Praying in Solidarity

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle…

Yesterday evening I received an email from one of my spiritual mothers: Stella Davis. She asked for prayer support as tomorrow morning, Wednesday June 3rd, she, accompanied by some of the women from her apostolate, Christian Women in Action, will be on a mission of deliverance while Stella leads the prayers for cleansing our Nation’s Capital of demonic influence.

God bless Stella who is a nonagenarian and says she’ll die with her boots on. She is a lay evangelist who has ministered internationally and is also a seasoned veteran in deliverance ministry, so much so that she has addressed many an International Conference on Exorcism and Deliverance. Stella is continually consulted, from around the world, by exorcists and individuals involved in deliverance ministry.

In great wisdom, Stella answered the call on her life by developing an apostolate with people who are willing to support her via back-up prayer whenever she goes out to minister. She asked me to spread the word that she and her group will rent vans to drive around the Beltway: Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. They will be praying deliverance prayers and pouring out gallons of exorcised water and salt as they drive the route.

Please join in praying and sacrificing for the protection of this group as they take this, their next right step. Let us pray, too, in solidarity for this intention for our nation.

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    1. Stella Davis is amazing. I have her book. I will definitely be praying tonight and tomorrow morning for her group’s protection and success.

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      1. She is, Judith. Stella has asked me to speak at her big annual conference for the CWIA in October. (Now, that’s another cause for which to pray please.) My wee hesitancy is to see how travel around the country is transpiring in autumn.

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        1. I think there could be an earthquake in D.C due to Stella’s prayer vigil. Imagine the many minions of Lucifer that could be delivered from D.C.!

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        2. Joining in prayers for this petite but mighty Christian warrior. In her book, she told how she came upon a fight at a soup kitchen; one of the gals was brandishing a machete towards another worker and Stella said, “Satan, drop it now!”, the gal did so and fell to the floor-slain in the spirit.

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  1. Yes, Beckita! I will pray for Stella, her friends and our nation!
    Tomorrow afternoon (June 3) I am joining a second rosary walk with the Missionary Image of Our Lady in another local town where we have heard a protest has been planned. Thunderstorms are currently in the forecast, so hopefully we will still be able to go out.
    Also, I just came across an opinion piece in the NY Post that illustrates the power of praying a single Hail Mary! It’s amazing to see in a secular newspaper:
    Worse than war: My night besieged by looters and thugs in NYC

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  2. Praying …
    Offering mass in the intention for her and her team safety !

    I know Stella personally, her zeal to help others is mind blowing !

    This women is true Soldier of God !!!
    Her ministry is amazing !
    She helped my sick daughter and gave me more love then I could ever anticipate!!

    Let’s cover this wonderful holly women with lots of prayers !!!

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            1. I was wondering if perhaps your name was Sarah (which was my grandmother’s name, too). She was indeed a princess, at least to her parents. She was an only child and a bona fide Southern belle. 🙂

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  3. I’m in, too. God bless her, she will praying in my neck of the woods. The Father has certainly Graced us with this info so that we can offer our supportive prayer. Honestly? Gave me a bit of a tingle. Indeed, an honor.

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  4. Praying, Beckita. Protesters near us– in our little Germantown suburb of Memphis. My son in law works out with the Germantown police dept swat team. He says they are tough and are totally ready to protect. God bless our loyal police and military.

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  5. The Holy Spirit inspired mike and I to ask kreg if he’d like to be baptized tonight! He met us out front as he asked for it ASAP! Kreg is now officially baptized by me! He says he loves Jesus and feels so much better already. Plz pray for him. He has a 23 day jail term in front of him. What a great person he is! So loving! God bless Kreg!!!

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  6. I am in too!!! Thank you Thank you for doing this. When I saw that our former archbishop of ATL trashed Pres. Trump’s visit, my heart sank. He has always been divisive and political. I thought maybe something like this would bring the powers that be together. Satan sure has a grip on people, St. Michael and Our Lady and Lord Jesus Christ make haste!!!

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          1. Yes, I think so too. She’s lovely. I think she’s also had a very positive influence on women’s fashion, though she receives no credit for it. She always looks fabulous and wears long skirts. I’m finally seeing longer skirts and dresses along with more modest styles. Granted, the stretchy pants still reign supreme, but there are more options now!

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        1. The icon to the right of the President and First Lady is Our Lady of Częstochowa.

          She is venerated by the Polish people as having interceded to save them from invasion and destruction and has been honored for many years as the Queen of Poland. It is profoundly powerful that our President should be praying before Her image at this time of crisis.

          May she intercede for us and our nation.

          Praying for Stella Davis and her group, now, and will join them in prayer at 10:30.


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          1. We have Our Lady of Częstochowa in our home, JT. So fitting that she’s in the John Paul II Shrine. As a man of Polish descent, I’m sure she has a very special place in your heart.

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            1. I am polish descendant too, and Black Madonna of Częstochowa is so dear to me !

              Walked in 7 day pilgrimages to Częstochowa when I lived in Poland.

              Those moments were unforgettable and sacred to my heart.

              Bekita thank you for introducing me to Stella …

              Our Lady of Częstochowa pray for all of us !

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          2. Yes it was very powerful to me too, perhaps because I was born in Poland and spent there a greater chunk of my life. Please note that the shrine in Czestochowa, with this icon of our Lady of Czestochowa, was basically the only place that was not conquered during the Swedish invasion of Poland in the medieval times. I would like to also add that monks not only prayed, but also were fighting firing the artillery cannons at thousands of invading Swedish troops. It was a miracle this place was not conquered, however, monks were not passive just watching the events unfold hoping the prayers would suffice. They not only prayed but took military actions to repel the aggressor.

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        2. I saw this photo of President Trump and First Lady Melania elsewhere in my trapline. It is very consoling during these difficult times. Thank you for posting it here, Beckita. And thank you for telling us of your friend Stella’s beltway deliverance prayers today. I was on Zoom calls for hours, doing my duty in a couple of areas. You-all were close in my thoughts and prayers.

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      1. Beckita: This morning I texted a friend about the Trump family’s admiration for JPII based on their own family experience with communism. Melania Trump is from Slovenia,Yugoslavia that only gained its freedom from the Tito communist tyranny in 1991. The older Trump children’s mother is from Czechoslovakia which was also behind the Soviet Iron Curtain. This is a family that has lived the history of communism and the fall of it because of JPII.

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  7. We’ve completed a “Jericho Walk” around the bishop’s house and plan to organize similar walks around the parish churches and chancery in our city. We also intend to do the same for our own property and those who would like the same graces of protection for theirs. The prayers, besides the Rosary, can be found in the book Deliverance Prayers for Use by the Laity pages 13 and 14.

    Bekita, would you ask Stella Davis if the Perimeter Prayer on pages 39-40 would be advisable to use so long as Part A is modified to ask Jesus to do the adjuring, etc.. OR only Part B is used. Thank you.

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    1. III, Stella has done all manner of Jericho walks in various ways. She submits to whatever the Church teaches and there’s no formal guidelines for a Jericho walk. From my own ministry studies, I know every healing prayer and every prayer against evil spirits is always done in Jesus’ Name without ever directly speaking to demonic spirits.

      God’s Blessings on you and your group.

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  8. Thank God for President Trump. What a stark difference between him and President Obama. President Trump, thank you for acknowledging God. President Trump, thank you for defending the unborn little children. President Trump, even if you are not a regular church goer, thank you for your invoking God Almighty. President Trump thank you once again, however, you will not prevail fighting this evil. At this point we need chastisement from God Almighty so there is no more slaughtering millions of innocent kids in the wombs of their “mothers” because their “body matters”. Those who say “black lives matter” are most likely most racist themselves. All lives matter. There is no white or black or yellow lives. There are human lives only, including of those slaughtered unborn, that matter. Please God Almighty, come and chastise this evil twisted world. President Trump, thank you for trying though. Amen
    (Just posted this comment on cnn youtube channel, after reading mocking comments towards President Trump)

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  9. What wonderful apostolate! Prayers are on the way to a courageous woman and her dedicated group. If anything in the world needs now it is to expel Satan where ever he may strike. I do not think people realize that an evil spirit can not only be used for a personal attack, but can be in charge of a whole group and even a town to name a few examples.
    I fell sorry for the people trying to do a peaceful and legal and legitimate protest per our constitution. However, the powers of darkness have turned this event into a conflagration of groups that are doing Satan’s bidding by turning this event as an opportunity to cause chaos, destruction, murder and other vile forms of dividing the country. May God be with her and may we also be with her with our prayers in spirit. Amen.

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    I’m guessing that the “good’ Archbishop also thinks it’s reprehensible for any Catholic to vote against the Party of Abortion, Perversion and ANTIFA.


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  11. The Holy Spirit led my family and me to surround our parish with the Rosary and blessed salt. There was a planned rally at the park directly across the street and we didn’t want any damage inflicted by rampaging out-of-towners. Turns out, the rally was moved almost a mile away and our town was spared any vandalism.

    Take the next right step out in faith. God always does the heavy lifting.

    May Stella succeed in clearing the air around our nation’s capital. May Maris Stella be here sure guide.
    Peace to all.

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  12. Praise God! That is defintely work that needs doing! It would be an honor to pray along with her. I went to a healing mass with Stella Davis almost ten years ago. My life completely changed for the better soon after. It was the heavenly “nudge” that I needed. She truly has a gift and is an unbelievable dynamo.

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    1. Indeed, Golden Sun. I spearheaded the efforts of bringing Stella to Missoula for two visits. Fr. Wang and I brought her to China for the third segment of our last evangelization journey there. For 10 days, we were together ministering to the beautiful Chinese people and sharing in depth each evening about our lives. At the end of each ministry time, Stella prayed over me calling down Holy Spirit. God bless her and her loved poured out on God’s people her whole life long.

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