worship and praise without intermission the glory of the eternal God. Hence, the member of Christ who prays daily with the Church is constantly steeping his own mind more and more in the mind of Christ.


It is recommended that members band together in groups of seven which are known as “Chapters.” Because we all have obligations in our lives, it is not practical that we say the entire daily office. Therefore, it is recommended that the members of a Chapter be assigned different Hours of the office for recitation during the week. After the lapse of a week, the Hours are shifted in such a way that in the course of seven weeks each member of a Chapter will have recited all the Day Hours in succession. In that way, a Chapter, as a whole, is reciting all the Day Hours every day.

Where such an arrangement with others is impossible, it is sufficient for membership to recite any Day Hour of one’s own choice.

All members of the League are free, and are encouraged, to say more than their daily allotment of the Hour Prayers. Especially should those who can, also take up the recitation of Matins. And those conversant with Latin may recite the Hours in Latin if they prefer to do so.


The members of the League should recite the Hours first of all “in union with that divine intention with which Christ sang the praises of God here on earth.” In other words, the first intention should be the intention of the Church in her official recitation of the Divine Office or Breviary. In general, the sentire cum Ecclesia (being of one mind with the Church, the Bride of Christ) should be basic.

The members should also pray with the special intention of sharing their own personal merits that are derived from this prayer with all the other members of the League (and sharing in the merits of all the others). Thus, they will give living expression in this regard to the doctrine of the Communion of Saints, the spiritual solidarity of membership in the Mystical Body of Christ.

They should moreover make the special intention of the Liturgical Apostolate their own; “that the true Christian spirit may again flourish among the faithful in every way”—”that Christ may be formed in all”—”that all may be brought under the headship of Christ.”


All that is necessary for joining the League of the Divine Office is to accept the above purpose and intention. Those who wish to form a Chapter should organize among themselves as the Liturgical Press is not undertaking the forming of Chapters and the Chapter should manage the rotation of the Day Hour assignments themselves.

It is understood that membership in the League ceases automatically when a person neglects to pray his assigned Hour every day. Any omission that is due to forgetfulness should be atoned for; regular neglect, say to the extent of once a week, should be corrected or else membership should discontinue. Any Chapter member who discontinues should be, in honor, bound to inform the fellow-members of his Chapter at once.


Various options are available with the primary ones being the simple one volume Little Office of Our Lady from Baronius Press or Christian Prayer from Catholic Book Publishing Company, the Monastic Diurnal from Clear Creek Abbey or A Short Breviary from Liturgical Press.

The cheapest, simplest and most practical, as well as the shortest is the Little Office of Our Lady. Like the full Breviary, it faithfully mirrors the liturgical year—temporal and sanctoral cycles and the option of the commemoration of saints. It emphasizes the liturgy of the seasons in accord with the mind of St. Pope Pius X. All the canonical Hours for each day are included though the number of nocturns, readings and psalms, has been reduced.

The Little Office of Our Lady is more ecumenical in matters dealing with the Orthodox. It was commonly recited by Catholic families from the 13th century through the Reformation. It was recited by guilds and faith groups, privately and publicly. The family picture of St. Thomas More with his father, wife and children, by Hans Hoblein, reveals that the family members in the painting all have the same book – The little Office of Our Lady. Its recitation was a trademark of recusant families during the persecution in England.

The Little Office also is not subject to any change, as is Christian Prayer which is due to have its psalter and collects changed. Being ancient and traditional, the Little Office does not have made up collects like the Short Breviary. Unlike the Monastic Diurnal, it is simple and easy to learn.

Whatever aid to community prayer for your faith based group you choose, we must remember that praying together is important, because, as our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ said, “[w]here two or three are gathered in my name, there I am present with them,” Matthew 18:20.


Local branches of the League are called “Chapters.”

Each Chapter should choose a patron saint or saints. It never hurts to have more than one. It is suggested that the Chapter or its members obtain relics, icon, banners, or statues of their patron saint/saints.

Seek your Bishop’s approval before creating your local Chapter.

Each Chapter should have a spiritual director/father.

Ask your Bishop’s advice on choosing a spiritual director.

Have regular meetings of your Chapter. At the minimum, once a month. Optimally, once a week.

Each Chapter must remain in communion with the Pope, the Bishop of Rome.

Each Chapter must remain faithful to the magisterium of the Church.

A Chapter may choose to engage in spiritual and/or corporal works of mercy, but a Chapter is not a social justice concern.

A Chapter is encouraged to have it members come together at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass/the Holy and Life Giving Divine Liturgy at least once a month.

Should a Chapter choose to adopt a rule, for example, that of St, Benedict, it must do so under the guidance and oversight of its spiritual director/father.

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  1. Love it, James. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this with us. (Editing now to add that I began praying the Divine Office in the late nineties and my life is richer because of it. I LOVE knowing that the very prayers I am praying are the very prayers that people all over the world are praying in their own languages.)

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    1. I can tell you that if a day goes by [it sometimes happens] that I don’t get my breviary said, I can fee the difference by the end of the day. I’ve learned that even during extsensive exhausting travel that things work out much better when I find a way to pray the hoiurs.

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  2. Glad I could help, Beckita and Charlie. Credit must go to: St. John’s Abby for the idea of the League back in the 1940s; the late Father Peter Scagnelli who wanted to revive the League and championed lay recitation of the Office; to Daria Sockey who pushed the lay recitation of the Office in her blog Coffee and Canticles; and to Tim McCoick of the CatholicBibles blog for his strong support of the Little Office of Our Lady.

    Both Peter and I had long discussions about Eamon Duffy’s Marking the Hours. Peter always said to me, “[i]f it worked in 1510, it will work in 2010.”

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      1. Three more points. First, the Little Office of the Immaculate Conception is one of five Little Offices that have indulgences associated with them. Of course, the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary is one of those five, too.

        Second, a wonderful book came out on the Little Office in 2017, by Rachel Fulton Brown. Titled MARY AND THE ART OF PRAYER: THE HOURS OF THE VIRGIN IN MEDIEVAL LIFE AND THOUGHT. A phenomenal tour de force on the Little Office.

        Third, Ave Maris Stella is the hymn for the office of Vespers in the Little Office .

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  3. My advice is to keep it simple. Purchase the Breviary and recite at home, in church or wherever you are most relaxed and comfortable. After some time, for me it was over a year (maybe two) to get aquatinted, invite others to join.

    My first introduction to the Liturgy of the Hours was in Lake Placid, NY. I was participating in an alpine ski competition and attended the daily mass. I arrived early and found myself immersed with a few daily communicants reciting the Office. Copies were readily available for anyone to join in and it was beautiful. Two people seated opposite sides of the Altar alternating each paragraph verse. It propelled me to pray the Divine Office.

    Like I said, I found myself struggling with the schedule and variant season routines/formats. Now after several years, it is a mainstay of my daily prayer life, integrated fully. My Mothe replied after I stated I desired to purchase a set for their home, when I visited. Her reply, don’t buy another copy, that book is glued to your arm…or something to thwt affect. Indeed, if I miss an hour, I feel a sense of grief. Thanks be to God for the Divine Office. It has changed my life.

    Toward the group office… I visited a fellow parishioner who individually recites the office dauly, in church prior to mass. His reply was it is too difficult to get people on the same page/time etc.

    My recommendation is to start slowly. Similar to getting the Pastor to notice you want Perpetual Adoration. Get people in front of the Tabernacle praying an hour at a time, The Moonstrance will come out eventually. People talk a good game, but stepping up is another story. My summation… keep it simple, start slow and find a rhythm. The group will materialize.

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  4. This is really awesome, James! I have just recently started learning (well, trying to learn) how to pray the Divine Office. It is so confusing, even with the handy little guide that the Catholic Book Publishing Company publishes every year. But I am determined to learn it and to pray at least Morning Prayer Daily (and I hope to work up to also praying Evening prayer fairly soon).

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    1. Mick,

      Per the Monk’s at St. John’s Abbey, and the late Pius Parsch, the best offices to start with are Prime and Compline. Regrettably, Prime is suppressed in the Liturgy of the Hours. However, if you have the Monastic Diurnal, do the Office of Compline. That will teach you the basics and the one found in their is the most ancient form of Compline.

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    2. HI Mick..I used to pray the Divine Office years ago before Mass with my friend Linda Huber and Fr Shenk , to whom she cared for while alive. Father is with God now…he died at 102 I believe..but anyway, Linda just told me the other day how easy it is now these days with this app called Ibrievery. She said evendors a lot of her priest friends do it this way now too..lol…but I told her to hold onto her hardcover in case Internet goes out for a time…lol


      1. Great idea, Linda; thanks! If I ever figure out how to use my smart phone, I will look into it. I’m still trying to figure out how to access my voice mails. I’m gonna be in so much trouble when my techie kids move out…. 🙂

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        1. Hehehehe…I know the feeling Mick…just go to ur Google app n type in Ibrievery …when it installs hit open..then it should always be available on your screen at any time u want to open it

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      2. Good Morning, and Happy Mother’s Day all you mothers!
        I downloaded the Ibrievery this morning and the Divine office app was also available. I downloaded it too, It is wonderful to have this at my fingertips.

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    1. Sherelyn,

      If you would like the Dominican Propers for the Liturgy of the Hours, ask Beckita for my email and email me and I will send them to you.

      You and everybody here are in my prayers.

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        1. All sent! I sent it to you as a PDF and in word.

          Years ago I had put together a supplement of the propers of various religious orders to the Liturgy of the Hours, intended as a Supplement to the LOTH. But, the Bishops were not interested, and certain ones, I understood, actively opposed my work, claiming we still had to finish the revision of the LOTH (which, by the way, was essentially done in 2013). Most of the work has been dispersed, but I do have a lot of the various propers in PDF. One of the ones I put together, was the Office of St, Philomena. Father Peter Scagnelli, who had been part of the ICEL, translated it. If anyone wants it, let me know through Beckita.

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          1. I read a short bio a long time ago on St. Philomena; but lately noticed she is not listed on some monthly Catholic saint calendars? It’s still ok isn’t it to have a devotion to her? I remember Bob and Penny Lord produced a beautiful video about her for EWTN.

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            1. Yes, you may have a devotion to St. Philomena – and there are plenty of Church’s named after her. She is quite the lady! Her feast day is August 11. Mark Miravalle wrote a great book on St. Philomena.

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    2. Sheralyn, I have also started formation for becoming a third-order Dominican! I will keep you in my prayers; please also pray for me.

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  5. NEWS & MILINET: Articles for Christians – 7 May
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    Why the Left Mocks the Bible


    Georgia governor dismisses Hollywood threats on eve of pro-life ‘heartbeat’ bill signing

    It Turns Out We Weren’t Crazy After All

    Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims Records Himself Rebuking Pro-Life ‘Old White Lady’ Saying Rosary

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    Abortion advocates challenge Ivanka Trump in Africa on US pro-life policies

    Pollak: Mark Levin’s ‘Unfreedom of the Press’ Explores Andrew Breitbart’s ‘Democrat-Media Complex’

    Gun confiscation on the table as Booker, Swalwell lead 2020 Democrats leftward

    In the name of “tolerance,” the Left has become tyrannical.

    Democrat accidentally admits why they’re really seeking to impeach President Trump — and it’s on video

    LEFTIST THUG WITH CHAINSAW Threatens “Oregon Women for Trump” Highway Protesters (VIDEO)

    Murderer Says He Has Every Right To Vote From Prison. Grieving Family Asks Why.

    UN: Humans Could Cause Extinction of 1 Million Species, Globalism Will Fix

    Imprisoning Bill Barr is left’s new rallying cry: ‘Have him locked up’

    Facebook & Instagram Bans People For Being “Dangerous” – Leaves Actual Dangerous People On Their Platform

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    The Fright of James Comey – Victor Davis Hanson

    Four Years After Jihadis Open Fire on My Free Speech Event in Garland, Texas, FBI Involvement Remains Unsolved

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    Obama Mentor [Radical ChiTown Priest] to Host Farrakhan Protest Against Facebook Ban

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    Not One Democrat Presidential Candidate Defended Israel During Onslaught of 700 Rocket Attacks


    Drug Cartels Booming in New Mexico After Feds Shut Down Border Check Points

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    CNN Interviews Author of Debunked Population Doomsday Book

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    1. Please note the link CrewDog provides to the situation regarding Pennsylvania State Senator Peter Sims. Everybody, let us pray for his conversion, for, per Ezekiel 18:23: “Is it my will that a sinner should die, saith the Lord God, and not that he should be converted from his ways, and live?”

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  6. Just wondering if there are folks in the St LOuis or Belleville area interested in having Charlie meet near our area? If so contact Mary and we could be in touch about it.

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  7. A number of years ago I discovered a website called Universalis where a version of the divine office is posted every day. I do not know if it is exactly the same as in the four volume set of The Liturgy of the Hours which was published some time in the seventies but it is a very good tool for prayer and meditation and is very easy for beginners as the different hours are set out an the main screen allowing internet junkies like me to click and pray. (I do have the four volume set and did use it for many years but it is tricky to learn your way around the various parts.)
    My day usually beings now with the morning hours from the office.

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    1. Universalis where a version of the divine office is posted every day–Yes! This was so wonderful find! Thanks for sharing with everyone.

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  8. This is not exactly on topic, but I feel that I have to share. My life is very complicated and stressful right now. I often wake up once or twice in the night. I am not sleeping well due to the stress and not knowing what to do. Add to that my serious illness, the fact that my house seems to be having several big, expensive issues which I do not know how to solve, and you start to get the picture. Then…my brother, his wife, and my nieces have stopped talking to me, and I find myself almost all alone. My ex-husband’s family is nice to me, because I took the high road and was very nice to him. But they do not live in town…..This past Sunday I was crying for several hours. It was noon….but I was so tired that I thought it had to be about 7 pm. …I am also tasked with settling my mother’s estate. There are assets that need to be sold. As executrix, I lowered the price this year after trying to get the very high price my brother wanted. It was clear that would never happen because there was not a single inquiry. …..On Sunday I said a rosary and opened a little book re Our Blessed Mother. The page I opened suggested that she had many graces to give and that one had to ask for them. So I asked. I asked for a miracle. I needed a miracle because I am beaten…. physically and psychologically . Some days I feel the life draining out of me. I have had every flu and virus this year. I am losing weight. Not sleeping, etc….. But, Lo and behold! On Monday evening, the miracle began to take shape. All of a sudden, I began to get firm offers for assets of the estate that I need to sell in order to settle things. Lots of activity and inquiry. It was all happening at once, and very unexpectedly. This was not the exact miracle that I asked for, but it is better because it will solve 2 problems, not just one. Today I have a firm offer at the asking price for one asset. And a second one is in play for a second asset. Neither will make me or my brother wealthy. But it will help move things along and solve some problems. I am so grateful for this grace. I am absolutely sure this was not coincidence. I had advertisements posted for a long time. All of a sudden people see them and begin to call and make serious offers? No, this was a blessing. A miracle. Thank you, Lord Jesus, and thank you, my dear Blessed Mother! I am humbled and overjoyed that you have heard my prayer! I give all praise and honor to our Lord, Jesus Christ for his mercy and generosity to me, a very imperfect person, who simply decided to ask….for a miracle! And He granted it!! Many thanks to our awesome God and loving advocate, Blessed Mother Mary! There are no coincidences. Not where there is prayer!

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    1. SJWTB, this is wonderful! We all can get down when all that we see seems negative, so it’s a joy to hear your story. Cheers everyone right up! 🙂

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      1. Hi SteveBC I have been here for a long time, though recently I changed my name because WordPress required it…..I am a teacher. This past week all of my students were debating if there was such a thing as fate or coincidence. And they asked me about it. and what I thought…..I knew exactly what I would say without thinking much about it, because I knew. One student said it was the best explanation that he had heard…..I told them that when one prays, there is no such thing as coincidence. There are messages and consolations that are given to us by a loving God. Not a single person had even conceived of this before I said it, and all my classes were debating it in a very animated way. I also gave them several examples from my faith journey. I captured virtually everyone’s attention. So, one could say that I was praising Jesus and Our Blessed Mother this week, and the greatness of their love. This was simply confirmed on Monday, and I am still basking in the “awe” moment.

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        1. It IS an awesome story of faith you have shared, Judith. Praised be Jesus and Mary for what They have done for you. How blessed are you! And how blessed are your students and us because you have lifted our hearts and given us hope by your witness to God’s Love at work in you and your life. So happy for you.

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        2. Hi StJudith, I was touched by your story of reaching your students in the “teachable moment” regarding coincidence, or “God-incidence.” Also, the prayer to Our Blessed Mother and selling of items from your mother’s estate. God bless and keep you through this stressful time. I’ve been through a challenging 6 months since the Camp Fire, and understand all the stages of grief that loss can entail. I will keep you in prayer for continued healing. I’ve found some nights when I can’t sleep, or when I wake up and returned sleep is not coming, I consider it a call to prayer. Sometimes a cup of “chamomile” tea, to sooth me and facilitate return to sleep, and then just a chat with the Blessed Mother, like a friend who you get an unplanned conversation with, a Rosary, Chaplet, just relaxed intercession, seeking peace. I find either sleep returns, or I feel less stressed and at least my sleeplessness has purpose. This doesn’t always work, but at least I can offer my attempt to the Lord.
          God bless and keep you, Deon

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          1. Hi, Deon I take medication for a long term illness that complicates things. It causes insomnia. Unfortunately, I need some sleep medication, but I cannot take it all the time. Thanks for your suggestions!

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    2. HI Stjudithwanttobe,
      My hubby n I have been going through similar things with the passing if his mom..my mom in law…it is all so overwhelming..plus the grief of loss too…lol…I’ve been doubly depressed lately..I keep rinning to Jesus exposed in adoration. ..whew…plus all the bugs..oh my goodness I had been on 3 rounds of antibiotics. .hang in there kiddo..I will pray for you..plz pray for me🤗😇😘

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  9. I’m a regular reader here and I’m struggling with learning the Liturgy of the hours and diligently finding time for praying it uninterrupted daily. God and the Blessed Mother have led me into contemplation for the Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites in addition to nursing school and working full time as a nurse’s aide. I pray for the strength to bear all the burdens God gives me and look to the Blessed Mother for guidance when I get frustrated at what feels like a whirlwind surrounding me.

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    1. Welcome to commenting, Krystle. It is a bit of a challenge, initially, to learn the Liturgy of the Hours. With all the duties on your plate, it may be wise to simply pray the essential hours which priests must pray: the Office of Readings and Morning Prayer which could readily be prayed at the same time upon rising; then, in the evening you could pray combining Evening Prayer and Night Prayer. God bless you and your work and studies!

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      1. Your wisdom is profound. Morning and Evening prayer are required of me by the rules of the Order, and Night prayer is highly recommended.

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        1. Sounds like a wonderful beginning to integrating the Hours into your day, Krystle. You really do have a full schedule with working full time *and* going to school.

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    2. Krystle,

      Here is the URL for the Discalced Carmelite Proper Offices: http://www.carmelcanada.org/liturgy/office.pdf
      You will be able to download them.
      If you would like a book, here is where to order the Carmelite Proper Offices, which are about the same: https://www.icspublications.org/products/carmelite-supplement-to-the-liturgy-of-the-hours
      It is up to date through 2017.

      The Carmelite and Discalced Carmelite propers have wonderful hymns and readings.

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      1. Krystle,

        Technically, these Carmelite Propers are not authorized in the United States, but it is being sold and used by Carmelites in the United States. Go figure! You would have to talk to your spiritual director first before you made use of them.

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    US official: Intel indicates Iran moved missiles by boat

    US Sends B-52 Bombers to Mideast After Reported Threats from Iran

    Pompeo makes surprise visit to Baghdad after canceling Merkel meeting

    Pompeo visits Baghdad, warns of Iranian activity

    Navy Sends Warships to Challenge PLA In S. China Sea

    NBC Bemoans Trump Pardoning U.S. Soldier, Cheered Obama Releasing Manning

    Seattle woman reveals a horrific rape, and gets backlash from liberals because she accused a homeless man

    Facts First? CNN Seeks Out Man Who’s Always WRONG on Eco-Disaster Claims

    Denver to Decide Whether to Decriminalize Psychedelic Mushrooms

    Iran’s war on Christianity
    Aircraft carrier’s port visit is canceled as the Pentagon ‘expedites’ its presence in the Middle East to counter Iran
    Pompeo makes unannounced visit to Baghdad amid rising tensions with Iran
    Cory Booker [like ALL Democrats] Announces Sweeping Gun Bans, Gun-Control Measures


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    1. Except no where under this post or thread is a single person talking about the Holy Father one way or the other. How about seeding this in a thread/discussion where it’s actually relevant. Plopping it as the latest comment on this thread just looks like more provocation.

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    2. Joe,
      Let it go. I pray for the Pope’s intentions and acknowledge he makes stupid remarks. The press is not our friend. People within the Catholic Church have personal motives not in line with the Church. I acknowledge I am not in control and have little influence. I pray. It is enough.

      Why get all bent out of shape ‘defending’ something you have no control over. Let it go.

      From my perspective, your zealousness and passion defending Pope Francis takes away the inner peace I seek here on this site. Not to mention the ‘verbal’ meltdowns. It is not positive. Please stop it.

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    3. I, too, have read articles, in fact many articles, from those – more than a few who are seasoned veterans in defending the Church – who disagreed with the Open Letter, for its premise was naming the Pope a heretic. I do not see the letter’s purpose as casting aspersions upon Pope Francis. Rather, I see the angst of faithful Catholics, cleric and lay, with each one following his/her conscience, rising to address the problems we face in the Church under the lead of the current Pontiff. I see good intent among those faithful Catholics who signed. (As I’ve already said: If only this could have precipitated fruitful dialogue!) Still, the many who disagreed with naming our Holy Father a “heretic” did express they have very, very serious concerns with his sloppy theological expressions and ambiguity. With this, I wholeheartedly agree. And in this, many an erudite thinker has expressed comments such as these thoughts from Abbé Raymond Dulac, who writes:

      “Formal and clear heresy acts like a dagger. Equivocation acts like a slow poison. Heresy attacks a precise article of dogma. Equivocation undermines the habitus of faith and thus weakens all dogmas. One becomes a formal heretic only by willing it. Equivocation instead is able to demolish the faith of a man unbeknownst to him. Heresy affirms what dogma denies or denies what it affirms. Equivocation destroys the faith just as radically, by refraining from either affirming or denying, by turning revealed certainty into personal opinion.”
      [Le droit de la messe romaine (Versailles: Publications du Courrier de Rome, 2018), p. 252.]

      I’m comfortable with this topic under this piece because people, in this community, have introduced off-topic latest news items in various unrelated threads throughout the history of both TNRS and ASOH. While, sometimes, it has been difficult to discuss these problems with Pope Francis, if we cannot pull it together to be able to do so with respect for varying views, how are we any different than the world outside of this community? That said, when the disagreeing comments are peppered with ugliness, it’s time to take a break, sometimes a short one and sometimes a complete break.

      Joecro, it has been your inability to own your own part in communication breakdown that has contributed to great discomfort here when you comment. In my view, you assign Charlie way too much power over any one of us – influence that just doesn’t exist – by saying he has swayed the forum against you. To me, it’s an insult to say that CJ can do this to me. I am completely free, as is any of us, to agree or disagree with him and you and any commenter.

      I just read through your old comments. In them, I, who have thought the world of you and our friendship – and I still do for the good that is within you – have been made fun of and put down multiple times when we have disagreed. I’ve never experienced that from anyone.else.here. But such as this started after this forum began discussing the difficulties with Pope Francis. So, while you have feelings about how you’re treated here, if you’d like to defend Pope Francis in a way that is effective, can you simply forgive the perceived-by-you offenses while owning your own part and acknowledge within yourself that you have left a trail of discomfort with many a comment? Then forgive others and yourself and amend your attitude so that you can, again, hold each of us – including Charlie – in good will. If you can, I believe people will more readily listen to your differing views. If you cannot, then your disagreement comments will forever be leaking with anger poured out in sarcasm, insults, self-pity and accusations.

      We all have secret fears to face,
      And minds and motives to amend.

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      1. Gentle and measured, B. It is a fine point to make, and necessary distinction, regarding the introduction of off-topic sharing under any thread. I compare the vast majority of that to lighting little candles to dispel the darkness, from our many little corners of the world. I, and many here, also obviously embrace Biblical wisdom when dealing with such things. That we bear with all and pray. That, when necessary, we take the conversation aside, privately, and so forth.

        I’m not happy about the fact that I’ve allowed this distraction to get the better of me, because it generally takes quite a bit to get me riled up. For a fella who spends most of his time deeply immersed and engaged with many people, that’s a tragedy amidst the real work I have to do.

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        1. Thanks for acknowledging the distinction, MP. None of us is perfect and life gets messy; it just does. We all are capable of tilting off balance in so many ways. What to do but refocus and regain balance by asking for God’s Grace in prayer and by choosing to be a better person rather than a bitter one who distrusts and holds grudges. The only way forward that I can see is to, once again, embrace the closing lines in the comment policy. And I sincerely mean it for me as much as for any one of us: “That is not to say we are nice and don’t say hard things or make tough criticisms – but it must be based in evidence rather than simply emoting feelings – and all is designed to build up the people of God, not to tear each other down.”

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      2. I’m going to say some things concerning where we are in a painful difficulty we have been going through. I speak in public because it has happened here in public. There has been many a private exchange over these matters and, now, it’s time to bring some closure to what has been an ongoing struggle on site.

        Yesterday, Joecro made a choice to depart from our community and angrily he left. To the bitter end he blamed Charlie and me for influencing the community to speak against Joe. I know this has been a tough go for many. It’s never easy when a brother or sister, beloved by many, becomes so angry when hyperfocused on a cause that s/he chooses to reject what others are offering as feedback for self-examination. When in Billings three years ago for Charlie’s visit there, I heard him speak with great warmth of affection for Joe, admiring his deep faith and big heart. But I think the part of Joe who often wrote gently and poetically started fading about a year ago when Charlie published his first piece concerning the controversies of this current papacy.

        I especially thank Charlie who has drawn good from these difficulties by cautioning us about papoltry and referring to documents which present Magisterial Teaching with correct understandings of the roles, duties and authority of a Pope, as well as, all in the hierarchy and in the laity. Too, Charlie has taken on the not-at-all-fun part of setting boundaries, including giving suspensions that provided cool down breaks, in hopes that we could start anew and refocus on the comment policy as we engage in the discussions which can readily become emotionally charged. While Joe is angry because of the strong ways he was corrected, somehow he could not admit that his own strong ways of crossing boundaries (that had been set for promoting good will and ongoing discussion even in the midst of polar opposite views) demanded commensurate firmness from Charlie.

        Sadly, another element fueling the anger was to take the criticisms of Pope Francis personally. The mistake in this, as in any issue of disagreement, is that we allow ourselves to get so riled up that we can no longer tolerate even hearing an opposing view let alone allowing ourselves to think a bit on it. Most frightneing to me: this can easily become a first step onto the path of dehumanizing others (the intolerant one can become so forceful it nearly becomes a demand to agree) and holding resentments. (Of course the intolerant one may never intend to dehumanize and become resentful, but the danger is there.) Have I ever wandered into such territory? Sadly, yes I have. Being corrected and then being willing to choose the humble way of receiving the correction is sometimes the hardest thing for a person to do. But God offers such opportunities to each and every one of us, as often as He deems we need it and, often, in ways that seem impossible to swallow at first.

        I also wish to thank those in our community who have spoken up, over time, expressing how this problem was impacting them and then offered suggestions for reflection and moving forward into more fruitful discussions. How awesome it has been! It is fitting that the members of this family share in the chores and duties that must be tended to so that life in this space can be lived in peace while we continue seeking truth and understanding. Of course, discernment is needed… sometimes, it’s better to refrain from poking a finger into the wound(s) that often bleed when correction has already been offered and other times it’s good to respond to an interior prompting and offer helpful feedback and/or counsel. I hope we can continue working in tandem in this way, for I don’t know a single closely-knit group, familial or societal, that hasn’t experienced the need to resolve conflicts.

        Praying for us all to forgive, to heal, and to carry on in taking every next right step to which the Spirit calls each one.

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        1. Godspeed, Joe. I learned a lot from your Garabandal tutorials and have shared the info with others; thank you, and may Mother Mary cover you in her mantle.

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      3. I have found that for me simply doing a longer right click on the star by “like” will result in a “like” registered from me. Beckita I especially agree fully with your comments here and would heartelly encourage JOEPRO to follow your suggestions that will relieve those such as I from the burden of struggling past the negative aspects in order to find the truth and merits contained in his often fruitful comments. Both he and I and perhaps many more will rejoice in the peace of mind and joy of spirit that will undoubtedly result. May God bless and guide all here.

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      4. Very interesting comments. A couple of thoughts that rummaged around my head and meandering through my heart as I pondered these comments. Humbling rarely feels good. Lord, have mercy. St. Teresa pray for us.

        I’ve looked forward to JoeCro’s comments but have also been on the receiving end of a zinger-doesn’t feel good-but caused me to think. I’m sorry to see him go.

        I’ve also needed Charlie’s knowledgeable comments about the papacy. (I’m not that smart.) Charlie’s responses have actually kept my husband and me in the church. My husband grew up with a mother who was adamantly-everything a priest or the pope does-is absolutely correct and the law! My dear husband was on the cusp of going to another church when the one post came out about paying attention to only to matters of church from the pope or something like that. The lame duck pope one…It encouraged me greatly. We have had siblings who really like this pope because of his stance on the seemingly promoting the LGBTQ and pro-abortion. Throwing it back into our faces-“see, you are wrong, even your pope says so”.
        So we keep trudging along, keeping our hands to the plow.

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  11. After Vatican-China deal, Chinese bishop imprisoned for 23 years is not yet released
    The nephew of a Chinese bishop who was arrested 23 years ago has said he does not know where his uncle is incarcerated, or even whether he is still alive.

    “His whereabouts are unknown and I don’t even know if he is alive or not. I am upset with tears every time I think of this 87-year-old man. Please pray for him,” Su Tianyou told UCANews recently.
    His uncle is Bishop James Su Zhimin of Baoding, in China’s Hebei province, southwest of Beijing.

    In 1996, the bishop was arrested during a procession, and charged with conducting “unregistered” religious activities: Su had refused to join the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association, the government recognized Catholic Church in China, and was instead a member of the “underground” Church- in communion with Rome, and appointed a bishop by Pope St. John Paul II, but unrecognized by the Chinese government as a bishop.

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  12. Hi All,
    Haven’t been keeping up with you.
    Don, my husband went in for neck surgery May 2nd.
    (cervical decompression fusion, or something like that)
    A very painful operation, and due to the pain medication or something else, he is still confused.
    The operation was a success, and he is due soon to transfer to rehab.
    God bless you all and Thank You.

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      1. Jen Byrd I have started the novena of communions to send you your nine angels this week. I don’t know if they come as the communions are accomplished or if they come at the last communion. I should be finished on Friday so you can start asking them to protect and guide you even in anticipation. May God bless you and all here. JAS

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  13. NEWS & MILINET: Articles for Christians – 10 May
    Vermont Poised to Add Abortion Language to Constitution

    U.S. Exorcist: ‘Abortion Is a Demonic Sacrifice’

    Historical Ignorance Reigns Over Notre Dame’s Columbus Ban

    A Crisis of Faith Cannot Be Met by Liturgical Protocols

    ‘Allahu Akbar’: French Church Vandalised Twice in Two Weeks

    Has It Come to This?

    Alabama Senate tables abortion bill after uproar on chamber floor

    Conversion Therapy Bans Make Good Healthcare Illegal–Annie Crawford

    The Seal of the Confessional Is Under Attack in California

    New norms for the whole [Catholic] Church against those who abuse or cover up

    Liberal student arrested for punching pro-lifer on UNC campus, triggered by images of aborted children

    Lawsuit Filed over Display of Bible at Veterans Hospital

    Increasing calls for Brian Sims to ‘immediately resign’ for harassing pro-lifers

    Brian Sims, doxing state rep, was subject of ethics investigation

    California OKs new sex-ed guidelines for teachers despite objections from parents, protesters

    The Liberal Hypocrites Who Want to Be Our Moral Betters–Mick O’Rourke

    What Christians Face in a Neo-Marxist World

    PA Principal Will No Longer Say “God Bless America” After Pledge of Allegiance

    Mark Steyn: Clintons, Dems risk ‘civil war’ by refusing to accept loss to Trump

    A conservative Christian group is pushing Bible classes in public schools nationwide — and it’s working
    Chick-fil-A likened to ‘pornography’ as university’s faculty push for chain’s campus ouster


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  14. James, thank you very much for this post. My practice is the “Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary.”

    I have fallen away from daily recitation of this beautiful prayer, but you have inspired me to return to it (pronto!). Not having enough time is not an excuse, and all I would need to do is wake up 15 minutes early. I found that when I give my time in prayer to God through Mary, God seems to grant time back by making my labor more focused and efficient.

    This is a very timely contribution to our community.

    God bless you, J.I.M.!

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    1. Pat,

      The Little Office is “just right” time wise. Shorter than morning prayer of the LOTH, and it packs quite a spiritual punch. I picked it up again, ironically, as I wished to say the Angelus again and I knew a copy of the Angelus was in the back of the Baronius Press edition. The Angelus is such a powerful little devotional prayer of Latin Christianity.

      You are in my prayers pal! Even though I have not commented as of late, I enjoyed your comments about your work vis a vis artificial birth control. Heck, we won’t put that stuff in cows!

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      1. I have that beautiful blue Baronius Press edition with the gild edging. And “The Angelus” is one of my favorite daily prayers that I say at noon (I think the tradition is 6am, noon, and 6pm). I will also add 7 Ave’s afterward honoring Our Lady’s Seven Sorrows. Thank you for your prayers, James. You are in mine as well!
        Curious that you mentioned my birth control comments because today we had a doozy. I urgently request prayers from everyone here:

        Last patient of the day. A pretty 17-y.o. girl came to the clinic with her father for the placement of a Nexplanon contraceptive implant. It is inserted into the inner upper arm and can remain in place for 3 years. Prior to insertion, a pregnancy test must be performed. If a woman conceives while on this form of contraception, there’s a higher chance that the pregnancy will be ectopic.

        Prior to seeing the patient, we learned that the girl’s pregnancy test was (+) POSITIVE. This means no implant today. But now, we have a minor girl who is pregnant (as far as we knew), and her father was with her! The nurse first asked the girl’s father to leave the room, which he did not hesitate to do. Then the provider and I walked into the room and sat down after introductions.

        She told the girl immediately that she was pregnant. The girl barely reacted emotionally. Then she stated flatly that she just had an abortion in Denver two weeks ago. (That reflexive rush of horror washed over me.) Then the provider asked if the procedure in Denver was “bisection.” I didn’t understand that question.

        After some discussion and inconsistent replies from the girl about her sexual activity, she was told to get a blood draw for a more accurate pregnancy determination. She was asked to refrain from sexual activity entirely until the lab analysis was completed by Monday.

        After we left, the provider clarified the question to me. She didn’t say “bisection”, she said, “by suction.” Another punch in my gut, but I stayed cool and seemingly impartial. She said this procedure (as described in that Abby Johnson video I posted) is done in the first trimester, and that there may be some residual hormones to give a false positive pregnancy test. This girl’s urinalysis, however, indicated that she was VERY pregnant….again.

        It was odd to me how casual she was about the entire situation, even at the prospect of being pregnant a second time and possibly facing (choosing) a second abortion. What a mess and what a tragedy our culture of death has brought upon us all.

        Please pray for this young girl, her innocent children, and her parents. Please pray for the provider I am shadowing.

        +++ Jesus turning to the women said, “Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me, but weep for yourselves and for your children. For behold, the days are coming when they will say, ‘Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bore, and the breasts that never gave suck!’” (Luke 23:28-31)

        Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us.

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            1. Actually my college needs prayers too, but we’ll keep your bing!

              What a surreal story, huh? As an orthodoxed Catholic, it was tough to witness this brief clinical encounter because hardly anything that was discussed should ever be considered normal. Besides pre- and post-natal care, I will have nothing to do with the Women’s Health specialty.

              I requested advice from a devout Catholic provider about the subject of prescribing birth control. In fact, I’ll just post her email here so people can get a sense of what Catholic providers have to deal with:

              “Yes, Patrick my Catholic Faith is in my heart and life and I cannot separate it out with work. I have struggled with this issue for years. I started off with my strength of not participating at all in prescribing OCP – I work with a family practice doc that understood it somewhat but would prescribe then. However with the EMR it is too hard and the way the clinic runs . . . nurses (triage nurses as well) would just prescribe them for refills and they would get put under my name regardless. Also I didn’t feel comfortable getting into the room and deny a refill of OCP and make the patients feel very vulnerable and I didn’t want them to have to pay for another visit to get them refilled and again with the EMR others would put it under my name anyway (this is not an illegal thing, it’s just what it is). I finally came to the conclusion though much prayer and discussion that I would provide informed consent and leave it up to the patients to decide. I make sure I tell them the mechanism of action, benefits, risks of the medications or options and always tell them about Creighton or Natural Methods (in fact at one time I was a medical consultant for Creighton Model but that is another story) I state that artificial contraception can be called an abortifacient . . . at the end of the day I have to give it to God – the ‘system’ is just to complicated to try to remain completely a non participant . . . then there is the ones that actually take them for cramping or regulation and not for contraception . . . its so hard. I also make sure I tell them there are reliable natural methods. . . I figure if I give true informed consent they can no longer be innocent and say they didn’t know which puts them in the decision. This is not a great answer – but I have had to come to terms with it in the system I work in. It’s not that I’m afraid of standing my ground- I am not but I figure I have an opportunity to discuss it this way and may change some people’s minds. If I never do it I never have the opportunity to change hearts or minds – anyway it is difficult.

              The one thing I will NOT budge on is abortion – I have and would never participate in referral or in any way suggest or recommend them.
              I belong to the Catholic Medical Association – you should too to get the information and others to talk to.”

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              1. Thanks, Patrick. Praying for all Catholic medical providers and other people of faith who must navigate the waters of medical practice while remaining true to the teachings of Christ.

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              2. That’s amazing Patrick. My heart goes out to all medical professionals who must navigate this mess everyday. One of my dearest friends is an RN, and she is frequently in my prayers. A long time ago, I also was a nursing student. I ended up getting married, moved two thousand miles away and raised a family. But, I still have a heart for the suffering and those that are there for them. May God bless you Patrick, and all medical professionals.

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        1. Oh my. . . Prayers are coming. I see or learn things in my law practice that I must shut my mouth about and all I can do is pray. May enlightenment, forgiveness and healing come from God come for this young lady and all who are involved.

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    1. Father Thomas: “Abortion is a demonic sacrifice. Satan hates the human race.”

      Considering his statement, the contradictory responses of the 17-year-old girl above somehow makes more sense. I watched her eye movement closely and saw nothing telling throughout the conversation — she effortlessly retained complete emotional control. She should have expressed surprise at learning she was pregnant, or worry about being pregnant at 17 while still at home. She should have expressed a touch of shame or sadness or changed her intonation when mentioning her abortion. But I saw absolutely none of that. Instead I witnessed emotions that were more consistent with mundane conversations. That’s what made the whole thing especially troubling and surreal to me.

      (Wonderful ministry that offers real spiritual and emotional healing to post-abortive men and women. I went through their program last year because I lost a little girl to abortion in 1988.)

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  15. NEWS & MILINET: Articles for Christians – 11 May

    Dennis Prager: ‘The Left Has Substituted Itself for God’

    The Stock Markets, Money and the Bible

    Covington teen vs. Ilhan Omar? NBC ‘Law & Order SVU’ characters too closely resemble real people, critics say

    The Brian Sims Incident Was About Dehumanizing Christians — Not Just Unborn Babies

    Federal judge strikes down Kentucky abortion law

    When a Black Democrat Starts to Sound Like Margaret Sanger

    Ben Shapiro Rips Abortion Spin of BBC: ‘Be Honest With Your Own Biases!’


    Bozell & Graham Column: Seth Meyers, Ilhan Omar’s Publicist

    Change Your Faith, or Else: Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Equality Act’ Will Make Religious Freedom Less Equal

    Outrageous! Pelosi Gives Congressional Opening Prayer Duties to Anti-Semitic Imam who Compared Jews to Nazis

    Anti-Israel Hamas-Linked CAIR Pressures Charities to Blacklist Conservative Nonprofits

    Pro-Life Activists Rally in Philly to Counter Dem’s Vicious Viral Attack

    Mirror image: What if an evangelical politico doxed gay protesters at Family Research Council?

    Catholic student gunned down in Colorado; few reporters ask crucial questions about shooters

    Pete Buttigieg is Wrong — God Still Forbids All Homosexual Acts
    LGBTQ Caucus Kills ‘Save Chick-Fil-A’ Bill in Texas

    David Horowitz: We Are Marching to a One Party State… One Person’s Dissent Is Another Person’s Hate Speech

    Deplatforming the Platformers: Why Antitrust Legislation Is the Way to Go

    Charlie Daniels: Socialism Is Not About Compassion; It’s About Control

    From Tucker Carlson v. Jonah Goldberg to Roe v. Wade


    Breaking News: PROOF That Comey FBI Committed Deliberate FISA Fraud

    Two stunning revelations on Russia hoax investigation yesterday from DC super-lawyers Victoria Toensing and Joe DiGenova

    Levin: Impanel grand jury NOW and move against Comey and his deep state ‘Spygate’ conspirators

    Gregg Jarett to Comey: You’re Going Down and Save Money from Your ‘Phony’ Book to Pay for Lawyers

    JUDICIAL WATCH: New Records Reveal Obama White House Paranoid, Tracking FOIA Request For Hillary Clinton Emails

    William Barr vs. Eric Holder: A Tale of Two Attorneys General

    Sorry, President Trump — Mueller saved John Kerry from the Logan Act


    US-China talks break up after US raises tariffs

    U.S. says it will continue talks with Russia on N. Korea

    Cabinet Members Attend Rare Meeting At CIA Headquarters Amid Iranian Threat

    U.S. warns merchant ships of possible Iranian attacks; cleric threatens U.S. fleet

    US sends Patriot missile system to Middle East amid Iran tensions


    The Ongoing Biden Corruption And Hillary Collusion Investigations In Ukraine

    It’s Time to Break Up Facebook–Chris Hughes
    Trump rolls back Iran funding mechanism that Obama, Kerry set up for the terror-supporting regime
    Trump’s critics were wrong. He’s not a madman in foreign policy–Henry Olsen
    On a Russian outpost in the Pacific, fear and fantasies of a Japanese future. Russia has the islands. Japan claims them. And suddenly there is speculation that Putin could give them back.
    China, Defiant but Careful, Promises Aggressive Response to Tariffs
    U.S. military action in Venezuela may become a necessity–Sen Rick Scott
    Rapper Indicted For Funneling MILLIONS of Dollars in Foreign Money to Obama’s 2012 Presidential Campaign
    FBI Opens Campaign Finance Investigation Into Trump Donor Cindy Yang Over $5,400 Donation
    Figures. Hillary Campaign Accepted Thousands of Dollars from Sex Slave Cult in 2008 Election
    Parents Sue Oregon School District Over Attempts To Transgender 8-Year-Old
    Portland’s Plan To Address Homeless People Pooping In The Street Is Not A Hit With Neighbors


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  16. HAPPY MOTHER”S DAY, Moms 😉

    HeartLight Daily Verse

    Proverbs 31:10-31

    A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies… She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.

    Thoughts on today’s verse:
    Give honor to whom honor is due! This biblical principle is most certainly true of women, and especially those who are godly mothers. Let’s make sure we praise the key women in our lives today!
    Father, I want to thank you for the women of character and grace, tenderness and fire, love that and tenacity, who have helped shape my life in a way helped me find you. Please bless them this day, I ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.
    Visit heartlight.org for more

    NEWS & MILINET: Articles for Christians- 12 May
    As A Mother Grows

    Mom: Your Advice Matters

    More ‘heartbeat’ abortion bills advancing in Midwest and South

    Pope authorizes pilgrimages to Medjugorje

    U.S. Air Force Hero of Berlin Airlift Returns for 70th Anniversary


    Spiritual Leaders Agree: The Church Isn’t Ready for What We’re Facing Today

    Mike Pence warns Christian grads to prepare for ridicule from ‘secular left’

    Sanctuary for Illegal Aliens and Persecution for Male Students in Our Universities

    Violent Assault on Pro-lifer at UNC Chapel Hill


    HUGE! Obama’s State Department Knew of Steele Dossier in Summer 2016 and Passed on to FBI –Linking Obama Admin to Fake Dossier

    FBI Breaks Up Homegrown Islamic Terror Camp in Alabama Owned by Terrorist Siraj Wahhaj and his Supporters

    Bethany Mandel Nails an Abortion Point, Slams Nadler Crisis Talk on Liberal NPR Panel

    Gutfeld Ridicules NYT for Trying to Make an Old Trump Story a New Scandal

    Two steps forward and one step back won’t cleanse the Catholic Church–WaPo Editorial
    VP Pence tells Christian students to resist ‘secular left’
    Tells Liberty University crowd that Trump has their back


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  17. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers who are reading this chatboard. I want to share the thoughts of a friend who wished me a Happy Mother’s Day. It is poignant and touching, and I thought it would make your day, as it did mine.



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  18. Happy Mother’s Day from all of us to our Blessed Mother.
    and so very few people know about this special prayer so needed in these critical times.

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