Working Out


By Charlie Johnston

Sorry I haven’t checked in for a while. I have three significant projects I hope to finish before I go back out on the road. I only have a few weeks left to get them done, so there you go. I will check in tomorrow with a Musings piece covering a lot of ground. There will be an update on the abortion battles, the ongoing war on reality – in a way that puts many people’s safety and lives in danger, the latest revelations on how the media and big tech intentionally want to sell you fake news, and more.

The picture above isn’t actually me – though it could have been back when I was younger, skinnier and if I dyed my hair a darker shade of brown than it actually was. But I can relate to this poor guy.

If you want to schedule me for a visit, contact Mary Lapchak at Below is the schedule of those visits that are already on the calendar for the fall. I will spend the last weeks of September and the first week or two of October in Texas involved in one of the projects that is important to me. But beginning mid-October, you can still schedule a visit. Hope to see you soon:

Navigating the Storm: Stella Maris

Charlie’s presentation consists of:

  • Rosary or Divine Mercy Chaplet (15 minutes)
  • Presentation/talk by Charlie (60 minutes)
  • Short break (10 minutes)
  • Q & A session (approx. 1 hour)

Depending on the location of the event, snacks and beverages are sometimes served. If you have questions regarding a particular event, contact the host via the provided email for that event.

If there is no address given for an event, please contact the host via the email provided to obtain the address.

In October and November, Charlie will travel to Washington, Oregon, California, and then east across the southern states.

If you would like to host Charlie for a presentation in your area, please contact Mary at



St. Paul, MN

  • September 15 (Sunday) – 1:00pm
  • Shoreview Library
  • Community Program room
  • 4560 N Victoria St 55126
  • Contact Kris at


Kansas City, Ks (Johnson County)

  • September 21 (Saturday) – 6:45 pm (Rosary), 7:00 pm (Talk)
  • Irene B. French Community Center – Jenks Gym
  • (near IKEA at I-35 and Johnson Drive)
  • 5701 Merriam Dr. , Merriam KS 66203
  • Contact Connie at or leave a message at 913-248-0686


Oxnard, CA

  • October – Date and Time TBD


Los Angeles, CA

  • October – Date and Time TBD


Sacramento, CA


Houston, TX

  • November 14 (Thursday)


Colorado Springs, CO

  • February – Date and Time TBD


Videos of Past Events

Wadena, Iowa – June 2, 2019

76 thoughts on “Working Out

  1. Praying, always, for you Charlie as you work your on your projects. A PMT for the completion of all that needs to be done on time and sending angels – lots of angels – to keep you company, intercede for graces, inspire you, serenade you and grant you great fruit in your endeavors.

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  2. Hi Everyone

    Today Cardinal Pell will determine the outcome of the appeal. Australia’s corrupt law and media is on trial not Pell. They should have a bench trial to start with and while I plead everyone to pray for Pell also pray for me those persecuting him and everyone affected by the lay Priest and their victims. My hope is low despite praying so much but I do know the 3 bench judges will have to face God at the time of the warning and at the hour so they better act unbiased.

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    1. Cardinal Pell’s brave heart is edifying and so many have been praying for him with you, Josh. He reminds me of Venerable Cardinal Văn Thuận. Sending the Venerable One to remain with Cardinal Pell.

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      1. I’m devastated to have to report that Cardinal Pells’s appeal has failed. the Court of Appeal voted 2 to 1 to uphold his conviction. The dissenting judge found that the complainant embellished his evidence and so did not find him a credible witness while the other two did find this mam’s evidence credible. Please continue to pray that the Cardinal remain strong. I am making a novena of Holy Communions for him. Whatever the decision had been, I felt he would need the protection of thr holy angels.

        The storm has famped up here in the last few weeks with our NSW state government introducing an extreme abortion bill. This bill was passed by by two thirds of the lower Housd and last night the debate in the Upper House began. At least the rush to pass the bill into law has stopped as Parliament rises for a few weeks without the Upper House voting. It has been heartening to see the general populace reacting against the bill. I think this reaction has shocked the politicians. Interesting how two thirds seems to be the number.

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        1. Oh, Carmel, I’m so sorry. May God bless and help Cardinal Pell in this most difficult of times. I will be praying for him, that somehow justice be done for him. Praying also for a failure of the abortion bill.

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        2. Cardinal Pell’s decision is all over the news here, Carmel. Such a travesty! It was the prayers of his people which sustained Cardinal Van Thuan and His imprisonment brought him and the Church great holiness. May this be so with Cardinal Pell. A great cloud of believers around the world continue to uphold him – a white martyr I do believe – in prayer.

          Praying, too, for you, Carmel, and all your countrymen as the culture of death is forced on the masses. Maranatha!

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            1. And I sense, Kim, that his suffering is permeating the hierarchy with white martyrdom graces. Oh! How our Church hierarchy needs grace in this Passion Time. Still, the i.n.j.u.s.t.i.c.e. cries out for our ongoing support in prayer and sacrifice that God strengthen and uphold dear Cardinal Pell through these days.


            2. It seems every generation has a white/red martyr prelate. The Pell case brings back vague memories of Joseph Cardinal Mindszenty. I first heard about him during h.s. bc my mom received the Mindszenty Reports, ( Schlaflys) From his website page:

              “From November 27, 1944 to April 20, 1945, he was imprisoned by the Nazis. Pope Pius XII appointed him Archbishop of Esztergom and Primate of Hungary on October 2, 1945. Just a few months later, on February 18, 1946, the Holy Father raised him to the Cardinalate. As Pope Pius XII placed the Cardinal’s hat on his head, the Pope said: “Among the thirty-two, you will be the first to suffer the martyrdom whose symbol this red color is.”

              When the Communists arrested Cardinal Mindszenty in Budapest on December 26, 1948, his twenty-three long years of persecution, suffering and enforced isolation began. Throughout his ordeals, he was unwavering in his faith, hope and love of God.

              Upon the request of Pope Paul VI, Cardinal Mindszenty departed from his country of Hungary, still occupied by the Communists, on September 29, 1971, and settled in Vienna, Austria. He died there at the age of 83 on May 6, 1975.
              In February 2019, Pope Francis authorized a decree declaring that Mindszenty possessed “heroic virtue,” thus qualifying him to be known as “Venerable,” the first major step towards beatification.”

              An informative article detailing more of his life….

              Padre Pio reportedly bi-located to visit him bc he was tortured in the Budapest prison.

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  3. Good to hear from you, Charlie. ..hope and pray you are 100% now…you are always on our hearts and minds for we walk together in these tumultuous times..your pic reminds me of globe trotting Tommy n Liz…it is tommys 33RD bday today. .good number, eh? They are in iceland…lol..their tent is atop their suv..good way to travel Charlie…lol…God bless you always, Charlie and take ur time with ur pieces to publish… just rest and prepare my friend in Christ…you have a great journey in front of you and we have your back🤗😇😘

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        1. Ha, Linda! My sister and I are both 51; and we’re not twins, either. I don’t know what that call it in Buckeye Land; but in these parts, it’s called being “Irish twins.” 🙂

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  4. Can’t believe what the lefty judges did hear. This is not how justice works. They will now have to answer to Jesus at the time of the warning and the final judgment.
    GodBless you Cardinal Pell May God give you strength in your sufferings. The cross is heavy :(. I hope your name is cleared.

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  5. Prayers for you Charlie and everyone else. Friends, relatives, benefactors and enemies.

    Pray for the Buffalo Diocese. It is alleged that a priest used the confessions for homosexual blackmail against seminarians and Bishop Malone failed to take it seriously.

    After an incredibly lousy past 24 hours at least I can say that Mick,
    Our Lady of Glastonbury is here!

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  6. Hi Charlie
    Thank you for your ministry. It definitely provides Hope in these crazy times. My father thought the 60s through 2004 (when he passed away). I am certain that he is appalled during this time of great distress.

    One note: typo died should be dyed.

    God Bless!

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  7. Hey Charlie… there has been a squirrel on the field two nights in a row during the baseball game between the Chicago White Sox and the Minnesota Twins. I’m assuming you are a Sox fan while I am a Twins fan. Sox won last night after the squirrel appeared and the Twins blew it wide open tonight after the squirrel made his run. What’s your bet for tomorrow night? Squirrel or no squirrel? Sox or Twins?

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      1. Linda, I know how you feel. When I was pregnant with our third, I accidentally ran over a rabbit on my way home from a prenatal appointment. Man, was I a hot hormonal mess! I was a wreck for the rest of the day; but after getting some sleep, I was better. I bet you’ll feel better, too, after a good night’s rest. 🙂

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        1. I woke up at 4 am feeling squirrely…lol😢we humans are such sensitive creatures aren’t we??? Lol…I hope ur summer went good Mick. Kids back to school today? Or are you homeschooling?


          1. We are homeschooling. This will be our 19th year. Man, it doesn’t seem like we’ve been doing this that long… it must mean I’m gettin’ old. 🙂

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              1. Kim, apparently it also means that I can’t count; when I sat down and thought about it yesterday (and actually ticked off the years on my fingers… yes, the Math major counts on her fingers when doing basic arithmetic), I realized that this is in fact the start of our 20th year of homeschooling. You’re right: time sure does fly. 🙂

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              1. You are hilarious, Linda! I’ve been finding some gray hairs lately, and I’m starting to worry that people might start to think that my two youngest kids are my grandchildren.

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                1. That’s nothing, Mick. When my mother and I travel and stay in hotels, I now always am careful to let the hotel check-in people know she is my mother, not my wife. Earlier in our travels this mistake was not uncommon. Now that may say something veery nice about my mother’s looks, or it might say something not so nice about my looks, and I have never had the guts to ask. 😀 😀 😀

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                    1. Yep, Kim… have you seen a picture of SteveBC’s mom? She so youthful, and she’s as cute as a button! I would love to meet her some day (and you, too, SteveBC; although since I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with you on the phone several times, I feel as if we’ve already met). 🙂

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                    2. Kim, Mick and Beckita, you are all wonderful. Thank you for your lovely comments. I will be sure to pass them on to my mother! 🙂

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                  1. SteveBC, it’s definitely that your mother looks extremely young for her age, and not that you look old. You don’t. And yowsers… I’d never guess your mother is in her 90s by looking at her or by seeing her at the gym.

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          1. I can relate, Linda. In the mid 1980’s, at dawn, I used to travel down a long byway called Higgins Road at a relatively high speed, to get to work in a suburb of Chicago named, Schaumburg. On both sides of this thoroughfare were lush forests. Kamikaze birds and mangy varmints (as I used to call them back in the day) would challenge the vehicles daily in their treks from one side to the other. The birds would swoop between cars. Sadly my car’s grill and a few tires ended the lives of some feathered and fury friends.

            While double checking the spelling of Kamikaze as I type this, I learned that Kamikaze means “divine wind” or “spirit wind” and was prompted to keep in mind *the circle of life*.
            The squirrel is in good hands. 😉

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            1. I’m just, as we all are in this family, so attuned to squirrels. …for me…whenever I’m having a bad day or a sad moment…it seems squirrels come out of nowhere and hearten me…I guess it’s sorr of appra po as the storm intensifies, I would run over one of our furry little frustrated friends…lol..thanks for sharing your story with me though…for me…today…you are a sign of hope 🤗😇😘 you simply amaze me jlynnbyrd. .you & beckita😇😇


    1. No squirrel during this afternoon’s game. I missed the excitement. Maybe they only come out for the evening games. 😊 At any rate, Sox win, Twins loose.

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    1. I’m so sorry to hear this news, Noreen. Absolutely praying for you… releasing healing to you in Jesus’ Name and sending you the angels – which Our Lady chooses – to minister to you in mind, body, soul and spirit.

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  8. It appears President Trump has had a conversation or two with God.

    When he turns his head and looks upward…he is not playing around. My Grandpa did something similar when he was a few days away from death.

    God is real, He interacts with us sinners, asking us to listen to Him.

    My bet is President Trump heard and acted.

    grace and peace.

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    Australia has been judged and found wanting. And if other news be true it appears the ‘Persians’ (Muslims) are already dividing up the kingdom.

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    1. Matthew, I think pretty much the whole world has been judged and found wanting. That’s why we so need to repent, to pray, to fast, and to throw ourselves on the mercy of God. God bless and help Australia, the United States, and the whole world.

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