Be Deliberate and Judge Righteous Judgment

Denver Cathedral
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception – Denver

By Charlie Johnston

In the last couple of days I have had several phone calls from Catholic broadcasters asking if I knew anything about the situation with Fr. David Nix of Denver. (I continue to have a lot of contacts who chat with me…but I have become something like a mistress: a lot of high-powered folks like to get my take on things but few want to be seen in public with me).  Fr. Nix claimed that the Archdiocese was punishing and persecuting him for being an orthodox whistle-blower on sexual allegations.

I do not know Fr. Nix. But I told the broadcasters they ought to closely examine facts before running with this. It did not sound right to me. Denver Archbishop Samuel Aquila is not known as a “hail fellow-well met” sort of guy, but he is rigorously and courageously orthodox. On matters of life, marriage and the family he has NEVER held his finger to the wind to find which way it is blowing before speaking. He teaches and preaches authentic Catholic doctrine, handed down from the Apostles, Fathers and Doctors of the Church. He does it unapologetically and full-throatedly, so this just did not sound right to me.

In some of my previous pieces I have worried that some Priests, if disciplined for just cause, might try to claim the mantle of orthodoxy to justify themselves. I do not know Fr. Nix – but I DO know a lot of officials at the Archdiocese and have had direct experience of lawful direction from Archbishop Aquila. It was unimaginable to me that he would ever discipline anyone for the offense of being “orthodox.” And while there are some Priests here I don’t much care for, it has seemed to me that Denver has gone to no little effort to be just to all while caring for the flock. I have previously been in the Dioceses of Chicago and of Belleville. Denver, quite bluntly, is the best, most just Diocese I have ever lived in.

I see that Michael Voris of Church Militant has jumped right in on this one. Sorry, though I have affection for him, I think he jumped the gun on this one.

While disciplinary measures are usually handled privately and with discretion, since Fr. Nix has made a public spectacle here, Archbishop Aquila issued a candid statement on the controversy. This statement, re-printed in its entirety below, sounds like the processes of the Archdiocese of Denver that I know very well. We must all take care to judge righteous judgment.

(Update: Okay, I have spent the better part of the evening talking to friends in Denver who know Fr. Nix. The best I have been able to get anyone to say about him is that he can be kind to people who are hurting. The unanimous consensus from my very orthodox friends who know him is that he is a combative, arrogant man who can’t get along with much of anyone. I stand completely with my Archbishop on this one – and I have fully vetted it.-CJ)

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28 September 2018

To the priests of the Archdiocese of Denver,

I am writing you today because many of you have asked about the situation with Fr. David Nix. Unfortunately, Fr. Nix has made public statements and accusations that are false. In priest personnel matters, it is the Archdiocese’s and my practice to honor confidentiality. In this situation, because Fr. Nix is attacking the Church, my staff, and me, and is speaking about these things in a very public way, it is necessary to be clear with you about this matter.

Fr. Nix has been in an ongoing dialogue with the Archdiocese for years about his difficulties holding a parish assignment. This started before I was installed as the Archbishop and has continued during my tenure. Placing Fr. Nix in a parish has been challenging because the faithful, parish staff, and the priests who have worked with Fr. Nix believe he causes trouble. Putting the very best light on this, one can see Fr. Nix as over-zealous in his belief that many people are too casual in matters of liturgy and doctrine. He has been very judgmental and vocal about these issues. I am not intending to evaluate his beliefs, just recognize that this is the status of the matter. It reached a point where, after four failed parish assignments, it became very difficult to find a pastor who would receive Fr. Nix as a parochial vicar. In the face of this difficulty, my staff and I have continued to work hard to find an assignment for him, including with various groups outside of the Archdiocese. All of these efforts have failed, and each time Fr. Nix has been sent back to the Archdiocese. Since Fr. Nix was asked to leave his most recent assignment at the end of March, we have not given up, but his behavior has made it difficult to even establish a dialogue with him.

A much more serious issue and charge is the notion that we have not addressed a matter about sexual abuse reported to us by Fr. Nix. The truth is that in an email he wrote on May 24, Fr. Nix made threats that if he couldn’t dictate his own assignment, he would pursue civil litigation, embarrass me personally, or make known to the media supposed harmful information about two historical situations. This approach of using a threat to obtain his desired outcome raises serious civil and canonical implications, which is exactly what he was told, and frankly it is offensive to any right-thinking person. Of course, I would never participate in such a scheme.

To be clear, the two allegations Fr. Nix was using to try to control his assignment are not dark secrets that somehow make Fr. Nix a “whistle blower.” One involved a seminarian and the matter was fully reported to law enforcement in 2012 and the seminarian involved was dismissed from the seminary. Fr. Nix has admitted his concern about this situation is that the family did not receive a proper apology, which is not correct. The second allegation involves a third-hand report from the 1980s, and Fr. Nix confirmed in writing, and then in person to both an official of the curia and a member of the Conduct Response Team, that there was absolutely no allegation of any sexual contact or abuse.

In all of our dealings with Fr. Nix, we have been clear that if there is information about a crime, it must be reported to law enforcement. If there are issues about violations of the ministerial standards, those must be fully addressed, including being brought to the Conduct Response Team. We have said he is free to hire a lawyer, and if that is his course of action, our civil lawyer would be ready to meet with him. Most importantly, I have always been direct that in no event would I allow any wrongdoing to be “covered up,” for his benefit or for any other reason.

Fr. Nix’s statement that he has been forced to be homeless and has been ignored by the Archdiocese is just another sad chapter in this long saga. Rest assured that contrary to Fr. Nix’s claims, he has been paid the full salary due to him, which of course is a documented fact. We have tried to speak with Fr. Nix, but he fails to show up for scheduled meetings, is hard to get ahold of, and even just yesterday he rebuked Bishop Rodriguez. We will continue to try to help Fr. Nix, if he will let us. I ask each of you not to be mad or upset with Fr. Nix, but instead we must always act with compassion and caring. This has been a challenging situation for the priest personnel board, Bishop Rodriguez, and for me. Our focus is always on doing what we can for all priests, in charity and with continuing humility.

Please pray for all those involved in this matter.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Samuel J. Aquila, S.T.L.
Archbishop of Denver

139 thoughts on “Be Deliberate and Judge Righteous Judgment

  1. Thank you so much for this, Charlie. Fr. Nix is promoting his story all over social media. You have nailed the important caution for us all here: “In some of my previous pieces I have worried that some Priests, if disciplined for just cause, might try to claim the mantle of orthodoxy to justify themselves.”

    In one article online, Father said: “My parents would certainly have let me stay in their home, but St. Alphonsus Liguori says the worst thing for a vocation is to live with your parents,” He then goes on to say he’s homeless. Really? At best this is silly then because Fr. Nix is homeless by choice.

    Praying for all concerned.

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  2. I have had dealings with Fr. Nix. He helped me when I was so upset that hospice starved my mom to death, and he whistle blows on what they are doing. He said you should never stop hydration and food which they did and I was powerless to stop the powers that be (stepdad). As far as the other things, I do not know. i felt he was spot on and a good whistle blower at least about the abuses hospice is doing to patients. Both my husband and I felt she was starved to death. It was very very hard to watch. xoxo TNRS

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    1. I appreciate your experience, Linda. I spoke to several friends who know him tonight – and was told he could be nice to people, but was something of a rad/trad and intolerant of people who did not share those beliefs. I was also told (but have not verified) that his parents live in Denver – so he chose to be homeless to bolster his story. He was not forced into homelessness. You are the only one I spoke to who knows him whose experience is good – though one other did say he is kind to those that are hurting.

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      1. Thanks so much, Charlie. He said he used to be a paramedic and figured out what some folk were doing in the hospice places. I was powerless to stop this abuse/murder as i said…let’s call a spade a spade here…but he assured me I wasn’t crazy and promised to pray for my mom and all of us.

        I’m sorry to hear Fr Nix is doing other crazy stuff though, and I appreciate knowing and will pray for him now too. The times are so very crazy lately. It’s hard to know who to listen to, but on the very top of my list, Charlie, is YOU!!! God bless you all very much and thank you again for preparing us all here for this unbelievable storm we are in ! Maranatha! TNRS xoxo

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  3. I saw that story on my facebook feed yesterday and it didn’t seem right to me either. Something rang a bit unstable in Fr. Nix’s statement, so I figured it would get sorted out eventually. Thanks for clearing that up. We should always be careful about these kinds of things.

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  4. Okay, I have spent the better part of the evening talking to friends in Denver who know Fr. Nix. The best I have been able to get anyone to say about him is that he can be kind to people who are hurting. The unanimous consensus from my very orthodox friends who know him is that he is a combative, arrogant man who can’t get along with much of anyone. I stand completely with my Archbishop on this one – and I have fully vetted it.

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  5. Between this letter and the absolute 100%’s of the Kavanaugh hearing we have reached somewhat of a critical mass on truth and lies.
    In both cases you have intelligent, articulate people putting together very believable stories.
    In both cases you have people claiming “abuse” that results in two different but very great outcomes, more so for one side than the other. If you look between the lines, one outcome greatly effects just a single life while the other greatly effects a whole nebula of lives.
    So the conundrum….what outcome is more important and who may be behind the agenda?
    If we wrestle not against flesh and blood, how much and for how long has the enemy plotted towards this point in time to spring on us the difficulty of discerning right from wrong and “enabling”, as a society, those who step forward with impunity even if they are lying through thier teeth or are psychologically imbalanced in their perception of reality which seems possible in either story. The “victims” in these stories are the result of wickedness, one lived and the other inflicted upon. Thier stance to expose this wickedness threatens to impose more wickedness on a lot more people effected through the institutions regulated by they whom they are exposing.
    It has always been a goal in battle to take out the comanding officers. If we wrestle not against flesh and blood we, who are the church militant, are duty bound to protect the leaders of our cause less the whole loose thier way. The balance is where do we go from here? Who can we trust in this landscape of lies and deceptions? Scripture says that “even the elect would be deceived”. Have we reached this point in our world?

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    1. I used to tell all my candidates, Phil, that your opponents can wound you – but your friends will kill you. My point was that people are likely to believe the stories friends tell them that are likely to fit your pre-conceived notions. You have to vet everything, but you have to vet those things you are inclined to believe most of all. That is part of what the next right step means. As should be clear here, I have no patience for authorities that abuse their position…but I also have no patience with people who just try to smear officials trying to do an honest job.

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  6. Thanks for this – yesterday his blog popped up either on my facebook page or elsewhere — don’t remember exactly, but my take was “This sounds weird – I wonder if Charlie knows this guy”. And just like that you weighed in on it! 😊

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  7. He does sound unstable. When I saw the interview with Fr. Kalchik, he struck me as genuine and reasonable. Reading Fr. Nix’ words give me the opposite impression.

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    1. I was completely horrified yesterday with the process surrounding Judge Kavanaugh’s hearing and voting process. EVIL was so clearly seen working against this decent man. Any parent that taught his daughters to pray for others in crisis is a good man. I knew liberals were not following God’s plan but what I so clearly saw yesterday frightened me to the core. This is a battle for the soul of our nation and they know it because satan knows this is a threat to his abortion plan. So I find solace here and am ready as so many of you have said to Joan-up! Thank you for helping me be part of this group. Just writing this has given me relief because I know someone who understands this as I do is listening and praying with me for the soul of our nation.

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  8. Charlie and Bekita,

    I am attaching an article I just read tonight regarding Monsignor Gracz who is in the Archdiocese of Atlanta. Gracz also invited James Martin to speak to his parish, The Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, on Sunday, October 21 at 9:30am.

    So many faithful in Atlanta are heartbroken and righteously angry at this degradation of Mary’s Shrine. Over 1,500 signed a petition to stop Gracz and Martin, but Archbishop Gregory responded by saying Gracz is one of the most compassionate priests. If there is any way you can help to get the word ( and faithful) out to oppose this assault on Mary’s Shrine, Atlanta Catholics would appreciate it.

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    1. Gracz pastors Atlanta’s” Gay parish” who openly sponsor a “vibrant” LBG Ministry and faithfully set up a welcoming booth each year at the “Pride Parade” & events. Coincidentally, Fr. Compassion” is listed on the Archdio website as “spiritual advisor” for abuse victims alongside another questionable cleric. Voris & Lifesite have been all over this one. AB Gregory could care less, as if he knows he’s protected. His last assignment was Belleville and he was a protege of Bernardin. He also pulled the dio Pro Life Ministry away from GRTL involvement over the Personhood amendment issue. There you have it!

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  9. I have been holding the Church in China in prayer today. Whatever we are suffering here because of the political climate, we cannot fathom the suffering (despair?) that the Church is suffering there now that the Holy Father has thrown them to the wolves. By allowing the communists to have a part in choosing bishops, I fear the numbers of Chinese martyrs will grow, sowing the earth red with their life-giving sacrifice. May our Holy Mother shelter them beneath her mantle and give them the same peace she gave to the children of Fatima, just before she asked them if they were willing to suffer to save souls. I beg of our Holy Queen, Mediatrix of Grace, to help us reclaim souls here. Marana tha!

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  10. Thank you for another very informative and helpful article Charlie.

    I had read about this Priest who claimed to be homeless, and thought it all seemed strange. For one thing he HAS a car to live in. Cars cost money to run and maintain, so he must have some source of income. I also believe he has access to internet, Something seemed odd about his situation. God help him and his Bishop.

    God help the other young Priest from Chicago who was interviewed on Church Militant. I first read he had carried out an exorcism on the flag that was burned; but on hearing him relate what happened, he had said deliverance prayers. There is a very big difference between exorcism and deliverance prayers. I hope Church Militant can keep facts straight, and above all not add fuel to an already fraught situation. I hope and pray the parishioners come to understand it is not wise to encourage a Priest to get into a bun fight with the diocese. God help this Priest and his Bishop too. Though it looks like his goose is cooked. Maybe another diocese could offer him a ministry….well away from gay activist types, on account of him being abused in the past. God help us all, especially His ministers.

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    1. Ah! But here is a time to apply Charlie’s exhortation to judge with righteous judgement, Louise. Because there are predator priests out there still operating in dioceses does not mean that a traditional priest cannot be having different problems of his own. Wisdom would be to not assume anything. Given the stellar record of Archbishop Aquila in being a faithful son of Holy Mother Church who has faithfully taught and proclaimed Magisterial teaching and who provides a reasonable accounting of what has been and is occurring with Fr. Nix, it is safe to say obedience to one’s superior is the way for Fr. Nix to allow Christ to help him through these difficult times for him. OBEDIENCE to one’s legitimate authority. That is the tried and true spiritual wisdom of the ages. Think Padre Pio. I will add: Fr. Nix simply invokes a quote from St. Alphonsus Liguori to deny himself the opportunity to live with his parents in this time of need. In my discerning, whether Father realizes it or not, this is an act of playing the martyr. Better to OBEY Church authority than act as a maverick, offer the suffering and trust that the Lord will set things straight for him.

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      1. Just a fyi-If this is the same guy, has a gofundme account which has raised 8K of a 10k goal for a ‘retainer and hermit life’. Complete explanation: “I am a priest who needs re-imbursement for life expenses as well as a retainer for a cause of action of wrongful discharge-after being a whistleblower.”

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      2. Just as a general observation: bishops are very quick to deal with “problematic” priests if they are traditional, but not quick to deal with priests who are homosexual, or sex abusers. McCarrick, for example, is still a bishop when he should be defrocked.


        1. I have publicly defended traditionalist Priests when they are wrongfully targeted, such as Fr. John Phillip of St. John Cantius Parish in Chicago, who pretty clearly WAS attacked by Czrdinal Cupich for the sin of being orthodox under Cupich’s watch. That is NOT what happened in this case. We do not help anyone by wrongfully condemning a Bishop, any more than we help anyone by wrongly condemning a Priest. I just won’t have justifications for such things here, lest we become the image of the Senate Judiciary Committee – condemning people not on the basis of evidence, but to vent our ideological spleen.

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            1. Louise, I think – not just for you, but also for me and all of us – that fulfilling the very exhortation in the title of this piece: “Be deliberate and judge righteous judgement” calls us to lay down our biases and assumptions in order to look at the actual evidence of a situation in order to discern and understand what is occurring. As this Storm continues to swirl, it becomes of utmost importance to judge with righteous judgement.

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                1. Louise, I understand that you support Fr. Nix. I did not just listen to the Archbishop and Fr. Nix. I spoke to a host of people who KNOW and have had direct dealings with Fr. Nix. Even the borderline rad/trad had little good to say about him. I am not interested in hearing anything else this man has to say.

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  11. My point Charlie, is what is the final outcome the enemy wants? Even a venial sin is greater than any “good” man can do so we never want to throw the suffering person out even if a great good would come out of it.
    God’s in charge and we doing the little (NRS) right in front of us is the mustard seed that moves mountains, nations, etc. Every time we block evil, God superabundantly imposes good-that’s just His nature. What we do is small, ineffective and trivial-that’s our nature. Combined, our NRS becomes one giant leap for mankind. We control very little we just give our consent to one side or the other and they move the chess pieces, white or black. Even our inaction makes us a black pawn sitting idly by inhibiting the white from advancing. Your advice to look closely at what is most dear to us is key as like you said before the enemy uses this most effectively to trick us .
    I’ve always considered the focus to be on intent, why am I doing it? Is it pride, selfishness or obedience?
    Is it for love of neighbor or is it a self seeking love?

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    1. Prayed for your niece while driving a long stretch of desert, Phil. On the return stretch, I found myself pondering your question.

      I don’t know, but it seems that if he is engaged in battle, it’s to win. What does that consist of to Insanity. Ascending to Heaven again on the backs of the truly dead? For what? For one more stab at accusing God and thinking there may be some other outcome than the one present to God from all time? There’s that definition of insanity that you’ve no doubt heard: “Doing the same thing over and over, but expecting a different result.”

      Honestly, that bit of pondering gave me a shiver, so my attention shifted to looking quietly at the barren desert around me. Sand and dust, to be sure, but there was also the sharp relief of greenery here and there, fed by the last rains. How hearty that scrub and those cacti! Around these parts it takes some intent gazing, but one can’t help but see the hand of Beauty and Order in such things. Even where it’s seemingly sparse at first glance.

      Further down the road, I passed a mound on the Reservation… a very large plot of acreage piling up to about 6 stories. A garbage dump, and certainly an example of our disorder. A blight… a sign of our wretched excess… a disease on our planet that was only intended as a great gift for us. Also, a couple of stacks belching fire up top… not so easy to see during the day, but dramatically ugly and unnatural on the return trip at night.

      Seemed like my observations and musings were wandering in a direction at that point that I’d rather not go. Can’t say why, but I suddenly found myself asking my Guardian Angel to help me learn how to praise God in the manner He deserves.

      Late last night I was scanning some articles and came across something. A monk was speaking of singing the Offices, and how that song joined him (and all who partake) with those praising before the Throne in Heaven.

      Honestly, I don’t carry a tune all that well, but I still find myself lost in pondering that beautiful thought from that Monk.

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      1. Michael Patrick, I first wanted to say that your writings here bring such peace and balance in contrast to the storm raging around us. You are such a blessing to us!

        You made mention of singing of the Offices. I love those chants! MP, don’t let not being able to carry a tune stop you. I can be a bit tone deaf but I find that if I don’t get too fancy with the music that I can quietly sing simple versions of the chants. It is a wonderful spiritual experience and offering to the Lord. Once you start you will never stop. If we make it to heaven, I am confident that the good Lord will make us the best singers and the best at praising Him as a reward for our efforts despite our shortcomings. What’s that saying?…”Squeeky wheel gets the oil”. Anyway, I don’t think you will ever regret offering your prayers and scripture in chant.

        God bless you and your family,


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        1. Beautiful advice, Catherine. The delight I feel in praying the Divine Office each morning and evening is knowing that fellow Catholics, clergy and laity, all over the world, in beau coup languages are ALL praying the same words! Solidarity Royale.


  12. I think that’s why it’s important to get your information from a number of sources. I like Church Militant but I would not use them as my only source of information. I think that sometimes they can get overzealous and maybe a bit overconfident in their own orthodoxy, mistaking it for correctness. Sometimes a warrior gets battle fever and has a hard time seeing the whole picture.

    I was a bit suspicious of the Fr Nix thing since i know Archbishop Aquila is on the list of Bishops Charlie trusts, and my uncle is a Deacon in the Denver Archdiocese and has a lot of respect for Aquila. I supposed it’s inevitable, but it’s a shame that some Priests (or people in general) are going to use the current mistrust of bishops to justify themselves when they are in the wrong. It’s unfortunate and underscores the need to be fair and use right judgment. I hope Church Militant will look more deeply into this matter, but they haven’t always been too good at retractions.

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  13. I see that Fr Nix has posted a lengthy rebuttal to the letter published by Archbishop Aquila. It seems to be a sad and complicated situation. It’s probably a mix of issues, but the problem for someone on the sideline trying to make sense of it is that we don’t personally know those involved, which is why these public battles can be a problem. We seem to have a priest who reported misconduct at some point but who also may have a personality that is difficult to deal with and rubs people the wrong way. For people just following along it’s impossible to decide whether a personnel decision was due to trying to punish a whistleblower, various other issues that make a priest unsuccessful at a parish, or a combination. Probably better just to pray about it because there’s no way we can know exactly what’s what

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    1. I spent a good chunk of last night talking to people who know Fr. Nix, from various perspectives…charismatics, traditionalists, various roles…people who are friendly with the Archbishop and people who are not. The take was unanimous. The ONLY nice thing I could get anyone to say about him is that he can be kind to people who are hurting. I will stick with Archbishop Aquila on this.

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      1. I agree with your take on this, Charlie, I read Fr. Nix’s rebuttal to Bishop Aquila and other things as well. He seems to be lacking a bit in the virtues of humility and obedience. I suspect that there is some emotional imbalance/immaturity underlying all of this. His desire to be a hermit priest could also possibly spring from a desire to be less involved with authority. The best thing we (who are not directly affected by this) can do…is place him in the hands of our wise and perfect Father in heaven.

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        1. I looked at other several earlier entries from, Father Nix’s blog. He likely IS difficult to get along with and therefore he asked to be assigned as a hermit, BUT he is solidly Catholic. I wish we had a “priest hole” for him at my dwelling. Perhaps Archbishop Aquilla may find that he has a “deep state” operating in his archdiocese. I can’t think what else might account for the miscommunications.


          1. Being solidly Catholic does not immunize someone, priest or laity, from being afflicted with all manner of problems with which we humans can experience or fall into by our own choices.

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            1. True and true,Bekita At what ever position in the Mystical Body, the gift of our free will is the key point. That and the action of grace with which we freely cooperate–or not. “Pray for me lest I myself be cast away.”

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      1. Even one of the most intellectual priests, Bishop Sheen, was tested for his obedience. After obtaining his doctorate in philosophy, he received two prestigious offers to teach either at Oxford or Columbia. When he asked his bishop which one he should take, the answer was, “Come home.”
        A short excerpt from his autobiography, ‘Treasure in Clay’ explains what happened next:

        “I was appointed to a parish where the streets were unpaved, in that part of the city which was called the ‘lower end’ and from which the well-to-do had left. The pastor was a true man of God. I began preaching a Lenten course; and this poor church which was looked down on by the other parishes on the hill soon became crowded. Some of the pastors later forbade their congregations to go down to the lower end where ‘that young priest is preaching. Stay in your own parish.’

        As far as I could tell, this was to be my life. I was intellectually bent, loved teaching, but now I was an assistant in a parish. Editorials appeared in the newspapers against the Bishop. “Why does he waste talent of this kind? After spending money educating a man, why put him in a parish like that?” I begged my parents never to take part in any conversation about the Bishop. I never complained, and I can say in my own heart of hearts that to me this was the will of God. I had to forget my desire to follow a more intellectual vocation, and was resigned to being a curate. This gave me a great peace of mind. It was my first test, as a young priest, in obedience. The will of God was expressed through the Bishop as a successor of the Apostles and that was sufficient for me. I began pleading in the confessional for daily attendance at Holy Mass and happily saw the number increase from four to ninety. After about a year, the Bishop phoned: “Three years ago I promised you to Bishop Shahan of the Catholic University as a member of their faculty.” I asked: “Why did you not let me go there when I returned from Europe?” “Because of the success you had on the other side, I just wanted to see if you would be obedient. So run along now, you have my blessing.” (end of excerpt).

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  14. Happy feast of the Holy Archangels today 29th September.

    And we are in a glut of wonderful feast days over the coming week.

    Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus,
    The Guardian Angels,
    Saint Francis, I believe Saint Francis was the patron saint of Saint Theresa at Confirmation.
    Is Saint John Paul feast day coming up soon.
    I am sure there are one or two other great saints remembered about this time.

    Please God, there will be graces in abundance raining down from Heaven, right when we need them.

    I don’t doubt for one second Gods Angels and Saints would neglect the Bishops and Priests who are doing their best to find the right course of action, most pleasing to God. Jesus, I trust in Thee.

    If the democrats knew what they are up against, (Heavenly assistance for all) they would not have bothered to attack Judge Kavanagh the way they have. Due process yes, but outright lack of decency and integrity and respect for accused and abused does not come from Holy Spirit.

    I saw one interview of when Senator Ted Kennedy savaged a candidate years ago, I believe it is an historic attack known to all Americans. And I always wondered why the Kennedy family seemed to be under some sort of curse with misfortune. We all loved President John Kennedy RIP. But it looks like poor Ted Kennedy made a terrible error of judgement and God was not happy. Pride has it’s fall. God preserve us. And judge righteous judgement as Charlie says.

    The Ted Kennedy incident should be a warning or a wake up call to the democrat party, if they do not want history to repeat itself.

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  15. Yes Beckita, obedience can even seem silly or stupid at times but God can use it as a training tool to remind us of how little we are in the grand scheme of things.
    This reminds me of how Jesus told the apostles to catch a fish and in its mouth would be the coin needed to pay the tax.(Matt 17:27).
    I know, there are deep spiritual meanings behind everything Jesus did but on the surface you have to admit it was a crazy way to pay your taxes!
    “But the foolishness of God is greater than the wisdom of man”. 1 Cor 1:25.

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  16. I stated that I love the Pope and pray for him, but that I’ve also stopped listening to him. The comments below illustrate why. Don’t ask me why I read this story linked on Drudge.

    “In a move suggesting Pope Francis believes the Church is in a moment of “spiritual turbulence,” the pontiff is asking Catholics around the world to pray the rosary every day during the month of October for protection of the Church from the devil.”

    💁🏻‍♂️ [Uhh……spiritual turbulence? Your Holiness, with due respect, if you believe that this appalling sexual abuse scandal surrounding you that has rocked the foundations of Christ’s Church is like a bump during a flight that will soon pass, then I submit you might not be looking at this objectively. Or perhaps you hope that recharacterizing it will indeed mitigate its severity? I like hope. We all do.]

    Continues: “The daily praying of the rosary during the “Marian month of October,” a Vatican statement Saturday said, will unite the faithful “in communion and penance, as a people of God, in asking the Holy Mother of God and St. Michael the Archangel to protect the Church from the devil, who always aims to divide us from God and among us.”

    👍 [Absolutely. The devil loves to divide us as he “prowls about the world seeking the ruin of souls.” Yep, he’s pure evil, so I agree that we all need to pray the Rosary and ask the intercession of Blessed Mother Mary and St. Michael to protect us and the Church!]

    Continues: “The statement also says that, as the pope noted during his daily homily on Sept. 11, prayer is the weapon against “the Great accuser who ‘travels around the world looking for accusations’.”

    🤦🏻‍♂️ [Huh?! Well, there we have it. That punchline is what the preceding sentences were really leading up to. So the devil, the Father of Lies, is involved in this sexual abuse scandal as the “accuser”? …prowling about the world seeking the accusation of what? innocent souls? Granted, “Accuser” is one of the satan’s titles, but it is clear what the Holy Father means: that those who dare to accuse him and his pawns (er….bishops) of misdeeds are under satan’s evil influence. That would, therefore, include me. I feel so….deplorable.]

    Lord, help us, for we are in deep kimchi.

    👨‍✈️ Ladies and gentlemen, please keep your seatbelts fastened for the duration of the flight. It’s looks like it will be a long and turbulent one. ✈️ The Tower of David reports there is a massive Storm directly ahead, and there’s no way around it.

    St. Michael the Archangel,
    defend us in battle.
    Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
    May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,
    and do thou,
    O Prince of the heavenly hosts,
    by the power of God,
    cast into hell satan,
    and all the evil spirits,
    who prowl about the world
    seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.


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    1. Patrick Daniel, thanks for posting this. I tend to stay away from CRUX and I don’t usually think to look at Drudge. Here is the end of a longer version of the Saint Michael Prayer. It is in Deliverance Prayers for Use by the Laity which was compiled by Fr. Chad Ripperger, Exorcist.

      “…This wicked serpent, like an unclean torrent, pours into men of depraved minds and corrupt hearts the poison of his malice, the spirit of lying, impiety, and blasphemy, and the deadly breath of impurity and every form of vice and iniquity. These crafty enemies of mankind have filled to overflowing with gall and wormwood the Church, which is the Bride of the Lamb without spot; they have laid profane hands upon her most sacred treasures….”

      I recall that one of the early Popes (I think) during one of the Roman Persecutions was told to gather up all the treasures of the Church and bring them to the Emperor or some official. He brought the poor and the sick, “the sheep of his flock”. They were and we are some of Holy Mother Church’s “most sacred treasures.”

      I hope your musical pursuits are making a joyful noise!

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      1. Thank you, Triple-I.

        The Ave Maria and the sung contemplative Rosary went very, very well. During a series of a cappella Hail Mary’s, I slipped out of the choir loft and walked down the center aisle to get a listen. (Padre Pio’s relics were at the front where most of the people were.) I saw Fr. Christensen in the last pew of the cathedral, kneeling and devoutly praying the Rosary along with the choir. It is always edifying to see a priest pray privately.

        The sound was excellent (and I’m a picky listener). And the Salve Regina in Latin at the end with the full choir in unison was superb.

        I had relatively little to do at the piano for the Rosary, but the poor vocalists were wiped out….1 hour and 10 minutes of singing. I joked with them afterward that there was something to be said about practicing something 50 times because their harmonies got tighter and tighter with each pass. By the end, the singing was just beautiful!

        Hope we will do this again soon.

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        1. Sung Contemplative Rosary!!! My. oh my. To be a fly on the wall and soak in the beauty of ANYTHING besides “Amazing Grace” and “All Are Welcome”.

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            1. Certainly looking forward to hearing that, Patrick Daniel. Singing a High Mass can take the same amount of time – but at least you get breaks in between the various parts to recover, it’s not continuous!

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              1. So true. Once they finished the last “Amen!” after standing for over an hour, they all collapsed down in their chairs, elated….but exhausted. All their faces lit up when I told them just how beautiful they sounded. It was a worthy physical and emotional sacrifice, though, for Padre Pio and Our Lady!

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  17. I was doing great with this right up until this bit:

    “…… prayer is the weapon against “the Great accuser who ‘travels around the world looking for accusations’ ….”

    In light of Pope Francis’ feelings toward Archbishop Vigano I wish he hadn’t gone there. Blunt. Too blunt. It’s almost like he is asking for prayers against “The Great Accuser Vigano”. Cringe worthy.

    The great accuser who travels around the world looking for accusations. Poor Vigano. The Pope now has the whole world praying against him.

    So what is the connection between the Great Accuser and Vigano and Pope Francis?

    Here is a pretty good description of Pope Francis’ understanding of the Great Accuser and what he is up to.

    Pope Francis: the Great Accuser is trying to uncover sins to cause scandal

    ‘In these times, it seems like the Great Accuser has been unchained and is attacking bishops,’ the Pope said

    The Great Accuser is trying to uncover bishops’ sins in order to scandalise the people, Pope Francis has said.

    In a homily at Casa Santa Marta on Tuesday morning, the Pope told bishops that they seem to be under attack from the devil.

    The best way for bishops to fight this, he added, is by being men of prayer who remain close to the people and who have the humility to remember they were chosen by God, Vatican News reports.

    Referring to the devil, Pope Francis said: “In these times, it seems like the Great Accuser has been unchained and is attacking bishops.”

    “True, we are all sinners, we bishops,” he added. “He tries to uncover the sins, so they are visible in order to scandalize the people.

    “The Great Accuser, as he himself says to God in the first chapter of the Book of Job, ‘roams the earth looking for someone to accuse’.”

    This just creeps me out. I wish he hadn’t gone there with this. Uncovering sins of the Bishops to CAUSE scandal? Vigano is throwing light on sexual abuse in the hierarchy to CAUSE scandal? In league with the Great Accuser? Does that include the Attorney General of Pennsylvania too?

    What are we to think? What is going on? What the heck?

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    1. So very sorry we are at this juncture, Ed. It’s painful. While only God can judge the heart and soul of any person, still, as we continue striving to judge what is happening with Pope Francis, it cannot be overlooked that it is the HOLY SPIRIT Who uncovers sin and convicts people – not the evil one, for the devil works in darkness, keeping sick secrets to advance his perverse and wicked kingdom; it is Christ’s Light which has shone on the rot in the Church, revealing the sins of the priests and bishops… as surely as His Light is revealing our own sins in these times. (I find it absurd that the Pope only names the abusive bishops as being attacked, leaving out the abusive clergy priests.)

      Sadly, it seems this Holy Father is defending himself, as former Archbishop of Buenos Aires and now as Bishop of Rome, in light of the revelations concerning the Bishops of the world in regard to sexual abuse and abuse of hierarchical power. It is not a mere attack to state the problems comprising this “moral catastrophe” (words of Cardinal DiNardo) before us. “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John8:32) Oh how we need to be set free!
      Pope Francis is dead wrong that the revealing of the sins of the Bishops in this current crisis, is being done to scandalize people. No way. The scandal IS there BECAUSE of the Bishops’ sins and these crimes (Pope Francis’ own words in other settings) would not have come to light without civil authorities intervening via an investigation. That’s an utter lack of integrity in the inner workings of the Church hierarchy.

      Charlie noted in the previous piece: “The revelations have put the battle lines into sharp resolution. But the devil is not content to slip quietly away. Shame is not his thing. Pope Francis, sadly, does not refute the allegations – nor does he maintain the silence he said he would keep to on the subject. Oh, he is absolutely mum when it comes to refuting the charges. But he attacks those who ask for answers as satanically inspired. He continues to focus on political matters rather than matters of faith AND continues to encourage those prelates who attack traditional Magisterial teaching while berating those who uphold it. I respect it when someone makes a case for Pope Francis having some subtle strategy I have not divined – but I am disgusted by those who compare his silence to that of Jesus. Yeah, right…it would be just the same had Jesus been credibly accused of promoting and covering for molesters and child abusers. That argument bluntly smacks of blasphemy and is an affront to Our Lord. Would that Pope Francis would rouse himself from his slumber and defend the faith – both in word and in deed!”

      We ALL are revealing our hearts, from the greatest to the least, from the Pope to every person God has created. NOTHING, absolutely “Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.” (Hebrews 4:13) Maranatha!

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      1. Beckita, how did the devil earn this title, the Accuser?

        I sometimes get thoughts that I assume come from him such as doubts that I’ve been forgiven about a particular sin. Or thoughts of scrupulosity, accusations that I wasn’t sincere or thorough enough in my confession. Or that I’m forever a weak sinner (which is currently true) and that I will just fall again, that I’ll never be a saint. He accuses me of not being worthy of Jesus’ forgiveness, and the like.

        I dismiss these pesky accusations quickly, but I noticed he doesn’t let up. What a piece of work, that guy.

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        1. From what I understand, Patrick, one name for the devil in the New testament (in Hebrew) is “ho Satanas,” which means “the accuser.” We hear him described in Revelation 12:10: “Then I heard a loud voice in heaven, proclaiming, ‘Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God and the authority of his Messiah, for the accuser of our comrades has been thrown down, who accuses them day and night before our God.'”

          From a piece on persevering in chastity found here: “The etymology of the Hebrew word Satan is instructive here: “Satan” means “to accuse.” In temptation, the Devil is our buddy, coaxing us to play along. But when we fall, he becomes the accuser, seeking to douse us in shame and keep us from the throne of God’s mercy. The Devil’s greatest temptation is for us to doubt God’s love for us; indeed, his greatest attack is to get us to believe we are too far gone—that we are beyond the pale of his forgiveness.”

          And from the exorcist, Fr. Jose Fortea, is this.

          “Piece of work” is a kind description for Our Lady’s adversary.

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      2. Bekita, here is a more complete summary of a thesis that you kindly allowed me to “float” here before. People more scholarly and gifted than I need to seriously examine its details. The urgency is great.

        Pope Benedict is a Latin scholar. In his February 11, 2013 LATIN announcement by using the Subjunctive Potential/Consecutive Case as well as unexpectedly using the Subjunctive Case rather than the Indicative Case, he has shown himself to be as “wise as a serpent.” (There is a thesis available with the details of the facts.)

        Benedict told us plainly his three intentions in LATIN: he indicated that no Conclave would be needed because he was retaining the Petrine Office and hence its Three Powers while at the same time officially declining to use two of those powers. Having once accepted the Papal Office in 2005, he accepted the power inherent in that office; since this power is not inherent in the person who occupies the office, in order to safeguard the Church and the Papal Office, it was necessary for him to retain the office itself.

        In formally declining the use of two of the Papal Powers, he simply made official the reality of his position, namely, that due to the diabolical network–the “wolves”–he was stymied, checked, hindered, resisted, opposed, etc…at every turn to use rightly, that is “rightly administer”, the Petrine Powers of teaching and governing as Christ would have them used. His right to choose NOT to use those powers does NOT make them available for someone else to use; even if that someone happens to be elected in an unnecessary Conclave. As the one and only Pope, he alone can use or NOT use the Papal Office. He merely and officially announced to the world his lived reality in regards to being unable to actively and rightly teach and govern.

        It is likely there was fear BUT more than that he acted out of love for Christ’s Mystical Body and all of Its members. Benedict is NOT a coward. He is a hero akin to Frodo Baggins but more importantly akin to Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

        He knew what he was doing; he announced to us what he was doing. And he had Ganswein remind us and even more plainly tell us what he did. He did not try a modernist splitting of the Petrine Office, rather he made a triumphal, difficult, painful choice to disguise an “abdication” from the use of two powers in such a way so as to make the enemies of the Church think they are in charge, but in reality he has heroically maintained the Papacy and at the same time rendered the liberals ineffective thereby protecting Holy Mother Church’s indefectibility and the infallibility of the Petrine Office all the while THEY ARROGANTLY REVEAL THEMSELVES FOR ALL TO SEE.


        1. III, not sure how MIck’s reply ended up down below, but I repost, in this comment, her excellent response to this theory…

          With all due respect to you, Islam Is Islam, I am unconvinced by the theory that you detail. And my criticism isn’t aimed at you; it is aimed at whomever concocted the theory. It just seems so too-clever-by-half as it throws around scholarly-sounding terms that we “average Joes” would have no way of deciphering. It seems that the theorist is trying to convince us of his bona fides as a Latin expert so that we will trust him to get the rest of his argument right.

          However, the theorist lost me right out of the gate when he referred to the “Subjunctive Potential/Consecutive Case.” Then the theorist mentions the “Subjunctive Case” and the “Indicative Case.” Here’s my problem with that: neither the subjunctive nor the indicative is a grammatical case; each is a grammatical mood. In brief, the term “mood” relates to verbs; and the term “case” refers to nouns, pronouns, and adjectives. As does Latin, English has moods and cases. As an example: In the sentence, “It is important that John study for tomorrow’s exam,” the verb “is ” is in the indicative mood, the verb “study” is in the subjunctive mood, the pronoun “It” and the noun “John” are in the nominative case, “tomorrow’s” is in the possessive case, and “exam” is in the objective case.

          Here is a very basic example from Latin (very basic because I took only 6 weeks of Latin). In the sentence “Domine, non sum dignus ut intres sub tectum meum” (“Lord, I am not worthy that thou shouldst enter under my roof”), the breakdown is thus: the noun “Domine” is in the vocative case, the noun “tectum” is in the accusative case, the adjective “meum” is in the accusative case, the verb “sum” is in the indicative mood, and the verb “intres” is in the subjunctive mood. (Full disclosure: I had to check with my oldest kid about the correct case of “tectum” and “meum.” He took a lot more Latin than I did.)

          I’m sorry to get so far into the high weeds about cases and moods, but I did so because that leads to my bottom line: The difference between case and mood is huge, and it is also foundational to an understanding of grammar and semantics. The person who posited the theory about Benedict XVI’s Latin words and their meaning clearly wants us to view him as very knowledgeable about Latin particulars; but he doesn’t even appear to understand the basics about mood and case. How, then, am I supposed to trust that he is correct when he makes his convoluted explanation about what Benedict “really meant”?

          This is just my $0.02. 🙂

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          1. Oh, thank you, Dear Bekita, I would never have found Mick’s most excellent comments if you hadn’t reposted them!

            Dear Mick, thank you for your whole two cents. I appreciate them both. : ) Also, thank you to all, Charlie and Bekita especially, at ASOH for allowing this opportunity.

            I have to take FULL and COMPLETE credit for the mood/case misrepresentation. You see the summary of the thesis is mine and Mick, your six weeks of studying Latin way surpasses my memorization of a couple of verb conjugations–amo, amas, amat,…. The thesis, however, is not mine. I am merely the lowly proof reader and man am I learning a lot!!! Obviously I totally missed the mood/case thing. Thanks for catching that, Mick.

            Everyone please keep in mind that the analysis of the grammatical specifics including case and mood as well as the specific word choice is only a part of the whole thesis.

            The significance of the word choice as well as case and mood that Pope Benedict used is thoroughly analyzed and explained in the thesis itself. That is why the whole thesis deserves examination by scholars and not only by us, Mick.

            As you note, Latin is complicated by many factors some that you did not even mention “such as the fact that there are, as it were, several “classes” of vocabulary–in addition to the grammar, namely, classical, ecclesiastical (philosophical/theological), biblical and canonical, each class using the same Latin word but with totally different senses (subtle or not so subtle) in translation–though at this point in time, as with the grammar, [these “senses”] are chiseled in rock, whether the translation be to English, German, Italian or whatever (the Romance Languages being closer to Latin does make it easier)” (the Author of the thesis).

            I agree, Mick, Latin is indeed a challenge, yes, but it is chiseled in stone. And that is significant–it means what IT says in a large degree because of HOW it says it.

            Again keep in mind that the precise English translation of the February 11, 2013 Latin text is only a part of the entire thesis. Taken as a whole, it deserves to be examined by not only Latin scholars but also theologians, and canon lawyers at least. Do you know any? I would love to submit the thesis to them.

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            1. Islam Is Islam, I appreciate your sincerity and echo Charlie’s comment about your good contributions here. I provide care for a soon to be 90 year old priest who is slowing down physically but whose mind is as sharp as ever with his erudite training and studies in general theology, mystical theology and Mariology and he has a JUD (Doctor of Civil and Canon Law). When I shared about this theory he said he wouldn’t begin to spend time studying it because it’s based on shaky premises. After Pope Francis was elected, Father wrote a short statement, citing Canons, illustrating that Pope Benedict XVI, of sound mind and free will, resigned. Further, the conclave produced a validly elected Pope in Francis.

              Another point that comes to mind is that the prolific messages which came from Our Lord and Our Lady, through many seers and locutionists, cannot simply be interpreted literally. Charlie has often spoken of layers of meaning within mystical words AND the elements of mitigation and how that changes the way a prophecy plays out AND God’s Perfect Right to interject surprises of which no one has foreknowledge… and so it is.

              I am ever grateful for God bringing forth Charlie at this time because with his message we have a golden reminder of what we CAN do in this crazed time: keep our focus on the Lord by acknowledging him, thus remaining calm so we anchor our trust completely in God, that we can discern our next right steps – emulating one of the patrons of this site, the Little Flower with her Little Way – being useful in supporting those around us who need our care and strength and God will use us to be lights of His Hope in the darkness. God bless you, III.

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              1. Again thank you, Bekita, for bringing my summary of the thesis to your good priest’s attention. I had hoped that you might present him with the whole thesis since I suspect that which is shaky, as I pointed out to Mick, is my presentation of it and not the thesis itself. That being said the Latin case/mood grammatical structure of Benedict’s February 11, 2013 renunciation announcement is again only part of the whole thesis.

                Maybe it is Divine Providence but If it’s not too much to presume and he would be willing and able to spend the time, energy, and strength to examine it, this amiable priest’s back ground sounds like the perfect combination of expertises to be able to handle the breadth and depth which has been explored in the whole thesis by the author. It would be my privilege to provide him with a copy.


                1. Sorry, Islam Is Islam. It’s not your presentation that’s a problem. Father is firm in his assessment that such a theory does not warrant the time to go through it. God bless you, III.

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          2. Absolutely right! (and don’t get me going about ablative absolutes- hah!). I would have been chastised in school, over 40 years ago, for mixing up the 5 declensions and the 6 cases of Latin nouns and the moods of verbs, not to mention their 4 conjugations. You couldn’t study Latin at any level without knowing that.

            Because that sort of very basic knowledge (at least it was so in my day) is largely unknown nowadays it’s very easy to “bs” (sorry) to those who don’t know. “A little learning…”

            Actually, Irish still preserves cases and declensions of nouns, being an inflected language, plus different forms for genders, singular and plural. As does the definite article. Kids here still begin learning it when they start school, at age 4. It’s difficult enough – but then, so is English because of all the flexibility. If it weren’t the “lingua franca” it would probably be in the same position as Dutch. To which it’s very closely related, of course.

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        2. I was at a Catholic Men’s Breakfast a week and a half ago. Someone floated the idea that Pope Francis’ election was invalid. I forcefully argued against that – for many of the same reasons that this argument does not hold water with me. This comes far too close to arguing that Pope Benedict had his fingers crossed behind his back – a childish effort to set things right by guile and subterfuge that would in no way be pleasing to God and is wholly inconsistent with the Pope Emeritus’ character.

          Things are in terrible and deepening chaos now in the Church. That situation leads people to reach for some “get-out-of-jail-free” card or “deus ex machina” event to absolve us of all responsibility for the current situation…or for responsibility for cleaning it up. We are at this pass because we failed to take St. Paul seriously. In Galatians 1:6-10, he said, “I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting him who called you in the grace of Christ and turning to a different Gospel. Not that there is another gospel, but there are some who trouble you and want to pervert the Gospel of Christ. But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to that which we preached to you, let him be accursed. If anyone is preaching to you a gospel contrary to that which you received, let him be accursed. Am I now seeking the favor of men or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still pleasing men I should not be a servant of Christ.”

          We have suffered unsound doctrine for a very long time – nice stories that contradict Scripture, the Gospels and the authentic Magisterium. There is no hell…all go to heaven…marriage is not between one man and one woman, but whatever you want it to be…there is no need for repentance…and on and on. WE have allowed this. How many times have each of us here sat through a homily that was more an encounter with a hippie therapist than an encounter with the Living Christ? The blood of Christ has NOT gone anemic.

          The reality is that, having revealed the depth of the rot that has accumulated by wolves in shepherd’s clothing while we sat in the pews consenting to it, it is now WE who sit in the box before God. This came about because we decided that being holy, judging righteous judgment, avoiding sin…that none of this was important any more. Had we retained vigor and rigor for the Gospel, the wolves would never have gotten a foothold. But we wanted to be “nice.” God has revealed the rot…but WE made this mess. While He will not let His Church fail, He is not going to clean this mess up for us until we take up the mantle He has laid before us. He calls us to be holy again, as He is holy. He calls us to obey the clear direction of St. Paul the Apostle in Galatians. While others may search for the trick play that will get us out of this, I am going to stick to what I founded this site for: Acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope. I do appreciate the contributions you have made here, III, but this is NOT the place to seriously posit trick plays to absolve us of our responsibility to be holy…nor to argue that Pope Emeritus Benedict was lying or being intentionally deceptive when he told the Church and the world that he resigned. If I actually believed that, it would not convince me we had a get-out-of-jail-free card, but that this was not the true Church. Obviously, I do not believe the latter. So let us take up our cross, follow Our Lord, and be holy in imitation of Him again without making excuses.

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          1. Would you like to examine the whole thesis, Charlie? This is no “trick play” and I have in no way implied and in NO way EVER contended that Benedict is a liar. Nor does the thesis or its author–far, far from it.

            In no way either does my summary of the thesis or the thesis itself intend to absolve us of being “holy as Our Father in heaven is holy” in fact far from that.

            With all due respect, Charlie and with sincere thankfulness for the opportunity you have given me to present the summary of the thesis at ASOH, the title of this blog post calls us to “Be Deliberate and Judge Righteous Judgment.” I must humbly ask, are you not passing judgment on what I have so miserably and pitiably summarized without having examined the whole thesis yourself?


            1. Well, actually III, I receive about 20-30 “conspiracy theories” each week giving me the breathless analysis of some trick play that changes everything. If it is implausible on its surface, I do not examine it. If I did otherwise, I would have no time for anything but conspiracy theories – and that is not my calling. A theory that requires me to believe that Pope Benedict was intentionally “crossing his fingers behind his back” to deceive us as to what he was actually doing entirely lacks credibility to me. There is probably some trick play somewhere I have ignored that is actually close to accurate. Even so, I am not going to start examining those things that lack plausibility, in my eyes, on the surface. It would distract me from my actual work, which is to focus on the next right step.

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              1. Dear Charlie, I will be visiting relatives in the next day. I would be so relieved to be able to give you a copy of the whole thesis that you could peruse at your convenience. I sincerely doubt that the author could be labeled a conspiracy theorist. I will ask for confirmation of my opinion on this point if you like. but realism and profoundly Catholic realism at that is the bent he pursues.

                That you believe something without having examined the fact-based evidence seems unlike you. My offer stands. Perhaps Bekita’s priest friend would be willing to give his very learned opinion after having examined the full thesis while you continue to focus on the next right step. Should he find that it has merit, then perhaps you could examine it yourself.

                Thank you for this occasion of grace.


                1. A lot of people in the Church speak fluent Latin. This is an interpretive theory. It requires me to believe that Pope Emeritus Benedict was intentionally deceptive. It also requires me to believe that not a single person of all those who speak fluent Latin noticed this until now. I’m sorry, but we are done with this subject.

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      3. Yup. This is a very dicey situation. I am reminded of this analysis I ran across a couple of weeks ago when thinking about the duty of obedience to valid authority ie, the Pope and the Bishops when things don’t seem quite right.

        It’s about Jesus’ relationship with the Pharisees and the Sadducees and the Scribes. He called them hypocrites meaning actors:

        “A strange saying appears in Matthew 23 where the Messiah mentions, “Moses’ seat” to his disciples. The complete text goes as follows, “The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat: All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do; but do not ye after their works: for they say, and do not” (Matt. 23:2-3).”

        We see another seat in scripture related to teaching. With the teacher “taking a seat”. Just before delivering the Sermon on The Mount.

        Matthew 5 1-2

        1 When he saw the crowds,* he went up the mountain, and after he had sat down, his disciples came to him.

        2 He began to teach them ….

        The gist of this comparison is that Jesus is the new Moses. He sat on a rock which is still there on the Mt of Beatitudes. That was his seat. He was teaching with authority. Call it the Jesus seat.

        When we think of this applied to this case with the hierarchy I intend to do what the Pope is calling us to do. Devote October to the Rosary and St Michael’s prayer. Why? Because Pope Francis is sitting in the Jesus seat. He has authority. See Matt. 23:2-3.

        What is unclear at this point is what the result for the Church will be with perhaps millions of people around the world praying for the Church and for Mary and St Michael’s active intervention to address the abuse. What if Mary and St Michael respond with decisive action to do exactly what Pope Francis wants them to do? He doesn’t know how they are going to respond and neither do we. Maybe things won’t turn out the way anybody, including the Pope, anticipates they will.

        Just wondering: Are we putting Mary and St Michael to the test?

        As for me, I am willing to put it in Mary and St Michael’s hands. On to October.

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        1. Definitely fitting to keep the proper perspective of respecting, listening and acting on the good and wise words from the Holy Father. He has had a beautiful and lifelong devotion to Our Lady which he has promoted throughout his pontificate. May we all respond to this call for invoking the intercession of Blessed Mother and St. Michael. I’m ready for God’s Surprises through their intervention!

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      4. I will understand if this message does not meet your vetting standards. It is not meant to be a Pope bashing comment but rather a heart felt truth of how I feel as a Catholic and how I. as a nobody in the Catholic Church perceive what is transpiring in the Church presently.

        I read Patrick’s writing in which he says he prays for the Pope but doesn’t listen to him. I realized when I read that, that I honestly too do this because of a great distrust of what the Pope says and does.

        In my very being, something is saying that there is something wrong here. For instance, I think to myself that if he is willing to sacrifice the lives of Catholic in China for an agenda, then how can I trust this Pope to protect me and my family if the need arises. Is one soul more important than another? I believe the paraphrase for what the Pope is doing is crassly called “collateral damage”. In my humble opinion/ I consider it disgraceful and very unchristian.

        However, the Pope expects us to shut up and pray and pretend that we aren’t seeing the wrongs being done by the hierachy of the Church and other issues. Its so bizzare that its unbelievable! I also believe that the Pope’s silences, etc. are a form of abuse and disrespect for the children of God. Are we supposed to be obedient when we experince or see a sin being perpetrated? What are the rules on that? Is this a testing for the laity and priests, etc in obedience ?

        I hope the Holy Spirit reveals the truth very very soon so that this whole matter can be resolved, cleaned up and purified. The Holy Father is family so we must pray mightily for him and the
        church but I feel that trust is broken. God bless everyone here!


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        1. Thank you, Catherine, for your respectful, heartfelt reflection. I do think that Charlie’s analysis in the previous piece gives us some perspective on why God is allowing us to transition through our worldwide purification as we are:

          “I have said repeatedly that God’s ways are not man’s ways. If we had had a notably orthodox Bishop chosen as Pope in the wake of Benedict’s resignation, the predators would have remained in hiding. Remember, the infamous McCarrick, at the Dallas Conference in 2002 played the role of impassioned reformer, even as he quietly continued his serial predations. The main virtue of Francis’ papacy so far has been to convince the predators that they were winning – and that it was safe for them to come out of hiding – openly revealing themselves to all of us.

          Most of today’s corrupt Bishops were originally appointed by St. John Paul (which is a VERY different thing from saying most of the Bishops he appointed were corrupt – they were not). The cabal was being very careful to stay in hiding and protect each other at the time – to show a very different face to the world and their orthodox colleagues than they showed to each other. St. John Paul and Pope Benedict came from a time when it was LITERALLY unthinkable that such abuses could be widespread in the Church. John Paul risked summary execution by the Nazis by attending the secret seminary in occupied Poland. Benedict literally came of age during the Nazi oppression and atrocities. For men who risked it all to become holy Priests and servants of God, it was literally unimaginable that this abuse could have infected and then taken firm root in the hierarchy. It is a very different thing to advance men who have carefully masked their evil intentions and to knowingly advance men with such evil intentions. Sorrowfully, St. John Paul did the former. Pope Francis has gleefully and un-repentantly done the latter – and continues to dare the world to do anything about it. It has been credibly posited that when Pope Benedict was confronted with the evidence of how deep and broad the corruption had become, that was when he decided to resign, thinking the Church would need a younger, more vigorous man than he to tackle this awful mountain of abuse. Certainly, his resignation announcement came within days of being presented with the horrific 300-page dossier expounding how bad it truly is. But God had a better plan.”

          So we continue to pray, fast and do penance for the conversion and salvation of us all. God bless us all.

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          1. Thank you Beckita for the clarification. I do remember now reading this passage and you are quite correct. Very interesting how God does things, isn’t it?

            God bless you for the wonderful work you do here.


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            1. Thank you. I LOVE surrendering results to the Lord, Catherine, because His Ways are not our ways and, because He is THE Creator, He has Ways and Means far above and beyond what our limited noggins can conceive. Inevitably, when the mess seems worse than ever after praying, by God’s design, something wonderful rises from what looked like defeat. God bless you and us all.

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              1. Thank you for this reminder. Although not related to the topic of this post, I have a family situation that I need to *truly* surrender to the Lord. I have been praying the Surrender novena, but still cling to my plans, not His. So, thanks for the reinforcement of that idea.

                God bless.

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                1. Praying for you and your family and what you’re dealing with, Dan. I preach to myself in these comments with my own trials and difficulties. I LOVE the Surrender Novena and will, often, simply pray the aspiration.

                  Lord Jesus, we surrender our ASOH families to You, take care of everything!

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        2. I believe, Cathe, that the betrayal of China’s martyred Catholics will be known as one of the greatest, most scandalous, betrayals in the history of the Church – second only to the betrayal by Judas. I also think this atrocity will be VERY short-lived.

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          1. Hi Charlie, I also see in the news that Pope Francis says he takes fully responsibility for the decision on the China issue. My heart cries out for those dear people in China and what they are enduring. I was hoping that I was wrong about what seemed to be transpiring in this situation. I believe that God has a plan but honestly, I dread the days to come.

            Thank you Charlie for staying with us through these dire times. I have never had the privilege of meeting you but it seems to me that God chose us a good man. God bless you and your family!


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    2. I just had a bad thought. Beckita, you correctly said that it is the Holy Spirit who uncovers sins and convicts people. So, is Pope Francis’ statement that it is the Accuser who is uncovering these sins an affront to the Holy Spirit?

      What are we witnessing here?! Has this temporal scandal reduced the Pope to just his frail humanity? Is his faith this shallow? Does he believe he is personally infallible? Does he not know the phrase “mea culpa”? I’m seeing spiritual jargon but not a lot of genuine spirituality from the Vatican.

      I apologize if I offend anyone with these questions, but the answers aren’t clear to me. Admittedly, I too very often fail to courageously live out my faith, though in far more mundane situations. And when I’m wrong, I confess it.

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      1. Here’s where it’s important for us to take great care, Patrick. God ALONE knows the depths of Pope Francis’ motives, mitigating factors, etc. when it comes to judging his heart in what he is doing. That said, from what we see in deeds and words, I see what you see, yet we see from the outside not the interior. I know we all know and have affirmed and reaffirmed: prayer, fasting and penance are so needed now. And, as you well say, what we CAN do, each one for himself or herself, is self-examine the depths of our own hearts in these areas of concern and, then, work and pray to grow in holiness which ripples throughout the entire world.

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      2. Patrick Daniel, you do not offend me. Your questions a reasonable and come not as a response to antagonize but to understand. Also, I sense that bar understanding, you are willing to submit to that which we cannot know–the mind of God.

        With Our Lord, continue your journey!

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  18. “…it is the HOLY SPIRIT Who uncovers sin and convicts people – not the evil one, for the devil works in darkness, keeping sick secrets to advance his perverse and wicked kingdom; it is Christ’s Light which has shone on the rot in the Church, revealing the sins of the priests and bishops…”

    Thank you for this most astute observation, Bekita.

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  19. Two thoughts:
    Just as the Pharisees accused Jesus of driving out demons through Beelzebul, the Pope has accused Vigano of exposing sin through ( or as?!) the Accuser. It simply is not possible. Sadly, Pope Francis gave a homily in October of 2015 on this very topic of the Pharisees’ accusation. I paraphrase here but the Pope warned discernment was necessary or the sense of right and wrong could be lost. Prophetic words, Holy Father. Sadly, self prophetic.
    Regarding Archbishop Aquila’s letter:
    Archbishop Aquila was an interim bishop of my diocese in SD when I worked in my parish office. From prior Bishops, we were used to seeing the priest assignments come through in about March for the July 1st change of assignments. With Archbishop Aquila, the assignments came through with only weeks to go. But those assignments almost always turned out to be perfect fits. He knew his priests and he knew his parishes. I believe Aquila was formerly a lawyer. At any rate, he was well measured with all he said and did. He took his time. He studied. Only then would he act. He is fair, level headed and orthodox. I know nothing about Fr. Nix, but I sincerely trust Archbishop Samuel Aquila.

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    1. This is the first paragraph of his Oct. 2015 homily:
      Friday, 9 October 2015

      (by L’Osservatore Romano, Weekly ed. in English, n. 42, 16 October 2015)

      In his homily during the Mass on Friday morning in the Chapel of Santa Marta Pope Francis recommended discernment and vigilance in order to avoid the risk of “anaesthetizing one’s conscience”.

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  20. Gotta say one more thing…
    There is a one (more) week delay on the Kavanaugh vote.
    We are one week away from the Rosary Coast to Coast in the USA.
    Tens of thousands-perhaps hundreds of thousands- will be praying for our nation. I go to sleep praying and I wake up praying that the Holy Spirit will use this week to clear Judge Kavanaugh so he may be confirmed without further delay. I beg Our Triune God to expose the demonic influence behind this attack. The attack is on Kavanaugh. The attack is on life- the life of the unborn- the life of the nation. In one week We the People will have an opportunity to make a real statement. A real difference. May God’s perfect timing be evident. May we as a nation repent and seek His Holy Face.

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  21. Stella Morabito at The Federalist has written an insightful piece:
    Why The Senate’s Ritual Defamation Of Brett Kavanaugh Threatens Every American

    Hopefully, the good that can come from the Democrats’ evil attacks will be its effect on people like this:
    “I am a college-educated, suburban, first-generation Latino immigrant. I voted for President Obama in 2008 and 2012. I find President Trump to lack the basic moral character that we should expect in our political leaders and did not consider, even for a moment, voting for him in 2016. After watching how Senate Democrats and the media handled the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, however, I will be voting Republican in 2018 and for Trump in 2020.”

    Let’s pray against this evil move:

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    1. The ritual defamation article really describes how it seems to be going. Kavanaugh, Ted Cruze and wife in a restaurant, your statue of Mary, you, me. A steady overflow of mob rule.
      “If we don’t stop this infection, we will only get more mob rule and become increasingly vulnerable to its whims. That is the system of “government” the Democrats now openly represent, and it will continue to be upheld by the practice of ritual defamation.” – from the article.

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  22. I really don’t think it matters why the Pope is asking for an October of devotion to Mary and St Michael. There’s a risk of trying too hard to uncover the Pope’s motives. Let’s say he is completely off base and confused on this entire situation, even so he is the Pope and asking for the Church to devote the month of prayer to Mary and St Michael is within he authority as Pope and there’s no way that us doing that could be bad. Mary and St Michael are going to hear our prayers and do what’s necessary regardless of “why” we pray to them.

    There’s no doubt the devil is attacking the Bishops and accusing them and that we should pray for them. I think it is bizarre that the Pope is seeming to use the uncovering of structural evil in the church as an institution as an example of this, because it doesn’t seem correct, but in any case we can only gain by praying for the Bishops and against the Accuser.

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    1. I largely concur, Lake. If we ask for the intercession of Our Lady and St. Michael, there is NO danger that they will do the wrong thing…so sincere prayers to them asking that the Lord’s will be accomplished will do good, even if our intention is wrong. In such a case, they would purify and correct our intentions – if we are genuinely sincere and not just asking that OUR will be done.

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    2. Surely is nothing but good to come from praying the Rosary and St. Michael prayer from the heart, Lake. We do so daily before the Mass here, year round. And there is a longtime held tradition in Catholicism to honor Our Lady and invoke her intercession in the month of October. Hopefully, the Pope’s exhortation will draw more people to discover or recover this tradition.

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  23. With all due respect to you, Islam Is Islam, I am unconvinced by the theory that you detail. And my criticism isn’t aimed at you; it is aimed at whomever concocted the theory. It just seems so too-clever-by-half as it throws around scholarly-sounding terms that we “average Joes” would have no way of deciphering. It seems that the theorist is trying to convince us of his bona fides as a Latin expert so that we will trust him to get the rest of his argument right.

    However, the theorist lost me right out of the gate when he referred to the “Subjunctive Potential/Consecutive Case.” Then the theorist mentions the “Subjunctive Case” and the “Indicative Case.” Here’s my problem with that: neither the subjunctive nor the indicative is a grammatical case; each is a grammatical mood. In brief, the term “mood” relates to verbs; and the term “case” refers to nouns, pronouns, and adjectives. As does Latin, English has moods and cases. As an example: In the sentence, “It is important that John study for tomorrow’s exam,” the verb “is ” is in the indicative mood, the verb “study” is in the subjunctive mood, the pronoun “It” and the noun “John” are in the nominative case, “tomorrow’s” is in the possessive case, and “exam” is in the objective case.

    Here is a very basic example from Latin (very basic because I took only 6 weeks of Latin). In the sentence “Domine, non sum dignus ut intres sub tectum meum” (“Lord, I am not worthy that thou shouldst enter under my roof”), the breakdown is thus: the noun “Domine” is in the vocative case, the noun “tectum” is in the accusative case, the adjective “meum” is in the accusative case, the verb “sum” is in the indicative mood, and the verb “intres” is in the subjunctive mood. (Full disclosure: I had to check with my oldest kid about the correct case of “tectum” and “meum.” He took a lot more Latin than I did.)

    I’m sorry to get so far into the high weeds about cases and moods, but I did so because that leads to my bottom line: The difference between case and mood is huge, and it is also foundational to an understanding of grammar and semantics. The person who posited the theory about Benedict XVI’s Latin words and their meaning clearly wants us to view him as very knowledgeable about Latin particulars; but he doesn’t even appear to understand the basics about mood and case. How, then, am I supposed to trust that he is correct when he makes his convoluted explanation about what Benedict “really meant”?

    This is just my $0.02. 🙂

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  24. To Lake, Charlie and Beckita:

    I have been praying for Pope Francis to be overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit, who can show him the true way for the Church out of the present darkness. I can think of no better way for this to happened than for Francis himself to request all one billion of us to pray to Our Lady for intercession and to Michael the Archangel for protection.

    Be careful what you pray for. God may honor your requests beyond your wildest imagination.

    A word on the Kavanaugh debacle: Even if the allegations against the Judge are true (which I do not personally believe), the left allows no quarter for possible repentance (as shown by over thirty years of a life of propriety and service) or for forgiveness. As to Dr. Ford, one incident, one, ten or fifteen minute, episode in her life has to forever scar her. The left would have us believe that because of what she has experienced she is doomed to travel though life as only a partial person. According to the left she is forever broken goods. No room is allowed for God’s healing and restoration.

    The underlying thought processes about both situations are truly Satanic. You are forever bound to and defined by your sin. You can never be released or restored. Equally horrific is the idea that once injured you are forever damaged goods, broken, less than what you could have been, eternally bereft, unloved and unlovable. The old demon would have us all believe these are the only “truths” for each of us.

    Praise God for Jesus and for mercy. We are all called to be freed of such binding beliefs and to experience His forgiveness and healing restoration.


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    1. Awesome synergy in our thinking, JT. I just said to Father this morning: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Holy Spirit would take the prayers of this month and, via the intercession of the masses of Catholics’ prayers, overshadow Pope Francis to lead him in the very direction needed right now?! I wonder how many more hope-filled people-lights are beaming in solidarity with such thoughts all over the world?! Surely the Holy Spirit is breathing His Sweet Breath.

      Beautiful reflection of God’s mercy and healing, JT.

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    2. In the Our Lady of America link (above) St Joseph poses an interesting remark of his role in protecting the Holy See:

      “…His appearance, though quite youthful, gave at the same time the impression of rare maturity combined with great strength. He seemed a bit taller than medium height. The lines of his face appeared strong and purposeful, softened somewhat by a gentle serenity. I also saw his most pure heart at this time.

      Moreover, I saw the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove hovering above his head.

      Standing sideways, facing each other, were two angels, one on the right, the other on the left. Each carried what appeared to be a small pillow in a satin covering, the pillow on the right bearing a gold crown, the one on the left, a gold scepter.

      The angels were all white, even their faces and hair. It was a beautiful whiteness that reminded me of the stainlessness of heaven. Then I heard these words: “Thus should he be honored whom the King desires to honor.” [Before taking leave, St. Joseph stated:]

      “The Holy Father need have no fear, for I have been appointed his special protector. As God chose me to be the special guardian of His Son, so has He chosen me as the special guardian of him who in Christ’s Name is head of the Mystical Body of that same Son on earth.

      My special protection of the Holy Father and the Church should be made known to him. God wishes to make this known to him that he may receive thereby renewed consolation and encouragement.

      During the war, [WW II] little daughter, it was I who saved him from death at the hands of his enemies. [Pope Pius XII from the Nazis] Continually I watch over him and the Church, and I desire this to be acknowledged for the greater glory of God and the good of souls.”

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    3. Amen as to the October prayers.

      As for Kavanaugh, the double standard is quite clear. If you are a conservative, Christian man (particularly if you threaten abortion) the secular left will never forgive you for anything you may have ever done that even suggests impropriety. If you grabbed a breast at a party when you were 16, exposed yourself at a frat party in college, etc. Your actions forever define you as a hater of women and a glimpse of your genitals has scarred someone for life, and if you dare to defend yourself with passion then you are a beast with an anger management problem.

      On the other hand, if you are liberal man…well, feel free to walk down the street in a parade buck naked, sexually harass and assault all the male seminarians you want, call yourself female and parade around a girl’s locker room nude and if anyone questions you then they are bigots who need to grow up and get over it. It’s truly sick.

      I’m wondering what will happen if this derails Kavanaugh’s nomination. Perhaps Trump picks a conservative Catholic woman for the job. The sexual assault angle is probably not going to work for that one, so i’m curious what the strategy would be. They would come up with something though, because if there’s anything that the feminist left hates more than a conservative man is a pro-life woman.

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  25. The purpose of this post is to analyze aspects of truth in these confusing times. None of my comments are intended to judge Pope Francis’ actions, That is God’s job alone. We are responsible for our decisions and Next Right Steps. Some have said that Pope Francis’ actions have encouraged abusers and those of that ilk to lift the veil of secrecy and to come out and expose themselves. This appears to be happening but is this just part of the unfolding Rescue orchestrated by God and an unintended consequence just like the bold coming out of the radical political left more to their detriment then advantage yet they seem to be so unaware and continue to double down??? Ultimately God is in charge. No man or group of men can be controlling and causing this widespread impending collapse of those opposed to God and His plan for our Rescue. All we can do is watch and pray, pray and watch, TRUST in the Lord as we take the Next Right Step and be prepared to be a sign of hope to those around us as the storm heads to its conclusion, the triumph of the Immaculate Heart Of our Mother Mary..

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    1. Surely the self-exposure of guilt is part of the Rescue, JAS. Charlie has often spoken of this phase of the Triumph of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart: It is a time for revealing hearts.

      And each and every one of us continues to reveal our hearts, for good or ill.

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      1. Again, my comments were not as clear as I had hoped. My main point of the self-exposure of Church dissidents was that it was not necessarily deliberately intended by Pope Francis but God uses men to accomplish His will. Further comments of already known aspects were merely meant to give context to that point. May God bless and keep us all.

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  26. As today is the feast of the holy man and stigmatist, St. Francis of Assisi, who Pope Francis took as his namessake, may we all remember the beautiful prayer attributed to him and offer it for our Holy Father. Remember as you pray that the Little Poor Man tamed and made placid a most horrible, man-eating wolf. May all the wolves, in sheep’s clothing and in open attack, be likewise made peaceful.

    Lord, make me an instrument of your peace,
    Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
    where there is injury, pardon;
    where there is doubt, faith;
    where there is despair, hope;
    where there is darkness, light;
    where there is sadness, joy;

    O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
    to be understood as to understand;
    to be loved as to love.

    For it is in giving that we receive;
    it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
    and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

    Come, Lord Jesus. Marana tha!

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  27. Justice Kavanaugh!

    Today’s First reading in the Divine Office relates to our most recent events this week, On this day of Our Lady of the Rosary.

    Catholic Study Bible

    1 Timothy 1:1-20

    1 Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by command of God our Savior and of Christ Jesus our hope,

    2 To Timothy, my true child in the faith: Grace, mercy, and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord.

    3 As I urged you when I was going to Macedonia, remain at Ephesus that you may charge certain persons not to teach any different doctrine,

    4 nor to occupy themselves with myths and endless genealogies which promote speculations rather than the divine training that is in faith;

    5 whereas the aim of our charge is love that issues from a pure heart and a good conscience and sincere faith.

    6 Certain persons by swerving from these have wandered away into vain discussion,

    7 desiring to be teachers of the law, without understanding either what they are saying or the things about which they make assertions.

    8 Now we know that the law is good, if any one uses it lawfully,

    9 understanding this, that the law is not laid down for the just but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and sinners, for the unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers,

    10 immoral persons, sodomites, kidnapers, liars, perjurers, and whatever else is contrary to sound doctrine,

    11 in accordance with the glorious gospel of the blessed God with which I have been entrusted.

    12 I thank him who has given me strength for this, Christ Jesus our Lord, because he judged me faithful by appointing me to his service,

    13 though I formerly blasphemed and persecuted and insulted him; but I received mercy because I had acted ignorantly in unbelief,

    14 and the grace of our Lord overflowed for me with the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus.

    15 The saying is sure and worthy of full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. And I am the foremost of sinners;

    16 but I received mercy for this reason, that in me, as the foremost, Jesus Christ might display his perfect patience for an example to those who were to believe in him for eternal life.

    17 To the King of ages, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory for ever and ever. Amen.

    18 This charge I commit to you, Timothy, my son, in accordance with the prophetic utterances which pointed to you, that inspired by them you may wage the good warfare,
    19 holding faith and a good conscience. By rejecting conscience, certain persons have made shipwreck of their faith,
    20 among them Hymenaeus and Alexander, whom I have delivered to Satan that they may learn not to blaspheme.

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    1. I did not wish to publish without the entire context.

      (8-11) I thought was significant, we as a Nation are selecting a Judge of the Law, hopefully I trust one who is fair and good. Yet, (19-20) is a hard warning to one and all who overrule their consciences. Whom go with the crowd.

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    2. Good ole’ Paul. Never one to mince words. I see some enraged democrats screeching, “There will be a day of reckoning.” Indeed. In their blind worldly rage they don’t even realize they are prophesying against themselves.

      Eyes on The Goal.

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  28. Cardinal Ouellet Writes Open Letter to Archbishop Viganò

    From Edward Pentin:

    The prefect for the Congregation for Bishops expresses his firm disagreement with the former nuncio’s testimonies, calling his position “incomprehensible and extremely reprehensible” and offers to help him “rediscover communion” with the Holy Father.

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    1. Thank you, David. And as we wrestle with these things, at You Tube is an excellent analysis of Cardinal Ouellet’s stance. Simply search for: “Taylor Marshall Vigano attacked by Cardinal Ouellet: Why?” Dr. Marshall, a fine lay evangelist, also provides podcasts for many topics related to the current crisis in the Church at his site found here.

      Of special note is the point that to question Pope Francis is not at all a problem. There is precedence throughout Church history for doing so. Perhaps the first example of this is when St. Paul challenged St. Peter. YES, it is PERFECTLY appropriate for the Pope to be challenged concerning his behavior and choices by someone who, in good conscience, discerns s/he is called by the Spirit to do so.

      In the Joy of the Gospel, released on November 24, 2013, Pope Francis, himself, wrote:
      Since I am called to put into practice what I ask of others, I too must think about a conversion of the papacy. It is my duty, as the Bishop of Rome, to be open to suggestions which can help make the exercise of my ministry more faithful to the meaning which Jesus Christ wished to give it and to the present needs of evangelization. Pope John Paul II asked for help in finding “a way of exercising the primacy which, while in no way renouncing what is essential to its mission, is nonetheless open to a new situation”. We have made little progress in this regard. The papacy and the central structures of the universal Church also need to hear the call to pastoral conversion. The Second Vatican Council stated that, like the ancient patriarchal Churches, episcopal conferences are in a position “to contribute in many and fruitful ways to the concrete realization of the collegial spirit”. Yet this desire has not been fully realized, since a juridical status of episcopal conferences which would see them as subjects of specific attributions, including genuine doctrinal authority, has not yet been sufficiently elaborated. Excessive centralization, rather than proving helpful, complicates the Church’s life and her missionary outreach.(Some may say these words are specific to councils, yet, when held in the totality of Pope Francis’ desire to be open to suggestions for improvements in the exercise of his Petrine duties, I believe they apply to our current crisis.)

      From Pope Francis’ own words, we can see his call for those things I placed in bold text which are the very essence of the challenges presented to our Holy Father at this time by those who are deeply concerned about some of his actions. This is not to cast aspersions on all of his Papacy, nor is it a judgement of his heart and soul which belongs to God Alone. I know so many who are concerned and have not stopped praying and fasting for Pope Francis and the entire Church.

      Back to Church precedence for challenging a Pope via fraternal correction – which IS a Gospel dictum as well, found in Leviticus, Matthew, James, Galatians, 2 Thessalonians, Corinthians and more… Msgr. Charles Pope covers this beautifully here.

      In the words of Fr. Charles Grondin: “There is no record of St. Peter requiring gentiles to be circumcised. However, some early Christians did apparently insist on this and it caused controversy and arguments. In chapter 2 of his Letter to the Galatians St. Paul writes that he confronted St. Peter about the fact that he had stopped eating with the circumcised. He accused St. Peter of hypocrisy.”

      A serious charge to the one who, originally, sat on the Chair of Peter: hypocrisy! St. Peter didn’t shirk from this charge against him. No. He did just what Pope Francis has advised since the inception of his Papacy. In fact, our Holy Father has challenged individuals in the Church, in governments and at every level of life to seek encounter and dialogue. Rather than claiming silence, when St. Peter was criticized, he chose to have an encounter with his challenger, St. Paul, for the purpose of dialogue. In so doing, St. Peter and St. Paul preserved the UNITY for which God yearns.

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  29. On Spirit Daily the article God Bless America states how Fr. Chad is starting several prayer novenas for our nation. I pasted the first paragraph to give you an idea what we warriors are being asked to pray. I hope you go read the rest.

    When the last novena ended, I was wondering what would keep me going. Knowing I was a part of a huge group of people worldwide really helped me from getting swept away with the craziness. I helped ground me and my husband even took part in some of it.

    From Spirit Daily.
    On November 3rd (First Saturday) – just 3 days before the elections – Fr. Chad Ripperger will lead a powerful evening of prayer and reflection at St. Mary of Pine Bluff, WI (This will be live-streamed). The evening begins with 4:00pm Mass (This is a Novus Ordo Mass offered ad orientem). This will be followed (5:00pm – 6:00pm) by a Holy Hour of Eucharistic Adoration, Confession and Rosary. At 6:00pm, we will pray the Angelus, followed by Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. At approximately 7:15pm, Fr. Chad Ripperger will give his amazing talk on “Different Levels of Spiritual Warfare.” This will be followed (approximately 8:30pm) by a social with Fr. Chad Ripperger.

    Are we going in?

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    1. Thanks for sharing this news, HTTP. Here’s the scoop in more detailed fashion from Fr. Rick at FB:

      Here is the way things are shaking out in the lead up to this monumental election:

      The forces of evil know they are losing and are in full blown panic mode. Now, we see high level politicians advocating violence in order to gain power. Even witches have risen against President Trump, and now against Justice Kavanough. Then we discovered that evil even planted the Arch of Baal on the grounds of our Nation’s Capitol, during the Kavanugh/Ford hearings. We all know that if this pure evil regains power, we are in terrible trouble. We simply must do everything we can to “stand in the breach,” beginning with our belief in the power of prayer.

      On November 3rd (First Saturday) – just 3 days before the elections – Fr. Chad Ripperger will lead a powerful evening of prayer and reflection at St. Mary of Pine Bluff, WI (This will be live-streamed). The evening begins with 4:00pm Mass (This is a Novus Ordo Mass offered ad orientem). This will be followed (5:00pm – 6:00pm) by a Holy Hour of Eucharistic Adoration, Confession and Rosary. At 6:00pm, we will pray the Angelus, followed by Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. At approximately 7:15pm, Fr. Chad Ripperger will give his amazing talk on “Different Levels of Spiritual Warfare.” This will be followed (approximately 8:30pm) by a social with Fr. Chad Ripperger.

      When I spoke with Fr. Ripperger about a possible topic for his talk, I said, “What does it look like if someone really wants to go all in – totally serious and committed – as a kind of “Navy Seal of Spiritual Warfare?” That’s when he offered the topic of “Different Levels of Spiritual Warfare.”

      Different Levels of Spiritual Warfare

      This is the approach we are taking, in the lead up to the 2018 elections. Depending upon your state in life, you will be able to choose which of these 5 levels of spiritual warfare (below) you are willing to accept. We want to be sure everyone is, at least, praying the novena prayers (Level One).

      In the lead up to the November 6 elections, we will offer two consecutive novenas, beginning on October 20. This is exactly what we did in the lead up to the 2016 election (If it aint broke, don’t fix it).

      The first is the Novena to St. Jude (October 20-28). The second is the one offered by the Knights of Columbus in 2016, and is offered to Mary of the Immaculate Conception (October 29 – November 6).

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