A Worthy Ministry and Spiritual Warfare at its Finest

A couple of quick things…

Sometime last decade my son introduced me to the fabulous sandwiches to be had at Chick Fil-A…and the best service people in fast food. But just a few weeks ago I discovered two important things I did not know about the franchise. The first is their “IceDream Cone.” It is fantastic…tastes almost exactly like my homemade recipe. I have had one large ice cream cone from there every day since I discovered it (except, of course, on Sunday when they are closed to honor Our Lord and give their employees a universal day of rest. The second is that they have the BEST macaroni and cheese out there, bar none. Just thought I would give you some news you can use.


Our old friend, Dan Lynch, is in the midst of his summer appeal to support his ministries. Dan is one of my favorite people in the world and a great friend of this site. He has worked tirelessly for decades to promote devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe, Jesus King of All Nations and Our Lady of America. A retired judge, he is steadfast in the faith and works with real passion to promote it throughout this country and the world. I deeply admire him. If you have a little extra, I would deeply appreciate it if you would help him to meet his goal.


We are less than a week away from what I consider one of the most important spiritual events of my lifetime. Rather than tell you about it myself, I reprint here Fr. Richard Heilman’s article from his Roman Catholic Man website, which calls everyone to participate in the 54-day Novena for Our Nation supported by The Holy League:

St. John Bosco Told Us This Year Would Happen

St. John Bosco Told Us This Year Would Happen

August 6, 2018

I wrote the following in January of this year …

Well known is St. John Bosco’s “dream of the two columns” where he foresaw the future difficulties of the Church, envisioned as a ship on stormy seas. Several popes strive to moor the Church and anchor it between two columns which arose amid the dangerous waters. The columns symbolized the two devotions to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and to Mary Immaculate, the Help of Christians. Calm and peace for the Church is won only when one of the popes finally succeeds in anchoring the Church between the two columns.

Another St. John Bosco dream/prophecy is less-known, which can shed light on interpreting the dream of the two columns.

The dream/prophecy ends as follows:

“There shall yet come a violent hurricane. Iniquity is at an end, sin shall cease, and before two full moons shall have shone in the month of flowers, the rainbow of peace shall appear on earth … Throughout the world a sun so bright shall shine as never seen since the flames of the Cenacle until today, nor shall it be seen again until the end of time.”

Here’s an interesting insight that will blow you away …

This year, there is a rare occurrence of two full moons in the same month … two of these in the same year. When this happens, in any month, the second full moon, in that month, is referred to as a “blue moon.”

Get this …

On January 31, 2018, a super rare event will occur. This will be a “Super, Blue, Blood Moon.” “Super” because the moon is near to the earth. “Blue” because it is the second in a month. “Blood” because it will also be a lunar eclipse.

Okay, that’s pretty cool. But here’s the kicker. January 31 is the Feast of St. John Bosco. Is God highlighting St. John Bosco?

Wait, it get’s better.

Remember that I said there are two Blue Moon events in one year? Want to know when the second one is?

The second Blue Moon will occur in March, which contains the first day of Spring … you know, Spring … when flowers begin to bloom … “and before two full moons shall have shone in the month of flowers.” -St. John Bosco.

There’s more!

The Blue Moon in March occurs on March 31. What’s significant about that date? It coincides with Holy Saturday, which commemorates Our Lord’s descent into Hades and the Harrowing of Hell.

Here is what I am writing now …

March 31 was also the final day of Nineveh 90 for Life, when we saw tens of thousands of God-fearing souls make their Marian Consecration. It was also the day chosen to announce/launch Rosary Coast to Coast.

And, it was also the day the Vatican reported the following …

Vatican News Reports:

“As the sun set on Holy Saturday, a symbol of our Easter hope in the Resurrection appeared over St. Peter’s Basilica.” -Vatican News

Recall Bosco’s dream: before two full moons shall have shone in the month of flowers, the rainbow of peace shall appear on earth.” Literally, as the sun set, just moments before the 2nd of the two moons in the month of flowers (Spring) appeared, a spectacular rainbow appeared above the Vatican.

 “There shall yet come a violent hurricane.” Of course, all of this was preceded by three monster hurricanes of historic proportions in 2017, the last of which was named, “Maria.”

What then about this? “Throughout the world a sun so bright shall shine as never seen since the flames of the Cenacle until today, nor shall it be seen again until the end of time.”

After 100 years of Satan’s unbinding, as prophesied by Pope Leo XIII, we are now seeing an “historic light” being shown on evil that had been, up until now, allowed to move unabated under the cover of darkness, and is now being radically revealed and called into question.

Even Pope Benedict held that this 100 years, most likely, began with Our Lady of Fatima’s warning in 1917 and would conclude in 2017, as he said this in 2010 …

May the seven years which separate us from the centenary of the apparitions hasten the fulfillment of the prophecy of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to the glory of the Most Holy Trinity“. (Homily of His Holiness Benedict XVI, Esplanade of the Shrine of Our Lady of Fátima Thursday, 13 May 2010)

It is more than interesting that the volcano of exposés (historic light) erupted with Harvey Weinstein on October 5, 2017. This was just two days before the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary (and the conclusion of the 54 day Novena for Our Nation), and just nine days (a novena of days) before the 100th anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun in Fatima.

Now, Hollywood – Yes! Hollywood! – is standing against the sexualization and objectification of women! WOW!

Add to this the exposés (historic light) on corruption and collusion occurring within the ruling class; the cultural elites of politics and media. This “swamp” is being drained at an alarming rate.

Now the Church herself is being exposed by this “historic light.”

Judge Louis D. Brandeis is often quoted in situations such as this: “Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants.”

I believe this “historic light” is what St. John Bosco’s dream is pointing to when he wrote, “…a sun so bright shall shine as never seen since the flames of the Cenacle until today.”

Consider how far we have fallen into paganism in our times. Consider the worst genocide – abortion – in all of human history. Consider marriage redefined for the first time in all of civilization. Consider the “normalization” of corruption and collusion for gaining political power. Consider the efforts to “normalize” sodomy, even among leaders in our Church.  All of these, and more, are being exposed as the horror that they are, just in the past few months since the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, in the centennial year of Fatima.

Epic Battle

Recall that I alluded to the September 23, 2017 Revelation 12 sign. In the book of Revelation, it is interesting to note that this “sign” marked Satan being “thrown down.” This occurs precisely as the 100 years of Satan’s unbinding comes to an end. This sign is followed by the passage that says,

“Now war arose in heaven, Michael and his angels fighting against the dragon. And the dragon and his angels fought back, but he was defeated, and there was no longer any place for them in heaven.” -Revelations 12:7-9

“The dragon and his angels fought back.” Look at the fierce battle being waged all around us, as the forces of death and darkness are panicked as they see their entrenched evil threatened.

As Revelations 12:12 says, “…for the devil has come down to you in great wrath, because he knows that his time is short! Secular Satanism, as Matt Walsh refers to it, is calling upon every worldly minion and every source of influence, in one of the most aggressive campaigns to retain all of the ground they have gained, up to now. But, their evil empire is crumbling before their eyes, and they know it. They. Are. Panicked.

What Is Our Role?

As this historic, epic battle is being waged all around us, we are called upon to be Mary’s Mighty Warriors! This is a battle to regain the surrendered ground of the supernatural, so we must engage as “supernaturalized warriors” wielding “supernatural weapons.”

We are “supernaturalized” when we are completely loyal to Divine Revelation – Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition. We simply cannot break from this, even in the smallest way. God needs “loyal and trusted” soldiers (Matthew 5: 17-19).

We are supernaturalized when we seek the amazing gift of purity found in the Sacrament of Confession.

The supernatural weapons begin with frequent Communion and Adoration. Recall the two pillars in St. John Bosco’s dream. That means the other supernatural weapon for this battle is the ROSARY. The Church, which is comprised of it’s members, must moor themselves to the Eucharist and the Rosary, in this historic, epic battle.

This is a Goliath of evil we are facing in 2018. In the culture, leading up to the appointment of a new Supreme Court Justice and as we get nearer to the midterm elections. In the Church, as the homosexual underbelly is exposed. We can recoil in despair, or we can have the hope that this “historic light” will bring a new era of peace. Now is the time to put on our supernatural armor and pick up our supernatural weapons and say …


I have been calling this, now worldwide, prayer campaign the “D-Day of Spiritual Warfare.” And, so it is! Join the VERY POWERFUL 54 Day Rosary Novena for Our Nation (August 15 –  October 7) Sign-up HERE.

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  1. Well shucks! I’d have to drive 116 miles north to the ONLY Chick Fil-A in the state to get me some of yer recommended yum. All signed on for the 54 Day Novena. Couldn’t come at a better time. Blessed be God in Our Lady of the Rosary’s intercessory powers. May her children return to her Son.

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    1. Dang and tomorrow is a day of fast…does that mean Charlie is going to forgo iceDream Cone tomorrow? ..😜🤔.and can I offer up this as a sacrifice since there isn’t a Chick-filA on this side of the state 😉 Oh, Charlie I hear the ribbing coming on.

      My sacrifice for tomorrow is going RADIO SILENT so won’t be reading post tomorrow.

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      1. Or, perhaps they’ll be in the forefront of drone delivery for food orders;
        per Chicago Tribune:
        From her home in a wooded hollow in Virginia hill country, Brianna Smith and her two-year-old son Jack entered the aviation record books on Tuesday.Just six minutes after a technician from Alphabet Inc.’s Wing clicked the “Confirm Order” button on a smartphone app, a drone operated by the company had flown from a simulated store more than a mile away, hovered over her lawn and lowered the ice cream and Popsicle she’d ordered.

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      2. Good Heavens! I wish Chic Fill A would go public. Apparently still lots of them to be built. I think we have two of the busiest franchises in the country near me just 12 miles apart as the car drives (as oppose to as the crow flies.

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    2. I don’t have to travel quite that far, but I drive to suburban Chicago for the nearest Chick Fil-A. A few years ago, our mayor Emmanuel blocked a franchise within city limits, saying that Chick Fil-A did not conform to “Chicago values.” I guess Rahn Emmanuel = magisterium.

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      1. That is disgraceful. I’ve met the mayor on several occasions when I was a north-sider. He did not impress me. Our DRE’s hubby was a state senator and I found out from my daughter that Rahm spoke at her Catholic school in an assembly about abortion. I was beside myself with anger.
        I was young and too forgiving/accepting at the time. My pastor was a fine fellow of Irish descent. He has said and done too many things that in hindsight has seemingly misled his flock. He was easily *star struck* and seemed to want to be favored. At the same time he was kind, perhaps to a fault, and had a twinkle in his eyes. Please keep Father Dan in your prayers. ❤

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      2. I remember this Dan…he was protesting their view on gays. They do NOT discriminate against gay customers but they did/do not hire gays. Emmanuel tried to shut them down but, in the suburbs, people came from all over to go to Chick-Fil-A!

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        1. Wild horses couldn’t keep me away, Billbad. I’ll be bringing my 22-year-old son with me, and our family’s friends who live up there are also planning to attend. Looking forward to meeting you and praying the Rosary along with you and all the good people from your neck of the woods.

          Did I read that correctly, that it’s going to be at 3:00 rather than at 4:00? I don’t know why I had it in my head that it was gonna be at 4:00. What a bummer it would’ve been to show up after it was over!

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    1. Patrick…i understand your “WOES”. Living in the middle of the Pacific leaves me MILES and MILES away too….but dont fret!!!!! Rumor has it one is getting built here SOON !!!!! So in my compassion, i will go there and eat YOUR fill….while you fast for me !?!?!😁😁😎…
      i will let you know if I turn into Mz Piggy at the ice cream order line😜🤪😜😛😋

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  2. Things are already moving, the advance forces are already out there, clearing the minefields and removing the booby traps and obstacles. The Dormition fast with the office of the Paraclesis is going on in the Byzantine Catholic and Orthodox Churches. This weekend I go on our eparchy’s of Stamford’s annual pilgrimage and our Patriarch, Sviatoslav Shevchuk, will be there.

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      1. Pat, it was once the practice, both east and west, to celebrate a major feast or saints day with a preceding fast. For example, St Peter and Paul on June 29 would have been preceded by a fast, then there was public first vespers the evening before, then the day itself (once a holy day of obligation), then followed by an eight day octave of celebration. So, here we fast from August 1 to the 14th. In these days, following ancient traditions found in the Six Books on the death of Our Lady Mary, we petition Mary for help using the office of paraclesis.
        The dormition is literally the falling asleep of Mary and is about her death and resurrection.
        The six books are ancient and the oldest books about Mary after the Protoevangelium of James. The books talk about Mary having the power of bilocation, helping sailors at sea (the ancient, pre-Jerome source of Stella Maris), helping people in Rome. The antiquity of the work is shown by the knowledge of second temple Judaism and the use of proper Latin names. Here is something worthy to note: even during her lifetime. People turned to Mary and asked for her intercession! A critical edition is being worked on. If you want an easy online link to the books, Pat, or anyone else, email me at mcauleyscavalryATverizonDOTnet
        All for mom!

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        1. Fr Benedict Groeschel mentions the Dormition in his Rosary recording on EWTN radio. It’s a beautiful word, as is Assumption, for a beautiful event. I sometimes ponder Our Lady’s final ecstasy (as I imagine her transition into heaven was like). Thanks, JIM. You are like a human version of New Advent.org.

          Check this out, folks:

          The Account of St. John the Theologian of the Falling Asleep of the Holy Mother of God.


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          1. Just read your link Patrick and I am astounded. I didn’t know the details of the Assumption. Completed the reading of it on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Thanks! I also emailed it to a rosary group. I knew Saint Padre Pio was associated with bilocation but this reading was a surprise. Now when I think of some of the public desecrations of the BVM, I hang my head at the ignorance and corruption of them all.

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  3. I would also ask all for prayers. Things are shaking here, and a grand jury may be in the offing. Many of the forces that enabled the enemy have retired. I cannot say much more, but St. George and victory!

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      1. Dear Contemplativegrandma: My beloved Irish grandmother use to have a little spiral note book at her beside next to her Rosary in which she had novenas going for a whole list of persons and causes. Thanks for the memory.

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  4. The Rosary and Garabandal are inseparable. Here is a short article of encouragement that all will be well. The prophesy that the body of Fr Andreu will be perfectly restored on the day after the Miracle is all the more remarkable because for now all that remains are his bones. It brings to mind Ezekiel 37 that prefigures the restoration of Christs body on earth when all will be seen to have been made new.

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    1. Indeed, Joe. The Rosary and every authentic apparition of Our Lady in these times are inseparable. SO looking forward to the Lord making all things new… including you and me and all who pass this way.

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  5. Get Ready! I must have sent that amazing piece you did on St. John Bosco to everyone. The second part of that revelation about the Sun, and the time of Sept 23rd, the final year of the 100 years of Fatima, and that day (especially was my birthday) just smacked me right between the eyes for some reason. Let us all pray we can remain focused and in deep prayer stay faithful to these 54 days for our Blessed Mother. The Most Holy Eucharist and the Rosary! So much is riding on these prayers, and there is nothing as powerful. “the devil tempts us so he may ruin. God tests so He may Crown. ” Saint Ambrose of Milan

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    1. Amen, Ro. Our Lady has THE best track record in such a “Rosary Crusade” as the one we are about to undertake in solidarity with people all over the world.

      Our Lady of Victory, lead us on!

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    Before he died , Father Luis “saw the great Miracle”
    Father Luis was buried at Ona, reserved for Jesuits

    Father Luis Maria Andreu Rodmilans was born in 1925 in Bilbao, Spain. He entered the Jesuit Scholasticate, at Ona, in 1942; he was ordained to the priesthood in 1955, then he studied at Innsbruck, Rome, Geneva and Paris.
    At the time of the Garabandal “events,” the Andreu family was made up of six brothers. The eldest, Jose Maria, was married and lived in Madrid. Then came four priests, all of them Jesuits: Alejandro, a missionary in Venezuela; Ramon, today a missionary in California in the South American community; Luis; and finally Marcelino, a missionary in Taiwan. Rafael is the youngest.
    Father Luis came back to Garabandal for the third time, on the 8th of August 1961, in order to observe once more the ecstasies. On that day, the Pastor, Don Valentin, who had to go to Santander, entrusted him with the keys of the church. The Jesuit Father celebrated his Mass in “an admirable manner,” said those who had taken part. This was to be his last Mass.
    In the evening of this Tuesday, and for the third time, the visionaries fell into ecstasy in the village church. When they came out of the church, they began a long ecstatic walk that Fr. Luis followed, from the beginning to the end, up to the Pines, where himself falling into ecstasy, the priest suddenly pronounced loudly the word “Miracle!”, four times. His eyes fixed on heaven, he was granted to see the Blessed Virgin of Mount Carmel, and also, by anticipation, the future great Miracle which is to take place at San Sebatian de Garabandal. This was a unique event, and we know that the Jesuit Father had penetrated into the visionaries’ “range of vision.” They would later describe him in these few words: “He was there, on his knees, beads of perspiration on his forehead, the Blessed Virgin looking at him. We had the impression that she was telling him: ‘Within a short time, you will be near me’.”
    The ecstasy over, Padre Luis came down from the Pines and, with some of his friends, went down in a jeep to Cosio to await the arrival of some of the other persons with whom he had come, and who had preferred to walk back. It was about one in the morning. The Father was dozing in the vehicle when Don Valentin, who was just coming back to the village, joined him. Immediately, Luis spoke: “Don Valentin, what the children are saying is true! But I ask you not to repeat what I have just told you. For the Church will never be too prudent in such matters.”
    At about four in the morning, while they were driving on the road to Reinosa, Luis spoke to his friends: “I am filled with joy! What a favor the Blessed Virgin has granted me! How lucky we are to have such a Mother in heaven! We must not be afraid of the supernatural. The children have taught us how to speak to the Blessed Virgin. For me, there can be no doubt! Why did the Blessed Virgin choose us, yes, us? Today is the happiest day of my life!”
    Then he became silent. There was a sigh. Fr. Luis’ head fell forward. He was dead! He was 36 years old. Father Luis’ involvement with Garabandal was far from being over. In fact, it was revealed to Conchita that “on the day following the future great Miracle, his body will be found just as he was, when he died!” [Incorrupt.]

    [Excerpted from ‘Garabandal’ Book, pages 84-87.]

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    1. JoeCro, is “Garabandal” the entire title of the book? And who is the author? I’d like to get a book on Garabandal (not sure when I’ll have time to read it; but I’d like to have it on hand, just in case). What book would you recommend as the best “one-stop-shopping” treatment of Garabandal?

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      1. Hi Mick
        The “Garabandal” book is as far as I know out of print and almost impossible to get. “She Went in Haste to the Mountains” is in my opinion the best book to read and it is free online. It can be found on garabandal.us along with other great resources and “What is Garabandal.” Another good site with resources is garabandal.it. Happy reading.

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          1. Joe, thanks for all of these good resources. Can’t recall what I have read, but it was likely “bare bones” at best. So I look forward to exploring what you have shared here.

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            1. Thank you for these links, Joe. I’ve read a bit about Garabandal but want to know more, from reliable sources. Next time I’m in Northern Spain I will visit. There are direct flights Dublin-Santander, and I’d like to do the coastal route of the Camino, so should be easy to combine the two.

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          2. Hi Mick and all,
            I find this recent short film about Garabandal with the soft Irish accent of the narrator very appealing. It includes a little bit about Fr Andreu. The narration differs in one tiny respect from what I have believed – it says that in the Warning we will also be shown the good (from Jacinta) we have done whereas I have always believed that the education will only be about all our sins of commission and omission. (from Conchita). The questions and answers can be seen on garabandal.org THE WARNING AND MIRACLE. Both agree it will be for our good but will be very hard to take.

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            1. I believe, Joe, we continue to this day to witness the repercussions of that crisis among our shepherds which started around the Second Vatican Council, as related by St. Michael. I realize many of them have since died, but the torch has been passed on to many other priests, bishops, and cardinals. We’ve never had that problem in the Church exposed entirely and thoroughly addressed, have we? It lingers still. I saw shocking hints of it in the gaggle of radical Jesuits teaching and preaching at Xavier University in 2010. (which broke my heart)

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  7. Oh, and here down south when the libs attacked Chik fil A in 2012 for supporting traditional marriage and called for the boycott? Guess what happened boycott day? Lines for miles, literally. I happily sat in one of the lines with my fellow faithful. Quiet, we didn’t scream or yell or do anything crazy, we just happily sat in line and forked over our $5.69 for the fast food chicken sammich out there 🙂

    A steely resolve they have awaken in us, and it rises by the day. Going in!

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    1. Love these three prophecies. The first one has been carved upon my heart for years. THE best kind of mitigation is the conversion of souls. How often, the Lord has relented from delivering promised punishments, throughout the ages, when His people simply repented and returned to Him. He wants ALL of His kids back. And THIS has been carved upon Our Lady’s Heart since her Immaculate Conception.

      What inspires me most with zeal for this 54 Day Novena is thinking, with my own maternal heart united to HER Maternal Heart of hearts, inseparable from Her Son’s Sacred Heart: I can’t bear to think that my laziness would contribute to the loss of souls. Our Blessed Mother has worked unceasingly to awaken her children to return to her Son and she has unceasingly appealed to us to help her in the cause of reclaiming ALL of her children. May the full Triumph of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart be gloriously celebrated with no soul lost. Of course, in sobering sorrow, I realize some will not choose her Son but I prefer to shoot for the stars.

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      1. Thanks for the compliment, Mick. I think it was a gift from my dad. He could toss them out unexpectedly and make a crowd bust out laughing. Like him, I do this still in my boring nursing classes to “liven things up” as he would say.

        ✝️ Speaking of “Big Joe” Flanigan, may I request prayers for his soul? The 4-year anniversary of his passing is tomorrow. He died the same day as Robin Williams. (I guess that makes 2 special souls to pray for).

        Thank you for your prayers. 🙂

        Bernkastel, Germany, 1994. Retired Naval Commander and active-duty Air Force son.

        Pikes Peak, Colorado, 2009, at 14,114 feet. And we each got our donut!

        Costa Mesa, California, 2011, sea level. Our birthdays are close together. His dementia was very pronounced here, and he could no longer form sentences only maybe a single word and some mumbles. But he could still laugh when others laughed and loved making silly noises for the giggling grandkids.

        Although, there was one sentence he would say only to me that mystified me and the others in the family. He would look directly at me and say, clear as a bell: “God bless you, Patrick.” This happened several times, right to the very end. A nice memory to have.

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        1. Patrick, it is wonderful that you have such loving and special memories of your Father. Thank you for sharing the pictures and memories. I will pray for Big Joe and Robin Williams especially at the hour of the Divine Mercy. God bless you and everyone here.


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        2. Ah, the wit of the Irish does tend to be passed from one generation to the next, doesn’t it? I hadn’t known (or had forgotten) that your dad was a Naval Commander. God bless him, and you, for your service.

          Love the pictures. Your dad has a very kind face. What’s with the Hawkeyes hat? Was he from Iowa?

          I will be more than happy to pray for the repose of your father’s soul. His clear-as-a-bell words to you are making me choke up… what a gift, indeed. I’ll pray for Robin Williams, too.

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          1. Thanks, Micki.

            Dementia is a funny thing. Fr Spitzer has interesting insight on it, how people with essentially no brain left for higher function like language are somehow able to briefly do and say remarkable things. Like my grandmother, Honey, saying the Rosary. It’s startling.

            Dad said those words to me again in Tucson before my drive back to Denver. We hugged tightly. He’s a great hugger! But when I reached the front door and looked back, it was quite clear I had already vanished from his mind. (And I smiled – he was like a small child again.) Dementia, though very sad for the family, is a fascinating and revealing disease. What are we if not our minds? 🤔Boy, I do love RN work with this population.

            Hawkeyes: my bro and sis went there and got a very LIBERAL education, if you catch my drift. Dad loved the hat cuz no matter where he went as they traveled around the US in retirement, he’d hear someone yell out, “Go Hawkeyes!” It was a conversation starter. He loved to socialize.

            Thanks again, Sweetheart, for your prayers!

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            1. Pat,

              My Father has dementia, also. Funny thing about dementia – it varies, but has a common path. Sometimes it stops and the person regresses to a second childhood. Sometimes it is aggressive and we have alzheimers My father is definitely in second childhood.

              Memory Eternal to your father!

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                1. Thanks, Mick – it also give me the opportunity to take my kids to see my dad and cook meals for my mom. Putting the Fourth Commandment into practice and setting an example!

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            2. Dear Patrick: My father in law served on the USS Seahorse under the command of Captain Slade Cutter (who was John McCain’s godfather) during WWII. He was all of 19 and was an electrician mate. He served beyond WWII on other subs but the family all know of the exploits of the Seahorse. Over the years he went to the reunions of that sea family and when he travel in his old age he always wore his navy vest with its Seahorse designation and emblems. He was always stopped and questioned on it and he loved the attention. Once at the Atlantic City airport an airport employee rushed to his computer, pulled a photo of the Seahorse crew, found my father in law and asked him about the picture. Of course, Jim was in the photo which still can be found on line. The author Carl Lavo has written several books on the Seahorse and Slade Cutter. My father in law is quoted in one of them. If I knew how to post the Seahorse picture here I would. In any case, enjoyed your pictures and your memories. Those of us with bigger than life fathers and fathers -in-laws live with them everyday. No such think as “closure” nor would I ever want to close anything on such wonderful men.

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  8. I just signed up for this year’s. I did it l last year and loved it. Read every reflection every day. So inspiring. A truly awesome NRS. Just Do It!
    If I may humbly make a suggestion, try to arrange to say your Rosary somewhere other home (ie adoration chapel, church, someone else’s house etc.) That adds an element of extra effort that I found to be…mortifying? (Is that the right word I’m looking for?)
    God Bless Fr. Heilman!!!

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  9. Ok, I must be dense because I don’t “get” the connections Fr. Heilman draws to A) the Bosco prophesy and B) next week. However, I understand from some email blasts that a statue of satan will be installed on the Arkansas courthouse grounds next to the 10 commandments on August 16. Soooo would a lightning bolt between satan’s horns be too flashy?

    Regardless, I’m all in on the Rosary and 54-day Novena.

    As to Chik fil-a I am off meat and sugar for the duration, (see above) however their waffle fries are a modern day manna from heaven 🙂 ####

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      1. Absolutely, HttP; do try to find a Chick Fil-A during your travels. I’ve eaten in zillions of restaurants in my life, and I can’t remember anything about most of them. But I will never forget the one time I’ve eaten in a Chick Fil-A. 🙂

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  10. Chick-fil-A is great. Except I was very disappointed when they discontinued the coleslaw – I thought it was better than the macaroni and cheese. I still have a bit of an attitude about it – sometimes I still ask for it when I order, but they’re such gracious people they simply say “I’m sorry sir it’s been discontinued,” and smile. But I did find the recipe on Pinterest.
    I actually saw that Rainbow in the picture of this post. I walked around the Vatican late that afternoon saying my Rosary; it was certainly stormy and cloudy(but it never rained on me!) When I got back to the apartment my wife asked how long it took to walk around the Vatican. When I said “About one Rosary,” my son was quite tickled. He thought it was the most Catholic thing he ever heard.
    It poured that night, but by the morning it was glorious for Easter Sunday Mass in St. Peter’s Square.

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  11. Also, those Prayer Warriors called to do so may wish to pray especially hard and strong this weekend. August 10 -12, 2018 has been declared “HexFest” weekend by a group who will be conducting occult rituals and workshops on witchcraft magic in New Orleans.

    Pray Pray Pray!
    Visit the Blessed Sacrament in reparation if you can!

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    1. Yes, Phoenix, I heard about this a while ago and have been including it in my intentions in
      my Rosary. Very disturbing stuff…along with the news that the statue of satan is supposed to go up beside the Ten Commandments outside a government building in Arkansas on August 16th. We need to pray this stuff away and keep close to Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Thank you so much for passing this reminder on. God bless you and everyone here!

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  12. Another fitting verse for These-Days:

    HeartLight Daily Verse – 10 August

    Psalms 46:1
    God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.

    Thoughts on today’s verse:
    Where can we go when all the walls fall and all the armies crumble and all hope is lost? To the eternal God, who is our Father. He preserved Israel through the most difficult of times, protected the Bible from those who would eradicate it, and has led his Church through troubles and triumphs through the centuries. He will do the same with us until he brings us home to himself.

    My Rock, My Hope, and My Protector, I thank you for preserving my life. I thank you for hearing my cries for help and healing. I thank you for guiding my feet into ways that have been a blessing. Please, O God, stay close by as I face the stresses and challenges in my life. Through your Spirit, enable me to grow and be an example to others as I pass through life’s storm. Through Jesus I ask it. Amen.
    Visit heartlight.org for more


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  13. Hey, everybody, I just received back-to-back e-mails (from different sources) regarding and amazing film that’s going to be on EWTN this Sunday, August 12, at 1:30 pm Eastern Time. It’s called “Power in My Hands,” and here’s a blurb about it from one of the e-mails I received:

    Aug. 12, 2018 (Sun., 1:30 pm) EWTN-TV presents international premier of new film- POWER IN MY HANDS: A STORY OF HOPE AND THE POWER OF THE ROSARY. This new film shows the beauty, timelessness, and power of the rosary in order to help viewers understand the power to revitalize America – a society in spiritual crisis, and instill an active response to the Blessed Mother’s plea for prayer. Hope through Jesus Christ is the ultimate goal of this film. One of the witnesses to the power of the Rosary featured is Nigerian Bishop Oliver Doeme, age 55, to whom Jesus appeared in 2014. Other witnesses included in the film are: Philip Rivers, quarterback for the NFL Los Angeles Chargers, Jeff Cavins, Biblical Scholar who reveals the scriptural roots of the rosary, Fr. Don Calloway, who had a dramatic conversion through Our Lady, Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers from Portland, Oregon, who gives a beautiful witness to being raised fatherless, and how miraculously, his father was later moved in a radical conversion to faith and resulting peace, and MANY others. This 80 minute film will represent the faces of America and propose the simple and yet profound power of the rosary for all people of all ages to usher in an era of peace, harmony and most of all hope. DVD is also available. MORE INFO. AND SEE TRAILER AT: http://powerinmyhandsthemovie.com/

    (end of blurb)

    What with the 54-day Rosary novena and the Rosary on the Coast coming up, this film will help us all “put on our game faces.” Just watching the trailer got me fired up; can’t wait to see the rest of it.

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    1. My wife and I saw the movie at the Theater and it is a must see ! Prayer Request Please – we are downsizing and the first 2 Buyers backed out for unknown reasons( Believe financial). Now our 3rd Buyer is having to change Banks for unknown reasons. Please say a Hail Mary that everything goes through by the end of the month.

      Thank you,

      Paul in Katy

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  14. I ask for prayers for Denmark’s, and the other Scandinavian countries’, catholics joining the worldwide Rosary rally October 7th. We are many here in Denmark praying for full participation.

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  15. New to posting, but have “lurked”, for a very long time. May Our Dear Lord Bless ALL who read, and post here.
    Have been going through a ‘time of testing’, for multiple years… beyond my furthest thoughts, have happened to my family. Been drawn down to the ground.
    The ONLY WAY is to TRUST in Our Lord. And that I will…. no matter what.

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  16. Have you seen that there is now an investigation of St. John’s Seminary in Boston. Card. O’Malley announced that the rector is now on sabbatical and he appointed a task group to examine “issues of sexual harassment or other forms of intimidation or discrimination.” Just read this on Father Z’s Blog. Lord Have Mercy.

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    1. An allegation of sexual impropriety was made by a former seminarian. As such, an investigation has commenced and in any such ‘audit’ the head prinicipal is asked to vacate pending the outcome. This is normal in any business operation to minimize influence.

      Please keep Monsignor M. in your prayers, including all those psychologically affected.

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  17. As we head into battle in the Rosary Crusade I thought it would be interesting to hear this recording of the girls praying the rosary while being taught by the Blessed Mother.

    Conchita, diary, jp89: “The rosary is a very important part of the Blessed Virgin’s message”…”She recited the prayer very slowly–muy lento”
    Conchita, diary, jp65: “When we arrived at the altar…she started to say the Creed very slowly with the Blessed Virgin. Mari Cruz said that the Blessed Virgin took the lead and recited the prayer first, in order to teach her how to pray slowly. After the Creed, she said the Hail Holy Queen and then she made the sign of the cross very slowly and very properly–muy despcio, muy bien” (The Virgin first taught the girls how to say each prayer individually, before teaching the complete Rosary).

    Here is the audio of the rosary

    Conchita Rosary

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  18. In the apparitions of Garabandal, the Virgin would spend so much time instructing the children on how to pray it well. Most notably, She taught the girls how to say that rosary “properly, and slowly”, and recited the rosary together during each apparition. Joseph Pelletier writes; “From a series of questions sent to Conchita in April, 1969, it was learned that Our Lady ‘ordered – mando’ the children to recite the rosary each time they saw her and that they actually did recite it during every apparition.” . He later added; “The girls said the rosary in ecstasy as they walked the village streets, entered the homes of the sick, visited the cemetery, and walked around the church….She taught the girls to say all their prayers (and not only the rosary) slowly and thoughtfully. Tape recordings of the girls praying in ecstasy show us exactly what Our Lady wanted from the children and from us. These tapes show the girls praying very, very slowly, articulating each word carefully…” (jp210)

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  19. All this is taken from Glenn Hudson’s site Message of Garabandal. If you wants to be given notice of The Great Miracle one way is to sign up for free on that site but sharing on his site is strictly restricted to education about Garabandal and authentic witness. His moderators are ninjas.

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  20. Hi Charlie
    I went to confession and vigil mass tonight in the Parish of St Peter Chanel, New Zealand martyr and devotee of St Philomena whose feast it was today – still is in my mind and heart. Other devotees of her are St John Vianney and a childhood hero of mine, St Damian of Molokai. I say it’s time Philomena was reinstated. For my penance I was to contemplate Christ crucified and say thank you to Him.

    And then there was today’s gospel.

    “Ephesians 4:30–5:2
    430And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, in whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. 31Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, with all malice, 32and be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.51Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children. 2And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.“

    Glad we got sorted before I went on pilgrimage.

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    1. When you mention St. Philomena, my heart soars with love for her, my special friend. She worked a miracle for me with her blessed oil. In ’97 I had a biopsy on my leg and then surgery when it was determined to be melanoma. For both biopsy and surgery, which took a cookie size chunk of my leg :), I put blessed oil from her shrine on my leg. I NEVER felt one iota of pain from either procedure, and praise God, melanoma has never returned. There have been other blessings from her since then, and I highly recommend her intercession!

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      1. What an inspiring story. No wonder you love her. I have got sick again – so many people with chest infections around here. Please say a wee prayer to her for me. Goong to the doc’s tomorrow. St John Vianney composed a litany to St Philomena that can be found online. Thanks for sharing Annie.

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        1. Bummer, Joe. Prayers this week that you’ll sail quickly through whatever this illness is, recovering in time to have a healthy, healed up temple of the Holy Spirit for flight departure at the end of the week.

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            1. Amen. “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.” And we’ve got a whole group united in this petition!

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  21. Charlie, I remember this posting from January and I believe I said “All in.” However, I was moved this time by this reading from mass this morning, Saturday 11 August:

    I will stand at my guard post,
    and station myself upon the rampart,
    And keep watch to see what he will say to me,
    and what answer he will give to my complaint.

    Then the LORD answered me and said:
    Write down the vision
    Clearly upon the tablets,
    so that one can read it readily.
    For the vision still has its time,
    presses on to fulfillment, and will not disappoint;
    it will surely come, it will not be late.
    The rash man has no integrity;
    but the just man, because of his faith, shall live.

    I intend to faithfully “stand at my guard post…And keep watch.” Continuing my ongoing prayers for all here and for the pope, the Church and for our country. Praying that all Catholics, all the BAPTIZED return to the Church and signed up for the 54 day Novena. Oh, Jesus, I believe, help my unbelief.

    As for my physical condition, well, it is healing although too slowly for my liking. However, if I had slowed down in the first place I never would have fallen and would would not be learning this difficult lesson. On the other hand, gives me ample time to devote to prayer and discomfort to offer back to Jesus for the salvation of souls. Jesus, I trust in You.

    Thanks, Charlie, Beckita & Steve BC (and all the pray-ers) for your faithfulness!

    God bless us, every one,
    katey in OR

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    1. For everyone suffering:
      A Light on our Journey!
      Mary’s Hill
      Yesterday, 10:44 PMMary’s Hill (maryshill@queenofthedivinewill.org)
      August 13:

      Pluck up courage, dear Jesus will not leave you alone. It is sufferings that wound His Heart and draw Him with an irresistible force to be together with the creature, to give her the merit of His own pains, and to adorn her with divine marks.

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  22. I went to the D’ Nesh Desouza movie, Death to a Nation. Quite eye-opening. Gave me chills. Please do go to it if you can.
    This novena for our nation is incredibly important.

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    1. So glad to hear this, HTTP! Desouza is one of our prophetic voices in this age, a courageous person! He has been so persecuted by the godless left, as Charlie calls them. Those enemies of truth do all they can to stifle it, using corrupt judges, the IRS, etc.

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  23. Amazed at the stamina of Pope Francis as he spent all day and night with Catholic youth and called them to give their lives for Christ – to be martyrs of the 21st century. This is not the first time he has told us to prepare to be martyrs. He was very clear and emphatic as he repeated that the image of God was found reflected in men and women and especially as they became one in marriage.

    I was amazed once again at how good he is with youth and pleased to see how much they love him. He knows how to speak with them and how to listen.

    Standing up for so long and bravely waving from his open moving pope mobile greeting everyone and kissing babies. Even his balance is amazing at his age.

    Thank you for all your prayers for my swift recovery yet again from this virus I have – I have a full week of patients so I may have to unload some of my bugs on them. They probably gave it to me. Only fair!

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  24. All in for the Parish of:
    Our Lady of the Annunciation Church,
    Queensbury, New York.
    Queensbury is located just south of Lac Du Sacrament (Lake George, NY)

    Our Pastor gave a heartfelf homily on todays events notably the importance of realizing we are in a spiritual battle whereupon evil co-exists with good. Therefore, it it crucial to live a life of prayer. He endorsed this 54 day Novena for our Nation. Novena information handouts, rosary diagram, Tri-fold prayer intentions were placed within the Parish Bulletin as take home prayer initiative.

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  25. I was convinced before but more than ever as the greatest scandal in USA History ( besides our Church Scandal ;-() is unfolding …. NOW!! If you go thru the long and detailed Apelbaum Analysis that Feldman points out, you will discover the domestic/international agents that plotted to undermine a presidential election and now attempting an “overthrow” when their election tampering failed. The agents are still at-large and are still operating with the aiding-n-abetting of the Usual Media & Democrat Party Suspects. The survival of The Republic is still a Big ?:

    “Exposed: the Deep State’s Authorship and Publication of the Dossier”


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  26. I discovered this visionary and link on this ‘Charlies’ {ahem, Beckita’s} website. This latest message is of hope and of ‘upcoming trial’ I believe is one in the “storm” Charlie speaks of. The image displayed on the website is breathtaking. I am not usually attracted to such images but this one compelled my attention…
    JULY 30, 2018


    Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart:

    I am the Mother of Humanity, I protect you and I call you to conversion. As a Mother I have announced to you the instant in which you are living.


    Beloved children, I invite you to pray:

    Divine Father, Eternal and Omnipotent,
    Holy Son, Word Incarnate,
    Holy Paraclete, Divine Spirit,
    Three Persons in one True God.
    Pour out Your Most Holy Blessing upon this creature
    who cries out before Your Divine Majesty.
    Take my hand so that I am not separated from Your Protection,
    give me the immovable hope of the encounter with Your Glory.
    May my soul be sculpted by Your Holy Spirit
    and I find the discernment
    that leads me to the Truth of Your Word
    and I do not deviate from the Holy Path.
    Most Holy Trinity, you have bequeathed to Your People
    the blessing of possessing the Queen and Mother of the End Times,
    to intercede for and defend Your People.
    I welcome such an exalted Queen and Mother,
    I take Her blessed Hand
    and I surrender to Her Maternal Instruction
    so that, together with Her, I may be a doer of Your Will.
    Mother who guides, Mother who intercedes,
    Mother who protects this aimless Humanity,
    be my helm at this instant,
    so that, before the clutches of evil, my soul does not succumb out of weakness.
    Give me the willpower so that I may not fear the waiting,
    But rather that I may fear falling into the insinuations of evil
    and do not let my soul be lost in the darkness of evil.
    Queen and Mother of the End Times,
    come, receive me and teach me to wait for the Trinitarian instant,
    may it not be I who wishes to advance the hour,
    but under the protection of Your faithfulness, may I be Your reflection
    and may no instant frighten me before which
    it looks like I may succumb.
    Queen and Mother of the End Times,
    Make Love, Faith, and Hope, be reborn in me
    and also, the courage to live like You,
    nourishing myself with the Trinitarian Will
    and continuing with the fervent faith that You will lead me
    towards the longed-for encounter with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,
    being reborn to the new life beside the Most Sacrosanct Trinity.


    Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart:

    Do not give up, even if in these instants when fatigue invades you or you feel exhausted: do not get confused, this is the weight of contempt of Humanity that has distanced itself from Divine Love.

    You, beloved children, know of the victims of oppression all over the world, in a city, in a village, you know about the hungry, the thirsty and the defenceless, and everyone must ask themselves: what is my reaction facing so much human pain?

    Whoever lives for materialism does not understand pain, rejects the needy and does not help the one who suffers. Only those who struggle against themselves and stand firm so as not to lose unity with My Son, and who do not doubt that peace will come, harmony between the peoples, plenty and the fusion of man with His Creator, only in these will faith not cease.


    Evil is proliferating along with the false devotion that is found everywhere given a mistaken religiosity that has masked the true filiation of the People of God. My children believe that they are complying with Heaven with a religiosity that has led man to stagnate, that does not allow him to know My Son in depth; you do not know or prefer not to know that you must invite My Son to dwell in the heart of each of you, by your own free will, so that he may make his dwelling in the human creature – you believe in a distant God and not in the Fatherly God who loves His children and wants to have them close.

    You children, are called to contribute in the Plans of God…
    You need to be believers who demonstrate and are active within God’s Plans for the coming instant.

    How much I have taught you by Divine Will is for you to put into practice NOW, so that you do not fall, overwhelmed by the trials, so that you do not despair in waiting and do not forget that you must pray and at the same time put prayer into practice, helping your brothers and sisters so that they do not fall prey to satan.

    Receive My Son in the Eucharist, be strengthened and adore such a great Sacrament; adore Him in all the actions and in all the works of daily living, growing spiritually, drawing closer to My Son and to the fulfilment of His Word.


    Prepare yourselves properly for the Warning, when you will appear before the conscience of each of you and before the Divinity: do not sleep, wake up, convert.

    Look up, aspire more to Heaven…
    Look up, the signs will indicate the precise instant…


    Do not attach yourselves to innovations that will lead you to live in false religiosity; they will not lead you to true union or fusion with My Son. Do not live off the crumbs, children.

    These are the End Times: yes, children, they are.

    They are the instants announced: yes, children, they are, but a Divine Instant is not man’s instant, therefore I call you not to falter, but to continue making the great effort to grow in union with My Son, and I call you to live more by the spirit.


    Pray My children, pray for all of Humanity.


    I bless you, I love you.

    Note: Let us keep in mind the Words of Our Lord Jesus Christ:

    “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away: but about that day and hour, no one knows anything, neither the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” (Mt. 24,35-36)

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  27. OK, a little Chik-fil-A banter is a welcome respite from geopolitics. Been a bit quiet as I’m on my via dolorosa, and it’s not pretty. But enough about that. We’re all no doubt acutely aware of the pain and misery in the world at present as it touches each of our lives. Hold tight to hope and joy… joy, I say, as the storm makes a ruckus.

    On the storm front, I’m on day four of the monsoons. Four days, four monsoons, replete with epic dust storms, fierce wind, torrential rains, lightning, thunder, flash floods… remember what I said about flash floods. Almost a relief… a relief, I say, because it gives a fella opportunities to spring into action with chain saw on downed trees, pumps running on flooded areas, etc. Something my muddy trail dogs and I can handle.

    What I couldn’t handle this evening seemed like an impossible situation. What’s a fella to do, but turn to his guardian angel as Heaven appears to be shut up. Nothing. But I did have the presence of mind to recall the Chick-fil-A thread… which got me to thinking about some desert.

    Who’s up for desert?… monsoon and all. Of course they all thought I was crazy, but nothing commands attention like the desert counter at Chompie’s, presented strategically at just the right time. Hm. A Heavenly inspiration?

    Yep, I ran the gauntlet over the mountain and down the way to the aforementioned desert counter. Downed trees on the roads, roof parts laying here and there, traffic lights out, flooded areas… I counted three wrecks and numerous sirens on the way. I was giving my wife the blow-by-blow on the mobile phone, and she told me to come home. Nope. Not even the tree blocking the drive into Chompie’s stopped me. I simply hooved it the rest of the way.

    Oh, joy, Chompie’s was still open, and I wasn’t even bothered by the fella in line in front of me. He was wearing a Red Sox cap in sharp contrast to my Cubs hat. Turns out we had both run the gauntlet for some desert… least that’s what his determined, peaceful countenance communicated to me.

    Two slices of plain cheesecake, two cannolis, and a cheesecake brownie for good measure. A Chompie’s run and instant peace on the homefront. Something I could do, even if the roundtrip took an hour longer than usual. Gave me an extra hour to pray.

    The simple joy of doing with several bonuses. Guess I’ll worry about tomorrow… tomorrow.

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    1. Mmmm… just peeked at Chompie’s online and in google images. Good thing you’re a trekker so yer Chompie’s treats metabolize well. 😉 I’ve missed you, MP. Simon-like prayers for you and yours on your via dolorosa.

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    1. Ha, MP! When I saw, “Who’s up for desert,” I was thinking, “Sweet! Gonna get some pictures of wild horses or wild flowers or something.” I was a bit flummoxed trying to figure out what a “desert counter” was… maybe someone who uses his Fitbit to figure out how many steps he ran on his trek through the desert? Anyway, imagine my delight when I at last figured out that you were talking about FOOD! Yippee! Cheesecake, canoli, brownie anything… what’s not to love?

      I have been thinking about you of late, wondering how you were doing and how things were going for you. I will redouble my prayers for you and yours as you walk the difficult path on which you find yourselves.

      Oh, and regarding your fishing question that I neglected to answer some time back: I haven’t been fishing since I was little because my grandma was the only person in my family who fished; and except for that one trip when she came to Michigan when I was really little, she never came to Michigan. She and my grandpa lived on a lovely little farm in central Indiana, and they pretty much never left it. We saw them twice a year: Thanksgiving and Easter–neither one a good time for fishing in central Indiana.
      My husband and son have a brother Knight of Columbus who lives on a lake and goes fishing all the time. Maybe one of these days I’ll ask him to take me fishing with him. He’ll have to bait my hooks, though….

      Lastly: CUBS FOREVER! Did you see the bottom-of-the-9th, two-out, pinch-hit, walk-off grand slam yesterday? In case you missed it (be sure to listen for the crowd’s singing of “Go Cubs, Go!”):


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      1. Thank you for your kind welcome, Mick! As for the Cubs game, how memorable! Great pitching duel, followed by a two-out bases-loaded walk-off grand slam hit by a rookie!

        When he was interviewed on the local post-game, Bote made sure the cross/crucifix on the chain around his neck was in full view. Not a big deal, but a big deal.

        God bless,

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          1. Not to beat the baseball horse to death, but I just heard a funny story on a broadcast tonight. The commentator spoke of the time the Dodgers, managed by Tommy Lasorda, played the Cincinnati Reds, managed by Sparky Anderson. The commentator, Tom Paciorek, played for the Dodgers at that time. To paraphrase: ‘a bunch of us players went to mass before the game — yes, we went to mass — and afterwards, Sparky went to light a candle. Lasorda waited for Sparky to leave the church and then he got up and blew out the candle.’ He didn’t say who won the game that day.

            God bless

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            1. I’m going to keep beating the dead baseball horse, Dan. I have very fond memories of Sparky Anderson from his Tiger days (the Tigers are my favorite AL team, naturally). I was in quite a pickle in 1984 when the Cubbies where playing in the NLCS and the Tigers in the ALCS. I was super stressed out trying to figure out whom to cheer for if it came down to a Cubs-Tigers World Series. But the Cubs helped me out by losing, so I was able to wholeheartedly cheer for the Tigers in the Series. Good times… good times.

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  28. The below came this morn. Can anyone doubt that The Final Confrontation is upon us? Who would have thought a few years ago that The Gay Mafia would be the straw that broke the Camel’s back. The abominations of Perversion and Abortion all wrapped in a neat package with Beer ….. and called a church. That same Gay Mafia is strangling The Catholic Church and holding Western Society hostage after 50 plus years of infiltration into the Halls of Power. Yup!! Satan is laughing in glee. We believe that God gets the last laugh … soon I pray!!

    MILINET: Articles for Christians
    “Pro-gay church plans to build worship space/brewery, donate profits to Planned Parenthood”

    “Why the Vatican continues to struggle with sex abuse scandals”


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  29. No matter what happens or how it feels, Our Blessed Mother always gives light to our feet , to the feet of those who dwell in the valley of the shadow of death and she guides us in The Way of Peace that we may always take the next right step and help others find their way by being the sign of God for
    them as she is for us.

    This thought was with me as I woke and it feels it has been with me all night. Becks gave me a lovely silver medal of Our Lady of Mental Peace touched to the relic of The True Cross and many other relics for my birthday and I found a new link to attach it to my chain last night along with the Miraculous Medal given to me in Lourdes many years ago as a birthday present by my mother, and the kissed relic medal also touched to a relic of The True Cross from The Workers of Our Lady in Canada – the last one sent to them by Joey Lomangino the great blind apostle of Garabandal.

    I am still sick but taking my meds. Struggling to get through the week but I will with help from above and your prayers. So much has happened to block my way and prevent my pilgrimage including my work pc breaking down yesterday. But Right will prevail. Dieu et mon Droit (not sure what that means but it sure sounds good. Ha) Its 2.35 and I am back to sleep.

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    1. Empathy for your illness and the struggle to soldier on through the week of work before departure, Broseph Joseph. Very often, I have experienced such as what you’re going through when a fruitful endeavor is about to unfold. Drink plenty of agua with your meds. (I know you know that, especially as you’re a medical person. Still, it’s often the plumber’s house that needs the most attention. 😉 ) Thanks for introducing this community to Our Lady of Mental Peace, an apropos intercessor for us in these times. Our Lady of Mental Peace, take care of each of us. Restore Joe to good health for his Triple Crown Pilgrimages. “Triple Crown” for they are journeys to his land of birth, Garabandal, and the Papal Mass in Ireland. (Besides “Triple Crown” sounds regal and goes with your Dieu et mon droit, meaning God and my right; it’s the motto of the Monarch of the United Kingdom outside Scotland. Snickering nearly to death here.)

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      1. There’s nothing like a good snicker ha. We have a chocolate bar over here called Snickers. I’ve just googled Chompie’s – sounds like heaven. Good old U S of A.

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        1. In my Trick or Treating days as a kid, it was always a great haul when plenty of Snickers bars were in the bag. It’s a brand name chocolate bar made by the American company Mars, Incorporated and, I read, Snickers has annual global sales of $2 billion. Joe, it was marketed in the UK and Ireland under the name, Marathon, until 1990 when the candy-making company decided to market it as Snickers worldwide.

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          1. Yep, lots of us over here “d’un certain age” still fondly recall them as “Marathon”, and occasionally slip into calling them that in moments of absent- mindedness…

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  30. Sooo ….. Still think we are NOT on the cusp of Civil War II?!!? We have been in a Cold Civil War for 8-9 nine years and I can’t help but wonder what The Spark, Last Straw, Wag the Dog or Bridge Too Far will be that ignites The FIRE!!??
    Ya don’t have to read the below…. just the web address will tell Ya what Ya just as soon not know ….. but ignorance is NOT bliss These-Days!:














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