Be Not Afraid: The Darkness Shall Not Prevail

Sunrise in space

(This may be the longest piece I have written here. Forgive me, but it is foundational to the themes that will be predominant going forward at this site. I don’t expect you to read all the multitude of links. I make them available to expand your knowledge of a particular point and to get an idea of where I was coming from in making that point. God bless you all, thank you for your many kindnesses, and may you all share in the joy of the risen Christ. We are an Easter people.-CJ)

By Charlie Johnston

“…just as you are, so also do others appear to you.”

-St. Augustine, Expositions on the Psalms


After a very difficult few weeks, I have got a handle (to my satisfaction, anyway) on what has happened in this crisis, what is likely to happen in the short term, and where we are headed – along with what potential weaknesses and strengths have been revealed in who we are.

A quick synopsis of my overall conclusions are:

  • The virus was never as bad as “experts” predicted, though it is unusually virulent to people with pre-existing morbidities. It will end at the higher range of a normal flu season – which called for special precautions for those with pre-existing morbidities, but not a universal shutdown.
  • The overall economy will be unleashed again and come roaring back somewhere during the late spring or early summer, as we morph into a model similar to the one Sweden adopted. A heavy long-term price will be paid, though, both because of the interruption and because the “solutions” we adopted to ameliorate the crisis severely aggravated already over-stressed danger spots in the global economy.
  • This crisis has revealed the true fault line in society going forward. Manufactured panic made a significant problem into a devastating crisis. A consequential segment of the leadership class throughout the globe has opportunistically sought to exploit that crisis to augment its own power and influence. It is a fault line that must be confronted. A battle between materialism and faith, the Gospel and the anti-Gospel has begun.

It certainly has been difficult to get a sense of reality when there has been so much conflicting information, intentional disinformation, panicked honest confusion and deviously manufactured confusion. Some of this is understandable, as it is always like this in the early stages of every big social convulsion – what is referred to by soldiers as the “fog of war.” What has been unnerving is how many in positions of authority and influence sought to leverage the crisis for their own ends.

It is certain that the virus got its start in Wuhan, the capitol city of the Province of Hubei in China. There is a large biological laboratory there that specializes in the study of coronaviruses. Early on, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) sought to investigate to see if the virus, a subject of legitimate scientific research, had escaped that laboratory. Given the constant lies China has told about this from the start, that was both a reasonable and important subject of inquiry. The media, though, seeking along with the World Health Organization (WHO), to absolve China from all responsibility – for political and propaganda reasons – accused Cotton of being a “conspiracy theorist.” Now the same outlets that made that accusation have largely conceded that the beginning of the public phase of the virus might have been caused by an accident at the major bio-lab in Wuhan that specializes in coronaviruses and is very close to the open meat market where the virus made its public debut. A tempest in a teapot, perhaps, except this foreshadowed how both the American media and the prominent United Nations’ health organization would be more interested in establishing a partisan narrative from the start than getting good data and information to combat the outbreak.

Some people on the right have expressed fear that this was all a set-up by the left to pave the way for authoritarian government. Given the way things have played out, that is not an irrational fear, but it is not quite the case. If it were, prominent Democratic leaders and the media would have been hyping up the hysteria from the beginning. Instead, they were downplaying it, encouraging people to go out and enjoy the Chinese New Year celebrations in big cities, while simultaneously accusing Donald Trump of being racist and xenophobic for restricting travel from China until the crisis is past. However, they made up for lost time by relentlessly exploiting it once they saw the potential it had for justifying authoritarian rule. Now the media falsely accuse Trump of taking on the positions that they, themselves, were taking just a few weeks ago and bitterly attack him for it. Revisionism never had such a short attention span.

Once a pandemic of fear set in, it did not take long for the media and Democrats to opportunistically work frantically to leverage that fear to enact their agenda and prop up their failed narrative. Democratic House Majority Whip James Clyburn of South Carolina told colleagues early on that, “This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.” To them, it was not so much a public health crisis as an opportunity to impose things they can’t win at the ballot box. When the $2.2 trillion emergency public relief bill was under consideration, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stalled it by almost a week, trying to load it up with a cornucopia of left-wing goodies. She even tried to make easy and massive enabling of vote fraud a national standard. It was stunning to see how, as they pumped up the volume of fear, they showed no concern about people who were losing their jobs, savings and livelihood en masse. The “people” were only a tool to be exploited and held hostage to enhance their power. I kept expecting some prominent Democrats to stand up and say to their leadership, “This is NOT who we are.” Didn’t happen. I guess it is who they are.

In every unfolding crisis, even the best, most earnest experts make frequent early errors. I don’t fault them for that. Again, it is just a manifestation of the fog of war that attends any novel crisis. Ideally, as they respond to new data and actual experience, those errors go down and a truer picture of what people face and how to approach it emerges. Contrary to the demands of alarmists, the response to a crisis is best NOT left in the hands of the “experts.” Those experts are indispensable advisors on how to address the crisis, but they cannot be effective final decision makers. Public officials have responsibility for the general welfare of their communities. Experts have deep knowledge of specific slices of data that impact that, but are narrowly focused on their own discipline, to the exclusion of all other concerns. Dr. Anthony Fauci said last week that we must not leave lockdown until there are no new cases. What an insane standard! If we used that as the standard for flu deaths, pneumonia deaths, or just about any other infectious disease, we could all just retreat to our caves and wait to die. What we have to do is to figure out how to live while prudently managing risk – risk that begins the day we are conceived and continues throughout our natural lives. It is appalling that so many seem to think risk can be eliminated. It can, I suppose – but only by death.

Complicating matters in this crisis are irresponsible fear-mongering on the part of what should be sober voices and intentional misreporting of actual data by what should be responsible authorities and experts. I am not just speaking of the massive lies and propaganda of China and the WHO. Almost two weeks ago, the chief science advisor to the Italian Ministry of Health said that a great majority of hospital deaths in his country were being wrongly attributed to coronavirus, that it had become sort of a catch-all. Upon review, he said that only 12% of the deaths attributed to the virus could actually be directly connected to it. That is not a rounding error; it is an order of magnitude. Astonishingly, Dr. Fauci said last week that reports that deaths attributed to the corona virus are being inflated are mere conspiracy theories. I call it astonishing because the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) own protocols direct doctors to automatically attribute uncertain deaths to corona virus. Right out there in the open. We have gotten to a dead parrot level of absurdity. I have often lamented that so many people consider expertise in a narrow subject the final word, completely unaware of how uncertain expertise, itself, actually is. I fear we may now adopt the equal and opposite error of complete contempt for expertise because of the very public and complete arrogant bungling by the “experts” throughout this crisis.

If you are getting the sense I have lost some confidence in Dr. Fauci, you are correct. I still largely trust his raw data, but not his prudence or judgment. He has been a naysayer on the potential benefits of hydroxychloroquine. Okay, no problem with that; different authorities can legitimately come to different judgments. But then he said that, if he were sick, he would take it, but only as part of a clinical trial. That infuriated me. It is a perfect example of bureaucratic imperialism. The average guy can’t force himself into a clinical trial. So what I gather is that Dr. Fauci means that if HE is sick, darn tootin’ he will try what a plurality of doctors say is the most effective treatment they have found – but if one of us peasants is sick, we can just pound sand and die until he says it’s okay for general use. In fairness, he said he would personally prescribe it if a patient of his was in dire straits – but is not prepared to give it general approval.

Every day, more doctors are endorsing the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine for this virus. Interestingly, they are reporting that it is most effective when combined with zinc. I have to give a shout-out to our team member, SteveBC. Well before this was publicly reported, Steve said hydroxychloroquine would need to be combined with zinc for maximum effectiveness (I’m not sure whether Steve said it on-site or in a team email, but by gum, he said it). Astonishingly, the American left (in both government and the media) has been infuriated by the effectiveness of the drug. They really seem to be rooting for the virus.


The Great Divide

Pikes Peak Super Moon
Supermoon over Pike’s Peak

What this crisis has revealed is that there is a substantial segment of influential people in America who so hate America, Americanism, and Americans, that they are willing, even eager, to lay waste to ordinary people – our lives, hopes, dreams and livelihoods. They would rather lay waste to our society, and then rule over the rubble that remains than live as citizens of a free, prosperous and healthy nation. This is the left, predominately calling themselves Democrats. No, I seek no partisan histrionics, but neither will I pretend the commitment to God and liberty does not now have a clear partisan divide. My team is with Christ – and I play for MY team. It all baffles and grieves me deeply. From the 70’s through most of the 90’s I worked in close collaboration with many Democrats and liberals. Whatever our policy disagreements, we largely shared a belief in God, in marriage, in family. Somehow, that has changed in a little over two decades. The left hisses, like a vampire before a crucifix, at the very idea of God and morality. I think it the devil’s greatest triumph in my lifetime – to infect and pervert an entire ideological movement. This was the horrible disorder that infected revolutionary France, revolutionary Russia…and now it is resurrected in the once firmly Christian west. We will recover just fine from the latest pandemic. We must confront and conquer the Godless ideological pretensions of those who would rather rule the rubble than live fellowship as citizens. When you deny God entirely, all that is left is a desperate scrabble for power. Conquering the left’s Godless ideological pretensions is, ultimately, their only hope as well as ours.

I have been appalled at the explosion of fearful prophetic poppycock this crisis has sparked. I have watched with bemusement as some who joined in my public pummeling after my errors a few years back now eagerly assure all that they told you all along what was coming and now know in precise detail what God is going to do from here on out.

A quick review of some of what I have emphasized from the start:

First, I always emphasized that my message was NOT that God was close to me (though I profoundly hope and pray for that to be always true), but that He is close to you, right at hand and waiting for you to call on Him with confident hope. I maintained that even if I was right on everything, it would not do you the good you think it would, for my mission is not your mission – and God will hold you to account for the fidelity you live to the mission He has set aside for you. I told you that God does not disclose the fullness of His mind to anyone (and even if He did, we are not capable of absorbing it – it would be as futile as trying to pour the ocean into a 10-oz. tumbler) – that whatever we think we know, we will err in at least some important parts of it, either substantively or by faulty interpretation. I told you, repeatedly, that I would be wrong on some things. Why speak at all if such was to be the case? Because our expectations are all wrong. We think that if we know the details, we can form a plan of our own devising to solve everything. That is not what God intends. Our salvation does NOT depend on us being so clever that we figure everything out, as if it were some sort of puzzle box. We seek to solve it, and present the work of our hands to God in proof that we don’t really need Him – we just need a little info from Him so we can kick Him to the curb and make our own plan.

My purpose in those times (and in these) was to help you to see that it is all too big for any of us – and yet assure you that our hope is sure. Quit trying restlessly to figure out the mind of God. He does not need your smarts (which are like a teaspoon of water in the ocean even if you are the smartest person in the history of the world). He wants your trust and fidelity. That starts by acknowledging not just the much that you don’t know, but your incapacity to know much at all. God calls all men to salvation – and so is accessible to both the humblest and the most brilliant. In some ways, the humblest have a leg up because they do NOT have to disabuse themselves of vain notions of their own mighty prowess. My purpose was to get you to gird the dispositions of your interior life, for that guides your exterior actions. If you cannot know what will happen precisely, a well-formed interior life will guide you on how to respond to whatever happens. Our efforts will avail little. But our efforts, offered humbly as a crust of bread to Our Lord, will be magnified by Him to feed millions. What is our calling? To steadfastly acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around us; to defend the faith, hearten the faithful, and defend the faithful.

I have never been big on signs and wonders. It is not that I do not believe in them, but that I assume from the start that the God who created the natural order is not bound by the laws He assigned to that natural order. He created that natural order as the proving ground for our fidelity to Him and to our fellows. Don’t you know that signs and wonders are not primarily a reward for belief? They are a palliative for those whose faith is shaky and to soften the hearts of those who do not believe. So if you crave signs and wonders, it is not because of your confident faith, but because of the lurking fear of your disbelief. If your faith was solid, supernatural signs of God’s presence would be no more startling to you than a beautiful sunrise. I am grateful – but not surprised – at both. I don’t care if the three days of darkness happens in the way most expect it to or if it happens in some different and more subtle way altogether. My way of TNRS encompasses all things and responds to whatever happens with serene faith. If you think you know exactly how something is going to happen, there is grave danger that when it does happen in a different way than what you expected, you will miss it altogether. Whether there is sudden war, sudden plague, fire in the sky or three days of darkness, my plan is exactly the same: acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope; defend the faith, hearten the faithful, defend the faithful. That is enough.

God seeks to have us participate with Him in bringing in a bountiful harvest of souls to glory. He focuses on addition and multiplication, while knowing that some irredeemable impediments must occasionally be removed. So why, when He is so focused on addition and multiplication, do so many of us who call ourselves Christians dedicate ourselves to division and subtraction? Be rigorous with yourself and charitable with others. Know that prudence without action is cowardice, but action without prudence is recklessness. Seek the straight path, giving counsel to neither error.

I suspect that many who have given themselves over to fearful prophetic poppycock are just agitated by the strange events that are overtaking the world and will, with a little time, regain their balance. I well understand that. I have been agitated these last few weeks, not wondering what was happening so much as wondering how to exhort and encourage people in these striking circumstances. Even Moses, when the battle was on, did not engage in prophetic pronouncements, but focused on how to endure and win the battle. For a decade before he became prime minister, Winston Churchill warned the people of the terrible danger ahead – and was roundly mocked for it. When his time came, he changed his focus entirely to how to win the war, the great battle, that he had warned the people of for so long to so little avail. He did not indulge himself in “I told you so” moments – because he was too busy giving practical leadership that would inspire his fellows rather than shame them.

God created the natural order and established its laws, setting it as our proving ground in our audition for heaven. The series of crises that have just begun will play out in that sphere. We will find, soon enough, that it is all too big for us – and will have to rely on God to intervene on our behalf. Yet we have no control over that. All we control is the little we can do that is right in front of us – and the extent of God’s intervention is dependent, I am convinced, on how well we do that little. Thus, while it may be a pleasant distraction to contemplate signs and wonders, devote yourself to the little that is right in front of you as your serious (though unglamorous) work, for that is how we will participate with God in renewing the faith and the face of the earth. Here, then, are some of the challenges we will likely face, purely from sound temporal analysis.

Both the U.S. and world economy are deeply over-stressed – and were before the shutdown began. I am appalled at the utter economic illiteracy at the highest levels. Currency has no intrinsic value. Only goods and services – production – has real value. Currency is just a sort of encryption key to make the value of that production liquid, that is, easily and instantly usable. When there is nothing to encrypt, the encryption key has no value – as countless economically illiterate leaders throughout history discovered when they tried to print money to solve their economic problems. The bailouts we enacted, while perhaps numbing some current pain, will only make the fundamental problems worse. Typically, you do cash infusions when there is a liquidity crisis, That was not the problem here. We shut down a huge portion of the productive sector. The only thing that will help, long-term, is booming new production. In the meantime, we have not just mortgaged our children’s future with our profligate public spending; we have mortgaged the future of our descendants down to the tenth generation. Even in the best scenario, at some point – surely by the third generation – our posterity is going to decide they will NOT live in unending austerity and poverty to cover the debt of our generation’s promiscuous self-indulgence. The crash will come.

Part of the problem now is that most of the “experts” who lecture us are part of the parasite class. They don’t produce anything, just comment on it all. Oh, don’t get me wrong, many parasites are useful. Parasites help in digestion, can bolster the immune system and, within limits, provide many other useful functions for their host system. Shoot, I am a parasite – I don’t build or produce anything – and I pray that I am a useful one. But when the parasites decide that the fundamental task of the host is to provide for their well-being, the host begins to die and, ultimately, the parasites with it. Let me ask you this: if the people losing their jobs and life savings in this crisis were media personalities, government bureaucrats, and Silicon Valley honchos, do you think they would be lecturing us on keeping the economy shut down for a year or better, no matter what the cost? There is a lot of sacrifice going on here, but it is not being shared by the parasites who constitute the elite. They would make this a feudal society of lords who rule and peasants who serve them. News flash: We are not the lords in this kingdom.

A whole host of petty officials have gotten a taste of dictatorial power and – surprise! – they like it. Contrary to what even some conservative purists are saying, an emergency does NOT give public officials the right to suspend civil liberties.The powers they are granted to carry out their normal duties are sufficient for them to violate those liberties in an emergency, but it is still a violation. Afterwards, the public has the duty to determine whether the crisis was great enough to justify the violations and whether they were prudently exercised. If so, the sovereign people forgive the violations. If not, the public must punish and remove those officials. Otherwise, the abuses will grow until there is little sphere left for liberty and, once again, the parasites are running the show for their benefit rather than for the host that supports them. We are going to have some heavy decisions to make after this passes – and failure to make those decisions will guarantee growing instability and later crisis. Will we consent to be the ruled or will we exercise our sovereignty under God?

The balance of power in the world has been shuffled. For nearly 30 years, China has carefully and slowly worked to lay the groundwork for global hegemony. For all their efforts at propaganda and strong-arming, for all the elite parasites in the west they have made into their toadies, China’s dream of global hegemony is over. What a tragedy that land has suffered in the last century and a half! For fully a century before the Communists took over in 1949, the great Chinese civilization had been in steep decline. Since then, it has been held hostage by the barbarous thugs who constitute its modern ruling class. But do not think these thugs are no longer dangerous; thugs are often most dangerous when their nefarious schemes collapse. Look no further than the American election of 2016 – when the radical left thought they were sure to cement their drive to make America a socialist hellhole ruled by them. We will have many skirmishes (and probably a great battle) ahead. I pray that when we come out the other side of crisis, the once-great Chinese culture will emerge anew and free, that it, too, will be resurrected under God.

The fraud that is the European Union (EU) stands fully exposed for what it is. Even in a manufactured crisis, the nations of Europe closed back in on themselves. Turns out when serious trouble comes, both families and nations defend their own before all others. The EU – and globalism, for that matter – has just been a venue for drab, sniffling mediocrities to pretend they are living lives of high adventure and nobility by bossing around people who are too busy working and living to play at being parasites.

These are just a small sampling of how everything has been shuffled, even if we did not face other unexpected crises in the near future. The consequences of all these will play out in real time. Make no mistake, though; the world is already dramatically changed in ways that we cannot yet imagine, but that we will be called to shape in the years ahead.

The Ordinary Way

pilgrim hikers

All too many people look to “prophecy” with itching ears, secretly hoping to find in it a way to avoid the Cross. I can’t help you with that here. From the first time I spoke publicly about our times, I said the storm cannot be avoided, that it is global in scope, and will be fought on cultural lines. A serious observer could see that coming just from the collapse of honest erudition and its replacement with disordered appetites. I also have insisted that this is not the end; that, in fact, this is the beginning of God renewing the faith of the world – and that He calls each of us to participate with Him in that great endeavor…not quite the greatest story ever told, but one of the greatest in salvation history. My way has always been the ordinary way – not a way that accurately foresees every eventuality, but one that develops and exercises the habits of mind and spirit that give you the means to confront whatever happens, when it happens.

Read the Lord of the Rings series. Everyone in that series had to go into the storm that beset it when institutional evil raised its head. There were shires and villages where people gathered to support each other, but there was no place of safety where the storm passed some by. Everyone had to take up their cross, as it were – and no person was left untouched by the great trial they confronted and passed through together. That is what we, too, must do. There is no place of refuge where God is going to protect you while everyone else gets smited. We don’t get heaven until we actually get…heaven. And a big part of whether we will get it or not is whether we truly act as God’s hands and feet with fidelity. We spend way too much time telling God what we want and not nearly enough seeking to learn what God wants – and then seeking to want the same things. People worry themselves sick about how to get enough. There are two ways to have enough: get more or want less. Nothing wrong with the former, but we would do well to concentrate a bit more on the latter.

Among the faithful, there is a great frustration at Churches being shut down across the world, particularly during Holy Week. It is unprecedented for such a step to be taken in free countries – and was completely unexpected by Church authorities until just days before it happened. It is particularly galling (and indicative of who we have become as a people) that shutting down abortion clinics during the pandemic is so controversial that only a handful of states have attempted it, but it is assumed by almost all that religious worship is so unessential and people of faith so timid that, of course, they will shut down without serious protest. I have never wavered in my conviction that the presence of the sacrifice to Pachamama on the altar at the Amazon synod was a despicable abomination. And now, altars throughout the world are made desolate. Yet the frustration and anger has led to accusations in some quarters that our Bishops are all cowards and knaves. That simply is not true. Oh, corruption and knavery has certainly infected a big chunk of the hierarchy, but I have spoken at length with many Priests and religious authorities from around the country these last few weeks who are struggling manfully with how to act so as not to endanger the Church now, how to provide emergency sustenance to the people of God now, and how to prepare, going forward, for directly confronting and challenging secular efforts to shut us down. When confronted with an entirely unexpected attack, it is prudent to retreat for a time, regroup, and prepare to meet similar challenges head on when you are well prepared for it (Luke 14:31). Our Bishops acted with prudence in this unforeseen crisis.

When any group decides to reject the authority of the Church altogether, I wonder to myself how they can call themselves Christian while rejecting the means that Christ, Himself, set up for our governance. This is why it is so important to understand what is lawful authority and what is not. A cleric has legitimate authority on matters of faith and morals, but none stemming from his office on political and secular matters. For his authority to be legitimate, it must not be contrary to the Gospels or the Magisterium. When I obey my Bishop’s legitimate authority, even if I don’t agree with it, I am obeying Christ – who told me to hear His Apostles. I am profoundly grateful to have a Bishop whose courage and orthodoxy I admire, but I could manage without sinning (at least not frequently) even if I were in a Diocese where the Bishop was an enemy of the Magisterium and utterly unworthy of his office. Fact is, in such a case, I would be a much bigger burr under his saddle than he would be under mine. Over the course of my life, there are several occasions where I have dealt with a Priest who was obstinate in proclaiming error that was contrary to the Gospel. When they were not moved by private and intense prayer, I would write a private letter of firm, clearly stated, rebuke. Within a week of any such episode (which, thankfully, have been very rare) I would go to Confession with that Priest. It was important to me to emphasize that I fully submitted to their legitimate authority over me – for this is how Christ set it up. A woman in St. Louis once sought my counsel on how to deal with a particularly arrogant Priest who thought he knew better than Christ how things should be. When I suggested this method, she recoiled and said she would NEVER go to Confession with him. “If you won’t acknowledge him in his legitimate authority, how can you demand that he acknowledge the legitimate authority of Scripture and the Magisterium over him?” She went away unsatisfied and angry with me. One of my favorite episodes involved a Priest who regularly, bitterly and publicly denounced Marian devotees as superstitious ninnies. I had lit candles for him, had said many prayers for him, and started offering constant prayers for him whenever he gave one of his ugly homilies. I was just warming up my pen and pad of yellow paper when, out of nowhere, he gave a homily extolling the virtues of Our Lady and what an eager and effective advocate she is for us. It was so startling I was not sure I heard him right. But he went further than this. Almost overnight he went from being the persecutor of the blue hat ladies in the Parish, often leaving them in tears, to being their tender advocate and enthusiastic help. (The blue hat ladies in this Parish were a society of Marian devotees). He eventually became an affectionate friend of mine. I never asked him about what precipitated the change. Do not succumb to the devil’s temptation to defy God by refusing the legitimate authority of the clerics over you, even as you honorably reject any illegitimate efforts. Always remember that your goal is not to prevail, but to more firmly knit together the people of God.

I am convinced that God has begun His plan to renew the faith and the face of the Earth. He has chosen you to live in these times. Now He offers you an invitation to participate with Him in that great renewal. The devil will seek to use your doubts, your anger, your fears, your vanity, even your natural affections to help pull you away from the work of renewal. I often said in politics that public glory and public shame were the same impostor wearing different clothes – that it is always the work that counts. If you focus on the work and treat glory and shame as merely different types of weather you must work in, you will always stay near the path God calls you to, even when you lose the way for a bit.

When power and malice fail, those who oppose God are miserable. Shoot, even when it works for a time, they are still miserable. We have the secret of the universe right at hand to us – the power of the risen Christ. It never fails. It brings joy and peace. It transforms even failure, in some hidden way, into ultimate triumph. When we work with Him, by simply doing the little we can that is right in front of us, we participate in the renewing of the world – and offer the promise of joy even to all but His most intractable enemies.

I say to you rise, take up your cross, and go forth to proclaim the Kingdom with power, conviction and clarity that sparks new hope and new resolve in all you encounter. Be prudent and cautious, but do not treat your life and health here as your only or main  priority. That is just a subtle form of materialism. Do not seek suffering and do not fail to take prudent precautions against it, but when it does come, offer it up in union with the suffering Christ on behalf of those you love – and meet as many people as you can and try to love them all. I will try to help you navigate the challenges we must face from a very earthy, ordinary perspective. It is enough. When you don’t understand what is happening, when it seems the Lord is slow to respond to your prayers, I call you to contemplate Isaiah 55:10-11:

“For as the rain and snow come down from heaven,

And return not thither but water the earth,

Making it bring forth and sprout,

Giving seed to the sower and bread to the eater,

So shall my word be that goes forth from my mouth,

It shall not return to me empty,

But it shall accomplish that which I purpose,

And prosper in the thing for which I sent it.”


The Lord is renewing the faith of the earth, calling us to join Him by living our ordinary way with extraordinary love.

We are an Easter people.

Be not afraid. The darkness shall not prevail.









776 thoughts on “Be Not Afraid: The Darkness Shall Not Prevail

  1. (edit: Instead of the link, Annie, I’ll share the search words so that people can hop on over to You Tube if interested and look for: Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD Crushes Dr. Fauci Exposes Birx, Clintons, Bill Gates, And The W.H.O. ~BH)

    This video is amazing; the truth will set us free. It’s Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai with an expose of the medical people, Fauci, Birx, etc. involved in the task force. They’ve been wrong since they worked with Obama and before. If the link doesn’t work just look up his name and interview on youtube. Hope it’s ok to post this. All the “good guys” agree that this is another step in trying to destroy poor Trump. But the medical advice is wrong also, and just hurting us, according to him.

    If something doesn’t make sense, and it’s not logical, maybe it’s wrong. I said ages ago to hubby, if we all stay isolated, we won’t be immune to anything! So how will we have “herd immunity”! Just my lay person’s opinion 🙂

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  2. Here’s a very thoughtful article by Brian Cates, whom some of you might follow:

    For me, one of the most painful aspects of our present situation (for several years now) is what I simply call the “What is Truth?” divide. You allude to this in your piece here, Charlie. Families and communities ~ people of good will ~ are utterly divided based on what they believe according to their trusted news and history sources.

    As worldwide effects of ~ many things ~ are now completely and obviously unavoidable in people’s daily lives, the question of “What is Truth?” has caught everyone’s attention more than ever. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

    Saint Francis de Sales, pray for us.

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    1. That is actually one of the many effects of Freemasonry Sr. Bear.  Tear down truth and then one can believe anything.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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  3. Gee, deliver communion on the tongue while kneeling to receive Him with NO standing or bowing and receiving in hand. When taking in the hand, too many particles of Jesus’ body fall and do get trampled on. I really really wish the Church would come together enough to have communion kneeling, and on the tongue or not at all. This is deep reverence for Who we are receiving which is the True Body of Christ. Maybe only in my dreams…..

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  4. Wow! We are truly on fire here! 540 thoughts on this! God loves His world and is working through ALL of us! How great this is! Thank you Charlie and Beckita this is awesome to see!!!

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  5. I read somewhere people stayed in their cars, priest fully decked in with mask and gloves brought Jesus to the cars. the driver rolled down the window and received The Eucharist in the hand. I think it was on Spiritdaily the other day with pictures.

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    1. The thing about the gloves, HTTP, is that they protect the priest all right, yet, he if there’s any contamination on the gloves, germ get passed on to whomever receives after the germs are attached to the gloves’ exterior. For those who are in the high risk category, that’s a problem.

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  6. Here I am again, I who lays low and then suddenly at times bursts out! I’d highly recommend all of you to watch this documentary. If people wont watch, there’s nothing I can do about that. Beckita, I hope you approve. There’s more going on that is way worse than Covid19. Here’s the link (edit: link removed ~BH) This is something that has bothered me for YEARS. Please let all Steppers watch this. Just ,my 2 cents…

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    1. Mary, I watched for 30 minutes and decided to remove the link because it’s just too time-consuming to view this in its entirety. You can reply to this comment by telling people what the major points are that you think are significant and then give the search words so people can go to You Tube and view the video if they so desire. That said, I’m aware there are people fomenting evil plans and also aware that our culture is shaped by media, from news to films as well as many other forms. It’s also true that there actually are many conspiracy theories in times such as ours and within those theories there can be kernels of truth. Thing is, it’s important to sort truth from hype which is sometimes not easy to do.

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      1. Beckita, thank you for taking the calm time to review! I really really appreciate it! In my mind you are a big wig (very nicely appreciative of you) of this site and I totally respect your wise decision. That said, I really wish you’d have let this run, but there’s not much else for me to say except I tried. And whatever else I’ll spill over now.::
        The documentary is I believe 1 1/2 hrs. We as a locked down people have nothing else to do as far as I can think of, This video has a lot to do with enlightening our minds and souls with goodness and wisdom as to what our minds are being subjected to. Why keep it from the people? If you’d have watched to the end, you would have seen what goodness came and comes out of this. Highlights are: Hollywood is a totally corrupt sex minded mess, and involving children, all of whom enter in total innocence of what is being done to them, children and unsuspecting upcoming actors/actresses and singers are being caught up in this corrupt snag of the evil one. Pedophilia is one major source of this, hidden right before our eyes, via movies, advertisements, magazine ads etc… they go all out to attract the unsuspecting and sleeping public. Sorry Beckita, I really disagree with your decision on this. PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW! You tube: Out of Shadows. Type it in exactly as I have typed. Thanks Beckita, I have a fervent desire to get this out and I feel I am being led by Divine entities for this. Much love to all on this Divine Mercy Sunday.

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  7. Let us now ask for the intercession of his holiness St. Pope Plus V (whose feast day is the 30th day of April), Perhaps in the form of a nine day novena to this one who was given the victory at Lepanto. It seems that those who bear the name Pius or Pio tend to have extraordinary graces of intercession during times when our adversary has openly attacked the ship. The virus & it’s ever growing dominoe effects across the Earth is no different than the overwhelming fleet that was poised to conquer the whole of Christendom.

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    1. I love that suggestion and have included one I believe is fitting:


      Repeat the following Novena prayers every day for 9 consecutive days.

      The scourge of war is on us,
      for the worship of God is despised:
      the chastisement that avenges guilt is menacing our earth.
      In this peril, which of the heavenly citizens
      can we better invoke in our defense than you, O Saint Pius?
      O blessed Pontiff!
      No mortal ever labored with such zealous vigor
      to promote God’s glory on earth as you did;
      No mortal ever struggled, as you did,
      to free Christian lands from the yoke
      which barbarians were seeking to put upon them.
      Your power is greater now that you are in heaven:
      look upon us your clients!
      Restrain civil discord and repel our enemies.
      May your prayers bring golden peace upon the earth;
      that in calm security we may sing our canticles to God with a gladder heart.
      To You, O Blessed Trinity, one God,
      be glory, praise and power,
      for ever and ever.


      Let us pray.

      ‘O God, Who You were pleased to break the teeth
      of them that hate Your Church,
      and to restore again the solemn worship of Yourself,
      did choose Saint Pope Pius V to work for You in that matter,
      grant that he may still be a tower of strength for us.
      Grant that we also may be more than conquerors
      over all that make war upon our souls,
      and in the end may enter into perfect peace in Your presence.’

      More than ever, we need to again
      restore divine worship with reverence towards God
      as St. Pope Pius V accomplished.
      We have had enough of the worldly worship of man in our churches,
      (pleasing the people with music,
      clapping, jokes, ‘prayer’ facing them,
      dramas, dances and everyone getting in on the ‘Show’.)

      you chose Saint Pius V as pope of your Church
      to protect the faith and give you more fitting worship.
      By his prayers,
      help us celebrate your holy mysteries
      with a living faith and an effective love.
      Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
      who lives and reigns with you
      in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
      one God, forever and ever.


      Our Father…

      Hail Mary…

      Glory Be…

      Saint Pius V,
      Pray for us.

      Saint Pius V,
      Pray for us.

      Saint Pius V,
      Pray for us.

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    Finally, please remember that this extraordinary promise of Divine Mercy Sunday is for everyone. Tell your non-Catholic friends about it. Everyone can ask Jesus to forgive their sins. Everyone can make a Spiritual Communion. And everyone can ask for this grace to completely wipe their slate clean of not only all sin, but all punishment due to sin. Normally, the punishment is not remitted unless one has absolute perfect contrition. And unlike a plenary indulgence, there is no requirement of having perfect detachment from sin. In other words, as long as we have a desire for this grace and intention to amend our lives, we can be completely cleansed with grace similar to our original Baptism. It is a way to really start over in our spiritual life!
    The Chaplet of Divine Mercy

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  9. A great reminder from Fr. Michael Gaitley MIC about the uniqueness of the indulgence attached to Divine Mercy Sunday and God’s provision for how it’s available this year:

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    1. These are remarkable times Beckita and Father Gaitley’s video is evidence of this and how God moves closer towards His people when we are most in need. I saw this video earlier. My wife and I are celebrating our 34th wedding Annaversary today and many graces and blessings have come to us over the last two days, praise God!
      One was, our parish offered outdoor confession Saturday and today another parish offered a side-walk blessing with Holy water and a gift of a Divine Mercy picture.
      Jesus, I Trust in You.

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  10. Charlie, Beckita, Aquinas or Stevebc or Victora or anyone would you be willing to help me understand difference bebetween Armageddon and apocalypse???


    1. Simply stated, the apocalypse is the period of time at the very end of the world in which will unfold the major apostasy and major chastisement while Armageddon is the final battle of that period.

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  11. Beckita, the very real plight of our most vulnerable is heartbreaking, and good to give us pause.

    Linda, you crack me up. I am a sad old “Momther”, Lol, as my kids call me, addicted to hair dye and ever in need of conversion and prayer.

    JLynn, right?!? This brings out my “Rebel Scum” (Star Wars) attitude.

    Kim, I pray this could be the solution with the most vulnerable protected. I love this.

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  12. FATHER LIVIO is the persist that is to revel the secrets.

    FORTY YEARS is mention about forty times in the bible. FORTY DAYS is mention about 23 times in the bible.
    May God bless us, keep us safe and grant us peace

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    1. It seems you may be referring to the Medjugorje messages, Charles. If so, Mirijana chose Fr. Petar Ljubicic to be the priest to whom she would reveal the secrets so that he can announce them to the world before they occur.

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  13. Well, I was determined to follow that last desert video up by finding the lost herd for you all, but as these things usually go the day had a mind of its own. After hoofing around quite a bit, turns out there was only one mustang to be found (seems, rather, that he found me), and it just so happened to be the one I attached to Fr. Wang. Oh man, you gotta love subtlety! Sorry… only had my iPhone, so had to cobble the clips together and add a dash of cowboy poetry. Enjoy!

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        1. I showed Father the video, MP, and reminded him of your gift…it’s been 14 months ago now… and he was d.e.l.i.g.h.t.e.d.! He asked: “Now is he actually laying on that desert dirt?” I laughed and said: “Oh yes he is.” All of it was great. Poetry is in your bones, in words, music and images.

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          1. Ha! The finest memory foam mattress has nothing over a good patch of desert river sand. The heat was also welcome on sore bones, to say nothing of the natural exfoliating (and back scratching) properties. Got that idea watching the mustangs enjoying a good wallow in the dry washes. May look silly, but it’s just good horse sense.

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    1. You, sir, are an artist.

      I loved the music; it had a bit of Irish flair to it, which was quite appealing.

      And it was fun to hear what your voice sounds like. Ah, I love the Midwestern notes in it!

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      1. Yes, so much of the Irish was woven into our musical roots. I liked that music just for the same reason.

        Yeah, I sometimes notice that I still haven’t ditched that midwestern note in my speech even after 40 years. Guess you can take the boy out of the midwest, but you can’t take the midwest out of the boy. Still a Hoosier at the core!

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        1. MP, I loved the music too. That’s what I was trying to put my finger on…. a fiddle? Love that sound the seems to be Irish. Must be a connection somewhere back in my roots.

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  14. Oh my word!!! I don’t know if you are all watching these Trump covid task forces every night… I assure you…WE ARE!!! President Trump is certainly WINNING!!!! It’s like a Trump rally every single night to ALL Americans!!! Just fascinating!!!🤗

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  15. Charlie,
    Your thoughts on everything going on are one of the few places I can find peace. It’s so hard to discern fact from fiction from fantasy right now. Most of what I read or watch has me tied up in knots. Are we heading into the New World Order? Will we be forced vaccinated? Is it the Mark of the Beast? Is the Warning immanent? Martyrdoms and starvation on the horizon? Fleeing to refuges? The Three Days of Darkness? The Catholic prophets see horrible things coming, claim we will be protected, then claim we will be martyred. They can’t seem to agree. One sees the Warning first. One sees fleeing to refuges first. Others claim the Three Days are immanent, while another says it’s decades away. Yet they all claim to know what’s going to happen. They all seem to be faithful, prayerful, devoted Catholics, but they are all over the map. I am to the point that my mental health is beginning to suffer and I have to back off from all of it. The only time I find peace is when praying, especially the Rosary. Eating chocolate helps, too.

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    1. Welcome back, Buttercup. It’s been a while and it *is* chaotic out there. Sounds like you may have found your way to Countdown to the Kingdom. Or maybe you’re reading various messages from different sources. Either way, it’s easy to get prophetic overload.

      I continue to keep in mind some of the prominent lessons Charlie and faithful commenters stressed at TNRS. 1. Prophecies give but a wisp of what’s to come. Nobody but nobody knows exactly how God’s Plan will unfold. 2. Not all prophets are authentic. (Of course our Mother’s adversary would send false prophets to create diversion and stir up fear.) 3. Mystical language has meaning beyond the literal interpretation with layers of meaning to boot. 4. Rather than worry over prophetic details, we’ve gotta focus on trusting Christ (reading MP’s continuous and creative ways of reiterating this wisdom is always refreshing), completely relying on the Father and calling down Holy Spirit for His guidance and power. In acknowledging God in these ways, we’ll more snugly fit in Our Lady’s Mantle of Peace as we follow her sage and timeless advice: Do whatever He tells you to do… in all our next right steps via the little before us that we *can* do. And surely God will make of us a sign of hope.

      Taking a break from prophecies is a smart next right step. Praying for you and your peace to be restored.

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      1. I most certainly will take a break, probably completely, from the modern prophets! For me, it isn’t concern about food, clothing, shelter, etc…, but rather for the physical and spiritual fate of my children and my newborn grandson. The thought of them being marched into camps, starved, beaten, having my grandson being groomed for abuse, etc…that has me upset. Is it really comforting to know Mary will be holding their hands as they die a horrific death by starvation? Well, only a tiny bit. It’s much like what the media did at the outset of this crime being perpetuated on the world–they talked non-stop about coronavirus and what would be happening to us because of it, then in the next breath said, “Don’t panic. We’re not trying to panic you.” What else could result from non-stop doom and gloom messages? I see modern prophecy doing the same thing. It doesn’t bring comfort and a battle plan. It brings fear–how could it not?

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        1. I’m just so grateful for Charlie’s work which has always taken us into building habits of the mind which will serve us well as the going continues to get tougher. For me, personally, living and working for two years in West Africa without the conveniences and abundance of choices which we have had in America has reminded me there really is very little we actually need. Charlie’s sharing about how he made do with so much less as he made his journey around the country also comes to mind as a heartening reminder of how relying on God gets us through challenges – whatever they be – with grace. And speaking of grace, God will provide. The grace we need for tomorrow isn’t with us… til tomorrow.

          There is a series of modern day writings which have enjoyed full approval with Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat from the Bishop in the Diocese where those words were given. They are filled with consolation, heartening and hope with the reminder that our Heavenly Friends – the Angels and Saints – are willing to assist at any moment if we simply ask. I’ve actually pulled out those Volumes given to Anne a lay apostle and am reviewing the wisdom of the various saints’ words who were allowed to speak interiorly to Anne. This morning the Diocesan Spiritual Director for the Direction for Our Times Apostolate, founded by Anne and her team, sent a message from Volume 7 which had been given in the early 2000’s:

          “There will come a time when you may be deprived of the Sacrament of the Eucharist altogether. This will occur in some areas of the world. This will be a grave and heavy cross but I assure you that Heaven will compensate. You will make spiritual communions and remain united to Christ. You will have angels and saints all around you, willing to console and direct you. You will be very brave and fixated on Jesus and on your mission to serve Him. So even in removing the Eucharist, the enemy can do you no real harm. Do you understand? The enemy cannot remove God from you. He cannot do this. He cannot touch your soul. He cannot deprive you of union with Jesus. He is powerless in this regard and you have all the powers of Heaven at your call. Truly, who is the more powerful? You must understand if this happens to you, in your area, that this was foretold and that this moves you closer to the glorious return of the King of Kings” (St. Thomas Aquinas, Volume Seven).

          Of course, the reference to the glorious return of the King of kings is not about Jesus coming in His human body to rule on earth but about the Gospel values being embraced in hearts and lived with fidelity. The firm and gentle tenor of these words from St. Thomas Aquinas is similar to the messages in all ten volumes. The website is here and the free online library of the Volumes is here.

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          1. TY Beckita for the links. I sometimes feel like I’m in a row boat in a roaring sea and then find your words of calm. And yep it is an analogy to the apostles in fear at stormy sea until Jesus woke up and made his point to them.

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        2. Here’s the sort of thing that I let into my thoughts, Buttercup. Can’t remember which fella it was (maybe it was George Webb of the Pima Indians, or might have been Black Elk of the Oglala Sioux),,, but one of them wrote about going to Church after their people were converted to the Faith. Seems the nearest Catholic Mission was very far away, but they dutifully made the trip to attend every Sunday nonetheless. He spoke with joy about the Mass, but also spoke at great length about the communal journey and the many wonders along the way. Can you imagine that the trip took 2 days one way? That’s 4 of 7 full days a week devoted to attending Mass!

          No telling what tomorrow will bring, but you can count on God providing. Even if it’s little more than a dogeared book picked from a flea market some decades ago… just to help change my perspective.

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        3. Buttercup: Just wanted to add this: One of the hardest thing to do is to surrender yourself to Our Lord’s will i. e. as you say in the Our Father – thy will be done, knowing that you are not in control of any of this. As hard as you try you cannot foresee the who, what, where, when of His plan but you must trust in it. But in a way this is also so very simple-to let go of trying to control everything and give it all over to Him. Get ahold of the Surrender Novena. ( It is a most amazing prayer. When I get rattled it totally calms me. I actually most of the time say the entire novena in one sitting. It was given to Father Ruotolo, (1882-1970), stigmatized miracle worker and “mouthpiece of the Holy Spirit” by Jesus himself. And indeed it is Jesus speaking to each of us individually. St Padre Pio knew Ruotolo and said of him,” the whole of paradise is in your soul”.
          Also when you say the Rosary, visualize yourself laying your head in Mary’s lap, as a child in your Mother’s lap, and ask her to protect your children and grandchildren. As in the Memorare, Remember,O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection, Implored you’re help or sought Thy intercession was left unaided….
          And then be patient and trust.

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    2. Our Lady of Medjugorje knew this is what would be needed in times like these.

      Each Thursday, read again the passage of Matthew 6:24-34 . . . Lady of Medjugorje

      Matthew 6:24-34

      24 No man can serve two masters. He will either hate one and love the other or be attentive to one and despise the other. You cannot give yourself to God and money.

      25 I warn you then: do not worry about your livelihood, what you are to eat or drink or use for clothing. Is not life more than food? Is not the body more valuable than clothes?

      26 Look at the birds in the sky. They do not sow or reap, they gather nothing into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are not you more important than they?

      27 Which of you by worrying can add a moment to his life-span?

      28 As for clothes, why be concerned? Learn a lesson from the way the wild flowers grow. They do not work; they do not spin.

      29 Yet I assure you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was arrayed like one of these.

      30 If God can clothe in such splendor the grass of the field, which blooms today and is thrown on the fire tomorrow, will he not provide much more for you, o weak in faith!

      31 Stop worrying, then, over questions like, “What are we to eat, or what are we to drink, or what are we to wear?”

      32 The unbelievers are always running after these things. Your heavenly Father knows all that you need.

      33 Seek first his Kingship over you, his way of holiness, and all these things will be given you besides.

      34 Enough, then, of worrying about tomorrow. Let tomorrow take care of itself. Today has trouble enough of its own.

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  16. Hopeful sign: On Facebook Mass our pastor said Abp. Hebda (St. Paul-Msp) wanted Catholics to have a chance to receive communion during Easter time. Next Saturday from 9 until 3pm confessions and Sunday afternoon after Spanish Mass, communion will be distributed to parishioners who sign up for 10 minute time slots on Genius.Praise God!!!

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  17. Living in the States, there’s a tendency to become slightly overwhelmed whenever our focus strays primarily onto today’s edition of The Daily Bad News. However, a sure cure is to remind ourselves that Jesus’ Bride (that’s you and me!) is gathering in such wonderful, sweet souls, as the following woman. Her name is Misbah. The video of her coming to know Jesus. our Blessed Lord and Saviour, runs for just 4 wonderful minutes;

    Luke 15:8-10; “Or what woman, having ten silver coins, if she loses one coin, does not light a lamp, sweep the house, and search carefully until she finds it? And when she has found it, she calls her friends and neighbors together, saying, ‘Rejoice with me, for I have found the piece which I lost!’ Likewise, I say to you, 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗿𝗲 𝗶𝘀 𝗷𝗼𝘆 𝗶𝗻 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗽𝗿𝗲𝘀𝗲𝗻𝗰𝗲 𝗼𝗳 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗮𝗻𝗴𝗲𝗹𝘀 𝗼𝗳 𝗚𝗼𝗱 𝗼𝘃𝗲𝗿 𝗼𝗻𝗲 𝘀𝗶𝗻𝗻𝗲𝗿 𝘄𝗵𝗼 𝗿𝗲𝗽𝗲𝗻𝘁𝘀.”

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  18. You are all probably all over this already…. but mike and I watched this last night after President Trump’s amazing rally:

    Episode 16
    Life, Liberty & Levin: Season 3, Episode 16
    Show: Life, Liberty & Levin
    Air date: April 19, 2020
    Previous episode: Episode 15
    Next episode: Episode 17

    If you haven’t seen this episode you should really do so!!! It’s EXACTLY what Charlie, so humbly, has been trying to tell us in this piece all along!!! Just fascinating truth here!!! I’m going to be sure to DVR ALL these episodes!!!! Just fascinating!!!

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  19. Over dependence on China for our prescription drugs is highlighted in this 5 min clip. Rosemary Gibson, author of China Rx explains US is behind the eight ball during a pandemic, with lapses in safety standards and quality control in Chinese manufacturing are a risk. It’s a wake up call that material sourcing and drug manufacturing needs to return to home base.
    Start at the 24 min. mark.

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  20. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! 😉

    Yup! … and we gotta demand Justice for the NeverTrump Coup Criminals in our USA too. The same Ilk who have gone after Our Church are often the same as those after Our President!

    Yup! We gotta face the fact that like Rome, the evil empire within The Church was not built in a day ;-(

    I will Bet de Farm that there is a Conspiracy amongst DemGuvs & DNC to shape the China Plague to their advantage for political purposes only …. period. People who kill babies and oversee/facilitate urban cesspools are only interested in votes, power & $$$.

    Our daily dose of what The Bad Guys are up to ;-(


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    1. CA will give out FREE laptops to all children that don’t have them and will ensure WiFi “hotspots” so that everyone can shelter in place and home school. Also, CA will have a “new” dept in education to oversea this. We’re not going back to work anytime soon.

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      1. Forgive us, Lord, but we call Gov. Newsome, Nuisance. He’s destroying our state, along with the dem legislators that have us in a stranglehold! God help us! It used to be a wonderful state; have been here since college, many decades. 😢

        BTW, have we set a record for the number of comments?! I think it’s our pressure valve!
        Love ya’ll

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  21. Jesus says: “This is the Voice of the Teacher. It roars and caresses. It roars when it is addressed to those who do not Want to be converted. It caresses when it speaks to those who, though imperfect, have the “good will” to find God And His Word and, having found them, to sanctify themselves. For these it becomes the caress of a Friend and the blessing of Jesus.” Maria Valtorta THE NOTEBOOKS 1944, Oct. 23.
    This website has all the information about Maria Valtorta and her writings and approvals and investigations and much more.
    I have read all of her writings and the evidence proving them to be true. They have given me peace and they showed me how to love with holy love and gave me the longing to love with a holy love.
    How hard it is to love with holy love in todays world. But then it is no harder now that it has always been. Remember the Passion of Jesus
    May God bless us, keep us safe and grant us peace.

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    1. Charles, in the spirit of being true to the Church, it’s important to clarify that while there are many clergy who have expressed support for the writings of Maria Valtorta, such letters do *not* grant official Church approval. The writings have surely traveled a path with lots of controversy over the years. The last official statement regarding the writings is named in this quote: “If one examines Cardinal Ratzinger’s letter carefully, they will see that he classifies the Poem into the third category (non-constat de supernaturalitate). What has been translated into English to read; “cannot be considered supernatural origin” simply means that the events have not yet been confirmed by the Church to be of supernatural origin.” As can be seen, that official statement of the Church was made when Pope Benedict was then Cardinal Ratzinger, the Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, the division in the Holy See responsible for the final say in making official declarations regarding private revelation. I know many others, like you who enjoy meditating on these writings.

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      1. I have read what all has been said for and against Maria Valtorta writings. And the evidence for her writings far out weighed what is against. Many Cardinal’s and Bishops have approved. There is a 1000 pages, I can’t remember what it is called. But if you go to the website I mentioned you will find. Until people take time to read it how will they know. MAY God bless us and grant us peace and keep us safe.

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      2. Beckie, that is correct, that is the official position of the Church on those writings of Valtorta, “non-constat de supernaturalitate”, they, ‘Cannot be considered from their contents to be of supernatural origin”. Or more technically speaking, it means “is not confirmed from its contents to be of supernatural origin’. Latin, like most languages other than English, can be translated in slightly different ways into English, and vice versa.

        But there is no question in this case that its meaning is that something’s content’s do not provide substance for the belief that it or they are of Supernatural origin. There is no question about the meaning of this phrase. It always means the same thing when referring to anything dealing with private revelation – or any other kind of extraordinary charism’s.

        What then, is the Church’s teaching on how we are to personally determine whether a private revelation is authentically from Supernaturality/from God/from Heaven?

        On, October 11, 1992, Pope St. John Paul II promulgated his Apostolic Constitution, Fidei Depositum. The stated purpose for that document was to introduce the then new contemporary Catechism of the Catholic Church. In that document, Pope Saint. John Paul II states about its doctrinal authority:

        “I declare it [the 1992 Catechism] to be a sure norm for teaching the faith, and thus a valid and legitimate instrument for ecclesial communion.”

        So what does that ‘sure norm’/Catechism say about how we are to determine the authenticity of private revelations. It says Catholics are to be “Guided by the Magisterium” [the Teaching Office of the Church] in their discernment on Private Revelations. We find that in Para 67 of the Catechism;

        “Guided by the Magisterium, the ‘sensus fidelium’ knows how to discern and welcome in these revelations whatever constitutes an authentic call of Christ or his saints to the Church.”

        In other words, the teaching of the Confraternity for the Doctrine of the Faith [CDF] is authoritative on any matter such as this. Per the ruling of the CDF, the Church’s official ruling on Valtorta’s writings being discussed here, is that they are not found to contain internal credible evidence that they are from God. The Church can reach such determinations by comparison from her ‘Memoria’, ‘Memory’, knowledge of the contents of private revelations which DO contain such credible evidence. I have a reputation over the years with my students, for having darn near a photographic memory. But my memory/knowledge of such matters isn’t even a drop in the bucket – not even a molecule of water in an eye dropper – compared with the Memoria, knowledge of Holy Mother Church.

        All my love in Christ


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        1. Thanks, Desmond, for clarifying and extending the understanding of what has been officially declared by the Church. Unfortunately, those who try to explain the status on the the Maria Valtorta site downplay the *official* declaration of the Church by quoting writings from priests and bishops as if to say those priests and bishops have legitimate authority to make their own declaration. We know they don’t. Obedience to legitimate Church authority matters. God bless us all.

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          1. I hope you are not saying that I am not obedience to the legitimate Church authority. As I said researched all the pores cons on her writings. Pope Pius XII said to publish. And yes you are correct in what Pope Benedict. But since then there has been a lot of research on her writings, that are proven by scientist and others. As I can not spell or write very good, I guess I should not make comments. As I said there is a summary 1000 long and many more writings. Again if you read these on the website. And read what the church saysn. You can read them or are not to procllam them supernatural

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            1. Yes of course, Charles, people are free to use the writings for meditation even though they are declared not of supernatural origin. What I refer to are those who try to explain away the official declaration of the Church in ways that seem to want to correct or inform those who made the declaration. No worries about spelling. We all have our strengths and challenges. You are very welcome here.

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            2. Beckita did not accuse you of anything. She simply stated the obvious:
              The faithful are to be “guided by the Magisterium” in their discernment of so-called Private Revelation. The Top Authority of the Magisterium/Teaching Office of the Church resides in Rome, not in Bugtussle, Texas, or in Podunk, Colorado – or any other place outside of Rome. The CDF is the top Doctrinal Body in the Church – superseded by only one thing, the Papacy. And JP II was in on the decision for the CDF to make it’s declaration about Valtorta.

              Benedict XVI was and remains one of the best theologians in the Church, as was JP II when Benedict [as Card. Joseph Ratzinger] was Prefect of the Congregation of the Faith. They both had a vast multiple more knowledge about discernment of spirituality than I, Beckita, Charlie, and everyone else on Charlie’s site put together.

              I don’t have to have the knowledge JP II and Benedict possessed to know that the authority of the Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith [CDF] blows away the private opinions of any list of priests or ordinary bishops. I’ve taught these subjects of spiritual discernment of extraordinary charisms for many years. I know the difference between the ultimate authority of Rome and the private opinions of any ordinary priests or bishops. So does Beckita, so does Charlie. Any baptized Catholic who doesn’t know that difference might be well advised to learn it.

              All my love in Christ


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              1. Wow. I had no idea that St. John Paul II was part of the decision-making regarding the writings of Valtorta. Interesting. It’s OK not to know if one has never had the opportunity to be taught by one who does have the knowledge. We just need to be teachable. Thanks, Desmond.

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                1. I have never read them, but hear they are fascinating.  As I understand, it is ok to read as a reflection, but should not be categorized as truth.  If this is understood, then I understand it to be ok to read.  Does this make sense?—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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                    1. Yes, it make some sense, but the Church hasn’t ruled that there in no spiritual truth in her writings. What the Church has said is that the material which is presented as if it was directly revealed to her by God — there is no credible interior evidence to affirm that idea. i.e., The Church has said there is no credible evidence that the source of any of Valtorta’s writings is private revelation. i.e., material one runs into in her writing claiming Jesus privately revealed such-and-such. or so-and-so to her – that is not to be credibly believed to come from a private revelation to Valtorta. She may have dreamed those sequences – or such ideas came into her head during time she spent thinking about such issues. But they were NOT the result of a Private Revelation to her from ‘Supernaturality’ [God, Jesus, heaven, etc.] That’s what the Church ruled. However, the Church did not say there was no spiritual truth to be found in those writings. We’re free to read them, but not credibly to think they are private revelations. Furthermore, no Catholic is free to present the idea to others that her writings are the result of private revelations.

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                    2. I know all the saints writings are classified as Private Revelations. And do read the bible every day, Go to mass almost every day, go to confession, pray the rosary and divine mercy. Now I am not bragging as I am a great sinner. And if I could only write I would tell you a story of a great sinner I am.
                      May God bless, keep us safe and grant us peace


                    3. Actually, the writings of the saints are NOT all – or even mostly – classified as private revelation. Private revelations are messages that are reputed to come from God directly. They neither add to nor detract from Public revelation, which is the Deposit of Faith. Even if the Church declares a private revelation to be worthy of belief, the faithful are NOT required to believe them or to ever give them the weight of supernatural assent. As a matter of practice, the Church ignores the huge number of claimed private revelation, for most are not credible on their face. If one is open to serious question or if it is gaining substantial followers, then the Church will investigate – and still usually makes no ruling unless there is something significant in it that is contrary to faith and morals. Here is a brief explanation of private revelation. Most of the writings of the saints are focused around theology, apologetics, exhortations and encouragement. But private revelation is a specific technical term with a specific meaning.

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                    4. Good article Charlie on discernment by the church.  Looks like it could have come from Desmonds book.  —- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack


                2. The Pope is normatively part of the final decisions made by the CDF about controverted issues. Some examples are; decisions on theologians accused of dissidence from the teachings of the Church, declarations on theological views and opinions, actions by theologians or ecclesiastics acting in a manner contrary to the Church’s teachings on Faith and Morals, and also about authenticity of alleged receivers of private revelations and/or other Extraordinary Charisms.

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              2. Sorry I was not say Beckita accused me. I just hope she didn’t misunderstand me. I have a lot of post here and on facebook. I find you and Beckita to very knowledgeable in your writings. Me I type with one finger, can’t spell or write a decent sentence. It takes me for ever to write a comment. And then I sometimes mess it up. I have read all Maria Valtorta books, 9 of them about 700 pages each and also other writings of hers including her autobiography. And reached papers on her writings. I know this doesn’t make an expert. But in her writings I understand holy love and how to become holy love, although I still far from holy love. Oh I have read your book. May God bless you, keep you safe and grant you peace.

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                1. Ah well, Charles, many have found comfort in Valtorta’s writing and that is a good thing. The Church has ruled that they are perfectly acceptable as meditations (kind of like the stories I sometimes write – including the one about Pilate I published here), but that it is an abuse to regard them as private revelation. Obedience to legitimate spiritual authority in their lawful decisions is very important to me, so I have emphasized that point perhaps a dozen times here. I don’t really know why so many want so badly for them to be private revelation. That they are not to be so treated does not affect their meditative merit. I like John Sandford’s detective novels, but the fact they are not documentaries does not diminish them for me.

                  I’m chuckling a little bit over your “feeble old fellow, old country lawyer” bit. On the one hand, you suggest it is hard for you to fit a coherent sentence together; on the other, you swallow massive 700-page books routinely. I think you are a bit shrewder than you let on.

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            3. Somehow or another Valtorta produced extensive writings which The Church has taken an official position on. That position may or may not change in the future. Time will tell.

              It’s easy enough to follow their lead with regard to their origin, yet still find inspiration in them as you will. Personally, I’ve read them.

              I dearly love my Priests, Bishops, Pope and Church… most especially God who is above us all.

              Not sure why we’re sometimes so heavy-handed when discussing such things. Truth or not.

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              1. Don’t heavy handed people drag their knuckles on the ground?  Lot of weight to carry around you know.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack


                1. “Heavy-handed” is one of those expressions with some dimension to it, Doug, and you can bet I chose it carefully.


                  1. You often do some of the most refined and cheering commentary on this site, MP. But you are very heavy-handed in attacking and trying to shut down any conversation you do not think sufficiently nice. I know that is a sensitivity with you – but it is NOT a sensitivity I share to the extent you would take it. And yes, I chose heavy-handed carefully here, too.


                    1. Maybe this one just stuck in my craw, Charlie, or maybe I’m just having an off day, but I can assure you that it had nothing to do with shutting the conversation down. Honestly, I just didn’t like some of the treatment of it, and said as much.

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                    2. Could be, MP. I try to gently turn away things that press against the boundaries of what the Church formally teaches. If it is persisted in, I get downright cranky about it. So I didn’t object at all to the treatment of that subject here. Ah well, we all have our sensibilities and hot buttons. Just have to hope and pray that our virtues eclipse them. Your virtues shine brightly here, so I am grateful for all the times you have soothed me.

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                    3. When it comes to the internet and emails, when emotions are high, there is definitely strong temptation to fire back in the heat of the moment.  I’m very guilty of that.  I’m reminded of a scripture.  1 Timothy 4:2 “proclaim the message, be persistent whether the time is favorable or unfavorable; convince, rebuke and encourage with the utmost patience in teaching”.  I emphasize “with the utmost patience.”  When my emotions are high, I’m learning to put my response on hold for a while until I calm down and think through more objectively.  Part of that is asking what my motivation is.  Though, I’m still battling the temptation to fire off irky puns and jokes.  I don’t know if I can ever stop that.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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                    4. Charlie, all my life, in the world as a boy, and while in University under a number of dissident priest profs, and in seminaries when there were profs dealing pejoratively heavily with the writings of greats such as Thomas Aquinas, Robert Bellarmine, Garigou Legrange, etc. Defense of the truth was labeled as heavy handed. The real heavy handers did not have a proverbial clue about the real content of those three priest-theologians].

                      I’ve experienced the relative pique of those I had a moral obligation to disagree with – and in turn the getting heavy handed with me and others who did know the full truth about the subjects under discussion. They did not like the defense of the solid theologies in Catholic teaching and understanding on many issues. Only if you allowed the co-existence with false ideas would they be pleasant with you.

                      So it does not come as a total shock to run into it in other venues. It is no less unpleasant, but it isn’t shocking.

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                    5. The sad part is this heavy handedness comes from within the church.  I came into the church in 1991 and was heavily influenced by the example of a good priest and private revelations of Medjugorje of which I received many Graces.  From my perspective, it bears good fruit.  Anyway, I was some how shielded from all this heretical teaching which has only been coming into focus for me in the last few years.  I was either naive or preserved or  maybe a bit of both.  On rare moments when I have questioned my faith, I am oft reminded of Peter in John 6, “Lord, where else shall we turn?  You have the words of eternal life.”  At times, I have gotten discouraged or disappointed when seeing all this, but never considered ever leaving the  church.  I have always aspired to go deeper in my faith.  I sincerely believe God will make it work toward his purpose as long as I/we remain faithful. It’s like my marriage to Lambzie.  It’s for life!  Lord knows we have had many crosses to carry through this too if you know us.  It is for love.  God is gracious!—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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                    6. I love this Doug. We are the bricks with which God will rebuild and renew His Church. Oh, when I think of all the people (and Bishops and Priests) who are afraid now but will be genuine heroes when their time comes, I feel tears of joy. We live in an age that will become a forge of great heroes and saints!

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                  2. Yes. MP, you are very good at choosing words carfully of which I find amazing (seriously).  I am very good at being that irky quirky kid in the back ground making dumb puns.  Actually,  thinking about it more, I probably can actually and most likely on many occasions probably write just a little more superfluously, but sometimes a lot, but not stretching to far that of being heavy handed.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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  22. Thank You! Nothing has changed (eg how to navigate this) but everything has changed in the world! Tonight Kim Jung Un sounds likely to have died. The Storm has arrived through North Korea (perhaps).

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  23. has the obituary.
    Father Steven Scheier, a retired priest of the Diocese of Wichita, died Thursday, April 16, 2020
    I remember seeing him on Mother Angelica’s show about his near-death experience.
    Here is an excerpt from the Register article

    …” Shortly after returning to his parish, as he read the Gospel of Luke about the unproductive fig tree, the page illuminated, enlarged and moved toward him from the Lectionary. Shaken after Mass, he remembered that after his accident he found himself before the judgment seat of Jesus.

    Our Lord went through his whole life, showing him sins unconfessed and unforgiven since his last confession.

    Father Scheier could only answer, “Yes, Lord.” Although a priest, he admittedly was not very spiritual and had practically no prayer life.

    The judgment was hell, to which Father Scheier agreed. He said the Lord was merely “honoring his choice.” But then he heard a woman’s voice pleading to spare his soul. He knew it the Blessed Mother.

    He heard Jesus say: “Mother, he has been a priest for 12 years for himself and not for me; let him reap the punishment he deserves.” Our Lady responded, “But Son, what if we give him special graces and strengths and then see if he bears fruit? If not, your will be done.” Jesus replied, “Mother, he’s yours.”

    Since then, he has been hers. That extreme wake-up call with its eternal consequences has made all the difference in Father Scheier’s life and priesthood. Moreover, he wants it to make a difference in the lives of others. In the 1990s, he appeared as a guest on Mother Angelica’s EWTN show…”

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    Jesus speaks:
    “To purify the world the first time, My Father sent the Deluge to bathe the world with water; the second time He ordained that it be bathed with blood, and with what Blood! Neither the first nor the second Purification was sufficient to transform mankind into the children of God. Now the Father is weary and allows the scourges of hell to break forth, so as to destroy the human race because men have preferred hell to Heaven. Their master, Lucifer, tor¬tures them, in order to incite them to curse Us, making them so completely his own children.
    I would come again to die for them a second time, to save them from an even more terrible death… but My Father will not allow Me to do so… My Love would allow it, but Justice will not. Justice knows that it would be use¬less. Therefore, I will come only at the last hour. But woe to those who will see Me after they have chosen Lucifer as their Lord! My Angels will need no weapons in their hands to win the battle against these antichrists. My Look will be enough!
    Oh, if men would once more learns to turn to Me, Who am their Salvation! That is all I desire. If I cry, it is be¬cause I see there is nothing I can do to make them look to¬wards Heaven, from where I am stretching out My Hands to them.
    Suffer, Maria, and tell good souls to suffer, to take the place of My second Martyrdom, which the Father does not want Me to accomplish. To every one who offers himself as victim, will be given the salvation of some souls. Some… and it is not to be wondered at, if those souls given to each little redeemer are but few, when one reflects that at the hour of My Immolation on Calvary, from amongst all the thousands of people present at My Death, I, the Divine Redeemer, succeeded in saving only the good thief, Longi¬nus and so few others…”
    (Notebooks, pp. 83-84, Good Friday, April 23rd, 1943)

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    1. For those who might wish to read the same subjects covered in the Approved writings in the life of our Lord, they can be found in an actually Approved receiver of Private Revelations, Saint Catherine of Sienna.

      She is not only a Canonized Saint, an approved private prophet, a stigmatic, was also one of only a handful of female Doctors of the Church.

      In her ‘Dialogue’ [which is considered to be one of the Church’s premier masterpieces on Spiritual Writing] and and in her ‘Letters’, there is an unquestionable depth which the Church has always placed right along side of those of St. Theresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross.

      Besides her great gifts, and great sacrifices for the Church, her visions and locutions, her work with the poor in Rome, etc., her writings in particular are considered by the Church to be one of Her greatest spiritual treasures.

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      1. Thanks Desmond. People really would do well to study good biographies of actual saints and doctors of the Church rather than restlessly searching after things that have not been vetted. A friend of mine who was given to speculative religious literature last year started reading meatier stuff – and I was delighted. It has led to a much more solid formation of his very charitable faith. (And it doesn’t hurt that St. Catherine of Siena is one of my favorites. Sigrid Undset did a marvelous biography of her.)

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      2. I love Saint Catherine of Sienna . I was Baptist in Catherine of Sienna Catholic Church, in 1953, at the age of 12. I have read a lot of her writings & still do. I also read her Autobiography . She is one of my Favorite saints. I have read many saints autobiography. But as I said be before I can not write, spell etc. I am a one fingerer typist. If read Maria Valtorta writings you will see that they are right up there with the saints. As I said do read the reach summary. There has a lot of great reach by very well know people. I hope and pray that the Church claims her a saint some day. She was and has been treated just like Padre Pio and St. Faustina were. I do believe some day the church will.Pope Pius XII said to publish them and that good enough for me. Until the church tells not to read them, I will. And those that don’t read them, they should not condemn them or said bad things about them. May God bless all of us, keep us safe and grant us peace


        1. I suspect you mean you read the biography of her that her spiritual director, Raymond of Capua, wrote, for St. Catherine of Siena did not write an autobiography. She only wrote two published works I am aware of – the “Dialogue” which was a meditation of an encounter between a soul and the Father, and the “Treatise on Divine Providence,” which is a collection of 400 letters and prayers she wrote.

          As for Maria Valtorta, Pope Pius XII never approved publication of her book, though Valtorta had it published anyway, despite objections from the Holy Office. In 1960, Pope John XXIII formally ordered it on the Index of Forbidden Books. The Vatican Newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, announced the condemnation under the title, “A Badly Fictionalized Life of Jesus.” There it stayed until 1983 when Cdl. Joseph Ratzinger (later to become Pope Benedict XVI), head of the CDF, softened a little and allowed its publication provided that all copies “clearly indicated from the very first page that the ‘visions’ and ‘dictations’ referred to in it are simply the literary forms used by the author to narrate in her own way the life of Jesus. They cannot be considered supernatural in origin.” That is where it remains to this day.

          Now, I am very permissive in the opinions that are cleared here. But as the late Daniel Moynihan said, “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but no one is entitled to their own facts.” I am very touchy about making things up that are easily and verifiably incorrect. I have read several excerpts from the Valtorta books that I find edifying – and I am content to see readers praise their literary merit. But the history you gave is NOT what actually happened and does NOT accurately state the status of the book with the Church throughout the years. It may well be that they have merit that has not yet been plumbed yet – and again, I am glad you find comfort in them. But the fact is that Popes Pius XII, John XXIII, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI did NOT approve of them – and the pretense that any of them did is offensive to me. There will be no more excerpts from this book cleared here. I don’t have anything against it, but I am not going to allow the comments board to be hijacked to be a long debate on the relative merits of this book. If you like it, enjoy it – but do not pretend it is anything other than pious literature. If you don’t, that is fine, too. But the Church has spoken clearly, both permitting the book to be read and forbidding it from being treated as private revelation. And there is another BIG difference between Maria Valtorta and Sts. Padre Pio and Faustina – when the latter were constrained for a time, they obeyed. When Valtorta was told NOT to publish it, she published it anyway. I’m done with this subject.

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          1. First thank you Charlie for the information. Although I already knew that. I just can not write as you do. Yes you are correct her writings were put on the forbiden list as was Faustina. As I said there has been a lot of done since then. And if you check you will find that Pope Pius XII said to publish her writing. After he died they were condemn. as you said. It was her spiritual director that publish them. Maria suffered a lot. There many websites about her and with her writing. I listed one and here is Sorry I don’t see the difference. Maria always obeyed. This is also my last just hope you read it.

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            1. I DID check, Charles. There is no credible site that says that Pope Pius XII disagreed with his own Holy Office which forbade their publication in 1949. And if Pius XII had disagreed, his order to publish them would have superceded the decision of the Holy Office. The link you cite is to an organization dedicated to promoting Valtorta. It evades the issue of the Vatican’s decision. Yes, I know very well that Fr. Berti had a pleasant meeting with the Pope – and assumed that he would approve it. So Fr. Berti went ahead with publication before getting that approval. It was stopped as soon as it went to the Vatican office – and publication forbidden by the Holy Office with the consent of the Pope.

              I leave the link you cite up because it is a perfect example for what I told people a little about in this article: discernment. This website evades all the issues that it finds uncomfortable, flat-out denies things that are plain historical facts, and spins faster than a turbine. Again, I am perfectly content that you find comfort in the books, but the historical record is the historical record. She was disobedient, for she republished them in 1950, fully a year after she was ordered not to. Before Pope Pius XII died, he had consistently banned their publication. They were fully formally condemned after he died. That full condemnation and the forbidding of publication was PARTIALLY lifted under Pope St. John Paul at the recommendation of Cdl. Joseph Ratzinger – but ONLY with the disclaimer included from the first page.

              Now if you have some independent and credible evidence that Pope Pius XII said to “publish it” and then cheerfully did not enforce his own order, but instead went along with open defiance to him for the last nine years of his life, I will be glad to peruse it. But it is illogical on its face.

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              1. Thank you so much Charlie for taking the time and patience to see this through.
                We all appreciate it.

                @Doug: My 4:32 am comment was meant to reply to your 4:47pm comment.

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                1. Doug, that makes you the kind of reader every really serious author loves to hear of. Why? Because it means the 23 years of prayer, sweat and tears the writer poured into it were not wasted. You are right now reading about the ascendence of a Great Holy Pope of the future under whose reigns vast masses of humanity will enter the Church. You know, people often speak to me of the stark bad new in TTT. I sometimes wonder if they paid much attention to all the Good News and Hope therein?

                  All my love in Christ


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                  1. Yes.  I have read about this along with the great king coming out of France.  It will be a glorious time if we make it to that point.  It sounds like you have read the same book.  😎—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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      3. I love her dialog.  It is masterful, but a real chore to get through those long sentences and lack of paragraphs breaks.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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        1. Doug, there are editions out there now which are broken up into paragraphs.

          The Dialogue was not meant to be read casually – but as a meditation upon what Catherine learned in meditation on the words Jesus Jesus had expressed to her.

          Few people know that Catherine wished to learn theology. But for the most part, women were not allowed to become theology students then. So Jesus told her not to fret about it. He would be her teacher.

          And now everyone who didn’t already know this – now as Paul Harvey used to put it they “know the rest of the story” about the theological brilliance of Catherine of Sienna.

          Same thing happened in the case of St. Hildegarde of Bingen, Germany. No qualified person would teach her, a woman, theology. Jesus supplied the same solution for Hildegarde. That’s how both Catherine and Hildegarde became masters [mistresses in their case] of theology.

          Additionally, in both their cases, they became advisors and confidants to Popes – chosen over male theologians. 🙂

          In the language of our French brothers and sisters about the difference between the males and the females in God’s creation, “Vive la difference.” Yeehaa!

          All my love in Christ


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          1. I love this Desmond.  Yes.  The dialog is not a thick book.  I initially thought I could read fairly quickly.  Nope.  I was far off.  Upon reading, a couple of pages could take an hour to digest.  The insights are incredible.  Now…. There is this other good book I am currently reading that is very, very long.  It just takes a long time because there are about 700 pages.  I’m on page 420 now and have been underlining various sentences to recall them later.  😎—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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        2. Following the subject matter, I thought you were alluding to Maria Valtorta ! 🙂
          (glad to see your cat is enjoying the squirrel activity)

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          1. Ha!  My cat is enjoying his life.  Just today, he kept me company while working from my home office.—- Sent from Doug’s Back Pack

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