Slouching Towards Jericho

Rembrandt – The Rest on the Flight into Egypt

By Charlie Johnston

Donald Trump was not my first choice for president. Neither was he my second choice, nor even my third. The only reason I took him seriously at all was because he was the enthusiastic first choice of a man in the Midwest whose judgment I much respect and whom I deeply admire. I have been surprised and grateful that Trump has been a solidly conservative president, restoring real rationality back to economic, foreign, and social policy. My friend’s insight into what we needed at this moment of history was far shrewder than mine in this instance. But even if I still held the same distaste for Trump that I did two years ago, this article would read pretty much the same.

Serious columnists in serious national magazines have started to discuss seriously the prospects of splitting the country in two (here and here) or the possibility that our cold civil war will turn hot.

Evidence developed over the last year and a half from the various investigations have not shown what the left intended, but rather have exposed that the left and the Obama holdover bureaucracy have been intently engaged in a coup attempt against a sitting president. Even now, as it is fully exposed, they do not stand down, but press on, determined to gain by raw force what they can’t win by honor and justice. They think if they just strong-arm the matter, they can wipe out Christianity, arrest and punish dissenters, and establish a fascist utopia. (One of the weirdest things about this whole lawless assault is that the very left-wing American fascists who mimic perfectly the murderous Jacobins, Bolsheviks, and brown-shirts, who are their spiritual forebears, pretend – and even persuade themselves – that they are ‘anti-fascists.’) Robert Mueller’s coordinated effort with the Justice Department to trash attorney-client privilege in order to get Trump is a declaration of never-ending war. Democrats and chump Republicans claim that if Trump fires Mueller it will spark a Constitutional crisis. Sorry, Mueller and the deep state ARE Constitutional crises. Failure to bite the bullet and put an end to this farce will spark a hot civil war. And so, an irrepressible conflict is at hand. The left would make war rather than acknowledge and respect your rights. Most normal folks will accept war rather than meekly bend the knee and forfeit their liberty. So the war will come.

I have been working on “The Ballad of the Ordinary Man.” What started as a trenchant piece has evolved into a sort of manifesto. It goes into detail about where we are, what we are called to, and how to fortify ourselves to get there. It will be in three, or maybe even four, parts. My intention is that you be able to print it out and, perhaps, take heart from it when the convulsions come. The spark that sets off the strife could come tomorrow – or could we could limp along until mid-summer.

As of the first of this year I ceased to make any new prophecies. I certainly continue to analyze political and cultural events. But I want you to know that never, for a moment, did I abdicate what I perceive to be my duty before my God. In her better days, America has been a beacon of liberty to the world. If she were divided, that would be the beginning of the end of the hope that a self-governing people could endure in liberty. She cannot be divided: to do so would be to break faith with those citizens of the states, formally part of this union, who this nation promised to secure liberty for and to uphold their God-given rights against all assaults, foreign and domestic. If the precedent of such a division were established, than anytime a tyrannical group took control of a state in the free nation (as has happened in California), we would just let her go, too, abandoning our solemn commitment to secure the blessings of liberty for ALL Americans. Soon enough, there would be no free states left, just the American Balkans.

Therefore, before I begin the publication of the “Ballad,” I want you to know that, if the left succeeds in its coup attempt, I will begin the Jericho March I described a year and a half ago. For as long as it can, this site will cover my progress and the people I meet along the way – and those who join me in our march on an illegitimate government. With God’s help, I will stand resolutely against tyranny until death. If the leftists fail in their coup attempt – and make war as they threaten to do (and again, have already begun bureaucratically) I will stand as a faithful patriot with the lawfully elected government of this nation. Understand something: American liberty was not secured by establishing elections; it is secured by establishing elections while ensuring that officials may NOT trample people’s fundamental rights. I love and am devoted to my country. I hold much of the government of that country right now in utter contempt. I will do my duty, to the best of my capacity to see my duty, until death, praying not that God is on my side, but that I ever remain on His side.


I saw the original of the painting at the top of this piece during a Rembrandt exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago 14 years ago. No picture or replica of the original comes anywhere near doing it justice. I stood and stared at this painting for over a half hour, trying to figure out how Rembrandt accomplished his feats with light just using color. It was apparent in most of his work, but was simply amazing in this piece. The fire was completely alive. You could feel it crackling and almost hear it popping. Quite apart from the subject, I studied the fire in fascination trying to get some clue as to how he accomplished this amazing feat. If it is ever exhibited near you, you really need to go see it.


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  1. Thank you, Charlie, for steadying us with these words. May the living fire, the Light of Christ, fill us, one and all, in these moments of rest before the long journey yet ahead of us. In solidarity, echoing your words and praying that God is not on our side, but that we remain ever on His. TNRS all the way!

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  2. Charlie,
    Great overview of things at this moment in history, which is likely to change an hour from now! I just wanted to comment that while I believe Trump is trying to do the right thing, there are times that he stumps me, just like our Holy Father does at times. If he falls for this gas attack in Syria and he orders strikes, the deep state will have succeeded in “pulling him in”. I for one minute, do not believe that Assad is that stupid to use gas when a week or so ago, Trump was talking about pulling troops out of Syria. And when the last gas attack happened, Trump twittered not to take action. Pray that he makes the right decision and stays focused on our internal problems at home!

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  3. Yes, thanks Charlie! I think we all feel “it”, whatever shape, tone, sound, size, or taste “it” has, is around the corner. I march on, taking The Next Right Step in Christ the best I can! I look forward to your Ballad soon. God bless!

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  4. As always, thank you, Charlie. I’ve been reading yours and Beckita’s post for almost three years, and while I’ve made comments, I’ve never done what I’m now going to do…that is to HIGHLY recommend a book. I’m a voracious reader, and it’s made a remarkable difference throughout my life on more levels than I could express. This book is a must read for just about everyone, but especially for those of us who are (1) wondering and ruminating on how our beautiful country went so far off track, and (2) other than taking the “next right step” and trusting in God, what more could be done to salvage our nation. It provides a truly different and unique perspective, both historically and currently, one which I haven’t seen anywhere else. Charlie, if you do read it, I hope and pray you’ll add your endorsement to mine. The book is “Catholic Republic: Why America will Perish without Rome” by Timothy Gordon.

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  5. The first word that comes to mind as I read this is “sobering” indeed! We all must know that everything you say is obvious and true, Charlie, but to see it all laid out like this is, well, sobering, if not frightening. It is combined for me with the mailing I just received from the Marian Movement of Priests. I wish I could reproduce the whole 4 or 5 pages here. There is a website with archives, but not this recent newletter. It doesn’t do justice to the MMP letter to say that what Charlie describes in our country, is paralleled in the Church. It is emphasized that “Rev. 12-13 is the most profound key to reading the signs of the times.” After reading both of these writings today (Charlie and the MMP) I had a strange feeling, almost surreal. We must pray as never before and be Mama’s children, “Totus Tuus”! God bless and strengthen you all!

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      1. I cannot find that post or Face Book. I have the letter from MMP but my eyesight is poor and I am having trouble reading it.

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        1. Noreen, when I searched for Marian Movement of Priests groups on FB, I noticed there are three. One must “join” to have access to the content and I already receive the mailings so I opted not to do that but you might try this way of getting to a copy of the newsletter.


          1. Thank you Beckita, I did not make myself clear…was looking for the Face Book post. I do have the newsletter from MMP and was able to read it. All the print seems to be getting smaller and I thought the FB would be easier to read. I did read it and it was an eye opener.

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            1. Sorry it’s so hard to read, Noreen. I actually understood you were looking for canada’s post at FB and that’s why I went searching FB to see if I could get you there via, perhaps, another FB page. Happy you were able to read it. God bless


  6. Charlie, i’m glad to see you… I was starting to wonder where you were! Thought maybe you ate pizza that was too bready or something and turned green! 🍕🍕 🤢😋🍕🍕
    I have been praying for all people, but lately, for the “other side” the patriots- should we win this fight for freedom and truth. This is just what I am seeing and maybe I’m way off the mark?
    I have done a lot of reading and researching over the past few weeks and it seems (without naming names) there is a growing group of people (at least online- you know people online can be so crazy sometimes.. so maybe hopefully its just tuff-talk?) within the “Patriots” of this country that are headed down the wrong road.
    You once said- coming from my unforgivably bad memory and in my own words- that you feared the people fighting against the tyranny we now face, if not careful, could end up being just as tyrannical coming from the other side. I am now seeing this in written words (for now) both in the Church and in the world- though strangely it is flipped. It’s more than a little horrifying. People are truly choosing sides and it’s becoming very glaringly obvious the vast divide between good and evil. No blurry lines anymore!
    Some of these people, reading their words, are spouting white supremacy, anti-Catholic, anti-Jewish garbage… and it is more than a little frightening, and I fear infectious when people are worked up or rattled. They want the death of all traitors, liars, etc… and some of those they have judged as traitors or evil is what is scary.
    I believe as do all here, the only way to win this war is through the Mercy of Jesus! God help us- not more hatred, death and division.
    Some are now calling for the death of Pope Francis, Pope Benedict, and the end of the Catholic Church (which we all know is never happening). Pope Francis himself is a main target and he is being accused of truly horrific things. Obviously these are misled souls-Patriots(?) – or they are posing as such and are dangerous. What a mess.
    Lord have mercy on us all. Praying for conversions before it is too late!
    Father, deliver us from all evil. With your Holy Wisdom, Lord, save us from all sin.
    In the name of all those who love You, Lord, lead us on the right road. Amen.
    (Prayer given by Blessed Virgin at San Nicolas)
    Beneath thy compassion
    we take refuge, O Mother of God:
    do not despise our petitions in times of trouble,
    but rescue us from dangers
    only pure one, only blessed one.
    Amen 🙏🕊🌷
    (Oldest known written Prayer to Mary)
    Wow, sorry oops! This is soooo long! 🤭

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    1. Snowy,
      Seems the “dissemination of disinformation” is working.
      We are crying that “Russia is spreading her errors”, but we are in the same boat as she is in our efforts to deceive. Seems the whole world is one big fat lier!
      I told my eldest daughter who was caught up in a controversy about the pope to go to the source herself and not rely in what these “disseminators” were saying as everyone has an “agenda” and she needed to decide for herself what was actually being said. It has become so easy for people to quote someone else’s work, study or logic as few take the time to actually find out for themselves.
      Once we stop thinking for ourselves the sheeple initiative has been set and we are doomed to be led about by the nose for life.
      Truth has a common denominator- He is called Jesus. Once the gifts of the Holy Spirit fill us with, wisdom, intellect, counsel, fortitude, science, piety, and fear of the Lord, these tools help to filter through righteous judgement all truth. My brother told me once that the enemies work, no matter how “good” it looks always has cloven hoof prints on it. It is time to separate them and keep what is good.

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  7. Charlie your a great writer. As far as the contents, we knew it was coming sooner or later. May God give us the strength and courage to rise up when we need to. All I can say….’Jesus I trust in you… Jesus I trust in you… Jesus I trust in you…’

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  8. Bless you Charlie.

    It has been interesting watch this sentiment percolate up over time; over a decade now by my reckoning.

    Anne Barnhardt knew it over a decade ago and has been screeching* about it ever since.

    I have had this sort of discussion with coworkers and during casual chats while shopping.
    I stopped doubting what I knew when a mother of six said as much.

    It is now common knowledge.

    The intelligentsia are just starting to wake up to the reality of hot civil war.
    The politicians do not appear to be aware of the depth of determination that surrounds them.
    Unfortunately, I have heard NOTHING from the public pulpit (Protestant or Catholic) .

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if the purported leaders of the flock where the last to know?

    His people are waiting for His word. If/when He provides the spark, this will go hot.

    Its interesting, speaking as a Christian. When the Holy Spirit says one thing and He is the only one saying it and you have a choice to hear the Lord or ignore the Lord, its very ‘interesting’ deciding to follow Him no matter how nuts it is. Initially, that is. It starts out ‘nuts’ and grows ‘real’. “Where are we to go, Lord” says the verse and that captures the whole of it.

    *Miss Barnhardt, if you read that, it was meant with respect and thanks.

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    1. Yep, Anne Barnhardt is NOT a Nice Person! Here (Hear, Hear!) is her video to prove it, way back in October 2010.
      Cheers, Anne!

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  9. Charlie, the situation in America does indeed sound dire as you portray it. It could be similar in every ‘western’ country I guess. I don’t know about other Australians reading here but to me it appears that we are more Godless but less hateful or scheming than our US political brothers and sisters. Unfortunately that puts us into the realm of the ninth group of people that Jesus asked St Faustina to pray for in the Great Novena – the lukewarm – hence we could be worse off even than the persecuted. There are some very active and vocal soldiers here – the pro-life army – but such a comparatively small number. No one notices when they march. Perhaps that can be to the Lord’s advantage – He only needs the willing Gideons!

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  10. Sometimes I stumble across articles with deep spiritual importance. After reading through Slouching Through Jericho and the comments for a second time and after watching a report on OANN about the murder of Christians in several Syrian cities by “rebel” forces backed by the Obama administration and that those Christians were seeking the protection of the Syrian government, the only conclusion is confusion. Seeking clarity on that news report, I came across and the article, What You Can Learn From Syrian Believers by Tom Doyle. After reporting on Syria Christians and his trip to Beirut for a Christian meeting of many pastors including Syrian ones, he lists 3 Spiritual Disciplines that are remarkable similar to what Charlie is telling us about the power of prayer. It can easily be googled. from the references listed above.

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  11. My take is Trump will actually listen to his Ty Cobb and his legal team (which now includes Dershowitz) and NOT fire the Special Counsel, but rather continue his policy of discrediting the investigation (ala Bill Clinton to Ken Starr). Trump will continue to effectively ward off any Coup attempt and remain in the low 50’s for approval into Nov where Republicans will maintain the majority in both houses to the utter amazement of the Left. It will be quite a show. Sorry guys, I mean no offense. Charlie is good on the little things but I think misses the big ones (President Obama, Rescue and now Coup).


    1. Hey Teddy! No need to apologize as we’re all entitled to our take on things. Not sure if you read all the links in this piece on which we’re commenting. A compelling argument for the reality of a soft coup underway has been made, since the month after President Trump was inaugurated, by an erudite historian who continues to offer brilliant analyses: There have been many more such pieces offered by a number of solid writers, giving evidence of the continued onslaught against our current president.

      The bulk of this article, by Charlie, is about what is evident in the actual events, occurring before our very eyes, which have continued to unfold since President Trump came into office. From the FISA scandal, alone, we discover that a soft coup was planned and already well underway during the 2016 campaign. Even more than resistance, I see a deep state that has never eased up on its “mission” to take down a sitting president… Aware of the abounding misinformation and disinformation, I continue to turn to people erudite in these topics to gain additional food for thought as we chew on these things in our discussions in my home, followed by taking them to prayer.

      I would love your opinion about how Trump will fare to come true. In my own view, I’m not sure we have enough honest, selfless people in government, willing to lay down their lives for the good of all people in our country and in our world. We shall see. For sure, it’s good to see you here again, Teddy. God bless you and all in this community.

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    2. Teddy. I think in the end Charlie will be proven right on some of the “big ones” you refer to in your post. Putting absolute dates on prophecies has proven troublesome for many in the past yet many things prophesied have came true much later. Time will tell.

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      1. Let’s all be careful to not blur the line between prophesy and opinion. TNRS was prophesy, ASOH is opinion. This Jericho piece is analysis and opinion whereas the peaceful transfer of power and Rescue were written in the context of prophesy. A clear line between the ‘then & now’ needs to be maintained.
        Great work, Charlie. Thanks!

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  12. I awoke this morning pondering the Jericho March. A movie came to mind: Ghandi. I suggest everyone considering to view and discern. Though political in nature, Ghandi captured followers through love, determination and a resilience for the cause.

    Here are some thoughts I had:

    Mission Statement: “We want God” {Poland’s war cry-simple and effective}

    Value: Be good or be gone

    Objective: Leave no trace; Leave the place better than you arrived; Trust in Jesus; Do good to one and all.

    Help anyone and everyone along the way. Keep the Biblical values in mind “If you don’t work, you don’t eat”. Though, I highly value the 2nd Amendment and strongly believe in its directness, it is something to ponder on this ‘march’. Also, don’t call it a march, but a walk. Legal issues may arise in different jurisdictions which will divert the true mission.

    A lot of blood has already been shed (Abortion, homicides, robbery etc). Why add to it? Enough is enough. If it is mine, I am ok with it… faster way to Heaven:)

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    1. Thoughtful comments, Sean. I have had a very long time to contemplate this. My intent, of course, is to hold together and hearten a faithful center, that is the foundation of any healthy society. In such extreme turbulence, some good people tend to shy away from conflict, thus enabling disorder. Other good people get so enraged by the assaults that they become the mirror image of the assaulters. Keeping your focus under duress, resolutely refusing to accept disorder while simultaneously being open to people of good will, even when they are acting intemperately out of frustration – willing yourself to see the best in people so as to encourage while not being seduced by sophistry…these are keys.

      It will be called a march: it is already clear that if the forces of darkness hate you and cannot find a crime to charge you with, they will manufacture one. If we get to that point, legal issues will be the least of my concerns – and I will depend on God to protect me as I go. I brought no protection on my pilgrimage and refused those who offered it to me. I am normally a prudent man – and encourage normal prudence in all – but when overtly doing a matter you believe to be God’s work, I think you have to be consistent and do it to the glory of God, so I choose the Judges 7:7 way…win the battles with the 300. If I must walk, I will walk openly, making no effort to hide where I am. Once again, I will carry no gun – and the knife I do carry will be used for the normal work I used it for before and not where I can get at it quickly. Even so, I very much like your emphasis on “walk” and think I will emphasize that – a walk of faith, a walk of witness, a walk with God. There is a martial aspect to it that is captured in the concept of a march…but we are not secular soldiers. Rather, we are to be the troops of God. As such, we are to behave in a way that does him honor – and guards our own honor with restraint, fortitude, charity and decisiveness.

      I appreciate your thoughtfulness on this matter. In an important sense it refines my own thinking a bit.

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      1. Today, I drove to the National Shrine of Divine Mercy (Stockbridge, Mass.) to pray, discern on a Jericho March call. Our celebrant, Fr. Dan Cambra discovered he was the celebrant moments prior due to a shortage of available Priests. (Please keep them in your prayers, DM Sunday took a toll on all)

        Moments before mass I was looking up at the Altar Statues, of the Twelve apostles, thinking, they are here. I can’t see them, but no less they are present.

        Fr. Cambra offers the mass to Our Lady of the Apostles. (I’m thinking wow, what a coincidence…) The Deacon presented a wonderful and compelling homily, so much I listened intently then promptly forgot what he said:( Anyhow, I found myself praying for advice, wisdom, what to do on this journey, am I being called, what will happen? etc. Is this journeying (on this walking pilgrimage) to regain our Country…

        Upon the cessation of the mass, just prior to the Blessing; Fr. Cambra spoke of something which came to his mind during the homily: He said he felt called to say something which was on his heart and quoted what Our Lady of Guadalupe said to Juan Diego:

        “…Am I not here, I, who am your Mother? Are you not under my shadow and protection? Am I not the source of your joy? Are you not in the hollow of my mantle, in the crossing of my arms? Do you need anything more? Let nothing else worry you, disturb you…”

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        1. Ah, this brought tears to my eyes, Sean. The Lord of Hosts sends His Mother to stand with and guide us throughout these times. I am prepared to go, I am prepared to stay. God will show me each step as it comes due…and that is enough. He will do it for each of you, too.

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  13. Just days ago I was thinking, I hope the weather warms up here in the Midwest because it looks like Charlie’s walk will soon begin. Today SD and MN are both in a winter storm warning. We have had one snow after another the entire month of April. It is the Spring that wasn’t. This too, seems to be a sign for us. My heart wants to march but my head knows I have too many responsibilities at home. Part of my desire to march comes from wanting to be with like-minded people. Staying put means facing the battle of differing opinions within my own family. I pray for perseverance. And integrity.

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  14. Good job. I recently read in a post which I cannot find that Clinton in 1995 colluded in the Israeli election and that Obama did the same before the last Israeli election in 2014. Has anyone seen that post? I tried to refind it but know we did collude. Why is it Ok for us but not for Russia?
    Yes the weaponizing of our Criminal justice system is a major problem now, among so many others we face in dealing with the Godless left.

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    1. It has been reported that Obama did interfere in the Israeli election. They had boots on the ground in Israel and money was spent. Obama’s distain for the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu was reported everywhere. Obama wanted Israel to return to pre 1967 war borders. But less known was Obama’s boots on the ground in Egypt and his support of the Muslim Brotherhood’s election to the political control of Egypt.The Muslim Brotherhood which is a terrorist group with worldwide muslim political domination was a constant visitor to the Obama White House. Mohammed Morsi was indeed elected and soon after the persecutions started in Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood. But here’s the thing: the people of Egypt were having none of it. The military acted and ousted Morsi and his cohorts. Now that is a classic coup and Obama even said so but I remember thinking that it wasn’t so much a coup as the Egyptian people getting their country back.

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  15. Anybody still doubt that Christians are under ASSAULT by Democrats, their political allies and their Blue State/City Fiefdoms!!??
    Ya can’t be a Traditional Christian in word & deed in Public. Nor are you allowed to point out outrages or condemn abortion, perversion or Islam. It appears to be no different or even worse in former Christendom:

    “New Yorker Mag: What’s A Christian Traditionalist Business Like Chick-Fil-A Doing Infiltrating Our City?”

    “Democrats Still Have a Religion Problem, Cory Booker Demonstrates”

    “Antifa And The SPLC Successfully Shut Down Four Anti-Islam Conferences”



  16. North America is militarily vulnerable to land invasion, not from Russia but rather China. Eventually a grave war will erupt between the Sino-Russian Alliance & the U.S. led former western states. China has already established war plans which include territorial acquisitions along the eastern Pacific so as to prevent a supply line choke & firm up their military advantages. Unlike the previous wars Russia will switch sides when Beijing goes after the Asian north in Siberia, it will only be at that time China can be defeated not before & only barely. Regardless the presence of their military landings will leave a permanent change in the demographics of the western United States & the Mexican underbelly below the Rio Grande. Along with the cultural as well as political & social differences among the American people will come those who came from outside bringing with them a much different vision for themselves. This is how nations rise & fall or divide & sub divide into new nations. No Kingdom or nation upon the Earth is immune from this nor shall any nation ever be so. In short it is unpreventable. Our focus is firstly to be Catholics with sanctity, then provided there is no reason in holy justice that runs contrary to the Faith to be dutiful citizens of the many Kingdoms & nations.

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    1. R. Sey etc. Perhaps the Sino-Russian Alliance will make certain military moves the west will be unable to defend against? Perhaps proceeded by a catastrophic economic collapse that begins in Germany and Italy and spreads throughout the world, concurrent with massive earth upheavals in various places.

      Hail Mary Full of Grace…

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  17. I share your feelings for America. I love this country, it’s founders, and our freedom.
    Political correctness is just another word for fascism.
    Enough is enough.
    It is time for truth and reality to emerge and for the blatant lies and lawlessness to end.
    I always believed that when faced with the TRUTH most Americans will swing over to the right side and that evil and darkness will be exposed to them. They will see “the Light”.
    I continue to pray for our country and believe that we CAN remain the UNITED STATES of America.
    Like you said, Charlie, ” America has been a beacon of Liberty to the world”.
    We cannot lose our Liberty!
    St Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle…
    Our Lady, Queen of Peace, protect us…
    Pray, pray, pray….

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  18. For a positive view of whats to come ( I feel has started) read” Big Q- Little Q, the calm before the storm. by a friend of Medjugorje .
    This book could go a long way to re- elect President Trump, and finally overturn Roe versus wade.

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    1. Hi David, Terry Colafrancesco, who is the “Friend of Medjugorje” and head of Caritas in Birmingham, is not in good standing with his Bishop. Some of his stuff is good, but only almost good, with little bombs of destruction in it. Caritas was originally founded by four men, three of whom left after Colafrancesco started abusing it. He has made Caritas into something resembling a semi-Catholic cult. This is not to be confused with the group, “Friends of Medjugorje,” which is an entirely different organization and, by all accounts, legitimate. As time has gone on, I have become more and more alienated by its abuses. Thus, I ban reference to Colafrancescos, ‘a friend of Medjugorje,’ or Caritas of Birmingham here. For those who want to know a little more, this is a good place to startthis is a good place to startthis is a good place to start.

      I have friends who have great regard for Caritas. I would not offend my friends if I can avoid it. But I will not promote, in any way, someone who has consistently defied his Bishop and Catholic teaching.

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