An Italian Girl’s Appeal to the Bishops

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I was deeply moved by the letter of this young Italian girl, Sara Mansardo, to the Bishops on the occasion of the Synod on Youth. It was highlighted in the Moynihan Letters. It speaks of the hunger of young people – of all people – for the meat of sound doctrine, the doctrine that gives life. Woe to those leaders who would water down the Gospel, who act as if the Blood of Christ has gone anemic! I will let this stand on its own, with only this link to the letter in its original Italian.-CJ

“Dear Bishops, do not be fooled …

“At the outset of the Synod, the whispers of the media also began and, looking at what the newspapers report, this Synod on Young People will speak above all of migrants, LGBT and of course premarital sex, because chastity is said to be the main reason young people move away from the Church.

“But we young people deserve much more.

“We are no longer content to hear homilies full of politics, of the common good, of current events, of ecology.

“And above all we are not attracted by shortcuts on premarital chastity: there is already a whole world that gives us permission to live our sexuality in any way.

“We in the Church expect credible and persuasive reasons to understand and choose a different sexuality, which knows how to wait, how to choose, how to bear fruit.

“We do not distance ourselves from the Church because it prevents us from having sex before marriage…

“We move away because in the Church we find nothing different from what they tell us outside, nothing more exciting, nothing worth living and dying for.

“Instead, we re-approach the Church when someone explains to us why he chose chastity (and it is never ‘because the Church says so’).

“We draw closer when someone makes us open our eyes on our lives, when someone tells us words that burn like salt on the wounds, but that are words alive, true, strong.

“We draw closer when someone gives us a testimony of lived and true faith.

“We draw closer when someone shows that he loves us and wants our good, helping us grow as people from every point of view, even showing us the burden that makes us sad and dissatisfied.

“We draw closer when we see courageous people, who make extreme choices, who know what they want, who experience sexuality as a gift and a responsibility.

“We draw closer when someone tells us that making love is an experience of paradise, and it should be done well.

“Not to possess someone else, not to make the other happy, not for fun, not for habit.

“And precisely for this reason, he choose to become one flesh with the only person who he has really chosen once and for all, for eternity.

“Because young people know that love is forever, otherwise it is not love, it is something similar, a beautiful friendship, or a surrogate.

“Dear bishops, do not be fooled by the headlines.

“Do not be conditioned by what the world would want from you, but dare.

“Dare to be fathers.

“Have the courage to be careful and merciful guides, have the courage to say great things, that challenge us, that reveal the mystery to us, that speak to us about the infinite.

“Dare to ask us, young married couples, young engaged couples, young priests, young consecrated persons, young people in search.

“Have the courage and the patience to ask us the reason for our choices, to ask us the “for Whom” we live, and then, to the young people who come to you, tell us that it is possible to be happy, live fully, make great choices, go against the current.

“Have the courage to form future priests and future spouses aware of what they choose, in love with Christ and the Gospel, ready to give testimony to those distant young people, wary, undecided.

“Who will not approach a Church in line with the world.

“They will approach a beautiful and holy Church, which lives what it believes and has the courage to show it.”

Sara Mansardo

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  1. WOW!!! I think Sara Mansardo’s words are a harbinger of what’s to come as people, fed up with and burned by the lies of these times, turn to embrace Christ’s Light of Truth. May it be. Amen.

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    1. Beckita,
      Bless you and Charlie
      always. I really look
      forward to reading
      your articles and comments.
      And thank you to the
      dear young Italian
      girl’s inspiring letter.

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  2. Wow! What a powerful letter from someone so young! Her words are so true.

    “We move away because in the Church we find nothing different from what they tell us outside, nothing more exciting, nothing worth living and dying for.”

    That is a powerful statement but I have my doubts that her words will be heard. The church seems to have become so political that the truth of why we should live in the church is never really preached. I have said to my priest that I do not want to hear about the latest leftist cause I want to hear preaching against abortion and other sins which are usually not mentioned. We left our last parish because our priest was so focused on illegal immigrants that every sermon segued into the migrant issue. It was like he was trying to brainwash his parishioners. I have since seen others from that parish at the church we now attend. Fortunately, my current priest agrees that there is no place in Mass for those kinds of politics. I hope that the Bishops take her words to heart and change the way things are being done otherwise we will lose our young people in the church.

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  3. Yowsers! Homegirl’s got game!

    Yesterday, I was in my room with the door closed. Suddenly the door swung open, and my 19-year-old daughter walked in and matter-of-factly said, “What do you think of the Youth Synod? I’m not a fan.” I didn’t have time to talk to her about it last night, and she’s working a 10-hour shift at work today. Maybe I’ll just let her read a copy of this letter (in the original Italian, since she took 3 years of it in high school). 🙂

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    1. Mick, go for it! This bit hits home:

      “Cari vescovi, non fatevi ingannare dai titoli dei giornali. Non fatevi condizionare da quello che il mondo vorrebbe da voi, ma osate. Abbiate il coraggio di essere padri. ”

      My rough translation, or paraphrase, (and your daughter will know better) is:

      “Dear Bishops, don’t get led away by headlines, don’t be led into the way of what the World would want you to be, but DARE! Have the courage to be FATHERS”.

      The capitals are mine, but the sentiment is in the original. God bless that girl, she and others like her are our hope.

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      1. Nice job, Jaykay! My Italian is lousy (only one semester of it in college), so I’m super impressed by your translation.

        You’re right: it is young people like Sara who are the hope of the Church and of the world. God bless them.

        Incidentally, as I type this, my daughter is downstairs working on a translation of the article.

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  4. I printed this one out immediately and will have copies ready for distribution. I am relieved that young people as represented by this incredible young lady have not been fooled. The shift back to good and right has begun. In fact it is demanded.

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  5. Some will hear. Some will scoff. Some will grow a more courageous spirit where they have been timid. Some will abuse this young woman’s words as those of a psychologically controlled person. In the end, we must all make the choice to live out this yearning even when there is little support for us. Yes , that will be courageous virtue , what makes saints. The numbers will probably be small, but powerful witnesses. I give you the name of a servant of God from the farm belt in the US, who at 18 died after being hit by a car. His name is Charles Anthony Francis Untz. Quiet , hidden, but impacting lives since his death and at the moment of death, his mother now believes he may have experienced a time of bilocation. Extraordinary! Being called to the higher even when no one else seems to be going there. Let us pray our Bishops will be inspired again to be more than politicians. Yes that includes our Pope. Diplomacy was not a trait I would ascribe to Our Lord, but then I am also not all knowing and understanding. Let us just pray for the renewal and inspiration of all in the body of Christ. Let us show the world His face!!!

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    1. Thank you for the link, Kris. Charles looks like such a sweet boy. May his prayers accompany and bouy us up as we navigate the treacherous waters in the midst of this Storm.

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  6. Glad to see, (according to French newspapers, google translated), that newlywed, Sara Manzardo’s letter is ‘getting re-launched by many..’ I hope she is not the exception. Friends that help with local parishes’ pre-cana workshops are shocked by how many catholic engaged couples are already
    living together.
    On the political dial; our local mid-western newspaper reported that almost twice as many Democrats are asking for absentee ballots as Republicans.

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    1. Always praying for the world scene, Karen, especially for the alliance between Russia and America which will be needed to counter the Chinese onslaught, whenever and however… well, and since it’s God’s Plan unfolding before us and with us, even “if-ever” this develops. The Lady of All Nations prayer is my constant go to each day.

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  7. Well Charlie, if that letter was not inspired by the truth that this young woman has and lives; the truth of the Holy Spirit, then I really do not know what else it is or could be. If only I could have been that alive when I was her age. God bless her!!!
    Michael Joyce

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  8. The youth need to be challenged, inspired and even scared a little! I’m not so young anymore, but I was equally frustrated with the treatment of the young people in the Church. We were treated like a bunch of idiots who needed to be spoken real slow to with the basics over and over and over again. Never anything really challenging, no philosophy, no real theology, the only aim seemed to be to tell us something that we would ‘accept’, make us comfy in our faith. It’s like grown ups are afraid of the youth. The youth have the energy of the Saints, it’s the perfect time for truth and inspiration. Don’t bore them! One can be gentle with preaching the Truth and still be real about it. They need to be taught the faith! We do not get to Heaven because we are good! We get there because of our relationship with Jesus, because of Him in our hearts.They need to know how to develop this relationship, they can’t do that if they are babied as they are. The energy and imagination of the youth is being wasted with ‘dialogue’. I know that the Church wants to act in a way that ‘speaks’ to the youth; they want to meet them halfway, respect them, make them feel like they are a valued part of the discussion of faith and stuff . . . but the youth are not inspired by this. If we value them, we’ll show them the good stuff and help them to understand it even if it’s hard. Especially if it’s hard. Challenge the youth and they will respond. Reality is exciting and amazing, give them that and present it with confidence and joy and they will respond.

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  9. Jesus asked his disciples:

    “What father among you, if his son asks ford a fish, will instead of a fish give him a serpent; 12or if he asks for an egg, will give him a scorpion?”

    Here is one of his children asking for bread.
    We will soon see if he hand out scorpions.

    This was an amazing lettter however. God bless this beautiful young soul.

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  10. Loved the powerful letter! That’s what the good, the true and the beautiful looks like!

    Our youth need concise, clear, and concrete Catholic formation from well formed Catechists/teachers who can break through the gatekeepers at our parish, schools and universities. We have been shut out.

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  11. Such a beautiful letter. This young women has great courage. As JPll would say, COURAGIO. We need more of the Bishops to speak up, as Archbishop Chaput does from Philadelphia.
    It worries me when some of the Cardinals and Bishops are pushing to make Intrinsically evils acts, acceptable in the Catholic Church. Pray Pray Pray that they are not successful.

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  12. The Bishops should all be talking in such Holy Spirit-filled language as this girl. Won’t surprise me a bit to see more prodigious outpourings and wonders from unusual sources while the wolves snarl and the idle shepherds continue to clog the machinery.

    I think of the parable of the sower and how vital it is for some of the seed to bear a rich harvest to feed the hungry.

    It will take more than words, but Sara’s were not just any old words.

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  13. Hello! Thanks so much for sharing Sara Mansardo’s letter. I could not find it referred to in anything on the Moynihan Letters. I wanted to share on Facebook. Could you be of any help??

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    1. You can share this article on Facebook. On Moynihan, if you are subscribed to him, you get an email of his letters several days before they are published on his website. This is from Letter #70.

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  14. Yes, Dr. Moynihan’s email/letter is definitely worth reading and subscribing to. That’s where I saw Sara’s letter and was so inspired! May it spread to millions of young people who will also demand bread and not stones! We older people want bread too! I’m so tired of the acceptance and proliferation of evil in ordained men all the way to the Vatican halls. Mother Mary, we need your dogma and miracle!

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  15. This inspiring letter reminded me of the deciples on the road to Emmaus.

    If we ask ourselves. “Did not our hearts burn within us as we read this letter?” “Yes!”

    Surely, this young womans letter was inspired by The Most Holy Spirit of God.

    Praised be Jesus and Mary.

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  16. Let us Pray that The Lord will raise up tens of thousands of Young Patriots of Faith and Country to counter The Agenda of those who wish us ill!!

    Articles that might be of interest here?:”

    MILINET: Articles for Christians – 22 October

    The Crisis of the Catholic Church under Pope Francis–NR SYMPOSIUM

    Off the Shelf: Imagine There Is No Heaven–MICHAEL BRENDAN DOUGHERTY

    Here’s What’s Really Going on with the Orthodox Church in Ukraine and Russia. History, doctrine, and religious life all matter and cannot be ignored.–Nikolas K. Gvosdev

    … and Voris today. The Genie ain’t gettin’ back in his bottle and Pandora ain’t gettin’ back in de box and that is a Good Thing! The decades long Pervert Horror Show must be exposed and expunged …. The Great Cleansing, Repair and Renewal next 😉


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  17. Why do we even need to have supplications and pleas like this letter? Lovely letter. Straight from the heart. Good grief. It’s a humiliation. I don’t know how old she is but this is the canary in the coal mine.

    About a month ago we got into a bit with the new changes to the Apostolic Constitution initiated by Pope Francis.

    Episcaplis Communio.

    “In a new apostolic constitution entitled Episcopalis Communio (Episcopal Communion), signed Sept. 15 and made public Tuesday, the Pope explained how he wished to make the Synod of Bishops a “permanent central body, outside the dicasteries of the Roman Curia,” and able to manifest bishops’ concerns for the “needs of the People of God and communion among all the Churches.”

    ……But in recent years, synods have been criticized for serving to introduce, sometimes using coercive methods, worldly ways of thinking at odds with the Church’s perennial teaching, especially in the area of morality.

    Francis, however, believes synods must continue to be receptive (some would argue subjected) to a changing world, and with this apostolic constitution he has seemingly enhanced processes already being used.

    He reminds the faithful in Episcopalis Communio that Paul VI foresaw the body as subject to change (“Like every institution,” Paul wrote, “it can be more perfected with the passing of time”).

    …….Other innovations in the document include formally giving the synod secretariat powers to prepare and implement the synodal assemblies, including being able to “avail itself of an adequate number of officials and consultors” (this was a point of contention in previous synods under Francis, as those chosen appeared to adhere to heterodox views and so the process was thought to be a “stacking of the deck”).

    ……The Pope closes the document by stressing the “full, supreme and universal power” of the Bishop of Rome, which he “can always exercise freely,” but “always united in communion with the other bishops and with the whole Church.”

    I am just going to say this straight out because it bothers me.

    It seems to me that Pope Francis is restating his “full, supreme and universal power” ie., dictatorial authority over the body of the Church. At the same time he recognizes that implementing a new course of MORALITY for the church, including dogmatic changes to the Magesterium requires organizational backup. Doing it alone under his “full, supreme and universal power” has an optics problem.

    He needs a gang. Kind of like the old Soviet Dictators needed the Politburo to back them up and get everybody clapping from the walls of the Kremlin on May Day. The Vatican has always had a Kremlin like feel to it. We used to have what they called Kremlinologists whose job in life was to interpret the meaning of changes in hat styles and other minutiae of life in the Politburo. President XI operates in the same manner in China. He, too, has now exerted lifetime “full, supreme and universal power” in China supported by a claque of lackeys.

    Whether or not he wants to admit it the Pope has now put into place a “process” or a parliamentary procedure to change the dogma of the Church. He’s changed the rules to create a viable rubber stamp on dictatorial actions.

    The M.O.: Call a Synod of Bishops on some matter of moral importance. :Stack the deck of those Bishops and “consultor” experts in the subject matter. Hand picked. Stacked. Who produce the results the Pope expects. They issue a statement. With notes. Which the Pope then cites as the basis for changing the dogma and the Magisterium with that particular area of Catholic moral teaching.
    He is just being “guided” by the Synod as “a “privileged instrument for listening to the People of God,”. Except for the fact that he is not listening to the People of God he is listening to hand picked cronies.

    He has had a couple of dry runs at this changing of moral teaching process to see if it is going to work. So far it has. He has pointed to his own speeches to a “Bishops Conclave” printed in the L’Osservatore Romano Vatican newspaper as justification for changing the wording of canon law.

    Now that the M.O. is tested and seems to work it seems that he is about to put it to a serious serious tactical and strategic move of substance.

    I don’t know about you but I have not heard anything encouraging in the way of defending the existing long held Dogma and Magesterium of the Church coming out of this Synod On The Family coming out of Ireland. The fact is I am in something of dread to see the squishy Final Report With Notes that comes out of this “process” being conducted by Pope Fancis’ hand picked Bishops and Consultors.

    Are we going to see a sea change in the Dogma and the Magesterium as a Pontiff with “full, supreme and universal power” dictates more changes to the Canon in response to Footnote 133 of the Final Report of Bishops of the Synod On The Family in 2018?

    This letter from this young Woman only serves to rekindle my own worries about our Church. If young people like this are worried then all of us should be worried.

    Some may think I am overly cynical and perhaps I am. Just my nature I guess. I am willing to wait on the Final Report with accompanying Notes issuing forth from this Synod. We have to pray that they retain their senses. I’ve seen this movie before in the World. I never in my life expected to see it played out in the Church.

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    1. Ed, I don’t read you at all as cynical. Rather, you’ve spoken in a forthright way to issues which are of deep concern. Often at the old site, TNRS, while the more severe Storm waters began to churn and swell, people would write with their worries and fears in relation to the people and events which were emerging. Charlie repeated his reassurance in the greatest simplicity: “These things must come.” And so it continues. Oh I have my moments of head-shaking and angst. But I’m ready for the long haul in knowing that the grace we need for today is here and now with us. The grace for all our tomorrows will also be with us. (Thank you, Blessed Mother!)

      The Barque of Peter is rocking beyond compare – I say “beyond compare,” intentionally and literally, based on Pope St. John Paul II’s prophetic words spoken at an Eucharistic Conference in our country on October 16, 1978:
      “We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has ever experienced. I do not think that the wide circle of the American Society, or the whole wide circle of the Christian Community realize this fully. We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-church, between the gospel and the anti-gospel, between Christ and the antichrist. The confrontation lies within the plans of Divine Providence. It is, therefore, in God’s Plan, and it must be a trial which the Church must take up, and face courageously.” … and based on Charlie’s talks given, all over this nation, as CJ conveyed what he had been told about these times – which is consonant with St. JPII’s prophecy.

      There you have it. We are here. We can do this, by God’ Grace. (Prayer for us, Pope St. John Paul II with all the saints, angels and holy souls.)

      Another saintly one, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, in the summer of 2017, sent a telegram message to the funeral of one of his dear Cardinal friends, Joachim Meisner:
      “What particularly impressed me in that last talk with the retired Cardinal, was the loosened joy, the inner joy, and the confidence he had found. We know that this passionate shepherd and pastor found it difficult to leave his post, especially at a time in which the Church stands in particularly pressing need of convincing shepherds who can resist the dictatorship of the spirit of the age and who live and think the faith with determination. However, what moved me all the more was that, in this last period of his life, he learned to let go and to live out of a deep conviction that the Lord does not abandon His Church, even when the boat has taken on so much water as to be on the verge of capsizing.”

      Indeed, the Lord does not abandon His Church. Jesus promised! And He and the Father are ONE. If we have seen Jesus, we HAVE seen the Father. And our Abba is a Father who keeps His promises. I may shiver in me boots as the tough gets tougher but I shall ever choose this stance:

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      1. Mother Angelica used to say “Faith is one foot on the ground, one foot in the air, and a queasy feeling in the stomach.”
        I don’t know if it’s all the motion of this Barque, but lately whether it’s the pope, the synod, etc,…it’s been leaving me pretty queasy. Now I know we are tempted to think Jesus is once again sleeping in the bottom of the Barque, but we know that he’s beside us, with us & and that the Father is in control of it all. So I’ve got one foot on the ground trying to do TNRS, as I can. And I have one foot in the air, trusting God, knowing that this must come and God is going to work it all for our salvation.
        Would anybody happen to have any gravol?

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    2. Father Mark Goring (a holy and faithful priest) on Youtube spoke about the Youth Synod corruption this morning. He warns the faithful to be ready to fight the corruption coming out of this IL.

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    3. @ S.T. Ed: Great post, brother. Your first line is exactly what I thought when I read this letter. Here we have a (presumably) young girl pleading with bishops for solid Catholic teachings. I was like, Wait, WHAT? How did we get here? I guess knowing what we know now about some of these degenerate psychopaths answers a lot of questions doesn’t it.

      Indeed, all things are being revealed.

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      1. Edit:
        …doesn’t it *question mark*

        My excuse for all mistakes past, present, and future: I’m using a laptop that was given to us by a resident of Belgium. Try typing on a European keyboard layout. Hoowee! 😀

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          1. Mrs. Christopher uses Cyrillic Russian when writing to her mom. She can type lightning fast using this Latin alphabet keyboard while having to remember where each Cyrillic character is. Now THAT’S talent! She’s the brains of this household. Trust me. 🙂

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    4. Ed, I didn’t really pick up on the cynicism either. Just seemed like a heartfelt novelette of ideas to me, such as these times are sometimes apt to solicit from folks.

      Reminded me of a fella who got tasked with a heavy responsibility and was fairly perplexed as to how to proceed. Someone who knew him well suggested, “Oh, just do what you do best… and remember to get out of your head from time to time.” What? “Think out loud when necessary.” Oooo. That fella apparently took that suggestion to heart moving forward.

      Flipped through the channels last night and landed on a chilling documentary, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Followed that up with another documentary on the children of Boca Haram, and some other unsettling fare. Web surfed for a bit and added a disturbing image of a rainbow cross dangling from the Pope’s neck at the Youth Synod. Ah, that stuff seems impossible to avoid, and prompted a brief flash of another horrifying thought which I will not share.

      I will share this:

      About a decade ago, I was standing at the base of a mountain at Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine. ‘So happens I was looking up a steep path, with the stations of the cross placed at various intervals up trail. I stood there for a moment looking up, glancing down just in time to see a massive tarantula creeping along to take up position on the path in front of me. It took me a brief moment to snap to before unceremoniously extending the steel-tipped toe of my boot and flipping that creature end-over-end into the brush.

      Some days I can only think, “Lord, I’m gonna need a bigger boot.”

      At the top of that mountain sits a Cross, a beautiful Chapel, and very large statue of Our Lady. There was also a waterfall running over the rock into a pool. A brilliant sunset was illuminating a cast of critters such as song birds, butterflies and other things at play. I simply stood there alone, drinking in a peace such as I had experienced from the days of my youth.

      BTW, I did get a better, if not bigger, pair of boots a couple of days ago. These Work Hogs come steel-tipped of course, but the soles are more pliable, suitable for both riding and hiking as the case may be. That, and clearing the path.

      God Bless, folks!

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  18. An update on a prayer request: The young woman, Betsy, for whom I requested prayer died yesterday (Sunday) morning of cancer. Please pray for the repose of her soul, and keep her family in your prayers. Thank you.

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  19. Praying for the repose of the soul of this priest: And this priest: Sadly, both died in violent ways.

    Lately, I continue to be nudged to pray for all those, now dying, who will not have the benefit of the Warning, the encounter with Christ that will be a great act of mercy. To be able to see the state of one’s soul, for the purpose of prompting a change of heart, is an awesome thing.

    Our Lady of Tepeyac, Mother of Conversion, come to our aid in these days.

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    1. Beckita, I have offered a prayer for the deceased priests, and for the healing and consolation for their surviving beloved and victims.
      Mary, Mother of Conversions, pray for us.

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    2. I have read there are Two Priests in France who hung themselves in the last year after being accused of misconduct. In one case I read the Priest had embraced a girl of 14, there was no other misconduct mentioned. My heart went out to them, not knowing the whole story. God have mercy on their souls.

      The third Priest who was found dead was from India. God help them all in these turbulent times.

      Eternal rest grant unto their souls O Lord, May they rest in peace.
      May their souls and all the souls of the faithful departed,
      Rest in Peace. Amen

      ps. Any time I come across a prayer request in the posts, I stop and say a little prayer for the individual. But don’t post acknowledgement each time. But know, a little prayer goes up for the intention when spotted. TNRS

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  20. Dear prayer warriors, please pray for one of my dearest friends, Kate. She has a return of breast cancer, stage IV, and I don’t know how long she has to live. It feels like a “punch in the gut” as I just read her email. She has sons and a number of grandchildren, and her husband is not well. I repent before the Lord of complaining about my problems. May there be a miracle for this family. Thank you faithful prayer warriors.

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      1. Thank you all for your prayers. We can always count on each other for that. I echo what Julia said above. I always say a prayer when I read your requests, but don’t usually leave a reply. Love and blessings to all of you.

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    1. Dear Annie W: Been through so many breast cancer victims starting with my mother. I pray for Kate and the courage that she and her family will need but also for the love that will intensify for her and each other.

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  21. From my inbox & Web Surf this morn.

    Time to Rediscover the Idea of the Soldier of Christ

    IF Roe v Wade is repealed then Abortion would become a State matter and Democrat Blue States would become the Baby Killer Centers for all to see. ‘Cause Ya see! Lefty Socialists can NOT abide with others having a Choice. YOU must abide by/with the Choices that They make … See!!?? ….. or Mobs will descend upon you as we are seeing daily this Election Season ;-(

    Alabama Supreme Court Upholds Personhood of Unborn Babies, Judge Calls for End to Roe

    Calling all Christians from the road to the midterms!–Lloyd Marcus

    Bible Museum says five of its Dead Sea Scrolls are fake

    Cardinal Burke: ‘It Will Be Hard to Vote’ for Next Pope


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    1. Crew Dog: Being a Soldier for Christ was the Sacrament of Confirmation’s motto, the whole point of Confirmation. When witnessing at abortion centers, I knew this was being a Soldier for Christ. When walking the March for Life in DC with my sons and hearing the crowd along the route yelling to the not so young children in our group, “Don’t listen to your parents!” — I hope I was teaching them, Be a Soldier for Christ. Have Courage, steal that backbone, Love truth, decide not to stand by in silence. Like the restaurant goers who finally stood up and defended Mitch O’Connell against the protestor who verbally accosted he and his wife, it’s time to decide.

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  22. Mega millions. Ordinarily, I don’t gamble but as the jackpot was significant, I made up for lost time purchasing ten tickets. As I stood in line waiting, I commented outloud ‘there’s a lot of Hope in this room’. We all chuckled and acknowledged yes, hope indeed.

    I prayed on this ‘hope’ last evening, thru the early morning hours and this during morning mass. I came upon a realization this hope is of mammon and not of God. We were all hoping in a machine, or inspiration to become… satisfied.

    Yet, we know this is not the case. This past week, I have prayed and contemplated ‘what if…’ I’d won. The day dreams kept coming back to material gain no matter how much I desired to use it for the good of the poor. Stress accumulated and thankfully this morning’s post mass, prayer was of thanksgiivng proclaiming allegiance to do God’s will and not mine. A reliance totally on providence of God.

    Perhaps, also, it may be due to my current reading of Dante’s Comedy… I am almost finished with Inferno. If you have time, it is an easy read and most of the examples relate exactly toward our current situation, particulary with the Clergy.

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  23. Yeah! Right!! I can’t see where the below could cause any problems …. Oh! …. except for the past 4/5 decades of scandals, whole Dioceses bankrupted, Laity/Clergy demoralized and departing by the tens of thousands and ……. I know! I’m an Old Timer Curmudgeon & all …. but …. I’m guessing that there are others here that are a lot less scandalized by a Priest runnin’ off with Maria the Maid than an “elopement” with Larry the Lawn Guy?

    Jesuit Magazine Defends Ordaining Gay Men to the Priesthood

    Moderation in all things …. including “Diversity”!


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  24. Was watching a you tube streaming video by Praying Medic who is a Q decoder. He addressed the effect and impact of the unmasking or unveiling of the degree of evil and corruption in the world. He sees the hand of God in all this. He expects a world wide spiritual awakening wherein more and more people are going to question where they fit into things. In a more serious way.

    He used the term “red pill” and “red pilled” to describe the experience he sees coming for the “normies”.

    So, I had to google it:

    “The red pill and its opposite, the blue pill, are a popular cultural meme, a metaphor representing the choice between:

    Knowledge, freedom, uncertainty and the brutal truths of reality (red pill)
    Security, happiness, beauty, and the blissful ignorance of illusion (blue pill)

    The terms, popularized in science fiction culture, are derived from the 1999 film The Matrix. In the film, the main character Neo is offered the choice between a red pill and a blue pill by rebel leader Morpheus. The red pill represented an uncertain future—it would free him from the enslaving control of the machine-generated dream world and allow him to escape into the real world, but living the “truth of reality” is harsher and more difficult. On the other hand, the blue pill represented a beautiful prison—it would lead him back to ignorance, living in confined comfort without want or fear within the simulated reality of the Matrix.”

    “Normie” refers to people who use popular social media and believes the popular opinion. They don’t think for themselves, if something is considered “ok” they’ll do it, even if it makes them monsters- they care more about the opinion of the projected “standard” of society than any actual values or beliefs.
    Urban Dictionary

    I have also seen reference to this meme: NPC

    What is an NPC? This term has riled many young people on the Left. If you want to get a rise out of one just call them an NPC. A member of the NPC generation.

    “A non-player character (NPC), also known as a non-playable character, is any character in a game which is not controlled by a player. In video games, this usually means a character controlled by the computer via predetermined or responsive behavior, but not necessarily true artificial intelligence. In traditional tabletop role-playing games the term applies to characters controlled by the gamemaster or referee, rather than another player.”

    Call somebody an NPC and you are saying that they can’t think for themselves. Preprogrammed. Not an intelligent player. Not possessed of a mind of your own. Something of a robot or a non-thinking puppet of the gamemaster.

    The question is are the members of the NPC Normie generation who have heretofore between content to swallow the blue pill option of fake security through political correctness and groupthink going to be stimulated by the evil being unveiled all around them to finally try the red pill approach?

    Additionally, from our perspective, are many lukewarm Christian normies content to live in a Blue Pill delusional state of denial of the condition of their souls and the risk to their eternal fate? Perhaps being shaken by the turn of events in the world and in the Church to begin thinking about the spiritual realities and the nature of the spiritual war unfolding between Good and Evil? Are events in the Church leading to a “red pilling” a spiritual awakening?

    Let’s hope so. Because that is what it is going to take to change the direction of events and the Storm that is waxing in both the World and in the Church.

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    1. STEd, I appreciate reading and watching Praying Medics input. Today, I really enjoyed reading the latest article on the Veil of Veronica blog:

      Susan touches upon those who neither profess the truths of reality (red pill) or are simply just basking in blissful ignorance of illusion (blue pill). I have long thought that there are many who are just sadly misguided and misinformed, largely due to no fault of their own. Their truths and realities are like a false positive, yet they are not blissfully ignorant.

      I do believe that all that is unfolding before our eyes is God’s plan that is leading us to a spiritual awakening, an illumination, the saving of the greatest number of souls, and the closing out of an age with the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, leading to the final chapter of salvation history.

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        1. I just finished reading Lucy’s comments. How very profound and surreal are the moments in which we are living, indeed. Lord, grant us the hearts and minds to serve only You as You deserve and shine the light of Your Love in all of our thoughts, words and deeds.

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        2. Your piece on your blog is very well written and thought provoking. I really enjoyed reading through it.
          I also thought Lucy’s comment was spot on.

          It’s amazing how the dots are beginning to connect.

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  25. We are just back from Mexico city. Prayed for Charlie and this group , our pres and vp , judge K. And many others while right in front of the Tilma. Last Friday. Hope you felt it! I went round and round on that walkway. Maybe 30 times or more! Couldn’t stop . She was looking down right on me, so I know she heard. What an experience! No more trips for now, but if I see anything else extraordinary, I’ll throw up some prayers. I have appreciated the prayers some said they offered in some very holy places for the group in the past. So thanks for the good example!🌞

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  26. More articles that may be of interest from the Net. I wish I could find Good News but …. It is Good to know what The Enemy is up to!:

    “Satan-worshippers”: Florida middle school girls plotted to kill up to 15 students, drink their blood, police say

    African Bishop Concerned About Synod Fathers Wanting to Please the Media

    The Pope Doesn’t Understand China

    The federal hate crime law is both unconstitutional and unwise

    YUP!! Another favorite Tactic of The godless Global Left. If Ya can’t win at Polls or through public discourse of ideas, use the Courts to damage or destroy those who oppose The Agenda ….. and why they were sooooo enraged with a Constitutionalist like Justice Kavanaugh:

    Freedom From Religion Foundation attacks pastors’ housing allowance

    Robert Spencer and the Religion of Terror


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