Final Pre-Election Thoughts

Trump - they're coming for you

By Charlie Johnston

A dear friend sent me the above picture. I thought it was strikingly insightful.

In  the late spring, a poor Utah teenage girl, Keziah Daum, was subjected to a hysterical online mob accusing her of “cultural appropriation.” Her crime? She chose to wear a beautiful Chinese-style dress to prom. How sad that the harpies of the left did their best to ruin a young girl’s prom night!

Question, though…if Daum was guilty of “cultural appropriation” for merely wearing a particular style of dress, why is Irishman Robert O’Rourke fawned over by the same leftists when he adopts the nickname, “Beto,” and plays at being Hispanic while running for US Senate? Isn’t that cultural appropriation? For that matter, why isn’t it cultural appropriation when Sen. Elizabeth Warren (whose DNA test showed she is whiter than Scarlett O’Hara) plays at gaming the system to get some of that minority victim privilege action by claiming to be part American Indian?

The new rules seem to be that if you are a normal anonymous person, you get randomly mobbed by the atheist left for anything that strikes their fancy. If you are a prominent conservative, you get mobbed at restaurants and other public places just because – if the leftists are not burning your headquarters down or shooting at you. If you are a prominent leftist, the same people who mob normal folks encourage and celebrate your outright “cultural appropriation” lies. What a frighteningly weird world our culture has become!

A young woman on Twitter completely devastated all the leftist nostrums in a series of tweets recently. Gotta say I love how concise and precise she is. Hmmm…I wonder how many folks are being woken up to basic moral and civilizational principles because of the ever-accelerating madness of the left.

Nationally, Republican early votes outpaced Democrats – though the Dems did make their losses smaller in the last few days of last week. Of course, these models are based on past partisan performance of individuals and precincts. What it does not show is how many former Republicans are voting for Democrats…and how many former Democrats are voting for Republicans. There is no way to know that, though I am convinced that the insanely shrill and violent antics of the atheist, Antifa-based left has chased a lot of Democrat normals into the GOP. Any Republicans who are so impressed by the violence, intimidation, and smears of the left that they would vote Democrat this time are stupid enough that we are well rid of them. By crossing over to Dems, these types raise the average IQ in both parties. Elections are in reach for either party in most districts depending on election day turnout. You know what my take is.

Finally, the street theatre performance of the media these last ten years has been shamelessly disgraceful. I saw the cartoon below – and would have howled with laughter had it not captured so perfectly what the establishment media has become.

media lies


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  1. I wonder why does the left think they are entitled to win. When they don’t, it it their right to throw a 2 year tantrum. At school, we adults tell the children, you get what you get and don’t throw a fit. Have they completely lost their collective minds? I also wonder if they are getting paid for it. Why doesn’t the looney lib media ever get called out for it? Ok, in one instance I have read about, Grassley is going after one who blatantly lied about Judge Kavanaugh.

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    1. HttP, last I knew, Grassley has actually referred 4 people to the FBI and DOJ for lying to the Senate Judiciary Committee about Judge Kavanaugh. It’s only a drop in the bucket, I know; but at least it’s a start.

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      1. Love love love Grassley. Hiya Mick!! Would love to hear your election predictions! 😉 I’m with Charlie. My husband thinks I’m nuts.

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        1. Hi, Irish! Yeah, my husband thinks I’m nuts, too; but he knew that when he married me, so….

          My husband thinks the Republicans will have no trouble keeping the Senate but will probably lose the House. I agree with him about the Senate (I think we’ll pick up some seats, even), but I disagree with him about the House: I’m optimistic that we’ll keep it (although I wouldn’t be shocked if we didn’t). I’m not as optimistic as Charlie. But then, I’m not as smart as Charlie, either; and given his years of experience in the political arena, I won’t be surprised at all if he’s correct about a Red Wave.

          How’s the fam? 🙂

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        2. P.S. Irish, I saw the funniest thing at Hot Air or RedState a few days before Kavanaugh was confirmed. It was from some conservative guy’s Twitter feed, in which he said, “All I know is that I went to bed in reality and woke up in a world in which Chuck Grassley, Lindsey Graham, and Susan Collins are awesome.” 🙂

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    2. I watched EWTN’s Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing tonite, and though I had seen it before, a feew years back, it had me feeling quite sick to think of how close the liberals are to having their socialistic/communistic goals met with all boxes ticked off. I am praying again for myself to not get lost in the fog, when who knows what the grey wolf really looks like. Then I remember next right step, acknowledge God, be a sign of hope…’s just reacting before I remember how to act with all this frenzy happening, that has me on the look out and alert. Hoping this keeps me on the right path to safety.

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  2. That’s a great pic. Heather’s tweets are also very smart. Love the statistical analysis said as, ” By crossing over to Dems, these types raise the average IQ in both parties.”

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  3. I have high hopes for a good turnout for Republicans for a couple reasons not much talked about.
    Catholic vote looks for where best spend their efforts to encourage Christine people to vote Christian values. Trump has kept his promise to the many church leaders He met with when He was campaigning over two years ago. The two prolife Judges was major. Also the( #walkaway movement) is something that is mostly quiet , did get some coverage recently.
    In closing I have to think that the majority of people don’t really want inconsiderate mob type people in charge of our Government.
    May the Angels get the right people out to vote Tuesday !!!

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  4. The words with the image of President Trump is dead-on. When I hear the media attack Trump, I only hear them attacking me.

    Notice how they never argue or debate the topics he brings up? They just attack the man and call him ugly names (that actually apply to themselves). They do this because they cannot refute him with reasoning because they are incapable and because there is none.

    But the Leftists are gullible fools, politicians and media alike: Over and over again, they grab the bait he dangles out for them, thus setting the tone for HIS agenda. They can’t help but play into his hands. He is a virtuoso. He’s got them running all over hell’s half-acre playing whack-a-mole, looking crazed like Alec Baldwin, and smacking themselves in the head….I can even hear the Looney-Tunes music playing.

    Now, on a darker note, the cartoon reminds me of the Rodney King incident that — thanks to the same leftist media that exist today — resulted in the 1992 Los Angeles riots where 63 people were killed, 2,383 people were injured, more than 12,000 were arrested, and over 1,000 buildings were destroyed. Thank you, leftist media. Mission accomplished.

    A scorched earth policy is probably what we get to look forward to after this election.

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      1. Preferring the ashes of “victory” to gain power is not confined to the evil Left, but shows up elsewhere, such as in Iran.

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  5. Charlie, I’d like to bring into the discussion again this part of your October 25 post, “Getting Un-Stuck from Stupid”:

    “I profoundly sense that the American mid-terms are become a great sort of historical Rubicon. Increasingly violent political strife is the shroud surrounding an old order that is passing away. I believe Republicans are going to win a big victory. Either way, though, I think this is when the dam fully bursts. Truly epochal events will follow in the wake of this election, as a new era is born. It is like a great ship coming into port at night in a fog: first you feel it, then a part of the fog is a little darker than the rest, then it suddenly takes on its full, majestic shape.

    “’And the dragon stood before the woman who was about to bear a child, that he might devour her child when she brought it forth…but her child was caught up to God and his throne…Now war broke out in heaven.’-Revelation 12:4-7

    “Something completely new and huge is aborning. But such a transformative birth is accompanied by wailing, screams and blood. We will be a new people, but through much travail. . . .

    “I did see and have spoken for decades of the coming ‘global civil war fought on cultural lines.’ It is here. But I also saw who we would be after the Storm finally passed. What a great, glorious renewal! The time is coming – and that right soon – when our joy over what was born out of the ashes of our bleeding world makes the strife it took to gain as unimportant as the terrible labor is to the overjoyed Mother considering the beloved child who is the fruit of her labor.”

    Charlie, I have for many months thought that what has been unfolding is consistent with your own prophetic insights over the years.

    I, personally, have never been as attentive to mid-term elections as I have this year. These mid-terms are a crucial follow-up to the 2016 election, which threw much of the country ~ indeed, the world ~ into a tizzy. Many, including me, felt a sense of relief when Hillary Clinton was not elected. But what would President Trump do? I had not voted for him. I had written in “Christ the King.”

    Having observed President Trump’s substantive actions over the past two years, including many of his key appointments, I have come to believe that he is not opposed to Christ the King but is an unexpected, strong outsider called forth by God to set some things right on this earthly plain. God does, indeed, care about our earthly lives, which is part of the incarnational principle. Salvation history almost always involves imperfect PEOPLE being chosen and invited to act to help bring about God’s plan. “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

    But “powers and principalities” are also involved. The current gnashing of teeth over such things as Justice Kavanaugh being nominated to do what Supreme Court justices are supposed to do is simply beyond reason. It is a reaction I’ve noticed in other situations when some moral evil is being confronted, even gently. Often the reaction far exceeds the provocation.

    The image you chose for this current post does, indeed, say it well. Many people, including those from other countries, seem to recognize that this is no ordinary political episode in history, that there’s something more going on, that God is very much involved, and that President Donald Trump is a guy who said “yes.”

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  6. It is a serious question, how did these people loose their minds. When watching the Veritas Project’s take on Beto O’Rourke just shows how crooked and devious they are, and yet, people will still vote for this type. They are not being told the truth, I believe. Pray Pray Pray!

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  7. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we in California are surprised with a large conservative voter turnout and maybe just a lot of people who are sick of the way things are going to start our state back in the right direction. The values we hold dear have been pushed to the background and I worry for my grandchildren. We are amping up the prayers!

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    1. Thank you very much for your prayers. It is a such a comfort hearing from people around the world on the ASOH -TNRS. What a wonderful family reunion we will have in heaven. Looking forward to that!!!!

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  8. Last night I wasn’t able to watch the live stream of Fr. Ripperger’s talk from St. Mary of Pine Bluff. The feed would play for 10 seconds or so then buffer for 15-20 seconds through the whole thing. Well, presumably through the whole hour because I sat through 20 minutes hoping it would finally straighten out but alas… 😦 Btw, the St. Mary of Pine Bluff website already has it in the ‘previously recorded’ menu if anybody else had the same problem. I will watch it later this morning when I have an hour. I was able to catch 10 seconds of Fr. Heilman’s introduction of Fr. Chad. I heard him mention Fr. Chad’s presence on YT and how addictive his presentations are. I concur! So after giving up on the live stream and to get my nightly fix, I went to YT and watched Our Times Part III: Spiritual Preparation (parts I & II were awesome!). Among other things he talked about detachment from everything but God and he meant EVERYTHING up to and including family. Not that we should stop caring about family members but that we should be so completely(!) God-centered that if one would happen to loose a sibling-parent-child during a chastisement it wouldn’t shake us from our faith and trust in God. Any further summary of his point on my part would be inadequate so I’ll leave it at that and encourage others to watch for themselves. To me there is only a few degrees of separation between Fr. Chad’s advice and what Charlie has been saying all along regarding complete trust in God. Stunning similarities but from slightly different angles.

    Great job, Charlie and thanks a million. You da man! 🙂

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    1. Agree, C, on the consonant themes of Fr. Chad’s presentation(s) and Charlie’s spiritual counsel. I was determined to see that buffering problem corrected and it paid off. It must have been straightened out right after you left because the majority of the presentation was smooth and pleasant. SO hopeful! Especially the reminders that each bout of spiritual warfare is allowed by God, especially for that person, that s/he grows in ways that are rewarded in Heaven.

      Like you, C, I’ve viewed Fr. Chad a lot. He trained our own diocesan exorcist and when first hearing about Fr. R’s presence on YT, I began to view and listen to him there. Great work. I especially appreciate the one on interacting with our guardian angels and the general spiritual warfare presentation where he tells that in his work as exorcist, in these times, a prominent field of attack is depression and anxiety: the battlefield of the mind.

      Word last evening at the end was that a recording would go up either at the parish’s space on FB – which means Fr. Rick will put it on his own FB page – and/or the YT channel for the Diocese of Madison. I’ll share the links when I notice it’s available.

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      1. Thanks, Beckita. You’re priceless. The effort you put into this site – as if you don’t have any other duties – is not lost on anybody here. We are a fortunate family. (((Hugs)))

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        1. God bless you, Christopher. Hugs for you as well, with prayers for you, all our friends here, near and far, for our families and as Our Mother would wish: for all peoples everywhere… may not a single one be lost! (Shooting for the stars, knowing full well that free will must be exerted.)

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    2. Oh, Christopher…what a difficult cross to bear. I released my siblings(hardcore leftist-pro abortion, etc.) a couple of years ago. My heartaches because one of my sons is of the same mindset. Two other sons are fence sitters. Please pray for them.

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      1. Indeed a difficult cross, HTTP. I’m heading out to our perpetual adoration chapel in a few minutes. Know that I will lift up your siblings, your son, and you of course. Heartache is what the name implies but…*it can be sanctifying if you willingly endure the suffering.

        *Disclosure: I can’t take credit for that last part. Thank Fr. Chad Ripperger.

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    3. Christopher J
      I was able to watch Fr R talk this AM through the St Mary’s site It was an eye opener, a heart changer. Never have I heard such descriptions of the spiritual reality. Definitely need a re-listen.
      Then, I delayed going to Sunday Mass and watched the Traditional Latin Mass celebrated by Fr R.
      Beautiful! It has been a long time. [I became restless when the Gloria chant seemed endless, same feeling as a kid, so some work to do on Humility “it is not about you, Judy”]

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  9. Isn’t it astounding that such outrageous behaviour should be levelled against a President who has turned the American economy around.
    More time is needed in order for the economy to strengthen and produce more long term benefits. May God assist the sane people of good will to get out and vote for this successful government.

    I was listening to the Nigel Farage show earlier, and SOME people ringing in whinging about Mr Trump being a liar. They seem to ignore the last two Conservative Prime Ministers here in the UK told bold faced lies to us; that’s right, David Cameron and Theresa May, treat the electorate like a bunch of morons. Lies and fearmongering is the order of the day here, just like the Democrats in USA.

    USA just needs President Trump and his party to keep on the win, win, win streak.

    And those who call the Republicans ‘supremasists’ are very ignorant of the facts. The Democrat party are the real supremasists. The Democrats founded the KKK after they lost the war when they fought to keep the slave trade, or so I hear. Go President Trump. Just like Elvis, go man go…

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  10. That’s great Charlie. I got to attend Mass celebrated by Cdl. Burke last year in Oct. for the 100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima. Photo ops with him too! A Holy Shepherd.

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      1. Reminds me of a priest who once testified that when he elevated the host and the wine a demonic presence manifested itself in a person with a gutteral voice but I don’t remember the outcome if he prayed any deliverance prayers or if the person just left. Once at a prayer and praise session a likely demonized person manifested itself by the person saying “satan is my master:” and I had known this person with possible Mental health and demonic problems. We prayed for him later but I don’t think he really wanted to be free or could fully understand what freedom was. Pray for George as that was his first name.

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      2. And for any steppers who live in our area. That conference is always a blessing and it is scheduled so that it comes after the post holiday letdowns and early enough so that most college students can make it.

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    1. Beginning today there are three November dates to start a 33 days to Morning Glory Marian Consecration. The other start dates for November are November 9, ending on December 12th,Our Lady of Guadalupe and November 29, ending on Mother of God, January 1.

      I am renewing my consecration for 2018 starting today with a small parish group. Our pastor whom I included and sent a copy to of the letter to my Bishop Daniel Conlon of the Joliet Diocese suggested in Charlie’s “Enthrone Our Lady of America” article:

      will be consecrating our parish to the Immaculate Heart of Mary at the conclusion of this Consecration. Praise be to God, it is a start. Bishop Conlon sent a lovely card to acknowledge receipt of my letter, yet nothing more. Still I hope and pray.

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      1. Thanks for the reminder, Jen. It’s been awhile and would behoove me to renew. Bishop Mcfadden has a youtube series which will help.

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  11. Please pray for Rapid City’s Bishop Robert Gruss and many other bishops who are fasting and praying for ONE FULL WEEK ahead of the upcoming USCCB meeting in Baltimore. These shepherds are preparing in this way because of the sexual abuse crisis. May their meeting on Nov 12-14 be a fruitful one.

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    1. Praying for your bishop, Patrick, and all the US bishops via the intercession of Our Lady of America at their general assembly meetings the 12th-14th. Praying, too, for calm amongst the crowds gathering outside. May the lay faithful be a firm and fruitful presence.

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  12. Please I ask all of you to pray unceasingly that this election be a victory for our Lord. So many do not realize this is not political but a spiritual battle.May the people of GOD unite with one voice ENOUGH ! We must stand for GOD and embrace the faith and virtues of the founding fathers of our country which was dedicated to our Blessed Mother. Please Father help those whom love you with all our heart , soul ,mind and strength bring this country back to you through ourLord Jesus Christ.. As America goes the world.. To adoration I go tommorow ..Please Lord Jesus Help Us 🙏🏻

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    1. Amen, Robin. Yesterday I came across a link to this video made by a gentleman, Bill Still. Apparently he has a YT channel, yet “Warring Angels” is not his area of interest or expertise. His video testimony has had almost 50,000 views overnight.

      A Message from the Warring Angels, 2432

      Some highlights:

      ~ St. Michael the Archangel, five other lead angels, and the souls of a million of soldiers that died believing in and defending our God-given freedoms and liberty, stood amidst dark clouds hovering over the polling place poised in a battle for our nation.

      ~ They were not happy and are prepared to blitz this place with 2 times the magnitude of power beyond that of “puny” men.

      ~ They were everywhere simultaneously, at every polling place protectively watching over us, yet filled with disgust over our current situation in which we have moved so far away from our purpose.

      ~ So great is their power that they could wipe us off the face of the earth and start over.

      ~ They do not know the results of the election, only God the Father does.

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      1. As Beckita knows but I have downplayed publicly, I am consulting with Texas Right to Life and actively monitoring and advising six statehouse campaigns in swing districts in Texas. It is, indeed, a busy time.

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  13. Haven’t read all the posts yet, but I’m feeling just sick about the people in the “caravan”. They have been lied to and led astray……now they are facing barbed wire at the border. Trust me, they should be kept out, until they come in legally, however, the EVIL that has organized this will rush the barbed wire with the poor innocent souls placed in front. Many will get hurt or even die. We will have an international incident on our hands. This feels like the “final” push of the “globalist” who want to take over our govt one way or another.

    Please pray for the poor souls. Please ask President Trump to take down the barbed wire. Find another way. Drop flyers on these people and tell them that they have been lied to and they are not coming into our country illegally. Lord help these innocent souls.

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    1. President Trump should not have said “barbed wire, when used properly, can be a beautiful sight”. Followers of Christ cannot approve of such language. This type of language plays into the hands of the Left. We become their mirror image when we speak like this. President Trump would be a much more effective and inspiring leader if he would avoid the use of such stupid and unchristian remarks.


    2. I see the point about the barb wire, San San. I also read what Judith shared concerning what Judicial Watch – a reputable group which does investigative work – discovered in their research about this group of people in the caravan. Please, take a look.

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  14. Mark is a smart Constitution Scholar/Lawyer and hosts a popular Sunday night show on FOX that I’d bet many here watch. There is a opening segment below and comments from “Sundance @ CTH where he expands on his Cold Anger theory.
    I’d bet that Election 2018 may well be an event that is written about in History Books …. Let’s Pray that the history bodes well for The Republic!
    The comments section, as always, includes interesting Tidbits:

    Mark Levin: “A Time To Stand”…


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  15. Lord, help us. It’s getting ugly out there.

    These two actors are friends. Hugh is a talented Australian actor who does broadway and plays muscular Wolverine. Ryan Reynolds who made the video is Canadian and pretty funny. Hope this brought a smidge of comedic relief.

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    1. Patrick, that was really funny. I’ve never seen “Wolverine” (shame on me, since that is my alma mater’s mascott), but I liked Hugh Jackman in the film “Kate and Leopold.” Ryan Reynolds was fun to watch in “The Proposal” (in which, as a fun twist, he marries his obnoxious boss, Sandra Bullock, to keep her from being deported to her home country of Canada).

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        1. Hey, Patrick, I can do super-heroes. How about John McClane? “Live Free or Die Hard” is one of the best movies ever made. Maybe McClane wasn’t exactly a super-hero, but he was a pretty bad cat. So was The Rock in “Skyscraper.” I don’t always just watch Hallmark-ish movies, just almost always. 🙂

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          1. Hugh Jackman, ladies and gentleman:

            That’s just nuts. Crazy workout program to get cut like that. It’s hard to imagine this fellow dancing and singing show tunes on Broadway!

            I like the Die Hard movies. Grew up on the stuff. I also like Bruce because he is one of the few conservatives in Hollywood.

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  16. I certainly hope you are correct about the election outcome Charlie (Republicans will do well). I just read an article on National Review by Henry Olsen who believes that enough RINO’s are going to cross over to the Dems that GOP will lost big time. Praying hard!

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  17. Final Pre-Election Thoughts. Ok, I’ll play.

    Some of Charlie’s comments that struck me:

    “…. The new rules seem to be that if you are a normal anonymous person, you get randomly mobbed by the atheist left for anything that strikes their fancy.

    …. Hmmm…I wonder how many folks are being woken up to basic moral and civilizational principles because of the ever-accelerating madness of the left.

    … I am convinced that the insanely shrill and violent antics of the atheist, Antifa-based left has chased a lot of Democrat normals into the GOP.

    … the street theatre performance of the media these last ten years has been shamelessly disgraceful.”

    Personally, I don’t think anybody knows how this Mid Term election is going to play out tomorrow. That’s because there are so many unique factors emerging in this election cycle that we have never seen before.

    Charlie’s final comment quoted above is the Big Question for me. The perfidy and partisanship and the downright sleazy and contemptible preoccupation of the media to regain power for the atheist Marxist Democrat Party at any and all costs to its own credibility ….. MAY HAVE WORKED!!!!

    Or, maybe not.

    Everyone now seems to be on pins and needles waiting to see if all the negative propaganda and campaign of lies directed at the President first and foremost and then at any Republican who happens to be walking by …. elected pol or hapless civilian “normal” … is going to work as planned by the Atheist Left. Zero Hour.

    Sister Bear’s post above mentioned the Rubicon. The idea that this election marks a kind of Rubicon in human events. A kind of a red line in history that once passed could never be retraced.

    I’m not so sure about that. It may simply be a curious mile marker on the highway we have been traveling as a society and world for the past several decades. Of our own free choice.

    I don’t feel like this election represents or promises any kind of definitive conclusion. If anything I believe it will serve more as a pretext for a new more violent phase of the Storm we are in.

    Why? Because there is no victory and there is no surrender. Not gonna be an Appomattox to this Cultural Civil War we are engaged in with the Atheist Marxist Democrat Left in America. Why? Because the Left is consumed by and possessed by Evil. The American Left acts as minions of Evil and are struggling to destroy what’s left of “Normal” society which clings to a traditional view of man’s right relationship to God. The American Left seeks to destroy “Normal Culture” and thereby destroy God and replace God with the State.

    Why? Because there’s not gonna be a Peace Treaty in the Spiritual War that Satan is waging against the divine beings in Heaven and against the human beings here on Earth.

    If the Blue Wave emerges as they have been propagandizing for …. or if it does not materialize but is somehow turned back in an unexpected fashion … we are in for the same kind of protracted cultural and spiritual and physical combat of Good vs Evil. It is not going to end at 8:00 PM DST on the East Coast tomorrow night

    If the Red Tsunami emerges as some have theorized and ( I may be mistaken about this which Charlie leans toward) we are in for the same kind of cultural and spiritual and physical combat of Good vs Evil.

    There will be no quick fixes short of Mary’s direct and visible intervention into human affairs to wrench humanity back to its senses. No early and easy and definitive end to the miseries humanity is afflicted by at this moment in history. Mary is humanity’s Last Chance to be shocked into redirecting its path of its own free will. Mary is humanity’s last Hope in this respect.

    I just don’t see another instrumentality, certainly not a human one, that can pull off that task successfully at this point. Certainly no politician or political party has it in him or her or them. Mary, Queen of Heaven, has it in her by virtue of her human nature and in her divine nature as the Mother of God. That is a powerful combination that no politician or political party possesses.

    Perhaps Jesus will come and bring Peace to our world? Maybe. But I believe the next time Jesus himself, God himself, comes to humanity in a world changing visible physical manifestation it will not be as a meek and mild and suffering servant born in humility in a manger surrounded by the sheep and the cattle. Not pleading, not teaching, not imploring humans to live rightly and in proper order to God’s will. It will be a coming of the King of Kings. Wearing a Gold Sash. Accompanied by the Choirs of Angels. Probably 30 ft tall and not smiling so much. Just my personal guess. I could be surprised of course.

    I am almost ashamed to admit this but lately for the past couple of months I have found myself tuning the politics out more and more and missing it less and less. I can’t tolerate watching the news on TV anymore. I can’t read the newspapers anymore. I don’t want to debate the issues anymore.

    For me politics is increasingly becoming mere babble. Of the babblers, by the babblers and most importantly FOR the babblers. I mean vicious, dirty, sleazy babbling.

    Perhaps the Judge Kavanaugh drama and shocking performance by the whole Atheist Marxist Democrat Left from Hollywood to New York to The Congress of the United States finally pushed me over the edge. Full to the brim. My cup runneth over. Enough is enough.

    No mas. No mas.

    I find myself these days more tuned to spiritual reading, prayer, study of the life of Christ. Good and Evil. How to live a virtuous life and what it means to live and remain in a state of Grace. What does it mean to walk in friendship with Christ on a daily basis in our world today. How do we become saints? How do I become a saint?

    A funny thing … all of the turmoil and unmasked and unveiled evil manifested in our “media” and our political world today … unmistakable in its nature and origin and in its purpose and intents toward all of humanity and towards ME in particular … has had the odd effect of making it clear to me at least and I think many others that all we human beings live with one foot in the natural world and one foot in the spiritual world.

    The Kingdom of God, the Promised Land, the Land flowing with milk and honey is not simply a physical place on this planet. It is state of mind and heart and soul. It is both physical and spiritual. Natural and Divine. All at once. Like the Man God Jesus himself. It’s a combination. The Kingdom of GGod is a natural/spiritual crossover combination. And you and I and everybody on this planet can live in it IF we so choose.

    We get to choose whether or not to inhabit that Land characterized by peace and mercy and love in divine union with the Holy Trinity. Not after our bodies stop working. Our hearts stop beating. Our brains stop emitting alpha waves. But right now. Here and now. Today. In communion with God the Father, Jesus himself and God the Holy Spirit. We get to choose … life in and with God … Or not. Our choice.

    That Promised Land of nature and spirit all at once is under deadly assault by Evil as we speak. It’s a war. It is being fought where we can see its manifestations in society and in politics with our own now shocked to the overflowing point senses. All of them. It is being fought in places hard for our senses to measure of detect but nevertheless just as real and undoubtedly more important for our immortal fate and destination. Amazingly it is being fought out in the Church itself!

    Personally, at this point in light of the evidence of the past several decades and increasingly of late, I can’t see the Mid Term Elections of 2018 in the United States of America amounting to more than a hill of beans in the grand drama of Good v Evil raging all around us in this natural world we inhabit and in this supernatural world we inhabit.

    The Good News is that God wins. Those who choose God win.

    Oh, I will turn out to vote tomorrow. I will vote against Evil in the form and manifestation of the Marxist Democrat Party of America and its vile agenda and intents for the American people.

    I will not be distraught by the emergence of a Blue Wave signifying that the Normals continue under a pall of delusion and successful indoctrination of Evil masquerading as Good in America.

    I will not be deluded that a Trumpian Red Tsunami puts our problems and our miseries and the attack of the Atheist Left to bed for once and for all.

    At 8:00PM Eastern DST on Tuesday Nov. 6, 2018 when the media informs us who won 10 seconds after the polls close I will pray for America and my family and myself. Then I will turn off the TV and pick up a book.

    These are my final thoughts on the Eve of Election.

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    1. Interesting thoughts, Ed. The reason this election means so much to me is because of how God is revealing hearts in these consequential times. I place this election in the context which Pope St. John Paul II spoke of in prophetic terms, way back in 1976 in Philadelphia as Cardinal Karol Wojtyla. I have commented with this segment of his speech more than a few times and I think it deserves remembrance, yet again, because this confrontation in which we now find ourselves, according to this St. John Paul is “the greatest historical confrontation humanity has EVER experienced.” (caps mine) In St. John Paul II’s words:

      We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has ever experienced. I do not think that the wide circle of the American Society, or the whole wide circle of the Christian Community realize this fully. We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-church, between the gospel and the anti-gospel, between Christ and the Antichrist. The confrontation lies within the plans of Divine Providence. It is, therefore, in God’s Plan, and it must be a trial which the Church must take up, and face courageously.

      Don’t know for certain, but I sense this election is a sort of a watershed moment, a turning point at which we shall soon see this Storm ramp up into the highest levels ever. And while Jesus will not come again, in His corporeal self, until the end of time, I do believe in the Warning of Garabandal as both this revealing of hearts and also as a discrete event, often called the Illumination of Conscience. I do believe each person from the age of reason to the oldest on the planet will see his/her soul in the Light of God… clearly knowing, then, the good s/he has done and the sins for which repentance is needed. I do believe each one, then, will know that Jesus Christ is the only Savior and Redeemer. Perhaps this experience will seal the deal on becoming one flock under one shepherd. God may certainly fulfill this message given by Our Lady of Garabandal in ways that surprise those (and us all) who have believed in the traditional interpretation. Charlie, often, has spoken of a time of Christ’s visitation for us. Such mysteries to be entered into and yet lived in these times which hold the “greatest historical confrontation humanity has ever experienced.” God bless us one and all.

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      1. It’s always sobering to be reminded of the Garabandal messages and JPII warning. (sidenote, I miss JoeCro’s comments about G.; wish he could make amends with Charlie and return.) Anyway., I will probably faint after the illumination, wailing, “That’s moi,??!! b,b,but…”

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  18. For what it’s worth, I say less worrying about whether this or that party prevails, and more Ballad of the Ordinary Man. Haven’t we all drowsily participated in many an election cycle for far too long and how’s that panned out!? Frankly, nothing much has seemed like a real victory since Reagan.

    And how did we ever get to such a point that any election apparently meant so much?

    Want to know what really means something? The ordinary man/woman with a heart for God alone. A light for your brothers and sisters. A warning for the reprobate which simply says, “You cannot have it.”

    To quote our friend, Mick, “Bring it!”

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