Warped Perceptions of Reality

Warped Reality

By Charlie Johnston

I have had a wonderful visit in Jackson, Michigan. My next presentation will be in Manchester, New Hampshire on Saturday, June 15 at 6 p.m. For information contact Doug at asoh.manchester@gmail.com. Then on Wednesday, June 19, I will be in the Albany, New York area at the Queensbury Knights Hall. They could still use a few last-minute volunteers there. For info or to help contact Sean at asoh.queensbury@gmail.com. For updated info on all future events, click on the menu button at the top right of the page, then select “Travels With Charlie” from the drop-down menu. It’s been hectic. Yesterday was the first day I have had since being on the road where I did not have to travel or be at an event. Catching up can be hard to do.


The world keeps getting weirder and weirder. The conventional wisdom coming from the establishment media isn’t…either wisdom or conventional. Like the Red Queen in Alice Through the Looking Glass, they try to convince us of six impossible things before breakfast each day – and then really get rolling.

The left says give them all the power and most of the money and they will save the planet. They HAVE had all the power and most of the money in many cities in this country for over half a century. Before setting out to save the planet, might they first practice by tidying up San Francisco? It’s so filthy even the dogs there watch where they are stepping.

The left says confiscate all the guns so that only government has them and we will all be safer and happier. Yet if a Martian came to earth and wanted a quick way to determine where the most dangerous areas are, all he would need to do is know the gun control laws of an area. The stricter they are, the more people are killed by gun violence. Turns out criminals don’t care about gun laws because they are (wait for it)…criminals. Disarming victims is the dumbest way to fight crime ever.

Socialism is all the rage on the left. Yet everywhere it is tried, freedom dies, starvation ensues, and tyrants murder their own citizens. In Venezuela, formerly the most prosperous country in South America, they went with socialism and now are eating their pets and selling children into sex slavery to survive. In 2,000 years of Christianity, the estimates of how many people were killed in Christian wars range from two to 15 million. Almost all killed were enemy combatants. Let’s take a generous estimate of 10 million. In just over a century, Socialist tyrants have killed about 127 million people – mostly their own citizens who dissented from the party line. That means that for every enemy combatant killed in a Christian war, 100 people were murdered by their own socialist governments. Why is ANYONE taking socialism seriously – except for raw ignorance or a drunken lust for power?

Leftists love to talk about how socialism has worked in some Nordic countries. As usual, the leftists don’t know what they are talking about. Several of those countries have maintained a welfare state, but ALL have regulated business less than the United States. Sweden privatized its version of social security over 20 years ago – because it was unsustainable. It also de-regulated its economy dramatically, fearing it would all collapse if it didn’t.

The single most important factor in a country’s environmental pollution is how developed it is. The more advanced, the less it pollutes. So what is the left’s program? Return all world economies to a primitive state. Why in heavens would you adopt the model that produces the most heavy pollution in order to be “green”?

George Orwell said that some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them. You should see how stupid pseudo-intellectuals, experts without expertise, can get. Those “experts” who want to take absolute power over all us folksies and most of our money should at least get a few dire predictions right before anyone takes them seriously, much less abrogate either power or money to them.

These are really stupid times. Unsustainable, you might say.


I was astonished to see John Dean testifying before the House Judiciary Committee in its ongoing efforts to oust Pres. Trump. I was merely 18 years old the summer Dean electrified the country with his nearly week-long testimony before the Watergate Committee. At the time, I was a volunteer aide to Congressman Robert McClory, the 2nd-ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee and the author of the Third Article of Impeachment against Richard Nixon. I supported impeachment at the time, but have had deep second thoughts since. Dean’s testimony was a brutal indictment of Nixon and many of Dean’s Colleagues in the West Wing. Compelling stuff. But he testified before anyone knew about the White House tapes.

After the White House tapes were revealed and then released, the momentum for getting rid of Nixon had reached critical mass. Reading them, though, gave me my first misgivings about the whole affair. It turned out that Dean’s testimony before Congress had been a pack of self-serving lies from start to finish. Nixon had tasked Dean with keeping him apprised of what was happening – and to inform him if any high officials were involved. The tapes proved that Dean lied consistently to the president – and was, himself, the architect of the cover-up which he had been assuring Nixon was not happening. The first time Dean leveled with Nixon was on May 21, 1973 in the famous “cancer on the presidency” tape. After revealing to Nixon that there WAS a cover-up and that Dean had been running it from the start, Dean had the temerity to demand that Nixon pardon him. Nixon refused. So Dean went and started peddling what the tapes later proved was a malicious pack of lies. Dean conceived the cover-up, recruited conspirators, ran the cover-up, all while lying to the president about it.

I was not as knowledgeable at 18 as I later became – but I was smart enough to know John Dean was a serial, malicious, inveterate, self-serving liar – and that without Dean and his lies, Watergate may not ever have amounted to anything more than a third-rate burglary. He was no hero – he was the chief villain of the whole thing. Frankly, John Dean makes Michael Avenatti look like a choir boy. I was baffled then how the press could make this sleazeball into a hero. I am befuddled now that Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee want to make him the poster boy for their ongoing coup attempt. Birds of a feather, I guess.


I have had several people ask me about a $195,000 fine they think the courts recently imposed on David Daleiden. There is a lot of confusion going around about it. The fine is from two years ago, in September of 2017 for putting up a three-minute preview of hundreds of hours of tapes Daleiden had from the National Abortion Federation Annual Conference.

San Francisco Federal Judge William Orrick (the judge who is an open enthusiast and committed supporter of Planned Parenthood who relishes playing the role of resister – he also made a national injunction against Trump’s initial travel ban) had put an injunction against playing any of the videos publicly – but also promised not to interfere with their use in the state criminal case. The San Francisco Superior State Court released an unsealed filing which included the video as a matter of public record. Thus, it had entered public domain, and Daleiden’s lawyers put the preview up on their website. Judge Orrick had a fit. He charged both Daleiden and his lawyers with contempt – and issued this huge fine, much of which was supposed to go to abortionists for “damages” to their reputations. (The whole thing was the abortionists’ words. A simple rule: if you don’t want to damage your reputation, don’t say vile, evil things that will offend normal peoples’ conscience. But in the People’s Republic of California, you don’t get punished for saying left-wing vile, evil things: you get punished for faithfully and truthfully reporting what the vile, evil people said).

The lawyers, of course, appealed this sanction. The decision by the Ninth Circuit last week denied the appeal. But the denial was not on the merits, just that such an appeal is not ripe yet and won’t be until the main civil action is concluded. There is no new fine and there has been no substantive rejection of the claims of the appeal – just that it cannot be filed until after the main action is decided.

I imagine the abortionists will try to force Daleiden to come up with the money in an escrow account, pending the outcome of the case. Their strategy from the beginning has been to try to either bankrupt him or scare him into capitulation. But no actual new ground was broken here.

There has been real panic in Planned Parenthood and their fellow travelers in the California legal community. The criminal case is imploding on them all. I think it will lead to serious criminal charges against Planned Parenthood that may well destroy their viability as an ongoing concern. I also think the California Atty. Gen.’s office is badly exposed – and if they can’t figure out a way to withdraw from this case, some in that office may be headed to prison. This is deadly serious stuff and many officials at both offices are fully aware of how much trouble they could be in. Amusingly, neither most Democrats nor any of the establishment media have any idea that Planned Parenthood has entered into an existential crisis.

Luckily, some of the mass of evidence is very likely to start breaking this week. I know that John Solomon of The Hill has received a large document dump with some compelling evidence of the atrocities going on at Planned Parenthood and its partners. I think it likely it will start dropping on either the Hannity Show or Tucker Carlson later this week or early next – as well as in Solomon’s reporting at The Hill.

When it begins, it will be like the first rock dropping in a landslide. The abortion power is about to take the biggest hit to its power and influence since Roe v Wade was decided in 1973. If I get a heads up on when it is going to break on a major news show, I will write a short bulletin to let you know so you can tune in.

142 thoughts on “Warped Perceptions of Reality

    1. It’s so surreal. When you come to the realization that we have been played by the elite, the politicians, the regulators, the academia, the newscasters, most law enforcement, some clergy, some ministers, weather men, nasa, the UN, attorneys, judges, House and senate, local government, local regulators, dmv, social services, medicare, obamacare, un-planned parenthood, the penal system, BLM, forest service, just to name a few, it’s difficult to have hope for our future. And my friends, I am an optimist. Everything that I have ever believed to be right is now frowned upon by the aforementioned groups. Thank God for the BVM, for I would have lost hope long ago.

      PS Charlie helped a little too.

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        1. Ha HA Christopher I love it ‘Planned Barrenhood’. That made me chuckle because my Mother used to call women that never had any children, barren. Probably not too politically correct today… 😉

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  1. Great title Charlie. Curiously, not that long ago Beckita used those same words (Warped Perceptions of Reality) to describe me. 😦

    BD 😉

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  2. Wow Charlie!!! Inside baseball stuff here. Thanks for so much good information.

    I was 19 the summer John Dean testified and already disgusted with the corruption and lies of the “establishment”, so I paid little attention to the details. I greatly appreciate your concise history lesson on the cover-up.

    I am fascinated these days by the impending landslides of information about to cascade from the lofty heights of the elitists’ elevated domains. You have been referring lately to the PP evil corruption and that impending “landslide”. I know you’re aware of all else that John Solomon, Sara Carter, Tom Fitton, et al, have been investigating. I say the “first rock” has already let loose on that landslide.

    Safe and happy travels sir. God bless you and keep you.

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  3. The total collapse of Planned Parenthood cannot be anything other than a major leap forward in the process of the Rescue.

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  4. It is my belief, and others as well, that President Trump has been annointed by God to serve our United States. He has made positive, amazing improvements to our nation. We all know what they are, and there are too many to list here. The liberal Dems know very well the successes our President has put forth, but their hatred for our President makes them look the other way. They will never give him the credit he deserves. God is using Trump mightily, and the liberal Dems cannot take this. And behind any hateful, oppressive, and negatively “resistant” force, is none other than the enemy of our souls. But God will not be mocked. God is in control, and God will make sure that HIS own will, WILL be done. God will not be stopped! So I believe that we Christians of faith just need to keep praying, and taking the right actions that God calls us to do in our lives, and we will pass safely through these days of “political storm.” Knowing that God is in control, makes all the difference. Therefore, our souls can be calm, and we can trust God to take care of everything. Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ! To you be the honor and glory, forever and ever! Thank you for allowing me to share. God bless all. ✝🌈

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    1. STARSHINE, I agree with all you wrote.

      I have mentioned here previously that I did not support Trump until I heard the most pro-life words ever uttered by a presidential candidate (except maybe Rick Santorum) at about the time of his nomination by the RNC. I knew instantly that was due to the influence of Melania, and I was instantly converted.

      I realized also at that time there is hope for this country

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  5. I am praying for this victory but adding the intention that, like the hideous Hydra, another two evil heads will NOT pop up to replace PP. May the terrible wound of abortion be cauterized and healed. I also pray for all those women who will be suffering the most terrible Post-Abortion Syndrome, especially when they find out the extent of the lies they were fed, inducing them to kill their own children. May their sorrow not be turned into despair. May Jesus offer His healing to our society and His people and give courage to His shepherds to speak courageously and to forgive those who have slinked away from this fight.

    All of us have been wounded by the sin of abortion, either directly or indirectly. I pray that the thorn of PP will be withdrawn from the Sacred Heart of Jesus during this month dedicated to His loving Heart. Peace and blessings to all here.

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    1. Another interesting and related piece by Project Veritas on the Pinterest topic.
      Lila Rose and David Daleiden are both mentioned in it.


      I’ve seen first hand how Google tampers with auto complete and how they stack the first page of searches with leftist sources. Pinterest apparently does the same thing. This is a more subtle battle that seems tough for us to combat since we don’t control these private social media services. But we see it plain as day!

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            1. That is great, Kim. I could not find a way to tell them why I left either. Since I am on Twitter, I replied to the Project Veritas (PV) exposé tweet while including @Pinterest of my exodus from their format in a more public way.

              I was happy to see many more folks reply that they did the same on the PV timeline.

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        1. I just discovered another layer to Pinterest’s attempt to dissuade readers from accessing Live Action.

          Search “Planned Parenthood” and “site:Pinterest.com” and try the same with “Live Action.”

          No problem accessing PP: https://www.pinterest.com/ppaction/

          But with Live Action.org, you have to log in: https://www.pinterest.com/LiveActionFilms/
          or https://www.pinterest.com/LiveAction.org/

          Our eyes are open to the underhandedness of the enemy’s soldiers …..we are watching. All y’all on the wrong side of history: your actions are rightly being exposed to the light of day.

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  6. If not for a news article in our local paper, I had all but forgotten about the safe haven provision for newborns. For my state, “The Safe Haven Act is a law that allows parents – or another person who has the parent’s authorization – to leave an infant up to 30 days old at a hospital or health care facility without fear of prosecution for abandonment. A parent may also contact 911 and relinquish physical custody of an infant up to 30 days old to a first responder of the 911 call. More than 30 children have been declared safe havens since our state law was enacted in 2002. All states have Safe Haven laws, although provisions differ.”
    Here is a national map with the respective state guidelines:

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  7. Thanks, Charlie! A friend’s sister who recently left California for good, said the wait list to rent a u haul type truck was months—many trying to flee the sinking ship!!

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  8. Thanks for telling it like it is, Charlie. My feel on all the noise that media is making is going to Destroy any credibility they have left. I have been aware of the power of a story and influence more lately.

    As humbling as it may be for people to admit I think that as human beings we’re all susceptible to being brain washed. What we do, hear, see, and say can change who we are. I don’t think people are as solid as they may think.

    I think people aren’t that different throughout time. There are many things in the past that people look at now and wonder how people could have lived like that. There were some who thought Hitler was a good guy or that slavery was ok. Galileo was a heretic.

    I think maybe a lot of people then were influenced by the noise of their time. I think that they who questioned the beliefs of their time were probably poo pooed like some people are today. Particularly the president but I think he’s not the only one. Just on the biggest stage maybe.

    The thing is that I think that the president has shown you can take a beating for the truth and keep standing. I think we can all do that in some way. I think I’m going to look at what I’m doing in my day to day and question it. The media and people make noise. They all have some story they want to tell and often it isn’t true.

    I and I hope a lot more people are going to start looking more at what is rather than what is said.

    Thanks again. I’ll say a prayer for you and please pray for me

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        1. It IS a beauty, Joyful. And Anthony Esolen is a tremendous voice imbued with the Breath of the Spirit, rebuilding the Faith and restoring the culture with beauty and truth.

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            1. Magnificat magazine just published vol.1 of Professor Esolen’s column “How the Church Has Changed the World.” It covers Dec., 2013 to Dec.,2015. He is one of the reasons I can’t get rid of my Magnificats. 🙂

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              1. I’m also missing our Aussie friends, Karen (since mid-March) and Anne (can’t recall how long). And there are others who have taken even longer breaks. You know, people take a hiatus from the site for many reasons. Let’s pray for CrewDog, Karen, Anne, Snowy – and anyone we haven’t seen around in a while – for all their needs.

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  9. thesestonewalls.com/gordon-macrae/a-documentary-interview-with-father-gordon-macrae/
    A must watch. A 2011 interview has been uncovered. Pray for Father Gordon MacRae and those priests that became the “scapegoat” of the illicit hierarchy.

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  10. I am “All Ears” waiting to hear the news of pp when it happens. Let’s KEEP praying for President Trump, his family, and for Fr. Frank Pavone. Two amazing WATCHMEN !! I’m going on your lead also Charlie, I’m deleting Pinterest !!

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  11. Charlie, I wasn’t political and didn’t follow the Nixon tapes. I am so political now and hear that George Soros is funding getting the left prosecuting attorneys elected so they can let anyone steal up to $750.00 as long as it’s because of being poor; Phil. Penn. and Dallas attorneys now say it”s O.K.
    The police chief in Dallas has said when people get out of jail they are “forced to commit violent acts.”She now has called the state troopers in to police Dallas because of all the murders. So many police have left the Dallas force; the chief has changed the way the police work and now can’t control crime. The left can’t do a good job being in charge!

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    1. We just elected two of Soros’ Commonwealth Attorneys here in Northern Virginia yesterday.

      The two received $534,000 from Soros. Neither one has ever tried a case in State court. Took out two incumbents with a total of 60 years experience trying criminal cases.

      Money talks. Everybody knew going in that these two relatively lowly positions in the public servant hierarchy were for sale and George Soros was buying.

      Failure to enforce the law. What Soros is buying is chaos. Declining to prosecute. A la Jessie Smollet in Chicago. Undermining the Status Quo. Disintegrating society but normalizing lawlessness.

      For real.

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      1. Dear Ed, so very apt and thought provoking when you say, “normalizing lawlessness”. Indeed, Bekita, “Deliver us, O Lord.”

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    2. Thank the Lord we in San Diego defeated the Soros supported attorney running for office. It was so blatant. These people stop at nothing!

      Please pray for hubby and me going through a difficult. physically demanding move with tons of stuff to clean up after many years in one house. (Because he’s a pack rat, God bless him!) And we are no spring chickens!! So tired.

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  12. Its a fairly long read, but the Orthosphere has a essay up describing the writings of a Mr. Chateubriand , a man who lived through the French Revolution and later wrote books on the nature of revolution.


    Reading it, it occurred to me that the characters in the essay are the same as Antifa and other subverters in America today. That we Christians are fighting a defensive war against a many decades old attack on Christendom in America.

    We are waking up, have woken up to the reality that an anti-Christian revolutionaries were (and still are) on the brink of cementing power here in America.

    The essay brought great clarity to my vision of our current turmoil. It may do the same for you too.

    I am no longer frustrated by the “Conservatives” who conserve nothing, because I see that they are Spiritually blind. They cannot see the revolutionaries, because they are of the same spirit . It is we who are odd to them.

    Concurrent with this realization of the nature of this conflict is the realization that we owe them nothing. Not our allegiance, not our money, not our time. All we owe them is their utter defeat. (always open to the repentant)

    I do see, that God is capable of waking the revolutionaries up. I pray Charlie (and Veil of Veronica with her fire from the sky post) are right. That God will do something dramatic to wake these spiritually dead hordes up and turn to Him.

    Now, Chateaubriand (via the Orthosphere) describes the situation in Rome and the birth of Medieval Christianity’s Monastary system . I think God via us will be doing something similar within Christendom but at the same time new. I don’t know what it is, but I know we must build it. One next right step at a time.

    I hope you all who enjoy that sort of stuff enjoy the read at the Orthosphere.

    Grace and Peace to you.

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    1. Thanks for the link to the article, Timothy, and for your beautiful reflection. While I have seen an ongoing illumination of conscience, as Charlie had insight to propose, via all the revelations God has allowed/prompted in these recent years, I have continued to believe there will be a discrete event of Illumination as the traditional interpretation of the Garabandal messages have presented. I know Our Lord and Our Lady have and will continue to do e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. possible to immerse people in graces granted for the purpose of spiritually awakening them, calling them to repent and make a return to the Lord. I see a discrete event of the Illumination of Consciences as an invitation of mighty finale, a GREAT act of God’s Mercy, concluding the multitudinous calls which have gone out in this Age of Mary, which many believe, began on the Rue du Bac when Our Lady came to us via Saint Catherine Labouré, requesting that the Miraculous Medal be struck as a sacramental to evoke greater faith in our Triune God.

      The greatest fire is that which penetrates the heart, mind and soul. Let the Fire fall!

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    2. “…[W]e owe them nothing. Not our allegiance, not our money, not our time. All we owe them is their utter defeat. (always open to the repentant).” Excellently stated, Timothy.

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  13. I originally saved Father Z’s post because of the prayer at the end of it that begins at GO TO CONFESSION! (I really plan to say it every morning with my morning offering).
    His commentary on this book Love for the Papacy and Filial Resistance to the Pope in the History of the Church :
    It is Christ’s Church, remember. And as De Mattei wrote (in) his preface,

    Only Jesus Christ can save the Church – no one else – because He alone is her Founder and Head. Human beings, from the Vicar of Christ down to the last member of the faithful, can either cooperate with or resist the divine grace that comes to them through the influence of the Holy Spirit and impels them to radical fidelity to Christ and His Law.

    Remember, grace builds on nature. In our lives we get through with grace, but grace needs our elbow

    I see TNRS and ASOH in this and I hope it is worth the read.

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    1. Thanks for bringing our attention to this piece, Joyful. The prayer is beautiful as it calls down the Holy Spirit into our lives while we strive to do whatever God asks of us as His Plan is fulfilled. De Mattei’s preface nails the importance of the dynamic of God working through His creatures. This famous dictum comes to mind: Pray as if everything depends on God, work as if everything depends on you.

      It is exactly true that we cannot get through this transition, taking us into the Period of Peace promised by Our Lady at Fatima, without God and His Grace. It is equally true that He, in a great mystery, chooses to get us through it by ever inviting us to co-create through, with and in Him. And equally noteworthy is Cardinal Burke’s exhortation in the forward: Only by fidelity to Sacred Tradition can the Bride of Christ, amid the many challenges she faces, chart her course, in accord with the will of Christ, her Bridegroom, her Head and Shepherd at every time and in every place.

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    2. Joyful…..which post. Looked, could not find. I would really like the prayer to the Holy Spirit. I lat few weeks my prayer has been focussed on Holy Spirit . There is so much confusion …. We need the Holy Spirit to bring us all to Truth and Love. The Holy Spirit will bring order out of.chaos.

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      1. Anne, I am so sorry about this unanswered comment. I just discovered it and I hope it’s not too late for you. https://asignofhope379.com/2019/06/11/warped-perceptions-of-reality/comment-page-1/#comment-31040
        Then get up off the ground, stand up, stick your chin out and say,

        “Almighty God my heavenly Father, You knew me before the creation of the cosmos and You wanted me to come into existence to bring You glory. Of all the possible universes You could have created, You created this one and You called me into it at exactly the time and place You chose for me so that I could fulfill my part in Your unfathomable plan. You willed that I have the honor to be baptized into the Church You designed and You maintain for our well-being. You willed that I receive the Body and Blood of Your Son and the indwelling of Your Spirit. You willed that I should also be confirmed so that our relationship be even deeper and that I might be an even better instrument of Your will. I now call upon that mighty Sacrament of Confirmation. Through it make me strong to bear whatever burdens I must endure in Your service. Make me wise to recognize accurately and then strong to resist, resolute, whatever is out of harmony with Your will as manifested especially in the beautiful Tradition You have guided in the authoritative, infallible and indefectible Church. Even if that disharmony should come from those whom you have endowed with the grace of Orders and seated even in the highest places of teaching, governing and sanctifying, make me steadfast. With confidence in Your plan for me I ask this for myself and for the brethren through the Holy Spirit’s Gifts and in the Name of Jesus Christ Your Son, who lives and reigns with You, ever one God, world without end. Amen.”

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        1. Now I can’t get the right address, sorry again. It’s from 6/10/19. wdtprs.com/blog/2019/06/wherein-fr-z-reads-rants-and-prays/
          (it doesn’t have https:// before it)


    1. Thank you for this link, LindaMc. Jim Caviezel is my favorite person in Hollywood, and I love the way he is so devoted to Holy Mother Church. 🙂

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    2. Yes LindaMc, thank you for sharing this. Jim Caviezel’s love for Mary and Jesus is infectious. Truly a humble and inspiring saint in the making, much like our beloved Charlie and Beckita.

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  14. Oh how I wish I could keep up on what everyone is doing! I miss the banter and wisdom of this community. Every time I see a squirrel I think of all of you, and I see at least four or five of them every day! If my husband didn’t have names for them all I could name them after all of you!

    Please know that you all are in my prayers and mass intentions. Safe travels Charlie! Looking forward to hearing more about your coming to St. Paul, MN. Whoever is hosting, let me know if there is something I can do to help. ~juls

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  15. I swerved into this video and when the music started I thought of this group here. Music starts at 2:00 and adds to the sweetness. Hoping nobody goes into a hyperglycemic coma. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for sharing that lovely video, Christopher! I’m not even really an “animal” person, but I’m a sucker for… (1) German Shepherds, and (2) any kitten. I’ll be smiling all evening now. 🙂

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    2. Cuteness!

      My cat Baby got pregnant before I could get her fixed. At the time, I was sharing a house with another fellow and his 2 German shepherds. Around the time of delivery, I was out of town at my brother’s wedding. Before I left, I made Baby a nice little nest for the birthing. My housemate texted me next day and said she gave birth at 2am on a Friday. He knew this because for only the second time ever, his dogs frantically awakened him to alert him that something was going on with Baby.

      When I got back — exhausted — I lay on my bed (a mattress on the floor). Baby went to the nest, picked up the first kitten, brought it to me, and dropped it on my chest. Then she went and got the other and did the same. (Yep, a litter of only 2). Afraid that I might roll onto the newborns in my sleep, I moved the mattress next to the nest. Interestingly, for the first month or so, when I slept I noticed that I didn’t turn over in my sleep…I kept the same position all night. Paternal instincts?

      Animals are cool (including me).

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        1. Officially, her name is Meagan. She was one of the litter and was bigger than the tabby boy, Tommy. (“Who’s your daddy?”) I actually named them after my brother and his wife because the kittens were born on their wedding day.

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        2. Baby was practically a kitten herself, barely 1 year old. See how long the white hair coming from her ears is?


          Tommy on the hunt! Prowling about the words.

          “Happiness is…..”

          Mimi, the Floating Kitten.

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  16. Hi all here! One of my daughter’s , along with her husband and 8 month old baby girl moved home here with me and hubby 7 weeks ago because of job change from the big Twin Cities to small town Marshall Mn.. They need a place to stay while finding a house of their own. It’s been wonderful! Anyway, my time has also been spent reading when I can which brings me to a question to Beckita or Charlie…Have you heard of and or read The Volumes By Anne, the lay apostle? There are 10 volumes and they consist of words to her from Jesus, Mother Mary, Padre Pio and more. I would put a link for it here but will wait for the okay from Beckita or Charlie. Prayers for all here! And for everyone in this crazy mixed up world.

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    1. Praying for your daughter’s family as they search for their new home, Mary. What a joy it must surely be to have your sweet eight month old granddaughter with you!

      In 2006, after discovering the Volumes containing the mystical messages given to Anne a lay apostle, I became a facilitator for a Lay Apostle Prayer Group in our area. I’ve read all the Volumes and most of the additional books Anne has authored (At one point, we personally communicated concerning the Lord’s concerns for the Chinese people.) and all of them have a Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur through Anne’s local ordinary, Bishop Leo O’Reilly of the Kilmore Diocese, who fully supports her work… so much so that he gave her an office in the diocesan chancery offices *and* he assigned a diocesan priest as spiritual director to Anne and the Direction for Our Times Apostolate (DFOT), found here. In addition, Bishop O’Reilly appointed a commission to evaluate Anne and her mystical experiences. Last I read, those results are now at the Holy See.

      I found the Volumes to be so very heartening for these times. (Honestly, for anyone who is struggling with trust due to the overwhelming emotions which arise in these days, I think the Volumes are a great way to decompress.) The promises from the saints who offer their assistance through the Storm, if we but ask, bring to life their very real presence with us. (I often have this sense that they’re waiting with bated breath for the events which will reflect that the Storm has crested.) For certain, they await our call and are ever Johnny-on-the-spot in reply. Too, I loved the glimpses of Heaven which Jesus provided us through Anne’s experiences… glimpses obviously needed in this faithless age. While two of the Volumes were withheld for many years at the discretion of BIshop O’Reilly due to their sobering content, the apostolate never did dwell on the difficulties to come, but chose to take all the next right steps to which they have been guided to be part of the process of reform and renewal in the CHurch and in the world.

      I’m impressed with the direction DFOT has taken after the release of the messages. They are an apostolate which is busy chopping the spiritual wood of teaching people to grow in holiness via contemplation. Too, they have reached out to young people to nurture them in the ways of holiness and have done so by promoting a foundation of wholeness in mind and spirit via incorporating strategies to build sound mental thinking practices as well as develop emotional intelligence. The ultimate, overarching goal: to rebuild the Church in this fashion. Great stuff it is.

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        1. Thank you Charlie and Beckita! So wonderful to know what you both think!! This site with both of you has been a Godsend to me and so has all of the rest of the squirrel clan too! I hope all the readers here tune into Anne The Lay Apostle writings. Eye opening and helps tremendously with living life. I go to Adoration and read some of her writings and then look up at Jesus in the Monstrance (don’t know about my spelling there) but Jesus does not care about that. I have also read Alan Ames book Through The Eyes Of Jesus. Between this site and that book and the
          Anne Volumes, I am hopefully becoming a better person. I wish all people in the world, including 6 of my 7 children would read these! However, on of my 7 children introduced me both to Alan Ames and Anne! How great it is that she did that!

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      1. I met Anne, Lay Apostle, while I was on a retreat for priests, in Ireland. Anne spoke to the priests a substitute for a presenter who was sick and unable to attend. When Anne was introduced at the retreat as one who received interior locutions, I was very skeptical. Then she told us what she claimed were messages from Jesus to priests. I was totally blown away–I thought, “either her messages are authentic, or she can read minds!” She said things that only a priest would ever think or imagine. Since then, I’ve found peace and encouragement from all her writings.

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      2. Beckita and Mary, I too have read through Anne’s volumes many times. In fact I am currently rereading Volume 9. I read a page or two each day, then go on to the next one in the series when I’ve finished the current Volume. It’s a part of my daily spiritual reading. I’ve given gifts of some of the volumes to others too. I think they’re great.

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  17. In this time of the great release of all the demons of Hell to torment all on the earth I would encourage all who can especially daily communicants, to join the sending of angels from the nine courts of angels through Jesus King of all Nations novenas of offering of nine consecutive communions for those most in need of the aid of these angels to speed up this process of the Rescue in this critical times we are in. I have been doing this devotion for almost 25 years and at about one set of angels per week due to extra communions each week, I have been only able to scratch the surface. I started with family and friends and have lately been inspired to send angels to key players in todays daily drama. Soros comes to mind but there are others before him. I sent angels to Mitch McConnell this week. Next week it will be to AG William Barr with David Daleiden next. The need for angels has never been greater and thank God there are far more Heavenly angels than fallen ones, essentially an endless supply.
    May God bless and keep all here. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide and protect us all, lead us to all holiness and truth. Watch and pray, pray and watch. TRUST in God.

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    1. Praying for you and your family, JAS. Here’s a link to one of your previous comments about the Novena of Holy Communions. And another link to Dan Lynch’s website with a brief explanation, in Jesus’ Words, of this wonderful novena. (As you scroll down the list, the Novena of Communions is the second listing.)

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  18. Right now I am overburdened with family obligations and have not even had time to post the comments regarding the history of the processes of salvations in scripture I was inspired of last week now. I would ask Beckita if she has time and sees the need for reposting my comments from before explaining what the novena is all about. Thank you all and Christ’s love for all.

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  19. Beckita, Charlie told us about a little vision he had with Jesus, the clumsy little puppy and the stick…do you remember what piece this stor is in???I didn’t catch the last 3 words of when Charlie spoke of it and I think those last 3 words were crucial…lol

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    1. Oh Gosh, Linda. Here’s trying… I believe it was: “You’re a game little fella.” (Charlie, correct me if I’m wrong. It just struck me that this is likely why you asked for puppy slippers all those years at Christmas. I’m thinking that wearing them is a concrete reminder of who you are – and, really, who we all are – at the service of our Master. 🙂 )

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  20. Hey Gang,

    Charlie was kind enough to check-up on me. All OK in Fly-Over Razorback Land.
    I’m taking a bit of a Summer Sabbatical and easing off the Blogosphere.
    Merry Summer …….. & Keep Your Powder Dry!

    Since honouring President Obama, Notre Dame has become ever more secular

    Exclusive: Facebook’s Process to Label You a ‘Hate Agent’ Revealed


    PS: Happy Flag Day;-)

    PPS: The Guy bearing Old Glory is an obvious White Privileged God-n-Gun Clinger … probably an Evil Pro-Lifer too!! …… he, I’m sure, has been banned from Facebook.

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    1. CrewDog! YIPPEE!!! We missed you, brother. Thanks for checking in and letting us know you’re AOK. 🙂

      I absolutely love that picture; I’m going to try to find a buy-able copy of it.

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    2. Thank you for checking up Charlie and for checking in CrewDog! We notice when the front line is thinning out.

      Enjoy your sabbatical and Happy Flag Day! I love the picture and your accompanying comment. 😉

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  21. I get the feeling that the recent radical laws on abortion have more to do with political maneuvering, especially the desire to forestall the pro-life agenda, rather than a real defense of barbaric late-term abortions. In other words, their opposition to us is the real driving force. Is anyone else thinking along the same lines? I imagine in the future, people will look back on this time and concede that the heat of the moment and honestly, hatred for the pro-life movement, was what drove the madness on abortion and the poor babies had to pay the price.

    Charlie – I was hoping you would come to the Philly area. Darn.

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  22. Good Morning, everyone,
    Got home from a 9 day travel last night and read through all of the posts for this thread. Boy, oh, boy is the perception ever warped. My husband and I visited our oldest son(35) and girlfriend in Utah. As he and I were talking about world events he told me he thinks I am on the wrong side. That socialism and the way of the world is the way to go. Oh, how that arrow pierced my heart. All three of my sons have more or less embraced this “new” culture. Please pray for them.

    Timothy-Thank you for posting the link and your thoughts about the 1700’s writer/researcher of revolutions. Wow! Without God’s intervention we sure are on the same path.

    Thank you Mary, and all for the posts about Anne, The Lay Apostle. I will have to look her up.

    Puppies-We took our two Bassets (1 year old on June 6th.) down to meet their niece puppy(5 months old) at our son’s place. We were up to our elbows in dog. Oh, that I may be a trainable, obedient puppy. Our dogs are showing the stubborn Basset trait!

    Pinterest-Oh, rats and double rats! I loved Pinterest and used it a lot for teaching but, I deleted my account. I sent the information along to several of my friends. They too, have deleted their accounts. Lord, have mercy. (And thankfully, have never had a FB account.)

    Did anyone read the article on SpiritDaily about the visions St. Pope John Paul had in 1993? They were about Europe being invaded by Muslims and it would become a shell of itself.

    There was a good article on LifeSite news about passive conservatives. The author writes about how we have given ground from all of the social issues-education, health care etc. By being passive we have allowed the liberals to write all of the rules and get their way. Anyway, I am rambling now, so the stand your ground picture is very appropriate for this warped perception post and our day and age.

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  23. /Users/lindagraziani/Downloads/62646698_1864782733622382_5824500524149374976_n.jpg

    Trying to put up pic my sister sent me of Saddler Sailing Basin in Sandusky, Ohio. No-one can get their sailboats in this year. I’ve long given up sailing but my sister is still heavily involved with her family, and I guess it’s a real mess. There is great danger of getting electrocuted if you even go near the under water piers.

    Steve BC you taught me once before how to put an image up on our site here… can you give me a quick tutorial again if you don’t mind or if you have the time? lol Not sure this image will come out.. I downloaded it to my iMac and just dragged it…lol Even a blind squirrel gets a nut now and then???? not sure


    1. Sorry the pic didn’t come through, Linda. It’s a good opportunity to remind us all that in the MENU bar in the upper right hand part of this page, you can click on “ANSWERS TO TECHIE QUESTIONS” at times like this. As you scroll down the list of techie concerns, there is a link to this document which is a tutorial for putting up a picture. Here’s that link, Linda. As Steve conveys in the document, after you give the instructions a try, if it still doesn’t seem to be working, Steve would be willing to help you try to figure it out. That said, unless he traveled yesterday, he may well be on the road to the visit in New Hampshire today.

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