Giuliani Launches Real Trump Counter-Attack

By Charlie Johnston

I watched Rudy Giuliani’s lengthy interview with Sean Hannity last night with a politician’s eye. It was HUGE (or YUGE as a fellow big on the public scene might say). This is the beginning of President Trump’s serious assault on the Deep State. This, I think, may well be the month when the Deep State starts out with the same cockiness as always, but ends up in dazed confusion wondering what happened as they survey the rubble around them. I waited to survey news stories about it and was not surprised to see that practically none of the press, left or right, understood what happened last night. Let me explain why:

A) It is astonishing that a member of the president’s legal team should agree to any substantive interview at all. To do one of this length and breadth while the matter is pending is practically unprecedented. That it was Giuliani, an accomplished prosecutor and politician – and a national hero for his response to 9-11 as Mayor of New York meant that this was the opening gambit of a large legal, political, and formal communications effort. Even before the interview began, just knowing the terms and length of it, reporters should have known this was something big.

B) Giuliani loaded up the interview with “chump bait,” a technique that uses the over-aggressiveness of opponents to lure them into traps – or to give a story-line they don’t understand but actually cuts your way longer play. I know that technique well, for it is a technique I used frequently. I was notorious for it in Illinois. Somewhere between 70 to 80 percent of my “blunders” had traps embedded in them. If an opponent (or sometimes the press) struck, I had them. Politicians eventually figure out the danger in it: the press very rarely does. They’re like feral dogs snapping at any piece of meat thrown their way without sniffing it to see if it is loaded with poison.

A very simplified explanation of how you do it is to make apparent errors that are not actually errors at all, hoping that an opponent who is always looking for a way to get you will jump on it. Alternatively, you act a little muddled about something that seems salacious but actually has no real consequence. Giuliani had this interview loaded with such material. Sure enough, today I read in the left-wing press about how many “factual errors” Giuliani made. The Daily Beast was my favorite, as the smug reporter, certain of his own intellectual superiority, condescendingly dismissed Giuliani as either a lightweight or not ready for prime time. He gave as an example Giuliani’s assertion that it is illegal to subpoena a president. Okay…but that’s not what Giuliani said. He said it is unconstitutional to subpoena a president on a criminal matter while he is president. You have to wait until he leaves office. Giuliani did note that sometimes a president CAN be subpoenaed in some civil matters, even citing the example of Bill Clinton. This served two purposes – tying observers up in knots in a way that will clearly delineate that you CAN subpoena and indict a president for criminal matters that happened while he was in office after he has left office. The leftist echo chamber, in trying to show how smart it is, may well hoist a petard that will be very useful. Hello former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. Giuliani’s seemingly muddled talk on Stormy Daniels was inspired. It is amazing how many people, even knowing you to be very smart and dangerous, will think they have got you if you act a little tired and muddled as you throw out the chump bait. The Stormy Daniels stuff is salacious – and some networks have been absolutely obsessed by it – so they are almost guaranteed to make a big deal about it. But it is a box canyon for the left. People knew they were electing a man who spent most of his life as a millionaire playboy: to find that over a decade ago he acted as a billionaire playboy shocks no one. Meantime, having already established the two-tiered system of justice for Democrats and Republicans, the leftist echo chamber is going to have a hard time justifying why it was no one’s business when Democratic Bill Clinton did such salacious things WHILE in office, but demands removal when Trump is found to have done something sexually salacious over a decade before running for office.

Ah, you might argue, but Giuliani spilled that Trump knew what the $130,000 was for – and it could be a violation of campaign finance law. In your dreams, lefties. I’ll go out on a limb here and speculate that Trump paid Cohen a hefty retainer; that Cohen used that BEFORE telling Trump what was going on and then got reimbursement on the retainer. Giuliani suckered the left (and some of the right) into a box canyon, guaranteeing they will scream about something useless, both revealing their ignorant impotence AND distracting them from the substance of what happened.

Most of the press is made up of lazy C-students (or at least that is the best they could do in a real intellectual era rather than at “social justice” propaganda mill colleges) who try to make up for their witlessness with inflated self-regard. What kind of witless wonder looks at Rudy Giuliani, one of the most gifted and shrewd prosecutors and politicians of his era and thinks, “What a dunce! I’ve got him now,”? Hint – it’s someone easily taken in by chump bait.

C) Leftists constantly do outrageous and criminal things with wild abandon because they are never held to account. They think it’s their special super-power. Giuliani was letting them know, in subtle political terms, that the accounting begins now. He was ambivalent about Robert Mueller, but absolutely savaged James Comey, making clear that, if a Grand Jury is not already quietly parsing the former corruptocrat’s crimes, it soon will be with indictments to follow. The message was clear to any serious politician: Mueller can escape with his reputation intact by putting an end to this…OR…he can have a Grand Jury begin doing a deep dive into his long history of misfeasance and malfeasance in office. I am convinced this was a signal that over the next two months, Democrats and leftists are going to be shocked to find that they will be held to account to common legal standards. Don’t be surprised to see various leftist minions at the top of the Justice and Intelligence communities indicted. California Atty. Gen. Javier Becerra will probably be charged, both for his defiance of federal law AND his involvement in the Congressional IT scandal. This will be accompanied by heavy consequences for several other egregious “sanctuary” city and state defiers of federal law. Watch for the Justice Dept. to open up indictments against Planned Parenthood for illegal trafficking of baby body parts. For decades, being a leftist has meant never having to say you’re sorry for the most ugly, egregious and criminal behavior. A raft of high-profile indictments will change the calculations on that, as lefties start to think, whoa, we could be the next ones going to jail when our “resistance” uses criminal means. Once that is established, watch for the White House to start demanding Congress open up impeachment hearings on judges who act like little oligarchs who can decide anything, rather than remaining confined to their Constitutional limitations. Don’t be surprised if, after a little while, the White House openly defies judges who issue orders that are beyond their Constitutional authority.

Up until now, the president has responded to Deep State outrages mainly with howls. That has been useful to draw the left fully out into the open, revealing the two-tiered standard of justice and the hollowness of its charges against Trump. It has revealed their malice.  Giuliani served notice that now the battle is joined – and that leftist criminals will be hoist on the very petards they have raised in that shrieking malice. We have at least two months worth of serious fireworks coming that will change the public debate and political landscape. It will either spark civil war or re-establish a single standard of justice for all. It would be good if our politics were reformed through this process – but we still have a very long slog to resurrect a healthy culture. If we do not work seriously to once again become a “religious and moral people,” whatever gains we win will be ephemeral. But the Giuliani interview was not just a provocative one-off; it was a declaration of real war against the Deep State left.

Here is the link to the interview for you to watch for yourself:

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  1. I first started paying attention to Rudy Giuliani after 911 and decided I really loved that man! He was such a hero and he gave so many people hope. When I saw that he was now President Trumps Lawyer- I cheered! Watching him with Hannity last night was such fun, he just says like it is. My favorite line-said with a shrug, “I’m sorry you lost Hillary, but you’re a criminal”. 🤭😂
    (and before anyone hollars at me- YES, I pray for Hillary 😉)

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      1. Well, Tony, I guess that’s why we pray for people. Are any of us free of sin? I’m praying and hoping, because he showed he had courage and a good heart, and I’m praying for him to go all the way. If God can save me, He can save anyone and He wants to save everyone…especially sinners!

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  2. Charlie, I hope you’re right; but I have some questions. For instance, is it or is it not the case that Giuliani contradicted Trump’s storyline about whether he knew about Cohen’s payoff of Daniels? There are so many different stories swirling around that it makes my head spin with confusion.

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    1. Absolutely, Mick. It was both embarrassing to Trump and an obfuscation on his part – even if technically accurate that he did not know it was done until after it was done. It is the one real skeleton in his closet that all this sturm und drang has unearthed. Giuliani just laid that out there – so it is not an unexploded land mine now. But it has no serious legal consequence. The press and the left can rail all they want, but as unworthy as it was, they don’t have him with that. And they will prove themselves as standard-less hypocrites for making such arguments as “everybody lies about sex” and “it’s nobody’s business” when excusing what Clinton was doing while IN office while thinking they can take Trump down for something similar done over a decade before he even ran. This is the worst thing they have come up with. By their own standards, it is not enough.

      Don’t think that I approve of this…but this is all they have. Giuliani just stipulated to it. Now let’s compare actual criminal behavior between the Deep State and Trump. The left sure doesn’t win in a battle on moral behavior and they are completely shut out on the comparison on criminal behavior.

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    1. They surely have, madkatkomma. In what is unfolding, I think of Luke 8:17: “For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all.”

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    1. Thanks for the link, John. This news shapes my prayer because I imagine other marches could readily become avenues of unbridled rage… May the angels guide people to the Jericho March led by Charlie, for harnessed anger is a potent motivator to seek justice by legal, healthy, life-giving means. St. Michael the Archangel…

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      1. Dear Beckita, (and Charlie and Friends),

        Sarah here. 🙂 I don’t comment much here, like John, but I keep you all in prayer, and my heart
        is here, I’m just busy these last months more than usual, and get behind when this pregnancy with our precious miracle baby gets me down sometimes having to rest. 🙂 Praying along with you for the possible marches and responses to happenings in our Nation that could come!

        I had a thought recently, and even more this morning with your’s and John’s comments here…..You know the side of Charlie that can get worked up? I truly believe God makes each of us who we are, and how we are for a purpose in this life. If marches are to happen, people like Charlie, people of Faith, who can get justly worked up enough to be listened to by others, people who have a leader-type personality, will be needed. People who can step up and remind conservatives of what they are marching for, fighting for, believe in, and want to defend.

        I believe there will be many who are justly upset by all that is has been going down in our country, who will tend to forget the God we serve, what He tells us in the Gospels, the example He gave us, and the preciousness even of the lives of those they march against. There will be a need for good people, Christian people, people like Charlie, and I’m sure many others along the way who God has been training in their souls, who can help keep marchers grounded, lead prayerfulness along the way, and keep the focus of people on remembering what they are there for. To help them to defend what is right, but to keep from sliding into the same behaviors and attitudes as the Left. We as Christians gain nothing for God’s side, show nothing of the Truth for which we stand, if we do not bridle our righteous anger with prayer and grace to lead us, even if we DO have to stand up for what’s right, even if it may require a “just war”. It is good and may be necessary that people are thinking to stand up against the rampance of Evil that has strived to take over our Land, but, it must be done with a different spirit and attitude than the Liberals, Left, Democrats, whatever titles can be given to the Godless who are showing whom their leader is, the Father of Lies!

        May God guide, guard, and prepare our people for whatever may be in the coming future, and may Our Lady watch over us all. She is the Patron of our nation after all!

        Through Jesus and Mary,
        Sarah and John

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        1. Sarah, good to hear from you. A great thing is that we have a real core of such people here at TNRS (yeah, I know it is ASOH now – but it is still and will always be the TNRS community.) Entering into uniquely extreme situations, people struggle with how to act. Some become paralyzed, hoping if they ignore it it will go away. Others become so enraged that they lose all sense of proportion – and end up destroying the foundation along with the abuses. But the thing is, people WANT to be just; they WANT life to have transcendent meaning; they WANT to leave room for repentance; they WANT to be Godly. It was one of the devil’s most effective deceptions to convince people that, to be authentically Christian, they had to be dweeby milquetoasts. That way, when existential crisis came, many who would nobly defend their culture would figure they had to abandon their Christianity to do so.
          I tell you, millions will answer the call…relieved that they do NOT have to abandon what is best in them to do so AND relieved that they are NOT obligated to just lay back and watch their children’s future and freedom be wiped out. We are called to be the noble Army of Christ – not to destroy all that is, but to resolutely defend “whatsoever is true, whatsoever is honorable, whatsoever is just. whatsoever is pure, whatsoever is lovely, whatsoever is gracious…” before God and in His service. (Phillipians 4:8)

          I constantly said that prophecy was never the heart of my work, but ancillary to it. This is the work we are truly called to in these times – to be resolute, unflinching, just and merciful to those who will accept it in restoring and preserving the culture that Christ prescribed for us, neither to suffer the degradation of the culture nor to let the fires rage with such violence that they consume what we are called to protect and restore.

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          1. “Finally, brethren,
            whatever is true,
            whatever is honorable,
            whatever is just,
            whatever is pure,
            whatever is lovely,
            whatever is gracious,
            if there is any excellence,
            if there is anything worthy of praise,
            think about these things.” (Phil. 4:8) ”

            I pray this prayer each day in

            Of late, I like (1 John 3:1) as “Jesus, I Trust in You” relates so well. Everyone who hopes in Him, purifies himself as He is pure. Wow! Jesus, I Trust in You. Thank you!!!

            “Dear Jesus, bless our memory. Grant that no memories of past experiences may disturb us in any way, but that the Lord may touch and heal us through hope for a better future. “And every one who thus hopes in him purifies himself as he is pure” (1 Jn. 3:1)”

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          2. Yes, Sarah and Charlie! May the millions who rise up be a leveling force amongst those tempted to lose control. I love this: “… resolute, unflinching, just and merciful to those who will accept it in restoring and preserving the culture that Christ prescribed for us, neither to suffer the degradation of the culture nor to let the fires rage with such violence that they consume what we are called to protect and restore.” Amen. Amen.

            Praying for you and your baby, Sarah, and your whole family. 🙂

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          3. Hi Charlie, family and friends,
            Every angel is a species whole and entire unto itself. The name of each angel derives from the nature of its species. I believe it is time for us to take ownership, once again, of the name that reflects our true nature: The Next Right Step. We are what we do. We are Next Right Steppers and by this name we are a sign of hope as surely as the names Michael, Gabriel and Raphael inspire hope and trust in that Power to which we called. We are but a small but courageous division of The Church Militant which is “the noble army of Christ “ and we are on the march. By our name we answer the call.

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          1. Hey Mick! How are you? I’m due July 5. 🙂 The kids are all rooting for another 4th of July baby. Our second youngest turns 6 on that day. Though, I’ve told them it’s unlikely with me more recent track record of going over by 10-14 days. 😦 But, hey, you never know!

            This little one we consider our miracle baby. 🙂 We had 2 miscarriages 2 1/2 years ago and infertility ever since. The kids would always ask if we would have another baby, and it made me sad, as I couldn’t answer that, and had reconciled myself to that we probably wouldn’t. This last Fall we discovered we needed to go on a special diet for our health , and 2 weeks after we started we were expecting! The baby would have been conceived right at the time of the 100 year Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun in Fatima. Before realizing this, I was liking Immaculata for a middle name. When I thought of when she would have been conceived that convinced me. 🙂 Our Lady has been working miracles for us this last year. God is good, and we thank Our Sweet Mother for her intercession and love.

            Blessings to you and yours Mick!

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  3. WOOT, WOOT!!! Excellent read to start my day!!! I knew something big would come from the Hannity interview, but couldn’t decipher it all. Thank you for laying it out so clearly, and now it makes total sense!! To echo Beckita… “Bring it!!” The NRS’ers are ready for whatever comes!

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  4. Charlie I really appreciate these last two posts. I am a dullard when it comes to politics. The corruption is obvious especially with the Clintons and Obama. UGH! I never understood how they got by with it. This makes it clearer. My question is about Melania. She is for the most part poised if reserved. I admired her setting boundaries with the press at the outset. But she is a puzzle to me. I ask your prayers for Ron and I? He had a heart attack last fall while traveling with our son out east. He recovered really well but I believe he has Alzheimer’s. I have suspected for awhile. The shock of the heart attack really took him down. Our physician has offered some options for meds but the side effects are terrible and the results mixed. Our storm is blowing full on. RCIA is good. We had a large group and I look forward to what the Holy Spirit gives us this coming year.

    God Bless You Charlie! Jacquie Sent from my iPhone


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    1. I am praying for both you and Ron, Jacquie…and all my friends in Indiana…but especially you and Ron. Ha! I got one of the three best lasagnas I have ever eaten right there in central Indiana with you!

      Listen, my Mom had a heart attack about 10 years before she died. It left her short-term memory shot. At first, Dad and some wondered about Alzheimer’s…but it turned out that is often an effect in some people after a heart attack. It never got better – but it never got much worse either. It was a frustration for Mom, of course. Once, we were sitting together talking in the front room when she was telling me a story. Mom would lose her place a few times…and then go a different tangent. Finally, at one loss, she just started crying of embarrassment at constantly losing the thread. I patted her on the shoulder and told her it was okay…that I kind of enjoyed it, that it was like watching a rabbit run into a thicket: you knew where it went in, but had no clue where it was going to come out. She started laughing even amidst the tears and said it was like that for her, too. After that, she did not feel that self-consciousness when telling me a story. Sometimes we would even chuckle about the unexpected “hop” one of her stories took.

      Maybe it is something very serious, Jacquie…but maybe it is just something like an injury you both will ultimately adapt to. Either way, I pray for you and Ron – and thank you for your many kindnesses and friendship over these last five years.

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    2. Praying for you both, Jacqueline..Alzheimer’s is a difficult road to travel for patient and care giver alike.

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  5. I heard about this interview, and did not want to watch it becuz i am not a big fan of Hannity, but thank God for clips…which let to watching the whole thing. And hearing about the “debacle” on the radio today, i thought how this was going to be an unending pile of p#$p for the rest of the month, so glad i checked in to this website today! I thought it seemed like a planned drop of info…and EVEN Guilani said so when he told Hannity that no one knows this, but….then explains the $130,000 paid! It sounded like a bald face lie, but a legal lie. So it was not a “slip of information” !

    And not only calling clinton a jailbird brought music to my ears but also what seemed like a reality check to mueller….referring to collusion found with the DNC AND NOT PURSUED for investigation. I think it was a method for public knowledge for mueller to fight the right fight or loose EVERYTHING.
    mueller is a weasel, but at this point might turn into a useful weasel.

    God can use a weasel to act like a squirrel if needed!

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    1. LEEL007 With Rod Rosenstein’s comment “of not being extorted” by the Congressional Intelligence Committee, he was exposed as defiant of Congressional oversight of the Justice Department in the Constitution. He has in fact sent this message with every redacted and slow walked document requested by the Intelligence Committee but now he has said it out loud. He is unmasked. They Inspector General’s report is due this week. We’ll see…..

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  6. Greetings and blessings to all. I haven’t posted in a while but I have been following and praying for you all.

    As an attorney I was totally surprised by the content and tone of Giuliani’s remarks in the Hannity interview. When it was done I said to my wife, “This is it. This is the opening shot in a New York, outside the beltway, war with the “inside the beltway” DC folks.

    I think your analysis is spot on Charlie.


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    1. And any doubt should have been erased by the fact that, the day after the interview, Giuliani was making the rounds of a LOT of talk shows. If his “blunders” were real, the team would have yanked his chain back into the shadows right quickly and start issuing “clarifications.” They did not – and sent him out for more. It is inconceivable to the left that THEY could be held accountable for their offenses. They are too witless to understand the danger right in front of them as they try to spin this into a great win. They will understand soon.

      Perhaps I am projecting a little, because whenever I started throwing out a lot of chump bait, it was always prelude to a serious and sustained assault. But the fact is when you have got an over-aggressive opponent, it is a great way to start a sustained assault and leave your opponent in disarray through much of the assault. Ha! Perhaps I should have entitled this piece, “Return of the Jedi.”

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      1. Charlie,…and other lawyers in the group…what do make of the federal judge’s reprimand today in court against mueller?
        One ofFOX 5 (Dana i believe), said to be cautious as this judge has a history of siding with the lawyers he reprimands in court..mythought was….like a dog and pony show.

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        1. LeeL, I’m waiting to see whether or not this judge actually gets all the unredacted files he demanded- and then what he does with them…. that will be the test!

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  7. “I am convinced this was a signal that over the next two months, Democrats and leftists are going to be shocked to find that they will be held to account to common legal standards. ”

    Lord, hear our prayer.

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    1. From Charlie’s lips to God’s ears!!! May the tide turn, please, Lord; we are tired of evil prevailing. This is encuraging to read all this, Charlie. We are all so thankful for all the analyzing you come up with! There is NO other place I read such wisdom put so succinctly.

      This battle reminds me of a video we watched the other night, “God’s Not Dead”. It’s about the war on campuses and what our young people go through with their Christianity being attacked. It was so inspiring that I wanted to go out and do something! It’s very well done and presented as one young man’s story. Watch it if you want to get fired up for the Lord!

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  8. Charlie,
    Excellent analysis based on your former political experience!! And political experience in Chicago, no less!!! If anyone can accurately comment on the political malfeasance of corrupt government officials it would be someone who has seen it first hand like you have!! Anyone who thinks Rudy doesn’t know what he is doing is crazy as you pointed out. Please continue your first rate analysis on Rudy & the Deep State going forward. I do regret, as Rudy also said, that he did not take the position of Attorney General!! Can you imagine the amount of swamped drained this last year if Rudy was in office!!

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    1. I wonder if it is better for Guilliani to start here with the swamp mess.

      Might need a special prosecutor dept JUST for the swamp clean up. Other readings say the evil and depth of the moral pollution are beyond our imagination.

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  9. Man, what a refreshing Friday morning read. Pray for our President!

    Along with everyone else, I hope Charlie is right about…well, everything. But just think- 3 years ago, none of this (the Left possibly being held to account for all the crimes they’ve committed) seemed possible. And now it does. God is doing something here, in this country, no doubt about it.

    Keep up the excellent work, Charlie.

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  10. Just remembered a scene from a movie that sort of relates to this article. It makes for an interesting analogy, anyway:

    If Charlie is right, and this is truly the beginning of the end for Abusive Lefty Power Mongering, it’s kind of like that scene in The Princess Bride.

    You remember, the one where Vizzini (Wallace Shawn) and Westley (Cary Elwes) play the drinking game. Vizzini thinks he has Westley so outwitted, this his own intellect is so vastly superior, that his cunning is so profound, that he gleefully mocks his “victim” while drinking to his own demise. Vizzini is even laughing manically as he keels over, dead.

    Then we the audience hear Westley tell Buttercup that he’s immunized himself to Vizzini’s poison, so that the result of the drinking game was never in doubt. Westley knew he’d win. He had Vizzini beat every which way.

    Anyway, some food (and drink) for thought.

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  11. Wow! Great piece, Charlie. God is indeed doing MIGHTY things in this country – and I believe throughout the world. Come, Lord Jesus, King of ALL nations, reign over us.
    Youtube won’t allow access to the video you posted. Don’t have TV, but I’ll find it somewhere.

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    1. Thanks Judith. I found a video that does work and went back in and edited the piece to link to a working video of the interview. People need to see this. If it goes dark again, I ask readers to let me know so I can find yet another version.

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      1. Here is a transcript:

        I printed a copy for my coffee house, it will be delivered shortly. My favorite quote is below. Yes, I highlighted it for the breakfest audience.

        Notably, once Giuliani started to discuss Abortion and the killing of “fetuses’ Fox’s Hannity cut to a commercial break and did not reconvene this topic.


        “GIULIANI: Thirteen crimes she committed.

        HANNITY: Yes.

        GIULIANI: Then we got up to about 18. I’m sorry, Hillary, I know you’re very disappointed you didn’t win. But you’re a criminal. Equal justice would mean you should go to jail. I do not know why the Justice Department is not investigating here.

        HANNITY: The James Comey?


        GIULIANI: James Comey fixed the whole case.”

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          1. Okay, I have updated the original article once again with the new link, Beckita provided. I am actually delighted that YouTube has banned this video, for YouTube, Google, Facebook, etc. love to wash conservative stuff down the memory hole just like Stalin’s minions always did. This means that YouTube has figured out that this was NOT a blunder by Giuliani, but very damaging to the Deep State – so they want to kill it. Folks better start using new video services for such stuff, for YouTube is just the corrupt censor for the Deep State.

            Meantime, already the plot thickens. A federal judge today just blasted the Mueller team, accusing them of being liars who think they are unaccountable to anyone and only interested in bringing the president down. Like I said, we are going to have some fireworks now that honest people are fighting back for real.

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                1. Oh dear Mick, and here I am cracking up with laughter at Beckita’s fireworks picture! JUST LOVE IT! 😍😅😂 WoooHoo! And then scroll down and find you two have a weeping fest!😥😪😓
                  Okay, now I can weep about the song tooo 😉 (as I’m still giggling!)

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                  1. Beckita, I forgot to say why I was laughing so hard- just delete that comment… LOL now I’m laughing even harder! What I forgot to say is you are such a great cheerleader in here and even my husband was laughing.. we were both fried with all the negative crud on the news and so we just started giggling! 🙂

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                  2. Snowy, your giggle-fests fill me with such joy! When I bawl like a baby at that rendition of “God Bless America,” it’s not because I’m sad; it’s because it’s so beautiful and moving. I cry at Mass, too, when certain songs are played on the pipe organ–for instance, “O God Beyond All Praising.” Here’s a nice rendition (the choir is almost imperceptible, but the organist is fantastic):

                    I picked this one out of about 10 that I just watched on YouTube, tears streaming down my face almost the whole time. My 8-year-old is sitting next to me saying, “Don’t cry. DON’T CRY.” Me: “I’m not crying because I’m sad, but because it’s so beautiful.” Kid: “But don’t cry.” Me: “I can’t help it.” Kid (bemused): “You CAN’T?” (gives me a weird look) 🙂

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                    1. Oh I know Mick, I just wish I could explain what led up to this giggle fest without writing a book of a comment … it was just one of those you had to be there moments- and it would be great if I could EVER just once type a comment that actually made sense! 🤭🤭😍

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  12. I’m convinced that ALL of the below articles from LeftStream Democrat Controlled Media is proof that Trump is Winning!! The Usual Suspects are in Panic Mode as they await the DOJ IG Report and emerging Good News on Domestic/Foreign Fronts. I truly hope that we will soon learn of serious IG Investigations @ DOS/IRS/DHS/EPA and any other Alphabet Agency weaponized by Lord Obammy the Perfidious and Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques … Oh!! & De DemLibs must be poopin’ bricks with the News that Black Folks are starting to escape the Democrat Plantations ….. and this after Billary’s/DNC 2016 decision to abandon the White Blue Collar class:'Were-you-lying?%27-Sanders-faces-new-credibility-questions

    Winning with God’s Help ….. Let Us Pray. AMEN!


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  13. Hi Charlie,

    I did watch the interview with Hannity, and when I read your take on it, I felt much better.. It was just after this interview when Laura Ingraham caught the line about Pres. Trump reimbursing Cohen and then she played the tape of Trump saying he knew nothing about it…
    I think you are correct in saying, they wanted to get that out there. before Mueller could expose it.
    I do believe Trump did not know about it, because Cohen was doing his job and paid Ms.Clifford the Money, because as Gulliani said, they could not believe the small amount they were asking for…Now in retrospect, she realizes she could have become a multi Millionaire and that is what they are going for.
    Very sad. to do this to a sitting President, but this is where we are in this country\
    The lawyer for Ms.Clifford (Stormy’s real name) supposedly contacted MSNBC asking for them to hire him as an interviewer or commentator.

    Pray for Pres. Trump and his family and all in his cabinet and those around him that support him.

    We may be marching to Washington.

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  14. Charlie,
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your post took a 5-ton load off my shoulders and gave a great lift to my drowning hope which was grasping at straws I can wallow a little in the hope that Lady Justice will be served with honor and respect in our beloved America! Thanks Charlie, Luv ya!


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  15. WINNING!!! …. NONE of the below would have occurred if Billary was Prez!!

    “Donald Trump says date and place set for North Korea meeting”

    ‘Old white guys’ weren’t hired, so restaurant chain to pay $3M in age bias settlement”


    “Canada Suddenly Wants U.S. To Enforce Its Immigration Laws – To Protect Canada”

    “Grand Jury Subpoenas Issued in Harvey Weinstein Criminal Case”

    “Iranian-Americans plan rally for regime change”

    “I will sign immediately,’ Trump promises on proposal to expand private health care for veterans”

    “4% Is Broken!” — Donald Trump Celebrates Low Unemployment Numbers”

    “Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Boots Bill Cosby, Roman Polanski”

    “Mine Jobs Are Returning To Coal Country, But There’s A Long Road To Recovery”


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  16. I loved the way Giuliani told the Deep State that President Trump has bigger fish to fry than their disordered demands. Whether we’re in the fray as new battles unfold or watching from the sidelines, it seems fitting this begins during Our Lady’s month. Every breath can be a prayer for the defeat of the Deep State and Restoration of the Rule of Law and Constitution and the loving unity of all of God’s children worldwide. God bless everybody!

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  17. Thanks Charlie and all your friends who comment here. I’ve been a follower of your blog for some time now but never commented before this. I probably speak for many readers who are inspired by your analysis but feel like I am the student and you’re the teacher, and don’t want to interject my silly or naive comments into a serious discussion that is so full of wisdom and knowledge and reverence for God’s place in all of this. I just want to say THANKS to you and all the TNRS from all of us silent members of the family who so appreciate your insight! I’m an old grandma prayer warrior who appreciates a good and noble fight! “Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war…with the cross of Jesus, going on before!” 💗 this family!

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    1. Welcome to commenting, Mary. SO great to hear from you! There is always a place at the table of this community for your voice, your contributions. Always. God bless you and all who are with us, whether commenting or silent (which is simply another way of activity).

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    2. Mary, welcome to commenting. I hope to see you here more often. Don’t worry about sounding silly or naive, for 2 reasons: (1) I bet you’re selling yourself short, and that you’d be a wonderful contributor to discussions; and (2) as you’ve probably noticed, we are silly here A LOT. (Yeah, I’m pointing a finger at myself… and at Doug, Beckita, SteveBC, Snowy, MP, and…you know who you are). 🙂

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      1. Oh, Mick, there you go again with that wild finger pointing. Clearly there are names that should be at the top of that list that are conspicuously absent… then you lump poor MP in there. In his defense, I think you take his demeanor and ways –– always sober…serious….ascetic I would even say –– for nothing more than dry humor with bouts of silliness. Seasoned with a little rascal. And he’s been here so long now with ample evidence to the contrary. Gosh, maybe it’s time for a new screen name.

        Mary, if we’re going out in pairs, I’ll gladly pair up with an “old grandma prayer warrior” any day of the week and twice on Sundays. And I’ll gladly let you do all the talking.

        God Bless,
        Beans (the misunderstood blog commenter formerly known as MP)

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        1. Beans… you can run, but you can’t hide. Whatever you call yourself, we’ll find you–your gorgeous nature pictures and your poetic prose will always give you away. 🙂

          P.S. Speaking of your always sober, serious, ascetic demeanor, when are you going to treat us to another one of your pictures/creations of the little red wagon tour of the universe, or of those cute/goofy squirrels? 🙂

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          1. My dear Mary, our Beckita (a.k.a. – Biscuits) would have you believe that, but don’t let her fool you. She knows full well that she’s more of a rascal than me. Or are you just going to politely skip over that “Toot away, Beans!” quip?! Oh, the fun to be had in a large family. Shocking at times, I know, but doesn’t it make the unpleasant parts of the trip fly by?

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      2. Thanks, Mick. I’m like the baby in a family, learning so much from my older siblings! I’m actually the eldest of twelve (two, now deceased) so I love the silliness that is part of the communication in a loving family. Sometimes you guys crack me up. You have to have a sense of humor to balance the seriousness of life. “God always writes straight with crooked lines”…our TRUST in Him is what gives us the ability to laugh, in spite of the gravity of situations around us. Sometimes I’m tempted to ask God, “What were You thinking?”, and the TNRS give me some insight into God’s logic and mystery. Thank you, TNRS family!

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  18. Charlie & Friends,
    Over the last few weeks I’ve begun to seriously question the validity of information reported in the MSM. For this reason I’ve begun to do my own research and seek news elsewhere. I pray about what I read/hear and ask Our Lord to guide me and help me to discern fact from fiction. Charlie, you just affirmed nearly everything I’ve gleaned from my research and what I’ve been sensing. I agree with you 1000%. The counter attack has begun! Exactly how it plays out? I don’t know. However, I do believe some UGLINESS buried in the rabbit hole of the deep state is soon to be revealed.

    The President needs our prayers more than ever! God is/has been calling upon his prayer warriors precisely for this moment and I am seeing His army rise up and answer the call. To me, it’s pretty exciting! There is genuinely a movement of Christian brothers and sisters across the globe arising in prayer for truth, justice, and freedom. With Our Lord, ALL things are possible. It’s is the time to suit up prayer warriors and take our places! Let’s do this!

    Our Lady of Victory, Pray for us!

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  19. Charlie, you really are a game little fella. Wonderful insight.

    So many battles are being fought around our world and it’s certain that Our Lady fights on the side of the just in each one. It’s like one of those movies I love where many subplots are shown – drawing us into edge-of-your-seat drama and, ultimately, as all the minor skirmishes are resolved, the victory is shared by all.

    As we draw near to Pentecost, all here will be enclosed in my novena. Marana tha!!
    Shields up and ready.

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  20. There does seem to be a movement of the “good guys” rising up to make their voices heard, tired of being beat down and attacked by the “elite” who know better. Remember the video Snowy posted of the hight school kids and their message to stop “prayer shaming”? When I went to You Tube to watch it and see about a link, there was another Catholic school that answered the original school with their own similar video. Come on warriors! There’s a reason some Catholic schools have the name “Crusaders”!

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  21. Hello everyone
    I am not so knowledgeeble of American politiks or politiks in general. But here in Denmark the journalist think that this insidence may slaughter Trumph. But they always are on the left sides opinion. I am glad to hear the oposit opinion from you, because I never see it elsewhere. I sometimes have to think twice about what you mean, and have to twist my thaughts to understand your meaning of things. I have grown up in a different country an a very different political system, but my politicans are not trusthworthy either, I think. (Ohhhh… this is difficult for me in a foregn language, a foregn system, and not beeing specially political, and a spelling system that tease me. (I know you love me anyway😉❤️)

    Sunday I am going on a pilgrimage to Israel. I am going to a trip around the country. I will stay in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Tiberias an by the Dead Sea. I will be in the country for 10 days. I will pray for you and bring your intensions to all the scared places I will come to.

    Today my oldest daughter called me and told me that not only Pernille, but the other two daughthers Silje and Eline have intherit the gene for BRACA2 from their father. They shall now decide If they will remeove breasts and ovaraias. It is a brand new cricis in the family. But the bigggest one is that Prernille has cancer. The other two daughters do not have it as we know at this time.

    I hope it is ok to tell you all this, and I hope for prayers for my lovely daughters and for me.

    I am ok most of the times, it is very good for me to be whith Pernille, and I am often. It is waluable to be whith her and it minor the negative fantacies.

    I wery much enjoy my garden and the lovely spring. It almost hurt to leave all this fantastic spring for 10 days.

    Your Mona

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    1. Mona, I hope that you have a wonderful pilgrimage. Thank you for your prayers for us all. I will pray for you and for all of your daughters. (And you’re right: we DO love you! 🙂 )

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    2. I am often praying for Pernille, Mona, since you wrote about her illness.
      Have a happy journey to the Holy Land!
      Can you bring my prayer intention for a swift healing for myself too? I’m still struggling with the neurological damage , brought by my autoimmune disease this year in March. Thank you.
      Keep us informed about the journey,
      Lilia from Italy

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    3. Praying for your daughters, Mona, and also for you as you make your pilgrimage. Thank you for taking us with you.

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    4. Mona, I hope you can get on the internet and get the Surrender Novena. It will be a consolation to your suffering. I hope you can find it in Danish.

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    5. Dearest Mona, Your message touched my heart. May your Pilgrimage to Israel be a beautiful one and may you find much joy and peace in prayer while you are there. I am praying for your daughters and your entire family in this health crisis. God Bless you all.

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  22. “No man is an island,
    Entire of itself,
    Every man is a piece of the continent,
    A part of the main.
    If a clod be washed away by the sea,
    Europe is the less.
    As well as if a promontory were.
    As well as if a manor of thy friend’s
    Or of thine own were:
    Any man’s death diminishes me,
    Because I am involved in mankind,
    And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls;
    It tolls for thee.

    by John Donne”

    It has been said that when America is cut the world bleeds. I believe that is true. I also believe when the cut is occult, made from the inside, then life is most in danger. Since the Election of Donald Trump as President it seems to me that America has been subjected to the death of a thousand such cuts. Jesus tells us “It is not what goes into the mouth of a man that makes him unclean but that which comes out.” And what is coming out is rank indeed. Alone we are powerless against this insidious assault but we Steppers know there is One who has all power and Rosary gives access to that Power. Through Mary to Jesus the Rosary is the tourniquet which will stop the bleeding that brings death to the souls of our nations. But there is another type of bleeding that causes death of the body and leads to eternal life – the bleeding of martyrdom. Pope Francis has advised us to prepare to become martyrs. “How sweet would be their children’s fate, if they like them could die for thee.” Padre Pio has said that Europe will pay a huge price in blood for its betrayal of The Truth. From what I see America is heading down that same bloody path. Good and bad will suffer but those who step out in The Way of Faith will inherit eternal life. The most obvious enemy of Communism is Capitalism. If capital is removed from capitalism can it survive? The American dollar is the default currency of the world and both Russia and China would like it displaced. We are in a currency war. History shows that currency wars usually become military wars. The love of money and the material power it brings is what has displaced the love of God as the default currency of Life. The damage done has mostly gone unseen. Unseen too is the tower of derivatives tottering on a corner of cash so small that it is wholly unable to preserve an upright position. But it is not the restoration of wealth that will breath new life into the nations and make upright but the restoration of Grace. Hail Mary, Full of Grace, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart is The Restoration of Grace. It is up to God and down to us but let us not be distracted or deceived by the politics of power but always turn to the words of the One who has sovereignty over all creation “Love one another as I have loved you.” These words were written on a candle given to me at the end of my pre-marriage course, a marriage that was eventually annulled – but there us nothing faulty in the covenant we share with Jesus and Mary who promised us in Akita “Those who place their confidence in me will be saved.” Satan is the original and best master of fake news. Atheistic Communism has satan as its leader and the new axis of evil, leadership of China, Russia and North Korea, spearheads the latest attempt to displace Grace and undermine Faith in The Lord Jesus. This is why I am reluctant to accord true value to the overtures of peace currently being aired between N Korea and the West. N Korea is a puppet whose dance serves as a distraction while the puppet masters work their evil between scenes. But this is just the not so well infomed opinion of one who lives far away from the action and whose mind is occupied every day by the sound of the bell that is tolling for him. Jesus mercy, Mary help.

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    1. I’m with you Joe on this as we “wrestle not with flesh and blood” always and everywhere. But we also wrestle not with flesh and blood of our own but with the power of God on our side in this spiritual war as the church militant.
      As the left tries mercilessly to bring about their agendas I can’t help but wonder if we will see a mega Rodney King event if justice sides with the right and our nation starts to prosecute those on the left? I remember how well the King riots served the final fantasy trial of OJ Simpson and his well followed fiasco of a media trial turned “national security” foil. If we are so dumb to have considered such a little event would cause a national riot, how much more will this turning from justice rock our world?
      We should have “handled” the King event maturely but instead we kicked the can down the road too far starting with OJ’s trial and now face a juggernaut of a reaction many times more forceful than a hundred King events.
      We do need Our Lady’s intervention and a “road to Damascus” event of the left if our nation is to avoid this well deserved catastrophe.
      Pray that once the writing on the wall occures, the left becomes too afraid to rebel but instead panic and turn on one another.
      Oh remnant start blowing your horns both towards Jerico and for Gideon!

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      1. Insightful and beautiful, Phil… rich with biblical images evoking intentions for which to pray! God Alone knows how this will play out as the response of His people is the determining factor. At this juncture, hoping and praying for a change of heart by those who persist in clinging to the leftist agendas, yet, looking realistically at ALL the opportunities for conversion which God has been providing by way of unmasking evil and, then, observing repeated doubling down at every turn, therefore, also praying in earnest for the graces to TNRS no matter what we face. Knowing God’s ultimate objective is to save souls, when I consider Our Lady of Akita’s words that the good will be as much affected as the bad, I have set my face as flint to continue offering any personal sufferings for the sake of conversion should we force God to take us into the zone from which this idiom arose: There are no atheists in foxholes.

        St. Joshua and All You Saints at the original Jericho, pray for us.
        St. Gideon and You Three Hundred Chosen Brave-hearted Men, pray for us.
        All You Holy Men and Women of Heaven, pray for us.

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    2. Joe, the line you quoted from that rousing hymn: “Faith of our fathers” took me back to a time of the well-attended Eucharistic processions of my youth here in Oz. I spent a while researching and eventually found a youtube video of the original version which is the one that we used to sing way back when the idea of persecution seemed totally unreal: In my research I found that there is another version that is more popular in the US (sung to the melody of O Bread of Heaven). In fact there is another youtube video which discusses the origin of the hymn and in which three versions are performed: (hope the links work). This hymn would seem to be particularly apt given the current state of the world so thanks for bringing it to mind, Joe.

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  23. And I think by the time this is over, we will find that the “billionaire playboy” was in fact just a billionaire.

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  24. Down here the News is dismissing it all as simply Guiliani’s gaff and Trump as a benign boss who has forgiven his new employee for speaking before he had all the facts. Trump is still being presented to the public as a war mongering bully, a misogynistic liar covering up for his lies and infidelity. This is what the public believe, especially women. People here are so misinformed. They regard the suggestion that Trump has acheived any good at all as utterly ridiculous. The culture of death is strong in New Zealand. They think that unrestricted access to divorce, euthanasia, abortion, contraception and homosexuality constitutes freedom and the culture of life. The Soros reach is far. But Satan’s goes further and deeper and sadly, his grip is vice like on this nation. Smoke and mirrors but mostly smoke. I have shared some of Charlie’s perspective with our PM but had no response so far.

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    1. Joe, I think it is precisely because your country is being led by those who promote the culture of death that what you mention is so: “Trump is still being presented to the public as a war mongering bully, a misogynistic liar covering up for his lies and infidelity. This is what the public believe, especially women.” Mainstream media (MSM) here dishes out the exact narrative which you describe. Communication, of course, is a critical element in this civil war, with worldwide effect and implications. We see the battle in communications online via the censoring done by the giants such as Charlie mentioned yesterday when whatever link he put up in his piece continued to go dark. As noted, Google, FB, You Tube and more have become tools of the left to shut down free speech via censoring.

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      1. Our country is not only being led by those who support the culture of death – its people glory in the culture of death and celebrates choice as freedom and acceptance of every conceivable lifestyle as something good. Its people lead their leaders. It especially nurtures its “rainbow children” extolling their so called choices to embrace their homosexuality as means of reducing suicide among our youth. The truth is reversed in all the policies of death. Our PM is due to give birth to her first born – a boy – next month. I cannot help but like her while hating her vile policies and hope the birth of her son may do some good.

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    2. Yeah, Joe, many are doing the same here in America. I chuckle. I have lived that gambit at least a dozen times. Go out and do some blunt talk while my candidate or official does not know exactly what I’m going to say. That gives my principle some options. Float that others on staff are upset at my take – and even on a few occasions, have the candidate correct or refine what I said. You get the hard message to all the right people with little cost. The media, unwittingly magnifies that message by jubilantly repeating the “blunder.” The armchair analysts who have never even fought, much less won, a battle opine about how stupid a mistake this was. And your opponents are put on notice. It just amazes me that the media, regarding someone of the stature of Giuliani, who, after the original “blunder,” continued on the talk show rounds all the next day – concludes that this was not intended. I often get irritated that Republicans in general have little clue how to play the media. I like, A LOT, that this administration is both conversant and competent with the “judo-type” techniques you have to use when dealing with a hostile media.

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      1. So Rudy used his genius by doing multiple interview giving his plan maximum exposure even though much of it will be deleted or spun.
        But as you say, despite its potency being dulled by the media, potent it remains as it was more for them than for us.

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        1. At the level where you have heavy press coverage, politicians send each other messages through the press all the time. Ever heard an official on TV make a solid speech, but at some point say something that seems entirely out of left field? Usually, he’s sending a specific message to a specific constituency.

          Some years ago, in a pitched battle, it turned out that our opponent had collected a little more PAC money than we had. So naturally, we called him PAC-Man in our public comment on the report. In an off-the-record conversation with the Washington correspondent of a major Midwestern newspaper, she noted that we had taken a lot of PAC money, too. I agreed and told her we hoped to raise a lot more. She then asked me wouldn’t we be insulted if he had called us PAC-Man. I responded that I wished he were calling us that, because it would mean we had raised more than him. She asked me what was the purpose of this other than just insulting him. I was surprised she did not understand. The race was deadly close. I told her we were sending a message to the PACs – which knew that we might well win – that we were paying attention to how much was coming in. It was primarily to encourage them to reach parity. (A whole host of PACs give to both sides…are not particularly ideological). She had been on the job for years – and it had never occurred to her that politicians used reporters to convey such messages indirectly to each other.

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    3. Joe, a little while back, I shared Charlie’s perspective with President Trump in an email. I just received an email acknowledgement/reply back from the White House. I remain vigilant in acknowledging God, TNRS and being ASOH. People of good will acting out and speaking up is making a notable difference. Thanks be to God!
      When my input is not welcome, I shake of the dust and move on.
      I’ve got shake, rattle and roll down to a science here, although it’s more along the lines of rattle, shake and roll. 😉

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      1. Wow – thanks for sharing that JB. Good effort – great result. As Becks says, well done.
        I awoke to a dream this morning in which I found myself in a beautiful new red sandstone church sitting opposite the pulpit from where the whole church could be seen. The church was built in circular fashion but laid out in the shape of a cross. A procession of servers entered the church carrying on their shoulders a statue and carefully placed it on the floor in the centre surrounded by four candles. I realized it was Our Lady of Good Success. I rushed away to find my camera and awoke.

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  25. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your insightful hope filled words, Charlie.
    Stayed up past my bedtime to watch “The Interview” and even Laura Ingraham after Hannity.
    Askng all the holy souls in purgatory and holy saints in heaven, especially past presidents and all service people who have died defending the USA to pray for the protection of Trump & USA. Saint Joseph pray for us.

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    1. I had read this article and tried to leave a comment. What I found chilling was the report in the article that this process would eliminate “animal” research and experimentation. I was flabbergasted. So the researcher create an embryo (aka a tiny human being) and that human is not ever given equal status to an animal. My first thought was that those biologists have a real gap in their knowledge of the biological classification system. Of course, they are in denial aka justification because of the scourge of abortion. They covet embryonic stem cells and truth is the price but adult stem cells work as well.

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      1. Ugh! This experimentation must be so offensive to God, our Creator and Father. I would like to take the opportunity to ask you to give this prayer to our heavenly Father through a great priest it was my true blessing to know. His name is Father Albert Moraczewski and he was a Dominican priest who also helped form the National Bioethics Center here in the States. Fr. Albert was an expert in the field of bioethics and I trust that he still “works” for this cause by praying for this. (You can read a few of his works if you Google his name.) I miss him but I know how much he loved Our Lady and Our Lord. I can tell you that, whenever he led the staff in prayer, I would just sit in awe of his wisdom and his love for God. Let’s include a “Salve Regina” for this intention and for the repose of the soul of Fr. Albert. Blessings and peace to all.

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  26. Hi Charlie

    This was spot on and amazing. I’m just hoping the action starts happening pretty soon as id like some rest. I’ve been asked to chill by leftist or liberals friends and they want to set the terms of friendship only talk about food and kids and that’s it. Meanwhile they have been brazen openly posting on Facebook on politics and mostly anti Trump rants when you sent them a private message with reality links they then want to set boundaries of what the friendship should be-listen let’s keep it to food and kids. do not want this on messenger .do we have a deal?. Few good ones hang on and throw counter punches until they start getting nervous but then try to squirm out saying they are not into deranged conspiracies theories.

    God in his brilliance his exposing the super intelligence and rocky foundations of their beliefs.

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    1. The storm rolls on but I see hope everywhere. This is a great article Charlie.
      This morning Devon Nunez said he will subpoena Jeff Sessions to get the Justice Department to comply with Congressional investigation.

      I’m ready to walk.

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        1. My hope is that the quiet wait is a strategy attempting to draw attention to the process of administering justice to those who are guilty of crimes, BD. I have spoken with too many people, young and old, who – for many reasons – have tuned out concerning the happenings in DC.

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          1. Well Beckita, Trump and crew have brought me a new found hope that perhaps some mitigation of the “Storm” might be possible, but we shall see. I’m simply amazed how the deep state traitors are being outed and their corruption being exposed. Makes me giggle in fact. 🙂 With that being said, I am not at all convinced the “Storm” will pass us by in entirety. In fact, my guess is God is taking out the deep state suckers before the “Storm” reaches gale force. Surprise Surprise… God Bless to All…

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            1. Agree, BD, although I think one purpose that God is allowing the deeds of the Deep State to be revealed is to give opportunities to those who have bought the lies of the left, opportunities to examine the gravity and pervasiveness of the left’s evil. IF God allows full disclosure of their sinister agenda – which has been secretly planned, formed and in the process of execution – people would reel in horror. And, too, I think the Storm must crest because we know God’s highest aim is calling us ALL back to Him. At this juncture that means a LOT of souls are in need of a change of heart. We, too, need to be purified.

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              1. Hi Beckita,

                You say, “And, too, I think the Storm must crest because we know God’s highest aim is calling us ALL back to Him. At this juncture that means a LOT of souls are in need of a change of heart.”

                This was already apparent enough immediately after 9/11. As an example, for the first week or two, the parish filled up with attentive worshipers. After about two weeks, Mass attendance lowered back down to where it normally had been before 9/11. Based on that and on something else I witnessed while out and about in public, I said to myself, “We got off easy, and it looks like we’ll have to go through something far worse to shake us out of our complacency.”

                Meanwhile, instead of sitting back and waiting for “something far worse” … better to live far better right now.

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                1. So true about the response to 9/11, Phoenix. I’ll add that abortion centers responded by offering free abortions to “help out” in the aftermath of all the 9/11 trauma. How twisted is that!

                  Beautiful ending, Phoenix. Totally true.

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        2. BD
          Trump is not afraid to fire anyone. I would imagine if Sessions is not doing anything, Trump would have fired him a long time ago. I have heard reports (Dave Janda) that Sessions is very busy lining things up in the background, but he has to be very careful so he doesn’t bring down huge parts of the government and create a serious crises. Whether or not this is true I don’t know, it does seem like Sessions has fallen asleep on the job.

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          1. John, I trust Sessions and have all along. I agree with you that he is being very careful not to bring down so much and so many all at once. It would collapse our government. I read that it is over 70% that are corrupted and that could/should go to prison. If this is true, it is very sad. I could be wrong…praying!

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          2. I don’t think Sessions is asleep.
            It takes time to build a case on facts and evidence. That’s why Mueller’s investigstion has been long and noisy. It was supposed to be short and noisy (because there is no fact or evidence to support the investigation).Now it’s long because they are desperately trying to find anything,even if it doesn’t involve Russians.
            Long and quiet is usually a sign of people that are methodic and know what they are doing so I think Sessions is probably doing his job.

            What about all this shadow diplomacy with Kerry? If somebody did that here in Canada, I believe they would setting themselves up to treason charges. Is he negiotiating a post-coup foreign policy???

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  27. I have been trying to wrap my brain around this Rescue as it is nothing like I imagined it. Yet it is both amazing and amusing. I found myself actually giddy as Charlie’s explanation soaked into my mind. It is so nice to be on the winning side for a change. Especially since the losing side has no clue they are losing. I will be reading but probably not writing much for a bit. We are entering into a new phase of my son- in- law’s cancer. He goes into surgery tomorrow and the pre-op scan showed it has progressed even further. My sister- in- law goes into surgery for cancer the day after tomorrow. My daughter-in-law’s Mother has brain cancer. Her recent scan gave us only bad news. A few other less critical things going on but my intent here is not to be negative. Praise God in His mercy and His goodness! Jesus, You take care of it.

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    1. Oh Kris. God bless you in this vital ministry to your dear ones. Will keep you, the sick ones and all your families in prayer. Please keep us updated.

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    2. Kris you and all of your family will be in my prayers too. God bless you and keep all of you. I love love love! how you are seeing and dealing with this! Amen. 💟🕯🌹🌹🌹 What an amazing sign of hope you are!

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    3. Hi Kris, I’m sorry for all the cancer mess your family is going through. I lost both of my parents a number of years ago to that disease. I don’t know if you’ve done it, but you can email and leave a prayer request and it will be placed at the site of the Apparitions to St. Bernadette. They also pray a Rosary and it is televised on EWTN on the weekends, 8:30 AM, PST. I do this frequently…

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      1. Awesome, Sheralyn. Good to know. I see that rosary prayed on EWTN.
        Thank you and thanks to all who are joining in prayer for God’s perfect will.

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  28. Today’s readings, Psalm 75(76), seems so very appropriate for the times we are in!

    ‘You bring terror and no-one will stand up to you
    when your anger is roused.
    From the heavens you have made your judgement known:
    the earth trembled and lay still
    when God rose up to give judgement
    to save all the humble of the world.
    For the rage of man will proclaim your greatness
    and the remnants of that rage will make a festival for you.
    Make vows to the Lord and fulfil them.
    Let all around bring gifts to the God of Terror,
    to him who takes away the breath of princes
    and brings terror to the kings of the earth.’
    (Universalis, None)

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  29. Today’s quote of the day, originally published November 2001:

    “Quote of the day from a Medjugorje message ( May 7, 2018 )

    Our Lady of Medjugorje quotes

    “Little children, pray and prepare your hearts for the coming of the King of Peace, that with His blessing He may give peace to the whole world. Peacelessness has begun to reign in hearts and hatred reigns in the world. That is why, you who live my messages be the light and extended hands to this faithless world that all may come to know the God of Love.”

    ( From message, November 25, 2001 [O] )

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  30. I am curious what Charlie thinks of the new Marian feast day proclaimed by the Pope. How I wish it were the one Our Lady of All Nations has us asking for! The prayer, by the way, could be added to the end of each decade of the Rosary; have done this for years. I’ll never forget the day on EWTN that Mother Angelica first talked about the devotion, interviewing a woman who was spreading it. I would imagine the prayer cards can still be ordered, and handed out to spread this petition.

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  31. Thank you Charlie for this piece! It’s always good to understand the methodology behind the seeming madness. I know it will get pretty ugly and will be quite a slog, but I look so forward to the TRUTH finally getting out. We are praying for the salvation of the soul of our nation. If God uses Donald Trump to bring that about, there may be some conversions…… Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor?!!

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