Cornered Animals Bite

cornered animal

By Charlie Johnston

More than a few people have expressed some surprise that the California Supreme Court last week rejected David Daleiden’s motion to dismiss criminal charges brought by the California Atty. Gen’s office against him. I say the victory against Planned Parenthood is now assured. Some readers take that to heart and don’t really ingest the rest of what I have said on the matter – that we have a long, bitter fight ahead…that the only way we could lose is if we quit the fight or started savoring a victory that is not complete.

In every great, contested cause, there is a turning point – a time when the situation has shifted so far in one side’s direction that the cause is lost for the other side, UNLESS the side for whom the tide has favorably turned drops its guard. When the tide turns this way, it is not the end of fighting; rather, it is usually the beginning of the most brutal fighting. For example, after the Battle of Gettysburg and the successful Siege of Vicksburg in July of 1863, the Confederacy could no longer win the American Civil War. Yet the battles raged on for almost two more years – with more than a few Confederate victories in particular battles. When I say victory is now assured in a particular contest, I most emphatically do NOT mean that all will now be peace and light. I mean we are entering the most vicious part of the battle, but that if we sustain our resolve, loss is no longer a possibility. Cornered predators do NOT gently surrender. They hiss, snarl, claw and bite. That is how they go out, but once you have cornered them, you can be assured of victory IF you don’t let down your guard.

In all the battles in our culture right now, including immigration, the confrontation between the President and Congress, the looming exposure and prosecution of coup plotters, expect both sides to use every weapon at their disposal. Sometimes, candidates I used to work with would be overly upset at some attack by an opponent or the press. I would always remind them that this was not a garden party – that we would strike some blows and the opponent would strike some blows. What was paramount was to keep sight of the overall sweep – and when possible, to lure opponents into striking blows that did them more damage than us. It’s a tricky business, but I have never seen a battle that did not involve taking some blows as well as giving them.

I wrote a response to a question about the Planned Parenthood battle that I repeat, lightly edited, below. I want to emphasize to you that when I say victory is assured, I do NOT mean lay down your arms; I mean gird your loins to finish this.

Here then, the response I left in comments:

“I direct you back to the case against Daleiden made by the Harris County, Texas (Houston) prosecutor’s office three years ago. It tried to use a grand jury convened to investigate Planned Parenthood to railroad David instead. In the course of it all, Daleiden’s lawyers unearthed proof that the prosecutor had illegally conspired with PP to accomplish this. Up until the very end, the D.A.’s office threatened, cajoled, lied and schemed – and then it all came apart as the realization came that these corrupt officials might face prison if they proceeded. All charges were dropped, the prosecutor who coordinated the conspiracy was fired and the D.A. lost her job at the next election.

To all, do not be surprised when you see these types of headlines. Do you think the rabid left is just going to whimper and say, like Emily Litella, “Never Mind,” when their schemes are revealed? The Russian Collusion Hoax has been revealed to be a fraud and an effort at a coup. Even so, the Democrats are still maliciously howling, hoping desperately they can somehow still prevail. The same thing is going on here.

The preliminary hearing in the criminal case against Daleiden was supposed to begin on April 22. Yet the just-finished depositions were said to be explosive and deadly for PP. Once the preliminary hearing began, those depositions would become public record. So the California Supreme Court halted proceedings to buy all the bad guys some time. Now, presumably, things can go forward again – but first there has to be a status hearing in June. You probably won’t see a preliminary hearing start until the fall (there are a LOT of witnesses and it is very difficult to coordinate schedules during summer vacation time). Our friends in conservative media mistakenly thought the April halt was a victory for Daleiden. They were wrong – we on the pro-life side who knew what was going on in this very complicated matter wanted the preliminary hearing to go forward, for the case was imploding dramatically. Now, they report that this is a huge setback. No one on our side likes it, but it was not the least unexpected. All the April halt ever was, was an effort to buy some time in a disintegrating case that now imperils not just PP, but some very prominent figures in the California justice system – and may end up torpedoing the dreams of at least one Democratic Presidential hopeful, Sen. Kamala Harris.

The California establishment is in the position the Harris County establishment was in in the month before their case unraveled – but when everybody who counted knew the truth. They are in raw panic, trying to figure out how to get out of this without throwing their own head on the block. If you think that malefactors caught are going to act like gentle lambs, you completely misunderstand the behavior of such predators. They will – and should be expected – to act like maddened beasts, cornered. Right now they are in desperate damage control mode. They hope that this keeps up some pressure on David and hopefully, miraculously, he will quit the field, saving their bacon for them. I would not be at all surprised to see the California Atty. Gen.’s (AG) office offer David some innocuous plea agreement that carries no penalty now, in hopes of saving face and getting out of this. On the other hand, maybe not. I did not think Kamala Harris’ successor as AG could possibly be as maliciously dumb as she is. I was wrong. Javier Becerra is even worse. But even if he does not understand what trouble prosecutors are in, some of his deputies do. These clowns have largely bought themselves until the fall to try to figure out how to get out of this. I have written this a little deliberately provocative, for if the AG could be provoked to go full speed ahead right now to prove how tough they are, that would be to Daleiden’s benefit. Frankly, I would like to see PP AND the AG’s office come tumbling down now, rather than give them until the fall to figure out an exit strategy or a way to suppress the taped depositions. At every step they are getting more brazen. But even if the entire California Justice System can be perverted, those perversions would insure the case ultimately landed in a court outside California. (And yet, there are some honorable officials in the California Justice System – officials who both believe in fair play and will not be willing to let their careers be washed upon the shoals of this hustle.) Then prison would loom for those who tried to railroad all this. So they desperately want some excuse to dismiss this that does not seem to be their fault AND some plausible way to suppress the depositions. That is what all this is about right now.

But know this: in all of these situations, right until the moment of final victory, the malefactors will keep waving their arms shouting boogedy-boogedy. I keep saying that we have a long fight ahead of us, even in those areas where the tide has completely turned. So do not be surprised about these things. The only thing that will ever surprise me is if one of the malefactors actually does surrender like a meek, little lamb when he is caught red-handed.

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  1. Considering everything that’s happened so far and society’s current social trends, it’s going to be a bitter fight to the end on all issues no matter big or small. Things could be much worse if people didn’t stand up to society’s wickedness.

    Every small victory forces the enemies into the light so we can clearly see who they are.

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  2. For anyone who is able to participate, there is a pro-life counter-rally today in Ann Arbor, Michigan at 4:30 pm to protest a talk by Cecil Richards(former director of Planned Parenthood). We are meeting on the “Diag” of the University of Michigan an hour before the pro abortion rally to get set in place. Dr Monica Miller will be there with prolife signs.

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    1. God bless you, Janet, and all who are able to attend. I can’t attend, but I will be with you all in prayer.

      (P.S. Ah, the Diag… If I had a penny for every time I had to walk across the Diag while I was at U of M, I’d have, uh, a lot of pennies.)

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  3. Indeed we have a long battle ahead! Thanks Charlie for giving perspective. We have our Queen in position although it appears that we have sacrificed a knight and A Bishop along the way , but with all of heaven praying and rooting for us, we will exclaim one day , checkmate, game over!
    I continue to do battle on the frontlines at Planned murderhood and be a sign of hope and I am encouraged as I see a few more brave souls willing to suit up and show up with rosary beads and a kind heart to hopefully change hearts and minds between the cracks in the sidewalk .


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    1. Praying for you, Vanessa, and your tireless work to end abortion. (From the “Answers to Techies Questions” in the upper right hand corner of this page is a link to the document that describes how to post an image. Hope you retry posting your image.)

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    2. God Bless you Vanessa in all the work you do to save those little babies! God Bless your perseverance, courage and commitment. Many of those little wee ones will be thanking you in heaven. You are a bright star in that dark, dark part of our culture.

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    1. My favorite Psalm is the 27th – but in the marvelously powerful poetic translation of the KJV. The last two verses are:

      I had fainted unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.
      Wait on the Lord: be of good courage and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.

      Seems a good coda to your clever meme.

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  4. Everyone should have “skin in the game” by supporting the lawyers (Thomas Moore Society), David directly (Center for Medical Progress), or praying outside of PP whenever you can! All hands on deck!

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  5. NEWS & MILINET: Articles for Christians – 21 May

    Gnosticism Still a Challenge to Christianity

    Are You Sure You Want to Play Russian Roulette With Your Child’s Values?

    The pro-life movement’s moment–Cal Thomas

    How Controlling Pop Culture Helps The Left Dominate Abortion Debates

    NeverTrumpers Say Evangelicals Who Voted for Trump are Hypocrites. Not So.

    Social Media Makes Us Miserable



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    1. I used to listen to Bill Whittle, but hadn’t for a long time until I saw this on Conservative Treehouse (one of CrewDog’s sources at times). It is similar in a way to what Charlie has been saying about us being responsible for where we are now, except in a secular explanation, and how it’s up to us to make the changes needed to make our country free again. In other articles/comments, I’ve seen people refer to Trump’s unmasking of people that reveals their true agendas and, again, that is what Charlie told us long ago would happen. Here’s the link to the Bill Whittle video via Conservative Treehouse.

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  6. I met David at the March for Life San Francisco 2018 and he is not a quitter, he’s in this til Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart Triumphs, if not before!! Let’s ALL stay ready so we don’t have to Get Ready! Looking forward to seeing you in California Charlie in the fall. God bless

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    1. Looking forward to it, Anna. I do love Oxnard. You know, when I was walking into the town during my pilgrimage, two small boxes of fruit fell of a turning truck ahead of me. Mmmmm…strawberries and limes. It hit the spot – though I think it was a day or two before I got the pucker off my face.

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      1. We’ll replace those strawberries and limes with a good ol homemade apple pie and the ice cream of your choice!! See you soon ;0)

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        1. As it turns out, raw limes don’t taste nearly as good when you haven’t spent a day walking with a heavy pack on your back and a couple handfuls of trail mix. (Actually, raw limes are a little hard to take in quantity when you have. But they can quiet the barking that starts in your stomach when it gets seriously hungry. But I suspect even my stomach was wondering what the heck that day.)

          Apple pie…love it.

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          1. Trail food is really not for the fussy palate, is it. I tried making a porridge from the “beans” inside mesquite pods one time. Oh, to have had a good radish. Heck, that might have even seemed like a glorious stew at the time.

            Thought of you today while reading of the sherpa who just made a record 24th ascent to the top of Everest –– and twice in the same week! Got me to wondering what a sherpa’s diet looks like and didn’t figure Roundtable Pizza was on the menu.

            Tsampa (roasted barley porridge)
            Syan (a wheat paste)
            Tibetan Tea

            Potatoes (o.k., now we’re talking)
            Vegetables on Hand (mashed and baked into a thin pancake)
            Dip (a mixture of garlic and chilis)

            Thukpa (wide noodles, meat, broth and veggies)
            Momos (dumplings in a doughy purse with meat or veggies)

            Chang (beer made of fermented millet)
            Ruksi (rice wine)

            Seems all this helps them maintain their legendary strength in the mountains, but that fella who just set the record must have some other secret.

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            1. In particularly lean periods (usually when I was in wilderness areas for a few days), I would spot a plant that was common, eat maybe a thumbnail of it – and if it didn’t make me sick, use it as filler. Made trail mix seem like steak.

              Don’t ever mess with a real mountain Sherpa. Those are some tough dudes.

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  7. Since he was on the way to the eye doctor and had the go ahead from his Abbot, Bro. Gideon called this morning. It was a blessed opportunity to discuss, among other personal things, the state of (maybe better to say the reasons for) wood chopping. We talked about actual/literal wood chopping briefly, since we chopped a lot of wood growing up. He also talked about the land on which his Monastery sits, and indeed their whole Monastic Order, and how it’s consecrated most especially to Our Lady.

    He shared how he’s been deeply pondering Revelation 12:16 along with this insight: that their Monastic life of prayer, and indeed the efforts of all intent on a life of holiness, are examples of helping the Woman. That all the little efforts on earth, open to Grace, help swallow up the torrents spewed out of the serpents mouth.

    Right before he had to get off the line, he wanted to share this passage:

    “We have sinned in thy sight, and therefore thou hast delivered us into the hands of our enemies:
    For we have worshipped their gods. Thou arrt just, O Lord.
    And now they are not content to oppress us with most hard bondage, but attributing the strength of their hands to the power of their idols.
    They design to change thy promises, and destroy thy inheritance, and shut the mouths of them that praise thee, and extinguish the glory of thy temple and alter,
    That they may open the mouths of Gentiles, and praise the strength of idols, and magnify for ever a carnal king.
    Give not, O Lord, they sceptre to them that are not, lest they laugh at our ruin: but turn their counsel upon themselves, and destroy him that hath begun to rage against us.
    Remember, O Lord, and shew thyself to us in the time of our tribulation, and give me boldness, O Lord, king of gods, and of all power.
    Give me well ordered speech in my mouth in the presence of the lion, and turn his heart to the hatred of our enemy, that both he himself may perish, and the rest consent to him.
    But deliver us by thy hand, and help me, who have no other helper, but thee, O Lord, who hast the knowledge of all things.”
    – Esther 14:6-14

    I mentioned that I’d like to share this with the crew, right about the time I caught a flash of red out of the corner of my eye. Seems a desert cardinal decided to light in one of our palo verde trees…. maybe only one of a couple dozen I’ve seen these many decades in the desert. I couldn’t see Bro. Gideon, but knew we were both grinning since we both appreciate that sort of ‘punctuation.’ Made him think this passage is indeed intended for the crew here.

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    1. Beautiful and poignant passage, MP. I love Verse 19 as well: “O God, whose might is over all, hear the voice of the despairing, and save us from the hands of evildoers. And save me from my fear!” Prayers anew for Br. Gideon.

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  8. On the theme of cornered animals, Tom Clancy’s Red Storm Rising had a vignette where the communist Russians were playing old war movies to prepare their people for war.

    Zerohedge reports 5hat China is doing that now.

    I am concerned.

    With the Christian Nationalists uprisings across Europe and America and Australia i sense an alliance between the deep state(s) and China against Christendom in overt war.

    I am not eager for this.

    Thy will be done, oh Lord

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    1. Our Vice President spoke directly on this matter to West Point graduates:

      “It is a virtual certainty that you will fight on a battlefield for America at some point in your life,” Pence said. “You will lead soldiers in combat. It will happen. Some of you may even be called upon to serve in this hemisphere.”

      I recently saw I Chinese-made movie. It was surprisingly well produced and showcased all branches of the Chinese military where they brilliantly coordinated maneuvers to combat a threat. Perfect organization, unity, obedience, and military power on land, sea, and air were displayed. And the bad guys in the movie were bearded Caucasian ex-military types from the U.S. and Australia. The communists know well the value of propaganda and the power of film, and their movies show the direction of their thinking as they prepare for war.

      I also worry for Japan because since WW2, countless Chinese movies resurrect the oppression by the Japanese during that period. More modern martial arts films the past decades feature a bad guy who is Japanese and always loses in the end. Taking power and influence away from the U.S. is probably China’s top priority, but exacting revenge on the Japanese is definitely in the mix. At some point, China will aggressively seek to crush Japan once and for all.

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  9. Thank you Charlie for another excellent article! I wonder if I could ask my friends here to pray for me and my increasing struggle against bladder cancer? Just received the Pathology Report yesterday and it’s not good. Looking more and more like Chemo plus probably bladder removal. If you could keep me in your prayers during all this, I’d surely appreciate it. Also, for those of you who know Fr. Jozo from Medjugorje, he is fighting a battle against cancer now too. Your prayers are greatly appreciated. God Bless You All!

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        1. This is a test to see if the picture attached got posted.  Anyone see it?It is a beautiful picture of Fr. Wong praying before the Blessed Sacrament.Sent from Doug’s mobile


          1. Sorry, Doug, it didn’t come through. There’s a techie tutorial for posting pics that can be accessed via the menu bar. On my phone now but I’d be happy to post that pic later today when I can get to it.


            1. Thanks Becks.  I quickly scanned a wordpress tutorial that led me to believe I could do this.  I will have to look more closely to see what I missed.  Blessings!Sent from Doug’s mobile

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          2. Here it is, Doug. Friends, Fr. Wang and I had the great joy of welcoming Doug and Lambzie for a visit to Missoula at the beginning of this month. After dinner, we four went to the little chapel where Father offers daily Mass and he agreed to expose Jesus in the monstrance for our Holy Hour. Of course, we prayed for all of our TNRS-ASOH community.

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            1. Wow… what a photo! The monstrance is exquisite, the roses are lovely, and Father is a vision of holiness. Beckita, Father, Doug, and Lambzie, thank you for your prayers for all of us.

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              1. Mick, Beckita has said much in this regard and I echo her in that Fr. Wang is such a great example of faithfulness and holiness. We all here are on this journey. Next time, we would like to travel through Michigan on the way.

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                1. Ooh, Doug… if you’re going to come through Michigan at some point, let’s talk! I’d love to meet you and Lambzie, and to have you meet my clan. 🙂

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            2. As we were praying, in an almost palpable sense, I could feel this whole community here. For me, it was a great honor to be in the company of great saints. Lambzie and I were on our way to CA for our grand daughter’s first Holy communion. So we made a little side trip visit. It will be a trip we will remember with great joy.

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              1. So true about the palpable sense of our dear community, Doug, as we prayed for everyone. It was a foreshadowing of a Mt. Meeker Gathering. (Some have said reunion, but, Guys, we can’t reunite until we gather for the first time. 🙂 ) We not only adored the Lord, we sat to talk with Him – our very Best Friend – and the five of us poured out our hearts to each other.

                Congratulations on your granddaughter’s first communion!

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    1. More prayers sent up for you, Diane. In addition, here’s a small thing for you that I know isn’t much. Yet another foal in Red’s band. She’s about 2 1/2 weeks old, born in this month of Mary. I named her Bálsamo which simply means “balm.” Protective ma’s might be able to relate to the mare when that band stallion appears to want to call all the shots. She could have really walloped him, but looks like she was just sending a message: “I’ve got this.”

      Our Ma is with you.

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  10. In another place & time there was a ruler whose realm was a mere weeks away from achieving a great revolution in the sciences & mathematics, in short an industrial revolution. The ruler was a malevolent god figure to his people as well as a ruthless opponent to his enemies. He discovered that several of his allies & those of his own household began to change to some strange beliefs that had their origin in a backwater province of his great empire. If the general population were to become aware of this the ruler would have lost all that he had. He had no way to cure the problem so he did the one thing that would forever change the world & much to his dismay cement the wayward beliefs into depths of his empire. He burned his own city to the ground to bring blame to the waywards thus beginning a violent persecution. The city was Rome & the ruler was Nero, do not for a moment believe that your opponents are going to do anything less to resolve their troubles.

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      1. I think, R. Sey and Mick, that the fires had already been burning for years in the darkness of deception. With the previous president, what had been hidden for so long began to come to light while the furthering of the agenda shifted into warp speed.

        But for God’s Plan, we’d all become ashes as the evil one desires and still tries to achieve. Because of God’s Plan, we can all sing for joy with the verses Charlie posted yesterday:

        I had fainted unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.
        Wait on the Lord: be of good courage and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.

        Our Lady of Tepeyac, Mother of Conversion pray for us all.

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        1. And indeed over the course of many presidents. Also rereading the excerpt from Esther where we see a figure of the The Woman in Genesis, we’re shown a solid perspective of the matter(s) at hand which Charlie has expressed as well. I can understand a certain consolation from the perspective of merely “watching” a painful train wreck, as has been expressed here many a time. Many are indeed watchers, and in the best of terms. Perhaps a better and ultimately more productive perspective is to acknowledge our part in sinning against God, worshipping their gods, idolatry, etc. as expressed in Esther (i.e.- we are collectively the train wreck). I’d say brace for impact, but trust and docility is the key. When and how it goes off the rails won’t change the fact that I’m a sinner, that I’m grateful for Grace, and that I owe it to God to look upon my brethren and do what He says.

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          1. Amen. Beautiful reflection, MP.

            Acknowledging our sins in the concocting of this stinky stew has been another repetitive theme here in the comments and in more than a few of the major posts. Thinking of Charlie’s pieces such as I Killed Christ… And So Did You and Be Not Afraid. God Calls All Men to Salvation as well as the guest article Remnant Faithful: We Need the Chastisements Also. Thanks for the reminder, MP.

            How to BE the ambulances, not only after the complete train wreck, but also n.o.w. as the train wreck is in its process of falling apart, is worthy of ongoing contemplation. In this, too, the need for trust and docility, anchored in prayer and penance, ring true… opening self completely to the Holy Spirit’s fire which kindles thoughts and imagination when we strive to put on the Mind of Christ… and docility married to the willingness to act without delay when prompted is another key, I think.

            Brave Esther dressed in royal purple before approaching the king. Purple… traditionally the color associated with penance. Purple… the traditional color of the priestly stole worn in confession, a time of repentance and renewal. I so admire, in ways that inspire interior emulation, Esther and her simple, decided and heroic virtue of taking a stand, risking all when she was needed… a beautiful and powerful prefigurement of Our Co-Redemptrix was she. For me, Esther draws us anew in these days to Our Lady of Tepeyac, the Mother of Conversion, for it is conversion, nurtured in truth and true love – not the gushy type, but the gutsy, lay down your life kind – that the lost and wounded as well as the seemingly powerful, but actually broken inside, are h.u.n.g.e.r.i.n.g. to experience.

            For years I have prayed in gratitude that Our Lady has allowed us, by virtue of responding to her call to pray the Rosary and offer sacrifice for all her children, to become part of her heel which is c-r-u-s-h-i-n-g the head of the serpent. It is an awesome way to live… low to the ground as part of her heel… covered in the epitome of humility which she is… protected by her fullness of grace. Along this line of thinking, lately, I have come to realize that while we’ve been praying with such fervor and waiting with maximum expectancy for Our Lady to Rescue us, something very beautiful has been happening; a pearl of great price has been formed and continues to develop. Via this mission and message entrusted to Charlie and now infused in our psyches and lives as we’ve received and lived it to the best of our ability, our prayers for Rescue are being answered IN us. In a very real dimension, we ARE Our Lady’s Rescue. And, in many ways, we’ve only just begun!

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            1. Yes, Salvation. Not only the history, but a great, ongoing mystery indeed as you say… The Love Story of Savior and sinners.

              Often, a bunch of seemingly disparate parts converge at a point in my thinking. Esther and other passages from Holy Scripture, a mention by Des about evangelizing with concrete examples of Christ as Mercy and transformative Grace in our lives, perspectives on using Facebook (and other social media), a recent blog post from Fr. Dwight, a frustrated old gal in the grocery line… just this morning walking amidst some desert trees with the crack/pop of dried pods scattering the seeds, almost like little flora fireworks exploding, added to the mix. I could but stop and wonder.

              None of us are really in the habit of ignoring, thus, in part, a great outcry at the evils of our time and seeking for remedies, hopefully in the Divine Will. The adversary knows how to derail us, if we let him, via the temptation of Luke18:9-14 and other forms of pride… just adding to the resistance of opponents who like to point out our hypocrisy which has been painfully coming to light.

              That said, it doesn’t change my main focus on Unity one iota. Just prompts me to get back to the basics of Savior and sinners. Loads of wood to chop. I pray that we can stay at it honestly, with diligence, and without complaint.

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      1. Many nice ones in your area Sheralyn. Just brought home two bottles from Plymouth, CA wineries. I’m biased of course since that is were my daughter lives 😎

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          1. Hi Sheralyn, I usually bring a couple of bottles home from Plymouth. So far, they have been very good wines. How you doing by the way? Healing ok? Blessings!


  11. “Most Holy Sacred Heart of Jesus, help my heart to persevere in all that is holy.” St. Rita of Cascia.

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    1. So glad you reminded us, Maggie. I have called on St. Rita many times and just did so again. We have a situation going on now that i know is not impossible with God, but sometimes seem so.
      I usually try to look at the calendar to see the Saints’ feast days. Have done that for years after reading what Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich said; that each saint is most powerful on his or her feast day! What a blessing from God.

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      1. The lecture was provided at an Act for America conference. Act’s founder, Brigitte Gabriel’s is a beautiful American hero via Lebanon. She was born and raised in Lebanon. During the Lebanese war, she and her parents survived through God’s providence and her story is worth a visit. She is a tough and corageous woman who tells it like it is.

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    1. I always say, if one more deeply lives their Christian faith, they become more loving. In Islam, one who grows more deeply in their faith becomes more violent. Also, in Christianity, a martyr is one killed for not renouncing his beliefs or is killed for saving others. In Islam, a so called “martyr” is on who kills himself to kill others for his faith. It is not a renouncing or saving of others. That is not the definition of martyr, but of a suicide killer.

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  12. Pelosi and the Dem House is so cornered that they are in impeachment mode. They feel the breath of AG Barr on their collective tails. Fireworks are beginning.

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  13. I’m at a loss for what todo & say sometimes…

    It’s hard to reason with socialists & liberals who reject and don’t want to believe that 2+2 ONLY ever equals 4…

    Love of God & obedience to Christ is the solution to all the world’s problems, even “climate change”, but people reject this one simple absolute truth…

    Would we characterize the times we live in as a separation of the lukewarm into hot & cold?

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      1. Yes, even the conflicting light & darkness in individuals, not just on the societal level.

        People are the product of the times they live in… The Church is correct in saying we need a new Evangelism, but how does one teach those who think they know-it-all… Our society’s technological accomplishments has become our stumbling block, making people think God isn’t needed nor desired…

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      1. I hear you, Mick. Last weekend I was out in the yard doing some digging and relocating some plants. Hands in the dirt, no gloves. I was contemplating the Creator and felt particularly close to the perfect order of His creation.

        And speaking of cornered animals, good news for anyone who loves justice. This just in at ZeroHedge:

        SteveBC! I know you’re out there, bro. Q said Mueller report>>>declass>>>OIG>>>justice.

        Don’t give up now, folks. Keep praying that temporal justice be done. Pray like this republic’s future is at stake because it is.

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        1. I am indeed, Chris J! I get impatient but over time have realized that the slow way is the more thorough and (we hope) less violent way to go. Apparently, the OIG report is being reviewed and should be released soon, so Declas seems imminent. John Solomon said that process would start mid-next week. We will see.

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  14. If you live in the state of Illinois be aware that the two abortion bills are in danger of passing again. Here is a link below to a call to action. Please call or email your state representatives and Mike Madigan’s office. Even if your representative is prolife, they love getting these calls as it is ammunition for them when they are trying to fight these bills.

    Praise God – with His help this will all be over some day and all babies will once again be safe and valued. Until then – we fight!

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      1. Thank you Bekita. I just received word that it looks like they are planning to vote on it TODAY. I am so grieved. Please everyone- please pray for Illinois. And contact your legislators NOW.

        Liked by 4 people

    1. Praying for this intention, Beth. (I liked Illinois when we moved there almost 20 years ago; but I sure am glad that we don’t live there now.)

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