Let Freedom Ring

A True Story shared by Beckita

(As we’re revving up to take a stand for our freedoms while providing Godly stability on the streets and in public places in America, I was absolutely delighted to hear, from a dear friend, about a real life account of just such action, although, I’ve used fictitious names for my friend, his wife and the location in the retelling of the story, an Independence Day account of what it is to acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope to those around you. )

Yesterday, my friend, Henry, shared a wonderful story of standing up for freedom. Henry and his wife, Hildegard, live in a large city in America with their seven beautiful children and, in the summertime, this family enjoys the fun of going to a local beach. With the Covid restrictions, Henry said there has been sort of a back and forth discussion among neighbors about the beaches being opened or closed. Henry hadn’t actually read the decree about closure but he thought it seemed to be a completely irrational and capricious decision to close them down. Of course, said Henry, it made sense that they’re closed from the perspective that the Fourth of July is a patriotic holiday and his particular mayor would want to punish the constituency who would desire to celebrate at the beach.

On the 4th, Henry and his family decided to go to the beach near their home. When they were in the water, a lifeguard showed up. Now, there hadn’t been a lifeguard at the beach for weeks and this lifeguard authoritatively yelled: “The beach is closed! You have to get out by order of the mayor! You’ve got to get out!” So, Henry, a brilliant, fearless, and God-loving man, started chanting: “This is America! This is America! This is America! This is America!” Now, there were many other people at the beach and they became mesmerized by the exchange.  Meanwhile the lifeguard made a phone call and her manager from the park district arrived and commanded, “By order of the mayor the beaches are closed and you have to get out!!!” Henry replied, “Thank you very much for doing your job. This is America! This is America! And we have declared that this is an Autonomous Zone of the Free Patriots of Regal City!”  Who appeared next? A couple of police officers who had been called. Henry approached them and sincerely said, “Look, we respect that you’re doing your job and we support the police.” Then Henry added, “I understand what the mayor’s proclamation is. What we’re doing is peacefully protesting the order of the mayor and this is an Autonomous Zone of the Free Patriots of Regal City.” The police officers nearly incredulously asked, “This is an autonomous zone?” And Henry replied, “Yes. We’ve declared this an autonomous zone.” Henry then asked the officers, “Are you guys going to arrest us?” The police replied, “The law is you have to leave.” Henry respectfully insisted, “Well, we’re peacefully protesting.” The other police officer said, “OK. Thank you.” So, the family went back into the water.

The next thing you know, NINE police officers showed up… all for a Catholic family enjoying a few hours at the beach. Meanwhile, people walked up to Henry thanking him for speaking up. Henry coached the people saying, “This is what it means to be an American. We have to stand up for our liberties. Martin Luther King said – and he was quoting Aquinas – ‘if a law is unjust, then it’s no law at all. And we have a duty to protest it.’” Henry’s family continued to hang out, play in the water, throw a football, etc. and, soon after the discussion with the police officers, Hildegard said they should probably head home since they had been there an hour and a half by then.

As Henry told this story he remarked that you have to realize there were a lot of people sitting around the periphery of the area obeying the order and they were riveted on the scene unfolding before them.

Henry cheerfully called out to the children to hop into the car because it was time to go. After everything was packed in their vehicle, the family went over to the police, shook all their hands and thanked them wholeheartedly for what they do and assured them that their family supports the police.

Henry then told me his family planned to pick up donuts the next morning, drop them off at the police station and sing “America the Beautiful” for the officers.

Henry thoughtfully reflected he had believed the police were likely going to remove his family, but on further reflection he said, “I think they were just coming down to see what an American looks like… an American who stands up for his rights… an American who says “no” to a tyrannical mayor.”

Henry said the whole encounter was a little nerve-wracking but fun nonetheless. Hildegard shared that a woman had approached the officers and insisted, “So, IS the beach open? Or IS the beach closed?” One officer replied, “The beach is closed, Ma’am.”  The woman protested while pointing to Henry and Hildegard with their clan, “But what about THAT family? THAT family was on the beach and they didn’t get a ticket. The mayor said that…” The police officer said, “Did you see us giving any tickets out?” So, the lady joyfully went onto the beach.

Henry noted as he told this story, “All it takes is one person who’s willing to stand up and say: ‘Enough of the crazy! Enough of the crazy.’” Henry added that during the whole time, he kept trying to focus on the Father to release peace into the situation. And it was very clear that the police were on the family’s side. Too, Henry said, “If you think about it… if the mayor allows for communists and Black Lives Matter people to loot, vandalize, destroy property and hurt people, are the police really going to arrest a family that’s peaceful, civic and Christian?” Answering his own question, Henry said, “I don’t think so.”

Henry further opined, “As long as we have police who have a sense of moral order, we’re not as far gone as we might have expected. So, praise God for liberty! Praise God for taking a step out!’

Joyfully, Henry recounted how, on the ride home, his wife was both affirming and proud of him. He welcomed being her hero and he also said to remember it is Catholic teaching to be a patriot of one’s country… to love our country and stand up for its defense and its liberties.

(In closing, I remind us that this story is true in every detail but for the changing of names and location. God bless Henry, Hildegard and their children! And God bless America!

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    1. That

      Thank you for the example of what it looks like! And in defiance of the no fireworks order- our driveway bares the scars of a grand old time late into the night! And my sons gladly got out the brooms to sweep it all up by lamp light!
      Let Freedom ring!

      I think there are more, many many more of us than the evil one wants us to know – one of his tricks is isolation.
      Keep praying, keep believing, keep doing, keep the stories coming!

      So grateful for ya’ll!!!!

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      1. LIL WILD ROSE . . . we are thankful for you and your family.

        As I was driving west toward Los Angeles at twilight on the 4th, I crested a hill on the east end of the “Inland Empire” and delighted in the sight of innumerable flashes of star spangled color across many miles of the valley floor. This awesome display intensified during the next 30 minutes while I neared my destination.

        I finally pulled over into a neighborhood which appeared to be 99% Hispanic to capture video of this display of explosive color accompanied by the explosive booms, hisses and crackles. Children were playing all over the streets, screaming, laughing, riding bicycles, mini-bikes; patriotic music (“Born In The USA”) was blaring from a stereo; and NOT A MASK IN SIGHT in a state which the governator has mandated such and fireworks have been illegal for years.

        Maybe some of those fireworks I saw were your family’s!!!

        I have since seen this sight captured by the KTLA 5 news helicopter. If anyone wants to see it, there are several videos of this online (of course).

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        1. Love it PatrickFGH. On the 4th, my son and 33 other cars of families decorated their cars, donned red, white and blue, got the fire department to lead and drove throughout his town and neighborhoods with music playing and horns tooting. Will look up the news feed of LA and send it to my friend whose 2 sons live there.

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  1. Loved this account of standing up for freedom
    Today many faithful walked through the dirty streets of San Francisco from the Cathedral to City Hall, praying the rosary and singing hymns. We walked to let the City know that “God is Essential” and that our churches need to be opened. A film crew from Channel 5 followed us and we were on the 6’oclock news. But of course the narrative was about the city’s stance for “safety” and our selfish needs. No bother. We will continue to pray and stand up for our right to freedom of assembly and religion. Our Churches are essential. And Our Dear Lord is Most Essential.

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    1. Wonderful SANSAN!!! . . . practising “the little way”. God bless you and the other faithful who braved those horrendous streets.

      Did I meet you and your husband when Charlie was visiting near Sacramento last autumn?

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  2. Beckita, thanks for posting this good news story. Here is another item of good news too.
    A recently published Ford Clinic experimental test (n=2541) validated hydroxy as an effective Covid treatment compared to the control, using a properly randomized design ( https://www.henryford.com/news/2020/07/hydro-treatment-study ). Unfortunately, this just published test failed to include any zinc in the treatment; given that the hydroxy has two relevant treatment effects: 1) it prevents the cytokine storm if administered early, as reported in this test, but 2) it also increases cell wall permeability to zinc, and the zinc in cells interferes with virus reproduction as Steve had informed us. With the addition of zinc to a maximum safe level, it’s likely that the treatment with the hydroxy would be even more effective. Curious that the zinc was not included with the hydroxy, since that appears to be the common treatment for physicians who say they are using it. Perhaps I’m being overly cynical in suspecting this experiment was designed to fail.

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  3. I think this is exactly what it will mean for all of us in the new “Corps”. Thank you for that delightful tale.

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  4. Oh, my goodness, Beckita, this made me laugh! Autonomous zone, indeed! How very clever.
    In Oregon the beaches “belong to the people.” And that includes the beaches on rivers, too. However, the mayors of the beach towns asked that people not come when they’re not ready to receive crowds and so people have been going in small groups, just a family or two together and have brought most of what they need so as not to overwhelm the locals before they were ready. It seems to have worked out.
    Our Democratic governor has been reasonable and cautious which has impressed us. She is certainly getting some very good advice. We are having low positives compared to other States.
    And I have suffered a painful malady which I am lifting up in prayer for the success of our endeavors. I don’t know what I can do, not much physically, but, my goodness, I can pray!
    Praying for all here. Stay safe. Stay close to God and our Blessed Mother🙏🏼
    God bless us, each and every one,
    Katey in OR

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      1. Oh,Thank-you, Mick! Reports are this lasts up to 6 weeks, but I am taking meds to reliever the worst of the discomfort. Thanks so much for your prayers.😌
        God bless you and your family,

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    1. Such good news Katey, thank you or your sacrifice of pain and prayer. May your healing be quick!


  5. Prayers please, for Deacon Dave, my husband of 36 years who just passed away suddenly today. My Priest son was able to anoint him and give him the apostolic pardon while my ER nurse daughter was giving him CPR. We have 8 kids. Most were home visiting at the time. God has taken a prayer warrior home. We need prayers to make it through this week and to adjust to life without Dad. A specific prayer request…that the bishop will lift the COVID restrictions for his funeral Mass. He taught theology at the local Catholic high school. There will be hundreds of students and former students that will want to be there. He impacted so many lives.

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    1. Janet, I am so sorry! My family will pray for the repose of your husband’s soul, and for your family. We will also pray that the bishop lift the restrictions. Please let us know if there is anything else that the members of our Storm group can do to help you.

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    2. Oh Janet!

      So very, very sorry for your loss! I will pray for his repose and you and your family’s grieving hearts.

      If the bishop does not lift the restriction on the funeral- invite everyone to the burial- there is much less control at a cemetery.

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    3. Many many prayers for you and your family. Now you have a direct line. That’s how I feel about my mom. And believe me many prayers have been answered with her intercession. God Bless you!

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    4. Janet…our Janet from storm group???? I’m balling my eyes out for you right now!!!! I am soooo sooo sorry Janet and a
      So happy your priest son and other kids were home too!!! Whatever we can do besides mourn deeply and pray for you all….dearest dearest Janet! God bless you sooooo much!

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    5. Today’s Holy Hour (0300-0400) was offered for Deacon Dave and family. Also, today’s Plenary Indulgence was offered for him as well.

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    6. So sorry on the loss of your husband…will be praying for the repose of his soul and the comfort of you and your children.

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    7. Prayers for you and your family, Janet🙏🏼 Prayers for your dear grieving hearts💕 🙏🏼✝️
      Our parish celebrated our first funeral on July 1st, prayers that your restrictions will be lifted.
      Katey in Or🙏🏼💙

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    8. Oh dear Janet, prayers for your husband and all the family! However, what a blessing to have a priest son and for him to anoint with the apostolic pardon. I ask St. Joseph every day to obtain that for me and all my family.

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    9. Dear Janet, I am so sad to hear of your husband’s sudden passing. Please know that I am joining all who are praying for you and your children, and also that the bishop lift the covid restrictions for a funeral Mass for your dear husband. Prayers for the repose of Deacon Dave’s soul. God bless you all. xo

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    10. Janet, what a blessing to have had your priest son, nurse daughter, and other kids with you at that difficult time. I pray that God gives you and your family comfort and peace as you move through the difficulties of the next week. Hang onto your memories and cherish them. Your marriage and family are a beautiful testimony to God’s love. May Deacon Dave rest in peace. I pray that the bishop will lift the restrictions for his Mass. God bless.

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  6. Control.

    Sedition. Conspiracy to overthrow the government of the USA.

    Big picture: This is a coordinated effort to overthrow the government of the United States. The media is not just biased but complicit with this movement. The time for the Feds to start rounding up folks, and charging people with Sedition.

    The actions have been obstructed government administration. Their actions have turned violent. It time for the Federal government to step up and start locking people up, detain them at Guantanamo as Terrorists.

    Wake up America.

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      1. Sean,

        This aggravates me to no end!

        The wearing of masks and the lack of common sense?!

        I am no medical expert but I wish an expert or someone With clout would tell the truth of the harmful aspects of wearing masks!

        I don’t see any other way people will stop using masks and effect change.

        How can we effect change in this situation? It is so charged with fear.

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        1. Sean and LittleOne, Spiritdaily has an article today on the right side of the site, “Lockdowns a mistake?” Very good article; as usual we are being lied to. 😦

          Beckita, I had tears of joy in my eyes reading about your friends. God bless them! May we all have that courage, although I think for me it’s easier if I’m with others and not alone!

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      2. My son and his wife are doing covid testing in DC…what the media are not telling us is that they test and retest the same person 10 x over and always positive on the “one” but there’s no way to weed out the “one” from the other “nine” so they get counted as all 10 for 1 individual 🤔!!! They were home for the 4th so that’s how I know😫

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        1. Hi Linda, please clarify. Why are they testing the same person 10X? Are you saying that if only the 10th test is positive, that they are recording 10 people infected? Sorry if I’m being dense. Thanks, Marie

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          1. What I think I understood was that one person would be tested in a row (not sure how many days in between or any at all) and if all 10 were positive even though only 1 person, they would all go into the count because there is no way to sift out the positives from the same person???? Sounds pretty barbaric to me😫


            1. Linda, I read a post online that I do not have handy to share, that said relatives waited to be tested at a facility and left after not being seen after a long period of time. Later they both received a call telling them that they had tested positive, although they had not even submitted test samples. Truly disgraceful, to put it mildly.

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  7. May St Deacon Dave send each of you millions of angels to strengthen and console you.
    May our Blessed Mother protect all of you under her mantle.
    May Jesus send you multiple graces.
    May Our Heavenly Father console you.
    May the Holy Spirit fill you with the Fire of His Love.

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  8. 3 immediate thoughts:

    1) Thank you for sharing this account Beckita.

    2) I already knew there are countless individuals protesting in similar manner, some having encounters with “authority” (with some negative and some positive results), but most “protesters” (including myself) having no engagement whatsoever with another person, in a position of authority or not, attempting to enforce the unconstitutional mandates. (I have wondered many times what has become of the man taken into custody from his paddle board by the naval armada in southern California.)

    3) I consider it brilliant strategy for Henry to declare their space an autonomous zone!!!

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    Matthew 24:35 “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”





    We will need our angelic friends as The Big Ugly unfolds!
    Nobody seems to know, exactly, who Sundance is at the CTH website but it’s obvious that he is a DC Insider with lots of insider friends feeding him info.
    Powerful Global & Evil Forces are at work to Take Out Trump and demonize his supporters ….. Along with a strategy to, divide, demoralize and terrorize BoobLand USA with China Plague, Wrecked Economy and BLM/ATIFA urban terrorism…….. & China, Iran, Russia, North Korea …??? … the same Dark Forces are at work within The Church ;-( …. Keep Your Powder Dry!!






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  10. Bravo for Henry had the courage of his convictions, respectful not reticent; the family’s joyful demeanor was probably refreshing to all who witnessed the incident.

    Today’s feastday saint also had the courage of her convictions, even though it cost her life…

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  11. Thank you for sharing this wonderful illustration of using our freedom well. Michelle

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  12. @ 0338 hrs during my early morning prayers, I was praying and looking at the stars in the sky, namely the Big Dipper. I observed a few quick shooting stars, not too long in duration but a nice glimpse. Then observed something different.

    A flash of light, then reappear about five seconds later in a different location, again and again on a specific trajectory. I turned on my GEOCHRON, computer displayed on my TV and identified the International Space Station (ISS). The morning sun just over my horizon was illuminated on the solar panels of the ISS. Pretty cool!

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  13. Beckita,

    Exactly what we need! Encouraging news and an excellent example!

    God Bless Henry and hod’s whole wonderful family!

    Praise God!

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  14. After pondering this wonderful example of being an American, shouldn’t we exemplify what it means to be Catholic every chance we get? Too many of my brothers and sisters sit on the sidelines and do or say nothing. Just try to sign people up for 40 days for life! Listen to Father Altman’s Independence Day sermon, then pray for him. Not 24 hrs later he was taken to the hospital, very, very ill.

    Urgent Prayer Request for Fr. James Altman
    Fr. James Altman is a priest of the diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin. We have featured a number of his homilies on our blog. This holy, courageous priest needs our prayers. On Sunday evening, Fr. Altman was feeling quite ill and went to the emergency room. Fr. Altman suffered a major heart attack last year and he has also suffered with chronic bronchitis for many years. Please pray for his health and for the medical team that’s tending to him.

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    1. “When the virtue of chastity reemerges, ths crime of abortion will wither.” I had that thought during a long, prayerful drive.

      Reframing it that way will make the politcal snakes howl, for they consider chastity to be an impediment.

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  15. RIP Charlie Daniels, American Patriot
    1936 – 2020

    Some rough language in his video “In America” by the Charlie Daniels Band … Moderators may delete the video at your discretion.

    V. Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord.
    R. And let the perpetual light shine upon him.

    And may the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

    V. Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine.
    R. Et lux perpetua luceat eis.

    Fidelium animae, per misericordiam Dei, requiescant in pace. Amen.

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  16. That’s an excellent story about an American who understands how to be a true American. Because of this story I see more clearly the importance of Martin Luther King’s right to protest for the right reasons which I didn’t understand many years ago. I also see those blinded by the Devil who claim their right to “protest” and use that as a feeble reason to cause chaos and damage to property and injury or worse to innocent bystanders who do not agree with their madness. These are indeed troubling times, but the truth between good and evil are becoming more and more evident. Hang on, pray without ceasing, and God will bring us to the other side when we will enjoy an “era of peace.” God bless everyone. Jesus I trust in you.

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  17. Interesting article on testing for Covid19 and why we are actually seeing an “increase” in positive tests results since the test actually look for DNA material found in many coronaviri, not just Covid19.

    “To this day there isn’t a single antibody test that can describe all possible immunological situations, such as: if someone is immune, since when, what the neutralising antibodies are targeting and how many structures exist on [other coronaviri that can equally lead to immunity].”

    View at Medium.com

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    1. Disease is known for death rate, so far, this cornovid 19 virus has less deaths than the seasonal flu.

      How may we evangalize a reality check into a brain washed populace?

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      1. First purchase, own and operate all major networks and share the truth in all programming, and commercial air time. Next, acquire all internet communication channels for truth streaming left and right. Then set up C.E.O.s in compromising *do good* circumstances that you film and use to bribe, I mean encourage, them and pipe the truth in on all essential business’ loudspeakers that are open to the public during hours of operation. Repeat encouragement ploy for politicians to gain power and control of legislation that honors the truth. Do we still have printed press….? Re-open places of worship for Sabbath services while all businesses are closed, followed by homemade and wholesome table dinners and fellowship with family, friends and neighbors and we can then begin to get back to basics. 😛

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    2. With more positives being reported now, and this is true in my own community, this virus doesn’t seem to be dormant like some colds and influenza does. And if Arizona and Texas and florida are reporting larger numbers, it is not going away for now. I do wonder if the higher vitamin D levels with increased sun exposure are resulting in milder cases?


  18. Janet, I know Deacon Dave was taken to Heaven by his Angels! My prayers for all.

    I wish we in the Dallas area had a priest such as Fr. Altman; The weekend after George Floyd was killed, the Archbishop talked against all whites in his sermon as if we all were guilty! I was told that as I have chosen not to go to Mass there. I can’t go and listen to what I don’t believe just as I can’t listen to CNN. God, please heal Fr. Altman and be by his side always!

    My Great Grandfather was killed in Miss. after over a year as a Union soldier leaving a wife and 4 children; he was retreating from the battlefield when he was shot from behind and his horse shot also. I have his letters he wrote almost daily to them telling his children to learn to read and write and telling his wife what was going on. He couldn’t stay home because he believed so much in the cause! I have him to help me know I must do what I can. Anyone in Dallas, I am active in politics and will help in my area.

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    1. The American Thinker article about “Q”, Flynn, etc. is another marvelous call to arms! May the evil be exposed.

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    1. Good video. Long but evryone needs to watch. I think he demonstrated and refutted the allegations beyond a reasonable doubt. Preponderance of evidence is not in the medical boards favor. He used his citations well.

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  19. “WR Phillip Blanks dives to catch a 3-year old boy dropped from a burning, 3rd floor Phoenix apartment. I just spoke to the former Marine who says he was “put on this earth to protect people.”


    An awesome display of not hesitating, trusting in God and acting. May God bless him and all involved. My 3PM Chaplet of Divine Mercy was offered for him and those around. Tears of joy from the Hope and unity this young man generated. Yes! Thank you Jesus.

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    1. Sean, thank you for sending this along. I’m crying tears of joy for the heroism of that Marine (God bless and reward him forever) and that the baby and his sister both survived. But I’m crying tears of sorrow that their mother (whom I presume is the one who dropped him from the balcony) died in the fire. May God rest her soul and wrap His love and comfort around her children.

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  20. Do Henry and Hildegard live in Houston or Hartford?
    And what of their 7 children? What are their names?
    I think I know the family.
    Hugo? and Harold? and Henrietta? and Hans? and Heather?
    and ….Stanley?

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  21. Took a nice long drive to Tennesee today very nice and needed break and perspecive refreshener.

    What caught my eye were several gas stations had signs up asking for coins to make change; something about the federal reserve limiting supply.

    I raised an eyebrow because this is one of the “brace yourself” items in that Kentucky pastor prophesy that CrewDog pisted last week. We will see.

    On the bright side, the hot dogs are back in some truck stops; You used to be able to get chili topping for free, but in the Obama suppression, they started charging extra for the chili.

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  22. Outrageous and God help him, and all of us!! This is what it comes to in this country. It’s more ammunition to believe all that we’re hearing that some call conspiracy.

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    1. The above reply of mine was in reference to the doctor’s video, the doctor who has been attacked and threatened. God help him!

      As for Timothy noting the sign about coins, and the prophecy, I just saw the same sign at a store today. Whaaaat is going on?!

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  23. On prayer: Fr. Michael Scanlan, TOR: Now is the Time for Prayer 53:15
    Wonderful and fullfilling presetation. I laughed all the way thru. Key point: Prayer. Pray specifically for what you want…

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  24. While the gov overreach in Covid lockdowns we can debate. I do believe that this virus can be more serious than just the death toll. Here is a survey of cases which were mostly considered “Mild” and in which people are reporting long term symptoms from chronic fatigue, to reduced lung capacity, etc. Long term of course is just since March or so but I still would take this seriously. My hunch is that besides the lung and clotting issues this virus may be stressing the immune system in some ways. Steve BC your opinion here? This sample here is not random but of those reporting symptoms who sought out support groups, but still.

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    1. Same here in my county, Linda. But I haven’t been wearing it anyway. If someone says something I’ll tell them I’m peacefully protesting and am floating around in a mask free autonomous zone. With all my heart I believe they are not necessary and boy, is it creepy to see everyone wearing them. It feels like the twilight zone. I wonder how many people think the way I do. I know I’m being terribly un-PC. But how dangerous can it be for us to not wear a mask if the “powers that be” permit protesters/looters to gather en masse without them? It’s so inconsistent and hypocritical.

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    1. Yasssssssssss, A Scot!!! Thanks for sharing this. I have a very dear friend who’s there now, walking in the pilgrimage. She was born and raised in northern Saskatchewan and her family converted to Catholicism when she was in her teens. Of the seven children in her family, she and her two brothers were called to religious life. My friend is walking to reclaim the land of the eldest daughter of the Church for Christ. Here’s the name of the FB page if anyone would like to see videos and current pictures of the walk: M de Marie – Le Grand Pèlerinage en calèche

      And here’s some video footage taken near La Salette. I love this image of Our Lady, holding her Infant high!

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