The Challenge Before Us

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(I am out of town until Sunday. Perusing over some old articles, I thought this one – which I originally published on Dec. 31, 2014 – was worthy of a reprise. Interestingly, Susan Skinner – who writes the Veil of Veronica site, and I first met each other because we had basically the same vision of demons spewing out across the world on the same date. I have done some light editing, to fit it into a larger perspective rather than just for 2015. Many then were still looking for a plain roadmap. From the beginning I was telling people there is an ordinary way, but it is a hard way that requires your full engagement with fortitude and humility. Mine is a simple, ordinary way…but it is not an easy one. -CJ)

By Charlie Johnston

I meant everything I wrote (in my then-last post) about the Consecration of Russia. I believe it is accomplished and was fully accepted. But it would not surprise me or be at all inconsistent with how God works if the consecration turned out to be ongoing – and that there was to be a final consecration of Russia individually by name before the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. What I know is that God always accomplishes His will, sometimes through our stumbling efforts, sometimes despite them. So I don’t worry much about it.

Truth is, I had an ulterior motive. I have been deeply concerned with the visitation I briefly referenced from the early morning hours of December 20. In part of it I saw a great multitude of demons, spewing up as if from a great fountain and spreading across the whole earth. Their primary target, knowing their time is short, are those who are most overtly pious and faithful. If they can cause despair here, they can destroy many. Their primary method of causing despair is to reveal to the most overtly pious that things are not as they thought they were. Think here of the crucifixion. The apostles were scattered, for even though Jesus had warned them of this, it is not what they expected. They expected the triumphant re-establishment of a temporal kingdom. I frankly think even Judas thought that all his betrayal would do was force Christ to reveal His mighty power and establish the kingdom while putting the Romans to rout. This is why Judas despaired and killed himself: things were not like he thought and so he despaired of God, rather than of his own misinterpretation. Think of the pious friends of Job. They kept defending God’s honor to Job, who kept challenging and complaining of God. In the end, God was so angry with Job’s friends that He would not even hear their prayer – but made them go and ask Job to pray that they be forgiven. I saw that even the greatest are going to be sifted like wheat, shown that some things are not as they think. Because of it, some will despair of God.

Within the Church there is great freedom. You are not obliged to believe anything except that which is definitively revealed through Scripture and the Magisterium – and the Church is the authentic teacher of those truths. And on these things, it always irritates me to hear the phrase, “obliged to believe,” for in truth, we are actually privileged to know these things with certainty. On matters that have not been definitively taught, we are allowed room to ponder, study, speculate and propose what we will, so long as it does not lead people away from the safety of the faith. On matters of private revelation, even of approved private revelation, we are permitted to follow or ignore them as we will. The speculations of many saints and theologians have enriched the Church’s depth of understanding of the things of Christ through the ages. Every approved private revelation was once not approved…a few were even briefly condemned. These have enriched our understanding of how to respond to Christ’s invitation to salvation in particular times and places.

Yet, if you are the most brilliant and faithful person in the history of the Church, there are still many things you do not understand or misinterpret. St. Thomas Aquinas despaired of his efforts near the end of his life, when he was granted a vision of heaven – and then thinking all he had written was so much straw. Our ignorance is fine, so long as you understand that and hold tight to God, happy to be corrected when it is met, and happy to do your humble duty when it is not. But many, perhaps most, are not engaged with God. They are engaged with their expectations of what God is, an image they have erected in their minds. For the apostles, the image of God was of a glorious warrior who would set the Romans to flight and resurrect the temporal kingdom of Israel. When they saw Him die on a cross, confounding their expectations, they were scattered. For a time they despaired of God rather than shedding their erroneous expectations.

Many theologians are dismissive of anything not penetrated in their dusty cells and dustier tomes. They regard any who deal with spiritual things as ignorant fools. They think they have captured Christ in their meanderings. Many who advocate apparitions and private revelations think they have perfectly mastered the mind of God, that they are uniquely privy to His plan of salvation and feel it their duty to denounce any who dispute their interpretation. Many who run ministries are not involved with Christ or His people, but have set up little fiefdoms to give themselves more honor and glory in this life. They are not so engaged with the people of God as they are with their dreams of the statues they think will be erected in their honor. Many who have been called to be Shepherds are more interested in protecting their sinecures than they are in feeding the Lord’s sheep. Among all of these, it is not black and white. Many who have deceived themselves actually do some very good things and preach good homilies as a fig leaf to cover their central animating vanity. They think they have tamed Christ. But like Aslan in the Narnia series (who was an image of Christ) the Lord is a Good Lion, but He is not a Tame Lion. Satan has been given leave to prove us all, to find if our love of the image of God we have erected in our minds, which is a vanity, is greater than our love of God. If it is, we will despair of God when we are shown how much we are wrong about, rather than jettisoning our errors.

Meantime, all the Bishops, even the Pope, if they love playing at the role of politician while neglecting their role of shepherd, will be tried as if by fire. All the laymen and politicians who love playing at being Bishops will suffer the same – though most of the politicians have already been exposed as the impotent irrelevancies they are in the last few years.

If you reacted to any suggestion that your interpretation might not be correct with an edge of bitterness, you will be tried. If you choose to edit out facts which counter your favored position in order to bolster your beliefs, rather than fully considering all that you know, you will be severely tried.

I ask you to remember that the most Scripturally knowledgeable men when Christ came were overwhelmingly arrayed against Him. Those who knew the words of the prophets the best were the most eager to condemn Christ as a fraud. Confronted with the reality of God, they chose to hold fast to their expectation of God and condemn the Real Thing. It was not merely some who did this; it was the overwhelming majority. Those who knew the most, those who were the most overtly pious were overwhelmingly those who were the most virulently hostile to Him. What makes you think we have changed so much? Or that you are exempt? To know carries with it grave responsibility – and grave danger – for it is always a source of temptation to believe you have penetrated the very mind of God. Those who loved and followed Jesus with enthusiasm were almost entirely those who did not pretend to know much of anything, except the hardness of their lives – and the despair of being oppressed by both their Roman overlords and the religious authorities who collaborated with them. To contemplate this is to begin to understand how dangerous knowledge can be. Seek wisdom.

I write this not to chide anyone. We have much freedom in the faith. I do not know who merely defends their position with vigor while ready to accept whatever corrections God sends and who has gotten completely involved with their own expectations of what God

Our Sure Defense

must be. I gave a few stiff arms in the debate on that column, too. But if you look at yourself in serious examination, you will know. A bitter edge is perhaps the most obvious sign that you are not where you need to be. Rather, I write this so that you will not be taken unawares – and when your trial comes, you will not despair of God, as Judas did, but will despair of your own frailty as Peter did, and resolve to love more and unto death. Then, the satan will suffer a serious reversal, for all he will have accomplished is to burn away some of the dross that impedes the purity of your soul.

I used this method, because the Lord often used it on me – and still occasionally does. As anyone who knows me well can attest, I can easily go off into a rant. For nearly two decades, I made unwarranted assumptions from bits I was given, turned out to be terribly wrong in my interpretations, and God let me suffer the embarrassment that my brashness reaped. In time, I quit running off to obvious assumptions – or even secondary assumptions – from what I was told. I assumed far less and listened and pondered far more. Through this prolonged and often humiliating gauntlet, I learned to see a little more clearly from the eyes of eternity. Even now, it pleases the Lord to show me on a fairly regular basis where I have misinterpreted what I was told or shown. In the visitation I speak of, I was corrected of one misinterpretation I have long held – and shown what is potentially another. But it doesn’t matter. Even with my priests, I have been careful to note what is my interpretation and what is the raw message I am given. I know how stumbling and foolish I am…and solely because of my training, I am less stumbling and foolish than most. I have told you what I think of the consecration of Russia. But if it pleases the Lord to prove me wrong, it will not slow me a bit…for I know that is not my responsibility, even though I am free to speculate on it. And I know that His will is always accomplished:

“For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven,

and return not thither but water the earth,

making it bring forth and sprout,

giving seed to the sower and bread to the eater,

so shall my word be that goes forth from my mouth;

it shall not return to me empty,

but it shall accomplish that which I purpose,

and prosper in the thing for which I sent it.” – Isaiah 55:10,11

If it would shake you to find that your interpretation of the consecration, or any other matter not defined by the Church, was wholly wrong, you have a rough time ahead of you. It does not matter whether you turn out to be right or wrong, but whether your reliance is in God rather than in your expectations.

Fortunately, there is a sure way to avoid this sort of trial, the way of simplicity, humility and abandonment. Remember, after the resurrection Jesus repeatedly asked St Peter if he loved Him. Peter was getting frustrated at having to repeatedly assure the Master. And each time he did make the assurance, the Lord told him to “feed My lambs.” If you want to be sure of staying in the will of the Lord, abandon all vanity and take the simple way: Acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around you. I hope this helps you to gird your loins. Heaven knows I have told you true on the matter.

I will close with a phrase I did not think much about when I first wrote it, but have come to think was deeply inspired: “As you look at your life, you cannot measure it by the books published, the soup kitchens worked, the refuges built – though if you can do those things, they are good. Rather, you must judge it from the perspective of the hope you inspired, the peace you spread, the joy you engendered, the love you kindled – for these are the sure marks of the Kingdom and of God. All else is detail.”

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  1. Thank you, Charlie. Isn’t it amazing to see how ever more deeply we’re living – and need to ponder – what you began writing about more than a few years ago? This piece is laden with rich material for a Lenten self-examination.

    All of it is worthy of contemplation, yet, most foundational, I think, is this: “But many, perhaps most, are not engaged with God. They are engaged with their expectations of what God is, an image they have erected in their minds.” To courageously ask God to gently reveal to us our misconceptions about Him and, then, to seek Him as He is, knowing that we’ll never ever plumb the depths of Who He is, could fill meditation spaces throughout this entire Lenten Journey… and beyond.

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    1. The more I think I know, the more God humbles me and then I begin to realize I know NOTHING…and am nothing…Jesus, I trust in you💖 what a journey.

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      1. I hear you Linda and there is too much truth in your sentiments and statements. In my healing process, in my disabled state, my world has taken on new challenges. I sleep off and on in bits and pieces. This night, I woke up from my late evening naps from a series of disturbing dreams that left me with feelings of despair, feelings intense but all too real that I have to unwind and restore my sense of reality. I see this as part of the satan’s and his dominions mode of attack, to attack and distort our feelings, the core of who we are. (Do not be amazed, a man who understands feelings.) From the book, “The inner child of your mind” ( I don’t remember the author’s name.) that I read in my greatest learning era of my 20’s, it says that every feeling you ever have is more indelibly recorded in your memory than any thought you’ll ever have. Blessed, or cursed, with a great memory, I retain much of what I have learned.
        I remember from the old school that humility requires us to recognize that we are nothing, etc. etc. In my early 20’s, I used to work and play chess with an American who grew up in Japan and was a Buddhist. One noon, he said to me, “Why are you always putting yourself down?” I replied, “I am trying to practice humility.” To which he replied, “That is not humility.” I paused for a moment and out of my mouth came “You are right. Humility is truth.”
        When I heard that, I knew it was true and had come from the Holy Spirit. I have spent a lifetime understanding what that means starting with recognizing that I am a child of God with gifts and strengths and weaknesses for which I am responsible for. Secondly, I must recognize this in others as well. We must never lose sight of the dignity that God has given us and stand up and fight with all our strength, especially in these challenging times. Of course truth also requires us to guard against self-engrandizement and self delusion and to share the truth given us with others.
        You are right in saying that the bottom line is that our limitations require us to trust in God who is the source of all the good that we are blessed with.
        May God bless you and all here as the Storm intensifies and we must prepare for even greater challenges and TRUST in God.

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        1. Linda I forgot I wanted to tell you that an important lesson I learned along the way is that you have to respect yourself and your feelings in being a good parent to the inner child of your mind. You cannot force your feelings to do your bidding but you can gently guide them. When no one else can, you can offer that child caring, love, and understanding,

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        2. Just a sojourner that what you replied to me is so profound and so deeply appreciated. ..I’m going to re-read it many times and digest it slowly. God bless you so much and thank you for being a sign of hope to me. Despair is a tRicky thing. Often when I feel it I wonder if someone out there is suicidal and I offer it to Jesus if it would please Him to help lift another close to the brink. Very tricky stuff though. As you say. ..we just hAve to keep trudging forward with our eyes on Christ. God save all herr🤗

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          1. Linda Your response prompts me to share another experience from my life. At one point in my life after I had learned the source of my depression from an excellent counselor and he was no longer available, I began to experience feelings that made no sense. I could not tell where they were coming from. Most confusing and disturbing. I searched for a new counselor to help me but after giving three counselors three visits each and finding no connection with any of them. Knowing they could not help me, I gave it up and decided to just accept it and put it into the hands of God. I stopped fighting it and my peace of mind returned. Some short time later, I came upon an article that explained what being called to be an intercessor consisted of. I recognized immediately that that was the answer and was later able to identify who the principal person was and why. Initially, I just prayed for whoever was struggling with the feelings whether it was me or someone else that they should have the help and comfort they needed. A long story made short. Some day you might even learn “the rest of the story.”
            I hope this too may be of some help. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide and protect all here in ASOH.

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            1. I wrote the above quickly and with little time available and I see I left out important elements. When I prayed for whoever needed prayer, the feelings went away, a sign to me verifying it was indeed a call for intercessory prayer. Once I was sure I knew it was someone I was connected to from the depths of my heart, I would call them and offer uplifting support. I learned a year later when they moved back into the area, that each time I called, they were indeed in need of prayer. I encourage your instinct to pray for anyone you sense is in need of prayer, especially in case of suicide. May God continue to bless and guide you Linda and all here.

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              1. Just….I’ve also picked up odd, sad or anxious feelings that I have also come to realize that are NOT mine but belong to someone in need of prayer…I pray right then and there, and like you said, the feeling lifts. It often happens in public places like grocery stores or walking along a sidewalk around people. I also experience odd pains every few months in the evening when I got to bed…pains that I have come to realize are not my pains, but some kind of intercessory time for someone else…stomach cramping, terrible heartburn, etc…which will last for 2-6 hours, during which I pray in a variety of ways, and after which I finally fall asleep and wake up refreshed, even with a short night’s sleep. What a privilege to serve the Lord and His kingdom in so many ways.

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            2. Thank you so much Just a Sojourner. This is an encouragement! Do you sometimes feel called to pray for souls in danger and even feel the weight of their sin(s) as if you are in their shoes? I wonder it this is so they can be prayed for with a heart of mercy. When this happens, there is a begging of the Lord’s mercy, as it feels like the person’s situation is one’s own. It is overwhelming how much suffering some people are going through. We all need each other so much to help carry our crosses together. Thank you again for sharing!!

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  2. Thanks for reposting, Charlie. Asking for prayers for my husband, Tom. He had prostate biopsies taken this morning. Won’t know results for a week. Many thanks!

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  3. Thanks Charlie. The Consecration was completed but it was late. Our Lady said, “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, and she shall be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world.”

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  4. Charlie, Beckita,
    Your last posts, Time for Heroes and Church Needs a Pentecost and this, The Challenge Before Us have left me stammering and stumbling for words to express my gratitude and love for you and your great wisdom, knowledge, love and teachings. Sooo much rih food to contemplate!

    I prefer to live in the dark light of faith rather than have visions, locutions and extraordinary mystical experiences which are very difficult to interpret and place great responsibility upon the visionary. Jesus said, to whom much is given, much will have to be accounted for.

    The essence of God is incomprehensible and always will be in eternity. We finite human beings haven’t got a clue as to WHO GOD IS or WHAT GOD IS. We cannot put God in a box and can’t take Him out whenever we want to. To my way of thinking, we have only abandonment to the Divine Providence of God Who is All, in all. God bless all here with love, peace and joy!

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    1. So true, Joseph. Lots and lots to absorb and ponder. While, as you say, we have not a clue as to ALL of what and who God is, Jesus surely gave us an amazing window into some of the dimensions of His Father. And even though we’ll never completely know and understand God, how glorious are His many attributes which His Holy Word proclaims.

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      1. Thank you Beckita for correcting my omission of “Jesus’ amazing window into some of the dimensions of His Father” and the glorious attributes of God. I treasure your presence on ASOH which is a gift and a blessing to all.

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  5. I so confirm this; has been my own reflection since Tuesday.
    My own struggle is with the requirement of living what I am given ( graces, insights); even though experience proves I interpreted correctly!

    Still, somehow helpful to me is this quote given by my spiritual mentor: They may; you may not.

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  6. Thanks for the post Charlie. I want to say something frank about where I am at. Maybe this is an example of how not to be, but here it is. I have soul searched for many years and tend to be a deep thinking, gentle person. I have been devoted to the Lord and lived a basically chaste life, even though my generation is corrupt beyond measure. I started to take my faith real seriously in 2014 when I met a living saint in Romania, while I was working in the Oil and Gas industry. She is a Sister of Mercy, a Mother Teresa type figure. I consecrated myself, spent a lot of time doing charity work, read a lot of spiritual books, prayed countless rosaries, fasted, discerned the priesthood, spent spare time in eucharistic adoration etc. etc. My spiritual life was active, and mostly joyful and I was spoiled with sweetness in prayer and even rare experiences I cannot describe. I would pass though a little crisis from time to time being strengthened by it. Our Lady was involved in my life in an extraordinary way, guiding me I believe, during this time of conversion. I felt a called to change careers and ended up moving to Kentucky to pursue nursing. There, I increased my devotion and managed to make it through an intensive 1-year nursing program and start a new career as a nurse. On one hand it is the worst job on the planet. The work is disgusting, the intellectual load is overwhelming, the patients are ungrateful, the family members are often devilish and the very medical interventions aimed to help are often futile or harmful. The coworkers don’t give you the time of day (there is no time to, it seems) and the doctor’s create living hell for patients and you, as a nurse, get to be the spearhead of that hell. On the other hand, it is a vocation and you will see yourself die daily and Jesus rise in your place to get the job done and to be present to those suffering and to be a Sign of Hope. It is physically and psychologically taxing to the point where you find yourself almost unable to lift your heart up to the Lord in Mass. Your face hardens slowly and instances of joy become less frequent. You become jaded, like an overworked horse, and you reluctantly pray yet another rosary and read yet another Mark Mallett post or SignofHope post or Bible verse. Of course, you ought to pray out of love first rather than a sense of duty and you should pray with the heart joyfully as Our Lady of Medjugorje tells us, but I’m just telling it like it is. Thirty now, living alone as always, working a job that destroys my spirits and health, the Lord has thwarted all my efforts at finding a spouse, at this point, sadly, I find myself exhausted by the thought of romance or supporting a family even though that is what I always hoped for. Knowing everything thing that comes to me is pure love, facetiously I wish God would stop treating me like this. I really think a wife would be a good idea or maybe a friend even. But no, he keeps me to himself, in obscurity, and then he abandons me. Also, I must say, that I certainly notice this eruption of demons you mentioned. I am nearly constantly accompanied by the thought of how delightful it would be to simply die. I practically fantasied about it at times. I am nearly constantly accompanied by negative thinking of other sorts too. I am a bundle of anxiety now. The anxiety is so bad that I often have trouble breathing. And my mind races relentlessly. You can forget about restful sleep. It is almost as though I am in the constant company of the devil. I may be. My days are marked by loneliness, anxiety, fatigue and general feelings of purposelessness and a desire for death. It’s a pity because I used to have a real zest for life! Now, I have a fake zest for life. The Lord allows for breaks in the clouds occasionally to keep me going and joy arises again, but mostly I am miserable. In this state of mind, reading Job is a consolation and reading God’s response to Job gives me a good laugh. If you right Charlie, we haven’t seen nothing yet. I hope that I am going through this now, so that later I may be spared this state of mind when a real physical crisis arises. That way I actually I can be a sign of hope. I’m not in despair, but i can get close. I’m certainly not all lovey dovey smiling in pray like I used to be, (ought to be? Not sure.). Thanks for hearing me out.

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    1. Well, Landom, by your narrative I feel confident that you have successfully found how intense it is to be all in. That is good – but way disorienting for anyone when they first find the price of real fortitude. I am somewhat heartened by your story. But now, you need to figure out how to manage this, when it is clear you have figured out that, despite your best intentions, it is way beyond your ability.

      You can’t control the outcomes in such a disordered culture. If that is your goal, you are utterly doomed to failure. You can only control inputs…AND you have to acknowledge your helplessness. I was in a similar situation about a quarter century ago. I had tried and tried in an incredibly complex intense situation – and I was losing my peace entirely over my inadequacy. Then finally, I just recognized that it was impossible – that I could not do it. So I resolved I would do the very best I could, quit worrying about it, and trust the God of the gaps to fill in my huge inadequacies. That was a real turning point for me. Slowly, things completely turned around and grace abounded. No, I was no more competent than I had been…but I no longer demanded that everything be okay and just simply because I wanted it to be so. I did the very best I could…I learned to laugh and play again and not to obsess over all the ugliness. I just had a little part, that was entirely inadequate, but I could do my part to the best of my ability – and I did it a lot better if I could accept whatever came, good or bad, and laugh and enjoy again. You will not unsee the ugliness around you, but you can be content to do the little you can – and see the joy (while helping others see the joy – something you can’t do if you wear yourself down to nothing). Without giving up your purpose (which many do) trust the God of the gaps to cover what needs to be covered…and carry on. You will find sweeter joy in the midst of this than you were ever capable of experiencing when you were imagining it was going to be a blue clouds experience if you were just committed enough. Never will be. You cannot conquer the darkness yourself, but you can throw off a little light. That is enough – and don’t be so miserly that you don’t enjoy some of that light yourself. You are on the verge of becoming a friend of God. Don’t stop now.

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      1. Landon I am inspired to share with you what little I have. In one of those little one day parish retreats a couple years ago, that common theme came up again that they felt called by God to do something big but they did not know what it was. To which I responded, “How often have we gotten feedback that some little thing we said or did had meaningful impact on someones’ lives?” “Even if we never get to do that big thing, the many little things may be what God is calling us to that will have a big impact.” I am sure that in your life as a nurse you often touch peoples’ lives in meaningful ways by all that you do.
        I am sure we all have those things in our lives “we cannot describe.” One time, I heard, very distinctly, the words, “Suffering not offered up to heaven falls back on the earth like so much litter.” (litter not being a word I would have used.) With it came an infusion of knowledge that the degree with which we struggle against suffering degrades its merit and that the degree with which we accept the suffering God chooses to send us increases its merits. In response to that experience, I added to my morning prayers ever since, “I offer up all the prayers, acts, joys and sufferings of this day, unless otherwise designated, for….”
        May the Holy Spirit console you, comfort you, bless you and guide you.

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        1. JUST A SOJOURNER Thank you so much. I will take these words to heart. They do strike a cord with me. This subject is where I need a spiritual director.

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      2. “You cannot conquer the darkness yourself, but you can throw off a little light. That is enough”

        Think if we each gave the light we could….

        while ‘ resting in a little of the light’ to regroup.

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      3. Charlie, Thank you for the direction and wise words. I count them as gold, as grace. You helped me with something big. I am so grateful. Between you, Victura98 and Beckita I have an idea of how to adjust course in this Lenten season. I am blown away by the responses and Love. I will be praying for you guys.

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    2. Landom, I am so moved by your raw honesty. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and reaching out with courage. I will keep you and your intentions close to my heart in prayer. ❤

      My sister and goddaughter are nurses and it surely takes a special sort of person with great gifts to do such work, especially in this day and age. I've worked in healthcare in other capacities and do believe that in due time, the field of medicine and healthcare will be more gratifying then ever.

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      1. This is what stands out to me: “I have soul searched for many years and tend to be a deep thinking, gentle person.”
        And ” working a job that destroys my spirits and health, ”
        You staying in that job is like a woman staying with an abusive husband

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        1. For the sake of…, I disagree. My own experience has proven that challenges existed in every chosen vocation private doctor, clinic, Catholic hospitals, corporate, my own practice, etc. Being able to be joyful despite the circumstance has been a saving grace. ❤

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    3. Wow Landon.
      It reminds me of what Thomas Sowell said on Dennis Prager’s March 13 program, how he said he knew doctors who would no longer advise going into that profession due to the bureaucracy.
      You are unencumbered! Go to Jamaica, where your skills are desperately needed (actually I meant to say Haiti)

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      1. This is a segeway to a prayer request: for my overworked doctor daughter in law, who is due to give birth in a few weeks. ( first grandchild my late husband won’t see on this side of eternity:(

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    4. A prayerful, scholarly, articulate spiritual director could be the greatest blessing for you in decades, and alleviate tremendous burdens from your soul. It’s far too complicated a subject to explain adequately in a tiny comment, but please consider the idea, if you have not done so already. A good spiritual director can help a soul discover joy (entirely from Christ’s presence) in every circumstance of life, even amidst great suffering.

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      1. Victura98, Thank you for the Fatherly advice. I have long procrastinated trying to find a spiritual director. I will take that step in the coming weeks. I appreciate your kind words. And Beckita tells me you are a priest. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work. Thank you for being my life line and feeding my soul in all that you do.

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    5. Oh, Landon. Our world, both in and out of the medical field, IS an absolute mess. Charlie and Victura have offered you pristine wisdom. I pray you grab their lifelines. I hope that you might not only read but contemplate Charlie’s words before the Blessed Sacrament, allowing the Lord to lead you in healing your inner world. (And, I believe, each of us, constantly, needs this kind of inner renewal due to the often brutal circumstances of living in these times.)

      Not sure if you’re aware, but Victura is a priest who has also given you critical counsel here. When life gets so dark, a good spiritual director is, often, essential for accompanying us and guiding us out of the life-sucking vortex of being overwhelmed.

      If you have the time to read, a book filled with sage gems – prayers and ways of shaping our thinking, for our thinking so often leads our feelings – is Fr. Spitzer’s: The Light Shines on in the Darkness: Transforming Suffering through Faith (Happiness, Suffering, and Transcendence).

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      1. Thank you Beckita. I will take your advice. You broke my heart with your kind attention, words aimed at my heart.
        With much love and gratitude,

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        1. Glad you reached out here, Landon. SO many have gone through or are going through the carrying of the cross as are you now, albeit with differing circumstances and details. Sometimes, it’s too easy to isolate when the going gets tough and, often, a deep connection is forged as we each pick up our own crosses and carry them while also being willing to be an angel in another’s Garden of Gethsemane moment or Simon or Veronica. Love and gratitude for you and your presence here.

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    6. “some men of the world had left me feeling quite depressed one day with all their noisy wrangling.
      In their business dealings they try, as a rule, to make us pay what we obviously do not owe them. In my grief I retired to a quiet spot congenial to my mood, where I could consider every unpleasant detail of my daily work and review all the causes of my sorrow as they crowded unhindered before my eyes.

      I sat there for a long time in silence and was still deeply dejected when my dear son, the deacon Peter, came in. He
      had been a very dear friend to me from his early youth and was my companion in the study of sacred Scripture. Seeing
      me so sick at heart he asked, ‘Have you met with some new misfortune? You seem unusually sad.’

      ‘Peter,’ I replied, ‘this daily sadness of mine is always old and always new: old by its constant presence, new by its
      continual increase. With my unhappy soul languishing under a burden of distractions, I recall those earlier days in the monastery where all the fleeting things of time were in a world below me, and I could rise far above the vanities of life. Heavenly thoughts would fill my mind, and while still
      held within the body I passed beyond its narrow confines in contemplation. Even death, which nearly everyone regards as evil, I cherished as the entrance into life and the reward
      for labor.

      ‘But now all the beauty of that spiritual repose is gone, and the contact with worldly men and their affairs, which
      is a necessary part of my duties as bishop, has left my soul defiled with earthly activities. I am so distracted with external occupations in my concern for the people that even when
      my spirit resumes its striving after the interior life it always does so with less vigor. Then, as I compare what I have lost with what I must now endure, the contrast only makes my present lot more burdensome. I am tossed about on the waves of a heavy sea, and my soul is like a helpless ship buffeted
      by raging winds. When I recall my former way of life, it is as though I were once more looking back toward land and sighing as I beheld the shore. It only saddens me the more to find that, while flung about by the mighty waves that carry me along, I can hardly catch sight any longer of the harbor I have left.

      ‘Such, in fact, is generally the way our mind declines. First we lose a prized possession but remain aware of the loss; then as we go along even the remembrance of it fades, and
      so at the end we are unable any longer to recall what was once actually in our possession. That is why, as I have said,
      when we sail too far from shore, we can no longer see the peaceful harbor we have left. At times I find myself reflecting with even greater regret on the life that others lead who have totally abandoned the present world. Seeing the heights these men have reached only makes me realize the lowly state of my own soul. It was by spending their days in seclusion that most of them pleased their Creator. And to keep them from dulling their spiritual fervor with human
      activities, God chose to leave them free from worldly occupations.’”

      Dialogues of Pope St. Gregory the Great

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    7. Landon, Praying for St.Raphael and St. Joseph to bring you Christian friends and a holy spouse. Our parish priest has noticed an increase of s atan worship when he visits prisoners, so as he’s making the rounds he softly sings The Ave Maria refrain, (from Immaculate Mary), under his breath; and it helps his disposition to stay positive.

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      1. Oh! Let us remember this, Maggie’s Priest, in prayer; especially united with him as he makes his prison rounds.

        St Michael, John Vianney, and Joseph and Raphael, do intercede for him, and us! ( and Fr. Amorth)

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    8. Landon, your….. “extraordinary, rare experiences, mostly joyful spiritual life with sweetness in prayer..led by Our Lady in an extraordinary way”… was preparation for your suffering the Way of the Cross in your life situation. God showers His extraordinary gifts, graces and blessings on a chosen soul in the beginning of his spiritual life. But then God leads the soul into the Way of the Cross. You should have a spiritual director. If at all possible, choose one who is experienced and knowledgeable in the mysticism of St. John of the Cross. God bless you with His Peace, Love and Joy.

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    9. What I have not quite been able to verbalize in last several posts is how even as I embrace the situations and have visible success with them; new ones come so fast and furiously I am overwhelmed and: tempted to angry, severe judgment of how many of us are not sharing their light.
      But I know that’s God’s problem…
      And can hear my Director’s voice, yes, saying that something within must still need healing…
      So the human condition still looks like a darned if ya do darned if ya don’t – we’re unhappy if we succeed as well as if we don’t!
      But yes, Landon, I’d rather be happy seeing results; and am glad you notice God provides the relief of joyous moments.

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      1. “And can hear my Director’s voice, yes, saying that something within must still need healing…”
        How true for all of us.

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    10. Landon, my mother was a BSN. In her last years of employment in the late 1980s, she often felt as you do. It was a heavy cross which God allowed to her. Then God allowed a heavier cross: At the age of 49, she had a stroke that left her partially paralyzed, partially blind, and without the ability to read, write, or speak. At 59, she had a second stroke which further compromised her vision. At 67 she had a devastating reaction to chemotherapy treatment for cancer, and she spent the last 2 1/2 years of her life in hospitals and sub-acute facilities. In the midst of these health-related sufferings, she was received into the Catholic Church. She spent her last years offering her sufferings to God for her family, for her friends, and for anybody who needed it. And through it all, she never lost her smile or her joy.

      In the midst of her sufferings, and even because of her suffering, she touched more people than I’ll ever know this side of heaven. At a recent funeral for a family friend, a lady that I hadn’t seen in 40 years made a point of speaking to me of the influence that my mother had on her life. She was a BSN who had worked with my mom almost 5 decades ago.

      I don’t think Mom had a clue that she was so deeply touching the lives of those around her. She just acknowledged God, tried to take the next right step, and was a sign of hope to those around her. I know without a doubt that I am a better person because of her influence on me. My dad, my husband, my siblings, and their spouses would undoubtedly say the same.

      I tell you all this because I bet you’re kind of like my mom. I bet you’re touching the lives of innumerable people without even realizing it. Perhaps 5 decades from now, a former co-worker or former patient will walk up to one of your kids and say, “Landon’s example really touched my life and helped me become a better person.” So, don’t “waste” even a second of your hardships or your sufferings. With love, offer them to Jesus through Mary; and unite them to His sufferings and death. And when you get to the other side, myriad souls will thank you for what your offering did for them.

      Are you familiar with Father Michael Gaitley, MIC? He has written several books, all of which are excellent. But the three which have most profoundly affected me are “Consoling the Heart of Jesus,” “33 Days to Morning Glory,” and “33 Days to Merciful Love.” Used paperback copies can be found inexpensively online (you can get all three for under $20 total, including shipping). If you can find the time to read them, they’ll change your life.

      God bless you, Landon. I will keep you, your needs, and your intentions in my prayers; and I’ll ask my mother. 🙂

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      1. Landon, I meant to end with, “I’ll ask my mother to pray for you, too.” Proofreading is our friend, and I clearly need to get better acquainted. 🙂

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      2. Wow, Mick! Thank you for enriching us all with this story about your mother. Brings me g.r.e.a.t. comfort to think of you asking your dear mom to intercede for us here. This story also helps me understand a compelling dimension of why you’re such a woman of deep prayer and great love. Coming to know your mom through you, in this way, gives evidence that the expression: “like mother, like daughter” fittingly describes your mother and you. So, may I ask… was she as bubbly, crazy fun-loving and humorous as you? 🙂

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        1. Beckita, thank you for your kind words about my mom and me. Regarding your question, I’m giggling to myself because, well… imagine me on steroids, and that was my mom! Put us side by side, and she would make me look like an energy-less, pessimistic, wallflower, dour, witless, lazy slug. And believe me, I am not engaging in hyperbole.

          She had twice the brains and education that I have, and many times more tenacity, guts, and holiness. Even before she got sick, she was a woman of faith and prayer; but her suffering turned her into a WARRIOR. She was not a woman to be trifled with when it came down to doing battle for souls.

          I remember one time when I was in law school, bellyaching about how hard some of my classes were. And then suddenly I thought of my mom who, only a handful of years before, had been in a coma and completely paralyzed from her stroke. I was utterly ashamed at my self-pity as I remembered how she had struggled to be able to move one finger, and then one hand, and then one leg, and ultimately to learn to walk again with a quad cane–all while keeping her faith, joy, and humor. Whenever I get discouraged about the difficulty of something I’m facing, I just think of my mom; and with a memory and a prayer, my courage is renewed.

          I’m so grateful to have her as a special intercessor; and since she always made a point of loving my friends like crazy, I know that she is interceding for all of us here at TNRS-ASOH. Now, if only she’d pray us up some warmth and sunshine…. 🙂

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          1. Tears streaming here, Mick. God bless Beautiful You and God bless your Beautiful Mama.
            PS Holy Party Zone heaven must be since your mother is you on steroids!!!
            PPS Can’t wait to meet her.

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            1. “Can’t wait to meet her.” Why wait? Just introduce yourself now; she’ll be happy to know you. 🙂

              P.S. Her name is Toni, just so you can address her properly. “Hi, Mick’s mom” would work, but…. 🙂

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      3. Thank you Mick, It means so much to me to here the personal stories of your mother. I can imagine that she was a wonderful nurse and person. Thank you for your prayers. I will be praying for you too. I have read the books you mentioned and they certainly had an impact on my life. (I surely need to revisit them.) Thanks again, I feel like I discovered a bunch of loving family members by writing that post.

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        1. Thank you very much for your prayers, Landon. And you’re right: you have discovered a bunch of loving family members. 🙂

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      4. Well my goodness, Mick! Thank you for sharing about your incredibly amazing and beautiful Mom! What a witness she was. I’m sure she’s smiling on all of us. And.. I love Fr. Gaitley, too! Great recommendation.

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        1. Kim, thanks for your kind words about my mom. And regarding the incredible Fr. Gaitley: Charlie mentioned (and I paraphrase) how in the direst times, God always raises up some great saints to help lead the faithful. I believe that Fr. Gaitley is one such.

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    11. Landon, I got soooooo much from reading your post…I’m in that darkness too currently but not at all as saintly as you. My son is an er nurse and his wife too…they bought an rv and travel in their careers, currently in edmonds Washington state. They love nurse traveling. I’m going to start praying for you that God lifts ur darkness. Lately I’ve felt that deep despair thing u talk about & somehow, I just faintly offer it up to God. I know He is pruning me in many ways. He has too because I’m such a mess…lol…hang in there kiddo…in my small unimportant way, I’ll be praying for you very much. Btw…we are trying to take care of our 93 yr old mom who still lives alone (my hubby mom) who won’t bathe…oh my nurses are HEROES in my eyes🤗

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      1. Thank you for the kind words. I am going to be praying for you too! And best of luck with your Hubby’s mom. That can be so difficult. I see families going through it often. 🙂

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    12. Welcome to the faith.

      God breaks us. There is no sugar coating it.

      Be honest with Him as you are with us.

      He is true.

      No one can do this for you. It is you and the Lord.

      He is true.

      God bless you. He is leading you now.

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    13. Hi Landon. I hear ya, brother.

      Pretty quickly into my new position as an RN, I found myself bitterly protesting: “Hey, I did NOT sign up for this cr@p!” The reality of nursing was nothing like I expected — it was inundated with annoying minutiae and overbearing requirements. The hours that had to be spent on redundant charting, time constraints, dealing with incompetent managers, gross inefficiencies, and a shortage of other reliable workers just seemed to pile-on the stress. For example, I was given 2 hours at the VA to get 150 medications into 20 patients, many with dementia. I was shoveling pills into my patients like a fireman shoveling coal into a steam locomotive going 88 mph. Ludicrous. That is NOT patient care and that is not what I wanted to do when I followed the call to become a nurse. By the end of my first year, I had worked the equivalent of 13 months in just 12. So I quit and found a different place to work.

      The burnout rate among doctors and nurses is high, as you know. I’d leave work late nearly every night because of charting, then I’d hit a bar in Sturgis between the hospital and my home….and promptly get smashed. I’d put away vodka shots and beer chasers in a couple hours, go home, sleep, then start the cycle over again the next day. Pouring through my bank statements, I discovered I had dropped thousand$ at the bar in 12 months. Because I didn’t have the obligation of a family, I was able to indulge in this dangerously unhealthy way.

      Now finishing up with NP school, I am still finding even more unappealing things. The other day when examining billing options, I said aloud, “I can’t stand healthcare.” The nurses around me laughed because I’m clearly invested “all in” by getting deeper into the field, but I was serious. Don’t misunderstand, I like and often love direct patient care, but this behemoth called “healthcare” is an ugly, complicated mess. Sadly, it’s a necessary part of being able to provide patient care at all. (God knows how much I miss being a volunteer at a hospice: I gave lots and lots of real care (albeit low-level) without the burden of charting and the other obligatory nonsense.)

      I shouldn’t complain too strongly, though: I believe the Lord wants me here, so I should bear the annoyances quietly and prayerfully. I could not do any of this without extensive spiritual assistance, namely from Jesus, Mary, and St. Joseph the Worker, and saints like Mother Teresa, Giuseppe Moscati, St. Dymphna, and Camillus de Lellis. Venerable Matt Talbot has been an inspiration to help curb my drinking, which is now under control.

      Sigh🙂. I’m looking forward to the day when we doctors and nurses can provide real health care once again, as Charlie foretells.

      Praying along with you, Landon. You’re on the right path.
      Patrick, RN.

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      1. Dear Patrick and Landon,
        You two get to see us smelly human beings at our worst, with everything coming out sideways including words. I tip my hat to you. You really are angels of mercy.

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      2. Dear Patrick Daniel,
        You have described my feelings exactly -and that was over 25 years ago. I carried a heavy heart into retirement for what I felt had often become a sham. Nursing became more concerned about the “paper work”, whether the plan of care was sufficiently detailed. We were taking care of the system at the expense of the person! We were more concerned about *&@! inspections. As a patient in recent years, I’ve seen a mixed bag. The most personal care came from aides. RNs focused on the wheel around computers, giving limited eye contact. And I’ve seen it with doctors, too.

        Nursing is an hands on profession, a giving of self. We seemed to have lost that focus. My most rewarding years were when nursing was hands on, heart on, with the sick, the wounded and the dying.

        Whew! Where did that all come from! Must have been holding something deep within. OK, rant over. Actually was blessed with a wonderful 29 years USAFNC career. A God given vocation, but that’s another story. I firmly believe all this shall pass and the passion and compassion will blossom again. [though my body will not be part of it]

        This post and comments are a blessing for me. Thanks Charlie, Beckita, et al.
        And prayers for peace and courage for you, Landon and Patrick Daniel.
        Sending love and hugs to all.

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        1. Beautiful, Judith: “Nursing is an hands on profession, a giving of self. We seemed to have lost that focus. My most rewarding years were when nursing was hands on, heart on, with the sick, the wounded and the dying.” SO beautiful!

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        2. Hi Judith. I thinks its contagious because Landon’s post got me fired up too.

          Thank you for saying that nursing is a “hands-on” profession: THAT is what I signed up for! We’ve really lost our focus since the pioneering days of Florence Nightingale (who I personally believe is a Saint). Nurse aides are on the front line of care and they actually provide most of the bedside nursing now. Some are incredibly good at spotting small, stage 1 ulcers well before they become a problem….which is awesome care. They may notice changes in a patient’s condition before we do because we’re busy sitting at a computer charting.

          Hmmm: Aides are often surrogates that serve as our hands and our eyes.

          29 years in the Air Force? Thank you for your service, Judith….that is quite a long career. What does the NC stand for? Right now I’m on Ellsworth AFB where my Women’s Health clinic rotation is. It’s kinda nice being on an air base again — there is a comfort and familiarity with the standardized layout of military communities. I do miss the sweet sound of F-16s and A-10s, though — Ellsworth is a quiet bomber base.

          Thanks for the <<>>! 🙂

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            1. Patrick, Sorry for the delayed response. You may never see it because of the time lag. Been really under the weather. Hard to type this out, so many corrections.
              Coding symbols all understood. ‘ NC’ = nurse corp. I know, go figure, right. 🙂 I love the “roar and zoom of the fighters, but my first love is the C-130. what a steady work horse!
              May Ellsworth always remain a quiet bomber base – but ever vigilant.
              God bless and more hugs. [I hear we need 3 a day to stay on an even keel, though that may be difficult in today’s culture].

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      3. “dealing with incompetent managers, gross inefficiencies, and a shortage of other reliable workers ”
        especially shortage of other reliable workers- just getting people to show up when they have a job.
        one of the arguments against raising minimum wage.
        Start out at minimum wage, then give raises to reliable workers.

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    14. Landon, I don’t believe in coincidences and I haven’t been to comment here in a while. On behalf of my sister I have been studying Annie Hopper’s Dynamic Neural Retraining System. It is not my intent to remove the blessings of your reparative suffering BUT your symptoms sound strikingly akin to a Limbic System Impairment that can be resolved in large part by remapping your brain. I am not selling anything. You can find more information here:

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  7. Despairing of God? We’ve earned our current world crisis whether we want to admit it or not, it doesn’t matter who has the majority of the blame, we all took part in some measure of this generation’s evils…

    I have despaired of this generation’s willful embrace of destruction and ignorance, as there’s no reasoning with that bunch. From the beginning of the Church, Christians were attacked, imprisoned, tortured, and murdered; Christians were not exempt from famines, poverty, wars, diseases, and natural disasters; why should this generation think they should not suffer like previous generations had to?

    Despair is not wanting to live a life of sin, but not wanting to live a lifetime of suffering & difficulties… The saints embraced suffering & difficulties instead of avoiding those.

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      1. I seen a math theory documentary yesterday called the “chaos theory”, and it went through the history of the past 100+ years of every-time a society tried to create a utopia, the result was everything was OK for the first little while, then a fall happened (wars started or economies crashed). By this reckoning, we’re destined for the greatest fall yet due to our current man made utopia based on technology & global economy.

        The conclusion of “chaos theory” is that a butterfly flapping it wings could eventually create a ripple causing a tornado later on. I disagree with this literal conclusion, but if the butterfly is a metaphor for human sin &/or the exclusion of the one true God, then it all makes more sense…

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    1. A couple of things Landon…….

      You may be asking yourself : Why me?

      Why am I singled out for this kind of treatment by God?

      Pope Benedict in his book Jesus of Nazareth discusses the concept of union with Christ. He has an interesting take on that. From the moment of his Incarnation Jesus was pointed to the Cross. The Incarnation and the Cross are connected. His WAY is the way to the Cross. The Passion and the Cross were necessary for Christ to embrace to fulfill his mission. When we seek to follow the Way, when we enter into union with Christ, we are drawn into emulating him and embracing our own Passion and Cross. Suffering. In suffering we join with Christ. In suffering. We become one with Christ in the Paschal sacrifice. Christ’s Eucharist prayer: This is my body which will be given up for you. This is my blood which will be poured out for you. The kicker: DO THIS! Do this in memory of me. Given up your body. Pour out your blood. For others. Like Christ did. In union with Christ.

      Imo, the DO THIS! part of the Eucharist prayer is greatly misunderstood and generally understated as The Way and as the path to union with Christ. Christ invites us to hang with him on the Cross. By laying down our lives for the sake of others and by pouring out our blood so that sins of the world can be forgiven. In other words by Loving. Mostly, those Do It words are mumbled by the Priest as an addendum kinda nice way to end the prayer rather than an invitation and command to EAT this bread and drink this wine. Embrace the suck is The Way to real union with Christ.

      From the moment we begin to sincerely seek a deeper friendship or union with Christ we are stepping on The Way and following Christ to the Cross. We are joining his Passion. Living his Passion. Gonna hang on a Cross. Some kind of Cross. Our own personal Cross. Some kind of suffering. We are going to DO THIS! in some fashion or other. As He invited us we are going to pick up our Cross and follow him to Calvary. And hang with him for awhile.

      It proves the old adage: Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it.

      Loving is a hard thing TO DO. Being nailed on a Cross is a hard thing. It’s a hard lonely place. It’s a suffering place. Christ promised us that if we follow The Way He will join us. Sometime right after Easter we are going to get the Gospel of the Last Supper Discourses. We are going to hear about the Vine and the Branches. About union with Jesus.

      John 14: 23:24

      “Jesus answered and said to him, “Whoever loves me will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our dwelling with him. Whoever does not love me does not keep my word; yet the word you hear is not mine but that of the Father who sent me.”

      John 15:

      “I am the true vine, and my Father is the vine grower. He takes away every branch in me that does not bear fruit, and everyone that does he prunes so that it bears more fruit.. You are already pruned because of the word that I spoke to you. Remain in me, as I remain in you. Just as a branch cannot bear fruit on its own unless it remains on the vine, so neither can you unless you remain in me. I am the vine, you are the branches. Whoever remains in me and I in him will bear much fruit, because without me you can do nothing ……. As the Father loves me, so I also love you. Remain in my love.
      If you keep my commandments, you will remain in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commandments and remain in his love ……. This is my commandment: love one another as I love you. No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. You are my friends if you DO what I command you ….. I have called you friends, because I have told you everything I have heard from my Father. It was not you who chose me, but I who chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit that will remain ….. this I command you: love one another.”

      Mark 16: 34

      ” And at three o’clock Jesus cried out in a loud voice “Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthami?” which is translated “My God, My God, why have you foresaken me?”

      The Way and the Cross is not an easy way. My God, why have you foresaken me? Jesus was praying Psalm 22. Landon you should read Psalm 22.

      When we join Christ in our own Passion we are praying Psalm 22 with him.

      So what do you do about the suffering you are experiencing on your own Cross? I would urge you to read Jeremiah 29: 4:14 in which God tells the suffering Jews in Exile in Babylon how to handle it.
      Answer? Tie a knot in it and hang on. Persevere to the end. Endure in patience. Live the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary. DO IT! Do the love. Embrace the suck of your Passion.

      Your response? Well, you might be a bit incredulous. YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT??!!!!! Hang on this Cross of suffering I am doing? Well, following The Way is not a pleasant stroll through a rose garden. God never promises us a rose garden. But wait there is more …. God assures us that he has a PLAN for us. it is a plan for our benefit and not for woe. Landon, read what’s in store for you
      when you embrace the suck and tie a knot in it and hang on in the midst of your suffering.

      You will be amazed. I promise you.

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      1. Stormtracker- All my life of Masses, I never took an insight to the words “Do This” as you have presented. “Do this” to me was always just the obvious, “eat my flesh and drink my blood so that you will have life within you…” But having always had the impression that every word uttered by God is multifaceted, I am invigorated (perhaps, I should say, “inebriated” ) by your “Imo” shared insight. TRUE Loving is a hard, hard, hard thing to do! While teaching children is not the medical field, I am struck by the similarities in these shared stories that drag the spirit so low that it can seem to only slither along in the filth and much of it’s daily duties…I hope I can remember it always, some really profound I sights are falling out of my head these days.

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  8. “They may; you may not”.
    Great quote Leslyek.
    It has to be so hard for most of us to realise we are just ordinary. Some of us in the world are so focused on making a name for themselves that they are going to extremes to do just that with outright fabrications, social media hype, pretending to be attacked, paying people to fake attack them and even mass murder- all with the hope to be noticed and make a name for themselves, even if through infamy! Madonna was one of the first pop stars to use this tactic because, as she said, “Bad press is still press!” Worked- made her rich and (in)famous.
    But we who are Godly understand that the name we want is one subservient to a Higher Power than ourselves. Those whom God chooses to be known are HIS chosen ones, not ours. So;
    We do not go where they go.
    We do not do what they do.
    We do not want what they want.
    We live the simple, mundane, day-to-day existence in perfect love of its righousness with the clear thought and hope of the true reward…ETERNAL , not momentary, happiness.

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    1. Thanks, Phillip.

      Boy, All, didn’t Charlie’s response to Landon take us right back to the homespun basics of what the next, right step is!

      Another trite one I live by is ‘pick your battles’ and recently after prayer decided to take on every other problem, at most. The problems make their way back again for addressing.
      And yes, laugh and have joy while not ‘unseeing’ what’s probably still there.

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  9. I had a situation this week where God the Father truly showed His care for me. Only He could have organised the whole circumstances!!!
    Through it He has made it very clear we are moving into a Mew Era. An Era where all we willseee God the Father as loving, merciful but firm Abba. The old image for many has been a stern,distant God. Very authoritarian and tough. The 1960s onwards and rebellion came. Now there is confusion…. But I believe we are coming to balance…. Truth and Love. Pope Francis is leading us into a new era ….however, it is a rocky, difficult trip. We are to be led by the Holy Spirit…. We are being transformed. We cannot be the same and live in yhe New Era. live in the Freedom of the new era of the Holy Spirit. Get rid of the letter of the law way…. To living the Spirit of the Law.

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    1. Sounds like a beautiful, refreshing experience with God the Father, Anne. We surely are traveling a rocky road in this transition. Not exactly sure of the meaning in “getting rid of the law way.” Certainly, living as a Pharisee is dangerous to the soul. At the same time, the expression of “living the Spirit of the Law” is exactly what has been invoked, since Vatican II, by those clergy and lay folks who have brought de facto schism into the Church with their agendas saturated in disobedience. Fr. James Martin SJ is a current primo example of such nonsense… beyond nonsense, teachers have a most grave responsibility for they lead souls, in promoting good or promoting evil. A balance must be struck which gives witness to the beauty, grace and truth of the Law expressed in unshakeable doctrine and dogma. We Catholics have been taught to LOVE the Teaching Magisterium which embraces BOTH Law and Spirit. Such as this is MOST pleasing to God the Father. In John 14:15 Jesus gives us a means of showing Him that we truly love Him… and it’s inextricably connected to the Law: “If you love me, keep my commands.”

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      1. Yes, balance is need. truth and love …. Not just rules but love with it. Not just love but truth. We have been guided by recent pope’s as we enter into the New Era. Now pope Francis continues. We don’t understand all aspects of this complex change but we are moving into an era of love.

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        1. Pope Francis does continue in that he sits in the Chair of Peter, yet we know, many are the good, solid, orthodox defenders of the faith in our times – both clergy and lay – who are taking pause at the actions of Pope Francis which are absolutely contrary to what the recent Popes did in their papacies. God Alone knows how many of Pope Francis’ actions are missteps, honest mistakes, and how much of what he has done is not comprised of mere missteps. Why oh why would a Pope appoint someone to a pontifical commission who doesn’t uphold moral Church teaching? Why oh why would a Pope refuse to engage with four Cardinals who had presented the dubia for discussion? (And such silence from a Pope who constantly gives encouragement to enage with others.) Why ever in the world would a Pope “rehabilitate” such a poor, dangerous and uber-sick prelate, now the former Cardinal and former priest, Theodore McCarrick? These glaring indiscretions cannot be simply ignored. I think to do so is imprudent. I respect your right to your view, Anne. I simply cannot skip over these problems with Pope Francis and say: Well, he IS the Pope. Nah. Church history has proven that a man holding the office of Pope can have serious spiritual problems which impact his ability to be a good Pope. Surely what does unite us is prayer, fasting and sacrificing for Pope Francis and all the hierarchy. God bless you, Anne.

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          1. Good, honest seeking from different perspectives.

            I don’t have the definitive answers any more than the next person, but one of the things I absolutely hold to is that we will eventually find what we are intent on. Whether we run headlong into it, slide to it, or simply reach it on that last shaky, but honest step uphill.

            Indeed, we’d be just fine if we kept the commandments. Because to do so would ‘say’ clearly that we love God with our whole mind, heart and soul… and our neighbor as ourself.

            Pondering such things, I think about the sixth commandment: you shall not murder. It’s the Law. Certainly we’ve all kept that one. Or have we? Oh, how many different ways to murder a person (more or less slow or fast) with the myriad oppressive/domineering ways of the world. How about murdering a reputation? In thus manner I consider the Spirit of the Law. Yes, there must be this balance. Jesus had some harsh words for the Priests of His day, but I also recall from sacred Scripture that His harshest words (IMO) were directed at His followers.

            I had shared that Shire-like image from the desert recently, but like all things it’s just a snippet from that small moment… that journey. As lush and vibrant as it was in that particular spot, I caught the distinct smell of coyote (maybe a pack) there but could not see him (them). A horrid, gamey smell… something like large wet dogs that keep a bad diet.

            What of it? Had God willed it my Guardian Angel could have pointed coyote out to me, or described him and his habits in great detail. Fact is I wasn’t out there looking for coyote, though. I had an entirely different purpose and stuck to it (even though that and each day is always one big unfolding surprise).

            I take away solid hope that many are honestly seeking as part of this journey, patient with myself and others that a big part of that rocky and tumultuous process is getting intent on the right thing(s).

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            1. So true, MP, that an expanded understanding of keeping the commandments is a worthy reflection. I’ve seen some exams focused on the seven deadly sins but, mostly, there are a wealth of resources developed such as this one which aid in examining ourselves.

              As for the seeking and sharing of different perspectives, I always appreciate this Comment Policy which Charlie instituted at the inception of TNRS. We can disagree and hold each other in good will. We can.

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              1. Of course we hold each other and all in good will, and as you say, that means we can comfortably share and consider different perspectives… including disagreements. Do you actually want me to review the comments policy? Is there a perceived breach? I’m not being contentious.

                Stuff we humans like that might seem to be in opposition: anecdotes and facts, wondering and knowing. What are we graced with? What is a healthy balance? Why would they seem to be in opposition? What are we intent on when, where and why? What does God want us intent on? This is the sort of stuff I ponder and put forth here consistently. Often I ask rhetorical questions (with or without a question mark), every once in a while I ask a pointed question. For the record, my last pointed question here went unanswered (directly), but I was content to consider all and read deeply between the lines.

                Maybe Charlie is right. Maybe I should get off the trail more and comment from the den.

                And there went great multitudes with Him, and He Turned and said unto them, If any man come to Me and hate not his father and mother, and wife and children, and brethren and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be My disciple. And whosoever doth not bear his cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple.” (Luke 14-25-27)

                You had earlier asked this: “Why oh why would a Pope appoint someone to a pontifical commission who doesn’t uphold moral Church teaching?”

                An honest answer would be, “I don’t know.” I don’t.

                I honestly find our Pope to be baffling on a number of levels, and can neither defend nor support certain of his most baffling actions. That’s a fact, and it leaves me wondering.

                Why did Jesus appoint Judas to handle the money.? Judas Iscariot, a thief, among other insidious traits. How did He bear the stench of hell in such close proximity in Judas’ words, deeds, etc.? I think He told us in John 8:29: The one who sent me is with me. He has not left me alone, because I always do what is pleasing to him.” Pondering that, I think part of always doing what is pleasing to His Father includes doing everything possible (short of violating our free will) to redeem each and every soul, including that one.

                Of course that is only one possible angle to consider in light of a baffling instance in the history of this Pope’s actions.

                There are a good many things I’d like to know, but I think it’s best for me to be most intent striving to know God. That way, if He ever turns ’round to the gang and poses something as bone-rattling as the quote from Luke, I might not find myself running for cover with a trail of smoke wafting from a fried brain.

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                1. Oh gosh no personal intent meant for you to read the policy, MP. I think you must know I appreciate your contributions here. I was truly affirming the foundation of what makes this a safe place to ponder, question and wonder together. As to the answers for the whys, we may well never fully know… but I do wonder… and that wondering surrenders to another prayer, ever trusting that God will get us through and ever open to what is the NRS. For me, the wondering then does not preclude the striving for deeper union with Him and the doing of whatever I discern He asks.

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            2. Baaah! I’m just a sheep that wants to ride in a red wagon. Looks like I may have to wait though as this sheep has much to learn.

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          2. People don’t appreciate a “competent” Pope, until a less “competent” Pope has been running things for a while…

            I sympathize with people’s fusteratons, but I believe God is teaching us a lesson…

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            1. For me, Al, most days, it’s more a matter of sorrow and concern than frustration. I know God allows difficulties and, then, draws great good from them. I love the ways Pope Francis brought God’s Mercy to the fore and reaches out to the lost and broken while striving for Christian Unity. At the same time, it does seem that he has stretched so far with Mercy that, if he could, he would diminish the reality of God’s Justice. I also see that had he not become Pope, those in the hierarchy who have operated in secret with their disordered deeds would, most likely, not have surfaced in broad daylight.

              Mostly, my thoughts of Pope Francis are those of prayer. None of us is his Just Judge. Nevertheless, to deny what is before us, in his troubling ways, would prevent us from responding to the Spirit-fired words of Msgr. Pope found in an article entitled: “Fortitude! A Call to Stay Engaged in Resolving the Abuse Scandal Let there be fulfilled in us the Scripture that says, “Even the anger of man will serve to praise you, O Lord” (Psalm 76:10)” The Msgr. calls us to four virtues as we seek accountability. No lynch mob needed. Simply: 1.Magnanimity 2.Magnificence 3. Patience 4. Perseverance

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      2. It is very important to understand the distinctions St. Paul makes between the works of the old law, the sacrifices and external practices of the Old Testament and the works of the Spirit of Christ in the New Testament, the inner works. If you can keep these things straight, it all makes more sense.

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    2. The readings for Lent included the passage on the Transfiguration. Some Homilies and commentaries point out so beautifully the representation of Moses and Elijah with Christ as the Law and the Prophets being so connected with the New Covenant…and also Christ said,” Not one tittle of the law shall pass…”. I believe Pope Francis’ role has been important for the “Quality of Mercy”. But so far everytime I have researched what he has truly done or said, I find he has not forsaken the” Law”…I still have some things to research, and my nature from my youth has never been good with ambiguity, but the “Law” is always there. If we have fully embraced that True and Hard, Hard, Hard thing, LOVE, with our Faith in Christ, then the LAW is within Us, and we live it with LOVE, By LOVE for LOVE.

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  10. Lovely to read your article Charlie.

    I just had a shock horror in my local parish. Booked a Mass for Cardinal Pell. Whither he is guilty or innocent, you would think any real Christian would understand this poor man needs all the prayer he can get.

    Our parish Priest had to explain himself at two Masses that day, telling people we are allowed to have Mass said for anyone, and it was a parishioner who requested the Mass intention.
    Some parishioners at my local Church did not approve of prayers for Cardinal Pell. It appears the poor parish Priest got a barrage of abuse from some parishioners who, in some instances said they would not come to our Church if Cardinal Pell was prayed for.

    What ever happened to “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.” God have Mercy on us all.

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    1. Julia, how pitiful — they seem to misunderstand prayer. I’ve experienced this, and the only reason I could figure was they thought it was protecting the other seeming victims from pain.

      But, what about God’s pain at potentially losing a soul due to lack of prayers!?

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  11. NEWS & MILINET: Articles for Christians 16 March
    Jesus Teaches on the Need to Persist in Prayer and Wear God Out

    Celeb & Politician Demons???
    Romans 1:28 ” And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a base mind and to improper conduct.”

    20 Celebs Join Planned Parenthood to Bash Trump’s Title X

    ….. but she has NO problem executing just born babies!!??? ;-(

    Kamala Harris Says She Would Not Execute Someone for Committing Treason Against the United States

    …. & SanFran Nanny sez ” ……. that we have a responsibility to be good stewards of creation.” ….Ah! … Except for inconvenient procreation creation …. Right, “Good Catholic”, Nanny? ….. Eh!!!???

    Nancy Pelosi: ‘I Myself, as a Catholic, Believe…’

    Rep. Cicilline: We Can’t Allow ‘Religious Freedom’ to Be Used to Discriminate Against LGBT


    When Anti-Semitism Is Reduced to Bitter Farce

    Rabbi Spero Leads Protest Against Anti-Semitism at Speaker Pelosi’s Office

    Pompeo: Anti-Semitism in Democratic Party Undermines Religious Freedom

    Pope Francis shows no regret over a shocking appointment

    Fox News follows McCarrick into distant plains of Kansas: Is this story now ‘conservative’ news?

    Wuerl, the Flesh & the Devil

    Survey: More than a third of US Catholics question loyalty in wake of scandals

    Charlie Daniels: World’s Thermostat Is in the Creator’s Hand – Always Has Been, and Always Will Be

    Christchurch Killer: Nation with Closest ‘Values to My Own Is the People’s Republic of China’

    Accused New Zealand mosque shooter claimed he used guns to provoke a race war in US

    United Nations Honors Che Guevara—Yet Again

    To Fix the Immigration Crisis, Build a Wall and Change the Law

    South Dakota Legislature passes intellectual diversity bill

    Our Bankrupt Elite

    MSNBC Guest: ‘Democracy Should Mean Taking Power and Wealth From Those Who Hoard It’


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    1. Charlie Daniels hit the nail right on the head.

      Looks like the globalists’ “clash of civilizations” plan is still in effect in Christchurch New Zealand. I pray the globalist pot will

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  12. Some of my friends from the Midwest and on the Plains are posting about the weather crises in their states and asking for prayer. As stated in one article: “From Nebraska to Wisconsin, as well as up and down rivers in the Plains and Midwest, over 10 million people are under flood warnings…” Historic.

    “Sharing this from a friend: I’m not sure if people realize how bad it is right now for Nebraska. WHOLE towns are under water, weather reporters said evacuations have been ordered for 24 towns and communities or more than 60,000 people. Most of which are also about to be hit by the blizzard with no place to go. These people had to leave behind or couldn’t get to their pets and livestock, which herds of cattle have been seen running on highways trying to survive their fields flooding. Not to mention it’s calving season and calves will be the first to drown as water levels rise. People are either trapped in their houses or can’t access them since two days ago. This will be billions of dollars in damages and losses across Nebraska, please pray for those suffering. #nebraskaweather #prayers #speckmannauction #farmfamily
    — in Louisville, Nebraska.”

    “Had an emotional phone call with my sister this morning. Ranchers/farmers are some of the hardest working individuals. South Dakota/North Dakota could use all the prayers right now for their livestock and safety.”

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    1. Beckita, I had no idea, as I hadn’t seen this reported anywhere. Thanks for letting us know, and I will certainly keep in prayer all these locales and all the people and other creatures involved.

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        1. Brings tears to my eyes, Beckita. We probably haven’t heard much about these poor people b/c they don’t fit the agenda on the “news”. They (farmers, ranchers, hard working families) are the salt of the earth providing food for the country and the world. Pardon my cynicism.

          On another note, this post and all the soul bearing comments truly touch me. I also think of my RN daughter who faces much of what some have described. She’s in KY too, Landon. Seems many of us have challenges and trials that take us to the breaking point. Another one of those just yesterday for me! But then the Lord and sweet Mama intervene with such love.

          God bless you all!

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    2. Saint Michael and Joseph! And Patrick!
      Had no idea- thank you Beckita.

      (I still have a home in the MidWest.
      Keeps my heart praying for the area, even as I must wean myself away from it)

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    3. To make it worse, the floodwaters are filled with huge chunks of ice with some as large as storage sheds or even larger. You cannot imagine the devastation that this causes. Please pray!

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  13. I am praying, Beckita and almost daily pray for all affected by violence, terror, the elements and ask God to make flesh hardened hearts to promote unity, peace and love and bring about God’s Kingdom come, on earth.

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  14. Amen. My heart and soul goes out to all of you.
    Charlie, the last paragraph of this post confirms the light God gave me at a former student’s funeral this past Thursday–to show my students God’s love and mercy through affirming His plan of life for each of them. He will send them to me when He wants. And give me His light for them. Who would of thought I may be retired (and ill) but still working His purpose!
    Thank you to all here.

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  15. Charlie, I love this so much. It was in Feb of 2015 that one of your readers put us together because of the demonic vision. We must cling to Christ and not our expectations because these demons try to wear us out. But Christ has won the victory and though at times we will be blind in seeing what that victory looks like, we must always keep our eyes on Him.

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  16. Not surprisingly, perhaps, l too have been in frequent recollection on the meaning of those Dec 2014 visions of demons welling up out of the earth. They appeared to me as well, but in dreams, prayer, and even media images. For my part l believe the images were sent as signs for courage and comfort during the protracted spiritual siege and demonic violence earth suffered from 2013, which appeared to peak in July-October of 2016. After President Trumps election, local and international horrors began to subside, especially rapidly after the confrontation over North Korean nukes.

    In my understanding of Catholic prophecy and private revelation, these years (strange that it was a period of about 3 and 1/2) corresponded with the ending of 100 years of extra time that was given to the evil one, from which vision Pope Leo XIII penned the St Michael prayer of protection. And Charlie has commented with his opinion that we are living the days of Revelation 12, not the final end of times (although all time after Christ’s resurrection is properly classified as the last days. I believe we are living the Rev 12 days when the dragon is wroth with the woman. In the Fall of 2017 her sign appeared in the heavens. The precise arrangements of planets and stars depicting the Virgin (planet Virgo) was clearly observable and got attention in the press and on the web.

    Next in Rev 12 the dragon makes war on her seed, the church (and now I think in particular her priests, her living sons in their vocation as Christ’s apostles) but they are carried away to sanctuary.
    Certainly the disgrace or ruin of many priests in the current pederasty scandals fits.

    What causes me to write now is the character and flavor of spiritual attacks and demonic havoc wreaked among us now, these past 2 years. I sense very little forcible, unified attack by evil spirits, like the previous period of mass terror, torture and martyrdom (think gruesome ISIS beheadings and mass shootings). The wickedness reported in our news today is of a much more private and human scope, attempted coups, lying and insubordination by elected and non-elected bureaucrats, while the famous and elite coerce power and are publicly shamed for their immortality. And no matter how many pundits clammer that we will surely descend into open civil war, the current crisis subsides, and we normal Americans are beginning to improve our economic means while the country creates jobs.

    This is greatly encouraging. To me it brings heart and hope that Mary’s triumph has begun, and while there will still be much torment in the world it will be of human size and scope. Her petitions have brought us a time of relative peace in which we are rebuilding our church and communities. And we can focus on purging our hearts of personal sin, and raise a new Catholic generation. I am getting to work with a grateful heart.

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  17. Thank you Beckita…mercy is so noted in Pope Francis and I too have thought his actions have brought to the surface what may have stayed hidden.. I sure don’t understand many of his decisions ….beyond me….but I try to stay positive and trus t God is at work. I pray for the Illumination for all hearts as it is very tough now.a difficult time for all including a Pope.
    My heart goes out for people in Nebraska,Dakota areas.I had no idea til I saw postings here.Lord ha e Mercy….and all needs mentioned on this site.Lord,Your children need You so much.

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  18. I was an R.N. all my working years; it was physically and mentally hard yet rewarding also. I was very strong and had to verbally fight with Drs. to truly be the patient advocate. I uncovered Dr’s errors and could write a book about what I did. I prayed on my way to work and God put me in places I could make a difference even though I sometimes had tears at night especially when I was fired for the Dr’s. problem and the unemployment office told me I needed to hire a lawyer because they didn’t want to give me references unless I signed a 7 page letter releasing them from damages; I said I just need a job. The Holy Spirit always was with me. After I retired I gave free care to several elderly in return .

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    1. Awesome witness, Mary Anne. What a beautiful next right step to assist the elderly in your retirement. As I have walked with Fr. Wang through the details of his care, particularly, after his bout with pneumonia two years ago and the recent heart health crisis, I am more convinced than ever that every elderly person needs an ally who can listen, assist and advocate for that dear one when needed.

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    2. Beautiful Mary Anne! ❤

      On the occasion of St. Patrick's day, I will quote a lovely phrase I saw on a pamphlet at a Marian Conference last century penned by Vinny Flynn that has left a lasting impression on me, "Joy is not the absence of sorrow, but the presence of God."

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  19. In October of 2015, pope Francis made the comment that the Church should be an inverted triangle.
    The pope should be on the bottom … A servant to all. The cardinals, then bishops, priests and laity on the top…. The large base. And through serving each other in love and truth we all keep moving along.
    So no wonder things seem upside down and confusing….. We are in transition!!!

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  20. Just wow….I keep reading & re-reading this…so helpful, freeing & cautionary all in one🤗

    Our ignorance is fine, so long as you understand that and hold tight to God, happy to be corrected when it is met, and happy to do your humble duty when it is not. But many, perhaps most, are not engaged with God. They are engaged with their expectations of what God is, an image they have erected in their minds.

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  21. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 😉 …. A Great Day for the Irish!

    NEWS & MILINET: Articles for Christians 17 March
    An Irish Blessing for St. Patrick’s Day

    Heartlight Daily Verse

    Psalms 23:1-3
    The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not be in want. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he restores my soul.

    Thoughts on today’s verse:
    He restores my soul. My, that sounds so good. But it is more than talk. When we’ve reached point that we can’t go on, God blesses us with strength to just keep on walking. When we’re in a struggle and things are tough, his power upholds us and we run to victory. When we’re winning victories in his name, we can soar on wings like eagles. He is a shepherd and more. He is the Rock and Sustainer of our lives!

    O Gentle Shepherd, help me rest tonight in your grace and in the confidence that you are nearby. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.
    Visit for more

    What Was St. Patrick’s REAL Name? The Fascinating History Behind Ireland’s Patron Saint


    The ‘Second Christ’: The Life of Saint Francis of Assisi

    Once sanctuaries, houses of worship struggle with security

    Why Do So Many Medals of Honor Go to Irish Troops? Here’s One Theory

    Charlie Kirk: Why Is Trump Having to Fight Alone?

    Judge Halts Kentucky Fetal Heartbeat Abortion Ban

    Dear Fellow Peasant

    There are just nine steps from freedom to socialism to societal breakdown–Tom Del Beccaro

    FBI Director on Cyber Threat: ‘It’s bigger than the government itself,’

    Radicalization & Degeneration

    As global order collapses, American leadership is critical

    Time to take a Hard Look @ GOOGLE and the people who run & support it!!!:

    Dunford: Google’s work in China is providing a ‘direct benefit’ to the Chinese military

    Google Exec Finally Admits to Congress That They’re Tracking Us Even with ‘Location’ Turned Off

    Lunatic Democrats Are In Charge (And I Love It)

    The Oncoming Train

    New Mexico Dems sink ‘extreme’ abortion bill; governor blasts defeat as ‘inexplicable’
    ‘It Is Unspeakable’: How Maduro Used Cuban Doctors to Coerce Venezuela Voters


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  22. NEWS & MILINET: Articles for Christians – 18 March
    Nigerian Muslim Militants Kill 120 Christians in Three Weeks



    How to Avoid Despair at Our Crumbling Culture

    Moses, Elijah, and Jesus: Why are they all together at the Transfiguration?

    What will happen to the planet at the end of the world?

    Worn marble steps of Holy Stairs to be uncovered for public to climb

    The Wonders of Things Unseen

    Will Methodists Recognize the Error of Private Judgment?

    One U.S. Family’s Tortuous Battle In Dubai’s Sharia Courts

    How to Avoid Despair at Our Crumbling Culture

    RESPONSE TO: There are just nine steps from freedom to socialism to societal breakdown–Tom Del Beccaro

    Ken Hamblin, a conservative black commentator said back in the mid 90’s that once a great nation/a world power, e.g. Greece, Rome, Great Britain, etc., reaches its pinnacle and starts down the other side it cannot rise up to its previous greatness again. It may or may not die, but it will never be that global power again. And, the ride down the backside has always occurred hellaciously faster than its rise to greatness. No country in recorded history has crested, dipped hard and crested again. China’s recent rise could almost argue against this, but when you consider that China has never been a great power outside the confines of its own borders, it doesn’t qualify. Ken’s closing question to the discussion was always “Has America reached its pinnacle of greatness and started down the backside?
    Our question today, ~25 years after I first heard The Black Avenger broadcast his observation, is the same question he posed at the time. Has America crested? If so (using Ken’s time line), and especially with the intentional damage being caused by socialists of the previous administration who assumed the reins of power and never let go, our country will be gone (as we know it) in less than two (2) lifetimes.
    Look at the diagram below which is based on Mr. Hamlin’s theory.
    (If it doesn’t fall part in transmit) The left side is our nation’s life, its growth and its continued prosperity. It’s a struggle. It takes effort. It’s a long, slow uphill climb that officially started with the Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776. The flat top is our plateau, when we became complacent and came to believe we’ll last forever, as is, with no effort required. I used to say “..when we come…”, but I now firmly believe we are there now – if not already closer to the cliff.
    / \
    / |
    / |
    / |

    The right side, however, is how quickly, based on countless historical precedence’s in human evolution, a country simply falls apart. Note that the right side of the diagram is not gradual. In the normal cycle of a nation, it is the shortest span; lasting days, months or a very few number of years. For examples of what I’m talking about, look across the middle east and wonder if any of those recently ousted governments thought they’d be gone and replaced in a matter of months. Look at the other Great Super Power. I remember shredding an intelligence estimate of the USSR’s next five years, two years after it was written and published…. as totally irrelevant. The USSR was gone. Look in the news. Venezuela is there now. Is this what we accept for America?
    I sent the following to the MILINET’ers in 2015. It remains germane to the conversation.
    As another year begins, it is important for all of you to understand how important it is for you stand guard at the gates.
    The following timeline may or may not be from Alexander Tyler, an 1887 Scottish history professor at the University of Edinburgh, but it’s still important to ponder. The parts in quotations are from him. The portions in parenthesis are my own uneducated estimations; equating his general timeline to the U.S.’s calendar. We’ve been lucky to outlast his 200 year projection, but we’ve definitely followed his timeline nonetheless. At the time he supposedly said this, he was talking about the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2,000 years prior:
    “A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse over loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a dictatorship.”
    “The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:” (moderate, fast, slow, fastest)
    “From bondage to spiritual faith;” (1492 to pre-Revolutionary War period)
    “From spiritual faith to great courage;” (immediately prior to the Revolutionary War)
    “From courage to liberty;” (start-win-immediately post Revolutionary War)
    “From liberty to abundance;” (1800’s through mid-20th Century)
    “From abundance to complacency;” (later 20th Century, speeding back up)
    “From complacency to apathy;” (1995-2008, note each phase becoming much shorter)
    “From apathy to dependence;” (we’re transiting the latter part of this phase now, zooming toward completely handing our lives over to nanny-state dependence for the freebies government promises to give us, giving up freedoms for security and in the end, losing both)
    “From dependence back into bondage.” (too many are laying the foundation to move into this phase right now, how quickly we succumb into total bondage eventually depends on us….and you)
    Semper Fidelis,
    Steven XXXX USMC, RET

    Anti-Catholic jabs OK
    Letter to the Editor to Washington Times – March 17, 2019
    The last acceptable form of bigotry, anti-Catholicism, is the only practice of the KKK which doesn’t warrant mention (“SNL joke comparing Catholic Church to R. Kelly spurs ire of Brooklyn Diocese,” Web, March 12). The church’s cover-up of the abuses by the clergy has been a well-known secret for decades, almost as well-known as the virulent hatred of Catholicism by politicians and the media. This is the incestuousness of evil, and what better example exists than what occurred to the young man from Covington Catholic High School? This young man was in Washington to protest the further objectivization of human life by the Democrats when an adult in costume assailed him. Who was this man, why was he dressed in outlandish garb and why did he accost this young adult who had nothing with his status of perpetual victimhood? Student Nicholas Sandmann’s look of puzzled bemusement could be considered a smirk, but clowns are supposed to make people smirk.
    Then again, clowns are scary, too.
    JOHN XXXX, Arlington, Va

    An Armed Citizenry Is A Free Citizenry, Which Is Why Liberals Want You Disarmed

    Media Calls The New Zealand Shooter ‘Right-Wing’

    WATCH: Beto Reiterates Anti-Gunner’s Talking Points On AR-15s (And It’s Absolutely False)

    The Bogus Lawsuit against Remington–KEVIN D. WILLIAMSON

    Diluting the substance of religious freedom–Thomas Jipping


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    1. “From complacency to apathy;” (1995-2008, note each phase becoming much shorter)

      1988- I was 20 yrs of age (older than 3/4 of the crew) on a US Navy Tiger cruise and my Uncle (now retired USN) posed this topic to me stating Democracies only lasted two hundred years. He asked how I felt and where we were on the score of things. I replied Complacency.

      I agree we are tetter totering from “apathy to dependence” yet I have Hope for our Republic Democracy. Here in upstate NY citizens are slowly waking up to the lack of representatives and the over abundance of dictators.

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  23. “Going forward, to raise the level of our discussion, to prepare us to be true evangelists in evil times, when you cite any private revelation, it is best that you refer to which Biblical or Magisterial truth it illuminates” (Johnston, It is a time for heroes: the way forward)

    Bible verse

    Catholic Study Bible

    John 6:62-65

    62 Then what if you were to see the Son of man ascending where he was before?

    63 It is the spirit that gives life, the flesh is of no avail; the words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life.

    64 But there are some of you that do not believe.” For Jesus knew from the first who those were that did not believe, and who it was that would betray him.

    65 And he said, “This is why I told you that no one can come to me unless it is granted him by the Father.”

    John 6:68

    68 Simon Peter answered him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life;


    Latest Medjugorje message.

    Latest Medjugorje Message, March 18, 2019 – The annual apparition of Our Lady to Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo

    The visionary Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo had daily apparitions from June 24th 1981 to December 25th 1982. During the last daily apparition, Our Lady gave her the 10th secret, and told her that she would appear to her once a year, on the 18th of March. It has been this way through the years. Several thousand pilgrims gathered in prayer of the Rosary. The apparition lasted from 13:41 to 13:46.

    “My children, As a mother, as the Queen of Peace, I am calling you to accept my Son so that He can grant you peace of soul—that He can grant you that which is just, which is good for you. My children, my Son knows you. He lived the life of man, and at the same time of God: a wondrous life—human flesh, divine Spirit. Therefore, my children, while my Son is looking at you with His eyes of God, He penetrates into your hearts.

    His tender, warm eyes are looking for Himself in your heart. My children, can He find Himself [there]? Accept Him, and then the moments of pain and suffering will become moments of tenderness. Accept Him, and you will have peace in [your] soul—you will spread it to all those around you—and this is what you now need the most. Heed me, my children. Pray for the shepherds, for those whose hands my Son has blessed. Thank you. ”

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    1. Bible verse
      John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life
      Matthew 4:17 From that time Jesus began to preach and to say, “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.”

      from True Life in God Vassula Ryden

      “My love in this era is not appreciated or understood; you know how much I love My children, 1 I love them to folly! but the sins of your era are so grave and so great that it does not recognise Me, your God, any longer! have they forgotten the ransom I have paid for them; I was humiliated, tormented, tortured and willingly suffered a most painful death, all out of love; how then, could I not repeat Myself, telling you millions of times how much I love you? and of trying to make you understand Its depths and Its greatness, I am repeating Myself and I will keep repeating Myself until My Words penetrate in your heart! even now I am ready to repeat My Passion, unsparingly;

      O creation! how much suffering you give Me! My Love for you is Infinite; try and understand this Love;”
      Message from Dec 21, 1988)

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  24. Matt. 5:45 “that you may be children of your heavenly Father, for he makes his sun rise on the bad and the good, and causes rain to fall on the just and the unjust.”

    In the times of loss of human lives (disasters), all we can do is pray for those souls in purgatory.

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    1. A childhood friend died a year ago. I found out yesterday. For sometime, I have had day dreams involving images of his side yard. I finally prayed what does this mean. I searched the internet and discovered he died from Cancer.

      Today, I offered a Plenary Indulgence for him. Soon after, while sitting at the breakfast counter, song after song played on the radio of my favorite childhood melodies. I thank Jesus for this moment and for answering my prayer for a greater awareness of God in my life.

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      1. What an amazing way you were tugged to pray for your friend, Sean, and you listened. Joining you in prayer for the repose of your his soul. MAy his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace.

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        1. I have recently found your blog and am so glad you have devoted so much time to the conservative movement in the Catholic Church Charlie. In my Diocese almost all the Priests are Democrats and the person I talked with at the Bishop’s office said she was conservative and is trying to reach the young ones. Another woman said the “Mother House’ had an entire table with all Democratic information and the several conservative elderly Nuns are not allowed to talk.

          The 40 year old Church secretary dresses so inappropriately even wearing a halter top showing so much blubber to a church function. The Priest and manager say they are ok with her dress and the head of Faith Formation says she looks the other way.The Priest yelled at me when I said she dresses like she is going to a bar to be picked up by a man instead of being in God’s House. Another woman says others are afraid to say anything.

          Several weeks ago the Deacon said ” we need to welcome all who cross our border, the refuge,the migrant, and the asylum seekers” at Mass; another Deacon talked against President Trump at another Mass. I said something to both of them – CHALLENGES EVEN AT CHURCH!

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          1. I have made it a lifelong habit to quietly say something to Priests who say offensive things – and especially when it is about politics, which most are utterly ignorant on and just like to virtue signal. At a Daily Mass I was at in Texas a few months back, the Priest was talking about how we must maintain unity as a society…and that we as Christians should not disrupt things by complaining. It was a clear defense of leftism and he was using “unity” as the cudgel to try to guilt Catholics into shutting up and taking whatever medicine the left gives them. After Mass, I button-holed him and asked if he knew what was the single most unified society of the last century, one where the people almost unanimously agreed on everything for six full years before it started to fray. I was cheery, so he did not pick up on where I was going. I told him it was Germany between 1933-39 under Adolf Hitler. Then I asked if he meant we should be more like early Nazi Germany in our unity. He sputtered, “Of course not!” So I noted, okay, so there are times when unity is not paramount, when we should stand up and defend what is right. “Of course,” he said. Adding to it I said, but you think objecting to abortion, gay marriage, coercion of thought and such are not things real Christians should object to. At this point, he knew he was had and said that, well, in a Daily Mass, you can’t cover all points. I gently agreed, but noted you can gently note the limits of whatever good you are defining – so that unity for evil is not a virtue, though unity for good is. He agreed that he should have done a better job. I did not publicly embarrass him, but I did not let him off the hook privately – and I pray that he will be more careful, worrying that someone like me is participating at Mass.

            I am constantly astounded by “nuns,” who are brides of Christ, who are ashamed to be seen in the bridal garment. I have become friends with a lot of nuns across the country. I have to note, though, with only two exceptions, all the nuns I am friends with wear the habit constantly and with holy pride.

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            1. I agree, Charlie–why in the world would a nun or priest not want to be identified? It hurts to see priests and nuns not in clericals/ habits. People approach them when they are identifiable — when they are not, there are missed opportunities. And what a wonderful way to model humility!

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              1. Liberalism in the Church is a dangerous thing these days, especially when it’s associated with political Liberalism and applied back towards the Church.

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            2. Charlie, I live in the county of Dallas Texas and a younger man who was a principal at a Catholic school in San Antonio left the Catholic Church and went to Houston to teach in the Lutheran school because of what he encountered. Texas will be conservative for how much longer?

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              1. People are guilted as being -ists & -phobes when they don’t support leftist ideology. Leftist ideology is what people are peer pressured to support theses days, or else you’re labeled a hate monger, how manipulatively evil our societies have become.

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  25. The strength God and the Holy Spirit gave me should help others who need their help. I reported a Dr. who had a drug problem to the top Dr.; I was fired and he was forced to take off for treatment when patients noticed.

    I had to report a Dr. for verbal harassment after the other nurses said I needed to because he would not leave me alone; later I accepted a new job where one of the many things I would do was give allergy injections he had written up and the Pharmacist had created. I found the allergens were incorrectly put in bottles by using my own unpaid time to double check.The Pharmacist killed himself because he should have found the mistake and no other nurses were checking.

    I refused to hang an IV with blood pressure meds because I felt the blood pressure would come down as soon as his pain meds worked and I told the resident his b/p would drop too much; the resident got the IV and gave it causing a major drop in pressure which we had to monitor every few minutes.

    I worked at a minor emergency clinic for almost 2 weeks during which time I threw out a lot of highly outdated injectables including Penicillin and told the Dr. the charge nurse wasn’t doing her job.

    I told a Dr. he was giving pain med prescriptions to patients who didn’t need them and he was causing further problems; he said I give my patients what they want. I said it was wrong and writing disability letters for people who were able to work was wrong also.

    When I retired I was told an elderly person was leaving to go to a closer clinic because I was the one who made sure the Dr. addressed her problems. Nurses are so needed to be the true patient advocate and are rewarded by giving excellent care; I stayed on my own time to make sure I gave that care. When I was older I worked in a clinic because it physically was easier on my body and I was fine with the lower pay. Accept all challenges of life as we can feel we did what made a difference for others!

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    1. Mary Anne Harper,
      Thank you for your heroic service in the care of the sick! You demonstrated extraordinary courage in the care of the Lord Jesus Christ’s sick, Who said, if you did it for the least of my brethren, you did it for Me. God bless you!

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  26. Many years ago in the early 80’s, talking to my Dad about prophecy, ( I was very smart back then, ha ha ) He told me ( Its not going to happen the way you think). So far He’s the only one that’s been right!!!

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  27. Happy Feast iof Saint Joseph 😉

    NEWS & MILINET: Articles for Christians – 19 March

    Why is the feast of St. Joseph on March 19?

    The Love of the Father – Unfathomable Immensity

    From the Rubble of a Church Rises a Spirit of Love

    The Mature Christian

    Pope Francis, outward bound Church is always a target

    German Bishops Use Abuse Crisis to Promote Dissent

    The Mosque Attack in New Zealand and Its Consequences

    Patrick Buchanan: Who Spawned the Christchurch Killer?


    Jewish Author: Christians Face Danger in America

    The Silencing of the Lambs

    Christian video on marriage removed from YouTube when Google employees object



    Jewish Communal Organizations are Endangering American Jews–Allon Friedman and Elliot Bartky


    Beck to Hannity: ‘We are officially at the end of the country as we know it’ if Trump loses in 2020

    Rep. Devin Nunes Is Suing Twitter And a Conservative Strategist For Millions. Here’s Why.

    Oh, So This Is Why The FBI Couldn’t View The Clinton Foundation Emails On Hillary’s Unauthorized Server

    Supreme Court declines to hear case of Hawaiian bed and breakfast refusing lesbian couple

    Exclusive: As Venezuela crisis deepens, U.S. sharpens focus on Colombia rebel threat

    Trump Donates Paycheck to DHS

    ‘It’s over’: Under-Fire Macron Vows Crackdown on Yellow Vest Protests

    ISIS Spokesman Ends Silence by Calling for Retaliation Over New Zealand Massacres
    Progressive candidates help one person: Trump–Henry Olsen
    16-year-old stabbed more than 100 times by MS-13 members was being ‘disciplined,’ prosecutors say
    DHS on track to nab 100,000 illegals at border this month


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    1. It’s great to see the NEWS & MILINET resource linking to Dr. Anthony Lilies’ blog, Crew Dog. Such an inspirational teacher and writer is he! And this latest piece, with the link to it, is on a theme that reechoes among many an apostolate, evangelizer and spiritual teacher today: Return to the Father and be immersed in His Love, reclaiming our true and foundational identity… we are first, foremost and forever a son or daughter of Abba.

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  28. Church Militant reprinted Fr. George Rutler’s latest column found here. Reading it brought back memories of my time spent with the beautiful Nigerian people, so many years ago. Let us pray for the courage found in these brave-hearted people of God.

    Praying, too, for Fr. Rutler, another voice crying out in the wilderness of these times: Repeeeeeeeent!

    Patrick, after six youthful years as a slave captured by Irish pirates, embarked upon the conversion of the Druid tribes. He did not chase the snakes out of Ireland because there were none, nor did he explain the Holy Trinity using a shamrock, for that would have been a Partialist error inconsistent with the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed formulated just a few years before his birth. But he sparked a fire that shed the Gospel light on many parts of the world. The largest number of people who claim Patrick for their patron are Nigerians, converted by heroic Irish missionaries. The number of baptized Catholics in Nigeria has soared from 19 million in 2005 to 53 million today. There are two thousand priests and nearly 4,000 Religious, along with a boom in vocations…

    An Irish commentator and playwright recently called Ireland “The Most Anti-Catholic Country on Planet Earth.” This would seem to be hyperbolic, given persecution in Muslim lands, China and North Korea, but it bespeaks the adolescent rebellion of a population moved by an anger unlike the cool detachment of calculating governments…

    This is a warning to Catholics in the United States, because such is what happens when religion is only a political and ethnic sentiment. The Saint Patrick’s Day parade in New York City has become a bibulous charade of Saint Patrick. While contingents advertise their contempt for his Gospel, Nigerians honor Saint Patrick in a different way. A few weeks ago, Nigerian soldiers under attack by the Islamic terrorists of Boko Haram did not masquerade as leprechauns drinking green beer. In a Zambiza forest, they knelt and chanted as their chaplain raised aloft for adoration the same Blessed Sacrament with which Patrick had faced the Druids.

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    1. This also is a warning to Catholics in the USA:

      “…A week ago, the Fulani jihadists, who have become a greater threat to Nigerian Christians than the Islamist terror group Boko Haram, raided the villages of Inkirimi, Dogonnoma, and Ungwan Gora in the Kajuru Local Government Area, destroying 143 homes, killing 52 people, and wounding dozens more.

      From June 2015 to June 2018, Fulani militants “killed 8,800 Christians and other non-Muslims,” Nigeria’s Daily Post reported last year. During that same period, terrorists torched “not less than 1,000″ churches and other places of worship.”

      “When mainstream media have reported on the slaughter of Christians in central Nigeria, they have downplayed the religious nature of the killings, preferring to attribute the violence to “ethnic tensions,” a “battle for land and resources,” or even “climate change.”

      Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari, who is himself of the Fulani ethnic group, has encouraged this narrative, minimizing the importance of religion in the conflict.”

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  29. I wanted to share something that happened to me last Friday. I was flying back from an industry show in Salt Lake City, Utah. As I was passing through the security line, the TSA agent asked me to empty my pockets. Among the things that I placed in the bowl was a little zippered pouch that my mom made me a few years ago. I carry it with me all the time.

    The agent picked it up, unzipped it and found a brown scapular, a rosary my wife brought back for me from England and a prayer card for Our Lady, Untier of Knots. The agent sternly told me to step aside for a full-body frisk. He literally said he needed to frisk me because of what he found in my pockets.

    Maybe some would be outraged about it. I found it kind of funny that this guy saw my Catholic sacramentals and thought I may be some kind of extremist worth closer scrutiny.

    I suppose it makes some kind of allegory about the times in which we live and what the world considers threatening. For me, it felt kind of good displaying my faith and being thought of as “dangerous” because of it.

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    1. You’re a better person than I am, Jayman, because I would’ve been seriously ticked off and probably rather vocal about my displeasure.

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    2. Two years ago while on a Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Tepeyac, I encountered a similar yet different outcome. A TSA agent told me to remove all metal from my person, I reached up to take off my St. Benedict Crucifix. His eyes warmd up and said, no need toremove. you may continue thru the line.

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    3. I’ve seen mention somewhere, that the left is making initiatives to restrict freedom of religion, so that “Christians” can’t interfere with leftist agendas. What’s going to be next? Christianity is going to banned as illegal?

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      1. Al: It is already beginning. We, in the United States, have lived so long under the protection of the First Amendment to the Constitution that we do not realize how fragile is our freedom.

        A few posts above Crewdog cites a case where the Supreme Court of the United States allowed to stand a State of Hawaii decision. The Court would not review a ruling that found state law was violated by a woman who refused to permit a lesbian couple to stay in her bed and breakfast on the grounds that she was a Christian and could not condone their lifestyle/behavior. In the Masterpiece Cake case, the Supreme Court, on technical grounds, overturned a Colorado state ruling against the Christian baker who would not design a wedding cake for a same-sex marriage. The Supreme Court did not rule that a Christian has a right to refuse to provide services for something against his beliefs.

        California and a number of other states are considering, or have enacted, legislation to remove the privilege of confessional secrecy in cases where a believer confesses something that could be considered child abuse. (Will your parish priest now risk jail if you confess that you spanked your child in anger? Will the law demand that he turn you in to the authorities, or report you to child protective services? What if you confess that you drank a little too much, or that you drove when you were really too tired? If Father Confessor knows you have children will he have to report these lapses because your children may be in danger.) School teachers, psychologists and pediatricians already face these questions daily.

        A section of the new law allowing abortion in Ireland also required hospitals and clinics to provide the procedure and required that doctors and nurses participate in the abortions with no exception for their religious beliefs. That part of the law was being challenged but I have not yet heard that is has been repealed.

        In Brittan and the European Union hate speech is already considered a crime punishable by fines and jail. If you state your Christian/Catholic beliefs that certain activities are disordered, or sinful, will you be considered as having crossed the line into hate speech?

        The other side knows it cannot make Christianity completely illegal. (At least not in the short term.) Instead it will chip away at Christian activities and beliefs, one by one. It may even make grand pronouncements about how it has no intention of directly banning Christianity, or other “religions”. All the while it will, one issue at a time, make it harder and harder to practice your Christian faith and make it easier for the governmental authorities to find some reason to prosecute (persecute?) you.

        We need to pray earnestly for God’s intervention. Many of our politicians are already pursuing anti-Christian agendas. If they are elected into higher positions of power our lives could very quickly become much more difficult.


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        1. JT–I always go to confession behind a screen–not face to face. I guess if the priest peaks around the screen I should get nervous.

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          1. Kim: I prefer face to face now. When I was a child and went to confession in “the box” I always felt the parish priest could tell who I was from my voice. I know now that every child probably sounded the same but thinking I had no “secrets” helped keep me on the straight and narrow.

            I would hope that no priest would violate the seal of confession but I wanted to make a point of showing where the law is going and the tremendous pressure priests will be under if judges, police and prosecutors believe they have the “legal right” to try and obtain evidence from our confessions.


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            1. Absolutely, JT–my comment was a weak attempt at levity–and probably a bit inappropriate considering the gravity of the situation–but sometimes you gotta laugh so you don’t cry.

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        2. Yep, chip away at our religious freedom one chip at a time, until enough is eroded away to eventually take the final move to outlaw Christianity.

          On the other end of the spectrum there’s fake Christianity that promotes leftist ideology under the guise of religion. Lord have mercy on the faithful…

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          1. There’s two choices here, Christians stand united before government now to stop them (which probably won’t happen) or face persecutions individually later on for people don’t who renounce/abandon their Christian faith.

            I hate to sound like a pessimist, but I don’t see it happening any other way. God probably won’t intervene beforehand, as he probably wants to see where people’s loyalty lie during persecution.

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    4. Jayman, your restraint probably sent graces to some poor soul in purgatory exiting sooner; and now in turn they will pray for you.
      Sean, it probably triggered a childhood memory from family and/or religion class.
      When my daughter flew recently, another passenger took her aisle seat, but she decided to offer it up and sat on the inside. Once the plane took off, the seat thief said, I see an empty aisle seat ahead, think I’ll take that so you can have these 2 by yourself since you got the short end of the stick 🙂

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    5. Jayman – you are indeed a danger. The battle you engage in is fierce and you are fighting with weapons more powerful than any made by man. Jesus is the True Divine Son of God, Mary Immaculate His mother, push back the evil that is upon us. We are blessed to have such a grip over the evil one and his cohorts. Armor up and carry on. We have the weapons of choice and God is our commander. Be at peace, all is well.
      God Bless you all. Love and continue to Love. I do. Diane

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  30. I’m watching the Democrats and their Presidential Bigs espousing Socialist Lunacy that 20 years ago would have earned a one-way ticket to the Funny Farm. I’m thinking it’s Smoke-n-Mirrors. The Global Left Principalities & Powers have a plan! They have a “moderate” candidate who will be trotted out to save The Nation. This candidate will appear to be “conservative” as compared to the Fringe Loonies we see now……. but this candidate will be with The Agenda ……… and the 24/7 Attacks on Trump, his deplorables and The Faithful will continue unabated!

    NEWS & MILINET: Articles for Christians – 20 March
    Why the saints turn to St. Joseph

    How Reagan and John Paul II Won the Cold War, Together

    Twelve French Churches Attacked, Vandalized in One Week

    Boko Haram Launches Lethal Attack on Christian Town in Northeast Nigeria

    Vermont Pols Think the New Yorker Is an Authority on Abortion

    Rethinking Baptismal Preparation


    Morrisey sues Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, Bransfield; Diocese responds

    Houston’s drag queen story hour: KHOU tells us librarians let in a child molester. Who fought this?

    & anyone who opposes The Agenda!

    Iconic news anchor Ted Koppel says President Trump is ‘not mistaken’ that the ‘liberal media’ is ‘out to get him’

    How to Silence Debate, New Zealand Edition

    Laura Ingraham: Activists are in our schools and they’re numbing Generation E to socialism

    Ivy-League Schools Wither–VICTOR DAVIS HANSON

    10 times ‘experts’ predicted the world would end by now

    Congressmen Urge FBI to Investigate Bots Targeting Veterans with Fake News

    White House report: U.S. economy beat projections again in 2018

    Obama WH counsel faces possible prosecution in Mueller-initiated probe

    The Left Has a Death Wish. Islam Is their Poison Pill.

    See the first supermoon on the spring equinox in 19 years

    Female HS student files civil rights complaint: ‘I felt very violated’ changing in locker room when transgender
    student was ‘looking at me’

    UK police investigate Catholic mom of five for ‘misgendering’ trans in tweet

    Bus full of children set alight by angry driver in Italy

    West Virginia Sues Bishop and Diocese Over Sex Abuse, Citing Consumer Protection
    Catholic sex abuse victims deserve justice. They’re now getting more time to seek it–WaPo Editorial


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  31. “…..Their primary target, knowing their time is short, are those who are most overtly pious and faithful. If they can cause despair here, they can destroy many. Their primary method of causing despair is to reveal to the most overtly pious that things are not as they thought they were…..”

    “……This is why Judas despaired and killed himself: things were not like he thought and so he despaired of God, rather than of his own misinterpretation…..”

    “…..Yet, if you are the most brilliant and faithful person in the history of the Church, there are still many things you do not understand or misinterpret…..”

    “……For nearly two decades, I made unwarranted assumptions from bits I was given, turned out to be terribly wrong in my interpretations, and God let me suffer the embarrassment that my brashness reaped. In time, I quit running off to obvious assumptions – or even secondary assumptions – from what I was told….”

    “……Satan has been given leave to prove us all, to find if our love of the image of God we have erected in our minds, which is a vanity, is greater than our love of God. If it is, we will despair of God when we are shown how much we are wrong about, rather than jettisoning our errors…..”

    “…..Those who knew the words of the prophets the best were the most eager to condemn Christ as a fraud. Confronted with the reality of God, they chose to hold fast to their expectation of God and condemn the Real Thing. It was not merely some who did this; it was the overwhelming majority. Those who knew the most, those who were the most overtly pious were overwhelmingly those who were the most virulently hostile to Him. What makes you think we have changed so much? Or that you are exempt?

    “…..If you reacted to any suggestion that your interpretation might not be correct with an edge of bitterness, you will be tried. If you choose to edit out facts which counter your favored position in order to bolster your beliefs, rather than fully considering all that you know, you will be severely tried.

    “…… If it would shake you to find that your interpretation of the consecration, or any other matter not defined by the Church, was wholly wrong, you have a rough time ahead of you. It does not matter whether you turn out to be right or wrong, but whether your reliance is in God rather than in your expectations……”

    “…….I write this so that you will not be taken unawares – and when your trial comes, you will not despair of God, as Judas did, but will despair of your own frailty as Peter did, and resolve to love more and unto death. Then, the satan will suffer a serious reversal, for all he will have accomplished is to burn away some of the dross that impedes the purity of your soul….”

    “……Fortunately, there is a sure way to avoid this sort of trial, the way of simplicity, humility and abandonment…..If you want to be sure of staying in the will of the Lord, abandon all vanity and take the simple way: Acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around you. I hope this helps you to gird your loins. Heaven knows I have told you true on the matter….”

    Cognitive Dissonance

    What is it?
    Inconsistency when we hold two thoughts that are inconsistent with one another.

    I smoke cigarettes. Smoking cigarettes is unhealthy. Two inconsistent thoughts.

    Inconsistency in our own thoughts.

    Anything that causes inconsistency in thoughts causes physical problems. Tension. Unhappiness.
    Uncomfortable feelings. Guilt. Sadness. Despair. Actual physical and inner discomfort.

    How do we resolve inconsistent thinking that causes discomfort?

    1. Change one of the thoughts

    2. Change behavior to restore consistency.

    3. Add new thoughts that rationalize the inconsistency.

    4. Trivialize the inconsistency completely

    We need to find a way to feel consistent again. We need to resolve the inconsistency.


    1. The issue of Choice: If you have no choice in the conflicting beliefs you will not feel uncomfortable about the inconsistency. You can live with it. If you feel you have a choice then you will feel compelled to find a way to resolve the inconsistency.

    2. The perception of aversive consequences. We need to believe that something bad is going to happen as a consequence of the inconsistent cognitions. If we feel immune to bad consequences we will feel no need to resolve the inconsistency in thinking.

    One of the phenomena associated with Cognitive Dissonance is an unwillingness to receive information if it conflicts with our perception of reality. That information becomes so threatening to our peace of mind and perception of reality that we simply refuse to believe it. We deflect it. We deny it.
    We reject it.

    See this pilot’s description of how refusal to believe what the flight instruments told him lead him to make fatal decisions. This inability to interpret reality properly is built into the human brain and the human psychology.

    Warning: His concluding argument is for the scientific method and REASON. Science is the answer to resolving the deleterious effects of Cognitive Dissonance. Pretty weak conclusion IMO. The description of the problem is pretty accurate IMO.

    We all have it. We all have Cognitive Dissonance. To one degree or another. It’s built in.

    “….I have been deeply concerned with the visitation I briefly referenced from the early morning hours of December 20. In part of it I saw a great multitude of demons, spewing up as if from a great fountain and spreading across the whole earth. Their primary target, knowing their time is short, are those who are most overtly pious and faithful. If they can cause despair here, they can destroy many. Their primary method of causing despair is to reveal to the most overtly pious that things are not as they thought they were…..”

    What Charlie is describing here is a well planned attack MO. Satan’s targets are those with the greatest most pious belief system. The saints. The priests. The Bishops. The faithful. The attack vector which we can only vaguely perceive is to target our tendency toward Cognitive Dissonance regarding our most strongly held beliefs. Presenting inconsistent thoughts which are seemingly unresolvable.

    So we have to cope with Cognitive Dissonance to restore peace of mind and a state of wellbeing
    that all is as it should be.

    “Confirmation Bias: Seeking confirming evidence of our beliefs and disregarding or minimizing the impact of disconfirming evidence.”

    “Biases build up and attack our ability to reason logically. Our adversaries take advantage of this.”

    A characteristic of The Storm is an intensification of Cognitive Dissonance in the world initiated by Satan and carried out and executed by all those demons Charlie saw spewing out on the world as if out of some kind of giant fountain and by Satan’s human minions who deliberately sew confusion in the world. Causing discomfort and anxiety and despair and a tendency toward self-destruction to resolve the deliberately induced Cognitive Dissonance. On a world wide basis. The master attack plan of Satan. He is using and exploiting one of humanity’s most critical Achilles’ heels
    built into our physical and psychological makeup. With devastating results.

    “When you come up against a hard argument or unwinnable argument Cognitive Dissonance can cause anger. If unwinnable on both sides it can escalate to rage. It can escalate to ideological wars. People fighting to the death trying to prove their point. Trying to prove their imaginary friend is the real one not yours.”

    The pilot’s story is about trusting your instruments to define reality for you when your own mind is playing tricks on you. As Christians, our instruments, our guides, our true compass, as Charlie points out are the Scriptures and the Magisterium of the Church. When our minds are playing tricks on us, when we are struggling with our own personal attack of Cognitive Dissonance confusion either self-induced or diabolically inflicted upon us because we are targeted for our piety and faithfulness, our defense against the pilot’s death spiral is to trust our instruments.

    Another word for Cognitive Dissonance is Gaslighting. It comes from the 1940 movie Gaslight starring
    Charles Boyer, Ingrid Bergman and Joseph Cotton. It is a story about being driven mad by Cognitive Dissonance. Thinking one is going insane with conflicting beliefs. Being fed false evidence to get one to question one’s own sanity.

    Satan is playing a grand Gaslighting game on the world at this time in history. On a personal level, on a family level, on a parish level, on a community level, on a world level. The Church is severely effected. Our Government and all our Institutions are sorely effected to the point of collapse. The aim of the Devil is self-destruction. Because we can’t resolve conflicting beliefs in our own minds and ouir collective minds causing us so much pain and anxiety and despair. Escalating ideological rage deriving from Cognitive Dissonance. Society being driven mad and turning violent to resolve the inconsistent thoughts.

    Charlie long ago called it worldwide cultural Civil War.

    It is a clever attack using our own physical and psychological weaknesses to get us to destroy ourselves not just here in our Earthly life but for all eternity.

    What to do about this Gaslighting Cognitive Dissonance full blown attack by Satan inserting intrinsically inconsistent thoughts into our minds and our culture and our world?

    “….the way of simplicity, humility and abandonment…..If you want to be sure of staying in the will of the Lord, abandon all vanity and take the simple way: Acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around you….”

    I might add …. trust your instruments.

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  32. Lord Jesus son of God, have mercy on me a sinner. That’s what this calls to mind. So many beautiful reflections here and amazing comments too. We are all carrying our crosses, carrying someone else’s at times, and someone is helping carry ours. God bless everyone.

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  33. HeartLight Daily Verse – 21 March

    Jeremiah 17:7-8
    Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him. He will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought.

    Thoughts on today’s verse:
    Trust. Can we trust in God? Is the Lord faithful? While we may wish to have been alive when Jesus walked the earth or Jeremiah spoke fearlessly God’s hard truth, we are especially blessed to be alive today. We stand at the end of an incredible stream of God work and know him to be profoundly faithful to his people. We can launch out into the future with boldness because we know, as Psalm 139 says, God is there!
    Holy God, I know you are there! In the morning, in the evening, in the long nights, I know I am not alone. Thank you for knowing me and going with me through all my days. Please make your presence known to me this day as I seek to honor you in what I do and say. Through Jesus my Lord I ask this. Amen. Visit for more

    NEWS & MILINET: Articles for Christians
    Proper Liturgy Needs Doctrinal Truth

    Illinois Crowds Protest Radical Abortion Bills


    Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin Signs Bill to Ban Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome

    Betsy DeVos Strikes a Blow for Religious Freedom

    School Suspends Student for Exposing LGBT Lies, Perversion


    Amid continued Midwest flooding, Catholic groups step up to help

    We Are Going To Lose The Coming War With China

    Former DIA Officer Who Spied for China Hated Trump

    ‘Shame’: Victor Davis Hanson delivers scathing indictment of failed ‘coup’

    Days Of Reckoning
    Mark Levin: ‘Why Would a Small State Be Part of the Union’ Without Electoral College?

    Suicide is Contagious: Don’t Let it Spread by Supporting Assisted Suicide

    Colorado AG: Sheriffs Who Will Not Enforce Gun Confiscation ‘Should Resign’

    Lt. Gen. MacFarland: ‘Identity Politics’ in Military and Society is a ‘Cancer’

    Kamala Harris: Banning Trans from ‘Our Military Violates Fundamental Value at Heart of Our Country’

    Bernie Sanders Calls for Stripping of Second Amendment Rights Overnight

    NY Times’ Krugman: Don’t Bother Trying to Help (Uneducated, Racist) Rural White America

    Networks Keep Pushing SPLC Data, But Ignore Group’s Internal Uproar, Firing of Founder


    Agreeing with anchor Ted Koppel, Brit Hume talks blurring of journalism lines

    Portrait of Duplicity in Trump/Clinton Investigations Continues to Be Painted In



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      1. Beckita, your taking pause with some of Pope Francis’ actions made me think of a friend whose 2 daughters work at the Pontifical JPII Institute in D.C.; When Pope Francis changed it at the Vatican because 100% of faculty had to approve a new person coming in as Pope John Paul had written, they didn’t change and decided they needed accreditation in the U.S.. That was when the Pope brought in Bishop Farrell to head the Institute on Marriage and Family. How have the changes been?


  34. NEWS & MILINET: Articles for Christians-22 March
    Archbishop Chaput’s Address at Vocations Jamboree

    Mississippi governor signs ‘heartbeat’ abortion law

    Shrill Abortion Plots, Streaming Live

    Federal court reaffirms tax exempt clergy housing allowances

    The Politically Incorrect Francis—14 Shocking Statements

    ‘We’re in a very different time now’: Montreal officials oust crucifix from City Hall

    Spain sees 24 per cent jump in ordinations to priesthood

    Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Equality Act’ Would Be Disastrous to Americans’ Freedoms

    What’s at Stake in SCOTUS Argument Over WWI Memorial Cross

    Noem, GOP target university ‘political correctness’ with first-of-its-kind diversity, speech law

    Ten Years after Climategate, the Global Warming Fraud Is on Life Support–David Archibald

    Liberalism Is Dehumanizing

    The Pitiful, Pandering Democrats



    Cyber Threats Are Emerging Faster Than DHS Can Identify and Confront Them–Jack Corrigan

    Watch: Private citizen puts Seattle City Council in its place when members won’t even ‘look up’ from their ‘computers and give attention’


    Civil disobedience is a fundamental right, says Venezuelan cardinal

    Guaido says Venezuelan agents kidnapped his chief of staff

    Pro-life movie ‘Unplanned’ faces stiff industry headwinds
    Trump isn’t the biggest threat to the Constitution. Democrats are–Marc A. Thiessen
    Trump endorses Israeli control of the disputed Golan Heights
    Revolutionary group that raided North Korean Embassy in Spain establishes contact with FBI


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    1. Archbishop Chaput’s version of TNRS from crewdogs first link above.
      “I’ll end with just two final thoughts. The first is this. As a bishop, St. Augustine lived at a time when the whole world seemed to be falling apart, and the Church herself was struggling with bitter theological divisions. But whenever his people would complain about the darkness of the times, he’d remind them that the times are made by the choices and actions of the people who inhabit them. In other words, we make the times. We’re the subjects of history, not merely its objects. And unless we consciously work to make the times better with the light of Jesus Christ, then the times will make us worse with their darkness.”

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      1. Amen, for the sake. This has been a constant and appreciated theme at TNRS-ASOH: In the midst of the crazed happenings of the world, anchor ourselves in God by acknowledging Him, taking our NRS and letting His Light shine through, with and in us for the sake of giving hope to those around us.

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  35. Forgive the length, I was trying to be more complete for a change.
    THE AGE OF FEELINGS. Previously we had the age of reason when reason trumped all else. Today we have The Age of Feelings where feelings take precedence over all else. At least reason was restrained by limits imposed by at least attempts at truth and can keep God in the equation. Whatever feels good has little if any built in limits for what is desired can be pursued even if it is detrimental in the long run. It tends to replace MAN as the center and leaves God out entirely. Today, people lead with their feelings. First amendment rights are bypassed at universities so that no students feelings should ever be opposed or threatened. Safe zones are declared as havens where they may never feel challenged. Speakers with controversial views are boycotted and cancelled so that no one could be offended by opposing ideas. Unreal. Especially for a university that is supposed to be a bastion of learning. The media and left leaning politicians put forth positions that appeal to feelings without regard for truth, practicality, or validity based mostly on wishful thinking which is feelings based. Accusations are hurled without a shred of evidence based purely on feelings in order to destroy reputations and impose their will. Believability is based on sympathy for the accuser and how believable they sound rather than any real evidence offered. New categories are invented such as hate crimes to further vilify those socially unaccepted and illegal actions as if that makes them worse by adding social offense to the mix. People lead with their feelings and take offense if anyone offers any disagreement whatsoever with their statements as if that constitutes a personal attack to be defended at all cost and little if any restraint.
    Feelings are intrinsically irrational reactions to sometimes a multitude of indiscernible direct causes. Perhaps the most dangerous form of group reactions is mob phycology. It has resulted in lynchings, arsons, looting, and wanton destruction of businesses and structures. It can lead even to the final collapse of crumbling empires.
    Human feelings are perhaps the most vulnerable aspect of the human species. Gifted with intelligence and motivated by feelings, humans too often struggle with conflicts between the two. Intelligence is a strong base for leading one’s life but feelings can be so deep to the extent of overriding all rational reasoning as tempted to do so. The satan has used this weakness to subvert humanity from the beginning and has never seemed to have been so universally successful in undermining society in the world in general is today. No wonder he feels he has won as we are poised on the brink of world wide collapse where we have lost all power to save ourselves. We must acknowledge that only God can save us now.
    Men and women in general are both challenged by feelings but each in a different way based on their deepest makeup. They are different in significant ways created by God to be complimentary. They need each others strengths working together in harmony both in marriage and in society to achieve Gods plan that all should do the will of God on earth as in heaven in order to bring about the fullness of the kingdom of God on earth something even scripture attests that this ideal which we are called to strive for will never be achieved yet we will be judged for our commitment and efforts during our life here on earth. We must acknowledge that in the end only God can save us.
    The sexual revolution was mainly based on feelings. The basic human need for love was distorted into sexual degradation. It has been said that women give sex in order to get love and men give love in order to get sex. The sex is real but the love is mainly self delusion. The women who bought into these delusions got the short end of the exchange. Women were the main source of strength that preserved society, but in tricking them into their compromises, the satan has made devastating inroads in the decline of society and it’s main stability, the family. The burden has not been all on the women. Man too has failed in his responsibilities to keep up his end of the bargain. I had concluded years ago that without women’s influences over the centuries, if left solely to the men, we would all still be living in caves or huts and cooking over open fires.
    Feelings are important but must be given proper place based on merit. Desires are based on feelings and want but should not be corrupted by a need for instant gratification by any means available whether licit or not, especially when they violate the rights of others. Today the common morality seems to be whatever you can get away with. True happiness can only be gained through love and all love stems from love of God and our neighbor as ourselves through the love of God.
    All honor and glory be to God the Father as we all strive to do the Next Right Step as willing servants under the protection and guidance of the Holy Spirit as we strive to be ready to be a sign of hope to all those around us. Watch and pray, pray and watch. T RUST in God.

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  36. Looking for help with discernment. Is there any credibility to the phenominon Q Anon in their posts?
    I have been reading some things that greatly disturb me such as child trafficking and cannibalism/satantic ritual among the “elites”. It haunts me.

    I have been having difficulty and getting back lash for posting on facebook that Trump is a better guy than most think. I got such back lash from people and even my husband. He said don’t post such things or you will alienate your friends. I said that then they must not really be friends.

    How to evangelize as a Christian when you are feeling so much despair at times? Even in my daily life I really feel the effects of a spiritual war of good vs. evil.

    I have been trying to pray the rosary daily, The Auxillium Christianorum, st. Louis DeMonfort 33 days consecration.

    Thank you for help with discernment.

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    1. Little One, perhaps Q Anon is credible – and many believe it is – and, if it is, God Alone knows how many of the plans described there will come to pass. And whether or not Q Anon is believable, the harsh, vile ugliness of child trafficking and all human trafficking, with or without satanic ritual, is fact. Yet, these things are way bigger than any of us, in the sense of our ability to directly touch those in need but with our prayer, penance and fasting. Horrible as all the evil truly is, if we dwell on it to the extent that it pulls us down into the vortex of despair and desperation, we have no energy left to man the post to which God has called us. It is a delicate balance to care (and how can we not be horrified) without allowing the enemy to crush us, rendering us ineffective in doing the little we can, knowing it ripples out, bringing life to all the world.

      About the backlash on FB, perhaps those friends who rise in backlash are simply not ready to hear what you are saying. Engaging in discussions with opposing views can be enlightening and fruitful… when good will is ever maintained, yet, when the discussion comes to impasse and the other is totally against the view we hold and the discussion breaks down wherein good will is tossed to the four winds, simply and gently bring it to an end. We cannot force anyone.

      You have wisely asked: “How to evangelize as a Christian when you are feeling so much despair at times?” If I may gently suggest, Little One, it may be time to pull out of the fray for a while… to spend time with the Lord, allowing Him to refresh you and restore your peace. Sonja Corbitt, as she calls herself: a Bible evangelista, presented a series which began in January and finished before Lent but you can listen in anytime and the message is timeless. Mainly based on the Book of Hebrews, the weekly presentations give food for thought on how to maintain inner peace, even in a world gone made around us. The teaching about the power of Sunday rest and all the Lord accomplishes within our interior when we keep the Sabbath points to a path of continual renewal and refreshment.

      The first talk – Holy Balance – in the series named Dew of Heaven begins here and you can then scroll up through Sonja’s posts to hear succeeding presentations (usually given on Mondays, but sometimes she misses due to travel). Here’s her intro to the first talk:
      In the first show of our Dew of Heaven series, we ask, *What is rest, really? Is it merely the absence of inactivity?* God is always active, but always at rest.
      “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. ‘Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble'” (Matt 6:33).

      God bless you, Little One.

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      1. LittleOne;

        STEVEBC’s advise in his last paragraph is exactly where I have landed after a long period of not knowing what to make of the Q phenom. He gives solid advise.
        (Btw, Hi Steve. I’ve been expecting you since I read LittleOne’s post earlier today. 🙂 )

        And while I have the floor…[clears throat] I would like to publicly congratulate the mentally unstable American Left and the DNC corporate media mouthpieces for their 2 years of diligent work in igniting Cold War ll and salting U.S./Russia relations for at least a generation. Nicely done.

        Every sane American

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        1. And here’s a FB post, Christopher, demonstrating your point about the American Left. From Robert P George, tireless defender of Truth:

          This is Jannique Stewart. Jannique reports that she was invited to defend the pro-life position at the Cornell University Political Union on April 23rd. She accepted. However, she later got a call saying that background research had revealed that she believes that (gasp!!!!) sex belongs in, and not outside of, the marital bond, and marriage correctly understood is the union of husband and wife. So, she was informed, she was being disinvited.

          So here we are. Evidently, no Catholic, Evangelical Protestant, Eastern Orthodox Christian, Orthodox Jew, or Muslim, who believes what his or her tradition of faith teaches about sex and marriage is permitted to engage in debate at the Cornell Political Union. Even someone who, following thinkers like Plato, Aristotle, Musonius Rufus, Xenophanes, and Plutarch, holds to traditional morality on philosophical grounds without the benefit of scriptural revelation, is ineligible to be a debater. If Plato or Aristotle were around today, they would be barred. Think about that for a second.

          Among the most appalling practices of the contemporary left is its attempt to secure its position on sex and marriage by stigmatizing anyone who dissents from it as a “bigot’ or “hater”–the equivalent of a racist–and thus excluding them and shutting down all debate. We’re seeing this all over the country. It is a sin against the House of Intellect. The bullies who commit it need to be stood up to. Their victims need to refuse to be intimidated. And all men and women of goodwill need to stand with them.

          Where oh where are the old fashioned, honorable liberals?

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        2. LOL, ChrisJ! I hadn’t realized I was so predictable. 😀

          However, [clearing throat] I think there is a lot going on under the surface between the US and Russia that I hope will result in a substantial thaw soon. I think Trump is not wedded to NATO and would walk away from it as a way to tell Russia it is not under threat any more. A substantial reduction of NATO’s power and loss of US backing would give Russia the opportunity to work on equally substantial reductions in nukes and other arms between them and the US. Let us not give up hope!

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    2. Littleoneinpa, I think Beckita has done a good job here in pointing you in the right direction. I will comment just on Q specifically.

      Q began posting in October, 2017. I discovered them (it’s a small group) several weeks later and have been following ever since. Without proof that Q is what they say they are, I equally cannot be certain. However, I do believe they are real, that the Q phenomenon has spread around the world, and that its overall effect has been very positive.

      However, Q has more than one purpose to their posting. They have pointed anons at a huge amount of useful information, as a way to regenerate the news. Unfortunately, they are also posting information that is both cryptic and aimed not at anons or us but at the Evil Network, which purpose is to confuse and annoy (much like the way Trump tweets to annoy and distract the evil people he is fighting). Q also posts what appears to be tactical operations codes not meant for any of us but for operatives in the field. I would bet they have other purposes as well.

      For this reason I recommend that you settle for Q having overall credibility and the awareness that they do appear to be working closely with Trump, but steer clear of following them directly. Even if you spent a great deal of time analyzing this, you would end up often confused. Since you seem un-inclined to dig in that deeply, I suggest, as Beckita does, that you simply focus on what is yours to do in life and know other good people are focusing on theirs.

      I hope that helps. 🙂

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      1. Thank you, LittleOne, Beckita and SteveBC. I had wanted to hear SteveBC’s take on Q, as I have been following them for over a year. Although I don’t participate in any discussions or research, I read here and there. I’ve had to put it away at times, as it is too much for me to mentally and emotionally handle at times, but it would be great if Q turns out to be the real thing. I put my faith in the Holy Trinity and Blessed Mother Mary first and foremost. Thank you, Beckita and SteveBC for your great answers to LittleOne’s question (and mine too!). God bless us all.

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      2. Steve.
        You might be interested in the book, BIG Q LITTLE Q—THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM
        By a Friend of Medjugorje. Big Q is Our Lady Queen of Peace, Medjugorje. Little Q IS Q. who is directly related to President Trump who is pictured in the book photo drawing a large Q at one of his rallies. The Friend of Medjugorje has a very interesting take on Q and his relationship with Trump and all related to Our Lady’s plan for the salvation of the world. You may order on Amazon if you wish.

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        1. Thank you for the recommendation of the book, Joseph. I got interested in the Caritas group a few years ago but eventually decided there was something not quite right about them. I could certainly be wrong, but I decided I would go a different direction.

          As for reading, I have a large number of twitter threads I follow and a Reading List so long I will never die. I will have to respectfully decline to add this one to my List. 🙂

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      3. Steve, You may order directly:
        Caritas of Birmingham
        Address: 100 Our Lady Queen Peace Dr, Sterrett, AL 35147
        Phone: 205 672-2000 ext. 315
        Hours: 8:30am-5:00pm

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          1. Sean,
            I have been to Medjugorje three times in 1987 and believe the authenticity of Blessed Virgin Mary’s apparitions there.The Vatican has approved of Medjugorje as a shrine equal to that of Lourdes and Fatima. I have been in contact with Caritas of Birmingham’s Community’s Friend of Medjugorje since 1988. Friend of Medjugorje is leader of a community which is dedicated to spreading the knowledge and messages of Our Lady of Medjugorje, Queen of Peace, throughout the world. Friend of Medugorje has an mission house in Medjugorje and is a friend of the visionaries, Mirjana and Maria who has visited USA Caritas of Birmingham several times. While there Maria had her daily visions of Our Lady who had inspired the foundation of the Caritas and its mission.

            Sean, believe what you will, I know Caritas is authentic and has a great mission in the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

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            1. I, too, have made pilgrimage to Medjugorje, Joseph. Sean has made clear, via his comments over time, that he surely believes in Our Lady’s presence there and has shared some about the wonderful impact on his life from his pilgrimage to this blessed site. What Sean does raise, here, is a concern about the organization, Caritas of Birmingham. Fr. Wang and I had contact with this group many years ago, when their community first formed and I remember when the seer, Maria, visited the area multiple times and how this became the inspiration you describe concerning its formation. What remains, which Sean pointed to, are the controversies surrounding the group. This doesn’t negate that you have had good contact with the group, Joseph, yet I believe there is reason to take pause. The Diocese of Birmingham has never approved or established ties or given oversight of spiritual direction to this group. This is a stumbling block for me simply because obedience to legitimate, local Catholic authority when evangelizing about the faith is foundational.

              One piece here discusses the dissenting views. Here’s a link which posts EWTN’s answers to questions folks have asked about the Caritas group.

              God bless us all.

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              1. I read a major book by a friend of Medjugorje and found it very disconcerting. Thus, I have chosen to stay away from caritas. I also understand about Maria’s visit and commend her for it. Medjugorje also brought me into the Catholic church through a series of miracles that brought physical and spiritual healing to my wife and I. I went there in 1987. Thus, I have very high regards for Medjugorje, but have found caritas to be very cultic in their practice. Would I try to say they are non Christian or not doing some good? I could not say that as that would not be my place to judge. However, I do believe they are an aberration. Blessings!

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                1. Doug;
                  Re: Writings of Colafrancesco.
                  Total agreement from me. Red Flag-O-Rama!
                  Pray that this guy doesn’t one day tell his followers that he got a message from Our Lady telling him that she wants them all to ‘come join her’. We all might be shocked at how many would literally drink the Kool-Aid.
                  I’m absolutely serious about praying for that community.

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              2. Beckita,
                Thank you for your response and your words of caution with regard to Caritas of Birmingham. I too have had reservations with Friend of Caritas being the leader of a subversive cult but not with regard to his bishop refusing the celebration of the Eucharist nor his refusal of obedience to him. It is my understanding the sacrament of confession is permitted. Permission to celebrate the Eucharist is not easily granted to most places outside the parish church. I do not know why the Friend of Caritas refuses obedience to his bishop. It may or not be justified depending upon what the bishop’s demands are.

                Please allow me to relate the obedience demanded by the bishop of Medjugorje. When the six visionaries first reported they were “seeing” this beautiful lady on Mt. Podbrodo, the bishop accepted them as authentic. The bishop and the Franciscans of St. James parish had a falling out because of two Franciscans whom the bishop wanted to discipline. The bishop asked the visionaries to ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to decide the matter between the two. When the visionaries reported the Virgin Mary favored the Franciscans, the bishop rejected the visionaries and their authenticity. The bishop and his successor rejected the visionaries’ apparitions through the years until Pope St. John Paul authorized removal of the bishop’s authority and convened a Vatican commission to investigate the authenticity of the visionaries.

                We must be very careful to whom we give our obedience, it just may be one of the many wolves in sheep’s clothing in the diocese and the Vatican. By their fruits, you shall know them.


                1. Thanks for your measured reply, Joseph. Actually, many a bishop has given permission for Mass to be offered outside the parish when that other place is a chapel or shrine which remains under the authority of the bishop. Now, we must obey the decisions a bishop makes in his official capacity as local ordinary… even if he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. If we don’t obey legitimate authority – no matter how good or bad the man is – we’re getting ahead of God and taking things into our own hands. If we plow ahead on our own, we’re giving God a signal that we don’t trust that He will make things right in His Time, drawing great good from the injustice or wrongdoing. And, for what it’s worth, in the case of Caritas of Birmingham, none of the bishops who have been the local ordinary of Birmingham – during the existence of the Caritas group – have been of the wolf in sheep’s clothing type.

                  I’m aware of the conflicts that can occur between religious order authorities and diocesan authorities. (Gosh, I’ve seen such as this between pastors of parishes in the same city and/or diocese. Oh our human frailties.) And I have been aware of the opposing discernment of the various bishops in the Bishops Conference of Yugoslavia regarding the authenticity of Medjugorje. With great respect, Joseph, our Blessed Mother would never get in the middle of a human squabble such as is described in the account you’ve shared. It’s not her role to do so. While the friction has existed between the Franciscan and diocesan authorities in Medjugroje, this story of the Blessed Mother favoring the Franciscans is surely a legend.

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                  1. Beckita,

                    I apologize if my comments implied that the bishops of Birmingham were wolves in sheeps’ clothing.
                    Please link to an article of the Bishop Pavao-Zanic of Medjugorje who “was at first open to the apparitions” of the six visionaries but then turned against them and the Franciscans who were at St. James Church. Below is an excerpt which goes to the heart pf the issue. Bishop Zanic and his successor, Bishop Peric, were forbidden to publicly speak against the authenticity of the visionaries and the Franciscans of St. James by the Vatican.There are many articles on the net which can be obtained by a Google search. God bless you Beckita and all on ASOH.


                    From 1981 to 1993, he followed the “Medjugorje phenomenon” by establishing the First Commission from 1982 to 1984, followed by an extension of the same from 1984 to 1986.

                    As a Marian bishop, he was at first open to the “apparitions”. In his first statements, he defended the priests before the communist attacks as well as the possibility of Marian apparitions. He believed that the “visionaries” were having some inner experiences, but he was very careful that their subjectivity would not be replaced by supernatural “apparitions”.

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                    1. Thanks so much for this clarification, Joseph. Thanks, too, for the link which I had previously read. In 1991, Ivan made a visit to Montana and was accompanied by then retired Archbishop of Split, Frane Franic, who was always a supporter of the apparitions. Whew! Such a struggle in the Conference of Bishops it was. What a blessing to have the special envoy, Archbishop Hoser, in Medjugorje now. God bless you, too, Joseph.

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          2. My goodness, Sean. I just realized I re-posted your excellent link referencing the EWTN Answers’ replies to questions concerning Caritas of Birmingham’s controversial nature.

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    1. Sean, if you don’t mind my asking, what is the legitimacy status of these revelations? and how does
      she receive these messages? Thanks in advance.

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  37. Good News still elusive ….. whilst SIGNS of USA/Global Unpleasantness abound ;-(

    NEWS & MILINET: Articles for Christians – 24 Maech
    The Third Sunday of Lent 2019

    The Rolling Genocide of America’s Blacks–Hugh Reynolds

    K-Love, Show Some Love to the Unborn

    Black Professor Picks Feminism, Loses at Life–Jeremy Egerer

    Disability rights activists protest assisted suicide bills as dangerous, discriminatory

    The Problem of Evil: Actually, It’s Complicated

    STOP THE PRESSES: Young people sing in the Illinois State Capitol

    Rep. Louie Gohmert: ‘There is a Brazen Invasion Occurring at Our Border’

    Pence: In 2018, ICE Arrested More Than 34,000 Criminal Aliens, Removed 3,635 Gang Members

    Yep!! One of the New Faces of The Democrat Party inciting Civil War…. It amazes me on how many fronts that Democrat Party CW incitement is occurring. Black vs White vs Brown, Jew vs Muslim vs Christian, “Rich” vs “Poor”, Rural vs Urban Abortion vs Pro-Life, LGBTQ vs Normal, Old vs Young, Producer Class vs Welfare Slaves, …. it ain’t gonna end well ;-(

    Ilhan Omar, in CAIR Speech, Suggests Trump to Blame for New Zealand Terror

    ……. and Of Course! …. there is NO INTEREST, whtasoever, by Media or Federal/MN Immigration/Law Enforcement to investigate the below .. Ah … ’cause … Well! … Ya Know ….. Ilhan has filled at least four “squares” on The Democrat Party Victim Group List. Woman, Black, Muslim and “Immigrant” .. Oh! I guess Fringe Socialist makes five “squares” ;-(
    She nor any Congressional Safe-Seat Democrats could undergo the Witch-Hunts & Persecution that Trump and his Deplorables have gone through these past three years … Civil War Sign!

    Official School Records Support Claims That Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) Married Her Brother

    Omar Holding Secret Fundraisers With Islamic Groups Tied to Terror



    HullyGee! … I’m wondering just what the definition of White Supremacist is, now, within The Democarat Party. I’m guessing that if you were born White and/or are a Conservative Christian, PRO-Life/Rule of Law/Constitution/Bill of Rights/Border Control/Shooting Sports/Trump &/or ……….. You are a White Supremacist!

    Elizabeth Warren: ‘White Supremacists Pose a Threat to the United States…like ISIS, like Al Qaida’

    Lessons from Churchill’s walk with destiny

    The Meaning and History of ‘Molon Labe’

    Small hole in the ground leads to mysterious English cavern with possible ties to Crusades

    DoubleTree Employees Fired for Displaying Sign Disparaging Military at Hotel Bar

    The Mueller Report – Mike Huckabee

    Pelosi Holds Emergency Call With Democratic Caucus Over

    MSNBC Off the Rails: Demand Dems Ignore the Racist Mueller Report

    BAM: Tucker Runs Down a List of Democratic Party Shills Who ‘Lied’ When They Pushed Collusion Theory

    Producer Class Exodus from Liberal Socialist Blue States … NY, CA, NJ, IL,……….. SIGNS….. ;-(

    Businesses, Residents Plan to Leave New York

    Pompeo: Certainly Possible That Trump, Like Queen Esther, Was Chosen to Save the Jews From Iran

    British Government Rules Christianity Is Not a Religion of Peace, Rejects Convert

    Four in Ten French Say Revolution the Solution to Country’s Problems

    MAYDAY: Cabinet Coup in Full Swing, ‘End Is Nigh, She Will Be Gone in 10 Days’

    CBC Fake News Show Hires Actor to Portray Racist Trump Supporter


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    1. Just want to jump in and say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers for my husband. His prostate biopsies came back negative!! No cancer! Praise God for His mercy!

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  38. And after being rejected by Word Press for being originally and signed in as MaryT and being rejected a few or more times I decided to come on strong with my full name Mary
    Thompson. I pray for all of us and the world. I think a biggy is a comin………..

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