The Dragon Prances


By Charlie Johnston

Thursday’s Congressional hearing with disgraced FBI Agent Peter Strzok was both frightening and revealing. The script for it could have been written by William Peter Blatty. Strzok was defiant and unapologetically evil, mockingly calling it patriotism. Equally chilling were the legion of Democrats who cheered him on and wished they could give him a purple heart. It was nakedly revealed Thursday that, “we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” (Eph 6:12).

Regular readers know I do not like to speak at all of the devil. He is real, he is powerful, he is seductive, and he is pure malevolence. His sole joy is to mock what God has created, to disfigure and maim God’s highest creation – man. If he can get men to cooperate with him in the mutilation, it gives him an especially malevolent frisson of dark joy. Nothing thrills him more than to destroy those who falsely thought they had entered high into his counsels after he has used them. They do not even have to know that it is him they serve. It is sufficient for them to think themselves superior beings, intent on dominating and proving their superiority over their inferiors.

When the devil ceases to worry about staying hidden, when he starts to openly celebrate his disorder, when he starts taunting the victims who still resist that disorder, some sort of endgame is afoot.

Until early last fall, the left and Democrats could plausibly argue they really believed there had been collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians to tilt the election. Even if so, it would not have been a crime, but it would have been an outrage. Nonetheless, the left could, at that time, plausibly claim honest concern rather than just a malicious effort to overturn an election that did not go their way. But in the fall, real evidence started trickling in. It was not what the media narrative and Democratic claims had insisted it would be. The evidence started showing that there was no collusion at all involving Trump or his campaign – but there was massive collusion between the Clinton campaign and both British and Russian intelligence agents, in cooperation with the FBI, the American Justice Dept. and Intelligence community and the State Dept. to spy on the Trump campaign before he was elected and to force a bureaucratic coup against him after he took office. At that point, the left could have honorably chosen to step back from the abyss, to support full investigation of these abuses, dismiss those involved, and accept the results of the election while trying to retool for the next. Instead, they doubled down on resistance.

As this year began, the trickle of evidence became a flood. ALL the evidence showed that the Russian collusion narrative was an utter fraud, a manufactured instrument by which a bi-partisan Deep State sought to manage a coup d’etat. It is the biggest political scandal in American history – and is an existential threat against the Republic. Shockingly, the only Democrat of stature to denounce this effort has been Alan Dershowitz, the great civil libertarian. The rest of the party leaders have doubled down, trying to obstruct Congressional investigations and using Special Counsel Robert Mueller as a partisan cudgel – and to perform a malicious form of political performance art.

Last February, Mueller indicted 13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies, charging them with waging “information warfare” against the US – of trying to influence the American election. This was absurd. Nations constantly try to influence the succession of other nations. The first serious foreign effort to influence an American presidential election came in 1796, when France threatened war if America did not elect Thomas Jefferson over John Adams. There has been foreign meddling in every presidential election since. America has been a consistent meddler in other nation’s elections. This is the way of the world. It has ever been so and will ever be so that nations seek to influence the succession in other countries. Enemies do it – and so, frankly, do allies. The time-honored way of dealing with it has been through diplomacy. You either ignore it as a mere nuisance, impose sanctions if it is serious – and even consider war if it is egregious enough. You do NOT treat it as a criminal matter for the rather obvious reason that foreign nationals are not subject to American law for actions that are not committed on American soil. Yet the indictments Mueller made in February were useful as theatre for the left’s narrative, even if absurd as a legal matter. Make something Russian sound really nefarious. There was no chance Mueller could extradite the Russian nationals he had indicted, so this was a seemingly safe way to make an inflammatory charge without ever having to make an actual case. It got more absurd when one of the Russian companies DID show up to contest the charges. Mueller was completely unprepared to deal with this: those indictments were show, not law. It got most absurd when it was revealed that one of the companies Mueller indicted had not even existed before the election. It was all show.

We have gone from what could be called an honest disagreement early on (though the left’s allegations always strained credulity, one could argue that they honestly held their ignorant and paranoid beliefs) to desperate efforts to defend a collapsing narrative, to making it up as they go along to try to save that narrative. It lacks honor and it lacks dignity…or any sense of justice. As reality was revealed, the left was given a choice: would it embrace honor and shared principles of justice or would it seek power at any price by any means, no matter how malicious or false? It failed that test – and that is, itself, a revelation.

With the Strzok hearing, we have reached a whole new level of disorder. If I were to give it a title, I would call it the, “Yeah, I did it…so what are YOU going to do about it?” hearing. The smugness, the smirking, the transparent and defiant lies all combined (along with Strzok’s absolutely creepy wiggling) to show utter contempt for honor, decency, and the system of law. That Democrats were cheering him on was, frankly, astonishing and completely disheartening. You did not need to be anywhere near that room to notice the whiff of sulfur wafting about the hearing. Both Strzok and the Democrats on the committee nakedly celebrate their assault on the rule of law, defiantly demanding of Republicans, “What you gonna do about it?”

Many years ago I began to wonder whether it was possible for an entire political party to become possessed. Then I began to wonder whether an entire culture could become possessed. At terminal stages of possession, the possessed are destructive of everything, including themselves. The leftist project, if it were to succeed, would destroy even itself – as in Venezuela. Paradoxically, the only way for individual leftists to survive is for their political movement to fail. Though they hiss and snarl at us for it, when we advocate for Christ, we advocate for them, too.

A couple of years ago a prominent cleric who is not given to flights of fancy (most here would recognize his name) took a ride with me while I was traveling. Horrified by the ugly, vulgar acts of “feminists” en masse, he told me, with some fearful awe, that he thought perhaps the demonic spirit of Jezebel had settled over and perverted the feminist movement. I have many friends in religious authority, some who have a mystical bent, many more who do not. I was shaken by this conversation because this man does not. He speculated on how much of this stuff is now overtly satanic, behind the scenes. I thought of my own speculations over the years.

The Congress has, in this case, done a good job of what it CAN do – which is to investigate and reveal the evidence of what happened. Yes, no one has been held to account. The Justice Dept. and FBI still resist every effort of Congress to perform its legitimate oversight responsibilities. Strzok is still an FBI agent. Lois Lerner still collects her pension. Rod Rosenstein, the day after the Strzok hearing, tried a reprise of Mueller’s February gambit, this time announcing indictments of 12 Russian intelligence agents, once again brazenly making an un-prosecutable legal matter of what is entirely a diplomatic matter. Done on the eve of President Trump’s summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, this was just raw Deep State defiance – that if we can’t get you directly, we will undermine your every effort for peace and national security. Much of the prancing smugness comes from the fact that, whatever revelations are unveiled, however much outrage accompanies the unveiling, the Congress cannot hold these people to account. It is the president and his justice department that must act.

Thus far, the president has done well to act with restraint. It has allowed documentary evidence – and the left’s own behavior – to reveal who these people are. It has been revealed and there has been no repentance, no re-commitment to the rule of law and equal standards of justice, not even any shame. When Trump gets back from the Russia summit, it is time to hold people and agencies to account. Otherwise, we will continue to see nothing but prancing malice as they celebrate their open defiance of the law and all standards of decency and honor. We are headed for decisive confrontation.

As I said in my opening paragraph, we are not contending with flesh and blood, but with powers and principalities – with the dragon rampant. In just a month, Fr. Richard Heilman, President of the Holy League, begins the 54-day Novena for Our Nation. It will begin on the Feast of the Assumption of Mary on August 15 and culminate on the Feast Day of Our Lady of the Rosary, October 7. Fr. Heilman calls it a “Nineveh moment,” and I entirely agree. I think this is the most important Novena of my lifetime…that it may well be a pivot of civilization.

I appreciate the good work both the Congress and the president have done, thus far. But the great crisis cannot be avoided unless the left re-commits to standards of honor, law and justice. Congress cannot compel them. I do not have confidence that the president will be able to compel them. We each have to do our part to see justice prevail and honor restored. But in the end, it is only the power of Christ that can compel them.


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  1. So incisive and inspiring, Charlie. I actually find it hopeful to face that this is where we find ourselves in the Storm. Truth sets us free. Free to acknowledge, in these days, that it seems evil has won, even while also acknowledging that Christ died as Victor over these times with all the battles in which we must engage. Free to remember that the only way out of this mess is through it and it does not last forever. Free to focus on Christ’s Light continuing to shine through the current darkness.

    In solidarity of prayer, now, with the People of the Kingdom and the People of Heaven, with all the good angels, who are invoking the Mother of God to help each of us be true to his/her calling. May our next right steps with prayers, penances, sacrifices and deeds, become a fitting girdle for St. George to ring the neck of the dragon of dragons. Such a privilege to be part of the Immaculate Conception’s petite and holy heel – by virtue of answering her unending pleas for our participation in her work – which is, even now, crushing the head of her adversary. Let the hissing everywhere be heard as we proclaim: the Lord of Hosts did this. To Him ALONE be the HIGHEST glory, gratitude and praise!

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    1. Dear Becks, it is quite rare, but I beg to disagree with you on one point. Maybe this will lead to a bigger discussion where many will wax on here. I take some exception to the statement I find often miss used in that “the truth will set you free”. I find that this is taken out of context quite frequently. In scripture, it is predicated with “if you are my disciples, you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”. The key element that almost all folks leave out is being a disciple of Christ. I rather think that in many, many cases, people are blinded by the Lord (we in effect blind ourselves) because we do not want to hear the truth and if we did, it would not free us, but cause great anxiety. We try to tell the truth to the left and, often, they double down on attacking us. I am not saying we do not proclaim the truth. We need to proclaim the truth of which it must be done with great love and respect in hopes that many will be won for Christ, but if not used properly, the truth can become a weapon. As always, I am very greatful for your great dedication, love and service to this community. God bless you!

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      1. Oh Doug, you never have to apologize for disagreeing. We’re here with good will and we bring all manner of perspectives and thoughts into discussions. I actually agree with what you’ve written and see it not at all opposed to what I said. Rather, I hear you taking us in a different direction of discussion by cautioning against using the expression of truth setting us free without considering its context, as well as, cautioning against using truth as a weapon. In this, I see your comments as a segue into your thought: “Maybe this will lead to a bigger discussion where many will wax on here.” God bless you, too, Doug.

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      2. correction: “if you are my disciple, you will know the truth is predicated by, “the truth will set you free”. Being a disciple precedes knowing the truth and being set free.

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      3. I have been contemplating today’s midmorning reading in the Liturgy of the Hours. It fits nicely along with this discussion.

        Catholic Study Bible

        1 Corinthians 13:4-7

        4 Love is patient and kind; love is not jealous or boastful;

        5 it is not arrogant or rude. Love does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful;

        6 it does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right.

        7 Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

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  2. Well said Charlie. When I saw Strzok that was my first thought. He is possessed! Such anger, malice and creepiness radiated from him. It made my skin crawl. It’s funny, on Twitter so many people said the same thing. They could see the evil. My faith in GOD is what keeps me going in the face of this evil and all the other shown by this resistance. The strength of the #WalkAway movement tells me that people are starting to see the evil and want to distance themselves from it. I know that HE will deal with this through President Trump and the DOJ. One of the intentions of my daily rosary is for the rule of law to be re-instituted in the USA.

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  3. it’s like your prophetic claims are actually taking place, just in slow motion
    over an extended period of time rather than suddenly….. the climax could
    of course be unexpected and horrendous as civil unrest is being stoked
    to try to unseat POTUS any way possible…. i don’t see those forces
    accepting another term should it be voted for….. that is surely to be a pivotal
    moment in USA history and future, should things not kick off before then

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  4. Charlie, as always you have spoken loud and true. Thank you. This fires up my sagging spirit after watching/hearing that outrage on Thursday.

    Beckita, way to rally us ‘troops’. It is only in the Lord’s way that we have victory. I get dismayed when I read of so many folks that seem to see Trump as ‘savior’. I think he is God’s instrument , as we all called to be. MAGA will mean nothing, will not happen, until we Make God Great [#1] in Our Lives. [MGGiOL].

    I can hear the cry now; TO GOD BE THE GLORY! TO GOD BE THE GLORY! GOD’S #1!!! GOD’S the ONLY ONE!!! Amen!

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    1. Judith, I think of that saying….Isn’t it amazing, God uses the imperfect perfectly…when I think of Trump. I didn’t like his show The Apprentice but, I truly believe he is the only one who could do what needs to be done as a president at this point in time. May God bless him and Keep him/family/key advisors safe and protected.

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  5. Charlie this is my first comment, it comes at a time when so much division in mine and my husband’s families. Watching this country is about the same. They have no shame in their beliefs, many raised Catholic or of Christian upbringing. I hold fast to our God and Blessed Mother to see us all thru the storm. I will pray this Novena coming in August . I have read your writings for years now and just needed to say you bring me so much hope, which is so timely always.

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    1. Delina, my family and husband’s are the same way as yours. Hang in there and keep praying for them. Also, the Peace through Strength training starts this Monday.

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  6. I came upon this video today and it shows how far we have “progressed”

    true comedy, without anger, threats, politics yet brings up race, ethnicity and delivers a message of unity.

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        1. Simone, I’m sorry you’ve had such a tough year (and I’m sorry about the passing of your… father-in-law, was it?). You and your loved ones are in my prayers.b

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  7. These events that Charlie speaks about truly concerns me. Once President Trump leaves office I very much fear for this country. If history is a good judge, we will end up with an ultra-liberal President and possibly Congress that will punish all conservatives and devout Christians. If we thought what happened under President Obama was egregious we haven’t seen nothing yet. Still, my faith is in Jesus and His Church and I pray God sustains me and indeed all of us to never waiver from the truth even under persecution.

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    1. Praying, Rich, that God brings this final confrontation to conclusion as swiftly, and happily, as possible. When I viewed Thursday’s hearing, one thing that came to me is how pervasive is the rot in DC. Charlie accurately expressed the state of the Democrats in those House Chambers, revealed by their chosen actions in that session. In the physical world, when a structure is rotted beyond the point of some repair, it is condemned by the authorities, razed and something new is erected. All eyes on the Lord, with intent to be on board for His Plan, as He knows the best way to advance His Kingdom in these days.

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    2. Then Rich we need to be strong in our faith and belief in GOD that he will protect us against the evil. I believe you are wrong. That many people are beginning to see the evil among us and are withdrawing. Have faith. Padre Pio says Pray, hope and don’t worry.

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  8. Excellent analysis here, Charlie … and also your call to action in the form of an invitation to join the 54-Day Rosary Novena for Our Nation as a remedy.

    While I love the Conservative Treehouse website, and definitely read some of their articles all the way through, I find it overwhelming and not helpful to me personally to take in all the latest details posted there about which corrupt official said what to which other corrupt official, and what new scandal of the day is going to replace the other scandals of the day in the headlines before any of them at all are dealt with with justice. They do an excellent job over there, it just doesn’t seem to be my thing to focus on it with that kind of depth (my hope is that all that information is inspiring other patriots in the way that God intends), although I have enjoyed keeping up with politics over the years … These days, I’m happy to see what the latest tweets are from President Trump, catch his rallies on YouTube when I can, keep up with what he’s saying to leaders around the world … all in a way where I can observe his words unfiltered by a biased media.

    And yes, as wonderful a president as Trump is … he’s one man, and this situation requires Divine Assistance. And some help from We the People would be nice.

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  9. Faith in governments, political leaders, & institutions is quite the folly. As this Age of Republics & apostacy comes to a violent close we will continue to watch from afar as those demonised rabid lions play with their food (As cats often do before they consume it) before they turn on each other. In the end none shall survive the hunter’s bow. Vive le Royaume de France et toute la chrétienté.

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  10. I admit, so far I have avoided confrontation regarding the battle we are in. I know my day is coming so I study the facts and sequence of the matter, hoping I will be prepared. I was praying on it the other day; the prayer that came to mind is this: “Lord, shatter the lies and raise the truth up as a flag”. So many are still so blind. My heart hurts for them.

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  11. “…..Many years ago I began to wonder whether it was possible for an entire political party to become possessed…..” I wonder about the US bishops and “priests” like james martin: USCCB pouncing on the faithful – like the four priests this past week- and promoting the decrepit, vulgar and perverse. Now the group calling itself minor attracted adults (paedophiles) joining the labcdefg movement – evil has come out boldly in the light. Sure sounds demonic!

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    1. Yes, Jo. I also wonder at the silence of the US prelates and priests in the face of the revelations about Cardinal McCarrick. The new, “pedosexual rights” movement is putrid and straight from the pit of hell with their new meme on the rainbow flag line: “Love is gender and age blind.” Here, I think of a hymn often used, in the past, during Lent: Save Us O Lord

      Save Us, O Lord (Bob Dufford)


      Save us, O Lord; carry us back.
      Rouse your power and come.
      Rescue your people; show us your face.
      Bring us back.

      O Shepherd of Israel, hear us.
      Return and we shall be saved.
      Arise, O Lord;
      hear our cries, O Lord:
      bring us back! (Refrain)

      How long will you hide from your people?
      We long to see your face.
      Give ear to us.
      Draw near to us.
      Lord God of hosts! (Refrain)

      Turn again; care for your vine;
      protect what your right hand has planted.
      Your vineyards are trampled,
      uprooted, and burned.
      Come to us, Father of might! (Refrain)

      (Paraphrase of Psalm 80)

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      1. Thankful I missed the news of the newest group that demand their rights to do what they want to do. It was only a matter of time before this happened.
        Another prayer lifted for this sorry situation. Truly so sickening.

        God Bless

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      2. Oh, it’s not new, Beckita! Over on this side of the puddle there was a fringe group in the UK in the 70s, that abysmal decade, called the “Paedophile Information Exchange” that was actually supported by the (then) National Council for Civil Liberties – lefties and Marists all, of course, funded by the KGB. It caused a “bit” of a scandal back in 2014 when some prominent people were revealed to have supported them, in the cause of “liberty”. Google gives details, although as ever one needs to be careful with that heavily edited source. Needless to remark, it was a bit of a storm in a teacup – managed well by the objective MSM in their well-known and ever-consistent role of speaking truth to power. Yessir. So nothing to see, really, nope, never was, now move on…


        They’re still around, more dangerous and flagrant now than ever, the brute beast slouching towards Bethlehem. My own country has recently run to welcome it in one of its manifestations, as you know. The other rotten manifestations won’t be far behind, because when you abandon the basic standard of morality, the protection of Life, then how can you argue for any standards at all?

        Yes, we know She’ll triumph in the end. But getting there ain’t going to be pretty.

        Still fighting, though! And, as a noted body of fighters has it: Semper fi! (Not that I’d count myself worthy of membership of that august Corps. But I’m pretty good at tying boot laces!)😜

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        1. Aaargh: I said “lefties and Marists all”. “Marxists”, of course. Spellcheck, and mobiles… 🙄

          Dear Lord, it was the very faithful Marist Priests who educated me!! Apologies, dear departed Fathers. May you all rest in peace. And thank you for what you gave us. We didn’t appreciate it at the time. Some of us do now.

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          1. Funny, Jaykay… when I read your original comment, my mind filled in the “x” so that I read “Marxist.”

            I bet that the good Marists on the other side are having a chuckle at your “bing” whilst they pray along with us for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. 🙂

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  12. I won’t post a link but I would invite everyone to search ‘Guardian Angels Fr. Ripperger’ on YouTube. He talks about how angels interact with our physical world AND how the demons try to (sometimes successfully) influence us. Absolutely fascinating and a profoundly awesome lesson on how to fight temptation. What a guy! The particular video I watched was 1hr 5min long but, despite it being waaay past my bedtime, I couldn’t stop it. I bring this up because, as Charlie writes, there should be no doubts anymore that there is a preternatural component to what we’re seeing.

    Hey, SteveBC…I know you’re out there bro! Would you be ok with Strzok et al climbing the stairs to the gallows? Some time ago you wrote about your opposition to capital punishment in general while leaving room for certain cases where people charged with public trust egregiously abuse power. I’d be interested to read your opinion vis a vis our so-called ‘law enforcement’ and ‘justice’ officials.

    May God bless and keep you all, my brothers and sisters in Christ.

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      1. Patricia, where do you draw the line? Some people working under treasonous leaders did not know they were serving treasonous leaders. Others knew a little and were mildly treasonous or were threatened or blackmailed into treasonous activities. Still others may appear treasonous in the documents but be fall-guys or even innocent. Doubt lies everywhere at the lower levels as to who did what knowingly and substantially and *willingly*.

        This is why I want to restrict capital punishment only to the highest leader set, not by crime but by position. The rest can languish in jail for the rest of their lives. The lower echelon people cannot on their own resurrect the treasonous or murderous network that was centered on the leader and supported by his direct reports. It is imperative that we ourselves not be motivated by bloody revenge, or in seeking justice, we will lose our souls.

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          1. Patricia, that’s a “Ha!” 😀

            Remind me if I’m wrong, but the Constitution does not demand, nor did the Founders expect, all traitors had to be executed. They obviously saw the possibility of gradations of treason, at least insofar as punishment is concerned. My desire is always to minimize or even eliminate the use of capital punishment, no matter the crime. However, for those who have the potential to reconstitute an abusive government, capital punishment may be needed to stop their depredations from continuing into the future. If we assume that Strzok is guilty of treason, we can know for certain that he would be incapable of reconstituting the threat posed. So let’s give him an exorcism and straighten out his biochemistry and see what happens. He may become truly repentant. Who are we to demand his execution rather than work to figure out how to give him his best chance to repent, once his potential to cause abuse has been neutralized? I think we would all prefer that our new world give maximum aid in generating repentance while not letting ringleaders stay around to make trouble. Charlie has said we will not draw this line perfectly, yet we must still strive to do so with as much good will and determination as we can.

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    1. Chris J, my answer is no, he should not. How far down from the leader do you go? By what criterion do you choose the cut-off?

      The fact is that everyone, no matter who they are, is given the opportunity to choose God, no matter how evil or possessed they are. Strzok is no exception to this. How many hundreds or thousands of bad people in the government or elsewhere would get capital punishment because people just believe they deserve it?

      The criterion for capital punishment, at least in my eye, has actually nothing to do with the offense committed. It has to do only with the position you seek and which you turn on others. The only people who should be subject to capital punishment are those who seek and accept/take control over a country. That means only the leader of a country and those who are his/her direct reports in the government.

      The purpose of this is not to punish these people but to prevent them, once removed from power, from reconstituting their network of tyranny and abuse and returning to power. Leaders of countries must be held to the highest responsibilities as the highest government person. Such people have unique responsibilities, and they also have unique opportunities to turn a country’s governing bodies against their own citizens.

      The key is not the offense. The key criterion is whether you take on the leadership of a country or directly assist a country’s leader in carrying out large-scale tyranny and murder against your own citizens, either by actually carrying out such a program or by planning and being in the process of executing such a program when you are caught and removed from your leadership position. And there can be no doubt about what you were doing.

      On that criterion Strzok clearly would not be subject to capital punishment. The line between those that are and those that are not is clearly defined by this criterion. No exceptions can be allowed to breach this limitation, or it will spread downward without limitation, and suddenly we have the French Revolution and bloody revenge instead of the Nuremberg trials and clear justice.

      Finally, if another equally certain means is found to remove leaders and their inner circle from their positions of power *permanently* without using capital punishment, that method should replace the use of capital punishment even for these people.

      Does that help, Chris?

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      1. Steve, I may disagree with you. If one is guilty of treason then the punishment has been and should be the death penalty. Strzok may or may not be guilty of treason. We think we know where the cabal plan is/was going but we do not have all the evidence nor the names of all the players. Once we do, and we know who was responsible for what, you and I may agree. Then again, we may not.


        1. That’s OK, Patricia, I understand many will disagree with me. I’ve replied above to you in more detail. After reading that, we can ponder where we draw the line. I believe my line is clearer than most such lines. However, even my line may soon be stretched. How would you handle the top people in a global network of blackmail, child trafficking and pedophilia, the few thousand shadowy elite individuals who control countries by controlling those leaders? I would be tempted to say that such people are in positions above the leaders of many countries and so should be subject to the same capital punishment as their underling leader sets, but that their other underlings in their shadow networks who do not control leaders should not be so subject, otherwise where do the executions stop? From what I can tell, on a worldwide basis, I’m already up to dozens or hundreds of puppet masters and country leader sets who would qualify in this dark world. How many more would you add for treason or pedophilia or serial abortion or any other crime you find abhorrent, or that someone else finds abhorrent? Country leaders, their direct reports, and any people who from hidden power positions control those country leaders in their treason and murder sounds quite enough for me. I’m appalled even thinking about this prospect, and it all satisfies my clear line. I dread letting it go lower down than my line. I fear it would scar us all beyond repair.

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          1. Sobering, heavy stuff to consider, SteveBC. Charlie’s last comment on the topic of capital punishment has draw me to reading – in chunks upon which to ponder – Pope St. John Paul II’s encyclical: EVANGELIUM VITAE.

            An excerpt:
            And yet God, who is always merciful even when he punishes, “put a mark on Cain, lest any who came upon him should kill him” (Gen 4:15). He thus gave him a distinctive sign, not to condemn him to the hatred of others, but to protect and defend him from those wishing to kill him, even out of a desire to avenge Abel’s death. Not even a murderer loses his personal dignity, and God himself pledges to guarantee this. And it is precisely here that the paradoxical mystery of the merciful justice of God is shown forth. As Saint Ambrose writes: “Once the crime is admitted at the very inception of this sinful act of parricide, then the divine law of God’s mercy should be immediately extended. If punishment is forthwith inflicted on the accused, then men in the exercise of justice would in no way observe patience and moderation, but would straightaway condemn the defendant to punishment. … God drove Cain out of his presence and sent him into exile far away from his native land, so that he passed from a life of human kindness to one which was more akin to the rude existence of a wild beast. God, who preferred the correction rather than the death of a sinner, did not desire that a homicide be punished by the exaction of another act of homicide”.

            The entire encyclical:

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            1. Beckita, this is a very powerful argument against all forms of capital punishment. However, it is also true that self-defense is legitimate. I am against capital punishment for *all* crimes and hope that even for those who lead countries, an alternate to CP can be found.

              As an example, if a people finds an ex-leader guilty of heinous acts and can find themselves able to allow that ex-leader simply to be imprisoned or exiled, I’m all for that. I would never require them to use CP.

              However, if that ex-leader had killed millions of people using a set of anti-human ideas that have captured the minds and hearts of millions, and there is reason to believe this ex-leader will not give up his pursuit of power through his ideas and the emotional bonds he has formed with his supporters, I believe he remains an active and immediate danger to those he has abused. This is not the same as for a serial killer. This leader suborns and corrupts his followers through his ideas, and efforts to free him or apply his ideas would be immediate. More people could be expected to die. In a sense, this becomes a matter of self-defense (although I realize I am somewhat on thin ice here).

              Think Napoleon. Given his hold on the hearts of so many French people and his proven ability to turn the State against the rest of Europe, his mere and continuing existence was an active and corrupting danger. Napoleon should have been executed the first time. Millions would have been saved.

              The only way I know of to reliably minimize or eliminate these immediate threats, to break the hold that someone like Napoleon has on the hearts of a large group of followers is to use CP to kill the heart of the problem and assure there is no possibility of those threats being resurrected. I don’t like this conclusion, but I don’t see an alternative.

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              1. I hear what you’re saying, SteveBC, and I know you think deeply and reason with great care when you speak on this topic – well, and so you do on everything of great import.

                When I consider your Napoleon example, I think of the belief that many in the west expressed for a long while: If we capture and kill Osama bin Laden, we’ll have dealt a mighty blow to terrorism. But it really didn’t. At least I don’t see that it did. We know terrorism is fueled by more than a “charismatic” leader. Acts of terrorism pressed on thanks to not only the common people engaging in such acts, but also because it suited the purposes of those in highest power within the worldwide cabal so saturated in evil. The more division and confusion and distraction that could be supported and perpetrated allowed the worst of the worst people, trying to gain control over all people, to continue trying for the ultimate power they seek: world dominance.

                Even if the corrupt leaders who have lied, deceived and been behind the most vile of human crimes is extinguished by CP, what remains is the need for conversion of the hearts of those who had followed them and, in our country’s case, cast a vote for them. Executing by CP, I don’t think, resolves the problem of a leader’s influence on people.

                Here, I think of a personal example. I grew up in a lot of abuse. I moved far away from home and, in my process of healing, I did some big pieces of work sorting things out with a Christian psychologist. The most foundational premise from which I began was realizing I had moved geographically all right but I had carried all the beliefs, hurts and dysfunction with me in my ways of thinking, choosing and acting.

                I can only say, for me, at this juncture, I simply could never ever support CP and be at peace. (I do think that making a decision to end the life of another due to crime(s) is a much different scenario than taking a life in the act of self-defense. Why? Because the danger of death to another is not an issue as the incarcerated one is restrained from doing so.) And I say so realizing that others are sincerely wrestling with this issue in their own conscience which I respect. But the trickiest aspect of all is that there is objective truth to be reached in making a decision of whether to support or not support CP. I pray we find what is God’s Will in this, for God wishes to save the soul of even the most utterly odious criminal. How could we possibly know if it is God’s intent to engage such a vile one while the person is in prison? If this is God’s intent, then CP would thwart God’s Plan for this person’s soul.

                I am disturbed by the commonly repeated message, today, that our constitution states that death is the penalty for treason. People are omitting a very important additional option. Here’s U.S. Code § 2381 – Treason:
                “Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.
                (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 807; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(2)(J), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)”

                Via opening my thinking to the epitome of erudite knowledge and spirituality of Pope St. John Paul II and the Great – who I believe will be declared a Doctor of the Church, one day – I say about those who have perpetrated such heinous crimes: Lock ’em up for life.

                Closing with a Pope St. John Paul II quote:
                “A sign of hope is the increasing recognition that the dignity of human life must never be taken away, even in the case of someone who has done great evil. Modern society has the means of protecting itself, without definitively denying criminals the chance to reform. I renew the appeal I made most recently at Christmas for a consensus to end the death penalty, which is both cruel and unnecessary.” (Homily at the Papal Mass in the Trans World Dome, St. Louis, Missouri, January 27, 1999).

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                1. Actually, Beckita, you’ve missed a few points I’m trying to make. Let me summarize.

                  First, I’m saying that *if* we as a people decide to use CP, then we must have an objective limit to its use, or it will spread just as abortion has spread. I’ve heard people, including Trump, call for CP to be used against pedophiles. I gather Modi in India passed that into law recently. I think that is *terrible* and has no moral justification or need. These people should be imprisoned and if possible, treated. In my opinion, if Trump gets his wish and a law applying CP to pedophiles is passed, it will be a dark day for this country. Where do we stop?

                  Second, the only limit I can see that might possibly make sense is that only the leaders of countries (and possibly their direct reports and those elites who *provably* control them) can be made subject to CP.

                  Third, the reason for this potential exception to complete elimination of CP is that most murderous leaders who run a country develop a very large, manipulated following. It isn’t the arrested leader per se who remains the problem, but the movement he continues to manipulate emotionally, and via sick philosophies, or directly via corrupt influence, and ultimately the hope among his supporters that he will return. They are in effect a single organism with the leader as the triggering and empowering mechanism. I believe one way to significantly reduce the threat of the movement is to cut down its core. This is the one point where we disagree. In these cases the movement and its living leader are and would remain a clear and present danger to the people he and his movement had abused, even after he is captured and tried. Removing Napoleon from the scene through CP would have saved millions of lives, since there is no way his movement would have risen again if he had been executed after his first round of depredation. He was unique, and without him, his movement would have dissipated.

                  Under these points Osama bin Laden would not qualify for CP. I would also not subject shadowy elites to CP over terrorism unless they did it through country leaders found by a court of law to be guilty of mass murder themselves. OBL was never the leader of a country who turned the coercive power of a state against large numbers of people. When someone becomes the leader of a country, he takes on a unique responsibility, which is faithfully to serve the people of his country, his rightful sovereigns as set by “Nature’s God.” I’m all for denaturing the movement without killing the man, but sometimes it may not be possible to mitigate the risk without removing the man from the picture.

                  I am fundamentally opposed to CP, but I’m *also* fundamentally opposed to failing to eliminate an ongoing threat to millions of innocent people. Charlie has said our decision-making will seem impossible to reconcile. Is this one such instance? It may be.

                  Why am I discussing this issue in so much detail over the past few days? Because I think we (globally) are going to be faced with this decision sometime soon. If we use CP because we are upset or horrified or disgusted at the dark deeds of certain people (whether they are or were in power or not), we risk going down into darkness ourselves and losing all. Too many people are talking way too loosely about CP these days, and I’ll bet the satan is salivating. I’m sounding an alarm and seeking to hold us back from bloody revenge while also trying to determine how we all might legitimately decide to protect ourselves from an ongoing, real threat that *will* seek to reconstitute itself from prison after our attention fades and we get on with our lives.

                  CP that is used while looking backward is probably vengeance, and vengeance is the Lord’s, not ours. CP that is used while looking forward, to prevent the renewal of an existential threat against us all, may turn out to be legitimate self-defense.

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                  1. SteveBC, I wish to affirm that I deeply respect your right and means of reasoning. And I admit that I could have better acknowledged how you have expressed your deeply held convictions on the dignity of human life. I also skipped over your points made concerning the very limited conditions under which you would even consider CP and your well stated opinion on this. Mea culpa, Steve. I apologize if this seemed to diminish your points which were sincerely expressed with good intent.

                    This *is* an important topic to consider and carefully ponder. As you say, we may well be faced with such decisions in the very near future. Your further point – about this topic landing in the zone where Charlie cautioned us that we would have decisions to make which would rock our inner world of conscience as we may well be faced with bad and worse than bad choices – is spot on.

                    And still, St. John Paul II’s reasoning haunts my own conscience. As I continue to chew on his encyclical and additional writing, his reasoning pierces my heart in ways I cannot deny. It only deepens my conviction that, even in the circumstances which you present, CP is not the only answer to the problems you convey. I don’t expect God to act in magical ways which excuse our responsibility to co-create with Him. In my head, as I discern this stuff, I hold the promises of heavenly blessings, especially great graces which will pour forth as Our Lady, in a profound process, launches the Era of Peace. I am one who has viewed the Warning as both a current ongoing process *and* a future discrete event. In the discrete event to come, those who see their grave errors in the Light of God – IF they admit they are creatures with problems and submit in repentance and openness to God’s instructions for becoming who He wishes them/us to be – will be interiorly purified and infused with graces to turn from the evil a corrupt leader has fostered. There will be, I think, a mysterious and dynamic mix of natural and supernatural forces as we carry on. We shall see.

                    May Holy Spirit guide us in our thinking and discerning, in this, and in all the challenging things we will face as we make our way through this transition to a New Beginning. Trusting with all I am that He will answer this prayer.

                    Thank you, Steve, for prompting us to think more deeply.

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                  2. I agree, Steve, “Too many people are talking way too loosely about CP (via pitchforks, hangings, etc., my add) these days, and I’ll bet the satan is salivating.” Your comment “Charlie has said our decision-making will seem impossible to reconcile. Is this one such instance?” struck a chord with me. I realized it was just this sort of issue that came to mind when I read that, though in my imagination it was on a much more personal level than we tend to think when we are considering Courts or Military Tribunals – safely removed from the actual deed of implementing ‘justice’. As Joanne said, “I would settle for an of illumination of their conscience.” That might actually result in the death of many, and I’m not assuming myself exempt. I was thinking of these things today and came across these words of Jesus to St Faustina, Divine Mercy in My Soul

                    Were a soul like a decaying corpse so that from a human standpoint, there would be no [hope of] restoration and everything would already be lost, it is not so with God. The miracle of Divine Mercy restores that soul in full. Oh, how miserable are those who do not take advantage of the miracle of God’s mercy!

                    Let no soul fear to draw near to Me, even though its sins be as scarlet… the greater the misery of a soul, the greater its right to My mercy… I cannot punish even the greatest sinner if he makes an appeal to My compassion, but on the contrary, I justify him in My unfathomable and inscrutable mercy…The flames of mercy are burning Me—clamoring to be spent; I want to keep pouring them out upon souls; souls just don’t want to believe in My goodness… A soul’s greatest wretchedness does not enkindle Me with wrath; but rather, My Heart is moved towards it with great mercy.

                    I hope to help people believe this. Jesus, I trust in You!

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                    1. Naisy, you have made a beautiful point. So many of us, sometimes including myself, have lost patience and said essentially: come on, God, get on with the Storm! Yet God held until now so that as many as possible could be awake as we now head into the Fullness of the Storm. I like your idea of emphasizing Jesus’ willingness to be patient. Sadly, even God doesn’t wait forever. And so the Storm comes, and our day for stepping up and stepping in arrives.

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        2. Strzok is not guilty of treason according to the black letter of the law.
          18 U.S. Code § 2381 – Treason

          “Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.”

          I suppose one could try to make the case that Strzok worked with British intel to bring down a president but but it would be impossible to convince a jury that Great Britain is currently considered an enemy state. Seditious Conspiracy? Almost certain conviction but it doesn’t carry the death penalty.
          Just my 2 cents.

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          1. Chris, we are at the tip of the iceberg and, therefore, do not know what Strzok is quilty of quite yet. He may, or he may not, be guilty of treason.

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          2. Chris J, you could be right, but I think there is much still to come out. In fact, I think only a very small fraction of what will come out has already come out. I’m reserving judgment on this issue with Strzok and many others but believe indeed that they have engaged in treason among many other crimes. That said, whether he is guilty of treason or seditious conspiracy or mere corruption, I would not apply the death penalty to Strzok. He falls below my line for that.

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      2. Steve,
        Do you recall the wording in the Declaration of Independence? It goes something to the effect, “when after a long train of abuses… is our duty, it is our right to throw off the existing government “. So if our founders had not done that, we’d still be a very abused colony of Great Britain. But fortunately they did. So at what point do we say enough is enough with the long train of abuses that we suffer currently?
        I respect your opinion, but the abuse and corruption and persecution of conservative faith citizens has already gone too far!

        God Bless

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        1. Gary S, I think we are talking about two different issues. What you are talking about is the right of an abused people to remove their existing government and its leaders and institute a new one that should work better for them. I am wholly on board with that. Standing up against abuse is very important.

          But once a people have removed their previous, abusive leaders, what should they do with those leaders? The major and often quite substantial risk in such a situation is that the Leader and his direct reports will agitate even from prison to reconstitute their network and return to power. No citizen who has been badly abused by that leader can ever feel truly free if that leader is exiled or imprisoned, so in effect the abuse can continue. Further, the result of such a leader returning to power is likely to be terrible indeed. The poster boy for this was Napoleon.

          Although I am very much against capital punishment, I do not see a way currently that can truly free an abused people from the threat of such a leader set returning or even just agitating against them except execution after a properly constituted civilian court or military tribunal adequately and justly hears the case. Their larger networks of supporters may continue to believe such leaders will come back, and that will distort that country’s politics for a very long time.

          Because of the nature of this specific situation, and although I wish we could find a different solution, I very reluctantly believe capital punishment is needed in this limited type and number of cases.

          In the case of these United States of America during and after the Revolutionary War, I believe we were justified in breaking away. However, I would not authorize capital punishment for anyone involved, since we left the British Empire and successfully instituted our own government. None of our elected leaders here committed treason or mass murder against us, and we had no right or need to exact capital punishment on George III afterward. In Iraq I thought the execution of Saddam Hussein came via a properly constituted court and was justified. I also believe the Nuremberg trials and their executions were justified.

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      3. Your consistency is admirable. I get your points and you make them well but I would tend to draw the ‘line’ you speak of somewhat lower. I know, “somewhat” is a pretty vague term but I’d have to give it lots of thought AND be far, far more knowledgeable about the structure of the offending hierarchy before I could formulate a more coherent and specific argument. I hope nobody here thinks I’m an “Off with their heads!” kind of guy. I’m not but I stick to my original premise that some people are so far gone that facing execution would be their only possible hope of genuine repentance and thus eventual achievement of The Beatific Vision. And yes, God can and (hopefully) will change hearts but as Charlie says, we WILL be held to account for every soul that’s lost out of some false sense of charity on our part.
        Thanks for your time, Steve. It’s always a pleasure.

        P.S. Let’s pool our money to expand the federal supermax pen in Florence, CO. Just spit ballin’ here. 😀

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        1. Chris J, I definitely agree that we need much more information before being able to decide these matters. I believe we will get that information, but we will have to wait and see. I don’t personally agree that any of us can determine whether executing someone will focus their mind more than life in prison without parole and give them their best shot at redemption. That’s why I try to have a more objective way of determining that question, but I understand others will disagree. As for expanding facilities, I know nothing directly but gather Gitmo is larger, and that other facilities are indeed being prepared. Interesting to think that facilities that had been prepared for holding good people are perhaps now being tasked with holding bad people. If true, that would be poetic justice, I’d say. 🙂 Thousands of gang members and pedophiles have already been arrested. Rolling things up from bottom to top.

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          1. Steve;
            Arrrg! Too much logic & reason for me to bear. Now I have to re-think my whole paradigm. See how pesky rational discourse can be? Can’t we all just shout and call each other pejorative names? 🙂
            Thanks again. Love ya, brother.

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            1. Chris J, you are a gem, and a card, and a gentleman. Thank you for such a great conversation! Next time we talk, we can agree to call each other names, but I suspect we would eventually just start laughing. Love ya, my brother. 🙂

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      4. I would settle for an of illumination of their conscience. Maybe even their re education of the principles of the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. I keep wondering about Lois Lerner. How does the head of the IRS think it is okay to “go after” organizations who want to teach those aforementioned documents? I know some retired IRS agent who are entirely ashamed of their agency.

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  13. While my husband and I watched the hearing on Thursday, I commented, “Boy, I wonder what Charlie is going to say about this.” You are spot on, Charlie. One of the posting you had on TNRS site about people giving up when they are very close to the shore is very appropriate for this time. Even though we are in the hurricane to not give up…keep fighting. I am awestruck by the humble weapon for this battle is the rosary.

    I found this on youtube. The body language lady analyzing Strzok’s body language. The rage is palpable. Lord help us. I am very concerned for the people who vote democrat just because their parents did or whatever. They don’t bother to investigate what they stand for…voting God out of their platform, abortion is ok whenever, and on and on. Lord Have Mercy.

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    1. “One of the postings you had on TNRS site about people giving up when they are very close to the shore is very appropriate for this time. Even though we are in the hurricane to not give up…keep fighting.”

      GREAT reminder, HandToThePlow! I’d actually forgotten this if you can believe that! I trust God’s plan, and I trust Trump too, but the visceral arrogance of this pathetic Creature of God made me pale and gasp. SO cocky, SO smug…SO satanic! But we are in a storm and there is a shore and we truly cannot see it at the moment, so thank you for this terrific reminder!

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        1. Joanne, having seen how things are playing out so far, I think we will soon see why Jeff Sessions is perfect for his current position and that Gowdy will take on something he is particularly well-suited for. Gowdy’s natural strength is as a prosecutor, not a manager of a large bureaucracy. Perhaps it’s more profitable to consider what or who Gowdy might be prosecuting at some point. I love to watch him question people and circle around and strike to make his point. We all have natural strengths. How might he be used most appropriately?

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          1. Re: Gowdy
            I thought the timing of his announcement to not seek re-election was interesting. He didn’t give the usual ‘more time with my family’ boilerplate reasons either. He specifically mentioned staying in public service. Trey for A.G. perhaps?

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            1. From what I gather, Gowdy would not want that. He is a born prosecutor. I believe he is going to return to prosecuting somehow. Intriguing to think that he might be involved in a prosecution before he leaves office, but if not, then he is heading back to the court room after leaving office, I believe.

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  14. Glad to read your summary, Charlie. I don’t use Twitter, FB, etc., just the internet for email and some news on Fox. I don’t want the exposure to the rest, so appreciate what I learn here and other spiritual places. I clicked on Charlie’s link for “creepy wiggling” and could hardly believe my eyes at the demonic look. I had already seen the smirk on Fox.

    Charlie’s cleric friend was right on about his comment on feminism. Years ago I heard the Lord tell me that Satan had tricked women again, just as in the Garden of Eden. How much worse it is now than years ago, with fury over the thought of losing “Roe vs. Wade” etc.! Of course we see the worst of the worst b/c they are visible and promoted by the media. Yes, it’s all out in the open, and defiant.

    Once again, we know who wins! Let us pray for strength (from Gabriel, as Mother Mary told Father Gobbi; Michael binds, Raphael heals and Gabriel strengthens). The latest article from Mother of All Peoples has the July 13 1917 Fatima message. We can never have too many reminders. Love and blessings to all of you!

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  15. Love how you call a spade a spade, Charlie! There is much hope when we see signs that evil is being exposed on so many levels. This truly is the Nineveh moment of out time! Conversion is at hand if we all join forces by prayer and fasting! Fr. Heilman is a favorite priest of mine…he knows how to rally the troops!
    My heart is burning to share this: Don’t know if you have heard of the Flame of Love (FOL) Movement but it needs to be promoted…it’s based on the revelations of Jesus and Mary to a Hungarian Woman (Elizabeth Kindelman) in the 70’s to 80’s and speaks of the grace of the Flame of Love of Mary’s Immaculate Heart. Simple, beautiful prayers truly BLIND Satan and help families and all Christians to fight the evils trying to destroy us. The movement encourages consecration to Jesus through Mary, the Rosary (with an added phrase to spread the grace of the Flame of Love) and weekly Prayer Cenacles to Spread the FOL and blind Satan as we prepare for the “New Pentecost”. These revelations are a continuation of the Divine Mercy and Fatima messages and has Church approval! Pope Francis has blessed it, and in our country Archbp. Chaput has approved (imprimátur) the English translation of Elizabeth’s Diary and gave a copy to all of his priests. In the U.S. it has been growing on the east coast since 2014 and is spreading by word of mouth across the land. More and more videos are being made, conferences being held, and parish priests are spreading the FOL! I encourage all of your readers to look into it.
    Personally, the Flame of Love grace has helped me to have a greater zeal for the Kingdom and a greater hope for the future. It’s the fulfillment of my personal Consecration to Jesus through Mary that I’ve made since the age of thirteen (57 yrs. ago)! I see things more clearly! The Unity Prayer really works!! I’m eager to see how the Flame of Love changes everything!
    Your readers may also be interested in a short video (7 min.) of a holy priest exorcist, Fr. James Blount, SOLT, giving his recommendation and blessing on the Flame of Love movement.
    Pass it on if your heart catches the Flame!🔥

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      1. Mary, Fr. Blount is truly a gift for us in these troubling times. He truly has a gift for lifting everyone’s Spirits and giving us Hope. Being on retreat with him is awesome. He is so giving of himself.. The flame of Love, binding Satan’s hands.

        May our feet journey together
        May our hands gather in unity
        May our hearts beat in unison
        May our souls be in harmony
        May our thoughts be as one
        May our ears listen
        to the silence together
        May our glances
        Penetrate each other
        May our lips pray together to
        gain mercy from the Eternal Father

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    1. Thanks for the reminder about the Flame of Love devotion, Mary. We have a tradition at TNRS-ASOH of honoring and promoting the gifts Our Lady and Our Lord brought to us through these series of messages. A dear friend of TNRS, Anthony Mullen, who died not long ago – God rest his beautiful soul – was the national director of the Flame of Love movement in this country and Charlie featured some of his guest pieces at TNRS. Not only does Our Lady request our help in praying her aspiration which blinds satan as we pray Aves: “…spread the effect of grace of Thy Flame of Love over all of humanity…,” but also, when I had opportunities to visit with Tony, he stressed how Our Lady wants to exert Her power in our personal storms with this invocation. When I see a loved one struggling and in need, I often personalize the prayer, e.g.”… spread the effect of grace of Thy Flame of Love over (person’s name) and all of humanity…” Blessed be God in His Holy Mother!

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      1. O, so happy to hear that the Flame of Love messages have been promoted here, Beckita! According to Elizabeth Kindelman, the Grace being offered now through the prayers that “blind Satan” is even greater than was given at the first Pentecost. That’s how merciful God is now when it appears that Satan is winning, in our families and in the world. Our Mother’s Immaculate Heart will be revealed to everyone as the source of the Flame of Love, which is Jesus! Spiritual strategic and “nuclear” weapons are available for our use, if only we open our minds and hearts to use them! As Fr. Heilman says…”I’m going in!”

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        1. Amen, Mary. Your expression of how potent are the prayers given to us for these times remainds me of how assiduously Tony Mullen worked to make known the prayers and exhort us all to live by incorporating each Heavensent prayer gifted to us. Thanks again, Mary for bringing FOL to the fore. ❤️🔥🙏

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  16. A couple of thoughts came to mind as I was praying the rosary…What would happen if…everyone here sent letters to parish priests, bishops, and anyone else you can think of to get the message of the 54 day novena out there. Miracles happen, our dear Protestant friends had been getting the message out there for everyone to pray at 7:00 pm on election night. Guess when the tables started turning? Can our dear fellow TNRS’era use the various platforms, Twitter, Facebook, whatever to get the message out to save our country? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get this around the world and save all countries? Six degrees of separation and all. God Bless and Keep You.

    Miracles happen, case in point, for 4 years to and from work I had to drive by a strip joint. So, twice a day I begged God to close it down. He is the maker of the universe, He can do all things. Guess what? The place not only got shut down it was razed. Blessed be God Forever!

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  17. Ok, so I took my own advice and emailed all of the bishop and the parishes around eastern Montana asking them to consider putting it in their bulletins. And, with a knot in my throat, sent an email message to FLOTUS! Asking her to call our nation to prayer. I’m still shaking. May the Good Lord bless all who receive these messages. Come Lord Jesus.

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    1. Re: Emailing FLOTUS
      HTTP, that reminded me of something I thought about sometime last year but it slipped out of memory. We can pray for President Trump’s conversion, entrance into the Catholic Church, and convalidation of his marriage (no annulments needed).
      Cue up the collective head explosions of the God-hating leftists in 3…2…1
      I know we shouldn’t take pleasure in other’s misery but I can’t resist saying:
      Schadenfreude! It’s what’s for dinner.

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      1. Oh my gosh, I am so embarrassed. I wasnt’t trying to toot my own horn. My apologies.
        My post was only meant to mean eastern Montana has been taken care of. So if you live in this area you don’t have to contact those churches if you don’t want to. However, the more people who do maybe the churches will put it in their bulletins or priests get involved.

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        1. HTTP you have no reason to be embarrassed. I think a bunch of us are sitting around now, thinking, “Why didn’t *I* think of this?” 😀

          Great idea.

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    2. Well done http! The holy Rosary provides marvellous inspirations. Blessed Mother, spouse of the Holy Spirit, knows what she is doing. We become her hands, voice, ears, heart etc. and her Spouse grants us the courage as and when required. I trust Her to help me stay the course and be a willing instrument just as you have done in this example.

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  18. Charlie, god blesses your insight. Just an excellent article and one I hope is picked up by any forum that loves our country and does not want to see it overrun by communist democrats that are surely showing their true colors.

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  19. Ahhh, now I remember seeing this last October. In fact, this may have been the exact article that got me thinking about DJT’s conversion.
    By the way Beckita, do you have a library of articles that you can search by topic OR just an encyclopedic memory of everything you’ve ever seen? Serious question. How do you so quickly produce links to virtually any person-place-thing-topic someone mentions here? Pretty amazing.

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  20. Thank you, Charlie. I enjoyed this entry. My biggest frustration is that it seems evil is never brought to justice. I find these congressional hearings to be hopeful, yet hollow without any real action being taken. I’m not sure what Attorney General Sessions is doing when all of this rot is occurring under his leadership. I’ve long given him the benefit if the doubt, but it seems like he could end much of this quagmire by clearing the brood of vipers out of his department. Am I missing something?

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    1. Tactically, Jayman, when you are under attack by malicious liars, it makes sense to stretch it out a while so that the public knows who is who in reality. Malicious schemers are not near as bright as they think they are…and there are several tactics you can use they cannot resist – and in the process reveal their malice and low cunning. But now, everything has been revealed – not just beyond a reasonable doubt, but beyond a shadow of a doubt. You are right that it is time for reckoning. If it does not come soon, people will quickly start getting demoralized. Some say Jeff Sessions has been biding his time and is going to strike hard. I want to believe that, but the time has come for action – and if Sessions is not up to it, he, too, must be dismissed.

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      1. Not being American,I simply see all coming apart by reading here ..but don’t understand the detail. So thank you Charlie and those who give comments.
        News….typical critical edition of Luisa’s writings are finished ..passed on to Congregation of Faith for approval..and hads been said by postulator… It is possible for her late 2019.
        Also mark mallett…hay season wrecked for him!!!
        Published article on humility.

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        1. Anne, that is fantastic news! The timing!!! Would you happen to have a link to any official announcement please – I will pass it along.

          With you on the American scene – I guess ‘fake news’ could be entrenched here in Australia too – and not only limited to politics. At the very least we should be taking note of what happens in US and learn our lessons.

          Our Lady of America (in the private revelations of same name) says that country is to lead the way out of this quagmire – not in those words but that is my understanding. No wonder Fr Heilman has been able to rouse the troops – and he calls all nations to follow suite.

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          1. Amen, Karen. From a Spirit Daily article concerning what was conveyed to Sr. Mildred: “‘It is the United States that is to lead the world to peace, the peace of Christ, the peace that He brought with Him from heaven…’ she quoted the Virgin as saying.” Full piece found here. Most amazing to me are the ways which Our Lord and Our Lady have continued to bend over backwards in Their efforts to call us back to our Covenant with Abba – even when we have ignored Their authentic words in a previous place.

            I love your closing line. When the “Rosary around the Coast” happened in the British Isles, I wrote to the event organizers and pledged solidarity from the northern Rocky Mountains in America and they were delighted to hear this. So it is with us… it is heartening to know that our down under brothers and sisters as well as the clan members, in this great Mystical Body of Christ, from every corner of the earth are united with us as we cast out into the deep via the 54 Day Rosary Novena.

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            1. Oh, Anne and Karen, I’m not sure every American is fully aware of all the details of what is transpiring. I speak to many who are overwhelmed to the point of tuning out. Perhaps the biggest take away is to know that this is the greatest scandal/crisis in American history. Further, this assessment in Charlie’s piece says a LOT: “I appreciate the good work both the Congress and the president have done, thus far. But the great crisis cannot be avoided unless the left re-commits to standards of honor, law and justice. Congress cannot compel them. I do not have confidence that the president will be able to compel them. We each have to do our part to see justice prevail and honor restored. But in the end, it is only the power of Christ that can compel them.” Hence, I agree with another assessment which Charlie conveys: “We are headed for decisive confrontation.”

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                1. Well, all are aware of the chaos, confusion, lies and division, Anne. Because of the din, many have disengaged from following developments. I think the danger in this is the need that all should know the truth. Too many are they who have been fooled by the lies of the left. Sadly, even while the unmasking continues, too many are they who continue to lie and too many are they who seem afraid to admit they were fooled. But, as you see in comments here, there are more than a few movements of calling out the hypocrisy and deception inherent in the agendas of the left. Prayer and penance are the bedrock for blinding Our Lady’s adversary that people may more clearly embrace the Light of Christ.

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                1. Wow. What an excellent, sober analysis by Chris Farrell.

                  Judicial Watch has done excellent work over the past several years, being able to acquire records that various government agencies refused to give to others (including ethical reporters like Sharyl Attkisson) lawfully requesting them.

                  Thanks for finding and posting, Sean.

                  St. Thomas More, pray for us.

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            1. Thanks a lot Anne. The word is starting to get around, praise God. In my thinking, this is a big part of The Rescue and as such is/will be wildly contested in the other realm. That ‘other realm’ is going to have a lot of wildfires to put out simultaneously when we have the release of the official version of the 36 volumes of Book of Heaven entitled by Jesus Himself as ‘The Call to the Creature to Return to the Order, to the Place And to the Purpose for Which It was Created by God’. An eye-catching title – a novel in itself. The Flame of Love will be running round and round the earth/Earth with glorious effects – the promulgation of the 5th Marian Dogma, the Illumination of Conscience and it’s confirming Miracle among many foretold events. I am sure that Fr Heilman has got his pen fully-loaded, already registering the blessings of ‘The Peace Through Strength Challenge’ in the lead-up to starting day – possibly the success of the Thai soccer team international rescue being symbolic of what is happening; the Divine Will news. Who knows, the meeting of the two Presidents on the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and the day before the 100th anniversary of the execution of Russian Tsar and his family (a year after the secret was given to the Fatima seers) might be of significance.

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      2. You highlighted Trump’s restraint which has definitely worked to his advantage. He has authority to crush a lot of this nonsense, and we can bet that he’d dearly love to fire and replace them given his dislike of lies and personal attacks. But using Twitter instead to taunt them, he has largely stepped aside and let the radical Left machine with strongholds in all levels of government expose themselves for who or what they are. And the American people are seeing the results. Once again he displays remarkable tactical brilliance. He is a wise man.

        And bravo! how he just played and exposed NATO. They have no idea what just broadsided them! Genius.

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      3. A number of people online have said that Jeff Sessions’ nickname is ‘The Silent Executioner.’ We’ve seen a lot of the Silent part so far, and I’m looking forward to what comes next.

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  21. Hi Charlie
    Your reference to the Spirit of Jezebel and its relationship to feminism took me back many years to my interest in men’s rights and the pressure group in England “Families Need Fathers.” As far as the good women in society are comcerned, feminism has always been a fight for equal regard, equal opportunity and equal reward for equal qualifications and effort. Equality has never been the goal, however, for leftist and atheistic feminists. For them it has always been power and domination and control culminating in the right under law to end the lives of their unborn children without regard for the wishes of fathers or anyone else and enjoy the support of society at large in their exercise of that power. It is this spirit of Jezebel that drives the abortion industry and it is principally the sin of abortion that will cause the cup of God’s anger to to overflow and fall upon the world in the great Chastisement if humankind does not repent and change its ways after The Warning and The Great Miracle. In the sixties the battle cry of youth echoed the mandate of hell: do your own thing or do what you will. This is of course totally opposed to the call of Christ to do God’s will.
    Certain features are common to times when empires collapse. One of these features is a massive increase in decadence. We are there. As you say Charlie when satan no longer hides his presence then we are near an endgame.
    You have probably heard the story about the meeting satan had with his generals concerned about a certain revival of faith in God and asked them to suggest counter measures. One general said “lets use the best of modern scientific thinking to refute the existence of God.” This was rejected. Another suggested a reinforcement of the faith that the devil does not exist. This too was rejected. The oldest and most experienced general then said, “Let them think they have plenty of time.”

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    1. Excellent stuff, Joe, particularly the closing story. Thanks be to God we now have a battalion of people who are not over-worried about what exactly is going to happen, but is prepared to march for God whatever happens. Onward Christian Soldiers!

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  22. Hi again Charlie
    Your comment led me to psalms 37 and 73. The numbers are of course mirror images of each other and this has reminded me of your piece about seeing darkly in a mirror.

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    1. Right, Patrick?! I found the link which Hand To The Plow posted this afternoon to be quite interesting as it conveyed body language analysis of Strzok and others during the hearing.

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      1. That was very cool analysis of eye movements and body language by whoever that lady was in HTTP’s post. I’m uncomfortable even implying that someone is “possessed” by a demon, and I certainly do not know if Strzok is one of them. (I’ve seen (literally, seen) a handful of people who I believe actually did have some degree of possession). I liked how the lady referred to his “belief system” and how it shields him from feeling and expressing appropriate guilt or remorse for his actions. Bill Clinton seemed to have a similar belief system.

        Actually, anyone who supports abortion and calls it a right must have a similar mechanism in their noggin to be able to embrace this abhorrent evil without feeling revulsion or seeing what is obvious to us.

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        1. Yes, Patrick, like the “belief system” of the Nazis who sent children to the gas chambers and then went home to hug their own. A total disconnect from the reality of the value of all human life.

          Even when someone is believed to be possessed, that person is recommended to the care of the priest specifically chosen by the local bishop to be the diocesan exorcist. A brother priest may suspect possession but he defers to the one with expertise in this area. Through the official exorcist, a determination must be first made, answering the question: Is there, indeed, possession? In working in deliverance ministry, I have observed that someone can be very heavily oppressed and manifesting in most ugly ways.

          This all brings to mind that we are in the last stretch of this race, “…the greatest historical confrontation humanity has gone through… We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-Church, of the Gospel versus the anti-Gospel… Through your prayers and mine, it is possible to alleviate this tribulation, but it is no longer possible to avert it…” (St. John Paul II, 1976) I know many a runner who pours it on in the final stretch of a race. May we resolve to remain steady, unyielding in prayer and attentive to the Lord’s wishes for our next right steps.

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    2. This may be much too literal, but some have pointed out how the ridges on his forehead resemble horns. Even if a coincidence, it is very disconcerting how his contempt and anger come through.

      The Lord, through His angels, has given us all a mark on the forehead and hands. Through Fr. Gobbi Mary said the forehead represents our thoughts and the hand represents our actions. Let it only be the sign of the cross that mark us here. If there was ever a time to wear a St. Benedict centenary medal, it’s now.

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  23. I watched the body language video of Peter Strzok. I’m no expert on such things except from life experience. To me he seemed like a guy about to have a nervous breakdown trying to hold himself together. I sensed fear, which he tried to cover up with forced arrogance. The FBI lawyer behind him seemed to be the handler calling the shots. I agree that there seems to be a web of evil, but Peter Strzok is more fly than spider.

    Just my take. Time will tell.

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  24. I have been praying this prayer for several years. Ps 146. My soul, give praise to the Lord, I will praise the Lord all my days, make music to my God while I live. Put no trust in Obama, in mortal like minded men and women in whom there is help. Take their breath, they return to clay and their plans that day come to nothing. He is happy who is help by Jacob’s God whose hope is in the Lord his God, who alone made heaven and earth, the sea and all they contain ……………………………… It is the Lord who loves the just but thwarts the path of the wicked. The Lord will reign forever, Zion’s God, from age to age.

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  25. I think as long as the Left can keep the narrative that they are investigating Trump for corruption they will stay the course, seem superior and point the finger.
    This is nothing new, we’ve seen the mud slinging in politics for ages and it is now in everything. Trolls are just faceless mudders.
    This deflection also has another purpose, to redirect the American attention both by diversion and rhetoric away from the “realities” of the real event as Charlie so aptly states, toward the “magical thinking” of the Left which is unfortunately not driven by flesh and blood.
    If we here consider ourselves in the know about our true enemy, we are a formidable bunch. It is said that the Devil told St. John Vianney, “If there were three such priests as you, my kingdom would be ruined.” Ah, and so this insight should help us recognise our part in the scheme of things for we too, though low in number, can cause great effect in the worlds struggle vnot with flesh and blood.”

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  26. Just had to share this powerful prayer……please join in…

    Heavenly Father…

    We came to proclaim that with You, O Lord, is our Habitat and High Tower. Our foundation is cemented in Your Presence, the walls plastered with Your Glory!
    “Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” (Ps 91:1-2)

    This literal living place will pass away but You, Almighty God, are forever and ever! We come to give all Honor and Glory, Praise and Worship, Gratitude and Thanksgiving to the God Who chose us, saved us, and set us apart!

    Of Lord, we claim the Blessing of the Righteous and cry out for mercy for the deceived as we seek after Your Face, Favor, and Forgiveness this day.

    Let the redeemed of the Lord say: “The LORD’s curse is on the house of the wicked, but he blesses the home of the righteous.” (Prov 3:33)

    We came together to come against, take authority over, pull down, and cast out every demon, devil, principality and power of darkness. We tell you satan, Jesus Christ is the foundation of this nation and the doorposts of this country are covered by His Blood!

    In one accord and authorized by His Word, we subdue and apprehend, bind and gag, cut down and cast out every strongman from the pit of hell back to the pit of hell.

    We declare this house called America was built by Prayer and Faith and the everlasting God stands watch over us.

    We say our God stands guard over us and the institutions of the wicked shall fall: “Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.” (127:1)

    We declare the rains of terror and the winds of evil will not prevail against us because our Foundation is Jesus Christ and His Righteousness!

    Over America we say: “The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.” (Matt 7:25)

    We Praise You, Father, for sending a man to The White House who loves You and is serving this nation with Excellence and Integrity! We declare the Favor and Anointing that is upon President Trump will flow down and out across this country.

    We close every Gate and Portal over our nation and seal them with The Blood. We stand relentless on the Wall as Watchmen day and night. We guard the entrances to our eyes, ears, and hearts refusing to let evil enter here!

    Many are choosing the way of evil, despising Truth and God. We cry out for them this day as they are genuinely deceived. We pray for the Christians who yet do not recognize the times we are in or engage in the spiritual warfare.

    For it is written: “But if serving the LORD seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.” (Josh 24:15)

    Give us this day the wealth of the wicked, every position of power and influence, as well as Your Favor and Anointing as our portion!

    As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord without question, reservation, or hesitation. It does not matter who agrees with, supports, or backs me up for what I do because it is


    We plead The Blood of Jesus Christ over the doorposts of our lives, over the head of President Donald Trump, over his Presidency, over Mike Pence and their families, over The Supreme Court, over our new administration, over our Military and Police, over our Firefighters and First Responders, over our unborn and those abused and abandoned both people and animals, over those ensnared in human trafficking, over those bound by addiction and those fighting to stop this epidemic, over our Congress and every public office and around the borders of our nation. We declare no man on earth, and no devil in hell can ever prevail against The Blood!

    I declare the Power, Peace, Presence, Purpose, Promotion, Protection, Wisdom, Favor, Anointing and Prosperity of God is for me and my house, the intercessors, Donald Trump, this Mission and this Movement and upon us they will remain in ever increasing, neverending measure from this day forward and forever!

    To God Be All Honor And Glory!!!

    God Bless The Intercessors!!!

    God Bless & Keep America & Israel Forever!!!

    In Jesus Mighty & Holy Name We Pray!!!

    Amen & Amen!!!


    Penned By: Sherry Higdon

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  27. Back in the early days of the Feminist Movement I saw a need for reform in the workplace and in the role of women in general. I am and have always been pro life so early on I felt a nagging doubt about the movement. But my big ah ha moment came when a beautiful, faith-filled mother, wife and governor ran for Vice President. According to the old commercial , She could bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan. She was a beauty queen who chose to give birth to a special child and as the feminists were fond of pointing out, she was doing it all and doing it well. But guess what? The feminists threw her unceremoniously under the bus and made her life a living hell, even up till this day. Sarah Palin should have been their poster girl but I then realized that the agenda was a sham and their own interests were paramount. What a load of garbage our young women are being fed.
    And they are eating it up in the name of freedom. The shackles they are getting instead could well take them to a fiery afterlife. What have we done?

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    1. StJoanMusings: From 1980 through 1983 I lived in a Virginia suburb of Washington, DC. I was watching a local DC interview show one afternoon, and they interviewed the new NOW (National Organization of Women) president. My mouth dropped when she admitted that NOW knew the pre born were living babies but still supported abortion. Eleanor Smeal was the president before this woman whose name escapes me. But within days that woman was fired and replaced with Eleanor Smeal again. I have looked but the name and tenure for this woman at NOW has been scrubbed from their records. And, why, was she fired? The implication is so revealed by NOW’s action. She revealed the subterfuge of NOW and the abortion industry. The mantra was “just a clump of cells” but they know the truth all along. They just didn’t want you to know.

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  28. If anyone is interested in first-hand accounts of possession, I recommend the book “Hostage to the Devil: The possession and exorcism of five contemporary Americans” by Father Malachi Martin. One of the possessed documented in this book was a Catholic priest who quietly modified the words of the Eucharistic prayer during mass. It is a terrifying read and quite graphic in places, but sheds light on the deadly spiritual battle being waged today. Here’s a sample:

    The squirming of Strzok reminded me of a friend named Stan who told me he sometimes allowed spirits to “hop along for a ride” as he traveled around the world for his job. Key to possession is *consent*, and Stan gave permission to numerous spirits over the years to use him as a courier — to what end I cannot imagine. He described one being that he believed was female has he noticed desires within himself that were inconsistent with his orientation. I suggested he perhaps should not play around with this stuff.

    Stan is very intelligent and multilingual. Once while hanging out drinking Budwar and smoking stogies, I noticed his demeanor subtly turn on a dime, speaking in a way that contradicted his earlier statements. During this particularly interesting conversation, I finally called a time out. “Wait a minute, Stan!” I held out my right hand palm up and said, “First, you said (this and this and this)…” Then I held out my left hand and pressed him: “And just now you said (this and this and that)! How can you reconcile these two?!” They were mutually exclusive ideas.

    Stan looked first at my right hand, thinking intently. Then he looked at my left hand for a few moments, his wheels turning. Then he looked again at my right hand. Finally, he looked up at me perplexed, and shook his ahead saying, almost helplessly, “I can’t.”

    At the time I was doing massage therapy. I did what’s called cranio-sacral therapy on him. The person remains clothed and lies face-up. To an outsider it appears like little is occurring in the way of therapy. While cradling his head and working his occipitals, I was visualizing Jesus on the Cross in my mind’s eye, praying (almost begging) for healing for Stan. But right as I was making progress, I felt Stan tense up and, in a manner of speaking, begin to twist. I’d lose my hold of the occipitals and try again. I told him to relax and let me do the work. But he continued (unconsciously?) to fight me. I was baffled. Then I sensed what I could only describe as a coiling motion. I perceived a spiraling, counter-clockwise writhing from his head to his toes. It was like a snake. There was no overtly visible twisting or squirming — it was largely internal. There was some bizarre, intrinsic battle going on between us that was a matter of mere microns under my fingertips.

    After 15 or 20 minutes without success, I gave up and stood, moving to his torso. With my hands hovering a few inches from his chest, I perceived a void of heat (or energy, if you will) directly over his heart. Utter blackness. My mind saw a void. I audibly gasped and had to hold back tears. I’ve NEVER felt a part of a human body that had no “energy” or warmth to it. He opened his eyes and looked at me when I gasped, but I played it off best I could.

    Afterward, he said he didn’t want to do that again. I, too, had no desire to engage him again in physical healing.

    I’m sure this story may concern some of you. I reject new age and energy work such as Reiki, Acupressure, and others, and I no longer practice massage. I’m “well-grounded” to use a massage term. Admittedly, I have a strong healing touch plus the gift of Discernment of Spirits. Now, I reserve my touch for patients and friends, and only to convey reassuring love.

    I do not know where Stan is today. I believe he returned to his home country, the Czech Republic. I’ve seen him profoundly depressed and utterly hopeless. He’s been on the brink of suicide on more than one occasion. I did give him a Rosary which he graciously accepted (though I was a bit surprised it didn’t sizzle when I placed it in his hand). Well, all I can do now is pray for him.

    Scary stuff.

    Keep your blessed salt and holy water handy.

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    1. Just to chime in…I have read a few books on deliverance and exorcism, but when I read Fr. Malachi Martin’s book, “Hostage to the Devil,” I was completely chilled, for I recognized the authentic enemy. It is the best book I have ever seen that might help people get a clue about what we are dealing with.

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      1. Interesting and creepy, Patrick and Charlie. Plenty of holy water and blessed salt here, yet, love the advice that a good confession is like a minor exorcism. Pack that with frequent communion and it’s the best way to put on the armor of Christ.

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        1. I’d take it one step further, try to obtain a Plenary Indulgence each day. Knowing our sins have been reconciled with God the Almighty is awesome, but realizing the punnishment for those sins (attached to my soul) have also been erased. I think this is the true Armor of God.

          Tommorrow, is the Feast of Our Lady of Carmel. An easy Plenary Indulgence prayer is pray the Stations of the Cross immediately after Mass. At this moment in time, you should not have a Mortal Sin and all venial sim has been wiped clean. Jesus is still present in your mouth, praying the Stations contemplating His passion is a tremendous prayer of thanksgiving.

          Offer the Stations for he conversion of sinners, today I was praying in Adoration for the conversion of secular governments.

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      2. And I too read that book several times. As a counselor and a Christian and sometimes student of the human personality, his accounts struck me with how subtly the evil one can insinuate itself into our own personalities, making us think it’s thoughts are our own, at least at some level, although his accounts of the exorcisms showed that, at least at some level, persons have some awareness that the insinuations are from an alien source. So we must be always on spiritual alert.

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    2. Just a little caveat Patrick from one who has used the Cranio Sacral approach as one part of his osteopathic practice for more than 20 years. Firstly it is not massage. It utilises the movements of the body that are not under our voluntary control. We believe that free and balanced function of these movements help to maintain and restore health. Essentially it treats what the allopathic doctors call ‘homeostasis’. To us this has a much broader application and we call call it ‘the primary respiratory mechanism.’ It involves the evaluation and treatment of very small physical movements. I keep it simple. After 40 years of research, practitioners came to the conclusion that no force blindly applied from out side the body could be as effective as those forces operating from within. My training in the Sutherland approach formed part of my undergraduate studies. Other approaches such as Upledger do not require students to be qualified osteopaths. Out of curiosity I once attended one of their short seminars and witnessed what I can only describe as an episode of demonic possession. I recognised it from previous experience while simply assisting by prayer in several deliverances. I presume you do not have a degree in osteopathic medicine. I stick to our founding belief that structure governs function. Cranio-sacral techniques facilitate change – they do not force it. Whenever I suspect the presence of the demonic in I simply pray silently and do not engage with it. As soon as the person leaves I sprinkle holy water, bless myself and get on with my day. This has only happened 2 or three times in the last 20 years. Our founding fathers approached the Power that sustains life in every human person with great reverence and considered abortion to be the worst crime that a human being can commit.

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      1. We followed the Upledger approach in massage therapy school at ASMT and UCMT. I truly love this modality. Had an extreme case of fibromyalgia in a female patient who survived a devastating side-impact car crash. T-boned by a truck when she was driving her Miata. Pain had been a part of her life for years, and any type of massage was not an option. At the time I was working for a dental surgeon treating mostly TMJ cases. Since she could not tolerate even the lightest touch, I fortunately found that I could bring her relief with cranial sacral. The results were profound.

        What happened with Stan was eye-opening. At first, I thought perhaps he was unwinding as I’ve seen many times before, but it quickly became clear that he (or something within him) was actually fighting me. I don’t desire to get that close again.

        Personally, I prefer neuromuscular therapy which understands that structure indeed governs function. I took advantage of the research by Janet Travell. Her maps of trigger points helped immensely with treating TMJ patients and other situations.

        I’m glad to have this foundation in alternative medicine to carry with me into my primary care practice.

        Thanks, Joe. God bless you.

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    3. Patrick, I too, have been in the presence of someone possessed. For me it was on a pilgrimage and retreat with a very holy priest in Croatia some years back. A young woman, who was invited by her mother to the retreat at the last minute, turned out to be possessed, much to the shock of her poor mother, and all of us. I will never forget the things I saw and heard. No one can ever tell me that satan does not exist. Let us be forever strong and persevering in our faith!

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  29. Hey Beckita, Fr. Ripperger talks about blessed salt and water as being legit sacramentals but there is even more power in exorcised salt & water blessed using the Old Rite. Any thoughts? Tragically, I can’t think of a priest in my area who might take this notion seriously much less know about Old Rite blessings. I hate making sweeping judgements like this without first asking around but I have more than reasonable certitude it’s true. If I find a cooperative priest who will do this I solemnly vow to come here and recant this and confess it. Y’all can bank that.
    Any advise from anyone here would be greatly appreciated. TIA

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    1. You know, Christopher, I so appreciate the blessing from the old Roman Missal. It is so apropos for these times when one considers that the water does just what the blessing conveys. Perhaps you have already read it. If not, you can read it here. Fortunately, the priest for whom I provide care and assistance has continued to use this form of blessing for years. I actually cook with exorcised salt. But I don’t want to be superstitious or scrupulous about it. I hope you can find a priest, at least relatively nearby, willing to bless you some salt and water. If so, you might consider taking lots of water and salt to be blessed.

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    2. I asked a priest to not just bless my salt and water but exorcise it. And graciously he did! Ask and ye shall receive. I believe he even said the prayers in latin. Keep asking until you find someone! Ask to be directed to someone who will do it.

      Praying for success!

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  30. As a Canadian looking in, I have never been more fascinated or horrified by USA politics! You can see and feel the evil one blatantly permeating the leftist movements. It is happening here in Canada as well but not yet at the level it is in American circles. The storm is raging! We must never let go of our rosaries! Pray, pray, pray as Our Lady asks!

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    1. FranReddy: Surprised to hear this, Fran. I thought we were following in Canada’s footsteps re: free speech and religious freedom. Didn’t the “state” take over your Catholic schools years ago? How vibrant and visited is the St. Anne de Beaupre Quebec shrine? Really very curious about how Catholic in Canada see their freedoms.

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      1. As a Canadian, I believe that things are far worse in Canada than in the U.S. The thought police are out in full force. We cannot openly express “unacceptable” views without committing a prosecutable hate crime. It is possible that Canadians could think that the U.S. is worse off because there are many Americans who are actually resisting the crazy left and it creates quite the spectacle for outsiders to watch. Lol Sadly, there is no large, organized resistance in Canada. Either many have accepted leftist views or many have just given up the fight. Probably both. 😭

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        1. I agree CDN. It is horrifying to me that Canadians seem, largely, to have swallowed the lies, shrugging their shoulders and saying, “Eh.” I pray that, as patriotic Americans contest the lies, Canadians and Europeans will be inspired to do the same. (Thanks be to God, Eastern Europe is NOT buying into the lies. Guess having been dominated by the Soviet Union to such horrible effect, they have seen this movie and know it ends in tears and misery).

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        1. Perhaps we need a “double screen” (smile)
          Yes, the “Peace Through Strength Challenge” July16-Aug15 post prior to “The Dragon Prances post”.

          Liked by 1 person

  31. “Congress cannot compel them. I do not have confidence that the president will be able to compel them. We each have to do our part to see justice prevail and honor restored. But in the end, it is only the power of Christ that can compel them”. This reminds me of the beginning of several exorcism prayers I have read, except that these prayers continue with statements, when prayed under proper authority, of how the Church compels them. The Virgin Mary compels them, The name of Jesus compels them, that is the demons to depart!! So let us pray as my understanding is that lay Christians cannot generally compel demons to leave but we can ask God, the Virgin Mary, St. Michael The Archangel, etc. to drive them out.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. I think we should never try to drive out demons. I know from an unfortunate experience. A mother asked me to pray for her son who had tried unsuccessfully to commit suicide. He revealed to me that his girlfriend had introduced him to occult practices. We prayed the Rosary and, in a state of enthusiastic love for Our Lady, I commanded the spirit to leave in obedience to the Immaculate Conception. The spirit was compelled to leave but it struck me hard as it left, as if I was punched in the gut. Afterwards, I could barely drag myself to my car. I felt as if all the strength had been sapped out of my body. The next day, I told this to Msgr. Wearden and asked him to bless me. He did this ever so lovingly and sternly admonished me NEVER to try this again.

      Please, please, leave all exorcism to the priests.

      Liked by 15 people

  32. Being one day ahead here in New Zealand we are already celebrating the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Our Blessed Mother wore the brown scapular when she appeared in Garabandal. The first reading at mass today seemed rather harsh and dismissive but in the light of Garabandal it all made sense. Mary herself echoes those words of God in the priority she gives to right action and attitudes. In the reading God scorns all gestures, sacrifices and devotions and pilgrimages that are offered by those who are not trying to live lives of integrity. Indeed God says such offerings make Him sick. Mary is the seat of Wisdom and in Garabandal she tells us we must first lead good lives. Otherwise all our sacrificial gestures are empty and meaningless. We cannot carry her messages unless we are living them. I was told this by a lay Franciscan on the first day of my first visit to Garabandal and while I have never forgotten it I have come to see how far I still have to go. We may be Mary’s children but this is grown up stuff “when I became a man I put away childish things”. Just as Jesus returned from being found in the temple so we must always return to God and subject ourselves to the example of Joseph and Mary that we may grow in maturity and wisdom. Without help it is too much for us but in Garabandal Mary promised that if we prayed with sincere hearts she and St Michael would intercede for us and grant our requests. What more could we ask! Happy Feast to you Mary and to all who believe in your good counsel given to us through the seers of Garabandal and to those who will come to believe.

    Liked by 10 people

    1. Today’s a great day for those in the northern hemisphere: Happy Feast of Our Lady of Mt Carmel to us all!

      Let us bask in our Mother’s glory, for every good mother shares all she has with her children. Oh, how much more does our heavenly Mother have to share with us. Let us respond to her Love by fulfilling her greatest desire for us: strive to become more like her Son, day by day.

      Liked by 8 people

  33. And now “A Sign of Hope”.
    Our 8th child, Grace Immaculata, was born June 26th, 7 lbs, 1 oz.

    Our fun, lovable, 4-year-old Emma enjoying baby.
    Sarah requests prayers for Mom and baby to get rid of thrush, otherwise Sarah and baby are doing great!
    John and Sarah

    Liked by 15 people

    1. Awwwww. So precious! Congratulations to all on the birth of darling Grace Immaculata. What a time to be born… with a renewed world now in process! Prayers for the thrush to rush right out of Sarah’s and Grace’s systems.

      Liked by 7 people

    2. Congratulations and blessings to you and your family, John and Sarah. Such a beautiful baby and name. Love this picture of Emma and Grace Immaculata! Will keep all of you in my prayers. God bless you.

      Liked by 4 people

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    We’re looking for someone who is knowledgeable about gardening(or willing to research) and SEO(Search Engine Optimization). Examples of writing styles and/or resume would be helpful.

    You may contact us at email(-at-)stclareseeds(dot)com or at this page:

    God Bless,
    John and Sarah

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  35. This whole Russian Thang, Here & Over There, bears watching as it will certainly be interesting ….. and possibly very dangerous as the Global Deep State finds that their attempts to Take-Down Trump and Cover-Up real Traitors/Criminals keep backfiring!

    “Debrief on Trump-Putin Presser – There are High Crimes to Be Hidden, and Trillions Still at Stake…”



    Liked by 7 people

    1. Hear-hear. Lest we all forget… Bengazzi.

      (Sean, I’m sorry I don’t have the hour+ time to vet the video. I imagine it’s most likely an AOK resource but want to be faithful to duty, which is to read/view/listen to what is being posted here before clearing the comment. So, what’ll do it describe the title from You Tube so that people can proceed to investigate if they choose to do so: Kris “Tonto” Paronto – The Truth About Benghazi)

      I am eighteen minutes into this video and Kris “Tanto” Paronto is describing the ‘back story’ of the occurrences. Right off the bat (18 minutes in) he speaks of Hillary Clinton’s emails and server. When I think of how things progressed, where we may have been had Clinton or Sanders been elected… I watch the movie Bengazi… 13 hours.

      Of note, I have sworn the Oath, lived it over twenty years and will be such until the day I die. However, I am not a member of this (sponsored) organization. In my opinion, once you sworn the oath, you need not belong to any organization which proclaims it as the source of membership. For me, I joined the Knights of Columbus (Glens Falls #194) Since retirement (not military) and present at such Oath swearing in ceremony’s, I still get goose bumps and a few tears as I recall what this Oath means.

      Remember Bengazi and never forget who(m) refused to send backup!

      Liked by 5 people

      1. Just finished this presentation (excellent).

        I believe Kris brings to issue the true being of a soldier: Total trust in God. He remarks throughout his talk of Faith in God, notably at minute mark .52 & 1:09. He speaks of ‘letting go’ and letting God be in charge… once done, everything, all the colors (under stress) become enlightening, vibrant etc.

        He is able to perform his task (lovingly) and do so, w/o worry, regret, or fear;
        yet look at life as it is and let God show him the way.

        May God bless him; family and colleagues.

        Liked by 5 people

  36. No collusion, no collusion, no collusion between Trump, Russia in the political election campaign. Russians may have hacked the dnc server, but not the Russian Federation. It may be a moot point of difference, but still remains a separation. Similar to the Clinton foundation and government resource programs, which Putin brought to light:)

    As I re-read Charlies article this quote jumped off the page. Yes, I think it is ‘game on’ and (soccor) ball is in his court. Boy are the lefties going to wild with innuendos and conspiracy theories.

    “…When Trump gets back from the Russia summit, it is time to hold people and agencies to account. ”

    I watched the interview session and thought the American reporters were “little snots” to say the least. The tone of the last reporter: wow. how he rudely posed his question to Putin In any event, I think the session was splendid, Putin definitely won in terms of presence as Trump had to relate to internal governmental politics.

    I believe this is the first of many meetings to come and also believe this is the opening ‘salvo’ on the war against Islamic Terrorism.

    On a side note, today my prayer intention was for Putin and Trump to bond like Christian Brothers on the Feast of Our Lady of Carmel. Ushering in East and West, Old and New.

    Liked by 8 people

  37. Hi Steve BC
    I thought the following may be of some interest in considering capital punishment. I understand treason is a crime against a people rather than a person so it may not have full application to the present discussion.
    Pierrepoint allegedly became an opponent of capital punishment. The reason for this seems to be a combination of the experiences of his father, his uncle, and himself, whereupon reprieves were granted in accordance with political expediency or public fancy, and had little to do with the merits of the case in question. He had also hanged a slight acquaintance, James Corbitt, on 28 November 1950; Corbitt was a regular in his pub, and had sung “Danny Boy” as a duet with Pierrepoint on the night he murdered his girlfriend in a fit of jealousy because she would not give up a second boyfriend.

    This incident, in particular, made Pierrepoint feel that hanging was no deterrent, particularly when most of the people he was executing had killed in the heat of the moment rather than with premeditation or in furtherance of a robbery.

    Pierrepoint kept his opinions to himself on the topic until his 1974 autobiography, Executioner: Pierrepoint, in which he wrote:

    It is said to be a deterrent. I cannot agree. There have been murders since the beginning of time, and we shall go on looking for deterrents until the end of time. If death were a deterrent, I might be expected to know. It is I who have faced them last, young men and girls, working men, grandmothers. I have been amazed to see the courage with which they take that walk into the unknown. It did not deter them then, and it had not deterred them when they committed what they were convicted for. All the men and women whom I have faced at that final moment convince me that in what I have done I have not prevented a single murder.[32]

    However, Pierrepoint’s opinion with regard to capital punishment remains controversial and the subject of debate, mostly due to a 1976 interview with BBC Radio Merseyside, in which the former executioner expresses his uncertainty towards the sentence, and reminds the interviewer that, when the autobiography was originally written, “things were going steady.” In addition, he states “Oh, I could go again”, when describing his reaction to particularly vile murder cases.[33]

    Pierrepoint’s position as an abolitionist and capital punishment opponent has also been attacked by his long-time former assistant, Syd Dernley, in his 1989 autobiography The Hangman’s Tale:

    Even the great Pierrepoint developed some strange ideas in the end. I do not think I will ever get over the shock of reading in his autobiography, many years ago, that like the Victorian executioner James Berry before him, he had turned against capital punishment and now believed that none of the executions he had carried out had achieved anything! This from the man who proudly told me that he had done more jobs than any other executioner in English history. I just could not believe it. When you have hanged more than 680 people, it’s a hell of a time to find out you do not believe capital punishment achieves anything!

    Pierrepoint biographer Steve Fielding took a similar view when interviewed for the 2003 Alba Productions documentary The Executioners, stating that he believed it was used only as a “good line to sell the book.”

    Liked by 3 people

        1. Worthy of pondering, Broseph. Quite a long while ago – and I cannot seem to find anything on this at the moment – I read that, in the past, Christian soldiers who had won a just war, upon returning home would pray and do penance in order to repair for all lives lost. The way it was framed was that even while these soldiers had discerned the need to fight, they knew how sacred life is and that its beginning and ending lie in the sovereign domain of Our Father, the Creator, to determine. There was joy in the victory, yet, a deep sadness at the loss of life in the battles.

          Liked by 5 people

          1. Your remark, Beckita, reminds me of some of the stories I have heard from soldiers returning from war.
            It seems they who have taken another soldiers life have, in essence, killed a kindred spirit. There is an unspoken brotherhood among soldiers, especially those on the battlefield. But this “brotherhood” extends subliminally even to the enemy who, like them, is a brother soldier in the trenches.
            Those who have professed this cannot help but grieve those who’s lives they took. Not always because they are older and wiser now, but feeling of guilt that they had killed the other man so they themselves could live (gives them a kicked in the stomach feeling). The feeling does not deaden thier patriotism or duty aspect of soldiering but is felt in a person to person aspect, the… “am I better than he is ?” or the…”is my life worth more than his ?” aspect.
            The bottom line is they killed another human being and no amount of justification seems to suffice to its rightness.

            Liked by 6 people

          2. Beckita, this might be a great addition to any use of capital punishment as I have outlined it elsewhere in comments. I think any use of CP should be considered with great sobriety, and to link its use to a period of contemplation, prayer and penance by the court and by the abused people who are seeking justice would help minimize the use of CP and reduce the likelihood of CP being applied out of a desire for revenge.

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  38. Pierrepoint also came to the conclusions that the only purpose of capital punishment was reveange. He saw his role as a calling from a “higher Power”.

    Liked by 3 people

  39. Given the noise from the Trump Putin summit, it seems Trump poked the dragon with a spear.

    Charlie, your U.S./Russia vs China prophecy is lining up nicely (give or take a few years).

    What we are witnessing, imho, is the re-assertion of Christendom.

    Grace to you.

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  40. As a Canadian reader, I agree we are in a bad way with our political leadership here. However……there are changes coming. Recent by-elections and even a very decisive win on Ontario show that changes are coming.Ontario had a change of government with a +70 % win for their Conservative party. Here in Alberta,we will have an election next year, and unless disaster happens ,we will return to a conservative gov’t here. It has been an absolute disaster here both fiscally and morally here. Please pray for us beleaguered Canadians. I look to your president as a beacon of great hope. He is influencing politics worldwide. I often look at him, and in a way. Compare him a little bit to Saint Peter. His exterior presence seemed rough and ready. Blunt,yes, but straight forward. I think Jesus chose Saint Peter to lead His church,because He knew what was in Peter’s heart. I suppose it may be a bit much to compare him to Trump,but I think President Trump has the right intentions,and intends to try to save America. I pray daily for that man,for his safety ,and for all attempts to unseat him or impeachment to utterly fail . God keep Mr. Trump safe and for him to remain firmly in office until 2024. My two cents. Carol

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  41. What was once a mystery is perhaps a little clearer now…

    All nations have been found lacking, democracies & the western world have become arrogantly smug thinking they are superior to all others thinking it makes them safe, but who among the great nations can honestly say they have not offended
    God with some kind of abomination be it abortion, the “pride” of Sodom, or anything else…

    How can anyone claim their way, their society, their nation, and their government is superior, when all are abominations before the Lord, there inside that smug arrogance lies the seeds of destruction.

    The gates of Hell didn’t just recently open up to attack us out of the blue, we’ve been reaping & sowing destruction for many generations…

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  42. “When the devil ceases to worry about staying hidden, when he starts to openly celebrate his disorder, when he starts taunting the victims who still resist that disorder, some sort of endgame is afoot.”

    Forgive me for being dense here, but what king of endgame are we talking about? The devils endgame, or the end of the devils game?

    Liked by 5 people

    1. John, you’re not dense. Your question is insightful. In my view, it’s a both-and scenario. However, we know the Victor and we know we cannot sit back and expect God to be magical. We all have a mission and however God directs us to act, we must be willing to move on it.

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  43. I seen the news today, and Whoopi & some other American celebrities were trying to convince the Canadian public of Russian collusion after Trump met Putin. They are not giving up…

    I sense Trump is just a band-aid to prevent things from getting worse in the here & now… God will save people, but has no use for human inventions nor ideas. The only thing man made in heaven are Christ’s wounds; Democracy will come to an end just like the the Roman Empire, and the empires before and since then…

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Smiling, Linda. Charlie was a guest on Patrick’s program a few years ago. I’m smiling as I consider the many who have heard Charlie speak in his years of proclaiming the reality we now live… God’s Plan unfolding in this Storm and Rescue.

      Liked by 5 people

    2. That coup group has their sights set on the 2020 election. Will the storm last beyond 2020? Probably…

      Things could be much worse though, I sense the rescue is probably sheltering us from at least part of the storm… Trump’s true job may not be to save & restore broken democracy, but to get us through the storm…

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    1. Now that the furor over Helsinki is beginning to dissipate a little, SJM, (and I really mean just a tiny bit), this is the conclusion I am starting to form. Something was said between the two privately: plans were made, the beginning of an alliance was formed, the Collusion Pollution was brushed back like old cobwebs between the two leaders. I have an intuition about this – I have no real evidence yet. However, with all the sound and fury raised due to the press conference AFTER their private meeting, my sense is that seeds of truth were planted and now the morally unhinged and intellectually bankrupt are doing their utmost to sow discord and rancor. Only such a person would dare ask two world leaders such an audacious and provocative question such as was asked of Trump, “Who do you believe, US Intelligence or Putin?” The utter gall of that question!

      Sound and fury signifying nothing – as Charlie has quoted the Bard. With so many prayers for Trump and so many prayers for the last 100 years begging the Immaculate Heart for the conversion of Russia, I am prone to believe that an alliance was struck. Just the first twinklings of the dawn but definitely a new light that began in the starlight of September 23, 2017.

      Charlie is warning us that the danger is greater now than ever before. Like the crowds pressing around the Via Dolorosa of our Saviour, there are those who want to lash out at any perceived weakness in a desperate attempt to mimic strength. So much prayer is needed. I have said this before here and it is something that I ponder and pray about often. Jesus was persecuted in the “green wood.” We are living through the persecution when the wood is dry which makes every occurrence all the more incendiary. (cf Luke 23:31) I invite you to pray about this, too.

      Liked by 12 people

      1. Marisa, I could feel the same intuition as you stated. I thought I had missed something when the establishment from pretty much everywhere (progressive, conservative, middle) screamed out. I felt a confidence that it was another step that had to happen. Yes, Pres. Trump’s ego is still there – though it hasn’t roared up as much lately, he still has it… I hope for fruitfulness going forward between the US and Russia, that is my prayer.

        On another note – or circling back I suppose – I think about Charlie’s comments regarding us preparing to stay the course should all communication be lost due to the storm. I’ve thought about how far I feel I’ve come and grown within this community and how sad I’d be if I wasn’t able to talk to you all each day – even if only by reading some of your silly jokes, or prayer needs. I reflect on the concepts Charlie brought to us regarding how we take the next right step… and I know I’ll be secure and anchored the best I can for those around me who are totally blind sided by such a possible event. It might not even be a political/war event – Grand Tetons anyone?

        Regardless of what my next right step is, I have a YUGE feeling (lol), that it will involve me reaching out to some who might have been very progressive, very anti-Christian, very consumed by secularism – and extending them a hand so I can try to get them to take their next right step too. Yes, I will be trying to be a sign of hope for my family and friends and community around me – that is a given (I hope) – however, I really have a feeling I (we) are going to have to work extra hard to swallow any pride, ignore appearances, forget the past – and stay the course the best we can.

        Thank you for one of the previous posts on Guardian Angels – no idea why I haven’t been asking mine and praying for help more – after all… if I can’t communicate with you all, they are one way (of many) to stay strong and grounded – just another arrow in my quiver as we prepare.

        God bless everyone!

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        1. Bill, as you have grown spiritually from this site -as I have, too – it can seem, if everything crashes, that we will all be flying solo. I think that we are all being connected in some wondrous way, something so miraculous that only the mind of God could imagine it. In one passage, Jesus says in both Mark’s and Matthew’s Gospels, that God “will gather the Elect from the four winds.” Ponder that a moment. What does it mean to be gathered by the wind? Does it mean the Elect will physically be transported? Or could it mean that communication will be passed through the air, no need for wires or satellites? My mind cannot begin to fathom this deep mystery. I pray I have prepared my angel through my prayers for the workout he is sure to get.

          Yes, take that step outside your comfort zone. Charlie reminds us we could make mistakes. I have found that I meet the greatest souls when I am working my way back from a mistake. I get very embarrassed when I mess up but then I remember that God chastises those whom He loves. As much as I suffer humiliations, He must really love me.

          Remember that James Taylor song, “You’ve Got a Friend?” I think my angel likes it because I call on him often. I bid him to go before the nearest tabernacle and give my love to Jesus. Then I ask him to go to the angel of the person I am praying for and give them a spiritual kiss. Mary, Queen of Angels, is present, too, especially when I ask my angel to visit my family and friends in Purgatory.

          My standing prayer request, in case we do get cut off, is for the souls of all the youth God has brought to me over the years. Otherwise, look for me to be gathered (according to God’s will) to Mt. Meeker for one amazing reunion.

          Liked by 4 people

        2. Well said Bill and Marisa! I agree!

          I have been listening to Father Ripperger every day in preparation. Just ordered deliverance prayer book.

          Praise God for His love and Goodness!

          Liked by 1 person

      2. Insightful and inspirational, Marisa! I, too, have intuited that the alliance between the US and Russia, of which Charlie has spoken, was ignited in powerful ways via the meetings. Surely the sulphur of our Mother’s adversary is nearly palpable in the screeching which ensued. And, surely, the father of lies, accuser of the bretheren, murderer from the beginning who refuses to uphold truth is voicing his rage.

        Especially touched by your expression of poetic beauty: “Just the first twinklings of the dawn but definitely a new light that began in the starlight of September 23, 2017.”

        Blessed be God! Ave Maria!

        Liked by 7 people

          1. Excellent article Beckita, thank you for posting it. A breath of sensibility-imagine if the left actually read something like this.

            I see the temper tantrum of the left at fever pitch. Being a mother, I know there is collapse coming, because that is what happens with a baby. Unfortunately, half of our country is behaving like a two year old.

            Liked by 2 people

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