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George Inness - The Valley of the Shadow of Death
The Valley of the Shadow of Death – George Inness

By Charlie Johnston

“Hear me, all of you, and understand: there is nothing outside a man which by going into him can defile him; but the things which come out of a man are what defile him.” – Jesus Christ, Mark 14-15

When I was on the road over the last few years, occasionally I would have someone suggest that electronic chips implanted into people, if coercively mandated, could be the “mark of the beast.” I was adamant about shutting such speculation down. It is not just errant, but is dangerously so.

The growing coercive nature of modern governments is a very grave danger. I would not willingly submit to such a thing – and I don’t doubt that the anti-God leftists are eager to impose it on as many as possible in order to cement absolutist control over the population. I don’t go for gadgets like Alexa that can listen to me all the time, while connected (and perhaps reporting back) to some leftist corporation in Silicon Valley. Shoot, I get mildly annoyed when someone asks me where I’ve been when on a simple errand around town. All of these electronic leashes are, perhaps, the most powerful potential tool of oppression in human history.

Regular readers know I most emphatically do not believe we have entered the sequence of events related to the Major Chastisement, that is, the actual end of time. The beast, the false prophet and the Antichrist are personages associated with that period, so I think speculation on such right now is futile. (Note, the spirit of antichrist – small a – has been with us at least since the resurrection, and many have succumbed to it throughout Christian history. The Antichrist – large A – is a specific and unique person who comes at the end of time). We are well entered into the Minor Chastisement, a period of strife and challenge second only to the Major Chastisement in intensity and disorder – so it is the beginning of the greatest crisis the world has seen to this point. It will feel like the end, but is NOT the end. It is the passing away of an old era and the rising of a new era through the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart in which the world and the faith will be renewed. I think of it, often, as the Revelation 12 period.

There are many who would dispute me on this. Fair enough. Even so, something like a mandatory implanted electronic chip could not be the mark of the beast at any period in Salvation History. Faith is an act of the will. So is apostasy. The mark of the beast CANNOT be imposed on you from without; it can only be embraced within you. Men on earth can physically bind your person, even as they bound Jesus. No one can bind your spirit except through your internal consent. Were it otherwise, the whole notion of free will would be nullified. God so loves free will He allows sin and evil to exist rather than revoke it. Can anyone really believe He is going to revoke it to watch the faithful be caught unawares in a snare that is contrary to their will? Never! You cannot step on a banana peel and slip into hell. Christ is your invincible armor, whatever people outside do to you.

Such speculation is deadly dangerous for several reasons. First, it is a pernicious attack on the concept of free will, a fundamental of the faith. Second, it sires hopelessness because it persuades people there is nothing we can effectively do – that someone outside us can condemn us to hell, despite our best efforts and the noblest interior intentions. Third, it distracts us from what we can do, which is purify our intentions, regardless of what hostile figures outside do to us.

“Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; rather fear him who can kill both soul and body in hell” – Jesus Christ, Matthew 10:28

It is only by an internal act of your own will that you can be marked for destruction. Make no mistake, the satan is brilliantly clever in trying to seduce you into such an act. Even now, many denominations of churches are tossing aside Christian commandments on the matters of family, marriage and sexuality – either to satisfy their own itching consciences or to gain the favor of the mob that, once again, responds to Christ by crying, “Crucify Him!” Unless these repent, they will have their reward; the approval of the mob for a short time and then damnation for all eternity. They have chosen.

The Magisterium of the Catholic Church stands firmly like a rock on behalf of Christian teaching on family, marriage and sexuality. We have entered into a great crisis because a great number of Church authorities at the highest levels seek to overturn Christ. It makes for a disheartening spectacle, but it will not ultimately prevail.

I have said repeatedly that, throughout the Storm, we are to treat all faithful Christians – Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox – and all faithful Jews as full and equal partners in the work before us, while treating all of good will as true brothers regardless of their faith. Mysteriously, through the instrument of the Storm, God, Himself will see to Christian unity. We need each other. One Protestant denomination has recently made a very public, very bold choice for Christ despite the howling of the mob. Would that our top authorities take a lesson in fortitude and fidelity from these brothers in Christ, these partners in the work.

My friend, Corpus Christi Bishop Emeritus Rene Gracida, joyfully highlighted the recent decision of the United Methodist Church on his Abyssum Website. The United Methodists have decided, with the courage of the first Christians, that they will firmly continue to uphold Christian teaching on the family, marriage and sexuality. Any who choose to go with the spirit of the age are free to go and start their own church. As for the United Methodists and all who would call that denomination home, they will serve the Lord. Following is the original article from Education News on the decision:


Feb 26, 2019 by

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“Glorious News: The United Methodists Voted Against LGBTQ, Will Stick with the Bible”

By Donna Garner


Today the United Methodist Church (UMC) delegates to the General Conference voted for the Traditional Plan which relates to human sexuality, marriage, and ordination.  The Traditional Plan won 438 to 384. The delegates were divided equally among clergy and lay people.

The Traditional Plan

This plan maintains the current language in the Book of Discipline related to human sexuality, marriage, and ordination.  It also maintains the current structure of the United Methodist Church. 

There are three main components of this plan that are important to note:

  1. There is no change to the current language of the Book of Discipline related to human sexuality, marriage, and ordination.
  2. Provisions are added to the Book of Discipline which enhance accountability of bishops, annual conferences, pastors, and local churches by stipulating stricter enforcement provisions related to the acts of disobedience to the Book of Discipline.
  3. It allows annual conferences or any group of 50 congregations the freedom to form a self-governing church if they are in irreconcilable conflict with the Book of Discipline.

From a long-serving Methodist pastor leading up to the very important vote today:

The UMC is facing the same issues of human sexuality and specifically homosexuality that we are facing in our culture, and every organization or institution that takes a stand against the progressive attitude in our culture will be attacked.  The LGBTQ activists are on the attack to tear down any and every group that opposes their agenda,  and the UMC Discipline says that the practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching. 

But it’s not just the United Methodist Church that’s under attack.  It’s happening in the Presbyterian, Episcopal, Lutheran, Disciples, and Baptist churches.  Some denominations have already compromised their stand, but the United Methodists have not.  So we are being attacked and many of the activists who are waging the attack are not members of the United Methodist Church and they are not professing Christians.  They are secular humanists who are out to destroy every organization that disagrees with their agenda.

…there are liberal/progressive clergy and laity in the United Methodist Church who have been trying to change our Discipline for 30+ years, but their efforts have been rejected every time at every general conference for 30 years…it would be naive for us to think that even if the Traditional Plan is approved (which it was today on 2.26.19), the controversy will not be over. That Plan includes a way for liberal individuals and churches to leave the denomination, but that isn’t their objective.  The LBGTQ activists don’t want to leave our denomination.  They want to change our denomination; and they know if they are defeated this time and get out, they won’t have a voice to attack us at the next general conference and the next and next until they finally win.  They believe they will eventually win because of the changing attitude in our nation toward the homosexual lifestyle.  They may never win, but they will keep trying and creating controversy and doing everything they can to disrupt or destroy the UMC or any church or any organization who stands against their agenda.

The General Conference is composed of an equal number of lay and clergy delegates from United Methodist annual conferences throughout the world.  The most recent General Conference (2016) was attended by 864 delegates.  The General Conference meets every 4 years to receive, discuss, and vote on petitions and resolutions that result in a revised edition of the United Methodist Book of Discipline (our denomination’s book of law), and The Book of Resolutions (our denominations policies related to current social issues).

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  1. ‘You cannot step on a banana peel and slip into hell.’ Such a hilarious thought for so serious a topic. Like laughing during a funeral service!

    Someone linked in the previous comments to a telco conference which showed on the big screen actual video of a participant being injected with a chip and then a presenter proceeded to display the ‘enormous’ benefits of this particular implanted chip which was powered by whatever devices are placed near the skin above the chip. Fascinating technology but the actual injection of the largish needle might be enough to turn some people away who were half ‘willing’.

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    1. I just put up an update on his cases in a post two days agoa post two days agoa post two days ago. It is the first item in the posting. HHS had a bunch of contracts entered into under the Obama administration using aborted fetal tissue. They are being weeded out. Sadly, this is not good and not in line with what has been happening. But this is not directly a Daleiden case.

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      1. She does the same thing I do. I rarely call the satan by a proper name out of contempt for him. He had a noble Father, the greatest Father possible, yet he knowingly spurned God to launch his war against God’s creation.

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        1. Charlie, In the Office of Readings for today, we had a reading from the first chapter of Job, and when I read this “One day, when the sons of God* came to present themselves before the LORD, the satan also came among them.” I thought of you, as it uses the phrase, the satan.

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          1. Yes, I first encountered that formulation in Job, one of my favorite books of the Old Testament, and have used it ever since. I think it shows proper contempt for that malignant demon.

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  2. Charlie, Without the freedom to think and do, any conscious being would be imprisoned as a helpless witness to whatever may be; there would be no reason, no purpose, and no possible joy in being without also having a free will . Those quotes from Jesus, while so relevant to your post, are also a wonderful generalized explanation about the nature of our souls. God creates all souls with perfection, and has made such impervious to external forces having evil intent. Any harm to the soul is only what free will permits as expressed in actions made without love.

    I think it well to repeat your prescription for good will: “ I have said repeatedly that, throughout the Storm, we are to treat all faithful Christians – Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox – and all faithful Jews as full and equal partners in the work before us, while treating all of good will as true brothers regardless of their faith “ I would add by explicitly including those born to become LGBTQ to those to whom good well is extended, but exclude those who seek to subvert normal, family functional behaviors to advocacy of sex for its own sake.

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    1. correction: people are not “born to become” LGBTQ. It is a disordered behavior–but ofcourse, all of our brothers and sisters are treated with “goodwill”.

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      1. For over three decades I’ve worked in healthcare and these *disorders* have been diagnosed and coded as mental illnesses, with a distinct letter of the alphabetic used as an identifier of a physiological coded anomaly. The new narratives being used to push the ‘born this way’, ‘freedom to identify as’…, or that ‘pedophilia is a sexual preference’ and such frustrates me. Let us not normalize illness and dysfunction, let us treat and heal it. Yes, with compassion for all. ❤

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        1. You can say that again Kimsevier…. lol… God must have a profound sense of humor… I heard somewhere (I think Fr. Ripperger) that you can tell God loves variety by the different kind of bugs He created! lol

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      2. Thanks for offering a correction correction , but my statement is buttressed by sound empirical research:

        ” Identical twin studies shed additional light on the genetic underpinnings of sexual preference. If there are differences in preference between identical twins, who share the same genes, then that difference cannot be genetic. Here, the research indicates that in cases where one identical male twin is gay, about half the time the other twin is gay as well. “This is way above 4 percent, so it’s got to be genetic, but it is nowhere near 100 percent,” Goldstein said. The percentages for lesbian twins are slightly lower, but generally comparable.
        DNA studies have identified the general location of at least one “gay gene.” The maternal heritability of male homosexuality narrowed the region where such a gene must reside to the X chromosome, because sons get this chromosome from their mother. Analysis of DNA markers on the X chromosomes of sibling pairs has further narrowed the search to a region called XQ28. It consists of hundreds of genes and is located near the tip of the X chromosome. However, there is some indication that genes located elsewhere may have a similar effect on sexual orientation, Goldstein said. ”
        ( ). There may be environmental influences, but the research show genetics dominate.

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        1. JAH On the other hand, if homosexuality is learned rather than due to genetic underpinning, the fact that twins would tend to have very similar and common upbringing, that could account for a higher percentage (half) than normal for the other twin to be gay as well. The DNA studies seem very speculative at best.

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          1. Francis McNutt wrote a good book on homosexuality and healing. The overwhelming majority of homosexuals is due to some form of trauma or lack of father figure for the child’s upbringing. Think sexual abuse and many single parent families without a father. These things dramatically increase odds of same sex attraction. Francis and his wife Judith are in the healing ministry and when they focus on the trauma or issues surrounding above, there is a resounding success rate in healing of this. The Lord could easily heal all of us, but without getting to the root, it would be akin to taking pain killers when you have cancer. You may feel better, but the disease is still there. Our Lord likes to treat the whole disease to bring forth healing of the soul. I often say, “it is never too late to have a happy childhood”. Our Lord wants to heal all of us in a most profound way that heals the whole person. He has done so for me.

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        2. The problem with these DNA “markers” is that they cannot prove that it is indeed a homosexual gene but that there is only a prevalance for these markers in some homosexuals. This does not conclude the “gene” is causing or contributing to homosexual behaviors because the gene itself holds no evidence of this function but because it seems to be more common in these people they then contribute it to “genetic causation”. It would be like saying most homosexuals have blue eyes, so blue eyed people lean towards homosexuality. It’s a con, like everything else these days.

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          1. Just and Phillip, Your theoretical perspectives on the relative unimportance of a genetic predisposition toward sexual preferences raises a question also about your theoretical perspectives on how to explain straights’ preferences for the opposite sex. Apart from the empirical research that implies a dominant genetic component, I can only speak from my own experience, and can say no one ever taught me to like girls, and I was indeed quite indifferent until pubescence.

            I might add that I have seen a tendency for some folks to link theorizing about moral depravity as an explanation with their proclivity to judge and blame gays for their immorality.

            I had not intended to make any controversial comment, but the small discussion here might serve a helpful Christian purpose.

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            1. Jack.
              It’s ALL theory. Even the “imperical evidence” you say “implies” which is just another form of guess backed by many guesses.
              But generic predispositions have zillions of potential outcomes, as does learned behavior, social influences, PTD (which even occurs at birth), abuse when a child, etc. The predisposition or “grooming” of persons by the homosexual community is reliant upon acceptance, willingness and confusion. Most non child abuse “first encounters” are accomplished with the aid of an intoxicant to deaden the nature aversion. The real problem is the weakness we inherited from the Fall of Adam and Eve, not from our genes.
              Animals are a poor test for this theory as they are more instinctive than man in thier behavior but there are many examples of genetic markers attached to inbreeding for a desired trait. Hip dysplasia in dogs is one common problem from inbreeding. Blindness in albinos is another, but that is more of an environmental consequence.
              Breeding for domestication has its consequences too.
              One farmer of fox who bred the tamest foxes together
              produced foxes with blotched fur as a result (which was undesirable as he sold thier pelts).
              Once I placed some wild baby mice in with a colony of domestic mice to raise them. (Understand, both are the exact same species). A few weeks later the blind, furless babies had grown big enough to roam the cage freely. I removed the lid to clean the cage and the wild babies scattered and jumped out of the cage! The tame babies just sat there unconcerned. Interestingly, the wild mice were experiencing the exact same environment as the tame ones but thier instinct to flee when surprised remained.
              The propensity to homosexuality is given a fairly straightforward reason in Scripture- it is a moral dilemma with an obvious result. For us to then “rationalise” it is to go further down the rabbit hole of denying the real cause of this disorder-sin.
              The big disqualifier to the whole argument is a genetic propensity has to be “passed on”. This, my friends, is impossible if no progeny are produced by the act. “Floater” genes that are recessive in the host could be blamed, but natural selection inhibits thier success as two men or two women cannot reproduce and thus pass on a genetic propensity. But sin remains and is passed on to successive generations as “generational curses” and these result in all manner of disordered behaviors.

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            2. I only speak from personal experience in sharing my thoughts here. I’ve worked for many doctors and not one was morally ethical in his practice. What does the record need to say, what code do you need, how much will the insurance pay, were the usual leading questions as to how the charts, records and claim forms were prepared…

              In between the birth of my daughter (eldest) to the birth of my son (youngest), which is roughly a span of two and a half years, I learned three conflicting hard and fast rules via medical journals/literature that newborns should be placed on their backs, on their sides, and on their tummies for best practices for safety mainly tied to the SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) concerns of new parents. Decades later, a medical whistleblower that I respect, Jon Rappoport, has linked SIDS to vaccines and not sleeping postures.

              Defying the way things ‘ought’ to be, my dear sweet mother and her siblings were called to their eternity from youngest to oldest for all but one exception. The youngest, my Uncle Bill died at age 21, my Aunt and Godmother, JoAnne at 30 something, my mother at 46, Aunt MaryJo was perhaps in her fifties or sixties and my Aunt Betty recently at 89. My Uncle Ted now in his seventies is the only surviving sibling on my mother’s side. My dear father had diabetes Type I, my brother Type II, my sister and I who are both in our fifties and so grateful to have lived past 46, the ages of our mother and her mother (our grandmother) at the time of their deaths from massive heart attacks, beat the pattern and are diabetes and heart condition free so far, thanks be to God.

              Like climate control scientists, I do not fully trust medical ‘expertise’. Genetically, in the few generation of my own family, what has been passed down through DNA, without even getting into discussion about the ‘addict’ curses in my family, are willy-nilly. So like most everything, one size does not fit all and I believe there are exceptions to every rule. I’m working on trusting God in it all. ❤

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              1. jlynnbyrd, I appreciate your thoughtful comments. Although trained for, and working my full career in science (teaching, and R&D for the gov and major defense contractors), you are wise not to be trusting “scientists.” I believe it is now well established that the bulk of those who earn their living working research on the climate sold out to government funding agencies who were motivated to declare government to be especially important for reducing man-made global warming– and when the evidence got out that warming was slight to nothing (depending on the time span inspected), and most likely due to the Sun’s varying output, then the mantra shifted to “Climate Change.” It’s a politically inspired hoax to make environmentalists and bureaucrats much more important that the facts would justify.

                Re genetics, the field of inheritance has become ever more complicated with the establishment of the relatively new field of epigenetics (really anticipated by Lemarck who was bashed by Darwinians ). A sample of epigenetic findings:
                “Early life stress:
                In a groundbreaking 2003 report, Caspi and colleagues demonstrated that in a robust cohort of over one-thousand subjects assessed multiple times from preschool to adulthood, subjects who carried one or two copies of the short allele of the serotonin transporter promoter polymorphism exhibited higher rates of adult depression and suicidality when exposed to childhood maltreatment when compared to long allele homozygotes with equal ELS exposure.[135]
                Parental nutrition, in utero exposure to stress, male-induced maternal effects such as attraction of differential mate quality, and maternal as well as paternal age, and offspring gender could all possibly influence whether a germline epimutation is ultimately expressed in offspring and the degree to which intergenerational inheritance remains stable throughout posterity.[136] ” ( ). As for my own views on inheritance and evolution, I used to simply accept Darwinian evolution as gospel, but when I researched its basis decided that Intelligent Design offered a far better theory (just look at the complexity of even a single cell ).

                Re sex orientation, my simple point was that there is a normal inherited predisposition for attraction to the opposite sex, and there is likewise an inherited predisposition to attraction for the same sex; the former obviously functional for continuation of the species, and the latter dysfunctional and not supported by the Bible. I also think it alarming that the LGBTQ community has shifted from a stance of “just tolerate us,” to advocacy of this dysfunction as socially laudable. While I am disposed to be tolerant, primarily because most gay individual’s sex preferences reflect inheritance, I’m not disposed to accepting their propaganda, and think it harmful to society.

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                1. Ah, JHH, at last I find someone who might join me in laughter that LaMarckism turned out to be right for the wrong reasons. When I figured out a couple decades ago that LaMarck was actually right while thinking he was seeing genetic action while actually prefiguring the later discovery of epigenetics, I almost fell off my chair laughing. Science is *really* interesting, especially as irony.

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                  1. Steve,

                    The chutzpah of the conventional (academically cloistered) scientific crowd continues unabated as if it were a religion led by high priests having the authority to declare what’s acceptable and what is not. If you read thru the wiki article I referenced, you will find that Lamarck is not mentioned, not even once, implying that the wiki writer is now a member of an accepted “science” crowd of epigeneticists (Lamarck, of course, never made it that far).

                    A devoted Christian friend of mine (I followed in his job seat in the Pentagon when he retired) Hal Booher (who passed last Summer), had mentioned to me that he thought Darwin was wrong and Intelligent design had the better arguments. My reaction was that Hal had gone off the deep end, but I knew Hal was a good researcher and clear minded, so I did my own research. Turned out that the Darwinians themselves have doubts over the lack of a fossil record, as you may be aware, and so came up with an alibi theory, Punctuated Equilibrium, to accommodate the lack of any evolutionary record.

                    The matter of Climate Change is even worse for its pretense as science (although a few Greens will claim it is properly based on the religion of Mother Earth, Gaia), but is instead crassly political and supported by academics on the dole. Trump was unfortunately accurate in calling the new Green Plan only as good as a badly written High School paper; all of those Dim Presidential candidates who endorse it have the virtue of advertising their own level of credibility.

                    Now, I would not start to claim that all of academic science is phony, just too much of it.

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                    1. Jack, I agree on all points. In some ways I view Darwinian evolution as playing the same role in evolution theories as does Newtonian Physics as a special case of the more-encompassing Quantum Physics. Research in Galapagos or about moths near Glasgow show Darwinian evolution in these short-term or special cases, but that breaks down when looking at longer spans of time. Punctuated Equilibrium sounds good and is more akin to what really happens over long stretches of time. But who puts in the punctuation? And so I end up with Intelligent Design – God the Punctuator. 🙂

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                    2. I had the good fortune to be a side-kick for a great evolutionary biologist. Being an athiest, he gave me plenty of chances to argue intelligent design with him!
                      One of the wonderful things about him was his honesty and ethical integrity in his research. Unfortunately, he held to the status quo of evolutionary thought but to me his findings so readily pointed towards the biblical story of Intelligent design.
                      I met a lot of other researches through him and many published studies that refuted, in part, Darwinian theory. The trouble is, the Darwinian platform is THE platform most evolutionary diciplines are based from. The science and rules are written with this platform in mind, so ID and other theories get little attention even when the evidence points more strongly in thier direction.
                      But for me, being a”God” design fan, these little inspirations only pointed more towards His genius in the”evolutionary” quandary.
                      Some major points are the close genetic relationships many species actually share and how many of these species came about much more recently in the evolutionary time frame than previously thought.
                      Once the “old school” of Darwinian thinkers loose control of the narrative, a clearer picture of the actual mechanism of “evolution” will appear. Right now most new theories are black-listed as you mentioned above (and I know of a few pioneer researchers that this happened to) but this hasn’t stopped them from finding out what true, unhindered science reveals.
                      Once I read an article on how when an honest reserchers makes some new discovery they usually find the creationists (God) staring back at them.
                      No truer words were ever spoken.

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                    3. Phil, I’ve never met an atheist who could staunchly and peacefully stick to their guns. Sooner or later the anger would reveal itself. Deep down anger towards God for one reason or another. I like to think they’re having a bit of a Job moment and eventually God answers out of the whirlwind. In fact, I’ve known a couple of atheist converts who became so staunch and peaceful in the Faith as to put many a cradle Catholic to shame. Makes me wonder if we shouldn’t all have at least one Job moment.

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                2. These external physical effects in genetic morphology can be seen in salamander larvae.
                  If the larvae start out eating plankton, they developed a rasp-like mouth. If they start out feeding on tadpoles, they developer a larger fanged mouth.
                  So the salamanders genes await external influences before they trigger the development of the mouth parts to necessitate feeding on the available food source, not the other way round. This shows a much bigger picture when one supposes how genes are mutated by/towards a given influence and how fluid the genes effect can be. In this case, it’s not about survival of the fittest but survival of the most adaptable. This scenario shows that the genes do not have to kill its holder as an inadequate mutation since the mutation occurs through the environmental influence of the genetic response instead of a”only the strong survive” trial and error inheritance.

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                  1. Kimsevier, Thanks for the link, and I did find the article interesting. The study appears to make a rational use of time for mitochondrial change to take place to infer the age of current species. But there really is a deep potential for trickery in the workings of time. Newtonian time, which became our common sense about the nature of time, held that any given instance of time would be universal, I.e., an instant of time that we observe by any timepiece would be precisely the same throughout the entire universe. However, Relativity Theory formulates that the time at any specific location is a function of the speed of the time piece relative to any assumed inertial framework at any other ARBITRARILY SELECTED location. Thus, the Newtonian notion of universal time loses its sensibility as all points in the universe experience different rates of time running. Worse yet, if a time piece could be made to move as fast as light, or if the time piece were located in the high gravity field of a black hole, the time piece would stop–time stops.

                    Corresponding to the possibility of time stopping, folks having an NDE reliably report that when their consciousness separated from their body, they no longer experienced time running, but can see into the past, the present, and the future all together. The way I explain this is to visualize occupying a perch over a highway (as a time line or dimension), such that you are able to see both sides of the highway as past and future.

                    Charlie and Phillip have mentioned skepticism about proof for empirical science, which I do share. In our current version of scientific proof, we can never be sure that so called universal truths or Laws will continue to be true. Instead, for the current philosophy of science, as defined by prof Karl Popper, a minimum requirement for any proposed theory and it’s rules is that it must be capable of being falsified by empirical testing. But alas, modern physics violates Popper’s rule.

                    Super string theory, which attempts to unite Relativity Theory and quantum mechanics into a single grand equation, relies on hypothetical strings and loops that vibrate at different frequencies. Well, these strings and loops have the size of the Planck length at 10 to the minus 35 meters, which is far too small to ever be directly observed. This length is so small, that if you placed a Planck string on a basketball, and expanded the basketball to have a diameter of 93 Billion light years, (the estimated size of the universe), the Planck length would only expand to the size of a small tree (analogy from Brian Greene, one of the popularizers of super string theory). In fact a few years ago, I got to poking fun about physics having lost its ability to buttress theory with direct observation, so Chris Wallace, a colleague with PhD in plasma physics, and I called Brian to hassle him about proposing essentially untestable theory. But its even worse now, as cosmologists are speculating that the dark matter ( estimated at 85% of the matter in our universe, but thus far not observable) appears to have gravitational effects emanating from other universes that we cannot in principle observe.

                    In fact, I’ve recently concluded that we cannot in principle ever apply science to discover the origins of the universe, because our observational ability is confined to the interior of our universe, but the question itself requires an observational framework external to it. It’s as if, by analogy, fishes who have always lived in a single fish tank got to wondering about the origin of the glass, and water (and themselves). If you care to read more see ( )

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            3. JHH Putting words in my mouth and carrying my statements beyond the limits of my simple observation is disingenuous in and of itself. I don’t have intent, time or ability to flesh out my thoughts each and every time I offer comments or to tell anyone how to think. I simply leave it in your capable hands to you to see if and how my offering may affect your stated position. I simply suggested that there appears to be additional factors as to why a larger percentage of twins than the general population might both be gay and suggest caution before too hastily attributing it to DNA when this type of theory has yet to be substantiated. I did not add at that time the fact that twins have a special closeness and connection simply in the closeness of living out their lives together and that this also could contribute to their common choices.
              I made no attempt to explain or even address straights’ attraction to the opposite sex. I simply recognize that the natural purpose of creation contains within itself the natural inborn ability and inclination of species in general to procreate in order to continue on the species. Same sex attraction serves no natural purpose in and of itself and therefore is rightly recognized to be disordered in and of itself. Opposite sex attraction along with other aspects of each species is inherent in their very nature. To require all things to be contained in DNA? I’d have to think about that. I don’t think our total nature is inherent in DNA, but then I am not an expert, just a thinking person who is offering my thoughts for consideration. If they are of value, fine. If not, move on, but I recognize that I owe it to myself to consider what others present as part of my personal duty to constantly seek the truth and expand and adjust my knowledge as appropriate. I have no personal need to have others recognize and validate my intelligence. It is what it is without any real effect from my own or other’s opinions.
              An element often brought in in an attempt to validate same sex couples is, “But they love each other.” The need for love and fulfilment can be misdirected and becomes in and of itself inordinate just as our inclination to sin is inordinate and self destructive (A stand alone observation with no attempt or intent to expand on it at this time.) Our Modernism that attempts to give unwarranted dignity and approval to all opinions and even aberrations regardless of any provable validity was rightly labeled “Relativism” by Pope Benedict XIV as he recognized the great destruction it causes in doctrine, dogma, and morals to name but a few.
              Enough for now. God bless you and all here as we continue on in this community to acknowledge God, Take the Next Right Step and prepare to be a source of hope to those around us as God’s time to bring it all to fruition seems ever closer.

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              1. JHH I failed to add: Thank you for your response to my comment and its resulting call for me to be clearer, more complete and thus more useful in my contributions.

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                1. Just A,

                  My reply to you is–I really do like you and the many folks that have gathered into Charlie’s group here.

                  I had hoped in my old age to be sliding into the beyond with our country and world in good shape, but instead I see the world getting worse, and worse. Charlie and this group give me comfort that there is yet abundant good sense and good will remaining.

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            4. JHH Just another consideration in analyzing the nature of homosexuality. Just because opposite sex attraction normally develops with maturity as part of the inborn nature of a species, that any same sex attraction that may occur is also ipso facto coming from ingrained or possibly DNA causes. If it is indeed inordinate and disordered, it would indicate it came from other phycological, social or other sources.
              Just a thought for today. The search never ends.


        3. JHH I would like to offer a simple observation. Truth is determined by preponderance of evidence not preponderance of opinion which is largely what empirical evidence is since it is based on interpretation of individual observations. It is only as reliable as the validity of interpretation which is often highly suspect in these days of political emphasis. I do not immediately accept opinions of “experts” but base my acceptance on discernment of the validity of any evidence supporting each item of said opinion each and every time. It still never ceases to amaze me how often I turn up wrong or mistaken despite all my carefulness, so how can I blindly accept the opinion of even established “experts” since only the Pope is infallible and then only when he speaks ex cathedra. Keep in mind correllaries to Abraham Lincoln’s famous, “You can fool some of the people all the time….”
          Please keep on doing your good work. I tend to agree with most of what you offer.

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  3. Segueing from your Alexa aversion, any (grand)parents using those video baby monitors should have
    secure passwords on their devices and routers to avoid being hacked. Parents have heard different voices on their speakers and even noticed the camera angle moving without their help. For specific news stories, just google ‘baby camera hack’.

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    1. Very true Maggie. No such devices for me. I used a closed loop monitor when I cared for my Dad a year or so ago. All data traversing the internet is collected and sometimes it’s not just the government capturing the data.

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          1. Linda, it isn’t simple, but the basic rule is to know that your devices have been configured properly to keep hackers out. One man recommended you get a router capable of setting up 2 distinct networks. Put all your internal computers and iPhones on one network. Put all your security devices on the second network. That way, if more poorly protected internet devices are hacked, your computers are relatively safe from that same hack. Be sure your router cannot be logged into easily, so it will need its own password which should be long. Many people leave their router unconfigured, so the username is “admin” and the password is “password”. And both of your networks should be set to WPA2 with good passwords. Then for your devices on the second net, only buy devices that you can configure with your own username and password for each, preferably capable of WPA2 log-ins. Many older and even current internet devices like baby monitors have poor security. I’m sure criminals of various kinds love the recent trend toward poorly protected video cameras inside the home. Of course, you also need to be very cautious with social media as well. If you’re careful in the home and splash your family photos all over the public internet, well …

            It isn’t that you have to be super-hardened. It’s that you want to be hardened enough that hackers looking for easy pickings will go elsewhere. One well-known thief says that one way to discourage home break-ins is not to let someone outside the house see something particularly valuable inside the house. Even simply drawing the blinds will help. That has obvious similarities with preventing hackers from using your cameras to see inside the house.

            Obviously, my advice here is pretty simple, but it goes in the right direction.

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            1. Stevebc thank you soooo soooo much for taking the time to type all that out to me and with so much thought process as well! wow.. You are a super smart guy and I’m so grateful to God you are with us here! God bless you sooooo much!

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          2. In our training with the FBI for protecting children on the internet, one of the options is, just put a piece of tape over the cameras hole. That is is if you can find it. I remember when Obama wanted everyone to have smart thermostats in their home. Can you image someone else in charge of the temp in your home? Boy, with the -45 windchill last night, I want warmth!

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  4. I’ve spoken to several people through the years who were convinced that mandatory RFI chips would be the mark of the beast. My response was always “If anybody came at me with a large gauge needle intending to stab me with it against my will, I would consider that an armed assault and respond accordingly”.

    Long live 2A and concealed carry! 🙂

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  5. I agree with what you say in this piece Charlie, but I also would suggest that that does not necessarily mean that inserting the microchip is a good thing. I can easily see the communist, atheistic left embracing this as total control over our lives. With a chip implant, they then have total control over our every move. I think folks will willing be duped into embracing this in the name of security. Just recently, kindergartners in China have to sign an atheist manifesto saying they embrace atheism. It may be possible that folks may have to sign a statement submitting to atheism before receiving a micro chip. If all this takes place, it makes it an intrinsic evil, but still dies not discount God’s saving grace and mercy if someone repented or is forced against their will to receive the chip. I tend to think that most folks will willingly embrace it which is where the crux lies. Just saying.

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    1. Doug, I spent two paragraphs saying what an evil and nightmarish thing the insertion of such a chip would be. Most evils are not and cannot be the mark of the beast. So when I call this “the most powerful potential tool of oppression in human history,” but assert it cannot be the mark of the beast, I don’t see how you and I are in any disagreement.

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      1. Whoops! Yup. That’s what I get for reading last night before bed and commenting in the morning. My bad.

        I personally kinda see the mark of the beast as something like anti-baptism or anti-confirmation. It is understood that we receive an indelible mark when we receive these sacraments. I see sort of the opposite with the mark of the beast as an invisible Mark. Could be that its “baptism” ceremony, so to speak, is some sort of sworn allegiance before receiving a micro chip. I read an article recently that 666 actually is www as the alphabet was used to represent numbers. So maybe this refers to the World Wide Web which ties into it. I like a good conspiracy theory 😎 Maybe the chip is tied in some how. Just saying.

        Anyway, it is intended as a friendly discussion and I don’t want to spend too much time to dwell the nitty gritty details of this. It is somewhat of a mystery and God will reveal it in due time. Just keeping my eyes open a bit. There are bigger things like doing what I am called to now to take my next right step and be a sign of hope to others.

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      2. I remember when Our Lady spoke to Fr. Gobbi (don’t recall how it panned out church wise) but I remember her saying the mark on the hand was materialism and the mark of the forehead is pride. I’m probably just worst than all of you, but these two things I personally find extremely hard to fight in this day of age where materialism and egoism press in on every side! I find the two very difficult to combat without constant prayer and assistance from God.

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  6. Charlie, thank you for this wonderful post. On Catholic radio the other day, the implanting of “chips” was discussed by Patrick Madrid and many callers to his show. I wish I had had your take prior to listening. Yours makes a lot of sense as usual.

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    1. 40 Days for Life update. No sign-ups thus far. Today we will attempt to encourage 24 faithful souls to stand and pray for one hour outside of PP. 4 Masses to go. please pray that our efforts are fruitful. Thank you!

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      1. I sent you a note. If you will send me a contact I can publish and a short blurb, I will try to help you get the people you need. I believe you are in San Francisco – and I certainly want the pro-life cause strong in the belly of the beast!

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        1. thank you Charlie. Long day, but we were fortunate to get 6 people to sign up. We will persevere over the next few weeks. My husband didn’t feel that we were very successful, but I said “oh but we are”, we are working for the glory of God!

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    2. Yes, I was listening to Patrick Madrid too that day…in the end someone called in & said…we already are all’s called a cell phone..hahahaha…I think like Charlie though. .this may lead eventually to the end of the world, but not for a time aND until we have had our promised new era of Pease promised by Our Mother. Either side, it will be & is glorious watching people (myself included) falling in Love With Our God. 🤗 tnrs asoh xoxoxoxoxoxo to all here

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  7. The fact that there seems to be so little Good-News …!!?? …..another SIGN?

    NEWS & MILINET: Articles for Christians – 3 March
    Republicans pound abortion ‘infanticide’ message
    Democrats say the GOP arguments are inflammatory and inaccurate, but Republicans are already seizing on the issue in their 2020 strategy.

    3 big US churches in turmoil over sex abuse, LGBT policy

    The Hebrew Bible and the West–Michael Zimmerman

    The Supreme Court and Religious Favoritism: The case of a 40-foot cross in Maryland offers the justices a chance to clarify the constitutionality of religious displays–NYT Editorial
    We queer clergy begged our fellow Methodists to love us. They voted no–Hannah Adair Bonner
    Our Culture of Contempt: The problem in America today is not incivility or intolerance. It’s something far worse–Arthur C. Brooks
    Russia’s persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses is reviving dark practices of the past–WaPo Editorial
    Emboldened Democrats set stage for post-Mueller world

    Trump says he will sign executive order to promote free speech on university campuses

    Sharron Davies: Former British swimmer says transgender athletes should not compete in women’s sport

    Venezuelans, Caught in the Crossfire

    Canadian Economy Halts – GDP Growth Drops to 0.1 Percent, and No-One Is Talking About Why…


    Elizabeth Warren Refuses To Say If She Thinks Anybody Is A ‘Decent’ Person In Trump Administration

    Dennis Prager At CPAC: The Left ‘Hate America Because It Is Good’

    Mr. Mueller’s Question Time

    Virgil: A Guide for the Censored–How Dissidents Have Flourished, Then and Now
    Jim Acosta Lashes Out When Laura Ingraham Calls Out His On-Air Lie at CPAC

    Joy Reid Favorite Rants on Mark Meadows; ‘Whites Don’t Get a Vote’ on What’s Racist

    House Foreign Affairs Chair Eliot Engel Slams Ilhan Omar for ‘Vile Anti-Semitic Slur’

    Hypocritical NY Times Blasts Trump on ‘Strongmen,’ But Loved Castro, China, Chavez…

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: ‘ICE Is a Dangerous Agency

    YUP!! ….. those Evil People in ICE have been up to all sorts of shenanigans!!:

    Pence on Border Wall Opponents: ‘The Only Thing That’s Manufactured Is Their Outrage’


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  8. Charlie your post is just chock full of meaty morsels for consideration by ASOH. Just a few that have struck me that may take some time for me to unpack completely.

    The mark of the beast
    Implanted Microchips
    Coercive Government
    Electronic Leashes
    spirit of antichrist and Antichrist
    Passing away of an Old Era
    Faith an act of the Will
    Apostasy an act of the Will
    The Banana Peel to Hell
    Christ the Invincible Armor
    No mark imposed from without can condemn to Hell
    Internal act of Will can mark us for destruction
    Satan seduces to perform internal act of Will
    Christian Unity

    Where to begin?

    My attention was immediately drawn to :

    Faith an act of the Will
    Apostasy an act of the Will
    The Banana Peel to Hell

    To me this is a slippery combination. (pun intended) I connected to two books I have read over the past couple of years.

    One is entitled “Silence” which is a book about how people were forced to apostatize in Japan in I believe the 17th century after the Shogun had enough of Spanish and Portuguese evangelization of the country and kicked them out. Pertinent to our discussions is that the Catholics were left without priests and without the sacraments for a very long period of time. Driven underground. Apostasy was the way to a regular, normal, free from persecution life. Failure to apostatize meant torture and death.
    Many apostatized. Many chose death. Some fled into the woods. Where they lived on the memory of the time of the priests and held fast to the faith. The literary hook is the Silence of God in the face of torture. The Silence refers to the apparent disregard by God to the fate of His people in the face of the horror. Leading to a conclusion that there is no God who would do this. Leading the apostasy of even priests. This was made into a movie a couple of years ago.

    The second is entitled “Lord of the World” which was written in 1907. The story of a dystopian England
    and the rise of the Antichrist who interestingly is a young American Senator from Vermont who has a meteoric political rise from obscurity in the sticks (modern day Galilee) to bringing peace to the world through diplomacy. The Church in England and around the world is crushed by various Governments as part of the process of unifying the world in a false “Peace”. The last Pope is an Englishman who is elected from among the last 3 Cardinals left in the world. He faces the end in hiding at the valley of Megiddo in Israel. The literary “hook” in this book is that the God and the Church for millennia had failed to bring about what the world was thirsty for …. Peace. The young American Senator from Nowheresville puts together a world Peace Trreaty in nothing flat. Therefore God is a fraud and doesn’t exist. Part of the Treaty requires the persecution and elimination of the failed Church. The book is marked by a lot of voluntary Apostasy in England.

    I am wondering if you have read those books?

    Voluntary and Involuntary Apostasy seems to me to be a slippery banana peel. The Japanese case of mass apostasy was brought about by intimidation and what I would call a “hard” apostasy. Is apostasy under the threat of death true apostasy. The English case of mass apostasy might be described as a logically and psychologically “Seductive” apostasy. Is apostasy under swami seduction and logical jujitsu confusing the simple minded true apostasy?

    If these are not true or valid apostasies why should anybody under pressure to apostatize of either the “hard” or “seductive” kind be condemned for it? What is the point of dying in horrible torture? What is the point of martyrdom? Isn’t it a “suckers” folly?

    What I see in the world today is a kind of “Easy or Soft Apostasy”. There is no call to a definitive ACT of apostasy. We are lulled to apostasy. God remains Silent not to torture but to the effects of plenitude and surplus and feel good decadence. God does nothing in the modern world. God doesn’t ACT. Even in my own life when during my twenties I just drifted away from the Church that did nothing for me and really had nothing to say to me and …. well … was just flat boring. If God exists so what? My attitude was: “If God doesn’t bother me (which He didn’t) I won’t bother God (which I didn’t). I had other things to do. So I drifted off into what made me happy which was not supplied by God.

    I think we are presently facing a kind of mixture of apostasies. Logical Seduction apostasy featuring the failures of God and the Church to FIX THINGS after yet another millennia …..combined with Easy apostasy of alluring pleasures including those provided by Government and Big Business that seem to call forth no thunder from a Silent God who, if He exists at all, just shrugs his shoulders….. combined in the end with the EXCUSE of Hard Apostasy in the form of Government oppression by Marxist seized Governments around the world featuring persecution, imprisonment and a myriad of coercive penalties of varying degrees of pain up to and including death for practicing Christians.

    All while God remains Silent and fails to deliver. All the while were there is no call to formally Apostatize or else. What me Apostatize? BTW what does Apostasy mean?

    Who are we to judge true Apostasy?

    It may not be a banana peel but it sure is a complicated slippery slope.

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    1. When Bishop Cauchon threatened to put St. Joan of Arc to the torture, she said – and told many – that she might, under extreme agony, say false things to make it stop because of her weakness, but she would repudiate them afterward and note at trial it was only because of torture that she did. Her tormentors decided torture would be a losing game for them and did not. Interestingly, St. Joan’s intrepid response played a role in causing European authorities to rethink using torture to get to the truth altogether.

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      1. Many Christians today are getting the “Hard” Apostasy option today. Apostatize or face torture and death. ISIS is perhaps the most glaring example of convert or die. Boko Harem in Africa kidnapping girls from Catholic schools offering the same “Hard” option. Those who accept death are martyrs. What about those who Apostatize and convert in the face of the horror? Victims truly. But what else?

        I don’t have the hard facts but my impression is that many, many Christians in many, many places have been confronted with the Hard option in recent years. There may be more martyrs killed for the faith now than at any time in history. The extent of “Hard Option” induced apostasy is not so widely reported. But I’m guessing it is pretty significant.

        The U.S. seems to be a country experiencing an accelerating drift toward unbelief. Europe may already be a Christian “dead zone”. Amazingly the number of Christians in Israel is less than 1% of the population down from 12% in our own lifetime.

        Recently I posted about the increase in the Nones in America. The Nones are those who profess no religious affiliation at all. Combined with professed Atheists and professed Agnostics this demographic group is building toward a formidable political bloc whose values and goals are in noways
        aligned with those of Christians and especially the Catholic Church. The Nones, by themselves, now are a greater percentage of the population than Catholics.

        The politicians Christian or otherwise believers (even AMAZINGLY the Catholic politicians like Cuomo and Tim Kaine and Nancy Pelosi and many others) are increasingly emboldened to embrace anti-Christian political positions on a wide range of issues. Marxism with its atheistic hatred of God and the Church has taken over the Democrat Party. The most active elements of the Party are Marxist and they are bending the whole Democrat Platform to tow the line of Marxism.

        It seems Christians in America are either hidden Nones or are at the very least apathetic to the growing demographic and ideological threat of a combined tuned out Millennial and Generation Z and Marxist ideological threat.

        As discussed above I think we are in a mixed apostasy environment here in America and in Europe and likely elsewhere in the world as I described above.

        Should the hard core Marxist atheists in alliance with weak, tepid, going through the motions, quisling, Christians gain hegemony in America then I think it is a shot putt to the Hard Option for all American Christians, including the Catholics who will be of particular interest to the satanically inspired cabal in power.

        We will possibly be facing very hard apostasy issues. Perhaps including denial of constitutional rights, Government enforced legalized anti-Christian discrimination, separation of children from parents for religious abuse, denial of employment and educational opportunities, denial of housing opportunities, denial of Government benefits, denial of credit and other forms of overt coercive Government sanctioned persecution.

        AKA: The Storm

        AOC may appear daffy to most of us. And that anti-semitic America hating Muslim Congresswoman in the hijab. And Beto the Simple. And Nancy the Nutty. And Bernie the Marxist. And many others. And the Press. And Academia. And the Deep State. They may all be daffy but it would be unwise to think that is beyond possibility that once in power and implementing a program of Death to America and to Christians and Jews that it would not proceed rather rapidly from a Soft Apostasy world for Christians today to a Hard Option Apostasy for Christians in rapid fashion.

        IMO, some will convert, some will accept martyrdom, some will flee to the woods.

        As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord. Come what may.

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        1. Storm Tracker The dilemmas you pose indicate most clearly the necessity of a just and all knowing Judge to be able to know the true degree of responsibility and degree of act of the will in accurately assessing responsibility and guilt. The argument that the fact that God allows suffering without intervention proves that He doesn’t actually exist would totally deny the reality of the existence of free will and its implications. (In a nutshell)

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          1. I worry about my family and friends who have drifted away from the Church and into Soft Apostasy. Not out of fear of torture and death but out of lassitude. Having been to Jerusalem I know there are many gates to the wall surrounding that city. My prayer and hope is that there is a Knucklehead Gate to Heaven somewhere along the back wall of the City of God. My hope is based on our Lord’s words on the Cross. “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do”. I pray that Our Lady has the keys to that gate. I try to direct my deceased family members to find the Knucklehead Gate and seek out the beautiful lady with the keys in her hand. It will be a long line. Knuckleheads. So many Knuckleheads! You just want to shake ’em! I pray there is mercy for Knuckleheads. I will be looking for the Knucklehead Gate myself and I expect to find a lot of my family waiting there.

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            1. Surely there is conversion and salvation for knuckleheads, Ed. Why, I have SO many former knuckleheaded ways which have been redeemed… thanks be to God and a willingness to submit to self-knowledge and strive to live one of my favorite lines from the Divine Office:
              “We ALL have secret fears to face
              And minds and motives to amend.”

              Praying for your dear family and friends, Ed, and for all families and friends of those in our community.

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                1. Hi Diane. Thanks for asking. Fuller update is forthcoming at the end of this week when I share via a short, personal piece. Fr. Wang is home, continues to strengthen and, just yesterday, began offering Mass for our community in our chapel. All Glory to God!

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                  1. That’s wonderful to hear. Amongst all the gloomy news in our world nowadays…your news is a real day brightener! Gods Blessings to Fr. Wang you and everyone here!

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              1. Hey, maypeacebe! I’ve never mentioned it before, but I love your screen name. It always brings to mind the Triumph of Our Lady’s Heart and the promised period of Peace. ❤️

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        2. Marisa,
          The Genesis 3:15, I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel.

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        3. STORM,
          Confirmation: EWTN Sunday March 3, 2019 Explosive documentary confirms AOC, Bernie, Beto et al, are the spawn of the wolves in sheep’s, clothing: Saul Alinsky whose mentor is Lucifer to whom he dedicated his book, Rules for Radicals. Expose of high ranking bishops and priests who assisted Alinsky in subverting the Church.

          A look back on the life, ideals, and works of 1960s community activist, Saul Alinsky, through the lens of a Catholic perspective.
          CC TV-Y
          Religious Catalogue Item #01
          Date Time
          Sunday, Apr 07 1:30 PM
          Sunday, May 05 1:30 PM

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  9. Not the anti-Christ yet. I am in strong agreement. However, I am beginning to think that this period of time, begun on the night of Sept. 23, 2017 with the sign of Revelation in the stars, is the time we might call the time of the Anti-Mary. Since the Virgin Mary is the precursor and true herald of her Son, then perhaps during this time, the satan is attacking her the most and all who are devoted to her. I started thinking about this when I saw the title of a book in a catalog, “The Anti-Mary Exposed:Rescuing the Culture from Toxic Femininity.” Author: Carrie Gress. Until I can get my hands on the book, I started to ponder this idea and it makes perfect sense to me. It would then make sense logically and theologically that the promised Time of Peace promised by Our Lady of Fatima would follow such a time when her true model of femininity was viciously attacked and be the prelude to the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart.

    Let’s pray about this. Whatever this time is called in salvation history, this storm is definitely swirling around our Blessed Mother and attacking her smallest, most defenseless children.

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  10. Implanting with a chip would be a form slave identification to track everything you do, but inserting a chip in the brain for controlling people is more disturbing. I sure hope you’re right Charlie, because death would be preferable over becoming a technological play thing.

    What should be more alarming at this point in time is the claim that China’s gene editing experimentation on twins caused a increase in intelligence. God save us from those who want to modify humanity’s genetic code…

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    1. I am disturbed at hearing such efforts, Al, but I spend no time worrying about them. Mankind can try anew to build a Tower of Babel, but I have complete confidence that God will ultimately put such delusions to rout. That is not to say they won’t get away with, in effect, building the base – as the architects of the Tower of Babel did, but before they can complete their plan, all will be put to rout.

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      1. We’re hoping for rescue before things get too bad.

        There’s definitely a pushing of the envelope to see how much the left can get away with, and next time the left will push a little more…

        GMOs, technology, chemicals in food & drinks, etc… It wouldn’t surprise me if some viruses & diseases are manufactured in laboratories.

        I don’t like Alexa and technology that spies on people either

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        1. Al, I know a lawyer friend who put one of those Alexa machine things on the shelf in his office. He used it for private family business like : “Alexa send roses to my wife”. Had it on his shelf for about a month. One day he was leading a conference call on a sensitive matter and Alexa started chirping in with details of other deals he had been working on in his office. Enraged he rushed to the thing and threw it to the floor and stomped it to death. True story.

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          1. Technology isn’t our friend, because wicked people will abuse the power that it offers.

            Something I read recently seemed to indicate the “Iron Age” will soon end. (A reference to the statue of different metals mentioned in the Book of Daniel.) What does this mean? Possibly an end to our current level of technology? Only time will tell…

            The prophetic information from many Catholic sources are all over the map. Whatever happens in our current age/times, just keep our eyes & hearts on Jesus & Mary, as it’s the only thing we have the power to choose…

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  11. This was good news, indeed, about the Methodists! What struck me most in the pastor’s statement that you quoted, Charlie, was about the “rebels” saying they would not leave the church, but stay in and continue trying to achieve what they want. When I read “Ungodly Rage” years ago by Donna Steichen, that is exactly what the rebellious and heretical nuns said about not leaving the Catholic Church! They’re still around and still holding heretical views, leading souls astray. Remember “Nuns on the bus”?

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  12. God seal the Methodists’ decision!

    I want to hearten here by reporting that in my new State though they didn’t respond yet about a Procession ( though some laymen did!); just days after my plea the State tried to start a NY type abortion/infanticide 😦 law. We instantly magnified and defeated that!!

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  13. This reading in church caught my attention this weekend:

    Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time
    Lectionary: 84
    Reading 1SIR 27:4-7
    When a sieve is shaken, the husks appear;
    so do one’s faults when one speaks.
    As the test of what the potter molds is in the furnace,
    so in tribulation is the test of the just.
    The fruit of a tree shows the care it has had;
    so too does one’s speech disclose the bent of one’s mind.
    Praise no one before he speaks,
    for it is then that people are tested.

    The parts about “tribulation” & “test” made me pause and ponder…

    Are we being tested for something? Or has humanity tested God & his patience, and now we face a test in return?

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  14. Where oh where is Beckita???? Miss her comments! Please all you prayer warriors,pray for me and my dear family,a lot of “issues” going on ….thanks so much! Looking forward to your next blog Charlie,God Bless All You Do!

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    1. Praying for you and your family, Nancy. I had taken a break to tend to Fr. Wang who was admitted to the hospital two weeks ago, discharged after four days and has been recuperating at home. I’m back to moderating comments again but still pretty busy with duties at home. God bless you and all here.

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        1. In comments from a few posts back, I requested prayer for Father when his health crisis hit, BD. Soon, I’ll be sharing more in a personal piece about our most recent adventure. He is grateful for your prayers.

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  15. Doug, One of the Regulars over at MILIINET made thoughtful comments in regards to the LGBT vs. Churches battle which is raging and how the spillover will effect the Military ….. could be re-written for all of our society! It’s my belief that the LGBT “Cog” is just part-n-parcel of the entire godless Global Socialist Left Machine and their Agenda to “Take-Out” The Big Dogs that might stand in their way. Two of The big Dogs that must be destroyed are The Republic and The Catholic Church. I also believe that the Left’s Agenda is noticing less than Satanic. The whole Powers & Principalities thing that Scripture warns US about!! ;-(

    “As the LGBT controversies roil the churches, DoD should pay very close attention. It is the largest pro LGBT institution in the United States having taken, for better or for worse, a strong pro LGBT stance with the power to punish those who object or even question the wisdom of that stance. It has even gone well beyond tolerance and acceptance to endorsement and celebrating the lifestyle.
    The churches are split as some believe embracing the LGBT community leads to abuse and turns people away from the church. Others believe that by not being accepting and inclusive others will leave the church. The real issue behind those who want to reject is that some of the clergy commit abuse and misuse their positions of authority to do so. Herein lies the danger to DoD as well. Recruiting has been suffering as DoD has moved away from those communities with a higher propensity to enlist to those communities with a lower propensity to enlist and lower percentages who are qualified.
    Both the churches and DoD place significant faith in polls that seem to show that young people have few objections to their LGBT peers. I would caution that polls should be treated like a radioactive substance. How people respond may not reflect how they will feel or act. Neither churches or DoD attract everyone. They tend to attract select numbers of those best suited and most interested and those smaller groups might not share the beliefs of the larger peer group. How the institutions attract and retain the loyalty is a tricky business and the bonds can be broken when they sense that the compact has been broken. To include some will reject others.
    With the growth of females in the military and the growing attractiveness of DoD to the LGBT community the challenges are significant. Once clear and highly restrictive rules on fraternization have given way to very relaxed norms. In some units there are virtually no restrictions so long as coercion is not applied in a senior to subordinate relationship. Dating is encouraged and dual service couples are celebrated and recently none more that homosexual couples. But, those very norms open the door, however unintended, to sexual predators, favoritism, broken relationships and revenge, sexual harassment and sexual assault and every permutation of the above. In large parts of DoD, that are virtually civilian occupations in uniform, this merely takes up time and resources and marginally detracts from the tasks they must accomplish. Yet, detract they do as Corporate America has come to realize. But, in the combat arms where Unit synergy is critical to mission accomplishment, these detractors can destroy unit synergy and contribute to defeat on the battlefield. That is a huge risk to take to demonstrate compassion and inclusion.
    DoD should watch the church debates and outcomes very closely. What empties pews in churches may have applicability to military recruiting and the church conflicts will mirror conflicts down to the smallest units where the lack of unity leads to defeat. Both the Churches and the all volunteer military are market places. One saves souls that conform to church doctrine and one saves the nation in time of war. How much those two marketplaces can cater to 6-10% of the population without compromise to their mission is the question.”


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  16. HeartLight Daily Verse – 4 March

    Joshua 1:9
    Have not I commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

    Thoughts on today’s verse:
    Never alone. What a promise. As Psalm 139 emphasizes later, Joshua hears first hand. God will go with him, and us, through all the seasons of life, through all our ups and downs, through temptations and triumphs, even through death. So we can take courage and feel his strength. We are not alone!

    O God who is and was and is to come, thank you for being there and staying there when all others forsake and leave. You are the one constant in my life, which is so full of change. Help me become more steadfast and faithful in my commitments and relationships to honor you and to learn more about you. Through Jesus I pray. Amen.
    Visit for more



    The Superiority of the Priesthood Does Not Justify Clericalism

    Internet Censorship By Controlling Elites Will Not End Well

    Venezuela’s Hunger Games: President Maduro, clinging desperately to power, uses humanitarian aid as a weapon against his own people–NYT Editorial
    ‘Losing support by the hour’: Venezuela’s Maduro will be out of power soon, Colombian president says
    After India Loses Dogfight to Pakistan, Questions Arise About Its ‘Vintage’ Military
    The needed surge in artificial intelligence–Jed Babbin
    Trump’s rousing CPAC speech cements new direction in conservative movement
    Inside Democratic radicalism–Robert Knight

    6 Reasons The Left’s Hatred For The Electoral College Should Make You Love It

    Dumb And/or Dishonest Liberals Insult Your Intelligence

    Seoul to seek 3-way talks to resume U.S.-N. Korea denuclearization talks

    Guaido calls for protests as he plans to return to Venezuela Monday

    UK: Child Stabbings Double in Five Years

    The Democrat Party has become the party of the Radical Left. The Radical Left has been demonizing the Police (Military & Border Patrol) since around 1967 but starting in the first month of BO’s Reign, this demonization has increased 10 fold … along with the Demonization/Slander targeting White Priviledged, Trump Deplorables or anyone/group that objects to their Agenda. In Democrat Party controlled Urban Areas/States the Law Enforcement Types have been cobbled to the point where crime, chaos & violence have become the New Norm. Civil Society will cease to exist …. soon …. just as Saul Alinsky and followers have intended.
    The “Media” does NOT honestly report upon Crime particularly if the Perps are Democrat Party Victim Group members and the Urban “Leaders” insure that the Crime Stats reported are NOT honest either …. Business, Tourism and Convention Trade considerations …See!!?? The Perp Protectors have a problem with just about anyone in Uniform whose job it is to uphold the Law, Defend The Constitution and protect the citizens.

    NYPD: Murders, Rapes Soared in 2019 Despite Lower Crime Rate

    A Plague of Deadly Hesitation, De-Motivation, and De-Policing in America

    THE DE-POLICING OF AMERICA – A street cop’s view of the anti-police state.

    Defiant Sheriffs Push Gun Sanctuaries, Imitating Liberals on Immigration

    Blue states band together looking to bypass Electoral College

    CNN analyst compares Trump’s call to reclaim American heritage to Hitler. But look who said it first.


    Exclusive: Leading Jewish Groups Demand Anti-Semitic Omar Be Removed From Foreign Affairs Committee

    Harris Hasn’t Reached Out to Woman Who Accused Her Aide of Sexual Harassment


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    1. The blue states can ban together all they want – but it will only be to vote for who they would have voted for anyway. Several flaws in this: electors are NOT Constitutionally bound to vote as their states direct them. An elector CAN actually vote for whoever they want. The states get to appoint the slates of electors based on a previous list of electors pledged to a party or candidate. Those states are bound to seat the electors based on who won their state. So if a GOP candidate for Pres. won a blue state, the state would HAVE to seat the GOP electors. Then the legislature can lobby all they want for those electors to be faithless, but it is the elector’s decision which prevails, not the legislature’s.

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  17. Could “The Warning”, “The Illumination of Conscience”, “The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart” be all closely related, maybe even the same event?

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  18. Nothing like Invincible Armor. Hopefully some of what’s coming out of a man is trust and docility, and you’ve really got to stay nimble (willing at least) to keep that armor on in all conditions. And patient.

    Happy to report I’ve been searching the ‘news’ for good signs and found some. Sure, seems the desert had the burner set to ‘high’ just yesterday (drought, blazing heat and whatnot). In reality the desert looked like the Shire just yesterday:

    That lush grass was hip-deep in places with a rich variety of wildflower blooms (only the tiniest blooms at this point) popping up here and there. It’s the telltale sign of imminent Spring, though one has to look really hard, in hidden spots and very low to the ground, to see the blooms. Later, the magnificent and stately blooms will really put on quite the show. Considering the unbelievable amount of rain we had this winter, it’s going to be a doozy.

    Mick, what’s the probability of it snowing in the lower Arizona desert? I’da said “nada,” until last weekend. Check out this wee snowman I built in the backyard:

    So small, I’d probably better label it a snow owl. It was around just long enough to delight the masses, but not so long as to become annoying. Two days later as the mid 70’s returned, it was but a memory:

    Naturally, the desert turned lush prairie is a rich feast for the wild herds. Talk about well fed and docile. So docile, I had no problem making myself right at home in the herd. Even that enormous herd stallion that can strike fear with a look and well-placed snort was unusually docile. I shot about 50 movie clips yesterday to share, but it seems I had the record button backwards. Recording my feet when I thought it was off, capturing nothing when I thought it was on. Probably ought to add “common sense” to the list of stuff that should be coming out of a man, or at the very least “focus.”

    God willing I’ll be on the scene next weekend to rectify the situation and share any new ‘signs.’

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      1. This little bit from a Trappist Monk making his way, Jen:

        “Like love, wonder allows all things, believes all things. It let’s be, let’s God be God, magnificent, extravagant, but also hidden and quiet and unremarkable. It says, “Yes.” It does not demand certitude but relaxes into a way of knowing that is beyond neat categories and complex argument. Beginning to wonder means I welcome Christ drawing me, working in my life, in our lives together in ways we do not ask for. Wonder says, “Yes,” or even, “Why not.”

        You gotta love Monks.

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    1. that first pic is beautiful, wish I was there. Robins are in hiding and so are the cardinals, but the geese are flying south. I don’t get it. It has been so cold and snowy and I missed mass last weekend because of a blizzard. I hope you don’t mind if I print that picture and tape it to my computer screen so I can at least imagine what spring looks like. 🙂

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      1. Someone has to hold down the fort there, Joyful. Don’t feel obligated, but I’ll be looking for an image of cooler northern climes in rich bloom… right about the time the mercury reads 110+ here.

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    2. MP, your snow owl was so cute! Who’da thunk it’d snow in the desert? (By the way, it’s supposed to be a high of 12 degrees here tomorrow, and a high of 14 on Wednesday. We could definitely use some global warming in our neck of the woods.) 🙂

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      1. Before you even see it, you smell it. Those little patchy melts revealing good Midwestern earth hidden underneath. Next all the wet leaves from last Fall, now flattened out like a sheet. I remember the daffodils popping up first in the woods… a vast trumpet section belting out reveille. Is it still like that? If it managed to get in the 40’s after the 10’s it felt like Spring to us. Heck, we’d be out there running around in t-shirts and shorts.

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        1. Yep, MP… it’s still exactly like that; you nailed it, right down to the daffodils in the woods.

          A couple of days after our last cold patch (highs of ten below, wind chills of almost 50 below), it went up to 26 degrees. It almost felt like we didn’t need to wear coats outside.

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      2. 15 last night in Billary Land and colder tonite … ;-( …… where is that $%#@&^? AlGore and all his Hot-Air about Global Warming ….Eh!!??”? …. I still say … Eh! … after spending four years on the Northern Tier (Loring AFB, ME) defending Peace & Freedom …. serious Yankees Up-There … Eh!!!?? … I really don’t complain about Winter Down-Here after that experience. Maine is a beautiful State … and I spent lots of my spare time in the North Maine Woods…. but … Winter, Black Flies & Narragansett Beer …. all us CrewDogs called it Nastygansett …. 😉

        GOD SAVE ALL HERE!!!

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  19. One of the most interesting comments that I heard on the origin of homosexuality came from a Jesuit priest in Farm St London. He thought that it was down to greed. He thought that in todays world there is a greed for experience and that for the homosexual, heterosexual experience is not enough.

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  20. Charlie I truly do not understand why you believe that discussing the fact that someday people might be forced to submit to electronic chips implants is a dangerously errant topic. I also don’t understand why you would want to shut such speculation/conversation down when we are rapidly moving in that direction.
    I don’t say this to be argumentative. I have great respect for what you are doing. However, if you look at where technology and society are headed this electronic chip thing seems to be headed our way. And if that is the case then as Christians we need to warn each other, with all the courage we can muster, not to submit!!!
    It would be great if this message were preached from the pulpits but for the most part it is not and so people, especially the young, may be caught unaware. This is not like slipping on a banana peel into hell because even if the truth is not preached everyone knows in their hearts that needing an implanted chip to conduct your life is wrong and not of God.
    As Revelation 13 tells us “16 He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, 17 and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”
    How St. John could have known and predicted this 2000 years ago is beyond me but it certainly gives me pause. Would I be willing to go without food, shelter and ability to work and act in the marketplace if the day comes that you need an implanted chip to do so? Would most Christians? Would we believe that prophecy of St. John or would we be lulled from our Christian churches into thinking it was okay?
    I do not have the answers to those questions. I wish I could say I would be brave and strong but I like having shelter and food. I pray I would have the strength to save my soul.
    Will this happen in our lifetime? I pray to God that it won’t. But none of us can know. That is why Jesus warned all generations in Matthew 24 “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. 37 As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. 38 For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; 39 and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.

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    1. Hi Maureen,

      Charlie, in this piece does convey (emphasis with italics my own): “The growing coercive nature of modern governments is a very grave danger. I would not willingly submit to such a thing – and I don’t doubt that the anti-God leftists are eager to impose it on as many as possible in order to cement absolutist control over the population. I don’t go for gadgets like Alexa that can listen to me all the time, while connected (and perhaps reporting back) to some leftist corporation in Silicon Valley. Shoot, I get mildly annoyed when someone asks me where I’ve been when on a simple errand around town. All of these electronic leashes are, perhaps, the most powerful potential tool of oppression in human history.”

      And: “Faith is an act of the will. So is apostasy. The mark of the beast CANNOT be imposed on you from without; it can only be embraced within you. Men on earth can physically bind your person, even as they bound Jesus. No one can bind your spirit except through your internal consent. Were it otherwise, the whole notion of free will would be nullified. God so loves free will He allows sin and evil to exist rather than revoke it. Can anyone really believe He is going to revoke it to watch the faithful be caught unawares in a snare that is contrary to their will? Never! You cannot step on a banana peel and slip into hell. Christ is your invincible armor, whatever people outside do to you.” With the main point being: “Even so, something like a mandatory implanted electronic chip could not be the mark of the beast at any period in Salvation History.”

      So Charlie has not said or implied this: “…the fact that someday people might be forced to submit to electronic chips implants is a dangerously errant topic.” Rather, Charlie is stressing that any such potentially forced implantation CANNOT be the mark of the beast. Charlie’s teaching in this piece reinforces Christ’s teaching: “It is only by an internal act of your own will that you can be marked for destruction. Make no mistake, the satan is brilliantly clever in trying to seduce you into such an act.”

      God bless you, Maureen, and God bless us all.

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    2. I too have difficulties trying to split Revelations 13+ for a later future event. Revelations 20 talks about another major rebellion involving the Devil after a 1000 years prior to Revelations 20. Revelations is mostly sequential in events.

      A microchip might be damning to a soul if a person renounced God & worshiped “the beast power”, because the alternatives would be execution or starvation…

      These are all speculations, I’m even re-reading Revelations to see if there’s another possible way to see the sequence of events, I’m trying to see things as Charlie describes it.

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      1. Yet, Al, this Storm is here and unfolding because people have already been renouncing God – in words and deeds – for too many years. The very purpose of the apparitions and messages of the last 100+ years has been to call us back from renouncing Him and choose to repent and believe in the Gospel.

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        1. Yes, that’s right. Even if we don’t understand the specifics that prophecies & apparitions have been saying, there’s a minimum of the past 100 years of horrible events. Perhaps people today are so desensitized towards evil that they have difficulty seeing events of today as evil & immoral.

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    3. With respect Maureen, I made very clear that it IS a fit subject for discussion. What I also made clear is that it cannot be the mark of the beast if imposed from without. The mark could only be embraced from within to be authentic. I think you misread or just scanned what I said. If I were to say that Joseph Stalin was not Adolf Hitler, that would not mean Stalin was not a horrifically evil man. Not all evil men are Hitler – only one is. And not all evils are the mark of the beast – only one is. When someone posits that the mark can be imposed from without contrary to your consent, it denies free will and is desperately contrary to the faith. Quite bluntly, it is heretical at its core. I pray you do NOT think the mark can be imposed from without contrary to our consent, for if you do, you are halfway to believing there is nothing we can do – and so are not responsible for our response to Christ.

      From your previous comments, I m confident that is not what you think. But I ask you, when disagreeing with me, please disagree with what I actually say rather than something I made clear, from the start, that I did not mean.

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      1. Thanks for clarifying that. Beast marking is a horrifying thought for parents of young children.

        The only thing I could see as possibly a unforgivable sin is rejecting God and going against him even after he fully reveals himself to the world beyond all doubts.


      2. Charlie, I’m not saying that we don’t have free will. In God we always have free will no matter what man may try to impose on us. However, and I pray that we never live to see the day, people are sometimes put in a position where they have to make a terrible choice. Even now in certain parts of the world being a Christian can be very dangerous and can lead to being a martyr.
        So to repeat what I said, Revelation 13 tells us “16 He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, 17 and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”
        So whoever faces this terrible choice, predicted in Revelation, would have to decide if they were willing to forgo the ability to work and act in the marketplace if the day comes that you need an implanted chip on your hand to do so. It would be a terrible choice/situation and could lead to a slow form of starvation/martyrdom. Would most Catholics know about and believe the prophecy of St. John? Would we be brave enough not to fear those who can only kill the body? Would we remember to fear only those who can destroy the soul? Not trying to be gloomy but definitely a worthy topic of discussion in light of where technology is swiftly heading.


        1. Even now Christians are being forced out of the workplace or into prosecution because of their Christian beliefs, their refusal to embrace and endorse homosexual marriage as real marriage, or to accept transgender ideology. No chip needed. The whole point of a “chip” in Christian speculation is to posit that the mark of the beast can be imposed on us from without without our consent. This is a distraction that points us away from the very real choices people are often having to make right now. The questions you pose in your second paragraph are questions we all must deal with right now. Focusing on a chip that CAN be a terribly great evil, but not the mark of the beast, distracts from questions that, even now, people and the Church should be dealing with courageously. But hey, as long as no chip is involved, they’re good (I am being satirical in that last comment specifically to illustrate WHY worry over such an obvious non-starter is a satanic effort to distract us away from what we should be concerned with).

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  21. Friends – I will share some sad news. Father Doug Lorig has died. His funeral will be tomorrow at St Maria Goretti church in Scottsdale AZ, where he was previously a beloved pastor. He was previously an Episcopal priest before coming to Catholicism. He was married and had children. He was also devoted to Our Queen of Peace of Medjugorie and was a frequent speaker at marian conferences. He was such a warm and human priest – perhaps his marriage gave him an extra dimension. He will be so missed. The church has lost a good and faithful servant. Thank you God for his witness to You.

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    1. My condolences to you, CJ, on the passing of this dear priest. Praying for the repose of Father’s soul, for his family, for you and for all who love him.

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  22. Msgr. Pope pens another beauty, entitled: Bite Your Tongue! This one is based on last Sunday’s first reading.

    What we say reveals a great deal about us—more than we imagine. Speech is among our greatest gifts, yet self-mastery in speech is among the rarest. Some of the most common sins we commit are related to speech: gossip, idle chatter, lies, exaggeration, harsh attack, and uncharitable remarks. With our tongue we can spew hatred, incite fear, spread misinformation, tempt, discourage, promote error, and ruin reputations. With a gift capable of bringing such good, we can surely cause great harm!

    Although one may conquer any sin by God’s grace, those associated with speech are among the hardest to overcome. Sometimes it seems as if our speech is being controlled by a separate, baser part of our brain. We can be halfway through saying something before realizing how foolish and sinful we are being. Scripture speaks artistically of the sinful tongue.

    So worth the read. Complete piece found here.

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    1. Beckita
      Your excerpts from Msgr Pope’s “ Bite Your Tongue” brought me back to the days of my work with addicts and alcoholics in their steps to recovery. Their 10th step in particular came to mind and from it I quote:
      “ Nothing pays off like restraint of tongue and pen.”

      Click to access en_step10.pdf

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      1. Some of my own family members have journeyed through the Twelve Steps, Joe, and I, too, in Adult Children of Alcoholic groups embraced them. You make an excellent connection with the Tenth Step and Msgr.’s article. I’m convinced whether officially an addict or not, the Tenth Step applies to all of us and is, simply, another way to discuss the daily examen. Spiritual wisdom par excellence. And we all mess up. To own it and express an apology – if possible, before the sun goes down – is a sure path to grow in humility, wisdom and love, while toughening the invincible armor of which Charlie writes.

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  23. NEWS & MILINET: Articles for Christians – 5 February

    Kavanaugh slams ‘pure discrimination’ against churches as court declines to hear religious liberty case

    Divine Men for Troubled Times

    Still Disgusted About the Born-Alive Bill Failing in the Senate? Contact Congress!

    Legitimizing the Killing of Innocent Life

    21 States and D.C. Sue Over Trump Administration’s Move to Bar Abortion Facilities From Title X Funding

    Covington High student’s legal team slams Washington Post editor’s note, says paper ‘double downed on its lies’

    As Liberals Embrace Anti-Semitism, Conservatives Welcome Jews

    The Cult-like Psychology of the Progressive Movement

    White House Decries Investigations: Democrats Not After the Truth, They Are After the President

    CNN’s Toobin Rewrites History: Unlike Trump, Obama Had No Scandals!

    Why AOC Is a Fraud

    Ocasio-Cortez defends Ilhan Omar’s tweets about Israel

    Federal Election Commission Complaint: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Aide Hid $1M
    Maxine Waters bucks Democratic leadership in unhinged Twitter tirade against Trump – Even AOC fears to go where Maxine Waters treads

    House Priorities Show Gun Owners Where They Stand With Democrats

    The Real Mardi Gras

    College dean cites Christian beliefs as she resigns over school’s Chick-fil-A ban: ‘I am a committed follower of of Jesus Christ’



    Guaido returns to Venezuela amid threats of arrest after weeklong travel

    Trump’s Anti-Socialist Strength Could Turn Venezuelan-Americans Into Republicans for Decades

    Pope Francis to Allow Access to Holocaust-Era Documents of Pius XII
    Senators should stop asking about judicial nominees’ religious beliefs. There are other ways to inquire about their fitness for office — that don’t violate the Constitution.
    Where a little learning would be unusual–Religious Education–Wesley Pruden
    A century of rulings: How the Supreme Court has remade free speech. Since 1919, the court has been reinterpreting, and limiting, the First Amendment–Christopher B. Daly


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    1. Oh my goodness, Linda. Would that I had missed the record snowfall and frigid arctic blasts of this winter. ❄️☃️🌬 Took some time away so I could tend to Fr. Wang as he was hospitalized and now continues to recover at home. More details to come…

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      1. I was sort of worried about that Beckita…I must live ya, cuz I missed ya🤗 praying for you, Beckita and your beautiful Fr Wang…hang in there kiddo

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