We Lost a Good One Last Night

Bishop Robert Morlino

By Charlie Johnston

It was with deep sorrow I learned of the passing last night of Madison Bishop Robert Morlino. Bishop Morlino had written the clearest clarion call for reform in the Church after the scandals started breaking of any Bishop in the country. He was truly a sign of hope – and I had hoped he would play a prominent role in the renewal of Our Lord’s Church. I reckon he will – but from the other side of the veil. Reports said that he had had a “cardiac event” mid-week. After some early apparent improvement, he died last night.

Our own Beckita collaborated with Morlino on many things when he was the Bishop of Helena – and he affectionately called her the “Queen of Hearts.” Fr. Richard Heilman, the publisher of Roman Catholic Man and a Priest in Morlino’s Diocese, wrote last night:

“Requiescat in pace, Bishop Morlino

There was a call for all night Adoration at our Diocesan Center for Bishop Morlino. I went to expose the Blessed Sacrament. Two minutes before we entered the sanctuary, a call came that things were not going well with Bishop.

After an hour before the Blessed Sacrament, I wrestled whether to go down to the hospital to pray for him there, even though he was not taking visitors. Ninety minutes later, I couldn’t fight it off any longer, so I rushed down to the hospital. Just as I arrived, Bishop passed. I was there. Isn’t it always the way? When you are close to someone, you know … you just know.

Everyone knows my affection for Bishop. But, I also know that all of the serious Catholics in our diocese adored him. Yes, I do believe we witnessed a saint in our midst; a St. Athanasius against the rampant modernism in our times.

My love and my prayers go out to everyone grieving this great loss. I love you, Bishop. You were more than my Shepherd, you were a dad to me and countless others.

Requiescat in pace, Bishop Morlino”


I have enjoyed a week with family. We all gathered at my nephew’s home in Helena, Alabama. Ah, how glorious it is to enjoy a holiday with a houseful of lively children and family games! We have a long tradition of playing the southern card game Rook (with our own variation of the rules) until all hours of the night. My son, nephew and I also played a little competitive video game golf. I stunk at the golf (baseball is my game in the video world – the only way I will ever hit home runs again in this life), but remain a solid Rook player. My daughter-in-law received her baptism by fire into the world of Rook. I warned her that, after she has really learned the game, it is best that spouses do not choose each other as game partners (in Johnston Rules Rook, there can be a little trash talk between partners). I was cheered yesterday morning when I arrived at the house before my son and his family left. My daughter-in-law was holding my nine-month-old grandson. When I walked in the door, he gave me a hearty wave and a big grin. During the visit, he kept trying to grab my coffee away from me. Love that kid…he knows how to set his priorities.

I had intended to devote yesterday afternoon to finishing the Ballad, but shortly after I got to the hotel, the internet went out – and did not come back on until sometime in the night. I thought it was time for it, but I guess it is not quite soup yet. The next two days are packed. I finally get back home Tuesday afternoon – and will devote the latter part of the week to finishing this long-awaited piece. I know I have completely neglected my work this last week – and am going to do so for a few more days. But after Wednesday, I have no more excuses.


They re-printed my piece from earlier in the week over at Church Militant yesterday. You have already read the piece, but a cool feature they added was to embed video from each of the speakers of the day. Thus, you can live the rally without going through security or enduring the chill winds that blew through – although there is a certain charm in being part of the crowd.

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  1. Fiddlesticks!
    I was at Walmart looking for a decent coffee for the old French press. I grabbed the reasonably priced “Seattle’s Best: Post Alley Dark Roast”. (There was no way I’d purchase the nearby Starbuck’s coffee because they directly support Planned Parenthood).

    Well, today I looked up the Seattle’s Best company. Grrrrr…..They are a subsidiary of Starbucks so actually do indirectly support evil PP.

    Fiddlesticks! Fudge-nuggets!

    Annoyingly, the coffee is quite good, and I will finish the product since the damage is done. Sigh.

    I should go with Mystic Monk from now on.

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    1. I love Mystic Monk Coffee, including the images they use on the packages. ❤ A friend often has some sent to me for Christmas. The blend names are appealing, too; e.g., Midnight Vigil's Blend and Hermits Bold Blend. Mmmmmm.

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    2. So, here’s the next problem I feel prompted to deal with:

      How do I let an entire parish know about the businesses that support Planned Parenthood? Should I ask to give a 2-minute talk at the end of mass? Make a bulletin insert?

      And how to do so *diplomatically* (Italics). There’s a Starbucks near the cathedral. One of our deacons was holding a cup. When I saw him, I told him plainly to enjoy it because it would be his last. He looked confused until I clarified. He was allegedly unaware that SB supports PP. (See, I can be way too blunt.)

      After a mass, I overheard a group of people discuss where to go for dinner. They mentioned Longhorn Steakhouse. Should I just mind my own business? No, I quietly told one of the gentlemen that LS supports PP and left without discussion. The man looked annoyed for confounding his dinner plans with ethics.

      And I just learned that a devout Catholic friend who proposed to another devout Catholic friend was sharing a meal with a priest….in Longhorn Steakhouse. No!!!!!!!!!

      Are we obliged to spread the word to Catholics about Adobe, TurboTax and CliffBars (who match employee donations), Pepsi, FritoLay (the entire chip aisle), Exxon, Starbucks, and all those who support abortion?

      It’s not a sin if we’re truly ignorant to who or what a company we patronize supports, and it’s not a sin if we have no reasonable choice, as with a business using PayPal like the Carmelites in Colorado Springs. (Great resource: https://www.ncbcenter.org/)

      What do I do? Leave it alone? Fight PP one person at a time? Let an entire parish know? As with the contraceptive issue, many Catholics don’t want to hear it and would rather hang on to ignorance or misguided opinion and instead continue enjoying their favorite things. Suggestions welcome.

      I take heart because according to Charlie and other sources (17), Planned Parenthood is about to be engaged by us in a fierce battle.

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      1. For what it’s worth, Patrick, I used to spin my head trying to stay on top of boycotting businesses that contribute to PP. .I gave it up because I was inevitably supporting such businesses, right and left, unbeknownst to me. So I support ending abortion in different ways

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        1. Frankly, I’m not called to spearhead a big movement, though my heart wants to shout it out so every Catholic and Christian knows. I just spread the word when opportunity presents, however untactfully. We do see that boycotting works, as with the NFL, but it doesn’t feel like a direct enough way to fight PP because they get funds from so many different sources. But once Planned Parenthood is gone and abortion is crushed, businesses won’t have that evil to contribute to.

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          1. It’s infuriating that DJT hasn’t realized a campaign promise to defund PP of over $500 million taxpayer’s money. So I will call my congresspeople and the White House this week to voice my concerns. Here’s a link showing that pro-life young adults are doing their part to keep it in the news…

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          2. Patrick,

            My daughter who is very pro life informed me that it is ok to use products in these situations and there is no alternative. For example, I have to use Windows at work. No alternative. She said she even checked with the churches teaching on this one and it is actually ok to use certain vaccines that use forms of fetal cells. She is a nurse and required to have vaccines and for some of them, there is no other option. I would classify this as extreme circumstance. My heart still yearns even hearing this.

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              1. Yes. I cannot imagine that and I do not envy you. I pray the Holy Spirit guide you and give you strength and just maybe, you get a job in a faithful Catholic hospital or clinic.

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        2. I love that Beckita. There are far too many corrupt companies that have a monopoly on products we have come to rely on and have built a base upon for decades that we use daily. I heard recently and do not remember the source or exact wording, something along the lines of, when you are surrounded by the enemy you can fight back from any angle. 😉

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          1. Yes, it’s not just food and all forms of grocery and household items – it’s everday services such as department stores, banking, airlines, telecoms, police unions, etc. – and it isn’t just supporting abortion. During the recent campaign for marriage equality, there were double-spread pages listing companies who supported change. Might you be referring to this quote Jlynn “They are in front of us, behind us, and we are flanked on both sides by an enemy that outnumbers us 29:1. The can’t get away from us now!” It’s from a general, but my eyes aren’t working properly, it looks like Butler.

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  2. PD;
    A while back I went to some people’s house for a rosary. They served coffee afterwards. It was SO good I asked the hostess what it was. She gave me a look as if to say “I was hoping you would ask” She told me it was Mystic Monk and told me a little about them and their operation (in Colorado if I recall) It was literally the best coffee I ever tasted and to this day I can’t remember anything that comes close. I’ve ordered from them a couple of times since but haven’t lately. Come to think of it, I may just place an order before Christmas. Supremely excellent coffee! Maybe it’s the prayers they say over it. 🙂

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      1. Thanks for the link, Christopher. The Carmelites that make the coffee are the real deal; my husband and I have been on their mailing list for years. I’ve been thinking of getting him some of their coffee for Christmas; but I don’t know what kind he likes (not being a coffee drinker, I don’t know the first thing about the different kinds of beans or different roasts). I don’t want to ask him, because then I’ll tip him off. Quandary.

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        1. MICK;
          Discretely find out what he currently drinks the most, or his usual go-to coffee. Post here and I or someone else here could probably steer you toward a same/similar blend & roast. (ie light, medium, dark). I have a hunch that he’s probably not a flavored coffee guy. By ‘flavored’ I mean caramel, cinnamon, hazelnut etc. I went to the website last night after posting my comment above and looked around a little. I can see how the choices could be a bit overwhelming for a non-coffee drinker.
          Hope this helps.

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          1. Christopher, thanks so much for the offer of help. Coffee-speak is so hard for those of us who don’t partake! Anyhow, I was surreptitiously able to learn that he drinks Colombian Arabica, in a “classic roast.” Which of the Mystic Monk coffees would be best?

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    1. The Mystic Monks are located in a little mountain valley in Wyoming. For years I have been buying their Banana Rum coffee…..it reminds me of Bananas Foster…a dessert I came to love many years ago during a trip to New Orleans. Real monks making real coffee! They’re awesome.

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  3. Some Good News!
    Let US Pray that The Lord raises up many allies in many diverse places!

    ” …..said this week that his “main mission” in office is to combat the Marxist ideology of the preceding regime, including “climate alarmism” and abortion.”

    Brazil’s Populist Minister Slams Climate Alarmism as ‘Marxist Ideology’

    Millennials Spur Liturgical Restoration in Western Canada

    How “Right-Wing Populism” Succeeded in Austria

    US House Passes Legislation To Aid Christian & Yazidi Genocide Victims In Iraq & Shttps://freedomoutpost.com/us-house-passes-legislation-to-aid-christian-yazidi-genocide-victims-in-iraq-syria/yria


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