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Storm at Sea – Nierman

By Charlie Johnston – First published on September 4, 2014

(As we embark on the path of discerning the role to which each one is called in this new season of activism on the streets, the wisdom of a triad of pieces which Charlie posted at TNRS deserves review.  They provide an insightful panorama of the current trajectory of the Storm and they are replete with common sense wisdom concerning the choices we must continue to make. The purpose of this revisit is not one of rehashing or reinterpreting prophecy, so I’ve edited out some of the text which you’ll notice with the (teo) marking… “teo” meaning text edited out. Onward we go with habits of the mind fostering steady, imaginative, productive thinking while TNRS-ASOH is expanding splendidly! ~BH)

(This is a post I did explaining as much of what I am doing as I am allowed. ~CJ)

(teo) I write today to explain what I can about what my purpose is.

I have not found anything quite like what I am told to do anywhere in history. I see elements of it in many types, but none that match up well. That is not so terribly surprising, for we have entered into a period, the Storm, that is unique in salvation history. Though there are prophetic elements necessary to my work, prophecy is not central to it. (teo) Though it is critical that I be grounded in good – and precise – theology, I am not a theologian. As things unfold, much of it will ultimately be miraculous on its face – and I am directed to just let it develop as it does. Even with my priests, we only speak obliquely of these things. They have gathered what they have through contemplation of the central prophetic message and my three prime duties.

(teo) I was received into the Catholic Church when I was 35. For almost a year after that, I was practically struck blind spiritually. (teo) That was a brutally difficult year with the intuition gone. But I figured if that was the trade – my special abilities for my reception into a spiritual home I could finally give my whole heart to, it was an excellent bargain.

At 36, (teo) it was time to get down to serious work, for things were about to go into the final approach to the Storm. (teo) This opened up the period where I could no longer reasonably attribute anything to intuition, for much of it was too specific – and the world was already starting to look like the dystopia I had been shown. It was the period where I began Spiritual Direction and first told another person about these things. It was when I desperately tried to find a way out and, if that were not possible, where I could advise in secret. Even after I fully accepted the work in ’97, I spent another five years trying to find a way to stay hidden on the matters. I went through a sort of miniature five-year Storm during this period, too, to bolster my fortitude, trust and resolve so I would be less likely to falter when it came upon the whole world. This lasted from 1998 to 2003.

From 2003 until the end of my pilgrimage in 2012 was the period of radical abandonment. I quit trying to escape… (teo) , And now, since late 2012, I have begun the active phase, finding my way and trying to live the early days of my work effectively.

I am sent to be a sort of sherpa, a guide through treacherous times, to help encourage and rally people to endure – to trust that rescue will come. I was not given mystical wisdom in some easy, quiet, gentle way. Rather, I quietly lived vanity and a hidden storm while everyone else lived their lives. (teo). As part of that, vanity and certainty in my own competence were burned and beaten out of me – and a fortitude that relied on God entirely developed. We have many surprises and terrors ahead.

At the heart of what I am called to is a central prophetic message and three prime duties. Attached to the three duties are job titles I am given. I will elaborate on the message and the duties here, though I do not care to speak of the job titles.

The central prophetic message is:

Be not afraid: God calls all men to salvation.

This seems simple, but embeds some serious subtleties. How can you be not afraid when the greatest period of violence and terror in history is engulfing you? You will be swept away if you trust to yourself and your mighty strength. The ONLY way is to hold fast to God. It is a call to a radical reliance on God. The second portion is routinely violated by most of the most pious people. They think God calls all people “like them” to salvation – or that they are to teach people to be “like them” in order to attain salvation. Before this Storm is over, almost everyone is going to be broken down and rebuked – taught that we all have been tried and found seriously wanting. Many of your greatest certainties are going to be crushed and you are going to feel completely lost and alone. Then you will understand the fullness of this message: it is not that God calls you to go out and convince more people to be like you; it is an assurance when your vanity and petulance, your shortfalls are fully revealed to you that God has not abandoned you, but intends your reclamation and salvation.

The first duty is to:

Defend the Faith

This seems straightforward enough, but it entails more than defending the faith from the assaults from without. The unconscious assaults from within, borne by disordered vanity are, in many ways, more dangerous in these times. There are theologians and intellectuals who have reduced the Scriptures to a mere intellectual Rubik’s Cube. They think they have learned the essence of Christ and are its exclusive arbiters. While it is good to seek wisdom, the best of our wisdom is as flimsy as straw. There are those who impose mystical significance on everything, constantly gilding the lily of God’s work. They mean well, but they have gilded so much that outsiders see all gilding and no lily – and reasonably conclude this is of man’s making, not God’s. Too much mystical overlays have obscured the lily for those who do not already believe. Trust me, God is not pleased about this.

I am usually very hard on those who seek, with great erudition, to undermine the legitimacy of the hierarchy. A Catholic man I know asked why I am so hard on that when I so freely greet Protestant brethren as full partners in the work before us. I am on the ship of Catholicism. It does not trouble me (in fact, it soothes me) that there are many other boats in our vicinity, all headed in the same direction we are. That is a whole different thing from assaulting the ship from without or fomenting mutiny from within. I will be equally vigorous in defending the faith from either. Now if the mutineers would cease to dishonestly call themselves Catholic and get their own boat, I would be glad to have them nearby for the journey provided they also ceased their assaults.

Hearten the Faithful

This website is one of the first public steps in that particular duty. I do not write it to give you prophecy, theology, or reports of visitations, though all are incorporated into the purpose. It is to give people heart – to see that God is there, that He is close at hand to YOU, and that He asks only the simple things from you that you can do – and will reveal Himself to you as you live that with fidelity. As times go on, though, things will get trickier. God’s anger is not just kindled against those who overtly oppose Him. His anger has been kindled against almost all, for like Job’s friends, most of us have absorbed ourselves in our expectations of what God should be rather than engaging with the Living God. The biggest of those expectations are going to fall like old timber under the onslaught of a flood. As they do, many will have their faith shaken – and I will work to give them new heart – to see with clear certainty that it is merely their expectations that have failed, not God. I know many expect an undeniable, visible worldwide miracle before the rescue. I am almost certain it will not happen that way. First, it almost never does – God always leaves room for plausible doubt. Second, I am informed that while God will reveal Himself in small groups that are cooperating simply with each other under His guidance, He will seem to have forsaken the larger world for most of the Storm. That is because He intends that EACH of us fully see how pitiful our competence is, that our confidence in ourselves be crushed so that we may turn our hearts decisively to Him. After all have lost hope, then He will manifest that most rarity of rarities, a visible undeniable miracle visible to all – the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart and our rescue. It is because we will not be suited to populate the world as He intends it until all vestiges of vanity and self-will are crushed. I will help give people heart by telling them credibly what is actually being crushed – and what is being built.

Defend the Faithful

This is fairly obvious, too. But it does NOT just refer to “spiritual warfare.” We in the west have lived in a cocoon of safety for several hundred years now. It has reduced our thinking on temporal battle and strife to mere formulaic platitudes. But the violence you read about with horror is coming to your door soon enough – and formulaic platitudes are not a defense. The Scripture that “…he who lives by the sword will die by the sword…” is often quoted to urge unrelenting pacifism. But it is tyrants and oppressors, those who rely on force to compel their will, who live by the sword. To defend, even with violent force, those who are violently assaulted, is not living by the sword. And now both you and nations have a great and terrible responsibility. If you attack with violence when diplomacy would have resolved the strife, you will be held to account. If you allow people to be violated when you could have stopped it with vigorous force, you will be held to account. Sounds impossible. It is. So you better trust God, do your duty, and abandon pious-sounding formulas.

Even in the little things, God prepares things so that all may see the evidence of His grace. (eto)

With Job, throughout my life it has pleased God to take me into the whirlwind with Him. Like Job, what I have seen does not convince me how wise and clever I am – but exactly the opposite. With Job, I put my hand over my mouth for I have seen marvelous things too great for me. That, in the end, is what God wanted me to see above all. Theology, while useful, will not lead us certainly to God. Prophecy, while useful, can endanger us if we are filled with pride over our ‘understanding’ of it. Mystical experiences can come from the devil as well as from God – and will come from satan if that is what we glory in. The only safe, sure path I know to God is, in submission to the authority He established over us, to acknowledge Him, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around us. Trust. Do. Love. That is the sure path. To keep that reality vivid before a world in turmoil, a world falling in on itself, is what I am sent for. (eto)

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      1. How beautiful and inspiring, Kathy! What an incredible word of hope from your granddaughter – who is radiant with joy. Your grandmother buttons must be popping. I LOVE the Sisters of Life and the work they do in the Church and in the world.

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      2. Kathy, thanks so much for sharing that wonderful video. As it turns out, St. Catherine of Siena is one of my models and “go-to’s” for the times in which we are living; so I’m jazzed that your granddaughter chose to speak of her.

        Speaking of: Your granddaughter is simply beautiful! And the Sisters of Life are just amazing. What a privilege it is to have a family member as a member of that Order. I will keep your granddaughter and her sisters in my prayers.

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  1. Interesting, I just came across a copy of the original post that I had saved before the old site shut down. REally interesting to read just 6 years later and to reflect on how much the world has changed since then. To Charlie’s advice – I think I have the “love” part down, or I at least have an idea of that looks like however, the “Do” and “Trust” are so hard for me. I have a very hard time discerning what God is asking me to do – unless it is something really obvious – like don’t stretch the truth or don’t gossip etc. Not that I’m always faithful in that regard. The struggle for me – and may others can chime in, is how to really know what God is asking of us (am I putting words in God’s mouth? Is this Satan talking with a velvet tongue?). And Trust – intellectually I get it, but as a practical matter I have a very hard time letting go and letting God. –
    Thoughts anyone?

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    1. Mkm, I’m taking next right steps every day with the duties inherent in my vocation and commitments. In staying connected to God, I’m confident He’ll nudge me to new NRSs if they’re there to be taken and I can help.

      The trust part I have found to be a choice sometimes when I’ve had to wait for feelings to catch up with my choice. I also love to review in contemplating my life all the times God walked me through the worries and trials of life. It builds trust.

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    2. Mkm, I’m not sure how much a 70+ or – can do either. In fact have been pondering that very question since Charlie’s last post. And have realized there isn’t going to be much “peace and quiet” (my favorite mantra) in what remains of my life. And I would love to know that the country I leave behind to my children and grandchildren is the one in freedom that the founding fathers gave us in their faith in Christ. So what’s left for me to do? 1. Mass and Rosary daily. 2. Continue to support Life organizations in my community and other charities. 3. Continue with the Corporal Works of Mercy and fear not speaking of the Spiritual Works of Mercy even as my voice may seem small and ineffective to me. 4. Continue to inform on what is at stake. When a friend who is one of the most remarkable pro life and practicing Catholics that I know, said she didn’t know much on Joe Biden, I was astonished. This gal lives her faith with daily Mass, Rosary and Rachael’s Vineyard. I pointed out Father George Rutler’s remarkable letter before the 2016 election about Catholics remaining so by not voting for anyone who supports abortion in any way. She, of course, would not if she was aware of that record. And then of course there is Joe Biden’s and Pelosi’s record. My gal friend is doing the work of Christ which leaves little time to follow a political career or current controversies except on a surface level. In fact she lives her faith by acts much better than I. I have observed that some of the smartest people I know are some of the least informed about what is at stake. Already the rhetoric out of the BLM head honchos sounds remarkably like the same rhetoric used by Hitler and his followers to demean as sub human the Jewish population in Europe. Ask Jesus to put you where the need is even if it’s the smallest of small need. It’s like the GoFundMe site. Tiny small donations can add up to a mountainous sum.

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      1. Joanne, you expressed so well what so many of us are living. Being in the Boston area, my relatives are dyed in the wool Jack Kennedy Democrats. They are not politically motivated nor are they well informed. They watch the local news ( known otherwise as the mainstream media) and are good and kind people. They are going to vote for Biden. My lovely, retired aunt, who was a Principal of a local elementary school, said to me yesterday ” you can come visit but let’s talk about anything but that radical Trump”. If I said that the Dems support abortion until the day the baby is born, I would get a blank stare. Honestly, they think Trump is Hitler. Up is down, down is up. God help us.

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        1. Patricia: Here is the Father George Rutler letter concerning the 2016 election. Of course he was speaking of HRC. Biden is beyond flawed. He has voted for every law advancing abortion. The mantra that Catholic Democrats use that they are personally pro-life but… is just plain hypocrisy and a lie. The Democrat party is no longer the party of Jack Kennedy. It dropped pro life Catholics like Bob Casey (the father) and a army of others from any voice when it turned to abortion exclusively. The Democrat party now endorses infanticide led by Obama when he was a senator in Illinois state government and voiced lately by the present governor of Virginia, New York, New Jersey and PA. That Biden is flawed morally and ethically has been his record (see Biden and son not only in Ukraine but especially in China) but he is very much mentally challenged. He does have dementia. I find it unbelievably insulting that the Democrat party would offer him up as a choice based on this alone. He is being USED. The question that has to be asked is this: Who will be running the office of the President from behind him? How long will they keep up the charade before they retire him because of “health”? Good ‘ol Joe will be a good boy and do what he is told. He does not have the capacity to judge right from wrong, good from evil. Plus now to all this we have to add the concept of socialism/communism that is the focus of the Democrat party. The irony and of all ironies is that Jack Kennedy fought communism.

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  2. Boy oh boy does this make perfect sense now!

    “And now both you and nations have a great and terrible responsibility. If you attack with violence when diplomacy would have resolved the strife, you will be held to account. If you allow people to be violated when you could have stopped it with vigorous force, you will be held to account. Sounds impossible. It is. So you better trust God, do your duty, and abandon pious-sounding formulas.” 😫

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  3. Mike Pence will be in Dallas at First Baptist with one of President Trump’s friend”s this weekend.

    We have to stand against those who try to desroy everything ; now they talk of destroying everything that represents God -statues, stained glass. they are evil!

    Bet Founder Robert Johnson wants BLM to form a 3rd political party.They want to keep us afraid so we won’t vote.

    Nancy Pelosi has been asked to stop all the Chinese propaganda from China Daily that has been left in Congress since 1983. The Dems. are Feeding Communism to all their followers.

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  4. Whoa! Thanks for posting this again, Beckita. Amazing to review Charlie’s older posts. It’s very helpful as new insight is brought to my attention. I very much appreciate your first reply too. Thank you!

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    1. This is a good reminder for me also: “The second portion is routinely violated by most of the most pious people. They think God calls all people “like them” to salvation – or that they are to teach people to be “like them” in order to attain salvation.”

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  5. The main inspiration I have always gotten is that it is not about me. we are drawn to seeking truth, the simple truths and to share those simple truths in a simple straight forward manner. I see that as very basic to Charlie’s approach. We are but children of God and like children we must be open to see beyond ourselves and stay focused on God and what He is calling us to do. We are called to simple persistence and dogged focus on TRUTH. Did not Jesus say “I am the Way the TRUTH and the Light?”
    May the Holy Spirit continue to guide and protect us, lead us to all holiness and TRUTH. Take not our eyes off of Jesus. Watch and pray, pray and watch. TRUST in the Lord. jas

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  6. This was linked by Spirit Daily.
    I think Fr Altier was speaking to “The People of the Kingdom.”
    (from Charlie’s naming in previous post comments)

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  7. Amen Beckita:

    “ I also love to review in contemplating my life all the times God walked me through the worries and trials of life. It builds trust.”

    Prayer of miraculous trust.
    Surrender Novena
    Prayer to the Holy Spirit

    I think we need to up our prayer for priests too.

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  8. Ya know I posted this quote yesterday with THIS piece of Charlie’s just revisited it….AND I JUST RE-READ IT THIS MORNING AND IT “JUST MADE SENSE TO ME NOW!” Hahahahaha 😂😂😂

    “The central prophetic message is:
    Be not afraid: God calls all men to salvation.
    This seems simple, but embeds some serious subtleties. How can you be not afraid when the greatest period of violence and terror in history is engulfing you? You will be swept away if you trust to yourself and your mighty strength. The ONLY way is to hold fast to God. It is a call to a radical reliance on God. The second portion is routinely violated by most of the most pious people. They think God calls all people “like them” to salvation – or that they are to teach people to be “like them” in order to attain salvation. Before this Storm is over, almost everyone is going to be broken down and rebuked – taught that we all have been tried and found seriously wanting. Many of your greatest certainties are going to be crushed and you are going to feel completely lost and alone. Then you will understand the fullness of this message: it is not that God calls you to go out and convince more people to be like you; it is an assurance when your vanity and petulance, your shortfalls are fully revealed to you that God has not abandoned you, but intends your reclamation and salvation.”

    That means, Baby, we’ve only JUST begun to be humbled!!! Ha!!! What a nice people we will have become should we get through this purification!🤗

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  9. Thank you! I loved what you said about “other boats going in the same direction”. I have also been following Franklin Graham. His father wrote a piece on Anxiety. My biggest take away was to pray for those in need. My heart needs transformation from the fear and hate I feel to love for all of Gods creation. Jesus also said he will take on my burdens. I feel better about everything because we are not alone. God is in charge and His Will be done.

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  10. I occasionally tag our parish, diocese, and USCCB on posts and articles I deem relevant, without commentary and/or hashtags. I forgot to mention that I found out the same day that both of my social media accounts have been blocked by my parish. Spiritual shepherding with barbed wire fencing? SMH

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      1. I am not sure. It does not matter in the grand scheme of things. The parish rarely uses the online Twitter account and I still, when I feel compelled, tag the Joliet Diocese, Joliet Bishop and USCCB. They have not *blocked* me, as far as I know. 😉

        My sense is that the Twitter platform will soon be a bad memory, like MySpace. Mom always advised, don’t sweat the small stuff. This is just that! ❤

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        1. Jen, there is a new social media platform called Parler that many conservatives are moving to. I signed up the other day just to check it out, but haven’t explored it too much yet. It’s supposed to be a free speech social platform where you won’t be sensored or banned for speaking your mind. I don’t know how much I’ll use it, I can’t seem to even keep up with all the other things I try to follow. (and I think I am OCD or something like that because I am always jumping from one site to another and forgetting where I was. lol) That’s one of the reasons I hit “like” so much, so I know where I left off the last time I was here. (Well, I like most everything here anyway)! Love you guys so much and hope one day to meet all the amazing people who share here. ~juls


          1. I signed up for Parler today. It may turn out to be a fizzle – as many competing social networks have – but it is time to find some alternatives. I will be linking my posts there, too, from now on. If it replaced Twitter, which became torched by its own intolerance, that would suit me just fine.

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              1. I presume you mean on Parler. Since I haven’t posted anything there yet, it does not surprise me you haven’t seen anything yet. Plus, I think it goes by your email address.


  11. “it is an assurance when your vanity and petulance, your shortfalls are fully revealed to you that God has not abandoned you, but intends your reclamation and salvation.”

    “Too much mystical overlays have obscured the lily for those who do not already believe.”

    “while God will reveal Himself in small groups that are cooperating simply with each other under His guidance, He will seem to have forsaken the larger world for most of the Storm.”

    “After all have lost hope, then He will manifest that most rarity of rarities, a visible undeniable miracle visible to all – the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart and our rescue. ”

    my take-aways. This is a very powerful piece. Thanks Charlie!

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  12. In the near future, I believe we shall observe drastic changes to social media platforms. The turmoil in Milwaukee is a direct result from inaccurate exchange of information amongst social media. I could foresee a media platform being sued for their involvment in this arson crime.

    The social media has metrics which they use for locations, people, products to see what is currently trending. If proven they knowingly allowed communication of a call to violence at the area and did nothing, they could be complicit. Case in point the current cancellation of conservative movement, if in real time. It should be interesting to watch… anyhow, here is the video footage (3 minutes long)

    Two girls were missing and supposedly inside this house. Instead of trusting the Police and allowing them to investigate, vigilanties took the matter into their own hands and torched the home. The girls were found later, alive and well… they were out ‘with some boys”.

    Let us see how many are arrested for arson, burglary etc.

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    1. It seems this location had eight calls of service, six in the past week. The owner is white who ‘ministers’ to the community. I’d say there is more to this event in a conspiracy or a test to propagate-instigate mahem at this location. If so, a Federal charge of ‘wire fraud’ could be proven using electronic communication across state lines.

      Most local telephone calls are switched to the quickest route, thus most calls travel across state lines to the telephone next door.

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  13. This speaks to the purpose of this site:

    You tube:
    Catholics Need to Unite! – Rising Up Against the Mob Mentality of Today

    From Father Heilman and Grace Force. He wants us to unite forces. He is looking for Catholic influencers and I thought of you Charlie.

    Highly recommend!!

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    1. LittleOneInPA, I conur. ❤

      I am subscribed to the U.S. Grace Force and love Fr. Heilman and Doug Barry. A recent podcast interviews a fellow Catholic who is deliberately being arrested in the name of Law and Order. It was eye opening.

      He Was Arrested For Speaking Out | Covid-19
      May 13, 2020
      Jason Jones was recently arrested for standing up to the police on Coronavirus issues. He shares his story in our newest episode.

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    2. And on the listings below the Catholics Need to Unite! video on you tube there is a fascinating video by Fr Don Calloway MIC entitled “The Rosary: Spiritual Sword of Our Lady.
      He is speaking at Fransiscan U of Steubenville

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  14. Sort of exciting my lil bro Hank is having us all over this evening for 🍺 and pizza 🍕 to see my big bro Bryan and wife Polly who we all prayed through here to Virgin Islands and Virgin Islands back to 🇺🇸 USA! Ha!!! Bad storms coming home from Sandusky to Norwalk later though! Yikes!!! 😳

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    1. No storms on route home!!! They were supposed to be quite severe! Thank you whoever prayed! Great reunion and we all so enjoyed each other’s company!!! Pizza and beer were divine!!!! Nummy combo! Drats! We forgot to take a group pic!😩

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  15. Charlie, could you or somebody knowledgeable in this regard, give us an insight into relationship between Democratic Party and KKK and BLM?
    From what I understand both are racist and actually terrorist organizations backed in some way by the Democratic Party. When I was trying to point it out to a democrat, I was called a racist and told that ideologies actually flipped, meaning that ideology-wise the Republican Party stems from Democratic Party from KKK times, and that democrats now are kind of republicans back then. I wish somebody provided some insight into it…

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    1. A short quote from Charlie on the topic, Pawel: “The progressives have ALWAYS been the party of violent racism – using it as a tool to divide and oppress people in order to leverage power to themselves. They simply rotate who their targets are going to be. Occasionally, they accidentally reveal themselves – as Bill Clinton at Robert Byrd’s funeral saying Byrd (a Ku Klux Klan Grand Cyclops) wasn’t really racist, but had to be in order to get elected… As Ronald Reagan once said, the problem with progressives isn’t all the things they don’t know, but all the things they know that simply aren’t so.”

      And here’s an image which says a lot:

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  16. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    Meanwhile in The People’s Socialist Democrat “Republic” of California:

    Do Domestic Enemy Terrorists have Big Plans for July 4th Weekend.

    A very large % of BLM “Protests” are composed of (led by?) White ANTIFA Radicals.

    I would not have thought that anything in the below GB article was alarmist 11 years ago and most certainly NOT NOW!


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  17. Ahh, the prequel; so glad you reprinted this for us (semi)newbies. To know some of your backstory adds much dimension. This phrase can sometimes sound trite, however, thanks for sharing.

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    1. Amen, Maggie. Even for those who have been around from the beginning, this piece in review, and the two yet to come, are loaded with gold for strengthening our thinking… the better to gird our loins and walk in trust. This cleansing or purification or Storm isn’t a forever phase. I imagine the saints, from their vista, would have loved to be living in our times. I sense that those of us willing to remain true to God the Father, throughout the events now upon us, must bring Him great joy and Fatherly pride. We’re not just out to protect our own hides. We’re ready and willing and doing the prayer and work of laying down our lives for others. I just know we’ll be forever grateful when we remember how we gave our all to acknowledge God, take our next right steps and allow Him to make of us a sign of hope. May the wine of our lives and our witness in solidarity bring gladness to heaven and earth!

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  18. Our Lady of Perpetual Help, ora pro nobis.
    (hope extended tweet for today’s feast is ok, thought the detailed explanations are comforting.)

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    1. Sean, this is horrendous. I don’t often have time to read the links, but did this time. Our city, thank God, kept a Soros backed attorney from getting into office in an election a couple of years ago. May God give all good people strength in these times!

      We must have a wall of grace around us, because otherwise we who try to do good, would be totally despondent about the condition of the country and the world!

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  19. JESUS = GOOD NEWS!…. Noon 😉

    Terrorized Virginia Woman, Being Attacked by Black Lives Matter Mob, Told to “Call City Hall” by 911 Operator – Video…

    Rich, Powerful and Evil People/Entities are being exposed! Couple this with a bitterly divided USA in a nasty election year, China Plague, ANTIFA, BLM, other fringe Left violent operators & Iran, China, Russia seeking advantage ….. ;-(
    Let US PRAY for Divine Inspiration and Intervention!


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  20. An inspriing video of nYpd Inspector Brea walkout. It is 11 minutes. The four six (046) Precinct is the toughest, roughest section in nYc… ongoing for thirty years plus. The unseen Police Helicopter heard in the video is flying just over the rooftop…for his ‘last salute’. Thank God, not Final salute. (tears in my eyes…)

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      1. His face and name are familiar. He and I have the same amount of police time had I stayed on. The nyc Police Academy 1990-1994 had enormosus class sizes 2800 every six months. 10,000 hired in the Safe Streets, safe city police program under a Clinton initiative. Pre- Guliani nyc. In the area I worked, a police involved shooting occurred weekly, with someone I worked with: monthly. It was the wild west.

        Early on we both worked in Transit, he in East NY Brooklyn TD-33, me in Harlem- Washington Heights TD-03; We definitely have similar experiences, most likely knew the same people. For a short time, I worked in the adjacent precinct 048.

        I recall a mandatory pre tour overtime tour I had. One Sunday morning (0350am), I parked my car 148 & convent ave in a church parking lot. As another cop and I were locking the fence gate, we heard multiple shots fired, looked west 70 feet up the block and witnessed one guy running away, firing over his back with two others pursing firing rounds at him. They were moving away from us. I looked at my buddy, and commented “It’s going to be a nice Sunday” & we walked east to work a few blocks away at 145 & St. Nic.

        Needless to say, with the ongoing anti police movement, I have been revisiting in my thoughts those times and the experience to come.

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  21. For those who believe wearing a small, simple piece of cloth can help preserve you from the fiery trial during these times and the times to come? And want to breathe easier at the same time?

    Let me introduce you to:
    *drumroll please*
    The scapular.

    Those who support spreading the errors of Russia throughout the world promote restrictive face masks. Those who want to help Our Lady of Fatima usher in the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart and an Era of Peace promote the scapular.

    “Take this Scapular. Whosoever dies wearing it shall not suffer eternal fire. It shall be a sign of salvation, a protection in danger and pledge of peace.” — Mary to St. Simon Stock

    July 16 is coming up. Seems especially this year, it would be a good idea for as many people as possible to be wearing a scapular that day, the anniversary when Our Lady appeared to St. Simon Stock.

    One America News Network (OAN) is reporting “Fla. county to mail 1.5M face masks to residents” … What if some of us mailed a scapular to a friend? Or two, or three? The face mask initiative comes with a warning of a civil penalty from the Mayor of Palm Beach for those who do not follow the mandate. The scapulars could be mailed with a message (sign) of hope in the form of a greeting card, maybe telling the recipient you’ll pray for him or her.

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    1. I just smelled mine two days ago among the jungles of about 6 or 7 medals attached to it – for sure the Benedictine medal – and I must admit it’s time for my gnarly scapular to take a nice bath!!! But then I’d have to let it dry so I don’t do it!!!😩 tomorrow is Sunday so I just might give my scapular a nice sudsy bath in the morning and wear a clean untouched one for the day!!! Ha!!!

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      1. Well Linda,

        I was thinking that if I buy a scapular for my godchild … and then her sister so she won’t feel left out, and then her parents so the kids don’t think scapulars are “only for children” … it might be a good idea to get an extra one for me, for just such emergencies as you mention, … when the time comes to give your scapular a bath.

        Depending on where I can order scapulars from, they may not arrive before July 16th. But for those who have scapulars, making sure to wear one on that day especially might be a good idea … after all, our spiritual opponents pick days to “be mindful of” or protest or whatever, we can pick a day to celebrate something good. As far as sending other people scapulars, we don’t have to wait for a certain date … but if people are mailing face masks to others and urging them to wear them, we can certainly mail something even more important to wear, and may all wear the scapular in good health.

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          1. Hi Mick,

            Interesting Note, wanted to make people aware for their discernment: When I googled to try to find the website, the following article popped up: “Why is the Vatican taking action against the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary?”

            From what little research I’ve done, apparently they are not in good standing with the Diocese of Manchester, as per a release from JANUARY 8, 2019 titled

            Change in status of the Saint Benedict Center
            and the “Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary”
            and the Immaculate Heart of Mary School”


            What might cause the delay past July 16th is actually on my end, because I’m thinking of having the scapulars sent to me and then send them in a more personalized way to my family members, which will add some time to my project, but I think would be worth it … If I just send the scapulars in an impersonal way through a third party and all bundled together, they might just get ignored as coming from “the eccentric religious aunt.” I’ve also been thinking I may want to call my sister before sending the scapulars to better pave the way for their arrival.

            Meanwhile, I found a website to order from, run by the Sisters of Carmel who are a cloister of contemplative nuns in Colorado Springs. (Maybe Charlie knows of them?) The scapulars cost a bit more, but you’re supporting the nuns and the website is well worth it for its lovely, uplifting spiritual reading on sacramentals and the Carmelite way of life!!! 🤗


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            1. Phoenix, the Sisters of Carmel in CO are wonderful. I have ordered patron saint medals from them on a few occasions.

              Regarding the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, my understanding is that the group in Vienna, OH (to which I linked) is not connected to the group in NH which was disobedient to their local bishop and thus punished by the Vatican. My understanding is that when Fr. Feeney repented of his errors shortly before he died, some of his followers followed him back into union with the Church, and some of them did not. The New Hampshire group did not. For a bit more on this, here’s another article:


              As far as I understand it, the group in OH is in union with the Church. But if anybody has questions about where they stand, a phone call to them should clear it up.

              The OH group also publishes the best little book that I’ve ever seen about the Brown Scapular; perhaps some here have seen it. It’s called “Garment of Grace,” and it sells for about $3.00 to $3.50.
              It can be purchased directly from the group in OH, and they have excellent bulk pricing. The Sisters of Carmel also sell this book on their website, as does EWTN.

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              1. Hi Mick,

                The link you left didn’t work for me so I googled and ended up finding the info I mentioned … I had other technical difficulties here on ASOH while trying to post my original post about scapulars too, finally on the third or fourth try my post went through, I kept getting an error message saying “You Cannot Leave a Comment” … seems like spiritual battles abound on this topic!

                Anyways, thank you for letting me know about the Ohio group. It’s always good to have options. For that matter, now that I think about it there’s a religious gift shop within an easy drive from me too that would likely have very inexpensive scapulars where I could look on the weekend … I guess I’ve gotten used to stores being closed except for groceries and the pharmacy. So now it’s a matter of prayer and discernment as to whom I should support, but it looks like there are plenty of suppliers. And then there’s the whole mask business … I ended up not taking new artwork to a store because they require a mask, so that’s something else to pray and discern about …

                As for calling my sister first about the scapulars, am not entirely certain of the strategy of going that route … it might be better after all to just send the cards in the mail and then follow up with a phone call to maybe double-check to see if my godchild and her sister have ever been invested in the scapular … the church “lockdown” situation making things tricky in all this too. It’s more severe where they live. But I’ll do what I can from my end, being an out-of-state aunt!

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        1. Great idea Phoenix!!! Alas I have tried to encourage others to wear one…mostly I see them on their rear view mirror which is in itself a very good start to show ones love for “mom!”🤗❤️🙏🌹

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          1. And who am I to encourage the scapular devotion, actually? I’ll admit to being pretty bad about it over the years for one reason or another. But one day during this whole virus thing, it suddenly dawned on me about the whole “face mask vs. scapular” approach to life. And with the churches “locked down,” it was a good thing I had some sacramentals.

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            1. My experiences in life are when I wear the scapular and pray a daily rosary, God seems to keep nudging me on to right relations and the sacraments,,, one time in my life I took it off and soon after I quit praying my rosary and not long after that, I quit God all together!😩😩😠 it was Just HORRIBLE! Stinky and clunky scapular and all it’s never coming off again with Gods Grace!🤗❤️🙏🌹

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      2. While praying this past fall, i received a message…”Wear your father’s WWII scapular, you are going to be fighting WWIII soon” I immediately put it on and have had it on since. I have a lot of my dad’s WWII pictures and such and the scapular was among his memorabilia. It is a little “gnarly” but I will not take it off!!! At the time I got that message I thought what could it hurt, little did i know the battle was soon to be at our doorsteps!!

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        1. Oh my gosh he!!! That is AWESOME and you gave me an idea!!! I have my dads scapular he had on when he passed away!!! 🤔 That was 22 years ago! I did have a dream after he died (6 months after horrible Lou Gehrig’s death) on the morning of oct 7 (Feast of Our Lady of the rosary) that he finally made it out of purgatory!!! Ha!!! We prayed rosary together almost daily with Mother Angelica! He said he had to do some purification for being grouchy during the death process!!!

          That message you received is really amazing!!! And I believe it! Seems every nation is really close to igniting! 😬

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            1. It really was!!! I know it was just a dream and probably my imagination but it didn’t even dawn on me that it was oct 7th until later that morning so it was very appra po!!!

              Incidentally my sister Cindy also had a. Dream about our dad close to that time as well,,, sort of cool…ever since my dad could walk he’s had baby glasses then adult glasses as his eye site was horrible! We are a sailing family (or were) and my sister dreamt she and her hubby and kids were sailing by this little tiny island in the middle of Lake Erie when all of a sudden she saw my dad waving at her with something in his hands…as she neared the island 🌴 she could see he was holding his big thick lens glasses in his raised hand! Then he yelled to her, “Hey Cindy, guess what? I don’t need these things anymore!” And at that, my dad tossed them in the lake! Ha!!! 2020 vision!!! 🤔 Cindy said he was so happy and peaceful and it really made an impression on her! 🤓

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              1. What a wonderful dream. About 6 months after my mom died I had a dream of her eating as much chocolate as she wanted and she was beaming. She was so happy. Chocolate gave her migraines down here-and she worked in a candy shop!

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              2. Awww, I keep saying “wonderful” but it’s really such a gift, like Christmas morn! It is heartening for all!

                My son LiamXOXO was legally blind since babyhood but we didn’t know until he was 5. He had a substantial prescription. Both my husband and I did not want him to be buried with his glasses for the very testimony you gave. His poor vision was one of many sufferings he patiently endured, and there are no need for glasses in the Kingdom.

                I think I mentioned it before, my husband has a glorious dream our son, who was radiant, bronzed from the sun, healthy, no stinkin’ glasses. In the dream LiamXOXO came out of the ocean to save one of our babies while we were at the beach. My husband doesn’t know ?which baby, ’cause our

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                1. my reply got cut off. This is my 3rd attempt at finishing it, Hah. Here it is:

                  …’cause our baby is 9! He only knew it was one of our babies as the baby looked like all ours did in babyhood. Here’s the conversation between my husband and son:
                  H: “LiamXOXO!? You’re here?!”
                  L: “I broke through!”
                  H: “You saved the baby! I miss you! It’s wonderful to see you!”
                  L: “Yeah, I did! It’s wonderful to see you Dad, I miss you, too!”
                  Then the bestest part ever was the bear-hug LiamXOXO gave him.

                  Ah, be still my heart, ah.

                  This was an answer to prayer for me. I asked this for us all, but asked for my husband first, as that is the natural order. Dad sacrificed/s so much for the kiddos and it ended so brutally here. It is only proper Dad should be the first to “see” a radiant LiamXOXO. I don’t know if I will ever get this gift this side of Heaven, but I am so grateful my husband did. The worst part of burying one’s child is, even beyond living the pain myself, was seeing my Husband’s unbearable pain.

                  I still pray my heart out for LiamXOXO’s release from Purgatory. I won’t stop unless The Lord tells me to. And He will need to use a Bull Horn, ’cause I tend to be pretty deaf.

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          1. Yes. Hand to the Plow has it. I read that the statue was not on a church property but at municipal buildings and it did stop the mob but the city is removing it for “safekeeping”. Well maybe this storm will pass and the people will want to know their history once again.

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    1. In the introduction it was explained, Luke: “The purpose of this revisit is not one of rehashing or reinterpreting prophecy, so I’ve edited out some of the text which you’ll notice with the (teo) marking… “teo” meaning text edited out.”

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  22. I wrote this to a holy priest. As I was praying, these words came to me. I thought I would share this with everyone.

    I believe this- there is a virus. Not the corona virus that infects our body, but a virus that infects our soul. It is the virus I call “lock-veil”. If infected, you have the gifts of the unholy spirit. Instead of “wisdom ” , there is “ignorance “; understanding , there is “stupidity, instead of counsel, there is misinformation; instead of fortitude
    there is irresolution; instead of knowledge, there is incompetence; instead of piety, there is atheism; instead of fear of the Lord; there is “anarchy”.

    We must decide which side we will follow. The line has been drawn. You said that the times we are living in is the design or masterpiece of the evil one. The unholy gifts are the notes or strings that are used to execute the plan or the song. There is an unwritten manifesto. There are no words S only one book is “the Word”. This infection spreads to every part of a soul. Once one is sick with this, only Our Lord or an exorcism can cure the sick one. We saw sick people infected with this all over the Bible.
    Please pray that I am never infected and kneel. Oh yes, kneeling is what is to them what kneeling to Our Lord is. It is an act of reverence for one group and an act of irreverence for another. Who will you kneel too?

    Another thought came to my soul – abortion is the sacrament that the “lock-veil” group will defend to the death. Just watch how the Supreme Court has justices infected with the virus.
    Abortion is the decision and act that propelled the world we live in now.

    The break up of the family and homosexuality confirmed that the virus was real and it escalated what is norm that this generation now believes in.

    Fr Longenecker wrote of this in his latest book, “Immortal Combat”. He refers to the group as “the children of the lie”. The book is astounding as it reflects what is happening in society today and how they operate. He has interior glimpses of their manifesto. We all have family members, spouses, children, bishops, politicians, grocery store workers, librarians, artists, Catholic media, fashion designers, and medical professionals who have been infected. No one is protected unless one BELIEVES and Is consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Pray that if put to the test, that you will persevere.

    Please God, save humanity. Remember what the Divine Mercy message message said:

    It is a sign for the end times; after it will come the day of justice. … “Write this: before I come as the Just Judge, I am coming first as the King of Mercy.

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  23. Preach without using words. Monday BLM had a two bullhorn, block street, trash and pee on (our) private property demonstration to convince a city councilwoman to vote for black renter protections. I asked a Karen if she thought the demonstration would favorably influence the council woman’s vote. She got quiet and then said she didn’t think it would produce the desired result.

    Today, on the other side of the block we passed out 20# boxes of fresh fruit and veggies: apples, pears, carrots, oranges, grapefruit, onions and potatoes. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 6,000# for free. With flyers and word of mouth Advertizing. Some folks really got into it and began picking up extra boxes for their neighbors. What a lark! High school kids and some of us older ones helped load cars and strollers. The feds have some kind of program that buys produce from farmers and gives it away free. We snagged a refrigerated semi full. We distributed the food in other parts of the cities too. And apparently we’ve been told we can have a free semi once a month thru December.

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    1. Impossible, R, to put differences aside. Did Jesus put differences aside when He proclaimed Truth? This is a battle between the Church and the anti-Church, the Gospel and the anti-Gospel, yes, ultimately between those who proclaim by their very lives – thoughts, words and deeds – that Christ’s words are binding and those who do not. There *is* no middle ground with the Teachings of the Master. All are welcome to repent and live the Gospel. And ALL must choose or perish.

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      1. Choose or perish. I would say, choose Christ or perish, and to choose the Christian way of living is also to choose Christ. Not just those parts of it that we find obvious or convenient. Of course proclaiming Truth included Jesus putting some differences aside, and what a stumbling block for some of the elect who often saw themselves as God’s sole little darlings for all time. Men AND women. Jew AND Gentile. Free AND Slave. Sinner AND Saint. At the time of choosing, how many failed the test? “All are welcome.” Clearly what is most difficult for many is the question of how to best live and proclaim that part in the whole.

        Do we strap on our battle gear first thing in the morning? Oh, I think that would be a tragic shortchange of the Gospel. The Truth, as proclaimed, obviously wasn’t entirely a matter of giving battle. Certainly many think of St. Joan de Arc merely as the warrior Saint. How very much more diverse and complex she was! And how much more diverse and complex all of His creatures.

        What do me make of that Gospel scene in John 18:1-11? I see another case of choose Christ or perish.

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        1. Indeed the choosing is all about Christ. Amen. Those differences which would contradict His Teachings were not up for putting aside… such as the ruckus that ensued when He said to eat His Body and drink His Blood. Of course, He came to fulfill the Law and much of the old had to be put aside to bring focus on the New Covenant. May the New Pentecost fill, with fire, the hearts of all peoples!

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          1. I’m not entirely sure you see my point, but Amen to the New Pentecost. As a matter of full disclosure, I found it odd that you corrected R. Sey with a short statement that doesn’t hold up, then followed that up with one to me that doesn’t hold up. The Truth Is and cannot be changed, but the method used (maybe think of it as the metaphor used) to communicate that to His people can be. And as a matter of free will, it certainly can be put aside if one chooses. That said, I get your point, and would just as soon the idle observers say, “look, they’re working it out because they love eachother,” rather than, “look, they can’t even agree amongst themselves.”

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              1. Choosing not to perish can come in many ways. I suspect that some in Sodom found salvation when it was destroyed, like the children there.
                The bible makes the point that those who can reason did not reach to ten righteous ones but obviously the children below the age of reason would not be damned even though all “perished”. It also stands to reason that some on that day of destruction called out to God for mercy and where saved.
                By sparing the rod or wielding it, God desires our salvation for He is love itself and makes no little effort to bring us home to Him. The Divine Mercy story has opened for us the treasure trove of this love and how His mercy reaches out to every single one of us through our lives and even to the moment of death to snatch us from Hell if we allow Him. We also know of the promises of those who pray the chaplet for souls and how this may effect a lost souls final outcome.
                Dispite this, even a third of the angels knew the full story but”chose to perish” anyway. I suspect some of us are very capable of making the same choice to ignore God and perish too.

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                1. No doubt it happens every day.

                  I dated a gal in high school (a Catholic one) who was one of eleven kids. Their mom was well known for being a woman of deep faith, Rosary always in hand, and even a very nice shrine to Our Lady of Fatima was prominent in the the hall of their home. I can attest that a fella could never get in and out of that door without being edified in the Faith one way or another.

                  Sometime after we graduated, the oldest daughter got cancer and passed away.

                  It was shocking. But even more so, the mom went into a tail spin at the anger stage of grief and apparently didn’t pull out of the dive. Took down the Marian shrine, left the Church, lost her faith, disavowed God, etc. Apparently when the trial came, she crumpled. I’d like to say that it was a St. Peter moment for her and she eventually pulled through, but I don’t know that to be the case. Sometime after that, the girl I dated wandered off to an island, literally, and no one heard from her again.

                  Ah, so often life is good until it’s not good for folks. Is that a failure in God’s expectation for us, or our expectation for God?

                  What are so many trophies of the faithless, obstinate sinners in Hell? Probably nothing compared to the top shelf trophies (better to say bottom shelf).

                  Yeah, I say stay nimble (pray to stay nimble) again –– to the very end –– as much as some may find it off-putting and repetitive.

                  Also (not to leave this at a Lombardi-like challenge or on a downer), one of the younger brothers in that family went on to become a Priest, and every so often I see a couple of the sisters (twins no less) posting prayers on the site over at Brother G’s Monastery. Nice to see because he was in the same class with those gals. Think he might have even dated one briefly.

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                  1. I had a cousin who was a daily communicant, leave the church to become a Jehovah’s Witness. Seems his pastor could not answer the questions he brought to him that he was being asked by those who converted him.
                    I was shocked.
                    These days though, I’m not surprised.
                    Paul said to fight the good fight, run the race and keep the faith. If he who saw so much of God’s Glory in action had to struggle with his faith, we are all in the “fight of (for) our lives”.
                    Your Nimble can be simply put as faithful. Or, by its design, holy. Mary remained faithful by complete surrender and trust in God. He did the rest by giving her ample grace . “Full of Grace” she was/is, our Holy Mother of God.
                    When we design our lives on trust, we are nimble to God’s call and thoughtful of His actions in our lives. This is the “seasons” we will all go through-
                    Mary wasn’t just nimble, she was teflon. The satan had no chance of touching her with his talons because she was impenetrably focused on God’s will and not one iota on her own.
                    Charlie mentions how the enemy uses what is most important to us against us. Scripture says to “seek God and all will be well”.
                    Mary did this perfectly, so perfectly that everything in her life was, through, with and in God.
                    She is our nimble role model of complete trust.
                    Jesus, I Trust In You too.

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                    1. Yes, faithful, trusting, holy. I really was just contemplating “nimble” as encompassed in the gift of understanding. A bite-sized contemplation that I’ll pursue quietly tonight, focusing on Luke 2:41-51… what Our Mother could impart about that episode.

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                    2. I’ve wondered about that scriptural passage too MP.
                      Catholic Mystics have revealed several neat tie-ins to old Testament, new testament and future events in this passage.
                      One was the obvious three days of darkness: The Moses one;
                      the loss of Jesus one you refer to; the three days in the tomb one and the future one. They tell how Mary’s loss of Jesus was a precursor to His 3 days in the tomb in its sadness and sence of loss but also in His subsequent recovery.
                      Then there is the revelation that Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea where among those Jesus spoke with during these three days leading them to the mystery which would later be fully unveiled to them.
                      Another point made was about Mary prohibiting Jesus from revealing Himself too early (He left with them and obeyed them) to the request at the Wedding at Canna for Him to do just that ( Woman, my hour has not yet come) yet He did the miracle of the water turned to wine.
                      I know mystical revelations “don’t have to be believed” but if the Church saw fit to allow it, who am I not to gain insights from the approved literature?
                      Either way, its fun stuff to contemplate.

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  24. I get daily grief help emails, and this one seems pertinent and helpful to all us tnrs’s:

    “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.” – Ambrose Redmoon

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  25. Has the world changed? Are there really that many fundamental things that have shifted?

    What’s on the TV seems the same to me. I’m in Rapid City visiting a friend because I needed a hug very badly. And staying in a hotel I get that depressing but thankfully rare glimpse at what’s on the “idiot box”:

    Channels with their logo in rainbow colors celebrating homosexuality, others showing BLM commercials. Some Jerry Springer from the 90s, then some contentious reality show of the same vein. Lascivious pop videos that are more graphic but just as erotic as the ones I watched in the 80s. Women are still objectified.

    On the news, people full of ignorance destroying things, rage and anger on the streets. Hollywood movies on TV openly attacking Christians and their beliefs.

    Abortion mills are still operating in our country like it’s been for half a century (despite the great progress we’ve made to thwart them)

    What’s happening now is what’s been happening since the 1940’s and much, much earlier. Our Lord was greatly offended in 1917!

    Not sure that things have “changed”. I just think the contrast of the picture has been increased, so blacks are much darker, reds are more vibrant, blues are richer, and white is even brighter.

    That which was hot before is searing now, that which was cold is turning frigid, and that which was lukewarm is still lukewarm although it is getting smaller as the edges swing either hotter or colder as we are forced to choose.

    I think the only thing changed is that it is *apparent* now that we have lost our country, at least as we’ve known it for 250 years.

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    1. My reading has consistently taken us back to the onset of big trouble at the Enlightenment which was rooted in Renaissance humanism. I also see a mega pivotal moment in the vision Pope Leo XIII had which prompted him to compose the St. Michael the Archangel prayer. From a CNA piece:
      “What was foreseen by Pope Leo XIII on October 13, 1884 – exactly 33 years before the miracle of the sun at Fatima – has been confirmed, not only by subsequent events, but by other credible sources. The work of iniquity which had gained much momentum outside the Church in the late 19th century and early 20th century, was about to make its way in the institutions of the Church.

      In fact, on June 29, 1972 Pope Paul VI confirmed just that when he addressed his audience. He said, ‘It is as if from some mysterious crack, no, it is not mysterious, from some crack the smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God.'”

      What was formerly sensed by Pope St. Paul VI is no longer “smoke.” The enemy is raging in full view now, if one has but the eyes to see it… as you have done in your comment, Patrick.

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      1. Patrick, I’m also posting something Desmond posted on his FB page on June 18th which I think we’ll all find worthy of contemplation.

        BROTHERS AND SISTERS, this piece is the first step overview in our discussion of how we got to the overall multitude of messes in which we find ourselves today.

        Is it safe for me to conclude for almost all of you by now, today, you have figured out that our world is changing rapidly and drastically – and not for the better?

        Have you already concluded by yourself that the world you grew up in, almost no matter what your age, is gone and will not return? While this is always true to one degree or another, there are certain BENCHMARK EVENTS in salvation history which stand out as major changes in our world.


        I will now list what I consider to be the most important previous ones;

        1. The creation of the world and our first parents, Adam and Eve.

        2. The fall of man and expulsion of our first parents from the garden.

        3. God’s revelation of himself to Noah – the building of the Ark and the flood.

        4. God’s Self-revelation to Abraham – and Abraham’s ‘Yes’ response and walk in faith – the highlight of which is his faith, his willingness at the word of God to sacrifice his son Isaac. This is the beginning of God’s Covenant with Israel.

        5. Of course the granddaddy event of them all is the arrival and Revelation of Jesus Christ ‘in the fullness of time’. With His passion, death and resurrection, and establishment of His Church, we have the New Covenant, the New Israel. The world has never been the same since.

        6. Then there was the Edict of Milan in 313 A.D., signed by the two Roman Emperors [Western and Eastern], Constantine and Licinius. That document officially freed the Christians in the primarily pagan Roman Empire from persecution and legally freed them to practice their faith and to evangelize in the name of Jesus Christ.

        7. As the next major such event, I pick the schism of the Eastern Orthodox in 1054 A.D. That tragic split still exists and is an open wound in the Body of Christ.

        8. Next is the continuing development, during the late Middle Ages, of the extension of the popularity of the philosophy of the Greek philosopher, Plato. This philosophy espoused that the world and its things do not represent any true reality. True reality exists only in the non-material world of ideas, concepts, ‘forms’. Essentially, Plato taught that truth is not found in anything material. i.e., Men do not discover any truth from the world within with which their senses are in contact. [If you wish for an explanation of this ludicrous idea read the following paragraph.]

        Example: Put crassly, little children do not learn about true and false from the forms of roundness, squareness, two, three, four, etc. (number), parents, children, life, death, suffering, pain, joy, sadness, humanity, God, etc., from observations of the world around them. Their concept of divinity, humanity, good, bad, life, death, etc., is derived from some kind of giant immaterial hopper of ideas or forms (in the sky?). When they see three grasshoppers on the ground, three apples on a plate, three puppies playing at their feet, their mind doesn’t abstractly conclude a concept of ‘threeness’. According to Plato, their mind doesn’t see a commonality of ‘threeness’ in them. According to Plato, and his many look alikes, the little child’s soul instead sees or knows the concept of three, recognizes it from somewhere in an immaterial hopper of forms, somewhere outside of them. The three puppies, apples, etc., only somehow bring to their mind this eternal form or idea of ‘threeness’ from that hopper. And it does not exist in those examples universally, but only in each one individually. Anyone who has brought up children and watched how they learn should be able to see through the error in that theory in a New York minute.

        9. As the intellectual confusion of Plato’s ideas spread during the Middle Ages, the English philosopher, William of Occam [1287-1347 A.D.] comes along and expounds a philosophy called Nominalism. Accordingly in Occam, there are no universals such as roundness, squareness, greenness, redness, triangleness, maleness, femaleness, humanness, life death, etc. to be found in nature. E.g., there is no universal commonality in the ’roundness’ seen in tree trunks. Those are only names we apply to individual material things. [Philosophy has been in a downhill plunge of denying absolute truth in the existence of universalities in the material world ever since.]

        10. The Renaissance. At this stage, due to various forms of philosophy stemming from Plato, man concludes that “man is the measure of all things.” Prior to that in Christendom, Christians considered God their Creator to be the measure of all things. That was a stark perversion which is still alive and well today.

        11. Evolution of Protestantism – the Church now had geater apparent lack of unity than when there were only the two division of Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy.

        12. The Enlightenment –basically, in the midst of more developments and refinements of a denial of the reality to be found around us in the material world, enters Immanuel Kant and the umbilical cord is cut with any vestige of truth to be found in universals. His phenomenalism teaches Universal and completely necessary representations of things have nothing to do with anything outside our own mind, since those universals are produced exclusively by the structural functions (the a priori forms) of our mind. [Thomas Aquinas had previously destroyed this selfsame argument. There is neither room nor time to develop this here, but that destruction is a historical fact.] St. Thomas greatest achievement was the intellectual resolution of Faith and Reason.

        13. The Industrial Revolution. Took the common man out of the country and towns and jammed him into the growing industrial cities throughout Western Europe. He there worked in those giant factories with their mindless jobs “where morality withers and disappears”.

        14. Modernism/Relativism

        15. Post-Modernism – total relativism pretends to have suppressed any absolute truth. Pope Benedict XVI calls this, ‘The Dictatorship of Relativism’.

        16. USA AND THE BALANCE OF THE WEST TODAY. To use computer language equivalents, the system in most all of its aspects, social, political, moral, philosophical, and familial, is in the process of crashing. In large part, it is crashing because this system’s source code (Christian faith and morals, belief in objective truth) has been corrupted within that system – except for a minority core of believing Christians. Even the approach to life of Classical Graeco-Roman culture is gone.

        In the computer world when a system is crashing, if it isn’t a terminal/crash without a solution, the programmer will order the operator to shut the system down. Then, the Programmer will bring the system back up in ‘safe mode’ – step by step – by clearing the corrupted parts out of the source code and, by then, reloading all its cleaned essential parts back into the system.

        In our case, the Programmer, God, is either allowing or causing the system to shut down, in order to to do a ‘reset’ of the system.

        I believe that is where we are right now in our civilization, our families, our Church, our philosophy, our theology, our virtual total culture, and especially in the reality of its peoples’ relationship with our God and with each other.

        He did the same thing in the original fall of man – his expulsion from the garden, in handling the corruption of the world at the time of Noah, in revealing himself to Abraham, and, most especiall,y in the arrival of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the fullness of time.

        I believe we are, today, at a juncture somewhat similarly stark to that in the Garden, the time of Noah, of Abraham, and at the First Coming of Jesus Christ ‘in the fullness of time’.

        This piece is the first step overview in our discussion of how we got to the overall multitude of messes in which we find ourselves today. Questions are welcome here.

        All my love in Christ


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          1. I heard somewhere – was it here? – that the history of God’s revelation to mankind is Trinitarian in nature. First, the epoch of God the Father (includes 1-4) in which God first establishes His covenantal love with His Creation, establishes that He is the one true God. Second, the epoch of Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Son of God (includes all the other benchmarks through today and until He comes again). If the purification we are undergoing leads to the third epoch of the Holy Spirit, it would make sense that it would be ushered in by the many apparitions of His spouse, the Virgin Mary, and would lead to a great time of peace, may God grant it! a Eucharistic Reign of Jesus Christ.
            Creation/Formation – Incarnation/Redemption – !Come Holy Spirit! Purification/Sanctification

            Lord, help my simple mind to simply love You.

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  26. I do believe that life in the Church will have its challenges as broad and deep as rioting life on the streets in America right now. The following piece is a harbinger of what’s to come. Apparently Bishop Georg Bätzing – and, sadly, too many prelates – has lost sight of the reality that Christ’s Teachings are the very focus of true synodality.

    Synodality without a core of believing in, honoring and proclaiming Magisterial Teaching is nothing less than a paradigm shift into apostasy… and such as this will perish.

    “Vatican City, Jun 27, 2020 / 11:30 am MT (CNA).- Pope Francis “appreciates” the German Church’s “Synodal Way,” the president of the German bishops’ conference said after meeting with the pope Saturday.

    In a statement following his private audience with the pope June 27, Bishop Georg Bätzing said: “I feel strengthened by the intensive exchange with the Holy Father to continue on the path we have taken. The pope appreciates this project, which he associates closely with the concept of ‘synodality’ which he coined.”

    He continued: “It was a matter of concern to me to make it clear that the Church in Germany is following this path and always knows that she is bound to the universal Church.”

    Full article:

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  27. Coincidental Note on this post, now that a few days have passed:

    “My Purpose” written by Charlie was posted on June 25th, my birthday. It features an absolutely awesome abstract art painting, Storm at Sea – by Nierman. I’m an abstract art painter. One of my paintings, which has “Storm” in the title, won Best of Show in an art gallery exhibit a few years ago, and was sold even before the show opened, in what I would call a miraculous way. (I once posted that painting on TNRS because it contained Christian symbols in it that Next Right Steppers were awesome at pointing out, some symbols I hadn’t noticed until other people brought them to my attention).

    So this post is definitely a personal sign of hope!

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      1. Well, close SeanSullivan17,

        John the Baptist’s birthday is June 24 … which for me would be “birthday eve” so I’m very aware of St. John the Baptist’s Feast Day, and also think it’s cool how it’s six months away from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

        Always plenty to celebrate when you’re Catholic come to think of it. Wishing you a Happy Sunday! 🙂

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      1. Thanks for the song, Mick!

        And singing like a froggie isn’t bad … I’ve always liked Kermit the Frog and his classics “The Rainbow Connection” and “It’s Not Easy Being Green.”

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          1. Cool! I also tested out as Animal on the “Which Muppet Would You Be?” personality test. Probably because I was on the Drum Line of a drum & bugle corps as a bell player years ago … 🙂

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  28. Yes, this, Charlie, is what I also have been experiencing – seeing that the best thing I can do is place my hand over my mouth and take it off only to proclaim Jesus truthfully and undeniably. All my musings and ponderings are so much straw. He has been waking me up to this slowly. I am glad He offers me this slow, painful process instead of the back-hand I deserve.

    Still out here in the fields, watching the wheat and the weeds grow together and fight for dominance. How much longer before the Harvest Master comes to swing His sickle?

    Jesus, be our Prince of Peace.

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  29. Interesting conundrum.

    Got into the Basilica for Mass today, we are invited to either take communion or offer a spiritual communion.

    I am not catechized, so I cannot take the “manual” communion, but I did take the spiritual communion.

    I will confess this next confession, but I think it is kind of funny.

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  30. I am watching this video. It is 45 minutes in length, so I post only the title. Please search and review. It speaks on the history and modern activities of antifa within the academic criteria. It is very well done, displaying the interplay between antifa, university professors, politicians etc.

    I suggest any Federal, State Tribal government agencies to review and use as evidence in the greater crime of Sedition and Conspiracy to overthrow the government.

    Behind the Black Mask: The Real Truth About Antifa | Gabriel Nadales

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  31. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    Civil War II

    … invasion of Producer Class neighborhoods is coming and how they are handled will be a Sign … submission or fight? Save The Republic or descend into 3rd World Socialist Nightmare?

    Does anyone here not think that China Plague has been “Politically Weaponized” by The Usual Suspects to steal Election 2020?

    … & SanFran Nanny demanding Federal Mask wearing!! ….. not only instilling more fear in the Citizenry but …. Am I the only Guy that has figured out that the Lunatic Left is pushing Mandatory Masks for the primary purpose of allowing The Militant Arms of the Democrat Party (BLM, ANTIFA, Union Thugs,…) to Go Full Criminal without being easily recognized by modern ID Tech? With the Urban Cops being neutered and told to Stand-Down it will be Open Season for Chaos & Anarchy. The first week of July could be the time the Fuse reaches the Powder Keg??


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