Legacies – Short Takes

By Charlie Johnston

Midweek I had a recurrence of an intestinal flu from a week ago. Kind of miserable and I don’t get much done. But I have a couple of observations that might be useful.


It was six years ago yesterday that my Mother passed on. The calendar that year was configured exactly the same as it is this year. She died on a Saturday, the day before Mother’s Day in 2012. Mom and I often had a complicated relationship, though it had become very sweet in the year before I went on my pilgrimage. I miss her terribly. I’m praying for all of you, today, who have lost a close loved one.


Thank God President Trump has dumped the disastrous agreement with Iran. It was the single worst, most dangerous deal I have ever seen this country make – even worse than Bill Clinton’s agreed framework deal with North Korea in 1994, which paved the way for a fully nuclearized North Korea. Former President Obama’s Iran deal not only guaranteed Iran WOULD become a nuclear power, but also gave the regime hundreds of billions of American dollars to finance its terror operations against us and our allies. It was suicidally stupid. Of course, our European allies – Germany, France and Great Britain – are trying to hold it together, largely because they are making a lot of money through deals with the murderous regime. While those European allies are sporadically helpful, the reality is that they act like a continent of shady shopkeepers who will make their money in even the darkest ways, attack America for not quite being equally degenerate (though we have been trying), AND depend on America to protect them militarily should a nation like Iran do what it promises to – use its profits to try to destroy Israel and then take over the world. I have less and less respect for Western Europe. I don’t mind that America has the biggest burden of defending the free world (though I resent that most Western European nations are less and less free). I terribly resent those who depend on our protection making the world MORE dangerous in order to make a few extra bucks – and then lecturing us on our lack of sophistication. I do respect much of Eastern Europe – particularly Poland and Hungary. Having been under the yoke of tyrants within living memory, these nations get why you neither submit to the yoke of tyrants nor do deals with them that make them more powerful. If real renewal is to come to Europe, it will come from the East.

Of course, the disapproval of degenerate Western Europe has led our pathologically dishonest and ignorant media to talk about how ALL our allies are opposed to this “dangerous withdrawal.” Not exactly. In fact, our allies in the Middle east are thrilled – including Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. Hmmm…those who have to deal most closely with the consequences are enthused with America’s actions. In fact, several Arab countries – including Saudi Arabia – which have traditionally been hostile to Israel, are welcoming her into a coalition of Middle Eastern states. Trump’s diplomacy in the Middle East is enhancing long-term stability and may very well leave those Arab states which will not recognize Israel’s right-to-exist out in the cold. That would not just be an achievement, but an epochal transformation.

The foreign policy establishment, Democrats, and the establishment media have been unanimous about several foreign policy initiatives since Trump took office. They are:

  1. Trump’s decision to aggressively go after ISIS would cause the Middle East to go up in flames. WRONG –  Instead, ISIS has been functionally destroyed, losing 98% of the territory it held.
  2. Withdrawal form the Paris Accord on Climate Change would isolate us from the world. WRONG – the punitive measures in the accord all targeted the United States and not much of anyone else, while forcing the US to subsidize other nations’ profligacy. US withdrawal didn’t even cause a blip – except to serve notice that the US did not intend to play the chump any more and definitely wasn’t going to foot the bill for playing the chump.
  3. Demanding that NATO nations pay more of their promised share of military costs would fray the alliance. WRONG – instead, NATO members have been stepping up their contribution to its expenses.
  4. Enforcing red lines in Syria would risk war with Russia. WRONG – the thing creating most problems between the US and Russia has been what is now clearly the Democrats Russian collusion delusion.
  5. Calling China to account for its cheating on trade would spark a trade war. WRONG – in fact, China is working to remove the trade barriers it erects against the US – and inject a little honesty into its ongoing theft of western intellectual property. It has offered to reduce its tariff on US automobiles down to 2.5% from 25%.
  6. Acting aggressively against North Korean aggression would spark a nuclear war. WRONG – after the dithering of four prior administrations taking us to crisis levels, Trump dealt bluntly and directly with the problem and we have the potential for a real breakthrough.

The reality, all these “experts” have been wrong about just about everything they recommend. In fact, they have been so consistently wrong that an ill-informed leader could develop a pretty good policy just by listening to what they recommend – and then doing the opposite. If our elite “experts” want to be taken seriously again, they need to get it right every once in a while. Instead, they rant that every foreign policy initiative Trump enacts is the worst, most dangerous and stupid thing ever – until it works. They never apologize for being so consistently wrong. I could live with that if they would just shut up.


A legacy is not a public relations project. It is the sum total of what you did – for good or ill. That IS your legacy…and no amount of press releases or wishful thinking will change it.

Near the end of his term, Bill Clinton and his people started talking a lot about finding and enacting some initiative that could be his legacy. I thought that was weird – specifically because a legacy is not a public relations project. Reagan achieved one of his greatest legacies because he was willing to walk away from the table at Rejkjavik – and because he was focused on getting real accomplishments rather than shiny baubles to be put on his “legacy” charm bracelet. When Obama was determined to get ANY deal with Iran, no matter how bad, in order to secure his “legacy,” I knew this one was going to be a stinker that would probably make the world a more dangerous place.

What we actually are is rock; what we try to portray ourselves to be is mud. We can mold enough mud and sand over the rock to fool people, even ourselves, for a time. But time and tide will wash away the mud and sand, leaving only the rock that is the reality of what we did and what we failed to do. Without neglecting temporal niceties, always gear your actions to secure God’s approval without worrying overmuch how it looks – and you will secure a legacy of honor and virtue. Skimp on the mud, stick with the rock.

Thank God Donald Trump does not seem to be obsessed with a “legacy” as he prepares to meet with North Korea. His hard-headed realism gives us the best chance of either securing a really good deal OR protecting the world if Kim is just trying to play us for chumps.


I occasionally get frustrated because people have such a hard time envisioning what real trials would look like in a collapse, in the Storm. A few weeks ago, I watched the movie, Cold Mountain” with some friends. I had seen it before and really liked it. I realized as I watched it this time that one of the reasons I so enjoyed it was that it gave one of the most realistic depictions I have ever seen of what the trials of the Storm would feel like. No “War of the Worlds” nonsense nor any smug confidence that it would only affect those lousy sinners.

Venezuela is in deep crisis, in real economic collapse. It came quickly and comprehensively to one of the wealthiest countries in South America. That’s what happens when socialists take control. They destroy everything they touch – promising to take care of all your needs while actually destroying all you have. Many are starving. Families send even their pre-teen girls into prostitution to avoid starvation. The picture atop this article is a current picture of Caracas, Venezuela. I appeal to you not to get caught up in disaster movie scenarios to define collapse for you: all that is needed is consistently disastrous policy choices. Then it can come quickly – and much will look normal for a very long time even as you starve. Another realistic perspective can be found in the Siege of Leningrad.


And finally, Happy Mothers’ Day to all. Here is a “Mother’s Dictionary of Meanings” from a Mother’s Day humor page:

Dumbwaiter: One who asks if the kids would care to order dessert.

Feedback: The inevitable result when the baby doesn’t appreciate the strained carrots.

Full Name: What you call your child when you’re mad at him.

Grandparents: The people who think your children are wonderful even though they’re sure you’re not raising them right.

Hearsay: What toddlers do when anyone mutters a dirty word.

Independent: How we want our children to be for as long as they do everything we say.

Puddle: A small body of water that draws other small bodies wearing dry shoes into it.

Show Off: A child who is more talented than yours.

Sterilize: What you do to your first baby’s pacifier by boiling it, and to your last baby’s pacifier by blowing on it and wiping it with saliva.

Top Bunk: Where you should never put a child wearing Superman jammies.

Two-Minute Warning: When the baby’s face turns red and she begins to make those familiar-grunting noises.

Whodunit: None of the kids that live in your house.

172 thoughts on “Legacies – Short Takes

  1. Great stuff, Charlie. Love your wise advice. Sitting not far from you in another area of your city being feted to all manner of love and care while lavishing it in return upon my son, daughter-in-law and two grandsons. The elder child, now 3 and named for his late grandfather, asked me to leave my sweater with him as I tucked him in last night – so he could be close to me while I slept in another room. Precious moments in the Storm remain as God, in His Infinite Goodness, continues to bless us.

    Praying for your speedy recovery, Charlie. Echoing a Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers with God’s Blessings of healing and unity to all families.

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  2. Praying for your good health Charlie, and for the repose of the soul of your mother.
    Appreciate your take on President Trump and current events!

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  3. My Mother passed the day after Mother’s Day in 2014. It’s always bittersweet when Mother’s Day rolls around. I pray that our sweet mothers have obtained the joy and peace of Heaven.

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  4. Thanks Charlie. My mom died on Saturday May 13th, 2000. That was the day before Mother’s Day that year as well (if I recall correctly). We knew the end was near but it still stung hard. She died a very provided-for death with a priest literally at her bedside. I’ve often wondered if my involvement in the Ambassadors of Mary some years later might have been a fruit of mom’s intercession for me. May 13th and all.

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  5. Heal fast and well, Charlie. Great Mother’s Day humor. I will share them with family as we gather today.
    My nephew’s wife is from Venezuela and she still has family there. It is heart wrenching. I have put watching Cold Mountain on my list of to do’s.
    Charlie, these short takes of yours have such a calming and stabilizing effect on me… like taking a deep breath.

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    1. It *is* heartwrenching, Kris. I spent time with the Servant of God Maria Esperanza on each of my three pilgrimages to Venezuela and it breaks my heart to see those beautiful people suffer so. Maria did make reference to the worldwide purification by saying: “It will begin here.”

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      1. I remember Maria’s comment and have often pondered it. I have friends and family who went on pilgrimage to Venezuela. At the time, I did not have the funds to join them. I wish I had. God Bless the people of Venezuela!
        Happy Mother’s Day to all.

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  6. I’m thrilled with what Trump has been up to. I love it. It’s great to see what winning is like. I love his high-stakes high gains game, as it’s really the only game that can be played anymore in this world, and I love how he’s beating the media. They don’t understand why his approval ratings are so high. They don’t understand it because they don’t understand much of this country. Liberal America has no American identity. No solidifying core. In WWII we had an identity, we were proud of it and it solidified us and allowed us to focus and band together. Liberalism has been chipping away at us ever since. The Obama regime peppered the country with . . .I’ll call them micro-divisions. Little cracks in society that might be widened when an opportunity presents itself. Trump is giving America it’s identity back, the country is watching him and beginning to identify with him as they see how he’s not only winning at things we thought were unwinnable, but the leftist media and their ilk are exposing themselves as the biased controlling nut bags they really are. I am very glad to see this. Also . . . Leningrad? Yikes. Well, I am glad that we’ve had some time here with Trump at the helm. If Hillary was leading us and the world fell apart it would take most of a lifetime to put things back together. Poor Venezuela. I don’t think we even know the half of what’s really going on down there. Lastly, I’m glad you’re feeling better and I loved the little mom dictionary there. While husbands and men work and possibly lay down their lives for the preservation of the present, mothers lay down their lives, in a way, for the preservation of the future. I’m typing this and answering questions from my little boy about exactly how windy it is going to be all week while he eats a popsicle next to my ear. hi That was my son. He wanted to “do some”. Time to end this quick thought and go hang out with my kiddo.

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  7. I hope you are feeling much better now, Charlie. Sorry to hear you had that nasty bug! Strange bugs going around these days!!! ugh.. I’m sorry for you and your mom. I’m sorry for your loss too.. My mom passed away this past year on the ides of March and you already told me you were sorry to hear for me. I will pray for you too dear friend of God.

    It is indeed so sad to see what is happening in venezuela. I remember the mystic there in Betinia. Maria Esperanza. She was so beautiful. I wanted to go and see her and become one of her children! lol She exuded such love, holiness and peace! Surely she is in the Kingdom, and I’m glad for her not to be there now. Those poor dear people. I can’t even imagine how they are suffering.

    I wonder what is coming here…ugh.. Today is the 101 year of Our Lady of Fatima! 101 had a key significance in Akita too.

    Happy Mothers’ Day all you beautiful mothers our there in TNRS land!

    Thank you Charlie for this post! You are awesome!!! xoxo

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  8. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms here, and prayers for all who have lost their mom. I lost my mom 15 years ago last March, on Ash Wednesday that year, my dad died 5 years later almost to the day…both cancer. May they, and all all the souls of the faithfully departed rest in peace. I’m sure they are all praying for us.💒

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  9. Again, thank you for your insightful words, Charlie. They clarify so much and ease the way.
    Thoughts on Trump-and please God protect and keep him.
    I am always taken aback by “experts” who preach appeasement. Any parent worth their starch understands that if you give into a 2 year old having a tamtrum, it will be so much worse the next time around. Maybe these “experts” should have spent more time around young children. They would do themselves a great favor by just going to the grocery store and see how various parents interact with their children. It would provide them with a great education.
    Happy Mother’s Day to all moms.

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  10. Charlie, before we moved I took some clippings from my Elderberry bushes. One has survived and is peeking through the ground here at our new place. If I get a crop this year, I will put you at the top of the list to receive a jar of juice. I can almost guarantee you a flu free season if taken as prescribed. 🤒

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    1. Oh yes, Kris. Many people gave me various home remedies – and yours was one of the very few that actually seemed to be helpful. It’s not that the others are not useful – but that everybody’s system is different, and so responds in different ways. When I was recovering from my spinal surgery 15 years ago I had terrible indigestions all the time – and was only allowed to eat very bland, textureless foods. I discovered that plain vanilla Dannon yogurt felt like a cool waterfall in my stomach. I have since used it as the most effective remedy of all against indigestion. I’ve recommended it to many, but it was only really helpful to a small few – because everybody’s system is different and responds to different things. But my system responded quite nicely to your elderberry concoctions!

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      1. Yes Charlie, each person has a unique physiology so not everyone tolerates the same food types.
        Aristotle said “Let they food be they medicine and they medicine be thy food.” He recognised the importance of a correct diet as our bodies are a complicated chemistry set which reacts to combinations of external chemicals in good/bad ways.
        Studies on blood type diets and hypersensitivity to certain food additives have shown this to be so. Two such studies have resulted in two book:
        “Eat Right For your Blood Type” and “The Feingold Diet”. I have practiced both diets on myself and my children now for decades and can attest to their veracity.
        The fact that many races and cultures have “evolved” (not the Darwinian evolution but a “raciation” type evolution) in certain corners of the world and have adapted to the dietary specifics of those areas over eons has resulted in a physiological conditioning to those specific diets. As humanity has become universal and foods from far away lands have been integrated into our diets, we are seeing the results of this gastronomic invasion. But just like a zookeeper does not feed a bat the same diet as a squirrel we need to be careful about what we ingest too and these dietary variances can be found through our ancestry and a bit of trial and error on our part.

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  11. My sister is about to graduate with her masters in journalism from Columbia University. What advice would you give a new journalist in today’s media world?

    My husband and I saw you in San Antonio. Lately, the priest in confession has said some phrases that make me think of your simple phrases in the storm. He said, “stay calm and don’t give up”. He said this several times. Another priest said that God is always there, even when it seems He is not, we must keep the faith and know He is there no matter what it looks like. I can’t remember his exact words. Again, a priest from India at a retreat stated that we were there for God to prepare us for what the trial that is to come. Again, three different times I experienced the lights going out and coming back on. The first time was getting counseling from the priest and the light went out, when the light came back on the picture of Mother Mary on the Wall seemed to leap out in importance and comfort, and again at the retreat the light illuminating the host was accidentally turned off by the priest and he quickly adjusted the light and turned the light on again. One time at my house the lights went off and on. All of these experiences were fairly close together and I thought a lot about the storm and not giving up. The dark time will not last. The light will come back on and God will not leave us. “Be a sign of hope and do the next right thing”. Thank you.

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    1. Hi Sarah…a new journalist has a great opportunity in these times. She can swim with the crowd and be lost in the malicious mediocrity of the journalist as social justice warrior OR swim against the crowd and be a true and trusted chronicler of the times. Those few, like Salena Zito and Sara Carter will be heroes of this generation of journalists and archetypes in the future for a badly chastened profession Here are some things I used to emphasize to reporters who worked for me:

      1) Do Your Research – Don’t just rely on “he said-she said.” Dig into raw data. Before a scheduled interview, I would set up a list of 20 key questions, along with follow-ups. Even so, I would not stick rigorously to those questions. Listen carefully and let the interview go organically in a direction that makes sense. You will come up with some surprises and scoops that way. Meantime, by being rigorously prepared, you won’t lose the thread.

      2) Know the People You Interview Reporters often want to keep their distance to maintain their objectivity. In reality, they just come off as condescending and ignorant – making people into parodies and caricatures. This is PARTICULARLY important when doing stories involving people and ideas significantly different than yours. Too many reporters adopt a stupid “Gorillas in the Mist” or “Margaret Mead Meets the Natives” approach to stories outside their bubble. Know your subjects. I was once chatting with the wife of a prominent official and she was gushing about how glad they were that I covered most of the politics for one of the big local papers – that it had gotten so much easier to trust the press once I took over. A little surprised, I pointed out to her that I had criticized her husband more than any other local reporter. She looked confused for a few moments and then said, “Yeah, but you treat us like real people – and you report his responses honestly. We never get the feeling you are out to get us.” Another time, while running a big campaign, I was chatting with a woman with a major newspaper (who would later become a White House correspondent) about one of those condescending “Gorillas in the Mist” pieces another reporter had done. She defended it by saying that reporters have to keep a certain detachment. I told her that that was a mistake – that it was not objective to remain ignorant of other people’s values and make caricatures of them. It was not a gotcha conversation…we had become friends. she took it to heart…never completely sold, I don’t think, but her reporting has had a humanity to it and I have never seen her do one of those ugly, condescending pieces. Know your subjects, keep their humanity in mind – and they will respect you even when you criticize them.

      3) Get it Right I read and approved every story that went into our newspapers beforehand – and was appalled at how often reporters got basic information wrong. On complex subjects, too often they would just report what was said rather than asking clarifying questions. I would send them back…but at a meeting, I demanded to know why they got it so wrong so often. One woman finally piped up that, “we don’t want to look stupid to the people we’re talking to.” In some astonishment, I asked if she really preferred getting the story garbled and looking stupid to every reader who knew what was going on. I noted that I loved for my subjects to think I was a little slow – I would often get unguarded gems that way…and whether I did or not, I wanted the final product to reflect what actually happened. In politics, when discrediting a media report to people who said they had read that (whatever)…. I would ask them if they had ever read a story about their work or business – anything they knew intimately. Almost all would say yes. Then I would ask how much the story got right. Rarely did I get an answer beyond the light dawning in their eyes and “Got it.” It is a horrible indictment of the profession. My meeting with my reporters was underscored when, a few weeks after that gripe session, I was interviewing a prominent official in my office. We had a very lively conversation going and he made a very damaging admission, which I did NOT react to. A few minutes later, he erupted. “Dammit…you got me, Charlie…you sit there like a harmless little guppy and I knew before I came in that you were a shark…dammit!” The whole newsroom heard his tirade…and after he stormed out I grinned and reminded them of what I had told them of the tactical advantage of your subject thinking you’re stupid. Get it right.

      4)When you get it Wrong, Make Your Correction Louder than the Mistake Doing day to day reporting, it is inevitable that sometimes you will get the facts wrong. You need never apologize for your opinions, but if you get a critical fact wrong, correct it loudly and try to be the first to let your readers or listeners know. I have utter contempt for those outlets who damage people’s lives with incorrect information and then put the correction in tiny print on page 32. Saying publicly you were wrong is painful…but that pain is a useful goad to you to do the research to make it a very rare occurrence. Nothing so solidified my credibility among friend and foe alike as my quick eagerness to correct my own mistakes. It was gold. In fact, when I was in radio, everyone knew I was a Republican – but I frequently got requests from Democrats to moderate their own Mayoral election debates – because I had the reputation for scrupulous fairness. I had the microphone every day – I had my time. When I was interviewing someone, I figured that was THEIR time and my job was to clearly let them get their message out – so I stuck to clarifying questions rather than ‘gotcha’ questions. That was no piece of cake, either…if someone was ill-informed or a demagogue, simple clarifying questions would reveal that – but it would force THEM to reveal their internal incoherence.

      Anyway, Sarah, these are a few of the rules I lived by that served me well.

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  12. Thanks, Charlie, once again for your views on our political situation. I, too, believe that Donald Trump is leading us on a path very different from previous Presidents, and it’s not because he’s looking for fame and fortune. It’s because he’s a true American and cares about our Country and our Constitution that supports our true values. God bless him. I pray for him every day that God will keep him on the right path toward ending the abortion laws that turned this country into the mess we are experiencing now. We headed downhill fast since the 1970’s when the legalization of abortion was made the law of the land. Really, how do we expect God to bless us? Donald Trump is making America great again. At least he’s trying. Let’s help him by asking God to direct his paths. I’m beginning to see progress for a better America. I hope you feel better soon, Charlie. Keep up the good work.

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  13. Solid analysis of the Middle East situation, Charlie, but one of those “experts” that you decry has a very different take on the deal – and Mr. Pat Buchanan is usually spot on. I know his isolationist position is in full view in this article but, he has he has some claims that dispute your analysis -in particular the actual status of the Iranian nuclear weapons program, and intentions of the various countries involved. The times certainly are interesting…


    1. I do not buy into the Pat Buchanan school of thought. His extreme isolationism colors everything he writes on foreign affairs. He is SO isolationist that he maintains (and did so in one of his books) that it was a mistake for the United States to get involved in the war against Nazi Germany…that we should have just sat it out and let Europe sort it out. He has some useful insights, but he truly believes that we can be ‘Fortress America’ and never have to pay any consequences for it. I do not. At all.

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  14. Hi Charlie
    Sounds like our dealings with our mums has been similar. My brother George, R.I.P., told me that some members of his fellowship, A.A., changed their second step of recovery to “Came to believe that a Power greater than our mothers could restore us to sanity.” (Our mothers replaced ourselves.) God bless all mums.

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  15. I hope you many mothers had a very happy Mother’s Day. It was good to be with some of the family that is not too far from us geographically. As with others who have lost mothers (mine left us in Jan.), it was a time for remembering. I told my husband that it was strange for the first time in my life not to wish my mother a happy Mother’s Day. But then I delighted in the company of one of our daughters, her beautiful children, and the others who were there! God bless you all, and thank you again, Charlie!

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  16. Fellow-TNRSer Janet (aka Pelianito) has left a personal account of Divine Providence on her other blog joyofpenance.wordpress.com – Heaven is our true home, may our deceased mothers, fathers, spouses, children and all souls rest there in the promised peace of God.

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  17. Our 16 year old came home from her Catholic High School last Monday with news she had been prepared for…but not enough.. A friend is pregnant. PLEASE PRAY! Our Claire was sought out and was able to minister to her in love but so many opposing forces (her own mother included) surround the new Mom and have strong influence. Everyday my daughter attempts to influence but cries fearful tears for the uncertainty of this little life. Knowing this faithful community of ASOH are out there and speaking up for this baby in love and prayer would mean so much. Can we “storm” heaven?

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    1. If you have a “Gabriel Project” near this young mother…..have her contact them. There is usually an “800” number in her area. They can really help to answer all of her “fears” and that of the family members. God be with her and all mothers who are in theis situation. God Bless your sweet daughter and her efforts.

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    1. Greetings, bandgmac. While we did not continue with a private forum, when we moved to ASOH, or include the info concerning connecting in an emergency, we continue to have a ready-to-serve team, including our own jlynnbyrd who has led the facilitation of this aspect of our TNRS presence, should needs arise. Surely we can pull together, at any time, and support one another in whatever ways are useful. God bless you and all here.

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  18. Hi Charlie. Things are unimaginably bad in Venezuela with hunger and starvation, where the people are turning to pigeons, cats, dogs and even zoo animals for food. I bet the average weight of the population has dropped by 15+ pounds recently. You really put an exclamation point on it, though, with reference to the Siege of Leningrad, one of many places during WWII that saw the horror of cannibalism. I can’t imagine being that desperately hungry (as I sit on my cozy bed next to Mimi typing this comment).

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  19. News from Lancaster PA:
    Voted last night. Democrats here are trying to make Lancaster City a Sanctuary City. We have a big influx of refugees in recent years.

    Also, local news didnt report it but former CEO of Planned Parenthood visited the area recently. “Stand Up for Life” sucessfully kept PP facility a no abortion facility but I think they are up to something.

    Please pray for our area. No steppers in this area that I know.

    When you go on your march Charlie you have a place to stay if needed.

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    1. Hmmm, little one – you could be right! Cardinal Peter Erdo gave the Church’s approval to ‘The Flame of Love’ – and some very good things ARE happening in Hungary.

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    2. I know we aren’t supposed to speculate on such things because they don’t really lead anywhere (was Hitler possessed by a powerful demon or or was it the actual satan himself? What about Stalin? Or Mao? Or Marx?). All of that is pretty irrelevant in the grand scheme of things- it amounts to trivia. Whether these guys were possessed or just plain evil all by themselves doesn’t make much difference to their victims.

      But yeah, Soros is decent guess, along with about 50 other guys.

      As I write this, I realize that a few years ago, when I first discovered Charlie’s site, I would have been absolutely itching for Charlie to answer this. Now? It just doesn’t make a huge difference. Doesn’t hurt, but doesn’t help either. Ultimately, a distraction.


      (Just kidding!)

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      1. I seriously regret ever having publicly mentioned Menses at all. BUT, I noted that he would be notably orthodox and seem to be noble…that his function was to deceive the orthodox faithful into error. Does that sound like Soros at all? A man who is obviously carrying water for the other team cannot be Menses.

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        1. I agree Charlie. As with The Tribulation whose onset we have been told will be “sudden and unexpected” any information that negates the revealed conditions will in fact betray a lack of reliability. Mary warned us that many false apparitions would follow whose specific purpose would be to divert from Garabandal. Despite the projections of his enemies I believe that the Pontificate of Francis presents the true face of Christ to the world. In scripture the demon admitted its name was “Legion” and contradicted its own deception of being one entity. The “true lies” of Menses will remain covert only being uncovered when for many it will be too late as Padre Pio said in his letter to the seers. We have plenty options that can be exercised right now without having the full story. That is why we have to simply live the messages and not analyse them. We act ourselves into right thinking rather than think ourselves into right action. We chose to eat from the tree of life rather than the tree of knowledge. In this way the truth will be revealed and set us free. “I was hungry and you fed me, naked and you clothed me, sick and in prison and you visited me, homeless and you sheltered me.” This is the way of truth and life and the role of Mensis can safely be ignored in this quest as long as we keep our focus on Jesus. That is why Mary told us to think on the passion of Jesus, to visit him in the Blessed Sacrament often and to attend to our religious and civic duties and responsibilities as well as possible. Maragaret Thatcher’s most succesful strategy with regard to terrorists was to “deprive them of the oxygen of publicity.” I understand your regret Charlie at ever having mentioned that menace publicly. I feel safe and sure in following the lead of Pope Francis with regard to faith and morals. He has never contradicted eternal truth but always tries to present a better way of practising our Faith – the way of Christ. We have a choice as to which way we will follow. “Who is like Menses” is not the cry of Saint Michael but “Who is like God”. We know the answer to that: Jesus, and for me Pope Francis follows close behind. “I know my sheep and my sheep know me.”

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          1. Wow, profoundly stated, Joe…and reflecting the main reason why I regret having mentioned it publicly in the first place: if we keep our eyes on Jesus, Menses is irrelevant. Privately, I have long thought publicly mentioning this fellow was my biggest blunder – and bigger than my two big interpretive errors. On the other hand, I have prayed for him every day since I saw him (coming on 20 years now) and I somewhat suspect he is repenting of the evil he intended. Or maybe I am just being deceived. But the lesson surely is to keep our eyes on Jesus without worrying overmuch about things that are beyond our power anyway – all they can do is distract us from the things we CAN do.

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            1. Hi Charlie
              When I think really really hard it sometimes seems that I too have done or said the wrong thing occasionally but I can’t be certain. “Oh Lord, it’s hard to be humble……..”

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          2. Good stuff, Joe.

            With regard to knowledge of such details, a couple of things have always been clear to me. It’s primarily a call to prayer and holiness. Knowing is not the same as even remotely being in a position to do the slightest thing about it in practical terms. These things are in God’s hands. Also by extension, why does it seem that even Catholics of good will these days are spending too much time on musing/discussing Catholicity and not enough time actually living Catholicity?

            Yes, to visiting Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament! I have been placing all your petitions (both spoken and private) in His hands at Adoration this week. I was reading a select passage each day but nothing seemed to resonate deeply. That’s unusual. Tuesday I was so wiped out that I caught myself actually dozing in my seat. Yep, asleep. Wednesday I was treated to the organist at practice delivering a Heavenly rendition of the “Ave Maria” while 3 retired volunteers joyfully went about the business of cleaning the Sanctuary. Thursday I was startled by someone else practicing on the organ. It was loud, discordant… frightening really. Ultimately my takeaway was that we must present ourselves to Jesus at every opportunity and love Him whatever is going on around us… whatever the circumstances.

            Thus, we forge ahead in the usual manner. And, yes, it’s hard.

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            1. Thanks for all your prayers Michael and for the laugh at the thought of you sleeping. I was once told by Becks that the most grace is given to prayers said when we are tired. God Bless you.

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        2. Charlie, I’m sorry you regret mentioning him. But it was a good lesson for me to not chase after information that is not helpful in the present moment ( Though I struggle sometimes with curiosity). Additionally, it helped me remember that there are wolves in sheep clothing and therefore, I do not get up in arms so much about all the unveiling going on. Also, I am more wary and try to be less judgmental of those who are on the world stage, because as you said there are also “enemies” who will choose Christ. So thank you for this important lesson.

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    3. At first i thought maybe it was Trump himself but the way Charlie has since written about Trump leads me to conclude that he’s not him. A year ago I was thinking it might be Steve Bannon (very distinctive appearance!) but now that he’s gone i highly doubt it.

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        1. ChadPro, my comment doesn’t reconcile with Charlie’s description of Menses. Although Trump is still likely not him (neither orthodoxed nor a spiritual leader), it’s not for the reasons I stated since Menses may appear to be one of the “good guys.”

          I admit, it is tantalizing to speculate who this servant of the evil one is. Alas: Time. Will. Tell.

          Actually Charlie, I’m glad you mentioned this person because it gave a unique glimpse of the nature of this battle we are all in, not to mention the importance of your charge. It showed us how determined and influential the devil is with humans, that he has recruits already being prepped and groomed to do his bidding — his commanders and generals — that they will be like wolves in sheep’s clothing, and that he is anticipating the conflicts of the Storm not unlike a chess master. It was a frightening vision to behold. I don’t remember the details but imagined it in a university setting like a lecture hall, and that this man could see you too….sent chills down my spine and told me: This war is deadly serious and I am totally ill-equipped to fight such a brilliant and determined enemy or his minions without complete reliance on my Catholic faith, prayer, and, if need be, Divine Intervention.

          No, Charlie, I’m glad you told us the story.

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  20. Yesterday Mark Mallett had a good writing titled “When Communism Returns”, the phrase which was stated at one time by the Blessed Mother (Garabandal). His column is a good summary of much of what we have read over the years from various apparitions, locutions, Popes, etc. For those who have never heard of any of it, it’s a good synopsis. As with the things Charlie tells us, it’s to prepare us. I’ll never forget reading the encyclical on Freemasonry years ago, and realizing that the errors condemned had come to pass. So it is with Communism (see “The Naked Communist”, referred to by Mallett in yesterday’s article). We just continue to pray!!

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  21. I think Charlies take on the sophistries of menses and menses type wordsmithing
    is well represented by Jesuit Chaplin Patrick Conroy in the linked article:
    This is the type of logic which menses will use to appear orthodox but like the serpent in the garden, is a liar and a deceiver and will garner followers with these types of arguments seeming to be a genteel one concerned with the poor and afflicted but expecting truth to “bend” a little in order for the square peg of deception to fit in the round hole of established truth (or bypass it).
    It’s all there in this article and it is quite unnerving how well it is masked as “a new evangelization” fit for our now”enlightened” times as it is only recently that we have come to this full light of reason and have come clear from the past dark ages of ignorance.
    It may be that menses IS this type of thought.

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    1. In light of this news and all that needs correcting within the Catholic Church, so looking forward to the first celebration of the new memorial placed on the liturgical calendar: Mary Mother of the Church. A potent sign of hope is this! May She, in special ways, strengthen Pope Francis as he, courageously, addresses the difficulties within the Church in Chile and in all the world.

      Mary Mother of the Church, pray for us.

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    2. This is amazing news. We all need to double down on prayers for our Pope Francis, he’s got some tough times ahead. But I’m still betting this will be the defining moment of his papacy!

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  22. I spent an unusually long time in the confessional this morning. Most of the talking was done by the priest. What follows has little to do directly with my confession but it has motivated me to share.

    The most destructive lie is the one that appears closest to the truth. That type of lie has the most potential to ensnare. Forgery can evade exposure by even the most advanced forensics in the hands of the most skilled investigators.

    Forgery is the currency of satan. It can surface in false apparitions and false prophesies and satan can use these to divert attention from his deeper and singular motive: the damnation of souls. That is his soul motive.

    Satan is the master of smoke and mirrors. I was once told during confession that in times of temptation I should never “dialogue with the devil.”

    Emotional dishonesty is betrayed by ulterior motives. It is the most subtle of lies and the one most likely to lead us into temptation. Once the flash card of sin is shown the name of Jesus should be immediately invoked. Then as in the words of scripture my life like a bird will escape from the snare of the fowler. Giving it a second look can prove fatal. Truly a fatal attraction. Run rabbit run!


  23. Satan must make this whole world so dark that his falsity will be brighter than the darkness that is all around, he must make man more evil & inept than the demons of Hell. A darkened glare from the abyss of Hell. Menses is still perhaps a darkened glare himself but not necessarily the Darkened Glare that is yet to appear. In the twentieth century there were several darkened glares that were much more obvious to us because their brutality was clear, yet in the nineteenth century they came as champions of enlightenment. A true darkened glare will always betray the Son of Man with a kiss in public yet betray in a more clandestine manner still do their evil deeds until they lose their composure. Judas Iscariot & Herald the Great are both darkened glares that clearly prefigure the Antichrist. One lived for a short time in the company of the Son of God pretending to be what he is not while the other could never do so because he lived his vile existence in plain view. The war is against creatures who have lived for billions upon billions of our years in the totality of sin & rejection of God. To them humanity is not worth much more than an insect. In the parable of the Prodigal Son the older son is Satan & his friends are all those like him while the younger son is the whole of humanity that seeks redemption. The father is of course God Himself who seeks our reconciliation, therefore it is time to depart the land of sin & return to the Father. It was the older son & his friends who truly chose not to live in the Fathers house while the younger son had to be coerced by him & his friends with the delusions of the world. In the end humanity repented while demons remained in their sin. Charlie was right to mention Menses, it set forth from his group a battle cry & a means to take back their land from the agents of evil.

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  24. Could it be that the offer of resignation from all the Chilean bishops was a strategy whereby an admission of collective guilt helped those really responsible to avoid fully facing individual accountability and actually hindered the pursuit of justice as is the case when another person confesses to a crime that already has a person exclusively charged with that crime. It in fact puts the entire owness on Pope Francis – a crushing burden that represents another assault on his papacy and his person. Such a burden led to the resignation of Benedict – it was all too much for him. Perhaps they should have individually first asked the pope if he wanted them to offer their resignation and not hidden behind the skirts of collegiality like small boys wishing to avoid the heavy hand of their father. Whatever course of action is taken by Pope Francis he will be condemned. The unsolicited offer of the bishops has subjected Pope Francis to yet another layer of public scrutiny – will he keep his promise to deal uncompromisingly with child abuse and its facilitators. He cannot win – but winning has never been his aim. His only aim is at truth and the freedom it brings. His enemies are just waiting to pounce and lay the rod on his back yet again. I hope my suspicions are unfounded but am quite sure what the likes of Remnant and Lifesitenews will make of it all. God bless and strengthen our Holy Father.

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    1. I’ve noticed that those who have waged war with Pope Francis, in the media, since the day he was elected by the most recent conclave, are jumping all over this situation with the Chilean Bishops and using it to justify and reinforce their longstanding harsh criticisms of our Holy Father. I have found Catholic News Agency posting excellent coverage concerning the developments with the Bishops of Chile. This one speaks to the process in which Pope Francis is now engaged which, it seems to me, reflects the best of collegiality. The article includes many quotes from Pope Francis which reveal to us his own brave heart and deep spirituality.

      In this commentary is a closing petition which, from my perspective, is being fulfilled in the words and deeds of our Holy Father as he wrestles and works through the issues: “May the pope, who prayed that all victims of abuse would encounter Christ’s love, give prophetic witness to his own transformative encounter with the Lord.”

      See, I think of a past post which Charlie wrote concerning the deep disappointment Our Lady had expressed about the meetings in Dallas in 2002 when the American Bishops convened to discuss the child sexual abuse problem. Charlie, correct me if I’m wrong, but I recall that She said not once did our bishops mention Christ in their discussions. Compare that with the focus of how Pope Francis is handling the current discussions concerning Chile: “‘We need a change, we know it, we need it and we desire it,’ he said, and encouraged bishops to put Christ at the center. He said in recent history, the Chilean Church has lost this focus, putting itself at the center instead of the Lord.”

      Please read the first link and feast on the wisdom of Pope Francis shining through the darkness of this crisis in the Church in Chile as we continue to support him in prayer.

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      1. It was in the week before the Dallas conference began. I was enthusiastic because I thought in Dallas, many things would be set to rights. Our Lady appeared to me and said, “Dallas will show you how bad things truly are: they will scarcely acknowledge my Holy Son.”

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      2. “In the statement, the bishops said that they are committed to making the “face of the Lord once again shine in our Church,” and asked with “humility and hope” for everyone’s help.”

        If followed up this is the collegiality that Pope Francis wants. As he says some resignations may be needed but they are, by themselves, “not enough.”

        I am under no illusion that the way of Pope Francis is being navigated and negotiated by anything other than true wisdom and the love of Christ.

        It is the way of his opposition, overt and covert, that causes me concern.

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    2. JoeCro, that’s a very intriguing idea. Of course, the Pope will now have to choose whose resignation to accept and whose to let go, so he will be able to focus attention on the specific bishops with the most guilt. However, I do believe the entire group is culpable in minor and major ways. Every one of them had to know, though less than all of them were complicit. The pope must choose between those not much tainted and those quite tainted. I doubt there are any bishops there who are pure. I doubt it’s possible to dismiss all of a nation’s bishops without causing chaos, but a cleaning now and gradual replacement of others sounds workable.

      I wonder how many other national bishop groups should be cleaned out like this? At the level of bishops, archbishops, and cardinals, how many are so culpable in this that they should be removed forthwith? I’ll bet the number is shockingly large.

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      1. Yes indeed Steve – maybe this is the first swing of the axe being laid to the root, the great pruning. Like you I suspect the number of bishops and cardinals who have known about malpractise in the church but done nothing to stop it, is huge. Time will tell. All will be revealed. But we can be assured by Christ’s promise to make all things new.

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        1. Amen Steve & Joe.
          On the positive side, the Holy Spirit always gives us the pope we need. And I think Pope Francis with his years of striving to smell like his sheep (and no doubt his experience as a bouncer too) is going to do something in Chile that will have positive repercussions on the worlwide church. I don’t know what he’ll do but I’m joyfully excited by what I have seen so far.
          Mary Mother of the Church,pray for us and our pope!

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      2. Amen, SteveBC. And I wonder at how much additional rot, beyond child sexual abuse issues, is in need of cleansing amongst the prelates. This brings to mind a great piece by Daniel O’Connor which Charlie featured as a guest post at TNRS. It remains at Daniel’s blog here.

        “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.” (Luke 8:1)

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  25. A SIGN of Hope… may the Immaculate Heart triumph on this Vigil of Pentecost.

    “Royal wedding fever has caught on in many places, but it has a particular soft spot at Immaculate Heart Middle School and High School outside Los Angeles, the school Meghan Markle attended from the age of 12 to 17.”

    “…The school, founded in 1906 by the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, has mission-style terra cotta roofs…”


    I have offerred my morning prayers, rosary, chaplet of Divine Mercy (0300hrs) for this beautiful couple. Also, a Chaplet of St. Michael the ArchAngel for them to have an escort of the nine choirs of Angels.

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    1. The sermon by the minister from Chicago was profound. The elite looked uncomfortable. He referred to Jesus many times. I wondered how many had been to a recent Christian service. In any case, the ceremony would have been just window dressing without his sermon.

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  26. There use to be a link to prayers for the sick on the old web site. I couldn’t find one here. Maybe I just missed it. I was going to go there to thank all of you who answered a request of mine about one year ago.I requested prays for a young man I know from Australia who had cancer in his head and neck. It was a rare cancer usually found in a segmented population (by race) and unusual for an Aussie. He is married with 3 children, one of whom was recently born. I received news that after extensive chemo and related medical issues, he was deemed cancer free. Utter relief has enveloped his little family and his extended family. He is struggling with a reduction of the esophagus because of the chemo but he bravely accepts all medical procedures. A few more prays for him, please. But thanks to all. I just thought you would want to know.

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    1. All Glory to God for the healing of this young man.

      Joanne, you can click on the “Menu” icon at the top right of this page and it will reveal a list of options. Within that list is “Prayer Requests.” Click on it and you’ll find the list of intentions and replies.

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  27. The minister who presented himself as one carrying the message of Christ in his sermon at the Royal Wedding is sadly, in old parlance, “all fur coat and no knickers.” His performance covered up his opposition to the word of God .

    “Curry is known for his support of same-sex marriage and gay rights—quoted as saying “God didn’t make anyone to be a second-class citizen.”

    He ommitted to mention that Christ instituted the sacrament of marriage and all citizens of that institution are first class when His boundaries are respected. The “love that dares not speak its name” is not love but a perversion of God’s plan for men and women. The only second class citizens are those whose attitudes and actions exclude them from the body of Christ and ultimately from the kingdom of heaven.

    The gay lobby has become so powerful that marriage between a man and a woman can no longer speak its name as the only vehicle sanctioned by God for sexual union. Promotion of anything else contradicts and contravenes the word and the will of God – no matter how convincing it sounds, no matter how entertaining. It is not only non-Catholic. It is not Christian. It simply corrupts the Gospel of Life.

    Minister Curry may be a well intentioned man but we we know what forms the road to hell.

    “Many Cardinals, bishops and priests are on the road to perdition and taking many with them.” It seems this number includes ministers of other so called Christian institutions, in the final analysis, poor imitations of the One real thing, no longer on the road less travelled but the one chosen by 40,000 denominations, purveyors of fake news, not the Good News.

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    1. So true, Joe. There are two pieces which helped me process my discomfort in the dissonance between the beautiful truths expressed by Rev Curry and the anti-Gospel values he promotes in his ministry. One is an old piece which helped me understand the progressive theology which has shaped the values of Rev. Curry. The other is a piece by Fr. Dwight Longenecker which gave voice to some of my own perceptions as to why people are so fascinated by the fairy tale aspect of this event. May the Lord have mercy on us, one and all. So looking forward to becoming one flock under one shepherd with the fullness of Truth embraced by the vast majority.

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      1. I love Fr. Dwight’s analysis about why people are drawn to the fairy tale aspect! It reminds me of my own wedding with the handsome young officers in uniform, and coming out of the church under extended swords! (Pardon my lapse into nostalgia.) Of course Father’s tie in to Holy Mass is so appropriate!

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      2. So sad when the clear truths in scripture are ignored, especially so when a supposed religious leader spreads those untruths. I didn’t watch the royal wedding anyway.

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  28. I took all your petitions with me to the river with the intention of praying, fishing and contemplating some things today. As is often the case, things rarely turn out the way I plan.

    I know it’s going to sound crazy, but I think Triton sent one of his sons to fetch me so I/we could get a look at the new foal. I didn’t plan on it, but I suppose this is the sequel to “A Desert Family” that I shared earlier.

    I think it’s only fitting that Audie names the new foal. Snowy, I need something catchy for the little passenger on Audie’s back. I took the liberty of naming the steer Big Chuck. Yep, he kinda looked at me like I was nuts too.

    Oh, I did catch a small large mouth bass. And I did get some praying in, but it mostly consisted of praise and joy sent up to Our Mighty Father on behalf of the whole gang.


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    1. If he who sings prays twice and a picture paints a thousand words then your videos praise God all around the earth “to infinity and beyond” as the story goes. Thanks Michael Patrick. Keep em comin.

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  29. Praying for flood victims all over the world at this time. Many areas, including my home city, have rivers running at record levels of flood stages.

    On May 10, Missoulian photographer Kurt Wilson headed out to take pictures of a river rescue west of Missoula.The Clark Fork River was running well above flood stage. It was still rising and still raining and would crest about two hours later at 13.82 feet, the second-highest level ever recorded.

    “While emergency personnel were working to help a homeless man stranded on a rubber raft in the river, a full rainbow was popping over the cottonwoods across the way, their top branches illuminated by the very last light of the day,’’ Wilson said. “The man, who had been trying to reach his camp on a precarious island in the river, was brought to safety and those of us on the north bank of the river were treated to this touch of beauty in the storm.’’

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  30. Gavin Ashenden has captured, in a much more articulate fashion than I, what disturbed me in the sermon given at the royal wedding yesterday. It seems so many had missed the underlying struggle, as Ashenden names it in the title of his article: “The struggle to tell the truth about Jesus. Welby, Curry and the integrity of the Gospel.” We are living in times when many things are not as they seem, as people speak in terms carefully crafted to promote an agenda. Without becoming paranoid or overly critical, it is wise to take pause and look below the surface of what is being expressed.

    Some salient excerpts from Ashenden’s piece:
    “Michael Curry is a superb preacher and a delightful man. And if everything wrong in the world could be put right by charm and beauty and wit, we would have nothing to worry about…

    One of the problems was that some events have a sub -text which is even more important than what was taking place at the time.

    A wedding was taking place. Love was being celebrated. But the sub-text was the struggle for the soul of a Church and how people would hear about God. And if they did hear about Him, what kind of God they would hear about…

    And at one level, the choice was brilliant. Michael Curry is a gifted preacher and black. What a great way of signalling the coming together of American and British culture, white and coloured.

    But there was a hidden sting in the tail. There is a civil war raging at the moment in Anglicanism (and elsewhere) between progressive Christianity that takes its priorities from the zeitgeist, the present culture, and a faithful orthodox belief, that keeps faith with what Jesus taught in the Gospels.

    This is quite a fight. Orthodox Christians believe that we are caught up in a very serious struggle between Good and evil, and evil tries to trick us and hide the good from us; usually by dressing up something corrupt which pretends to be goodness itself…

    So when Justin Welby suggested Michael Curry as the preacher on this astonishing world-wide stage, he was also signing up one of the most effective street fighters for progressive, distorted Christianity who – with great charm and verve – presents his own preferred version of Jesus to the real one we find in the Gospels.

    This matters very much. Curry’s Jesus is preoccupied with social Justice and the celebration of romance and sexual love wherever it finds you. The real Jesus warned that social justice would never happen in this world, that heterosexual marriage was to be between a man and a woman, and that equality had nothing to do with the Kingdom of Heaven…”

    Full article: https://ashenden.org/2018/05/20/the-struggle-to-tell-the-truth-about-jesus-welby-curry-and-the-integrity-of-the-gospel/

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    1. Thanks for this, Beckita.

      You know, someone yesterday was wondering why I didn’t watch the Royal Wedding even though my ancestry contains British nobility. I vaguely answered something about how England had changed … if the circumstances had permitted me to go into it further I could have brought up Alfie Evans (this is a person I’ve discussed some religion and politics with before, so my views wouldn’t have been a surprise).

      Anyways, I had a sense that I didn’t really need to watch the wedding, and now reading your report, it sounds like I made the right choice, and would have been disappointed if I had watched it.

      I can always participate by praying for the newlyweds and royal family.

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      1. I thought of Alfie too. I wondered amid all this love, the Alfie situation kinda put a lie to it. I did enjoy the fairy tale aspect of it but Alfie kept gnawing at me conscience.

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        1. Hi Joanne, many people here were very against what happened to baby Alfie. Of course the biased news reporters distorted the truth making it out that we protesters were the villains and the ones who wanted to take away his life support were acting only in the child’s best interests! .

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          1. Janet, thank you for standing up for the faith In England in these dire times. My next installment of the “Ballad of the Ordinary Man” will be entitled “Out of the Catacombs.” Thanks be to God for you and all who came out to support basic Catholic (and in this case, moral) doctrine – and for all of you who participated in the Rosary on the Coast. Would that more of your Bishops would come out of the catacombs with you.

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            1. I’ve been saying for a long time that I think God has forgotten us in England…Can’t say I blame Him. 😦 Lots of prayers please. St Thomas More pray for us.

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              1. Janet, Thought you might like to know that we have the Thomas More Society here. It’s a not for profit national law firm dedicated to the defense in law for life, family, and religious liberty.

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          2. We were all aware of baby Alfie here, Janet. I also wonder if the Liverpool protocol is still in effect in Britain? The irony is that they tell us it’s our “choice” to choose abortion (you know, murder a child) but when it comes to choosing to move a sick child to alternative medical treatment, you do not have that so called choice. It is the height of arrogance and self pride. Isn’t that exactly what medical staff was also doing to the elderly aka Liverpool protocol aka euthanasia?

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    2. Exactly! I couldnt pin point what was off with the sermon… but I knew there was something.

      I was saddened when the people laughed when the minister told Harry the vows of foresaking all others…

      Lastly, I was confounded when the response to prayer of the faithful was “the one of light and love”. It sounded so new age.

      I was hoping the event would inspire people to renew their relationship with God….

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  31. Make no mistake! The “Deep State” has infiltrated, these past 50 years, the Catholic Church just as it has US/EU Governments, “Educational” Institutions and “Media”. The “Rot” has become the norm and those that oppose the new norm have become the enemy of The Deep State or probably better described now as The Satanic State. The latest Chilean “Rot” Scandal was NOT handled well by Pope Francis/Vatican but quite the contrary. Just as in the never ending “Rot” Scandals of the past 20+ years. It was a campaign of Deny, Libel Victims, Cover-Up … with Mea Culpas coming only after the aforementioned tactics have failed … and, No Doubt, Big $$$ Payoffs to victims/lawyers to come with entire Dioceses going bankrupt along with confusion, anger and loss among The Flock! ;-(

    “The Deep State Is Real, And Much Bigger Than You Know”

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.”
    “For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.” ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero
    Come Holy Spirit this Pentecost and show us The Way!


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  32. This week (and for the last two weeks) our Parish of The Holy Family gives special veneration to the icon of The Road to Emmaus. A prayer intention box is placed beside the icon in which we place the names of family and friends who no longer participate in the life of the Church, for those who have walked away, drifted away or who struggle with their faith through illness etc. I have placed a collective intention for ASOH in the box. If you would like to reply here with first names I will post them too. Mass is said each day for these intentions. Cheers.
    Joecro xx
    I have tried without success to copy a photo of the icon – I sent one to Becks. Perhaps she can help.

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      1. Great idea, Bill. In solidarity, for the conversion of all those, named and unnamed, so dear to those in our ASOH community, perhaps we all can follow the directions Jesus gave to St. Faustina. The brief, simple aspiration can readily be oft repeated: “Jesus, we trust in You as we immerse our loved ones in the ocean of Your Mercy.”

        “Today bring to Me all mankind, especially all sinners, and immerse them in the ocean of My mercy.”
        — Jesus to St. Faustina

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    1. Thank you, Joe! Here is my list of names. Jeff, Christopher, Jacob, Oliva, Ann, Samantha, Jeffrey, Rachelle, Carl, Brian, Bill, and Barbara.

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    2. How gracious of this ministry; please inc. Celine, Luke, Joe, Maggie, Brian, Bridget,Marianne,Tom, Bernie, Barb, Mike. Thanks so much and praying for all others listed.

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      1. Its Thursday night here Janet and I have just seen your request. Tomorrow we will have our last mass at 10am with the icon and petition box present. I will be delighted to add your names before mass that your loved ones may derive the greatest benefit possible. Its always good to see your face and your name popping up.

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  33. Yes Beckita, As the popes have said, the danger is more from within.
    Charlie expected vigorous research and fact checking from his subordinate journalists because of the weakness of truth which permeates into efforts from the lack thereof. Darkness can enter by lukewarmness from due diligence whereupon God “spits you out” into a darkness of the mind and spirit dulling one into the apathy of spiritual rigor.
    The risk of inclusiveness is how God does forgive us our sins no matter how grave but not to “our way of thinking” but to His “probing of the heart”. Once we try to outsmart traditional truth by new ways of looking at it we pretend that somehow it is up to us to relieve ourselves from ourselves, as if sin is a problem WE can fix. The church teaches us that we can be rescued from our sins by the faithfilled adherence to the rubrics of our faith not by social engineering and self-help books.
    Once we become too attached to those we love that we pretend they are OK even in their sinfulness that they are really “too loved by God to fail” dispite these errors and leave them there because of our actual selfishness to not concern ourselves with the true loss which will come upon then in eternity, we make up new ideas about mercy and the degrees of sin and eventually truth itself.

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  34. These are the three parts of our icon of the road to Emmaus featuring Mary the wife of Cleopas as the other disciple identified by exegesis (I think that’s the word). Your intentions have been placed in the box beside it and will be offered at mass each day this week.

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    1. Beautiful trypicht, Joe. Thank you so much and, please, thank Fr. Jelo and/or any other priests who are offering the Masses for our dear ones. As well, please convey gratitude to the lay people who have worked to facilitate this much needed effort. May all the loved ones for whom we are praying turn to Jesus, with hearts burning, to make a return to Him. Our Lady of Tepeyac, Mother of conversion, please pray for us and with us.

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  35. It’s here: Happy, Blessed Feast Day to All as we celebrate, for the first time, this feast which has been inserted into the Church’s liturgical calendar: Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church.

    Mary, Mother of the Church, pray for us!

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