Joyfully Plugging Away on the Road to Mordor

By Charlie Johnston

I am working on a big piece. In the fits and starts I go through while on the road, the trouble is the balance between getting something up and giving it the time and care it needs to be just right. Besides this site, I do a piece for the newsletter every other week, a podcast each week, and now I am doing a piece every week or two for the American Thinker. I do the latter because I believe that, in these times of confusion, the critical thing is to get the first things right, primary principles. If you don’t do that, you are forever chopping away at the branches of problems instead of getting to the root. Beyond that, it is critical to take the late Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s dictum to “live not by lies,” to heart. Solzhenitsyn’s faithful witness helped bring the Soviet Union down. In this time when the entire public culture of the United States and the western world is founded on lies that the authoritarian left (which has seized control) insists we pretend are true, simply stating what is obviously true is subversive to their despicable project. 

I have just found that I am allowed to reprint my articles from American Thinker after they have appeared, provided I give it credit for the original article. Yeah, I should have known from the start, but sometimes I am slow on the uptake on the most basic stuff. It has been a bane of my existence: the sophisticated, complicated stuff I get right away while the simple, basic stuff often takes me a while. And so I will republish them here when I am working on a tougher piece. 



From left, Jim and Elizabeth Graham, me, having breakfast just before I departed Houston for San Antonio (photo by Camron Grace)

I have had a very productive (and fun) swing through Texas, thanks in large part to my dear friend and CORAC board member, Jim Graham. If you follow my Facebook Page at all, I have been putting up a lot of pictures of the people I see and the places I pass through. I thought that the Abraham’s Journey Page was originally set up to chronicle my day-to-day steps on my pilgrimage of 11 years ago, so why not do the same with the different, but very fruitful, series of pilgrimages I am living now? We have such a fine and growing group of people working together at CORAC to help support each other and others in a time of crisis it is something you should participate in, as well, even if sometimes virtually.

On Sunday night, we went to an Astros game (Astros defeated the White Sox, 4-3). Joining us was our regular commenter here, Lake Johnson. Turns out he has spent a lot of years in the oil and gas industry and knows a lot about our current energy problems. And he is a more prolific traveler than I am. In the last few years he has been to over 80 countries. I LOVE meeting the people who make up the fabric of what we are building together.  

From left, CORAC Board Member Jim Graham, me, and Lake Johnson, a regular commenter here at ASOH. We were just coming out of an Astros game. Notice that Lake is wearing a Northwestern t-shirt – which we both attended.


Everyone within about 500 miles of Houston will know who the guy next to me is:

From left, me, Mattress Mack, my grandson Camron Grace, and CORAC Regional Coordinator Ed Haren

People from around the country may know Mattress Mack as the guy who opened up his furniture stores to house people during crises such as hurricanes and the great freeze in Texas a year ago. Over the last few years, I have had the pleasure of visiting with him almost every time I am in Houston – and he is one of the great humanitarians I have known, in little things as well as the larger more public ones. He is mentor to the people who work at his furniture stores and, quite frankly, father figure to many of them. The passion which allowed him to build a little business up into one of the biggest furniture stores in the country is even stronger in his commitment to the friends he has made through his work. The man loves his Jesus and shows it through his love for his fellows. A lot of lives have been turned around because of his commitment to all, including the least of these. 


By now, I am sure you know my grandson, Camron Grace, has been traveling with me for a few weeks (entirely at my expense: CORAC is not paying for his expenses). It has been a delight. He turned 15 yesterday. Normally, I don’t do much in the way of sightseeing when I travel, but having a grandson with me forces me to stop and smell the roses along the way. When he goes back home in about a week and a half, my granddaughter, Mya, will join me for a few weeks. For all the trials family can sometimes entail, family is the greatest joy in life.

Camron and me at Minute Maid Park in Houston as the Astros play.


Following is my latest piece from American Thinker. It is on election fraud. The editor I work with, Drew Belsky, came up with this cool headline. My original headline was way too clunky. I love when someone gets it just right:

D’Souza’s Mules Left Tracks


Many conservative commentators have noted that Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary, 2000 Mules, offers compelling evidence of large-scale vote fraud.  It offers more than this, though.  It provides compelling evidence of a massive, centrally coordinated conspiracy to commit vote fraud.  Examining several states with different voter laws while focusing on just one form of fraud, the movie found that the method of fraud was executed identically in each of these states.  That is prima facie evidence of central organization and management.

From the moment counting was stopped in the dead of night in five Democrat-run swing states on election night, Democrats and the media have treated anyone who questioned election integrity in 2020 like a mob boss treats anyone who threatens to testify against him: shut up, or we will cancel you.

Democrats and the media routinely smear anyone who questions the election results as a conspiracy theorist.  They routinely pronounce any evidence that emerges as “debunked.”  For the record, “debunked” does not mean “inconvenient to the leftist narrative.”  It means “thoroughly investigated and proven to be false.”  Almost none of the evidence has been debunked; very little has been officially examined.  Leftists treat actual evidence like how a vampire treats a crucifix.  There is no reasoned discourse, just a lot of hissing and snarling.

From well before he took office, Donald Trump faced an ongoing administrative coup attempt.  First was the long-running Russian collusion hoax, mounted by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee and abetted by the FBI and intelligence agencies.  Federal employees who were, theoretically, subordinate to Trump gleefully worked to undermine his administration.  Two baseless impeachments were mounted against him by Democrats who know nothing other than shrieking partisanship anymore.  The slow-moving coup finally succeeded on the evening of November 3, 2020, when those five states quit counting ballots to give Democrats time to “fortify” the election.  The last real hurdle to thwarting election integrity came on December 11, 2020, when the Supreme Court ruled that Texas and 18 other states lacked standing to complain of massive fraud.  How states that conduct honest elections lack standing to complain of states that don’t in an election that affects them all is beyond my understanding.  It looked like unconditional institutional surrender to massive fraud to me.  All hail the barbarians!

Partisan media outlets began crowing that many courts had “investigated” claims of fraud and found them baseless.  Rather, almost all courts refused to even look at any evidence, dismissing almost all claims on procedural, rather than substantive, grounds. Refusing to look at evidence is not an investigation.  A trickster can pat mud over a rock to change its shape, but time and tide will wash away the mud, leaving only the rock of truth — and then the fraud is exposed.

D’Souza’s documentary examined only the slice of fraud that involved organized physical ballot-stuffing.  It did not touch on compromised voting machines and systems or unconstitutional, administrative election law changes.  If the single slice that 2000 Mules so effectively biopsied is filled with the cancer of fraud, it is willful ignorance to believe that everything else was clean.

If the election of 2020 had been fundamentally clean, Democrats and the media should have been the loudest advocates for a thorough and bipartisan investigation of the election to put widespread doubts to rest and own the conservatives.  (By bipartisan, I do not mean like the J6 committee, where the Democrats unilaterally appointed all members, including a couple of Republican chumps for show.)  Instead, the left hisses and snarls at every piece of evidence brought forth, no matter how compelling.  A guilty man tries to suppress every bit of evidence at his trial, never knowing which piece will seal his conviction, while an innocent man tries to get every piece into evidence he can, never knowing which piece will exonerate him.  To assess credibility on this, look who is trying to suppress evidence and who is trying to get evidence into the public record.


At this stage, it is hard to credit Democrat and media intransigence to anything innocent.  If they are not just stupid, they have become co-conspirators in the only actual insurrection America has seen over the last six years.  Understand, this coup was not primarily aimed at Trump and conservative Republicans; it is a coup against the very idea of self-government.  Alas, many Republicans may disagree with elements of Democrat methods but agree with them that a self-serving elite class should rule the citizen-serfs they think constitute the American people.

The relentless smears, the constant howls, and the shrieking rage of the leftists are not because they are so offended that the right would challenge them.  It is because the mud of massive deception is being washed away to reveal the rock of stark fraud the left mounted to steal an American presidential election.  That is genuine insurrection.  Confession, repentance, and forfeiture of all offices of public honor or trust by the conspirators could begin to establish American honor and liberty anew.  That, of course, will never happen.  Power is the left’s only god, and pursuit of it by any means its only liturgy.

Republicans will win by unprecedented margins in November.  If they hold the left to account for its depredations against the American system of law and systemic attack on the Bill of Rights, we can begin to crawl out of this hole of despotism.  If, instead, the Republicans largely choose to let bygones be bygones, as they have done with the Russian collusion conspirators, there is little hope that America can long survive as anything the founders would recognize.  Renewal will come.  Americans will not forever submit to be ruled by any class of people — and certainly not to this degenerate class of aspiring despots.

However it comes, D’Souza’s documentary is the seminal moment the tide washed away enough mud that, despite their shrieks and howls, the left can no longer hide the ugly truth of what it did.  Massive election fraud in 2020 is a conspiracy, but it is no longer merely a theory.


The squirrel at the bottom of this article is courtesy of Mike and Mary Drapeau of Georgia. It was taken by his parents. It has no fear of people and often comes up to them seeking food. Locals have taken to calling it the Lady of the Forest.


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41 thoughts on “Joyfully Plugging Away on the Road to Mordor

  1. The FB travelogue has been a joy to follow, Charlie. What I love and appreciate is how your writing at American Thinker takes your gifts of knowledge, insight and writing beyond the ASOH and CORAC scope of influence. Bravo!

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  2. Exactly just how my thought, Beckita. I have been wondering just how to get others to listen. Excellent, Charlie, Comme d’habitude.

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    1. ” Comme d’habitude.”
      I had to look that one up; meaning: “as usual”.
      Thanks Nance, I agree.

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  3. “Alas, many Republicans may disagree with elements of Democrat methods but agree with them that a self-serving elite class should rule the citizen-serfs they think constitute the American people.”
    This would explain the secret meeting in MI, led by Betsy DeVos, that Michael Voris talked about in his May 18th Vortex.

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  4. Mattress Mack! He is a good ally and advocate to have, even to a good friend of mine who had a family member who struggled with OCDisorder. His little business on I45 put the furniture store where I worked as a teen out of business. He eventually bought our building as his business expanded and used it as a warehouse.
    The pictures are so great to see. Is Mr. Graham the son of the late Dr. Joseph Graham? I attended the University of St. Thomas in Houston and took one of my philosophy classes from Dr. Graham. He always started the class with the Lord’s Prayer. I remember him fondly from TRTL when I lived in Houston. It makes me happy knowing that his son may be taking up his mantle.

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    1. I second that motion; would be an interesting sub when Ms. Noonan is on vacay.(of course, anytime would be a good time to contemplate Charlie’s insights)

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        1. I should clarify that I would not contribute to any publication where I had to worry that my stuff might be edited for content to mollify the woke crowd – and sadly that describes the Wall Street Journal these days.

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  5. Hearings were on the tv today and I saw Adam Shf. testifying. Could not believe it. Then other reporters stated that once citizens start questioning the results of their elections, things are “all over”. Things were certainly “all over” in Venezuela when they pulled the same stunts. It is a shame that taxpayers are paying for this nonsense being shown on tv.

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    1. When a party starts stealing elections, it is all over. Want people to quit questioning? Make the reforms to make elections secure – and be transparent about it. Keep playing stupid games, keep earning the contempt of normal people. Amazing stuff going down, Judith.

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    2. You can guess what my last name is for Adam S. I notice your abbreviation, 😁 or maybe that’s not what I thought. They all disgust me. I can’t watch anything, not even the lamestream “news”.

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      1. Hi, Annie I just abbreviated his name so as not to be tracked or tagged because I have enough going on here in my personal life …… I have become a bit paranoid, though there is certainly some basis in truth for my feelings. Such sad, tragic times for this country and the world.

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  6. Hey Charlie

    FYI. Many many people down in Louisiana are dying left and right of cancer… much worse than in the past. Maybe it’s the jab…?

    Thank You, Carmen

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    1. Carmen, I removed all of your personal identifying information (I figured you wouldn’t want it broadcast all over the blog). 🙂

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    2. The good and truthful doctors are saying they are seeing a great increase in cancers. I hope the Lord considers all those people martyrs.

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    3. CDamen: As per folks like Dr Ryan Cole and a lot of statistics, the vaxxxes do indeed greatly increase cancer problems and deaths. And the cancers tend to appear very quickly and be very aggressive and largely cannot be managed, let alone cured.


    1. Oh gosh, Linda, I don’t know. Someone has to step up to host a visit. The good news is that every time I make a swing anywhere, I take at least two weeks for Texas. CORAC is headquartered there and I have a host of key advisors there. If you are interested in hosting an event, contact Mary Lapchak at and she could connect you with some other folks who have hosted in the past.

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  7. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … PM 😉

    Vatican Intrigues? “America” Magazine is the “Catholic Jesuit” Lavender Marxist rag that, no doubt, has insider Vatican Info … and probably knows who PF’s hand-picked successor is. I’m guessing I won’t be too impressed with the choice as I’m not impressed by a LARGE % of the perfumed Prelates that infest Our Church ;-(
    …. but!! … I don’t waste time worrying about it ’cause ….

    I don’t share “Fortune Magazine” optimism! You can rest assured that Our Feral Gubermint, as well as other demon infiltrated Gubermints, will figure out how to distort the Supply Chain to favor THEIR Voter Bases and shortchange The Opposition.
    So …. Red States/Counties …. Be Prepared!!

    Let’s Face-It! … The Border Invasion is part of The Agenda to destroy The Republic that Obama (& PuppetMasters) promised in his 08 “Fundamentally Transforming the United States of America” speech
    ….. VDH 9 years ago …. Yep!! We be in BO’s 3rd Term with his PuppetMasters more focused, angry and radical …. obsessed with THEIR Vision … ALL others be damned!
    ……… Israel Gubermint in turmoil as Iran Rises ……!!??? … but ChinaJoe will save them …. Right!? … Hello!!???


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  8. Great post, Charlie! I’ve been contending with a conservative, smart nephew that somehow believes the election was legit. After all, his current conservative guru took Mules apart. Some just don’t want to see. I think I will try one last time with your statement
    “ If the election of 2020 had been fundamentally clean, Democrats and the media should have been the loudest advocates for a thorough and bipartisan investigation of the election to put widespread doubts to rest and own the conservatives.”
    It’s so true. If you own the high ground, why hide it.
    I pray that folks will see through the deceit. And the courage to stand up to this present darkness. TY for doing just that with asoh, corac, and all your prayers for us.

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    1. There is no legitimate way to take Mules apart that stands up to examination. Critics say that we can’t prove that these were fraudulent votes – but when the same guy is going from box to box dumping 20 at a pop, that is an absurd thing to argue. As Henry David Thoreau said, some circumstantial evidence is compelling – like a trout in the milk. (At the time, some farmers watered down their milk to make more profit). Others say cell phone tracking is not accurate enough to prove anything. Seriously?! You can’t argue that it is deadly accurate when you are looking for Trump supporters from J6 and simultaneously argue it is not accurate for Democratic fraudsters. Then you have the additional problem of the videos matching up with the same guys cellular data tracked from box to box.

      I understand. I had a few teachers who tried to gaslight me, too, when I was young. When they learned that I ALWAYS did my own research and would then ask humiliating questions, they quit it pretty darn fast.

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        1. I bet! 🤣
          Can’t wait to use “trout in the milk”.
          My nephew is a good man. Coming from a family with little faith, he has begun to pursue Orthodoxy. Pray for him.

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  9. Had Donald Trump locked up Hillary for her crimes, as he was promising, he probably would be still the president. Not that Hillary was/is the only power obsessed Democrat, but it would have sent a strong message.

    It is sad that those mules might actually vote for Trump in the future, not because they feel remorseful but simply because the gas prices are hitting them between their eyes, and harvesting ballots for $10 each didn’t help their budget much after all.

    And now in Georgia, Trump backed Vernon Jones losses overwhelmingly to a guy because the Democrats can vote in the Republican open primaries.All those schemes …

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    1. Good point, Pawel, about Dems voting in Rep primaries! They made that change in CA also, quite a while back. Seems so unethical, but what do ya expect out here!

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  10. Great article Charlie! What I’ve enjoyed more than anything is watching Camron Grace’s smile get bigger and bigger with each passing day on your fb feed as he spends time with his grand pa!!! How blessed is Camron Grace and how blessed are you too! 🤠 🤠 There’s something about spending time with grandchildren that brings out the childlike joy in all of us!!! Looking forward to Mya too!!!🥰

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  11. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉

    I have NO doubt that some of our States/Cities are ruled by Demons!

    THEY have had months to Plan The Attack on Pr-Life People & Institutions.
    The THEY controlled DOJ (+ Blue States) & Media have had months to Plan THEIR 3 Wise Monkey Investigations and Disinformation Campaigns. Be-Prepared!!

    I have NO doubt that it’s TRUE!! ;-(


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  12. Great work, as usual, CD! Sadly all those headlines summarize our slide into “h*** in a handbasket”!!!
    Spiritdaily had the top headline and the next story down with really interesting stories. Very revealing.

    Oh and the Gab email they send had a marvelous article “A Society That Worships Idols Deserves What It Gets” by Pastor Isker.

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  13. You nailed it Charlie with the last line of your article in American Thinker, “Massive election fraud in 2020 is a conspiracy, but it is no longer merely a theory.” Thank you for all you do with the gifts given to you for cutting right to the root of complicated subjects.

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  14. JESUS = GOOD NEWS! … 😉


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  15. I signed up for the daily emails from Direction for Our Times awhile ago. They are currently covering “Heaven Speaks About Divorce” Though the topic is divorce, I’ve been finding the truths revealed are universally applicable to many other woes.

    Today’s quote from St. Anne, Aug 5th, 2005 was particularly stunningly hope-filled. Here is a general link to the entire volume and the excerpt.

    Keep on Keepin’ on All!

    Click to access HS-DivorceBody.pdf

    August 5, 2005
    St. Anne

    Many souls behave badly when they are in pain. Dear children, this is not necessary. Bring your pain to Jesus and you will not strike out at each other. You cannot force your husband or wife to continue a marriage. What you can do is this. Bring that soul to Jesus each day. Pray that Heaven will intercede for your family and soften the heart of your loved one. Acknowledge any mistakes you have made and be as gentle as possible, allowing your loved one the time necessary for Jesus to heal any wounds. Be assured that you are only one part of the union. Jesus does not hold you accountable for the actions of someone else. Do not make the mistake of thinking you will be judged by the mere fact of your marriage having ended. You will be judged only by your actions, always. If you have made mistakes, however grave, seek the Sacrament of Penance and allow Jesus to liberate you from these acts. The most important thing I want to tell you is that Jesus will bring good from each situation, however bad the situation appears. If you are walking with Jesus, as a beloved apostle, he will send all necessary healing for you and your loved ones. Jesus does not make promises and then fail to keep them. Jesus will bring the best possible outcome for you all. Heaven will heal and protect your children if you ask. Walk through every day, every pain, every situation with Heaven, and you will be given peace.

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