A Lament for Ireland – And us All

By Charlie Johnston

(I wrote this little poem after I heard the decision in Ireland. It is not polished – I completed it in an hour. But it is how I felt and what I hope)

A Lament for Ireland

‘Twas the last wall to fall,

As the earth’s axis shifted,

To the Lord of us all,

And our Mother we call,

That our grief soon be lifted,

With new light we be gifted.


Alas, it is fallen, great Eire,

Death opens its floodgate,

A tsunami of fire,

The dark hour of the liar,

Love overtaken by hate,

Life consumed by the state.


How much longer, Oh Lord,

Must we labor in vain,

Till you send out your sword,

And exhaust this discord,

Babes dying in pain,

Our world gone insane.


The satan, he chortles,

With malevolent glee,

Watching from his dark portal,

As we spurn what’s immortal,

Yielding to such wicked surgery,

Become, from our souls, amputees.


Let a new story begin!

Call your children to rise,

To be people of God once again.

From your divine art devise,

A great triumph, all things made anew,

All your children, living their part,

Ushering in the great Triumph,

Of the Immaculate Heart.



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  1. Thank you Carmel for taking us along in prayer to the Queen of Peace. Safe and happy travels.

    How fortunate also for people who are able to attend the uplifting event ‘III International Congress in Honor of the Two Hearts’ – with the theme “Be not afraid to be the saints and apostles of the third millennium” – in Miami on June 8, 9, 10. Looks like a wonderful stream of speakers in the company of several Saint’s relics with Kitty Cleveland contributing musically. I hope there will be some online feedback from participants to encourage us down here in “the dongas”.

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  2. May fr Wang and Beckita be fillied with the Holy Spirit today and always. Pour out blessings on both Dear Lord and may Our Lady wrap them in Her Mantle of Love.
    And safe trip Carmel. May God guide and protect you too. I still hope to go one day. Yes from here ….. A long way!God bless all on this blog. May all here be given a pleasant surprise from God today.

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  3. Beckita,

    No apologies needed-both of these photos of Father are lovely. He has such a gentle smile. Blessings and long life to him, and blessings to you for the awesome care you give him.

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  4. More disappointing news it turns out Trey Gowdy is a black hat as he is now covering for the deep state. Comey/Mccable are good guys, Its very common to have an informant, Muller is not after President Trump and therefore he should interview. I am very concerned that Devin Nunes seems to trust Trey.


    1. I am keeping my powder dry with respect to Trey Gowdy.

      In the last few days he has come to the defense of the FBI and the DOJ including the use of Confidential Informants to “spy” on targets. To infiltrate and gather intelligence about what the targets are up to.

      This in reaction to the hullabaloo raised on the right about the use of Spies Stefan Halper and Josef Mifsud by the FBI to embed in the Trump campaign and to sew false information and to set up members of the Trump team for Process Crimes.

      Recall that Gowdy insists that using CI’s is normal and usual and GOOD practice.

      Also he said this: “The FBI is doing what Americans would want them to do.”

      Pause and consider that statement for a moment. What would YOU want them to do?

      By going too hard at the use of “Spies” the supporters of the Good Guys may be setting themselves up for a hypocrisy charge. Gowdy knows a lot more than any of us what is going on behind the scenes. Maybe there are a TON of Good Guy FBI CI’s working inside the FBI itself just waiting to come forward. In fact, it is reported that many have urged : “Just subpeona us so we can come forward and tell what we know.” The Left is going to label those heroes as Spies and conflate them with Halper and Mifsud.

      It’s a moment for holding our tongues and waiting to see what happens when the IG Report is dropped and its aftermath.

      The reality of things will become much clearer then.

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    2. Josh, I suggest not jumping to conclusions. Gowdy needs to be seen by both sides as willing to be unbiased, and I believe this latest actually helps cement that. I believe he will play an important part in what is coming, and being considered unbiased, even actually to be unbiased, will be a major element for his role.

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      1. I must confess I have never been the big Gowdy fan many conservatives are. He specialized in making sustained and eloquent statements of raw outrage in Congress about legitimate abuses. That was satisfying. But I noticed pretty early on that if Gowdy gave a statement of outrage about an abuse, however viscerally satisfying, that was the end of it. Nothing else was done. Lois Lerner is still collecting her pension. The investigation of Benghazi was largely dropped. In politics I knew more than a few of those guys. In some, outrage was all they had: they didn’t know how to actually do anything about outrages. In the worst, it was a cynical tool to dissipate public anger so that the status quo remained with a minimum of actual disruption. In truly effective people, public statements constitute 5-10 percent of what is actually going on. The rest is real work behind the scenes to change things. I much preferred the style of Rep Devin Nunes, whose statements early on were very restrained and reticent – and have only become more forceful as his work has actually exposed the machinations of corrupt leaders in the justice and intelligence communities to frame and overthrow a lawfully elected president.

        Now that the left’s collusion and obstruction narratives are in complete freefall, I suspect Gowdy is just sincerely hoping to let bygones be bygones – and so is doing his part to run cover for the corruptocrats. That is a terrible strategy. Things will NOT go back to some sort of normal if you let bygones be bygones. If you just drop everything, future coup plotters will learn that, in America, if you run a successful coup plot, you win. If you run a failed coup plot, you will not pay any significant price. Therefore, you give incentive for more coup plots. This time, the plotters have to be called to account and many must go to prison – at the very least as an object lesson to future malicious sorts in government who let their craving for power overwhelm their commitment to justice and fair play.

        It was disorienting to watch Gowdy, who is a shrewd lawyer, completely bungle the difference between a criminal investigation and a counter-intelligence investigation. He is too smart for it to have been honest confusion – and to make this claim without having even seen the documents seemed utterly irresponsible. I was pleased to see Andy McCarthy’s takedown of Gowdy at National Review.

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        1. Sadly I have to agree with you Charlie regarding Gowdy. You need to look no further then the botched Benghazi investigation to realize his loyalties. Of course I could throw in the fact that Gowdy says he trusts Mueller. Or perhaps mention Gowdy’s comment “When you are innocent … act like it,” regarding Trumps’s tweets about Mueller.

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        2. Charlie you might want to review this fascinating piece of body language interpretation re Gowdy’s interview with Martha McCallum the other day.

          Not scientific but an interesting analysis nevertheless.

          Belief Systems. Gowdy believes in the Justice System including the DOJ and the FBI. He is a career prosecutor and he loves prosecution.

          Cognitive Dissonance. He will not accept any argument that goes against his Belief System.

          There is NO CORRUPTION. Trump is not a target.

          Cognitive Dissonance is a pretty big problem in modern society. The Left is massively afflicted with Cognitive Dissonance. The Conservative Right is similarly stricken. Trump supporters are experiencing a growing Cognitive Dissonance with respect to him. He can do no wrong. And they will NOT contemplate that he can or has made any mistakes at all.

          Belief Systems. We have a Belief System. We are Christians. Belief Systems are not BAD as this analyst asserts. Belief Systems are essential. What is a problem is hardening of the heart. A refusal to acknowledge there might be another valid point of view.

          We are retreating into our corners in modern society. Thanks, I think, to modern social media and the News Business. This makes it hard to recognize what is real and what is FAKE.

          Gowdy is issuing information that is incompatible with Trump supporters world view. We are unwilling to receive it or deal with it. We reject it as dangerous. Cognitive Dissonance or our own. None of us are immune. It is only a matter of degree.

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          1. You describe the very real danger of intellectual tribalism, which is certainly growing. It is in the most extreme times that we must resolve to follow the evidence relentlessly. I used to warn candidates that your enemies may wound you, but your friends will kill you – because of their penchant for saying what you want to hear – and then you repeating it. I largely got in the habit of vetting information from our friends even more rigorously than that from our enemies.

            When Gowdy first spoke, I considered it. Watching the clip and seeing him completely muddle the difference between a criminal and a counter-intelligence operation lowered his credibility on the subject. That he completely avoided talking about why no informants were sent into the Clinton campaign – and why instead of alerting Trump, the “informant” tried unsuccessfully to entrap staffers of the Trump campaign lowered his credibility on this further. When I found later that his analysis was based on review of NO documents whatsoever, but merely the assurances of FBI and DOJ officials, officials whose assurances these last two years have almost universally and serially proven false, Gowdy’s credibility on this was shattered for me. It was just Gowdy being Gowdy. He usually shoots his mouth off with no plan how to correct the abuses he aptly describes. This time, he did not even have credible facts to base it on.

            I, too, am prone to assumptions. Yet I have worked hard not to let my conclusions dictate what evidence I will accept, but let the evidence lead me to my conclusions. I work pretty vigorously to combat assumption bias through following the documentary evidence. I HATE having to correct a factual error on my own part, but I have long been resolved on the occasions when it happens to correct the error louder and more prominently than the original error. That has given me great incentive to…follow the evidence. In this case I did – and Gowdy didsn’t.

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  5. Meanwhile, Tommy Robinson is a political prisoner in England / the UK,
    for speaking out against evil.
    Obtained the following info from comments on another website,
    not entirely sure if it’s correct:

    Free Tommy Robinson
    ✅Below are details to contact Tommy if you wish to send messages of support, money for postage stamps, phone calls and food/toiletries are always appreciated.
    A2084CG Stephen Lennon
    HMP Hull Prison
    Hedon Rd,
    HU9 5LS

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    1. This comment on TR has been cleared so I suppose it is meant to be here? Maybe I missed something.


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