Prepare for the Accounting

By Charlie Johnston We had no new podcast this week because of sickness and administrative issues. Next week we will cover some commonly asked questions that new people have about me. ********* I was deeply saddened to hear that one of our key CORAC members – and host of a presentation in eastern Iowa from […]

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Ready to Hit the Road

By Charlie Johnston On the weekly podcast Dr. Joe Brickner and I do, we have started having guests. Our first guest was the eschatologist Desmond Birch. We talked about where we really are in salvation history (kind of a palliative for the explosive effusion of sites focusing on prophecy these days). We also talked about […]

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CORAC Gears Up For a Big Year

By Charlie Johnston Today begins our CORAC fundraising drive that will carry through February 11 – both the Feast Day of Our Lady of Lourdes and the beginning of my walking pilgrimage some 11 years ago now. I spent some of last week going through the archives from this site over the last year and […]

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Deliver Us From Evil

By Charlie Johnston I promised that on this, the 104th anniversary of the penultimate day of the apparitions at Fatima, I would offer a prayer of repentance and renewal for all those who have been damaged by the counter-scientific Covid restrictions, including the experimental gene therapy shot. The prayer is a single one, but in […]

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America’s Macbeth Moment

By Charlie Johnston Every person craves transcendent meaning in their life. For those whose hope is in God, that meaning is found in their hope of eternal life with their Creator. The means by which they seek to attain that goal is to love and serve God, primarily through loving and serving those around them. […]

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A Coalition of the Willing

By Charlie Johnston With all of the dust and smoke being stirred up by Texas Right to Life’s (TRTL) involvement in getting the state’s heartbeat bill passed and then helping enforce it, I have never been prouder of my affiliation with this magnificent group; the biggest, best and most effective pro-life group in the world! […]

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Prepare Ye the Way

By Beckita There’s just no going back. And who would want to? Oh what a world in disarray with a Church hardly recognizable as its unholy disorder is all too real in too many places! From some comments here, and in listening to people around us, we hear expressions of fear, uneasiness and anxiety – […]

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Scouting the Terrain

By Charlie Johnston I am hearing now from people who are upset over the “irresponsibility” of my take on experimental gene therapy being called a “vaccine.” You have seen a little of it in the comment section. I also get a lot of emails. Some are on the verge of hysterical – fact-free diatribes – […]

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