David Rocks Planned Parenthood’s Goliath


By Charlie Johnston

By now most of you know that David Daleiden had a banner day on Wednesday. Federal District Judge William Orrick tentatively eliminated most of the causes of action in Planned Parenthood’s multi-million dollar suit against Daleiden, effectively reducing it to a shaky trespassing claim. PP’s original attack for tens of millions of dollars is now worth, at best, tens of thousands. It’s not going to happen.

The decision is particularly striking because Judge Orrick is a long-time fanboy of PP. He founded and promoted a PP Clinic before he became a judge. I do not think he suddenly decided to become an honest judge instead of using his seat to shill for whatever PP wants. Rather, he knows what the establishment media and national Democrats have not yet picked up on: Planned Parenthood is a dead man walking.

Several years ago, PP decided to destroy the youthful Daleiden, who had the temerity to videotape some of its officials speaking candidly about what abortion really is and how they sought to profit off of the bodies of babies they killed. For decades, PP has been a Goliath, crushing all who cross it with strong-arm tactics and lies the establishment media will not challenge (the establishment media is both advocate for PP and is just that stupid and malicious, as well). When an organization gets its way by sheer muscle long enough, it gets sloppy and arrogant. In its latter stages, while it looks invincible, the truth is that bullying is all it has. Confronted with someone with the determination and discipline not to be bullied, it ultimately comes crashing down, for that is all it has.

In person, Daleiden is soft-spoken and gentle, qualities that led PP to think he could easily be rolled. Boy, did they get that one wrong! They should have been wary after the bungled attack they led in Houston against him. A Harris County Asst. Dist. Atty. (ADA) perverted a Grand Jury that had been convened to investigate PP. Colluding with PP lawyers, she instead turned the Grand Jury on Daleiden. Ultimately the scheme came to light and was blown up. Charges were dismissed, the ADA was fired, and the DA was turned out of office at the next election. Daleiden’s will is unshakeable. While he looks like a harmless little guppy, he is as focused as a shark on the things he stands for. Despite all the blood in the water from their failed attack in Houston, PP insisted on seeing him as a harmless guppy who would easily be dispatched.

Now, right before the blind eyes of the clueless media, PP is coming apart. Just a few days ago, PP fired its president, Leana Wen, after less than a year on the job. The National Institute of Health (NIH) – a department of the federal Health and Human Services Department (HHS) was one of the biggest customers for the organs of aborted babies to the tune of $120 million per year. Pres. Trump has ordered a halt to that. Trump also ordered Title X funds to the tune of $60 million stripped from any entity that performs abortions. Of course, PP got an injunction and sued. The 9th Circuit – the most liberal circuit in the nation, upheld Trump. Now PP says it will not comply with the Title X rules at all, but will just seek to raise the lost funds privately. It has been a very bad year for PP. The abortion giant which, just a couple years ago, seemed invincible, has been getting “vinced” a lot lately. And the year is about to get a whole lot worse very quickly.

It is an open secret that the Dept. of Justice (DOJ) has been conducting an investigation of PP for almost 10 months now, off of criminal referrals from both the Senate and House Judiciary Committees. The average time between the launch of a DOJ investigation and the first indictments are between eight and 12 months. Tick tock…

Abortion advocates have long mimicked contortionists in seeking to get their cases heard in California or in the 9th Circuit – for they effectively owned that circuit. They didn’t have to make coherent legal arguments, just angry assertions of their privilege – and compliant judges would rubber-stamp whatever they wanted. Trump has appointed seven judges to the 9th Circuit. It is still majority Democrat, but there are enough moderate Democrats on the bench there now that, with the Republican judges, it makes up a fairly balanced court instead of a left-wing star chamber. Both PP and older judges in the 9th Circuit really believe in climate change now, for the legal climate there sure is changing fast.

I said months ago that Planned Parenthood was on its way to sudden collapse – a collapse that will catch the media and national Democrats by complete surprise. The only reason it won’t catch California Democrats by surprise is because they are on the front lines of this battle as it has played out. All the happy talk and the false bravado can no longer fool PP’s fellow travelers in California, for they see it suffering loss after loss – and have access to the absurd and panicked legal and political arguments it is using to try to keep its ghoulish business propped up. Even its most steadfast friends on the bench are now trying to establish some distance. They don’t want to be taken down by the ongoing implosion which is speeding up rapidly.

Goliath isn’t going to make it. That means that a lot more babies will make it. I actually read some PP advocates saying with mockery a few years back that Daleiden didn’t have a chance; that this literally was David versus Goliath. They forgot one thing.

David won.

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  1. I do believe this young man’s courage and christian strength is destroying PP!! Who would have thunk it??

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    1. You got that right, Jacquie. He is an amazing young man. He has resisted the temptation to do something splashy that would undermine the larger effort. Thus, brick by brick he has built a structure that has trapped Planned Parenthood in its own malice. Thankfully, within about two months after I first met him some four years ago I was thinking, man, I think this guy is the real deal. Might ought to make that his new nickname: David “Real Deal” Daleiden.

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  2. God must have quite the sense of humor sending a meek young lad, ironically named DAVID, to expose and destroy such a monstrous organization. MY LORD JESUS, I stand in awe of THEE…

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    1. She sure did. She was the California Atty. General who ordered the raids on his home. He woke up at 7:30 one fine morning to find 11 armed policemen at his door sent by Harris to seize his computers and work product. Here is a storyHere is a storyHere is a story about it from that time.

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      1. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

        It is interesting that Kamala Harris is now our Senator from CA. She got away with her legal bullying and pandering to the pro-abortion camp, but there will be a day of reckoning for all of us. I pray for her conversion and repentance before then. Thank you, God, for helping David beat this Goliath. May the giant continue to tumble down.

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      2. Just curious if they returned the confiscated items in working order; hubby suspicious it might have key loggers or monitoring software installed, so hopefully D.wiped everything off the hard drive and started over-or better yet, new computer.

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        1. David had everything on other devices – so he didn’t bother with the old ones. He called me once very early about a year later and said someone was knocking early again and was worried it might be them again. I told him just wait and don’t answer. If it wasn’t them, they would go away…and if it was, he had everything stored in duplicate off-site. Crabbily he told me, “Yeah, but I can’t go spending $2,000 on another laptop every time the Attorney General stops by.” (He’s not a morning person). Fortunately, it was not them, so he went back to sleep and didn’t have to get yet another laptop to load and store off-site.

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      3. Great news, CJ! Praise God!! Actually, words cannot express my feelings. Many emotions are blending together.

        Yeah, Harris is a condescending and mean-spirited woman, openly nasty toward her political opponents during hearings in Washington.

        My question is, who of Goliath’s buddies standing nearby might get squashed beneath him when he comes crashing down? I hope he falls backwards onto those propping him up.

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        1. David, the Soldier for Christ. ✝️

          Jesus said to them, “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves” (Mt 10:16, KJV).

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  3. I have to say with all the crazy bizarro news going on these days, this is welcome balm, like that 1st spring day when the snow starts melting and you can feel springtime is on the way.
    Praise the Lord!

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  4. So awesome is this news with the additional details of impact coming together for a mighty take down. David IS amazing and so are his support confrères! Honestly, every aspect of this moment is so inspiring, such as all the people who have prayed and sacrificed for this day to come… thinking especially of Fr Rick Heilman’s prayer initiatives which have captured the prayers and penance of folks, all over this nation and worldwide, offered to bring an end to abortion, yet, we know there have been many such efforts and every person, known and unknown, who has persisted in prayer for an end to abortion must be filled with hope and joy. (I realize extinguishing PP does not end all abortions… but that day will surely come.) God bless David! God bless each one in his inner circle who supported him!

    My sense is this is a harbinger of more great moments to come, even amidst the darkness. Strains of “Make Us Your Own” are wafting through my head:

    Come to us, You who say, “I will not forget you.”
    Be with us, You who say, “Do not be afraid”
    Take hold of us, our hearts, our minds, our whole being.
    Make us Your own;
    Now is the time!

    Spirit of love,
    Crush the pain of hatred.
    Spirit of hope,
    Stand before our eyes.
    Spirit of light,
    Dance within our darkness.
    Make us Your own;
    Now is the time! (REF)

    Spirit of peace,
    Silence tongues of anger.
    Spirit of life,
    Break the chains of death.
    Spirit of joy,
    Overcome our sadness.
    Make us Your own;
    Now is the time! (REF)

    Spirit of faith,
    Rise above our doubting.
    Spirit of truth,
    Save us from our lies.
    Spirit of God,
    Walk among Your people.
    Make us Your own;
    Now is the time! (REF)

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  5. 21
    When a strong man fully armed guards his palace, his possessions are safe.
    But when one stronger* than he attacks and overcomes him, he takes away the armor on which he relied and distributes the spoils.
    Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.

    Who is the strong man? satan Who are his possessions? those of the world. Who is the stronger one? Jesus. He comes to gather us and bring us back to the Father.

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        1. Thanks for following up, sorrowful, with finding the song. Actually, joyful, I was looking for another interpretation of the musical score on this song… something like the music ministry in my parish does – a more reflective, slower tempo way – as I’m not so fond of this style of the original recording.

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          1. Beckita, what drew me most at first were the words–I can make it a prayer to be said without a tune. It’s just that a tune can help me remember the words, especially when I am doing something else.
            (you know–pray always 🙂 )

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  6. Like a stealth fighter. Amazing. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for giving us a tireless, brave warrior, to send the wicked packing, and your babies to a healthy life. What an interesting thought, and how many will look back to thank the Lord for David’s unselfish drive and conviction.

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  7. At some point, we reached a critical mass of people who had seen babies in the womb through ultrasound and/or had seen ultrasound pictures of themselves when they were in the womb.

    The first lie ~ that it’s not a baby ~ crumbled in the face of this truth.

    Most people that I know who think abortion should be legal are those who see it as a (nearly) last resort for women in distress ~ or at least they hold on to that rationale. I would say that most of these would recoil at PP’s profiteering motive, and especially the profit to be gained by selling baby body parts, the later the better for PP’s profit margin.

    This lie, too, is crumbling. Thanks be to God, and thanks to heroes like David.

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  8. Great News on the PP Front but de pot be boiling in the Persian Gulf

    Generational Déjà Vu – Iran Seizes British Oil Tanker in the Strait of Hormuz…

    There’s a Yoke to Be Carried in Following Jesus – Make Sure It’s Jesus’ Yoke, Not Yours

    The Left is following Communism’s playbook for revolution

    The Leftist/Socialist Cycle That Destroys People and Divides the Nation

    The War over America’s Past Is Really about Its Future


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  9. Never should I say, what can I do? I’m only one person. David is only one person. What a difference that one person has made!

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  10. There is a certain something I really love about this post Charlie. Thank you for sharing such wonderful news with us in your special way with words.

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  11. Love you All for Being a sign of Hope!

    The moment I saw PP president was ousted I felt that was a sign But Charlie scratches beyond the surface news and helped us See How Gods rock prevailed. Yes Charlie, POTUS, David Daleiden, Senator Josh Hawley (I can see him chipping away at the totalarians in IT), Senator Graham.So many more all chipping away at Goliath!

    This is for the cool kids!

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  12. Praise be to God!!!

    May God bless David abundantly!

    Charlie I absolutely love your humor snd artistry with words!

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    1. Joan, the original videos are available right on this site. Just go to the top right and click on “Menu.” Then scroll down until you get to the Daleiden material.
      Now, these do not include the videos that are under the injunction – but those have not been seen by the general public yet anyway.

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  13. Thank you, God! Prayers for his continued success! This is glorious news!

    Keep the prayers and support up, folks for David and Kassi and others! Reinforce success!

    Thank God that Trump and McConnell are re-shaping the 9th Circuit judiciary – I saw what Obama did to the Fourth Circuit and it has been devastating. Five more years of Trump and this will be repaired.

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  14. When I first saw the hidden camera and hidden conversations that exposed such evil things going on at PP…I just thought to myself…that is one very very very brave and holy holy holy soldier for Christ…whomever that is that is doing this!!! At that time DD’s name wasn’t well known yet.

    Now it is!

    David Daleiden is surely a modern day Joan of Arc…fighting an army of evil with God obviously on his side🤗😇📿

    What an amazing time it is to witness the ongoing Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary 💖

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  15. You know, I went to the menu section of this site; Charlie has set up for David and scrolled through the many pieces he has done. The fact that he has kept his wits about him, and worked so hard to stop the deaths of so many babies, yes that is the word…babies! I am again still amazed, and in awe of such a person. My feelings just gush reading the comments of these sick sick women who by just their sex/gender have instilled in them – the virtues of deep nourishing love for babies, and children. I just wonder how many of these people have children, and how they view them. I wonder how many have spoken to their children about their deviant and sick work, they think is just fine to do? And I could go on, however, I look at each of these people, and just am so appalled at the fact they might all go to hell. Don’t they care! So many have gone sooooo far to the end, the burning fires below beckon them and they are willing to jump right off. Once again, I recommend the short book by Malichi Martin “into the Desert” While it somewhat explains these people, it is still very hard to think they exist in this country, where we Choose Life! They are becoming a large piece of the population. God bless you all! Be safe and stay cool. Ave Maria!

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    1. May those so many who have fallen so far make a return to the Lord, robill. In this of so true observation: “The fact that he has kept his wits about him, and worked so hard to stop the deaths of so many babies…” it is a mighty blessing that David has had the counsel of Charlie to hearten, advise and support him in many ways. Too, I readily imagine that the prayers of many were a foundation for David’s bravery and perseverance to shine through his work.

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    2. Robill, my daughter-in-law is from a family of very worldly, liberal, progressive feminists, all obviously in favor of abortion anytime anywhere “for womens rights” ya know. A few years ago we were sitting around visiting, her sister who is training to be a doctor, mentioned how squeamish she had been as an undergrad dissecting a live worm, and how it had been so awful to hurt then kill it. The Holy Spirit pushed me into saying something along the lines “Well how do you think it will be when you have to do an abortion as a doctor?”. My husband was kicking me under the table, my son was giving me dagger eyes to SHUT UP, but I just calmly looked at her. She very matter-of-factly recited the standard abortion lines about how it wasn’t a baby, it was just cells, a woman’s choice, a woman’s body, and that of course she would do the procedure as a physician. Heart pounding from the influence of the Holy Spirit, I then asked if it was only a baby if wanted and just cells if not wanted, and she said oh yes, that’s exactly right, and started getting self-righteously angry with me. I “saw” an image of her soul later that evening…a dark, dried up little thing like a raisin…and I mourned for her. (I have “seen” other people’s souls that are huge and bright and filled with light, praise God!) So I think that is one of the reasons why pro-abortion people can maintain that position, their souls have literally dried up and shriveled away.

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  16. Sometimes the simple things we do can make a difference. I am glad I was inspired to send David Daleiden angels some time ago. All our prayers help. All praise and honor to the Lord. I am but a humble servant. May God continue to bless and guide all here. jas

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    1. ❤ I love that and Amen! God bless you and yours and David and all of the dedicated and devout pro-life advocates on the front lines in this ongoing spiritual battle.

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  17. This is certainly a wonderful outcome for David Daleiden and the Pro Life movement.

    This is a case of bringing the Dark into the Light. Of examining evil straight up. And perhaps, sadly only just perhaps, a serious blow to the sale of body parts for profit by non-profit organizations.

    Thanks to David Daleiden and others like him we are gradually getting a glimpse into the “supply side” of the baby parts for profit business. The part that is not really clear in this “body parts business” is the “demand side” of the trade.

    What is ominous about the “Demand Side” of the PP body parts business is that it would seem to make no sense whatsoever for PP to risk its existence on a de minimus revenue stream from the odd sale here and there of an aborted fetus. High risk for low return? That’s not how business works. The return must be quite substantial for PP to not simply clutch its pearls and pound its chest in mea culpa and condemn the business and those in PP who practiced it illicitly thereby ensuring the continued cash flow especially the $500 million annually from the U.S. Government


    “For years Planned Parenthood and their pro-abortion allies have deceived the public on how they spend their taxpayer dollars,” said Senator David Vitter. “We absolutely need to shed light on how these types of organizations are spending federal funds, and I suspect the forthcoming GAO report will confirm our fears of Planned Parenthood’s inexcusable misuse of taxpayer dollars for abortion.”

    The report found the Planned Parenthood abortion corporation and its affiliates received $344.5 million in federal funds and another $1.2 billion in funding from Medicaid (which includes a combination of federal and state funds) for a total of $1.5 billion over three years from federal programs. The abortion giant receives $1.2 billion from Medicaid, $201 million from the Title X family planning program $40.6 million from Title XX Social Services block grants and $25.9 million from the Title V Maternal and Child health Services block grant.”

    $500 million per year from the U.S Taxpayers and you will risk it for a few dollars of body part revenue?

    The “Demand Side” must be pretty darn sizeable for PP to make that kind of calculation worthwhile.

    PP and the likes of Kermit Gosnell are a reflection of supply meeting demand. It is the demand side that needs to be addressed to write finis to the whole filthy business.

    PP is not out of business so far as I know. The blogger Q recently put up a grizzly picture of a towel covered floor strewn with fetuses of all sizes from small to full size. A worker was squatting next to a bowl of some kind of solution and appeared to be “processing” the fetuses for preservation. Q asked a question: How is the market value of a fetus/baby determined? Answer: The older/larger the fetus/baby is the more it is worth on the market. Note the /baby addendum to his question. He raises the question of the post-birth market value of those babies who survive abortion as well as unwanted babies or even babies specifically grown in the womb for the sole purpose of feeding the “Demand Side” for parts.

    I don’t know if we have even begun to plum the depths of the Evil associated with this non-profit tax subsidized business model.

    The battle will not be won taking out the “Supply Side”. It will be won only by educating and reducing the “Demand Side” and the revenue stream and profit potential it represents.

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    1. The stats are staggering, Ed. There’s gotta be a change of heart. Reading hopenjoy’s account today of the interaction with her DIL’s sister who is in medical school, it is so clear to me that education doesn’t matter to those who have bought the lies and parrot the memorized talking points (devoid of sanity and truth). Just as with Saul, before he was Paul, the scales have to fall from the eyes of the minds and hearts of those who promote abortion. Maranatha! Come and do not delay, o Lord! (Yes, I know God’s timing is perfect. I DO know He is neither too early nor too late. Simply lamenting what we have wrought.)

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  18. At the request of our dear pal Mick, I am going to post the links to images to Our Lady of Glastonbury.


    and for the statue I have purchased:


    and history of the statue


    All you have to do for the first two links is click on the picture and blow it up and you will seethese beautiful statues of Our Lady – very medieval.

    And, for those who are interested, Father Bede discusses a French Shrine of Our Lady and purgatory


    For all of us, keep cool on this roasty, toasty day and God bless you all!

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    1. Squeal! Thanks, James… what an amazing statue, and what an amazing story! As I was reading the history and got to the part about the “Glastonbury Thorn,” I had a “light bulb” moment: In the sixth or seventh grade, my older kids all read a book for school; it’s called “The Hidden Treasure of Glaston.” It’s a fantastic book which I haven’t thought of in many years (I haven’t had a sixth grader for 7 years), and it just hit me that “Glaston” and “Glastonbury” are one and the same. Now I’m gonna have to hunt for the book and reread it. 🙂

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  19. Let us ALL continue to have our Esther moment “I was born for these times” as we stand with David, as we the little people fight the larger forces out there on the battlefield, the sidewalks of pp. KEEP showing up, your presence is vital. Let us stay the course praying our rosaries. THIS is our STRATEGY!!! Way to Keep Fighting David!

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    1. Abbey Johnsons’s Unplanned movie has caused a sensation here and prompted one church prayer group to host a 40days for life prayer campaign in Queensbury NY. Charlie and I had dinner with one of them and Charlie may imagine of whom shall be kicking up her heels to join in:)


      The Unplanned dvd release date is August 13th. I suggest one and all, purchase and leave dvd’s in our churches and public square. I did the same for the Gosnell movie donating several to the local libraries.

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  20. Please don’t forget also all the prolife legal defense David has received. A lot of people have donated to his legal defense I’m sure. PP is going down.

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  21. What a glorious story. It feels so good to get a win! It’s a decisive victory for the precious innocents during the month of the Precious Blood. And thank you, Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

    I must say, one of the reasons I’ve continued to read this (and the previous) blog was the coverage of David Daleiden’s saga. To my knowledge, no one else has covered the story the way Charlie has by connecting the dots and covering all aspects.

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    1. But, did your friend address the actual topic of Charlie’s piece? David Daleiden’s investigation into PP selling baby body parts and the resulting actions perpetrated by PP and its allies was changed by your friend to Abby Johnson. That is a straw man tactic to get you going down another rabbit hole. Don’t give in to doubt. That’s what the satan wants. Stick to the issue; do more research on the court documents, etc. I think Charlie can point you to the best sources. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to give you His gifts. Be confident in the truth.
      Your spirit is willing but the work is hard–do it anyway.

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      1. Josh, love that you shared it with a Canadian. They have many problems, also, and need much prayer. Pray for your friend and be compassionate toward him. He needs the same Holy Spirit.

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  22. Love David’s tenacity (and yours too Charlie). Good way to celebrate the 50th year anniversary
    of the Apollo 11 mission moon landing. What does this have to do with the moon landing? I don’t know, but it’s a good way to celebrate it.

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    1. Well, little one, the Book of Revelation is one the most difficult books to interpret. That said, both Charlie and Our Lady of Medjugorje have indicated that we’re living Chapter 12. Reading about the blasphemies in Chapter 13 brings to mind the uber number of blasphemies against God in these days and we’ve seen verses 16 & 17 come to life in the persecution of Christians. Right now, Charlie is very busy with some work and has some long driving days coming up as he makes his way home after a summer of visits.

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  23. I shared with the superb testimony of 3 Doctors from SGT report. These 3 Doctors Refuse to Remain Silent Any Longer [So Link can be deleted]

    (From Beckita… Let’s give our readers the search words to use at You Tube, Josh: THESE 3 BRAVE DOCTORS REFUSE TO REMAIN SILENT ANY LONGER!)

    Yes I shared whatever videos of David Daleidens hard uncover work I could find exposing PP infantacide killing machine gloating how they bought Lamborghini’s or Mc Mansions or made multi millions by selling baby parts for their profit. Only a person like Charlie is well equipped to show the liberals folks how wrong they are but I try in whatever way I can.

    The entire clinic is run by Demons who give the impression they are fighting for the womans rights but once they get the baby they snatch it and then perform acts that are akin to satanic child sacrifice in the spiritual realm but the families involved are scarred for life.

    Yes Magret Sagner who practiced Eugenics in my opinion a satanic cult was then supported by Bill Gates father and then Bill Gate and his wife and Soros and probably the RothChilds. Probably that’s the reason Bill and his wife try very hard to put on that facade they care for world issues.

    In my dreams I see all these murderer babies they needed to be hugged and cuddled but they got the most cruel act performed instead.

    Give your kid a tight hug and in your heart say all you babies in the spiritual realm this is for you so it reaches them! I’m sure the Angel’s do that!

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  24. So for fun I googled Planned Parenthood v Daleidan. What came up were a bunch of stories from earlier this year and last, touting setbacks for Daleidan . And only one story from the Washington Post on last week’s victory (I don’t count Lifesite news) . Beyond that – crickets -. Now maybe more media covered it but if they did Google buried the results. I hope the verdict is published so that it can be used as a precedent – it supports first amendment rights for reporters – something they should applaud regardless of where they stand on abortion. Investigative reporters owe David a big thank you. But don’t hold your breath. Wouldn’t it be ironic if this case was used to support a big freedom of the press case for say the New york times?

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  25. David Deleiden, so happy for this victory. I hope Planned Parenthood is dead in the water as Charlie expressed..
    I have a problem and would appreciate hearing from you. At mass this morning the feast day of Mary Magdalene, the pastor’s homily was about how Mary Magdalene was the first to see Jesus after His resurrection and this was because the Apostles were frightened and were still locked in the upper room. He then went on to say, we need Women priest. We are so happy with our altar girls. There is a young seminarian Placed there for the summer and the pastor said, he told him, he wanted to know what he thought of his homily. The sexual scandal he refuses to say it is a homosexual problem, instead it is pedophilia. Artificial contraception is another problem, this has been pushed by stealth in the confessional. This pastor has been at this church for 38 years and is not about to retire. It is a very wealthy parish.
    People who know me said, they looked at me and saw by my facial expression, that I was shocked..
    My question, I do believe I need to leave the parish, and probably should have done so a long time ago.. By the way the pastor has been on the committee that Interviews men who want to go into the priesthood. I do think about those who may have been turned away.. I did know of one, and he was told he was to Holy.
    Now with this Pope and the latest on the Amazon synod, it looks as if, you want to follow the true teachings of the church, you need to go UNDERGROUND.. We definitely need Mary our Mother to intervene now.

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      1. Hello Doug, I have not written the Bishop as yet, because I am being cautious. The Bishop may be on the same page unfortunately.

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        1. I need help. Someone help me. I cannot find the old testament scripture, but here is the jist. If a watchman sees the enemy coming and fails to report, then it is on his head. If he reports and the king fails to take action, then it is on the kings head.

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            1. Yes! Apropos Becks! Is there another one about what I alluded to or am I mixing up my scriptures? My searches are coming up dry. Could have sworn I saw it somewhere. Thanks!

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              1. OK, Doug. It seems you were seeking Ezekiel 33:6: But if the sentinel sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, so that the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any of them, they are taken away in their iniquity, but their blood I will require at the sentinel’s hand.


                1. That’s it! Thank you Becks! It was good that I did not know off hand because you brought out a beautiful verse I have forgotten about. Blessings!

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            2. Here is the Ezekiel verse Becks pointed out:

              If, when I say to the wicked, Thou shalt surely die: thou declare it not to him, nor speak to him, that he may be converted from his wicked way, and live: the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity, but I will require his blood at thy hand.19But if thou give warning to the wicked, and he be not converted from his wickedness, and from his evil way: he indeed shall die in his iniquity, but thou hast delivered thy soul.


    1. Perhaps, Teresa, we’re, collectively, in the phase where God lets us experience what we do to ourselves when we fail to rely on Him and keep His laws… and, as He so often does, He waits ’til the eleventh hour to answer our pleas for mercy and help.

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      1. Beckita,
        I really do not know how many people blogging here are on the same page as my pastor. I do know that it is considered an infallible teaching by one of our Popes that women cannot ever be ordained priest.. I understand that the Amazon synod is looking first for women deaconesses and married men for priest. The bishops who were asked to attend are in agreement with this and much more. I just read an article by Msgr. Pope about the Tridentine mass, and how priest can ease their parishoners into becoming oriented to the priest facing East as the congregation does. It does depend on what the Bishop will allow. It is obvious that Pope Francis is not a fan.
        The surrender prayer is very comforting, but I do believe it is the time for the Laity who believe in the teachings of the church, to counteract those who want to change everything that we have been doing for over 2000 years and given to us by Jesus Christ. The Lord is allowing this to happen, he is literally flushing out all of the apostates.

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        1. Oh surely, Teresa, we ARE all called to act. The core message here is comprised of acknowledging God/praying so that we grow closer to Him and can discern what it is He asks of each of us/next right steps, right where we are and, at the same time, we trust God/surrender as we await the interventions which He Alone can do. We are in agreement, Teresa.

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    2. Theresa,

      You have options.

      First, stand and fight – complain to the Bishop in writing – you can look up on Father Z’s tips on how to do this.
      Say a novena for the conversion of the priest and offer up your sufferings for him.


      If staying will make me spiritually ill and lead to more sin, go to another priest and go to confession.
      Look for another Parish – be willing to drive or move.
      Look for a Holy priest – not a perfect priest, but a holy priest. There may be some problems with his liturgical praxis, but he may have inherited problems or be under duress from the Bishop.

      There is clearly a problem in the liturgical praxis of your parish. I am sure there are more problems, besides the sermons, but the wealth of the parishoner is masking many of the problems
      Beckita, what Theresa is also addressing is that there is a point whereby someone becoems almost spiritually ill from the bad things going on at a parsih, and all too often, peopel like here cease attending mass. This was discussed in https://lms.org.uk/chairmansblog3, Then scroll down to 20/07/2019 – 10:00 Why do people lapse? More from Stephen Bullivant. A very important article.
      I myself had to make the choice back in 2007 – a now laicized priest caused my wife and I problems. I had to drive over 20 minutes and finally settled on a parish in the neighboring county (35 minutes) before I turned East. At one point I had a two hour commute, to and from the Divine Liturgy.

      I will keep you in my prayers, Theresa – hold in there!

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      1. Truly, you and Doug have given good counsel, James. Amen. My response was to Teresa’s closing line: “We definitely need Mary our Mother to intervene now.” As we strive to faithfully live the TNRS message while living our faith with fidelity, right where each of us is planted, there still remain HUGE issues for which we need God’s intervention. Often, when we become weary, we want it NOW. God’s Timing is perfect and HE has purpose(s) for the waiting and accomplishes whatever HE desires in that waiting space. His Plans are altogether wonderful and perfect. Praying for you, Teresa.

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      2. Thank you so much, James Ignatius McAuley, today I did not attend mass, I usually attend every day, since in these trying times, I am only comforted by the Eucharist and adoration Holy hours.. There are good young priest and a church that has the Latin mass. I must move forward.

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  26. Yesterday I scored 100% on a test most of us men hope we would score zero on. It was a biopsy for prostate cancer and the Dr. Thinks it is an aggressive type. My first reaction was that God could use this to purify me of my remaining attachment to certain sins. Next I have been speaking to Padre Pio about the matter as I have a certain fondness for this saint. At the least it is a wake up call about my mortality and my priorities. If the cancer is contained in the prostate it will be ok otherwise more problematic. Further tests. Say a prayer please for God’s containment of this cancer and or healing and for me to accept whatever must happen. Posting here as I know more folks check this site regularlly. God Bless.

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    1. Glad you brought the petition to this space, Bob. Praying for you and all your intentions connected to the healing of the cancer. Praying for your wife and family too.

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    2. Praying for you Bob, for containment of your cancer and healing for you in the months to come. May your Trust in our Lord be strengthened with every passing day.


  27. Just wanted to remind everyone that July 25th is anniversary of the Humanae Vitae encyclical issued in 1968. We are now living what Pope Paul VI Predicted would happen if we accepted Artificial contraception… We went down the slippery slope.

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  28. Luz de Maria July 15th speaks on the warning and our times :

    “This is the generation that will experience the great act of Divine Mercy: THE WARNING, (1) accompanied by the event I have described to you in previous Revelations, (a cosmic event), during which no soul will manage not to be examined by itself: all souls will want to see themselves like bees draw to honey.

    Beloved of God, One and Three, keep corresponding to our King and Lord Jesus Christ so that you will not be induced to turn away and give up, when the pressure of evil is not only exerted on man through what man receives from without, but on a personal level, working in his psyche and from there hardening his heart, senses and above all changing his heart for a hardened heart that sees only evil.

    At this instant human being are continually tempted without rest, even in their dreams, so that upon waking, the rags with which they had been dressed and which they changed for new clothes in a new life within the Love of Christ, would be taken back up again.”



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  29. From Desmond Birch:

    You know, in the purely human dimension – the evil we are fighting especially on the life issues – ALL of it originally stems from the cancer of relativism. Relativism was once the private domain of student admirers of modern philosophy. But it has since spread to ordinary people, people who do not yet consider themselves to be intellectuals. That infection has occurred over the last 50 to 60 years, over the course of my adult lifetime. That is my vantage point from which to see the course of this great change. But THAT isn’t where the relativism ends.

    Young pro-aborts today were first brainwashed into the denial that there are any absolute truths. Then they were taught that a fetus is not a human being. That programming occurs in their public schools and their culture.

    In its early stages, they are willing to discuss issues with those holding other views. When they see their arguments being overcome by physical evidence and rational argument, what is their almost universal response today? They almost all say, “There is my truth, and there is your truth.” They have learned this senseless mantra from their teachers in public school. That is a statement of pure ‘relativism.’ What it means is, ‘there is no absolute truth.’

    But of late, when that multiple truth [sic] argument doesn’t convert or at least silence those who actually believe in absolute moral values, we have seen the pro-abort, black lives matter, socialists [and other kinds of idealogues] turning to violent language and violent acts. This violence they have literally been taught in public universities. They have then foresworn reasonable discussion with people holding different views and beliefs. We’ve all seen or heard this, either in public – or at least on television.

    [This is ‘Déjà Vu’ for me. In the 1940’s, 50’s & 60’s I read and saw these patterns and tactics — first from Nazi sympathizers during WW II and, then, from Marxists in the 1950’s and 60’s up to this day.]

    In fact, when it comes to the pet ideologies of these ‘professed’ relativists, there is nothing relativistic about them at all. By this point, they have come full circle to return to absolutism. The difference is that now – they claim their ideology is truth, and is the only truth. They have now in part returned to their original youthful belief in an ABSOLUTE TRUTH. But something has obviously changed in them. What is it?

    They again believe in absolutes – but without a heart of flesh and have eschewed honest search for OBJECTIVE self-evident truths. Aristotle and Aquinas call such ‘First Principles’ – which are recognized by all sane persons. Instead, like zombies, the former relativists mindlessly, blindly, restate their ideologies over and over again.

    Relativism, is a tactical weapon used to induce people who previously believed in moral absolutes to give them up [things such as the ‘Right to Life’ of a baby in its mother’s womb, the right to the fruits of your own labor, to believe in human dignity & the right to speak your mind respectfully and freely, that there is an absolute code of right and wrong, etc., etc.]. After these people have been so induced, they are ‘re-educated’ into IDEOLOGIES which are their new artificial moral code. They are absolutists again, but of a mindless immoral variety.

    What does all that tell us? Unless we want to become like them, we must keep our thoughts, tactics and actions pure and righteous. For if we deviate from that – we tell our almighty Father that we are no longer really part of his army. Then, where can WE turn for protection from the power of the demonic?

    This principle as stated immediately above is – I think – one of the major keys to the strength and success of David Daleiden. He does not, not even when the world thinks his back is against the wall, emulate the tactics of immorality and violence of the Enemies of Life or of even human decency. He sticks to God’s truth and moral law. He sticks by the Ten Commandments of God & simply trusts in Him to be his protector. A wise example to follow.

    All my love in Christ


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    1. Hallelujah! Welcome Home, Desmond. It’s been too long but I realize you’ve had one busy summer. Well said about how the tyranny of relativism has developed and metastasized in this era. (I should add that for some reason Des wasn’t able to get this comment to post via his usual ways, so I happily agreed to post it for him.)

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    2. Many years ago, when volunteering at a parochial junior high, overheard a snippet from one of the teachers when I had to walk through their lounge: “When the principal is observing, I teach from the religion book, but most of the time, it’s situation ethics.” Isn’t that a branch of relativism? Fortunately, he left after one year.

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    3. Wonderful Des!”There is my truth, and there is your truth.”  Simple logic says this is impossible.  There cannot be two truths by definition.  Either one is right and the other is wrong or both are wrong, but both cannot be true.  What it is is a slick rationalization.  They have to deny or not believe in God.  Then, as Charlie has stated in the past, it becomes a power struggle with the winner believing they are absolutely right as you eloquently describe.  Blessings!Sent from Doug’s mobile

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    4. Matthew 13:13

      13 For this reason, I speak to them in parables: because seeing, they do not see, and hearing they do not hear, nor do they understand.

      14 And so, in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah, who said, Hearing, you shall hear, but not understand; and seeing, you shall see, but not perceive.

      15 For the heart of this people has grown fat, and with their ears they hear heavily, and they have closed their eyes, lest at any time they might see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and be converted, and then I would heal them.

      16 But blessed are your eyes, because they see, and your ears, because they hear.

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