The Road to Perdition

Road to perdition

(I published this piece in the summer under the title of “Fireworks in Our Future.” It seems very appropriate to me now. I am in the midst of a very busy period of my journey – just left Los Angeles, heading for San Francisco and Sacramento. I expect to be in court this week for the Planned Parenthood civil abortion trial against David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, who exposed some of the abortionists’ atrocities – and will give you an update on where that is this weekend. Church Militant did a solid piece on the subject a few days ago. Meantime, think on this and pray for our poor battered world.-CJ)

By Charlie Johnston

When a society abandons God, all that is left is a mad scrabble for power. For the modern left, power has become their god. As things are being progressively revealed, the time is coming when the only hope the left has of holding on to power, its god, is to instigate violent insurrection. Do you believe they won’t go that far?

I pose this question at most of my presentations – and have been privately asking it for several months of various officials and serious thinkers. I do not ask because I need an answer; I ask to focus the listener’s mind on what we face, to force them to look inward and do a little real-time analysis from facts they already know and can see with their own eyes.

A fellow I was speaking with told me he thought the 2020 election will be the trigger that unleashes violent revolt. I told him that is the outside limit of when it will occur. If Trump wins again (as I think he would quite handily) that would strip all illusions away that the radical left is the majority in this country. At that point, their last hope of attaining power (their god) is violent revolt. If the Democrat wins, the only hope left for normal people is to resist. The left would make war rather than leave people who do not think like them be. Normal people will accept war rather than forfeit their freedom and bend the knee to a tyrannical mob. Even so, I have always thought it a fool’s game to take wagers on which rock, when dislodged, will trigger the rockslide. A rockslide does not happen in a stable landscape because a rock got out of place; it starts because the conditions were right – suitably wobbly and turbulent. A rockslide does not always start when conditions are right, but when they are, any of a host of rocks, dislodged, could trigger the avalanche.

Now we have two mass shootings in a matter of a weekend, one in El Paso, Texas, the other in Dayton, Ohio. The former was committed by a leftist xenophobe while the latter admitted to Antifa-style leftism. The best Republicans are chopping away at the branches of the problem, proposing such things as hardening vulnerable targets. Nothing wrong with that, except that it doesn’t touch the root of the problem. The worst conservatives are calling for a war on white nationalism. Good Lord, what a joke! Actual white nationalists do not even constitute a rounding error in a rounding error. The reality is that when you push “identity politics,” some white folks are going to join in and push their own “identity” rather than just sit back and take the abuse and scorn heaped on them by the left. Back in the late ‘60’s, mass murderer Charlie Manson sought to incite a race war in the belief it would somehow sweep him to power. Now leftist activists (and presidential candidates!) are trying to incite the same for largely the same reasons. At least in the late ‘60’s we had the sense to know that Manson was a dangerous lunatic. Now if someone called for a “war” on all identity politics, you could count me in on that. I am so sick of timid “conservatives” who are more interested in showing they are not “that kind” of conservative rather than working for real solutions. Go virtue signal on your own time. Meanwhile, Democrats are taking the same approach to the issue that they take to every issue: proposing to disarm victims and to impeach Donald Trump. (This was written before the latest impeachment effort-CJ)

When you analyze any serious disorder in a previously healthy system, it is critical to look for what has changed. A century ago, even 50 years ago, guns were more easily accessible than they are now. In rural areas, there were often gun racks at the schools so that students could store the guns they brought with them. Access and availability were easier then than it is now in even the most gun-friendly regions. In fact, as gun regulations got stricter, gun violence concurrently started spiking up. Thus, access and availability of guns cannot be the catalyst for the rise in such shootings. While strict gun regulations lead to local spikes in gun violence (Chicago, Washington, Baltimore, etc.) I do not blame those for the larger rise in such violence either.

What really has changed dramatically since the time when such things were extremely rare? I identify four primary culprits:

  • The Assault on the Family – It has been wisely said that the family is the First Church. In a healthy family, we learn the fruitful roles of men and women in an hierarchical structure based on love and self-giving. It teaches structure and stability even as it nurtures its younger members. How can anyone wage war on the family, itself, and not expect a concomitant decline in the structure, stability, and mutual love in the larger society?
  • The Assault on Life – The rise of abortion begat the rise of legal suicide begat the rise of forced euthanasia. Children in families where the parents are pro-abortion can never believe they are loved for their very selves; they know they are merely random survivors of the brutal gauntlet the womb has become. Older people, as both their physical and mental faculties decline, begin to worry about being a burden to their families. And so, the once-natural love between members is often replaced by a utilitarian calculation. The “right” to die increasingly becomes the “duty” to die in this brutally materialistic formulation that recognizes no spiritual value of love or wisdom. Is it any wonder that life becomes cheap in all aspects of society under such an intellectual regime?
  • Tolerance of and Enabling of Disorder – Shame is a valuable tool that has been almost entirely lost. Though it can be abused, at its best it provides a disincentive to behavior that, although destructive to society, is not immediately destructive enough to be a matter of law. In a culture that does not discourage disorder, but actually encourages it while condemning as bigotry any effort to establish common behavioral norms, the boundaries continue to get pushed until there are none left. Define deviancy down long enough and eventually an entire culture is defined BY deviancy.
  • Denial of Transcendence – People are happiest when enmeshed in the work of their own hands. Man is, by nature, a subordinate creator, having been created in the Divine Image. Yet modern ideologies treat man as a mere consumer – a fancy animal. “Compassionately” give him subsistence levels of food, companionship and shelter, but heavily regulate his creative capacity and teach him not to hope for anything greater. Attack him should he dare to fantasize about a loving God (Gaia, crystals and astral projection are fine though – keeps him distracted from seeking any sort of eternal truth). In short, give him a life without meaning where any attempt to seriously seek out transcendent meaning is vigorously ridiculed and even punished. Why should anyone be surprised when some men then decide life IS meaningless – short, brutish and nasty? And then acts on that grisly conclusion?

I have a bit of a weakness for Nordic mystery novels and television shows (my son calls it my “huken-fluken” bent). I read and watch them with a certain horrified fascination. In these near Godless cultures, no matter how happy the characters sometimes seem, a fog-like pall of misery and meaninglessness hangs heavy over all. Elite classes here have adopted this relentless material secularity and call it sophistication. I call it what it is – cultural despair.

For decades, elite classes have taught that life has no meaning or value, God is for superstitious chumps, and this is all you get, so eat, drink and be merry. To liven things up, we add identity politics into the mix, setting up a sort of victimization Olympics (whoever is most victimized by white, male oppressors gets the most prizes!) and, surprise! – people on the margins become nihilists, sometimes violent nihilists.

Turns out that, in a culture truly devoted to Judeo-Christian principles; a culture dedicated to acknowledging God, taking the next right step, and being a sign of hope to each other; even abundant quantities of guns, knives and explosives can be safely entrusted to its members and almost never used for anything except hunting, food preparation, and building projects. In a culture that insists there is no meaning, no hope, no love, and no God, even though you restrict tools with potentially violent uses, the nihilists you breed in abundance will find a way to express their murderous rage and despair.

We are careening into explosive violence. Leftists want it, as they are convinced that is their path to unquestioned power. Christians and conservatives shrink from it as they, at least, have an idea of how fundamentally horrible it could become. But little is being done to put the brakes on this runaway train our culture is become. Unless police crack down hard on disorder with the full backing of the larger society; unless God, the family and life are restored to their proper places of honor and veneration, a moment of decisive catastrophic breakdown and violence will come.

When that moment comes, the flare-up could be as brief and transient (however showy) as the eruption of flame when lighter fluid is squirted onto a campfire. The left is very loud, but I don’t think its actual strength is even a tenth of what it thinks it is. The very volume of its shrieking is, I think, diminishing its strength even as it enhances its hubris. And yet, I did not foresee the collapse of the suburbs coming in the last election. I really thought the vicious rhetoric, casual violence, and despotic diktats of the left would cause rational people to recoil in repulsed horror. It tamped down the normal gains an opposition party makes during a mid-term election, but that is all. The reality is that when a real flashpoint comes, matters tend to take on an unpredictable mind of their own. You plan for as many contingencies as you can, but history shows that very rarely can you predict the actual course of events. Trying to do so can easily become a fool’s game. What you can do successfully is adopt the habits of heart, mind and action that will help you navigate your way through whatever comes. Our sure guide is Our Lady, who ever steers us toward the safe harbor of her Holy Son – if only we will listen. We are at sea, with a great storm well underway and rising with ever more speed and violence. I sign almost all my correspondence with, “Ave Maria, Stella Maris!” – Hail Mary, Star of the Sea. Ancient mariners used the star of the sea to navigate by. And so do I.

With western culture, societies throughout the globe, and the hierarchy of the Church straining mightily at the seams that hold it all together, it is not the great things we do that will lead us to the Safe Harbor I spoke of. It is the simple things; acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around you.

Yes, there are fireworks in our future. God is revealing all things and each of us must choose. Some folks who only see the disorder on their television think if they keep quiet, it will all pass them by. Not gonna happen. If you won’t choose, God will bring disorder to your door. Some otherwise faithful Bishops think if they just keep their heads low all the disorder and tumult will pass them by. Not gonna happen. Each man and woman must declare themselves openly, both by their words and by their actions. The time has come where we must choose or perish.

When we become a truly Godly culture again (not just a religious one, but one that lives the virtues), mass shootings will become even rarer than they were in our best days. But so long as we just tinker around the edges, so long as we try to leverage tragedy for political talking points, so long as we celebrate the cult of nihilism; all the zero tolerance policies, gun control, and hardening targets will avail us nothing.

Once when confronted with a man who wanted him to let the country be divided in the name of “peace,” Abraham Lincoln said that sometimes the path to a true and stable peace must first pass through war.

We are on the path to peace.


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  1. Oh My Goodness, yes Charlie! To me, this piece is more clearly apropos than the day it was first published. The sure way to mitigate what Our Lord and Our Lady have forewarned about our times has always been through the conversion of souls. I continue to pray for conversion and will remain doing so throughout these final days of choosing for God… or not.

    Everything within me cries out: It’s Time.

    May the Lady of All Nations, the Blessed Virgin Mary, be our Advocate. Amen.
    St. John Paul II, on this your feast day, remain with us and pray for us.

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    1. Charlie mentioned the news firm Church Militant, whats going on, does not Charlie know that the establishment of the Church wants to; desires to have Church Militant shut down.
      My local Parish does not want to talk about Church Militant, a Deacon even communicated negative comments about Church Militant. I say more power to Church Militant.
      Everyone check out Church Militant on YOUTUBE.
      Church Militant = Truth
      Church Militant opening the door to the smoked filled back room dealing of the Church establishment.

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      1. Hi Bob. Yes, Charlie – and many, if not most readers here – are aware of the longstanding conflict between the official Church and Michael Voris’ Church Militant work. In fact, in 2011, the Archdiocese of Detroit published a notice to Voris that he may not use the word, “Catholic,” when releasing his media programs. The video/audio arm of his work was initially releasing media under the title, RealCatholictv, and Voris adapted that title to ChurchMilitant in response to the Bishop’s directive. Most here also see that, sometimes, Voris gets ahead of the facts when publishing stories. Nevertheless, he’s done great work to bring light to the problems within our Church.

        Not sure how often you’re able to check into this site, Bob, but there are frequently videos shared and references made to Church Militant in the comment section and Charlie has referenced some in his major posts. God bless as we keep the faith and pray unceasingly!

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      2. Ha, Bob! Dial back a bit on the bitter victim routine. I have linked to CM many times before – and they once reprinted a piece I did. They do some great and important work that no one else is doing – and they also sometimes badly overstate their case with too much invective. An outfit that is constantly giving it out at top volume can surely take a little kicking back. I would say Church Militant = an important perspective that brings many truths to light that would otherwise remain in darkness. But =Truth?! Get a grip. That is the sort of formulation reserved for Holy Writ. Despite its frequent virtues, CM is not that.

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      3. I’ve followed Church Militant for 10 years. I have been to many retreats and conferences that Michael Voris speaks at. As a catechist myself, I am in awe of Michael’s wealth of knowledge of the bible and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. He’s the real deal. May God continue to bless and protect him and his entire CM staff. They are on the frontlines for all of us.

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  2. Yep! Yep! Yep! Soon very soon. He (Prez) is playing them, and 10 steps ahead of them. Very soon, they will grasp what is obvious, a fracture in their doings, brought on by the ‘original’ queen of mean. She will cause such madness, due to her not being able to accept what happened, still wanting more (all) power, and her madness will bring them all down. Could be wrong, but don’t think so. We just have to stay alert; be prepared in our spiritual lives; and listen to the voice of Heaven. I believe after so much of this and what has now happened in our Church and what is still to come,in the midst – we will hear “ENOUGH!”. Excellent piece, Charlie. You take care on your travels, and know we are praying for you and David Daliedon. May our Lord send many angels to protect you all! Ave Maria.

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  3. Yep, the left sure like to instill fear with “labels” and demonize “good” while making virtues out of evil…

    Learn from our mistakes north of the boarder, and don’t underestimate the left or get overconfident in dealing with them, as there’s lots of people out there drunk on the blood of abortions and addicted to God-less services & entitlements.

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  4. I just went to the Church Militant website to read this article by CM on David Daleidon’s works and efforts, as well as Miss Merritts. As I read the horror of these criminals, their cravings for blood, and money and other, I believe we have met the lowest of the lowest and most depraved that exist. I am sure there is somewhere others who can get lower, however, I don’t feel that is possible! Rosary, Rosary, Rosary. I just had to write back my thoughts, as this put a tare in my heart, that is so large I think that David D and Ms Merrit must be God’s amazing gift to us all for their bravery and love and commitment to human kind. Thank you, Lord Jesus for your gift of life and those who you sent to protect it. Ave Maria

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    1. Not yet, Robill. I believe there is even lower stuff coming. I hope I’m wrong but don’t think I am. 😦

      That there are people like David and Sandra, though, is as you say a great blessing to us all.

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      1. But could they get any lower? Lord, SteveBC, I thought it had pretty much all been revealed, in all its despicable awfulness, and censorship notwithstanding, to those who have ears to hear. Unfortunately, they have ears, but they don’t want to either hear or know. This, I think, is the greatest indictment of our current state. There is, very literally, no excuse for not knowing the fullness of the horror. Yet, heads are turned, eyes are averted, ears are blocked. This in an era of unparalleled access to information. Thank you in the U.S. that it CAN be publicised, because over here we just don’t have the same scale of freedom. Oh yes, technically we have, but in reality over here I think David D. would already be in prison. We here in Ireland share a “Union” with a lot of countries whose quite recent historical record to freedom is dodgy, to say the least. Many of our forebears died to save them from that, in the last century+ but here we go again with Big Daddy State.

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        1. Won’t it be glorious, J, when Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart triumphs and each country is, again, a country with its own heritage, customs and beauty rooted in God and His Laws?!

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        2. Yes, JayKay, the US must hold the line or we will all suffer. Fortunately, God seems to have stepped in at the very last moment in 2016 and given us a way forward to better days.

          As far as darkness is concerned, we have not seen the fullness of the horror yet, and I want to caution everyone that they do *not* need to know the worst. I often turn away from a direct gaze on even what we have seen so far, from PP and from other avenues, and I know we haven’t seen the worst yet. We all need to know that terrible darkness exists, but only a few need to know the details.

          JayKay, be most cautious on this. As in World War 2 where everyone knew war but not everyone directly experienced the depths of the worst violence or depravity, so here in our age. Don’t demand or look for all possible details unless God wills that you are to be one of those few witnesses of all of it.

          Everyone needs to know *of* it, but only a relative few, enabled by God to withstand the shock, need to *know* the core of it directly in order to bear witness to it or to fight it.

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          1. Wise advice, SteveBC.

            “…only a relative few, enabled by God to withstand the shock, need to *know* the core of it directly in order to bear witness to it or to fight it.” Yes, well said.

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          2. Just getting to reading this comment, SteveBC. Truly sage counsel. To know *of* it is all my sensitive self can possibly bear. To *know* it to the core would haunt me… and that’s not at all necessary to keep my fervor for prayer and willingness to fight with good deeds alive.

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            1. Beckita – I really appreciate your comment. I never knew I was so naive and sensitive until being forced to learn of so many previously unfathomable evils. It’s agitating. It almost feels like we’re getting a veiled glimpse of hell.

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            2. Exactly, Beckita. For the vast majority of us, knowing *of* it is enough to bring it into the Light and then we can focus on acknowledging God and praying and also fasting from the things of this world.

              Think of what our President and his patriots have had to know and what they have done and continue to do on our behalf and be very, very grateful.

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            1. I have felt lately like there is this big huge flood of judgement coming upon our land and upon us all.

              It seems to me like the times of Noah…or even of Abraham trying to find 10 good men.

              I don’t know why, but lately, I feel the need to be more quiet about warning people, and more vigorous in praying, sacrificing, and doing for us all.

              But I know feelings are just that: feelings.

              Is anyone else out there having this sense???

              Ps…went down 250 yesterday (major road leading to sandusky ) There was this awesome huge group of youngsters waving “Trump 2020” banners and selling trump stuff…it was awesome site to behold!!!

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              1. Linda, some time ago I decided that when I read and hear of either evil happenings occurring or longstanding hidden evil being unmasked that I would not take on that negative energy. Rather, I would continue with just what you have expressed in how you feel: vigorously stay true to and consistent in “praying, sacrificing, and doing for us all.” Over time, we have spoken here about BEING Christ’s Light. We have urged each other to BE the dawn of a New Beginning. I think this is the best of encouragement for what we can do to navigate these ugly waters right now.

                My constant in going before Eucharistic Jesus – who has so much to give if we but show up and open up as we adore – is allowing Him to remove any heaviness in response to what we’re living and replace it is with more… more humility, more faith, more trust and, therefore, more peace. I pray to be an oasis of peace and that wherever I go, whether I speak or simply acknowledge another through a smile that says “I see you,” that person would somehow think of God and would rest a moment in Christ’s Peace emanating from His Presence in me. It’s His Work and Glory, yet, He yearns to use us in this way if we but desire to be His candle in the massive darkness. Charlie nailed it from the beginning of his writing when he counseled us to do the little we can right before us. And didn’t St.Thérèse become a doctor of the Church based on this very spirituality?

                For those who cannot physically get out to Eucharistic Adoration, there are sites with webcams beaming Jesus exposed in the monstrance. What a glorious opportunity and use of technology. He is longing to receive us in His Presence. And what an exchange of love. We allow Him to love us, setting us in a state of equilibrium even in the chaos. We return His Love and He transforms it to a Love that saves. Let US be transformed in the radiation power of His Presence that we may radiate Him to all those around us.

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                1. Oh my goodness Beckita…I’m surely going to print out what you said here…sooooo beautifully said and so full of the Holy Spirit!!!!! Thank you for this reflection.

                  So excited…44 of us are all going to dinner and a movie Monday with our own Fr Andrew …he is newly ordained and ON FIRE FOR CHRIST…I wish you all could meet him. His smile is unbelievable…he lights up and makes every person feel “seen” and important. ..we are going to Mass first 330…golden corral. 5 pm.. St Faustina’s movie “Love & Mercy” 7 pm…I heard Toledo Diocese is full & they have now opened a second showing for November.

                  Sort of cool story. .hahahahaha Charlie will understand this one….so…Michael has been wanting to go to Golden Corral..I have food problems so I told him..NO WAY!!! Then Fr Andrew said…golden corral n a good movie!!! Hahahah…Michael said he’d go to movie if we could go to golden corral first…lol…God is simply hilarious at times… (I may have shared this story b4 with ya’ll but if I did..funny 2nd time too)😆😂😆😅😂

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                  1. I did, Linda, and here’s how that tabernacle at the side altar of the Cathedral in Lincoln, NE looked while we were adoring Jesus before I snapped the pic. Amazingly, the priest at the parish Mass we attended at the conference encouraged everyone to go to Eucharistic Jesus and allow His radiating Light and Power touch us with His graces…
                    And that’s the rest of the story. 🙂

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                    1. Oh my gosh Beckita. ..that is just amazing. ..can you just imagine His presence. does Charlie do it??? I can barely handle His veiled presence..but Beckita you Def got a glimps there..whoa

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              2. Youngsters for Trump is kinda cool, but I would find much more lasting and powerful meaning in youngsters pouring into the pews at Mass and filing into the confessional lines. Oh, all things in God’s good time…

                In B’s response (her typically great response based a lifetime of maturing spiritually) she summarily begins with very sound advice, from personal experience AND put into practice, including detachment from entering into certain “arrangements” with God, as the Monk discusses, “imaginary justice, the kinds of pacts we set up between us and God, existing only in our own heads.”

                My honest assessment is that many see Trump as just one more piece to attempt to leverage in those “arrangements.” For my part, I’ve detached from that too.

                Think of your true calling and pursue it with all of your might out of love for God. Charlie says, “be heralds of the King.”

                What do you do when the darkness envelopes your little town… your territory of souls (i.e. – your area of responsibility that you can truly impact)? Not just darkness, but a thick soupy fog that makes it increasingly impossible to see too far ahead. Oh, and a great storm of furious rains, lightning, thunder, rising frothy tides battering the coastland and threatening to sweep everything away inland.

                You can still see the little lights around town, various homes and whatnot… other folks shuttering down (bucnee’n down) in an effort to preserve what they value. It’s an unprecedented storm, this one, punctuated by the stuff you now notice coming inland with the rising surf. Sharks, piranhas and other toothy creatures raining down… maybe some gators if you’re down south… oh, frightening sights that threaten you towards immobility and terror if you let them.

                Then the lights on the whole town go out, draining away with it any notion you had about further running around town to assess the threats, raise the warning cry to your neighbors, and such.


                From somewhere in the deep darkness way off the coast, a ship’s foghorn calls out. One deep, throaty and solid note. Maybe it’s then that you remember the high ground, and that you are the keeper of your town’s lighthouse…. that real beacon of illumination and hope that serves your small territory. Maybe small in physical scope, but certainly not small to God’s way of thinking.

                Know too that the lighthouse is equipped with its own power generator that has never once failed –– ever –– with an endless supply of fuel and spare parts. Oh, and it comes with a most highly skilled mechanical technician who has been assigned to you (even more industrious and skilled than SteveBC, if you can imagine such a thing). Ready, willing and completely able to keep that powerful generator purring like a kitten.

                Light it up and keep it lit, dear Linda. We might not actually see it from our own little towns scattered over great distances, but just imagining you at your post is enough. Heck, I’m already smiling with joy just thinking about it.

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                1. Oh you family here…how I love and respect and admire you all!!! My gosh MP…I am just amazed at your writing abilities along with B and of course cj…whew..printing this one out too. .thanks for the uplifting writing. ..if u write a book..I will purchase it and set it next to Desmonds.. I got to go to confession today…wow…needed that…what grace we get from out priests….yes..let us all be that beacon of light in a world gone mad n yet we all contributed to this mess…oh divine mercy…we don’t deserve it…we didn’t earn it…He did. What amazing love Our God is. TNRS ASOH XOXOXOXOXOXO

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            1. Joanne, I know what you mean. Just be aware that headlines are indicators but not necessarily enough of the truth, even when the headlines are well chosen. Trust how you feel. If you really feel you need to know more, put on the armor of God and plunge in. Otherwise, skim the surface.

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          3. You’re right about that, SteveBC.

            “Everyone needs to know *of* it, but only a relative few, enabled by God to withstand the shock, need to *know* the core of it directly in order to bear witness to it or to fight it.”

            For example, honest and ethical law enforcement detectives and prosecutors charged with gathering evidence to make a solid case against a perpetrator of necessity need to see the worst of it. God bless and keep them.

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  5. Your column had me pondering Michael Sullivan and his journey with his son Mike (in no small part because of the movie title of the same name). In fact, I think you could overlay your thoughts in this column with that movie and ponder some stunning symmetry. Of course you’re probably aware of that. One would have to make some subtle distinctions too.

    Barely gave a whiff of a thought to Connor Rooney, the jealous and murderous son of John Rooney, nor that creepy Maguire, the hitman played by Jude Law. If they wrote those latter parts for the left and death, then mission accomplished.

    Ah, death stalks all of us sinners –– all of us –– doesn’t it. In the end, I think Michael Sullivan looked death in the eye and said, “so what!”… with that last glimmer of light bespeaking Redemption.

    Sure, he fired off a few hundred rounds at the bad guys along the way, but the home stretch was all about the promise of a better life for his young son, and progeny to follow. To detach from his life, and fully engage for another’s.

    There’s no going back to the way it was, folks. Once we’re on the road it’s nothing but surprises and change. Might as well toss the scripts into the river along with pachamama as long as we’re detaching, so we don’t get transfixed by the surprises and change.

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      1. I decided to rewatch it night before last, having not seen it in many years. Partly a late night wallow, but mostly a deeply moving experience from a fresh perspective. Amazing how many parts and details I had completely forgotten about, if not missed entirely the first couple go ’rounds.

        Best line: “I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”

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  6. Sure Miss you Charlie! We prayed for your safe travels last night at our family rosary especially through Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Francisco. Martin B. Davis misses you too and can’t wait for your return. Please tell David he is being lifted up in prayer and the entire team of Pro-Life Watchmen who are defending him and the others. St. John Paul 2, pray for us.

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    1. I actually drove through Oxnard last night on my way up to Ojai. I meandered through the lower Los Padres today (wow – a tough drive…it blows my mind that I walked it…but what glorious memories!) Then I went up the upper Pacific Coast Highway. Whew…a tougher drive than through the mountains of Los Padres once you get within about 50 miles of Big Sur. God bless you all – and you tell Martin I said Hey!

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  7. Two steps fwd, one step back it seems….
    “Trump administration rules giving employers with religious or moral objections the right to opt out of Obamacare’s requirement that they provide birth control coverage in employee health plans aren’t enforceable, the Ninth Circuit said Oct. 22.
    The court’s decision blocks the administration from enforcing the rules in California, Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, New York, Illinois, Washington, Minnesota, Connecticut, North Carolina, Vermont, Rhode Island, Hawaii, and the District of Columbia.”

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    1. I’m starting my job hunt, and prescribing contraceptives is now heavily on my mind. I’m awaiting a call back from a priest from the National Catholic Bioethics Center in Philly. The conversation may guide what places I should and should not consider working for. Hopefully I won’t encounter too many headaches if I choose to take a federal job, but perhaps I should just work for a Catholic organization.

      From the left leaning Atlantic:

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      1. Just adding some wisdom of experience here PD, for whatever it is worth. I’ve worked in Catholic owned healthcare centers, Resurrection Medical and Ancilla Systems in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Neither chain ran on Catholic principles or values. They were as ‘corporate’ and any other corporation I’ve been employed by sadly. I was young and impressionable at the time and dubbed this crude realization as my adult reality shock phase. I was a young orphaned adult and so naïve! My dear sister, an RN has been in the same Resurrection Hospital organization for three decades. It has had many names, Presences, Advocate, and Amita come to mind. The office politics, lately have been a literal nightmare for her. Work ethics seem to be a relic from the past.

        Pray and discern. ❤

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        1. Thank you, Jen. Right…Catholic is not always synonymous with moral. Just look at old Sister Keehan with the Catholic Health Association.

          Well, I found some Catholic Health Initiatives facilities in Nebraska and North Dakota. I just sent an email to a recruiter in Dickinson. Sigh….the job hunt stuff can be frustrating for new grads. Also I did get contacted by an IHS recruiter in Montana and Wyoming service area.

          I am totally entrusting this to Jesus. I pray that I will see which door or doors he directs me toward.

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          1. Ugh how I remember Sr. Keehan’s sellout on Catholic teaching, Patrick. May Holy Spirit lead you to the very position Abba has in mind for you… and if He is open to several options, praying for your discernment as you choose what seems to suit you best.

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            1. I heard on relavant radio yesterday that there is this doctor in Ireland that is getting signatures petitioning their government so they will not be forced to do abortions since it is now legal in Ireland. ..can you even imagine? ???

              Then there was a lot of talk on the poor dad that is trying to save his son, James who is 7, from his mom che mic ally trying to make him into a girl in Texas. The governor is trying to introduce a bill to stop this because as of this moment…there are zero laws in our nation about this…man..we are heading down to Sodom & Gomorrah in a tail spin…hard to believe all this is going on…


              1. Such tough stuff, isn’t it, Linda? Let’s steady ourselves in praying, trusting and knowing that we can get through these things in Him Who strengthens us and Who is, even now, beyond our ability to see, working in the messes to lead us to a New Beginning. 🙂

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          2. I am old enough to remember when parish schools and church owned hospitals were run day in and out by clergy and religious, like a fine tooth comb. After the laity took over operations things went south fast.
            While interviewing, you can certainly inquire about a future employers stance on contraceptives/life issues. Many employers have their mission statements and employee handbooks in PDF form online which can be perused prior to applying too. 😉
            I sense as we head into the new era, ethics concerns in healthcare will be moot. Maranatha! ❤

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            1. Good question, Linda; and good answer, Beckita… I hadn’t even known that pharmacists had so many patron saints! 🙂


    2. Effects Little Sisters of the Poor again despite two wins in the Supreme Court. Observing the steel of that order they will be back in court. The Supreme Court, that is.

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  8. “When you analyze any serious disorder in a previously healthy system, it is critical to look for what has changed.”
    I read an article not too long ago about the “greatest generation” by Victor Davis Hanson.
    His point is that generation was great because of the resolve they had to get through some tough times before, during and after WWll and how this resolve and suffering had made them great.
    “The generation that came of age in the 1940s had survived the poverty of the Great Depression to win a global war that cost 60 million lives, while participating in the most profound economic and technological transformation in human history.”
    Hanson lamented not only the lack of preserving the histories and hard-won life stories of such men and women but that the world was forgetting the lessons learned by their sacrifices.
    “More worrisome, however, is that the collective ethos of the World War II generation is fading.”(VDH).
    Hanson suggests that the new generation does not appreciate such sacrafices anymore and openly ignores or even ridicules what then was considered patriotic.
    Of course, we see the vilification of this “old” mindset everywhere these days as the new “nice” has become the mantra of the “woke” era.
    Since we wrestle not against flesh and blood and Our Lady made the provocative statement that WWll would come about “if men do not stop offending God”, I personally see this generations falling apart as a result of the “old” generation dying off and their more conservative, prayerful, helpful, loving and grace producing lives being lost thus reducing the amount of grace falling down upon our broken world. This loss of grace reduces the “wellspring” of heavenly help allowing evil to flourish over this newer crop of humanity. Not only do they not live the older way but openly oppose it as old fashioned superstitious nonsense or even as a great evil needing to be eradicated. It is like a beautiful garden that was lovingly cultivated by the first generation and when it’s turned over to the heirs they not only ignore it but pull the plants out!
    Of course, God never leaves us orphaned and “where sin abounds, grace abounds further”, (Rom 5:20).
    The “remnant” is supposed to not only be capable of withstanding this onslaught but graced enough to transform it; “I said that this will happen especially towards the end of the world, and indeed soon, because Almighty God and his holy Mother are to raise up great saints who will surpass in holiness most other saints as much as the cedars of Lebanon tower above little shrubs.”
    (Saint Louis Marie de Montfort, True Devotion to Mary, #47-48). This suggest an unpresidented amount of grace being available to us in these days to help fight the unpresidented amount of evil we are seeing manifest all around us.
    Charlie says we were born for these times. As such, we carry the burden of the whole world on our shoulders and that requires us to be, in grace, like “Lebanon Cedars” spreading out huge branches as a fit dwelling place for the lost in these evil times.
    I see a LOT of squirrels making their abode in such a place!
    May God so ready us dear friends.

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    1. An elegantly expressed reflection, Phil, flowing with beauty, grace, truth, hope and light!

      Thanks to Charlie, I have been reading the wisdom and erudite analyses of our times by VDH for several years now. Love him and his work.

      And I appreciate the gift of your style of analyzing with your spiritual observations and sights. Thank you so much!

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    2. Excellent reflection, Philip. Would that everyone could draw from the strength and grace from such as these souls. I am reminded of the secretary in the recent Churchill film Darkest Hour. She contained her own sufferings to fulfill her duty and purpose and trusted in her leader’s God given authority even when he was not very “nice.” I am reminded too of Churchill’s gutty decision to forge ahead despite bureaucratic pressures to submit to an evil—but to avoid the imminent sufferings of war. Both displayed a steely resolve, despite a present vulnerability. The human will is a powerful thing indeed. God Himself gives it precedence.

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  9. Church Militant’s report on the Synod was an interesting one today. Though they cite Infovaticana as a source, I haven’t seen this anywhere else. Here is the link if you are good with posting it . There is a portion in the article where they talk of the final Synodal document already being done, yet Bishop Emeritus Krautler, who is an organizer of the Synod, states he doesn’t know who wrote it…. confusion abounds it seems! I continue to pray with everyone the US Graceforce’s intentions that no theological errors be adopted through this.

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      1. Blessed Virgin Mary, in Jesus’ Name, we ask you to send St. Michael the Archangel and his warring hosts to confuse and confound any wicked plans being fostered by factions – in or out of the Church – which are anti-Gospel in their intent. Thank You, Heavenly Father, for you are always by our side. Come Holy Spirit with grace upon grace anew that we may ever be on God’s side, doing what He wants us to do.

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  10. Well worth reposting, Charlie, thank you, particularly for your stand with David Daleiden. In that regard, and with reference to the title of the post, it’s with great sorrow that I have to report that Ireland has now progressed further along that road, with “legal” child-murder now having possessed the entire Island. Northern Ireland has just been “Anschlussed” into it by fiat of the Westminster Parliament, fully aided and abetted by the large internal 5th column. So the whole country, North and South, has now bowed the knee to Baal – or has been forced to, but too many were actively complicit.

    Hope you don’t mind this link from “First Things”, which explains it very well:

    Dear Lord, come to our aid. Soon.

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  11. Thank you dear Charlie and prayers for all here! I love you all and thank God for you!

    Please check out this case below of the gender transition of a little boy that is being forced without the father’s approval and if you would, everyone please call to comment at this White House number. The lady who answered assured me that she would get the comment about this outrageous result to the president. The phone number is # 202- 456-1414.

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    1. It appears that more proper authorities/officials are intervening.

      Pray, pray, pray! ❤

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      1. I think the dad is silenced currently. .drew mariani wanted to have him on his show yesterday but he couldn’t come on with gag order on him😬


        1. I’ve seen Sebastian Gorka, Donald Trump Jr., and Father Heilman among others being a voice of reason on behalf of the father/son in this matter. I have no knowledge about a gag order of the father. ❤

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  12. Too sadly, Beckita, many of us did also in the N.I. case as it seemed very unlikely that they could get their Assembly back together in time to prevent it – unlike the Republic’s 2018 result, when we honestly expected to win. But we hoped. Anyway, in the N.I. case, Catholics were allied with Evangelical Protestants for the Truth- in Irish politico-historical terms that’s one heck of a good fruit, at least. Ut floreat. This is only the beginning.

    And, as we know, in the end…

    God blessings on all. J.

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  13. Charlie, thank you for your insight and instruction – keeping us clinging tightly to TRUTH in this roiling sea of evil. God is certainly revealing to us the depth of our depravity and rebellion. He also tell us what we must do to become truly human and alive again. [seek Him, trust Him, repent, humbly obey Him]

    I recently listened to comments on several sites, and the fear of actual impeachment is rising. The Fear is that the Left will succeed in taking down President Trump and that HRC will be the [successful] candidate in 2020. That certainly got my attention.

    My thoughts: Could this happen? Yes! “They” are pulling out every and all dirty tricks. The father of lies is hard at work! What would we see – live through? Frenzied elation vs horrified distress, would be my guess. Many who have put their hope in President Trump would give up all hope. A violent time would follow.

    Then I thought, [thanks to Charlie] : We are discounting that God is in control! To many of us [not here at ASOH] are putting our faith in a man, rather than our Faith in God alone!

    So, fellow pilgrims, tighten you life vest [Christ]. Trust! Come what may, He still walks on water and calms the sea.

    Great prayer, Beckita.
    Ave Maria, Stella Maris, ora pro nobis

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  14. Again, right on, Charlie. It is with such sadness that I read your analysis of CA, because what you write is true. I came here to SoCal at the tender age of 16 when my father was stationed here. (He was one of those from “greatest generation” btw 🙂 CA was very conservative, especially the southern half. Have lived here most of my life except for a couple of periods that hubby and I were stationed back east. Now having 4 grown children and a couple of grandchildren, I tell them that we know the “before and after”. It is like night and day; no wonder we have fires and earthquakes, although other areas have their chastisements too. I hate to think what Hollywood and the porn industry here are calling down upon us. We have the socialist government that D.C. libs what to impose on us all!

    Come Lord Jesus, and I pray daily for Mama’s triumph! By the way, did anyone else see the video on Spiritdaily of a nun familiar with Garabandal? She said one of the visionaries spoke of a “synod” before the warning, not a council. Interesting.

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    1. Oh, I feel your pain, Annie. I still love my home state of Illinois – the Land of Lincoln. When I was young, it was a bellweather state…the nation usually voted as a whole the way Illinois did in presidential elections. I watched it turn from a well-run state that had some serious patches of corruption to an utterly incompetently run state that is almost entirely corrupt. I was just thinking this afternoon how sorrowful it must make people who were alive when California elected Ronald Reagan its governor for two terms to see what a cesspool of corruption and incompetence it has become.

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      1. And so it does, Charlie. I lived in California from the 1970s to 2010, and I saw it all fall apart. Such a shame.


    2. Annie W. There is a group in CA trying to get a million plus signatures to recall the CA governor. Look for it and get as many signatures as possible. A governor recall happened once before not too long ago in CA.

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  15. The Assault on the Family
    The Assault on Life
    Tolerance of and Enabling of Disorder
    Denial of Transcendence

    These did not just happen; this was done to us.
    It has been done to other Christian nations in the past.
    This is the techniques and process of Subversion.

    The who and why is probably not appropriate for this blog.

    grace and peace.

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    1. Timothy, there surely have been wicked forces at work in our times, yet, I don’t believe all of this just happened to us. While I certainly have not intentionally participated in building a culture of death, I remained silent many a time before becoming actively engaged in many of the battles. For example, it wasn’t until ten years ago that I took an active role in publicly praying for an end to the culture of death via keeping prayer vigils in the local 40 Days for Life campaigns. From another perspective, my own sins have contributed to the disorder as sin is not simply a private matter; it does affect the entire Mystical Body of Christ. I seriously look forward to the Warning – for me too – as I believe it will be a purifying event for every soul.

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      1. My sins have contributed too. I am grateful and humbled that Gospel is true. That while I was dead in those sins God made very clear the consequences of sin and gave me a choice between Him or them.

        Remember the second Narnia movie where the lad who had eaten the Ice Witch cake was the lad who lay the sword to the Ice Witch? Edmund was his name.

        The people who subverted us, the athiest communists amongst Christiandom, are that Witch. Call me Edmund.

        grace and peace

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        1. So beautiful, Timothy. Let us, redeemed as we are, ones who have chosen God, continue to pray for miracles of conversions that Our Lady enjoys a great harvest of returning children for the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart, please God. I am so sorry there will be those who deny Him to their bitter end, yet, I know that God will have done everything possible to awaken and beckon each one, lavishing His Love upon even those who choose to live without Him. In a profound mystery His Justice and Mercy ARE One.

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      2. Amen Beckita. I was just reflecting the other day how even 10 years ago, and certainly before that, I knew “some people had abortions” but I was so numb to what that actually meant – I feel sick I ever felt that way and wonder if I just felt it was PC to just avoid the topic?! Slowly as my faith grew and continues to grow, I realized that stopping abortion is one of the most holy things that can be done while here on earth! I too look forward to the purifying!

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          1. I just opened an email from the St. Paul Center. I love their study series and found this offer, which is free for a couple more days and is right up this topics alley! 😛

            “Now, in The Catholic Table video series, you’ll discover what the Church teaches about creation, the body, feasting, fasting, the Eucharist, and so much more.

            Through October 26, get your copy of the book and get free access to the study!”


            Bon Appetite! ❤

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    1. Ha! Love it, Timothy…if it were so, Catholics would be the heaviest people on earth (though I have been doing my part.) It is a celebration of the saints lives – and a time to reflect on the virtues they exhibit. Though, if you are particularly devoted to some, it is perfectly good to feast on their day just as we would on a loved one’s birthday. Not to worry, we orthodox Catholics are not near as strict about the feast days as we are about the fast days.

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    2. Timothy, I can’t speak for anybody else here; but in my family, we try to have a nicer dinner on the days that are Solemnities (which are all Sundays and several other “really big” feast days like the Annunciation, All Saints, etc). We also try to go to Mass together as a family on those days (that is tough when the Solemnity is on a weekday because two of the kids work full-time and a third is a college student; but Sunday Mass as a family and Sunday dinner as a family are non-negotiable). On the lesser feast days, we eat way more simply… leftovers more often than not. 🙂

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        1. Ha Timothy! You sound like a real, long-time Catholic already!

          When I was teaching RCIA, an old high school friend (a star on our championship basketball team), was a former fundamentalist. At our Christmas Party, we had wine and beer in the basement of the Church. He looked at me somewhat fearful at the sight of it. “Tom, we’re Catholic,” I said. “Our rule is as long as you don’t bet the mortgage or dance on a table with a lampshade on your head, you’re good to go.” With a great grin, he grabbed a beer. (Even if they don’t do it at a church, gifted athletes do like their beer!”)

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          1. I assume you have all read the Irish Lent joke:

            Cut-n-pasted from here:

            An Irishman moved into a tiny hamlet in County Kerry, walked into the pub and promptly ordered three beers. The bartender raised his eyebrows, but served the man three beers, which he drank quietly at a table, alone. The next evening the man again ordered and drank three beers at a time. Soon the entire town was whispering about the Man Who Orders Three Beers. Finally, a week later, the bartender broached the subject on behalf of the town. “I don’t mean to be prying but folks around here are wonderin why your always order three beers and drink them alone?”. “Tis a wee bit odd I would be supposin” the man replied. “You see, I have two brothers, and one went to America and the other went to Australia. We promised each other that we would always order two extra beers, whenever we would partake, as a way of keeping up the family bond.”

            The bartender and the whole town were pleased with his answer and with the reverence for family and soon the Man Who Orders Three Beers became a local celebrity and source of pride to the hamlet. Then one day the man came in and ordered only two beers. The bartender served them with a heavy heart. Word flew around the hamlet quickly. Prayers were offered for the soul of one of the brothers. The next day, the bartender said to the man, “folks around here, me first of all, want to offer our condolences to you for the death of your brother”

            The man pondered for a moment then replied, ” You’ll be happy to hear that my two brothers are alive and well. It’s just that I, meself, have decided to give up drinking for Lent.”

            Grace and Peace,

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            1. That was awesome, Timothy! I’m gonna print it out and give it to my (Irish) husband, who always gives up beer and wine for Lent. 🙂

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    1. I don’t “not like” Mallet’s posts (though I do have a hard time reading many of them I have to admit), and he makes some good points to try to wrap up the Synod, etc. His ultimate point of sticking with Jesus was a good one (and he had some good Cdl. Sarah quotes). I often wonder who he refers to when he states he has “disagreements” on certain things…

      Also, anyone follow Fr. Heilman & Doug Berry’s podcasts through US Graceforce? The latest one had Emmett O’Regan on and he had a very interesting discussion of his book that attempts to tie together Old Testament, Church approved personal prophecy, and the signs of our times…. I found it very interesting (and loved his Irish accent!). Wonder if anyone has read the book and has comment? I just ordered it.

      God bless all!

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    2. CD, thanks for the links.

      Charlie, the first article by Mark Mallett is interesting. It seems he now agrees on your take on things regarding this is not the end, end times.

      I could be wrong in my understanding.

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  16. Yep!! Civil War. The Global Left is taking the “Usual Course”. They have reached the drive enemies underground stage. The last stage is extermination. THEY control the Urban Areas where the serious unpleasantness is already occurring. The Urban “Usual Suspects” have been kept at fever pitched frenzy levels since Trump election. The Dems, Media, Hollywood, Big Tech and “Social” Media have created a “Lit Powder Keg”….. IT will happen ……. it will happen fast ….. and be violent and explosive. Keep your head on a swivel and keep your powder dry!


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  17. I need some help, I’m getting overrun with self-proclaimed “climate change” experts claiming 97% of scientists say carbon is responsible for climate change justifying carbon tax.

    What concrete resources have people found to the contrary?


      1. I know. Part of the reason our Liberals got reelected, is because they had (election tampering) help from the fake climate change narrative being perpetrated during our election. People will believe in a sob psychological guilt story from a little girl that carbon based climate change is real, because she says it’s overwhelming scientific fact.

        I’m ashamed to say it, but the Canadian education system isn’t what it used to be…

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    1. AL, Burt Rutan had the best overall presentation on the subject that I know of, and it is still valid. Go here:

      Click to access EngrCritiqueCAGW-v4o3.pdf

      I particularly like the chart on Page 14, which is worth studying, but the entire presentation is worth understanding.

      The number of scientists who actually wrote the worst parts of the various early IPCC reports number less than 100, I believe. The scientists who have signed the Oregon Petition, located here:

      number over 30,000 and include such luminaries as Freeman Dyson and many more of similar caliber. All the signatures on the Petition have been verified.

      Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) advocates ignore the signatories on the Oregon Petition when they say 97% of all scientists endorse AGW. The actual percentage is close to 97% who dismiss AGW claims and the IPCC reports.

      Note also that the most inflammatory endorsements of AGW theses come from the executive summaries written into the IPCC reports, and those ESs were largely written and produced by bureaucrats, not by the scientists who contributed papers to the reports. In fact, a number of scientists published in the first few IPCC reports objected to the quality of the ESs.

      And note also that the Hockey Stick Model and its charts have been proven to be wrong or even fraudulent. Michael Mann took to court for libel two writers who called him out on his bad or fraudulent work, and a court recently tossed his suit with prejudice, saying he had failed to be timely and had never proved any of his claims.

      I hope this helps you.

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      1. I could look myself, but the stuff I would find would probably be weak at best. It’s best to defer to people spent the time seriously studying the topic for credible information.


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  18. @Sean: Just to be clear, what do you mean by, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”


    1. To be honest, I didn’t see clarity in either comment until reading the entirety of the link. There was clarity there from Pope Francis. A soul at peace (at least one in serious pursuit of peace), yet aware of all the disorder in the world to some extent, ought to find some solid exhortations there. From my standpoint, exhortations that don’t contradict our Faith in the slightest, nor Holy Scripture. In fact, I can hear the voice of Our Lord in those words. That’s my position, stated with clarity.

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      1. @MP: I still don’t know what Sean’s point was in saying, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

        The point of my comment was to link to the recently published book of the title, Our Mother Earth: the Theology of Ecology, and not necessarily to the content of the commentary at the CRUX article in which you “can hear the voice of Our Lord.” Well and good; Our Lord’s voice is always good to hear. Thank you for stating your position with clarity and for giving me an opportunity to state mine.

        My comment actually had in mind much of what Charlie’s Les Jeux Sont Faits blog post spoke of in regards to the Pacha (meaning Earth) mama (meaning Mother). Maybe there is absolutely no connection or synchronization of the timing for the end of the synod and the publishing of that particular title, but the presence of the proxy pachamama (Earth Mother) bowl of earth on the altar per the celebrant’s instruction (as Abp Vigano speaks to in his interview with Life Site News (LSN) noted by commenter TEXASOOZ57 on Les Jeux Sont Faits) strikes me as more than happenstance. To be very clear for seeing eyes and hearing ears, it seems to me that we’ve been told loud and clear what the agenda is and I don’t personally think it’s Our Lord Who is speaking.


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